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Republic of the Philippines Sorsogon State College Bulan Campus Bulan Sorsogon Final Examination 2nd Grading Period

Electronic Spreadsheet and Database Creation and Management S. Y. 2011-12 Name:____________________________Teacher:_________________________Score:_______ Yr. & Section:_______________ Date:_____________________ Rating:_____
I. True or False

Direction: Write T if the statement is true and F if the statement is false. _____ 1. Excels only function is to create a chart easily. _____ 2. The Element of an Excel chart that shows markers for data in the chart is called background. _____ 3. Chart Wizard is a tool in Microsoft Excel. _____ 4. Legend is called chart area of the Excel Chart. _____ 5.Data point is another name for data value. _____ 6. All Excels chart is not based on data inputted into the worksheet. _____ 7. A command that is into its carrier is called embedded. _____ 8. Creating an Excel Chart cannot be done with few keystrokes and mouse clicks. _____ 9. Column, Bar, Line, Pie and Doughnut are types of chart. _____ 10. Formatting an embedded chart is done by double clicking the chart.
II. (A) Multiple Choice Direction: Encircle the letter of the correct answer. 1. _____ is the area bounded by the category and value axis.

a. Category axis c. Tick mark b. Plot area d. Value axis 2. _____ is the axis that contains the value. a. Category axis c. Tick mark b. Plot area d. Value axis 3. _____ grouping contains the category axis. a. Value c. Axis b. Data d. Category 4. _____ is an interactive help utility in an application that guides the user through each step of a particular task. a. Chart Wizard b. Microsoft Office Excel Help c. Wizard

d. Excel Help Utility 5. _____ is a diagram that displays data in pictorial rather than numeric form. a. Dialog c. Chart Wizard b. Chart d. Excel 6. _____ is the default chart of Excel. a. Bar c. Stock b. Doughnut d. Column 7. _____ shows the value of each pie slice. a. Data label c. Embed b. Legend d. Tab 8. _____ is a worksheet title you add on top of your document. a. Chart label c. Title b. Data label d. Chart title 9. _____ is a small line area on which the chart is drawn. a. Background c. Legend b. Category d. Plot area 10. _____ is a small line that intersects the category axis and the value axis. a. Tick mark c. Plot area b. Background d. Axis 11. _____ is a collection of related data values. a. Data axis c. Data series b. Data value d. Value axis 12. _____ is the menu where you can format text and legends in your chart. a. Formatting c. Views b. Format d. Edit 13. _____ is the optional horizontal and vertical extensions of the axis tick marks. a. Background c. Value axis b. Gridlines d. Category axis 14. _____ toolbar contains the chart wizard button. a. Chart c. Standard b. Edit d. Format 15. _____ the tab activates the text formatting option. a. Chart c. Text b. Font d. Formatting II. (B) Variety