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MoreThan$70,000 Collected For Hospital

Monmouth Memorial Drive Goes Well Over Quota

2 Boros Approve Drainage Project

Buena Vista AvenueJob to Cost $6,000
The governing bodtea of Fair Haven and Rumson at special meeting* over the week-end approved plans and specifications for installing a storm sewer on. Buena Vista avenue, dividing line between the two boroughs, to correct a serious drainage condition. Upon final approval of plans by the State Highway Department, the municipal officials will advertlaa for bids. State funds amounting to J6.000 have been set aside for the Job. Each municipality will contribute 300. The materials to be used are not on the priority list. Catch-basins will be entirely o( concrete. Easements have been obtained from residents in the River Oaks section through whose properties the pipe will be laid, Final details of tho project were discussed at a conference over the week-end between Mayor Edgar V. Denise of Fair Haven and Mayor Louis M. Hague of Rumson.

Red Cross To Resume Braille Services

County Chapter To Open Classes October 1Mrs. Chesler Chairman
The Braille service of the County Bed Cross ohapter has been reinstated as a volunteer special service by vote of the chapter executive bpard. Mrs. Isidore Chester will succeed Mrs. William S. Holmes of Freehold, who resigned after serving many years as chairman. It was through the efforts of Mrs. Holmes that the Braille service has continued throughout tho war years as she practically carried the program alone.Although the county chapter has never ceased in Its work for the blind, the Braille service was temporarily discontinued December 31, 1942, by national headquarters because of the cost and more immediate - demands on the organization. Chapters throughout the country are now reorganizing this service with a view to supplying the needs of the war wounded. This need was emphasized by Miss Evelyn Tave, a blind student in whom the chapter has long been Interested, who visited tho. Monmouth street offices the past week after completing a course at the Seeing Eye Dogr school In Morristown. Miss Tave told of five service men who had been in training with her there. most perfectly bound in the country." Headquarters lor the aorvico will be established at the West Bergen Place school in tied BanKNlW work, which includes transcription of grade one and a half and grade two Braille, shellacking the pages, sewing them together in book form, and binding them In covers, will begin soon and classes In transcription will be held after October 1. Fifteen volunteers who have formerly worked in Braille are registered for the class In grade two, a form of Braille requiring 200 contractlona of common words to one symbol.. Volunteers for grade one and a half requiring only 40 contractions which must be mastered before grade two Is attempted, are urged to call chapter headquarters, Red Bank 3443 at 107 Monmouth street, to register. The transcription Is done on slates and "writers," a machine similar to a typewriter but having only six keys for the Braille six dot alphabet. Officers of the service are Miss Katherlne Ivlns of Freehold, vice chaliman In charge of Instruction and also emergency proofreader; Mrs. Thomas B. Hasler of Little Sliver, vice chairmen In charge ot bindery sewing; Mrs. Martin Connelly of Portaupec!:, Instruction of grade two Braille; Mrs. William T. Plum of Rumson, instructor of grade one and a half Braille; and Mrs. Peter Bentley of Red Bank, Instructor of blndory. MIBS Joan VanTlne, of Rumson, will make the printed titles on the backs of the Braille books.

Go To Church Services Open Here Sunday

Rev. F. A. DeMaris To Preach at the Methodist Church
Rev. Dr. Furman A. DeMaris of Haddonfleld, one of New Jersey's lutstandlng Methodist preachers, will deliver the first ot a special series of messages Sunday at the Red Bank Methodist church on the benefit of church help and the value of trying religion as a guide and sure counsel In these times. Dr. DeMaris' messages are understandable and effective. During August he preached to ever-Increasing congregations at the Red Bank church. The Women's Society for Christian Service, which la responsible for the first "Go to Church" Sunday, is urging a large attendance of both members and those with no church affiliations. Mrs. H. S. Hlgglnson, president of the group, states that, the "Women will welcome thoso, attending as they come to help rekindle In Red Bank a faith and rule for dally Ivlng which can be the only real foundation for a rebuilding in this lahd and others' of a peaceful and spirit filled life." The committee working with Mrs. HIgginson Includes Mrs. Vernon Rose, MrB. Stanley I. Brown, Mrs, Frank Kuhl, Mrs. Roy Inscoe, Mrs. Frank W. Warner and Miss Edna Mapps.

Juhidr Skippers Will Receive Awards Sunday

Supper, Entertainment To Follow Presentation At Monmouth B. C.

Tha moat successful campaign for funds ever launched by Monmouth Memorial hospital of Long Branch came to a close yesterday afternfton with a tea for campaign chairmen, vice chairmen and members of (he special gifts committee at thfc home of Mrs. George M. Bodman, general chairman, on Naveaink River road, Middletown township. With an additional |2,500 still outstanding from several districts and special gifts, the amount on hand at the campaign offices was announced as ?71,268.20. The campaign goal was J7Q,000, and with tho small' amount rtlU outstanding,' committee members expect the total to reach $78,000. , i Mrs, Bodman, who accopted tl)e chairmanship of this year's ccaiapalgn to replaco her husband, who ie serving overseas with the Bed Cross, commended every campaign worker and expressed appreciation for their "untiring efforts In behalf of thoso county residents who must come to Monmouth Memorial hospital and, being unablo to pay, must MR8. QEORGE M. BODMAN bo financed by public-spirited' citizens %uoh as you and all of our Mrs. H. E. Werner, Fred B. Phlllpp, contributors are." Fred C. England, .W. Raymond JohnOutstanding in the campaign, she son, Mrs. Harry H. Button, Roas E. pointed out, was the fact that 20 out King, Mrs. Invln D. Campbell, Mrs. o! the 36 districts reached their Joseph O. Irwln, Edgar V. Denise, quota and wont over tho top. Of Mrs. Henri Werlemann, Douglas these, Oceanport, under tho chair- Cralk, Mrs. Eugene Gardella, Mrs. manship of Mrs. A. Barton Cross, is Samuel C. Corse, Arthur H.-Barnes, credited with securing a donation Theodore J, Labrccquo, Mrs. J. Marfrom every resident of the borough, shall Bookor, Mrs. Samuel Biker, Jr. four districts In the county, because Albert Johnson, H. Copeland, Mrs. of their distance.from'the hospital, Fred Frelbott, Mrs. Fred Ncff, Wilwero not given quotas, but, from liam C, Johnson, J. Daniel Tullor, eachBrlelle, Manasquan, Wall Mrs. Joseph G. Parr, John H, Mctownship and South Belmarcon- Donnell, Arthur C. Wefelmeyer, tributions were received. : Harry P. Seamen, George A.' Dunn, * Mlddletown township was divided Boyla K. Pattern, Mrs. David BeaJnto eight districts and given a com- man, Mrs. Audrey Bishop, J. Harold "binod quota of $12,400, Their final Hendrlckson, B. Munn Craig, Theoreport, with additional money still dore Smith, lira. Joseph Baior, Hon. - - anticipated, amounted.. to $13,137. Edward W.Currlo,_Robort.Dobbins. Outstanding In the township., was Charles T. McCue, Freeholder Ed' the record made by 'the Middletown gar O. Murphy, Peter P. Runyon, village committee under tho ohalr- Mrs. J. Hallam Conover, Clifford manshlp of Mrs. Samuel Biker, Jr., Hance, Mrs. J. Lester Hann, Joe Where the quota was $1,000 and the Levy, James A} McMahon, Mrs. Haramount turnod In was:$4,411. old_B._Millara, Everett A c Wc-olfenIn addition to Oceanport and Mld- den, MM. Allison Stern, V. A.Johnsdletown township, the other districts ton,^ TJieo B. Lewis and Irving * which exceeded their quotai' includ- Plunglan. ' ed Asbury Park, Deal, Elberon and The complete report of the camWest End, West Long Branch, Mon- paign, according to districts, follows: mouth Beach, Shrewsbury/ Setf "Brlelle, no"qtlOta", J3i TMaHas^uan", Bright, Koansburg, Holmdel town- no quota, $5; Soa Girt, quota $200, ship, Marlboro, Howell township and $100j; Spring ' Lake, $660, $819.50; Farmlngdalo, Freehold and Atlantic Wall township, no quota, $20; South township. The campaign in Brad- Belmar, no quota, $1; Belmar, $250, ley Beach and Jersey Homesteads, $97; Avon, $100, $44.80; -Ocean Grove, both areas which are expected to $260, $61; Asbury Park, $1,400, $1,surpass their goals, close Septem- 761.25; Oakhurst, $1,500, $1,425; Deal, ber 10. ' ' r-." Elberon, West End, $11,500, $14,469; - Those invited to the victory tea' at Long. Branch, $6,000, $1,899; West Mrs. Bodman's home were J. Lewie Long Branch, $480, $583.75; OceanHay, Charles R. Beattie, Bertram port, $1BO, $227; Portaupeck, $150, H. Borden, Mrs. Alvln E. Coleman, $84.50;, Monmouth Beach, $200, $200; Sidney C. Erlanger, Gardiner S. Eatontown, $900, $506; Shrewsbury, Harlng, Mrs. Amory L. Haskell, Mrs. $1,050, $1,050; Rod Bank, $5,000, J. Frcntlco Kellogg, Henry'fforrman, }3,280; Little Silver, $4,850, $3,347; Manton B, Metcalf, Jr., Mrs. H. H. Fair Haven, $700, $585; Rumson, Neuborger, David A. Schpl.te, Ber- $22,500, $21,129.60; Sea Bright, $150, nard A. Selple, Mrs. Andrew V. $400.60, Highlands, $350, $224; AtStout,. Mrs., Lewia S, Thompson, lantic Highlands, $750, $240; MldLoula B. Tim, L. H. Burnett, Ed- dletown township, $12,400, $13,137; mund A. Stanley, Oliver H. Brown, RivorBldo drive, $6,2B0, $5,560; Mlddletown village, $1,900, $4,441; Nave2d, A, Cheater Conrow. Carl Schroeder, Mrs, Qeorge W. sink-Chapel Hill, $1,650, $1,817; LeoFrederick, Jr., Mrs, James Blair, nardo, $150, $24; Belford, $100, $24; Walter Fox, Mrs. Rose MeLsner, Mrs. Port Monmouth, $100, $85; East' Hazel E. Klnney, Samuel Metrger, Keansburg, $100, $71; Everett-LInJr., Harold Iseman, Edwin Bry, Mil- croft, $1,050, $1,115; Holmdel townton P. Cranmer, W. Stanley Bouse, ship, $500, $1,061.10; Keansburg, $500, Louis H. Farb, Judge Jacob Stcln- $502.97; Rarltan township, $100, baoh, Mrs; Anna Tunis, Fredorlck $68; Union Beach, $250, $89; Keyport, E.. Noavea, Harry D. Gray, Dr. Rob- $750, $380.75; Matawan, $500, $297.50; ert F, Hunter, Mrs. A. Barton Cross, Marlboro, $2B0, $440; Howoll-FnrmMrs. Allan H. Church,' Mrs. Ted Ingdalc, $160, $154.76; Freehold, $750, $1,024.85; Atlantic township, $500, Lethbrldge. ?1,208.75, and Engllehtown, $100, Mrs, H. B. Boland, Mrs. William $104.85. P. Thomann, Mrs, H. P, Schaeffer,

"Bucky" Johnson With Seabees In Williamsburg, Va.

Navesink Man First Assistant Fire Chief Of Township Dep't

"We hope to continue the splendid Braille service which the chapter has given In tho past," Mrs, Chesler said, "and to live up to the praise of Miss Alice Bohrback, director of Braille of the Library of Congress, Donald D. Johnson of Lakewlde avenue, Naveslnk, first assistant who said that the Monmouth counchief of Middletown township fire ty Braille books are considered the department, left yesterday for the Seabee camp at Williamsburg, Virginia. A farewell' family gathering was held for "Bucky" at his home Friday evening. Present were Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. J. Otto Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Neil E. Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Walter - A. Johnson, _ Mrs Beatrice S. Hose, Sgt. Alfred Jervls, 'William and David Swan and Mr. and Mrs. Donald D. Johnson. One of four sons of Joseph E. Johnson of Naveslnk, treasurer of Mlddiotown^township,i Donald J.._ been service ina.nagr t the Leonardo garage for the last seven years. He held a similar position at Dender's garage, Atlantlo Highlands, for .11 years. Donald Johnson has been a member of Naveslnk Hook and Ladder A feeling of nostalgia came company for 16 years and served In over Pvt, Francis Little of that company at Naveslnk as foreNewman Springs road recentman and engineer. He Is a member ly when he picked up a cubo of the Monmouth County Flre^Chiefs of sugar In Italy, he wrote In a association and a representative of letter to his sister, Miss Dorothe Monmouth .Counly..Flrem.en'a asthy Little. On tho paper In sociation from his company. "Bucky" which the piece of sugar was Is also trustee of the Exempt; Firewrapped was an advertisement men's association . of Middletown of the Molly Pitcher hotel in township, a member of the Middle, Red Bank, stating that It was a town township defense council and good place to eat and sleep. Naveslnk Methodist, church.

Closing Of Fowler's Market For Duration

Conditions Force Shut-Down Of One Of Red Bank's Best Stores

Molly Pitcher Sugar In Italy

Two members of Naveslnk. firemen's reserves, Harold E, Salenger and Richard E. DoVesty, also left yesterday for service In the Navy.

Rotariam Holding . Clambake Today

The annual clambake of the Red Bank Rotary club will bo held today at Martin McGulre'a grove on Highway 35, just north of Headden's Corner. The bake open? formally at 3 o'clock, while tho order to "come and get it" will be sounded about 6 o'clock. Harry Isaacs received the weekly war bond at the luncheon meeting last Thursday. Letters were read by Isaacs from Capt. Mttury Schwartz, Rev. Kenneth R. Perliiclilef and Lt. Benjamin Parker. Capt. Schwartz wrote that ho recently gavo a talk on "The Automobile Industry in America" before a Rotary club In India. Rev. Porlnchlef, who was attending tho Army chaplain school at Cambridge, Massachusetts, haa been transferred to Camp McCoy, Wlaclnsln. Lt. Parker la stationed at Camp Gordon Johnson, Florida, an amphibious training center.

Christmas Mail To Those Overseas

Must be Shipped Early To Insure Delivery
There Is an old adage, "a word to the -wlso Is 'aufllolent,1!- Thls_ia applicable just now to those who contemplate forwarding Christmas packages to their loved ones BervIng overseas. The-postoftlco department has Bet October 15 as the dead lino for receiving such packages and there will bo no partiality shown after that date. The boys at the Red Bank postoffice are eager to render assistance in getting those packages dispatched early and the Register appeals In behalf of these postal employees that those who contemplate sending Christmas packages do so not later than September 15. This will Insure proper handling and avoid the last minute rush, which might causo tho package not to reach its destination In time to be received as a holiday rcmombranco, Tho packages must not exceed live pounds In weight and must not exceed 36 Inches in width and girth. Thcso regulations are mndo by tho postofilco department' o . that tha packages may bo handled expedltlously and also provldo for the possibility of carrying a greater quantity In the limited spaces aboard ships carrying mall. Persons sending such packages should not only conform to tho wolght and slzo but also must have tho packages socuroly wrapped and tho address plainly wrllton thereon, as well as tho namo and address of tho sonder. Declaration forms may be secured at the local pOBtoflice and thcRo ahould bo secured early.

Donner Farm-Estate Sold To New York Man

Tho 121-acre farm-estate of Philip C. Donner in Holmdel township has boon sold to William Blsch of the Grlscom-Russell company, Now York city. The sale was effected by Paul R. Stryker, Holmdol real estato and lnsuranco broker. Mr, Donner, whose wifo died several months ago, hat moved to Summit. Ho Is head of the Donnor-Chapal corporation of* Newark. The farm Is on both sides of Longstreet rond, and adjoins to tho west, the farm of Mrs. Flora Holmes, The farmhouse, which is located on- a knoll, was oomplotoly roniodolort by Mr, Donner and Is In excellent repair. Tho house contains a largo living room with flro place, aunroom, dining room, modorn kitchen, six largo bedrooms, three tiled baths and two servants rooms and bath, It has a Bteam heating system, A two-car garage with a modernlyequipped apartment above, a largo basement barn equipped for cattle, enclosed tool shod, poultry housff, corn crib, open tool shod and one-car (raraga mnlis up the com'pllmont of farm buildings. Included In the sale was n rubber-tlrtd tractor, plow, disk, attached cultivator and mowor, station wniton and ltt-ton truclt, Mr. and Mrs. Bison have nlrondy taken possession of tholr new farm, nnd plan to rnlso boot cattle. About O ncres of tho fnrm nre In mixed R hay and nlfnlfa, 12 acres ara in a voiinu hearing appto orohard, about "0 ncron-nro; In woodland,- and th remainder Is'n meadow watered by n brook. Tliwe In nlso n small Inlio on (lie plnco. i This fnrm will tie renumbered by old-timers ns the Longstreet farm, having been In tht Longntrent family for; itvaral ganintloni.

Physician To Mark His 78th Birthday

Dr. Franklin C. Woodruff of Atlantic HightlandB will colebrato his 78th birthday next Monday, September 6, and all friends are Invited to call onytlmo that day between 3 and 9 o'olock, Dr. Woodruff has neon a physician In tho bayBhoro borough 25 years. Ho and his wife colobrated their ROldon wedding annlvoraary In 1040. Ho was graduated from Now York Homoopnthlo Medical college and Flower hospital In 1887, and In 1037 he received a gold diploma for 60 years of aorvlco In the practlvo of niedlelno, GAMI5 PAIITY TONIGHT.

Naval Aviation Cadet At Colgate

William E. Hoist, 19, son of Mrs. Garda Hoist of High street, Red Bank, who Is a Naval Aviation cadet, Is attending Colgate university at Hamilton, New York. Ho Is" a graduato ot Red Bank high school and beforo Joining tho Navy ho was employed at tho Signal Corps laboratories at Fort Monmouth. Anyono desiring to buy a homo or mako ropalrs can obtain a mortgago nt a reduced rnto of intercut. No premiums. Can bo paid on monthly Installments over a period of years tp suit ownor. In amounts of $1000 to $8,000. Property located within a ton-milo radius of Red Bank. Wrlto Mortgage, box 011, Rod Bank.Advertisement. Distinctive rollglous merchandise. Christian books, Blblos, mottoes. Sunshlno greeting cards for all occasions. Porma-plax. Triumphant Qlft nnd Book Shop, 07 Navoslnk avenue, Highlands, N. J. Can What You Cnn. Wo still havo somo jars loft; jolly BlnaarB, wax, oxtrn lido, otc. Nntlqnal 5 & 10. Frown's, phono 2080. Advertisement. Wo can placo iiny good mortgagor also buy and soil mortgages. Intorcnt rnto ns low n iVi%. Boynlon & Boynton, B Drummond place, phono Rod Bank 052,Advertisement.

Monmouth Star council, Shopliorda of Bothlohom, will hold a gomo patty tonight In tho Clayton anil Magoo's School tlcglstratfon Day. hall on Broad strcot. dames will All pupils who plan to enter tho start at B:30 o'clock. FI'IKOB will be nod Bank public schools for tho first awarded and refreshments served. tlmo this fall (except thoso already registered and pupils entorlng the kindergarten) ara requested to regSenior High School Students. The Red Bank, Sonlor High School ister at tho olllco ot tho Suporlntendofllco will bo oport from 0 n, m. to , ont of Schools, Sonlor High School, 3:10 p, m. Friday, September 3, nnd I Harding road, Rod Bank, N. J., Tuosaay nnd Wednesday, Boptombor Wednesday, Sejitombor 6th, between 7 and 8 for registration of now stu- tho hours of 0::30 a. m. and 12 o'clock dents and ohocKlng of BCliodulon, noon nnd from 1:30 to 4:30 p, m, To bo admitted to tho kindergarten puH, 0, Blober, Prlnolpal. pils must have attained the ago of 4 Aqvertlaement^ ,y*nr*.JtniOTP Window HIindpB. d October lOlli, Wo .make ny kind of a window Bchoots open far tlio, now term Bopshado; specials on shades, loss roll- tcmber Kith. Pupils of tho Senior nnd era. .10 nnd 32-lnoh Hollnnda, 49 conts. Junior high school will report' at Dublex 00 cents; Pyroxolln ivnuliablen 8:211 a. m. Pupils of all other schools $1, Bring 1 your rollers. National B & will report at 8:45 n. m, 10. Frown *, phono 2080.AdvertiseE. C. aillnnd, Superintendent, ment, . , Advertisement.

" 1 " " ' " " " " " " ".r'ucT'oii.

" "*'" 1: " :j

DellvorloB subjocl to government regulations. Ilnnco & Davis, phone Rod'fHank^ 10H. Advertisement. Your nug will lnt longor If clonnod regularly, Loon's, phono 3300.Advortlscmmt

After the final Comet association' ace and tho annual Willis A. Clayon trophy event Sunday, the season prizes will be awarded at the MODnouth Boat club to the winners in e various classes, including th ub events which have been sailed Credits Scouting > Lightnings, Comets and Sneaky oxes Saturday afternoons; the CornFor Navy Rating association races Sunday mornings nd the Junior Skippers association atches which have been held by the Stephen Warren Fary, son of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Fary of Beach 'omets and Sneakboxes Sunday afstreet, Sea Bright, is now in North irnoons. Africa. He is a seaman first-class First, second and third prizes, will in the Navy and has been overseas about three months. His brother, ie awarded In the Junior Skippers vents, and will go to skippers of Raymond, Jr., is In nrmy service. Tina, Mlnaro and Leisure, as set forth in a separates story. on the iports pages. The awards will bo tched plates of the respective boat* n color on plaques, Similar awards ill go to the owners of the Sneokoxes finishing first;- second and third n season points. They are Dick Davis' Tern II, Bill Moore's Fran nd Richard Reeves Davis1 Night Hawk, and other prizes will be given to Barbara Sayre, whose Fopeye was ourth In point standing, and Bill White, whose Scuffle was fifth. One prize will be awarded In the Dmet association competition, which will likely go to Bob Boskey, whoso isure has a good lead in points with one more race to be sailed. Awards will also be made to the season point winners In the Monmouth Boat club races which will be concluded Saturday afternoon. At six o'clock Sunday evening a supper will be served in the club at Registration of New hlch at least 200 young skippers, parents, club members and guests Pupils September 10 are expected. A program of enteralnment will also be provided for STEPHEN W. FARY ; Shrewsbury public school will bethe evening. . gin the 1943-1914 school year MonStephen was graduated from Sea day, September 13, at 8:45 a. m. There will -be_ only one session the Bright school and Long Branch opening day, terminating at noon. junior high and attended Senior high The "fegulaf'two-sessioH schedule will school.- - Ho was employed- by-Jesse be followed thereafter. A. Howland and SonB, Inc., contracParents whoso children will enroll tors, Sea Bright, before enlisting in in the Shrewsbury school for the the Navy. flrat time should register with Fred In letters written home to his parC. England, principal, In the audl- ents and to Scoutmaster Cecil Lay: ;= toBum FHdiy Scptomb61'-10;=bi!Announcement of the closing of tween 10 a. m. and noon. These chil- r6h7--St61>IioHra'nombEr~of Fowler's market at 7 Broad street dren include reception grade pupils Bright Boy Scout Troop 62, credited Drey fuss Explains' for the duration of the war was made and those transferring from other tho training received as a Boy Scout for his progress and present ratln Present Rules in . this week by Mrs. Edith I. Fowler, .schools. in the U. S. Navy. 7 " " wife of Dr. Warren D. Fowler, who Parents of reception grade pupils TheDimout Area Instituted the business at Red Bank should bring' with them the followin 1930. ing information: a birth certificate Existing conditions, according to which shows the child Is five years Municipal and civilian defense ofthe announcement, make it "extreme- old, or will be that ago on or beficials were requested by Leonard ly difficult to carry on in any sem- fore. October 6, 1043j a physician's Dreyfusa, state civilian defense diblance of thB way in. which we have certificate which shows tho child has rector, today to refrain from adoptbeen accustomed." Mrsi Fowler says been vaccinated against smallpox ing or enforcing rules and regulaPlans Completed for that it Is hoped that when tho war is since September, 1840, and a ph. tions regarding the use of headlights over to open a new and modern iclan'a certificate Indicating the child moro - stringent. ..than -those promulBig; Eatohtdwn Event store. The statement follows: has been Inoculated against dlpthgated by the Army authorities. " He pointed out that the present I am taking this means of letting theria. Final plans for the field d% spon- rules provide that the upper half of Parents of all other pupils should you know that Fowler's market is sored by Eatontown defense coun- the lens must be blacked out and discontinuing business for the dur- present the following information: ation. ,We have token this step only Past school records comprising re- cil, to bo held Sunday at Councilman the low or down beam headlights after a great deal of thought and de- port and transfer cards showing Frederick B. Phillpp'a farm on South used In the coastal dimout area, even liberation. The existing conditions grade classification of the child and street, have been complted. Mem- n those areas where lights are vlsmako lt extremely difficult to carry physician's certificates as mentioned bers of tho various "defense units ol ble from the sea. Parking llghU on in any semblance of tho way In above. that borough and their families will must not be used, either for driving which we have been accustomed. It The teaching staff consists of be invited guests and an attendance under ordinary circumstances or duris no easy matter, aftor 13 years of of close to 500 Is expected. ing blackouts. association with so many of our Hisses Mario M. Hamm, Florence Due to the few entries made to friends and customers to suddenly Hackett, Helen C. Lang, Mrs. Doro- date at the borough hall for the- varIn some municipalities, he said, lt thy W. PODIO and Principal England. bring It all to an abrupt end. ious events, the committee has de has been reported that motorists are When victory Is ours and our boys required to black out more than the cided to receive entries at the field come homo, especially those who beginning at 9 a. m. Sunday. Tho upper half of the headlight. In 1 have contributed BO much to the sucfirst event, potato race for men, will others, lt 'has been reported that locess of Fowler's, we plan to open a be started soon after that time, and cal officials wore requiring motorists new and modern store. the entire athletic program will be to operate their cars with only the We want to thank our many run off as promptly as time permits, parking.lights. Both of these refriends .and customers, who have quirements aro contrary to the rules, mlts. ' been so kind and patient during he said, and are also contrary to the these trying days and we want to Announcement of tho various accepted standards of safety. National Red Cross Can ovonts will bo ftmdo by loud speaker thank the Red Bank Register for the many kind' tlilnga it has dono to Tho regulations were developed on full program, ao boost us, especially during the dark Not Send Mobile Unit at the field. Tho last week's issue the basis of adequate technical tests first published in days of 1930 when We first, opened by both the Army and civilian enof The Red Bank Register, will be our storo at 3 Broad street,.where the Mrs. J. Marshall Booker, chairman carried out. The baseball game, lneers, he said. Admitting that adColonial restaurant Is now locntcd. ditional shielding of the headlights God hasten tho day when our boys of the blood donor service of the which will be tho closing feature of would reduce sky-glow somewhat, aro home again and business can op- county Red Cross, announced yester- the afternoon, will bo played beday that she haB received, notices tween the police reserves and air ''it would not reduce It In ratio by erate in a normal way. which the driving hazard would bo Tho Fowler market enjoyed a from tho national Red Cross head- raid wardens, and a battle royal Is Increased," he said. prosperous growth during the 13 quarters that tho mobile unit of the assured. "Safety practices dictate that The slogan adopted for the day, years of US existence, greatly due to New York Rod Cross chapter blood headlights not bo blacked out any fhe high business standards' prac- donor service will bo unablo to mako applicable only to tho Eatontown moro than that required in the presticed by the proprietors. A few Its scheduled visit to Bed Banlt Fri- civilian defensq corps, is "Come One, mt rulesIn other words tho upper years after opening at 3 Broad street day, September 24. Notices ot the Come All," and the committee earn half blacked out meets with Army It was moved to more spacious quar- cancellations have been sent to- all estly requests a largo turn-out In and safety requirements," he de- . ters at 7 Broad street, and before tho thoso who havo registered to give order to mako tho all-day event a clared. tholr war Dr. and Mrs. Fowlor had made Bank, blood on that date at Bed complete success. He urged those local councils or plans to provldo again for tho evefmunicipalities that have adopted Mrs. Booker said that tho princiincrensing patronngo of this highmore etrlngont ruloa to rescind pal reason for the cancellation was type market. them. that slnco tho schedule was arranged Dr. Fowler, who Is. a prominent so many moro blood donor service Droyfuss also Issued a new warnchiropractor nnd former member of centers havo been opened that It Is ing against tho continued use of blua Flrsl Lt. George W. Olmstead o lights for b!acliouV~purposes, contlio faculty of tho Palmer School of Impossible for tho mobile unit to vitlE Chrlcopracllcs' nt Davenport, Iown, Reel Bunk at tho scheduled time. Fort Knox, Kentucky, left Saturday trary to the provisions ot tho Army'* maintains ofTlccs at 300 Broad street. Tho unit will make Its next visit to after spending a ten-day leavo at his rules and regulations. homo on West Front street. Whllo Ho bfis long been recognized na a Red Bank November 10, Ho pointed out that some persona home ho enjoyed golf, attended the lending practlonor in chiropractic Tho unit will bo at tho Matawan Now York showing of "Oklahoma,' continue to use blue lights during circles and hnd been instrumental in Methodist church October 10, Highblackouts, believing that they can developing this profession to a lands Octobpr 22, Asbury i'ark No- was a guest nt tho^Llons club'meet not bo seen from tha air and' ro ing nnd waa tho. honored gueat at i permitted under both tho Army and standard that Is noteworthy. vember 9," Rod Bank November 10 dlnnor given by a .group of friend state rules. nnd Long Branch November 23. furRecent tests of Illumination, h ther details on the mobib unit vljit at tho Homestead Go): & Countrj to .tho above-montlonoj localities club, Spring Luke. said, conclusively demonstrated that This wns hl.9 first visit homo In blue illumination Is moro easily (tan will bo announced. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond McQIrr of months. Ho has been in 'tho Armj Tho following letter was received two nnd one-half years. Ho Is serv from the air and less helpful ta tha Rumson announce tho engagement ground activity than any other color, of their daughter, Miss Grace Mc- by Mrs. Bookor at thu county head- ing with an armored division. Dreyfuss explained that until p from tho New GIrr, to Harold Potorson, son of Mr. quarters yesterday officials: proved flltors for flashlights are availYork hcadquartorc' and Mrs, Harold Potorson of Belmar, My dear Mrs. Booker: BOARD MK15TINU TOMOItltOW nblo u satisfactory uhstltute may be formerly of Hod Bank. provided by covering tha flashlight Miss McGIrr was grnduatcd from National 'headquarters of tho Blood Tho oxocutlvo bourd of tho Hcd long with three thlcknesc of new*Donor Service has notlflod us that Bnnk Woman's club will meet to- papor or with ono thlcknew of new*Rumsnn high school and Is now omployc(i by tho Signal Corps at Fort thoy are unablo, to supply us this morrow morning at 0:4Q o'clock at pnpor nnd one thickness of rsd celloyear with tho fourth mobile unit tho clubhouse, Mrs. Ilqbcrt H. Hog phano. Minimouth. ' which wus to have none. Into operMr. Potorson attended tho Asbury ation July 1, and was then post- eta will preside, In warning ngalnnt th ue of bluo Pitrk high school and Is now em- ponod until Boptombor 15. (Jecaumt lights during a blackout! Dreyfus* ltondmvous 01ft Simp. ployed by tho Annapolis Yacht Yard, of thin cancellation it will bo nocencompensations cited a roport that "blua light *ffot. Inc., Annapolis, Maryland. Hiuy for us to eancol tho September InWnr tlmou has Its both bcautlfi tlio human eyo l'.OOO times aa much haml-mado gifts, No (Into linn boon sot for tlio wed- 24 date nualuncd to vcur chapter.. nnd useful. Many Interesting floloc nt night aa It does during the day, ding. while red light affooti tho human y# tlons with old "Impoitod" labels, Paint Up Now. Special values In quality paints. good tlmo to shop with so many no moro nt night than during tn day-tlmo, At low levels of IlluminaVcnMInn Illlnds, Semi-gloss 00 conts quart; weddings nhuad, and Christmas comWo nro rontly to tako caro of you ?2,l)fl Kill Ion, varnish $1.08 gallon, rad- ing. Address 523 llnngo avonue, As- tion the human eye la janiltlva to. with fnat dollvoryj dainty 1%-ln. slat iator paints, eta, Wo can taka caro bury Park.Advortlscmont. colored light In tho following ' In Ivory with Ivory tnpo~tho flnot of your paint needs. National 5 & 10. bluo (highest mmaltlvlty), grrn; , whlto, yollow, oilman anil ril. iTiumrtl\(tW,oHnisy h i i ! ilxturiis: Liimllno chromo fix nnd othora in thq civilian (Ut*nnHcrplco'j for SArvlco. , 1>r, O. T h n t r r r Typewriters, adding machines said, turo J.'J.IW; dining room llxturo $;i,l)B protective tfervlceg should \u\H rosnnioil tho prnptlcn nf veterin- lnntril ami repaired. Comploto line MuoiMcnnt two-llKlit, W watt, J7.M| Mtaistl lights a Ilitlfl U UM tht'' : pOMlbl* ary mndlclnn. 'Temporary ofTlco. 02 of atntlonory nnd olllco equipment. brasn wnll llxturo H.0B. National ft A durltiK blnckMlti and nvr point I* ' Mnpln nvonuct, Rod Dank, hhone 3030. 10A Monmouth street, phono 4B5. 10. I'rown'n, phono 2080.Advertise upward. ment, Advertisement. Advortlicniont,

Stephen W. Fary In North Africa

Shrewsbury School Opening Sept. 13

Some Officials Too Strict With Car Headlights

500 Expected At Field Day Sunday

Blood Donor Date Is Canceled

Liuet. Olimtead Home On Leave

Rumson Girl Engaged

Page Two.


asked to contribute a can of this produce for the auction. STAMP CLUB TO MEET.

Evening Group Plans Garden Auction

Sales And Rental By A. E. Dennett

A. E. Dennett, Highlands realtor, has sold,to Richard Corbitt, Newarkcontractor, the large summer home at Monmouth Hills owned by the Shepherd estate." t Mr. and Mr*. Ernest Roy of Highlands have purchased through Mr. Dennett the property of Arthur OIsen at 298 Navealnk avenue, in that borough. A modern house,, steam heated, stands on the lot which has a frontage of 75 feet on the avenue and is 100 feet in depth. Col. H. H. Rally of Fort Hancock has rented through the same realtor Dr. David R. Telson's attractive house at Naveslnk park.

A garden show and "Victory Gar- Tho Monmouth County Philatelic den auction" will be featured at Ine soclBty will meet for its first cession ebenlng meeting of tha evening in September, tomorrow night at the syoup of Bed Bank Woman'* club Red Bank borough hall. Monday, September 20, at the club Notices for the meeting were ltoiMe. Plans for the event and the mailed from Matawan and bora a '1HS-M program vert, discussed by recent one-cent commemorative of tte executive board Monday. famous authors' series. The group voted to dispense with one meeting a month and devote WAO To Wed Sergeant In Army. that time to making surgical dressMr. and Mrs. Theodore Vrvoort ings for the Red Bank branch of ihe Ked Crow- In = part It.has of Cliffwood Beach havoa announced Been the custom to meet the first tho engagement of their daughter, and third Mondays of each month. Cpl. Tech. Alida E. Vervoort of the In the future the first Monday will Women's Army Corps, to Sgt. Val be surgical dressing meeting and the entine Chetea of Woodbrldge. Cpl. third Monday the regular business Vervoort received her basic training session. The first surgical dressing at Des Molnes, la., and is now stameeting will be Monday, October 4. tioned at Grenter Field, Manchester, : Membera who have* canned fruit N. H. Sgt. Chetea was a former TOd vegetables from their Victor}' the National Guard and member of gardens this summer have been is stationed in Alaska.


AII our Merchandise, Fixtures

and E q u i p m e n t is offered (or sale


lost Thursday night took steps to 4-H club and the Weysldo 4-H club Jonas Tumen Succumb* r s two unoooupled boutta. on First Fanon*. Ufcrecqoa Borfen, combined their efforts of exhibit the OOUNMUUOBS AT LAW. street which have been condemned results of their 4-H work for th VfBtt, St, IUd Bttk After An Operation as lire hazards by the Sirs Inspector. Thasaen D. i-arwni Mmund i. Qtnsosa year Friday evening t th Tinton One of the dwellings, tho former , Falls flrehouse. Bixty-one entries Toiodort J. Ubrteaaa Second U. John B. Boyd, Jr., son were brought In to make a very Jonas Tumen, Asbury Park attor- Donahue property, now owned by Oitea tYOeaat ' T*OB j . Salt* of Dr. John B. Boyd of Oakland and creditable exhibit In view of the fact ney and. former Monmouth county the borough, was ordered demolished. Beaut B. JUUU WUllim B. Bitb. Jrj Pearl street, Red Bank, received bis that this Is tht first year Uiat a local proseoutor, who was removed after The other ii the Tierney property, ..,., L h n T . t o ratt. Ttl ' wings upon graduation Monday from exhibit has baen held in this com- a legislative- Inquiry into his admin- and tils matter was referred to the tho Army Air school at Blythevllle, munity. Classes were aot-up for In- istration, died Monday In the Phila- borough attorney, Theodore l Par- HOBBUPO B*KK ^k dividual entries of club members to delphia General hospital after an sons, for investigation, . co-lnolde with those that will be used operation. He was 53. Mayor Louis M. Hague appointed U Koralutl - T at all U local exhibits In Monmouth Qeorge H. Hallamn, Poitmaster T a t ' Baak III* . county this year, and Judging was James Porter, Jr., Joseph H. Healy done on the basis of excellent, very and Bernard V, Ryan on the Christ- DR. L. W. CARLBON good, good and fair. ,.t .$ mas gifts committee to send puckages to men and women from the SUBGEOti CHIBOPODISr, < Results follow: Jumper dress, Lilborough who are in tho armed n r lian Morris, very good. Clothing recFOOT ArxBomTa . . vices. Mr. Hallanari la chairman. ord book and story, Lillian Morris, Office Honm Dally ttlt a.o. t* liSO p.m. good. Three Jars of different vegBrnlaii'Ttid aw] TuomUr etables, Virginia Osborne and Lillian For appointment phone IMS Former'Shore Man Lost In Action. Morris, each very good; Mildred IO BBOAP 81V P E P BANK, N., J. S Voorhooi, good and Ruth and I*oLt. Brian W. Flavallt, son of Mr, venla Latihaw, fair. Three jar* of and Mrs. William Flavelle of West DR. MILDRED HULSART different fruits; Mildred Voorhees, Daughter of Policeman CaiaweU, formerly of Asbury Park, good; Lovenla' and Ruth Latsbaw, aUBOBON OBntOPODIBT, has been reported .mining In aotlon each fair. Two jars of the same vegSheedy Recovering in the Middle Bast area. He leavei Foot Orthopedic* Electro-Tbenpr etable; Barbara Berger, and Mildred Voorhees, each very good; Lillian a wife and a throe-months-old son Offiu Hours) Dally 8 . m. ta 8 , a . Morris and Joan Chapman, good. whom ho had never seen. Both L t E n a l a i | TuMoar( Ttuurtamr, 3atttr*> . Miss Helen Sheedy of Shrewsbury Two jars of tha same fruits; Mildred Flavelle'a parents are natives of tha avenue, 16-year-old daughter of Po. p l o 4 Wednee4jr ' ,Voorhees, vny good and Doris Chapshore, his mother being the former liceman and Mrs. James B. Sheedy, . Fet eptMlatauai. ptwn X)S man, good. Canning record book Edna Woolley, daughter of the late 188 BBOAO ST.. BKp B*Ng, 'N. *, was severely burned Saturday afterand story, Mildred Voorhees, excelDr. Stephen Woolley, pioneer Afbury noon while attempting to make a fire' lent, Ruth and Lovenla Latshaw, Park druggist. In a pot stove in the cellar of her, Btomp OW tn Axis. Barbara Berger and Lillian Morris, home. Presence of mind upon herj all fair. part probably prevented the burns from being even worse. ' ; Tlie agricultural classes for vegHigh High etables; John Paul voorhees received Miss Sheedy went to the cellar to Genuine Goodyear Price* very good for squash with Ted VoorLT. JOHN B. BOYD, JR. enliven the fire so as to make some Price* hees receiving good. William Homlos JONAS TUMEN hot water. In her hand she had a Welt Construction jlass containing a quantity of paint U. Boyd, who was graduated from was the principal exhibitor In vegHusky leather soles' cleaner, which she thought to be ker- officers' candidate school at Fort etables and his results follows: Cros- Mr. Tumen became prosecutor sf osena and into which she dipped sev- Monmouth in September of last by beets, fair; Detroit beets, fair; Monmouth county in 1930, being apand innersoles eral sticks of wood before putting year, transferred from the Signal bush lima beam, good; cabbage, fair; pointed by Morgan F. Larson, then them In the stove. One of the sticks Corps to the Air Corps and was as- carrots, fair, peppers, good; small governor. He was removed DecemSturdy Elk uppers ignited before reaching the stove and signed to the Arkansas flying school. sugar pumpkin, excellent; winter ber 28, 1034, by Supremo Court Jusenveloped her hair. Using her hands He. is how rated as pilot of a twin- squasb, very good; Marglobe toma- tice Joseph B. Perskie after an intoes, good; Rutgers tomatoes, fair; vestigation and report by a legislato beat out the flames, Miss Sheedy engine bomber aircraft. (BUICKS PREFERRED) Lt, Boyd, who was graduated from any other variety of tomatoes, good; tive committee headed by Assemblydropped tho glass, and tho contents Bed Bank high school and Peddle watermelon, good; muskmelon, fair. man W. Stanley Naughrlght, , also ignited. Tho young woman manWIIX SEND BUYER AT ON0E OB DRIVE IN Mr, Tumen waa born In Manahawaged to dart back from the biasing Institute at Higbstown, entered the In the poultry class, Barbara Berger . CALL OB WHITE " pile, thus preventing further damage. Army at Fort Monmouth February received a very good award for a kln, Ocean county, March SO,. 1890. 14, 1941, and shortly after was'pro- trio of .Buff Leghorns, Mildred Voor- Ho was a member of the class of John DeFalco, proprietor of a sermoted to corporal. He then entered hees received very good for brown 1B07 at Atlantic Highlands high vice station across the street put out the flames with an extin- OCS and' upon completion of the eggs, while Jean Osborne was award- school and was graduated from ed very good for a pair of duoks. In Bucknell university in lull. He reguisher. In the meantime the fire courae received hla commission. addition to these awards, the follow- ceived the bachelor of laws degree Phone 954 Phone 90 department had.^een called but their ing members will be awarded during at New York law school in 1818, in services were not required. Black Red Bank, N. J. Sen Bright, N. J. the next few days for exhibit at the' meanwhile teaching echopl at smoke from the blazlnR llojuid filled home, In the following olasses: Petor Union Beach, then part of Rarltan the rooms upstairs. Mils Sheedy Wingerter, heifer calf; William township. He was admitted to the was removed to Rivervlew hospital Homlcs, heifer calf and milk goat; New York bar in 1818, nnd the New and after being treated was taken Paul Voorhees and Ten Voorhees, Jersey barjn 1921, becoming a counhome. Although the burns were seswine; and Audrey Jursa, poultry. An selor December 9, 1924. vere, it is not expected -that there organized club exhibit was set up by He was associated with the law will be any scars. the Tinton Falls 4-H club wlhch was firm'of the late Vice Chancelor John 11 given an award ot good by the E. Foster at Atlantic Highlands beAssociation Says judges. fore beginning practice In Asbury MaryJBpyle To Wed ^-Several record books were ex- Park. Besides being a counselor, Mr. Taxpayer* Have hibited which had not received a Tumen was a supreme^coiirLj:Qjnk Army Instructor rating by the time this article was mlssloner and a special master In Everything to Gain chancery. written. Announcement has been made of Genuine Goodyear Welt The members of the Tinton Falls He was a member of the Masonic the engagement of Miss Mary Ro- .Trenton, N: J.The New Jersey order at Atlantic Highlands and the berta Boyle, daughter of Mr. and Taxpayers association will urge ap- 4-H dub were responsible for arrang- Bed Bank Elks lodge. He was also Construction- = ing and decorating the building, ., . TtraTOt~U^rafeMttdunfeta^b*^ub~ ,a founding member of the Atlantic. Sturdy leather ner, to Pvt. William A. Bedford, son m | t t e d t o v o t e r a o t tho November 4-H club was responsible for "receiv- BlgilfeMrfiCaDSffi-Sru^-anasTiimiilo' g r ^ i o SIZES 01 ta. 1 1 ! of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel A. Bedford e i e c t | o n u,^ y e a r to determine ing entries and filling out tags and Beth El of Asbury Park. soles and innersoles of Red Bank. No, date has been set j w i,etber the legislature shall bo dl- recording judging results. An inter- He leaves his wife Moronce, three for the wedding. j re eted to submit a revised state confoods recommended by of which Mildred children, Ethel, Connie and Jonas, Durabje Elk uppers MIBS Boyle is a graduate of the stltutlon for approval or rejection by esting programchairman, was pre- Jr.; two brothers, Louis of Asbury was Holy Cross business school at Harrl- I t h 6 people at the 1911 general elec- Voorhees the evening, during which Park and David of Atlantic. Highsented in son and is employed in a war plant | tlon. This was announced today by time the results of the judging was lands, and a sister, Mrs. Hattle Vanour Government for warin that area. Pvt. Bedford is a I waiter T. Margetta, president, report- explained and achievement pins were Brunt of Matawan. graduate of Ked Bank high school, I j n g - the action taken by th board of awarded to all members exhibiting The funeral will be held at two and is an Instructor In airplane me- I directors of the association, completed record boohs. Virginia o'clock this afternoon a t . his late time nutrition should also ihanics at Gulfport Field, MlBslssip- I "Taxpayers of New Jersey will Osborne and Barbara Berger pre- home at JDeal, pi. Before entering the service he I have everything to gain and nothing sented a demonstration on preparing was employed by the Slgmund Eisner to lose by voting "yes' on the Novem- Jars,for canning and William Homics be America's favorite treat company. ber1 election referendum sines- this rendered ~a~ melody of three army Little Silver Girl will open the way toward ultimate songs on his accordion. The Exten- Engagement Told revision' of tbo state's Constitution, sion Agent, Miss Ella Donaldson end . . . ice cream! Margetts said In making the an- H. J. Stelle, discussed plans for sendMr. and Mrs.' Fred Colmorgen of nouncement. By voting "yea' now, ing *-H exhibit to the New Jersey Woodland avenue, Little Silver, have citizens will not be bound by any state fair September 11, then showed announced tho engagement of their proposed revision the legislature may slide pictures of methods of storing daughter. Miss Thelma Doris Colmordecide to submit to the people, but vegetables for winter storage and the gen, to George S. Kinkade, Jr., son will have the final voice in ratifying making of sauerkraut. Several 4-H of Mr. and Mrs. George S. Kinkade or rejecting the document presented club songs were sung during the pro- of Oceanport. No date has been seBreyert lc Cream h high in for their approval or disapproval at gram. The members learned the lected for the wedding. the 1944 election. energy food value., words of the songs from the film Miss Colmorgen graduated from "On the other hand, the gates strip shown on the screen. Mrs. N. Red Bank high school, in 1940, and purewholesomedelkioutl might be closed for years to come on !. Osborne was the accompanist. since that time has been employed improvement of New Jersey's fundaat the Merchants Trust company. mental law, should the. voters fall to Mr. Kinkade also graduated from vote 'yes' on the referendum this NoRed Bank high school in 1940, and Is vember. Possible gains to taxpayers Price And Rationing employed at the Merchants Trust of the state through Constitutional company. He served in the Army revision would, In this event, bo lost Questions & Answers for eight months and after receiving "In addition to the improved oper(Questions are those most fre- a medical discharge resumed his poations of the democratic processes of quently asked this week of the Tren- sition at tha bank. government and the civlo better-, on District Office of OPA. Answers merit that' could be made possible are official OPA rulings as of August Shore Wedding. ' . through replacement of the state's 30. Readers may submit" question! present antiquated fundamental law, for replies to Trenton District Office,1 Miss Helen J. Lyons, daughter of taxpayers have a dollars-and-cents OPA, Trenton, N. J.) Mr. and Mrs. J. Joseph Lyons of Interest in securing a stronger and A, Mulmore adequate state Constitution Q. How are ration point values de- Bradley Beach, and Aloyslus married ligan, Jr., of Harrison wore which will meet the demands of gov- termined? Wednesday of last week In the A. Point values are let in direct reernment and the people today. at Bradley "Among the long range objectives ation to the supply of an item as Church of the Ascensioncoremony a t compared with the demand for It- Beach. Following the sought by the New Jersey Taxpayreception was held at the bride's ICf CMAM CO.-o D M I I M I ef Natbml Daby rWutfi Cefperafhn ers association, as reflected' by our Point value Is reductd if an Item home and the couple thon left for a We want to thank you, our friends and customers, for being so paConstitution and in our annual plat- does not sell on schedule and, vice trip to Lake George. versa. Increased If the Item moves I form, are several which could be actient and considerate. We do appreciate all you have done for us and truly complished through a revision of the too fast. 'state Constitution. Chief among Q, Are stoves ratlonedT hope that some day we may again pick up where we left off. theso ars: A. Yes, both cooking and heating "Reorganization of the state gov- stoves are rationed, and certificates ernment to simplify, revise, eliminate of purchase must be obtained from The very strenuous conditions over which we have no control have nnd consolidate state- departments your local War Price and Rationing along the line of efficiency and econ- board. omy In order to eliminate the waste Q. Is the holder of an "A" gasoline caused us to make this decision after nearly a year of deliberation. and inefficiency resulting from the ration book entitled to tires? present complicated and unco-ordin- A. No, he must have either a "B" ated structure of the state govern- or a "C" ration. ment; Q. What Is the procedure if I have "Revision and strengthening of the lost War Ration Book Three?slate's fiscal methods to eliminate A. Report the loss to your War dedicated funds (except debt service Price and Rationing board which upon existing bond Issues), to pro- will advise you as to advertising for vide, for all appropriations of the the book's recovery. ' state government In a single approQ. How do I apply for War Ration priations bill, and to restrict supple- Book Three for my new-born baby? mentary appropriations to those apA. Take the child's birth certificate proved by a two-thirds vote of th to your local War Price and Rationmembership of each house of the leg- ing board and make application for islature, and the book. "Reslricttone upon enactment of Q. May a store refute to sell me an mandatory 'spending" laws! those article just because it I* scarce? Today when you're busier than ever t your vnr laws which are enacted by the state A. Yes. Any retailer may conserve legislature, Imposing spending re. scarce merchandise for his regular Simply, mail in job . . . your essential civilian activity . . . or your fjulrements upon local government customers, or refuse to sell for ny by determining the salaries, terms other reason. Youi Deposit housekeeping duties . . . you'll appreciate the and tenure of office of public officers Q. What Is the celling. price for or omployncs In locnl government r- shoe repairing? And We'll Send convenience of 24-hour banking service t Make Ktirdlons of locnl need or ability to A, The colling price Is the highest pay." price chnrged far the same or simiYou a Receipt! your depoiit at any hour of the day or night . . lar service by that shop during IS EPILEPSY INHERITED? March, 1D43. Start Today to there'* teller'* window no farther than the near* Q. What Is the celling prlca tot Ice WHAT CAUSES IT? Bank by Mail! cream? ' 1 eit mailbox! * A booklit containing tha opinion* of lam. A, The merchant must not charge a ous doctou ofi.lhli lntctltln| wbJKt will any more for Ice ' cream' than tho 1 bt ttnt met, wtillt tiny tut, to my nadir. amount lie charged In March, 1042,. writing to \ht educational DMilon, 531 Q. If my dealer In March, 1042, supplied two dippers of loa cratitn In y ^oneTforVclifitiF'tnay'hrtlWwp''t>ly only on* dipper at the mm* price? - Joixa t r a A. No. Tlili is a violation and OF RED BANK, N. J. should be reported to the local War worma Pries and Rationing store? MEMBER VEDBBAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE OOBPOIUTION burajin Wlmt Is the celling; price for a TMKMHRII OF FBDBIWIi RESB11VB BY8TEM bone steak, Crude AA In a, Group 1 nd ! slore? < A. SB cant* a gpound,

4-H Club Exhibit Former Prosecutor Condemn Two Houses Qunnf2, Efe B, E B^ Lt.JojinB.Boyd u w Aft Fire Hazards John I. Qulnn . Thoraii F. Donmaa Falls Wins His^Wirigs" At Tinton of tho Tinton Falls Dies In Hospital yinemt J, HiOaa BDMird M Lura The Bumson mayor and pouncll WHIUm L Hawaii. Jr. BriSt ft" The members
Had Transferred From Signal Corps

Liquid Ignites, Burning Girl, 16






Urges Approval Of Referendum On Constitution

ow fortunate


oAnnouncement >


It-is with a deep feeling of regret, that we notify our very good friends and customers that after thirteen years of business association, we are closing our Food Market Saturday, September 4th.


when you bank by mail!

The -Merchants ^Trust Co.


Worm Syrup

' ' ! . . $ &



Page Three.
Boyd, Lt. Donald Hardwlck and L t l Michael Burke.

Democratic Leaders Meet In Deal

Tour needs may be apparel, furnishings, autos, electrical appliances, According to the September buletc. Whatever they are, buy and letin of the Red Bank Community save through The Register's want ad Chamber of Commerce, 25 new resicolumns.Advertisement. To Wed Staff Sgt. u dents have moved Into Bed Bank and Immediate vicinity during the B. R. Hoover Sunday j pant month. The Junior Chamber of Commerce Miss Mary Boyd of Mechanic now has C O members, according to O the bulletin. Harold V. B. VoorhU, street was tendered a shower last secretary of the Chamber, is Jtill in Sunday at the home of her aunt, quest-.of addr&sses of those in ser- Mrs. Jesse S. Lelghton, Sr., of South vice who have not been sent mem- street. Miss Boyd, who will be marbership carda, bulletins of the l a m ried Sunday to Staff Sgt. Bernard R. and officers plus the Red Bank pic- Hoover, Is the daughter of Mr. and ture foldero. The Chamber is pre- Mrs. Fred Boyd. pared to send out another 500 lot If Gifts for the prospective bride were the names and addresses can be seplaced beneath a yellow and green tmUM w ytalcfa of IWM cured. umbrella.. Guests were Mr. and Mrs. rawn WlnUr gratni by* Other interesting paragraphs la p W l n i NEW JERSEY the bulletin pertain to gasollt* fig- Edgar J. Bacigalupi, Mr", and Mrs. CERTIFIED SEED of l U ures, covering the amount of gaso- Raymond Boyd, Lt. and. Mrs. Mau- varkUcf rcornmndd by rice Reid, Mr. and Mrs. Michael H. tin Enpulnwnt StlUon. line sold In New Jersey and the nontaxable gallons used during May; Daly, Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Daly, Mr. CvtllttJ wliut w barlay the cigarette . campaign fund of and Mrs. Stephen Shultz, Mrs. Mary produce! twlc much Shrewsbury post,. American Legion, Shultz, Mrs. Clyde Caffyn, Mrs. Fred Ind per tcrt n dots Mil which during July spent $250 for Boyd, Mrs. Dorothy, Griffith, Misses -nd V/i t!m<i more than 6,000 packs of cigarettes sent to the Dorothy Curtis, Hannah and'Clarissa ry. boys at the front, and the hospital Bell, Jane Caffyn and Buth Boyd, service of the Red Crosa under the Robert Daly, John Daly, Thomas N. i. FIELD CROP IMPROVEMENT ASSOC. cocptr.n.n chairmanship of Monroe Eisner,* as- Schultz, Walter and William Boyd, i* coeptuffi J. nl, NEW JERSE/ COUNCIL OEPT. of AGRICUtTUHE sisted by J. Allen Mohn and Thomas Jesse S. Lelghton, Sr., Walter F. P. Eoremus.

Chamber Bulletin Out For September

Shower Given For Miss Mary Boyd


Assistant Manager

Phone 183 Red Bank 32 Broad Street, < Red Bank, N. J.


EST. 1903

Fall Term Opens September 8th SECRETARIAL, ACCOUNTANCY, CQMPTOMETERY . COURSES Review work in Stenography, Bookkeeping, Filing, Typewriting
INDIVIDUAL IN8TBUCTI0N School office open dally September 4th and thereafter. ERNEST L, BEAN, Prin.

Mrs. Marie Cox A Surgical Patient

Mia. Marie Cox, secretary of the Monmouth. County Board of Realtors, who has her real estate office at Portaupock, entered the Belmar hospital Monday afternoon aa a surgical patient under the card of Dr. George Gardner. IN NAVAL SERVICE. Mayor Frank Hague of Jersey, City, told about 200 other labor, leadera and DemocratB who were hla gueata at a. four-hour long party t th Deal Golf club In Deal, N. J., that thD Democratic party (a looking to them to produce voteB for the Gubernatorial candidacy of Mayor Vincent J. Murphy of Newark. About Mayor Hauge 1 pictured with a few of the guests: (left to right) Hague; Mayor Murphy; William H. Smathers, former U. S. Sonator, N. X; David T. Wilontz, N. J. attorney gcnoral; Louis Marclanto, president, State Department of Labor, and Carl Holderman, president, Labor League of the C.I.O. Fred Perrotti, proprietor of tho Village Taproom on State Highway 34 at Colt's Neck, will leave Saturday for service in the U. S. Navy. During his absence the business will bo continued by Mrs. Pcrrottj.


Pvt. Patsoy Ambrosia, U. S. M. C, 21-year-old son or Mr. and Mis. John Ambrosia oil 76 Wostslde avenue, wna recently promoted to private first class, He Is stationed somewhere In the South Pacific. Ambrosia, who has spent seven of The Navy's newest fighting arm, Jho Construction BattalionsSea- his ton months in thu Marine Corps outside of the United States, la a beesaro now In action on all graduate of a field' telephone school. He Is on duty with a communications auction; During off-duty (.hours P F C Ambrosia has learned "the local language and even Bpenred neh, native stylo, In tho rolling surf of tho Pacific. His Interest in the island's language has reached th? point where ho la now l f V p I Bi l e l S l l i h i l l l ary along with a brief history of tho natlyosi Enlisting September 8, 1942, ho trained at Parrls Island, South Carolina; New River, North Carolina, flnd Camp Elliott, California. Ho was graduated from Ecd Bank high school In 1042, and later wad cmployed at Eisno.r clothing company. At school he waa prominent in all major sports; - ..

SeabeesSeek Recruits Here

Red Banker In South Pacific Promoted

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Many Men Enlist In Naval Battalion

Formerly employed for 2y 3 years' by STEINBACH - KRESGE.CO. in' their tailoring department has opened for "business atT 2 LINDEN PLACE, ~" --_-.



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CHIEF WILLIAM WEITZEL fronts, and to keep up a steady stream of seml-akllled and skilled construction mon, there le an urgont need for more qualified mon botween tha ages of 17 and B , Chief MachinO ist's Mate William Woltzel, director of the Naval Recruiting office here Bald today. Chief Woitzel, a veteran Navy fighting man who is Boeing active service in a second World war, said Motvnouth county mon have responded splendidly in tho past few months, and already many men from this area, Koyport, Freehold and th jhoro section of -Anbury- Park, have belsn rated petty officers, some as high as chief In the Fighting Sea' beea. Chief Woltzol, who is roerultlng director for tho Navy In Monmoutli, Mercer and part of Huntordon counties, has soon aorvlco with the. Navy for 30 years. Ho first enlisted In 1007, retired In 1928 and was transferred to tho Fleet roaervo. He wot back at work with the Navy, the day after Pearl Harbor. A Jersey nativeho waB born In NewarkChief Woltzel has high pralso for tho patriotic assistance he has been Rotting- from the newspapers and pooplo of the county. Men with construction experience, Chiof Woltzol reports, are Interviewed every Friday In tho Asbury Park postofllco, from 0:30 to'3 p. m,, and overy Saturday In tho Rod Bank postofllco, Room 4, from 10 a.m.- to 3 p .m. Applicants who are accepted at either Asbury Park or Red Bank will bo. glvon train faro to Now York, wharo the final physical Is given. Ratings to tho qualified volunteers aro also glvon In Now York. Chief Weltzol, who was In action In World Wnr 1 aboard tho USS South Carolina, declared today tho Fighting Seabeesdirected by tho bureau of yards anff docks under Admiral Bon Morsellaro rrioro than a vital part of the greatest Navy lri tho world. "They aro doing a tremendous Job with tho Marines right where the fighting la the hoavlcat. Tho Soaboea aim to build an American baso right In the heart of Tokyo," ho said. , As specialists, tho Seabees are paid more limn avorago neiimon. At present, tlirco-foiirHis of them ara petty offlcors. They rocolve eight weeks of training In Indoctrination bofore beIng assigned to tholr tanks. Lllje other Navy sorvlcomtm, they receive food, clothing and quartors from tha government, got allowances for dapendents and have opportunities for promotion In rank nnd ray. OverBens scrvlcn brings a 20 poij*ent In. oionnaln buso pay, ..,;..,, , , , . _ , ' ,... "Tho bent way to dpscrllio tho Bonbeen," Chief Woltiol declares, "Is by Hiolr olngnn 'A tough Job la onsy for Btmlinnnan Imposniblo job tnkoa a llttlo longer'." ,
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Happenings of SO and 25 Year* Ago Culled From the New-* and Editorial Columns for Entertainment .s, of Today's Readers
FIFTY YEABS AGO. The county board of assessor* met at Freehold and fixed the valuation* for taxing purposes. The asseeaed valuation of Monmouth county was }43,407,10O, or $2,370,800 more than it was the previous year. Over 100 veterans of the Civil war met In 'the rooms of Arrowsmith Post They were among the survivors of the 29th regiment of New' Jersey Volunteers and the occasion was the fourth annual reunion of the old olJtera The officers were all re-elect, ed. they being Joseph T. Field of Mlddletown president, William Wars'ner of Keyport, George Green of "IiOng Branch arid Robert R. Mount of Red Bank vice presidents, T. Con , Morford of Long Branch secretary and John T. Heyer of Holmdel treasuxsr. A dinner was served, after which there was speech-making. The regiment had been organised at Camp Vredenburg, near Freehold, September 1, 1862. Tho rato of taxation In Bhrewsbury township was exactly the same as the previous year, $11.75 on $1,000. Stacy P. Conover, a rich farmer who lived near Wlckutunk, had a housewarmlng after completing Improvements to his house and entertained two score friends. John B. Conover of Freehold was toaatm&S' >cr. Tho Red Bank board of health met In tho Register office. They organlstd by electing Er. William B. Warner as chairman and James Cooper, Jr., as secretary. John Sheehan was treasurer and James Walsh Inspector. A water fountain was unveiled on First avenue, Atlantic Highlands. It was of bronze and cost $350 and was presented to iho town by the Kings Daughters. The fountain was formally presented by Mrs. Elisabeth Hooper and was accepted by Mayor Thomas H. Leonard. Henry Conover of Belford, who vaa employed on a steam tug In New fork harbor had a hand crushed beIweon two boats, - --Tno_jlrt;jsad.j.rneet of, the Red Bank bicycle club was witnessed by ibout 4,000 spectators. Most of the prizes went to out-of-town riders. The only first prize captured by a Red Banker went to Oscar Hesse, Jr. Theodore Sickle* bought the propTaylor o(,New York, Charles Hubbel of Manchester'and Frank O'Brien of Rumson. J. and W. S. Bucklih's new preserving factory at the Phalanx was nearly completed. The factory, which was one story in height, was of brick, 60x100 feet, with an extension 40x40 feet. The boiler and engine room was 20x42 feet. Twenty more, electric lights were being placed on the tide streets at Sea Bright. M. B. Monroe, proprietor of the Shrewsbury hotel at Sea Bright, closed his place suddenly and skipped to parts unknown, leaving- many merchants to mourn his early departure, A three-act comedy, "Escape," was given In Library hall, Shrewsbury, and the receipts amounted to $75, The play was written by George D. Tallman of Shrewsbury. Those in the cast were B. Ilsey, Mr. Tallman, J. B. Parker, G. W. Barlow, Jr., Holmes Shoemaker, G. Ilsey, Dr. C, H. White, Miss ffistelle Egbert, Misi Annie H. Cooper and Mrs. A. .V. Jennings.

Twenty-Five Years Ago. The sovon-room dwelling of Joseph E, Mngoc at Everett was burned to the ground. The house was struck by lightning and the fire was not discovered until two hours later. A Roberts safety water tube boiler was shipped from the Roberts Boiler works for service in South Africa, After the boiler ^cached Africa It was carried long distances inland on the backs of elephants and coolies Four Red Bank boys had a flue week's outing. They hiked from Red Bank to the Manasquan river, where they camped on an island. They pulled their equipment all tho way on a two-wheeled cart. The boys were Harry Meeklem, Everett Alexander, Herbort Wllliarns and George Power. . The new draft 'law requiring the registration for war purposes of all men from 18 to 21 and from 31 to 46 years old was passed by congress. Changes tvere made at the opening of the Red^Bank publlo schools. Tho old system was modernized from the seventh grade upwards. The puplia hereafter were to be promoted by studies, A fire started In the woods on ~lrly Inilii Teir-il-aiorgeHittett'a Henry Cross' placerat.ryandorbarff. tore back to the James H. Sickles The flames endangered the home of properly for $2,500. It was bought John McDonough and a call was sent. from the Misses Mary C. and Jane to Freehold for help. The blaze was White. Mr. Sickles was going to put put out after a hard light in which up a storehouse on the property for the firemen wero assisted by the the use of the firm of Sickles and neighboring farmers. While tho fire Clay, of which he was the senior truck- was passing It frightened a Dartner. . team of horses owned by James Hig' County Clerk Theodore Aumack glrs and they ran away. iold his farm neat* Afechanicsviila to Dr. William B. Warner of Bed lOBeph Walling, Jr. The farm con- Bank, one of the beBt known physic- ttlnod1 40- acros. The price was ians of Monmouth county, died at his 5,000, which included the livestock. home at the corner of East Front There was a morning weddtng in and Spring streets. His health had It. James church, Red Bank. The been poor for a consldrable time, but jontracting parties were Miss Marg- heart trouble was the immediate iret Dwyer, daughter of Mr. and cause of death. Dr. Warner was 58 urB. Richard Dwyer of Shrewsbury, years old. He left a widow, who was ind William Patterson of Newark, the former Miss Jessie Fraser, ormerly of Red Bank. The attend- daughter of the late Alexander M. ints were Miss Kate Dwyer and John Fraser of Red Bank, and his mother, ^wyer, sister and brother of the who was 85 years old. " <r(de. On their return from a wedMrs. Adelaide B. Polhemus, -widow, ilng trip the couple took up house- of Cyronius Polhemus, died at her keeping in Newark, where Mr. Pat- home in Scobeyville. She was 81 terson was employed as a plumber. years old and was the oldest member A new lodge of Junior Order of of the Colts Neck Reformed church. Vnlted American Mechanics , was After being in poor health several organized at Middletown. R. V. Sut- months, Mrs. Rebecca H. Hendrlck)hin was elected councilor. Others son of Broad street, widow of Wil)lected to official positions were J. F. liam H. Hcndrlckson, died from a (wackhamer, C. H. Morford, H. D. heart affliction. She would have been Jmlth, W. 8. Conldln, Wjlllam Harts- 80 years old in December. Vorne, R. Lufburrow, D. D. Hlllyer, Tho food administration issued new C, H. Patterson, Charles Allerirw. T~. and popular regulations governing Hesketh, D. W. Irwin and Abram the sale of (lour. Four pounds1 of Btout. wheat flour could now bo bought to The principal prize winners at St. ono pound of substitute, James fair were Mrs, Weidg&rtnor, Sheriff Geran and his deputies Charles Croyden, William Snyder and swooped down on resorts at KconBHoward Soffcl of Red Bank, John burg. Camp Jahn and other places

there Were raided and several persons arrested. The sheriff-wan aided by a military force. Mrs. Catherine B. Cooper of Keyport gave a farewell party for her son Kenneth, who left with K draft contingent tor Camp Me&de, Maryland. -Twenty-five guests were present. Fire broke out In th automobile painting shop conducted at Fair Haven by Buenos Fielder. Damage was alight. The Long Branch hospital auxiliary cleared $250 at a musical held at Mrs. Charles M. Patterson's at Shrewsbury. The program was furnished by Mlsi Sarah Armstrong, Miss Bessie Morford, Mist Dorothy Llnson, Mrs. Fred Sanford, Miss Cecil Weaver, Charles K. Hopping, H. K. Allstrom, Mrs. Nathaniel Brandon and Miss Elizabeth Perry. All the girl farmers who had been working on farms at Tlnton Falls and other villages In that section returned to their homes. Hundreds of people attended the annual regatta of the Locust Point Yacht club. Motor boat races, swimming and diving contests and fancy diving comprised the program. The proceeds went to the Red Cross. ' The alumni association' of the Mid dletown township high jchool gave a three-act comedy entitled "What Happened to Jones." Those who took part in the play were Bdouard Dunne, Lester Newman, George McVey, David Mulllion, Leila Budlong, Pearl Murray, Gertrude Mullln, Ruth Grossinger, Thomas McVey, Hilda Southall and Wesley Coddington. Miss Susan M. Williams directed the play; Wilfred Mullln was stage manager, and Wesley Coddington looked after the business interest! of the production. A monument to president James A. Garfleld was unveiled at Long Branch, facing the ocean. Fully 25.000 people witnessed the big* parade and unveiling, ceremonies, The county ratables showed a net Increase of $1,114,760 after tabulation was made by the county tax board. Firemen's exemptions were $1,003,785. Miss Edna E. Weatoff of Monmouth street and Louis H, Bublln of River street were married at the Baptist parsonage at Red Bank by Rev. William E. Braisted. They wero attended by Mr. and Mra. Rudolph Bublin and Hiss Agatha Bublln. Mr. Bublln was a blacksmith. Henry Coyne of Holmdel fell while shoeing a horse. Two ligaments In his leg were strained and his elbows were badly Bkinncd and bruised. The old wheelwright shop on John R, Conover's property at Llnoroft was be.lng_lprn down. The property was to be made into a park by tewis S. Thompson. Edward Broedel, son of J. Brocdol of West Front street, was commissioned a second lieutenant and was ajslgned_to_a_cam^ In Michigan,

Materials Scarcity Holds Up New Road

Handicapped by war-time scarcity of road mstarlalj, State. Highway Commissioner Spinctr. Miller, Jr.. lias notified the borough of Deal that the east side of Norwood' drive can not be taken over for Route 4-N a < the present time. The bridge over th New Tork & Loaf Branch railroad, between Deal and Blberon, h i s been reconstructed and mads. .* divided roadway but two-way trafflo oontlnues to use the west side of Norwood drive, which Is paved with concrete. C. F. Bedwell, acting state highway engineer, .reported that the roadway on the east side of the 16-foot grass center Island, consists of grave: with an oil surface and will not "stand up".for state highway usage. Funds, he explained,- will be requested of.the legislature In next year's budget for modem oonstruotlon on approximately one mile of the e u t side of the drive'which will require rebuilding. He **ld' the work wlllbe listed to itirt Immediately after the war or before that tlmt If necessary spprovaTcan be obtained from the Federal government FALL SPINACH. The last-date for sawing the seeJ of spinach for harvesting this fall depends upon the weather and also upon whether irrigation Is available or not, says M. A. Olark, county agricultural agtnt. Ordinarily under favorable growing conditions spinach requires six to seven weeks to mature but during dry weather It may require as long as ten to 51 weeks. For best results th soil should be well prepared and It possible ploughed and than well firmed. The firming process is very important when the soil la dry to accelerate the upward capillary movement of water from the lower layers of soil and to prompt germination. Spinach seed ahould be planted so that, the slants do not stand closer than two to. four Inches apart In the row. Adequate spacing Is particularly Important where irrigation is not used to allow good plant development and to avoid serious competition for water and plant nutrients both of which are required in abundance for spinach of high quality. ^ _ . DIVIDENDS DECLARED. The board of directors of Jersey Central JP.ower & Light company have declared the regular, quarterly dividends on their preferred stock payable October 1, 1043, to stockholders' of rdcord on September 10. The dividends are $1,75 per share on the 1% preferred stock; fl.BO a share on the 6%, and $1,375 a share on the 5lift preferred stock.


By .ELLA DONALDSON, Monmouth County Extension Service, Homo Demonstration Agent, Court House, Freehold Home-Ouuted Soups. Uilng the odds and ends of vegetables left In, the garden to make vegetable soup i a wise economy measure. Tou can have an abundance of this home-canned aoup without spending ration itampi.' In September when chickens are culled from the flock for canning, the bony pieces and the feet provide the basis for an excellently flavored chicken soup. But regardless of what kind of soup you make, avoid seasoning it too highly before It is canned; It Is much safer to add flavorings, additional vegetables,' and meat upon opening, advised Miss Ella Donaldson, Monmouth County Home Demonstration Agent Vegetable Soup Mixture. Any combination of vegetables pleasing to ths family may be selected from those in the gardentomato pulp, corn, lima beans, carrots, okra, onions, turnips, sweet green and red peppers, peas, celery. Each vegetable should be prepared as It would be for Immediate table use; that is, the lima beans and peas are shelled, the corn is cut from the cob. ' Other Vegetables are cut into uniform pieces. Cover these prepared vegetables with water or tomato juice and boll them for two minutes. Seasonings such as herbs, sugar, pepper, or garlic In small amounts can be added to this boiling mixture, Pour the soup into hot jars, adding one teaspoon of salt for each quart, Many homemakera have acquired the opinion that since such mixtures often contain tomato juloe, the.processing- period will be the same as for tomatoes. Unfortunately, that Is not true; the mixture must be processed long enough to take care of the non-acid vegetables in it. . Therefore, partially seal all types of covers except those with a twopiece cover (seal this type tightly) and process the Jars In a pressure cooker at 10 pounds pressure for 60 minutes for pints, and 70 minutes for quarts. The processing may be done In a boiling hot water bath for 180 minutescounting the time from the moment -when the water bolls again after adding the jars. Soup processes in a hot water hath should be bofied a "full10 minutes Before" serving. At the ena of the processing period, jcmplete the seal of jars left par;lally open during processing. j._ Chicken Soup. Place the bony pieces and feot of

In the Hth century Dortmund, chicken in a kettU nd cover them boll the soup for 10 minutes before Germany, withstood aleje for 31 . " ' with water. Oook the chicken slow- serving It Next week: Grape Juice and Jelly. months. ; ly until the meat Is tender. Cut the meat front the bones and chop into small plteei. Tor each cup of chopped meat, add the following: 1 tablespoon Tict y, cup chopped celery Burnt 1 to tf tablespoons chopped onion KB80TTU 14 teaspoon salt 3 cups broth in whtob. ehlekin waa cooked , 1 tablespoon chopped pa!r, dried or fresh. >4 teaspoon pepper " Bring thb) mixture to boll and pour It into hot, olian jtrs, filling them,up to one-half Inch of the top. Of course, the solid food in the mixture will have to be ladled into the mLTIHGICE CANT Mill SPARKIE jars so that It is distributed evenly. IN DRINKS MADE WITH Seal tha Jara according to the type of closure you are using, and process them' In the pressure oooker at 15 pounds pressure for 68 minutes In pins or 80 r&lnutoi In quarts. Com' pints or 80 minutes In quarts. Oom, ITS "UN-POINT CAUONAnON"UHII sealed before prboesslng.- _' -HHP CONIMVI vJral HMfwMr,s Processing in a hot water *>ath reM M M return ifepotfr botttt promptf/* quires three hours. Remember to



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Buy" Tslore-United-Btotes. War ship were making big hauls of men- Bonds and Stamps, haden. They were getting $5.00 a bushel, the highest price ever paid for these fish. Rev. James. A. Healy, rector of St. m at Sum, NcwuV, N. J. iabrlcl'a church at Bradevelt, was In St. Joseph's hospital, Philadelphia, i a surgical patient. Tho harvest home of Holy Cross church, Rumson, was the most successful ever held. One night a audeville entertainment was-glven n which Sailor William Reiliy, a recruiting agent of the United States Navy, took part. Other performers were Jack Farrell, Marie Skelly, Leoy Chamberlain and Herbert Willis. A. S. Butler, who was employed by Phelps Cherry of Keyport, ran a nail in his leg and as a result was conIneil to his home with blood poison-' ing. Richard HouBer of Matawon was imployed as borough engineer by the ;oyport borough council in place of Gustave Maurer. To Appeal Deolslon. The Matawan board of education has decided to appeal from the declilon of ChsrJos H. X1116tt, former state commissioner of education, which ordered the reinstatement of John E. Bennett as principal of the high school. Bennett had been suspended following hearings on charges of Incillcloncy and the state commissioner held that tho charges had not been sustained.

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cause. The facts are not in dispute and the constitutional objection to the proceeding cannot be viewed seriously.' "Investigation by the Jersey Observer has also disproved the charge that Mr. Warren had acted either for Governor Edison or the socalled railroad lobby in the action against the County Tax Board, or that he was the instigator or the founder or a member of the City Affairs Committee of Jersey City as stated in tliat advertisement/' , ~ ""We regret t h a t through inadvertence said statements W e published as an advertisement of the City of Jersey City in the form in which it was submitted to us by the City of Jersey City, and we truBt that John Warren, whose ability, character and reputation as a citizen and lawyer are of the. best, has not been harmed therebyJersey Observer." Newspapers are constantly on the alert to any attempt to shnckle the freedom of the press. The counterbalance of liberty is responsibility; the greater the liberty, the greater the responsibility, The same is true with regard to those who hold public office, although the possession of power sometimes "goes to the head" of the recipient. 'Newspapers that deliberately shirk this responsibility to the public are few and far between, hut there are instances, such as the above, when newspapers inadvertently print libelous statements. The honest, reputable newspaper, in such a situation, will quickly take immediate steps to rectify its mistake. The Observer, published in a county controlled by one man, "I am the Law" Hague, proved it is no tool of any politiean by publishing its apology and explanation, not "burying" it with other news matter, but in tlie center of a page surrounded entirely by white space.

formatory and not one filled to many places 4-H club members have make good. Memwhlle, ismitea acted as squad Itaderi for'groups ot whoso patriotism apparently runa aa Inexperienced city people helping out deep as thit o f men ouUlda tbi on the farms. . ESTABLISHED 1878 prison walls clamored? for an opporBut have the young agrkulturiits tunity Jo serve. limited their astivity to growing THOMAS IRVING BROWN Nearly four months have passed things? In collecting scrap and sellStill Lag Behind Editor and Publisher^ since the enabling legislation waa ing War stamps and bonds they hava signed by the Governor, yet relsale* displayed the same sort of ability Assistant Editors Industrial Prices ' (Th. opinion! txpr.ina In th Editorial from Masaachusetti prisons for mil- and energy. Oklahoma members sold JAMES J. HOOAN, Associate Editor VUmlh.r.undir do not >'") cm itary service to date total only 14. enough bond* to buy three big bombUi tndonmnt of Tba BoaliUr) H. IIABOLD KELLY CHESTEK J. BEAMAN Trentpn, N. J., September J.The It is known that as many as 800 ers. Georgia members were reported FREDERIC B. HAYES. Managing Editor average August, 1843 New Jersey Inmates at one institution were se- to have sold more than $6,000,000 THE FLAME. , farm price of 28 Important commoillected by the special board for'milt- worth of bondsenough to purchase 11:50; t i t "Court ot Fubllo Opinion." ico I One ties w u 0,5 par cent above tha AugThe lists are growing. The wound- tary consideration; and that only nve ^ h r e e ubiirty ships. Tho entire 4-H Taxpayer-Interest In government 1 ed, the missing, the dead. Each were accepted by the ^Army. Not membership raised' enough money mounting. The public-which In- list, 1942 pries, according to the monthly report Of the New Jersey name In black type, followed by the one of the 675 prisoners at the during the year tb buy 11 ambu- cludes millions of Americans who Deportment of Agriculture. The name of a mother or father, symbol Charleitown State Prison proved ac- lances tor the Army. experienced their first slosh in InMEMBER THE ASSOCIATED PRESS of a family for whom the lights hava ceptable to the Army. It Is quite evident that the boys come when they Joined tha rank of farm price of milk want up 8.7 per Prom the point of view of prac- and girls can raiso a bumper crop of seasoned taxpayer* last MarchIs cent; meat animals, 17.9 per cent; grown dim. To roost the war means fat pay en- tical penology the result of the plan greenbacks when necessary.Path- playing a new and avid awareness of eggs and bhlckens, 2S.S per cent; vegetables, 81.7 per >>ont; grains and . velopes, the Inconvenience of scarci- to draft prisoners In Massachusetts finder. " the affairs ot their government. Member Audit Bureau of Circulations. tame hay, 82.7 per* cent, and tree ties, the scramble for coveted goods, raises the question: If these men This Increased "publlo coniclous- fruits, 124.8 per cent the endless contentions of labor un- cannot be safely released under the ness" Tias gained momentum In the TOMATO TEONiqCE. Farm prioes, although hava ions, quarrels with rationing boards, restrictions of military discipline, past two ysarg as Federal govern- moved upward during the they three past There are two schools of thought disagreement with government poli- will they be safe coses to release into a peace-time society where Jab about the proper cultivation of toma- ment expenditures leaped to history- years, still lag considerably behind cies, all the preoccupations of civilian dlto!y of an* "<" Mch may cccur, opportunities may be few and ad- toes. One school advocates pruning making heights. Some of It can be Industrial prices, the report stated. life In wartime. , justment difficult? The question may to a single stalk and staking it. Tho traced to higher tax bills which aro For many years prior to the second But to the families to whom has bo raised In other states. being borne in the form of "pay-as* other lets the vines run rampant over you go" salary deductions by wage World'war, Industrial price* ran far come the telegram dl tragedy, their One bright side to the Bay State a frame. There Is a third school, but earnersall of which' make for big- ahead of farm prices, It continued. numbers growing now into many thousands, war means the end of situation is that an undisclosed but It Is not a school of thought. Its ger holes In the taxpayers' pocket- This disparity was responsible" for THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 2,1843. eoonomlo failure on many farms. happiness, hearts broken beyond definitely larger number of Inmates practice is to let the vines wander books. . have Ordinary Beginning In 1940, farm prices % mending, loss beyond measure or un- parole been released under Into the over the ground, which does away War-time appropriations of Con- gan to Increase, with the rate of aeprocedure directly with thought, and generally with tho T derstanding, ' gress also hit a new high this year. oeleratlon strongest In 1813. ConMerchant Marine, where they are tomatoes. Ve Can't Be Too Careful ' If they look about them in their making good In unmistakable fashBut along with the prevailing trend d Both legitimate schools have ex- toward lavish spending came reportB nlderable Improvement was regissorrow, do they feel that their dead m. With Babies and Small Children perienced champions. It would be from Senator Byrd's Joint Congres- tered during tha summer of IMS, the have died in vain? Do they see only Mr. Lawes may find lndlfferene and greed and Irrespon- support for his proposal considerable the part of folly to take sides. But sional Committee on Reduction of report said, but farm prices art still Ten-nionth-old Bobby Holmau's little toy to draft In- one thing can safely be said even In lower than Industrial prices. sibility? Many of them will be sad- mates before dads, but a more sucNon-essential Expenditures revealing According to the August report, fo'dier proved to be his murderer Tuesday. It dened by the belief that his Is a peo- cessful plan will have to be worked tho presence of the most ardent waste and a vast volume of unnecple unworthy of the blood spilled in out than has been found In Massa- spokesman of the rampant method essary spending running the gamut "the farm price of milk remains unr*s the custom of Bobby's mother, Mrs. Arlcne satisfactory and Is below the cost of who their defense. J chusetts.The Christian Science the gardener to a trims to a single of Federal bureaus in Washington. production.1' The department study olman, 10, of Badburn, to leave Bobby in the stalk and ties stake gets more These reports are enough to make Let them consider that war brings Monitor. smell out ot his tomatoes than the even the chronically disinterested reveals that during this aummer, the athtub on warm days, 'with the plug out of to the surface the best and the worst taxpayer sit up and take notloe. For average cost ot production of 100 in human character. The unselfish DOUBLE PROBLEM IN LABOR. other fellow. he drain. She'd let the wnter run BO Bobby It Is not the smell of the tomato example, Senator Byrt recently an- pounds of milk-on New Jersey farmf become more devoted, the grasping Though the latest statement from Itself, which is quite different. It is nounced that OPA regulations "fill amounted to about (4.72, while farm, ad his inseparable pal, the toy soldier, could more rapacious, the rascally more eri unprincipled. If the more ropellent Chairman McNutt of the War Man the smell of the foliage and sap. Of five fat volumes and take 11,000,000 100 received en average of $3.70 fo) report iplash around. traits seem dominant It is because Power Commission was Intended to course, the rampant partisan will get words." Illustrative of this verbiage said, pounds. Dairymen, the up thli are attempting to make the good and the kind always ore un- bo persuasive, It may bewilder many some of ft, even If he just Btands by was the recent release which in 2,000 loss by selling relatively good milk Tuesday after leaving Bobby in the bathwho hcBltato about changing Jobs. his frames on a hot day and Inhales. words announced a reduction In the obtrusive. . cows for slaughter and retaining tub with the water running, Mrs. Holman fell There are a snarling, whining, cal- He estimates^hat between now and But he will not get it In full rich- "present highly Inflated prices of only the best producers. Preliminthe end of ihe year not fewer than ness like the man who clips off the cabbage seeds," and also offered the ..sleep. Suddenly the doorbell jangled. She culating fen* whose presence offends ary results o f tt department survey the bereaved, but greater than its 2,100,000 workers must transfer from side shoots and extra stalks, gets the definition"cabbage . seed (brosslca Indicate that the present number ol iwakened. Remembering Bobby,, she} hurried parts is the whole, and the whole is 'less essential jobs" to war plants, or sap on his hands and ties tho stalk capltata) Is the seed used to grow milk cows In the state Is 1.15'per to various occupations that promote to Its stake week after week as It cabbage," Into the bathroom. She found Bobby drowned the American spirit. That spirit Is cent smaller than a year ago. The That would ascends. generosity and-good will, honorable community health, While focuaed on Federel expendi- average August, 1043 farm price of md the tub full of water. The tub was full purpose and noble inspiration. It is mean a shift, however,! of something No use trying to describe this more than 17,200 workers a day In smell. Did anyone ever succeed In tures, sharp eyes of taxpayers are al' milk per quart was 8.04 cents comtecause the toy soldier had slid into the drain, the spirit that transcends all that is so closely watching affairs "right pared with 7.40 cents during August, shoddy and mean in America and the next four months. His advice to describing; an odor? An unknown nd his head had plugged up the pipe. Mankind being what it is, mistakes are makes men willing to dio for its ndividual workers Is to make up odor remains unknown till your own around home"In state, county and 1942, an Inorease of 8.7 per'cent. Fate had played a fatal trick on Mrg. Hol- bound to happen, but the integrity and inde- preservation, even those newly come their minds whether their work Is es- nose experiences it. But the odor local levels of government. The August, 1B43 average farm Tha result of this awakened Inter- price of eggs and chickens was 26.3 sential to prosecution of the war, or given off by well grown tomato vines nan, and her baby son was Hie victim.. How. Into, the light of Its flame. est on the part of the Taxpaylng' per cent higher than during the corpendence of the press and the confidence of The hard-headed scoff and say it to some Important civilian service. In the summor sun is something Public of America Is o. stronger citnany times have parents been careless with sure can consult responding last Last the public can be maintained only, by con- never existed outside the imagination Those who are notEmployment "Ser- those who do' know* It never forget. izen support of organised taxpayer month eggs monthselling year. cents the United States were at 62 llieir children,- especially helpless babies, but It is not a perfume, for there la no movements such aa / Is led in this of poetsbut the men who are light- vice. a doten on the farm, compared with stant vigilance against the publication of ing know better.Newark Sunday sweet In it. But there Is no sour, state by the New Jersey Taxpayers 'lave been fortunate that nothing happened? 48,7. cents during August, 1942. Th statements, in news or advertisements, by un- Call. From this forecast and advice who either. It is racy, with a little bit- Association. ' average farm price of ohlokens for The Holman case is a vivid warning that parcould Infer that the War Man Power terness. In fact, it is tho smell of a Taxpayers not only are making August, 1943 was 85 cents a pound, scrupulous persons, and when such things do Commission Is seriously worried tomato vine. tits should not be careless with babies and themselves heard In the Court of in comparison with 25,7 cents a year POLIO SPREADS.- , happen, by taking such steps as were taken According to Dr. Herman N. Bun- about tho farm labor problem? The Of course, the primer gets hla hands Public Opinion, they are forming the ago. . . . " ouug children. ^ need agricultural of voices in by the Jersey Observer in the case of Mr. War- desen, president of the local Board petves for emphasis i n .workers ro- black, but not so black as a cran- majority and interest It. This added "The poultry situation Is not very no the McNutt berry picker, and it easily washes off. strength place thorn In attractive," the report said. Two ol 'A-common-practicGjsJoJeaye babies and : or Health, Chicago Is passing through statement, yet In this state alone Ho also has an opportunity at each an opportune position to concentrate ren/ 'young-children in the home alone while both the worst epidemic of poliomyelitis, Governor-'Daweyhiu Just called for stake-to count-tho numbr of. fruits their unified efTort against non-es- the main Items In the cost of poul*' or infantile paralysis, in Its. history. 30,000 volunteers_to save the vege- on the stalk and to gloat over their sential expenditures "and hlgti gov- try production are^feed and labor. Barents step out for a few minutes, sometimes Chicken feed, according" to~tKe TaTwo hundred cases may seem no table crops from destruction. "Only swelling contours and the rod that Is ernment costs. , onger. something tliat never should Braille Service, Important port, Is about-IB per ont higher alarming number for a city of metro- a week ago the OWI reported that blushing them. He can nip off a few Each day sees proponents of expolitan size, but when the disease Is despite the present employment of leaves to let. In moro sun and hasten travagant and wasteful spending lose than a year ago and labor Is at least ~"Te~"doiief"eVfln~tlnJagir"tlic-- children may-bo Red Cross Work to-b 25 per cent higher. The shortage ol : : :: poildniyeHtla;~Bnd"' '" wnen | ropTli>lii''Ot ll.OOOjOOD In-agrlBunuro, another 750,- thp '.sleep in their cribs. In the event of explon:- q qulckcn-tho moro footing.... At the . Borne time corn has lowerofl the quality of feed, be Resumption of Braille work by the Mon- other outbreaks pour in from the 000 workers will this required to har- action of his salivary glands iin pleas- workers for "belter government at which, in turn, hits retarded th l vest food crops fall. Tho War ion or firertlie-children are helpless and die public health lower costs are building a firm founmoutli county chapter of the American Eed West and Southwest, concerned. Man Power Commission is con- ant anticipation as he prunes, ties dation on which to promote strong, growth of chickens and the producofficials are naturally i horrible death which is directly attributable tion of eggs. ' easy to seo why the Cross, details of which are given in a news Bach epidemic of the past has cerned about city workers in areas of and smells. It iscultivation does not sound policies of economy. other school of The 17.9 per cent gain In-the farm > carelessness on the parents' part. us how much has been labor shortage, but more emphasis Proponents of good government price of hogs and veal oalves wn story elsewhere in this issue of The Register, taught and how much still remains may yet be needed on the troubles appeal tb him.Boston Herald. who oneo comprised the minority- called "relatively small" by the re- \ Children are near and dear to all of us. will be welcomed by all Monmoutlv county res- learned to be discovered. Research has of farmers, many of whose htfperB are now tho majority.. WHAT THEY FIGHT FOR. port. The price of veal calves wont,., ..they require time and effort, but more im- idents interested in worthwhile movements. It cleared away the old notion that the long1 ago left the land to take war One of our editors had a bright up from 114.30 per 100 pounds In Augvirus of poliomyelitis enters only by industry jobs.New York Sun. portant they demand "constant surveillance. is regretable"that" this work was discontinued Idea while laying out a pago the* oth- Girl Scouts Enjoy ust, 1942 to $18 In August, 1943; the way of er morning. He had a photograph prlco of hogs declined slightly from Sven with constant care and attention, acei- as it was in December of last year a t the be- thay theth D nose. Now it-Is known mouth and alimentary tract .t m HELP WANTED: 17BGENTI fresh front of a $14,20 to $14 per 100 pounds. *ents happen. A great many of these accidents hest of the national organization, but it was also are avenues of invasion. How Those whoso work brings them young: from the Sicilian an informal Catnping Trip Army nurse In The farm price of vegetables Inis transmitted viccould be prevented. ~ God entrusts children to felt then" t h a t thecost was too great and.that the virus once a mystery; to 1U it Is closest to the problem of juvenile de- pose. She had a tin hat on her head Except for the loss of an apple creased 81.7 per cent Boots wore tims was now linquency know that today, more and a tin can on her knee, out of pie which the Sea Bright Olrl Scouts sold this August by farmers for fi.Ofl g our care, and those of us whom God has the demands upon the national organization known' tha"flles"aiul probably house- fhaii ever beforel" there Is need for which she was oboutto make a meal. had b oh t d b g special birthday cents a bunch against 2.87 cents, the p cial birthday h a d bought.... blessed with children should never forget or by other duties precluded proper attention to mice arq carriers. When Dr. Charles the right kind of 'adult companion- There was a smile on her lovely gift for Eleanor CllneP th " group price' In August last year; cabbage,'". l l P the Armstrong Bhowed in 1939 that ship for thousands of boys and girls young face and her hair curled en- greatly enjoyed a week-end of camp8.8 cents a pound, compared to 1.4 ihirk our responsibilities, the most, important the Braille service. poliomyelitis virus can be .passed who. have lost it because of disloca- gagingly from under tho holmet, and Ing at Chapel Hill. . oents; cnnnloups, $1.58 a crate, from the monkey to the common rat tions of the war. V which is rearing oiu1 children under a watchf everything about her fresh and fair Tho girlB had gone swimming In against 98 cents; carrots, 3.65 cents a huge forward Whatever the cost, the work must be car- and to v^hlte mice Since then Drs. Only last week the Governor of features might well have been to tho a nearby lake and upon their return a bunch In comparison to 2.49 cents; ful eye. step was taken. boys at the homo tied on of giving the blind an opportunity to Claus Jungeblut and Murray Sanders Massachusetts sent an appeal to all certainly afront a symbol of girl I to the camping grounds found that sweet corn, $2.10 per 100 ears against reminder of "tho dogs had devoured the pie. A watero-a-o-o-o-o have passed several strains of social agencies, municipal and town loft behind me.1' , Borrowing from melon was used a s a substitute and $1.66, and white potatoes, 2 cents a live as full a life as possible, something that poliomyelitis virus through hundreds governments, and Individuals to see pound against 1.67 cents. presented to Eleanor who was 12 Freedom of the Press is not obtainable without the use of Braille. of mice and from the mice obtained to it tbat desirable recreational fa- tho sub-title of a woekly column on years old Sunday. The combined price of apples and cilities and adult guidance were pro- his page, the editor proposed as a peaches went up 124.B per cent. DurAs important as is the other work being done a vaccine which Immunized monkeys. vided for many young people whose \ l s o H a s Its Responsibilities < The Scouts were assisted In pre ing August, apples wero selling for caption for the photograph: "Peace paring the good meals by the capWhether brothers, sisters, mothers and dads an average of $2.09 a bushel, com- An attack on the good name of Join) War- by the Eed Cross, and this of course includes vaccine will this JungeDlut-Sanders are engaged in tho war effort, either Alms Feature," now receive, its Initial tain, MrB. Oscar Forsmnn, and the pared with that organization's splendid war program, test only the public health officials in the armed forces or In Industry. Perhaps the bright news editor is lieutenant, Miss Norma Smith. The peaches at $1.1B In August, 1942, and ren, a resident of Middletown township and $4.60 per bushel as contright. We have beforo us a letter group can say. Chapel Hill In I prominent Jersey Oily attorney, wns made Braille service must somehow occupy a place, in the afflicted regions presented The Home-front patriotism may well be from a soldier In a Florida training Acting was taken to Nlemark's sta- psred with $1.6fl, opportunity has been for Mayor B. and we are glad that the Monmouth county conducting an experiment which measured by the responso to this ur- camp which says something of that tion wagon and J. Mrs. Edmund "The 82 por cent Inorease In tho ' ' In an advertisement paid for by the City of In gent call. price of apples.Is normal, if the cost sort. "Home is the end for which ho mark a. mile-stone in Jersey City. In the original advertisement, chapter has come to the conclusion that it maypoliomyelitis, providedthe history One of the greatest present needs fights," says our letter. "Ho thinks Cllne's car Friday afternoon and ar- of production Is taken Into considof ' that the rived home Sundayqbout 6 p. m. , eration," according to the report. It '' Is foster homes for dependent, ne- of victory in terms of homo-coming shall. . . . . ivhich commented on the railroad tax situastrains with which, Jiingeblut anJ explained tho 177 per cent Increase In . . I t Is the symbol of a good way Sanders are prepared to deal are glected and delinquent children and ORCHIDS FROM HAWAII. tion as it affected that city, Mr. Warren was the farm prloe of peaches by stating The county chapter will miss the services j those which are now laying, children youngsters whose families are so f life." Victory and home, our solbusy in tho war effort that proper dier argues, are at'onco (associated in that the peach crop is short, not only v, described as a."person of "unsavory character." of Mrs. William S. Holmes of Freehold, who and adults low; For all we know ' - August 19, Supervision Is lacking. Thirty-five the service man's thought, and he Thomas Irving Brown, Editor, 1943, In N e w Jersey, but throughout the , many different types ' Two Hudson county newspapers deleted this for NO long carried on the work among our there may be as as there are of pneu- Bay Stato child-placing bureaus, facentire country. Demand Is strong, It of poliomyelitis Bed Bank Register, foes on: said, white' supply Is small. . "poison pen" attack on Mr. Warren, but two blind citizens for many'years past. She has monia. In that case we need one ing a need for some 2,000 foster Tho reason la not In the "photo Rod Bank, New Jersey. homes, in May conducted a "ShareTho August, 1943 average farm ither papers, one of which is the -Jei-sov Ob- set; tin example in the performance of unsel- agent which attacks them all.' If Your-Home Campaign." Optimistic graphs tho service man carries. It is Dear Sir: such ah agent is discovered It will not mero I would like you to congratulate price of grains and Jame hay Inestimates based on return inquiries The in the lies In morao'ry of hone. my father and mother, Mr. tfnd Mrs. creased 32.7 per cent in comparison lerrer, printed the iidvertisemciit "in icto."' fish public service that will he hard to emulate. probably bo a chemical, llko sulreason tho suddenness of make It appear that about 200 homes civilian to solCrosble of 10 Mornlngslde with a year ago. Wheat was sold thlj To the credit of the iminiigement of the However, the organization hns been fortunate fanllamide, rather than a vaccine; may be found. The need still con- the hard .change from may not have Honry A.East Keansburg, on their August at $1.20 per bushel, and last dier, . . Though It avenue, for all vaccines are' specific In their tlmics. Doubtless a similar, even been a perfect existence, few indoed wedding anniversary. They will have year's nrleo was $1.02. During Aug- Observer in particular and to iiowspaperdom in .securing Hie services of Mrs. Isadore Ches- action. more aggravated, situation exists In are the enlisted men that remember been married 46 years the 20th of ust, 1943, field corn brought th , in general, (he Observer subsequently devoted ler of Little Silver, nnd we are sure that, given Chemotherapy has made little prog- other great Industrial states and it otherwise. Home Is tho end for September. farmer I1G per bushel as compared which soldiers are fighting all over 1 I am In the service and stationed ress as yet In coping with virus dis- communities. an entire page-, the following forthright (he proper support of nil persons interested in eases, like poliomyelitis, which atthe world. Their end is not glory. In Hawaii. Tho Register Is an un- with 94 cents during August, 1942| oats were soiling for 75 cents per Experts In tho ffeld say there Is thought Is not .such n worthwhile movement, the work will be tack certain nervos. Its successes single cure-all for tho problem no Their or the reputationprimarily vic- equalled morale builder for me and bushel compared with Bl cents; rye, statement: of tory, for heroism. nlnco I havo been receiving It, much have all been scored against bacter- juvonllo delinquency. One thing, Tho end of the fighting Is tho peace of the news of the surrounding towns Sl.OB per tushel in comparison with "The Jersey Observer "hull.v lakes this op curried out efficiently and,with the proper un- ial infections. And yet why should however, Is surethere Is no greater in which the modern Mlnuto Man can bo classed In several categories: 84 cents, and tome hay, $21 a ton pprtuiiity and menus of correcting; a complete- derstanding of tlie problems involved. not chemotherapy attack viruses? antldoto than tho dally living and may return to his land and finish his Death sorrow; marriages happi- against $16.70, Sulfanllnmlde WHB known to thn ness; birthsahemprogress; activly false impression of (lit1 character and repuFifteen former volunteers linve registered chemists of dye houses as far back growing In a wholesome family plowing. No greater deed of patriotism Naturally tho corollary to tho prop- itiesimpressive and heartening. All tation of former Judge J o h n Warren, prom- for service hut more can be used. Brnille head- aa 1908. Nearly a generation passed home. found on the'nomo front than THANKS FOB PUBLICITY. can bo sition that home is tho end for which In all It is splendid newspaper which inent. J e r s e y City lawyer, which UK given by i|imrter hnve been established in the former boforo It took its place in chemother- to share suoh n'homo with n child. the soldlor lights 1B tho explanation never falls to give the truo account Red Bank Community Recreation . or view of "everything whloh takes apy. Is there perhnps some chemical of what homo means to him. It Is place within sight or hearing." the. inadvertent, publication of a paid .adver- West. Hergen plncc school and we. know tliat all compound which has been already The Christian Sclonco Monitor. Council alwaysat least mentallya place of Thanks to you and your staff for discovered nnd which hns vlrUB-klll. August 26, 1943. tisement of the City of J e r s e y City, signed l>y persons wlio feel' thai, they can give a part of refuge.. Hero ono dwells beneath his 4-H CLUB BOYS AND GIRLS. .klnjr It the most enjoyable roadlng Mr. Thomas Irving Brown, Editor, lnf? properties not yet determined? own roof Vita his loved ones, free to I can find! Mayor F r a n k Hague and published in (liis their time in transcribing and binding Braille To test several hundred thousand Tho Register, Tho old saying that "Youth will bo Sincerely yours, Red Bank; New Jersey. ' ehemlcnln for possible unknown served" has been reversed by tho voice his own opinions and to listen n e w s p a p e r on J u l v ' 2 7 , 1013. !>OO!;N will be welcomed. voice theirs, froo to Cpl. James W. Crosble. My dear Mr. Brown: properties would ha unscientific and farm boys and girls of the 4-H clubs. to othersho chooses, his noeds worship as met, "The advertisement dealt with the railhopeless. We need a chomotherapou- They are setting remarkable service unafraid. . As tho Rod Bank Community RocMBANS A M>T TO HIM. reation Council ends a program oi tlcal theory nppllcnfole to virus dis- records. Tholr long peaco-tlmo cult road t a x situation and wns published mi.ii full That Is tho Ideal of homo, tho abidnctlvlllos for the summer of 1943, w eases beforo such n senrch can bo of tho Head, Heart, Health and Hand "August 8, 1048. Adding a Touch of Beauty Want to catch onr briath for a mopage of the issue, in question/ undertaken with nny prospect of ue built up In them a remarkable abil- ing placo of the affections. Thinking Rod Bank Register. ment to say how pleased we are with, cess. Wo need, In enort, a founda ity and will power which they are It over, however, tho soldlor may Dear Sirs; "The Jersey. Observer t this lime wants T o Our Honor Roll Stands the splendid response The Reglatei tlpn llko that which Ehrllch laid In wholo-lieartodly devoting to their readily see that malting just such After having partlcuated in the, In. hns glvon us In all our publicity. to acknowledge t h a t Hu- slnlenient in tlnil. adhomes for peoples now under tho The dedication of the Leonardo honor roll dcnling with troplcnl dlHonscs by dyes country's'war needs. vaaion of Sicily and than returned to Please feel that this Js not a mer< Answering tho call to produce moro hool of an oppressor, as well aB to Africa and enjoyod a liberty III v e r t i s e m e n t t h a t John 'Warren tins an 'un- which will dike place Sunday .afternoon at 2 beforo ho could cone with syphilis. routine olUce reaction, Without youi /' ' New York Times food, tho 4-H membership roso last proservo his own homo, Is Just what and tho surrounding torrltory, I re- aotlvo aid tho program would hnv< savory repuintinn' which is 'known to 'every- o'clock brings to niiiiil u feature of these honor yoar by a quarter of a million to an this war is all about. And, bocauBo turned to my base to find several boen cut to but a frootlon of its ef-' one in Hudson County' is untrue. Mr, War- rolls that hasn't, received the attention it, do-1 CONVICTS INHTKAD O F DAUB all-time high of 1,700,000 boys and many of us thought moro of our own copies ot the Rod Bank Register fectlvenest. Your writeups Boomed home comforts than about thoso awaiting mo which was a very pleas- to us fair, full, well-headed and oh' They aro not only doing r e n ' s r e p u t a t i o n in Hudson county and nerves. In addition to i w t i n an honor roll, Lewis E. Lnwcs, lormor warden girls. over before, but they aremoro things In world torms, a world war ant surprlso. I t Is very hard to ex- tlrely clvic-mtndod In their treat " ' * " " than conK plain just how much a good local ment. t h r o u g h o u t (lie Hdite of New Jersey is in all the Leonardo roHidentN Imvc gone | , ,. . t of Now York's sing fling prison, re- centrating on growing tho'most need- burst about our ears. but A number of somewhat flatterlni ( R ( n Yes, homo Is a "poaco nlms fea- newspaper mean* to us over hereruns cently, hns nilvociUcd Induction of ed food nnd doing war work. In a It Just about respeelH of tin* highest quality. comments have way an) lengths to liwiulify the giouiulK on which the prison Inmates Into military service larKn percentage of the clubs tho ture," but with a universal concep- you can bo assuredletters, we received some no doubt come ouroritlclsmi second only to the Justified ire fore the drafting of fathers. Judg- gonl of each mombor has boon set at tion.The Christian Science Monitor. from our families and loved onoa. " I n the wiiiie mlvcrlixed the roll stands, Personally I should llko to insort thai ing by tho MnsirachUHotts experience producing enough food to feed one the commendatory part of the r With my very best wishes, rlaini was marie thill, (.lie cluirgcH sigainsl. flu< STKir-MININO IH5FACEMENT. is no exception, Almost, every thin IH coiiler nal<l thnn dono. lighter. actions are due In large measure h Respectfully, Tho Illinois Legislature and Goverthe conscientious efforts of our sUfl former members of (he Hudson County Tax coiiiimuiity that linn credeil an honor roll has On April 20, thl year, Governor William B. Magce, mmJ/c. "Reports from tho Stnto AfrrlcuHurTribute should be paid to all thon commended for H o a r d , which were drawn liy Judge .Warren, lone (he mine thing. The lumlscnpiiiK mitjlit Haltonntall nlgncil a bill provldlnx nl Extonslon Services tell of remark- nor Groon are to bothat will require whoi workod for us, at any tlm< for tho rolooHe, .under flurolo condi- nblo nchlovomente. In nhode Island onactlnu legislation WHO'S KIDDING. Particular orodlt should be director were ' t r u m p e d up.' On iiiveHtigiUinn the Jer- not have, been HO elaborate, but, ehoiee HpotH tions, of selected Inmates of Mnssa- Victory Gardens, or garden projects, strip mlno operators to lovcl the Leonardo, N. J. to thoso who toiled hard for the-hit sey O b s e r v e r IIIHIH (lint (his Htuium'mil; is not "live been chosen and the iminmliiili! irhmiwln chunoltn prlHonn for entrance Into Incronncd to 14 times s many as be- countryside which heretofore they ~ August 2 1 4 nine weeks or more. The' A t 28, 1943 8 93 tile iirmod tutm*. A special nolec- foro Poarl Harbor. In Oregon thoro have loft horribly dofacod. Evoryono TajtlOr, Louise McCno, Mildred Zu( ""4rniy4ilHO, tlvo /rcrWco board comprised ol are nix times n many as a year ngo. who live* In strip-mine country In Editor, Edi, y ii iuii(terj)ef()i'e Hie aw \vc>l| ('iirod foV. co, Barbara Coxo nnd Morjorlo New lsr, t inqmbciw of Ihfi.rKatn. nupnrtmont of Sbulhom Illinois or whej has boon Itoglstor, man. Thanks are also duo sovort. New J e r s e y Btnte Bupreme Court in connecAn'uppropriiii,. m | f in iiChoiro Hpot,"i'lleo-" Correction and two outside clv'lusris' The rnlrtlnar flf.plK*. calyimi n<l chlcli- tlifflugh rt'-.-hnowsj-.v/hat..unnJBhy.y I t l l B , N. J. othors who aro on the staff now nn< imt, at which tho future fafinors Bunk, was set,up to review tlio Inmate dtntlnuulnliod themselves boforo tho ridges of sloclc and <lltolms ol stnK- 'fi'i'ar B'lr'i" tion with tin) ouster of (he former members of l.v landHcapod ...,<! ,.|| i ., , same In-durlnjr tbo-second half, th" > ' w i( l( I l p ,H 118 m[(.h u criBOB and to recommend for military war, hns doubled nnd redoubled. nnnt wntor tho operations have loft We noto that the author of that most crowded weeks] Mrs. Lynn Ho! Urn County Tux Hoard in which Bupreme tribute to tin- men in our armed fore* ,,H IH norvlcc. behind, Industrial extraction of nit- poem. "Kioflun Leonardus" which ftp- mor, Audrey Johnson and Juno' Mel ' throo , Court, J u s t i c e itodlne mild '(hey were removed till' inert- fuel; ihat (h(.'!r namoH appear on |,|i Hupportcr* of the Jitnn to rolonun MiuwichusetM. reportedlnnd In crops urnl rourc has definite responsi- Doarnd In your last week's lasuo shed rill. 1 innde from tho same some Inmutcn directly Into tha military or 4-H gardens, Now Hampshire boast- bilities to tho future, and ono of toarB over tho fat of our little In closing, thanks again to yov for cmiHe mill In n proceeding conducted UP- roll. And in addition to lioin K R muiiiorinl or naval servlco hold Dint condition* of ed twice as mitity girls were doing these Is that tho extractors hull not homes, but we also note that those Mr. Brown, your edltorlnl staff m '(oi'diiitf t o law," and agnln 'Hince (here wan tribute l.o our m vlc(. men, these ninmU arc relniao were suoh that clmncei of liorno cnnnlnK as the year before, take their profits and thon bequeath same homes aro beina: carted off to your compositors. Wo man It. T Ideal Beach and delivered to lots Gratefully yours, I failure weta reduced to the miniit full .'-licarliiK H.HCCIIIH futile to WJJUC (hut turning out; to be community HHHI'IH from a mum. They pointed to the lt war, while Oklahoma girls expect to beat tinnecmsary sdr nno ruins to com- owned by that same author. Who's Donald B, K|op>,"Director, ing generations,Bt. Louis Pot-Dls- klddlngT n, B, Community Recreation tlmro Hhould iiuvu bueii first u rule to show. fctimdnolnt of beauty and attriictiveucBfl. whsn approximately M0 Innutes last y*ar' rooorjl by more than a . Loflkweod. - ^ poUb. Council. , wen wen K l d from Concord Il- million Jars oi home-canned food, In


Editorial Views Of Other Papers


August Farm Prices



the group and especially the new in Income of .1100 or mora from branch at Highlands, recently organlources other than wages axe reised. quired to file, If their total Income James A.' Worden, active member Is such thst they must pay an Inof the Red Bank club, of which Dr. come tax. Individuals who -were reCrossman Is alao member, was intro.ulred to file a s Income tax return duced as a guest by his brother, for 1912 and whose wages subject to Noted Physician Tells Harry C. F. Worden, secretary-treaswithholding In 1913 will be leas must urer of the Fair Haven club. PresiOf Ice Surgery also file. dent McCracken announced"that the Hog-Cholera Berum Output High Dr. Lyman Weeks Crossman, prom- newly elected district governor of The serum used In combating hog this section of tho state, R. LeRoy cholera is now being made In rec- inent International surgeon living at Height of New Brunswick, will come ord-breaking quantities, according to Maple avenue and Reckless place, to Fair Haven on the next meeting the Department of Agriculture. Out- amazed members of the Fair Haven night, Thursday, September B, for hli put of the protective serum between Lions club last Thursday night with official visit to this district. July 1, 1042 and June 30, 1043, -was 25 an account of ic 0 Burgery. His lecLeonard Mack, proprietor of a groper cent above last year's high out- ture was entitled "Anesthesia by Recery store at 799 River road, was put. The current supply represents frigeration." welcomed by the Lions as a new Dr. Crossmun related how the dislarge-scale protection against hog cholera, the most formidable swine covery of tho use of ordinary cracked member, sponsored by Mr. Sickles. BATION BKMINDEB disease, for the vast number of hogs ice for anesthesia now saves four out ol five lives or better. This ttfeans now being raised In the U. S. GASOLINEIn 17 state* of has been introduced to the Army and Milkweed Is Substitute for Kapok Eastern shortage area, A-0 oouNavy and Is now being used extenpons are now - valid. In status Since kapok. la no longer Imported sively for assistance In surgery on outside Eastern shortage area from the Netherlands East Indies, ,11 battlof ronts. The surgeon : menA-7 coupons re valid through the common milkweed, which pro- tioned that complete anesthesia Is September 81. B and O coupons vides milkweed floes, promises to be brought about by the use of Ice reexpire according to date on Income one of America's important frigeration and applications for a Red Banker Gives dividual boohs. All gasoline couwartime plants. Milkweed floss la period of about two and a half hours pons In tho possession of oar needed to replace kapok In lifo pre. at a temperature of 10 degrees. Talk to CoUnty Group owners must bo endorsed with servers and marine mattresses, for This Is refrigeration, but not freezthe owner's license number and airplane Insulation, and for many ing, as the freezing of tissues will rtote of registration, At a recent meeting of the Mon other Important military uses. To as- bring about frostbite and further FUEL Oil/Period E coupons sure an adequate- supply of this war- gangrenous conditions. The new ice mouth Life Underwriters association In old rations . remain valid time substitute, the Department of anesthesia will stop (he process of held at Becker's restaurant, Asbury through September 30. Period .1 Agriculture Is co-operating with tho gangrene but will not restore dead Park, Morris Weotenman of Red coupons In new rations are valid Bank, New York Life representative, War Production Board In sponsoring tissue. now. Oooupanta of oil-heated spoko of the importance of the poa three-year program to encourage homes, are urged to return their Dr. Crossman further related that sition a life insurance man holds in collection of pode from wild ,mllkapplications for next year's fuel wsek plants and to create conditions refrigeration units, weighing approx- his community and his responsibility oil to their ration boards promptimately 200 pounds, can be used In and obligation to his clients in assist suitable for their growth. ly and when issued new rations ambulances, trains, ships, airplanes, Ing them to properly plan for life's WarUseful Jobs Need 2,000,000. to place orders with'their dealetc., so that treatment may be start- uncertainties. He pointed out the era for summer flU-ups. Between now and next July, "a ed at once and continued throughout fact that a man must meet a deflnlti SUOAIlStamp No. H good rook-bottom minimum of 2,600,000 transit. His lecture continued for cost of Ufo, providing for family comfor live pounds through October. persons" must transfer to war-useful about half an hour and he gladly forts, education of children, etc. He Stamps Nos, 15 and 10 are good jobs, according to Paul V. McNutt, answered quostlons put to him fol- has no choice. His only choice he for & pounds each for homo canchairman of the War Manpower com lowing the talk. Dr. Crossman 1B su- said, Is in the manner in which he ning purposes through October mtaslon. "There are acute shortages perintendent of the New York city pays his obligations, either the hard SL Housewives may apply to of laundry workers, teachers, nurses, hospital on Welfare Island and furth- way In a lump sum when financial their local ration boards for more doctors, bus and delivery drivers, and er experiments are being carried on emergencies arise, or tho easy way if necessary, others whose services'are needed by at the Institution. He Illustrated his by an Intelligently planned life insurSHOESStomp No. 18 (lpalr) civilians/1 Mr. McNutt said. The War talk with the projection of slides ance program covering all future Is valid through October 31. Manpowor advises those In doubt portraying the amazing technique contingencies. *' STOVESConsumer purchases about the war-usefulness of their Jobs employed by the surgeon and his asHarry F. Stoner, Colonial Life, was of rationed stoves must be made to'consult the,U. S. Employment Ser- sistants. Tho projector, donated dlreotors for with a certificate obtained at lovice. through the courteBy of Corn's photo elected to tho board ofLeroy GarraF. cal War l'rlco and Rationing shop, was operated by John L. Wlll- a two-year term. Life, was elected Chaplain Hlped Attu Wounded. brandt, New York Boards. ' ard and Henry R. Stadler. to represent the Monmouth associChaplain Julius S. Busse, reporting MEAT, ETC.Red (tamps X Dr. Crossman haa carried on his ation at the convention of National to -the War Department on his serY I valid through October 2. Z. vice In the Attu campaign, said the experiments with Dr. Frederick M. association of Life Underwriters to beoomes valid September 5, and chaplains had.many opportunities to Allen at New York and states, "Like bo held at Pittsburgh, September 11 remains vc.Ild through October 2. help the wounded. Chaplains, he many another trail in the annals of to IT. Plans wero made for tho SepPROCESSED FOODS Blue said, should travel light. "If you are medicine this theory has come to tember 10 meeting to- be held at stamps B. S and T remain valid not loaded down there are many pass several times in former years Becker's restaurant, at which Louis through Soptombcr 20. U, V and times when a lagging Boldler can be but has been improved upon consid- Burflend, well known Asbury Park W become valid September l a n d helced With his load and If you have erably." Dr. Crossman's experiments banker, will speak. remain valid through October 80. a honvy load you can't support a have been publicized quite a bit lateAmong those attending wore Leswounded man." Every chance he ly In recent articles In Hygela, Sun- ter B. Sherman, William E. Sfaher, had, Chaplain BuBBe snld, he filled day supplement magazines and in the J, Barr Stevenson, Harvey W. Lee, orn states. Jamaicans and Bahamians have been employed largely In his pockets with "D ration and a Reader's Digest. Tho surgeon was Albert N. Steele, Wlnfleld S. Coursen, East Coaat states and In the Middle few packages of cigarettes for the Introduced to the Lions by Past Jamea M. McLoughlln and Robert M. West. Tho workers have come Into men, "Troops appreciate the pres- President Peter J. .Elchele, through Kisner, Prudential Life; J"rank L. this, country to relieve farm labor ence of a chaplain In the tensB mo- whose efforts the speaker "Was se- Hoffman, Harry F. Stoner and Harry curod _. L A. -McDanlel, Colonial Life; William shortages In eYlKijallaroas.. Whon the rnentur.awaltlnpf-orflors to-advance,' Wllfre~d~H,T McCrackeh presided at "C" Hogcra. Sun Life; Morris Weaterneed -for their services has passed: he Bald. Chaplain .Busse, a native of Des Mblnes, Io-wa, wns Commended tho dinner' meeting- and Henry L. man and F. Leroy Garrabrandt, New they will be returned to their home for hH eourngi) and sorvlco In com,Hurwltz was at the piano for group York Life, and Homer F. Kreldlar, countries, b a t l . b y . his commanding officer. ~ Poaco^to Eopity: /or: i<cnd-I/>ar: WhITS the chaplain 'was aiding- the singing- throughout . the program. Howard Surbcck, William D. BottTall-TWlBtor^ Avthur::B;.:Slcklus::an. Eonback, Geor(?o A.J3aIdlno. William "The1 Congress In passing and ex- wounded, two bullets passed through nounced that 18 more names have E.. Duncan, George "Faulkner, Carl tending the Lend-Lease Act made it his raincoat, and later s. bullet been added to the borough's honor Keener and Abraham Goldberg, plain that the United States wants smashed his eyeglasses. roll, bringing the total to date of Metropolitan Life. no now wijr debts to jeopardize the 189. coming peace," President Rooaevelt Sells Window Gleaning Business. Captain Maro Smith,, olllccr-lnATTENDING COLLEGE. declared in his letter transmitting charge of the Red Bank Salvation to Congress tho 11th report on LendMnx.Feldman, who haa conducted Army, and William C.-Vernon, finanCharles R. Campbell of Liborty Lease opor&tlons for the period ended jrfiridoxv cleaning business at Froo July 31, 1943. "Victory and a secure hold tho past 13 years, has sold the cial campaign director of tho S. A. street, Long* Branch has begun trainpeace," the President added,' "are the business to Benjamin Eisenbcrg of drlvoB, were introduced as guests of ing at the State Teachers college, only coin in which we can be repaid." Brooklyn and has moved to Los An- James LnBau. The two men praised Oshkosh, Wisconsin, before becoming tho Lions for their past Interest in an aviation cadet. Upon completion "Standing Boom Only" pn Trains. geles, California, whoro ho will start Salvation Army affairs and an- of the course he will be classified as In business. His family will follow nounced that this year's financial navigator, pilot or bombardier and If you are planning to take a train trip over Labor Day, you probably him as soon as living qutrers can be drive would be held this month. They go to school at Army Air fields for . mentioned the various activities of further Instruction. will stand in tho aisles, ODT obtained. officials say. Passenger trains throughout the TJ. S. continue to run heavily loaded, with standing in the aisles occurring frequently on some trains, particularly at week-ends. Makempa/s doubly bright with Trommer's-~it's Better Rubber foT Recaps. Rationing restrictions on the use of Grade "C" camelback for recap ping have been..removed, according to OPA. Grade "A" camelback, pre vlously available for only the larges truck and bus tires, may now be obtained for recapping tires on all trucks and buses although it is stil subject to rationing, Tax Reports Duo September 15. Many farmers will be among the 15 million Americans who are required ta. file a declaration of estimated income for 1943 and make a payment on that basis under the "pay-as-you-go" plan whloh became effective July 1. thlii year. Septom bcr IB is the dnte for filing declarations, except that farmers, If they wish, may wnlt until December IB, since they receive the bulk of their Income In tho fall. Generally speaking, all single persona earning more than $2,700 a year, from wages subject to withholding and all married Couples earning moro than $3,500 will bo roqulrod to file declarations. In addition, Individuals or couples with

Page Seven.

Dr. L. W. Crossman Addresses Lions

Peyton - Healy Nuptials Saturday

To be Married at St. James Church
Miss June Rita. Peyton, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Peyton of Hubbard park, and Yeoman First Class Edward T. Healy, Jr., U. S. Naval Reserve, son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward T. Healy of WeBtslde avenue, will be married Saturday morning at a nuptial mass at St. James church by Monslgnor John B. McCloskey. A reception will follow st the Molly Pitcher hotel. Miss Peyton will b given In marriage by her father and has chbaen her sister, Miss Anita Mae Peyton, as maid pf honor. The bridesmaids will be Miss Dorothy Healy, Yeoman Healy's sister; ltls Ruth Kubll and Mrs. Sally Power Johnson, all of Red Bank, and Mlts Joanne Cotter of Perth Amboy. ' Sgt. Harry Jackson will be best man and the ushers will be Albert T. MaeDonald , Wliyam Anderson, Edward McKenna and Lt, Joseph T. Pyton, all of Red Bank. Both Mias Peyton and Yeoman Healy are graduates of Red Bank Catholic high school. Miss Peyton la alao a graduate of International Business Machines Business school and a member of the Red Bank Junior Woman's club. Yeoman Healy Is a graduate of Drake Business college. New Custodian. Otto Landwehr haa been appointed custodian of the Freehold municipal building to succeed John Felton, who has enlisted In the Sea Bees. Felton has been given a leave of absence for the duration of the war.









Xcrshoy Shows Order of Induction "The selection of men needed tor the armed forces and tho deferment . K men required for agriculture, war roduotlon, and war supporting acIvltlea ore much more difficult than a the days whon wo had ample men rom which to choose," said Major leneral Lewis B. Hershey, Director ? Selective Service, In & recont letir to local boards. He said avail' tble men will be called for Induction the following ordor: (1) single len without dependents; (2) single len with collateral dependents; (8) arrled men without children; (t) en with collateral dependents; (S) tlvltlcs and occupations); (5) men Ith children. Small Engines to Farmers, Distribution of about 87,000 air and Iquld-cooled Internal combustion en^nes of 20-horsepowor and under fill lo controlled by County Farm latlonlng Committees. Preference atlng certlilcatos will be lsBued to armors or operators of farm ma1 thlnery for hire,inbased on the need lor the cnglno osoentlal production of crops, livestock and livestock Products, poultry and eggs, and bees. .Whe'n the farmer receives such a preference rating: certificate, he can lake It to his local dealer and buy the >ngino. Drops BombsGathers Corn. When the B-24 Liberator bomber, Lemon Drop," of the U. S. Army ?lnth Air Force came back from Its tnlsBlon of bombing Rumanian oil rcBncrlts i t Ploestl, corn stalks were Clinging to its bomb bay doors. The fcombardlor, Captain Horbort Light, Ames, Iowa, observed: "Why, back In Iowa you'd have to fly 25 feet off tho ground to get the corn tops. No Hsks Involved In that. But when you're hoading for a target In the Rumanian oil and corn country, you've got to tear along about six feet off the ground to skim the corn p." , Somo Boota Are IUtton-Free. '


Insurance Men Jrfear Westerman




Estimates Given Without Obligation


Certain kTnSs of riibbir boats u fill in farming and similar work but ho longer being manufactured for general uso have been released from l-atlonlnff-by. a rooontoPA,-amend? mont. AH olive drab, clay, or khaki colored Tubber boots, all ovor-theshoa rubber boots, and all lightweight ankle-mtlng ( rubber boote Which depend upon stretoh at tho ankle for fitting are Included In thn Grde& However quantities will bo lmali Tiecauso dealers do not have complete stocks on hand. To Help You Gt Truck Tires. If you own a truck and have tire rationing certificates but cannot loBato the proper tiros within your County, you may apply to the nearleat Motor Transport District Office of the Offlco of Defense Transportation for assistance, the ODT lias leportod. Price Support lor Sweet Potatoes. To encourage farmers to cure and itore as much, as possible of this year's expected crop of 8X million Bushels of sweet potatoes, farmers Will bo assured a minimum of $1.50 per bushel for U, S. No. 1 or better trade cured sweet potatoes properly backed In bushel crates, baskets or dampers and offered during January, and $1.65 por bushel beginning February 1, 1044. Prices of U. S. sweet potatoes, containing not less than 75 per cent No. 1 quality will be IS cents her bushel loss than tho above prices. 1 /armors desiring Information conternlng tho handling of sweet, pckatocB aro requested to get In touch With their stato or county agrlciil Virol war boards. Farm Help from .latin America, ' A total pf 67,489 workors from Mexico, Jamaica, and tho Bahama. Islands have come to this country for agricultural employment, Marvin Jones, War Food Administrator, reContly praised tho ability of these Workers and described their efforts as being of utmost importance to tho production of food nnd fiber for war heeds. Mexican Nationals have been tmployod In agriculture In 12 West-

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Pace Eight.
NOTICE OF REGISTRY AND ELECTION. U t t l . Silver Borough, N. J . Notice of tlie time and place o( holding tha Uenerel Election and of the officer, lo ba elected and mcttlnm of tbe Board, of ltetfiitry and Election In tbe Borough ul l.iule Sliver. In t b . County of Monmouth. Notice 1 hereby given that a fieneral Election will be held In and for lh; Oorouilh of Little Silver. In the County of Monmouth and State of New Jer.ey. on Tuesday. November 2, 19S. between the 'hour, of ven o'clock A. U. and elitdj o'clock P. M. lEa.ltrn Standrd Time), at the respective polllns places In said BorNOTICE OF REGISTRY AND ELECTION. Atlantic Townblp, N. J . Notice cf toe time od plac. of holding tho Ueneril Election nd of the ofictra to ba elected and meeiings of the Board of Registry and Election In the Township ol Atlantic. In the COUDJ, of.Monnojuh e Notice is hereby given that a General Election trill be beld In and f o r t h e Townihlp of AUantlc. In the County of Monroouth and Sute of New Jereey. on Tuesday, November 2, 1943, between the hours of even o'clock A. M. and eight o'clock P . M. (Eastern Standard Time), i t the respective polling place in said TownSaid election will be held In rtt said municipality for the purpose of electing a Governor of the Stole of New Jereey: so Members of the Cencral Assembly ol ew Jersey, . from the Counly of MonHouthi two Members of the Board of Chosen Freeholders for the County of Monmouth, for tho full term of three years; nnd for tho followlnir municipal officer*, vli:: One Member of. the Township Committee for the Township of Atlantic, for he full term of three years;,a Justice of he Pence for the full term of live yenri. ind a Justice of the'Pence to fill the term ,f James C.O'Haro. which terra ends May NOTICE OF REGISTRY AND ELECTION Boroub of Ekto&town, N. J . Notlc* of the Urn* and place of holdln, tha Gtntral Uectlon and of tb* offictn u b tcctcd am) meetinga ol the board o RffUtrr and Election In the Soroush o EatootoWQ, in tht County of Monmouth. Not.?* li htrtbj givn that a General EUctlon will bt htld In and for Utt Borough of Eatontown, lo t h i Cobnty o Monmouth and State of New Jrej. oi Tuesdty. November 2, 1049. between thi hourt of ioven o'clock A. M. and eljth o'clock P . H. (Eastern Standard Time), a < th reapectlva polling places In said Boroutrh. Satd eltctlon will b t htld In t h t i*ld municipality for the purpose ot electing a Governor of the State of Mew. Jersey: two Members of the General Assembly o New Jersey, from the County of Mon mouth; two Members of the Board o ChoJen Freeholders for the County of Mon mouth, for the full term of three yenri and for the folio wins municipal office re, vlt.: Two Councllmen for the Borough of Eatontown, for the full term of three yeara; on Councilman, for an unexnlred term, and two Justices of the Peac* for he full terms of five years. Public Question. The following Public Question Is to be voted upon by the voters of the State of New Jersey, at tha General Election November 2, 1043: - - _. "Shall the one hundred and slxty-elahth _.frls!ature be authorized to agree upon fi revised Constitution for the State and to submit tho lame as a whole and in Buch nnnner na said Legislature shall prescribe to the people, for their'approval and ratification or rejection, as a whole, at the General'Election -to be held In the year onti thousand nine hundred and fortyourt" Notice of Primary Election, Also take notice that a Primary Eleo tlon for all political partiei entitled thereto will/be held tn and for the Borough of Entontown, In aaid County, on Tue*day, September 21, 1943, between the hours of seven A. M. and eight'P. M. (Standard



