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For my boys. Blake. Brandon. Devante. and Jaden. I love you. Mom . The world is yours. Make your mark.

CONTENTS Title Page Copyright Page LOVE Loving You Thanks to You Without Words Why Don’t You See Me Seasons of Love Broken My Last Day I Will Show Up What I Need Love All Over Me Hypnotized Setting You Free Hell and Back Searching Love’s Surprise We Lift Each Other The Warning Missing You You Wear it Well Not Alone .

The Best of Me Trust Shades of Me Love’s Escape The Choice Don’t Forget Yesterday What We Deserve The Truth A Perfect World Your Everything Falling for You We Belong Lying in Wait Moving On Not Your Forte Can’t See Beyond What I Wanted A Love like Mine Terminal Love The Little Things Loving Me A Fan of Love A Different Cloth Promises Not Taking it Anymore Winning the Race Power Sing for You .

LOVE Remembering Love Lost Lives My Wife Killing Me with Your Words The Man I Make for Me LIFE I Put You First FAITH Lies and Truth Realization Ending the Pain Changing Me Breaking Free My Son Shines Knowing Me Dance with Me Tonight Too Soon The Brown Widow The Time Is Now Inner Superstar Life Takes the Wheel Too Late Aha Moment Colors of Me A Poet’s Song .

Bright Lights Underneath Poetry Lives Here Knowing My Worth Of All Beings The Long Road Home The Sound of Signs A Call to Arms Home The Better Prize Relaxing My Mind Trouble’s Got a Hold on Me The Greatest Escape The Fall Making Moves Winning the Race True Friends Keeping Secrets Without Doubts Anger My Moves Follow Me as I Change the World When You Come for Me A Mere Smudge A Prisoner’s Life At a Crossroads Driving the Blues Away How .

It. Shall Pass Holding onto My Pride Our Downfall Being Free My World My Perfect Ray of Sunshine Nearly Broken My Friend The Smile and the Frown Remaining Lonely Fear Inside Emma Lee Freedom Today Waiting Singing Today for You Not Listening Window to My Soul Pretty for a Black Girl For My Sisters The Time Is Now . too.


As you breathe. I make your food. I do it all. For you. . You are my light Through the dark. What lovers do. I live for you At your command. All you have to do is ask. Bake your bread. Handle with care. Wash your clothes. By loving you. Giving you more than my last.LOVING YOU As you awake. Be your lover and more. My world expands. I leave my mark. Clean the floors. I smile for you.

The monster made. heartless. . Guess it’s time for you to face The ugliness and its truth. My evil eyes are full of spite. Bitter through and through. All thanks to you. All thanks to you. Only anger in this place.THANKS TO YOU Cold. Rotten to the very core. Blacker than the darkest night.

you lift your hand. Now face-to-face. And you haven’t said a word. Felling the heat between you and me. Don’t have to say a word. I see your eyes start at my feet. .WITHOUT WORDS I know you like what you see. Licking your lips. You didn’t have to say a word. I kiss your lips. My hips move to your beat. I quench your thirst. My chest. I feel your hands all over me. And still not a word. I see the way you look at me. it heaves to my surprise. Caress my cheek from where you stand. woman and man. Your gaze has only reached my thighs.

The rest gone down the drain. I gave my all for you to live. And now my shell is all I have. And you never saw me. . just wasted time.WHY DON’T YOU SEE ME Here I stand out in front. You’ve taken all I have to give. But you don’t see me. I shed my skin. Requesting more so you can live. Still shaded by your tree. Bare for all to see. My end is here. It’s over now. The foolishness I left behind. Emptied my soul. My one and only life I had Has disappeared in vain. The years I lost.

Please stay a while. A smile that warms the coldest night. it’s just you and me. In the end it was always us. You are my summer.SEASONS OF LOVE A light is shining bright. All is still. living long it must. built-in trust. No you and I. You are my fall. Protecting me with strength that’s harsh. You are my spring. We bring forth our new ecstasy. You are my winter. We have grown together. . The heat I crave to feel at night. We from the start. A constant cold stuns my heart. Our love is blossoming for all to see. Existing even after the end. A love so grand.

