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Foundation Training for Family Mediators

4x4 Foundation Training for Family Mediators is a nationally recognised course, accredited by The College of Mediators and Family Mediation Council to provide Professional Family Mediation Training. It offers a unique combination of Skills and Knowledge Days which are presented by a wide group of Professional Mediators who are experts in their field. The Course Concept Foundation training is the first step on the career path of a mediator, towards competent practise and professional delivery of a demanding job. Excellence and balance are the two watchwords of the course: Balance: The idea behind this course is to give students a balance of skills and knowledge. Skills burgeon into competence and confidence, knowledge is the backdrop to the arena in which family mediators work. There are 4 knowledge days and 4 skills days but all incorporate both skills and knowledge and presenters use a variety of teaching methods. Excellence is the aim of this course, in every aspect. The skills work is prepared and presented by highly skilled practitioners with longstanding reputations in the world of family mediation. The knowledge days are presented by an array of distinguished lawyers and practitioners in their own fields who will bring to the course a level of expertise and gravitas appropriate to the knowledge required by practising mediators. Composition: This course is not intended to be seamless, rather, it is intended to offer to students a variety of trainers with different styles and expertise. Overall the course will offer an integrated and solid foundation from which to develop further. Support: We believe that this course offers a unique opportunity for trainee mediators, whether sponsored by a service or not, to be supported through this important stage in their training. There will be support with observation, finding a PPC, finding a training contract, and cases for portfolio presentation, if needed. Evaluation: Candidates evaluate the course, and their feedback is valuable for ongoing development of the course. The whole course carries additional evaluation tasks for candidates. They are not onerous but designed to ensure that candidates have learned the basic tenets of mediation and can begin to apply them in practice. Dates for 2011 and Outline of Courses Early Summer - Oxford May 18/19 May 25/26 June 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th Autumn Hatfield, Herts September 28/29 October 5/6

October 12th, 19th November 9th,16th Course Outline

The context, principles process and practise of mediation Family Dynamics and its relationship to Mediation Intake, Client motivation, Financial Assessment, Public Awareness Children in Mediation Models of Negotiation and their application Legal Knowledge** Welfare Benefits**

**These days are available as CPD update days for experienced mediators Cost and Venue Cost: The total cost of Foundation Training is 1950.00 Individual CPD Days 160 Venues: Hatfield, Herts (20 minutes from Kings Cross Station, London) Central Oxford To apply for Foundation Training or for further information Please email: Or phone: 01451 812231