(8) Westerly and Southerly, along tbt NOTICE OF REGISTRY AND ELECTION. 'l Brodd "trust, nearly opposttt Wavsrly rtvtsad CoHstltutloa for the State and ta aubmlt tht same u a wfaolt and fa luch R*d Hill Road and along tha boundary Borouib of IUd Baah, N. J. TOWDIUP of Middfttown. N. J. manner s s iald Ligtalatura iball prtscrlbt Una ' rift* Bictloa Dlitrlct. t a Notice of the ttmt and plac* of holdln Notlct ol the time &ad plact o l boldL. and btw*tn th* Townohlp of Middletown to th* psoplt. for thtlr approval and ratitbt Uentral Eltctlon *t)U of thi offlctr* to ming tbt Township of Rolmdel, to Swim- the Gtmral Election and of tbt offlcirs to of Beginning at a point on tha ihore Hue fication or rejection, at a whole, at tht ' Rfrari thenc* (4> EatUrly, and be elected and raeetlngt of the Boards o tat North Bhrtw.bury Hirer dlrecUr btbt elected and meetings of th* Boards o twtn the properties owned by the Mon General Election to bt held In tht year Reifi&try and Election In t h t Township of Southerly, along Swimming Blvar and Refflitry and Eltctlon Jn tha Borouf' ifb one thouasnd nlnt hundred and forty* mouth Boat Ctub and the property know Mlddtetown, In tht County of Monmouih. along tho Shrtwibury or NtTiiink, KWtr, IUd Bank, ID tbt County ot Monraou oth. to th* point or plac* of Begin nlng. at tha Red Dank Lyceum, thence south Notlct is hereby given that a Gtntral Notice U hrby fflftn thit Qt\ Notlca of Primary Election. wardly t th ctnter list of Brand etrttt. t li f Braid trttt Th* polling plact for tht Fifth Eltctlon to tht Election will bt held In and foe tht Election will bt htld ta and (or tht Alia u k t notice that a Primary Township of Mlddletonn, In ths County a: District I* li) fir* houi* of th* Uncrolt Ho rough of Bid Bink, la tbe Count/, of thentt louthwtrdiy tlQpg tht ctnttr lint . < tt for all political partita Monmouih and State of Ntw J e n t y . oi Fir* Company at Uncroft, N. J. Monroouth and Siata of Ntw Jiraay. on of Broad t t n of to tha InterMctloa with the tlonwill bt Dtld' In And tot entitled Honmouth itrtet. thtnet to tba So Tuesday, November 2, 1913, between thi Slstb Election District, Commenly Kaowa Tuesday, November t, 1949, between th centir lint H aa' th* Port Monmouth District. hour, ot even o'clock A. M. and elghl houri of ctven o'clock A. M. and Jgb weitwardly along tht etntcr lint of Mon- S* ! ? ' i'' W County, on o'clock P . M. (Eastern Standard Time), al Tht bouadarlet of tht tatt* tra at fal- o'clock P. H. (Eaitcrn Standard Tlmt), al mouth itrtit .to 1U Inttrttotlon with thi day, Baptambar 11, l t l B , batwaan th, boa the respective polling Places In said Town- lows, Vll.J tbe respeotlvt polling placis la iald Bor- ctnttr lint of ths tracks or road bad of o B . . . n A . M . l . l r t t . P . M . (SI, l tha Ntw Jersey Southern railroad, thtnet ship. ' t r lint BEGINNING at tbt tg wmtr l n t of ough, EGINNING at tbt Saidl prlrawr lectlon to b, brid in t h . northwardly along tha omttr of tht track Said election will be held Jo tbt sal Rarltan or Sandy H l S d Hook Bay and at tbs d b S a i d e l e c t l o a Will h e h e l d I . . t h e . . a i d Said Viectlon will bt held tn tht r Jtrsr Southern railroad, to Plan In tbt naDtotlva dlatilot ai ap.clfl'* J ' municipality for the puruost of eleotini tnteratcUon .with t h t W*iterly boundary municipality for tbe purpose of eliding of tht Ntw Jtrs"; . . .". . .* . . . . . . . . . . rlrtr, if t h . North . tht short of th* I . Shrewsbury a tl Governor of the Stale of New Jersey line of Election District No. 8t thanci a Governor of tht Stata of Nw Jerttr: thenco louthfaitwurdly and northeastward- .iactlonvwill ba h . l j for thj two Jilettibtra of the General Assembly ol running (1) Southerly, along the boun- two Members of the General Asiembiy ol of tht Worth ShrewsNew Jersey, from the County of Won dary line of Election District N&. 8; New Jersey, from the County of uon< ly along the shortcenUr line between tht mouth; two Members of t h t Board ol to th* County road leading from Maw mouth i two Member* of tho Board ol bury rlvtr to tht to tha Monroouth Boat alia to <l,c( o n . mala and ona property belonging Chosen Freeholders for tht County of Mon< Mon mouth to Ktyport, known as County Chosen,Freeholders tor the County of Uotv Club and property known M the IUd Bank m.mhr from Monmouth Count. Chosen Freeholders for the County of Monmouth, for the full term of 'three yean; Road No. 7: thence 12) Westerly, along mouth, for the*full ttrm of thre years; mouth, for th. full term of three year..: - - - -^- ---n-w^v> m.iii a l t o o n t and for the following municipal officer*, said County Road No. 7 to th* Uarmonj and for the followlnir municipal officer*, Lyceum, tha point of place of beginning. and for the following municipal ?"1' *# oiennir irom . h The polllnirplatt for tha Fifth Eltctlon Atmi i 7 T ona f.raal, mamber from ,each vU.: Ono Member of the Township Com- Roadi tbenca (S) Northerly, along thi vlt.: Two Councllmen for the Boroush of vlii a Mayor for the Soroush of Little District li Llbortr Engine.Houit, White 1 A JP Monraouih County u mmnbaii. mittee for the Township ol! Middletown, to\ Harmony Road, to Daniel 0. Utndrlcluon'i lied Bank, for tho full term of three years, Silver, for the full term of two rears, and of tba Monmouth County EiaeutlvaTcS^ he full term of three years, and one Jus- Corner j thenc* (4) foilowinB the road to an Ancestor for the Borough of Red Bank, street. two Councllmen for the Boroush of Little J.Ut^r.,ch 1 th. t0 m^orr'ote ,;H tice of the Peace, for the full term o Ralph's Corner: thenco U ) Northerly, for the full term ot tour years, and one Sixth Election district* Silver, for tho full term ot three years. five yearn. riflffinrlnff. i t a point whffrt tb* etnt along Homestead Park, to th* bead waters Justice of the Waco for the Borough of Public Queotlon. of Pew's Creek: thence (6) Northerly, Red Bank, /or th* /ull tern of fly* yean. line of Uonraouth street it inttriecUd Public Question. The followlnir Tublic Question It to be with the etnter lint of Broad itrtat. thenc* Tho fallowing Public Question Is to bi down Pew's Creek, to Rarltan or Saady roted upon by the voter, of the State of Public QueetlDn. aouthwardlr along tht eenttr lint of Public Question. voted upon by the voters of the State o Hook Bay) thane*, (7) Easterly, Along thi New Jersey. t tbe General Election The following Public Question Is to be place The following Publto Question la to be Broad street to Ut Intenactlon with tht New Jersey, at the General Election Bay. t o th point or for t h tof Beginning. State of The polling place Sixth Election voted upon by the voters of th* State of ctnter line of Reekie is place, thtnet westA slxty-cigum __ j , November 2, 1943: ,nd .ltv -lehth votedJ upon y iby 8the l vjtera of the Election (jcnernl e e t h e District Is the Port Monrooutb fira houis New Jersey, at the General Ejection wardly along the center line of Btoklesi Ne er y , "Shall the one hundred and sixty-eighth at Port Monmouth. N.,J. Legislature be nuthoriied to aurce upon a Qlactt to Ita Inttriectlon with tha eintar 1943: N jRlnlature be authorized to agree upon a Sevtath revised Constltnilon for the State and to November 2, one hundred and sixty-eighth Elsctlon District, Commonly 'Shall the "Shall the one hundred and sixty-eighth lint of Maple avenue, thtnet northward!/ evJeed Constitution'for the State and to lubmlt the'same as a whole and in ujh Leelslnture be authorized to agree upon a K h E K b D i i t Legislature be authorised to agree upon a along tht canter Hnt of Maple avenua to Known as tht Eaat Keamhurf DUtrlct iubmit the same a* a "whole and in such ' manner n snld .tesrhlalur. shall prescribe revised Constitution for the State and to Tha boundaries of tbe same are ai fol* revised Constitution for tht State and to U Intersection with tbt center line of nnner Aa said Legislature, shall prescribe am, vft.i to the people, for their approval and ratieubmlt tho onm KM a whole and In such Chestnut itreet, thenct wtstwardlr along o the people, for their approval and ratification or rejection, " , , l v b o l e ;. " ' " ' the same os a whole nnd in such manner as said Legislature shall tbt centor lint of ChtsUut strtet to Hi BEGINNING at tht manner ns said Leulslnture shall prescribe fication or rejection, as ,a whole, at the Creek and In Sandy Hookmouth of Paw's to the people, for their approval and rati- nttraeotton ' with the' tracki of the New General Election to ho held In the year or Haritan Uayr General Election to be held In the year thenca running (1) Southerly, along tho fication or rejection, as a whole, at the Jerefty Southern railroad, thtnet northone thousand nine hundred and fortl- to the people, for thoir approval and ratl.ficatlon or rejection, us whole, at the mo thousand nine hundred and tarty- boundary lint of Election District No. 6, General Election to be held In the year wardly along tht tracks or road bed of tht four?" I Ccncrnl Election to bo held In the year our?" to the County road from New Monmouth ono thousand nine hundred and forty New Jersey Southern railroad to Ita InterNotice ol Primary Election. nine hundred anil Notice of Prlmkry Election. section with tht canter line of Monmtjuth o Key port, known a County Road Nn. ?( four T" Also take notice that a Primary Elec- one thousand of Primary Election. fortyNotice street, thenca taitwardly aloha tbt center Also take notice that a Primary EieC' .hence (2) Westerly, along County Road :ion for all political parties entitled there, Notlca of .Primary election. Una of Monmouth itreet to Its Intersecion for & I political parties entitled there' 1 Also take notice that a Primary Else ?o. 7. to Palmer Avenue, thence (3) o will be held In and tor the Borounh Also takt* notlc. that a Primary Else tion with center line of Broad street, the o will be held In and for the Towntntp Northerly, down Palmer Avenue, to its In( Little Silver, In said County, on Tua- tlon for all political pnrtiei entitled theref Middletown, fn aa'd County, on Tue- teraction with tha boundary Itnt of tht tlon for all political partita entitled there point or place of beginning, J . y ! sSeptember' 2 1 . J1943.b , t . n the h hour. to will be held In nnd for the Townsmp Jay. e p ' . m b . r 21. . 4 3 . between ay, September 21. 1943. between the hours Dorough of Keansburvi thenct (4) North- to will be held In. and for tht Borough . Tht polling place for tht Sixth Election of seven A. M. and eight P. M. (Standard of Atlantic. In l d County, on Tuasf seven A. M. and efsht P. M. (Standard erly and Easterly, along the boundary tint ,ot Red Bank, In said County, on Tues- District-la Relief Engine Hoitst, Drummond dny. Septrmber 21. 1943. between the hour; day, September 21,1948, between the hours' ' ,. n!!"1"1? ?'"! faction DbtrieU (o iddletown of seven A. M. ond cl B ht P. M. (Standard Said primary election to be held in the Ime.) primary election to be held In the of the Township of Middletown and the of seven A. M. and eight P. M, {Standard p l a c e , " Said ha Dorough of Fair Hav.n, and tht BOIU Jorouch ot Keansburs. to the high to ' * place In the respective district as specifiSeventh Election District. . oce In tho respective district as speclfl- line of Rarltan or Sandy Hook . water time.) In* p l . r . l n . . c h dl.trlct. a. follow.? ., andy . Bart Snld primary election to be held In .the cally above mentioned nnd snld primary Beginning at a point where tht centtr Suit] primary election to ba held In thi j,lly above mentioned and said primary ihenco (6)' Easterly, alone the said Bay. Flr.t El.cllon Dl.lrlcl. h id B plnce in the respective district aa speclfl- election will be held for the purpose of plact tn the respective district aa tpolfl< line ot Broad street is Intersected with the o (he point or place of Deelnnlnc cally obove mentioned nnd sold primary nominating ..persona of the respective lection ' wilt be held for the purpoie of cally above mentioned an)} said primary center line of Reckless place, thence south" of paries to tha-offices above rnentlonea ana election will be hold for the purpose oi parties to tha offices above mentioned and mrties to : persons above the respective The poUlns place for the Seventh the offices mentioned and :lon District Is tb,o fire house of the Bloc- election will be held for the. purpose of wardly along tha center line of Broad also to elect one male nnd one femnle nominating persons of tho also to elect one male nnd ono - female East atreet to the southerly boundary of tht persona of elect one male and ono female member from Mbnmouth County us mem- parlies to tho offices shove rnentloneo. no member from Monmouth County us mem- lso to from Monmouth County as mem- iCeannbiirff Fire Company, Thompson Ave- nominatingthe odices above the respective Borough of Red Bank, thenca northwestparties mentioned and K ember bers of .the State Committee, nnd nlno one also to elect one mnlo and nno temale bers of the State Committee, ami also one rt no, . nlao to to _._ ----. _ running north along tha elect one male and ona female wardly along the center line of tht tracks sra of the State Committee, and nlao one Eighth East Keansburir. N, J. male and one fcmnlo member from each member from Monroouth Countj- ns mem- male and one female member irom each Election District, Commonly Known member from Monmouth County as mem- or road bed of the New York and Long ctnttr lint of Cedar avenue, to that point mle nnd one femnlo member from each district In Monmouth County as members btrs pf the Stnto Committee.^ and also one district In Monmouth County as members as (bt Rlvcnfda Drive and Hcadden'a bers of tb,Q State Committee, nnd also one Branch railroad company to Its Intersec- where the center Itne of Cedar avenue i n ! latrlct in Monmouth County as members of tho Monmouth County Executive Com- male nnd ono female member from each of the Monmouth County Executive ^oni- f the'Monmouth County Exeeutlvo ComCorner District, male and one female member from each tion with the center line of Chestnut street, teraattt the center Una f. Rlvtr a 3 ,. mittee for each ot the two mmor political district In Monmouth County as^membcrs mlttee for each of the two major political llttee for each of the two major political The boundaries of the sam are BI fol- district In Monmouth Count/ ai member* thence eastwardly along the centtr Una thtnet cwt along the conter line of River >' of the Monmouth County Executive Comof tho Monmouth County Executive Com- of Chestnut street to Its Intersection with road to the point where tht, center line of low*. U the center Maple avenue, . """Silil'dale will also be the second resli- mittee for each ot ths two major political Pfl Sn.d'date will also bo the second recisJ BE DEGINN1NG at the Intersection ot the mittee for each, of the two major political southwardly line ofthe center lint of thenct Battln road, Intersects tht center line o Snf<l'date" will alao be the cond ngUparties, . along Maple River Rdr tfamea north alonir tha oen. tratlon dale In said municipality. tratlon data fn sold municipality. right or way of the Now Xork and tang parties. atlon date In said municipality. r n t 0 i U Shr w l avenue to the Interjection ,nlth the center river Notice ot Registration. Notlc.'ol Registration. Snld dnte will the second ' >uri: ranch Railroad Company and ot ths Said date will alao be the second regis- lino of Reckless place, thence eaatwnrdly Notice ol Registration. And further take notice that on Tuesday, ttatlon date n sold municipality. And further take notice thnt on Tuesday, Taveslnk or Shrewsbury River, and from tration date In said municipality, And further take notice that on Tuesday. along tba center line of Reckless place to K f h e polllna- place for the First ElectionL September 7, 1943, the District Board of Notice ol Registration. September 1, 1943, the District Bonrda of September 7, 1943, the District Boards of whence running (1) Northerly, along the; Notlct ol ReiistratloD. the center line of Broad streetJht point or District ii at WHlow Street School. * " c o u < m leglttry and Election. havlnB Rest organlied And further lake notice thnt on Tuesday. Registry and Election, having flrat organized And further take notice that on Tuesday. place of 'beginning. tccordlne to law. shall meet In their re- September 7, 1043. tho District Board ol according to law. shall meet In their re- legtatry and Election, having first organized iaJd Railroad rlxht of way and along ' A. Second Election District. ccordlnu to law. ahnll meet In their rt- Election District No. 6 and Election Ills- September 7, 1943, the District Boards of ipectlve dltrlets and proceed to make a Registry and Election, having first oreanUed spective districts and proce.e/1 to make a Alt that part.of. the Borough lying wtit The polling place, for tht Seventh Elecsouse to house canvass D the voters in occordina o law. shnll meet In their re- house to house canvas* of the voter* in pcctlvo districts nnd procceu to make a trlct No. 1, to Mill Brook, thenco (2) Registry and Election, having first organ lied f O 3 to house canvaas of the voters In Sastarly. along Hill Brook, lo Chanel Hill iccordlng to law. shall meet In their re- tion District la Rca Bank Woman's Club. pf fhe Una as laid dowa In tho Flrtt DJi. HO their district, registering oil persons en- spective district nnd proceed to make a their dlitrlct. registering all persons entrlct above. "<! tnfiiM (S) Northerly, nlonu Chapel pectlve districts and proceed to make a Broad street. titled to vote at the ensulns Primary and house to houso canvass of the voters In titled to voto at the ensuing Primary and heir districts. reKluterlns oil persona enTho polling place for the Second Elec1 1 Road, to Mountain Hill Rood, thenca house to houie canvass of the voteri tn 1 tlcd lo voto at tho ensulnc Primary and General Elections, which said canvass sh.l their dlBtrlct, registering all persons en- General Elections, which Bald canvnas ahull Eighth Eltctlon District. i) Continuing Northerly In a straight line their district, registering all parsons en>e completed on or before rridny, aeo- titled to vote nt the ensulnB Primary and be completed on oc before Friday. Sep- lenernl Elections, which ald canvass shall Beginning In center line of Locutt ave- tion District la Auguotua M, Mlnton's ga -e completed on or before Friday, Sep- o Park Avenue; thence (5> Easterly, titled to vote at the ensuing Primary and nue at high water lino of the North rage. Eset Side Park, 482 River road, near Genernl Elections, which said canvass shnll tember 10. 1943. .. Lincoln avenue. long Park Avenue, to a private road leart- General Elections, which said* canvass shall Shrewsbury river, theneo easterly' along ' C And r that on Wednesday. October 1, 1943. ba completed on or before Friday, SepAnd that on Wednesday, October 13.1943, M. FLOYD SMITH, tnrmiah the Hoafdrd property; thsDL-o be completed on or before Friday, Sep center lino ofXocuat avenue to the center Anlnhat on Wednesday, October 13, 1943, Mie Board of Registry nnd Election Umber 10. 1943. tha Boards of Hecistry and Election Clerk of Fair Haven B6rough. . Southerly, along the private road lead- tcmbor 10. U4S. io Boards of Registry and Election lino of Shrewsbury avenue; thence oUtKtill meet at the place at which they will And that on Wednesday. October 13. 1043, will meet at tbe place at which they will Mil meet at the place a t which they will n through, tho Bosford property, to Dated Apjruafc 23, 1043. ^ Andthat on Wednesday, October 13, 1043, erly along the center line of Shrewsbury \old the General Election above men- the Board ot Registry and Election hold the General Electiqn above men(7) old tho General Election above men- Mountain Hill Roads thenco Road, Easterly, tha Boards of Registry and Election venue to the center line of Chestnut loned. between iho hour, of one o clock will meet nt the place nt nblcb they will tioned, between the. hours of one o clock Mountain Hill loned, between tho hours of one o clofH along theline of Election District to tha meet a t he p ace at which they will street; thenco easterly along tho center NOTICE OF REGISTRY AND ELECTION, at the place il il a tho afternoon and nine .o clock In tpe .hold tho General Election above Men- In the afternoon and nine o clock In me No. 8; the afternoon nnd nine o clock In *.he loundai-y Borouib ol Ruinion, N. J, eral men hold the .General Election above men- Une of Chestnut street to tht center tine .Gen ivenlni. for the purpose of making the tioned, between the hours of one o clock evening, for lhe purpose of making the hotico (8) Southerly, alonu verilns, for the purpose of making the rlet No. 2, to tho Naveslnk Election nli- tioned, between the h h hours of one o'clock of the C. R. R, Co.'a right of way; thence f ' l k i Jnal revision and correction of the rcnii- In the afternoon and nine o clock In the final'revision and correction of the regisNotice of tha tlm. and place innl revision and .correction of the rend- R ver; th-nce (9) Westerly, or Shrewsbury In tho afternoon and nine o'clock fn *ht northerly along center line of C, II. R. tht Uentral Election and of the ol holding ler tor the General Election. evening, for the purpose of making the ter for the General Election. tl along the laid e r for tho. General Election. "pi's right of way to high water line of ba elected and ratotlngs ot the oQeer. ol evening, for the purpose of making tha Board, Tbe polling place for Uttle Sliver Bor- final rtvUlon and correction of the regisThe following U a description of the The following is a description of the River, to the plnce of Beginning. final revision and correction of tht t en I ni- ie North Shrewsbury liver i thence south- Registry and. Election In tbe Borouifb o | ough I. the tittle Silver' Volunteer Fire ter for the General Election. Election Districts in me Boroush of Eaton :h westerly along high water line of North Rumson, In the County of Monmouth. The colling place for. the Eighth EUc. ter for the Central Election. Election Utstrlcts In the vorouxn . The polllDB place for the .Town.hlp ol Company*. Houae. church street. tlon DUtrlct Is the fire house of MiddleThe following Is a description of Thi Shrewsbury river to the center Una of Lo Notice Is hereby Klven that a General dletown t . . 4 First Election District, . . !.,. Ejection fin Places . . * town Flro Company No. 1, Etato Highway. Election Districts In the Borough of Red oust avenue. ' Election wtl be held In and (or the Clerk ot the Borough of Little Silver. Election District One Is hereby defined same, viz.: Headden's Corner, N. J. Bank and ths titling places In tbe same, ActinK Township Clerk. and described as that section and territory First Election District, Commonly Known The polling place for tbe Eighth Elec- Borough of flumion, In the County o | Dated Aunut_23.J943._ vii.i Nlnlb Election District. tion District Is the cafeteria of the Slg- Monmouth and State of Ntw Jersey, oq V.Dated/Augiuit 23^1943 ... as the MiddletowD District. of the DorouRh-lying ea?t of a line desFirst Election District. Tuesday, 2, 1048, bet The boundaries of the same are a, folmund Eisner Co.. Bridge avonue and West Tuesday November 2 1048 between thi " hated as follows; -'V;!-.:: :: Th boundaries of -the name, are as folNOTICE. Beginning at a point on the shore of Front itreet* hours ot savtn o'clock A, M. and eight " "" BEUINNINC. at the point where contei lows, vlt.: Notice Is hereby given that on offr has NOTICE OF REGISTRY AND ELECTION the North Shrewsbury River directly beoctoek P, M. (Eastern Standard Tfmo), ak. BEGINNINGattho ~ Ninth/ Election DUtrlct. line of the State Highway Intersects l*aBEGINNING at the Seansburg Gatewaj Creek and Sandy Hook -mouth-" of- War* tween the probertlesotvnedby th UonHolmdcl Township, N. J. >een. received by the Township Committee r e c d e or Rarltan Bay. Beginning in the' center -lino of Locust the respectlvg polling placet In eold Dor* i"8 Brook; thence along the center line on State Highway Rottio No. 36 a Uh ( town f o r t b e *l-aUihja T h i Township o( Middle town, -for-tbe ROULO No 3 and frum ana from thence running (1) Southerly. motith Boat Club and the property known .venue at high water Hnt of the North ounhvT 'Said election will be bold In ths said "^HiniBilFTriitDP^yfnt?t*d^fr J ^!^T e T^ thence running (1) Southerly, along the Jnt Ware Creeh and the boundary Una as the Ked Bank Lyceum! thence south- Shrewsbury river, thenct easterly along of Election DUtrlct No. 8, to Park Avo- wardly to th center line of Broad street, center line of Locust avenut to. tht center municipality for the purpoie of electing thenco along the center line ot Broad.street a Governor of the State of New Jersey; no of Shrewsbury avenue; thenca touth- .wo Members ot tho t}y ,Une.,ol.,.SbjftSTil!U.r.y,.nY8" N w j J T t h General Assembly of Q t o(_ Mon- : Mechanlo street, thenca cafltW*.f(iryBfg ue to the"center Una of Cnastnut sirteii Hd f tho center line of Mechanic street to the thetico easterly along center line, of Chest- mouthi two Member* of-the 7 Hoard ^ end of Mechanic street, thence southeaster- nut atreet to tht center line of right of Choien Freeholders for the County of Monly along the Fenco Line to tht curved way of the New York & Long Branch mouth, fori the full term of three year's t boundnry line of the Borough of Red Bank, railroad i thence southeasterly along cen- and tor tha following municipal officers, thenco northeastwardly and northwardly ter ]Ine of right of way of New York St vli,: A Mayor for tht Borough of Rumfollowing the curved boundary Una of the Long Branch railroad to file center lino son, for the full term of two'years; two time the Township Committee i Second Election District lhe respective pollinK place in Bald TownBorough of Bed Bank to the shore of the ot River street (produced) j thenct west- Councllmen for the Borough of Rumson, told oUcr and whether It will reject the Election District Two \ hereby defined North Shrewsbury river; thence south- irly along the center line of Rtyer etreet for the full term of three years; one same or confirm and.ratify tho tame, neand described as that section and terriTha Ninth Election rormni; m said igrma mm i u . , i.icortlint: lo eaiu terms nnd conditions, pro- , Snld-election will be held In tho .aid tory of the Borough tying west of tho line Chapel Hill Road, to tho Mountain Hil Districtpolling place for thelire house. Ap- westwnrdly and wentwardly along the to high water lino of North Shrewsbury Councilman for two years, to flllvthe unfs the Community unicipality 'for t h the Purpose of purpose Road: thence (7) Continuing in a straight short o! the- North Shrewsbury river to river; thence northerly along high water expfred term of Francis J. Nary; ont Counhh i btte t r t s riding h viding that no higher price or better terms I municipality of" 'thee State of New ejecting as set forth above. h.eher b a Governor Jersey line *t(II northerly alonsr the Mounts)/! fll)J Pleton avenue, Leonardo. N. J. " tho point above mentioned st tho shore line of North Shrowabury river to the cen cil man, for one year to fill the unoxplrtd ( Place of meeting of Board hall be bid for eaitl property by any other two Members ot tho General Assembly of tlon and pDllinji place for ol ReifUtri- Road to Park Avenue: thence (8) Westline of the said river directly between-the ter line" of Locust avenue.HOWARD W.TUOBER1,S, tho Second - fern, of Louli M. Hague; a Collector for erly, along Park Avenue, to the Coanty By order of the Township Committee of New 'Jersey, from tho County of Mon. Election District Is the Firti House. ^ , , . Township Clerk, properties owned by the Monmouth Boat Tho polling place of tht Ninth Election he Boroush of Rumaon, for tho full term mouth; two Members of the Board ot road running from New Monmoutb to Club and property known O the' Bed A ANDREW OECKER. the Township of Middletowti. Dated August 23, 1943. District Is Union Fire House. Shrewsbury ot four years; two Justices of the Peace, Bank Lyceum, at the point or piste of beHOWARD W. ROBERTS. -. Choson Freeholders for the County of Mon- Clerk of the Borouch rtf Ealontown. N. J. Keyport known as County Road No. V; for the full term of flvo years; ont Justice avenue, thence.{9) still Westerly, along County ginning. Townnhip Clerk.. mouth, for the full term of three years; Dated 33, 1943. of the Peace, for two years,to nil tho unnnd for the following municipal otficere Road No. 7. to tfie potnt or place of Be- NOTICE OF REGISTRY AND ELECTION. T/mtU Election DUtrlct explrtd term ot Harold J. Peters, and on* Tho polling place for the First Election Shrewsbury Borough, N. J. ' vis:" 'A Mrmlicr of the Township-Committei Beginning center line NOTICE. NOTICE OF REGISTRY AND ELECTION. District Is Naveslnk Hook and Ladder itreet at highin the line of Northof River Justice of tho Peaco, for two yearn to fill for the Townshb of Holmdel, for the full water Shrews- th unexplred term of Thorn na F. Hacbett* The polllns place for the First Election ..Notice of-tba tlmeand-place.of holding FIrehouie, Mechanic- street.. Notice Is hereby given that an offer has term of three years: an Assessor for the '.. Shrewsbury Township, N. J. urjr _ river,- thence easterly alon* center tho (.eneral Election and of the officers to District h the Township Hall, Middletown keen received by the Township Committee Township of Holmdcl, for the full term of Second Election District. Notice of the time and place of holding Village, Middletown, N. J . n of Stiver itreet produced" to tilt* center - _ Public Question. be elected and meeting., of the Board ot if the Township of Middletown. lor the four years: a Collector for the Townshln Beginning at a point where tho center no of right of way of the New York A Registry and Election In the Borough nf Tht following Publlo"QutstfoA Is to bt jurchaae of property located in the Town- of Holmdel. for -the full term of four ha General Election ant) of the office re be elected and meetlnns of the Hoard of Second Election District, Commonly Known Shrewsbury, in the County of Monmouth line of Mechanic street Is Intersected with xjftjr Branch railroad; thenco southeaster- voted upon by tht voUrs of tht State of ship of Middlctown, being' < Jots No*. yearn: a Clerk for the Township of as the Navealnk District. Notice Is hereby given that a Genein the center line of Broad street, thence ly along the center line of right of way of 'few Jersey, at the General Election, lu. I I . Black Nov S on the Mnp entitled Holmdel, for the full term, anil two Registry and Election In the Township of The boundaries of ths same are aa fol- Election will bo held In and for the southwardly along tbe center line of Broad New York & Long Branch railroad to a November 2, 104a. *' Weal Beacfi, for the sum of One Hundred Justices of the Peace for the Township of Shrewsbury, in tho County of Monmouth. Not tea h hereby given that a General lows, viz.: , ' Borough of Shrewsbury, In the County of Btreet to Its Intersection with the center point dlat&nt 704 feet from the southerly "Shall the ont hundred anil dlxty. el until ind Twenty-five ($12 5.00) Dollars, up- HDlmdel, for the full term of five yeara. Election will be held In and for the BEGINNING at tho intersection of the Monmouth and State of New Jersey, or. lino of Wallace street, thence eastward!? ide of Mvgtn place measured at right Legislature be authorized to agree upon a ti the foHowlntl terma: Cnsh; H^o Township of Shrewsbury. In the County of boundary line of the Borough ot Atlantic Tuesday. November 2, 1943, between the along the. center line of Wallace street to ingles thereto; thence westerly and paral* revised Constitution, for the State and to . Jommlssion to be paid: nnd that a Public Question. tho rear of the property of the Second el with West Bergen place to the cents r lubrolt tht same as a whole and In such v'\ "" bearlntf on the said matter IB to be Tho following Publjc Question U to be Monmouth and Slate of New Jersey, on Highlands and Seventh Avenue, and frum hours ot seven o'clock A. M. and eiBhi nB of right of C. N, held at the Mlddlctown Township Hall oted upon by the voters of the State of Tuesday, November 2, 1043, between the thence running (I) Southerly, alone Se** o clock P. M. (Eastern Standard Time), at National Bank, thence southwardly along .hence northerly way of theR. R, ofline J.: manner as said Legislature shall prescribe along center ov hours of *even o'clock A. M. and eight entb Avenue, to Hillside Avenue; thence the resretitlvo polling place in said Bor. the rear of said Bank one hundred feet hd h Ninth day of f New J f th G l Eltin m Thursday aUernoon. the N i h d Jersey, at the Otnenl Election o'clock P,M. (Eastern Standard Time), at from the center line of Wallace street; right of way of the C. R. R, of N. J. to a to the pcoplt, for their approval and ratias a whole, at the (2) Westerly, along Hill aide Avenue, to oust.. November 2, 1943: thence eastwardiy by r straight Imcgln- >ofnt dfstant 160 feet southerly from the fication or rejection, bo held'In the year v September, 1943, at 3:30 o'clock, at which the respective polling place In said Town- South Side Avenue; thence (3) Southerly Said election wilt b e h e l d In the said nry line to Its Intersection with the center General Election to "Shall tlie one hundred and sixty-eighth ship. time the Township Committee will consider outh of West Bergen place measured and-Westerly, along South Side Avenue municipality for the purpose of fleeting lines of Linden place and Wallace street, tt right angles thereto; thenco westerly one thousand nlnt hundred, and fortyaid offer nnd whether it wilt reject tho Legislature h e nuthorlzed to Agree upon a Said election will be held In the aaid a Governor of the Stato of New Jersey; four J" lame or confirm and ratify the Fame, ac- revised Constitution for the State and to municipality for the Purpose of electing and Olil Woman's Hill Road, to Mountain two Members of the Gonem] Assembly of thence northeastwardly along the center .nd parallel with West Bergen place to Notice of Primary Election. * nnd in such a Governor of the Stnte of New Jersey; Hill Road; thence (4) Southerly, alona New Jersey, from the County of Mon- lino of Wallace street to its Intersection ilgh water line of the North Shrewsbury iordlng to BJiid terms and conditions, pro* submit tho same "as a whole ail Also .take notice that a Primary Eleoprescribe two .Members of the General ARacmbly of the Whippoorwlll Valley Road, to the mud mouth ,- two Members of tho Board of with the center Une of Prospect avenue, Ivor i thence northwtnterly along high vidinp that no hlshcr price or better terms mnnner as snid LcKialalure "^ shall be bid for said property by any other t-i tho people, for their approval and rntl New Jersey, from the County of Mon- leading from the Mountain Hill Road to Chosen Freeholdern for the County of Mon- thenco southeastward!? along the center vatcr line of. the North Shrewsbury river Ion for ill political parties entitled thareto will be held In and for tbe Borough ficntion or rejection, ns a whole, at the mouth : two Members of the Board of Brown's Dock Road and along- said road mouth, /or the full term of three years: line of Prospect avenue to the southerly ;o the center line of River itreet. person. of Runmon, In said County, on Tutu(ionernl Election to yetjr By order of the Township Committee of ono thousand nine lie held in theforty- Chosen Freeholders for the County of Mon- until It IntersecU with the Brown's Dock and for the following: municipal olTicera, curved boundary line of ttis Borough t of The pollinK plnce for the Tenth Election day, September Zl, 1943, between the hours hundred and northwardly along h t the Township of Mlddletown^ mauth, for the full term of three years; Road: thence (5) Southerly, alone tbe vis.: two Councllmen for the 'Borough of Red Bank, thence lint of tht Borough of o( seven A. M. and eight P. M. (Standard Is the /our?" . nnd tor the following municipal officer**, Brown's Ilbck Road to the Shrewsbury or Shrewsbury, for the full term of three curved boundary Fencft Line, thence north- Hetilct EleventhRiver Street school. HOWARD W. ROBERTS, time. I Elictlon District. Tied Bank to the Notice of Prinmry Election. River; thence (6) Following the ears. 'IK: One Member of the Township Comj Township Clerk. Snld primary election to ba held In tha 'Beginning In tho center line of Newman westwardly along tho said Pence Line to Also take notice that a Trmary E n IMtnary Elec mittee for ths Township of Shrewsbury, Shrewsbury or N&Veslnk River until its lso . Public Queotlon. the center line ot Mechanic street, thence springs road at high water line of tht ilnce In tht respective district as epedfi- t tio for all pnlitirnl nnrtleB entitled thcie- "or the full term of four years, nnd n Col- Intersection with the boundary line of the NOTICE. Tho following Public Question la to be westward]y along the center tint of Me- North Shrewsbury rifcr. thenct easterly lally, above mentioned and said prlma>>lwill be held In nnd fOr the Township ector for the Town ship ot Shrewsbury, Borough of Highlands; thence (7) Weiter* Notice Is hereby eiven that nn offer has to Hulmdel, in said, Crinnty. on Tucsth* conter of Nowraan upon by the voters of the bt hsld for fftreet ht n 'or the full term of five yearn. y and Southerly.- following tbe boundary, voted Jemey, at the Oeneral Stnte of chanic line of to it* Intersection with, t or along to (he centerline Broad street]Springs itcctlon will persons of the purpose of been received by the Townshiii Coinmlttee of Hulmdel, in said, Cb n t y . n 'ond of thenct lomlnatlrig New Election center tht respeotlve Broad street, the point Public Question. jlnc hetween" the Borough of Atlantic November 2, 1943: of the Township of Middletown, lor the day, September 21, 1913, between the hour* ortherly along center of Broad street to parties to the offlces above mentioned and Dinco of beginning. of seven A. M. find elcht P. M, (StandurO Highlands and the Township ot Mldfilejiurchasc of jiroperty located in the Townho center line of rlpht of way of New alio to elect one mate and ont fem alt "Shalt the one hundred and lUty-elghth Tho following Public Q Question in to be tawn, to tha point or place of Beginningg P ihip of Middletown, heltiK lots Nos. time.) fork & Long Dranch railroad i thanco member from Monmouth County as memto a The polling place for the Second Said primary election to be held In th voted ujion by the voters of the Stnte of The pollinK place for the Second Elec- Legislature bt authorized the agree uium to tion district Is Independent Fire House,Elec- lorthwestcrly along center fine of right of born of tho State/Committee, nnd also one 1. 2, 3, Rlock No, A on the Mnj. entltleil revised Constitution for State and MeWuter Witch Club, for the Him of Ten filnco hi tho respective district aa ipccln- New , Jersey, nt tho General Election lon District is the N&veilnk fire house. aubmlt tha same an a whole and In uch chanic street. vsy of the New York A Long Brunch rail* matt and one female member front each Nnveslnk. N. J . Hundred. FUicon nnil 99/1 O Dollnrs, uji- c.illy above mentioned and said primary, November 2, 1943: n ood to a potnt distant 704 feet from tbe district In Monmouth County M members manner &B said Legislature shall prescribe Third Election District. " S h l l the one h "Shall h hundred nnd nlxty-eitchth. in the following terms; jriD.00 down, bal- election will tie held for the purpose <f louthorly side ol West Borgen t>lnce. Monmouth Beginning at n point where t h t center mensured at right angles thereto; thenct of the for each of County Executive Comrlslnture be authorised to atcree upon n Third Election District, Commonly Known ta the p*opJe, for their approval and rat'ance $20.00 per motitJi lo draw interest. nominating persona of tho respective mit tea tbe two major political flcntion or rejeptloh, as a whole, at the line of Wallace street Is lnlorsecUd with a* the Belford District. IBC(1 Constitution for the State nnd to parties to the afl'rce3 above mentioned ant) Kntlre um to be pnitl Iti two ypuvs; and to West Bergen place The boundaries of the lame nr at fol- General Election to bo heltl in the year the center Una of Broad street, thence westerly and parallel right of wny of 0. R. iartl. that a ticarintr on (he na\d matter ix to also to fleet one mnle nnd one female the snme n* a whole anil in Huch ows, viz.: ono thousand nine hundred and forty, southwardly along the center lint of Broad to the conter Una of Said date will also be the second rtglitan.-ier us unid LeKisI/iture nhall prescribe be held at the Middletown Township IInil member from Monmouth County fl* mem* of N. J*.; thence northerly along center ratlon dte in said municipality. four?" street to Its intersection with tht center Ine of right of way of C. R. R, of N. J,, tho people, for thelt np.irovnl nmLrntlberH of tho State Committee, nnil nlao one Also Included In the s&ld District Is the on Thursday afternoon, the Ninth flay of male niitl ene female member from Notlct at Reajstraftan. lino ot Harding Road, thence eastwardly o n point distant 15Meet soutberly from ficatlon or rejection, us a whole, n " the Notice of Primary Election. September, 194X. at 3:110 o'clock, nt which district in Monmuuth County n members (ienernl Election to be held in the year f a c t of land or territory known as Sandy And further take notlca that on Tuesday. Also take notice that a Primary Elec- along the center line of Harding Road to Hook or Fort Hancock, _ south side of west Bergen ptict i September 7. 1943, tht District Boards of '(me the Townnhip Committee will consider of the Monrnnnlh County Executive Com- me thousand hundred nnd fortyBEGINNING at the Interaction of th tion for all political parties entitled there* Its intersection with the center line of lence westerly and parallel with West Reglitry and Election, having flrnt organised aid oiler nnd whether it will reject the mittee for rnch of the two mnjor polllicnl four?" old right of way of the New Jersey South- to will be held fn and for the Borough Branch avenue, thenca scutheasiwardly lergen place to blsh water line of tht according to law. shall meet In their* re"erne or confirm ami ratify llic wnmc, nc- parlies', , ern Railroad with tho Northerly line ol of Shrewsbury, In Held County, on Tutn-- along the center line of-Branch avenue to forth Shrewsbury riven thence routhtrly Notice of Primary Election. and proceed to make a rdln to Bi(l terms ami conditions, urno n il l u n i = will nlao ,, v ,the . . i i date J U he . _ *econd r r ' i Itarltan Day; thence running (1) Souther- day, September 21, 1043, between the hmiM lU Intersection with tha center Una ot Her- ilonff the high water line of the North spective districtscanvass of tha voters ln. Also take notice thnt a I'rlmnry Elec- ly, along the iald New Jersey Southern of seven A. M. and eight P. M. (Standard gen place, thence eastward!? directly beloiiae to house v fldlnc that no hlKher juice or better terms I trnlion dato In n&lil municipality. to the tor, for all political parties entitled thete- Railroad right of way to Compton'i time.) tween the properties owned by the Estate of Shrewsbury river road. center line of tbe Thall lie bid tor ai.l property by any other , RegUUlltion. heir district, registering all persons tn* NottCB Jew man Springs :o will be held In anil for the Township Itlcit to vote at the ensuing Primary and Said primary election to bo In the Sarah F. Wolcott and Emily Spinning, ont The polling place for the Eleventh Elec And further tnki> nntiw that on Tuesilay, if Shrewsbury. In aaltl County, on Tues- Jreek; thence (2) Southerly, !OBK Compmp place In the respective district held specifi- hundred and fifty feet from the center line By onler o[ the Township Committee of S[itemhcr 7. 1043, tho nintrlet llonrd of H* Brook Ion District is Wests Ide Engine House, "eneral Elections, which said canvtss shall day, Se/itPmber 21, 194S, bntwrcn the hourn ton'a Creek and Mill County llowlnig Into of thence loutneastwardly the Township of Mlddictown. e completed on or before Friday. 0ep'ompton'a Creek, to elghton avenue. RpKiatry tin (I Election. hnvlnR first ornnnlieii of seven A. H. and elaht P. M. (Standard Comptons Creek, to County Road No. 7, cally above mentioned and said primary by Branch avenue, to the curved boundary Road a straight line :emW 10, 1043. bo held for HOWAHO W. HORKKTS, accord][itf to law, ahaJl meet In their re- time,) nclnn; the road from New Monmouth to election will person* of the purpose of line of tht Borough of Red Bank, thence New M n u t n; And that on Wednesday, October 18,104B, nominating TowtiHhlp ClerV. spective district nnd proceed to make n AMY E. SHINN, Cnstorty along th parties to tho offices above the respective northeastwardly along the curved boun* Ct thenco (C^ C t t h lo Snid primary election held In the ICey.iort', t Registry will mentioned and house lo house ennvm* of iho voters In >Jnco In tho respective district n specifi- snld County ttoad No. 7, to Its intersecClerk of tha Borough of Red Bink. th Boards of places at and Eltctlon w|H dary line of the Borough of meet at tha which they NOTICE. their reapertlve ilUtrlrt, re,ntcrlnR nil cally nhovn mentioned nnd snld primary tion with Park Avenue; thence (4) along also to elect one male and ono female Us Intersection -with the centerRed Bank to Dated August 28. 1,043. line of Waibold tha Gtntral Election above men* Notice Is hereUy n'tvcn that an Oder han iieiiont cut ft In) to vote at the en s u I Jiff election will be. held for tht? purpose uf Park Avenue. Rnatcrly to the head waters member from Monmouth County an mem- liics streflt> thence Bouthwtstwardty ajong for the l e lonsd, between the houri ot one o'cloeM ber* of lhe Stnte Committee, and also one been received l,y _thc Tc.wm.hl|. Co b n rereivetl liy the Townhi|> Commlttru p r [ m n r y nnd V,c.ntrn\ Illectlon*, vvhlc! oald hlcb > minuting pers uf the respective of Wnre Creek: thence (G) Northerly, line to Iti inn the o'clock In tha of tho fow(inhlii " ' Mlildletowfi, for- tJil cn nvnni slinll ho completed on or before mrtlcn (o the office* above mentioned and along the aaid head waters of Wart Greek male nnd ona femnle member fioin each the center with of Wallace street of LIndtn IOTICE OF REGISTRY AND .ELECTION, ivenlng.afternoon and nlnt of making tha tl ( th ffl id d tht center lino for the purpose dlntrict Iri Monmoutli County nn members tersection lmrchnno of property locnted in the Town. M-'iUlny Sriitcmber 10, 194.1. alsD to elect one mnle nnd ono femnle tint) down Waro Creek to Iti mouth In of-the Monmouth County Executive Com- place, thence directly westwardly by a Borough ol Fair Havtn, N. J, lna) revision am) correction of tht" refVihip of HldiHctown, licJiik' lots Nn. Anil that an Wcrtniiulny. October IS. 1943, member from Monmouth County a* mom- llnrltan or Sandy Hook Bay, thence, (ft) straight line to the rear of tbe Second Na, mlttee for each of tho two major joolltJcnl Notlct of the time and of holding ;er for tht Central Election. 16 and 27, Bluck No. I), on the Mi<p P" " - - .. tii of the Stnte Committee, unit nUn tine .Vofttnrly nlnriR the northerly line of t h i PArtleit, tional Bunk { thenct northwardly to the he General Election and of the ofllctre to Boundaries of the Election DlitrlcU JOL Ktled Shore Acren, for the Hum (if Twu the Iloardat ,of IleKlstry and Election ale nnd one female member from en oh mhl Buy, to the point or place of Beginof street, thence westtho Snld date will also b tha second regis- center Unvtht Wallacelint of Broid street, it tlocted and tnfetlngs ot tbe Boards of he Borough of Harmon and tho polling'' Hundred (incl Fifty ($2riH.uo) Dnllnra, up- will met a(icnenilplnro at which they will illntrlct in Monmouth County n membern ning, wardly to center Klecllon above menegletry and Election In tht Co rough of )lac* In eich district art ai follow*i tration date In said municipality. *n the foltowlim tcjmn; (.Inshj nml hold the i)f tlip Monmouth County Hxrcutlve <;ornthe place or paint of beginning. Tha palling placa Elecb'afr Haven, In the County of Monmouth. Notice of Registration. (hat lieuilnK on thr said tniitlfi- h t > tloncd, tictwtcn the hours of ona o'clock nittPB fr ench or the two mnjnr iiolltlcnl :lon District ! the fire tor thBofThirdIlelford c In the ler First Election District, o'clock In he house the Notice Is hereby given that a Central he held ut the Mlddietoun Township Hnll ( fornoon nnd nine of mnklnir the And further tatte that on Tuesday, All that porlton of tht Borough of Rum* The polling plact for t h t Third Eltctlon Section will be held In and for the Chemical Engine Company No. 1, Btlford, September 7, 1048,noticeDistrict Board of n Thursday nfteiiumn.. tlie Ninth day of flnnl revision the "iirposp the Dlntrlct Is *t tht Stnlor High School lorough of Fair Haven, In tbt County of ion situate north of Rldgt road, boundtd y nnil correction of the Snld date will nlno he the necond rccls- N. J. . for the Oncrnl Elcrtlon. Registry and Election, hnvlna first orunnliftd building, Harding road. m tht tail by fltnghara avenut and on Septcmbci'. Ifl4;i, at 3::t n'rlock. nt which tp l l rntton ilntn In snld munlclpnlfty. Aonrriouth end Statt of Ntw Jersey, on he wtit by Dutna Villa avenut. fourth Election Dlitrlcl> Commonly Known according to law, nhalt meet In their repolllm? plnen time the Townthlp Commlttrn will cunnidi'i 1^ The iho Township for Holmdel Towpuhlp Notice ol Registration. 'ueiday, November 2, 1043. bttwten the Fourth Eltctlon District. aa the Leonardo DUtrlct. nt Hnll. Hotmdc!. New spective district nnd proceed to make Tha polling place for tho First Election inld nITcr nml whpUioi1 ii will K*JPC1 tlip Htven o'clock A. M, Beginning t a And fnrthprtnko noticr that on Tuesday, The boundaries of, the am* are as fol* houfio to home ennvnas of the voten In lint of Hrdad sstreetpoint where the center lourt of M. (Eastern Standard and eight Mstriat Is Oceanic Fire Company's HOUM* Hume or ronfii-ni nml intlfy the -nmr, tn-. clock P. Is tht September 7. J1H3, tho IHslrirl llunril of PANIEI. S. ELY. their district. reglnterlnK alt pnrsons an* center line of Harding lnttrstcteil withtiul- he respective polling piacee In Time), at omtr River road and Allen strtet, Rum* rordlnii to nnld leimn Ami i-onilitlun*. tu-uivg, viz.; said Uorroirl, thence r i n k of Holmdel Township, tcifintiy and Election, luivlnK fimt nnranUr-l n. v](l)ir tJmt no hldher prlre r hcllur lrim BEGINNING at th tnlenictlon of Sv- titled to vote at the ensuing Primary nnd wardly along t h t center line of Harding IUUII. icrorfllntr to !nw, shnll meet In their re(,enerjal Elections, which mid ranvnss^shall , \4 Second Election District. nhnll be bid for nnUI inopprty liy nny otlu<r ipcctlve ilUtricts li nil lUdcied to miiko n enih Avonue with the boundary line ot tha b* completed on or before Krhlny, Hep- road to Its Intersection with Branch ave> Bald election will be held In the iald All tha^ of V*rk(tn. iiue, thance southeastward)? along th,t cen- unlelpallty for tht purpoit of electing on situateportion of the Borough of Run)* toiiae to hoIMC cnnvflis nt tho yftlctt In UorouKh of Atlnntlo HlahUnd". and run- tPmbor 10, 1943, Rldgt road, By nrder uf HIP Township CommilU'e of thenco <1) Southerly, and Weiterly, NOTICE. ter Una ol I)ranch avenut to JU Intersech!r ilWtriuti, rc|; nil pfrnoitn oo(loveritor of the State of Ntw Jeraty, in tha etst northNavoilnk avenue boundtd by and on. And that on Wednesday, Octobnr IS, IMS, tion wi(h tht ctnter line of Otrtisn place, ;wo Members of tha (icntrVl Assembly of the 'lownphifr ol MiritlMutvu, it the boundary of Btiction DUtrlct 'i'O Fit AN K (JAltHUTO; Itled In vo(f nt lln* rnflulfxr l'rlmflry nnil avenue, i (' he Board of Registry and H0WA1U) W. itOKKIlTH, lly vlrtuo uf un ordrr of th Court of ienernl Klcctlons, which nnld nnnvii^ Mini I No. 2. to tho Mountain ff III Road i thnco will meet at the place at which * Election thence nstwari)ly directly botwten ths> Mw Jtraey, from the County of Mon- he wist by Dtnghamfor the Btcond Bltt* The palling plsco they will properties owntd by th Estate o( Sarah mouth i two Members of tha Board of Tuwnfihln Olerk. VAiaucery nt Ntiw Jfrncy. nii(!i- un t h e duy >e com plot tt I nti or before Vrhiny Heptcfn- (I) Westerly, alonu Mountain IIIII Hod. o an IIIIKIO In said road In the property hold the Ganeral Election above men- h\ Wolcott and Emily 3v\nnlttg, o n t hun- Dhojan Freeholders for the County of Mon- on District It Hum son Klre Oompany'a of the (liitn hernif, In n tnuso wherein .emher 111. \'i\:\, [oust, Cinttt street, near Rldgo rohd, tioned, hetween tho hours of ont o'clock ,/uliti 11. Coo!;, J r , U ct>mitiit\ntnil nnil IN CHANCEKY Of' NEW JERSEY. And thnt on Wudnemlny, ihlohf>c J.T, 1*>-I.1, ormerly known n* lhe Hoiford property] In the afternoon am) nine o'clock In the dred and fifty ft i t from t h t csnttr line outh, for the full term of three years; lumson, private 'J'o iOARril M, I.KSSKi, widower' U lunn. Trunk (.nrruti. nml otlu-nt nru ilefeinUnU, the lltiRril of ltttiltry ond Kindlon thenca (3) Northerly, along the > to thft evening, for the purpoie of mnklntr the of rtargen plnce, thtnet outh**twrdlr nd tor the following municipal ofl1cerr Third Election District. yuu fir.t rotiuircit In Rpt'rar mu\ answer will meet at the nlnrc nt which they will roail through the llnvford property, by a strnltrht line to t h i ourvtd boundary 1st Two Councllmen for the Jlorouah of tic) t All that portion of the Bnrough of Rumfinal rv|i!on nn<\ correction of tbt rtl- line of tho norouah of Rd Dank, thonct Avenue and Ho 'ale Havon, for tht full term of Ihret ion situate south of tht Klilge road and Jly virtue af AH uider of the Court uf tin- hill of coniiilnlnni.t, on or beforn l\u< hold tho (.pnoinl Klectlfin above men- Iniarsectlon of I'nrk Northerly, along if or U t*r for thn General Election. Hoi* (KUi duy of Octipbi:r. nuxt, u" iho na\<\ I'll) ilcinrd, batwtfen ihf hnurn at a no o'clock Ucnuos then re <4> south west wardly along tht curvsil boundChun any of New Jmnry, mudo on the day will l u tnki<n mi coiifefncd ni.ltiit yoll. The polling plnce tor Shrews bur/ Bor- ary lint of tht Dorough of Ra<I Dsnk ta lt rtata. and tlirtt. Justices of the) Ptace. iat of Nnvenlnk avtnut and boundtd on the County mad runnlnu > m the aMernnnn nd nine o'clnck In thi. onl Avenue, i n Hlehlamln lo New Mon| of tha ilnle herot, in n cnuhe nhen-'ln he west by Unnc rosd, igh Is tha flrn, homo nf Shrewsbury Intersection with the ctntir lino of Broad 'or tha full'term of live years. rom Atlbntlc Tbe anlil tilll ! filnt to fur^rluM' H rer- Vermin for the piifiin^o of mnklrtu tht Public Question. Helen W- Nul>l In rumplulnnnt nnd yctu Tht polling plact for tht Third Kite* ona Co.. No I, Hron/I tr*t, Rhmwuimry. street, thence northwardly along tlie centnlti fiicirtKUKi- inntlc liy 1Frnnk (iirruto ml Anal mvWon nnd rorrocllnn of tho reiT.i- mouth, bcintt County (toad No. 7t tbenre, And another are ilefcntismtn, you me ir. The following Public Question l to be Ipn District l Oseaf Anderson'i O.ngt, 0RTRUM5 C. VAN VMET. IT>) Kflflorly, Along mild County Road, to ter |ln of Broad strett to tht Intersection ( i n h e t l t o nppCHi* ittid nnnwer Dm bill i>[ MAKHII- (Imruio hU vif* . (o Jnim H. O a k . tcr for trie- ffcrtfrnl Mellon, Cleric of the UoroiiRh of Shrewsbury, with ths center Una of Ksrdlng road, the otsd upon by tht voters of the fitate of Vahlnton avtnut, bstwttn Waterman >onnr<l Avenuei thence (0) Northerly n(d c o m flfl Inn til, o n or heiine ()( rtlim- Jr. In tin- turn 'nf <$:t,ll2:>,42, l>. iirlut; ilnto The pnlllnx l>lnce for Shrnwtltury town- ilong l<er>r)ard Avenue, to Sandy Hook and Wird avtniit, Ihimion. tw Jvriey, st the (itntral Election point or place of beginning. Paled AuKiwt 23, 1049. I c e n t l i d a y of O c t o b e r ' n e x t , o r tlm nuiil July U t , 1024, nml rcfonii'il in t h e Mon- ihlp U tin, lira hnu*o nt Tin fun Full*. ovember Z, 1048. Iny; thrnce (T) Kmtarly, nd Southerly, nEny A. KEnn.jR.. 11 1 will li Ukon Ht canteiKtd nnint mouth County Clrrlt'rt ofnra In book 7 Hi )1 MMii;ilKTTA [.. HKKIi, The polling place for the Fourth Elsc"Shall the one hundred and sixty-eighth nlontr the aa)t) liny ani) along tht bnunttt niorticRUnH nn |inuii A\'i &c, iimi you, Clerk of Hum.on -*.roijh, you. Clnrk of tho Townnhlp of Blirtwbury. [Inry line hftwenn the Towtifhtp of MM* NOTICE OF SETTLEMENT OF ACCOUNT tlon district Is at Dr, Bacco's garage. Ix-Rlsinturt lis Muthorlttd to agret upon a I'rnnk (Jivrriitd, arr made defendant bel)nteil AumiM '<:\, 1<)4;|, Dated Augimt'2n, 10411, Ttit H((I IIIII I* filed to tot'ecUiM rnrfllptowfi n nd the Horoujih of AtUntle EttnU of Henry P. Sotilltr, dscesied. h e ownrr of tlm prrmlnri. tnln mortKe nlven by Jonoiih M, I^HIK ratlfif you rr | il.'Rrrll>c<l In tbn !(! bill. Illirhlniuli, to the point or place of Bt> mrntlmiod nnd SALE OP LAND FOR UNPAID TAXES, Hlirhlnnd ntlc* |i harthy fflvn tltat tha nccnunts and Annft K. IAIIUIU, hln wlf, to Helen V:, NOTICE'OF SETTLEMENT OF ACCOUNT ginning, 1 PAtnl AllKUit Utl) I D U , of the sit))crlb#r, utiilltutlonnry' ailmtn1DO. N)ilr. dnUil tlin thirteenth <lny of July, r.ftlnto of ,Intncn (ioiinnn, ,lt'rnmril, Kilw.inl W. VVInf, la'c* for the Tho polling plac* for the Fourth Else- tttrnlor with 'will annexed of the i>ntato of pollin . . A . ' " _ " m t n u t_Munleipel Chergee Out the 10.11, on Innrii fn flia Itornutdi of I-ltltr Nottro IN hrrrby ylvon that fhi- ncrminl* Hollrltor of Comi>1ninKnti alt) t)tnte<i, will hm audited and ^tnted h () Pk Pltl , Hlvpr In Old County of Monrriotilh mul of t h t niilmrrlliPr. ml,, rnnrlltllx of till) Ion Plitrlrt U the ()rvsn( Psrk and hy the surroimtt of tht County of Mon* U\ Ilroml Hired, anto fir* hmi<w, Csittar Avenue, I^eon"HtHta Of NoW J i r n r r i anil XMu Uoiioidi.M. .- " - * --.,, > nd )lnnk r .N, J . ... ,. \>t nli| ilrfp/iJipil, vvlJ) IKI miiUlcd fliiil lli And reported for settioment to tho U. i. htnnin, nr# mnd deftiiidiint Imrninn you h r ' t h i i jurroMrttf of thp -County nf lmnp* Court of unlii County, on Thurnplnlioh Olitrlct, Commonlj' Known 'iith AIM) r*tmitpt| toe tllHtffiit to own the lnudii itonrrlbcd In nnld tTUutunxe, f, '(K* ffft#*ntr*0Jty'of li\A*m\>K- A. NOTICE. *' r o u r t of HHI.I Cnnity ks the Uncroll Dlilltd. IJjtlei], Aumm 1H, MH;I. I), linn, nt 10:00 o'clock a. m., Ksittrn Null rt> U lioi'rliy Hlvrit It m l l l m (Inllthe WAilUKN II. HMOCIC. ay ut Of:tnlior\ A, \.'tl\ of thf fol- War Tlmt, at which time i>;'llfllon will wnra millllail "An Drill tmiii-it It'-UIilitllnx It, i _ __ w Hollrltor of. (loiui'lulnitut, vn lie rnad for the allowance of commissions Iho ): or 16 Mcrlmnla filtrtl, 1td Mnnk. N, J. ('atniis litff)li)iiitpiit and O|>nftit Ml of 'Trnllrr Wnr TUM, fit wrilrii \\m! ^iKltlnn^ui nd cniinfrtl tttm, JIKdlNWlNG tii* In the Townnhlp ilille THa.nalp h-mail, oiiil.r tha crovltllona of in Act of Iralilatura "An Aol Coninln> ifAn.i.i T Dt tna<lt fin- Ibn nllnwntiea O cumntlwintii rluht f way ofat the tntsnectlon ot U n g VMtil July 31, A. Tl, 1948. f tli Nw York and m.nt. anil Oth* MmiUlpa eh.r.a on Trowrty ami Piovldlnn for l h . OolL.tlon Tli.r.if El"lh.,i>?livi T ""' ^ " " ivm fl nni)y i>itrff(! nt n nn'"til nf llm flfi'l rnntitrrt l*ro. ment of llan. Tli.raon (llavUlon ot 11)," tinr.i'l or Ilia Lr.allon and Kiifnrc. TIPWIIHIlil|> ('Onmilttr* of thr> 'I'll WIIB bin (if iinnrh (tallrnacl and Navasfnk River or KAICItY W. r.ANB, JR., Thoro'* ennh valur in tlio oddn and MnlPil AiiHiist IR, A. 1), 104S, hiuw.lMiry Rlvtt, ami from ihsnca mnnlnu O Hudson Btrett, llohrtkan, N J., H Tho .M land., t.n.m.nt., h.r.dllamanta and .lal. to I., .old and th. nam.. ' o f tha o,i,n.',. . .1 i 1. unilft In your storeroom or nllla for MAK'iAKhT A. (iOHMAK, ( I ) Northerly, alnnu tht salil right of way fttibRtltut(onnrr Admtnl^m.dr With t i c . day* b.n lain on ateount of .ah pare.l, r. a. folluwai " " """" ln>t whom mid.# which you hnvo no fut-thor imc BH) Ins of tti* Now York anrt l-tna Uranrh AMIKKT Jt!r*NYON. WUI Annoxtd. Nrw Monmuuth, N, J,, Alilta Crou.., Dlook H. Lot 4. North .lit. llllv.rlirook toad thorn through A want Ad In Tho itRftHollow Road, William fluatt, Hlojk 1, U t J J!.l IJ. miMlbrooh toad O ., " "" U1.0 , f T'wnhti. Cnmmlttn, HnyiUr. Hnh.rU A I'llUlmry!"'* K ' ' " " l r l x > HftilroRtl out t Uam h i Him Hollow Ihenc* furry \ \ \ r^n B f, Jr., utr' widely road column*.Advrv UOWAtW W. TtOIlRKTH, il) WsMorir, along t lUikd. ja HinUon Htrtit, Any at lM tiae). of land man b b.lot. th. , a l . o p.ym.nt of Ik, i.'inTd'ila"'i'haa'n''i-''1i''; .'"'5? AU*h((c !f|RtilRtiifi. N. J,, along t h i boundary I In* of Kltetlon Distliiment Mohoksn, ft. J. Township <JIrV, J'roftort, rif.mptl(in, Intituling toal, lo rfl>, "' "" l h n lo ilala of .uth trict Mo, l , to th* tUd Hill Jtoadi* Proctor* ORTBUDB 0, .VAWVUBT, Oolla.tM, r
I V L l l i r f l .1.111 f i ' * , L b * f *


race NIn,


that in carrying the war into enemy territory, we shall need greater amounts of money than any nation has ever asked from its citizens in all history, I, FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT, President of the United States of America, do officially proclaim that on Thursday, the ninth of September, 1943, thejlhird War Loan shall be launched. | As Commander-in-Chief, I hereby invoke every citizen to give all possible aid and support to this Third War Loan drive, not only so that our financial goal may be reached, but to encourage and inspire those of our husbands and fathers and sons wlio'Ire mider fire ona dozen fronts all over the world. It is my earnest hopethat every American will realize that in buying War Bonds in this Third War Loan he has an opportunity to expresB voluntarily and under the guidance of his conscience, the extent to which he will "back the attack."


The American people supported well the first and second War Loan drives and in fact did" even more than was.asked of them. Our need for money now is greater than ever, and will continue to grow until the very daythat Victory is won; so we must ask far more sacrifice,, far more cooperation than ever before.

I have hereunto set my hand and caused the seal of

the United States of America to be affixed.


at the City of Washington, this twenty-sixth day of July, in the year of our Lord nineteen hundred and forty-three, and of the Independence of the United States of America the one hundred and sixty-eighth.

By the President:


Secretary of State.




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tnerlgues, although they may bo u-


Three Meals.A Day


Food, of course, must he well seasoned to be worthy of . its piquancy +**


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When using the automatic refrigerator for Ice cream making, pack the mixture into the traya. Allow four hours for freezing, unless you know that your refrigerator will freeze more quickly. Cheese should take the place of meat or egg and not ba used merely as an addition to a meal already heavy with protein and fat.


Canning Peaches Many Young Son Can Make His Methods To Aid Housewife Start In The Culinary World With Bran Drop Cookies Peach Cake One Example Of Fine Dishes
To Be Made From Home Canned Stock

Hot Off the Griddle!


Now la the time for all good stoves, tpices, etc., to come W the aid of the AN ASSORTMENT housewifeIt's peach time and that OF EGG RECIPES FOR means lota of canning, which In turn, Sloans fine eating for next winter. PLEASING BREAKOne is able to prepare so many fine llohes from canned peaches, to say FAST VARIATIONS nothing of the enjoyment derived trom peach butter, or. Jam, or those Since to rely on eggs mind pickled peaches to grace the and less-we have come bacon, etc., for on ham or Sinner table. breakfast, everyone will want to Paring the peaches with a knife is know ways and ways to prepare usually the best way to peel them. them. It stands to reason that no " Cut the peeled peaches in halves. Dis- one would want "just eggs" every card the stones; scrape the cavities day of the week, so we take a day of lree stone fruit to remove the pink off with waffles, etc., but on egg days, or red fibers. Drop the peacheg, as try some of these: ' they are halved, into vinegar-salt water (2 tablespoons each to 1 gallon SHIRRED EGGS cold water). Rinse before canning. Butter shirring dishes, which are From 1 to 1% cups syrup is needed imall, individual pyrex plates for this for each quart of peaches: the exact urpose. Break an egg into the amount depending upon the tightness late, two if the dish is large enough. of the pack. The amount of sugar Dash with salt and pepper a.nd bako used in making syrup depends upon slowly in oven (350 F) for about 10 Butter for sandwiches, should bo Individual preference. minutes, or just until egg is set. Too thoroughly creamed beforo . being VEAL CUTLETS WITlf long cooking makes the eggs too used, or it will not spread evenly over CREAM GRAVY PEACHES-COLD PACK hard. the bread. To cream butter, place it Pack peaches Into hot jars, layers in a warm bowl and mash and beat it LITTLE OMELETS One can do all sorts of things with overlapping:, cavity side down. Cover until it Is soft. It will then spread with boiling syrup made with 1 or 2 6 eggs well even on fresh bread. Sandwich veal cutlets, but the more popular parts sugar to 1 of water. Process 14 teaspoon salt butters are often made by creaming way seoms to bo breaded and fried, from 20 to 30 minutes in hot water Vi teaspoon pepper one cup of butter with uiio=half cup then sorved. either plain or with a bath; then complete seal. Use the 1 cup. milk of cream. One half cup cup of but- tomato sauce. For a change, howlonger period of processing for extra Beat the eggs until light and ter, creamed, will spread 40 to 45 ever, since so many men are so very large or very firm fruit. fond of gravy, serve them with a slices of bread. . 'oamy, then add the other ingredicream gravy. Tootry cutting Into ents. Fry a small amount at a time 'OR SOME'REASON or the other, we always Just take It for granted PEACHESHOT PACK on a hot frying pan or pancake gridthat all attempts at cooking will be on the side of the female memTo clear soups, take the stock small pieces and Bounding them with This is considered the best method a rolling pin until just over a quarter of canning peaches. Make a. syrup dle that has been well greased. When bers of the household. How untrue, how untrue! Father makea his from the top of the bowl, being care- of an Inch thick, then dipping in of 1 or 2 parts of sugar to 1 of water. done, roll each omelet quickly, like a regular or annual attempt at something or the other, so why not young ful to avoid any sediment which may egg, etc. and Add peaches, a few at a time, and French pancake,, and serve. son. Ho too, will very possibly be intrigued at the idea of "cookie making. havo escaped'through tho sievebowl. POACHED EGGS settled on the bottom of. tho simmer until hot through (4 to 8 VEAL CUTLETS WITH minutes). Pack Into hot jars, layers Fill a small frying pan with boiling Then,, if and when ho learns to cook, just think what a wonderful hus- This sediment Is a valuable food and CREAM GRAVY should be saved for gravies or soups overlapping, cavity side down. Cover salted water. Break egg into a wet band he will make. 2 pounds veal-cutlets which aro not necessarily clear. with syrup In which peaches were saucer and slip it into the water. Salt ~- BRAN DROP COOKIES Clarify this stock if a translucent, cooked. Process 10 minutes In hot Boll gently until the white is-firm Pepper sparkling soup Is desired. water bath, then complete seal. Can and a film has formed over yolk. % cup brown sugar, flrmly Egg M cups sifted flour any left-over syrup for pudding or There should be sufficient water In packed Bread or cracker crumbs Ice cream sauce. Z teaspoons double-acting the pan to cover the entire egg, and Dip chlckon into fritter batter and Drippings , PEACHESOPEN KETTLE i teaspoon almond extract only one should bo cooked at a time fry in deep fat (375-390 F) until baking powder 1 cup milk or cream i teaspoon vanilla brown. Transfer to a casscrolo or H teaspoon salt Add 2 parts sugar to 1 of water. unless a patent^ ring for the purpose 1 tablespoon flour is None of baking dish and bako in a moderate 1 cup broken raisins H cup butter or other Bring to a boil. Add peaches and of poaching eggs willused.lost if care the egg substance be Wlpo tho cutlets, sprinkle with salt oven (250-350 F) for 30 to 60 min1 cup whole bran shreds or cook until tender, and not broken. a taken in slipping the egg into the shortening utes. If tho chicken Is not young, and pepper, dip them first in beaten Pack hot peaches Into hot jars. Fill bran flakes Z eggs, well beaten and removing it when done, parboiling before cutting will shorten egg ant] then In fine bread or crackwith boiling syrup and seal at once. water the aid of a skimmer. with ,.' er crumbs and saute In drippings unSift flour once, measure, add baking powder, and salt, and alft again. the baking time. PEACHESBAKED til browm The cutlets should bo Cream butter thoroughly, add sugar gradually, and cream together until Wash and"Tiib fuzz"from-hara,-ripo Cold storage eggs give satisfactory thoroughly browned, on both sides. -fruit. Elace_ ln_ j>an with a small IHEESE SOUFFLE SERVED- light and-flufly^-Addjggs and_bOEt_wem_then_flqu_r. Drop on ungreased resulta-for. eggs are Place them on a platter, add cream baking sheet Bako in hot oven (400" F.) 10 minutes. M a k e s ^ aozeh too stalo the whites ave Bomewnat to the gravy In tho pan, and thicken amount of water. Sprinkle with sugWITH MOCK SAUSAGE cbbi^lesT"" ^ __.. ar to sweeten (about % cup to a dozliquid and will not beat up well. Such slightly, with flour, rubbed to a en peaches). Bake until tender. eggs, therefore, are undesirable for -smooth- paste \vlth-a -little, cold water. A tasty combination, suitable for Pack into hot Jars. Cover with syriip;:: Process 10: minutes in Jiot water the dinner table, yet low in those ever needed "points" IS tho following: tath, then complete seal, Should thero not be enough syrup MOCK SAUSAGE to cover, finish out with plain syrup 1 cup dried lima beans or made by boiling equal parts of sugar 3 cups cooked beans of any kind and water 5 minutes. Ginger or % cup bread crumbs other spices may be added to syrup 3 eggs to give variety of flavor. 2 tablespoons fat J PEACH BUTTER A teaspoon sago Wash peaches. Pare or rub with Salt and pepper cloth to remove fuzz. Discard stone. Pick over and wash beans, cover Cook peaches until soft in their own with water and let soak overnight. Possibly you too,-haveJbeen work-. JA cup cooking sherry juice or in just enough -water to pre2 branches parsley ~ Ing the poor chicken overtime, makvent sticking. -Press through sieve. Drain, cook In boiling salted water ing him a Sunday habit! That's all 1 tablespoon flour Add from % to % cup sugar for each until tender, then force through a well and good from the standpoint S large olives . * strainer. Add remaining Ingredients cup pulp. Boll rapidly until thick. Salt and poppor of the rationing, but one jnust-never Pour Into hot jars. Process 10 min- shape into the form of sausages, rol (ail to consider the views of the fam- 2 tablespoons olive oil in.crumbs, cgg.and again In crumbs. utes in hot water bath, then complete Saute until brown. Serve with toma- ily.' Certainly-there is no one ivho - Clean and wash the chicken; disseal. to sauce. Makes 6 to 8 sausages, will object to the weekly bird if he joint, cutting the breast in four PEACH PICKLE Is slightly altered on these three Inches long and % inch thick. visits. A change 'of spices, frequent pieces. Heat the oil in a saucepan, afld the and fry the chicken in It until a 1 gallon peaches CHEESE SOUFFLE addition of a bit of wine are two sides. Parboil fl to 8 cups sugar 1 cup cheese / BUrc ways to turn him from the Sun- golden brown on both minutes, drain the onions for fifteen 1 piece ginger root 3 eggs day chicken into a holiday special. off water, and put them to cup again 2 sticks cinnamon 1 cup milk And speaking of spices, if you are with l'.i cupa. boiling water, parsley, 1 tablespoon whole allspice 3 tablespoons flour not acqalntcd with tarragon, this is thyme, peeled and sliced mushrooms, 1 1 tespoon whole cloves 3 tablespoons fat a good opportunity, and It, Is one salt, pepper and the clove of garlic, 2 cups water Vi teaspoon salt spice that will be so popular that you the outer skin of which must not be 3 cups vinegar Pepper won't want to forget it in next year's broken. Add the pieces of chicken Clingstone peaches are best for Make a white sauce of milk, flour, herb' garden. and the wine, and cook gently in pickling, but freestones may be used fat and seasonings. Add the cheese covered saucepan for V* hour. RePare hard, ripe fruit. Leave whole CHICKEN MARENGO move the garlic and parsley and add Boll three cups of sugar, the spices and beaten egg yolk9 and stir until 1 large frying chicken the cheese has melted and the yolks pitted olives. Mix the egg yolkB well (tied in a bag), water and vinegar 3 12 mushrooms with thejlour and a little cold water minutes. Add 10 or 12 peaches at a are set. Fold in stiffly beaten egg2 egg yollts or cold soup stock; add to the chicktime. Simmer until tender. Let whites. Pour Into a greased diah, or en sauce and cook 'for a minute or stand in syrup 12 to 24 hours. Pack Individual molds, and set In a pan of 8 small white onions 1 clove.garlic hot water. Bake in a moderate oven two longer, stirring constantly. peache3 Into hot jars. Add remain % teaspoon thyme (scant) ing sugar to the syrup and cook to (350 F) 45 to 60 minutes, or until egg white Is set. Serve at once. It desired thickness. Pour over peachon. Process S minutes in hpt water begins to fall as soon as removed from the oven. bath, then complete seal: Then come next winter, when you open a jar of peaches, here Is wha BERNAISE SAUCE . you can .do with part of them: 2 tablespoons butter PEACH CAKE 3 egg yolks 2 cups sifted cake flour 3 chopped shallots 2 heaping teaspoons baking powder 1 teaspoon chopped parsley It Is a wisp woman who boils five 'k teaspoon 5 tablespoons chicken broth or six extra potatoes when in the COLD VEGETABLE RING 2 rounded tablespoons butter 1 teaspoon chopped onion process of doing so for a night's 2 rounded' tablespoons shortening WITH SALAD FILLING 2 tablespoons vinegar dinner. This will mean that much Milk M teaspoon chopped tarragon a done toward the potuto dish for anSift flour once, measure, add bak- Salt and white pepper other night. Also, many of the This particular salad, or to be exing powder and salt and sift again. Add the shallots, onion and tarra- choicest dishes have boiled potatoes acttwo salads, will make a meal in Work in (ho shortening with th itself: gon to the vinegar; put over a alow as the foundation. finger tips. Add milk until you have. a soft dough. Put on floured board fire and simmer 2 minutes. Add HASHED BROWN POTATOES , COLD VEGETABLE RING and roll to 14-inch thickness. Put chicken or veal broth, butter and a 2 tablespoons oil or drippings 2 jcups cooked vegetables (celery, Into a square baking pan and ar- very little salt and pepper; strain inpcaa, carrots, bcots, etc.) 6 boiled potatoes range slices of peaches over the top, to tho well-beateh egg yolks; put 2-?i tablespoons gelatin Salt nnil pepper pressing them slightly Into the- back on lire, add chopped parsley, Vi cup cold water ? Chop tho potatoes, adding salt, and and stir without stopping until neardough. Sprinkle the top .with sugar 2',^ cups water and cover with dots ,of butter. Cin- ly ns thick as mayonnaise. Servo a dnsh of pepper. Heat tho fat in a Rinse put a ring mold in cold wanamon may also be sprinkled over hot with steak, flsh or lamb chops. I frying pan and add the chopped potathe top. Bake in a moderate oven If tarragon is not available, use tar-! toes to a depth of one Inch. Press ter. Arrange vegetables In It and the potatoes down in the pan, pack- pour over them an aspic made by disragon vinegar Instead of ordinary ' ' '" "~ """'' until done, About 20 minutes. ing thorn firmly, Cook slowly, with- solving g vinegar. p g gelatin In ^ cup cold water. out stirring, unVU the potato Is B l d with 2V cups water ( t (use waBlend ith brown. Then begin at one side of ter vegetables were cooked In orth tho kd I POT ROAST IN JELLY the pan and [old tho potatoes over on' water flsh was cooked In If vegetable the other like an omelet, packing ring is to surround a fiah or shrimp closely together. Turn out on a hot salad). Let gelatin and water come S slices cold pot roast aervlng platter nnd servo at once. 3 cups clear soup to boil to dissolve thoroughly. Sea1 hard boiled egg * son to taste and pour over vegetables POTATOES AU GRATIK 2 smnl! carrots, boiled In mold. When cool, sot In refriger2 cups, cold boiled potatoes 1 tablespoon lemon juice (scant) ator. When (Irmly sot, unmold on a l^i cups medium white sauce Salt and tabnsco bed of lettuce and fill center with Salt and pepper llsh, shrimp, chicken or potato nnlnd Lay rather generous slices of cold 1 teaspoon mlncod parsley This takes from 2 to 3 hours to Bet put luusl In n shallow baking dish, 1 cup buttered crumbs In n mechanical refrigerator. Serves or shallow platter with a rim. Form 0 to a. a border of sliced hard boiled egg 2 to 4 tnbleHpoons grated (,'beeso nnd quartered carrots nround tho Cut potntnon into small dice and moat, Put 3 cups of clear soup to mix with whlto anuce. Add pnrnloy simmer with the chopped pnrsloy and cook together gently until pota- CHOCOLATE CUSTARD until It Is reduced to 2 cups; add lem- toes nro heated through. Scnnon to BREAD PUDDING on Julco, tabasco, nnd salt If nccoB- taate. Turn Into greased baking sary. When porfectly cold, pour dish, flprlnklo with cheese, cover with Delicious early apples One should never conscientiously over tho )lcea of pot roast nnd sot in ^buttered crumbs and bako In a hot refrigerator for 12 hours. oven (400 F)'-i iuntil crumbs nre save nil stalo bread for tho purpose of milking bread crumbs, when such ready now from the A more convenient way of mnldnK brown. a flno thing an a bread pudding can the meat Jelly I by UBlng 2 cups of n bo mnde. Ono can go farther iowaril famous Alexander Orordinary soup slock, anil adding to making n very populnr donsert by tho CHOCOLATE SOUFFLE It, whllo hot, 1 teaspoon of-gelatin, simple addition of chocolate. dissolved In 1 tablespoon colil water. chards. 2 HtpiarcK unttwcctcncd chocoluto CHOCOLATE CUSTARD DREAD 2 tablnBpnonn butter ' PUDDINO APPLE FRITTERS 2 tablespoons flour . Do your canning for l'-l square* unsweetened chocolato 2 tablenpoonn hot wntor 4 flrm hpplco Z cupn milk W clip mignr this winter. . 2 oggn l'A cup flour ,1 egg" 1 cup (iiiKnr % cup milk ?i <mp milk 'i tcnn|ionn vnnllln Vteaspoon vnnllla Two miles from Red 2 cupn cubed stain brand 1 tonspoon linking powder Molt htiltnr In nnucnpnn nnil ndil ',i tennpoon salt Add chodiitrf to milk anil bunt I n flour. When well mixed, pour In ilimlilo boiler. Wlicti clmcolnto I f 1'owdnrcd MIKl' -Bank.Station. :_, ;. , V l<flij,i)ort -nutmeg 1 " ""' .milk. Kinduhlly, ntlrrlng nil tho tlm .."."I'MI.! "Mr i'"'11 Mended,. Itoat ORK x,or boirtinn'trmiiunti'; ntunuK c until ftinmyj iitlu" tuftiCr" WYlt Bltlt. Core nnd pool npjilcs, and cut In '/ Inch nlfccs croa'nwlfto. Make- a bat- ntantly. Add- watm- nnd niigftr to Then ndil I'liocolnto mixturo /,'imlii tor of Horn-, salt, nutmeg and bnhlni? chocolnln mixturo to mllli snuca, mid nlly, ntlrrlng vigorously. Add vnnllln powder, beating In tho cgK and mld-woll-bonton cjfjr yollni nnil not niililo Place hrend In Kroiisntl linking dlnli; Ing milk, Wlion smooth, <|!j> tho up- to cool. Flavor' wllli vnnllln, fiild pour mixturo ovr It nnil lot ntand plo rings In the batter nnd drop Into In ntlllly tientai whiten of o|!s, 10 nilmitnii, Mix woll boforn baking tuin 1 buttoicd dec- n h o t-f a- t - -T r y o a o l d e n b r o w n ; innd d Intoo 1l llithtly , f | , o t w ibalt- I'lniw' illnli In n pun of hot wntor nnd - io . t n H t i p f 'tl-r dri n o n u n B l a 0 , l p i p oB r n n d d r o d g o n , , K l | ) a , , I n A n d " i n l o v o n ( V n bnko In a modmnlo oven (305 V) K urn , mlnutns, or NlW JIRSBY U TBLRPHONI COMPANY 1 w.,1 with Powd,red sugar. Berv. at A . u l "m"nu. Si?v!?mm.iffi Herve warm until . pudding In firm >> ntely. Hervon 0,

Drippings are not possible for deep fat frying, as they burn so easily unless they are clarified and combined, <<<* when they become a good mixed fat, ' An easy and aoourato way to They may be used for sautelng or In <,, measure solid fat is by means of wa- seasoning. ter. For instance, to measure oneIn cakes, used In right proportions, third cup of solid shortening, fill a standard measuring cup two-thirds sugar helps td make them tender and full of cold water, then drop In pieces, light. Too much sugar makes cake of the shortening,,pushing them un- tough and heavy. der the water until tho water level reaches the one-cupful mark. If a 4. brown sauce 19 one made from half cup of shortening is callod for, milk or water or brown stock and fill tho cup one-half full of water and thickened with browned flour or part so,on for any quantity desired. browned and part plain flour or cornstarch. Prunes, apricots or seedless raisins Souffle mixtures are mostly made are a nice variation for port of the from a foundation of thick or vory stuffing of a breast of veal. thick whlta sauco io which Is added suoh as As a'rule, toast or puff paste for a some seasoning or flavor,or cheese, sugar garnish should not be used on tho chopped vanilla,and raw egg some food yolk. same plate with potatoes. Beaten egg white Is folded )n and tho mixturo is ready to pour Into a For a delicious muffin, use your baking dish. All souffles aro baked recipe for corn meal muffins, fill with tho containing dish standing In greased muffin tins one-fourth full, hot water. With a knowledge of put a teaspoon of jelly on the top white sauce and ogcr cookery. ooufr of the batter in each cup, cover the flcs are very simple to make. A Jelly with more batter and bake In souffle must bo served Immediately a hot ovon (400-425 F ) . upon romovlng from the oven.

Reliable man for local concern. cellent opportunity for Exright man. Reference, reSalary and commission.

quired, ..Person engaged in war work or essential activity not considered

without statement of availability.

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dena, the son of Robert and Mary C, the middle of July in a normal grow- Miss Jane Pearaall FBI Conference At Reid but had lived at Asbury Park ing season, With dry weather, the Christian Sciencs 42 years. Surviving are a widow and beneficial effects would be postponed. Red Bank Sept. 8 Engagement Told one son. ,' If. Is wise, therefore, to take this. The quarterly FBI conference for Reading Room Into account and to use fertiliser not Mrs. Ethel B. Pearsall and Latham only distributed through the soil at D. Fearsall announce -the engage- Monmoutb, Middlesex and Ocean Church Edifice, the time of digging under a sod, buf ment of their daughter, Mist Jane counties will bo held next Wednesday, In the Red Bank borto make a supplementary application 209, Broad Street, Bed Bank before sowing seeds or setting out Elizabeth Fearsall of Rumson to Ca- ough hall. The subject will be "JuTil. R.d Btok MflO-J. By DR. CHARLES H, CONNORS, plants. If the plants do not grow det John Clark Sparling, son of Mr. venile Delinquency" and In addition MOTHHOLFS* TSARS Personal Notes, Sales of Property, Building Operations, N, J. College of Agriculture well after that, the moisture supply and Mrs. Frank J, Sparling of Fair there will be a discussion of the fa#WrT> HOLES ; OPEN DAILY cilities of the FBI laboratory and the ' (This column of weekly informa- helng adequate, lt may be that more Haven. FOfl INVISIBLE I to I F. I t activities of confidence men in war. Lodge Doings, Births, Marriages, Deaths tion Is provided by the Red Bank fertilizer is needed. time and their control. . Except Sunday and Register, the State Victory Garden Hay Need Lime, Not Fertiliser. CALL, and Other Notes of Interest committee and the County.-AgriculHolidays. Inasmuch as too much fertilizer, is OBSERVES BIRTHDAY. R.B. tural agent) often as bad as not enough, lt would Friday Evenings, 7:80 to 8:80. Walter F. Boyd celebrated his 18th b wise to test the soil to see If it Is Died In Doctor. Offlo*. ' In the U. 8. Merchant Marina laat Z3Z9-f The Gourd Family, . birthday Friday at the home of his lime that is really required, for lime Sir*. Helen Goldman, 41, wife of April. He Is now on a visit to his n . r . thi BlbU, l h . Work, ol U u i parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Boyd of The Cucurbltacea or Gourd Fam- Is essential to promote growth. It Bakti4 Eddr, DUcovtrer and rounder Uorrlfi Goldman of Koyport, died home, \ ' ily Is Important hortlculturally. It may be that more lime rather than, Mechanic street. of Carfitftn Science ind all othf luddenly Friday, Auguit 18, In the Dies of Skull Fracture, authorlifld Chrlatlan Selene* UUrsupplies us with the pumpkins and more fertilizer Is what the soil needs. Death of Shore Man. office of a, Matawan physician where ture taty b read, borrowBd O pur* V TEXTILE RE-WvWfi John A. Hetcel, B8, a mason con- Bquaehes which ara good to eat and Especially chased.. he had gone (or treatment. Mri. traotor of Neptune, died Sunday,In good for ufi,.and the cucumbers and able to use aon new soils, It is advisAhtO MENDIIfC SEAtl , John H. Reid, 79, of Asbury Park, complete, balanced ferJoldman had been ill since last No- Bitkln hospital of a skull fracture. melons which are also good to eat tilizer. A complete fertilizer is one The Public U WIICODW died at hla home last Thursday after vember, previous to which oho as- Hetiel was-Injured while picking but not very rich In nutrients. There that contains some.ot the. elements a long illness. He was born at Ar> sisted her husband In conducting a grapes along the Remson Mill road. are also tho gourds which are used needed- for plant growth that are apt delicatessen store at Koyport. Be- An operation was performed just be- (or ornnamentB, to be lacking In the soil in an availsides her husband she loaves two fore the man died, . The only woods belonging to this able form. These are usually nltrosons, family found In the United States n, phosphorus and potassium. The To Wed Aviation Cadet Will Wed Next Week. Mr. and Mrs. James V. Emmonn of are tho natlvo Wild Cucumber term balanced Indicates that these Mrs. Doris Baker Bproul, daughter Matawan have announced the en- (Echlnocyotls lobata) which la also are relatively In the proportions ot ot Mrs. John C. Baker of Fort Mon- nounced the engagement of their grown for garden ornaments and the chemical elements- used by mouth, formerly of Matawan and daughter, Janet Agnei, to Aviation Nimble Kate or Oneseeded Brier Cu- plants. Kiyport, will-be married Baturday, Cadet Franklin A. Schanfele, V. S. cumber (Slcyos Angulatus.) SomeMany gardeners, recalling perhaps, Beptember U, In Chapel No. 8 at Fort N. R., of Woodbrldge, who Is a no- times Balsatnapple and Bulsampeai' ixperlences of days on the farm, Monmouth to Lt Oscar L. Broilne of val flying cadet at Holbrook, Arizona1. are found In gardens. The Bal- pinned their faith entirely upon anisamapplo fruit, Infused in olive oil, mal manures that were available, Texas. A reception will follow at the is used for chapped hands, burns such as hog, rabbit, poultry and Ihoroe of the bride's brother-in-law . Married in Georgia, and slater, Brig. Gen. and Mrs. Miss Louise B. Leary, daughter of arid other exterior ailments, - " sheep-manures. These are all right George I* VanDeuaen. Mrs. Sproul the Matawan borough clerk, Mrs. The cucurbits aro nearly all vines tholr place In that they supply MISS JANE E. PEARSALL l s employed at Fort Monmouth. 51 BROAD ST. Tel. R. B. 3940 RED BANK Georgians, L. Johnson, was married equipped with, tendrils as a means iome organls matter to Improve the of climbing. We often train cucum- ;on<lHlon,t of the soil; but generally Saturday afternoon to Lt. David G. Miss Pearsall Is a . graduate ot Teacher' Gets Commission, McAneny of New York at Robins bers on a trellis, and In tho green- they ara not balanced In that they Rumson high school and of the State Staff S g t E. G. Roberta, former Field, Georgia. They are residing for house cucumbers and melons are*al- are relatively high In nitrogen but teacher in the I<ong Branch blgli the present In -Florida, where the so grown with that type of support lack phosphorus and potash. If a Teachers college at Trenton. Cadet sohool, hoi received a lieutenant's bridegroom is stationed. but each melon fruit has to be sus- person is experienced In handling an- Sparling Is a graduate of Rumson commission In the Army Air forces pended In a cord net to take the imal manures, very good. But for the high school and attended the School of Btenotyplng at Colorado Springs, after completing a course at the ofDies of Wounds. strain off tho vine. average gardener with not much exficers' candidate sohool of adminis- Fvt. Leonard Smith of Union Boach Most members of this family that erlence, the use of a complete com- Colorado. He is a cadet at the U, S. tration at Miami, Fla. He has been died of wounds received July 13 In wo grow are monoecious,'one house- mercial fertilizer is advisable, Then Merchant Marine academy at King's Ajrdored to duty In Indiana. His North Africa. He was the son of hold, in that both staminate and pis- as a supplement to this, especially Point, Long Island. fiancee, Miss Marjorle Zentgraf of Thomas Smith and was serving with illlatc flowers are found on the same with leafy crops, tho concentrated IJlal Newark, will soon join him there to a tank outfit. The last letter re- plant. Persons often ask why lt 1B animal manures afford a suitable side This'is a Busy Season. become his bride. ceived from him stated he was In that a squash vine, for example, al- dressing; Owners-of-houses, aportments_and rooms to let are surely busy Just Sicily. He was Inducted In June, though it produces so many flowers, IkMlgtu a* Muslo Instructor. now. There is a scarcity of com- j Insects Still With Us. only seta a few fruits. The answer Albert C. Ball,- who has been ln- 1912. Is that- a relatively small proportion Do not let up on Insect control. fortable living quarters and a Registtruotor of music In the Matawan To Wed Sunday., ter want advertisement will bring high school for several years, has Miss Lillian Fckarchlk, daughter of tho flowers are capable of bear- This Is the season when aphlds or you quick results and sura rentals. plant lice are apt to be plentiful. These same owners read the classiresigned to take a similar position of Mr. and Mrs. D. Pekarchlk and Ing fruits. Each vine produces only stamln These are small, softbodled insects. fied page of Tho Register every Issue in the sohool system at High Bridge, Sidney Stubbs, Jr.-, both of Freehold, Where he will reside with Ms par- will be married Sunday in the Bap- ate, pollen-bearing or male flowers at The best time to control them is and reply promptly to requests for flrat. As the vines grow larger .there when only a few are present. They houses and rooms to let. want ads ients. Mr. Ball waa also organist at tist church at that place. Mlsa Pethe Matawan Presbyterian church karchlk Is employed In tho Conser- will also be produced the pistillate, multiply very rapidly and a few dayi serve the public, the ordinary follow. land dlreetor.oMhe choirs of that vation office at Freehold. Mr. Stubba fruit-bearing or female flowers. It neglect may result In the loss of a They are priced low and within the Try Forty 'hureh and fhe^Methodlst church. Is manager of the American store at la possible to distinguish those by ex- crop. A contact spray or fumigating means of everyone. scan them. RegisThe amining tho interior of the flower, dust Is necessary because these In- thousand readers Belmar. > ter's want ad pago every issue. That Fatally Stricken at Work. for within tho corolla or showy part sects do not feed on the surface tis25c Phillip's Milk of Magnesia 25c of the flower will'be found either sue but thrust their mouth parts In- Is a wide market.Advertisement. George Davles, well known Asbury Polloo Clerk Joins NoV-y. John 1. Riddle, clerk of the Long stamens or the stigma and style parts to the. tLssue of the plant and suck park roofing contractor, died of -a heart attack last Thursday shortly Branch police force, has enlisted In of the pistil. However, a simpler out plant juices. after aftor ollmblng to the root of a the "Seabees" and Reported for duty way Is to Inspect the flower from tho Spray with a solution maijo of Hi o CONSULT US building at Marlboro to make an esti- at Winiamsburg, Pa., Monday. outside, In the staminate flower, the teaspoonfulB of 40 per cent nicotine mate on a Job. Mr. Daviei was 80 Riddle, who is 28, had been with corolla appears to he joined directly sulfate and one ounce of laundrj About Your ears' old and was a veteran of the the police department one year, com. to the flower stem or pedicle. In the soap to one gallon of water. Granu10c 15c first World war. He Is survived by Ing Jrom the city's health department case of the pistillate flower, a tiny lated soap may be used. Do not us: INVESTMENTS e replica of the fruit Is between the a spray with soap on foliage that where he had served seven years. , widow and one son. corolla and the stem. If the plant Is has been sprayed or dusted with an Wo offer a personal investment Matawan Wedding; Pattypan "squash; a small scalloped arsenical. JBeporterl counsel sorvico for large or small Substitute flouras Miss Margaret Burlew, daughter of receptacle Hko the maturo fruit in spreader John Wilson, a reporter for t e A Investors by mall anywhere In use a dust. A i pe the United States. .Dury P a * Press, has joined the Dr. - and -Mrs.-ConoverBurlaw___ot miniature-will be soer, If the-plan cont nlcotlno duBt, applied when th (ISOPROPYL) GILLETTE Our service is not"'newit ~ is American Field Service as an ambu- Matawan,, and EnBlgn Hilton M. Is a cucumber, the tiny form of a temperature is above TS degrees i Smith, Jr., U. a. N. R., were mar- cucumber is apparent. based on fifteen years of careJance- driver and is awaiting transvery good. At this temperature the Taking Stock of Xour Garden. ful work In Becurlty analysis 10'S T jp jportatlon to one of the battlefronts. ried Tuesday In the Matawan Presnicotine gas is evolved. The dust Is and-experience in_advlSJHg Inboth I He wasTSJiScwa^jr both _tho..Army bytorlan-chuKau Jaji^Rex-Janbart, B, He Navy because of a hearing de- Berger. " Both are graduates of tie thoArmy l ....tRn i d and approaching Its end, it Is wiBe t Where leaves are curled, New Jersey, I feet. Members ot the field service Glaosboro Sta^e Teachers' college. take stock of tho reaiilts of this year You may have our Investment "piwif" -^-r; CAROID& .Keyport Boy on Submarine. I are paid $20 a month and ajven their and to begin to lay plans for next counsel service free during the Keyport Business Sold. | keep. Roger W. James, seaman first season. Wo are going to need our first year; thereafter you may 100'S class, son of Mrs. C. ?!. Ditmars of gardens jUBt as much next year as Married In Georgia. choose to continue on a payLouis Rosenthal of Matawan has Announcement has been. mai)e of Keyport; Is" a member" of the" crew we did this, for the food supply avail- sold his soda fountain business at ment basis. ,'_JB marriage of Miss Natalie Ran- of the submarine, U. S. S. Ouard- able to civilians will not be any Keyport to Mrs. Minnie Halleran of We shall be pleased to send you dolph, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. flsh, which' was recently given a greater-and it will be probably less. that place. ' Mr. Rosenthal Is cmBur opinion and information on DR. BROWN $ 1 0 0 KREML Investments which you now GBOVge-Randolph-of East Freehold, presidential citation for sinking Unfavorable weather and shortage at ployed by tho New JorBey Shipbuildhold.QrjwlshJobuy. _Just send to Kenneth Dupuls, son of Mr. and more than 60,000 tons of Japanese labor and machinery are adversely ing corporation at Perth Amboy. us the names. " :- ' " Mr. Cilyda Dnpuis, also of East Free- shipping. affecting farm crops and the farmers hold. The wedding took place at Fort may not be able to meet the quotas Marriage Announced. I Banning, Ga., August 18. The brideBe-elected by Fishing- Club. Mr. -and Mrs. Leon S. Bowne of sot. . So we must study our results I groom Is attending officers' school at Asbury Park have announced the and profit from our mistakes. Investment Analysts, 60c MAR-O-OIL | Fort Banning. Benjamin Farrier has been elected Have tho resuts come up to youi marriage of their daughter, Eva, to 220 BROADWAY, Sgt. Charles L. Gtbbs,. son of Jamas expectations? Many parsons hav president of the Belmar Fishing club Matawan Soldier Gets Medal. NEW YORK, 7, - . N. Y. for the 18th consecutive year. Alfred Pvt. James P. Leavy, 22, of Mata- C. Glbbs of Island Heights. The tastod really fresh vegetables for the W. Dougherty was elected treasurer Members l-wan, has been awarded the Silver ceremony took place In Old First first time. ' Maybo your yields have for the 20th year. The election was NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE not been what they should have been Itar for rescuing his wounded cor- church at West Long Branch AugUBt NEW YORK OUHB EXCHANGE This may be the result of a numbei held Saturday night.iral from ' Japanese machine gun 19. of factors. I flre at Ouadaleanal. The young maKeyport Man Dead. First of all, many gardens were 1 rlne recolved the medal at the San Richard J. Rowe, 89, of Koyport, made on that iB, land that I Slego, California, naval hospital died at his home Monday of last had been new land, weeds for a num In sod. or I where he Is now awaiting orders for week following an Illness of two ber ot years. Such soila are apt t( I further combat duty. months, He waa born at Long Is- be very acid. Unless an adequati land City and had lived at Keyport amount of lime had been added and Avon Visitor Dies In Church. 81 years. Ho Is survived by a well mixed In the soil, poor results James O. O'Rlleyi- 78, of Pltta- widow, two daughters and a son, are bound to occur. Gardens were I burgh, who had been staying at ORNO seen in which beans and tomatoes I Avon for a week, died of a heart atShore Estate Sold. COST which are a little more tolerant ol ] talc while attending services In St. The 10-acro estate of Otis Auer,, MtW t*SY Wltaheth'a H, C. church at that place superintendent of tho Moamouth Me- acid conditions than most vegetable MOMS MHK90 I Sunday morning. The sermon of morial hospital, located on Norwood showed the effects of lack, of sui HOT A P O W D E R , NOT A P A S T E lime. This was evidenced b; TJtev. J. O. Sullivan waa not Inter- avenue, Long Branch, has been sold flcien growth and often yellowish col H*r U NEW, EA3Y, MONEY-SAYING WAY TO poor QUICKLY make UU tMlh FIT TIGHTER. rupted as Mr. O'Riley was carried to Harry J. Bloch ot the Bloch Tex- or of thn foliage. . apply NUFIT to pliU and pUci In mouth. No hist I from the church. tile company of Now York. Tho o w d t d . II *OOD ioUdiflu. adjuatlnp plal* nm^ly Soil May ILack, Fertiliser. place has a large residence. to til* ahap* ol & mouth, mailna; a bollir tit. Ho Was on Torpedoed Ship. Thcso symptona may also be asso1000 fun or bolhtr. Not pitta or powdtt you hav< la Richard Sturt, son of Mr, and Mrs. Gets Job as Coach. ciated with lack of fertilizer. If wo pply Mcb day. NUFfT bKomta a p u t of (ha I Herbert M. E. Sturt of Matawan, Edward Rodman of Freehold, who want tho plants to supply us with plat* , . . solid, Uittlra, harmltts, tutunl pink I narrowly escapod Injury when his wa a four-letter man of the New food we must feed them properly. \a color, *y to dcut tnd Mdltuy. Scientifically ship was torpedoed and sunk some- Jersey State School for the Deaf, has Many gardeners used no fertilizer. dtllgntd to compinuli tar liuu* ihrtnkiga and. wlfere In the Mediterranean recently. accepted a position aa head super- Others thought they added enough gum f t c m l o o Rnw pUtn it ham*. S*T mooty. Oat tpplktUcn lutf lot month*. tn)oy The crew of tho ship was picked up visor and coach of the Loulslanan but still tholr plants did not grow .raal mouth comlort. Try HUFIT. MONEY BACK by a transport. Young, who Is 18, Stato School for the Deaf at Baton well. Often tho reason for this la enlisted In the Merchant Marine last Rouge. found In a study of soil processes. [April. When sod Is turned under It must Freehold Couplo Engaged. Matawan Touth Cited. Mrs. Martha' SplUner of Freehold decay in order that Its effect in the Third Mate Richard Sturt, son of ha* announced tho engagement of soil nnd In plant growth can be seen. ViGR.1 35o HILLS I Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Sturt of Mata- her daughter, Anne Marie, to M. What fertilizer wns applied early was 1 wan, has received a special citation Theodore .Azulay, son of Mrs. Loon utilized by soil organisms In this deNO8E DROPS for the pnrt ho played during the Axulay, also of Freehold. Both aro cay so thnt tho plants did not re$1.00 sinking of his ship while returning employed at the Marlboro Tool and ceive the benefit. With good weathfrom, an African port. Sturt enlisted Manufacturing company, er, the benefit would be seen about RINEX

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Aviation Cadet George J. Nelson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Q. J. Nelson of H. ROSIN, Jeweler Beattle park, has completed his Fr SU M Bd B.nk. N. J. primary training as a pilot with the U. S. Army Air Corps at Camden, Accessories Was!:ng Arkansas. He started further trainIng with the Air Corps at Walnut Ridge, Arkansas, this week. Cadet Nelson Is a graduate of Red Conoco Service Station Bank high school. Ho was sophomore at Notre Dame university at the time of his enlistment In the Air 18-15 WHITE STBEET, Corps last year. ' BED BANK. N. J. VaUhai. Cloeka and Jawilrr CUaned and Rtpalnd at RtuonibU Pricti. AH Work Cuirutnd for Ona Year.

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The holiday week-end will bring i White at the riotous Club 18, New that popular singing corhmedlenne, York city. Last winter she thrilled the social elite at Palm Beach's exJerri Blanchard, to the Sea Bright clusive Patio club and has now just Yacht club. -She- will., perform . a t finished- a12week - engagement a t dinner and supper periods tomor- Armando's in New York. Guldo anrow, Saturday, Sunday and Monday nounces that he will keep the Yacht club open all during September with evenings. Miss Blanchard will be remem- the same cuisine and entertainment bered as being teamed with Jack features.

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By tho Pan American Union Washington. Fur From South 01 the Border By the fan-American Union Washington With the end of summer, Milady's thoughts are turning to her furs. Furs from. Alaska, fura from Canade, fure from south of the border, too. But It Is not, with few exceptions, the tropical jungle of South America that are ideal hunting grounds for furriers; the pampas, the slopes of the Andes, the Antartlo regions of our continent are thoso that__yleld tho greatest share of precious pelts. Heading tho list of these "precious" furs of South America Is the Chinremotest ages. The Incas used tho fur extensively for clothing, but lt la scarcely more than a century since the first skina were received In European markets, where they aroused great interest among the furriers. Regarded by naturalists as a link between-the rat, the hare and the squirrel, the chinchilla ls found mainly high up on the eastern slopes of the Andes In sections "of Peru, Bolivia and Chile. Its soft, silk; gray fur ls very rare and therefore extremely expensive and considered among the most valuable furs In the world. Among the other South American animals belonging to the rodent class Ls the vlacacha, who liveslike the beaverIn small communities known locally as "viscacheras," and Is found principally on the Argentina pampas, where it la hunted for. ita fur. The ^utrla or coypu, another little rodent, resembles very much the ordinary znuskrat of the United States. It is found in many temperate sections of South America, usually along the fresh water course where it finds its food. Nutria fur was first Imported to Europe and North America for the manufacture of felt hata, but in recent years it has been largely employed in the making of muffs, collars and coats. Probably very f e w of the ladles who own a fashionable guanaco jacket know that this animal belongs to the llama family and ls ds such, a small camel. Unlike the :amel In appearance, excopt for Its divided upper lip and long legs and neck, the. guanaco thrives In the colder regions of Southern South America. A few yenrs ago it was so aboundant In Patagonia (Argentina) that the ranchmen of the region dld^ everything In their power to extern!*' inate lt. Today, guanaco fur rivals with blue fox In the making of capes and jackets. The vicuna of tho highlands of Peru, Bolivia and Chile resembles the guanaco found farther south and supplies a largo and attractive fur well sultod for rugs, robes, etc. This fur ls very rich looking, of a golden brown color shading from light to darkor hucfl, and Is highly prized by the natlvos aa well as by foreigners. Tho ocelot, a wild tree-cat, La present in many forests of South AmorIca all the way down to Paraguay. A ready climber, this animal has a fierce and blood-thirsty disposition; Its fur Is tawny yellow marked with black spots or streaks, From tho far south, that l from the noarly Antartlo regions, cornea the South American seal. Abundant on Loboa Island, near tho mouth of the Itlvor Plata, and on thoso lalands about Capo Horn, lt yields commercial "sealskin" and Is protected from extermination by tho countries to which those Islands bolongUruguay, Argentina and Chile. Tho opussum, tho fox and tho ikunk are also to bo found In Soufh Amor'' lea, BB aro other more unusual furbcarlng anlmnls of no great commercial Importance During the year 1042 the United Stntos received Imports of various turf from tho South Amorlcan countrlek, particularly of ocelot, nutria and npotted cat. Onco more tha north and tho south jojn hands In mailing of tho fur Industry nn "Induutry of tho Americas,"

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Mr. and Mrs. Frank Silow of Mladletown village have received word of the graduation of their son, Sgt. Edward Silow, U. S. Marine Corpa, from the Ordnance school at the Marine base at Quantlco, Virginia, last week. Ho was commissioned a second lieutenant. Lt. Silow graduated from Leonard high school In 1937.

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Mrs. Margaret Flckcn, former homo economics tonchor nt tho Frooliold high nriiool, lms nccopted d nlmHar position t the Halnvuy )i|h school. Mm. Flckcn lion boon conducting tha foderal canning project nt Freehold thin summer. Her husband ls a, llautonant In tha army and ' now In North Africa.

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Election Grand Jury to December


Red Bank Boy Jap Prisoner, Mother Learns

Franklin R. Ivim Formerly Reported "Missing In Action"

hi Flier, Sailor On Sub, Big IncreaseQuotas Staff Sgt McLaughlin Production Brothers,MeetFarA way For The Red Cross Killed In Bomber Crash
Sons Of Councilman Allen Run Into Each Other In Alaska
To Make 5,575 Boys' And Girls' Coats For Foreign Relief

Forei*e$nan Aka For Additional Time i To Continue Investigation

Tho April t e n n grand Jury, which took office two c j n o n t t u late, ha* Baa It* life extended 'i for approximately lour months V y t i e n tha prosecutor* - office at Free?! j o l d received an order yesterday to t ^ h a t effect, which was signed at A t l a n t i c City Monday by Supreme Couttfe Justice Joseph B. Forekle. ic, . Justice Perskj le,' who .acted alter ' the Jury, t h r o u g h lt foreman, HalBey D. Folhemvjiis of Asbury Park, asked for addlValonal time to continue Its Investigation of alleged fraudulent v o t i n g In the county during lost Noveiraiber'e election contest Dona between S u r r o ggate Joseph 1+ Donaate between Surr liay and K, : p onald Sterner, extended til D : the Hfo of cjhe grand Jury until Deh Hf f j cember 25,1(59*3, Organization of the original Api, 111 term grand jury was delayed two ' Smonths when only IB of the 35 drawn*} for service were available. Twen'Jty-three are required. When that hjjippened Justice Perskle discharged t?he 10 and directed the jury commlBfJilon to proceed with the preparation ypf an entirely new list of 800 citlzenfs from which the SB are chosen, i Ycsterday'in order means that between Beptewnbor 28, when the new grand jury w i l l be organized and eworri, and {(December 25, when the life ot the f i d panel explreB, Monmouth county will have two grand juries. If-bjoth panels continue'the present pra&ttce ol meeting" Thursdays lt also\ means that additional room will halve to be found for ono of the panels/ The current jury has been using the circuit court room since Judge Robert V. Ktnkcad recessed for the summer last July. The April term grand jury, socalled, although unorganized until June, has been meeting Weekly and almost every session has been .devoted to a consideration ot the election matter.Since ita. organization 12 Indictments have been handed up to Judge John C. Giordano, but these, it was understood, were routine matters presented by. the prosecutor'* office, i ' The grand Jury's' petition for ad'_'_'._. _! wWeh;tocompltf> ltt work left lnVhe hands of Justice Perskle and I k Washington the decision ol -how ikich timo should be granted, The CVday period, it is believed, is the maimum allovvod by law which pormlWjMCh extensions v when a juty, l"In"lgi>f B | f r w i a t Ur on which it has Seen specifically charged by the subWe court Justlco presiding in tn<^ Judicial" district. , "'"", A second order slgty by Justice Persklo roleasoa to thouutrlct election boards of the couUr all ballot 'boxes and hoys which hVe been Impounded <slnce last Aprfl They aro needed for the approacttg primary and 'general elections. \hn court order, however, does not ileose canvass books, poll book,1; registry ibookB,' registry lists, to, sheets, work sheets, used and ulsed ballots, all ol which are, to colnuo under Jock and key for the J of the grand jury and Mr. Waehuon. Tho original impounding Ur had B. two-fold purpose. Besldedoldlng these records Intact for tlWand Jury it also kept them avaiflo.for use in tho circuit court revle^f the eloctlon undertaken by Mr. That action ended August \with Judgo Klnkead's decision t Dpnahay had been elected eu: over his Republican ' rival \ M votes. _ H Attorneys for both men, J. v>r Carton of Asbury Park, forkr, Sterner and Ward Kremor, alA,f Asbury Park', for Mr. Donahay, jglven the opportunity, under yel day's order, to bo present when boxes are emptied.

Aerial Gunner, Atlantic Highlands Boy, Meets Death In Nebraska

Union And Eisner Plant Pay Benefit

Staff Sgt. William J. McLaughlln, uncle, William J. Oakea of U Qrand A flier descended from the clouds must have had an enormous teleMrs. Franklin Ivlns of Pinckney Mrs, E. C, Hazard, chairman of road last Friday received a postal over Alaska and- a sailor came up phone bill," laughed Councilman Al- production, and Mrs. Howard 20, son of Mrs. Mary McLaughlin of avenue, Atlantic Highlands. The telegram sent by the comcard message from her son, Private In his submarine from the bottom len, "but wo couldn't help It; we Strauss, chairman of surgical dress- Leonardo, formerly of Atlantic HighFirst Class Franklin R. Ivins of the of the Pacific ocean one day not so were so glad to hear from him and ings, of the county Red Cross chap- lands and Red Bank, wan killed In manding officer of Kearney field gave no further particulars of the acciUnited States Army, that he was a long ago and ran Into each other all about thB meeting." ter outlined production projects for dent. The body Is being shipped to prisoner of the Japanese at a Philip- thousands of mllee from home. The _ .The Allen boys are both graduates the. coming year to more than tQ J Atlantic Highlands, where funeral pine Japanese military prlBon camp. two are brothers, Robert and John of Red Bank high school. Robert representatives of Red Cross producservices will be held from Mr. Oakes'. This was the first Mrs. Ivlns had Allen, sons of Councilman and Mrs. enrolled In the first civil aeronautics tion units at a meeting Tuesday atCivil Service Body home tinder supervision of A. M. Pos- course held at Red Bank several ernoon at the Berg;en place school. heard from her. son since December Harold S. Allen of Irving place. ten and Sons. years ago, which was also attended Attending were the production chair10, 1041, when she received a tele/Revises Regulations The accoiint of the meeting, which by Capt. Lyman Middledltch and Lt. men of the 15 branches and two auxgram from the United States governThe victim was born at Atlantic ment that Franklin was "missing In occurred In a town "somewhere In Eugene Gwyer, United States Army llarles of the county chapter and Highlands, son of Mrs. McLauglln .-i:Alaska," was given Mr. and' Mrs. filers, and then took a further course their chairmen of knitting, sewing According to a circular published action." and the late John McLaughlin, forecently by the U. S. Civil Service r Btreet superintendent ot that On the card received Friday, which Allen by Bob In a telephone call aU Rutgers university. He was en- and surgical dressings. borough. He attended the local high lommisslon, the procedure for the I h a d b e e n c o n ( I o r e d b y tt h e united from Seattle. He said that be and gaged In commercial aviation before uitd d b d b h Also present wero Rev. Herbert S. school. His last visit horns was to eduction in force of civil service. s t a t e , g o v e r n m B I , t and which bore Jack had spent three evenings to- receiving his Navy assignment. Craig, chapter chairman; Miss Lucy attend the funeral o r . his grandJohn graduated from Red Bank TompkinB, executive secretary; Mrs. imployees-has been revised. Some i J a p a n e B 0 gtamps, there were type- gether and that both wero greatly mother, Mrs. Edward Oakei, on July high school In June of last year and Herbert D. Wright, chairman of vol)f the more outstanding changes messages stating, "Health Is elated at meeting each other. 12 of last year. sffected aro described In the follow- good," "Am uninjured," "Am well," The Allen brothers are both In the enlisted In the Navy two months unteers' special services; MrB. Wiltraining ng quotations from the circular: The young man hid bt*n In the and "Still Kicking," besides a per- Naval service. Robert, a Naval Re- later. He received his bootand then liam T. Plum, vice chairman of volat Newport, Rhode Island, "An outstanding feature of the Bonal message. The card was signed serve Hying officer, is on special duty unteer special services; Mrs. George army air forces sine* September S lew regulations la the Increased with Franklin's own signature. and Jack is a firat-class seaman as- volunteered for submarine duty and F. Markham, chairman of staff asot lait year. !! mu EWdUtted was assigned to the sub base at New sistants; Mias Audrey Proddeu, Mrs, imphasts placed on length of sera qualified aerial ipinntr list June Mrs. Ivins was overjoyed on the re- signed to submarine duty. Upon com- Henry Clay Pierce and Miss Cornelia vice In making reductions in force. elpt of the card, as It was believed1 Needless to say the folks back London, Connecticut. from IlBtllngton Army Ounntry pletion of his training at this base Lounsbury, vice chairmen of producUp until now, efficiency ratings were h e h a d b e e n k i l l ( j d , a o t , o n w h e n t h homo were glad to hear of the meetschool In T t x u . ts4 * * stationed for a tlmron a M f b e a N f t Rapid Ing and they kept Bob on thu tele- he was assigned to a ship in the Pa- tion; Mrs. Arnold Kalmus and Mrs. the criterion, and length of service j Japs .u^b.* . attacked p e l l r i Harbor. Pearl Harbor. cific theater of war. was a. determining factor only where Philip Iselin, vlco chairmen of_surCity. Routh I>)K>V Franklin waV born at Red Bank phone for. about 2Q_ minutes. "Bob efficiency ratings were equal. Under gical dressings; Mrs. H. R. Shepherd, Beldn hli moiher. h t la survived the new plan both efficiency ratings and lived for a number of years with chairman of sewing; Mrs. Samuel by four slitfri, Muwn FftnrM. Dtilc. and length of service are taken In- his parents on Mechanic street, adHammond, chairman of knitting, and Mary and Ev MfUujhlln. all or to consideration In determining the joining the Independent engine comMrs. Gucrln Todd, chairman of recLeonardo. pany's fire house, where his father irder of separation. ords and supplies. Announcement of tht young man's conducted an auto lire repair and 'Another Important change Is the accessory shop. Later the family Mrs. Hazard told the group that STAFF SGT. WM. J. MCLAUGHLIN engagrment to MUs Cleilt* Hope requirement that at least 30 days moved to Newark, where Franklin Pecdcn. daughter of Mr. and t i n . there will be a large Increase In all notice must be given to an employee enlisted In the United States Army quotas. More work, she said, will be a bomber crash Tuesday, near Kear- Claude S. Peeden of Keanthurg. was lefore he can be separated In a rerequired (}f all volunteers. One of ney field, in Nebraska, according to a announced In the July 29 Itsus or duction In force program, provided previous'to the outbreak of World the principal projects to be started telegram received last night by his Tha Red Bank Register. that when thero Is neither work nor War II. It was later revealed to the Immediately Is the making of 2,200 family and close friends that he was , annual leave Justifying a pay status, girls' coata and 3,375 boys' coats for leave-without-pay Is to be granted serving In the Army in the Philip-! foreign war relief. I (or such portions of time as there pines. These garments must be completed Franklin was widely-known among Is no work or annual leave to serve by January 1 and -will be distributed as a basis for compensation, The the younger generation of Red Bank. where most needed among child war old regulations permit separation His father Is a patient In a hospital be made of and his mother is employed at Long Sixty persons, representing about victims. They areortotrimmed with after IB days'Tiotlce. blue wool, plain, three-quarters of the Victory garden plaid or colored collars, buttons and "Provisions for \transfer' to other Branch, making her home with Mr. owners on the Eisner tract, attended pipings. work are also Included In the new and Mrs. Joseph W. Fox of Pinkney a meeting called by Capt. Robert A. regulations. Wherever reductions In road. The branches will also be responsKennedy, superintendent of gardens,' ible for making and filling 1,298 kit lorce can be anticipated, departin the borough hail last night and bags for the Navy, a gift from tho ments and agencies are required to f ormod un orgtnizatlon to - carry - on Red-Cross-to United-States--sailors. ;lve advance notice to the civil serRussell Samuel Now tho work. vice commission of the commission's | The bags, of Navy blue material, will Capt. Robert H. Rogers of Harding be cut at production headquarters regional offices Jn jwder that ImWith Local Realtor nmd was elected president and Au- and sent^ to the branches to b^ mediate steps may" Tie taken to gustus T. Schmidt of Sprlngnjtreef stitched and filled wltrT"clgarettesT transfer the excess personnel to A tally to-be-held next Thuridey_ other activities. If the transfers night at the Carlton theater will |nIn announcing the appointment of was named vice president. Ross E. razor blades, a sewing kit, candy, Chief Anderson Host"ffoted-ln:-tlmeirrth(t:re-; augurato the Red Bank area's paxSuagslLaanujslJjLfiL iHjMJm*. sy^BH?- RUcy of McLaren street was chosen shoe laces, a shoe cloth, writing duction-in-force program Is begun, ^ W 7 f f ^ * T h l n lp l^ l U o l p^ ^ iJ ^ t i ^lt h i t e d a t T wW T W l e n J AtT Arinuaf'BaEi to" his soles staff, Kolaton'WatBrfaury," but negotiations for transfers may to the executive committee were articles are to be furnished by the War Loan drive, It wa" annouii^d'" Red Bank realtor, also reports the be . continued during tho 30-day Walter F. Hogan of McLaren street, branches, , ' today by J. Daniel Tuller, cholrpm Police Chief Andrew Anderson of leasing, of Florence G. Brand's resi- Harold Birchenough of Harding road period following notice of separaof this area. The national quota In A new projeot la the salvaging of dence a t 189 Maple avenue, to Mrs. tion. If np transfer hao been ar- Sea'Bright was host to the members Robert C. YanVllet, widow of Rob- and Leo K. McKee of McLaren Holland cloth for bandages. Thla the drive la $15,000,000,000 with ^on- i ranged by * the time tho employees and guests of the Monmouth County ert C. VanVllet, who will move In street. _____ Atarched gauze mouth county's quiilii iiUmt |T[pQ_ are actually separated from t h e ' Police Chiefs asBOolnUuu i>"Mwiun (Jctober 1. 000 and the Red Bank area being All of the members signed up for wrapping encasing recapped tires, rolls, those who are fully qualified nual clambake last night at.his home held responsible for $1,700,009. 2,000,000 yards of which are used Other Sales Reported Mr. Samuel was employed for 14 next season. Each agreed to plant lor continued Federal employment in the South beach section on Ocean years by the Standard Oil company a cover crop of rye or wheat for the each year In the United States. The At a meeting held recently In Mr. avenue. A short business meeting By Luker and Labrec- Tuner's office, plans were formulated names .entered on w a s h e l d r b u t m o s t 0 , t h 8 e V e n ing of New Jersey, and for the last two. winter and discussed other plans for three garages In the county authore-employment lists. for the drive which will contlnud was given over to the bake ana gen- years has been traveling as a gov- the balance of this season and next ized to sell such tires have promised The liberal preference legally al- eral sociability. Chief Anderson's ernment employee. He has been a year! Members of tho new associa- to save the Holland cloth, which will througH September." William H.~ que of Belford lowed to war veterans remain In birthday was observed by the entire resident of this borough 18 years. tion agreed that under the direction bo collected by the motor corps and Hasslnger, district doputy of the . "Real estate operations have been of Capt. Kennedy, who was appoint- distributed, to the branches.- The force. Employees of the different group singing "Happy Birthday." stats War Finance committee, outmore active in the last ten months ed by the mayor and council to su- cloth, four Inches wide, must be ., Mrs. Mary Walling of Belford has lined the needs for the drive, reveal- ' groups within Civil Service are At the business session, Police separated In the following manner: Chief Howard Monahan of High' than at any previous time in 12 pervise the gardens, the project had washed to remove all. starch, split purchased the Fred Ackerman bun- ing that between-July 1 of'this year years," Mr, Watorbury said In com- been a splendid-success at Red Bank into two-Inch widths and rolled into galow on Campbell avenue, Port and the end of 1M3, It will cost the 'Employees eervlng under tempor- j l a n d s w a elected' a member of the and had proved valuable as a contri- bandages five yards in length. These Monmouth, through Luker and .Laary appointments of ono yoa.r or less] association. Guests Introduced by meritlng'on the boom tho business is bution to the food situation In this will be distributed to the local hos- brecquo of Belford. The bungalow United States about $50,000,000, equip our men and take care of othare always tho first to be separated, i Leroy Wyckoff of Manasquan, pres- experiencing. He added: . pitals and to foreign war relief. They has six rooms and modern Improve- cr war expenditures, amounting to p "There has been no opportunity for area. The next ones to g are war-service -* of go .-*-- q surgical dressing ments. A one-car ident - the association, were . normal living for the real estate Col. Officers 'of the new organization will be made In to the large quotas the 50xl2d-foot lot. garage is also on about $2 daily for every man, woman appointees who have not completed j Rex. Corput, Col. Oscar C. Maler, broker with the only seemingly quiet will meet next Wednesday at the rooms In addition and child in this country. About a their trial periods. The third group Col. Paul E. Watson and Lieut. Col. of surgical dressings. William C. . Roop's property on third of the totar amount will be \o be separated consists of war- Frederick Atwell, all of the U. S. hours of the day between midnight home of the president and the next Volunteers for the new mending East road, Belford, has been sold to raised through Increased taxes and dawn. We have been showing meeting of the organization will he lervice appointees who have com- Signal Corps; Samuel McKee, specenter for service: men at 18 Broad Joseph McGowan of Kearney, who after ileted their trial periods, and of cial FBI agent In charge of New houseBof the dark with flashlanjps be- held Wednesday, September 15, at street, Eatontown, were requested by took occupancy Tuesday. The prop- which, Mr. Hasslnger pointed out, " cause difficulties war Worii'ers "none of us like but which are neemployees under indefinite appolnt- Jersey, and Commissioner John Kee- have In finding time to look for the Borough hall. Mrs. Hazard and Mrs. R. O. WillgusB, erty consists of a half-acre and a six- essary in wartime." The balanco ments who do not have civil service nan of Newark. chairman of the Red Bank branch. room house. homes. must be raised through the sale ot tatus. Permanent employees with , , m Mrs, H. C. Pierce asked for volunWilliam Howard of Georgia has bonds. "Real estate business has become lvll-aervlce status cannot be aep- j teers to aid In reupholsterlng furni- purchased Mrs. Elizabeth Hesse's a 164iour a day Job, and we have arated In a reduction in force until | ' K i 1 w > r i P o n r t l Mr. Tuller announced that the sloture which is the production part of large house on Churo^l street, Belbeen compelled to augment our staff all other competing employees are j V f U U I W I 1 C U J J 1 the Camp and Hospital program. ford. Located on a half acre are an gan for the Third War Loan drive to attempt to alleviate tho houseseparated. Within each of the groups Transportation to tho Bergen street eight-room house with bath and will be "Back the Attack With Extra hunting problems from newly arrived mentioned, selections are made on school will be provided for such modern improvements, and a one- War Bonds In September." ' The military personnel and the families house-to-house canvass in this area ho basis of military preference, efworkers who cannot supply their car snraRe. Swimming and . of workers In local and nearby wav carried out by the civilian de-, ficiency ratings and length of eerown. ' Leo RIstan of Bayslde Heights has will bepersonnel, under the direction./ Industries. Many of the transactions Diving. Contests fense Ico." . Two Members Leave are outright sales. Mrs. H. D. Wright commended the purchased Frank C. Hall's bungalow of Eiislcy White. Using the 700 num-'"^ splendid these are living bera of the personnel, Mr. White For Duty With Seabees In"Spmo of houses familiesthey really The community activities commit- group for Itsby Octoberworkalland re- at Campbell's Junction, quested that 15 chair8-room when pointed out that this would mean Ud-ot the Fair Haven borough coun- men furnish the chapter with a card wanted elx-room housos, and also cil,-consisting; of Tony Hunting, Arabout four prospects for.each can- ' index file of all production workers Members of the congregation of quite the opposite, but they are all vnsser. Industrial organizations with the Lutheran church gave a farewell taking the unusual housing.situation thur H. Rleman and Peter J. Elchele, in their branch or auxiliary. Staff B O or more employees will be solicO party last night for two members, In the best of spirit, and aro pre- Is staging swimming and diving con- assistants may be called up to aid ited by special Treasury Department The military personnel and their John Tuzeneu of Spring street and pared to do what they can with what- tests at the Fair Haven public dock in this work. deputies upon recommendation of a Families of Fort Monmouth are go- Fred Pagonkopf of Wallace street, ever 1B available at the .moment. Labor day afternoon. The first event Monmouth county liquor dealers, local committee Including Mayor Ing to seo the era of Billy Sunday who have joined the Seabees. Each starts at 2:30. wholesale and retail, will 6tage the Charles R. English and W. Raymond "One family head trom South Carand his tent revival meetings rein- was given a farewell card and a Charles Nunn Is In charge of arfirst open meeting In Monmouth Johnson. It was pointed out, howolina said to me last week, 'If I were rangements and entry blanks can bo county in connection with tho Third ever, that all credit for sales will go to pick out any other place to live obtained at his home on River road. In the old AW lay of nex War Loan drive. This meeting, ar- to the community In which the subDuring the ovenlng the church than Chester, South Carolina, it The Amalgamated Clothing Wot MO.. The 15th Signal Training reglThe events are for the young folks J. Daniel Tuller, building contrac- ranged by Philip F. Zucker of Brad- scriber lives. pastor, Rev. Walter Cowen, Bpoke. . ' ere, In co-operation with tho ; Is reviving tho "old-fashioned," Greetings from the church board would bo'Mlddlotown township.' That of Fnir Haven and neighboring com- tor, and Ellwood PowcrB, engineer, ley Beach,, who is county organizer " " but lt Is go- wero glvon by Henry Franz and Is where ho now has his wife and munities. met with tho Rlvorvlew hospital of the liquor Industry, will be held The Red Bank area chairmen Intwo children, and they toll mo they plan w6rkod put by tho two pal modern version. ThlB Christian Hasselnoff. The men also' to bo Prizes havo been donated by the building committee and other of- next Wednesday at 2 o'clock In tho clude Edward H. Conway, Red , foel every bit as homo there ns they on Tuesday paid a death benefit' li tho little follow In tho received a New Tostamont and Fair Hayon flro company, First Aid ficials last night at Mayor Charles Seventh ' avenue pavilion on the Bank; Charles R. Seattle, Rumson; yould back in Chester. tho amount of ?r>0i> to the holrs c <a, that one behind the R. English's office In the borough boardwalk at Asbury Park, and will R. L. Scott, Mlddletown; M. F, squad and Lions club! Mrs, Anna Bonifacio of Middlctown, "Three cars are talrtnu home-scck1 bo ablo to hear every hall to make plans, for tho now hos- bo addressed by Alfred B. Drlscoll, Stevenson, Matawan, and Matawan : lng strangers around tho countryan employee at the plant, who. died pital wing. Work on, the wing, which atato alcoholic beverage commission- townBhip; A. D. Shultz, Keyport and side every day, from early to Into, last week. Checks In tho amount will bo part of a largo new hospital er, who la also honorury chairman Rarltnn township; William Johnson, and in thia manner wo have boon of $71.43 wore sent Mies Elaine | Installed, as well as electric armed forces, to bo built In the future Is expected of the stito liquor dealers War Loan Koansbui'g; John B. VanMater, AtDecorations consisted of American able locate many dozens to their satBonifacio, Mrs. Roso Galatro, Mrs. to get underway thla fall. organization. lantic Highlands. Chairmen for Mary DeStaslo, Michael, Frank and , j . . . B , u , . presonted so all may en- lagB and Bhlolds in rod, white and isfaction. Let's hope wo will bo ablo _ OUlcors of several of tho local li- Highlands, Shrewsbury, Little Silver blue. Refreshments wore served un- to lieop It up!" It was suggested at last night's ^ Emma | ft. ^ t h o w h o ] o l d o a o f t n o o v o n . Louis Bonifacio and Mrs. der tho direction of Mrs. Harry Asay, meeting that plans ' for the entire quor dealers associations In Mon- and Fair Haven will bo named at a 1 Cnndola. jjt will bo a vory Informal moot- Mrs.1 Dorothea Pagonkopf, Mra. John new hospital bo drawn at this time mouth will havo part In this meeting. later date. Rallies and public rnoet- ' Group Meets at Mrs. Bonifacio had been employed "ilth all tho trimmings; thoro Hanaen and Mrs. Henry Franz. so Ihnt the ofllclala might be sure Among them are Jerry Koerher and Ings will be under tho direction'ot at the Eisner plant for more than \ plenty of music, lota of slngtho wing to be built now would be Paddy Ryun, president and secretary Mrs. George M. Bodman and pubFair Haven 25 years, bolng engaged at the plant l n Bny amusing and ontertalnlng appropriate, It was also suggested of the Asbury,Park Beverage- asso- Unity will be uupurvlsort by Mra. ArChaplain Wlllard B. ciation; Miclmol S. Mcndcfl, president thur J. White. Both Mrs, Bodman during World War 1 a well us | "Piles. Representatives of tho four that the hulldlntr committee hire a ot tho Bay Shore tavern association, and Mra. Whlto aro Vice chairmen ' Robort Patterson, 13-yoar-old son ^ r e g i m e n t chaplain, ably aaduring this war. , compotcnt architect for tho project. of Mr. and Mrs. Harry A. Patterson Leagues of Women Votora In tho . m J > Chaplain Ewcll Sexton and Arthur J. Kclscy of Freehold nnd of Iho Monmouth County War Fiof Navoslnk, who Is suffering from Third Congressional district dlsof enthusiastic volunteers Edward W. f.cggett of Mannsquan. nance committee Mrs. Marlon BtrMABIIIICD 45 YEARS. Three changes havo boon mado In Bovero burns rocoivod Sunday, Au- cutscd ponding legislation with Conworked diligently to make gor will net as secrotary for the Red Mr. and Mrs. Charles Robinson Ithli turn a huge suooosa. Tho tho teaching staff at Red Bank Cath- gust 22, when his clothes wero l|t- gressman James C. Auchlncloos of Bank aroa. ^lJ\)B planned to appoal to all olic high school, according to an an- lMtti by a blatlng can of gasoline, Ilumnon at a. mooting Tuesday at of Mtddletown village celebrated Olhnrfl present nt the meeting wr nouncement made by tho school of- remains In a critical condition at the homo of 'Mrs, Joseph 1''. Hunter, their 4tith wedding' nnnlvorBary HatRed Bank public schools will reCarlos D. Kelly of Rumson, vie* Church street, Fair Havon. Mrs. imlay night with a party, at which ficials this morning. Monmouth Memorial hospital, i. new torm Monday, chairman for tho state on the drive) Huntor represented tho Red Bank 2P persons wero prcBont. Mr. Robopen for tho Sister Alma, who was formerly I" his camp mooting Is September .13, Registration of now league, Mj-6. Walter Thompson, Now inson has been employed by Jamco A portion ot tlio'proccodn from P. Plorre Holmes, George Kldrldge, j tho ltsth signal Traln- chargo ol tho senior classes, lias boon pupils will tako ptaco In the auporiirunawlclt league, Mrs. Ernoat Lln- C. Hemlrlclison at Cliorry Tree farm "Thla la the Army," which to to opon Lester Rosa, William Petherbrldfft, fntondont's offlco In tho sonlor high J"8 %t, thoy wish tO'StroBB transferred to Atlantic City, whore burh and Mra. Bruno, Long Branch for the paat 18 yenrB. g at Rcudo's Curlton thoatcr Tuesday It, B. Llpplncott, Joseph C, Irwln, 1 poreonnel nnd their sho Is now Superior of tho Star of school building next Wodnoday be- that league, nnd Mni. Fred Holman, Aneverting, September 14, will bo turned Richard HackstafT and William K. tho Son school, She has boon with tween 0:80 o'clock and 12 noon, and post are Invited,, l c ])ny. At a mooting of the Dlckmnn bury Pnrk league, over to Army-Navy relief, it wan an- Smith. St. James school for tho past 16 1:80 to 4:30 o'clock. All puplla who plan to enter tho nounced last night by Manager Tony Thoy illHciiBucd with tho congressSkcotcr fleet shippers held, last night yenrs. Soli l*h Hchool Students, man tho Fulbrighl ronolutlon which Red Dank public schoolB for tho first i Hunting. Slntor Agncsc, who formerly taught following tho twilight rnccs, Tuesday embodies tho principles of interna- tlmo this fall (except those alrondy I Tho' nnk Sonlor High School llEr.FOHD MAN WINS 100. oaice I open from D a. m. to at tho, Cathedral Girls' school at evening, Roptnmbor 14, was set as tional organization with force at its roglBtorod nnd pupllB entering tho { Thoici will lio (inly one performthodnto for tho annual trophy din* klndorgnrton) aro roquoBtod to reg- ance on tlw opening night und tho Mldillotown Township Flro Com- 3:1B p. llday, September 3, nnd Trenton, will tako Slstor Alma's ner to bo held nt Dlckmun's bojit commnnil, Thn Icaguo has endorse! ister nt tho olllco ot the Superintend- rellof (und will got 7O';{, of tho groas. ltony No, 1 of Headdn' Corner dis- TuoBda; Vedncaday, Boptember place. Sister Rosarlta, formerly of works. At this dinner tho sonnon thn resolution nml Mr. AuchlncloflH ent of SchoolB, Senior Hlfrh School, Tho prli'M will bo $5.00 for logo 7 and I The advisory hoard of the Rpd posed ot *100 In cash on the co-opr- dents' ai Hlstratlon ot now stu- Princeton, will replace Sister Florlln, championship nwnrdn and othor nlao nnlil he was In favor of It. Harillnfr ronil, IXcft Ilnnk, N, J., Boiitn, $3.30 nnd $2.20 for orchontra a teacher In the frenhman division. prlaos will bo presented, Septombor 8th, between allvo plan, and a 2B war bond at The longuo and Mr. Auchincloss Wednondny, 0; :30 a, m. nml 12 o'clock and $1.10 (or Imlcony. During .the Dank branch of tho Bnlvnllon Army 0. Sieber, Principal. Sister Florltn, has been transferred the himm of announced today the otTlolnl o p t n i n j , a rnootlnu of tho company last night, wore alto In accord In .their oppo- noon nnd from 1:30 tD 4:3D p, m, To remainder.or the run of sovon day, to Bornardsvlllo. J. Kolghbran of Belford won the l'llOMOTKl) TO COKIOHAI,. sition to thn .McKpllni'bill, which re- bo admitted to tho klnilorB/irton pu- regular prlcoii will provnll nnd 50% ot the annual working and war fund campnlffn. , 'j'.< 1100, nnd John King of NavelnA quires Hunato confirmation of tho ap- plhi miiBt have nttnlnod tha ago of 4 will go Into tho fund. Private James A. Morris of Bprlng pointment, of approximately 30,000 yonm, 8 months or ohlor on or lioforo 1UVKHV1KW PATIENTS niv'cr mad won the |JB bond. No It In uxpoctcd .ttinl an Army poat Herbert Kdward* and Wlllltm troot, nnslgnod to a lighter squadron [mlmil i'i]i]j]oyt'Ci{. It wan agreed October llith. 'falr.j h e l l . by,, tho fQIRPWy. Jhl bund will bo on huml tho opcnltiK ITluhr uro llio i:o-(ilinlrmon ot tliln Mt*."-Antbony- NnppV anil Mr. tatlonml' t- Orlnniki,,..FIoililn, in. thai tliii bill wmilil Ijl'rialc dawn Din year. ''..' ',"*"."' i'n^cftnipalKn.wlMl MM,I*0.,VB',., '"Hilwolaopontor IhonttwttrmSupAdvortlnon' ank, phone OS}. Marie Miller of Keyport; Mrs, Grace cently wnn promoted to corporal. whole nirrlt nyntnm prlnclplo anil tomtwr 13th. PupllR'of Iho flonlor nml woicdli n> ilia cihalrmnn ot Ins Ti* C|>], MoiTh In u itniillintd of (It. nlnhllnli pntioimgn on a lnrtro ncnlc. Junior Illicit BCIIOOI will report at Thorson, Carl Hezel and Donald Dr. O. Tlmt Tho Itc'd Ilnnli ltegltcr Is itu|>- illnn' division. .' ... ' > ' lms resumed tho pmoyce of yeterlnfcsongr to Pitt. Flynn <>( MnUwan, Hobnrt Knight Polor'n hlKh school, Joinoy Oily, mill R:2H n. m, Puplln of nil other iwhools ported by locnl ns wull an out-ofThe quota, far this y r l ((f,M0,M/ ry modlclns. Temporary office, OJ burglx ot \JBaiWliny town buslnrnn men. Ailvi'itlnrmtinti Hoptt of Atlnntlo UlRhlands and Mrs. Joan Hilton Hull I'olli'KO. Prior to joining will rotiort nt H:4!t n. in, Your ItUKU M|)le avenue, Ited Bank, l>hono 3538, her 4. PhJ||, Ilank 020 after'Ward of I'VIr llnvrn me HIIIRICIVI pn- tlio Air Cnrpn, lin wiui'iminloyod will Inst lotiL'or It donned regularly, ( 10, O, nillnnd, Hupot'lntandont, apiMmrlnif regularly toll tho tory, Tho ciunpolgri will lio liltiiili(i Bp- ' ni 020 ft 7 tnmbgr 19 *n OIOM w i t h Mit, \ Ailvcrtlncmtmt. a tax nccuunUnt. -AdvcrtliicmenU P- m ' - A U b lent. ' tlenU t Klvcrvlcw haipltkl, > Loon's, phono 2800.Ailvortlaomont. Advortlnnmont,

Changes Made In Employee Status

Victory Gardeners Form Organization

Capt. Robert H. Rogers Named Head Make Plans For Next Season

Police Chiefs Meet At Sea Bright

Rolston Waterbury Increases Staff

War Bond Rally At Carlton Next Thursday

Quota For Red Bank Area In Third War.Loan Drivels $1,700,000

Belford Woman

Port Monmouth

Labor Day Sports At Fair Haven

Farewell Party

Camp Meeting At Fort Monmouth

Liquor Dealers To Aid In Bond Drive

Hospital Group Plans New Wing

Talk Legislation With Auchincloss

Changes Made At St.. James School ,

Boy's Condition Remains Critical

Red Bank Schools To Open Sept. 13

Movie Tj Benefit Army-Navy Relief

Trophy Dinner Set For September 14

Salvation Army To Hold Annual Drive

' * 3

SEPTEMBER; 2, 1948


Aviation Cadet George j . Nelson, son of Mr. and Mr. O. J. Nelson of U WMt Front St, R.d Bank. N. J. Beattle park, baa completed his primary training as a pilot with the T L 7Z.-M. - U. S. Army Air Corps at Camden, Accessories W8l'ng Arkansas. He started farther trainIng with the Air Corps at Walnut Ridge, Arkansas, this week. Cadet Nelaon la a graduate of Red was a sophoConoco Service Station Bank high school, He university at more at Notre Dame the time of his enlistment in tbe Air 1S-15 WHITE STBEET, Corps last year. BED BAMS, N. J. R ROSIN, Jeweler
W.ttiM, Clockt and J!rr Cluoed nd Ripalnd t Frtcai. All Work Cu*ru>Ued for On. Ye.r.

Jerri Blanchard At Yacht Club

It*8 Been A Nice, Long Summer... and Now

Air Force Pilot


Off To School You Go!

, ''- V

But first, you need clothes . . a warm coat, uwooljr sweater, shoes, maybe a kirt or two . . . and plenty, of dresses!

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UnattA and bonded by S U U of N. J,

_ ^


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GIRLS' ALL-WOOL COATS in princess style with velvet collte and jocket trim. Blue, Brown, Wine for sizes .7 to 14 . . . . . . 14.95 Tho holiday week-end will bring i White at the Tlotous Club 18, New . . ___ j , <-ltv. Last winter -winter tnat popular. singing commedlenne, York city. elite at Palm she thrilled the social Beach's exJerri Blanchard, to the Sea Bright clusive Patio club and has now Juat Yacht club. She will perform at finished a 12-week engagement at dinner and supper periods tomor- Armando's in , New York. Guido anrow, Saturday, Sunday and Monday nounces that he will keep the Yacht club open all during September with evenings. Miss Blanchard will be remem- the same cuisine and entertainment bered as biing teamed with Jack features.

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Marine Lieutenant

tCnow the Americas

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Red B a n k Save for the 3rd Issue War Bond Drive
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Other long.wearing Miles Shoos for Boys and Girls

Bulll-tn W.d u on nntr fid* of htl 10 hlp' luppaiI anUti, ntovrogt nranr walking

Furs From South ot the Border By the Fan-American Union Washington With the end of summer. Milady's thoughts are turning to her furs. Furs from Alaska,' furs from Canade, fura from south of the border, too. But it Is not, with few exceptions, the tropical jungle of South America that are ideal hunting grounds -forJuniors;tho pampas, the slopes of the Andes, the Antartic regions of our continent are those that yield the greatest share of precious pelts. " Heading the list of these "precious" taiOtjAffidSa Isthe Chin cfillla, "TnintodWr its skin- from the remotest ages. The Incas used the fur extensively for clothing, but it la scarcely more than a century since the first skins were received in European markets, yvhero they aroused great Interest among the I,T. rnwAnn PIT.OW furriers. Begarded by naturalists as Mr. and Mm. Frank Silow of Mld- a link between the rat, the hare and dletown village have received word the squirrel, the chinchilla Is found of the graduation of their son, Sgt. mainly high up on the eastern slopes Edward SHow," U.S.:Marine Corps, of the Andes in sections of Peru, from the Ordnance school at the Ma- Bolivia and . Chile; Its soft, silky rino base at Quantlco, Virginia, last gray fur is very rare and therefore week. He was commissioned a sec- extremely expensive and considered ond lieutenant. Lt. Silow graduated among the most valuable furs in the world. from Leonard high school In 1937. Among the other South American animals belonging to the rodent class is the vlscacha, who liveslike the beaverin small communities known locally as "vlscacheras," and is found principally on the Argentina pampas, where it Is hunted for. its fur. The nutria or coypu, another little rodent, resembles .very much the ordinary muskrat of the United States. It is found In many, tem perate sections of South America, usually along the Iresh water course where it finds its food. Nutria fur was first imported to Europe and North America for the manufacture of felt hats, but in recent years lt has been largely employed In the making of mufTo, collars and coato, Probably very few of the ladles who own a. fashionable guanaco All llfllhir Intir jacket know that this animal" belining* 'or mot longs to tho llama family and is as tomfcrlgnitloi such, a small camel. Unlike the camel in appearance, except for its divided upper lip and long legs and neck, the guanaco thrives in the colder rogions of Southern South America. A few years ago lt was so nboundant in Patagonia (Argentina) that the ranchmen of the region did everything in their powor to exterminate lt. Today, guanaco fur rivals with blue fox -in the making of capes and Jackets. The vicuna of tho highlands of Peru, Bolivia and Chile resembles the guanaco found farther south and supplies a largo and attractive fur well suited for rugs, robes, etc. This fur is very rich looking, of a golden brown color shading from light to darker hues, and Is highly prlzod by the natives as well as by foreigners. The ocelot, a wild tree-cat, is preaont in many forests of South Amorlea all tho way down to Paraguay, A ready climber, this animal has a fierce and blood-thirsty disposition; its fur is tawny yellow marked with No b i l l . r t black spots or streaks. than thtu at any From tho far south, that li from pile* today. tho nearly Antartlo rogions, comes tho South American seal. Abundant on Loboo Inland, near tho mouth of tho ltlvor Plata, and on those inlands about Cape Horn, It yloldi Commercial "soalskin" and Is protected from extermination by tho countries to which thoso Islands bolongUruguay, Argentina and Chllo. The opussum, tho fox and tho skunk nro nlno to bo found In South Amor' lea, nt nro other more unusual fupbcarlng nnlmata of no great commorclaj Importance. During tho year 1012 the United Stato/i received Imports of various furs from tho flouth American countries, particularly of ocelot, nutria unU spotted cat. Once more tin north nnd tho south Join hands In making of tho fur Industry n "ln? duiilry of Iho Americas,"
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GIRLS'FAVORITE PINA. FORES in striped or printed seersucker with full, ruffled shoulders. "For T to 14-year school-goers 3.50

"SUNDAY BEST" DRESSES in rayon crepe and rayon challs. Aqua, Brown, Navy, Blue, Red in lovely Fall styles. Sizes 7 to 14 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 . 9 5

SCHOOL DRESSES in crisp pique, percale, chambray or broadcloth. Prints, stripes, checks, solids for 7 to 14-year girls 2.95 I

GERLS' ALL-WOOL SLIP. OVERS with long sleeves, crew neck; Pink, Mai?, Red, ' Copen, Navy, Brown; sizes 10-16 2.98

ALL WOOL SWEATERS One of his niost important garments. . to wear during fall Instead of a coat and later under-his coat. All-wool knits in blue, tan, brown. Sizes 30 to 36. 8.00

ALL WOOL SUITS Finely tailored tweeds, glen'plalds and solid color suits in single breasted style with long trousers. For 8 to 16 year school-boys. 15.05

FINE PERCALE SHIRTS Man-tailored, full cut collar attached shirts of high count percale In novelty patterns and fast colors. Sizes 8 to 14 and 12 to i-\'/i neckband. 1.69

Mi JIVIXW H,w jrfrrt/,

Tahct Jityt Joff. >,. Mm. Margaret Flolton, former homo economics teacher nt tho Freehold Jii|/h nohool, linn accepted'a lmllur positlun at the llnhwny hlgli iichoul. Mr. Flulicn ha* boon canduotlnu tho federal canning nrojaot nt Freehold UIIR mimnier. .Her husband Is . lieutenant In tht army and <* now in North Africa, FINE SLACKS Kvery lioy needs slacks like these. line fabrics . .' . wool-aild-rayon. at least- two pairs of Carefully finished in sonic all-wool, some Sizes ,12 to'20. 6.98

For Men and Women Boys and.Girli.





To Make 5,575 Boys' And Girls' Coats For Foreign Relief


Bank Boy Electnon (frond Jury Red Prisoner, Jap i Extended To DecemberMother Learns

In Flier, Sailor On Sub,Big IncreaseQuotas Staff Sgt McLaughlin Production Brothers,MeetFarAway For The Red Cross Killed In Bomber Crash
Sons Of Councilman Allen Run Into Each Other In Alaska Aerial Gunner, Atlantic Highlands Boy, Meets Death In Nebraska

Foreman Ask For Additional Time IS] To Continue Investigation

Franklin R. Ivins Formerly Reported "Missing In Action"

Staff Sgt. William j . McLaughlin, uncle, William J. Oakes of U Orsnd Mrs, Franklin Ivlns of Plnckney Mrs, -E. C. Hazard, chairman of A filer descended from the clouds i must have had an enormous telet The April terrinn grand jury, which road last Friday received , a postal over Alaska and a sailor came up phone b h le bill," laughed Councilman Al- production, and Mrs. Howard 20, son of Mrs. Mary McLaughlin of avenue, Atlantic Highlands. took office two rftoonths late, has had Leonardo, formerly of Atlantic HighThe telegram sent by the com-. card message from her son, Private in his submarine from the bottom "but we couldn't help It; we Strauss, chairman of surgical dressit* life extender^ for approximately First Class Franklin B. Ivlns of the were so glad to hear from him and ings, of the county Red Cross chap- lands and Red Bank, wnfl killed In manding officer of Kearney field gave four months w'/hen the prosecutor no further particulars of the acciUnited States Army, that he was a of the Pacific ocean one day.not so Iairabout^the meeting.'* ter outlined production projects for office at Freeldtiold received an or4er dent. The body Is being shipped to prisoner of the Japanese at a Philip- long ago and ran Into each other The Allen boyg are both graduates the coming year to more than 60 yesterday to IWhat effect, which was Atlantic Highlands) where funeral pine Japanese military prison camp. thousands of miles from home. The of Red. Bank high school. Robert representatives of Red Cross producsigned at AtlaVntlo City Monday by services will be held from Mr. Oakei' This was the first Mrs. Ivlns had two are brothers, Robert and John enrolled In the first civil aeronautics tion units at a meeting Tuesday afSupreme Courlp. Justice. Joseph B. Civil Service Body home under supervision of A. M. Pol-. heard from her, son since December Allen, sons of Councilman and Mrs.course held at Red Bank several ternoon' at the Bergen place school. Perskle. K\ ten and Sons. 10, 1941, when she received a tele- Harold S. Allen of Irving place. Attending were the production chairyears ago, which was also attended Justice Ferskule, who .acted alter . Revises Regulations The account of the meeting, which by Capt. Lyman Middledltch and Lt. men of the 15 branches and two auxgram from the United States governThe victim was born at Atlantic g the Jury, throUMjh Its foreman, Halment that Franklin was "missing ln occurred In a town "somewhere ln Eugeno Gwyer, United States Army iliaries of the county chapter and Highlands, son of Mrs. McLauglbv " sey D, Folhenuilis of Asbury Park, According to a circular published action," Alaaka," was given Mr. and' Mrs.fliers, and then took a further course their chairmen of knitting, sewing and the late John McLaughlin, forasked for additional time to conmer street superintendent ot that y p On the card received Friday, which Allen by Bob ln a telephone call at. Rutgers university, He was en- and Burgical dressings. tinue Its investigation of alleged recently by the U. S. Civil Service Sttl borough. He attended the local high from Seattle. He said that ho and gaged ln commercial aviation before commission the procedure for the h a d been censored by. the United f p Also preBent were Rev. Herbert S. fraudulent votUng in the county dury receiving his Navy assignment. ichool. His last visit home was to Craig, chapter chairman; Miss Lucy ing last rjovenyiber's election contest reduction in force of civil service. government and which bore Jack had spent three evenings toattend the funeral of his grand' John graduated from Red Bank Tompklns, executive secretary; Mrs. between Surrogate Joseph If Dona- employees-has been revised. Some, j g p a n e s a stamps, there were type- gether and that both were greatly mother, Mrs. Edward Oakes, on July high sohool in June of lost year and Herbert D, Wright, chairman of volof the more outstanding changeB w r l t t < m m e S > a ges stating, "Health Is elated at, meeting each other. g g hay and E. pilonald Sterner, extended g g, 12 of last year. The Allen brothers are both ln the enlisted In the N avy two months unteers special services; Mrs. Wilthe life,of Sthe grand Jury until De- effected are described In the follow- good," "Am uninjured," "Am well," Sthe J y his boot training liam T. Plum, vice chairman of volThe young man had been In the f the 48. Organization of th ing quotations from the circular: and "Still Kicking," b i d a per- Naval service. Robert, a tyaval Re- later. He re< besides cember 25 IIA48 O i t i 25, d i" "An outstanding feature of the sonal "Still K i kThe card was signed serve flying officer, is on special duty at Newport, Rhode Island, and then unteer special services; Mrs, George army air forces since September 8 1 message. original Api| 1 term grand jury was and Jack is a first-class seaman as- volunteered for submarine duty and F. Markham, chairman of staff .asnew regulations Is the Increased with Franklin's own signature. of last year. He waj graduated as delayed two' months when only 19 of was assigned to tho sub baoo at New sistants: Miss Audrey Proddcu, Mrs. signed to submarine duty. a qualified aerial jnjnner last June tho 85 drawn for sorvleo were avail- emphasis placed on length of serMrs, Ivlns was overjoyed on the re- Needless to the folks back London, Connecticut, Upon comfrom Harllngton Army Gunnery able., Twon ty-three are required, vice in making _reductions .,in force. elpt of the card, as it was believed home were glad sayhear of tho meet- pletion of his training at this base Henry Clay Pleree and Miss Cornelia , to school ln Texas, and was stationed Lounsbury, vice chairmen of product When that h ippened Justice Ferskle Up unt 1 now, efficiency ratings were ^ b kl)led, aotlon ^ h n the ing and they kept Bob on the tele- he was assigned to a ship ln the Pa- tion; Mrs. Arnold Kalmus and Mrs. for a time on a B-17 bomber at Rapid discharged t IC 19 and directed the the criterion, and length of service! Japs attacked Pearl, Harbor. " ..-*, . Hnrhor phono, for about 20 minutes. "Bob cific theater of-war. City, South Dakota. Philip iselln, vice chairmen of sur^. Jury commlsi ilon to proceed with the was a determining factor only whero Franklin was born at Red Bank gical dressings; Mrs, H. R. Shepherd, Besides his mother, he Is survived preparation )f an entirely new list efficiency ratings were equal. Under and lived for a number of years with chairman of sewing; Mrs. Samuel by four sisters, Misses Frances, Celle, sfrom which the 85 are tho new plan both efficiency ratings his parents on Mechanic street, adof 300 citizen and length of service are taken InHammond, chairman of knitting, and Mary and Eva McLaughlin, all of chosen. joining the Independent engine comMrs. Guerln Todd, chairman of recLeonardo. Yesterday'! order means that be- to consideration In determining the pany's fire house, where his father ords and supplies. tween Septei nbor 28, when the new order of separation. Announcement of the young man's conducted an auto tire repair and "Another Important change is the accessory shop. Later the family grand Jury will be organized and Mra. Hazard told the group that STAFF SGT. WM. J. MCLAUGHLIN engagement to Miss Clellle Hope sworn, and Depember 25, when the requirement that at least 30 days moved to Newark, where' Franklin Peeden, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. there will be a large Increase in all life of the ild panel explreB, Mon- notice must be given to an employee enlisted ln the United States' Army quotas. More work, she said, will be a bomber crash Tuesday, near Kear- Claude S. Peeden of Keansburg, was mouth coun y will have two grand before he can be separated In a re- previous to the outbreak of World required of all volunteers. One of ney field, in'Nebraska, according to a announced In the July 29 Issue of juries. If-1 oth panels continue' the duction In force program, provided p s the principal projects to be started telegram received last night by his The Red Bank Register. War II. It was later revealed to the ti f ti present practice of, meeting Th Thurs- that when there is neither work nor Immediately Is the making of 2,200 days it also\ means that additional annual leave Justifying a pay status, family and close friends that he was slrls' coats arid 3,375 boys' coats for loom will ha^ve to be found for one leave-without-pay Is to be granted serving ln the Army In the Philipforeign war relief. of the panels.) The current Jury bas for such portions of time as there pines. These garments must be completed Franklin was widely-known among been using the circuit court room is no work or annual leave to serve by January 1 and will be distributed since Judge Robert V. Klnkead re- as a basis for compensation. The the younger generation of Red Bank. where most needed among child war old regulations permit separation His father Is a patient In a hospital 'ceased for tho summer last July. victims. They are to be made of and his mother is employed at Long Sixty persons, representing about blue wool, .plain, or trimmed with Tho April term grand jury, so- after 15 days' notice. Branch, making her home with Mr. three-quarters of the Victory garden plaid or colored collars, buttons and called, although, unorganized until "Provisions for transfer to other owners on tho Eisner tract, attended plplngB. June, has been meeting weekly and work are also Included In the new and Mrs. Joseph W. Fox pt Pinkney a meeting called by Capt. Robert A. almost every session hag been de- regulations. Wherever reductions In road. The branches responsKennedy, superintendent of gardens, ible for making will also be 1,296 kit voted to a consideration of the elec- force can. b e ' anticipated, departand in the borough hall last night and bags for the Navy, a filling from the tion matter. Slnco HB organization ments and agehcioiTaro required to gift formed an, orgtnlzatlon < to carry on Red Cross to United States sailors. '12 Indictments have been handed up give advance notice to the civil serthe work. Russell Samuel Now to Judge John C. Giordano, but vice commission or the commission'!! The bags, of Navy blue material, will these,-lt-was understood, were rou- regional -officesln-order_that ImCapt Robert H. Rogers of Harding he cut at production headquarters With Local Realtor tine matters presented by the prose- mediate steps may be taken tot ro_ad_w_as_ elected president and Au- and__sent_to_the^ _branches to be cutor's office gUBtus T. Schmidt of SpringTstreet stitched and filled with clgarettesr transfer the excess personnel to A r a l l y to be held next ThursdaytJ blades, a sewing kit, candy, In. announcing the appointment of night at the Carlton theater will In^ r A n d e r s o n Host Russell Samuel of-80 Hudson avenue was named vico president. Ross E. razor-1810037-nv-shoe :-clothrwriting. Rlloy of McLaren streot waa chosen- shoo dltlonal time in wfiich to complete cannot be effected In time, the reaugurate the Red Bank area's parltv work left ln the hands of Jus- ductloh-in-force program Is begun, to his sales staff, Rolston Waterbury, asseiretary arid'treaBUrer." ~ Named paper," a~ pencil and a book. These "tlclpatlofTn""ffir'TOfloiSiWrW~TBIrt At Annual Bake p tice Perskle and Mr. Washington the but negotiations for transfers may Red Bank realtor, also*reports the to tho executive committee were articles are to be furnished by the War Loan drive, it was announced decision of how n,uch. time should be continued during the 30-day leasing, of Florence G. Brand's resi- Walter F. Hogan of McLaren street, branches. today by J. Daniel Tuller, cholrroan Police Chief Andrew Anderson of dence at 189 Maple avenue, to Mrs. Harold Blrchcnough of Harding, road be granted. The OVday period, It Is period following notice of separaA new projeot le the salvaging of of this area. The national quota. In believed, Is thomafcnum allowed by tion, If no transfer has been ar- Sea "Bright was host to tho members Robert C. VnnVltet, widow of Rob- and Leo K. McKee of McLaren Holland cloth for bandages. Thlff the drive is 516,000,000,000 with Mon. . _____ iijjflfcbJgJfli1jaJI|ilhjK.h^HnfltflrRrcpfl gauze luw which perniltsfsuch extensions ranged by ."the time the employees and guests of the Monmouth County ert C. VanVliet, who will move in street. mouth county's iji"i|iiinini(ii|iiil> Hinjlfjj, ge y py W I I I O I O l l o I cla , v , r a w _ _ ^ T O _ ,% when a l"ry > IwttlQOtlngi m i m t October 1. tll td f th Police Chiefs All of the members signed up for wrapping encasing recapped tires. 000 and the Red Bank area being ter on which it hasbeen specifically are actually ; separated from the n u a l c l a m b a ) t e last night at.hls home Mr. Samuel was employed for 14 next,season. Each agreed to plant 2,000,000 yards of which are used Other Sales Reported held responsible for $1,700,000. charged by the sup\mo court Jus- rolls, those.who are fully .qualified l n t h e South beach section on Ocean years by the Standard Oil company a cover crop of rye or wheat for the each year In the United StateB. The At a meeting held recently in Mr. for continued Federal-employment a v e n u e A short business meeting tice presiding In tbifc judicial' disthree garages In the county authorBy Luker and Labrec- Tuner's office, plans were formulated may. .have their/namos entered o n w a a h e I d i b u t raost, the evening of New Jersey, and for the last two, winter and discussed other plans for trict. years has been" traveling as a gov- tho balanoo-of~thls.soason and r>*t:|feed to sell such Urea have promised for the drive which will continue ! was given over to the bake and genA Second order slgrid by Juttloo re-employment lists. year. Members of the new associa- to save the Holland cloth, which will employe?, He has through September. William H. que of B'elford Tha liberal preference logo] v a l - | e r a , - B00 | a bimy. Chief Anderson's ernment of this borough 18been a tion agreed that under the direction bo collected by the motor corps and Psrsklo releases to the'dlstrlct elecresident years. Hassinger, district deputy of the lowed to war veterans remain in birthday was observed by the entire tion boards ot the couity all ballot "Real estate operations have been of Capt. Kennedy, who was appoint- distribute!' to the branches. The state War Finance committee, out"boxes and koys which hive been Im- force. , Employees of the different group singing "Happy Birthday." more active In the last ten months ed by tho mayor and council to su- cloth, four inches wide, must I be Mrs. Mary Walling of Belford has lined the needs for the drive, revealAt the business session, Police pounded alnce last April They are groups w|thln Civil Service are separated In the following manner: Chief Howard Monahan of Hlgh- than at any previous time in 12 pervise the gardens, the project had washed to remove all starch, split purchased tho Fred Ackerman bun- Ing that between July 1 of this year needed for the approaching primary been a splendid success at Red Bank into two-Inch widths and rolled Into galow on Campbell avenue, Port "Employees serving under tempor-. ]anig w a a e i e c t e a a member or the years," Mr. Waterbury said In com- and had proved valuable as a contri- bandages five yards In length. These Monmouth, through Luker and La-and the end of 1943, It will cost the and general elections, Tho court meritlngon the boom tho business is United States about $50,000,000,000 to order, however, does not release can- ary appointments of one year or less] association. Guests introduced by experiencing. He added: bution to the food situation in this will be distributed to the local hoe- brecquo of Belford. The bungalow equip our men and take care of othVSBS books, poll bookt, .registry are always the first to be separated, i L croy Wyckoff of Manasquan, prespltals and to foreign war relief. They has six rooms and modern improve- er war expenditures, amounting to ' "There has been no opportunity for hooks, registry lists, tally sheets, The next ones to go are war-service l a e n t 0 { t n o association, were Col. ments. A one-car garage is also on about $2 daily for every man, woman living e . Officers of the new organization will be made in surgical dressing work sheets, used and unused bal- appointees who have not completed j Rex, Corput, Col. Oscar C. Maler, normal with thefor the real estate and child in this country. About a only seemingly quiet will meet next Wednesday at the room3 in addition to the large quotas the 50xl20"-foot lot. their trial periods. The third group col. Paul E. Watson and Lieut. Col. broker Paul . Watson and L i t , lots, all of which are to continue unl. of surgical dressings. of the day between William C. Roop's property on third of the total amount will be der lock and key for the UBO of the to be separated consists of war- Frederick Atwell, all of the U. S. hoursdawn. We have been midnight home of the president and the next Volunteers for the new mending East road, Belford, hns been sold to raised through Increased taxes and showing meeting of the organization will be service appointees who have com- Signal Corps;' Samuel McKee, spegrand Jury and Mr. Washington. houses after dark with flashlamps be- held Wednesday; September 15, at center for service men at 18 Broad Joseph McGowan of Kearney, who which) Mr. Hassinger pointed out, pleted their trial periods, - and' of street, Eatontown, were requested by took occupancy Tuesday. Tho prop- "none of us like but which are necThe original impounding order had employees under Indefinite appoint- cial FBI agent In charge of New cause of the difficulties war workers tho borough hall. Mrs. Hazard and Mrs. R, O. Wlllguss, erty consists of a half-acre" and a. six- essary ln wartime." The balance a two-fold purpose. Besides holding ments who do not have civil service Jersey, and Commissioner John Kee- have in finding time to look for chairman of the Red Bank branch. room house. those records Intact for tho grand status. Permanent employees with nan of Newark. must be raised through the sale of homes. Mrs. H. C. Pierce aaked for volunJury it also kept them avallablo for civil-service status cannot be sepWilliam Howard of Georgia has bonds. "Real estate business bas become teers to aid in reupholsterlng furni- purchased Mrs. Elizabeth Hesse's uso in the circuit court review of the arated ln a reduction ln force until a 16-hour a day Job, and we have Mr. Tuller announced that the sloture which 1s the production part of large house on Chiiro^l street, Beleloctlon undertaken by Mr. Sterner. all other competing employees are been compelled to augment our staff tho Camp and Hospital program. ford. Lqcatod on a half acre are an gan for the Third War Loan drive .That action ended August' 3 with separated. Within each of the groups to attempt to alleviate the houseTransportation to the Bergen street eight-room houso "with bath and will be "Back the Attack With Extra Judge Klnkead's decision that Mr. mentioned, selections are made on hunting problems from newly arrived school will be provided for such modern Improvements, and a' one- War Bonds In September." The Donahay had been elected surrogate the basis of military preference, efmilitary personnel and the families house-to-house canvass in this area workers who cannot, supply their over his Republican rival by M ficiency ratings and length of serSwimming arid of workers ln local and nearby wav r car ffg will bo carried out by the civilian den own. ' ' ' votes. Industries. Many of the transactions vice." Leo Rlstnn of Baystde Heights has fense personnel, under the dtreotion, Diving Contests Two Members Leave Attorneys for both men, J. Victor are outright sales. Mrs. H. D. Wright commended the purchased Frank C. Hall's bungalow of Ensley White. Using the 700 mem-'' Carton cf Asbury Park, for Mr. group splondid and rethese are living bers of the personnel, Mr. White For Duty With Seabees ln "Some ofhouses familiesthey really The community activities commit- questedfor Itsby Octoberworkall chair- at Campbell's Junction, Sterner and Ward Kremor, also of that 15 8-room when pointed out that this would mean tee of tho Fair Haven borough coun- men furnish the chapter with a .card Asbury Park, for Mr. Donahay, are wanted six-room houseA and also cil,'consisting of Tony Hunting, Arabout four prospects for each cangiven tho opportunity, under yesterMembers of the congregation of quite the opposite, but (hey are all index file of all production workers vasser. Industrial organizations with thur H. Rlemnn and Peter J. Elchele, in their branch or auxiliary. Staff day's ordor, to bo present whon the the Lutheran church gave a farewell taking the unusual housing situation 500 or more employees will bs solic' boxes are emptied. ' > party last night for two members, In the best of spirit, and are pre- Is staging swimming and diving con- assistants may be called up to aid ited by special Treasury Department tests at the Fair Haven public dock in this work. The military personnel and their John Tuzeneu of Spring street and deputies upon recommendation of a families of Fort Monmouth are go- Fred Pagenkopf' of Wallace street, pared to do what they can with what- Labor day afternoon. The first event Monmouth county liquor dealers, local committee Including Mayor starts at 2:30. Ing to see the era of Billy Sunday who havo joined the Seabees. Each ever Is available at the moment. wholesale and retail, will stage the Charles R. English and W. Raymond "One family head from South Carand his tent revival meetings rein- was given a farewell card and a Charles Nunn Is ln charge of arfirst open meeting ln Monmouth Johnson. It was pointed out, howolina said to mo last week, 'If I were rangements and entry blanks can bo carnated at Fort Monmouth Wednes- purse from the 50 guests attending. county In connection with tho Third over, that all credit for sales will go to pick out any other place to live obtained at h|s home on River road. day of noxt weok ln tho old AW War Loan drive. This meeting, ar- to the community In which the subDuring the evening the church than Chester, South Carolina, It The Amalgamated Clothing; Worlc- area. The 16th Signal Training regiThe events are for the young folks J. building contracers, in co-operation with tho Slg- ment Is reviving tho "old-fashioned," paBtor, Rev, Walter Cowen, spoke would bo Mlddletown township." That of Fair Haven and neighboring com- tor, Daniel Tuller, Powers, engineer, ranged by Philip F. Zucker ot Brad- scriber lives. and EHwood ley Beach, who is county organizer mund Eisner company, and under a "genuine" camp mooting but lt Is go- Greetings from the church board Is whore ho now has his wlfo and munities. mot with the , Rlvcrvlew hospital of the liquor industry, will bo held The Red Bank aroa chairmen tnplan workod put by tho two parltes, Ing to be a modern version. This were given by Henry Franz and two children, and they tell me they Prizes havo been donated by the building: committee and other of- next Wednesday at 2 o'clock In the :ludo Edward H, Conway, Red on Tuesday paid a death benefit, ln time, even the little fellow ln the Christian HasEelhoff. The men also feel overy bit os homo there as they Fair Haven fire company, First Aid flclnls last night at- Mayor Charles Seventh avenue pavilion on the Bank; Charles R. Boattle, Rumson;, , tho amount of (500 to tho heirs of rear'row, yes, that one behind tho, received a New Testament and a yould back In Chester. R. English's orilce In the borough boardwalk at Asbury Park, and will R. L. Scott, Mlddletown: M. F . , squad and Lions club. * "Three cara are taking home-acekMrs, Anna Bonifacio of Mlddletown, fat lady, will be ablo to hoar ovory Lutheran prayer-book from . tho hall to moke plans for tho new hos-bo addressed by Alfred E. Drlscoll,' Stevenson, Matawan, and Matawan an employee at tho plant, who died word of tho programbecause there church officials. Thoro nro now 15 Inu strangers around tho countrypital wing. Work on the wing, which state alcoholic beverago commission- township; A. D, Shultz, Keyport and church members serving with the side overy day, from early to late, last week. Checks in tho amount Is going to be a public address sys- armed forces. will bo part of a largo new hospital er, who la also honorary chairman Rarltnn township; William Johnson, and In this manner we have been of $71.43 wero sent Miss Elaine tem Installed, as well as electric to bo built in tho future, Is expected of the stato liquor dealers War Loan Kennsburg; John B, VanMater, AtDecorations consisted ot American ablo locato mnny dozonn to their satBonifacio, Mrs. Rose Galatro, Mrs. lights. to got undenvny this fall. oipanizatlon. lantic Highlands. Chairmen for flags ana' shlolds ln rod, white and Mary DeStaslo, Michael, Frank and "Religion prosontod so all may en- blue. Refreshments wore served un- isfaction. Let's hope wo will bo nblc Oillcors of several of tho local li- Highlands, Shrewsbury, Little Silver It was suggested at last night's Louis Bonifacio and Mrs. Emma joy It1' Is tho wholo Idea of tho oven- der tho direction of Mrs. Harry Asny, to keep It up!"_ meeting that" pinna for the entire quor dealers associations In Mon- and Fnlr Haven will be named t s, Cnndoln. Ing. It will bo a very Informal moot- MrB. Dorothea Pagenkopf, Mrs. John now hospltnl bn drnwn at this time mouth. will havo pnrt in this meeting. ater date. Rallies' and public meet- Group Meets at Mrs. Bonifacio had been employod- ing with all tho trlmmlngB; thoro Hansen and Mrs, Honry Franz, so that tho ofllclnla might be sure Among them nro Jerry Koerner and ngs will be under tho direction' of at tho Eisner plant for more than will be plenty of music, lots of singt built now would bo Pnildy Ilynn, president and secretary Mrs. George M, Bodmnn and pubFair Haven the wins lo ing, many amusing and entertaining 26 years, being ongagod at the plant appropriate. It wan also suggested of the Asbury Park Beverage asso- licity will bo ui>m-vls<jj by Mrs. Arppp g Chaplain 'Wlllard B. ciation; Michael S. Mcndes, president thur J. White, Both Mrs. Bodman during- World- War 1 as well a s specialties, l dl itt i Representatives of the four that the bulldlnpf committee hiro a of*Hhe Bay Shore tavern association, and Mrs. Whits are vies chairmen Robort Patterson, 13-yonr-old son SMlth, regiment chaplain, ably asduring this war. sisted by Chaplain Ewoll Sexton and of Mr, and Mrs. Harry A. Pntterson Leagues of Womon Voters In tho competent architect for tho project, Arthur J. Kelsey of Freehold and of tho Monmouth County War Fla corps of enthusiastic volunteer* of Navnnlnk, who In suffering from Third Congressional district dlsEdward W. Lcggett of Mnnasquan. nanco committee. Mrs, Marlon BerMATlllIKD 415 'VKAItS. pending legislation with ConThroe changes have boon made In sovoro burns received Sunilny, AuImvo all worked diligently to moke Rer will act as secretary tor the Red Mr. nnd Mrs. Charles Robinson this program a hugo success. The the teaching staff at Red Bank Cath- gust 22, when his clothes w.oro Ig- gressman Jumefl C. Auchlnclosa of Bank aron, program Is planned to appeal to all olic high school, according to an an- nited by a blazing can, of gasoline, llumHon nl a mooting .Tuesday nt of Mlddlntown vlllaRfi celebrated othors present at the meeting wr denominations and will be entirely nouncement made by tho school of- remains in, a critical condition nt tho homo of Mrs. Joseph F. Hunter, tholr 45th wedding nnnlvorsary Sat1 Carlos D. Kelly of Ilumion, vice Red Bank public schools will ro- non-soctarlan, Church streot, Fair Haven, Mrs, urday night with a party, at which ficials this morning. Monmouth Memorial hospital. . chairman for tho state on the drive) opon for the now term Monday, Hunter represented tho Rod Bank 20 persons .were presont, Mr. RobSister Almn, who was formerly In Though this camp mooting Is Soptombor IS, Registration of new league, Mrs. Walter Thompson, Now Inson hns heen employed b Jntnou | A portion of tho proceed*) from F. Pierre Holmes, George Kldrldge, h by charge of the sonlor classes, has boon y p 1 Lostor Ross, William Petherbrldg*, pupils will take placo ln the super- sponsored by the ISth Signal Train- transferred to Atlantic City, whoro Brunswick lca^uo, Mrs, Ernest Llning regiment, they wloli to'stress intendent's office In tho oohlor high burn and Mrs. Zlruno, Long Branch C. Homlrlckson nt Cherry Tree farm "Thla la tho Army," which lu to opon It. n, Llpplncott, Joseph C. It-win, nt Ilcudo'fl Carlton ' thontor Tuesday Richnrd HackstafT and William K. school building next Wednesday bo- that all military porsonnel and tholr sho Is now Superior of tho Star ot league, and Mrs. Frod Holman, As- for tho pnst IS years. the Bon school. Sho has been with ovonliiRr Septcmbor 14, will boturnod Smith, twoen 0:30 o'clock and 12 noon, and families of the post are Invited. At n mooting of tho Dlckitmn bury Park lenguc. . . . Hi'luiol Ilcelstrntlon I)uy. ""'"" --;*--- -j, ovor to Army-iNnvy ronor, u wns nnSt. James school for tho past 10 il h l 1:30 to 4:30 o'clock, All pupils who plan l enter the ovor to. Army-Navy , rollnf, ' it, .wnsn n v lo t , .* , b . , . , , . T nnThey dlscusBcd with the congressHkcoter fleet skippers licit! Innt nlglit l M yours. Red linnk public school, for the first "ounccd last night by Manager T Tony Senior High School Students. Sinter Agneso, who formerly taught following tho twilight race.i, Tuesday man the Fulhi'lKlit resolution which tlmo this full (oxcopt thoso ulronuy (Hunting. The Itnd Bank Senior High Bchool of IntornnIIKLFOIW MAN WINS $100. ro y at the Cathedral Girls' school at vorilnir, Scptombcr 14, wns not as cinbodlcn tho principles forco at itN roKlHlorcd nnd pupils entering tho There will be cnly onn porformofllce will be open from D a. m, to tlonnl organization with klndorgnrton) nro roquostod to reg- ance on Oin opening nl^ht und tho Trenton, will take Slstor Alma's tho dnto for tho nnnunl trophy dinMlddlotdwi) Township Flro Com- 3:111 P. m, Friday, September 9, nnd place, Sister Hosnrltn, formerly ot ner to he liHd nt Dlckman's bout command. Thn Ipnh'iio has endorse! ister nt thn olllco of tho Superintend- rollof lund will not 10% of tho gtons. Tuoaday itnd Wednesday, September tho rosolutlon mul Mr, AuchinclosH ent of Schools, Honlor High Hchool, The, prices will be 50.00 for logo pany No, 1 of Hondden's Corner dis- 7 and 8 for registration of now stuPrinceton, will replace Sljter Florlta, works. At Ilils dinner tho sonnon nlao unlit hn wnn In fnvor of it, Tho advisory board of the Itd posed of (100 In cash on the co-oper- dents'anil chocking of schedules. Ilnrrifnir t-onil, Uctl Hnnk, N. J., iiontn, <3,30 nnd (2,20 for orchestra a toaohcr In tho freshman division, championship ''nwnrdn nnd other Ilank brnnch of tho 8a.lva.Hon Army ntlve pinn, nnd a $2R war bond at Thn IIHIRUO nml Mr. Auchlncloss Wednesday, -Hnptembor Rth, bctwoon nnd $1.10 for balcony. During tho II. C. Sleber, Trlnclpal, Slstar Florlln has bssn transferred prlzos will be presented, tho linurH of D;:30 n. m. and 12 o'olock announced today the ofnolll opening n meeting of the company last night. Advertisement. wero iiluo In accord in their oppo- noun nnd from 1:1)0 to 4:30 p. m. To rcnmlmloi' of tlio run of sovon days, to Bernardsvllle, J. Kolghbran of Dilford won tho TO COIU'OUAI,. sition to thn McKollnr bill, which ro- ho ndmlttml to.thn klnilorgarton pu- rcgulnr prices will provnlt and BO'/o of tho annual working and w i r fund campaign. i $100, and John King of Nnyoilnk 1 , qulrr-s Honato cufiflnnntion of tlm n|>- pils must have nttnlnml tho ngo of i will s o Into tho fund. Fuel Oil Private J m i n A . Morris of Spring jiglntment. of, npprpxlnintoly 30,000 yonrn, B inontlis or older on or lioforo R!vor""Vdnd wufl the ?S5 'bohd.' 'No to lull your burner: boat ttraoTessnd , ..juvjHinyiujjy .rA'jprarfTS, Herbert Itdward* and WHIliM It In oxpnctoil that nn Army" post treatynfinlgiWcrfn u fighter squnilron vglntment. pf^.apprnlnyiol fnlr wns hold by tho company thl* prices. Unoxoellod service. Fred O. Otoliar-'lBth." ' ' " ' - bnnd.,,'ul be ,im Ju\nd, tho, oppulnij Fluhrnro, tho co-clinli(mn of thl*1 Mrs. Anthony Nnppl and Mrs. stationed ut Orlando, Florida, ru- federal niiii'iIoyocH, It wim K yonr, Wlkoff Co., Rod Bank, phono BOX HchooU (i|ion for tho now torm Bop- l b t - . ..... . year's t'OliipuHd.'WIth Mi'sTI/VO.'Vilrt' ' that tho Mil would break down tho Marie Miller of Koyport) Mrs, Grao* oently was promoted to corporal. Arivortl/uimenL InweKon ns the ohnlrmM) of th I f tnmlior 13th. l'liplln i)f tl\n Honlor nnd Thorsen, Carl HOMI and Donald C|il. Mmrln I n i;rmUmtn (if HI. wholo merit nyslnni prlnvlplo nnd Junior ;hlKh nr-lmol wilt roport nt n Dr. (1. Tlmteii*r PnrUer Tho Red Ilnnk IlOftlaUr Is sup- dies' division, ft up T Wanted, four passengers to Pitts- Flynn of Matawnn, Robert Knight Potor's high school, Jerncy l!lly, mid vhtnbllsh ]iutionn|fn oi\ n Inrno nenlc. H:Z5 n, ri\, l'n|illii of nil oOior'tinlionla ported by l l n> well on out-of ll tf lisa resumed (ho practice of voltrlnlucnl T|ie quota for this yir la |tf,M0,(ib,; will report nt KUn n, in, town ImlMft Advurlljirmentl my modlclno. Temporary offlct, 02 burgh or vicinity, (latinday, Ho|>ttmv of Atlantic Highlands and Mrs, Joan Baton Hall uOllr-K". 1 ri Un lo join! I l Your llin Mapln nVcnur, Red Hank, phone 3IW6. bur 4, Plioiir, Red Hank D20 utter Wnrd of Fnlr Hnven ira surgical pn- ttie Air Corpx, hn wnn employed nil will Innt iniiEcr If clonmul rcKUlnrly, \ K. C (illlnml, Huprrlutcmlont. nppnnrlnK rogulnrly tell the itory, Thn cnnipftlirn wilt ba lunohd. flip* tonilur IS unit close i walk T p. m.~Ailvitlmont. tlents i t Rlvervlsvr hospltil. A d l l n t >-- Advertisement. Uk accountant, Loon's, phono 2800,Advortliemont. Advertisement,

Changes Made In Employee Status

Victory Gardeners Form Organization

Capt. Robert H. Rogers learned Head Make Plans For Next Season

Police Chief s Meet AtSeaBright_ __

Rolston Waterbury Increases Staff

War Bond Rally At Carlton Next, Thursday

Quota For Red Bank Area In Third War Loan Dnve Is $r,700,000^

Buys Place At Port Monmouth

| Church People Give Farewell Party

Labor Day Sports At Fair Haven

Camp Meeting At Fort Monmouth

Liquor Dealers To . Aid In Bond Drive

Union And Eisner Plant Pay Benefit

Hospital Group Plans New Wing

Talk Legislation With Auchincloss

Changes Made At St. James School ,

Boy's Condition Remains Critical

Red Bank Schools To Open Sept. 13 .

Movie To Benefit Army-Navy Relief

Trophy Dinner Set For September 14

Salvation Army To Hold Annual Drive

Democrats Open \ Hospital To Graduate Campaign At Long Student Nurses Branch Reception
Scver&l Will Enter Army Or Navy Nurses Corps-^-Exercises Tonight
* The 45th annual commencement exercises of Monmouth Memorial hospital, School of Nursing, will be held tonight at the Simpson Methodist Church at Long Branch, and 38 students will receive their diplomas. Dt this number, 36 are members of ,the student reserve of the American ,ReJ Ctoss and a large percentage Is .expected to go Into either the Army or Navy Nurses corps for service with the Bed Cross. Miss Katharine M. Horner, director of the school of nursing, will give hospital pins to the, students. Mrs. George Dwlght, chairman of the sohool of nursing board of managers, will award diplomas and prices. The health scholarship of the Monmouth County Organization for Social Service will be announced by Mn. Geraldlne I*. Thompson, MCOSS president .: Other apeakeri will be Dr. Harry B. Slocum and Dr. John E. Maher of the hospital staff and Bertram H. ; Borden, president of the hospital ' board of governors. Hev. Cornelius H. Witt will give the invocation and benediction. Ella Hasenjaeger will give the address to the graduates. .:. Her subject i "A Call to the Colors." \\ Members of the graduating class include Misses Mary Carton, Claire ;.' Lediard, Buth Samuel, Lucy Vaccarelll and Esther Vaughan of Red Bank; Doris Aumack and Kathleen ;. ; Scott, Fair Haven; Joanne Banfleld - and Anne Throckmorton, Atlantic ",} Highlands; Evelyn Cronln and Jean Howland, Rumson; Jeannette Ralnaud, Matawan; Jane Dlsbrow, Ruth Harder and Erma Jones, Keypdrt; "Laura Koenlg and Antonla Zwollni ski, Freehold; Mary Steward, Engllshtown. '-' Marie Shannon, WanBUHtssa; Myra Shlpman, Neptune; Sylvia Poplansky, Belmar; Ruth Smythe, Blanche . White and Alice Woolliiy, South Belmar; Agnes Shaak.Manasquan; Ruth '" Yereance, Lavalette; Eleanor West, :.. Lakewood; Charlotte Ewart, Mary Jullano and Hildegarde Norria, Toms .1*'-'River; Adele Fosko, Montclalr; Marlon Folhemua, Arlington; Lois Smith, Hazelton, Pennsylvania; Gloria Llmberg, Woodhaven, New York; Geiievleve Lupa, Tftlca, New York; Laura Navas, Henrietta, North Carolina, :.- and Mary Byra1 Rock Hill, South . Carolina. " " Graduation festivities this past week included a tea at the Rlver lands, hbnie~of MrTBbrden a t Rum-* son, Monday afternoon. Tuesday ""'night" M t h e - O l d Orchard -Country ~ "club, the hospital Nurses Alumnae association held its annual dance for members of the graduating clas. This afternoon the annual rose planting ceremony In Mother Pemberton's garden at the hospital will take place at 8:30 o'clock. A recepv tlon for the graduates and their frleridB will be held at auxiliary hall on Bath avenue, following the exerclses tonight.

Conducting Special Services In Canada

Atlantic Highland* Presbyterian ;M e e w C o n s t i t u t i o n ur l

church, who Is serving as summer , " VUIlUI.UUUH
minister at S t Andrew's church in the city of Frederlcton, Canada, has arranged special services for Sunday In keeping with the Day of Prayer as proclaimed by tbe King. ,. Beginning at 10:45 a. m. there will be a 15-mlnute organ recital by Dr. Marcel de Mertln of Belgium. The morning prayer sermon will be at 11 o'clock by Mr. Cbrreal on "The Faithfulness of Cod In Christ/" The soloist at the services will be Donald Frlngle of the Canadian Broadcasting company and son of MaJ. and Mrs. James Prlngle of Frederlcton. A special part of the service will be the church parade of the Canadian Women's Army, under M. Patricia "Flash" Irwln, officer commanding, to the 11 o'clock wprahlp.

Taxpayers Urged To Vote For Rev. Donald N. Ciirrtal. paster of : ^

Draft Boards to Find Jobr for Discharged . Service Men

Merrily We Roll Along

By HAROLD JACOB3EN Do you remember when all those amateur photographers would come In during a session and you'd see flash bulbs going off all over the place? ^ You don't see them any morethe bulbs are as hard to get as steak. Film is another Item that practically went out of sight after Pearl Harbor. But the other evening I was going over my collection of photographs which were taken in the arena. It is fmposslble for me to show them to you, but I can tell you about them and I think I will. I have no photographs of our opening night, which makes me feel terrible, for I had a loaded camera and forgot to uao it.. But some chap came in after we closed and asked Alex and myself to' pose for a, picture and we did. That is the only picture that I have of our opening night. Careless of us, I would say, as the organ was full of flowers and a great number of first nlghters wers present that have never been here since. There Is a picture of Walter Wilson. He used to play the records at matinees,' rememberT Here Is one that was almost sabotagedBob Hamilton, the guard, and Irene Adams, the cashier. It is a terrible picture of Bob and he tried very hard to get it and destroy lt. Here la one of Raymond Vaccarelll, one of our first guards, spinning Ruth Francis, it, Ruth? Here Is one of Margie Ahearn, who used to be an instructress when we .first opened and a good faithful employee. In the background I can see Dale Walnwright. He sure was a good ekate man. Wonder where he is today? Here is a picture of Ruth Robinson put In the center during "Ladles Only" doing one of her fancy stunts on Bkates. Oh! there Is a little picture of LaMont Dubs, He has been one of the most faithful skaters in the place. The picture was taken,, outside the arena, remember it, Dubo? Here is one that many of you may remember tbe visit of the Mohawk Roller Skating club of Mlneola, Long Island. Barring no skate club, they were one of the best group of skaters that have ever been In our rink. There are 30 of them in the picture and I remember their visit as If lt were last week. They sure left a lasting Impression. There Is a pic'

Newark Mayor and County Candidates Among Speakers

Trenton, N. J., (AP)New Jersey The ^Democratic party of Monfarm prices have risen' 40,5 per cent mouth county opened its fall camIn ths past year, the state departpaign last night at the annual rement of agriculture revealed this ception and dance given by the week, but they still lag considerably members of the county executive behind Industrial prices. committee at the Hollywood hotel, Long Branch, when Mayor Vincent Computing an average farm price Stuff Stolen From J. Murphy of Newark, Democratic from 28 commodities produced by the was the state's fanners, department officials Camp Evans Recovered candidate for governor, Democratic guest speaker. Other reached the 40.5 per cent figure by candidates presented to the large comparing the average farm price In August, 1943 with the average price Arrest of Jack Hyde, 25 of Sea audience present were Mrs. KathaIn August, lOi Girt and Frank Yapps, 30 of Free- rine Eikus White of Red Bank for hold, charged with the theft of Army freeholder and Carl E. > Bremer of The farm price of milk rose 8.7 per Signal Corps equipment valued at Monmouth Beach and A. Henry cent In August, 1843, as compared Jl.BOO, was reported Tueflday by Giordano of Deal for assemblymen. with the same month a year ago; Mrs. White la the first woman In Chief Agent S. K. McKee of the meat animals, 17.9 per cent; eggs Newark office of the Federal Bureau Monmouth county to seek the office and chickens, 28.8 per cent; vegof freeholder on the Democratic of Investigation. Miss Florence Marie Kornek, etables, 31.7 per cent; grains and The arrests were made by agents ticket. She waa born in New York daughter of Mrs. Helen Kornek of tame, hay, 32.7 per cent; and tree from the Bed Bank office of the FBI city, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 16 South Peak street, Highlands, and fruits, 124.B per cent and brought to an end an investi- Abram I. Eikus. Mr. Elkus was U. Martin Dale Feblhaber, son -of Mr. Farm prices began to Increase in gation started' several months ago B. Ambassador to Turkey under and Mrs. Henry Fehlhaber of Bay 1940, the report said, with the rate by the bureau In co-operation with President Woodrow Wilson. avenue, Highlands, were married of acceleration, greatest In 1943. Mrs. White graduated from Vas- Saturday evening at the Feblhaber Army authorities. All the equipment Aaiertlng that "the farm, price of stolen from Camp Evans at Belmar aar college In 1928 and In 1939 mar-' residence by Recorder Frank J. Hull. milk remains unsatisfactory and is ried Arthur J. White. They have was recovered. . The bride wore a powder blue below the cost of production," the According to FBI, the men carried two children who attend the public gown "trimmed with white lace and on their thefts In a systematic man- Behool at Red Bank. Mr. White Is was attended by Mrs, C. Mel John- department stid the average summer ner, taking the loot, which consisted regional director for New York and son of Hlghlanda as matron of hon- cost of production of 100 pounds of of radio equipment, out of the camp New Jersey of the Wage and Hours or. Samuel Blanch! of Long Branch milk on New Jersey farms amounted in their lunch. Later they became and Public Contracts division of the was beat man. A reception followed to about $4.72, -while farmers received $3.70 for 100 pounds. The report said bolder and moved much of the stol- United States Department of Labor. the ceremony. dairymen were attempting to. make In 1928 she ' campaigned in the en material, which Included machinThe bride was graduated, from At- up the loss by selling relatively good ery, out in a government-owned Presidential election as a first voter. lantic Highlands high school and is truck. Some of the equipment was She Is a member of Rod Bank Dem- employed at Highlands postofflce. milk cows for slaughter. Describing the poultry situation as found in a'radio shop operated by ocratic club and Women's Demo- The bridegroom attended the same cratic club of Monmouth county, high school and Is chief petty officer "not very attraotlve," the report said Yapps, . Arraigned before United States chairman of Reporter Plan (educa- in the Coast Guard, in which service a shortage of chicken feed, had lowered the quality of the feed and reCommissioner William J. Bartholo- tional program for women) since he bas been for four years. tarded the growth of chickens and mew at Newark, the pair were held 1934 for< New Jersey, member Demproduction of eggs. Furthermore, the for the action of the Federal Grand ocratio state committee for MonOOSTABEATY' Juf report continued, coats of both feed mouth county alnce 1939 and deley_ _ . _ gate-at-large to Democratic national ' Miss Jo Ann Costa, daughter of and labor have risen In tile past year. conventions 1936 and 1940. She was Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Costa of Bor- The August farm price of vegcandidate for Red Bank borough gen place, and L t William Edwin etables was 31.7 per cent higher than Beaty, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. E. the average price In Ajugust a year council in 1933. Mrs. White was a member of the Beaty of Qulncy, Illinois, -were mar- ago, the department stated. It ex177 ( per cent Inboard of Allenwood hospital in 1935- ried Saturday In the rectory of S t Plained a Quick thinking and prompt action 37, member of the board of man- Anthony'B church by the rector, Rev. crease In the farm jfrlce of peaches Salvatoro DiLorenzo. A reception by stating that there was a strong by two soldiers attached to the head- agers of State hospital, Marlboro, quarters detachment saved Fort Han- 1937-41; member of State Board of followed at the Malson Fold at demand for the fruit but a short supcock's non-commissioned officers' Control of Institutions and Agenclei, West Long Branch. ply all through the country as well | t u r e ot M l k e g11[ce. I know you reIn New Jersey. club from serious damage by nre 1941-42. In 1937 sbe was appointed The bride -was attired in a "gown member him. He's smiling, as usual. The State Taxpayers Association Oh, boy! There Is a picture of the early Sunday morning. to annual aray coin commission by of white slipper satin, trimmed with The speed with which Cpl. Dan- President Roosevelt. In 1937-39 she inserts of seed pearls at the waist this -week urged taxpayers through- flrBt roller skating club here, the iel McMonaglo, 161 Midwood street, was president of Monmouth County and on the court train. She wore out New Jersey to vote In favor of Singing Wheels Skating club. There Brooklyn, and Staff Sgt. Paul R. Branch of American Association of a Juliet cap of seed pearls, and a constitutional revision In the Novem- are too many names to mention them flngertlp-longth veil. White or- ber referendum if thsy did not wish here, but they have been separated. Marton of-Raritan, acted, confined .University Women. the'blaze to the kitchen of the club Mrs. White I n ' trustee of tho chids covered the prayer book which to close the gates "for years to come As I look over the group I aee only on Improvements of New Jersey's one who skates here now and that Is and limited the damage to the walls Monmouth County Organization for she carried. / 1 .and. ceiling of the room. Social Service and chairman of their Bob Bursley. There Is also another Miss Martha Costa was her sister's fundamental la*. *' Citizens will have, "everything to face that will be here again this MacMonaglo was returning to his mental hyglcno and parole commit- maid of honor. - She was dressed in barracks following a birthday party tee. She has been interested In P. ice blue satin, with a matching tulle gain and nothing to lose by voting week, Frank Patten, who as you In his honor at the home of Sgt. T. A. and was chairman of tbe pro- headress, and , carried an old- 'yes'," said Walter T. Margetts, pres- know is one of the photographers Marton, "wheri~hei" noticed flames~ln~ gram committee In 1912-48 for Me- ^ M e d - style-bouquet- of- pink iden^ofJhe.aasoclaUon^TheJbpard that-took many of-these the kitchen of the club. He hurried chanic street school P. T. A. of Red roses and blue delphinium. Cpl, of directors had voted to urge an af- Frank is home on a little furlough Bonfc r -.-.._.__ _ _ i _ _ Robert Downing of..B"ort..Monmouth firmative vote, he said, because !'citp P I Mrs. White Via J a. member lolVthe was best- mMi.---^"^l'...'.'.'~.'".''.'.._'"."~ 'li a n o i e b o u n ^ T i j ^ i i i y ^ f u fled him. Marton,half-dressed, was vlslt. .Here Is a little picture of Barpreparing to retire. He immediately speakers'. bureau of women's divisFollowing tho reception the couple Posed revision the legislature may bara French, taken at her duties bereported the fire by telephone and ion Democratic national committee, left on a wedding trip to New York. decide to submit to the people, but hind the refreshment counter. then seized a fire extinguisher in his vice chairman Monmouth county The bride wore a pale blue suit with will have the final voice in ratifying you remember it, Barbara? HeroDo yg is jti th d t td quarters and ran to the club, about war finance committee (formerly accessories of d i f dubonnet. or rejecting the document presented a group' of skaters rounding the turn, 1 war savings staff), and area assist100 yards away. approval or disapproval at how about that, all civiliansnot an The bride Is proprietor of Jo I J r eleotlon." McMonagle had already returned ant In charge of community war ser- Ann's Beauty salon- on East Front \ A-l In the crowd. It was taken B. to the club. Aided by the corporal, vices division.of Office of Director ol street. She is a graduate of Red Civilian Defense. Asbury Park area Bank high school and the New Jer'Taxpayers have a dollar-and-cents H. (before Hltlor). Here Is ono that Marton broke through the screening was taken during the roller skating covering a kitchen window, crawled office Includes Monmouth, Ocean and sey Beauty Culture academy at interest in securing a stronger and Vanities in New York. Here Is one through, and trained the Jet of tho part of Middlesex counties. Thl Perth Amboy. She Is a member of more adequate state constitution of my wife playing the organbet it work In cludea- the setting up of child Court St. James, Catholla Daughters jyhleh will meet the demands of govextinguisher on the blaze. By the ernment and the people today," said was taken when' there were no skattime the Fort Hancock -fire depart- care programs, health, welfare, Vic- of America.' ers- out there. Here is one of Eddie Margetts. , ment arrived Marton had extin- tory gardens, consumers' InformaLt. ?Beaty, prior to entering the tion, nutrition, etc. Among objectives sought by the Reynolds. It doesn't seem that he is ' John P. Combs, a well known res- guished the bfaze. service was an attorney at law and Mr. Bremer received his prelimin- a public accountant. He was admit- taxpayers through constitutional re- old enough now. to be in uniform,, The two soldiers both received ident of Red Bank for many years but he is. Here is one of Charles who died recently, executed his will commendations from Brig.- Gen. ary education In tbe Newark grade ted to the bar In Washington, p. vision, he added, were simplification Langlie's birthday party. His mothlast June 11. All of his estate was Philip 3. Gage for their quick think- schools and graduated from New. C. He is a graduate of Qulncy of the structure of the state govern- er sent money ordor from Hollyleft to his wife, Ada H. Combs, and ing and courage which, the General ark high school. He aleo attended wood, California, to the manager of wrote, does Credit to them and to Cooper Union Institute and New unlverslty I Los Angeles and Is she was named as executrix. the rink in Red Bank to purchase a York university. He has been a resmethods and restriction upon enact- cake and Invite him In to eat it. I Eva Shutts of Farmlngdale left tbe the service. ident of Monmouth county 25 years a graduate of Southeastern uni- ment of mandatory 'spending* laws bulk of her estate to her (rlend, got the money and invited a group in and has been employed by the Pru- versity at Washington, D,. C. 1 forcing local government to pay out ' Ethel C. McDonnell of New Rochelle, Lt.. and Mrs. Beaty are residing certain amount* regardless of local and we had a real party. The pic dential Insurance Co. the past 35 N. Y. She named Edgar O. Murphy ture shows "Skates" (his nickname) yeara. He Is an actuarial man of at 88 East Front street. need and resources. of Farmlngdale n> executor of the cutting the cake. The party was on the actuarial department will. soldiers' pay day and he was BO hapKARSTRHTEN Mr. Bremer served overseas In J The responsibility of finding ]obs py about the party that he wont out George F. Jamea of Long Branch The Beglster this morning received left $200 to the Honesdale cemetery the following interesting letter from World war 1 with the 29th Division.' Miss June -Karat, sister of Mrs. for discharged service men was py d l l d hi py th l discompany at Honeadale, Pa,, for the Private William Bloom, who is He is a past commander of the 29th Charles Mayer of Ocean avenue, Placed this week on the shoulders of and called ~ his mother, long Division association of Newark and East Keansburg, became the bride New Jersey's 202 local draft boards tance,, and it cost him 12 bucks. The care of Uie burial plot of his parents. "aomewhere In England": a representative from Monmouth of Pvt. Oeorge Rh.len Sunday, Au- by CoJ. Edgar N. Bloomer, atate se- telephone company must have enThe sum of W O was left to GreenO , Somewhere in England. county on several occasions. He gust 22, in a colorful ceremony at lective service director. joyed tho party. Here's one of Helen lawn cemetery at West Long: Branch Dear Sirs; Q was recently elected Chef de Gare Fort Tllden, New York, by an Army Bloomer, In a memorandum, asked Johnson in the check room. Helen for the care of his burial plot. All Received the second copy of The of the Forty and Eight Society of chaplain. The couple are spending the local hoards to work with the never enjoyed herself any place exthe rest ot his" estate was fcoquoatbod Register, and it sure la swell to read to Mrs. Ella B. Onntr of Long the home town news again. There Voiture.i 1107 of Monmouth county their honeymoon with Mr. and Mrs. U, S. employment service-, employers, cept out on the skating floor, and Mayer. Afterhis brief furlough Pvt. Branch, and she was appointed Isn't much that enn bo told now, hut (American Legion). He" is secretary Bhien will return to his post at Fort and social, religious, service and fra- she gave a'good.account of herself executrix of the will. there will be Borne stories told when of tho Veteran*' league,' Monmouth Tildcn and Mrs. Khlen will make ternal organizations in placing the there. Here Is one of Ethel May; county; past commandor of Monreturned veterans. Alex's wife, t h e refreshment stand .,- Oraco W, Andrews of Aabury Park this mess Is,over. I often -wonder her home with her mother, Mrs. May At the same time, Major Edgar E. had candy on the shelves when mis loft $100 to Dr. George B, Andrews, how the people back home take the mouth cotinty executive committee Karst of Newark. Lowls, Jr., deputy director, an- picture was taken. Sweet, eh? Here 3d. All the reat ot her estate, which nows of military victories. The fel- of the American Legion, New Jerreally nounced a series of statewide meet- is one of Peter J. McCleos; he was Includes a half Interest In a farm of lows here on the got steamed up over sey; secretary of the PaBt Commandthem and whole the morale is ings for the discussion of veterans' doing all right. Hero IB one of "Bill" 180 acres at Bethel Corners, N. T., very good. The English are vory ers' association of the county Amery g g y ican Legion. re-employment. Skldmore, our most outstanding was left to her niece, Frances J. Oatry to At the present time he holds the skater. We are always proud to Bay trander. Dr. Charles T. Oatrander of friendly and they call make the "Yanks," as us, foel at office of member of the Democratic Pedestrians made up about 60 per that ho comes here. Here Is one of Syracuse, N, Y,, and Miss Ostrander home. But boliove me, there is nothh bli county committee from Monmouth cent of the SM persons killed In traf- Goldle Matthews, modest aren't you, were appointed executors. ing in the world that can take the Beach. He has servod on the elecJOSEPH FAL.KE. flcMn New Jersey during the first Goldle? Here is a picture, Mae GellLillian M. Smith of Neptune town- place of family and friends. Folks tion boards of Monmouth county Joseph Falke, 65, a retired New seven months of this year, and T er at the organ, her daughter Gloria O back realize what these ship made her will last February 16. pepolehome can't have gone through, from clerk to judge, and an active York city policeman, was found dead Per cent of the 206 pedestrian fatal- ilnglng through tho mlke. Jimmy over here Her stock certificates In the APOG but I'm glad to say the tide has party worker. Ho is an active mem- at hla Leonardo home Thursday by ities occurred at night, Motor Vo- Scars! and Alex, guards, Helen Johncorporation at Asbury Park were bo turned. You can almost feel the ris- ber of Monmouth Beach lire departa neighbor, who Investigated after I hlcle Commissioner Arthur W, Ma- son and Ruth Robinson, lnstrucqueathed to Nancy J. Everham of ing tempo of things to come, in the ment. trosses, Ken Robinson, instructor not seeing him around since tho pre- gee announced lost Wednesday. West Allenhurjt. The proceeds from vory air. Mr. Giordano was born at Now- vious Tuesday. County Physician Persons over 60 years of age ac- those were wonderful sessions. Here an Insurance policy In the Prudential There are quite a few of the fcl ark April 16, 1904. He attended paly Harvey W. Hartman said that death counted for 118, or 58 per cent, of is one of the Spinning Cadets. They Insurance company were left to Iowa from Red Bank here and I'm lie schools in Torrlngton, Connectisure were a great team of spinners ' Sarah F. Irons of Belmar. All tho saving all tho copies of the Register cut, and Newark, and graduatod was due to a cerebral hemorrhage, the pedestrian deaths, Magoe stated. and never failed to attract'a crowd rent of her estate was bequeathed for them. Wo hnrdly over see each from Barringer high sohool. He and said that Mr. Falka had been Deaths among children under 15 to- when they were rohoarolng. Here la taled 40, or ID per cent. . to Emmett B. Everhftm and hlfl wife, other, but when we do, It's a grand graduated from Rutgers college of dead 16 or 18 hours when found. picture taken outalde the rink, I He had been a policeman 27 years, Sloven counties reported pedesMn-ry E. Evorham. Mr. Everhnm reunion. We 'have a paper hore pharmacy In 192(J and received the called "The Stars and Stripes," and retiring in 1934. Surviving are nve trian death rates of 60 per cent ot soo a lot of clndor blockB, scaffold wn named n a executor of the will. hardly a dny goes by that someone degree of Ph. G. and In a reglotcrod children, Mrs. Fred Luth and Mrs. their totals or higher to dato this horses, planks, lumber, wheelbarrows Norbert Ejro of Holmdel township from our locality Is not mentioned. pharmacist of New Jorsey. Christian Abbes, Bronx, New York; year, Magee said, as compared with and Iron. Yea, It is January, 1041, left all his estate to his wife. Lena There's Freehold: Asbury Park, Porth In 1930 Mr. Giordano graduatod Mrs. James Morahan of Brooklyn, the national rate of less than 40 per and we are getting roady to make the Ege. The will was executed Sentem- Amboy and mony others, along with from Newark university law school Fred Falke of Newark and Sergeant cent. Huntcrdon and Salem coun- arena larger, thanks to most of the her 30, 1027 and named Mrs. Ege ns Red Bank. and received his dogrco of L.L.B. He names mentioned In the above colTho delivery aorvlco Is vory good was admitted to tho bar in October, Raymond Falko of Fort Jackson, ties were Included In the high pedos- umn. It Is Impossible for mo to monexecutrix. South Carolina. Surviving alao are trlan death rate group, while MonCurlles VanHlae of Upper Freehold nlnn. r rnrolvnd this Inst copy In l!JC- 1037, and boonmo a mombor of the mouth reported eight pedestrian tlon all the plcturen in my qollootlon, 19 tlnys. So, keep tho homo township executed his will Inst June nctly burning,' until tho time, which law firm of Giordano, Golden * Hur- flve grandchildren. (Ires The funeral was held Monday dentha out of 21 traffic fatalities from so I will cut It off lioro and some20. His estate MUI divided enunllv we hope. Is very soon, that -wo can be ley of Lone; Branch, which was time soon I will again turn the January through July, 1043. H, nmong his rlp;ht children and hie there to help. formorly hcadod by his brother, morning at the and L. Scott Funeral pages In my collection of pictures of home, Belford, later at St. AgirrftndrhMd, Charlotte Crnne, dnltfrV Judgo John C. Giordano. you. It nny of you skaters have picSlncoroly yourB, Summer dlmout regulations pernes' church, Atlantic Highlands, Mr, Giordano hold tho position of where a requiem muss was celebrat- mitting windows and doors of lighted tures taken hore at tho arena, wo Pvt. William Bloom. acting recorder of Oceanport and is ed by Rev. Michael H. Callahan. In- rooms to toe kept open Under certain would appreciate seeing thorn and trlcr ' _ now rocordor of Deal. Ho la a p'nat terment was In Mt. Olivet cemetery. conditions will remain In fffoct writing about thorn. You should COUNTY' BIRTHS BACK FItOM VACATION. worthy president of the Fratornol throughout tho year, nccordlng to treasure your pictures ns they will _ ' , i Mr. nnd Mrs. Charles Imel of At- Order of Englos, aorlo No, 2313, and State Civilian Defonse Director Leon- remind you of many ovonts that you MRS. ANNA BONIFACIO. may have forgotten. I hopo you aro Rev. Charles P. Johnson, rector, ,<. Highlands nro tho parents of a membor of tho Grand Aorlo. He Is Tho funeral of Mrs. Anna Boni- ard Droyfuss. of All Saints Eplncopnl church, U flon b t ) r n y p 9 | c rday nt Monrnouth also a mombor of tho Amerigo VcaOriginally scheduled to be In effect ns proud of your collection of picpuccl aocloty of Long Branch, St. facio oi Mlddlctown, who dlod Wed- only from June 1 to September 1, tures as I am of mine. Woll, let's Naveslnk.', and Mm. Johnson return- Memorial hospital cd home yesterday from .a month's Mr, and Mrs, Jonoph Furlato of John oocloty of Asbury Park and nesday of last week, was held Sat- the reprutatlons permit the oponlng drop down nnd see what the F. Y. I. urday morning at St. Anthony'a Vacation spent In Vermont. . Tho Ilivorsldo drive, Mlddlotown town- Onrlbaldl lodgo of Rod Bank. has for us this week, church where a high mass of re- of, windows from the bottom If the clergyman will bo hack in hla pulpit ship, (ire tho pni-cnta of n Don born quiem was celebrated by Rev. Sal- shades or blinds are pulled down (o Sunday. During hln nbaancr Rev. lent Thursday at Rlvervlow hoapltnl. SUIU'RISB S1IOWKK. vntoro DILoi cnio. The Sisters of the cover tho closed pnrt of the window Carroll M. Durclc of Lltllo Silver,! Mr, and MM. Jamci I^-o of Fair Tlin F, Y. I. Bureau Maestro Sllplno- order chanted the nnd the source or light Is not visible former reotoi- of Clirlat church, | Haven are tlm pnrents of n daughter It Is good to see NBncy Bchoflold A sui'pi'luo nhowoi won given last mass. Interment was in Calvary from outalde tho windows and doors, Shrewsbury, has been conducting also born lat Thurnrlny at [Tie same woolt for JHIaa Mary Boyd of Mo- comotery on Long Island. On Thursskating again, the services. Institution, chanlc street at hor homo. She will day night, a rosary service was held LUXIAN GRANT ENGAGED. What Id the matter, Freddie H.? 1)0 mnrrlod Sundny.nt the Mothodlst at tho funeral home with Father DtJilted nsln? And If o, why take lt 8TAHTS TltAININO. TO UNVKU, HONOR ROLL Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Grant of out on the nkatera? church to Stuff Sgt, Bernard R. Ho- Lorenio In charge. Leoarilo have announced the enniiRePat A., wna that Bob Spoonor you Sutherland R. Slmonda, ton of The Lnonardo community honor ver of New York. mont of their daughter. Miss Lillian went home with Friday night? Mr, and Mr*. John IS. Hlmanda, Sr.. roll will bo unveiled nnd dedicated Oiiosts worn Lt. nnd Mrs. Maurlco AJR RAID TENNANTS, F. Grant, to Joseph Dletrloh, Jr., aon of Mnplo avenue, a memhor of tlio af a apodal ceremony fiuntlny after- Hold, Sgl. and Mrs, Charles PromlnHetty, everything happona for the of Mr, and Mrs. Jonoph Dietrich of bent, clana of 1015 at Cornell university, noon at 2 n'clnrk. Mrs. Mitry Kor- Islil, Mr, and Mrs. J. H. Lolghton, Sr., Councllmnn Arthur H. Rlomnn, "'JWS"MH ortfwil t "cUvn., duly ,uL pon,..wtoo him:fltffl' HOUP JU- thn;ei'.i Mrs, Ainu .Collins, Mrs. Jnnirs.Ka.noy. cuniniAtii)r......oJ , tho local, liofenno Trenton. Miss Grant la a former cmWo nil nils* Mario U, nnd wo hopo r th n navnl air station for Aviation In- vloe, will unveil the roll. The cere- Mrs. John Murray, Mrs, Eugene War- units of Fair Haven, has requested l .Q, or th e . J^acy, CpntjoJ. vall ^ m i n o s fllfrt(lnK soon. stiruotlon. Upon oomplotlon of this mony will Ktnrt with n pnrado. The- don, Mrs, Mary Shulli, Misses Flor- i that all omergency drivers report rond. Mr. Dietrich In employed by liutli Scott, couW"If lio that you the Atlantic Products company at ore slipping, or Just what Is It? duty h will start his courao of odorn J, Lohrocque nf (ilonmnry ence, and Doris Hlckoy, Gloria An- i tho training M a naval aviation cadet, park will be I ho Bpilnclpnl speaker, drews, Holon Clusoy, Velora Flti- {cards number on tholr emergency Trenton. No date ban boon set for Bobby Wilson, still havto police headquarters In, the wedding. lending, to a designation n a nnvivl Itoralil, .Clarissa anil Hannah Hell. ing your womon troublesT to obtain the' ofllclal emergviator nd a commission as enDorothy Warden, Until rjoyri and order porinant, which after Decomber Barbara, alias 11. J., li causing The rand to belter anil blKK'r liuslMora than 1,000 20-mllllmeter sliella quite K few heart beat*. sign In the Navy, or a second nr Italia through Tho Ilogliiter'n ad- Dorothy Wolt!otl~Walter Boyd and ency 1 must be displayed with the card lire mde every mlnule (n American Ututtnant In the Marine eorjw. William' Doyd. Verllilnc columns.Advertisement. Ernie nd Wnlly T., why don't you on their cars during air rail altrts. munitions plints. skate more olten?

Arrest Two For Army Robberies


Fire Damages ' Club For Non-Coms

Nancy Meeker, better watch out for tbe big, bad, boogie man. Fete and Fat a n still go'eT strong as brother and slaUr. ' For only 11 years behind her. Dot Groves surely gats around. Bette Long, how was that date you bad Saturday night with those soldiers,?-- Randy Is Cupid the second and we think It's swell. All's well that inOs well, Isn't it, Bob H.T Now, l i l y and Charlotte, Is that nice, pulling each'other's hair? Nice to see) Flossie back at tbe rink again. Is it true, Rusty, that you a n engaged again? You should corns skating more often, K, You looked a little . . . . Mary W. and Tomy B. seem to be doing beautifully. -Ruth Scott, do they often k b i in couples? . Russell, where was your wife Wednesday night? Betty C, what was that rumor about your engagement? We are glad to sae W. Smith home. He wishes lt wasn't -an honorable discharge. Dot Arrowamltb, In your ooming marriage with Frank Dabrowolakl, we wish you all the good luck In the world. , Was It Cecelia that* came between M. and'R.? Why was Betty E3. go blue the past few nights? . . Smltty, why do you obeat on Appel? Curley,, how did you.and Bob Wllaon moke out at Perth Amboy the other night? We note that Cecelia and Mae Rose are on good terms again. Who were the two cute C. M.'s here last night? Dot A. and C. McC, lay off, ' - .' ' Paul DoNuool and Lois Davtoon are falling for each other, fast. like. Paul DoNuccl bos been accepted by the U. S. Navy, and we will mlM him as a guard,, and many girls will mlsa him as "?" Doris C, sorry that you are 111. Hurry and get-well. Jimmy M. finally got nerve enough to ask a girl to skate couples. Freddie R. sure has ben a good boy lately. Bill R&yboo Is back from a week's vacation at Atlantic City. We saw Jack Flflh skating the other night Very good for the first time. I see Tont C. Is making out all right with toe AJr Corps. ' . Anna P , don't get so mid when you fall. i We miss Anna B. since she has been-on the night shift, Frances B., your laugh Is very becoming. We are pleased to see William "Pop" Morrow back at his duties. Ruth R,, how did you enjoy your trip? Why don't Dottle L. and Frances B. do their Jltterbuggln' Inside, Instead of_pn_therqadf_ _ We are all pleasoa to set Ruth girls are on good terms with C. MoO. P-op, what happened to that song you were supposed to sing to Cecelia MeCloud? We wore glad to se Buddy, from Long Branch, home from the Army for a visit. Who is the sailor, Olga Brand? Arnold, who is your now girl friend? Tonl C , why don't you leave other girl's boy friends alone? ' Why don't you skate sometime, jRandy? L i n answer to many Inquiries, we nave not had any news about Alex May ulnoe the laat column. Msny thanks for your well wishes. We were sorry to hear that our friend, Thomas Irving Brown has had a fall and we hope it Is nothing serious. . . Gloria, A. has a new permanent. Nice, huh? Paul, why were you so down-hearted Sunday night? HUM, what keeps you away from skating lately? ' When the song- "The Shrine of S t Cecilia" Is played, we don't have to guess who requested It, do we, Jean? Lois P., did you like the ahower you had on the beach the other day, or was It Lois J.7, Pauline N., we'll be looking for you next week. Wo se that Betty E. Is quite an autograph hunter. Ask Randy who the champion skaters were Sunday night? We see that Peaches R. has a new skating partner. Bottle,L., why were you and Paul lighting last Thursday night? We ilnd Randy driving a new maroon coupe, are you going to buy It? We see that Frances A. liken to watch the skaters from the balcony. Paul D., who has your bracelet now? Ruth? It was nice having Harold Lube back with us last week. Until next week, the F. T. r. will watch you go by. "V,"

Gay (ineties"

Party ildAt
Given In Celebration Of Mrs. C^meron'* Birthday Si
A "Gay Nineties" fcarty was held Sunday at Schneider'! tavern on Bay avenue, Highlands, /n celebration of the birthday of Mrsi Carllo Camaron of Miller street. A former resident of Staton Island; Mn. Cameron la one of the many theatrical .people now realdlng along th> Jersey shore. The guests danced and sang and refreshments were'served during tha evening's festivities. The hotteases and some of the othtra present appeared In comic Gay Nineties attlra after having searched neighbor*' attlci tor authentic tlothes, even to high, laced shoes. The hostesses were Mrs. Mollle McCabe McHugh, Mrs. [Frances Stephens, Mrs. Ann O'Keefe Macklor and Miss Mary Healy. Among others at the party were Miss Mabel Mount, Mrs. Emily Brtney, Mrs, Anna V. Lukshls, Miss' Vcra Lukshls, Mr. and Mrs; Jamea Itorrls, Maynard Cottrell, Charles Wtstcott, Budddy Carmln, Tony Menuapane, Barbara Cecerelll, Mabel Morlhs, Martin B. S. MoriW, Dr. and Mrs. James Jackson, Cpl. Tony Cteorge, Mtrle Gallaway, Joale" Kurtanlck, Mr. and Mrs. F. Tomosulo, William Pitt, .Mrs. Viola G. Belmeder, Mr. and Mrs. Bruggeman, Frank J. Hall, Otto Hall, Clara Kurtanlck, Charles Smith, Mr. and Mrs, F. Tomasulo, James Healy, Margaret Healy, S. R. Hn.rdlron, Kay Brubaker, Mary Brubak^r, P v t Leon Drake, Mr. and Mrs. E. Tonkins, W,' Tompklns, Mr. and Mrsj. McAllister, George W. Johnson, Kate Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. W.tlburn, Elli-. abeth Waits, Bernard J.'Ken, Loulao Ken, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Culvert, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Djay, William Montelth, Rose G. Brady and others. SMALL KHJOHEN ( FTRB Relief engine company; was called out Tuesday afternoon to extinguish' a small fire In the kitchen of the Strand restaurant on Broad atreot, which started when grease on a range ignited. Damage was alight. Card of Thanks, t wish to thank the members of ths Red Bank police and First Aid squad for help rendered me when I was taken 111 on Broad street. ' . W. W. Morrow. Advertisement.

Too Late for Classification
WJtNTED, eldarly man, ovee driflitf#;"6r' woman, for light work In dog- ktnntltl jwnnanenti room and board If dtilnd. Pnont Rumaon 1081. 111! HUDSON two-door 1 good oondltloiu Can be seen at any tlm. Fhont Romaon 873, ANTIQUESSix walnut parlar'chalri. lore iet and (our cant bottom chain; Phone 3480-M'Red Bank any tlm after 9 a. tn.* HIOHT nan wanted. Apply at Callhn' Diner, mar Kwl Bank railroad tatlon.* TWO rooms, furnished completely for light housekeeping;; only business couple used apply; no children. Apply SB North Shrewsbury avenue. Bed Sank. YANKEE.TRADER eelli today] Machinlifa W e , tap chliel, r i i m i n ,, tte.| kitchen cabinet, Carl Zlit monocular, 8 powers enamel oil atove ana oven, ehlna cloaet, dre&slng- tabla and mirror, atutll couch, 2-ln-l table.. diver's htlmtt, com. mode, pine bureau, electric sewing machina, llx-plect tea set, National hort-wv receiving1 let, upright piano, combination echool duk and ohalr, 100 folding chain. chln pull, 8,000 oeiiool booke, rugs, fla-t top desk and chair: all kinds at curios sad glfti. Always a little better bargain at the iankee Trader, as West Front atraet. Red Bank, phon. 3347. W. buy, sell and trade, FEIMALE help wanted; office assistant, stenography necessary, Permanent position with 160-year-olii Industry. No war Job. Bate pay 1 2 ! weekly, plus bonuses. Five-day week. Address Fermanant Poiltlon, box SIX, Red Bank, COW for sale. Telephone Etd Bank

Wills Probated

Red Bank Soldier Write* From England

OIBI/ or woman wanted for general nounwork! plain cooking; full or part times reference!. Call Bed Bank. 48. GIIOCERY dark wanted. Apply John Kintlemann. Inc.. phone Harmon 887, bADX'3 bicycle, man's blcyclt, 40-foot tnilon ladder, roof brackets, acaf>old brackets. All In good condition. Can be aeen Sunday at Irving place, Eatontown. first place on left.* 0KB or inor pairs, of JQlue or White KJnt; plireons wanted. Phone 2209 Red Bank, or call at Si Llnden_place. INBULATB'now'i save fuel In wlntirl coaler in summer. Johns-Manvllle tnulatlon. for local representative phon* Adam J. M. Unsmayer, Atlantic Highlands 710-U. Estimates glren without oblljatlon_. IN DEO BANK It's Span Craft Studios for picture framing! oil paintings, etchings and engravings restorsdi full lisa frame* 1MS mantel mirrors, window va)anes. lawn llgnl, framed mirrors, 87 East Front itnet, two doors from Kelly's, phone Bad Bank toss.


Mrs, Dorothy Geer returned home Tuesday from a vacation in Massachusetts, Maine and New York city. Leon Lepre is having hla house rtpalnted. Stanloy Stllwell Is expected home thla week from Pack&nack lake. He has been employed all summer at !aldwell airport. , Benjamin Hanklnson of River Plain., a former realdent, spent'Sunday with Mr, and Mrs. John BnWen. Miss Joy Mason of Red Bank waa a weelt-ond guest of Miss Shirley Stllwell. Mr, and Mrs. Goorge Fowl* are vacating In Massachusetts. Miss Ruth Williams has returned from a month's vacation in Masaachusotts. ' Mrs. Matthew Mullin and son Matthew of Llncroft are visiting Mrs. Mullln's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bsrnard A. Warntker. Many ros'Idents of this place and Llncrott attended a parish party Friday night at S t Gabriel's hall, Dradevelt. Mr. and Mrs, John Dileiyo'and two daughters spent Bundny at Stamford, Connecticut. Week-end guests at the Pasquale Vlscuno summer homo were Mrs. Lnurit ICalanta and children, Margaret and Thomas, and Joatph Florilello of Brooklyn. When you want to reallie cash for something speedily you ctn count on Tho Reglater want ad columns to do your (tiling for you,Adyrtlsemnt,


All Our Sea Food Ftcali. No Cold Storage.

SwimsWe Hav I*j

S""" Market g j
Phone 1377 We Deliver
Weok-End Specials
IHJTTERFI8II WEAKFISH ._.. BONITAS QA SMAIL MACKEREL JU|b SEA BASS '. in, NATIVE EELS _ . . _ *iU|b TOXET HADDOCK BOc Ib. SOFT CLAMS _...&5o qt, OYSTEBS S0o pL, J.OO qt. Crnb Men* 1.00, l,os ||,, I.OIISTEK MEAT $t.g 8 ||,, ' IIALIDUT, COI1FIHU DLTJEriHH '._ LOD8TEH8 SOFT CRABS Lunch orders token. before 0:00 A. M.
Dlansr orjirs taken before SiOO a. ro,

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the Bell Telephone Co. of New York Doris and Richard, are visiting rela- visiting relatives In Ohio and Wheelon Sunday Amounted to J hours and. 66 minutes. .'-- city. tives at Brooklyn. ing,- West Virginia, returned home The weather during the entire trip Carl Foster has returned to CaliWilliam Wilson la building an ad- Tuesday. (Tha Rd Emit BesUter can ba bought fornia after spending a furlough proved to be ideal, and for only one dition to his house on Main street. - Belford from H. CUr Hair. John Mtss Marjorlo Dennis is spending or two ihort momenta did a, few O'Kell't store, Wuiannan'l An& Lnts with bis family here. Miss Minnie Potter ot New York a week with her sister, Miss Mae threatening' cloud* appear on the wipftiar dellvarr) Mrs. Ernest Vplklad was a New- spent a few days last week with Dennis, of Union Beach. horizon. Mrs. G. A. Lee and daughter, Mrs. Mrs. John V. Glass, Mrs. Georgia ark visitor; Friday, About 4 p, m. Sunday, camp broke Mtefl Geraldine Leonard .is spendMiss Lenore . Foster has been en- W. R. Jeffero. Foster and Mrs. Thomas Smith of up snfl our squadrons Individual ing several weeks with relatives at By Mr*. H. E. Battersby Joying a week's vacation from her member* started to drive back home, this place; Mrs. James Whleton of Leroy Henry of New York was a Jersey City. at feeling richer their week-end guest of hli-'elster and and Mra. Fred P. Cook Denny Lingo, who Is stationed at Public Relations Officer all I am sure, having gotten for know One of the nice things to happen KearnyPleasant spent Thursday of duties andFort Monmouth. experience In to Sgt. Mj5rJ?rnk VanNortwkk family, Mr, and Mrs. Rufus East- New London, Connecticut, spent the Point at wag and understand each other better; In at the club this week after the return Jenkenson's Point Pleasant beach. have returned to Texa^after spend- mond. ' week-end with his sister, Mrs. two years .Gives Detail of Group having worked together n a a unit as of John D. Maitland St. Agnes guild held a game party ing a furlough with, M\s. VanNorCpl. and Mra. Robert Newlands Francis Rauch, of New Monmouth. never before; and having built up a Bpent-ln Iceland. What Is now known the George Dennis returned to his poManeuvers splendid spirit of good fellowship and as the USO club was started here Tuesday In made parish hall. High wlck's parents, Mr. and^lra. John spent Tuesday at New York. Broander. \\ by Mrs. Dora Taras Che recreation center of the De- scores were co-operation. Mr. and Mrs. Lester Walling have sition on the Jersey Central ferry Mra. Wallace Miller and son Bruce purchased Mrs. Eva Ackerman's Tuesday after two weeks' vacation, Respectively Submitted, fenae Council of the River Boroa, and now, Mrs. Edna Yarnall, Mrs. G. Robert F. Norton of Sea Bright bas Robert F, Norton. John was one of the first boys to at- Lentz, Mrs. E. Minor, Jean Minor, and Mra. Sarah Heyers spent Wed- bungalow on Campbell avenue, Port Armand Havens of the Merchant rendered his report a public relaMarine spent Sunday with his partend. Having known Mrs. Benjamin Lois Salmon, Ruth Morris, Anna nesday of last week at Neptune City, Monmouth, tions officer to the squadron comCrate, hostesa.-from those days he vis- Boyce, Mrs. H. VonEff and Mrs. L. visiting Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Mrs, Mae McAleep of Red Bank ents, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Havens, mander, Lt. Harold Canning ot the ited her upon his return. Many- Otcll. Blind packages were awarded Cojnborne and Mr. an'd Mra. Clar- and son, Cpl. Harry Greenwood of of this place. Aabury Park Civil Air Patrol unit, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Leach of things were discussed but the out- to Miss Emma Plahn, Mrs. H. Von ence Stokes. Dover, Delaware, and Mrs. Linda which took part In the New Jersey standing subject was the value of EfT, Joan Minor and Mrs. E. Mrs. Pearl Fetridge of Asbury Yetmah and daughter Linda Mae o'f East End road are the parents of a rroup maneuvers at Blalrstown the daughter born yesterday at Riverletters to our boys so far from home. Wentgle. Park spent Monday with Mrs. Er- Freehold were Saturday guests of Week-end of August 22. Mr. Norton's view hospital. Mrs. Carl Foster is enjoying three nest Volkland. Those assisting with a very sucMrs.. Joseph Havens. report, covering the activities o the Men for the Army cessful dance Thursday night were weeks' vacation from his duties with Mrs. Leonard Nelson and children, Mrs, Laura Lingo, who has been It pays to advertise In The Register. Unit, follows; . M. Benjamin Crate, Mrs. Jack To Leave Sept. 18 >? August 28,1MB. Klrichbaum, Mrs. Raymond Wyckoff, Squadron Commander, Anbury Selective service board No. 1 of Mrs. C, E. Maraller, Mrs. Thomas Park Squadron. , Freehold ' yesterday released the Paul, Mrs. Jame Hubbard, Mrs. SeaMemorandum for; Lieut. Harold names of men who have passed brook Schanck and Mrs. .J. Leon Canning, their physical examinations and Schanck, Subject; Report of Group Maneu- have been Inducted into tho Army, The workshop Is a busy place ver of the Civil Air Patrol, August Navy or Marine Corps. Those ac- these days. Cpl. Alfred Werdann of 21 and' 22, 1018, at Blalrstown, N. J. cepted for army service will leave Newark, assisted by PFC. John Top On Saturday, August 21, 1043, the Anbury Park Squadron No. 5 v of Freehold September 18, the navy of Chicago, Is busy in the shop day " Grou,, 223 of the U. S. Civil Air .Pa- September 4 and the Marines as and night making a beautiful filing cabinet for tho captain of his Comtrol started on its journey of some 85 called. ' miles to take part In the N. J. Group The next call will be September pany. It took tho boys threo days to Maneuver over tha week-end. 28. Those In the current class are: flnlfjh it. Another serviceman finLt. Thomas Wolstencroft assigned William Harry Allen, Freehold; ished a crib for his baby son. Commanding Officer ot the Squadron James Rodney Balrd, Freehold; The sing Sunday was the largest > for the mission, Issued orders for Henry James Banks, Freehold, Navy; we have had as yet. Mrs. Theresa members of the Squadron to meet Edward Reginald Barber, Freehold, McCllntock was at the piano and at the Asbury Armory at 4 a. m., Saturday, August 21, 1943, Here the Navy; Matthew Eechler, Newark, Miss Lucy Hartman In charge. One nucleus of the Squadron assembled Navy; William Charles Bellamy, of. the novel features was as follows, consisting of Adjutant Lt. Rr.Wol- Freehold, Navy; Percy Blngham, 25 song sheets were given out to boys stoneroft, Lt. Donald Held and Mrs. Freehold, Navy; ' George Cannon with paper clips attached and 25 Reid, Lt, Thomas Wolstencroft,' Pri- Bishop, East Orange, Navy; James sheets to the girls with a pink dip vates Mary Semkus and Robert F, Ford Booth, New York city; Rhea Norton, who loft in a car at 4:45 a, Edward Bromell, Engllshtown, Navy; of paper attached to the clip, during the regular sing there was a pause m. driven by Lt. Donald Reid, After stopping at the Hacketts- Donald C. Butcher, Jr., Freehold; and the boys who held song sheets town-diner for breakfast for an hour, Leonard Clayton,. Cream Bridge; with clips were asked to. rise and the trip was completed In short or- James Conover, Freehold. sing, "I Want a Girl." Dut-lrig ander- and Blalrstown was reached Anthony James Conzallna, Mat- other .pause the girls holding the shortly before 8 a. m. Hero we were awan. Navy; Clifford W. Cuaworth, clips with pink papers "were asked joined by Capt, Herman Schramm, Plight Officer Kalhert, Sgt. Kerr, Freehold, John Anthony Daslnwlcr.-'-to rise and sing, "Let Me Call'You Privates John Caruso, Belottl and Matawan, Navy; Walter Dombroskl, Sweetheart." This caused much merVaccarJ, who had driven up from Jr., Colt's Neck; Thomas Joseph riment, at the close of the sing, boys South River vicinity. Then In rapid Dore, Freehold; Joseph Walter and girls sang together, "You and succession Alex Von Der Beck and Dzwlll, Matawan, Navy; Carl Ram- I." Mra. McCllntock and Cpl. James Lt. Graco Llehtman appeared bring- bert Ely, Allentown; Thomas Evans, Page sang a duct, "Sylvia." Sgt. Don ing the total of Asbury Squadron up "to 1* members, who put In their ap- Freehold; John Fedeyko, Freehold; Guard and junior hostess. Rose Plngpearance for tho first days activities. Paul Andrew Fitzgerald, Farming- ataro sang a duet, "Perfect Day," After assembling for roll call at dale, Navy; Arthur Edmund Frooh- and Sgt. Guard and Cpl. James 8:15 a. m., alonsr with the two other llch, Matawan; Alexander W. Grab- Page, formerly of tho Wisconsin Glen Squadrons of tho group, namely lewskl, Freehold, Marine Corps; Al- club did "Stout Hearted Men," At Trenton and Woodburv who had ap- bert John Gunthor, Lakcwood, Navy. our sing next Sunday we will have proxlmatoly 100 and 60 members reWarren Grlfln, Wickatunk; Ed- another treat In store for us. Little spectively, Commanding Officer Capt. Linda Lee Marshall, ilve years old Hunt Smith welcomed the three ward Hammond, Cllffwood, Navy; and the daughter of a service man Squadrons and explained the oper- Orson Stanley Humphrey, Matawan; William Leon Ifka, Matawan, Navy; will sing and play for the boys. ational activities for the Mission.' . Capt. Smith explained that the Alfred Thpmas Landwehr, Freehold; Seen and Heard Around tho Club. purposo of tho maneuver was to put Joseph Law, Holmdel; Guy Edward Junior hostess Rose Fingataro, eyes In practice tho training we have re- Layton, Freehold, Raymond Howard ceived In our individual squadrons Lemlng, Engllshtown, Navy; Hugh shining like the stars above, a long and to glvo all members of Group McDonald, Allentown, Navy; Joseph looked for letter arrived; Burt Sted''- 223. a chnnco to familiarize them- Antonio Marailta, Freehold; Edward man could se"e no stars because a letselves with Aircraft Oporatlon. ter did not arrive; Tom Williams A quadrangular map showlnnJooa- Albert McCarthy, Freehold; Robert very .earnestly telling Jean More, . tlons of some five miles around the Emmetff McGratn, "Cliffwood. Navy. Mike Collins and Ted Smith a joke, airport was placed on the bulletin James Thomas McKenzio, Farm- turning they did not hoarU an(i numerous j!oplfi.f urnlfthed lngdale; Navy; Harold Francis Me- *eo-tho. in disgust when over, a chair point,, tripping tho various squadrons. On this map Namam Froehoid, NavyT- Charles leg and falling flat on his face; was placed showing eight locations Edward Merrill, Matawan, Navy; George Miller face burled fn a book designated as defense plants which Nathan Narold, Jersey Homesteads; pilots and observers had to patrol Walter William Noce, Engllehtown, in the library for hours, title "How and defend at all times from enemy Navy; Warren V. Okerson, Free to bo a good Speaker," lt was like taking coal to New Castle," says his 'Saboteurs. ' Tho plan and object of the mls- hold; Charles Parker, Jr., New buddy John Cornish; and Bud JohnBrunswick, Navy, Robert Sanders Bon coming to the club for the flrst , slon wns to euard and protoct tho . post, airport and courso from, tho Parrlsh, Freehold; Raymond Thomas time, exclaiming, "Geo who .thought enemy and to apprehend any possible Patterson,' Perrinovillo, Navy; Fredsaboteurs on the prround nltrht or day erick Michael Porrotti, Colt's Neck, up this corner of heaven." that might Infiltrate into the post or Navy; James Donald Possolll, Perth We welcome to the club the folgrounds and perform some destruc- Amboy. lowing boys back from overseas, tion of property or Injury to personJames Corbett, Thomas Morgan, Mil' nel. Chester Arthur Price, Freehold; ler Brown, George Stiller, Robert Eventually Saturday night and Clarris Lllbern Pudder, Freehold; Cugan, Bertard Wlshlor and Peter Sunday morning some 20 saboteurs Walter B, Rich, Freehold, Navy; iStorm. represented by the Teansck Squad- Elmer Budd Richardson, Allentown, Congratulations to tho following - ion were apprehended during the Marine Corps; Arthur George Robcourse of tho maneuvers. bins, Engllshtown, Navy; George boys married this past week, Gone Smith, Ernest Miller, Chester FithI learned from 3taff Headquarters Rubin, Matawan; Edward Frederick that tho enemy during the first night Ruloff, Lakowood; Donald Alfred lan, Stewart Dugan. had inflicted some damage by a sur- Rumsey, Atlantic. Highlands, Navy; Junior hostesses Dorothy Healy, iprlso aortic on tho popular bar of William Smith (Stifka), Freehold, Jean Schmidt and' Connie Garsldc tho Villa Rocco and surrounded and ar'o leaving us soon to. become temporarily captured the Group Op- Navy; Nathan Sims, Dutch Neck; nursos. Connie is taking army nurserations Officer Lt. DowIlnR and his Vincent Joseph Slrutls, Freehold; ing and Dorothy and Jean general entlro staff who had been amusing Clarence Henry Skeldlng, Englslh themselves at tho hotel bar. It was town; James Spence, Farmlngdalo, nursing. Special montion to the following quite some time before re-enforce- Navy. ments could be rushed through to for attendance and Frederick Richard Smith, Morg- junior hostesses club: Rose, Connie rescue Lt. Dowllng and his staff and Interest In the anville; Clarence Brower Stultz, and Mario Plngataro, Jeanne CreaIn turn recapture the enemy." Tho enemy proved most resource- Matawan; Joseph SupulskI, Free- tore, Carol Grande, . Mary Clemens, ful la several cases, Infiltrating into hold, Navy;' Joseph A. C. Suther- Alice Loe, Ann Harkins, Jean Wllby, tho post by cllmblnq- into tho trunks land, Farmlngdale, iNavy; Clarenoe Josephine and Edith Leone, Mary of officers cars. However In the end Andrew Suydam, Matawan, Navy; tho enemy was repulsed and appre- Elbert McLeod Taylor, Farmlngdale; Ann Cesero, Bessie Murphy and . hended and no serious damage was David Carey Thompson, Freehold; Rachel DePontc. really inflicted. An orchid Mrs. David L. Seely, Tho Asbury Park Squadron was Walter Scott Thompson, Jr., Free- chairman of chaperonos "and her small in numbor, but distinguished hold; Henry Herman Ulrich, Spots? corp of asslstnnti.for tho flno .work itself for its good work in Its llhe wood; Anthony Vbtta, Cliff wood; ' of jjuard duty. In fact it was so ap- Ernest Walker, Freehold; Earl they are doing on dance nights. Boys, dont forget the fun they nre preciated that the Group Operations Franklin Walton, Clarksburg; WilOfllcor, Lt, Dowllng kept up an ln- liam M. Wilson, Jr., Freehold, Navy;- having square dancing Friday night, ccasant barraRo In tho form of a Peter Paul Wltcavltch, Freehold; 8 p. m,; the ilanclng 0,la|3seg Monmost Inslstant demand for 50 to 76 Louis Clarence Woolbert, Gloucester; dayVilghts, T:30 p. m.; the dance - por cent of our entire porsonnel to Thomas Henry Yates, Jr., Freehold; Tuesday night, 9 p. m.; skotchlng , bo placed on guard duty practically George Howard Ash, Freehold; Rob- class on Wednesday, 8 p. m.; and continually. Howover, eventually our card night, Wednesday, 8 p. m. resourceful, energetic squadron oper- ert Charles Sturt, Freehold. Also tho folks back homo would ations ofllcer. Lt. Donald Reid sue. All are in the army unless' indicatccssfully combated tho Issue by re- ed otherwise. appreciate a recording of your voice; plying that our Squadrons small perthat your Dad would like a personal sonnel had all boon detailed. letter from you; tho dark room If The Dot* Lt. Donald Reid was compliment- on the address on your paper sbows you like photography; to put your ed nnd cited by Lt. Hand Offlcor of when you; subscription expires. Tola talents to .work in tho workshop; tho Day for his fine and Ingenious paper, like most solf-respoctlng pub- there Is a shower and press room in alarm and ilovlco to detect and catch lications, Is operated on a cash-insabotours, A 300-foot emergency rope advance baslB. If your anal date Is tho club, soup, towels and iron kept line was set up in the bushes behind drawing near, send In your check In tho cantocn, a razor In tho office, tho Asbury Squadrpn Camp Ground. tor renewal today so that you will all for you nnd this Is a homo away This wnfl connected and placed in not miss any Issuca ot your favorite from homo for you, what'you do not oontaot with tho horn of an nutomo- homn nowspnnn.Advertisement "eo, ask for. bllo so that anybody coming In contact with this line would set off an automatic alarm. Capt. Herman Schramm honoring tho Squadron with his presence, played tho dual role of serving aa Squadron pilot and tailing caro of uo as Itoprononfiitlvo on the Staff of Group' Command. During tho flrst day, four hours and fifteen minutes of flight time wnn onjoyod and divided between BAMBERGER'S WILL BUY USED tho Squadrons four pilots and ten obsoi'vers. Lt. Thomas Wolstoneroft GRAND PIANOS USED SPINET proved most capable and efficient In planning nnd plotting tho flight time PIANOSUSED SMALL UPRIGHTS schedule so that literally tho ball wns kept rolling continually and not a mtnfome, eait'UHtorivith 18th Century *.<jf/. fvV P*w* * *tur*ily , precious minute was lost In docldtag Ffer* it nothing jorrf-b'uHt about thh /% furniHtrt. Tk* Mahogany vmr* are handwho was to flv noxt, None of tho Phono MArket 2-1212, or inail tho coupon to Hare one members of our Squadron brought rubbed. mtt * 8*<N ttom. that rieh glo* to that you (* hok right info tHe W any plane* up, BO the Squadron hired o our experienced piano specialists appraise your n used the Aorontea Planes at the piano. , v of tfo-UNxM.' Overhanging top rfrwwr in * ml tKetf. Twin or fiM she M. You airport. Men hi wcro nerved by tho Summoreon py for tMt bedroom mt on emy otu tty our npmint pwment plan* tiiat suits yur L. Bamhcr & Go,, Newark, New Jersey ndt Hllln Division of tho Red Crosa and tlio food wns most palatable and own hutfat. Furniture, Sth Fh 1 would like to sell my used grand, piano used natlnfylnir at all times. M o t kits and adequate feeding equipment was spinet-uscil'umull upriyht. It in upp'rojiwutcly furnished us an well as small portnblb Pun Tents with blankotn by tho yews oh), . Group Command, Snturdny night after Mess, the Squadron- inn a whole relaxed for avName , , (ii nl hours, vlHltlng tha quaint and ^plntuiOHfiuo llttlo mountain vlllngo at Blnlrntown, nauntorlng and meandering through Main street and nil Its 'Address t .,,...,..,.,... ...i.,.,.,... M...,...,.,...... Bltrnolivo little hoj>, rutauranU, danoo halls and places of amusement*. Telephone Number ........,.^.,...,.,. t .,.,. M .T.!.',,,., !On Sunday morning bur Hqundron wjis nummontnil by tho arrival of OP AUEMW3 &RBAT Flight Olllonr Grossman nhd Hit RXHH.D.R. , cloiw wife. Sunday's activities proved NKWAItK, N, 3, to lio ropotltlon of tho previous day and practically the nm amount of "Vlng wan accomplished a on tha previous day. Tho actunl filght Urn* ,"ODt Or AtUMJCA'3-C/IKAT STOHWm

Papa ThVeft.

Robert F.Norton Makes Report On Civil Air Patrol

Goings On About The U. S. O. Club


Little Silver Club To Hold Luncheon

The Little Silver Woman's club will open the 1013-11 club year at ft lunch" i eon Wednesday afternoon of next week at the Methodist church fellowship hall. Mrs. Fred Dunnell la gen* ',' eral chairman. , ', Mrs, Edward McClcllan, Jr., preah dent, will preside. The gueat of hon- 'or will be Mrs. John Baer of Spring ' Lake, new vice president of tho third , district of the New Jersey State Federation of Women's clubs. Dorothy . Coburn, stylist with DoPlnna, .will ; speak on "Clothes for the Duration." ', Mrs. Chester A. Albert* l reservation chairman and Mra. Albert V. Jones is in charge of sooting arrangements. New year books will b e . ' distributed by Mrs, Henry F, Olark, Jr., financial secretary. "(

Selectees From Freehold District



fm Cm Now Own a 3-PJeo* tiepplmtMe oti Thh low Sale Pvtes


L. l i l f l l C l l & C . D


f-, Page Pour


they arrived, and chaperoned the dancers. Members, of the Eumson VSO, led by Mrs. Joseph Clancy, supervised chock room facilities for the girls and served as "floating' hostesses " The Highlands |VSO, headed by Mrs Q. V. Kadenbach, also assisted at tho snack bar and served as senior hostesses. Guests of the management committee included Gen. PhlJlp S. Gago, commanding general of the Harbor Defenses of New York, and Mrs Gage; Col, Percy L. Wall, new Fort commander, and Mrs, Wall,.and Col Joseph C. Haw, former Fort commander, ' and1 Mrs. Haw. Members of the committee of patrons and patronesses who were present included Mr. and Sirs. Anthony L. McKlm of Little Silver, Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Trask, Mr. and Mrs. Byron E. Aspdin, Mr, and Mrs. Samuel Riker, Mr. and Mrs. Clement L. Despard, Lt. George Dwlght, U. S. N., and Mrs. Dwlght, and Lt. C. Frederic Niclson, U. S. A., and Mrs. Nlelson, all of Rumson; Hon. and Mrs W. Warren Barbour of Locust, Capt. MRS. KATHARINE E. WHITE William W. Gamwell, U. S. M. C, For Freeholder nd Mrs. Gamwell, and Lt. Marshall Geer, U. S. A., and Mrs.' Geer, all of Mlddletown; Mr. and Mrs. Amory L. Haskell of Atlantic Highlands; Mr. Keansburg ~ and Mrs. Fredeflnk E. Hasler of New York city, Mr. IBsi MrB. Morton L. (Th Red Bank Kcgllter can bi bDught Newhall of HoI>{SEel, Mr. and Mrs. In KeanaburK at the stores of E. L, Miller heodore D. Parsons, Mr. and Mrs. N. Santu Luc'la. I'hillu KIlor, Charles VoAllan B. Randall, Mr. and Mrs. Vic- gel. U Zuckqrmnn and Georgs Swiss) PFC. Leonard Smith, 20, of West tor Satter, all of Red Bank, and Major Robert F. Spottswood, Special Keansburg was killed in action In North Africa, according to a telelervice nicer of Fort Hancock. gram from the War Department reYMCA staff membera who super- ceived by his father last week, Pvt. vised arrangements for the ball were Robert C. Harris, executive secre- Smith was employed by the Foster tary, Howard M. Laramy, activities _ Wheeler company of Carteret besecretary; William M. Forbes, physi- fore hia Induction Into the armed cal director; Mrs. Meca M. Werbe, services, where he served with the 'Bocial secretary, and Martha A. Rog- tank division. Seaman Walter Richmond visited ers. his family on Palmer avenue.recentMataunn Man Commissioned. ly. St. Ann's Catholic church will hold Charles E, Hauser of Matawan has a game social tomorrow evening at ieen commissioned a second lieuten- 9 o'clock, i ' ' nt after a course In the officer canWilliam O'Brien, 18, son of Mr. Idate quartermaster school at Camp and Mrs. William O'Brien of Wood, Va. avenue was Inducted Into tho Army and left for Fort Dix last Monday. There are 61 collegiate, 59 profes- Word was recently received by his and 18 honor fraternities in parents that he was selected for avi the United States. ation training. * August E. Aalbue celebrated hla birthday Sunday. Mrs. Florene Kaplloff, wife of.Benamln Kapiloff of Main street, is a surgical patient In Monmouth. Memorial hospital. Warren A. Chrlstman celebrated his birthday last week. Harold H. Gressman, 24, son of MrS. Mildred A. Gressman of Lincoln court, Is enrolled in the U, S. Naval Training school at Chicago, where he Is studying radio. Mrs! Leroy "Hayr "Sr:, of ~VI Keansburg, is a patient In Monmouth Memorial hospital. Mrs. Mary Lapelosa of Carr avenue Is ji patient In the General hospital In

Military Ball Held At Hancock

Attended by 1,300 Enlisted Men
Tho flrat enlisted men's military kail to bo held at Fort Hancock slnco t|ie fall of 19O took place last Thursday night at tho Army and Navy YMCA, climaxing the summer program of social and athletic actlvlf ties Bponsored by that organization. The event was held In the Gen. Philip 3 . Gage gymnasium, used for dancing for the drat time since It was opened In February, 1942, for the uee of enlisted personnel and officer* of Fort Hancock. More than 1,300 attended, dancing partners for the soldiers travelling from a s far as Newark attired in formal clothes. Invitations sent out tiy the YJMCA to young women in New Jersey communities remitted In more than 400 acceptances, many of tho girls making their own evening gowns for the occasion. WACs of Fort Hancpck and AWVS hostesses and chaperonea were the only women In uniform. Among tho groups' represented were 50 female Victory Cadets from Elizabeth, 50 members oi the Junior Hostesses of Newark, 50 representatives of the Jersey City Girls Service Organization, 125 GSO girls from Wcslficld, 50 VSO members from Rumson, B0 USO girls from Hlgh- lands, 25 representatives of the Deal AWVS, and 50 girls supplied by the YWCAs of Newark, Elizabeth and Jersey City. Two enlisted men'a orchestras ' played alternately without a break _._ during the three hours of > dancing. ; Paper hats, . issued to soldiers and their partners, added color to the spectacle. The gymnasium was dec orated with regimental flags, USO 1 (tanners and guidons of units stationed at the post. Aiding the staff of the YMCA, . which is affiliated with the USO, ' were senior AWVS members from " Rumson, headed by Mrs. Joseph E. Lissner, who operated the canteen and snack bar, registered the girls as

Democratic Candidates

strategy, both bffanslv* and defensive, Training Non-Goms air attack,order drill, drill-andaglnrt Hans Bergey Heads ' Extended dfem* bayonet map reading re among the aubjecta Junior Audubon Ctub At Fort Monmouth The Mlddletown Township Junior
stressed. , .

They Are "Backbone Of the Army"

An axiom as old as that of Sherman on war or Napoleon regarding food Is the oft-ropeatcd statement of commanders that non-commlssloned officers are "the backbone of the Army." With the reduotlon of officer can. dldato quotas, greater emphasis Is being placed upon the training of soldiers at Fort Monmouth In the responsibilities of non-coms. A special NCO school-ts conducted by tho 803d Signal Training roglment to give potential leaders an Intensive course of instruction In the duties they are expected to perform. In' addition to mastery of their teohnlcal skills, these specially selected Signal Corpa men must know how to teke caro of themselves' i n soldiers n the field. A soldier reporter recently visited a field exercise of the student NCO's several miles from the main post. A challenging sentinel stood on a road 30 yards from a deeply wooded area where tall trees and heavy brush afforded plenty of natural camouflage for troops and Installations. Several yards nearer tho woodB a second guard stepped from a hiding place from which he had been 'secretly covering the other sentinel. This was the reporter's Introduction to the training area where the. NCO 'cadets" were, in the third of four bivouac aroas to bo occuplod during the two-week field exorcise. In a setting which corresponds to actual combat-terrain, the men In the non-com school put to teet In the lost two weeks of their course the knowledge and training acquired during the first four weeks of a still and all-inclusive curriculum. Thirty-seven students, three ofilcors, three lnstrustors and a mess overhoad of five men had arrived at tho bivouac area at 4 o'clock in the morning, Thoy found tho ration truck and the rolling kitchen already set up, with hot coffee, cereal and rolls ready to serve. After breakfast the men set about putting up their pup tents, .spacing them o that in tho ovent of an air . attack Bo single bomb could hit more than one tent. Next, fortifications and drainage troughs were dug, tho fox holes "being dose to the pup tents for protection In case of attack. The mess area across from tho fonts was well equipped. The rolling kitchen boasted three gasoline ranges and icebox, closet space tor canned goods and kitchen utensils and a largo workbench. -With nmoBs sergeant, two cooks and two K. P,'s the ikifchen was" sumclentljT staffed to supply food much the same as that served at Fort Monmouth, only t h l f t h ^ 8K ^ ration being used during the two weeks in the bivouac area. An Ico pit had been dug close to tho kitchen for storage of extra Ico and vegetables. Nearby, a large tent was outfitted for complete first aid treatment and an ambulance, stood In readiness for emergencies. Lt. Charles Sneed, one of tho three officers In charge, had installed wire communications with lines tapped to Fort Monmouth via Camp Wood, Hearing Lt. Sneed carry on a telephone conversation with a plans and training officer baok at tho fort gave a partial conception of tho results of Signal Corps activity In the field, The officers in Immediate charge of the school, Lt. David McDearmon, Lt Oscar TU Brollno and Lt. Sneed, eee that onco tho men are established in an area thoy continue with tholr extensive and well-rounded training- schedule. With the aid of three Instructors, Sgt. Herbert Boyd, Sgt. Eldon Terry' and Cpl. John Sommese, they glvo the men a workout under simulated combat conditions, emphasizing basis Infantry tactics. Splitting up into two platoons, tho atudenta plan their own

CARL E. BREMER, For Assembly






Put a circle around the daleTliurj. day, September 9th. For that's the day the 3rd War Loan Drive starts. . On that day, you will be asked to t>o . . . -, - , nthe limit to back our valiant f.^uing men. You will be asked (o do your share inthcgrcatestinvasion.ihcworlUhiiscver seen. Answer your country's roll call! Your part is to hack (Ill's invasion by investing in nt leifst one KXTUA $10(1 War Iiond in,September. 'Hint's in mlili1,


27 Monmouth St.


DeparmeOt, a gold star will be post-1' the Maple place bridge. The proped. erty U now occupied by Mr. and Mrs. Roland Bilane, 19, formerly of West George Davis. Keansburg,' is now with the U. S. Mrs. Kenneth Denilin has returned Array and is located In Denver, Col- from a vlalt In Utah where she has orado, where he Is studying the use been visiting her husband, Lieut. of bomb, sights. Demlin. Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Carmen of Arthur Hicks is a^medlcal patient Seaylew avenue, celebrated their in Riverviow hospital, Red Bank. wedding anniversary last Thursday. Mrs. j . c. Baker of Fort Monmouth Miss Mildred Abrams of Jahn was tho recent guest of her son-instreet Is a patient In Monmouth Me- law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Dane. morial hospital. Henry Walling of West Keansburg .Miss Rita R. Walling has a pois serving with a construction bat- sition as laboratory assistant at tho talion division, V. S. Navy, and is sta- National lead plant In Sayrevllle. tioned in Alaska. Ralph Walling, his Mr. and Mrs. Robert Davis of Albrother, Is in the U. S. Army In Vir- lendale were week-end guests of the l gihtar - latter's-parents.Mr. and Mrs, Gifford Rev. Malcolm L. Wlllitts, pastor of Poling. ^ i m ' the Methodist church, has received word that his son, who is serving with the U. S. Army, is now stationed In Iceland. Mr. and Mr*. Robert Gregory and Mr. and Mrs. Alex Craig of Walling place aro the parents of a son son Richard, and Miss Olive Maclnborn Monday of last week In Mon- tyre of Rutherford visited Mr. and Mrs. Harold J. Cantrcll ^Sunday. mouth Memorial hospital, Elmer VanSchoick is spending a Mrs. Ann Walling celebrated her few days at Homestead, Florida. birthday last Friday. Paul Konish, formerly of' Laurel A farewell party was given in honor of Miss Dorothy M. Kaufman by avenue, was Inducted in tho Army last week. He is now at Fort Dlx. her mother, Mrs. L. DeCarlnl, last Mrs. Sheldon Whiting and son are Saturday evening at her.home. Mies Kaufman joined the Women's Re- visiting Mr. and Mrs. Harry Wllley. v Mr. and Mrs. WUlard McEUwaln serve, U; S. Navy, , and expects to take her basic training a t Hunter purchased a home at Mlddletown. . Anton Boehler of Middle road celcollege in the Bronx. The'guests were Mr. and Mrs." C. Westendorf, ebrated his birthday Sunday with a party at his home. Mr. and Mrs. J. Caruso, Mr. and Mrs. William Hill has been inducted in CharBa Olson, Mrs. G. Schmidll, Mr. and Mrs. 'G. Paulac, Mr. and Mrs. the Army and will leave September 15 for Fort Dlx. -Vaccarollt-and Mr.-and-Mrs. .&._Felder, all of Keansburg; Mrs. Mary ~ M r r a n d Mrsr-T.-HrSalmon enterDuffy, Fred Westendorf, Mr. and tained Miss Ann McGrall of MataMrs. A. Schmulllng and Mrs. J. Gay- wan, MissAmeliaTkauer of Leonardo* nor of Hoboken; Miss Jean Hessnen Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Curley and son Thomas of Mlddletown, Master Bgti-Dnn-Jordan-of-Fort-Monmouth. Mrs. Stephen Broander returned Schmidll and R. Cannon of West and Mr. and Mrs. Harold J. Brady last week to her home from the New York; Mr. and Mrs. A. Mason of Jersey City Sunday evening. Monmouth Memorial hospital, where and Mrs. Hopkins of New York. Mr. Aumack reMr. and Mrs. Andrew Snollgrove ceived and Mrs. Willard son (Sris was she had been a patient. word that their Mrs. Angelina Scola celebrated her visited in Atlantic City last week. wounded and Is now recuperating in Mr. and Mrs, James Black of Man- Sicily. birthday Saturday. ; The Rarltan township committee ning place held* a reception In celeJohn Wleberg Is now able to be will hold It3 monthly meeting to- bration of tholr wedding anniversary outside again after Jils recent illness. morrow night at 8 o'clock In tho Sunday. Word has been received from TheoWest Keansburg Hre house. After dore Schanck, George Franz and Josthe routine business meeting the eph Solan that thoy have arrived members of the council will attend a safely overseas, ceremony at the township honor roll PFC. Louis E. Spradley has been (The Red Bank Register can be bought where in honor-of PFC. Leonardo In Koyport from CoaU Brothers, Mrs. transferred to Texan. Smith, whose death In North Africa Florence Melee. Gua ^enaon, Mrs. Clara Mrs, C. Moeslnger, Mr3. Goodhcart was announced last week by the War Simman and Mrs. M, Plotiky) and Mrs. Arthur Watson of .GermanMiss Elizabeth W. Higglns has town, Philadelphia, spent several been visiting her mother In Atlantic days with Mr. and Mrs. Ira Coon, as City. their nephpw, Signalman Arthur Mr. and Mrs. Harold G. Smith of Watson of the U. S. Navy, had a tlnwood have been visiting Mr. and four-day furlough. He has just reMrs. H. Seabrook Schanck. turned from Sicily. Katherlne Davis, daughter of Mr. The local Boy Scout Troop spent and Mrs. George Davis, sustained a the week- camping at Rumson, unbroken collar bone last week, when der the leadership of Scoutmaster she stepped on a toy and fell. James Genovese, Miss Hannah Poling has been Miss Ann M. Salmon, "who has been spending a week with Mrs. Alexan- home for the past week because of der Cadoo, Jr., In Summit. Illness, returned to St. Mary's hosDennis Hlggins of Atlantic City is pital at Hoboken Sunday. visiting his aunt. Miss Elizabeth W. Sgt. Amolla Leplck of tho WAC Is Higglns, now on a 30-day Bicfc leave from her Miss Mary Stephanie Wallace of duties at Fort Lawton, Washington. Bethesda, Md., is visiting her parMiss Veronica and Mary Mcnosky ents, Mr. and Mrs. W. Stephen Wal- visited tholr mother. Mrs. Anna Menlace. oskv, .over thn week-end. ' , Mrs. Harold-E. Oreen and children Mrs. Fred O'Brien of Red Bank are visiting In Port Jervis, N. Y. visited Miss Rosemary Snlrnon reMrs. Karl Eschholz, will roBUmo cently. her studies at the University of Miss Patty Menosky vlslled Miss Syracuse, Syracuse, N. Y., next week. Mary Natale of Red Bank Sunday. Mrs. EBchholz has been employed as clerk with tho Koyport Banking company during tha summer months. Mr. and Mrs. Frank McClcaster have been entertaining Mr. and Mrs. (The Red Bank Register can bo bought David Snyder and son of Mcchanlcs- . HlKhlanils from I. Greenspan. Ucdle'-J chug store and Joseph Stamon) burg, Pa, Mr. and Mrs. E. Kenneth Hooso Mrs. Ida Howell, with a score of. will return tomorrow Com a vaca- 10,015 in ton games of pinochle, won ion spent with tho Intter's parents, /list prlzo a t tho Trailers club last Mr. and Mrs.^G. Bauer In Buffalo, N. Thursday night and Mrs. Radford toolt tho surprise package. Mrs. A. Mrs. D. C. Walling, Jr., recently Meado Robertson will bo entertained Mrs. Minnie Davis and tonight's party. Miss Lois Watklns of Montreal CanPFC. Clarence Burdge, who Is stadn.-.jx, tioned In Texas, was home last week Lt. F, W, Holman, who has been on a short, furlough. Ho was prostationed, nt Camp Patrick Henry, tcntcd Saturday with nn 814-pound nnd Mrs. Holmnn and children have baby boy, born to hla wife In tho been Bpendlng scvoral days at their Margaret Hague hospital in Jersey home. ilty. Mr. nnd Mrs. Hnns PoderBon reMr, and Mrs. Charles McCall and cently i>ntnrtn(n>>rl Mrs, Johanna Pcd- onjffChniles spent the weeje-end in crBon and dnuKhtor Dorothv, for- AslKiry Park. meily of this plnce, now of Harlan, Mr. and Mrs. Mnhlon Drnko of Iown. Union City nro visiting' her parents, Members nf the Keyport Yncht Mr. and Mr. William Worth of club will hold a dando Saturdny night Fourth sired, Mr, Drako has boon at onjoylng n vacation from his duties orchcnlrn will furnloh tho mu.'ilc ao a railroad pnntnl clerk. v Members or the commlttoo In chnrgo Mrs. Harold Gootto roturned homo nro Mm. John O. HarUlcr, Mrs. H|ir- Saturday from Monmouth Memorial voy O. Hnvtmnri and Mrs. Ellsworth hospital where) oho underwent an aplion to your regular War Bond purchajej. N. Tllton. ' ' pendlcltln operation. Invest more than $100a lot moreif lna Gcrnldlne V..Brown and MUs Ajtpaghattl supper was held Tuesyou possibly can. Marjorlc BronUhurst wore ; recent d a y evening In tho Methodist church tuoats of Mm. Adrlcn A, Mount In bnsomont, ( The job is big. Everyone must d o his iVnshlnirlon, D. C. ' Apples for use In (he school cafefull share if we are to put this drive over Mr. l.llllnn Terry of Brooklyn haB teria were canned Hint week by momilic top. wen vioJtlng Mr. and Mrs. CharloB b e n of tho Pnront-Tdnchor assoclaSni'ormnn. . . . ( n i i , '. w tlbn under direction of Mrs. Florence Mrs. O.oorRO W. Ilnnncrs him ro- Corso. War Bonds nrc ( l , c .infest investment urntMl frotn a vacation In Ocoan in tlic world. I-'or your own sake, for Mrs. Kmil Auflori Is chairman of n rove. your Country's sake, put every spare dime Mr, nnd Mm, OPOIKO Hewitt nnd drlvo for funds for tho Snlvntlon Army Red Shield club for Serviceand dollar in War llonds during the 3rd children of Mniiph Chunk, Pn., wnrfl rcni>nl (turrits of Mr. nnd M M . Justus men on IJny nvenue, Wllllnm FchlWar Loan Drive. haher Is sccrotary of ther'committee It. Camp. A attack hnr Is planned In ndilltlan Now Iiufilorii hnvo been IHted to thn to tho roadlng room and rucrcntlonnl nppnrntun of the Koyport Hoolt anil facilities. A tn dny for tho Unnont' r,nddr company, .*.,..,.., i'UiS olut) wllltld* Hold Bnturrdny."' Ilov. nnd Mrs. n , I* McCiilloiiRh' A wnll nttondml card pnrty wn mvo returned from n visit In Pottn hold Monday evonlnir by tho Womtown, Pa. Mrs. lriorimaa Ilumphrlfln hni n po on'ft guild of Bt. Andrew's Kplncopni iltlm In thn ri-nl itnt odlco of church in tho parinlt liouno. Prlzcn wore nwnrdml nriil rofrmihincntfl Thomnn I* 'flnilth, Mr, , nml Mm. Iandorn CloMmnn were no! veil, An nf/jliim dmiutcd by linva purolinnort, thn Oornldl properly Mm, Krai Mohr wun disposed of nn on tho north aide of Maplo nlaco near tlio o-oporatlon plan.

Audubon club held Us first meeting Thursday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Olson of NutsWamp road. The club was organised and officers were elected. The omcera are Hans Bergey, president; Shurlee Bergoy, secretary, and Vivian Kasohau, treaaurer, Billy Saarles waa appointed librarian, ' ; ^ The next meeting will ba held Monday, September 13, at which tho topic for discussion will be "Bird Migratloh." Following the mooting, the members will hold a "doggie" roaat. Anyone interested In becoming: a number of the club may do aa by Setting In touch with Mr. and .Mri. George W. Straus* of Branch ave- Oleen, Hillfleld farm, Nutswamp nue, former Bed Bank high school road, Mlddlotowji township. teacher, reaolvod hl oommlnlon as second lieutenant In the Coast ArtilFaator Invited to Return, lery Corp* upon Woojfully com. pletlng the officer oandtdate course Rev. Harry R, Pino, paBtor of Old at tho Antl-alromft Artillery icbool Flrat church at West Long: Branch, at Camp Davis, North Carolina, last hna been Invited by the offlolal ThurBday. : board to remain for hl aeveath year The newly commlialoned local of- with an lnorease Inaalaiy ficer -will take up hi* new duttea in thn Anti-aircraft Artillery after a short furlough. The course at tbe Anti-aircraft Artillery aohool la one of the moat difficult of the offloer candidate testa In the Army, Not only do candidates have t o meet the high standards of leadership necesHIGHLANDS, N. j , sary to all officers but they must bo 1TBI.-SAT. BAT. MAT. oblo to master and put Intq practice FBANCHOT TONE the complicated toohnlcal art of antiMARSHA HUNT aircraft artillery, Their studies and GENE KELLY iractlcal work Involve mainly the means and actions by whloh swlft"PILOTNo. 5" flylng enemy aircraft can be shot LAUREL and HARDY down or kept from successfully per_|N forming bombing mlBSlona. In addi"JITTERBUGS" tion A . A. officers must be able to put their guns to use In other artilSUN, - MON. Sun. Mat. lery purposes, such aa anti-tank. CARY GRANT

Col. Walter O. Bllii, commanding officer of tbe 803d Signs! Training Regiment and aupervlsor of the NCO aohool, ecbosi the tlmt>worn declaration that cood non-om form "the baekbon* ot tb* Army." The colonel guarantiM that a high percentage of excellent leads will be found among the graduate), of the extensive c o u n t , which covers tbe rudiment* of good oldlartaf.

Second Lieutenancy For George Strauss


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"The Constant Nymph"






'Henry Aldrich Get! Glamour*


Sea Bright Yacht Club


LAST TIMES TODAY John Archer Murjorlo TMtd




Jerri Blanchard
Direct From Patio, Palm Beach


And His Orchestra Nightly


Dinner 6 to 12 Supper 12 to 2

The Sea Bright Yacht Club will remain open for the entire manth of September.

For Reservations Phone Sea Bright 82

Phono 1290


was attractively decorated with lines been assigned to the eyo, ear, ngs> , of baby clothes stretched across the and throat hospital at the Naval at- \ ceiling. The center of the theme tlon at Vero Beach, Florida. (The Red Bank Recliter cn b bought Mrs. May Welder of Hudson ovi- < in Fair Haven from Mack't itor and thr was a blghchair ln which a doll sat and streams of ribbons, to which the nue is visiting Irlondj and rclatlvta Fair Haven Market) gl'ts were attached, flowed from t i e Mrs. Mary Doherty and . her chair. Mrs. Mary Hanson and Mrs. ln-^Allentown, Pennsylvania. daughters, Misses Alice and Mar- Carrie Hanson were hostesses. The garet IDoherty, of River road, Mrs. guests were Virginia Kellogg, Kay Wilbur Symington., Sr., "of Country Veth, May Mayer, Marlon Crnse, Club Estates, Mlddletown township, Mary Farney, Mary Mayer, Louise Bunk RegWtar can bl boudht d Mrs. Andrew Doherty of R M A ht y Red McDonald, Grace Adreflby, June In (Tho Hed at Tavlor Hanca'i 1oio) Hnlmdel *-"'' *"' '-* ' Bank, have returned from a " Rhien, Mildred Dllling, Edna Devvacatlon spent at Wlndhom, In the aney, Harriet Gorman, Mary Largey, Richard French, son of Mr. and Catskills, New York. ^ Kay Knapp, Loretta Vlsconl, Letty Mrs. Leroy French, has returned to Mlas Doris McLean of Ridgewood I Evans, Sadie Hdwe and Lillian Fel- his home hero after apondlng th< summer at Panther Lako, Maine. * ls visiting her grandmother, Mrs. genwlnter. Joan and Patricia Stevens art Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mayer enMary Doherty of River road. Carol Sue Normile, infant daugh- tertained Mrs. May Karat of New- vieitlng relatives ln Plalnftcld. The Holmdel public school will ter of Mr. and Mrs. Michael Nor- ark, and mother'of Mra. Mayer, last open Wednesday, September 0. Mr, mile, Jr. of Crozler court, was bap- week- at their home. Mr. and Mra. Gustave Zilly are tfte Irene Lockwood and Mrs. Qoorgo tlzzed Sunday afternoon at Holy Cross church, Rumimn. Mrs. Mar- parents of a son born early Tuesday Wilson will make up the teaching aret Sheehan and Henry Conlon morning at Monmouth Memorial hos- stalT in the village school. Thomas Mullln has returned to were the sponsors. Others attend- *" t a l ing the christening were tho baby's | John Blakely and Molly Mills of his home here after spending tha grandmother, Mrs. Michael Normile, j Kearny spent the week-end with Mr, summer at a boys' camp In tha Sr., Patrick Sheehan and Margaret and Mrs. John Blakely of Sycamore New England states. Mr. and Mra. George Farcell spent Shoehan. A party followed at the I avenue. Mr. and Mrs. Rohert Blakely and grand-son Robert spent the part of their vacation ln the home of the child's parents. week-end at Atlantic City. Poconos. * Mrs. John Herber and son Carl of Wilson Conover and family have The Ladies Aid of the Lutheran Buona Vista avonuo have returned from a month's vacation at College- church will hold a dessert bridge moved from Marlboro to tho Rod ' vllle, Pennsylvania, where they visit- party In their meeting rooms on Top farm. ed Mrs. Herber's mother, who Is the Port Monmouth road and Ocean avsThe Sunday school will ro-opon nuo tomorrow at noon, widow ot Rev. George VonBosso. Sunday, September 12, at 0:45 a. Pvt. Richard P. Egan of Maple Mr. and Mra. John DeMatties and m. In the Reformed chapel. avenue has arrived in the Field Ar- children of Verona spent the week- . The local branch of tho Rod Cross tlilery Replacement Training Center end with Mr. and Mrs. Walter Van- Is remodeling uniforms for British " at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, for Notwlck, Sr., of Sycamore avenue'. nurses. Workers are needed, especialp baslo military training-. , Mrs. DeMatties la the daughter of ly hand sewers. The Red Cross The Fair Haven public schools will MTB. VanNortwick. rooms are open every Wednesday p y open Wednesday, September 8. New Pharmacist's Mate James Mapes, from 10 a. m. until 5 p. m,, In the i pupils may register on the opening brother of Mrs. Thomas Manlon, haa Baptist parsonage. day. Beginners who will be 6'years old by the first of November will be admitted during the first two weeks, of school, but at no oth*cr time during the present school year. High school students may call for their bus tickets at the office in the Willow street school from 2 to 4 In the afternoon Tuesday, September 7, but not on the date of tho opening of school. AH. shortages in bus tickets must be.made up or paid for before pupils may receive Perhaps war and rationing has changed ( your spending . their September tickets. plans . . . sure you arc glad to wait! But what about Councilman S. Vincent Willis of that money you wero going to spend? Putting your ac-, RIVer road returned home yesterday cumulated funds to work here is really worthwhile! from the Bclmar hospital, where ha Earnings aro paid scml-annually and your money will was a surgical patient. His son', be close at hand when needed. Come In today and seo Lieut. Edward Willis, and Mrs. Willis are here on an eight-day leave from how you can safely enjoy extra Income from savingsl Camp Gordon, near Augusta, Georgia.


Speaker Explains

William Cook, Jr, of Manning IWIiaoiori W f W l V etreet, River PUtt, has taken a poiri- 1VI188IOI1 W VTn.
tlon with the Boro Buses. For th p u t ten years he hag been superinLittle Silver Group tendent of the P. C. Donner farm at Holmdel, Plans Game Party Jlr. and Mrs. Joseph Noono of Herding road are parent! of a Work done by home missionaries daughter born Friday at Monmouth In the Southern mountain districts; Memorial hospital.. and In the South West along the Cpl. Joseph Borneo left Friday for Mexican border was Westover field, Massuchueetts, after "Mrs. James Pickering explained by at a meeting spending a 12-day furlough with tola of the Women's Society for ChrUparents, Mr, and Mr. Peter Romeo tlan Service of the Little Silver of Westilde avenue. Hie wife, who Methodist church yesterday afterla a native of Virginia, will remain noon at the home .of Mrs. Jefferson with his patents for the present. C, Davis of Fox Hill, Little Sliver. . Mrs. Norman - Griffin and son Mrs. Pickering's topic was "Across James of Drummond place have re- the.Notion With Our Rural Home turned from a week's stay at Atlan- Missionaries." The speaker has tic City. : served as a school teacher in mission Mr. and Mrs. Anthony DcStefano Bohools along the Mexican border of Oakland street are the parents of and told of her personal experiences. a son born Sunday at Monmouth She Illustrated her lecture with moMemorial hospital. tion pictures, Pvt. Joseph E. Fix, 3d, son of The society will hold a game party Lieut Col. and Mrs. Joseph B. Flic of at ttib church hall Friday night, Colorado Springs, Colorado, former- September 17, with Mrs. CharloB ly of Red Bank; has completed his Brasoneld as chairman. Arrangebaslo training at the Armored Re' ments have bean muilo for families placement Training Center at Fort to attend and bring box suppers. A Knox, Kentucky, preparatory for beverage will be served by the comcombat duty with an armored unit. mittee, Games will start > at 7'30 Mr, and Mrs. Robert Brandt of o'clock and supper will be at 6 Newman Springs read aro parents of o'clock. Assisting are Mrs. Noel a daughter born Friday at Monmouth NIlBon, Mrs. Franklyn Gray, Miss Marie Wllby and Kov. and Mrs. HarMemorial hospital. MIBB Florence M. Cole, sister of old P. Wayman. Mrs. Jule A. Distel, a former Little The society will assist the Young Silver resident, Is now residing on Adultr aFellowship of the church at Broad street. I a ' n l n d festival to be held in OcMr. and Mrs. Ray Sanborn of tober for the benefit of the parsonMeehanie street have received word i ago furnaco fund. The society will of the .recovery of their son, PFC, conduct a bake table and those In Ray Sanborn, Jr., who has been con- Jjarge will be Mrs. Walter Morris, nned with malarial fever at army Mr* Melvin Bailer and Mrs Davis. Miss Mary LDvett will conduct an base hospital In North Africa. Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Symington, informal h forum on India at a meetSr., of Country Club Estates, Mid- '>* f t o missionary study group i d Monday 27 dlstown township, _have received Monday, September 27, at tho home word that their Bon Cpl. Wilbur" j". ""'" w . " i ? m : l Y'> rei : Th , a " o x t Symington, Jr., has been transferred """"""S wl bo Wednesday, October from hla post in Utah to Laa Vegas, \ <^Assisting hostoBSeB yesterday were . at the homo of Mrs. Campbell. New Mexico. He is a speclallet in Mrs. John McNally, Mrs. W. Harrithe air transport command. Dr. and Mrs. Samuel W. Hausman son Shampanoro and Mrs. Campbell. of Peters place left Saturday for a Others present wore Mrs. Fred O. two weeks sojourn in Eastern Can- Campbell, Mrs. Fred Morf, Mrs. Alada, This IB the first vacation the bert Jones, Mrs. Joaoph Taylor, Mrs. doctor has had In quite some time B. W. Wilby, Mrs. Myrtle Clapp arid and It Is a well earned and much M)BS Florence Campbell. Mrs. Clark E. Wallace was a guest. needed rest. Captain and Mrs. Irving G. Hay of Gamboa, Canal Zone, formerly o! Red Sank, aro spending some time with relatives and friends in this section. Captain Hay came North In (Tho Ret] Bank ReElHter can be bought from tho Rumson Pharmacy, the interest of the navy department in Jtutnaon ntorc. Torbors'B utore, Howor'i Flnnerty'B in relation to some matters In Balti- sturo nnd Gilbert Duddornr) more.. The Presbyterian Ladies Aid soMrs. Edward vonKattcngell, Sr., ot ciety will hold its first meeting after Rector place, is a surgical patient at tho summer recess next Wednesday RIvervlow hospital. afternoon at 2:30 o'clock in Blngham Miss Helen Layton of Little Silver, hall. Mrs. Darwin Comings will lead ' formerly "Bccrelary-to-A. -L.-McKIm the devotlonijr; - of McKlm-Layton Chevrolet company - Tho-Fresbytorian choir will resume and who recently gave tip ,her po- rehearsals Thursday night of next sition with the government at Fort week at 7 o'clock. A full attendance Monmouth, has taken a position in Is requested by the organist, Prof. tho bookkeeping and accounting de- Charles Gotschalk. Miss Irene Robr partment oFth'e~HeiPBttfllrRBlKtor:' j Alfred p. Lonch, former linotype operator at The Register office and Josephine Ottman will be soloist the coming Sunday. Miss Jane Pearsall, who left his position to enlist in tho Seabees, paid a very pleasant call ,al> who was soloist during the summer, the plant yesterday afternoon. He is has resumed her teaching position stationed at Davlsvllle, Hhodo Island, at River Edgo, near Hackonsack. Mrs. Preston Howcr, who is a surIn the personnel department. Mr. Lench reports enjoying his work gical patient at New York hospital In New York city, is making a favorvery much and his appearance shows , . . l It agrees with him. Drop In again! a b Charles Alias, who is a surgical pa recovery. Al whenever you can. ;_ tlent in tho Veterans hospital In the : Mr. and Mrs. Robert Miller of ., . ,

The Ducks Of Schwenker'a Pond

An Essay By Herbert Sinclair, X-Ray Sept., Rlvervlew Hospital. Schwenker'j pond is a small, shallow body of water facing River road in Fair Haven, Just beyond the eastern boundary" of Red Bank. It Is fringed on all sides by a narrow strip of woods, and Is a picturesque spot In spring,, summer and fall, Intho winter It Is a Mecca for Ice skating enthusiasts.' As far as the neighboring residents are concerned, however,. the. pond's chief attraction is its ducks'. Both species Inhabiting the pond are ordinarily wild, but long association with human-kind has made them remarkably tame; so tame, In fact, that they will eat out of the hand of any one who has food to offer. During the late fall,, winter and very early spring, when their natural food supply is destroyed, and their children friends are kept at home by Inclement weather, the ducks visit like friendly dogs the kitchen doors of the houses lying within a quarter-mile radius of the pond. The birds go foraging in groups, and each group appears to adopt a number of chosen families. They will often roost at night in the back yard of a generous patron. The ducks will eat almost any kind of scrap, Including meat and vegetables, but they prefer bread and cereals. I have seen them empty in a twinkling of an eye a bowl of milk set out for a puppy. Their appetites are unratlnble; I have never known a duck to refuse food no matter what the season. The Mallard duck Is familiar to most Jerseyltes. The drake with his iridescent purplish-black head and neck, hla slate-colored back and wings, and his trim flguro lfl a handsome bird. His mate, a demure-appcarlng; brownish-grey little lady, I maltca up for her lack of-color-by her noise. Her honking, querulous quacking, sounded at night in. a chorus of others of her kind, has often awakened me from a sound sleep. When full grown, the muacovy, tho other Inhabitant of Schwenker's pond, Is- twice the size of the Mallard. It Is an ungainly bird when out of Its aqueous element. The male sports a rooster-like brilliant red comb, which is found on the female, too, although In a rudimentary form. The birds range in color from pure white to Jet black, but most white ducks have at least a touch of black somewhere, and most black ones a spot of white. In the older animals the* black seems to turn to a greenish sheen under certain lighting conditions. A peculiar thing about the muscovy is that it does not quack; In fact It is practically voiceless: Its only vocal"- " accomplishmentandthis Is found-in the-male only^Is a very audible hissing sound similar to that made by domestic geese. The sound Is always accompanied by a rocking forward and backward of 1


over the water with amazing speed choice pieces of food the little thing and frantic energy back to its lost because they happened to fall mother's side is touching as well as on Its sightless side. A humorous comical. The quick, gentle nudge of situation was often precipitated by the mother's beak greeting the re- our half-grown puppy, whom the turned straggler- seems more in as- duckling feared, when the dog apsurtnee than In reproof, and is proached the little bird from its blind side, and sniffed inquiringly epltomlo of universal Riother-love. The females of both species make an Inch or two from Its unsuapecthead. For eventually the dog would excellent mothers, and will undertake almost any sacrifice for their get too close and touch the duckling young ones. The moscovy, In par-' who, at the sudden realization of ticular, will unhesitatingly attack an the feared animal's nearness, would animal threatening the safety of her dash away ln frantic terror. Strange brood. I once saw an aroused, cor- to say, Bllndy, despite his handicap, nered female light into a stocky, turned out to be one of the three of over-fed cocker spaniel, knock him an even dozen of hatchllngs that completely off his feet and stand lived to reach full growth. Stranger over the surprised, cowed dog until still, she and the dog became good her babies reached the safety of the friends, often eating out of the same pond." . dish. Of course the ducks' beat and most In spite of the vigilance and bravery of the mother-ducks, not many faithful friends are the children of ducklings reach maturity, for they the neighborhood, especially these of have many enemies. Of these the tender yearB. This Is particularly greatest Is the snapping turtle, often true whenever a new crop of duckof astonishing size and frequently lings appear. The news ot the nunumerous In the pond. Fully half merous "blessed events" spreads the mortality among the ducklings rapidly, On any clear day thereis attributed to this sub-surface raid- after the etone rampart on River er against which even the most vig- road is lined with youngsters exilant mothers can offer no protection, citedly and noisily throwing handsOther enemies are large water ful ot stale bread to the equally exsnakes, rats, hawks, and humanB cited and noisy birds. Thoro is a Sickness, disease and natural acci- happy, festive air about this feeding dents swell tho toll, so. that it Is an ot the ducks that' causes many pasexceptionally good year when one- srerbys, on foot and in cars, to atop flfth of the hatchings attain adult- and enjoy the fun. And on bright hood. Sundays and holidays the crowd la To the casual observer one duck greatly augmented by carloads of looks much like another, and even children from other nearby communthose of us who live in close in- ities. timacy with the friondly birds ' can The sagacious birds have learned seldom distinguish one from another. to associate children with food. They There are, however, several 'out- will Ignore adults passing by but the standing characters. One of these sight of a baby carriage or a group is Limpy, a particularly fierce old of youngsters will bring the ducks muscovy with what might bo called flocking around, ln vociferous expeca club-foot. No one seems to know tation, how he acquired his deformity, but Thoro are some who look upon tho I like to think that eome hungry ducks "as a nuisance, aa Indeed they snapping turtle waj cheated out of are in eome measure. Local Victory a meal. Llmpy Is tho bully and the gardeners keep their fences mended roue of the pond. No male is his against the greedy creatures, and the equal In a tight and no female, even noise they make disturbs others. those already burdened with their Nevertheless, for their beauty and full quota of offspring, can escape friendliness, and for the pleasure his advances which are lfresltable they give the children, the ducks of for perslstenacy and ruthiessnesa. Schwenker's pond are, in my opinion Many a duckling has lost Its life at least, an asset to the community. through being deprived of the protection of a mother forced to desert It while fleeing the black-hearted, black-feathered old pirate. Another character well known to us ia the white muscovy mother, the heroine of the cocker spaniel inciA gift of 37 volumes of the writdent. Zealous of her brood and BUS- ings of George Washington hns been plclous to a fault of every one no biade to the Oceanic Free library matter how kind, she, none the less, of Rumson by Congressman Jame3 is a most faithful kitchen-door caller, C. Auchlncioss, former mayor of never falling every year to introduce that borough. The works are pubto us a new batch of duckings. lished by the George Washington Last year one of 'her offspring bicentennial commission and conbrought to us a world of pathos and tain letters written by Washington humor. While still very tiny it had from 1745 to 1798. somehow lost an eye, which is a very serious matter to a bird, for lt The road to better and bigger busimakes It completely blind on one ness leads through The Register's ad_ ldr was-palfietttr howmaiiy-veTnsTng~coium~ns.AdverUsemcnti

Fair Haven



Auchincloss Gives 37 Books To Library

East Keansburg
Mrs. E. A. Stokes has as her house guests her elster-ln-law and daughter, Mrs. A. J. Heislcy and Maude Helsley of New York city. The guests plan to stay for the' Labor day week-end. Mrs. Jean McLoughlln wag ten-1 dered a stork shower last night In ' Mlddlctown-flrst.jiid_hall, Tho hall_

21 Monmouth St.

Red Bank

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this hissing and neck action to show anger or love. The female seldom makes a sound, Sometimes when frightened she. will emit a queer, high-pitched squawk. Usually, however, this call of hers is reserved to warn her fledglings of danger and to call them to her; it then becomes a fioft, warbling note. The Mallards are the sports of the pond. They can take oft" from the I water with eaeo, fly with great grace Br onx foowman Springs road are parents 1; J a r a ' ! 3 v;08iigan lP">ye. of a daughter born Tueadav at Mon- T ( continues to oi wasmngion i and speed, and a flock of them hlt James Costlgan ot & P store, moSth Memorial S o i l ! I '"<*, a clerk in" tho A Washington I ting the water in perfect three-point " 1 W Le" e A 0 r l Rob h bZ 1 , t a dlr D etor of 1 . . k for active duty in j l a n d i n g a thrining; sight.,_ Superb divers as well as flyers, they can the Red Bank USO club, and" Mrs. i t n 5,^ U i ,?' ?V" , v ..i ..J Ruth 3. Lewis, program Air^J The Presbyterian Ladles Aid so otteh be seen playing a kind of wai n n clety has announced that tho annual ter tag with all the abandon of chilS tL ri ,h t n i . inn rurnm0Be s a 1 wi bo hoW ln Blng o Ji dren. g and YMCA conveXn at U t o r u r n m 0 B e sa1 w i " b o h o W l n Because of their size and weight Qeorge New S f w , . Jm * 9 c l o c k night October IS, the muscovles have difficulty getTuesday a d Bobbins, who Is also attending tha ' r . 7 ta . f 1 n' '\ " ; ^ " " ' ting into the air and are generally , ; session, will visit her mother, Mrs. reluctant to. make the attempt. ll. F. Coates of Cambridge, Massa- N a n c r O a m > P>>" ' Toronto, Canada, Mostly, when they want to go somechusetts, this week-end. aro visiting Mr. and Mrs. Thomas ' where not too distant they swim or Mies Phyllis Straus, -who Is n,,,n n<, Worburton of River road. Mrs. I walk. Occasionally, when pursuing a trained In USO club progrram . Raymond female, or when called to be Spending two .weeks ati nthe h local >"ii Mrs. Murphy, daughter of Mr, they will fly barely above the ofed, ( ? ! i n! Warburton, Is convalescsurUSO club priorJ r J ! " S , \ # _. ' Ing at her Pa. L parents' home after hav- ''?> of the water, their strong wings s ganlzatlon's training school. Wil-,, . clapping loudly and churning the 11am Stern of the New York of- i nB ., 1)e a patient eight wceltB ot water to foam. Once aloft, however, -r flees of tho USO Is In charge J' Harkncss pavilion In the Medical they are powerful flyers. Contcr, New York city. the local club this week. During the mating seasonsthere A- meeting of the Rumson Sea Mrs. William Naohumltls and .daughter, Audrey' Louise of N o w Scouts will be held Thursday night of are two: early spring and late, sum-) mertho Mallard drake beeomeB a Brunswick, .pent Monday a t t h e ' next week at 8 o'clock at St. George s. perfect gentleman. Monogamous as home ot Mrs. William Malchow of a first meeting of the fa 1 season a rule, although occasionally an exwill be of an important nature and cess of females will cause one male West Front stroet. a Mr. nnd Mrs. Kenneth Altreuterof " """nbc have been requested to to take on two wives, he 1B inseparChattanooga, Tennessee, and son, report. Plans for the wolf aro of tho able ffom his mate, following her Kenneth, Jr., have returned home "civ wln b o pship'for the coming wherever she goes, watching over and the after visiting Mrs. Altreuter's par-' sl"ar S c o u t s h, l, u t N anvt , ls n n Th V her, protecting her, oven scolding J "?' o ea onts, Mr. and Mrs. John H. White, , P ? 8 , ' , ( e f her at times in hla rapid-fire, subSr. ot Hudson avenue, and Mr. All of more men and all who wish, to Join dued, throaty voice. Often, when ....t.w. mother, Mrs. H a Jack- aand aare xo Dor0 ovor siiouia ua prei Tnni,. n u r o 15 r V Q r should bo present feeding a pair of them, I have treutor's mnthn^ Mr. w at the above meeting not later than watched the courteous little {ellow son of Little Silver. Mrs. George W.' Holmes, Jr., o f ,8:30 o'clock. Tho aim Is to make the stand back while his greedy mate oa aple Maple avenue Is visiting her sister f_ "">? organization bigger and ate her nil, despite that his generosity commonly resulted in his own and brother-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. bettor than ever before. Tho Rumson hotol on Waterman stomach remaining' empty. This chivHenry Kasman of Jackson Heights, avenue will remain open open until alry of the Mallard drake Is ln eviLong Island. dence during the mating season only. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mulllner of October 1. Mr, and Mrs. Fredorlck Wegel of At other times tho drake with a Flhcknoy road spent last weolt visiting Mr. and Mrs. Fred Brannor of Ward avenue are parents of a sharp peck of hta beak will send the daughter born Friday at Rlvervlew lady fleeing, and gobble up everyWent Point, Now York. thing In sight, Mrs. I. J.'Trubln and sdn Chester Aviation Student Edgar A. Knapp, of 288 Spring street ape spending The morals and manners of the Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs, Edgar A. muscovy suffer by comparison with two woeks In Detroit with Mra. Trubln'a other flon Georgo,' who la Knapp of Navcslnk avenue, has on- those of the Mallard. Although ocattending Chrysler Research In- onterod tho Nashvlllo Army Air Cen- casionally one drake will frenm to ter. This la the first stop in a train favor a particular lady, polygamy stitute, Mra. Bortram Voll of Greenville, Ing program that' will, ovcntually appoaiB to be the rule, tho oldor, South Carolina, Is staying at tho gruduato Knapp as a commissioned stronger, fiercer males apparently owning tho females ln common, with homo of W. W. Brown of Grange officer ln tho-Army Air forces. Lt. Joseph J. Qhozzl loft Sunday tho youngor_ bucks getting little opavonuo while her husband, Bort Voll, is In service with tho Navy. Mr. Voll morning for Camp Slbort, Alabama, portunity to" vont tholr amorous inIs a nationally known professional after spending n short leave with hla otincta. Tho muscovy exhibits none swimmer and formor water polo pnronta, Mr. and Mra. V. Frank of tho chivalry of tho Mallard. He never steps aside In deference to his player. At the World's Fair he was Ghozzl of East River road. Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Layton of lady's food needs, not oven when she associated with Eleanor Holm, doing Ridgo road aro tho parents of a son Is with young, but will roughly push a special clown aot In her nhow, born yesterday morning at1 Mou- male, mother and duckings aside so mouth Memorial hospital, / that ho can hog all of the food, He John Borgln of Joraoy City, a fro- shows nono ot the concorn of the quont visitor here, was recently In- Mnllard for his mate; In fact, he (luctod In Iho U. 8, Navy and la nt never troubles about her at all exNewport, Rhodo iBlund, fo^ hla baalc cept when amorously aroused. Evon training. Hln wife Is tho former then his love-making resembles an Mrs. Catherine Mulligan of Locust Margaret Monnhan,'who WBB n sum- attack rather than a gentle wooing. avonuo, Fair Havon, has announced mer resldont hero a number of yenrs. But ono can forglyo tho muscovy tho engagement of her daughter, Tho Holy Cross parochlnl Bohool all of its ungainly ugliness and bad Mils Adolnldo V. Mulligan, to John will rcopon next Wotlnoday. Hog- manners whon the little ones appear. H. Metzgcr, son of tho Into Mr, anr) Istmtlori of new pupils Will Inko Any ono who has ever seen a bovy Mrs. John II. MoUger of Bhr6ws- plnoo today and tomorrow from D of these tiny, downy, golden creabury. Tlio ongngoment win mndo n. m. to noon and Monday from 0 tures swimming In close formation known at n farewell party given for n. m. to noon nnd from 1 to 3 p. beside tholr upprehonslva mother, Mr, Metzgor rccontly. , m. There will be six grades this ennnot fall to be delighted. Their Miss Mulligan Is a Krculimto ol Iloil yonr. shrill "beop-beeplng" Is as henrtp Bank Cathollo high school, nnd Is The fair Tor tho benefit of Holy f t h l d fotchlng a sound as any In tho employed nt Cninp Colon. Mr. Motz- Cross and Holy Rosary churches World. I never tiro of their droll cor Is a graduate of Rod Hunk high was vory suoceimful. A.' rowboat intlcfl. Tlioy re groat copy-cats, w h U jjd l oU liefpte l aving ,fqr lea i f ll !>...}Y.P.lil>y. .,.W Gloria, .OukoB of Imitating mother In everything she duty with tho If. B,' Army B BOIL llrlght. ' lionjnmln. Hfogclmann <Jo'c!u. If *ho'"stit>i<I(''oii"ittr'ftdrttf,no y corps wn employed t>y U 10 !. Du won a J O war bond ami John J. aho will ofton do In searching the p pyd y B Pot doNemourn company 10. !. Du- (InnniHjn, Jr., a'|20 war bond, Pont dN of Nowpond-bottom for 'food, the hopeful nrk. , Miss Marginal A.' Sinclair of Rlvor ducklings will do llkowlso, despite loud nnd Ninth street tins taken n that'tholr tiny necks are woefully The Atintrnllitn monitor, lnrgost of noaltlan In the business aflloe nnd short for tho purpose. Tholr agility lltnrds, reachM ft length of six to subscription department of the Red 1" mnrvolous to behold; to see one vn lent. Bnnlt Regltter, " '"' ' of these goklon babies skimming

T H T i ^

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the parents of a daughter bora Wtdnuday of last week at the port hospital, Fort Monmouth. The child (Th Itd Bulk Kglitr cn In bought ha> been named Joanna Marola. Mrs. U t t l . Bllv.r irom Union NtwMUnd t th* depot and QorK. Quftokanbush a) . Jullano la the former ' Mlu Lo' Dl)k, daughter ot Mr. and Mr*. L t Malcolm T. O'Donnell, who was Jeseo Dllks 6f Willow drive, P M , commissioned second lieutenant to- Jullano li stationed at Camp Maxey, day In the Anti-Aircraft artillery Texan, ' LEONARDO BAPTIST at Camp Davit, North Carolina, will Mr, and Mrs. Harry J. Carter arid Sunday morning junior worship serThe High School CH'rlatian Enwas In Bay View cemetery, Leonar- spend a ten-day leave with hlf wife family were weak-end guests of Mr. MBS. HABBV C. GABDKKB. METHODIST METtiODIST vice will begin at 9:30 o'clock. Spe- deavor society will meet tonight at at the home of her parents, Mr. and and Mrs. Stanley R. Ferry ( Key* /" ' i J Naveslnk Mrs. Ella Elizabeth Gardner, wife do. ". Mrs, Wlllett H. J. Gwyer of Little port The pastoral relations committee cial musio will be rendered. The Jun-"8 o'clock at the church. lor sermon will be, "I Wish I Didn't Returning to his pulpit alter a va- of Harry C. Gardner of Hubbard aveStiver. lit. O'Donnell has been a s - Mrs, Jooephlno Hulbe and Mri. of the church has secured for the Miss Kathlyn Guttormsen will be ROBERT B . DALY. Have a Hot Temper." Special graded hostess to the Kdna Woodward cation, Rev. Ronald M. Bow'erman nue, River Plaza, died Saturday servlcea throughout September Dr. signed Servlcea for Robert Eugene Dal/, Camp aEdwards, Massa- Harry X Carter spent Wednesday of Furman A. DeMaris, who has occu- classes provide adltlonal fellowship chapter of the World Wide guild of will preach Sunday at 10:30 a. m. on morning at her home after a long ill-( He Is son 14, who died Wednesday of last week O'Donnell of Bradford, of Mamia T. last week In New York city. pied the pulpit four of the five Sun- for ail-ago groups. Pennsylvania the church tomorrow evening at 8 the text, "When He la .Come." ness, Mr. and Mrs, William Morgan of Church school at 11:45 will be In' Mrs. Gardner was born at Orange, ln Monmouth Memorial hospital from and was associated with the New days during August. Dr. DeMaris ^ o ^ ^ ^ o ^ ^ j o ' . o c k ^ t h^ o e ^ e h m. ^ , charge of Mrs. Marry Myers' class. Washington, D. C , are spending two will pre preach next S n d y morning on and was a daughter of the late Mi- Injuries sustained when he was Jersey Bell Telephone company aa weeks with Mr. and Mrs, Fred Colnext Sunday g struck by an automobile the day be- junior executive in tho Newark ofHuman Lighthouse" "Can Youth Fellowship will meet at 6:45 chael M. and Emallne Maybe BrunThe D i i n ths topic, "Th Divine Lighthouse." will begin at 9:45 a. m., morning morgen of Woodland avenue. Wild by Tho services will be sponsored b y Changed?' The choir will render worship will bo at 11 o'clock, with p m. In the young people's room at ner. She resided ln Northern New fore while riding Tils bicycle at Lin- fice from 1930 until he etiltited; In liam, Jr., who Is In the Naval Air i the church with William Swan as Jersey for a number of years and croft, were held Friday afternoon at the Army In Deoember of last year. Corps, will spend a short leave with .the Woman's Society of Christian special muslr. Rev. George Young of Mlddletown the Worden Funeral home. Rev. Lt. O'Donnell attended the College Service. The head usher, E. E. OtTho Youth Fellowship will open in the pulpit in the absence of the Jeader. The evening worship at 7:30 has been a resident of River Plaza his mother while a guest of tit: tinger, will be assisted next Sunday their new season of activities Tues- pastor, and evening worship will bo o'clock will begin with a "slngaplr- for the - past 16 years, coming here Charles A. Thunn, pastor, of the Bap- of St. Bonaventure at Olean, New Colmorgen, . . . by.Mrs. H. S. Higglnson, Mre. F. W. day evening. Plans will bo laid for at 8 o'clock, which service will bo atlon." Following this service the from Newark. Her husband Is a re- tist church, officiated. Tho bearers, York, and took extension courses at Mri. John Batei .and Mrs. FredWarner, Mrs. Roy Inscoo and Miss the year's work. A social hour, dur- led by Rev. George Young. Plans monthly official board will be held. tired banker, being employed for 40 playmates of Robert, were Leslie H. Columbia and Rutgers. erick L. Ayers were hostesses at a Edna Mapps. Altar flowers will be ing which time refreshments will be are ln the making to have special Prayer meetings will be resumed years aa former secretary of tho N. Stewart, Jr., Robert Farrow, William Pvt. Alan Conklln, son of Mr. and meeting yesterday of St, .John's noxt Wednesday nt T:30 p. m. ihs gift of Mrs. Lester Smith and served, will follow. J. Bank & Trust company, Nowark, Cook, William Long, Robert Boylan Mrs, Raymond Conklln of Prospect Guild held at the ohapel on Uttl* music at this service with Professor and Albert Gardella. Interment was Mrs. Ottlnger in remembrance of Tho Ladies' Aid will hold a meetand a former secretary of tho avenue, has returned to Camp Davis, Silver Point road. The business sestheir parents, Mr. and Mre. George ing in tho followahlp room Tuesday Charles Button of Wyoming, PennELBEUON MEMORIAL Friends Savings and Loan associa- in Old Bridge cemetery, near Mata- North Carolina, after spending a sion was. presided over by Mrs. Josylvania, at the organ. W. W. McKelvey. The musical pro- evening beginning at 8 o'clock. tion at Rod Bank. Mrs. Gardner had wan. Park Avenue, Elboron eph T. White, president of the guild. Wednesday, from 10 a. m. to 4 - gram for the morning, under direc- Wednesday evening a representaRobert lived on the Red Dank-Lin- week with hla,parents. Rev. Norman Vincent Peale's topic been ailing for the past two years Mrs. William T. Sawyer will re- Plans 1 for fall activities were distion of Allah Carman, will include, tive group of Youth Fellowship will p. m., tho Red Cross production croft road, Lincrof t,'and was a mem? group will meet at the church for at the 11 a. m. service Sunday will and-was ' confined . to her bed for ber of the Junior class of Mlddletown sume her duties next .Wednesday cussed . prelude, "Chansonctte," Nordman; go to Fort Monmouth hospital to ' anthem by the choir, "Praise the present an entertainment for those their weekly session of sewing and be "Keeping Calm In Troubled about nine months. township high school. He Is survived as principal of Sea Bright school Besides hot husband, Mrs. Qerdner only by his parentB, Harlan S. and which Is opening for the 1043-1944 knitting. The weekly prayer meet- Times" and at the four o'clock serLord, O Jerusalem," Maunder; offer- confined there. vice the subject will be "The Great- Is survived by a daughter, Mrs, E. Anna M, Ostrom Paly. ing will be held at 8:15 p. m. school year, tory, "Thou Art tho Way," soprano est Tonlo In ths World.". Robert Gladys, wife of William Herds. Smith oolo by Mrs. Daphc Dame Carman; I Mr. and Mn, Ftirman Davlson of LUTHERAN GOODWILL METHODIST postlude, "Lord of the Nations," Gaylor Is director of music and will of Newark; a son, Norman C. Gard' North Long Branch spent' Sunday Mrs, Anthony Russell and daughMRS, N E L U E COLEMAN. Sunday-school will be conducted Kohlman. be assisted by a quartet .of Metropol- ner of River Plaza; a grand-daughwith their son-in-law and daughter, ter Lynn have returned to Dayton, Rumson Sunday at 9:45 a. mi-Miss Wlnonah Mrs. Nellie Coleman, wife of Thom- Mr, and Mrs. Oliver Dennis of Maplo Ohio, They were accompanied by ter, Mrs, Janice Tenney of Dayton, itan artists with harp and violin. At 8 p. m. the theme for Dr. De- Darrah will lead the beginners' and The services will be as usual this Ohio, and two sisters, Mrs. Idella, as Coleman, for more than 40 years avenue, Susanne Spofford. William Spofford, Marls' sermon will be "The Way primary departments, ' and Walter week. The Sunday-School will meet BAYSHORE COMMUNITY wife off Frank E.-WIlke of Avon, and a resident of Leonardo, died Tuesday, Out." Preludes, "I Walked With 'rubb will conduct the service for at 9:45 a. m. and classes for all ages Miss Florence CampSell, who has Jr., la enjoying a month's vacation Mrs. Minnie, wife of Jacob Tulp of AugUBt 17, at her homo at Brooklyn. been under the physician's aar'e for from Cambridge Theological seminEast Keansburg God," Rogers; "Stand Up For Jesus." the juniors, intermediate and sen- will be held under the direction of She- came to Leonardo with her par- two weeks, has recovered, Clark." Anthem by choir, "Angels of ior groups. ary. . . , . J. DeWitt Brower, superintendent. A Church school will be hold Sunday Newark. Jesus," Wildemere; offertory, "Go The funeral was held Tuesday af- ents as a young girl, and resided An all-day meeting of the NeedleMrs. James Taylor spoke on "The Church service jviii be conducted special invitation is extended to all morning; at 10 o'clock, and Holy there until the Navy project forced Down Moses," Negro spiritual; poat- at 11 a. m. Sunday by the pastor. p ternoon at the Worden Funeral home children and adults, to come and Communion will be administered at with Rev. Charles A. Thunn, pastor Mr. and Mrs. Coloman to leave their Christians' Task ln.Cuba and Puerto work guild will be held next TuesJudo in B Flat, Lawrence. Rico", at a meeting yesterday after- day at the Reformed ohuroh rooms. Tho order for public confession, fol- j . n te S y nI The 11 o'clock. At this Bervlce the two hour. Throughout September the various owed by tho order for Holy Com- join.In the Sunday-school will be at choirs will render .several anthems. of the Baptist church, officiating. home. She was burled Saturday, Au- noon of the Woman's Society o l The October meeting will be at the morning worship service ill hi i gust 21, at Brooklyn. Mrs. Morris organizations of the church will munion, will be.used. Burial was In Clinton cemetery at home of Mrs. Adam Schlldge and 11 o'clock, with the pastor. Rev. W. The church Is non-denominational. Joseph, Mrs. Michael J. Connors and Christian Service at the home of Mrs. George Bunes. sponsor the attendance and serve as Irvlngton. ' The church council will hold lte Winfleld West, officiating. The mesMrs. Thomas Conk, Leonardo neigh- Mrs. Jefferson C. Davis. Assisting ushers: Sunday, September 12, the monthly"" meeting tonight at the sage will be brought-by-Rev. Ed. Mr.. William H. Reger of White hostesses" .were Mr. .William_>_T, bors," attended the funeral." ~ Methodist Men's Fellowship will church. Sawyer, Mrs. Harrison Shampanore House Station Is visiting hef niece, ward S. Zelley, Jr., a former pastor MRS. PERMBLIA HOWLAND sponsor. The theme will be "Try Mrs. Irving Hance. The Ladles' Aid arid Women's of the church. We are very happy Mrs. Permella Howland of Oak MBS. MARGARET A. OSBORNE. and Mrs. James Taylor. Religion. Miss Polly Fawcett Is expected Missionary societies will meet Wed- to have Rev. Zelley to preach for Rev. Harold P. Wayman and (Tho Red Bonk RcRiitor can be bout-lit Election of officers f,or the W. C. nesday, September 8, at 2 p. m. at us this Sunaay, and hope that many In Shrowabuiy at Harold R. McCormlck a Hill road, Mlddletown township, Mrs, Margaret A, Osborne of Bol- family returned home Saturday. home this week for a week's vacaT. U. will he the feature of thethe church. Flans will be made for of his old friends will be present to Shrewsbury Market nnd at Greenwood'! widow of Spencer Howland, died roar, nee Lunnoy, widow of Newell" They visited relatives and also spent tion from Mount Holyoke, MassaSunday morning ln Monmouth MeBtoreV union's gathering Tuesday, Septem- the monthly loyalty dinner to be held greet htm and hear his message. Osborn, died yesterday morning ln a week of the minister's vacation at chusetts. ber 7 at 2:30 p. m. al tho home of Thursday, September 23. Pvt, Raymond Bohn Is expected Mayor and council will hold Its morial hospital. She was 72 years New York. Tne funeral will be held Oeoan City, Prayer meeting la being: held old. Mrs. Anna Erlckffrin, 25 Elm place. home Mission topic will be given by Mrs. Wednesday night in the church at September meeting next Tuesday The final meeting for the confer- Knox, today on a furlough from Fort Mre. Howland was born at Pres- Saturday morning at 8:30 o'clock at The first anniversary of tho Meth- Walter Cowen on "Lutheran South- 8 o'clock. We cordially Invite every- night in the school auditorium. Kentuoky. the John E. Day Funeral home and ence year of the official board was odist Men's Fellowship will be ob- ern Mountain Work," based on ex- one to attend this service of inspirPvt, Jamoa M. Bwackhamor reDetails on the opening of the local ton, Connecticut, and was the daugh- at 9 o'clock at St. James church, served at their meeting Tuesday, periences gleaned from a two weeks' ation and fellowship. The group Is school September 13 are given ln an- ter of the late Nathan and Calista where a high mass of requiem will be held last night at* the Methodist turned Monday to Camp Plckett, September 7, at 8 p. m. A special visit to the Konnarock. and Iron growing each week and everyone has other column of this issue. Fred C. Bentley York. She was raised and celebrated. Burial will be ln Mount parsonage. Virginia. program of Interest has' been pre- mountain school, at Konnarock, Vlr- a very enjoyable time. The opening luncheon meeting of A farewell party was given TuesEngland, principal, arrived home yes- educated ln Connecticut and cams Olivet cemetery. pared and a cordial Invitation is ex- llnla. to this section ln 1906, making her the Little Silver Woman's club will day night at the home of Mrs. Goodwill Methodist church ex- terday from Springfield, Tennessee, tended to all men of the church, old be held Wednesday ot next week at Rachel Field Mount for RobsrtOray where he visited his parents, Mr. and home at Long Branch. When her September 26 will be observed as tends a cordial welcome to all the JULIUS HOCHSTIM. or young, and to servicemen. husband died ln October, 1041, she the Methodist churoh Fellowship -who left for active duty with ths Family Worship Sunday at the local people ot the community to worship Mrs. George A. England, Mrs. H. S. Higginson, president of church in conjunction with similar in our new sanctuary and avail Julius Hochstim of Hudson avenue hall In Bed Bank. . Navy yesterday, Mrs. George Drucquer of Philadel- moved. to Headden's Corner to live the Women's Society of Christian observances in churches of the Mrs. H. Langdon Haltermann of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Klnderman themselves of all the benefits of the phia has been a guest at the Borden- with her eon-ln-law, Walter Brower. died Sunday night ln Allenwood hosService, will be hostess at a lunch- United Lutheran church in America. church. Surviving are a son, Howard Jones pital, where ha had been a patient Winfleld drive and her children, have had a new roof put on their Nevlus home on Sycamore avenue. en to the executive board Friday, Sunday, October 3, will be observed of Hammonton; a daughter, Mrs. for some time. Ho was 40 years old, Mies Joan Haltermann and Robert recently purchased house, The Presbyterian church women September 10, at 12:30 o'clock. Re- as "Family Communion Sunday." Mr, and Mrs. Henry Stark are reSEA BRIGHT METHODIST. will hold a thimble bee next Tues- Benjamin Haulbosky of Leonardo Surviving, besides his wife, Mrs. Sal- Haltermann, have returned home ports will be received and the buaiand s i x grandchildren, three of venla Hochstim, Is a ion Paul. after spending the. summer with modeling their home on Conover ness of the organization discussed to 'ards will be sent to the men in the Rev. Walter B. Williams will ad- day afternoon at the home of Mrs. whom are in the service, two greatThe funeral was held Tuesday Mrs. Haltermann's mother, at Bay- avenue. -he presented at the monthly meet- armed forces from the congregation, Communion Sunday at 4 W. H.-Frost of Brood street. Fancy grandchildren; a brother, William side, Maine. ing Monday, September 13, in theurging tliein toobserveln-splr|trj-"---' id will give a brief in- articles -aro -bolng made .fop--tho-an~ YorkVffiTNew Bedford and six "Btop-~ night at the John E. Day Funeral n homo with Rabbf Arthur "Hanh'on'dZ these services at their locations. " Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A, RobinFellowship hall. , Commissioned in Coast Guard. 1 talk. There will be nual Christmas sale. chlldren, Mrs. Harold Strickland, The worship service with the boys Mrs.' Potor Cunningham, Mrs. Ray- Congregation B'nai Israel officiating. son of Branch avenue have receivspecial music. This will be the final Members of the official board will .FIRST CHURCH OF CHRIST, In the armed forces' held Sunday mond Anderson, Mrs. Honry Lefko- Burial was In the Hebrew cemetery ed word of the safe arrival of their Everett Rudloff of Hlbsron, school Communion service before the anmeet Tuesday, September 14, in the son PFC Kenneth Robinson In editor of ths Asbury Park Press for SCIENTIST, nual New Jersey Methodist confer- morning in the Presbyterian church witz nnd Lester and Harry Howl- near Llncroft. church parlor at 8 p. m,, with F. G. Australia. He was formerly station- many years and manager of Its photo was an Impressive one and was at- and. JWarner presiding. Servlces In First Church of Christ,' ence. ed ln Hawaii, tended by a large, audience. Rov. and photo engraving department, has TBo'ThimWe"club .will: resume its SblontiBt;'at-'20D" Broad street, R e d : - Church, .school r.mocts at j 10:30 a. -William- Robinson of ;Bnioh-v-l b ? ! i n 7PP ' ' d " ' 1' B n^ J l ? ^ Junlor ifall program .Wednesday, September Bank, are held Sundays at 11 a. m., m. Mrs. Eleanor Lindsay Is super- Robert C. Johnson" pTXatcTr, BpoTttToiv afternoon at the John W. Flock fu^ nue left this week for service with giade, la"tue, United States" Coast (Tho lied Bank Resistor can be bouuht i 35, when Mrs. Harry Heaviland will Sunday-school at 11 a. m. and : intondent and Mrs. Mary S. Moore- the topic, "Inwrought Need," and the. neral home at Long Branch, with program, including special music, In Ocomport at Hurry Mazza'i and E. the U.S. Navy. He Is a on of Mr. Guar"iJ Reserve and ordered to active entertain at her residence on Maple Wednesday evening at 8:15 o'clock.: head is teacher of the adult Bible and Mrs. Thomas A. Robinson of duty. Mr. Rudldffs sea experience was carried out accprdlng'to the pro- Rev. Elwood S, Wolf, pastor of the W. Worthloy'a) avenue at 2 p. m. "Man" Is the LeBson-Sermon sub-'; class. This is missionary Sunday In gram previously published in .'The Leonardo Baptist church, officiating. Tho Red Cross unit of Portaupeck Branch avenue. Includes service as a. radio operator The Married Couples' class will ject for Sunday, September 5, in all the church school, Red Bank Register. Copies of theBurial will be in Greenlawn ceme- met at the fire house Tuesday for an PFC. and Mrs. Joseph Jullano are ori V, 8, shipping board ships in 1020. sponsor the services Sunday, Sep- Christian Science Churches andS Cub Pack 62 meets Tuesdays at complete .service, Including' the' ser- tery at Long Branch. . Ch Soall-day sevylng session, at which a tember 19. Men of the class will be cieties throughout the world. 7:30 p. m. in the Scout room of the mon, were mailed several weeks In largo number of girls' coats and ushers and effort will be made to ._. "Mark the: church arid Boy Scout Troop 62 Tho dresses were completed. Mrs. Emma . ALBERT SOCPTE. have a large attendance at both ser- perfect Golden Text is: the upright: j meets Thursdays with Scoutmaster advance to all the boys from' tho man, and behold Flcckner and Mrs. A d a ' Hess aro church, and lt is known that several ,vlces. Albert Soupte of Valley drive, Matfor the end of that man Is peace." | Cecil Layton. worshipped at the same hours In awan, died Tuesday night ln Mon- chairmen of the unit which meets Sunday, September 26, which will (Psalms 37:37.) Woman's Society of Christian Ser- their respective locations. oach Tuesday for sewing. Box ' be observed in church and churchmouth Memorial hospital, He was luncheons brought by the members Among the Lesson-Sermon clta- (vice, of which Mrs. Anna Haslam school as World Service Sunday, tions Is the following from thu is president, will hold its monthly Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bowles jof 69 years old. were served with ic_od beverages by members of the church-school and Bible: "Tho Lord will perfect that | session next Thursday at g p. m. Sycamore avenue are the parents'of Mr: Soupte was born in Franco a daughter born Sunday at Mon- but had resided ln this country for the hostess, Mrs. Emma Flockner. [South Fellowship will be sponsors. Presont were Mrs. A Johnson, Mrs, A beautiful service In your mouth Memorial hospital. . JThe offering on this day will apply which concerneth me: thy mercy, O at tho parsonage. many years. He .had been a. resident Charles Dillon, Mrs. Arthur Beebe, Ito the board of missions and church Lord, endureth for ever:" (Psalms home or church that will of Matawan for the past 2% lears. Mrs. Walter H. Grllla, Mrs. Lillian ST. CLEMENT'S EPISCOPAL extension. The ' church-school con- 138:8) His wife, Mrs. Angele Joyes Soupte, Smith, Mrs. E. Fleckner, Mrs. Glen please you, and your conThe Lesson-Sermon also includes Belford venes at 9:45 each Sunday, with H. died a number of years ago. Surviv- House and Mrs. A. Hess. the following passage from the J. Coddington as superintendent. Services next Sunday morning fit fidence placed In us will Christian Science textbook, "Science St. Clement's church will be morning aThe following are visiting Miss' ing are two daughters, Mrs. Frank Mrs. Marie Cox Is a surgical paThe senior choir will rehearse toput you at ease. and Health with Key to the Scrip- prayer and sermon by Rev. Joseph Elizabeth Koch at Bay Crest manor: Stevens of Matawan and Mrs. Philip tient at Dr. Gardner's private hospimorrow evening at 7:45 o'.clock'and Meehan of Montclair. tal at Belmar. Mrs. Cox Is expected Boy Scouts will meet at their head- tures" by Mary Baker Eddy: ''Man M. Brownlee, S. T, M., at 10 o'clock. Mi. and. Mrs. Edgerly M. Schmick of The funeral will be held tomorrow to return to her home' hi about a is the expression of God's being. If Church-school will meet at 11. o'clock Malverne, l o n g Island; Mr. and Mrs. quarters at 7:30 p. m. there ever was a moment when man in the parish hall. Boy Scout troop Arthor Moran of Belalr, Long Is- morning at 9 o'clock at St. Joseph's week. did not express the divine perfection, 27 meets each Tuesday evening at land; Mrs. Arnold Whalen, Jerry church, Keypprt, where a high mass Mrs. and PRESBYTERIAN then there was a moment when man 7:30 o'clock. Girl Scout troop 39 Steurer, Mrs. Elizabeth Pelz, Mr. of requiem will be celebrated by Rov. Loe andStanley BurnhamHaven sons, Bentloy, of Fair were Rev. John A. Hayea will speak did not express God, and consequent- holds Its meeting Wednesday even- and Mrs. Frank, VanNelss of Brook- John P. Burke. Burial, In charge of recent guests at tho homo of Mrs FUNERAL HOME 'V. Sunday morning at 11 o'clock, the ly a time when Dlety was unex- ings In the parish hall from 7 to 9 lyn and Charles Koch of Hudson t h e J o h n E. Day Funeral home, will Burnham's sister, Mrs. Herbert^B. be in Mount Olivet cemetery. first Sunday since his return from pressedthat Is, without entity." o'clock. 85 Riverside Ave., Phone 332 Red Bank Heights. Cox of Portaupeck. his annual vacation. (p. 470.) The Altar guild will meet in the Mrs. Henry Marschal of Hoboken ] S61 Maple Place , . Phone 1351 . Heyport Inspector Hynes' home, located on The monthly business mooting of parish hall next Monday afternoon spent Thursday with Mlse Emma S.' MBS. JAMES HARTSGHOVE. Commancho drive,, has been rented the board, of trustees was held Mon- . ST. GEORGE'S EPISCOPAL at 2 o'clock. Flahn. Mrs. Gertrude Hartsgrove, 85, for the balance of the summer by day night at the ofllco of Alexander Tha next meeting of St. Agnes' -Rumson Mr. and Mrs. Victor Savage and widow of James Hartsgrove, a life- Dr. and Mrs. M. ( J. Qulnn of RahT>. Cooper, with Cornelius G. Muys"Which Road Will You Take,' .guild will be held ,Tuesday, Septemr children, Gill and Joy, of Park Ches- long resident of Highlands, died Sat- way. -. Jtens presiding. b e r 14 a t2 m l n ho taken from {he text "for me to live , P- ' ' Parish hall. ter, New York, spent the past week urday morning ln Monmouth MemorWalter Coleman's homestead, locatThe.SeBeion will, hold the quarter- Iff in Phillplans 1:21, with Mr. and Mrs, John H, Worm- ial hospital where she was taken the ed on Commanche. drive, has been ly Communion worship service the theChrist,"of Rev. H. Falrfield will be METHODIST topic Butt's ert. ' first Sunday In October, Instead of night boforo In tho First Aid ambu- purchased by Edmond Doucette of Belford William Kelly Is a surgical patient lance suffering from a heart ailment. Ozone Park, Long Island. Mr. and this month in order to conform with sermon at St. George's Episcopal church, Kumson, Sunday morning at Sunday-school will meet at 9:30 a. at Monmouth Memorial hospital at thu World Day of Communion. Born at Highlands, she was a Mrs. DoucetcV moved Into their new fflany have found our faclhlUs idially iuiftd Membere of the church congrega- the H o'clock service. There will be m. Morning service with sermon by Long Branch. daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. home Monday, becoming all-yearn. celebration of Holy Cmmunlon at Dr. Ernest Fox will ' be "at 10:45 Mrs. James Hubbs spent the week- Isaac Mount. Surviving are three round residents with Mr. Doucette tion wish to offer their unanimous to Ihtir d'wtrst nesJs. (jur modirn *itab[iihmint end with her parents at New York vote of thanks to tho pulpit supply 8 a. m. and 11 a. m, A carillon re- o'clock. sons, Councilman Herbert Harts- commuting daily to Newark, That all of our people may have city. committee. The three members of cital -will be given at 10:30 a. m. and Mr. and Mrs. Herbert E. Cox engrove, Wallace and William Harts12:15 p. m., and baptisms at 12:15 the opportunity to attend the closMr. and 'Mrs. August Volkland and offers an ideal jilting for lervkei, the committee secured an unusually tertained In their 'newly-purchased ing service of Ocean Grove camp son Ernest epent Thursday with jrove; a daughtor, Mrs. Irene Co- home recently, Lt. and Mrs. John interesting group of speakers fo: P. m, borg, wife of Arthur Coborg; three According to the church rector, mooting there will be no evening ser- their parents at Matawan. August, arid wore rewarded with the Bentley. Lt. Bontloy Is an Infantry Miss Vernlco Rowley entertained a brothers, Edward, Emll and Emmett gracious support (if the congregation. Rev. Mr. Butt, St. George'fi is thf> vice. at Fort Bragg, Wednesday evening Bible study friend from Newark over the week- Mount, and a Bister, Miss Matilda parachute officerand Is spending a The committee members ore' H. Rus- only church in thla county that has North Carolina, Mount, all of Highlands. end. sell Blacltmon, Jr., Herbert E. Wer- made a definite plea to its congrega- and prayer will be at 8 o'clock. ten-day loayo horn. Friday at 7:30 p. m. tho Y. M. C. tion to help ln furnlahlnp a recreaner and Japhia Clayton. Mrs. William Hyera spent Monday Funeral services wore conducted Tho former Readdon property In Tuesday at 2 p. m. at the residence All departments of tho chinch will tion room for soldiers at a county A. boys .will meet ln the church an- at Aabury Park. Oceanport park, Is now being occuMru. Jennie Compton, Eurolta on Miller streot, and at 2:30 p. m. ln resume their regular gatherings dur- army post. The church has been pied by a new owner, Mrs. Katherlno asked to contribute by the 'Red Glass, Georglo Foster of this placo HIghlandB. Mothodlst church. Rev. Zrrederic J\. ^Afdaml, irlgr. ing September. EMBURV METHODIST. Cross Camp and Hospital council. and Mrs. James Whlston of Kearny Edward T. Weoks, pastor of tho Klernnn. The first fall meeting of tho OceanArticles, now oi' second-hand may spent Thursday with Mrs. Fred R. church, of which Mrs. Hartsgrove was Little Silver. ' RI5FOUME1) be tflkon to the church pariah house, an active member, officiated and bur- port Paront-Tenchor association will Rev. Harold P. Wayman will Cook at Point Pleasant, ThU evening (ho ennfiistory will nr contributions of money to purMrs. M. Connolly and grandson al, under supervision of A. M. Pos- tako placo at tho shool Wednesday, leet in the parsonage at 8 o'clock. these furnishings may b'e sent preach Sunday 1 at 11' n. m. on "Tho Walter Koball of Long Branch visit- ten and Sons, Atlantic Highlands, Bcptembor IB, at 2:30 p. m. Wages of God.1. Church school will to Mrs. Arnold Wood. Items needed meet at 10 o'clock. ed Mr. and Mrs. Harold Tarnow Include n desk lamp, purchase price. * * * * *J Evening cervices bo'resumed Sunday, SI0: a floor lamp, purchnsn price, Sundny, Septemberwill12, at 7:30 Mr. and Mrs. Chnrles Anglcy vlslt515; a n-i-iting desk, purchase price, o'clock, od Mr. and Mrs. John Gotch of IrvBED HANK, N. ,1. OF WE GOUMW RUut'i $15; two easy chnira, purchase price lngton Sunday. METHODIST for one chfUr, SfiO.fJO; one end table, Mrs. Anna Hlclnrlch of Rumeon CHARLES A. THUNN, Pastor Kcansburg price, 512.50 nnd one book ejiont two weeks' vacation with Mrs. Sunday-school will bo held at 10 a. Fred Kcanort. nick, purchase price, $10. All these 11:00 A.M. priors nvo " approximate nnd any m. with Frank Gronger in charge. Mr. and Mrs. Ooorgo Whcolor of money loft nftpr the articles have The Bubject of tho aermon to bo giv- Church street entertained roiatlvcs The Oldest "Closed Ears" en by tho paator, Rov. Mnlcolm Wll- from Long Island over tho wookbeen bought will be given t o the lits, at tho Sunday morning service ond, council. Monument Manufacturing United Uinnk offering boxes Imvo nt 30 o'clock will bo "WorkA Must Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Carina and 7:30 M. and Retailing Company been bought will be given to .tho for Christians." "Bridge Builders" Robert Carter flpont Sunday at PhilOn Every parlHh, under,the sponsorship Tof tho will ho tlin subject at tho evening adelphia. in Monmouth County S I N G S P I R A T I O N woninn'K mixMliny of tho church aorvlco t 8 o'clock, Front . . . Proceeds will bo uact\ for missionTho ofllclal board will meet MonDuy Mora United States War There's a battle being won on every W KL C O M K ary work. .All-tho men members of day night at tho parsonage. A meet- llcmds and Stamps. front. Our men and women In uniform, or men and women In working Your Expression of clothes, aro winning the war for the DISTINCTIVE True Remembrance GO TO CHURCH AND TRY RELIGION principles of decency anil Justice. American labor can well be proud of ARTCRAFT MEMORIALS No other act of a normal Its victories on the production front man's Ufa gives him more l'orfoctluii o f Material and comp.'oto BOUI atlsfactlon where American labor will celeWorkmanship In Beautiful than tho building of a Mebrate labor Day this jrearl morial to his loved one* who Now D e s i g n s A telephone, oall to our office 2-17 Broad St. have gono on. will bring a salesman who Visit our largo display of over Our nolcct Barro Momorlalt will, without any obligation, 150 beautiful momorlals . . . a t bear thu Guild mark of tpshow you latent designs. Guest'Preacher: Dr. F V A. DeMaris prn-war prices to lit avory purno ptoval- -your guarantco of a Only Monument Healer In ' and ..{Jruforonco.'; 'Qur-'-complato-' JJncr Memorial . a t nq e?trs.. HciTnnnk cost. Visit our showroom and Sermon Theme: "The Divine Lighthouse" facilities nro at your disposal nnd EAST sen our display of thoio cortlconmiltntlon Is w e l c o m e d . FRONT fltd Memorials 10 DRUMMOND PL., STREET MOltNINd WOHKIIM1 II A, M. (Opp. 0orml|h Hull)


the church are urged to a t t e n d s laymen's meeting at Trinity church pariah house In Red Bank Tuesday night. Rev. Wilbur C. Campbell will DO the speaker. The church Sunday-school will be resumed the first Sunday in October.

g of the Woman's Society, for Christian Service will be held Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock in the social room. Mlsg Ions Lombardl will be the speaker and a covered dish supper will be served. The mid-week prayer service will be held next Wednesday evening with the pastor In charge.

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Page Seven.

Negroes Cut Up, But No One Saw The Knife

One Man, Making Exit, Had Seat Of Trousers Cut Out Benefit Concert For War Veterans

Four From This Area Promoted

One Captain, Other* Pint Lieutenants
The Wr Department this week announced the promotions of four Red Bank residents serving in the United States Army. Norman E. Lamb, son of Mrs. Laura B. Lamb ot Rector place, was elevated from first lieutenant to captain. He la stationed at Nashville, Tennessee. The other threeGeorge A. Gray of West Front street, Slguard Thompson of Branch avenue and Lloyd C. McNally ot Little Silver were advanced from second lieutenants to first lieutenants. , Lt. Gray, prominent Red Bank attorney, Is stationed at Drew field, Florida. He was ' graduated from officers' candidate school at Fort Monmouth In February. When he arrived at Drew field last February be was assigned to the Aircraft Unit Training Center officers'" school, where he served a s ' platoon commander. I'n May he was placed on special duty with the court* and boards section a t , Air Base headquarters, whore he served as defense counsel In courts martial and acted as base legal assistance officer, which latter position Is his exclusive job. His chief function is to aid soldiers with olviUHjk. legal problems. Lt, Gray has epoften several times before the Hlllsborough county bar association.


Junes Spratley, 40, of Catherine street and Samuel Blanton, 28, ot River street, principals in a hearing Monday morning belore .Recorder John V, Crowell to police court, exhibited Injuries that they had reFive artists prominent In the operceived In a cutting match the day atic and radio fields presented a wellbefore, but both solemnly denied balanced program ofi classical and wielding a knife. The star witness operatic music at the concert given In the cose, Samuel Frye of Shrews- last week In the Red Bank junior bury avenue, also didn't see any high school auditorium for the benesigns of a knife, which led Recorder fit of Vernon A. Brown post, VeterCrowell to observe, that there must ans of Foreign Wars. have been a "phantom" on the looe The artists were Sylvia Cyde, soIn the WeBtalde that afternoon. prano; Frederick Hufsmlth, tenor; There were other myaterloua as- Mildred Young:, contralto; Emlle pects to the case, also, Policeman Renan, baritone, and Herbert WlnkFrank Reuther, who' made -the ar- ler, pianist. resta, told how he went to the Westside "looking for a flght." It seems he was called to Shrewsbury avenue Sunday afternoon to quell a disturbance, but upon his arrival everything was as peaceful as a Sundayschool picnic. He did come across' the man who had called him, however, and learned from him that there must have been a fight because the latter had seen his brother "running down the street, all cut and Red Cross to Train bleeding." Lt. Thompson Is in the Air Corps. Policeman Reuther thereupon beWomen for Volunteer He was graduated from Columbus, gan searching for any signs of a Mississippi, Army flying school in "cut and bleeding" man and finally Service Work Here January, receiving ate wings and came across two of themSpratley commission as second lieutenant at and Blanton- -The !atter,_the polloethat time. Courses for Gray Ladles and staff man stated,'was rather argumentaLt. McNally was commissioned a. tive. He denied ever using a knife, assistants offered by the county Red second lieutenant January 22 upon declaring that ha bad two good Cross chapter will begin with a Joint graduation from officers' candidate hands with which to defend himself all-day, session Monday, September school at Camp Wheeler. end furthermore "UiaV what hands 20, from 9 a. mi to 4 p. m. at the West Bergen place school, Red Bank. were made for." Lectures on the history, organization The reodrder listened patiently to and services of the Red Cross will be the stories told'by Spratley and Blan- given to prospective members of both ton but admittedly was somewhat corps on that date and at a second (Th* Bod Sank Regiitar can t bought i Sea Bright at Motiil Weliman'a toro confused over tha conflicting angles. joint meeting September 22. and Ganaei'a i t o n ) The story told by the third p a r t y The staff assistance course will be Star 'Witness Fryeadded more eonThe tenth birthday of Armande'Laconcluded with a half-day session vigne, Jr., was celebrated Friday at fusion to the picture. September 27, and the Gray Ladles the home of his grandparents, Mr. As far as could be learned, several men were engaged In a more or less will receive two days of practical in- and Mrs. Clarence Boker. His parquiet game of cards Sunday after- struction at the hospitals to which ents and' two brothers, John and, noon In a Shrewsbury avenue house. they will be assigned for duty. Vol- Renee, now UVlng In Keyport, atAmong the players were Spratley unteers for the staff assistance corps tended the party together with Mrs and Frye, but Blanton, It appears, who wish to do clerical work, lnolud- Bert Chamberlain of Newark, the was only a "klblUer." The trouble Ing typing, filing, mimeographing, boy's aunt, and her three children, apparently started when Blanton ad- keeping records, handling supplies Shirley, Joyce and "Dennis. Games vised one of tile players, for some and operating the chapter headquar- were played and refreshments were unknown reason, not pay the sum of ters ' switchboard, are requested to served. Armande was welt remem~<2 won by Spratloy. :__. register a t county headquarters, 107 bered with gifts. Monmouth street, Red Bank 3443, Spratloy's only object during the Independent Council, Sons and melee that followed, according to his Volunteers for the Gray Ladles are Daughters of Liberty, was visited at own admission was to get far from requested to telephone Red Bank last Friday night's meeting by Mrs the scene of the conflict. The room 3443 for an appointment with Mrs. Boyd of Kcyporf, district deputy was closely sealed up, Spratley ex- Bruce Berckmanns, corps chairman, Plans were discussed for a joint plained, and he was practically en- to discuss enrollment and tho type of meeting of the councils to be held ~ 3iavorTnB~to''nta1torttnow-doorin p F ^ y , 4 jjftt4 lator-ln-Red Bank v _j..._;_: :.. one of the walls, with little success. They must be American citizen) beDouglas Stone, former member of The reluctance of other unnamed tween the ageB of 20 and C and will- Boy Scout Troop 62, -who has been O person or* poroons to permit him to ing to pledge 200 hours of volunteer living at Niagara Falls, New York, depart accounted for the large holes service a year. The Gray Ladles Is the 14th from the troop, who has ripped In the seat of his trousers, serve in Monmouth Memorial and gone into the service. which he ruefully exhibited In court, Fltkln hospitals and in the hospitals William Johnson; son of vMr. and Yet no one had seen the knife that at Fort Monmouth and Fort Han- Mrs, Ernest Johnson of New street, had made the. gaping holes or cut cock. Their services vary In each is expecting soon to Join his three J his head or Blanton's arm. hospital and Include'.ward visiting, brothers In the armed forces. Recorder Crowell fined eaoh of the errands, telephoning, writing letters, Mrs. Wendell Lewis of Plalnflsld principals $25 and sentencedthem to distributing magazines and books, was a week-end visitor here. She Is serve 60 days In the county jail. The arranging, flowers^ helping in the the former Miss Gladys Shropshire, Jail sentences were suspended but service rooms, recreational therapy, daughter of Mrs. C. V. Shropshire of Recorder Crowell suggested, to the teaching and playing games with Red Bank. police that they round up other par- children and adults, securing accomMr. and Mrs. Frank Rodney of ticipants In the game so that It could modations for visitors, acting as hos- Long Island spent Sunday with Mr. be learned what all the cutting was tesses and assisting social workers In and Mrs. William Rodney of South social service work. about street. William Rodney, who Is emTwo other Kogroen, arrested Saturployed on tho Sea Bright drawbridge, day by Policeman Reuther, were arIs much improved after an illness of raigned before Recorder Crowell several weeks. Sunday morning on disorderly conHenry Renshaw has taken a POBIduct charges, following a flght on (The Red Bank Beglittr o n b hoot the Westslde. Edward Summey of In Hailet from Mr>. Edna M. W. Feseux tlon in William T. Fowler, Jr.'s, hardware store on Ocean avenue. Lelghton avenue was fined $5 and ftnd Frank Hertla'i itore) ' The last meeting of the official Willie Harris ot Central avenue was The game social sponsored by Har- board before the annual conference committed to jail for 80 dayB. lot flro company In the nre house was held-last evening in the MethoFriday evening Was well attended. dist parsonage. Woman's Society of Threo War BondB were jvwarded. ChrlBtlan Service will meet SeptemtThe S100 bond went to, Mrs. Emily ber 0 at the parsonage. Vogellus of State Highway 38, the Miss Nanette Hampton of Church $50 bond to Welter Wetzen of West street is a patient In Monmouth MeKeansburg and the 525 bond to Mrs. morial hospital. Marlon Green of Marlon's restaurant Mrs. Alfred Uboldl of Brooklyn, In Key.port. About $325 was realized. who was visiting her sister,. Mrs. .-- Annual Event Held , Eagle Scout Vernon Rathbone has Claude Mlnaldi, was given a party returned home from Onelda, Camp last Thursday at the home of Miss At Old Orchard CluD Manhattan, Ten Mile River, N. Y., Slgrid Nelson of Beach street. Bridge where he was assistant scoutmaster was played and a buffet supper was More than 100 persons attended July and August, He Is a, member served. The guest of honor received the annual supper dance given, by of Haslet Boy Scout troop 92. a prize and Mrs. Mlnaldi and Mrs. the Alumnae Association of MonPrivate Walter P. Dean, Jr., who mouth Memorial hospital school of Is now stationed at Camp Kilmer, William Devereaux wore prize winners. Others at tho party, besides nursing, tor members ot the gradthose mentioned, were-Mrs. Raymond uating class Tuesday night at Old visited his parents Monday. Harold Dean, Jr., Is spending two Hellker, Mrs. Morris Kaplan, Mrs. Orchard Country club. Pete Galatweeks with his aunt and uncle, Mr. Wesley Garland, Mrs. John Keenan, IO'B orchestra, provided the music. and Mrs. Everett Haslott of Potts- Mrs. Paul Peterson and Misses Ann Mrs. Peter Brokaw was chairman, town, Pa. Devereaux,' Valerie Nelson and Mae assisted by Mrs. William Bloom, PFC. Donald Morris Latham Is Welch. Miss Carolyn Caprlonl and Miss Annow stationed with the Coast ArtilLocal school children will be regola Palma. A buffot supper waB lery | Washington, D. C. n turning to school next Wednesday sorvod. Attending wero Mr. and Mrs. Jo- Mr. and Mrs, Rudolph Pesoux of after the summer vacation. seph Mendres, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Bethany road are the parents of a Brokaw, Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Cooper, daughter born Thursday at RlverSgt. and Mrs. T. W. Cooper, Sgt. and vlew hospital, Red Bank. Mrs. Robert Jacobus, Dr. and Mrs. Barbarii Wilson has returned to Robert Tlcohurst, Mr. and Mrs. Wil- her home on Bethany road after a (The Keil Bank Ilojlit.r cn be bought liam Coopor, Lt, and Mrs. Robert ylslt with hor aunt and uncle, Mr. In X,lnaro(t from Oharlai Tooti) ; Menten, Mrs. William Bloom, Mrs. and Mrs, Stanley R. Jones of Mat- Chief Boatswain Mate Clarence Prank X. Schrolber, Mrs. Mary awan. Mauser of the Navy Is home on furCpl. ErnoBt E. Posoux, Jr., Is lough. Campbell. Misses Myra Shlpman, Anno spending 10 days at his home enMrs. Qeraldlne L. Thompson Is - Throckmorton, Esther R. Vaughn, route from Detroit, Michigan, to confined to bed with an Infected leg, Laura Koelng, Rose M. Palma, Ruth Camp Baor, Fort Wayno, Indiana. resulting from a dog bite, Her nleoo. Doris J. Peseux, daughter of Mr. Miss Peggy Thompson, was also bitSamuel, Gloria M. Llmborg, Mary IldcaiaB, Mary Stoward, Eleanor nnd Mrs. IMwJn R. Posoux, Hlll- ten by a dog recently. Mrs. ThompWent, Doris Aumack, Ruth Smytho, oreBt road, has returned to sohool son and her niece attempted to sopJoan Banfleld, Clalro Ledlard, Jane of nursing at St. Poter's hospital, arato two flghtlng, Aog an Mrs. Dlsbrow, Alloo Woolley, Erma Jonue, New-Brunswick, aftor a threo-woeks' Thompson's Brookdale farm estate . Charlotto Edwards, Marlon Folhe- vacation. when they were both bitten. mus, Mary T. Jullano, Sylvia PopErnest E. Pesoux has returned to Dr. William P. Thompson was a lansky, Kathleen Scott, Angela Pin- his position with tho Now Torlt Tel- recent visitor at Baranao Lake, New Katoro, Winnie Armstrong, Mary ephone company In Now York city York. Carton, Lucy Vaccarolll, Ruth Hard- nftor a two weeks' vacation, Miss Mary Kelly Injured both er, Alma Thomas, Alice Morton. Mrs. Harold Lambortson was hos- knoes In a fall recontly. Charles B. MacDonold, Lt. William tess to tho members of the FriendQporge Mauser, who h u been 111, J. Moore, Charlos McQray, Robert 9. ship class of St, John's M, IB. churcli has returned to work at Brookdalo Uoattty, Robert H. Nethory, Lt. Dlolc at hor home Thursday evening, farm. forehand, Dr, Louis E. Slmone, Lt. TIIOAO attending were Miss Annla Mrs.- Walter S. Force has had her Louis W. Droadhoail, John W. Baer, Cowles, Mrs. Samuel H, Wnlllng. Mri, house repainted, Capt. James Boys, Lt. O. It. Kubeny, nobert Woolley, Mrs. George. W. Walter Tumldnlsky, son of Mr. and C. L. Wright, Lt, B, J. Gogola, Hannors, Mrs, Hurry B. Cowles. Mrs, Mrs, Lotus Tumldalsky, has Joined Cpl, Norb Mechenbler, Cpl. Robert Boulnh Thlstel, Mrs. H. Alvln. Wall the Marines, Nothery, Lt, Bob Wortz, Staff Bgt. Ing, Mrs. Russell Wnlllng, Mrs. Lll- Mrs, Harry H. Neuberger and J. Molr, Cpl. Jako Artonlan, Staff lie Brunnor and Mrs. Roellf H, Le- daughters Jonn and Susan are visitflgt. Donald Robert, F, IOdward Itoy, Mrs. Ernest Wnlllnn will he Ing Capt. Neuberger at the Marine Heaves, Cpl. Edward Phillips, LL hostess nt the next meeting, donot, Cnmp Crancr, Indiana. Harold It. Lannas, Lt. Robert VanMr. nnd Mrs. Wllllnm Bell and Mis Corp. John Lonpr Is homo on furCampon, Dolward L. Hood, Roy Annlo Cowlen spent Bundny In Ocean O'Brien, David C, Svonson, Dr. H. Qrovo where - they attended namp lough from Drew field, Tnmpn, Florida. ,,M.. .Moareovoy,; .John,. W. sqilpju. uflUjng;.,,,;. ...,., ,.....;,,..,.,-,.. .,,, Mr. and .Mrs. .William Motion ...of (Huff S g , M r i Pasquarolla, TO Sgt, Mario q , Mr. and Mrs. Ernest E, POKOIIX and Rending, Pennsylvania, have been John Vaccurolll, Jr Dr. .John V a c r o l l l Jr., Dr Alex Jor- daughter Edna Wanda spent Thurs- visiting relatives and friends here. dan, William Bartsoh, Charles day in Asbury park,' There will bn no mooting of the son and Joseph R. Conboy. Pvt. Thomas G. Cowlei, who li Ladles' Aid society this month, stationed at the Brooklyn Navy yard, Mrs. William Bnl hss returned afThe lied Dank Rnlat is sup- visited his parents Monday, ter spending two days with her aunt, Staff, Sgt. Harry 8, Cowles, who Is Mrs, Cecelia Burns *t Atqo, ported by loot) as wall M ouVof, town business men. Advurtlsomenu home on a furlough, spent several appearing regularly tell tha story,- day* the past week with relatives In HUT More United Stale* War Advertisement North Jersey, Bonds and

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Pace Eight.


JVria And Tern II Win Junior Championships

Top Comets And Sneakboxes In. Points For Racing Season

Skipper Makes An ' Enviable Record

Dick Davis, son of O. Edwin Davis, enthusiastic Monmouth Boat club sailboat racing official, has made a record as a skipper of his Sneakbox Tern II, of which he can well be proud. Dick won the Sneakbox championship of the. Junior Skippers association. Ho took > the president's cup race In the Class A event sailed Sunday morning- by Diokman'o Skeeter fleet and Is also season point leader, and also tops In points tho Sneakboxes which have competed In the regular Monmouth Boat club point races hejd, Saturdays throughout the Season. Dick's dad, who has made quite a record for himself in "fathers' races" in past seasons, takes much credit, for his son's successful season by telling- his boating friends that he had givhls son some of the fine points In skippering his boat to victory.


Timely Notes on the Great Outdoors

Pete Gray Went i To Town Sunday

Pete Gray, former Red. Bank one-armed outfielder, celebrated "Pete Gray day1' at the, Memphli ball park ' Sunday by rapping out Sve hits in seven trips to the plate, handling seven chances afield'Without an error, stole bast and pulled off double play unaisljted. The double play came when the one-armed star of several years ago at Red Bank caught a lino drive In short center and jogged to second to double the runner who was rounding third. Gray, who played In the Canadian-American league for Three Rivers two ae&aopa ago, Is now with the Memphis Chicks ot the Southern association. A feature article concerning Gray appeared in lost week's !* sue of Colliers,

Shepherd Dogs Off To The Wars

Four Sent From Ralstoq Kennels

"Rainbow Ready For Duty Again"

Story Told in New Issue of Reveille

Robert V. Norton, head" or Cogi "Ralnbowers Ready for Dutj for Defense In Monmoufh county, Again" Is the page-wide caption glv- has shipped four price, nhepherr: bn a feature story in the Rainbow dogs from his Ralaton kennels al Revollle, Issue No, 1, Volume 2., pub- < lied Bank Junior Snapper Tourna- in neaier share and that'i the time ' Sea Bright for induction and wai llshed at Camp Gruber, Oklahoma. to be therewhen they are there; j ment. work In the U.8. Coast Guard. Exactly 26 years ago August 35, the . Final rates were sailed Sunday afHow fortunate our .Monmouth | Three ot tho four dogs, Ceely first Rainbow Revolllo made its apFor a while, due to lack of flsh, 1 ternoon by the Comet'and SneakWeely, Bebo, Bella Weila, are s pearance at Camp Perry, Ohio, This < began to look rather discouraging county fishermen are to be able t o , box classes of tho Junior;-Skippers' Lieut Nowbold Ely's breeding farm was No.' 1, Volume 1. laouo No. 1, association, which was organized by for this annual tournament which have some ot the finest salt water j at Ambler, Pennsylvania, whero t* c, Volume 2, whloh Just made Its ap- the group of young sailors.under sufor the past three seasons has been Ashing to be found along miles ot the j pervision of Dr. M. R. Ross and Rogwill be bred to specially aeletfc.i pcaranoe, is a now paper for a new : such a successful Monmouth County Jersey coast right here in tho North, Shrewsbury river where recent catcher Ryan of Monmouth Boat club. I dogs- to produce shepherd pupplei generation of Rainbow goldlers. Junior sportsman's event and has : James Gordon -chairman, O. Edwin ' for the Army to train and use. Thi The copy of the present Issue of t provided a lot of sport and friendly es of 'weakflsh compare favorably-) Davis and Burton Moore, members other dog, Lusette, has bean sem Rainbow Reveille was brought to | rivalry for tho kids. It has helped with Barne'gat bay when It was in Its of the senior club's regatta and troj , to tha Wldenar estato at Eililn The Register offlco Monday, after- ; to make .a lot of good sportsmen ou* prime. phy committees, have acted OB offiClub Point Events of them, teaching them fair play and It Is not uncommonfor a rowboat' I Park, Pennsylvania, for training fo: noon by Mrs, Harry Morford of cials at the junior sailboat racing. to live up to the rules of tho game, to dock at Pauels', Rumson, with a,; active duty at onoo. Branch avenue, who received It from Tommy Morrison's Tina won the .. Sailet{Saturday In Other years the snappers have ar- string of 16 to 30,big wenkfi. They Said Mr. Norton, "Wnr dogs a n nor son, Lt, Harry Preston Morford, season championship with 98 points, rived off the steam boat dock early in are not. the average run ot little , proving their value mare and mon who la stationed at Camp Gruber, SoutheaslTBreeze Bob Boakey's Leisure second with 76, August and by this time many en school flsh. They are real' yollow- I evory day, Anybody who has ifollowing a month's stay at ClalDr. Ross' Minaro third with 74, Rogtries had been turned in. Ho\s*ver, finned tide runners, at least that is ' good dog that can be used by the borno, Louisiana, er Ryan's Fran Jean 53, Jules Dlsthe flsh have at last arrived and the tho experience ~of General VanVllet ' Armed forces, will be doing a pa- The present Issue of the Rainbow Peter Bentley's Tarpot returned to tel's Jaydee 62, Gloria Moore's Margfirst entry was made on Monday by and the writer, who on Monday af-' triotic duty by writing to me fo Reveille gives the general formation . loo Too 41, Fred Trenery's Marie 33, winning form in the Monmouth Boat Raymond Ayers, 17 Marion street, ternoon had some of the finest sport f | a g D u U i e r - D a n C e particulars or telephoning SoaBrlghi of(tho original Rainbow division and Jean Larsen's Spirit 27, H. Milten- club Lightning class race Saturday Red IJank, with a flsh which' meas- we have had In a long time. 134." lists the 16Sth ambulance company berger's Blue Chip 23, Bill Nuthall's afternoon, crossing tho home stake ured 8% inches and a second entry Mr. Norton stated that although as a unit from New Jersey In this The last fish that the General tied : Dynamite 18, Edward Burke's Roc- 1 minute 53 seconds in front of Peter of a^ls-lnch flsh made by Raymond's into tipped the scales at four and a the. original mark of 128,000 dogs famous division. It will be rememDoremus' Sola Maid, which took secket from Staten Island 15, Leslie Male Members Present for war service, was Inadequate, bered the 165th ambuIaVo company cousin, Xpuis Petersoii. This is as it half pounds and ours was a close Stewart's Misery 13, Polly Fawcett's ond place from Martha Wilson's should bK as young Ayers Is the He said, the dogs were doing excel' was formerly the Red Bank AmJiiK' second. It is surprising what a batBlack Arrow 13, M. Peter's Tide Rip Helen W. Too by a margin of 34 secFashion Show nephew o\ Thomas Irving Brown, tle they put up In the river. Maybo lent work in tho South Paolflo and lance company, organized by the late from Staten Island 11, G. Milten- onds. editor of The Register. In many instances* spatted enemy Tommy Morrison's Tina again outit Is because they are all in such berger's So What II 8, Lloyd LawThe Recreation summer victory snipers. "Tho work of Dogs fo Major Peter P. Rafferty, <vho was v captain of tho outfit when li^left/ rence's Red Herring from Rumeon sailed seven other starters in the p g These snappers were caught last fine shape. Tho general's flsh made m l x o d b 0 , v , l n g I o a g u o h e I d i t a an * Comet event, the second boat, Min6 and Haik Kavookjian'a Blue Ghost Monday and tho boys till mo they one run which left only a few feet n u a l d | j ] n e r d a n c e T u M d o y n l g h t a t Defense muat not lag." he declared, Red Bank for overseas -duty In aro. trailing by 5 minutes 25 seconds. from Highlands 4. World war one nnd who was ad- ' of line on - the spool and we were tthe w u l b k o n t h e spoo^ wo t t F i || h had a lot of bites and could see Ilsh Wlllowbrook restaurant, Fair Bob Boskey's Leisure was beaten for vancod to major while overseas. jumping all over tho river. The com- afraid that he would be unable to Haven. Team and Individual awards W/J IJ C By a margin of. three points Dick second place by three seconds. he had were d i j t r I b u t e d , M u s | 0 w a 3 fur-J IYAA S* Ju ) p 1, r e f e distributed. Music was , u r . A feature of tho new publication ' Leads Dr. M. R. Ross' | ing weeks should provide some real stop him. Time after time ^ Davis' Tern II defeated BUI Moore's Dorothy Lawrence's Teal- and Dick 1 will be a series of artioles on tho dh, M sport and competition among the him up to the boat only to dash off | n l 3 h e d b a e n e C o Fran in the close competition for Davis' Tern II Wetfe the two close agaji In a mad rush wo light Seronadcrs. When wo h S Rainbow division of World war one. Minaro by 8 Points junior sportsmen. championship honors for the season contenders in the Sneakbox class The series win give brief accounts among the Sneakboxes and. their Robert Kreger was chairman of The contest Is also open to the girl finally got ready to not him he was of the activities of the 42d on two kippers. Tern II rolled up a total match,'Teal winning out by 1 minWith One Race Left anglers and now that the fair sex Is oo big for the net and it was only the committee in charge, James ute 24 seconds. These two leaders continents, written for the purposo of 99 points, Fran 96, Richard R. , taking "such an active part in the>y accident that we bounced him in- Hammond, league president, was Affair Given for of giving membors of tho Rainbow Davis' Might Hawk 86, Barbara left the other seven boats far be:o the boat. master of ceremonies, and Mrs. RobWith one more point race to be ' W ar industries we see no reason why hind. Sayre's' Popeye 82, Bill White's Scufdivision In this war the background ert Zerr was entertainment chairman. Daughters of Union fle 78, Dorothy Lawrence's Teal 77, The final club point races in these ailed Sunday morning by the Comet some of our Monmouth county girl More Strange Fish In the River The officers were re-elected for a and tradition of their division in < Bart Gallagher's It 41, Donald E. three classes will be sailed next association, Bob Boskey's Leisure sportsmen should not make it pretty World war one, ' Patsy Gets the Needle. mixed winter league. In addition to has practically clinched the season hot for the boys and walk off with Mre. Elizabeth S. Noill of Atlantic Lawes, Jr'a Sewal 39, J. Jerolamon's Saturday afternoon. The formation of the original Rain- " . As has been announced the annual championship award with 69 points. ' their share of the prizes. Some of No- sooner had' we reached home Mr. Hammond, they are Harry Pat- Highlands was hostess Friday after- bow division was conceived by GenSpeedy 32, Ira Crouse, Jr.'s Yankee 27, Eddie Schwartz's Anything 21, Willis A. Clayton trophy race, open Leisure won last Sunday morning's y o u youngsters may not havo not- han the phone rang. It proved to terson, treasurer, and Mrs. Robert noon at a card party, at her., home eral Douglas "Mac Arthur, then a ma- ' . for Army of Potomao ' chapter, jor on the staff In Washington, It to Kay Doremus' Slave Ship 14, Ed- all boats 16 feet or under, Is event, finishing 23 seconds In front | CD( j [n ] a 3 t week's column that there > Israel Brealow of McLaren street, Zerr, secretary. e of Dr. R. M. Ross' Minaro, which is ;i 3t 0 b ea s p e c i a i p r i z a to bo awarded ,._,_. ... _ wards Rullman's Oscar 14, Kenneth scheduled for Sunday afternoon. ,vho owns & paper route in Red : Following the dinner, a "fashion Daughters of the Union. .Double was General MaeArthur, along with : Walker, Jr.'a Tippin 13, Dick Ben- MONMOUTH BOAT CLUB POINT RACES second in point standing with 61. l o t h e l u c k y a n g ir. r who catches the Bank. Breslow had taken some of show" was presented by malo mem-. decks of cardB were table prizes, Newton D Baker, then secretary of . LIGHTNING CLASS Jules Dlstel's Jaydee, which did not l a r g e s t o t a n y species of edible flsh his paper boys out on the river for j bers. Mrs. Zerr was the modiste, | Mrs. Anna E, Brown of Rod Bank war, whD drat conceived the Idea of . nett's Dauntless !i, Bob Howard's Course T race last Sunday, has 57 points, Rog- f r o m t h 8 d o c k O f c o u r s e e e , 3a n d Tom Tom 5, Hubert Farrow, Jr.'s Moat nnd Owner' i MilesStart 2:10, .Is first fishing trip. "I landed a Kenneth Jeffrey was the brldo and assisted the, hostess in serving tea. a fighting unit wh,lch would "Btrotch." Finish Hub-Ann-Bob 3, Clarence Berger's Tarpot. Peter Bcntlcy< Present worn Mrs. William Ly3:53:05 er Ryan's Fran Jean 51, Tommy ;bMy g r o w l c r s Ao n o t c o u n t i ;ueer looking flsh and wiii bring him I Anthony "Ace" Boncore was flower rainbow across Me Too 3, William Ur'a Puffin 3. Sela Mold. Peter Doremua 3:54:58 Morrison's Tina, which did not com-, S o m e o f should 'catch a big ight up to find out what it Is. It Is 8M- Models were Roger Francis, bargor, Mrs, Eugene Crowell, Mrs. like aand It was thisthe whole country," same brilliant Helen W. Too. Martha Wilaon .... 3:55:32 pete regularly, 37; jGlorla Moore s as we learn that there are ibout two feet long with a sllvor !*"<<> Maffol, MUIard Aumack, Ray- J. A, Wogman, Mrs; Henry C, Van- young ofilcor who was to rlsn to fame COMET CLASS Tina won the final Comet race of Course 7'.4 MilesStart 2:45 ielly, green back, a body shaped m o n d Desmond,, James Hammond, Note, Mrs. John Qoudlo, Mrs. Ash- with the. Rainbow In tho days to foltho Junior Skippers Sunday after- Tina, Tommy Morrison . 3:57:32 Ike an eel and long, fierce jaws lined Harry Patterson, Lewis B. Hen-1 ton Slcklea, Mrs. Earl de Cordova, low. noon, showing the way to ten other Minaro. Dr. M. R. Ross 4:02:57 William Brndshaw, Robert Mrs. Milton'Kruse, Mrs. W. R. Whit4:03:00 starters. Minaro beat out Leisure for Leisure, Bob Boskey with rows of sharp teeth." I don't ney, Mrs, Grace Moxson, Mrs, Frank Blue Chip. H. Mlltcnbercer 4:06:30 wnll<! second place by 18 seconds, the win- Rocket. Edward Burke now the technical name for it, but Kreger, Domlnick Acsrra and R. - .-08:30 Nuthall'a "Dynamite >12, Leslie Stew- 4 . Sleh, Mrs. Richard Dyor, Mrs, 'Wilner leading the second boat by 2Black Arrow. Polly Fawcett n me it was a needle flshbut the Connie Inglls. 4:11:40 art's Misery. 9, Dorothy Norcom's ,in& n ' S h t crawlers. Attending were Mr. and Mrs. Ray- liam Sclmphoret, Mrs. Frank Siegminutes ?8 seconds. Spirit. Jean Olscn 4:H:!5 J " s ta little ways off tha dock randdaddy of all needle flsh. Misery, Leslie Steward 4:15:58 Star Dust 4, Polly Fawcett's Black 'Frank Brand of Dickman's boat mond A. Desmond, Mr. and Mrs, Wal- fried, Mrs. O. R. Hatfleld, Mrs. A. Teal took the last Sneakbox race Breslow said that ho had no use Brook, Mrs. Philip Arrow 3. SNEAKBOXES : house caught a string of ten good 'or it and presented it to me, So I, ter Angerole, Mr. and Mrs. Pete Maf- T. H. O'Nell, Mrs. L. A. Wentz, Mrs. ir. this series, leading from start to Coime 7 /ij MilesStart 2:50 Ducksworth, or 11 a n a p r e o e n i e a i t t o m e , o o j , , , " - *-- - G. COMET ASSOCIATION . "finish but closely trailed by-Tern -II, Teal, DorothyLawxcnco ..,....... 4:0g :28 weaks and four big eels. Courafl. a-MilesStnrt_10:35 a. m . 1 mylng no use for it cither, very gra- ! f e 1 ' Steve Castellacclo, Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. W. W.'. WeUiofHe, Miss Mildred ~ "HoT-HF Boat and Owner which position Dick Davis was satis- Tern' II. Dick Davis ,' " KlnIaH~ Commodore's Event ilously presented jt_to "Patsy" our Zorr Hammond, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Droego- and Miss Ethel Sculthorp. R. R. -4:14:37 Aiisure. B o b Boskey 11:47:03 fled with to gain the season cham- Nlrht Hawk. Whita Davis Scuffle. Bill 4:14:52 Minaro. Dr. J I . B. ROSB i,-Harry- Patterson, Mr. and.Mrs. We stopped off to see some of the lelghbor's cat,"" who pf5nTptiy"~de-" 11:47:31 pionship. Sunday Morning Kriin. Bill Moore 4:15:30 So What II. G. Miitenbemer .-. 11:48:00 ' toys of the Highland Anglers club. 'oured It, needle and all. She was j Robert Kreger, Mr. and Mrs. Mlllard Mo Too, Clarence Berger 4:20:30 JUNIOR SKIPPERS' RACES . llllSUS iThejr have one of the finest layout* Jtill alive when I saw her the next | Aumack, Mrs. Bert Aumack, Miss Yankee. Ira CroUBe. J r 4:23:05 & ' . ! ' $fiS$LzT=Z COMET CLASS Barbara Sayrb'8 Popeye won the Sewal, Donald Lnvrei. Jr, 4:33:40 Spirit. J e a n L a n e n ' the morning, but had the appearance of , Dorothy Summers, Mr. and Mr. Per 11:52:25 to be found anywhere along " Courtc 5 MlluStart 2:30 4:35:26 Black Arrow, Polly F a w c e t t _.... 11:52:40 Class A Sneakbox race and Ira ry Eli, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Hen..Boat and Owner Finish TirPin, Kenneth Walker. J r coast. The club house Is located just a well-fed cat. Misery, Leslie Stewart - . H:5S:23 Crouse, Jr.'a, Yankeo finished far In Tina. '16mmy"Mowrjon"^.~..-.:.7.v.-1i;ttTa'/-| marks ^iarih_Dt4h.C^CQ!ist^Gtiard station at I Tho month of MinarD, Dr, M. R. Rosa 3:37:SU Mrs. Thomas 3. Manlon of East the lead of the Class B boats and Normandy BdachTIlHKlPlliatycuutfft Leisure. Bob Boskey ...... a:a7:aa Keajiaburg recently received word ahead of the Class A boats In the Marie. Fred Trenery 3:39:35 possibly be asked of In a fishing club ,.M r through thV'War'Depaitmoht"'that -Fran Jean, Hotter Ryan 3:40:07 wllh ^ ' Z p e n a t g of the trou, *Z 1thonyJ Boncore,M Mr. and Mrs. .Carl j her son, FFC. Thomas J. Manlon, sailed last evening1 on the North *" *??' ' " house. Red Hcrrlns, Uoyd Lawrence 3:40:12 So What II, G. MiltenborKei-' 3:40:30 It was a stormy day; too rough to ion for a thirty-day period from ! Munch, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Selllck, .who Is in tho Infantry, Is now help- Shrewsbury river. Only jane round Spirit, Jean Larscn 3:40:5S September 30 and Mrs. fish the rock piles and so I found .ember . 1 torjK,Z the training of solBlack Arrow. Polly Fnwcelt i :12:2s mnn.h rail bird season closing j Mrs. Charles Julian,,MrB. Alida Tray-Ting with the North AfricanBritish P v t was covered, L i . Ca The Nr:w Jersey Fish and iJuns half a dozen of the old timers siths blue Chili. H. Milunberucr 3:43:38 diers In area. Dick Davis' Torn II trailed Popcyo Commission has 'announced the reLU... months ra bird season closing, j ^ , . B r o w n M r , a n ( t . aiers in the North African area. Pvt. nynamilc. Bill Nulhnll a:46-.2O ting on their bunks oiling reels, tie- November 30 followed by waterfowl, J; w Apntegate Mr and Mrs Wll- JManion entered the Army in Novem- at the finish by 2 minutes, 6 seconds, nd Mrs Wll J n y SNEAKBOXES ga w M e e BroUUngton, ber, 1942, and after four : months' whlls Yankee led the. second boat, BroUUngton, ber, 1942, and after four : months' Oouru- 5 MilesStart 2:35 upland game and Jersey will the M sportsmen of New, deer seasonshavo " " ; - c ^ k e r Mr and Mrs Wll- training was Sent to North Africa. . Teal, -Dorothy Lawrence 3:44:38 rs Wll aining was S sportsmen opportunity in will have I S t Africa fi Bart Gallagher's If by 14 minutes, .8 Diclcman's Skeeter Tern II. Dick Dnvls 3:45:50 plenty of of New Jersey which to Maniofi recently received a | M M i tl id X ^ ^^ ^ Roger | M . fromi f her son containing a seconds across tha finish line. Iran, Dill Moore . 3:46:32 participate in their favorite pastime. I tii Popeye, Barbara Sayro 3:47:01] Dominlck Acerra Mr and The last point race of the season Fleet Class A, B Tho Now Jersey Fish and Game I Scuffle. Bill White .-..:.. ......;.. 3:47:08 which he had written entitled will bo sailed Sunday morning. It Niuht Hav.-k. R, K. Davi _ _ 3:18:58 Commission* states that well stocked ' "To My. Mom." The poem follows: Sewal, Donald Lawen. J r 3:49:55" Races Held Sunday ' will be the commodore's1 event and treams will greet the anglers. Tho Tlnpin. Kenneth Walker. J r . 3:52:10 Picture in your memory those hnppy ho winners in each class will rocolve HUB regulations will apply during Mrs. William H, McOracken, John L. dflya wo knew " Wilfred H. McCracken. Mr. Deforo .1 Bailed acroas tho aaa t o k land prizes from Commodore Donald E. September which governed the Dick Davis' Tern II, season point an M Ton E H ntln and Mlss out of the blue; Lawes, Jr. luring tho spring season. The dally i d y ' 8 g pg y leader among the Sneakboxes of Away from America's pleasant shores to Summarlos: a land of Bond and aun, Dickman's Skeeter fleet, won the :atch ten trout measuring at least Echo Chamberlain. To do ray bit for a notion's cauH until Claaa A S n M k b o x a s ^ president's cup class A event sailed leven Inches in length. victory la won, CourBO 2 % M l I c a ^ B t a r t 6l45 p . m, Sunday morning on the North Rail birds may be hunted from a And ao, until wo meet again, afraid I'll Boat and O w n e r Flnlah Shrewsbury river. Donald E. Lawes, enthusiasts, since it was first started have to stay Popcyo. B a r b a r a Sayro 7:21:28 him take . the line. "If you had half hour before, sunrise to sunset. With all thoae lovely thoughts of you t o Torn if, Dlolc Davla Jr.'s Sewal took the Class B flve-mile by the commission in 1934. 7:2S:S4 ! played him right he would have been The daily limit Is 25 birds. help me .on my way! F r a n , Sill Mooro : - . . . 7:26:58 race sailed in a brisk southeast wind. Trout fishermen are asked to obSeptember also marks the opening And na we alt together, dear, when my Scuffle. Bill WhltB 7:20:80 The cups will bo presented by Pres- ierve the same regulations during, a world's record." We reminded of a very important member of our The Calvary Baptist church capla ' t Hawk. E . It. Davla 7:20:58 day we put it all over wild life, the oyster. This, bivalve tured the championship of the I'llday'a work how done. ident William "White at a dinner at September which prevailed during tell you 1 mlsB you In th land Clasa B S n a a k b M t B William Geer's Snipe of aand and aun. * the close ot the point racing season. the regular seasoi from April 15 to I."1 w h c n we | were using a light may not afford quite as much thrill Church softball league by defeating Yankee. I r a Crollae, J r . .'. 7:28:08 Bill White's Scuffle finished second July 15. The daily catch is limited :. frc sh te , r casting rod and plugs to catch as some of his more distant tho champions of the first-halt of If, B a r t fiallaKher ...i 7:42:16 y heading In Points Hub-Ann-Dob, H u b i r t F a r r o w . . . 7:4S:21 in the Class A match, trailing the to ten trout and the flsh must be at and walked off the beach with nine relations but he Is mighty good to tho league, the Reformed church, In Speedy, J , Jerolamon 7:44:01 winner by 1 minute 5 seconds. Sewal least seven inches in length. beauties, weighing 90 pounds. Sowal, Donald E . Lawca, J r 7:44:03 eat and will add many dollars to the the playoff Tuesday night. The score In That Class had a lead of 2 minutea 28 seconds Although their fishing has been pocltets of the hardy men who fol- was 16 to 3. Tippin, K e n n e t h Walker. J r . 7:58:4S over Gallagher's If, the'nearest con- The rail bird season openod yester- rather spotty this season they all low the sea for a living. Anything, Eildl^ S c h w a r t i 8:00:0 OAI.VARY B A P T I S T tender. J. Jerolarnon's Speedy capt- day and will continue to November 30 agree that we are in for a swell AB I t II - New members admitted to thf By Sunday's victory in the Lightn- zied and, Eddie Schwartz's Anything ENDS BASIC TRAINING 9 0 2 Shrewsbury River Yacht club of Shomo .-. before the end of ing clas3 race of the Fair Haven With the lifting of the ban on Scott .sol J. .Yzeht club, Dave Wilson's Helen W. was disabled. Fair Haven during tho current seapleasure driving the Coast Guard, j it Scott';.... Pvt, Luke Bonanno, son of Joseph and king roilu) and othor rails and f Top wins, the season championship son will be honored at the formal Bonanno of Centervllle, has completCLASS A . S N E A K B O X E S through the offlco of the Captain of . ' ,I'oth gallinules, except coot (crow. duck). in that clase and will; receive the Labor day danco to be held. Satur- d hlo basic training at tho ArmCourse r MilesStart 10 a. m. > One of the largest fluke which we the'Port, has announced that all li-Gnrrett - L Jackaon "~. -' ' Finish During the open period Salerii, Currtaward at a trophy dinner to be held Coat nnd Owner day night at the- clubhouse. censes for motor driven pleasure ves- W a r n e r rod Replacement Training Center Dn'via -11:07:10 Saturday, September . 11., The final Tern II, DickWhite . .The -supper last Sunday . evening at Fort Knox, Kentucky, propara......... sels previously suspended will be Bolden Scufllr. Bill ; ll:08:l!i race of the season will take place Niitht-Hawk, R. H- Dnvla Perry was In charge of Mr. and Mrs. Rich- ory for combat duty with ah arm- U:lO-.3l reinstated in accordance with their Coy next Sunday afternoon, according to Tcnl, Dorothy Liuvrence 11:11:10 ard 'Effray of.Rumaon, who provid- red unit. original terms. A. Booth 11:15:33 an announcement by Dr. Edwin F. Fran, Bill Moore ed a Chinese dinner which Included Foiieye, Bartmni Snyrc 11:15:53 for sportsmen. weighed 11 pounds. The reinstatement of licenses is W. Booth Stewart, regatta committee chairchicken chow-meln and all the trimCLASS II SNEAKBOXES Under new Federal regulations the ! We asked the fellow who told us automatic as of September 1 unless Stamp Out tho Axis. man. Course 5 MilesStart 10:05 mings. HEFOHMED Scwnt. Donald L n i v a , J r 11:17:58 rails may bo hunted from one half ; about it whether his friend had en- there has been an expiration date beThe champion Lightning craft has If. Hnri Gallagher tered it in any of the fishing con- tween June 17 and September 1. 11:20:26 hour before sunrise to sunset. No scored a total of 37 points. Peter Yankee. I r a CroUEe. J r Stcrv ...11:21:37 Federal , stamp la required for th tests. He said that he had not as he Lbmfaeraon ...~ p qd 3 Bentley's Tarpot is second with 31 Me Too, Clarence DerKer 11:24:04 0 t The August,' 1943 bulletin Df thn HcmbllnK It. ..... Thmln, Kenneth W a l k i r . J r 11:2S :J7 sport. The dally bag limit is 25'sora, didn't know about Ihcm. and Peter Doremus' Sela Maid third 0 D. HcmbllnK D. N.K. or during the time when the sora ;. It seems.too bad because he stood New Jersey State Federation of I Urudshnw with 21. Sela ,Maid finished second Anything.J . Eddie Schwartz 1 -. SiM-edy, Jerolnmon t). N. F. ..._ In last Sunday's race and Tarpot and coot seasons overlap from Oc- a pretty good chance of being sev- Sportsmen's clubs has been mailed w'di. I' Naval Aviation Cadet Charles H. was third. tober 15 to November 30, the limit 'oral dollars richer to say nothing of out to members of the Federation.' Carter" ..'."".""'.~HZr.""."'." j o Wilson, eon of Mrs. Kiizabeth Wllis 25 In the affffregato of aora and ' a number of valuable prizes from It Is an excellent number and con- j ]' ;'"" In the five-mile Snipe claea race, 0 son of Atlantic Highlands, has suc- Stop suffering from Athlete's Foot ........'. 1 0 coot; other:, mils and gatlinulca (ex- ; the New Jersey state, George Rup- tains many interesting articles which j \i"c"t)i'n" Richard Wolf sailed his boat to a ,._ i ccsslully completed thn Intensive mlsory and torturo now. For only cspt sore, and coot) 15 in the nggre- ' p port, Field and Stream and. other are dear to the hearts of the eportstwo-second win over Bill Geer'e con11-iWeok course at the U.S. Navy a few cents you can attack Athmen of New Jersey. gate of all kinds. The t f ll k i d Th possession sporting: magazine contests. i i tender. Eric Webb's Snipe was third, > Pre-Fllght school at Chapel Hill, lete's Foot 3 ways: 1 Kill the It la especially wclcomo at this limit is one day's bag. Gcer'ri boat is point leader In this y h If you don't happen to have any North Carolina, and has been pro- Fungi on contact that causa tho h class with 18, while the Snipes ol "* I applications on hand when you catch time when club meetings are necmoted to primary flight training at Itching cracks betweon toes, and Warren Chandler and Wolf are tied essarily curtailed. It keeps us Inwhat Io01 1 3a prlzo wlnnor a the Naval Air station at Olathe, Btoji spread of Infection; 2. Stop with 13. formed of tho latest happenings thn Itching mlsory and torturo nnaas. LIGHTNING CLASS we t c jj ja j | s nccesgary j s t o havo your both In the field and In the Held of An Eastern States Bowling tournVanguard, Sailed by Cadet Wilson attended Rod Bank quickly; 3. Hoal cracked and Ir> Course 10 M i l e ; S l a r t 2 : 1 0 sports legislation which In so vltnl to T , i m D n 8 U 1 verified, ltaking g l l . t h |complete the welfare of our wildlife. , catch . e m c n U ; c n g t h tho Groiletlc S u r ament to bo known as tho Journal- Catholic high school and New York ritated skin. TOE-PAL does nil dual : nnd Owner. rinlali g Budding. Data Federal OfficeC/nilert Stale*Church ana , and .If possible, i a ,. _,..n_ mppMcil by Coast , , ...,.. ..._,_,_i picture. If you "Alvie" Stewart, Is llelc n W. Too, Unvc Wilmn American handicap classic for live- university, and was active In thrco and costs only a few conts. 4:-j;r,r, It ia especially gratifying to the Ve! Streeta. Sell, Alnlcl. I'eler i)urermi 1:30:11 ht*vp a witness so much the betDot a bottle today and enjoy man teams only will be held start- athletics. Tlll-I n>t, I'f-lcr Ht-nltey I:a0:li0 NEW YORK CITY. Sunday Race Winner ter, nnd then havo It sworn to by a sportsmen of New Jersey to have ing November 24 on the Capital and prompt relief now.IDs at tho . SNII'E CLASS Water Law Water notary public. In taking the meas- a man llko Edwin T Lcaycrnft as Bowlmor alloys, New York city. Tho ll'ffh Carry a Wnr Stamp Booli or Carry SUN RAY Drue Storo, Broad and AH P.M. A.M. P.M. president of the Federation. Here's tournament In under tho direction of Cuurnii -3 MlletStart 2 :S 1 b 'i \ urements itlla best to go to a reput what Ed has to say.In acknowledgeWallace Sts,, Red Bank, N, J, Thomas N. McCarlcr, Jr., sailed Frltlay a;ic, Illrlmnl . Wcjlr a Gun,1:07 :UH Raymond Hoover, president of tho JIM, William Cn-r .... : 4:1)7:10 his chnrtpi'L'U Arrow clnas bont Ariel Sntllttiny 1 0 : 1 1 lOiIir, 4 : 1 . ' , 1:11 able tackle dealer. You can alwayB ment of hln nnpolntmont to fill thU American Bowling congress; J. J. 2 111. Eric Webl, Slinclny ll-.lf. I I : 2 ( 1:15:20 get nn application blank and fill It Important post:' to its first win of the season-Satur- Mondiiy r,:2(i McManuii, ABC commlttooman from day afternoon over the . .. Tuesday 0::n hllj 6 :2 7 : 4 1 out laterCOMMANDOH WIN. "I wish to tako this opportunity Now Jersey, and Frank Thompson, 2:0(1 7 !52 H:54 Country club's South Shrewsbury W J t to express my1 appreciation of the secretary of tho Philadelphia Bowl2 :3f, 3:13 OK) I O:r.G river course. With Marshall Bryan Thurmlay * The Commandos swamped the The recent ocean storm should Im- honor you. .have Conferred, upon mo ing association, Iliflh and low water j Atlantic Ilinh. Rangers, 31-3, In an all-star play- aa crew, Ariel, owned by Harry Mc- lanill. I'otl Monmouth ird Keaniuilnr prove surf fishing, In fact there is an by ejecting me your prmldent nnd ground soil ball tame last week on Mabon of Hod Bank, led throughout asm* a* Sandy Hook. unconfirmed report of a 35 to 45- thnnlt you for tlio flno type of -Tho tournament will be conducted to :ho-athlctl3 field. Hartford Bureau moat of the race, finishing 1 minute For tiljrh anil low water at Kcyport, add pound striped bass having boon men you have selected nn nlUcem to on a 100% handicap basis. The entrance foe will be $10.50 per team, 15 ecconij.i nhend o[ W. Dlnamoro IS m l r u t e s to Sanrly Honk. Jlnstc il out four rosoundint' hits and I'Oi high and law water at Red Dank caught off the south Jetty, at Shark support mrj In thlu.wntk. You hnvc which will be distributed $10 for icorud ns ninny markers tor. lilmclf. Bunks' d i m The clght-mlle raco add 2 hnuri nnd f, mimilei to Sumly Hook. River Inlet. my plrdgo that I will enrrv on tn 1 prize money, 13.70 for bowling, 70 Tile ahovo time table Is tjasril on Stand, 3>ama wan tentittycl hy rouml-trippoca was sailed In a light northcnBt wind. Fishing off the Bclmnr Fishing the full extent of mv nhlllt* - In orD Billy Wilson, Eddie Smith, nnd In Sunduy afternoon's raco Circo ard limp. Add one hour for War Tfirifl club'n pier, Mr. Cnspor landed a 15- der tlint our organization "'111 enlov conta for pln-uottlng sorvlco and (2 y C thrf sucee/ifi rind cfimmnrKl . tho ro-for tournament exponeit, Tho spnntho aforementioned Rutliinn Hui-Roan finished thei hut woa dti|Util!f)cd for poundcr while flahlng for fluke, u- opcr-t In the future that |l han In Hie nors expect to havo tT.SOO In prize IIUSINKSSMEN TO MIS1CT. Jumping the line at tho sturt. Edwin Tlio Bcorfs: money, }1,MO of which will no tu tho Intf n ntrlp of BrjuJd for ball. 'A lady pnnt. Stewart's Vanguard wan tho winner, I COMMAN11OS winning team. Tho tourney will An organization "meeting of the 'nn_Slor, n8lli"K f r o m t h o s a m f i P | o r AH I! II being expertly sailed id n fltlff cast "To formiilato a nroirrnpi dtirlng Inst 12 days. Direction for ntrlnn a flve nnd a half-pounder, Tied itank nuslncssnicn's Bowling wind by "Alvic" Stewart, with his II, Wilaon, n : 1 nnuld head. When tlioso these MroHHlnrr'' tlmen .is nlmoflt on will bo published shortly In this 1 fnthcr tondlng sheet. "Alvlc" Is thoIeaKUo will be held Friday night of Huaacll Iloolh. II, flBb wore drcBsed they woro tmposs!Mlllv, but wo Tnunt nnd will pnpor. junior commodore of thn club. Vnn- noxt wecli at 8 o'clock nt Ihe Tied i J. A t i o l , 2" rtintlnuo wtth our nnrtn'In nrtlcr Hint I to have squid heads in them. guiird nosml out Arid by two ncc-Hank Itccrentlon hall, Nowmnn Tiiey are one of tho most unprc- liin present nnrt fntUT cltl^dn mn.f E" Hmlth " :i I onrio. .Spilngs load. Thn meeting was i i M. AIIIDJIO r; nn.ln" hcttcr siort nrrl we must fl"ht duty and ploasuro to aanlst all sports'rlzd rnens will bo sailed by tho W llnvla. cl i for thosp ntice/isni-v rlonsurcn nn th mon." 4 4 Huniaon t 'j'nmaliu), If : :... Country club sklppem hoys on thn mnnv fronts nrn flirhtlni( From the Essex County Federation 3 r Sutuiduy, Humlny and Labor day. (. Demmcrlf, i f for 'Vmocrncv nnd 'tin Hherlv tn on. BATIJIIDAY'H HACK M SI V! ,1oy tliolr country, (V-clr home, thnlr of Sportsman's Clubs we nots: CIIIIIKII H Mllun Still t 4:00 " -- .. f- . -jlAfMKIU). ' l pnd I)"1 sport thi^elri, " "' Klnlih "Tho following action has been All II II iriiiil mill' Owner Aviul, T. N. McUnrtcr, J r 0.21 :0 ..r..t!*T'; > ; n n W ' h H f^iaort^of- Jftlton by.., the+Esox: County Federal i l n . W, l>. Iliuikn ' | " |' 6 " ho would iinvo a riotiiptote Ilfit'or 2 a n ( tfvery mnn In nur T'edcrntlon anil tion of Sporiatnbh's"t7fuu, (fiat fills' (11'JOiOO tliom. Thoy havn otlior moods, such a 0 n Vnnauiinl, Kilwln S t r w a r t 1 IVIIIhini, n ) lust yeni'' averager] ready for tho a 1 V llnrlnii'ii, W, II. I'tith 1 Hclim'dt, a l ns nand worms, blood worms and ll- with (hi* <!omfi'"n/l ntrnnrrMi wn enn- lCmcx County Federation roquost tho 127 130 of tho tha tunni cupUilna tlio ulj,'ht ill ,1 0 i No Niiino, M, II, Mclrnlr, J r f fllrni, c , nnt fn", w will lmvii n nl"^n In nnr Btato Federation to negotiate wltli ver rmillot. HtlNIlAY'S KVKNT J, (lillnirUun, !'.' n 0 0 itnlo '> f-)i nml hunt, nnd wo will tho Btnta Finn and CJnnie Commis(!ri> 0 Alllrn H u n t ,l;St i it n 1 Tim A hlj; nchool of hnun cfin htt seen hrtvr (Mi n^r! rmmr* In lho"n nln<?flH sion that such logltlatlon bo enacted 1, K'lrV H ' 4:50:00 s it I Vuni/iinid. Kdwln l,-.viu( Uiinlt (Ct'Klnler In nun2 1 I A|-Il, T. N. MfllnrUr, Jr. ilo:03 purlctl by IDCIII ng well an Diil-of- lnirakliiK dally off Ihn bar nt Hlinrlt when o"r linvn rntilrn, wlilch wo no nil to permit all membors of llio II, Wrluhl, rf p y ICIII ng well an Diil-ofl 2 1 1 l l . r o i i , Wllllniil Hiker SlOOlOl) a Olnvtr, . ( . .. arnicd forces to hunt and flsh In the own liimliioan men. Advprtlnonicnta, river. Thoy innialn Jimt out of cnt- linon will bn noon. tiithotory.' \\tH dlstnnca hut wliori tho bnlt ba"Plnaan cnll on nin nt anyim state of New Jersey without obtainn y limn Adverlluomont. come* more plentiful tlioy will move I Hint I mny bo nf strvlco an It In my Ing a license,

Bentley's Tarpot, Tina, Teal, M.B.C. Race Winners

Victory League

Comet Association Award Clinched By Boskey's Leisure

Party Hostess

Popeye, Yankee Win Yesterday

Soldier In Africa Writes'Mom A Poem

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Calvary Baptist Church Wins Title

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RED BANK REGISTER, SEPTEMBER 2, 1943 Shower Given For Mrs. J. M. Clayton
Mra. Ada Woodward of Riverside HelgbU gave a nhower last night for Mrs, Joseph M. Clayton, Jr. Decorations were In pink and blue, and gifts were placed In a bassinet. Guests were Mrm Elizabeth Magee, Mrs. Eugene Magee, Jr., Mrs. Carolyn Stryker, Mrs. Joseph Hintelmann, Mrs. John MalUy, Jr., Mrs. Charles Qotschalk, Mrs. Dexter Jones, Mrs. Harry Clayton, Mrs. Edward Emerson, Mrs. Ross E, Wiley, Mrs. Joseph K. Evans, Mrs. Ella Wiltshire, Mrs. Roy Inscoe, Mrs. Kclby Warden, Mrs. Roger Wymbs, Mrs. Susan Crawford, Mrs. Noel Lartaud and Miss Betty Magoo. WEEDS REMOVED BTIOM BOAD. Grans and weeds have been removed from along the curb on both Idea of River rood in tha borough of Fair Haven by mployee of the county at the direction of Freeholder Joseph C. Irwin, county highway director,'. 1 OABDEN NOTES.

Pace Nine,


Bankers Win Promotions

and uncles, Mr, and Mrs. Hans Miss Emma Snowflake, Jersey City, Mrs, William L*wlerraad btatacore Schriener. nnd family and Mr. and over the week-end. On Sunday the at bridge. Prizes were miscellaneous. Mjs. Thomas J. Leddy of Newark, tenth- birthday of Wllma Meyer was Mra. Richard Curry was awarded the * n Mr. and Mrs. Edward Helnhardt and celebrated at the Meyer home with first non-player prise. ?ro m kw"."".'Dd Br'ora'/NmutuVs'r ! ' a m l l y o t Union and Mr. and Mrs. a family dinner. Mr. Carl Schrair eave a farewell D a n i e l McCandlesa of Bloomfleld. A' surprise birthday party was ton-

her home i t Brooklyn with h . r sons ,K " r n e v , " Pn*na; their vacat on several handsome glfta were given Carrie Reeves, colored, of Asbury w m r . r and . . J L , r f . Att.ndlns wi M - Bute'a mother, Mrs. Mrs. Alverson. Mrs. Plckett's gift Park, will be arraigned Monday William . . was a pair of gold enameled ear the luncheon were Mrs. At W. Crois, George Bowker and family. night before Recorder Andrew Cf, . Divide and replant oriental papMr. James K. Alversen, Mrs, Bay- Mr. and Mra, Leonard > Lee and rings, made in the shape of "four leaf Becker of Eatontown on. a charge ui.oau Normajmd plea while they are dormant, coverMr, Mrt.Schrag, Misses i.u.u.o . . - daughter Patricia of New York have clovers. Attending the party were of reckless driving. State police 8 been ue vro 'nnrl'^-mionrl"Hfi I 8 ts at the home of their MrB. Henry Kflfall, MrB. Eather Pow- Bald the wqman was driving south ing the crowns with at least two Dorothy Inches of soil. Bayner is a^nember of! u n t a n d u n c l e ' Ur- n d M r ' "" Mrs. Birdie Gilaon, Elizabeth; at a fast rate on route 85 early n nubile, school faculty." -Che'ter Quttormsen. Mrs. Edward Rayner, Mrs. Cari Tuesday morning when the car ran the Brooklyn public school Spring set trees and shrubs In Mr. and Mrs. John Flaher, the for- Mr. and Mrs. John Reimer and Schragni, Mra. Pickett, Irene Kufall, up on a traffic Island on the Eatwell-drained sites should be given ohildren of New Brunswick paBaed Jameu Kufall and Mrs. Alverson, ontown circle. The woman was uninmer M l n Harriet Boehm, who ware porlodlcal and thorough waterings in married at1 St. Agnes' rectory, Aug- the' week-end with Mrs. Relmer'a Cards were played.. jured, but the car, owned'by Saul dry hot weather. Wednesday evening, August 25, a ust 23, returned from their wedding mother, Mrs. Charles Woodward and Colerrian of Colt'a Neck, was badly family dinner In honor of tho birth' damaged and towed to Van's gartrip yesterday and are occupying the family. Evergreens can be transplanted Mr*. G. Rlttenhousa of Paulsboro day of Mrs. James K. Alverson was age, Eatontown. Rayner cottage. towards the end of the month. Mri, John c - Pickett was hostess is visiting her daughter and son-ln- held at the Alverson home, Watering before lifting is fully as Identification Group recently at a luncheon for Mrs. Hen- law, Mr. and Mrs. Paul LeFever,' Mr. and Mrs. William Moser had Important as that done after transCarry a War Stamp Book or Carry ry Kufall of Elizabeth at Cedar inn, and daughters Carol, Lola and their son. William Moser, o Coast n Gun. planting. Frances. Guard, for five days as a visitor. He In Outing At Shore Highlands. Charles Button of Wyoming, had lust returned from Sicily, but Mr. and Mra. William Carlton and Volunteer phlox seedlings of un NOTICE. Pennsylvania, is spending his vaca- waa compelled to report at Norfolk, The annual outing and dinner of TO PBOH1BIT TUB tlon with his aunt and uncle, Mr. Va. Week-end guests at the Moser AN OHMNANGE TRUCKS ON MAPLE the New Jersey State Identification pleasant bloom color can be preventDIUVINC OF a n d Mrs ed from springing up next year by association, held yesterday at Long AVENUE, IN THE BOKOUGH Of LITfrom Frldav throuirh Sunday ' - Nathan Searfoss. home, Appleton avenue, were George TLE Branch, was addresaed by Mayor cutting the faded bloomr'ihls season, Francti R. Walsh, son of Mr. and I Charles Knauer of Colonla visited Sitaman, Maplewood, and Mrs, Wll- NEW SILVER, MONMOUTH COUNT*, JERSEY, AND IMPOSING PEN. Vincent Murphy of Newark, At- before the seeds are ehed, ALTIBS FOR THE VIOLATION THEREH n . Frank Walsh, who graduated his mother, Mr. Jacob Does Friday. Ham Bush, Bloomfleld. tending from Rod Bank was Cap,->Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Marsh and j The Community fire company waa OF. from Seton Hall, college, Wednesday, A tin vase pr can used s , holder tain Charles Erlcltoen, a member . -., August 25, left for North Western daughter Eleane and Mrs. Elisabeth called out to extinguish a brush Hre BE IT ORDAINED, by tho Mayor and Council of the Borough of Little Silveri of the organization,' and Sergeant for flowers Just picked, can be preNaval academy, Great Lakei, after Kouch, have returnod to . their on Highway 36, caused by sparks -I. That, from and nftor tho paisiige of Frank Heuthor and Police Clerk Ed- vented from rusting on the Inside by spending the week-end with his aunt homes on Long Island after spend- from the engine of the Jersoy Ccn- this Ordinance. It shall bs unlawful for ward J, Coyne, who were his giiests. pouring a small quantity of melted and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. James K. ing their vacation with Mrs. Rose tral railroad Wednesday evening of any person or persons to drivo a trunk, Membership In tho organization Is paraffin and rotating over a warm trucks or any heavy commercial vehlclo Int . last week. Mayer, Alveraon. on or through Maple Avenue, In tho Borlimited to members of police forces stove until the Inner surface is coatMrs. Evelyn Zimmerlich, who haa Mrs. Edward Bruntz wa s hostess ough of Little Sllvor, Monmouth Countr.l Mrs. Elate Alverson secured the ed to sufficient height. who qualify In fingerprinting. prize for highest acore at pinochle been a. guest at the homo ot her at a pinochle party given under the New Jersey, an shown on a map entitled. 1 The affair was attended by about Monday afternoon at a party given slstor, Mrs. Jacob Does for the past auspices of the LadleB auxiliary of "Amended Hup-of Woodbrook and AddiThe ploklng of leaves for drying tion Thereto. Little Silver, N. J.," made 135 persons. The members enjoyed of such perennial herbi u aage at the home of Mrs. Claire gehrag. six months, will be the guest of Community flre company Thursday by F. B. Singer, Surveyor, January 7, , ... _.__., swimming in Crammer's pool and should be concluded late in the The other players were Mrs. Belle O. I her daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and afternoon. Mrs. Agnes Horns' over 1942, approved by ths Borough and filed ' In the Monmouth County Clerk's Office, exthe various boardwalk amuBomenta, month since excessive loss of foliage CroBS, Mrs. Nana Plokett and Mrs. | Mra. Clifford Green and family, of 85 years of age, made highest score cept for service and delivery purposes to Tho dinner wag held at the Arrow In September may .endanger the life Schrag. The lowest score was made Glendale, Long Island, for a time while other winners were Mrs. Frank and Tor th< benefit of the owners, occuInn at North Long Branch. before returning to Leonardo. by Mrs. Cross. Jackson, Mrs. John Crane, Mrs. pants and-residents fronting on or abutof tho plants during next winter. A farewell party in honor of John Charles Crook of Kearney, a sum- James H. Macphee, Mrs. James K. tint? said street. 2. That person violating any Reck, who with his brother has been mer resident, was a dinner guest Alverson. Mrs. John C. Pickett, Mrs. provisions any thla Ordinance Khali, of the Poison Ivy In acid soils Is more , WEDDING ATTENDANT. ot upon passing the summer at the- Rogers Tuesday evening of MrB. R. H. Van Henry Kufall and Mrs. William Md- conviction thereof, pay a fine not exceedeasily killed by borax than plants bungalow,.was given recently at the De Water and her mother, Mrs.3 er. Mrs. George Wagner won a non- ing one hundred dollars (J100.00), or be Miss Barbara Loyctt, daughter of growing Where the soil Is neutral Imprisoned In the County Jnll not exceedLeonardo grill with BuBter Ryan and Frank Jackson. players priio. Dr. and Mrs. Irving K, Lovett of sweet. In limestone areas, the Init ninety (BO) dayj, or both, In, the disJohn Decker aa hosts A roast beef I Patricia and Barbara Gallagher of cretion of the magistrate. - ir Spring street, was maid of honor dosage should be IB founds per W a r r o n UiU h a a returned to his auppcr was served. Mr. Reek, who | Belford have been spending awcek s N a v v p o s f following a five-day leave 3. Thnt thin Ordinance nhall take effect yesterday at the wedding of Miss square rod spread evenly on the. soil Joins the armed forces soon, received vacation with' their grandparents, E p e a t v i t h \ l s m o t h e r Mrs Caroline unon.tts passage and publication according Anno Kaufman and Sgt. John TS. beneath the plants. Borax U also into law. a handsome gold watch. Among tho Mr. and Mra. Joseph Suplenskl. . La u Booth at The Cottage of Hampshire jurious to most shrubs and small Public Notice. many present were Mr. and MrB. I Mrs. Helen Crooks of the Bronx, M ' House, Now York city. The bride la trees lacking deep roots, Including T The above OrtllnRnce was introduced and a daughter of George 3. Kaufman, blueberries, dogwoods, raspberries John Decker, Mr. and Mrs. K, Lang,' New York, vlalted Sunday Mr. and * . . , . _ . . . .,, passed first reading'Bt a regular meeting g of the Mnyor nnd Council of the Borough playwright, and Mrs, Kaufman. She and clematis. For killing by sprayMr. and Mra. James White, Mre. Mra. John Grodeaka and Mr. and c " hB r t h ^ v . u ^ , 7h1.Tn n' held on August 24, 1043, and Miss Lovett wore roommates at Ing of the foliage, ammonium aulfaAnna Plokott, MrS Frank Leonard, M r 8 . Stanley Komelskl. ^J^^U^t^LT,?^ ot Little Silver, up for final consideration 1ST. LT. LLOYD C. MisNALLT 1ST. LT. SICJUARD THOMPSON nnd will como the Holmqulst school. mate should be used, If available. Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Alverson, K. Luthand passage at a regular meeting of said rlnger and Mra. Henry Carlton. Governing Rody to bo held on Ttieaday, September U , 1943, at 8:00 p. m. (EastRev. and Mrs. Ellwood S. Wolf of MRS. EMMA A. WOODWARD. ern War Time), at the, Council Chamhen. the Baptist-church left Monday for In the Borough Hall, Uttlo Silver, N. J., a month's vacation with relatives In by a social time with simple refresh-, Mrs. Emma A, Woodward, widow . at which time and place all persona de- 1 of John Woodward arid n resident of at (The Red Bank Kctrlstor can tie Iiaueht Pennsylvania. ments. Mrs. Vincent Oaage held' M r a ' p h >P Peters enjoyed ^the siring to be heard will be given full opTinton Falls at Scott's ucnccol blare) Mr. and Mrs. Robert Holdsworth high acore and Mrs. John Grodeska " " P ^ n y of her grandchildren, Philip portunity. August 24, 1943. Rumson for the past 30 years, died Dated: Tho annual peach festival held at celebrated the birthday of their four- was the winner of the consolation *_S a L Jo , a , n J c h " - " . ? i . C o t t n early lost Friday morning after a FRED U AY.E1W. J3Y LEFF tho fire house last Thursday even- year-old daughter Patricia Friday prize. The hostess last night was oilman and - Borough Clerk. long illness. She was 85 years old, p Fair Haven, Saturday. Services wore held Monday after- Ing for the benefit of TintOn Falls afternoon at the Holdsworth resifire company, was attended by more dence. Attending were Patty Ann Mrs. George Kovelaky.guests Thurs-' Mr and Mrs. Paul DoWyngart and NOTICE OF SETTLEMENT OF ACCOUNT The Ramble were noon at the Wordon Funeral homo, Estate of Thoa. B.'Ford (Thomas B. Ford), c n ) o y e d til ' ummcr with Rev. Dr. Calvin Colby, pastor of than 150 persons. Not receipts total MoMahan, Denny Ast, Jackie Shaw, day afternoon of Mra. William Bud- B ? n ,u T ^ deceaueil. Notice Is hereby given that the accounts the Rumson Presbyterian church, of- about $130 with more ticket returns Mary Ann Alchele, Janet ana Arthur UnakL All memberB spent tho after-, a t J ? f ff h " ^f. b _ u n ! a ? w : _. of th subscribers, executory of the estat* ficiating. Professional bearers were to come In. The affair was one of Keerner, Arthur Krause, Stanley n o O n e o w l n g o l d knitting. of eald deceaieij, vil\\ be audited and stated fig To the most successful ever held by the by the surrogate of the County of Hond dI t t -. bert, ? Mae --,r I Mr. and Mra, Thomas Costello in attendance and Interment wasi in n mouth and reported for settletnent to the the family plot at Flower Hill cemeh o m , forjeveral i Robert HoldswortK, Mrs. C. Corpen,' j , a c l B 8 gu e> t8 last week Mr. and f "' ** Raid County, on weeks, left this week to spend some Orphans' Court of day of October, Thurs. | _Mr. AlbcrtWllIgerodt aiid sons, Mrs. J. Shaw, M n . Stanley Helt, u r a i Edgar Cook of Newark. tery at Union City. day, the R&Yenth A. D* '.0:00 o'clock A. M., Eastern War ' Layton and' Roger, are attendingthe Mfg." Jack" McMahen,MrB.Chester-;Miiaes^Eatrleltt >-'nndGatherlne- tlmejwlth another daughter jn North Jersey "Sfie" expects "to return to time, at *hlcH~1lme"ii]p|i11cMl<Mi~illl-bt ice show In New York city today. | Suplenskl, Mrs. Robert Holdsworth, R e i l I y o f N e w York are spending a CHEESE SOUFFLE y pg " i for another visit. made for the allowance of commissions Mi-, and Mrs. Norman Scott and Mrs, Otto Krause and Mrs. George and counnel fees. wecHy wnn moil aunt and unutu, Mr. *# T i. * , family have moved from tile L. O, Plltsscckor, w e o k w i t h their auiii. aiiu uncle, ir. . Dated Auguit 21, A. D. 1048. 3 tablespoons tapioca _ u e a t I ^ d and L ^ t party . ^ . Mrs. Irving DeMafest, Newark, Is and Mr,. E. Malloney. Their bridge ^ ^ pinochle ^ S ^Monday Ford house on Sycamore avenue to SAMUEL N. KABERMAM, B 1 teaspoon Bait .. 125 West 34th St., Now York. N. Y. evening at the Community church, visiting Mr. and Mrs. Irving Teeple. E. C. Reid's new house. Miss Mary Rellly, will be f TITLE GUARANTEE AND pj_.._. Mrs. Henry. .Kufall returned home over the week-end* Appleton avenue for the maintenance r 4 o l l p w l i f t | i ( ^ m . . TRUST COMPANY, 1 cup grdted clioese - . : : : H j i . C h i l a H. CJhLl .JSL S h T . . . hai Now York city, lias Saturday, following "ai 'week1' "vtilE1 3 egg yolkB, beaten until thick and ployed In a week's vacation atbeen'! with Mr. and Mrs. John C. Pickett. son Andrew Bane returned Smlly Lentz .was the . Assistant Trust D/Ilcer, spending her home at New York Sunday after .176 Brondway, New York, N. Y lemon colored Her daughter Irene and son Jamea enjoying a week'B vacation at the fortunate winner of both the door homo horo. Executor*. . 3 egg whites, stiffly beaten Ernestine and' Ernest Robinson, ore remaining for another few days. Speckman bungalow. Parson*. Labrccfiue ADoraen ' Combine tapioca, salt and milk In twins, who have been summering Bed Bank. N. J.. Mr. and Mrs. James- Ronaldson Mr. and Mrs. Fred Wade of plocc, and the high pinochle prize. top of double boiler. Place over rap- with their uncle, Dr.. Ernest RobinIdly boiling water, bring to Bcaldlng son, are spending the day In N e * birthday party Wednesday to cele- Brooklyn, Harry Bates of Hoboken and W. Coffey and daughter Lillian point (allow 3 to 6 minutes), and cook 5 minutes, stirring frequently. York city and will roturn Saturday brate her fifth birthday. A long table,- of New York passed the week-end decorated In red, white and blue, waa as guests of Mrs. R. Mayer. to their homo In Philadelphia, Add cheese and stir until melted. Remove from boiling water; cool Virginia Baker of Plain/laid Is vis- placed on the lawn of the Ronaldson Mrs; A. Kagleston and family, slightly. Add egg yolks and mixiting her cousin, Ellen Jano Scott. home, where a large birthday cake who are* spending the summer here well. Fold In egg whites. Turn Into Tinton Palis school Is oponlnjr for with five candles was the centerpiece. gave a birthday party Sunday for -...- Beneath the relenlleai hail of bombs In Japineie tlr tuck ID Ihe greased baking dish, Place in pan the 1843-1044 school year-next Wod- Favors of candy baskets, bonnets, ot hot water; bake in'moderate oven Pacific, Private William C. Hsmby, QMC, drove nunei and fronncied balloons, Ice cream, oaridy, soda and Mrs,Eagleston's twin son and (360 F ) B0' minutes, or until firm. -neBday, with Mro, James-C. Stiles, cake were distributed." Attending daughter, Louis and Marlon, In to the hoipltal'snd went back again and again to bring In more of the Jr. of Monmouth Bench ns tho new Serves 6. ' celebration of their 24th birthday. injured. Be made leven trips in all and won the Dltllniulibtd When made with tapioca and prop- principal and' eighth grade teacher. were Betty Jane, Pattl and Robert Present besides those already menGeraghty, Atlantl-s Highlands, Marge tioned were Miss Grace Coglia, Mr. ' Service Crou. How many Third War Loan Bondi can jou jonnelf arly baked, soufflcB do not fall, but and Janet Glllesple, New Monmouth; and Mrs. stay tender, moist and light while afford,'to mulch those seven tripjof Private H b Mr. and MrB. The temperature of the sun on Its Ginger,'Pepgy Lou and Johnnie Shee- Granvillo Fred Jensen,Mr. and Mrs.' being: served. We wish to announco to our patrons' Eagleston, "'""" hos been ^estimated at about nan, Jr., Georgle Jensen, Barbara William Eagleston and Mrs. A. V. S. Tuaikr) Dlpartmint that our parlors will bo closed WedStamp Out tho Axis. 19,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Guutormsen, Freddie Williamson, Jr., Eagieston and grandchildren Wilall of Leonardo; Jacquelyn's grand- liam, Chester, Violet, Lillian, Jean nesdays for tho duration. mother, Mrs. Jack Ronaldson, and nnd Florence, all of Brooklyn. The the mothers of all tho children. family returned to their winter home Mrs. Nan Plokett was a dinner guest at; the home of JamestfC.Al- at Brooklyn Tuesday. A birthday party was given to verson and family Sunday. " Mrs. Anna Ullrich, mother of Mrs. Patricia Holdsworth by her mother, By ALEJANDEIl It. GKOBGE, Robert Search, Is a guest at the Mrs, Robert Holdsworth Friday In 10 Broad Street, Tel. 1772 Red Bank home of her daughter. Mrs. Ullrich celebration of Patricia's fourth birth AP Features Writer was for jnany years a resident of day. The children and mothers who WashingtonThat now-fanglcd tax attended the party were Patty Ann Leonardo. 'declaration Is duo soon, Mrs. Minerva Dennle, Marlboro, McMahon, Mary Ann Alchlle, Donny ' About JB million taxpayers must was an overnight guest Sunday'at Ast, Jccklo Shaw, Janet and Arthur file by Soptembor 15 an estimate of the home of Mr. and Mra. Irving W. Koernor, Arthur Krausn, Stanley their income and Victory taxes on Helt, Jr., Robert, Barbara and_ Mae Teeple. 1043 income, or be liable to a penalty The William Qreonwood property, Louise Holdsworth, Mra. C. " Korof 10% of tholr tax.. Hilton park, has been purchased by pon, Mrs. C. . Supienskl, Mrs. J. The purposo Is to get tax colleotMr, and Mrs. Thomas Campbell, for- Shaw, Mrs. J. MacMahon, Mrs. S. ing more completely on a pay-asmerly of Florence avenue, fnr their Helt, Mrs. O. Krause and Mrs. G. Plltzecker. you-go basis. The government's Idea own occupancy, Is: Mr. and 'Mrs. James Bush of Nut- Mr. and Mrs.. William Lawlor arts 1. To allow tho treasury to "catch ley are living at tho Lynn cottage, entertaining- Mrs. Lawler's cousin, up" with wago carnors whose lncomo nnd will remain until after Labor Mrs. Daniel Broderick and daugh 'may fall in higher surtax brackoU day. . ter Dlanna of Little Rock, Arkansas than Is covered by tho withholding Mr. and Mra. John Nlelson and and Mrs. Lawler'a mother, Mrs. Uvy. family, formerly of' Bayonno, have Marie Koescr of Jersey City. 2. To obtain quarterly payments Mrs. Edna Lund, president of the moved into the Cecil Simpson bunon 1043 Income from merchants, docgalow, which they .purchased through Ladles' auxiliary of tho Brevent tors, lawyers anil othors who recetvo the Margaret Comvell agency from Park and Leonardo flro company, income which Is not subject to with the Simpson estate. The building has presided at a business meeting at holding, been unoccupied for somo time. They the fire house Friday aftornoon. Mrs. Tho A In tho ABC'B of this busl will make extenslvo Improvements Mary Jnclison^was appointed chairness is to llnd out whether you must and alterations on the plnco and man of tho special card and game; file a declaration. You mustfllo-If mako It tholr year-round residence. party, which will tako place Friday you arc: Mr. and Mrs. A. Shannon and fam- afternoon, September 10, at 1:30 1. Slnglo, and oxpect to rocolvo in ily, who have been at the Konowltz o'clock. A door prize, special prizes MAN'S NOBLEST ACHIEVEMENTS tin usually 1043 or received In 1042 an lncomo bungalow for a vacation, have re- for tables, and refreshments will bo of more than $2,700 In wagos subjoct turned to their home at Elmhurst, served. This card party will bo held in tht sirvict of othm...his country, his family or frit nits. to a withholding loyy. Or inpomo of In nddltlon to the regular Tuesday Long Island, moro than $100 from other sources, Mr. and Mrs. George E. Thorns, evening card parties, Mrs; Elizabeth provided total lncomo la ? D or BO Bast Orange, have purchased a house Guttornisen was appointed chairman !( w f horo ' I s ^utipeiicl-balo BETTER SERVE v o u and other customer-friends, we bemore. ' on Woahlnpton avenue from the Mc- of publicity, In place of Mra, Hello aiice,''.licilf is tlui? Sep2. Mnrrlod, and oxpoct to rocolvo Cold Cross, wlio re.ilpnod ns publicCullon estate. 1 came Registered Jewelers in the American Gem Society, In 1043 or rccolved In 1042, an Inci IS, l)al( Doc'umb'it.,-15; The Enll cnttuRn will havo Mr. nnd ity chfilrninn. Future hofiteasen nrc come of moro than $3,500 In withMre. Frank Blake and family, Jer- Mis. Mnrglc Flack, Mrn. Moo BudThis membership required long hours of comprehensive holding wages. Or lncomo of moro soy City, an tonnnts until Labor day. zlnskl, Mrs. Myles Cnvanaugh, Mrs. than $100 from othor sources, pro- ternatlvt form Dlmllar to tho long lncomo tax it makon a total estimat- tory tax withheld In tho first six Bcllo .G. Cross Mr. and Mrs. C. Ablctt, Jersey City, Trlna Christy, Mrs.d scudy and practical research to obtain a new and sciehtific knowledge vided your total Income exceeds $024 roturn UBed for March 15 reports. L ed 1043 tax of $341.28. months and you gotftnestimating loft Saturday for their home, nftor and Nra. you got nn [estimating or tho aggregate lncomo of you and for t h o c n Now take your declaration form. t Tablo of Gems and Jewelry... plus our pledge to uphold a much higher spcndlnp " P y c a r o t l pendlnp their vacation nt tho Vlo- Mr, and Mrs. Jnclc Rosenbloom. ,your spouao amount*) to $1,200 or ?2-i7.20. let Day bungalow, Glonmnry avenue. Neiv Yor!t city, nro tho Rucsta of Tha short form has a tax estimat- On the, first lino put down $341.28. moro for olthor 1042 or 1043. Mr. and Mrs. S. fi. Lewis for a few code of ethics than any other code in the jewelry profession. Yearly Noxt estimate total lncomo and VicMr. and Mrs. B, Hccpnnkl and fnmSubtraction* 3, Slnglo or marrlod, and woro re- ing tablo which simplifies work and tory tax which will bo deducted from lly,, nrn ths days. quired to file an lncomo tax roturn it automatically provides for liberal your wages. First thoro Is tho matexaminations and unquestioned business intcgricy are vital requisite! Pctor Cooko, T . R, Navy, Is enjoyT until after far 1042 and your wagan subjoct to deduction. However, If deductions, ing a nhovt"louvp with hlo parunts, withholding for 1043 uio expected to such as Intercut, taxos and heavy ter of Victory tax deduotod from your for 1018. tn: in maintaining (his valuable membership, Mr. and Mrs. Mortimer BarneK nnd Mr. nnd Mrs. William Cooko, Vnlley medical expenses run OB high as 10% January 1 ta July 1 before tho nowy bo less than wagca for 1042, That Th loaves $04,08. But >u can erub- family, former ronldontB of Leonardo drive. of grosB Income, litre of the alter- withholding lovy went into effoct. trnct tho payments madi last March now mnltlni; their homo In Brooklyn, Army ExnniitloiiH ' Mr. nnd Mrs. Wllllnm Finn and native form probably, la advisable. Computing Tax and Juno on your 1042 coma tax. nro occupying the McGovrn cottage, .chlldron left Friday fivenlng for Jn YOUAREINV1TEDTOBNJOYT11BW5T1N0 SATISFACTION Persona In the military services, Lot's Bay you uo t h e ' simplified If you enn't got tho total figure Say total mnlcn, LnnK I/ilnnd, whore Mrs. howovor, got tiapeclal exclusion from form. You are married, havo two from your employer, compute It thin $108.40 your your tux I 1042 waa | Bellcvuo avenue, OF DETTER VALUES & SECURITY THIS STORE OPPBRJ YOU. and Mnrch and Juno j The Louise Williams bungalow, Finn's mother, Mrs. Wllllnm Setttaxation of $1,600 In uorvlco pay, dependent children, and an estimat- way; Yqur Income In this can'o for to .Therefore, n nlniile poraon In tho ed total 1043 Income of $3,000 In sal- tho half yoar was $1,800. Subtraot payments; amounted the ilf of that, oienmnry avenno. was occupied dur- gat, Is III. Subtract ntmod fotccn would hiivo to rocolvo ary. List tbU lncomo on the first $312 (hnlf tho full yoar Victory tax or $81,70. you have $12. !81.70 from | | n n . August byTC.Bredcrlok, Jersey Tho Daughters nf America held a biidlncnn mcollnj; nt Comniuiilly flro $2,000 In uorvlco puy nnd u married lino ol the compulation .form. On ocomptlon of $024), nnd that leaves, ?91.0S, and balnnco o! os 18. Thnt Is rjjtv the unpaid Imnted tax. m n , Jnsnph J. Fnjran entertained house, Thursday tvonlnR, Auniint'20. pcruon inora than $2,124 to got Into tha next line put total deductions, $1,488. Victory Inx deductions on You aro required to 1 ny hnlf, or | K ii c ^| a from New York plly over the Following tlio mnetlnjr refi-eshmentfl the declaration clasu. $3,120. That Includes $1,340 for mar- $l,48rf at tho rate of R amount to % $0.19 with your Septomb r 15 dccla- wirk-mil. wro i>rV(i(l nnd a sodnl hour onMuruDVei, inllltiuy porsonnel In ried and $800 for each child. (The $74.40. . ration and tho other linl on Docom- ] M , % William Ivlll of the Bronx, Joynd, The next meeting will talce foreign countiloH and on, tho seas got (Induction, If .atnftle li $000). Then estimate cnmblneil lncomo bor ID when you malt a similar N 6 W Y o l ,i r n n r t j e r n n ( , MJH, Thomnrt plane Thursday evening, Scptnmber . Subtracting tho $2,120 (torn $3,000 declaration determents. declaration. I Dolaney of Patorson have been 0, at 8 o'clock nt Community flro Tim safont way to multo out a to,x loaves $UB0.. Tha tablo shown the and Victory tax withholding from ;'-,'"<..= your Ralary between July 1 and Do- If your 1042 wages wi o as largo guosts for a few days of Mr. nnd ho)in, dcoJufutlon (a wli ; "oxport' )ilp-lit tX Ori 11,480 l $262, ciSmbir St. ' I!ot way to do that l" M tho In 1043, -howe oiy ohnncc* Mrn. John Bhano. ..',.,... Qenrga. lllnel*, Jr., returned to a local olllco ot thn collootor of InNext, estimate what you owe in Mian Anna ITnrman, dnufrhtor of HoBoiand with i"nln nut'it" rtndliilrlo, tornal rcvonuo, Horo'a how to nit Vlolory tax-for tho yoar.' Subtract to multiply tho amount deducted artf your taxes' will bo "overpaid," from each pay check by tho number nnd the govcrnmont ten atlvcly will Mr. and Mm. K. Herman', In visit- Mr, and MM, Theodm-o DnMott, who out the form: $024 (the amount of yearly wagos Oblaln a computation form whloh exempt from Victory fax) from of pay chcclKi you.oxpect lo receive owe you money, You w not got a | Ing hoi' aunt nnd, Mr. nndwith their children,' lind biwn visit tho laitt six monthu ft provlilod by th Itovonuo lliiitnu $3,000. That loaves $2,07(1 oubjeot to dm- sample cnuo tlio of tho year. In refund until you mako our nnmuil Mrn, Victor Ilormnn of trvlnffton, Ing Mrs. DrMott'fl nlnlcr nnd brothtux Uong with tlio doclaratloii blank, tax, You take 3% o( the latter lo $28,80 on monthly pay withholding return for 1CU8 nest Mai )h, and than I Daniel McCnndlonn and IIIB mother, nr-ln-lnw, Mr. Bnd Mm, Oeoi'Ko Dlnolc, of $300. The Br. 'fhoro nro two klnils of computation amount$S.2S. That I* your eiti- total withholding forrtx.month* U It will diiporul iition w inthor that Mrs, Jama* McCnndloss, Jr., pnaned 1 formi n, almplllloit form end an Hi- nrntod Victory tax, Added to $203 $m.6O.. Add that to tho $7170 Vlo- Tnnl roturn how you :n bo OVON J Mondnv with Ills (finndpnrent*, Mr. Mr, nd Mm. Wllllnm Meynr and paid. nd Mrs. Louis Hnaso, till nunti daughter Wllma enjoyed a visit with

M r Edward Rayn.r, who left Im-i f" ^ Mr,,. S w i m Rimw who left torL*-- Sdto5nSo5SJtt.hS.hS. Im-1 f i ;


yesterday to Join the dered Mr. James k Alver.On b Is Charged With y ^ Chris Bute o ^ Bute ^ ^igZg Reckless Driving Mrs. f a

" ' f

Tinton Falls


Zotos Permanent

Waves at $ 1 2 5 0


Admira Beauty Shop


Page Ten.

.. 8-.





What you will be asked to doTl /TARK wgLL the date-Thursday, September 9th. For on that day, l V x y o must answer to your country's call. On that day, the 3rd War Loan Drive opens. To youand to every other true American-a clarion call goes forth to rally to the support ofourflag. . 'You will be asked to back our fighting forces to the very limit of
your resources. .You will be asked to go ALL-OUT FOR INVASION by

invasionpush. They are giving their blood, their lives. No one can put a price on such courage, self-aaorifioe, devotion. But you ean\ show you're with them to the limit! %u can say it with Bonds ;H* E T A Bonds this month, XR '
World's Safest Investments

investing in EXTRA War Bondsmore War Bonds than you perhaps think you can possibly afford. To meet the national quota, every individual in the country who earns a wage or draws an income or has accumulated funds must invest, if he possibly can, in at least one E T A $100 War Bond. XR Those who can, must invest more thousands of dollars' worth more. Each and every one must do his full part. Scrape up the money from every source you can . . . turn in all the loose cash you carry with you . . . dig out what you had tucked away "just in case." Go without pleasures, luxuries, even necessities this September. And give our fighting men the things they need to fight withand win. . These men are throwing everything they have into this fierce


For this 3rd War Loan, you will be offered your otibioe of various government securities. Choose the ono that fits your requirements. United States War Savings Bonds Series "E"; gives you back $4' for every; $3 when the bond matures. Interest: 2.9% a year, coiti^ pounded semi-anmially, if held to maturity. Denominations: $25,' $50, $100, $500, $1,000. Redemption: Anytime 60 days after issue date. Price: 75% of maturity value. ... 2Vi% Treasury Bonds of 1964.1969; readily marketable, acceptable as bank collateral. Redeemable atpar and accrued interest for the purpose of satisfying Federal estate taxes. Dated September 15, 1943: due December 15,1969. Denominations: $500, $1,000, $5,000, $10,000, $100,000 and $1,000,000. Price: par and accrued interest. Other securities! Series "G" Savings Notes; 7/t% Certificates of Indebtedness; 2% Treasury Bonds of 1951-1953; United States Savings Bonds series "F" j United States. Savings Bonds series "G".



NAT'S JEWELERS ' -"' " <-- * -






FURNISHED rooms, near transportation. 84 AUen, street, Kuroson, N, J. BOOM for rent In private home for gentleman. Willing to share bath with one ther gentleman. Phone Bed Bank 207B-M ir 8808-J.* _^^_^_ BOOM for refined Christian women, onable} to, board with mother and daughter; on bus line. .For Information phone Red Bank 188S-R or writ* to Krs, t. Hulicboi, 840 River road. Fair Baven, N. J. -' . FURNISHED bedroom for rent to business gentleman; attractive home. Christians only. 62 Peters place. Red Bank." LIGHT sunny room, near bathf with private family; continuous hot water; Christians only. 98 Eaet Front street, phone Bed Bank 2185, ATTRACTIVE bedroom mite; price reaeonabls. 89 Hudson avenue, Bed Bank, phone 2T39'H. * ' VACANCY, girls onlr. use at living room; kitchen privileges. Phone Bed Bank

Page Eleven.

LOST, bank book No. 82852. Return to Btcond National Bank and Trust Oo.. Bad Bank. , , . FOUND, canoe. Phone Rod Bank 88-H. I3C REWARD for return of amall (old wrist watch, Bat with mall diamond! and rubtai. Phone Mlddletown ISO," . ' IX>3T Tuesday, car and other keys In Uatlier holdar. Kindly laave In Merchant* Trust for Hlmjln,,*

PLANT lawnlead now. Really tha beet time of the year, two-pound bag Yankee eced SB' cent*, five-pound Premium Green 11.50) Vlgoro 8 cents pound. Nalonal k 10. Prown'a. phone H80.* USED furniture (or aale. Anderaon Broa. Inc.. tOO Honmouta street. Bad Bank. FLOWEB8 for engagement parties, weddlpgsi blrthdaye, aonlrersarlee and f nnetala. Also pottery and glass - and wrought Iron novelties (or gifts. Homy Be Flowers, Upper Broad street, phone Red Hank B7I WB BUY and Mil wed ofllce equipment Tatleyi, 17 Broad street Hed Bank. WHO SAID we haven't got pre-war all; 'iprlntf conatrpcted three-piece .parlor aultea at pre-war ,pricea. On time payment plan, same as cash prices. Swartx'a Auction Booraa, just acroBB Cooper's bridge on Highway 88. Mlddletown., N. J.

PIANOSA. B. Dlrhan, piano maker, dealer* tuning, repelrlng, renovating. Shop LOST, bank book No. 21868. Kotum to Second National Bank ard Truet com- nnd ahowroom. Drummbnd Red Bank 811. .. . . pany, Red Bank. WHY PAY high Installment prices for new furniture, whan you can use our FOR SALE budget plan at cash prices on time payment. Swarta's Auction Rooms, juat across ntS'CONTINUED (upertai ffaat>able wall- Cooper's Bridge on Highway SG, Middleiftpsr for every .room In your homai town. N, J. uaa to 110, on iala foi 11.08 car mum lot Quantmai aid pattern! ara limited. WE BOUGHT IS new seven-piece and Klarln'a Taint 8tote, 2S Monmouto ttraat. three-piece bedroom setaj high class be sold RO.OF leak 40 cent- gallon On flvc-gallon atrle). From factory closing.' To on time quick cam) for the best roof, coating you aver at half price for cash. turnover Auction payment plan or Swartx'a used l try It for that leaky roof. . Satisfac- -Rooms, just "across Cooper's bridge, on tion guaranteed. National 6 6 10. Frown',, Highway 88. Mlddletown. N. J. phone 2680.* . . Buy they last. No WATER PUMPS, new and rebuilt, for eala. DON'T WAfrl made; whilenew Inner.prlng more to be 100 Pump repair, of all klndai plumbing end lattressea with' steel prlngs. Swftrti'a heating, V. a; Burat, phone uctlon Rooms, just across Cooper's Mlddletown . . _ bridge, on Highway 85, Mlddletown, N. J. RAISE pigs arid belp solve your and your PLENTY of things to can; jelly "glasses 89 country a meat problem l pura bred oorncents doxeni quart Mason jars 89 centfi fed Duroo pigs for. eale. . Bred aowi' and doxen; haif.gillon Jara $1.50 and $1.10 amall plus vaecinated. Guaranteed etc, healthy. Place your orders now,- Shad- dozen. B Rubbers, extra lids, wax2680.* Nac 10. Prown'B, phone V ow Ule Farm, Red Bank, I'hone Red tlonal

USED furniture for itle. Andaraon Broa., Inc., 100 Uonmouth street, Bad Bank, if, 3, ^^ YOUR old furniture made better than new, sprayed or rubbed'Anlsbet.; all branch* e* In cabinet making i estimates and planning cheerfully dona,' Call u s . ' Bad Bank I 867. Aik for Mr. Witms.

FOUNTAIN pens repaired, Don't throw that old pen away. We will put It In sbBkpe as good as new for small charge. Specialty Printing Co,, 107 Monmouth itreet. Red' Bank, phone 8084. PICK your own apples, 75 cents buBhel; Delicious early apples ready now trotn the famous Alexander orchards. Do your canning for this, wlntsr. Two miles from1 Red Hunk station. Phone Red Bank , , WB FAY highlit prices for your poultry. 8548. Writ* or phona Long Branch 1600. B9 North Broadway, Long Branch. Zwlckla PEDIGREED Boston terrier puppies for aale. Kid Boots blood line. 0 weeks Live Poultry Market old. 688 Broadway, Long Branch. N. J ANOTHER blackout might come along TWENTY goats for sale, mostly does; aoon, Blackout window'Bhadea, 86 InchLohse'a farm. Route 84, Holmdel. Tel ei wide and 7 feat long,.- only S cents. O Othari up to 6 feat wide. National 5 eV ephone Holmdel 8561. 10. Prown's, phone 26B0.* BOATS for sale I small sail boats, dlnghlea, . row boots, B, 10, 11, 12, 14 and 16 WOODAll klnde of kindling and etova feett oflder boats, copper riveted; oars. wood for aalet also fireplace WO6Q. Elite Rnrltan Bay Boat Works, 122 Broad Trucking done. Hauling. and email mov- street, Kerport, K. J, . ing. R. Haltar. phona Red Bank 3436-W. TWO PAIRS of White King pigeons, two ANTIQUES. ngi< furniture," ellverware, pairs Homers, two palra Fan Tails and Jewelry, caah registers, sowing machines, two pairs Tumblers. Phono Red Bank stoves, guru, books, pletures, coins, car- 12C5rW 12 noon or 5 p. tn. Alvlti Holtriages and linens, stamps, luggage, daika maa. HI Monmouth street, Red Bank, (In bought and aold. Town Furniture Ex- rear) . . change. US Monmouth street. Red Bank, FOUR storm windows and 16 16 mesh phona o28. bronle aereens, site 5 by 2Vj feel. Will FOB INSURANCE or, your car, home'Or sell for $15. Nichols, Wolf Hill Farm, hanrdi of any kind, phono or call Bay Ocoarrport. N. J.* ' B, BUIlman, State Hlghwiy. Eatontown 1. $1.7G BAiOH, 16 weeks old Barred Rock Twenty-live yeara at the aame location. : pullets; laying tn four to ,elx weeks. PAINT dlreot from faotory and a - 1 0 Phone RUmson 872. par oent o o . all material*, paint, arDishes, wall teitore and wall paper. At- 'BOTTLES-for sale; quarts, pints, gallons and half' gallons. Sidney Vanlantlo Paint Oo, l i t Went-front strait. Soholck, 08 Hlghfleld avenue, Matawan, N. Bad Bank, phona a i l l - W . J., phone Matawan UBB-J. -^T WON'T be-long-JiDW^rYou will nead heating supplies! stove plpa aad elbbwa CHAMPION- two-row-potato-digger;*, good, condition, William H. Potter A Son, la blaok, 25 cental furnace oemeat Je -cental "Soot Destroyer," 20 centa, Na- Mlddletown, N. J., phone 570-W Middle town. tional ( * 10, Prown'B. phone 2(80 * WE HAVE! several new Coolerator lea boxes for sale) act Quickly, Good Housekeeping. SlWJP,,. <. Mn!Pl?V *'ret. Had Bank.pbqna 5S6. ' . THREE saddle horses, two of which . also drive, for sale; Bound and Ings.* BRING your rollerswe will put new window shades on while -you wait; side, hemmed Holland ah&des, B0 centa In best alzea; white os. ecru. National 6 & 10, - T i , phone 2*80,* BOX BUSHES for sale; l a n e . If interested <eo JVed Worthier, 25 Famberton avenue. Oceanport, N. Ji phone Eaton tswn 621-M. . . . " TWO squsre Bakelite tables and eight ' c h a i r s for sale; excellent condition; practically new. Call Red Bonk 802-M. FLANHT JR. garden tractor for sale; rub' ber tires; plow nultlvator and -mower attachments; 1042 model. Apply L. N. atoitard. Tied Top Farm. Holmdel, N. J. ELEOTRIO hot water heater, 40 gallons; perfect condition I rectangular coee, white enamel: very attractive. ' Price $65. Phone Sea Bright 201. If ho answer, call again/ FUTLL SIZE,metal bed end springe for sale, 16; Englandftr couch $8, bookcase, five-shelf, glass doors, $8, and wardrobe 13. Courier's Roadatand, route S, Port Monmouth.* MAN'S blcycle'for Bate, S28t porcelain top . table and four 'chairs, $9; Kodak vest pocket camera with case, $7; single metal bed, mattress and spring %8, chtld'n full elze crib with hair mattress and ohest ot drawers to match* $15. 115 Harding road, phone Red Bank 152.' 700 FQHT wire farm fence'and 100 metal posts; used only two montha. Csn be seen at Shoe String Stable, South'street, Batontoyra, N. J. SOAPSTONE stationary tubs for sale. Cnll at 806 Branch avenue, phone Red Bank 672, PERFECTION sewing machine. In good running condition, for solo. Price $10. Telephone Red Bank 1657.' ENGLISH dinner set, formerly sold by llendrlckson e Applegate; two end taV bles, gold drapes, six psint, 77 Inches long; To'astmsster electric toaster. Everhot loctrio table grill, antique living room table 34x46, two sets silver candletslcks, (Irosvenor pattern, and two Indirect table lamps. Phone Red Bank 8!80.* FAMILY-SIZE Servel electrolux. eeven cubic feet. In perfect condition: also Simplex electric Ironer. No dealers, 40 Hubbard Park, phone Red Bank 860. OFFICER'S furnlturo to be cloned out; leaving Sunday. Extra length bed, complete, and other beds, boudoir chairs, chests, studio couch, lamps, tools, kitchen ware, dishes and mlscellaneoua. Coll Ent ontown 478 after 8 p, m. Thursday.* REFRIGERATOR for sale. (!. E. six-foot box.-wlth-one year guarantee. 8 Henry street, Shrewsbury, or phone Red Dank 702-W.

Bank 8848. .



PIOS for aale, ten-wwka-oldi Inoculated. . Mlddletown Stock Farm, Thomaa S. Weld, phana M Bank-Ml.MAIXABD and Pekln ducks. Mongolian pheaeanta. Guinea hens, Jersey ulanta. chickens. Canadian seesa. Walter D. So.llnia, Pine Brook toad. Telephone EAtontown B . ' . *_ PULLETS, 12 weiki old, for.ialai reason. able. H. Walcott, Olarnoy avenue, iu*t all Patterson avenue, Shrewebnry, . J DOBBRMAN Pinicher pupplei for eale. 488 Welt Front street. Hod Bank, phone Bed Bank 1H7,' VENETIAN hllndi:..,. tabular, flbre, In all beat sites; really aervlceable article. Gat yours now. We also make any kind wood Wind.. National B ft 10. Prown'B. phone 2680.* GOATSNubian buck at . stud; stock sometime, for sale. Presnlkoff. River. dale avenue, near Swimming River. TWO 80-gallon crocks for sale, also, a ten-gallon crookl H8. Oavln, Bratnard avenue, near Main street, Port Morimouth, N. J TWO BEAUTIFUL solid bronla |ta,tuM, Heliotrope and Pervenche, by par Gausse. Height of figure 24 Inches, total height 80 Inches; width of electroliers. 18 Inchet; two mounting pedestals, three S e t high. B. M. Hoiililne, 86 Shadyslda avenue, Keal.sburg, N. J,, phona Keansburg 47. _ ^ _ _ ^ ^ _ _ _ UPHOt-STBRBD couch, with adjuatable ends for salei can be seen mornings. 17 Brow place, Bed Bank, phona 4fO-J.* Brown HAPM3 bedroom set for aale I also atudlo MAP couch' and upestry oovered chair. 120 Belshaw avenue, Vail Homes, Eatontown, "HOLIiAND wtndow shades, to or 88 Inch,s wide In ecru, white or green, 49 cents each (no roller). Here Is a good buy, Duplex window shades, 60 cente (no roller). National 6 4 10. Prown's, phone 2680 AIR OOHPBESSOR. complete, with motor and hoe.. Allo on, .46 calibre Smith 4 Wosson revolver. Apply after 6 p. m. J. V. Bogart, Mmnlng street, River Pla.., N. } . ' J FLUORESCENT lights for sale) for store, kitchen and dining rooms. Miss Carnulls Curler, SO Jerieyvllle avenue, FrMhold, N. J SIMMONS Innersprlng mattress for Bale; alao Alaska refrigerator,- top leer. 148 M.chanlc street. Red Bank,' SHEPHERD dom for petei show or watch ' doga. One dog recently trntned by U. S. Coast -Quards. Will dispose of reasonably. Phone Sea Bright 184. HOT water gas heater and boiler, Williams Otlomatlo oil burner, com- plete with control.; also electric massaging, exercising and reducing machine and 1980 Buick seven-passenger seder,. Phone Red Bank DI25-W.*

CASH for your old irvtytntMr, tutdlojr WE MATCH pants to your cost or rest, ftcbinea, c u h rgftri and otbtr ofA. Bo near*, out torn tailor, 21S Shrew*' f qulpmcnt. 8rplco'i, lOfi Monmouth bury avenue. Red Bank. Phone itat. Red Bank 486. BOOVEU cleaners ptpUrvd, brushei isSOWS, with ptgi, for laW; aUo C small O brlitled. Allen El.ctrlo Shoo, IS White pigs. Saddla Hidg* Fana^GoU's Nck, itreet, phone til. Red Bank. N. J.. F. J. Guurt. PhoniTHolrndtl B20S CE3SP0OLS-cleaned and dug, drains in>nd 6191, ^ stalled, wood SAWinr, MtimtUi given i TIREST Yei, grad* I, pre-war t i n s ; all kinds of well work. Howard Tllton, 80 All ilxtt In itoclc. W recto your center street. Sumton, phone Rnnuon ' lire* without ft crtlflcat*. W* do vulcan- P18-J. 1*1 ng; 24 hour** rrlc. No ortlflcat# required to buy uied tubes. Charlie's Tirt HADELON PROA I, anUdaas bought and soil, l o t Waat front suset. Bad Btore, 116 Waat Front stre^u Red Bank. lank. ' FHK3II E(JG3, broilers and roasting chick- FLOORSSanding and in-facing eontrtsana fur sols i also wire fruit stand. ed. Hs>t faut old floors and sUlra Jsmes John, 41 Marlon strt, Red Bank. jnade Ilk* new by zp*Htaetd worJts.&* OUTBOARD motor, 8 h. ^p, Witerwlch, iblp. Satisfaction guaranteed. For Mtt> new; motor, atand, gas can. 170. Also mate call Bed Bank SOS., J. Mori, eon* * grocery or meat sc*t, ont computing To- tractor. ledo, six pounds and one mlcVorneter, new, Ave poundi. Fred Brown, 04 Wallace RED BANK Business Institute, secretarial coue. Registration, phone after 3 p. street, Itd Bank, m. Red Bank 681. Florence O'Sbea, prln. BOY'S bicycle tor sale. Jam en Ackrson, clpal. U n l i t , N, J., phona Key port Cil-R. SEPTIC TANKS and eesspoole oltsned, also dry wells i drains lnttalled. EstlMAHOGANY mirror 110, oak serving ta- maUt stven. Oscar Becker, 17 Second ble 14.50, odd clock 15? pair candlesticks 17.60, yellow Jardinieres fS.6O, pair itreet. Fair Haven, phone Red Bank 1464. brone. wall pieces 15, hand painted Ice LAWN mowers, power lawn mowers* cream set S5, mahogany rocker f8. Other sharpened and repaired. All kfnds garodd pieces. 1174 Ocean avenus, Sea dent 'tools and editors sharpened. Keys Bright, N. J, fitted to all trunki and vallsea. Sewing machines repaired* Cross Locksmith Shop, SMALL building, 10x12 tot sale, suitable 1S5 Shrewsbury avenue, Red Bank. tor addition to bungalow, garage or chicken house. Call Red Bank S816-M. FOR INSURANCE on your car. boost cr hasards ot any kind consult Ray H. or 62 Branch avenue. Stlllman, State Highway, Esiontown, N. J n PUCKS, seosQ and pheatanta for tale. phones Eatontown r a n d 8. "Twaty*flva years at the saros location." '_ Call Red Bank P00-1V. IIAin tnattce&s for sale for' three-auarter ACCOUNTANT (mpt> tax consultant, .writing up accounts, financial reports; bed, long handled axe, hedge shears and 20 years' experience. For survey of your lawn mower. Phone Rumson 416-J. problems call Monmouth Beach 2875, 200 PULLETS for sale; Leghorna; 14 weeka old. Komaroza Farm. Ohapet Hill road, phone Atlantic Highland.* 410-M. WANTED PEDIGREED English setter, male, for sale;- el* months old; from hunting 1996 BUICK wanted, scries 60. Address 11. W.. box 511. Bed Bank, or phone stock. 02 Branch avenue. Red Bank, or Keanaburg 873-J.* ^ ^ phone Red Bank 3B15-M. USED TRUCK wanted: la aood condition. LAMBSThree lambs,-nix montha old Phone Red Bank 8719.* for sale. Phona Kunsbn 1384-R. DOLL coach wanted, folding type preferred. Fhtfne Kc&nsburK 6H2-R. SIX-HOLE electric Ice cream box. with compressor, for nsle. Address P. p. Box WANTED, plpeloes furnace, 20 Inch. Mrs. E. A. Walker, 88 Hudson avenue, Red 128, Keyport, N, J. Bunk, phono lUd Bank 8718-J.* PURE BRED ToBKenburg buck, seven WANTED, portable typewriter! will buy, months old: also pure bred Toffffenburg or exchange for a regular alxe. Phone buck, two years old. Oscar Horn, phone Rumson 458 between 6 and 7 p. Bo.* Atlantic Highlands 786. WANTED, ladles' old or slightly used biMILKRegistered Guernsey; can supply a cycles or bicycle frames. Grovcr Parlimited number of customer a with pure ker, 8-10 Mechanic street. Red Bank, Guernsey blood and tuberculin*tested milk. uhone 1818. ' OakblU Farm, phone Red Bank 8871 after WANTED, American antique furniture; & p. m. i old silver, china and Bless t family porralts. U Richmond. 42 East Main street Freehold, N, J. phone 178. AUTOMOBILES WE WIM. pay cah tor your old electric MAUOICB SOHWAfiTZ, Chryilsr, Plyrefrigerator, washing machine, Ironer, mouth and International truck sales and electric Iron or electric fan. Good Houseservice headquarters. Phona Red Bank keeping Shop, 46 Monmouth street. Red 7B7. Bank, phone 8S86. USED OARS bought, told and exchanged. BICYCLES wanted, any .lie, anj make)! . FooUao sale* and dervlcf; terms, ft. M. also frames. Mejins Bros*. route 85, A. C. Roseas Brothers, 10-21 Mechanic Eatontown. phone 80. street, phone 8065. _ ANIMAL PROTECTION10 cash reward CARS painted and tender work, We have to anybody furnishing evidence of auto a fully equipped nhop to give you a sat- drivers who carelessly or Intentionally Inisfactory job. Wllklns Motor 9ale> jure or kill any animal anywhere. FrankBroad street, Red Bank, phone 3871. lin Moyan, the Quaker animal artist, Red IK YOV wlah to sell /our automobllt, Bank. bring U to ui. We pay cash for ser- TYPEWRITERS wonted by Uncle Sam, alviceable c a m 1936 to 1941 models. so adding machines bought; blithest Mount.English Ca.. Red Bank. ' prices psld; any condition. We rebuild and Phone FRANK VAN SYCKLB, 80 West Front them Bank send, them oft" to war. Sarplco, 186 or .627, Joseph street, formerly Qulnn's Qarag*. Re- Red pairs to all makes, Bear wheel all&ning U. S. Treasury Department, Procurement ply., Jlgent, Beware of black market and Iraroe'BtralghtentnE-service,Dodge bperatora~and 'fakersr^ "~ and Plymouth GET our price, too,, before < selling your GRAND or spinet piano wanted for cash, 1 soon as possible. Write Piano, box Ell! car. Frank VanSyckle, 30 West Front Red Bank. street. Red Bunk, phone 1206 PRIVATE party will sell. 1041 euperi...- WANTED, furnished room with kitchen otte, In neighborhood of Newman Springs -..JuxQ...F.orfl, four-door "sedan; excellent condition; only 26,060 milesVVadId;".'hater; rood, Wrlte,* .611, Bed ' - fogllghts; other extras; J875 cash. Phone Bank. Red Bank 1018.* . CORN CRIB wanted, capacity 200 bushels or more. Phone Red Bank 796-M-l. PLYMOUTH for sale, $60. u la; cash. Shrodea, 0 Mornlngalde avenue, Kea LAWSON or Brlggs and Straton air-cooled burtr, N. J." . motor wanted! l>/4 or 2 h. p. Call Mid' (JRAHAM, dftuxe super-charged 1689 two- dletown 860-J after 8 !80 p. m." door sedan;, new .tires, repainted; coav WANT to reni by middle aged man and pieUly.ovechauled, Lieut. Randall Keator, ' wife, two or three rooms, unfurnished, Ward avenue, Rum B on, phone Humion or small bungalow, near bus line; rent 340/ .. -reasonable. Address Couple, box Ell, Bed ^___ DODGE, buslneea coupe; first fZBO takes Bank.* It, Miss Vera Dirhan, 16 Drummond WANTED, combination coal and gas gas place, Hd Bank, phone 983. ranger or kitchen range; must be In eood SUBURBAN, Pontlac, excellent mechanical condition. Telephone Red Bank 1857." condition; good rubber. Inspect at WANTED, 1841 Bulckj must have excel Shadow Brook* Farm, Broad- ntreot, Shrewi lent tires; reasonable; Eood condition. 38s bury, phone Red Bank 441. Spring etrcet, Bed Bank. Call after G p CHEVROLET, 1936 Master two-door sedan, 1136. Phone Red Bank 2.138 Sat- BAR CORN'wanted; also baled rye straw, urday ovening or Sunday, Lt. Yatei. Call Mr. Poland, Deal 6711-J. SAILBOAT wanted, Ooirast or Sneakbox. HIGH prices paid tor good used care. Wallace McGregor, phone Eatontown Get our bid. McKlm-Layton ChevU8-M. WANTED feed grinder and cob cruBher; rolet Co., 20 Mechanic street, phone must be In good condition. Phone Red Bank 3130.' Keanaburg 862-M. 1087 PACKARD "120" limousine; black, with white side-wall tires; excellent condition; $500. McKim-Layton- Chevrolet Co., 29 Mechanic street, phone Bed Bank 8130." J ' FORD phaeton, 1938; good condition; one owner; good rubber, low mileage. Must bo seen to be appreciated; $476 cash, Write Ford, box 511, Red Bank.

THREE old pine and one chestnut mantel, each $5i antique Empire sofn. bullet nnd drop Icnf'tablei, teakwood .tnnd, 110: sewing cabinet 17, gas stove, new Ice box, .mnll she; three-iiunrter motnl hods, nnrlnK nm! mattress $7 I all kinds of )". nllvcr, copper, ptotureB, odds and ends. StsnHBLACK HOR8B, stud i not nested of any bury's, Mlddlstown, Five Corners, Route ' thing on the roaili good buirgy, road 95, cert, set of single harness | also HVt acre* of good ground In Everett. If Interested FULL SIZE crocheted bed spread for solo call John II. Snlflen, E w a t t . N. J. . very beautlfuli $!S. Information, call POROULAIN top dropleat table 110, ma- Red Bank 817-11. i pit sofa and chair 115, china, cabinet 18, AUTOMATIC gas hot water heater (or else 10 knlcker suit, blue, 12.GO, and round Dnle, nearly new; price $85. Jo gaWanlied tub II, large. I'hone lied Bank Phone Ben Bright UB-M. 1J FURNITURE values; Singer sewing mil FOUR; room, of furniture for sale rlilno, $1D| malioKHny bookcase, $12,50 bleached oalt i also P. shower and ulrl'i metal youth beds, $7.50 completei out urn bike. Call Eatontown 174.W after n. m rockor. $8.001 coal heater, 88.1,0; kltchei chairs, 7Go each I three-qunrter mnhnnnny STOCK potatoe., small potatoe.,, 80o [>er ack. Quyer to furnish empty sacks I ex- poster hed, $0.1(1, and a few new InnerIluscellent food for pigs and chickens when snrlng mattresses at bargain prlcea. Front cll's Auction naileries, cooked. Cross Bros,, Holmdel, N. J., street, Red Bunk, l.l,on. 28-27 East 1601, phone Holmilel 0B61. ' NORGE gas range In good condition lor ssli. rhone Red Bank 1568,' ; heifers, openi excellent pedigrees). 11 and l i months old. BAUY high chnlrs. cunleij.. and orlba for Phone Rumson lflft-R, satet also el.ctrla vaeuum cleaners, cricket ehalra, wardrobe, parlor stovss, innpleand cherry dinette sot, breakfast sat, ninhoKniiy ami rhei-ry, dlnlnit 'room JOO PLYMOUTH ROOK pullets, four months' old. for sale. Frank Maxeon, eat, three-lilcuo initlile living loom suite, ' platform im'kcr, iHtlfw,rt desks, jilnysr .pl- Colt's Naclu.N- J.. box an." ..,,JM'J'v.U"^ .' *fl!;l?"j ltlH A" "1**., Inner- IlAIini'l'S, bilnnle., from 7Sc each up I sprlliir liiimremiea,'' rnnlfo- VttMii;-'<lit,.?*ltfB> buek:vWtud.""Troplesl &sh'&nd*-'SAir^> anil other Hems too numerou* to mention. pilau. Open Sundays. Ifalan Miller, highBurilue's Warehouse,' lleil llnnk way IB, near Kesnsburg tiateway,' Phona Mlddletown 2S6-J.* " SUTOHKR'S flxturn for snlel IIIII iloul.L duty show rnses. 16 htul 10 feet; fleh TIIIIKR elsctrlo Ice boxes, one Icr. elie.t, ease, new Toledo counter top scales, meat tli(eo gas ranges, a Simplex Ironer, suit, A ajrlndcr, (llobe electric allcera, Kro<tl Food nlile for lanmlry, large slil chicken wire, v ease-'and- onmpressor, Ire boK and com- sicond.nand lumher anil used tin. Phone sirjonu.nana lumner and U.BII vrss.oi, . 1 , , jiixlOxlJ. l..t lonn. Po ltd.l tV 1 rtei asa lUd n>nk 7$ k . . ^ ^ ' before II _ i _ . i ^ . i ^ Ile, the o'clock L ~ a__ le.'s Haiket, T Droad st.e.t, Red Dank. &ui mingDLBCTRIO hot water heater, 40 gallons, h. p. Perfect condition. Price *0. Iniiutre Mlin Dot Seeley, Church street, Belford, N. J."

m.nt. Write for details. No obligation. Wayne School of Practical Nursing. Write) Practical Nursing, box 511, Red Bank.* ___. _..__ . . *_. . . WASHING machine wanted. a. ftood' con' In - j dltlon. Phone Red Bank 181S-W prloe and BUSINESS NOTICES WASHING machine wanted; miiit b In good condition. Write statins make OLD FLOORS and stairs made like new: and Price to' Washing Machine, box Bll. 'floor sanding and-bsnd reanjthlngi 2%e Red. Bank.V ' . . . . . a square foot and upl experienced workmanfcblp. Myron El Morson, 29 Maple avenue. Red Bank, phone 8104-J. ROOMS FOR RENT PAINTING by day of contract; estimates given. Herman Thorns en, R. F. D.. box ROOM, with bath, In private home, for 42, Atlantic Highland!. N. J. one or two officer a or Army couple. Somo kitchen privileges on bus Una;,Fair CLAM BAKESBefore you arrange for Haven. Christiana only. Phone Bed your bnkes, picnics or outlntta, Bee me. I'know how; I have the right plnce, dish- Bank 8612.* en, tnbloH nnd everything necoBitary for a LOVELY, furnished rooms, one block from nuccennful party. Satisfaction guaranteed. Gate No. 6 and a half mile from the For Information nee George Williams. 43 Went Gate, Fort Monmouth: very reason' H atria on avenue. Red Bank.* able. Phone Eatontown 360-J, or call a GENERAL CONTRACTOR and con pools 21 Brook avenue. cleaned; carting and grading, top foil, TWO slnule furnished rooms for rent.* 19 manure, flll dirt, cinders, ravei and land. East Front street, Red Dank." Estimates given. Phone Red Bank 1484. Oacar Decker. 47 Second street. Fair Hs- LARGE room on river for rent, furnished. 81 Eaflt Front street. Red, Bank, phom an. N. J. _^_____ __^_^_ Red Hank 700. ' ' CARPKNTER Remodeling all hinds of bultdlnpR; cabinet work. Field, phone LITTLE SILVERFurnished room for one or two persons, within ten minutes' walk RumBon 7S2-W. of Fort Monmouth. Private home; busiVACUUM cleaners repaired, any make. ness people preferred. For particulars Allen Eleetrjo Shop. U White street. phono Red Dank 8H86. ; Red Bank. ROOM for rent, walking dlitance of West REI'MUINGFuri repalrd aad restyUd Oate, Fort Monmouth. All busses pass at moderate prices. Storage free. Vo- the door. Cnll Eatontown 277-J,' gel'i, 14 Droad street. Red Bank, phone 474. 10 WALLACE street, two large rooms for rent, with board; retnonable; hot water. I'hone Red Rank 87B1-J>* JOB PRINTINGWhin you need bus. tncis qards, letUrheadi, envelope*, FURNISHED roDrnn for rent. 140 blllhiadi, booklets, pot ten, programi, Shrewsbury avenut. Red Hank, phone 00G" announcements or anything In tha line PLEASANT furnished room on around of printing try The Register. Work ot floor, next to hath; three windows and ...the belter kind done whtn prom lied closet room: no other roomers. 368 River and at reasonable orleet. rond, Red Hunk, or phone Red Bank D85B TWO furnished bedrooms for rent} one ARTHUR E. HOYCK, painting contractor! bedroom with kitchen, furnished. Appractlc&l painters, paper hangars and ply Cl Washington street. Red Dank decornton. No job too large, or too small. phono U20-M.* Wall iinpor inmplo patterns on requeit. For entimnU call Rumson tf66. NEWLY furnished room on bus line for rent. Phone Red Hank 281-R after B p, [Olt IN^URAMOK of all kinds lei It, V. m. UQ Klvcr roml. Fair Haven, N. J. R. II, Htout, Uwls building, 77*79 Uroad FUKNIHIIUD mom It. liny residential loitrcot (nver Newhsrry store). cation > near station; double furnished CU3TOM plpwlng, dliclng, eowlng, tiar- room. Vhono Red Bank ZBH1-W. vtitlng, treo pulling, ground clearing, otc.i tractor work of any kind by acre, ROOM for rent. 101 Hudson avanun, Red Hank. Minnie room, IB.00 per week,* hour or contract, first class equipment Itnlph Molicr, Holmdel, N. J^ bqx 251 UOOMB, Atlnntlo Hotel, by-day or weak. nhono Kolnnlfl 8301. 121 ralr Haven road fair Haven, uhone CESSPOOLS cleaned and built) ttpUa 302G Red Hank. tanks cleaned end Installtdf dralni In* LA ROE front bedroom for rent, doubt* kalled. Phone any t i n t day or night, bed, clom\to bsthtoom, one block frorr llumion 740-J. Hsr*ty O. Ttlton, I Dmre bus linei bv.ilnes onei preferred, Ca) nlaro. Tfumaon. Hed flunk. 1V2U-M. ItUMHON STUDIOSPainting and paper- KUUMU, Ull duuili street, KeU Uanki giuie hanelniri all InUrlor decoration*. Phone and csomfortsbl. i bot water at all tl: I'lenty of parking space. Mud.rata D( I'hon. TKLLK DiL'urutlnw Qirviti; t>i>tr hangiiKj plain anil decorative pulntlngj best TWO and threo rooms' for rent, furnished all Improvements i hint (hot water) i or griefs. I'hom 091 SO Mount Minn.sink i'urk. ' locaITOH HOKTflAOIC loans ae, II. V. II, II ONB of Red Hank's most convenientrooms tions, both single Btout, Lewis building, 77.70 llrnail Mrs. II. 1'. Dowslia. SBAID) itoubl* Maple av.nut, Itei! trrot durr Newbarry slote). llnnk. iihone 16H4. ' Ht/y and itII Mcond-hsntt olnthta, mini lX)VKf,Y furntslieit room for r . n t i .tni-aiii. L Kerber, 1409 n tie In good oondltlon. fof rmtplel .nlinl lorallnn, 2% Chesl5J*Jburr venu, lUd Dank, Thon* nut street. Reil Hank. Phone Reii Bank alter 4ilO >. m.

LAUNDRY wanUd to do at home; light FURNISHED by September 16 Urffa HIDDMTOWN (Ire-proot two-swrr build. work. 102 Lelffhton avenue. Red Bank.' house suitable for two faraUUi, Army Ing, 90>tit, with eeven<acres at rwiej r cfvlllans. Heated by Motor Stoker. Two n main highway No. I s . Near railroad BLACK Cocker Spaniel, female, for sale: '" garage. Every modern" convenience. juslnaaa center, ate. All- Improveraalilai three and a half months old; registered. Monmouth Beach 22X7."_; v teady for Immediate occupancy. Lease sr Phone Eatonlown 641. isle. Owner, Harrr Haus.r, 1471 BroalW, furnished apartaent for rent, all nar. New York. Bryant 1-9067. all tajla. Improvements j electric, water and heat 'hone Atlantic Hlghlanda t i t . ncluded. 10^1 Ocean boulevard. Atlantic MISCELLANEOUS Highlands, phone Atlantic Highlands 88H. IX-ROOM houaa, all tmprav,majnU| t v a FOBM1NG local branch National Writers car zarage, ntar bus Una, on Ha.ria\sk JOTODEIl 1st, large bunaalow, comer Club. If you write or are interested In vtr road. Hlddiatown township. Alia Branch avenue and Rumeon ro&d, for Ive-room fumlihed bungalow at Kwna> writing you are eligible to join. Con. itructive aid front the parent organisation; rent: tile bath and kitchen; to-car ur, in besth block; srrsat barUn, Inlooks end courees loaned. Small yearly rage. For private home only. Mrs. Hance, ulra own.r. Charlaa E. 7ala>W*u, I I ,ee, $8.60 plus smalt charge for courne: M4 Mapla avenue, Red Bank." cean Vlaw avenus, Kaanibnnr. W. J. our-tveeks courses available for <0c. Books for writers loaned, 6o and 10c for 0.ACHE FARM with seven-room houss. BUV, Mil or rent all t r p s t real eetat* , throniili Con.tar.te Smith Aiener. 14 Uausl outhuildinKB. For rent *5 per po.tsge and packing. The local branch laple avenue. Fair B a n s , plume Had now forming ha the ambitious plan of month. Sto Jlol!ou W>trbnr/. 22 VVeet Bank 3808. producing three Shakespearian plays this rront strtet, phone S60O.. winter: "A. You Like It," "Merchant of Venice" and "Othello," Excellent coach BlVER-KJlONT home with live muter REAL ESTATE and losuraaae, f a a l bedroom.; two baths; two extra lavahas offered his services frte. We will enR- Strjker. specialising In (urn,, , deavor to keep the dues within a dollar torles. Hint tl30 cer month. See Rol.ton country homes and estates. State per month; limit ten members. One may Waterburv, 22 Writ Front tri!6t, phone ioln the parent organisation without Join- S500.* Hlghwty No. 14. Holmdel. paon* ing the local brinrh. For circulars, etc., Holmdel 8101. write Paul Butcher, Sr, R. D. H. 1. Free- "TWO connecting o/fice rooms tar rent, second floor front, Red Dank Resist.r bulldhold, N, Y. nu; Immediftte occupancy; best location DOUBLE and slngl* rooms for rent, near WO-FAMILY duplex attached, HTen n business center. Inquire Thomas Irvstation and the bui; continuous hot rooms each pertinent: steam hsat, het CMC DUMP truck forwent. Sidney Van- ing Brown, Red Bsnk Hedliter oBlce, or water. 1Z Oakland street, Red Bunk.* and cold running water; wond.rful loca. Scholck, 93 Hlshfield avenue, Msiawan, your own. agent. 0} y 0 - 0 0 Pr rnonth complete until FURNISHED rooms for rent, reasonable; N. J, Phone MaUwan H60.J. aid. Wo down payment required. Tele* girls or COUPUB preferred t one block >hone owner, Harry Hanaar, Atlantle HljhFARMERS and truck zrowers will d o ! a from town. Apply 65 White street, Red REAL ESTATE FOR SALE anda 961, read/ markec for tbetr produce by adBank, or phone 2748-W.* J. . rertlslns In The Register's classified colATTRACTIVE room available, suitable tor umns. BARGAIN ot the vear I Rumsan. Seven FARM LAND, 10 acrei, houie. on Route 4-9, Freehold road, ne*r Lakebusiness woman or gentleman: with or acres beauti/ulJy landscaped, unusual od. a, w. DavU. -(36 Harri-jon aveone. without board; exclusive neighborhood, hrubbery, trees, pond, nood location, rrlaon, N. J., phone HarrUon <-4Be>, house atructuralty excellent condition. Six shower; garage; reasonable. Write HeaREAL ESTATE WANTED niRflter btdrooms, Ittrge living room with MODERN bungalow, thrN acrei of sonable, box 611, Bed Bank.* ^ _ _ wood floors. Can be made into LIST with Marie Co, Realtor, your houe. place that's really livable at small a showaround, fresh water brook i Oolt'e Neeki for sale or rent; also apartments for For a quick sale we ate asking expense. 4,000. Conuct B. Q. Coatee A 19,003. HELP WANTED ' rent. Phone 1602 Lonjj Branch. John E. Sloano & Co., Inc., 810 Brood hone Long Branch SS90. Man (ranted to assist gardener In genera! SMALL house, apartment or half of street. Newark, New -Jersey, ONE A N D A HALF acra villas, firm, . gardening by the week; permanent; house wanted, unfurnished; four or five whlt remodelsd Oolonfal bomt, ior-' ziust drive. Write Gardener, box (11, Bed rooms. Two adults. Red Bank or vicin- IN MIDDLETOWN towni-hip. on t plot ounded ky trms, lawn attractlvalr plantBOxl 00, modern shingled cottage, five sd with nhrubb.ry, plelut <<ne.l hall, H. ity. Write Small House, box fill. Rd Bank rooms and bath, hardwood floors, log burn-, ns; room, dining room, both with nraDRIVERS and helpem wanted. Apply i t Bank." ing fireplace, tiled kitchen and bath, new :>loce, modernhed kitchen, den. Ulna bad' warehouse, comer. Haple avenue and unfurnished five or ilx- coal burning steam furnace, screened In Bergen place. Red Bank. Fred D. Wlkoff WANT to rent or apartment; near bun, porch nnd attached Insulated Karaite oomi and bath, hot air f u m a c , comblna. room houae Company. North or Went Long Branch, Kitontown. Screens and storm sash fitted to each win- tlon barn and gar&se, poultry housa, summer houso and Brill; spplss, P l a n and MEK wanted on horse farm; steady em- Shrewibury, Asbuiy.Park, Red Bank. 263 dow. Suitable terma may be arranged cherry treen, rapbrrle, stravbarrla,, Building 18. Vail Homes, Eatontown, Vt. J. Wrllr* ShlnRled Cottnue, Box Bll, Red KmpM, a.paracui, garden: others, Paul ployment. Hop Creek Farm, Holmdel, Bnnk, N. J. ; ' HIDDLE aged man and -,wJf?, good hon Wtr* ' H l j h w * * " Holratlal, s*ona WOMAN wanted for general work around est healthy workers, would like to ac- BUNGALOW for sale at 41 Peach street. fruit market: steady work, good salary. quire an Interest in farm, or consider buyrear Red Bank airport. Telephone Red WOODLAKD for sale, nine and a half Live in vicinity. Apply by msll. Fits- fng same. Congenial people. Write, Firm, Bank 1202-J. acres. Andrtw Long, Water street. TinPatrick's Market, State Highway 86, Red Box 511. Red Bank.* FORT MONMOUTH, four-room bungalow ton Falls, N. J.* Bank, B, F. D. No. 1.* FOR QUICK action In the sale or rental of cellar, electricity; beautiful grounds GHT-BOOM house for sal,, two tun BARTENDER wanted. Steady job, good your bouie, bungalow or farm, phone near rail rond, oo Is, churches, stores, etc porehej, two bath roomi, gas, alactrlc, pay. Write Bartender, box 611, Red or write this office today. Ray Stlllman. Purchasable for 525 1 per month untl Stats Highway. Eatontown. Phonies; Eat- paid; no down pnymeht necesiary. Tele- not water heat: also small buntalow on Bank,* ' ontown 7 and 8. phone owner, Harry Hauser, Atlantic same lot; on Port Uonmouth road, K.aasEXPERIENCED beautician wanted, LaH.RhlandH 961. Mode Beauty Salon* 75 Monmouth street. SUBURBAN, home* and farms wanted. Doneuan & Donegan Sales Specialists, EASTSIDE PARK, near Knollwood chool Red B k : fi6S Newark avenue, Jersey City, N. J. excellent neighborhood; six-room house SHREWSBURYAttractive colonial rwldence on a plot of nearly one acre. OonSALESLADIES wanted for dry goods IF YOUR property is for Bale, lint it with new heatln# eye torn; two-car garage. Price alna three large bedrooms, two bathe, Hopping Agency, George and other departmental steady posius. We have clients waiting to buy $8,000. W. A. Linden place, phone Ret living room with .open, sun homes In Red Bank, Little Silver, Fair S. Schanck, 8 porch, entrance ball, dlnlnvr room and tions and good starting 'alary. Kapld Haven, Rumson and Shrewsbury. Homes Bank 307. kitchen. House has been recently redecadvancement If you are experienced, at all prices. The JoRfeph P. Sehwarti HOME nt S3 Elm place, living room, dln- orated and Is thoroughly modern) attached Straus Company, Broad street. Red Agency, 11 Monmouth street* Red Hank Ing room, kitchen, oak floors, three bed- jurage. Automatic gas hot water heat. phone 3121. rooms ; _ garage; price $4,400. Exclusive Sale price 112,000. William H. HlntelBank. agency. W. A, Honplnj Agency, 8 Lin- m "in, Realtor, Rumson, K. J., Rumien SMALL furnished house wanted, Red Bank den place, phone Red Bank 337, SALBSLADY wanted; women's, wearing apor vicinity; near bus lines. Phone Red v.,. parel; full time or part time. Uood Bank 8<5.J.* COLONIAL houBe, Naveaink Rlvtir road, RUMSON FARMAttracts, farm prop.raalary, ateaily work, Apply Simon, "Nice Mlddletown; alx hot water heat, ELDERLY couple have 13,000 cash and; two-car roomi, i price 15,000, i J l ol !l p r l! '" lt , 1 8 a o r M o f ' Things," 68 Broad street. Bed Bank.* garase wish to purchase house of nix rooms W, A, Hopping Agency, 8 Linden place, <tnd| bulldlnzs Include residence In excellent repair and order contalnlns ellht WANTED, colored handyman, only two and garage In Red Bank, Uttlo Silver, phone Red Bnnk 307.* rooms and two bathe with motor stoker In family; near Leonardo station; state River Plata, Fair Haven; not over 96.000 lot bulldinr, large staage, salary expected. Write Roan, R. F. Write R. E. W.. box 511. Red Bank. SEVEN-ROOM house, oil improvement*, ble water heat: dairy housekeeping apartgarage with two hot water heat, fireplace, sleeping porch, ment.. Sole price 10.000 cash. Thla P., 1, box 38; Atlantic Highlands, N. J. YOU have a bouse, apartment or bun- 2 5 acres of land, two meadows, chicken galow tor tent, furnished or unfurnished, houses, barni and gars.Be, near bus line property Is an eoccellent InTe.tment for GOOD, honest all-around fanner wanted * to take complete charge of 60 acre phone Long Branch' 3509. B. G. Coates and ffood railroad connections. Phone Red future enhancement In yalue. William H. farm in Uonmouth county, New Jersey, Agency. lvS a n ' - ' " I flurnson, N. J , RumBank 2501. 40-.46 .acres under cultivation. One who on 600. FARM for sale. 82 acres, houso with all SIX-EOOM houa,, ]ocatl In can and will take caro of machinery, onall Unaolt..APARTMENTS Improvements, located between Middle* h re orchard, live- stock (must be' good to anlfrom Bed Bnkj town and Keyport. Price $7,500, half cash. . *-. 1 . ">"* improvement.; on. ont-storj malB). OnVwho w i l i u k e care of place as bulliltaB. all APARTMENT, comfortably Urge Jtltchen, S. Waltem Agency. Highway 85, R. F. D. land. Priw $..000. S. Walter. acre cof. though it were his own. House (unfurAnn r : tiled bath; nice residential street; near No, 1, Red Rank, Telephone 3561, nished) with all modern improvements, Highway 36. B, F. D. 1. Bed Bank. electricity" and telephone will be eupplled. B9itg_fflce. 8Z getar9_placg._Red Bank. 20 ACRES fertile aoll-wlth cottage of elgh BUNCALQW_for- .ale^furnlhedf_a Reply atatlng age, site of family, salary TWO newly renovated apartmente, unfur- . rooms, two batha, hot water heat (coal) room, bath. 71 Washington street, expected. References required. Write nished. 21, West Front street. On- large- garage; Includes Isrgs Improved fturnaon. and J, N. Farmer, box Ell, Red Bank. three rooms and one four rooms; $25 pa. street frontage, suitable for post-war subWHITE woman wanted at once for general month. Boynton & Boynton, 8 Drummond division; surrounded by high doss estates CHOICE Atlantic HIghlan'da prwerty, en* and residential properties, 10 minutes* , " c r 0 ' land, large.shade, trees: beautlhousework. Ira Meg!U, 46 Main street, place, phone Red Bank 962. drive Red Bank station or beach. Price Iully landscaped;- convenient to shopping Farmlngdale, phone 6511. BUSINESS woman will share furnished ih fi. MeCue Atrenpy, Real- center; seven-room house, three bedrooms, l C l > J ^ w d a T p ? B '""fKs"n-n~T."-: bth-aii<l--CTtrr,.~,Tatj>ria-i-larfra-lWrrrani all around w<Jrk; hours 9 to S, no venjent location. Full home privileges and kltrfien, wide Wednesdays; good salary. Apply to Mlsa about September 10. Write B. W. :W., RIVER FRONT homo of ueven rooms j fire rooro, dining room also garaga. Great porcnen, stoker heat: Sally, S 0 Main street, Oceanport, phone box 611. Red Bank.* . place,.open porch; mile from Red Ban barBaln, A. E. Dennett, Higblajids, N. t , Eatontown 18.* ATTRACTIVE one-room and kitchenette elation; $6,500; ? 1,300 down, balance oi phone 1201. MAN -Wanted, one who h u had som* ex.apartment; completely furnished; In pri- 16-year mortRage. See Rolston Waterperience In linoleum Installations or one vate home; close In. Also large cheerful bury, 22 Weat Front Btreet. phone 8500.' NORTH Shrewsbura .rlyerModem reel. dence ot stucco oyer tile construction, mechanically Inclined who thinks he would bedroom for two. 24 Leroy place. Re BUNGALOW with flvo acres land, located containing four masUr bedroom.,, two masHko to learn linoleum laying. Apply, at Bank.* In Eatontown; {2,950 for quick aale, tcr baths, two molds' roomi, maids1 bath. Dayton's Linoleum Shop. 12 West front Seo Jloliton Waterbury, 22 West F t large Uylnr room, lavatory, dlnln* room, street. Red Bank, or call Bed ank 8878 APARTMENT for rent, four rooms and ga- fttreet, phone 3500.* nantry and kitchen, Residence hss Jusl rage ; heated. Apply 33 Monmouth any time between 9 to 6. street, phone Red Bank 1584-J.* ATTRACTIVE five-room bungalow, with jeen completely redecorated and U In pr. WHITE cook, general homaworkonj, ffunttile bath; hot water heat, oil burner; feet ropalr and order. It Is equlppsd with ed; must nave experience and furnish breezeway ; one-car garage ; $6,500. Own- conl burning hot water heat. There Is * two-car on the premises with' reference.!. In Red Bank; aalary J100 to REAL ESTATE FOR RENT er occupied. Rolston Wnterbury, 22 W n cnaulfeursgaraire and . lavatory.' Priced at rooms start,. Phone Red Bank 1100. Mrs. Mac Front street, plionB 3500.* J20.000. William H. Hlntelmann. luilt veagh. BEAUTIFULLY modernhed Early Amerl can farmhou; seven rooms, Including BRAND NEW_L5Troom.banKalow; fireplace Kumton, N. J., phone Rumson 600. WHITE chambermaid to aaalst with chfl attached one-car garage. Lot 70x1 DO. drcn; must have experience and furnish roald'a accommodations; hot water heat, month. See ttAVBSINK River roadModsrn brick an* references. In Red Bank; aalary 1100 to fireplace; aero grounds; 176 rent; standard $1,600 down and $39.76 per Front street., stone residence containing four master lease. Possession October 1st. Ray Vnn- RolBton Waterbury, 22 West Htnrt. Phone Rod Bank 1100. bedrooms, two maids' rooms, three baths, phone 3500.* Horn Agency, Fair Haven, phone 288. large HvInE room, den, dining room, reCOLORED bus slrls, aged 18 or ovi& Per. BRANCH AVENUE. Red Bank, ilx-room ception hall, l.vator/. pantry and kitchen, manent position. Apply botween 10 a. BUNGALOW for rent In Red Bank; four house; hot air heat; attached garage. oil burning vapor heat: two-car attached m. and 1 p. m. Mm, Austin, Servlco Club rooms and bath; furnished. Price $50. Oafetcrla. Phono Fort Monmouth, exteiv Phone Aibury Park 83S on Friday or Price $6,000. See Rolston Waterbury, 22 garage. Ground* comprise more than an West Front street, phone 3500." acre of attractively landscaped popsrtr Ion 148. . B Saturday between & and S p. m. and have a frontage of on thsj HBLP wanted, BOod aalary. Apply GARAGE! for rent. 66 Washington street, PINCKNEY ROAD home of 5 rooms: 2 North Shrewsbury river. 100 ftet at HO," Priced 1 baths; steam heat with oil burner. Two Comb's Animal Hospital, Highway 85, Red Bank. CAT garago. Frico $8,000. See Rolston Hum. W i i " r ? Hlntetaann. SeaKor, Shrewsbury, phone Eatontown 311. Jiunuon. N. J., phon. Kumson 600, STENOGRAPHED wanted In law. offices. FURNISHED house of four rooms and Waterbury. 22 West Front street, phone bath; furnace. Mrs. John D, Patterson 3500. Wallace Jeffrey, 7 Broad itreet. Red SEAR Fort Monmouth. old.fs.hloned Stone Church road, Rarltan avenue, At- WEST RED BANK homo of five rooms hoUBe. seven rooms, bath; excellent conBank.* lantlc Highlands, N. J. ^ ^ hot wafer heat. Garage. Price $3,500. ait on: two-car garacs; price H.500. Ray SODA dispenser wanted; must be. orer 16; Stlllman, state Highway .-N.-EatontoWn. for evening*. No Sundays. Carl ton BUNGALOW for rent, furnished, In Rum- Sec Rolston Waterbury, 22 West Front phone Eatontown 7. jreet, pioric 3500.* son; two-car garage; immediate occtr Sweet Shoppe, next ,to Carlton theater, pancy. Phone Red Bank 76 or Atwatcr SEMI-BUNG A LOW- located 448 River RIGHT In Shrew.bury, beautiful building phone Ked Bank 2808. 9-6107. Mtes; lovely trees, best location. Conoad. .Eight roomi and a bnth~*nd suit Ray ROOMING house, near Fort Monmouth, foi half. Hot water hent with o\\ burner. i^qtontovfn. Stlllmon. State Highway -N, phone Estontown 1. Firoplnce. Seo Rolston Watorbury, 22 rent; completely furnished; all roomi st Front street. _phonei 3500.* rented. Immediate possession. C. F. BorTINY unfinished cotUge. directly on deep den,. Shrewsbury, >f, J,, phone. Red Bank RIVER FRONT summer cottage. Six water lagoon. Shelter. Cov.r, Barnesat POSITION open for general' office worker, 1661.* rooms and bath. Riparinn rights. $5,000 oy; hour s drive from Red Bank: wonderOne with knowledge of shorthand. typ> and vacation place: nvall&ble October lt, Rolston Wotorbury, 22 Weit Front itreet, lu week-end Ray atlllmaii. 3Batontownfull Ing and bookkeeping preferred. Write, giv- SEVEN-ROOM housethree bedrooms, bath phone 3500.* price lt,25<>. 7. . 175 ing full particulars, to X, Y. Z., box. Bll, matd'B per month; room and lavatory, soretnod porch GOOD six-room house; tllo bath; shower Red Bank/ oil .burner, automatic hot water, paneled fireplace:, hot, water heatr two-ear irar , (5.E0Q; ,lxrooina,.bath, hot wat.r heat, REFINED and capable woman wanted to living room with fireplace, near Shrewsbury Shads trees. Lot 60x197. S5.&0O. oil burner: stable, chicken housi; convsmhelp with two children and do llffht school.ami Little Silver ntsUon. Call IUd tre. knt to Terms arranged. Rolston Watterbury, 22 Highway Eatontown. Hsy Stlllman,f. StaU homework. Will consider mother with a Bank 225, or your broker^ 4-K. Phone Eatontown Went Front atrpfit. phone 3500.* child. Own room and bath; moderate IF V.OU are looking (or bargains, <ee 1'. salary and nice home. Phone Red Bank FORT MONMOUTH rooming houaa, . F. Kennedy. Ust your houses for .ale ATTRACTIVE 7-room house In Fort Mon ccllent^condltlon: fully (urnlshsd; large 8512.* mouth nrea. Newly rleeorated. Hot al I 'lot. garden, present Income WOMAN wanted to iron, one full day or rent. 21 nave many prospect'. P. ** heat; 2-enr Horace, On bus line, Moder month. Full price 17,000. Ray IJ01 per Kennedy. Peters place. Red Bank. SUHman. every week. Phone Red Bank 2807 afatcly pricrd it $*,500. Terms arrangeil Eatontown 7. ter 8 o'clock. HOUSES and storei for rent- R. V. It II Rolston Watcrbury, 22 West Front street tout, Lewla building, 77-79 Broad Phone 3500.* ICE DELIVERY men, salary plus commisARTIST'S house, secluded, delightful losion on all sales. Apply at once. Sea- utreet (over Newberry store). cation on bank, of fast flowing brook) RUMSONSeven rooma-and bath. board Ice Company, 27 North Bridge ave- OFFICE ROOMSThree front, adjoining, IN real bargain thnt can be mftde Into A lovely trees i a and hath; three little cottage of six room. nue. Red Bank. / . ' second floor Register building: immedL lino home. Priced nt |2,fi()0. Joseph P. acres; 18.500. Ray stlllSuitable for profeailonnl man. State COAL DELIVERY man, good wagea, good ate occupancy. convenience a. best location. Schwartz Agency, II Monmouth street, Red Eatontown 7. Highway, Eatontown, phona equipment. Apply Seaboard Ice corn- purposes. All Irving Brown, Register of' Bnnk. pan y, 27North_Brldffeayenue^IlejiBa nlc Inquire Tbomat flee. Agent* protected. IN MONMOUTH BEACHSeven rooma RIGHT In Red Bank, good section, bungalow of fi, rooms and bath, oil burner: HOUSEWORKER wanted in small family nnd bnth; Hot wnter hent; on half an sleep In or out; steady all ytar round HOUSE for rent, seven rooms, two stor- acre uf land. Priced nt $3,5(10. ThU Is attached garage; lot S0xl76| taias 160 ies, three rooms lower floor, four rooms price $4.5001, Ray Stlllman. Eatontown No Sundays; good pay. Phone 3Gfi-M upper l.oor; Bteam heat, hot and cold run- a very KOCM! !>uy. Jonepri P. Schwarti phon. Eatontown 7, Red Bnnk. rtlng water, bath; one block from railroad, Ancncy. 11 Monmimth Btroct, Red Hank SALES ,GIRLS wanted for general dry stares, churchee. etc, Rent $45 per month; FAIR HAVENA house, six FARM near Eatontown, 12 acres, nliiJT goodfi' store. Alao for Saturdays only. occupancy October 1st. Telephone owner, IN roomi ami Imth ciich double recently rcroom house, hath; lru. new barn with side: Apply Surprise Store, 60 Broad street., Red Harry Hauscr. Atlantic Highlands 061. It'.sou. Hay SUllman, ithLrtKlcil nnd pnlntcd ltiido and out. Steam apartment M.ove;4-N , Eatontown, phone Bank, ' hqnt, oil llrcil, with two acres ot land; St.te Illnhway WOMAN wanted, hnlf day five or Mx daya MODERN beautiful furnished or unfur !4,ii00. Jujicph P. Schwartt Agency, 11 Eatontnwn 7. nlshsd three, four and IWe-room apnrt Mnnmouth street, Red Hank. a week; general houtie-fvork and laundry rARM ot 37 acies, half acre woodland| nhowerH, on In umall n-iartrnent. References denlrable ments with private bath and bus, buslneifi ovon-rooni hou<. bath, barn, shad, private beach: near railroad, IN BATONTOWNIn n new development, Phono ^ST^JRedJIank. center, etc. Telephone owner, Harry IIau btiiiKalovr of four rooms and bAth: ho chlok.n house, excellent soil; nser townv WOMAN wanted tor day's housework cr, Atlantic Hlghlanda 061. wntci- ht'tif; Ud in 50vl50 feet. Junt year Price $12,500; rent 170. Frank D. Law... Phono Itril Hank 1818-J. phuni. !!, Rfd Hnnk. old, tlii.i luuixe TATI lie iiurchitneil for |*00 threeroom house for HAIR DUKSSKR wanted; steady Doiltlon TWO or or unfurnished, lmjulrerent, fur- down nml ciiri-lcil for :li Her moTilh. In COLONIAL lyio hoiur, IhrN bedrooms, nl.thed Martln'i aooil \>ay. Apply Rochdie's Beauty Sn- Oolt'a Neck Euro Station, Colt'i Neck. N vr*tlirati\ JoKt'iih I'. Soliwiirlz Airenry. 11 tile hath. Mvlnir room, flre nrace, eon lon, 15 Mechanic" ntreet, or phone Red MuiijmiuljijtrePt.Jeirilsiik, linrlor; double Hours; lt 60x209. Shade J. Hunk 8605, Utm, a r lco |s,ooil. r Kr.nk 0, l a w , , COItNEK tore, '25x76 feet; opposite At S1X-KUOM Ililliac 1 1 H'""l relil-ntlnl 1 GIRL wanted for general housework; part phone 2 7fi. lion ' lantlo Hlnhlandii public school j reason time or whole time. No Sunday* able. Well established confectionery bush vcnlent for Immcdlnte mile al * 1.500: ton. to schools lind lnw lino. Kor snle MODERN leml-lmninilow, ftve rooms, twe 'ndulta. Phone Rumaon flfifi. , ness for 2 6 years. Equipment Included only thi-oiiKli Alltilrp & Son Airency, Inc, nathit: iilno panelled walls: InsulftUo!I COUNTER men or boyi wanted, ex.ierU Large electric refrigerator; hot water hcut in Monmouth street, Hil llnnk, phon' nttnchml uuraue; oil heat. Excellent MB. ence unnecensary, Apply Camp Wood II. Chum pi, Ph^JltlajjU^^nifhlajidBjjn/ tlon nt Itumsnn; Thompion AgBn. cafeteria, Eatontown 600. extenilonn 8H HOUSR, six roomn "and'bnth hot nlr, oil SIX-ltOOM house, nil InipiovfinentH, Are- i!V, ftl Knit 1'Vont street, i>hone Red. Danl: hent; on Kntontawn linn line. No n lihu-c, lot Huxl.'iii, Jl.jnil, It. V. It. II EXPF,f(IF:N'OKI) automobile ntschanrne; MO monthly. Available about Stout, 77 Ilriiiiil .-ticrt, pliorm ltc*l Iliui* nVK'modern typ, bungaloirt Ava U lefl wanted; ftood nalary. Saturday 81141.* . rooiiiM, tllo bath, Tiot water **L i s - _ 1 ^ ( ! n e ^ ! 1 . "'?"- k - 87l : w ntlernnonn o/T. MoKlm-Layton Chevw.ather1IOUSK for Kflle or rent; even rooina IX-KOOM ImiiHp, ll iniinovi-mentHj h> hcitt, oil burn.ri two-car RarsKeiThompaen >trll>i>eil throuithoiit] IH.BOO. rolet Co.. i\t Mechnnlo street, i-hone bth; H lures of rich noil. AIBO younK 7 ,riil\'.'iH); UoV ^ utrr ln'ut, oil buvner turkeyn (or *le, farm tool*, Model T 7iinni', U, V. It. H. Mtinit, 11 Hroni Anuni.'y,.HI Kant Front streat, jihona Dae] x Red nnnk 31.10.' Honk 700.' I-'onl half-tun truck. Mr*. Kranlc Kerry ti^wj^phorii' He<l Uuul JIHI." MiV IIW.! W" rlV , ll 1m- CAI'K COD colunlsl bunuslow, flve tooma. rlV MAN wanted for Kcncrat work. Call- lteti Box nor.. H. V. 1>.. Hed ltnnk, N, J., 1-hon Mlililletown 47 4-.W-1. . tile h>th, nrenlnc; iteara beat I dna-iar iitn: $ii,ri. It. V. II. II. Hluut, Hank 182-W." lir ultncheil iraraKei iiiinvanUnl lunation ait ^ l M J W ^ 0 M y0UN1i woman or irlrl for cltrklns In Uni- COLONIAL farm houne, set back from road, it rove of trees; rent unluinUhc IJTTU-i Slt.Vr-H --Sfiriuiietl coiinlry home, butt line: |6,*(io. 'rhompson ARenoy, I t ted Clgnr itore. No experience needed, Kl Frunl tiert, |>hune It.d Uan 700," ' j ' . , luiof; nttth*MiHc f-floriljil; jnuij Good nn1fti-y to ilnht Tieiian. Phong to (lefllratile familyt la rooms, thra lt)i<i, Ixotl'frlu.ii I'dtiin-, two liitlhrt; niiiKitllU Keinnbuni 2(1(1 nr cnll al 32 Ohurch street four ftcici land: uaniKDi (110.- Lovcl place. Ray Stlllmnn. nhnne Bittoiitown * Kruiiriilr-, IA)W )n.\f!*. Ownt-i- wAiitr. oiler, SIX-ROOM rolunlsl type horn, on N.veslnl) i KtaniiJiurK... N. J/ , River Til, bath, ", hot wa. ler heat; two-cat garage, sunrjorohi prlea TWO new hunualowa for vent, ready Sty Tmnn nn-tiiiKf'l. Itny Vanllnrii Aict |S,too, Tlionmsiin Atetioi, s i { a i t From " ASSISTANT herdsman wanted! tnltntomber U t j in por month. It. V. It iVr_Hvi-ii, ijiitiMio ana. _ HAHti Ol'ViiimJNlTY'-Cajio Cod mUaire, street, nhono 70(1," H. Stnut, 77 It.oml *Ur*t. llcil UnnU. dld opportunity a*t high waget for itlmoxt now, i\vv n-, tllt<l bnth, d v xpeilencd married man i modern NEW threc-ruom IfBnaalow. All improve luxo Klli'hun, Urs'i'liui", Htrnin lid at, ull or ATT11AUTIVD Ays-room bungalow bullk lour yanra ago i oak doors, ooal or oil. ment. Heat, hot watr. bathroom, elnc fditlt low intent WitjQ. three-room apartment. Phone pal Inifnfillntf pn* trie HKMI. Water mreet; Tlnton f a l l i , Hoi Aunriliin, Itny Vuiilluin Auonry, Fair. IU Inn ner, til, l.athl price M,00. VV, A, 7085-11. anil_^eKll_Katntown tiOO. VMI, iilimtQ (iH3. ; , Iloiiplnu Aueney, 8 Und.n pUoe, pkon. ll.nk HOT. k'HTATr."iiif'ii, iVrVilllo uciMi lUO-year COOK, own ropm, bath. iltJJna room, new APARTMENT of throe ruonn.-aml' bat nil) furm tiuunel luui nvonniHni inimer RIVEIt FRONTOne of th* nudlum. unfiirnlihuli tenant to fmnlcn own ho x^modvtn home, lyrq, adults, twn children, 1 UlMl ' I ' W Vinn Mkl khit^'t'iRiiU '' Uent-ii"thti monU,,, . l^UtQ M D nnd 12, (((liitfMer In aa\l*u*'t'""tkctHen't In the *tttv ,.lsd homes iintlon, lied flank ar<t| sub. * Wuterbury. *'* Went l-'ronl nlret, h IM.DlMl. liny V ffann. I'hone I^nif llrnnch H12, tir W nUnll.l CMiinti h.wlr pllnltd) M y. '-1HI1. H d Hmik flZID !' riiml, Kiilr lltuvoiu I H k flZID. write* P. O. Ht>t._.l.r., Uttle HUver, N. J. U l I ni k r.0fl Uiruuuliniil, llellihtlullr lat<s) Ue<l ' r wanted. Ihovoort Market, H O Kotitrml/ wlili it (liio vl.w nfi hlain hfn* of Ida l l (got, Urd IIIIIIK! hut wul.I- limit, oil IITrill His tlvtr. I.niHtf i'lot> Ten roumi, inrat balhB, TWO unluniliihfd parlmem*i, ou uf Hire lilnrei liumktasl mum; "li'ely Isliilli'Blisi puwil.i" lui.iiii twu nieiil.t.,1 I1I.0II,, MAN wnnlntt to tlilve tchnat iu. Vat Id eoomA *|iil balh, one of four n cliinlilt umnun- I " * l " l " *wrt fnvmatlnn f" Mr". Thome. lUrmntiy bath . h a l t rut fu.nUhril, Hent $16, Rut lilnll Vanllnrn, l-'slr Haven,, "(ihuni I . " " " lmi.illl,a, \m*w*\tm, AUrltlnail In4 I7*, Illy ODII, l i V.nllnrn s.n.r, ittk road, Kait Ktannhtirtfi or rail Mid it let own Hon Wateibury. 22 Wel Kront ilree marl, fair Haven, p h i , T M t>Mk MsV phone flftOO.* 400.

Page Twelve.


sioner. Charges against the place Tavern FensOluxl 40 Bays, business session followed by a m l * draft board* in deferring killd wen. of serving liquor to men In uniAccepts Diploma For I alohary ta, at which, the member* farm labor. ; The license of the Cailno bar atform vrnen they were already Intoxwill hear on address on China. "We think we're being: p g pinched Son In Air Corps Mr. F. W. Joy returned Thursday Asbury: Park, operated by I*na On> icated. The suspension will run from now," Mr. Jeffers Bald, "but wait unfrom a visit to .Tennessee, where her ovese,'has been suspended for a per- September 7 to October I t A 15-day til next winter arrlvei The food sitJohn P. Mulvlhlll of Church street. oon, F, W. Joy, Jr., passed his final iod of day. by Alfred E . Drlscqll, closing was ordered against Marina's uation-la ao acute that although Fair Haven, cashier of the First Nabar a t Asbury Park.' The charge was teats for the Air, Corps. He Is being Walker Cordon is milking 110 more tional bank at Carteret, attended the Officers Tell of transferred to another training avia- state alconollo beverage commis- serving an Intoxicated civilian, cows this year than last we are get- graduation exercises of Rider coltion base. , ting the same quantity of milk." lege, Trenton, recently and accepted Work of Service Asked If he thought corn could be the diploma far his son, John Paul had for a price, Mr, Jeff era an- Mulvlhlll, who Is a cadet In the Army Naveaink > Farmers Tell Troubles To Congressman Lieut. Everett Walah of the Coast Air Corps' and U stationed at North swered: Guard station at Sandy Hook and "I don't know, It's a pretty topsy- Carolina State college. (Th. Bed Bank RegUter nan tw bought Lieut. Samuel Netkrug, chief dental turvy situation." Auchincloss At Freehold Meeting surgeon of the Coast Guard district in Naveflnk At the poitofflet) The OPA roll-back of egg prices, Miss Eleanor Brown and -Miss between Rahway, and M&nasquan, bt Ri d Mr. Bapp said, has encouraged eggs Central Jersey potato growers "are buck-passing but nothing was done to go lQto the black market. Like were speakers Tuesday night at a * * 1 Curry, of : Aberdeen, Marysore as Sell at the War Food Ad- until we forced the lsaue." ti f t Red Bank Lions club meeting of the Red Bank Llona club I""" - who haveTwen spending a short At this took the dairymen, Mr. Rapp said, poulvacation f from t h i government their ministration," Abram E. Lott, presl-| At thto point M , AucN--'-- <* trymen would be willing to pay a Mr. t at the ifolly pitcher hotel. granddent of the New Jersey State Po- the growers to task ~ not having higher price for corn If they were " for Mla g Lieut. Walsh stated that the.Sper- work with Mias called the matter to his attention t , tato' Growers' association, told Rep- a time when more could have been 'assured of a fair margin of profit.' maceti Cove station Is the oldest mother, Mrs. >gra Harms, returned resentative James C. Auchincloss at Coast Guard station in the world, home yesterday, George Stevens, Shrewsbury vege" "" "' ' Freehold Monday night at a meet- done, about It. Mr. Lott explained 'table, grower, said.his chief concern that a fleet of 83-footers, all-wooden Kenneth Hallam, . seaman . firstIng called by the State Farm Bu- that the course followed by the New was labor, but held that his proximboats armed "to the teeth," referred class, Is reported improving In the reau to acquaint the legislator with Jersey growers in appealing to ity to Red Bank Industries put him to aa "sub busters," operate continu- Naval hospital/Norfolk, Virginia, Washington had already been critilome of the farmers' problems. ously out of Sandy Hook, manned by Miss Kathryn Williams has reIn a poor position to bid for labcr. cized by York Attendance at the meeting, held In of which the AAA New a, Two boy scouts, he said, have been "greenhorns," who are doing a great 1 coived word from her brother, Cpl. New Jersey is the court houBe, was limited to leadpiece of wprk, and are greatly respon- William B. Williams, that he is now of Material assistance to him this Jamea Ewart of ers In the several branches of agri- ber of the state Cranbury, a mem- year at 40 cents an hour. The scale sible for the elimination of the sub- 'in North Africa. AAA committee, culture and spokesmen for each were amplifying Mr. Lott'a remarkB, said for adults Is 60 cents. Mrs. Annette Pape of Sears avenue marine menace in the North Atlanasked to explain their success or he had been told by the triple A's tic coastal waters the past year; that has been, notified of the safe arrival "High school pupils, women, imlack of it under the nation's war- Trenton office that i t had orders to ported labor and labor from the the Navy Is charged with the mili- In.England of-her son, P v t Frank L. time food production program. Earl buy no potatoes until August 1. That cities are just a drop In the farmer's tary security of New York Harbor, Pape. Propst, secretary of the Farm Bu- and other events led to a conference labor bucket," Mr, Stevens concluded, Rev. and Mrs. Ronald M. Bowerand ho assured the Lions the harbor reau office at Trenton, presided. is so well guarded one cannot get man are returning home tomorrow between the executive committee of "and a not very effective drop at Mr. Lott, a West Freehold p potato the potato association and Louis that." from a vacation spent In Voorheesinside of it with a kayak. grower, had . number of complaints Morgan, head of the triple A's New The case for fruit growers was The speaker gave a description of vllle, New.York, against the administration's food York office, and since then a satis_. Extensive alterations and Improvethe formation of convoys, with their stated by C. Richard Applegate, production program, but he was par-factory arrangement has been Wemrock appleman, and Dr. Robert Navy, Coast Guard and Army guards, ments are being made to the Wilticularly Irate about the War Food worked out. told how all boats are "blacked out" liams house on Monmouth avenue) Cooko 'of Colt's Neck spoke for the Administration's failure through an completely, and said they were leav- recently purchased by Mr. Huber. state's embryonic cattle Industry. Dr. AAA committee to support the po- Continuing, Mr. Lott said: CADET JOHN P. MULVIHILL The card party held last weolt by ing almost continuously. Lieut. "Some New Jersey growors will Cooke attributed ' the beef scarcity tato price as pledged and guaranWalsh noted there wore about 12,000 the Navesink Woman's Republican teed at the outset of the intensified loee $100 an acre for the potatoes to the mismanagement of the OPA, Cadet Mulvlhill, who completed Coast Guardsmen in this country be- club at the home of Mrs. Alfred they harvest this year. Same of and said New Jersey had received his course at Rider last February, production program, foro the war and. that now the list Is Wright was well attended and a sucbut 12 per cent of the 70 per cent of '."Wo were guaranteed a price of them are getting less than 50 bags normal beef allotted to It this year. received a degree of bachelor of sci- approximately 175,000, a phenomenal e s . . . ' . i ; - . $2.25 a 100 pounds," Mr. Lott said, to the acre. Along with my pota- Specifically he urged that local ence with a major In finance. He development in two years. At tho Mr, and Mrs. James A, Scott and "yet 25% of the New Jersey crop toes I raise a little wheat, and this waa a member of tho Accountant's Manhattan Beach Coast Guard sta- daughter Gloria of Cedar Grove sold for ICSB than the support price. year I have sold 3,000 bushels of it butchers should be allowed more lee- club, Phi Sigma Nu fraternity and tion there are about 15,000 men in spent last Thursday and Friday with We believe if they want Increased to potato growers, who say they are way In their quotas. the varsity basketball and baseball Mr. Bcott's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Other speakers wore William teams. He was a member of the training. acreage again In 1944 a better guar- going to seed down their acreage Ho gave a minute description of James G. Scott. Mlelkc, manager of the Hightstown graduating class of 1938 of Rod Bank antee should be given by an agency and. forget potatoes." g Navealnk library committee will the history of the Coast Guard, the t t Mr. Lott also appealed for a. re-auction market, who said the next whose pledge amounts to some- turn of the double strength fertilizer few months will tell If the market Is Catholic high school, where he wasoldest naval organization In these meet Tuesday, September 14, at 3:30 thing." prominent in sports, and afterward United States;'tolling how Itfirstpro-p. m. In the library. -The trustees',1 to "Was the support price p paid at potato growers ordinarily use, say- sink or swim; Robert Home, see- attended Seton Hall college. pp p Ing last year twice the quantity of retary o? the New Brunswick Pro--j " g e ' 7 s - a f s o T membeToTthe North tected the customs and revenues with meeting Is scheduled for Tuesday,;! ?" M Auchincloss asked. kd all?" Mr. A h i l the present grade had to be used to duction rV.rflt n^Mrtlnn- HMwIn A. IS n r B W f l b u r y j C ( J B o a t a n ( J Y a c h t d u b wooden ships in cutter service, later ^September 21, at 8:15 p. m., and the j WH Credit "Yes," Mr. Lott answered, "after took over the life-saving service, and annual meeting of tho Navesink Li-' , achieve the same result as in other j Gauntt of Cranbury, of the Grange of Red Bank. 0% of the crop was harvested th ht " " ' ' " " five years ago added the lighthouse brary association will take place 40% years, and pointed out that this League federation, and Harry service. Among the activities he de- | Tuesday night, September 28. "Why not sooner!" Wllley, Mlddletown farmer. made additional work. scribed was the commanding and Mr. and - Mrs. Dyear have moved " - _ "I don't know," Mr. Lott continued. g During the discussion of farm _ I t Will Carry Spokesmen for the dairy farmers "There was plenty of evasion and were P. D, VanMater of Marlboro, credit, Mr. Auchincloss expressed manning of landing barges in tho Into Miss Norma Swan's house on Navesink avenue, which they have Me Through 'Till North Africa and Sicily campaigns, president of the New Jersey Dairy- himself as opposed to the payment escorting of transports and destroy- rented. men's council, and Henry Jeffers, of subsidies by tho government to the Harold B. Salonger and Richard Your Returning ers, the manning of cutters in the DeVesty have been accepted for K. Jr., of Flalnsboro, of the Walker- farmers and Mr. VanMater hastened sericeberg' patrol in northern waters, Gordon company. Mr. VanMater to point out that his organization It was only a time-worn necktie, the Bering sea patrols to protect vice in the U, .3. Navy and were exhad gone on record against subsiand later Henry Rapp of Ardena, speaking for the poultrymen, pre- : dies. Mr. Lott also spoke of the un- nothing extraordinary about It ex- seal herds, and the guarding of hali- pected to report for training today. PFC. William A. Heidi, son of Mr. dlcted a dire animal feed shortage ! fair competition created by the gov- cept perhaps the bright splashes of but fisheries. Summing it all up, Lieut. Walsh as- and Mrs. Ferdinand Heidi, Is a pat' li f i this winter unless It again becomes ernment's policy of promiscuous color that made one looking at It profitable for the mid-Western grow- loans, unpaid, the speaker said, if think tha't they had never, seen any- serted a true Coast Guardsman has tient in the Naval hospital at Philaers to ship corn East Instead of the crop on which the loan was based thing like it before and probably to be a diplomat, a sailor, a soldier, delphia. Ho has been in the XI, S. ' feeding It to hogs. Is a failure, with' the more stable never would again. But to her i ta- policeman, a lawyer and a median- Marine Corps since a year, ago last j and saw sorvlce New l0^^0?'^?^* la Lieut. Nelkrug, who is associated January where he Is reported in have We In New Jersey," Mr. Vanfarmer who-utlllies his own credit much Guinea, to Mater said, "were asked to Increase agencies to produce his crop. , deeper! and significant. It . been taken 111 with malaria. with the Public Health service, statproduetlon-thl. year yet despite our The meeting closed with an expres- ; *** ^ Z l l he Ied the medical and dental health of Donald Wayman, son of Mr! and efforts, our Production- n-164S will s o n <>'-aPPfeoIatlon^to^Mr Auchln--4 ...it_^_th j_dan . )n h Regular $12.95. Special at be less than In 1942, with .the slim ; closs for his efforts In having gaso- e c n o o l r o o m s w n l c h w e r e m o s t o t t h e the Coast Guardsmen-In this district Mrs. Harley Wayman, who has been months, October and November, still, line released to the farmers last time made pleasant and interesting is very good and that most of them ) with the U. S. Marine Corps slnco a will go out of the service In much year ago last February, is reported spring. ahead of us." only by his presence; his graduation better health, particularly dental, at sea on a battleship somewhere In photo which now shines its mem-. .Mr. VanMater sftld It would help than when they entered, a s high the Pacific. : orloB down fromhor:;dresficr for ,fre-^ if the corn celling Wore raised to quent reminiscence; and the dates stdriaaMS are'-'.bolng*'*BtobltahattvaiiiI:|*'r'S:dirard-.--Hi:'--Mannlx-r:lR.-gtlktlOMfl.. $1.50 a bushel, it now being worth with the U. S. Marine Corps at Cherat the local movie and familiar soda maintained. $1.40 as hog feed." # i , Both officers were given an Inform ry Point, North Carolina, and hla "Do you think there Is enough (The Bed Banli Resl'tor can be bought counters. CREAM-TOP mal reception of appreciation for brother, John J. Mannix, Jr., Is takcorn to meet the demand If the ceil- In Eatontown at the Jtores of Wllllaii. It was only a necktie, but since ing were lifted to $1.50?" Mr. Auch- G. Davis, end G. Edward Smock) he left these familiar haunts to fight thelr descriptive and interesting ! Ing a training oursa with the XI. S. MILK More than $1,000 was-cleared by for his country it ie a sacred "somo- > talks. They were Introduced to 4ho ' Aviation Cadets at Massachusetts incloas asked. IN YOUR "Not locally," Mr. VanMater! the chteken salad supper served lost' thing-to-remember - him- by," whlch members by Harry M. Talmaage, State college, "'""' ~"i'i VICTORY LUNCH answered, to which Mr. Rapp added Thursday evening In St. Dorothea's s h o w l n k e c p a a a t o r c h , u n t u his editor and publisher of The Dally that dealers have had no corn In church basement and by the sale of returning, During wartime, it Is esDe* as In ' claljy_.Important to J<eei> their bins .for the last six or eight fancy articles at the outdoor cam!- | S | n y ? Not at all. There are well by eating the prope the meeting: and told of weeks. j val. Close to 600 persons were serveo "torches" llko that all over Amurfood. Cream-Top Milk wil the camera remains vertical when All Buses Stop % Block From Store you added nourishment "Farmors can't keep going on at _ ?,n? u p p e r > , , , , , ' . ' i c a todaysmall souvenirs of hapr tho Invitation extended to all Lions the plane tilts. ThB to attend tho Rotary club clambake i and added goodness, tool patriotism alone," Mr. VanMater | Wrtnaaya o f Mrs. Ivlah Bo-p y times held as a security for a tel Aumacl ttn Mls this afternoon at the McGuIre grove, summarized after predicting' that J~ , " ? " . * J * 'delayed love and a brighter future Stamp Out the Axis. . | unless ways are found' to get corn Madeleine Wright were observed a t , by young girls throughout this coun- Fair View Heights. John M. Johnston, a radio engineer to the dairymen, milk will be scarce the Pollyanna party held Monday | try, until tho day when their sweetnight by Prlda of Crescent Council, hearts shall return. J. V. at Rumson, was unanimously this winter." ' elected to membership, the list now In reply to several questions' by Sons and Daughters of Liberty. MILK COMPANY Three large birthday Cakes and floral totalling 82, including seven who are ' Mr. AuchincIosB, Mr. VanMater said Union Beach Phone Red Bank in tho Armed Forces. | imported labor-has been of HtUe I Jouweto were the table decorations, Edward H. Conway, a member of | value to the dairymen and that full M&ny &tta w e f e also received by the The cake sale held by the Union co-operation haa been given by local j ">e celebrants. Forty-one members Beach unit of the American Wom- the club, gave details of the Victory p I and guests attended the affair. They an's Hospital Reserve Corps Satur- bond drive, which will open with a came from Belford, Long Branch, day netted $26. This will go into a rally at Reado's Carlton theater Thursday of next week. The Red North Long Branch and Red Bank. fund for the operation of the canBank area quota Is $1,700,000 and A penny sale netted $3.80. Next Mon- teen. day's session will be omitted because The Hospital Reserve Corps has 2,800 homes In this district will be of Labor day. ' received the following cosh donations visited by.volunteer workers. Past Col. John Barcume, who spent a for the canteen fund: Borough of President J. Daniel Tullor of the month's furlough with his wife and Union Beach, $50; Corp. A. Rayner, Lions is chairman of the Red Bank young'son John,'arrived Tuesday at Brooklyn unit, $5; Sgt. M. Krapp, $5; campaign. his post In Fresno, California, ac- Lt. B. Bobkow, $5; A. Gross, Mrs. I. Past President George W. Brny 10056 PURE/PENNSYLVANIA cording to a telegram sent to hisElchenberg and Mrs. J. Plckoring, $1, said he had received a letter from FOR YOUR OLD BATTERY ON A wife. ' and anonymous, $2. Joseph M.Lesslg, now In California Mrs. Flora Knight of Lewis street Mrs. E. Lesblrel entertained the recovering frSm an extended Illness, spent Sunday with her sister, MrB. lddleo of' the Women's Democratic stating lie waa very much Improved Blanche Harvey of Long Branch. club at her home on Poole avenue and hopes to return to Red Bank UPPER BROAD ST., RED BANK within the next few weeks. The Presbyterian church will be yesterday'afternoon. PHONE 8?2 open Sunday for the morning ser- ; Pop Julian's Girls' baseball team Attendance prizes presented by vice, at which a candidate from has called off a game that was to bo Past President G. Harold Novlus and SEND MOTHER FLOWERS ON YOUR BIBTHDAY Princeton Theological seminary will held at the Cottage Park school Sep- John E. Ballly, Jr., were presented bo heard. . . tember 5. to Dr. James G. VanNostrand and to Tho doggie roast and. covered dish Plans are under way to organize a Mr. Ballly. The correct answers to With Old mpper of the Woman's Society of bowling league and persons Inter- tho questions were the distance boBaturr Christian - Service was held In thrj ested are asked to write to the office twoen a certain point at Red Bank New,* improved Cross Country! and a certain address'at Washington, home ot Mrs. Charles Falkonburg in- of the Union Beach Record. Greater power, 45 full-sized stead of on the lawn because of the A soccer game will be played next D. C, was 217 miles, and that there platessix more than standard. rainy weather. An executive meet- Sunday at 10 o'lock In tho morning are 21,600.000 bath tubs In the UniGuaranteed to glvo you 2* Ing was held last night following the at tho Cottage Park field, between ted States. months of positive service. prayer service at the Methodist teams representing Julian's boatTho awards and questions will be church. house and Potc's Tavern. Pete's Tav- furnished next Tuesday night by Mr. and Mrs. MlchaoJ Carmlchacl ern team Is made up of Mayor Boyle Past Presidents Theodore J. LaC.C. Cleaner aro entertaining her niece and Patterson, Peter .Sauickic, John brccquo and Lester R. Ross, Alex L. grand-nleco who recently arrived Arke, Harry Joseph, William Hogan, WHdo and nr. Clarence C. Combs. Fed. Tax and Wax Extra from Loulsianna. The niece's hus- William Wright, Peter Jameson, Jack band Is In the service. Nlelson, Robert Beckett, 'William Sgt. Raymond Ea'gen, who Is sta-Blair, J. Luke, C. Holmes, Adam Atlantic Highlands tioned at Fort Monmouth and .Is re-Carlllo, J. Davis, William Houston, IN YOUR OWN CONTAINER siding at the Columbia apartments, Emil Bergman and 3. Skoroka. Tho I The Heil Bank Resistor o n In boaiiht left yesterday with 6 others from Boathouso team Is mado up of In Atlantic Jllahlnnds from William l*a. C. C. Patch Cleanj, WJIXSI In tho Fort for Washington, D. C, to Gcorgo Anderson, James Marshall, J. Lomburit, A. Knti. Cruo' ilol nd ono operation . ' Join tho group which will glvo shows Robert Ferguson, William Brown, B. RDITIGO'B Filling Station) Emily apcllad Wo Havo Them during the Third War Loan cam- Wright, Joseph Coffcy, H. Jaltson, J. Harry Hausor's houso on Seventh Hard, brilliant 20cK ntj. Pn|Kn' |S t t B M B Scott, B. MncBrnync", A. Barber,'A. avenue haa been leased by Nell b flnl.h. Contain;! I sizes 3 to 0, ul $3.35, Grace. Mr. Hausor had planned six In. imtchlntr mnMembers of Pride of Crescent | M n n 0 n n dD . pilmour. torUI, tubo of council, Sons and Daughtors of j T h o members of thePrido of Mon- apartments for the' building but and 0'A to S, at .ft 00. ho cemQtit. POLISHING CLOTH Liberty, gave a money belt and amouth, RriughtcrB of America, held when ho found tho zoning laws allowed but four ho doclilcd to rent purso to Walter Dangler, a mem-a birthday party In Veteran's hall C. C. SPARK PLUGS ber, Who began his basic training Monday evening. Tho affair was In the entire property, which Is situatFirst Aid with tho U.S. Coast Guard last week. celebration of the birthdays of all ed on Sixth nnd Sovonth avenues, u l k. Improved 13% " j f t just off Ocean boulevard. A birthday and "Pollyanna" party members born In July nnd August. heavier elictrodi % / S ^ ' $189 Mm. JcBaamlno Barkor of Wesley was hold following a council meet60 aq, ft. h*vyTho members of the Union Beach ing Monday. There will bo no meet- branch of tho American Red Cross avenue has resumed her position -sav o , ... I U e a . n welght 'hUaehai ing next Monday night becauso of hold a meeting nt tho borough hall with tho Sculthorp Realty Co. aftor In Sail of 4 cotton ,rteib. Ho two wooks' vacation. . '' ' the Labor day holiday. IT'S THE Tuesday evening, August 31. Ptens Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Mollor of New Sgt. anil Mrs. Ivar O. Norilln of for future nativities were discussed lint. Wall street aro parents of a son In rolatlon to local nnd county war y.ork havo loosed an apartment In 'Mrs. Frank's houso on Washington born last Thursday nt Monmouth work. nvenuo. , Memorial hospital. Tho bi\by hns Added contributions to tho Union MOTOR TUNE boeii named Ivnr Nordln, Jr. Mrs. Moro than S local appoate were O ...ON TIRE Norulri Is tho former Mtfla Loin Beach First Aid 1043 annual drive for heard by tho county tax board last SHOE funds brought tho total collections to Phillips. RETREADING $1,111. Tho Koal Is $1,200. Now con-Friday at borough hall. " Beginners nnd pupils who havo not tributors nro Frnnk Mlolo $5, Mr. MID. Hazel Davis will return next : FOR ACTIVE HEALTHY FEET RECAPPING previously attended, may register on nnd Mra. I. Gornback and Mr. andmonth to the homo of hor mother, Add" pei> OFFICIAL TIRI tho opening dny of school, Momlny, Mrs. W. Poolo $2, and MIHB Edna Mrs. Mcrrlt. Her husband, Karl and REPAIRING September ]3. Pupils ntfondlnff Klalbor, Goorgo Martin, Adam Klln- Duvlu, l row with tho Soabces In Yes, w e liavc i t . . . . a better baby shoe with INSPECTION irfti ooniuniptluti school outsldo the district may seSERVICE! nky nnd .Mr. anil Mrs. T.'Jonkln $1. Alaska. ,fre inciting STATION cure tuition cards and bus pauses nt Wllllnm Julian Iricroiisort IIIH contri' t w o Important a d d i t i o n s . . . a n e w last which Mrs. Robert Fortune, formerly VRIV*I, rlnga, the school Friday, Hoptomhcr I , be> Miss Hilda Blononwald of South bution from t2tl to 550 nnd Mr. nnd gives m o r e t o e rooin, better f i t . . . a n d , tween the hours of 1 p. m, and 3 p, Mrs. T, McKIUrlelc from 2 to fff. nvomto, la homo from Fort'Hancock m. (hospital with hop Infant daughter. The annunl outlnir nnd Ramos ot ' -new, construction which. Insures.completely v ... Mr. and Mrs. H<- McMonlgal of Miv nn.l MM, -John Jtler, .,f...Mill, ntreot aro tho paronts of a daughter Hit)' IIOIjTtf lilMy'Cn'Hfdlilir8ft't7IWf WAV smooth Inside scams. born Sunday it Monmouth Momor- held Sunday on tho church grounds relatives hero, on Route 30. II hospital. Mrs, M, T. Hazolton spent tho Borough Cleric Albert K. Cowling, week-ena with frlonda at Nyack, publisher of the Union lionoh Rec- New York, Thoro's' earth value to the odds and 27 MONMOUTH STREET MrB. Edna McCJIvnoy, borough atyl oniln In your storeroom oratllo for ord, nnlcs that changes of address of which you hitva no further use. Soil local boys In tho firmed florvlcfln bo school nurse, Is on vacation, RED BANK tlicm through a wnnt ml In Tho Reg* sent tn him. Cowllnir innllii free copWoman's Society of Christian Ber18 Broad Street Red Bank STORE! IIOUI18!WEKKDAXfl A. M r o : V. M.. BATURDAfc B A, H.-D V, St. Inter's widely rend columnn.Adver- ies of tho Record In nil tht local bnya vlc will moot next Tunsdny In the tisement, In oervlci. Methodist church basement for .

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