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HFCFL Veteran-Guardian Pairing Last

Andresakes Berkmeyer Brown Coughlin

Rank Staff Sgt. Hometown Newark, NJ Memphis, TN Farmington, MI Eddyville/Kingston, NY

Charles Charles Frank Francis

Nickname Date of Birth Branch of Service 12/22/1918 Army Charlie Form

Activity during WWII
Mess Sargent Aerial Gunner, Aviation Machinist Mate 1st Class & Aviation Metal Smith 1st Class. Made many naval aircraft air worthy. Bombadier or Navigator, Mickey Equiptment Operator Landed as part of the D-Day Invasion Was part of the last horse drawn field artillary unit in ROTC at the University of Illinois as the lead driver of a 6 horse team pulling casons & canons when the war broke out. Elisted in 1942 went to Officer Training School in Oklahoma (Field Artillery School in 1943) Graduated 1944 as 2nd Lt. where held various domestic posts until shipped overseas. MP - Served with engineers Rycus Campaign Aircraft mechanic B-17 - Italy Siapan, Iwo-Jima, Okinawa (U.S.S. Little - Destroyer 803) Suicide planes sunk our ship Nothing listed - F2c is Fireman, Second Class


Dereck Baker
William C Berkmeyer Bob Showalter, Jr.

10/19/1921 Navy 4/14/1919 USAF 6/2/1922 Army

AMM1C & AM1C Luitenant Col.

Cindy Boyd

Doggett Focht


Ken -

George Gene

3/8/1922 Army 8/28/1925 Army 8/1/1924 Army Air Corp 10/28/1926 Navy

1st Lt. Field Artillary Cpl Sgt

Keniworth, IL Ashland, OH Philadelphia, PA St. Paul, MN Adel, GA Albuquerque, NM

Kathy Casey George Burrows Bill Malfitano

Hancock Jr.

WT 3rd Class
F2/C Cpl.

Jeffrey Weber
Amy Quesinberry Rhode Robert Harry

Bill -

5/23/1927 Navy



4/6/1926 USAF 3/29/1922 Army Infantry 11/13/1922 USAAC-USAF 6/3/1923 US Coast Guard 8/21/1923 USAF 7/16/1924 4/2/1928 4/12/1918 11/5/1924 12/25/1921 1/27/1925 9/21/1924 10/15/1919
Army Navy Army Marine

Flight training, various activites in Texas Bases & 5 months at Chanute Field, Illinois
Battle of the Bulge, Assigned to 3rd Army Infantry, heavy weapons, 30 Cal water cooled machine gunner, also assigned to 94th Infantry 778 Tank division


Charles P. Charlie


Newark, NJ Detroit, MI New York, NY Omaha, NE

Tyler Brodt David Caswell Michael Dew Robert Clark

Jones Krajicek


Mel J Jim

CM Sgt.
Seaman 1/C Lt. Colonel

Flew 15 missions in an A-20 aircraft then 30 missions in B-17 group in the 452nd Bomb Group
Served aboard Sea Cloud (IX99 class) Sea Duty guarding the US Coast Pilot in the China, Burma & India theaters of operations. 83rd Infantry, Normandy Campaign. Wounded July 1944 near Meauds, France. Assigned to 16th Replacement Regement in Compienge, France. Served with Stars & Stripes in Paris. Asiatic Pacific, Philippine liberation, Guam Company Clerk 3 years in the South Pacific, 3 months in China Ordnance & maintenance on Guadalcanal Patrol bombing squadron, anti-sub missions Air Force Band - Infantry replacement after the Battle of the Bulge Aviation Ordnanceman Okinawa 1944 Communications Message Center, Korea occupation after war, anti-tank h HQ, 32 INF REG, 7th INF division 15th Air Force, Foggia, Italy 14 months on the destroyer escort 510 USS Heyliger in the Pacific



Langella Lehmann

Gerard Arthur

Moore Nelson

James John
Kenneth Russell Thomas

Sparks Thomson York

Wayne Jerry Art Nick Bob Jack Ken Russ Wilson -

Corporal T5 SK2 P.F.C PVT AOM3C Corporal Aviation Ord. 3rd Class Staff Sgt. Sgt Quartermaster 3/C

Navy Air Corp USAF Navy

Snokie, IL Mineola, NY Baltimore, MD Brooklyn, NY Jacksonville, FL Evansville, IL Schuylkill Haven, PA Detroit, MI Corinth, MS Clearfield, PA Saugus, MA

Eric Kunkel Joseph Piotrowski

Jan Baker
Cole Wheeler Joe Ferraro/David Gibson Lee Patrizzi Diane Burrows Cathy Anderson Donnie McFarland



6/28/1926 Army 3/13/1926 Army Air Corp 9/18/1926 Navy

Anita Wheeler/Randi Singer
Sandra Morales