Just let this pain pierce my skin. just let me be. I’ve got to let the burn roam free. So. I want to cry. I need the anger. You must understand my need to be here. I need to feel the pain inside of me. . I killed your love for me. my worst fear. oh please.BROKEN Please. Don’t want happiness here again. The damage done won’t disappear. Don’t want you to dry my eyes. please. Not bottle it up inside of me. Just let me be.

Make love to you without saying a word. I would promise you. It would always be this way. Me in your heart. You on my mind. I would call in sick.MY LAST DAY I would wake up a little late. Wash your feet Late that night. Sitting by your side. Our fingers intertwined. Feed you by hand. Forever stay. I’d say. I would make a meal For you and me. My love always. Enjoy the day. gazing upon your face. Hold your hand. That I’d never leave. . Silently gazing In your eyes. Open my eyes. No worry about what could be heard. Take a walk on the beach Or by the bay.

That’s how I would spend My last day. .

I’ll show up. just know I won’t be walking out the door. The very last one to show up. if you yell. Face so mean. I’ll show up. You curse and scream. You see I gave my word in front of God. it will be us. I vowed to be the one He’d trust for you. Till this life ends. Through thick and thin when times are hard. So when you’re mad as hell. I will show up. I’ll show up. You spit my name With twisted face. And I will always show up. .I WILL SHOW UP If I yell. You hang up the phone Or don’t answer at all.

And give me what I need. Yeah. . we don’t have to talk or say a word. Don’t want to chill or hang with you. Just take me on into the room.WHAT I NEED No. Lie down with me in this moment. I don’t want to be your girl. So close your lips and take my hand. it’s what you heard. It’s not my place to be her for you. Just here for me to feel alright. You can find someone else to fill those shoes. I’m telling you. Cover me with ecstasy. Holding hands is Not what I’m here to do. And give me what I need. Not here to be your girl tonight. No.

Brighter than the night’s sky. After the end. . I will remain. I am the Milky Way. I am love. And I will forge ahead. Cannot be dimmed. I color the winter’s night. Sunshine fades in comparison To what’s all over me. My glow shines through the darkness.LOVE ALL OVER ME Smiling all twenty four. Brightness everlasting.

I am happy to be Drunken within your eyes Can’t you see what you’ve done to me? I am hypnotized. .HYPNOTIZED Fine As the darkest wine. Intoxicating.

I’ll hold it down and set you free. Can’t compete with street life. why don’t you call? I need the day-time man. I fear. . Why do I compete With the streets. Don’t sell away your half from me. A part-time love is not enough. as well. Love shouldn’t have to be this rough. Not just the night-time one you sell. God. I know my needs fall on deaf ears.SETTING YOU FREE Here I wait Today for you. Just like the day before. Like it was your whore? What does it hold that I don’t have? Is it drugs or alcohol. A dozen women for a dime.

and I love you more than anything. Pray to God that I don’t cry. hell begins. Swinging and swaying to your moods. Say forgive me this time. I hold on tight for the ride And pray to God that I don’t cry. time for hell again. Although the truth lies elsewhere. I’m coming back. Maybe this time is the last time.HELL AND BACK I go through hell to be with you. . At 11:30. But it’s 1. At 10:30. I hold on tight for the ride And pray to God I don’t cry. nasty at 10. I hold on tight for the ride. Nice at 8. You say you’re sorry all the time. And try to make it back from hell again. Time to put me back on track.

Kissed so many frogs. too. still searching. I pray that you’re still looking. But my conviction still remains strong.SEARCHING Where are you? Are you searching for me. too? I’ve been waiting oh so long. And also trying to find me. . Out there trying to see. I wonder if you’re like me. Not giving up. Even met some dogs. If the perfect one waits somewhere for you.

Enjoy the ride. It smiles at you and then frowns. . It takes you up. It grows with you and holds you tight And comforts you late at night It finds you when you least expect. And surprises you with no regrets. It can start as just a fling And then turn into everything. Sometimes love takes broader shape. So hold on tight.LOVE’S SURPRISE Sometimes love throws you a curve. Can pick you up and be complete. It flows outside the lines. and Evaporates to your dismay. But love can also be so sweet. And just await your love’s surprise. Love pulls you in. then drops you down. Pretends to stay. Refuses to be confined.

I tell you you’re The best at what you do. You show me how Real love should be with you. . So glad to have you In my life. And I rule the roost. Just what I’m meant to do. I lift you up Because I need you to see All that you do. Saying you’re doing what you’re meant to do. Standing tall. The queen I’m meant to be. by my side.WE LIFT EACH OTHER You lift me up For the world to see. It means the world to me: Loving the way Our lives are intertwined. You tell me I’m beautiful all the time. Give me the world. Tell me it’s all mine.

THE WARNING It’s funny now to know the truth That all you care about is you. Pretend to care. . And try to break me. Say some words. You had a plan all the while. But evil does as evil sees Wait for my plan It’s a doozy. You pile it on Because I can take it. All others be damned. You’re having fun. And then not care Who you hurt. Because your plan is number one. Your squinty eyes and sneaky smile. Curse my name.

I’d say to you. About you. I’d miss everything.MISSING YOU “What will you miss after I’m gone?” You look to me and say. The happiness I felt inside. The joy and laughter every night. The days and nights spent by your side While showing me you cared. “My darling. “Will you reminisce and close your eyes And think about our days?” “Will you remember all the nights and days you were away? “Will you wish you’d been here with me “And not some other place?” I say that I will surely miss the times that we had shared.” .

Take you when I leave. That essence that I smell. And you wear it well. your scent. It’s not cologne or soap. Separating you from the rest. So distinct. That fragrence I know so well. I inhale you on my shirt. Not Ivory or Irish Spring. Whether at work or at play. Whether night or day. . An aroma only you possess. You follow me Through the day. You line the pleats of my skirt. you know. You’re with me On my way.YOU WEAR IT WELL I wear you on my sleeve.

The shit we say. Realizing It won’t work apart. Yet we try Each day and night Just to make it through. Alone is not what we do. Can’t make it on our own. We laugh. We hurt. And then we pray. .NOT ALONE The games we play. Like children Not yet grown.

Order lives where chaos dwelled. The light replaced the dark. And I know I make up the best of you. This much I truly know. I’m proud to see what you’ve become. Your life tells me so.THE BEST OF ME I make up the best of you. You don’t need to say it. With me. Because you are the best of me. I brought a new place for you. A prize for all to see. A freshness for our start. .

You try to move along. Hoping things are as good as new. Although repaired. Will forever change the way I now look at you. .TRUST It’s like a broken fence: When mended. Looking okay. The chain contains a kink. Thinking that you’re done. you still see that link. But that kink. you see.

I fear you love yourself More than you love me. With eyes of auburn. Lips of warm caramel? Every part of me was made for you to love.SHADES OF ME How can you not love me. Skin of chocolate. . For the chocolate and the caramel. You don’t even see.

A world where only you escape: A world of beaches. . It’s embedded between my thighs.LOVE’S ESCAPE I know where your happiness lies. Powder-white sand. I’m ready now. I take you to another place. A world that rivals Disneyland. And I wait With your love’s escape.

Is not simple In my eyes.THE CHOICE The choice I have— To stay or to go— Simple as it seems. . A simple choice It may seem. Though simple it may be. Not so simple to me. To live in hell Or go be free. A place Finally to be me.

I truly thought you understood. Face twisted mean. So it may seem.DON’T FORGET YESTERDAY Every time it’s going good. Did you forget yesterday? The screaming and the yelling. Did you forget yesterday? A friend today. That voice appears and says. No matter what a friend may say. . Although you’re okay today. Yesterday. Don’t forget yesterday. an enemy.

Which do you prefer? Neither of us Can really say What we both deserve. Share the life I live? Do you deserve The love I possess. Everything I have to give? Do you deserve To be with me. You can’t say yes.WHAT WE DESERVE Do you deserve All that I do. Have saved up just for you? Do you deserve to be with me And I. to be with you? I can’t say no. .

No time to cry. It may just be Around the corner.THE TRUTH I’m sad today. So. We tried to make it work. . Your true love awaits. Life alone brings doubts and fears. Because I see the truth. Fully awake. it’s not meant to be. Another smiling face. You need to find your perfect match And finally set me free. I fear. dry your eyes. But. I know it’s not what you want to hear. And I’m not the one for you. Truth is you’re not the one for me. But happiness lies Within the eyes Of the one that’s meant for you.

Sadly. In a perfect world. In a perfect world. There would be no other for you. We’d never fight. I’d always be right.A PERFECT WORLD In a perfect world. You’d only have eyes for me. It’d be you and I. And sit by my side. Your love to give For me always. You’d agree with me. Unfortunately things will never be As perfect as they seem. You’d forever stay. You’d hold me tight. And I can only dream. . I’d be all you see. In a perfect world. today it’s not that way.

I’m here for you to use. Consume all of me. I am your tool. No need to pay. I give for free. Ask for it when you please. Just show up. Knock at my door. I have much to give and more. A puppet on Your endless string, To be your everything.

The funny games you play, Trying to make me stay, All because you can’t be alone. You brighten up the room, To make it look like you, And not the shack you call home. You try to make me not think, To believe it’s all in sync, But orderly has no place with you. I was the fool, The exception to the rule, Because I was the one Who fell for you.

Walk with me In the sun, Feel the breeze. Come be free. Leave it all Behind today. I’ll help you push It all away. Come sing with me. Take my hand. We belong, Woman and man.

The perfect moment to strike. You should have never estimated The power of my mind. We plot our moves From the go. It is so easy for me to smile. We lie in wait.LYING IN WAIT I see you thought I didn’t know All about your lies. It was fine to say goodbye. Believed that when you closed the door. Pretend I’m okay inside. For the right time. Women are cunning creatures you know. .

. Where I said I’d be. But I fear your mind’s made up. Now I sit and wait for you. I can’t forget what we had.MOVING ON I wait for you in the lot. Because it’s all I know. When you would let me go. You’re moving on because it’s too tough To fight for what we once had. Because you set me free. Thought the day would never come. Hoping it’s not too late. That’s too damn bad. Hoping to put off what you said You’d do until another day. It hurts to be in this spot.

NOT YOUR FORTE I tell you I need more. You look into my eyes. But I don’t think It will ever be. Give me no reply. I ask you all the time To treat me like I need. And sleep. It’s not enough for me. . Why do I continue To hold onto a love That runs only one way? I think it may be time For me to realize Changing for me Is not your forte.

Although I know the truth. so I couldn’t see beyond What I wanted you to show. For the real you can never love me. And now I sit. How could I have loved you? I didn’t know you at all. Alone with the truth after the fall. But … I wanted you.CAN’T SEE BEYOND WHAT I WANTED One-track mind My eyes see only What I want you to be. . What I see Is not really you.

hold your breath Until she loves you like I do. . Make your move. Think it’s all a big game. That there are many more like me. So you can finally see. You’re gonna miss me so damn bad. you think you know it all. The way I kissed you late at night. And please. You say you don’t care. And your heart will know She and I aren’t the same. I really hope you find her soon. Go ahead. Miss what we had.A LOVE LIKE MINE You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone. But time will tell. Yeah.

too. Terminal: The definition of The love between You and me. If I let it be. Your love will make Me lose my mind.TERMINAL LOVE Your love will be The end of me. If I let it inside. Your love will kill My spirit. . If that’s what I let it do.

Holding my hand. You tell me that I’m beautiful.THE LITTLE THINGS It’s the little things I appreciate. They don’t have to cost a thing. . Ignoring all the rest. And that I deserve the best. It’s great to be by your side. I just wanted you to know I appreciate the little things you do. Showing me the man That you’re proud to be. You’re blind to all that temptation outside. To live this life with you.

LOVING ME My anger grows. And it’s my fault. My spirit grows. My spirit knows It’s your fault. Don’t want to hear my words. I let you do what you want to. . I finally love me more that you do. You discourage me. You don’t encourage me. I’m the one who made you into you. And it’s your fault. Because you need to be first. Because all you thought about was you. My anger knows It’s my fault.

I still believe in love. I will wait for love. Although it doesn’t live here.A FAN OF LOVE I am a fan of love. I lay out the welcome mat for love. Because it waits somewhere for me. Though it doesn’t live here no more. I still believe in love. I’m a fan of love. Because I see it all the time. I’d sit in the stands and cheer. . But it won’t knock at my door. Although it’s not yet mine. I will wait for love. Because someday love will set me free. I lay out the welcome mat for love.

If only in our eyes. . Your world is nothing like The one I’m from. Tell me why you’re in my space. But you won’t show your face. Yet you came.A DIFFERENT CLOTH Cut from a different cloth. When I don’t even know your name. You and I are not the same. You try to live in my realty. and you try To become you and I. I wish you’d thought more of this Before deciding to come. Maybe that cloth Really is the same. A visitor from another place. But we’re not meant to be.

Though the shitty lies you grab. To do what I have to do. So glad to have this new breakthrough. It’s nowhere inside of you.PROMISES Promises you fail to keep Are all I have. I don’t know why I ask for truth. Honesty is within your reach. .

Not taking your shit any more. I’m sick to hell of being under your spell. But I’m tired of playing Your sick. I try and try to be What you want from me. . It’s your way or the door.NOT TAKING IT ANYMORE You can’t see me Past your superiority. There’s no you and me in us for you. twisted game. I’m like a moth to your flame.

WINNING THE RACE I understand a time won’t come When you and I won’t fight. Because we both want to win the race. You sprint along. First place is a space we both want. We’ll never be face-to-face. now by my side. Because you have to be first. . Ain’t it odd That we both think we’re right? I run ahead to catch my breath. Can’t let me be in front. Two peas of a different pod. Trying to keep up.

Co-existence is the only power You hold over me. I’m blinded by my vicious need Not to be lonely. I see you are the one Allowing me to see Beyond your imperfections.POWER Looking through rose-colored glasses. .

Every talent I have? Why don’t I sing for you? Maybe because I know You’re not the one I should sing for. Why don’t I feel comfortable. . indeed. but the one I should let go. Showing you the real me? Shouldn’t I want you to see Who I truly am? Why can’t I share all my gifts.SING FOR YOU Why don’t I sing for you? A good question.

And set me free. Just break your chains. how you love to tell your lovely lies. . I laugh along in my defense. The jokes are all at my expense. Why do you pretend to be a friend of mine? Oh. Love. Love. Let loose your hold of me. Why do you laugh at me? Why do you hold me hostage? Why not set me free? Love. What a sense of humor you have! I hear your sadistic laugh.LOVE Love.

REMEMBERING LOVE Remember when Love was enough. With nothing else. Surviving by itself. A time I surely miss. When unity was a goal. A time of unrivaled bliss. Family meant we were whole. . Even when times were tough? It got you through.

Still alone. Turning into weeks. So much to say. minutes. . So much to say. Because we never speak. Our whole lives lost. And we’ve both paid the cost. You try to read my face. Yet nothing was said. The seconds. hours. I smile. you grin. I hold my breath. You stare at the floor. And here we are In elder years. days. I look elsewhere instead. Just like the day before.LOST LIVES Here we go again. We drift together. But nothing’s said.

How I cherish you. Included a heart-shaped card This is what it said: I can’t live my life without Having you by my side. Although I seldom tell you so. . With you is where my heart lies. I try my best. You are the reason why I work so hard.MY WIFE You bought me flowers today: Roses. I think of you before I rest. pink and red. My wife.

But twisted faces and angry eyes Still kill me Inside. Or use my fists. I disappear with every word you say. And you think they’re just words. Curse her name. How much can they hurt? I don’t hit her.KILLING ME WITH YOUR WORDS I lose a piece of me every day. . Call her a bitch.

It wouldn’t matter if they were his. No one else would matter.THE MAN I MAKE FOR ME Oh. Live together happily. He’d always take care of me. A perfect world For him and me. He’d cherish the ground I walked on. . how I wish I could make The perfect man for me! We’d love and kiss each other often. Put me before himself. He’d love every part of me. He wouldn’t see anyone else. He’d cherish them because they were mine. I wouldn’t want for anything. That man I made for me. And even love my kids.


Bring me light after the dark. I put you first. And so. as I carry on. . Guiding me along the way. You let me fall. You’re by my side. And so. I have a faithful friend. so I may rise. Whether I am right or wrong. I lead My life in Your hands. In you. Supporting me until the end. And so. I put you first. Get me through to a new start. Lord. I put your first. What a miracle to come! Been there through the night and day. that’s the way it will be.I PUT YOU FIRST You’ve been there Since day one. this is why I will believe With Your Word. Let me laugh after I’ve cried. You guide. And I’ll always put you first.

Mouths the words before I talk. With me is where he always stays All through the night until the day. He knows the goings on inside of me. the path I walk. And I thought I knew it all.FAITH He came today and shook my soul. My whole world. I don’t know nothing anymore. Says what I think before I do. . I think he’s psychic see. He’s got my map. He has my unwavering faith. he’s taken hold. He’s counted every breath I take And knows how far I’ll bend before I break. He knows my mind. predicts my moves. He is the Lord above.

If asked. It shines so bright. . A cover will not work. No matter how hard you try. You can’t contain What will remain. It’s impossible to hide a lie.LIES AND TRUTH The truth is the light. Won’t stay inside. Rains down on me. A lie won’t hide. you know. Sets me free. I would have told you so.

I can’t lie low. The chains are gone. Can’t keep me down no more. Who I am inside. ma’am! My life’s where it’s supposed to be. Took years to find.REALIZATION The beauty of it all. The square peg now fits the hole. Flipping a script You no longer own. powering my soul. I got it now. Now I’m free. For the entire world to see. So that confidence. Yes. but now I see The truth I bought now sold. Has built a wall that can’t be broken. Screaming to me in my own song. Was in a fog. Realizing who I am. .

I try to fight. The pain will end. Like the way That evil does.ENDING THE PAIN This world of pain. finally. breathlessly. All consuming. through the fog I can’t see. It’s all around. So I say my last goodbye. Won’t let me see a day Beyond today. But. Killing my mind And spirit. Staining the air. . Everywhere. And I cannot escape. Now is the end for me. I’ll be with you forever now. So much to bear. Stealing my light. A better place awaits me. too.

same old thing. It calls to me and screams my name. Start my task with one woman. Enough to drive the sane insane. Live by his word and let him see.CHANGING ME I couldn’t watch the news today. Everyone’s fighting or arguing. Someone’s missing. Can’t let this dark swallow my light. . Guess I’ll listen to radio instead. For fear of what it might say. Or found dead. I vow to do the best I can. So I block it and stay inside. But radio’s no better. I have to block the energy That tries to draw me in. I’ll start my fight by changing me.

I had to go because it stayed. The one underneath’s too tough. I pierce the layer that I see. After all the blood had dried. Now I’m gone. Now my pain has gone away. I hoped the damage that I did Would make me feel okay. I’m the one it killed. . But blood is not enough. Cutting deeper still. The pain still wouldn’t go away. The pain inside just wouldn’t die. Although it hurt. Finally free.BREAKING FREE I try to cut the pain away. I took the pain away with me. I couldn’t cry.

The love I thought I had to have. Although you were not yet mine. Here I stand forever.MY SON SHINES Long ago I dreamt of you. A battle I couldn’t lose. By your side I’ll stay To guide you through the days ahead And never go away. . Only the mixture that I needed. For the other half of you. But through it all. Before you were inside. You gave me hell From early on And made me pay my dues. I feared it was not true. I stood tall. I held you tight and kissed your cheek.

Or how that me see’s you? Do you know where I came from Or where I want to go? Do you know where my happiness lies Or how to touch my soul? Do you know what makes me sing Or inspires me to grow? What makes up all of Kimberly? Please tell me what you know.KNOWING ME Do you really know who I am. . me? Do you know why I am here Or what I’m here to do? Do you know how I see me. Or do you only know what you see? Do you know what makes me tick Or what really makes me.

The rhythm stirs Inside my head.DANCE WITH ME TONIGHT I feel the music From deep within. I feel the beat. Made for sin. It moves my hips. Dance with me tonight. Please play for me. . Your song instead. It moves my feet. Dance with me tonight. Dance with me tonight. My arms they sway That away.

So here is where they’ll stay. It’s sad to know your time is done. We older folks can tolerate. They’ll wish we stopped you just in time.TOO SOON Gone too soon. Pain can be an awful thing. What younger ones can’t fare. To make sure you were still here. Your will was not as strong. Sometimes too much to bare. Though your beauty will last always. Help them push the pain aside. And let them know An early end’s no way to go. We didn’t have you long. . So hold them tight. But many will always care.

Hoping you’re asleep. Hoping you snoozed. I approach. I knew you were there After all. Why did I go? I should have paused. You lay still. You’re poisonous. I hold my breath.THE BROWN WIDOW You wait for me In the dark. Await my move. But you’re too quick. I wait till day To go your way. . You strike so fast. Too many eyes Cover me.

Take your time.THE TIME IS NOW Slow down. It will be just right. . DON’T WAIT! Make it count tonight. Live your best life now.

Where it shines the best. it lies inside. . But often forget where it lies. Residing where it’s meant to be. It differs from the rest. Remembering where it first shined. After we have forgotten. Our inner superstar Was always there inside. Years later we get another glimpse. Dormant.INNER SUPERSTAR We possess it early on. We get a glimpse. Specific to each owner. And then peaked out often. take a peak. Waiting patiently For a time to no longer hide.

But we get in the way. Life often hides its purpose From those who seek its truth. Life’s not all a mystery. Listen for what life has in store. Life sometimes gets the best of us And tries to keep us down. It shows its face in elder years. While hiding in our youth. We make a turn on our own.LIFE TAKES THE WHEEL Life tries to take the wheel. Without listening to what it has to say. Be patient. . But then we find courage inside And turn it all around. Its view widens so we may see.

This I didn’t know. Too late for me To let you know That I loved you so. until tomorrow. I took for granted you’d be here. And you’re gone. At least. I’m so sorry I was wrong.TOO LATE You were mine On borrowed time. Now tomorrow’s here. .

AHA MOMENT Did you have your aha moment today? How loud was it? What did it say? Did it reveal your life’s surprise. spark that inspiration in your eyes? Did you find what’s meant for you? Share with me what you must do. .

A blue for when I’m feeling low. A darker color when we fight. A softer shade. a light yellow. A range of shades for everything. Like many colors of the rainbow. Relaxed for when I sleep.COLORS OF ME There are many Shades of me. When ready. I change from day-to-day. When wide awake. I shine brightly for all to see. Neon bright. you know. . Black or white. I can be any hue I want to be. They cover you And color me. Growing daily like the evergreen. I’m an aubergine.

I think in rhyme. The happiness you’re feeling now Turns into rhyme for me somehow. Is all poetry to me. It sings to me from deep inside. And it makes up The best of me. The sadness that you may see. I don’t know how Or even why.A POET’S SONG I live in verse. breathing poetry . Thinking. Living. rhyming All the time.

barely there? Can I see it anywhere? Does it shine All the time Or only when you’re feeling fine? Is it obscured by others’ shades Or can it flaunt its own array? Adjust it now so we can see Your bright light underneath.BRIGHT LIGHTS UNDERNEATH Just how bright Is your light. The one we all see? Does it make your surface glow. Shine from underneath? Is it dim. .

It embraces me. Then takes my coat. Says stay awhile. It says to me. I open up.POETRY LIVES HERE A door has opened up for me. