Keep Fracking Out of Our Parks

Gas drilling, or “fracking,” is the single most important environmental health issue facing Dallas since the closure of several inner-city lead smelters three decades ago. Drilling companies have already leased over 100 sites on land owned by the City of Dallas.

Dallas City Council considering new ordinance that could allow gas drilling in public parklands

City leaders must approve a new ordinance that will prevent drilling practices that could harm economic development and quality of life in Dallas. The City Council should support the pledge Mayor Rawlings made to protect communities:

Tell Dallas City Council: Don’t Frack Our Parks

“I will never vote to put any neighborhoods at risk because of money.”
Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings

Thousands of acres of parklands have been leased for gas drilling, including Crown Park, California Crossing Park, the proposed Elm Fork Soccer Complex and the L.B. Houston golf course!

Just as Dallas has implemented sensible water conservation plans, we must act to ensure gas drilling will be compatible with our long-term water planning and strategy. Dallas should restrict water for fracking during drought conditions (just as residents are), and incentivize recycling and re-use by charging more for one-time water usage.

Allowing fracking operations any nearer than 1,000-3,000 feet from where people live, work, worship and play would put Dallas residents at risk. The current proposal would allow drilling within 300-500 feet in some cases—less than any other major city in D/FW.

Keep Drilling Away From People, Neighborhoods

Water For Drinking, Not Drilling

Hundreds of volunteers and dozens of civic groups are participating in It’s My Park Day to celebrate and beautify our local parks. Dallas officials should do their part as well, and keep fracking out of our parklands!

The current proposal would also allow drilling along the Trinity River and in sensitive floodplains for the first time. This could result in toxic drilling chemicals washing downstream during heavy rains. Dallas should keep its current prohibition against drilling in floodplains.

Dallas has made a commitment to clean up our chronic air pollution—and this year we’ve already seen record-setting ozone alert days. But in order to keep this promise, we must treat the gas industry the same as other polluting industries: Dallas should require gas companies to off-set their air emissions so there will not be an overall increase in pollution.

Don’t Make Bad Air Worse

Protect the Trinity

You can contact Mayor Rawlings and the City Council to urge them to protect our parks and neighborhoods:

Protections supported by: North Dallas Neighborhood Alliance—Dallas Homeowners League—Mountain Creek Neighborhood Alliance—Old Oak Cliff Conservation League—Texas Campaign for the Environment—Occupy Dallas— Dallas Area Residents for Responsible Drilling—Earthworks’ Oil & Gas Accountability Project—Downwinders at Risk—Dallas Sierra Club Contact Zac Trahan, 214-599-7840,

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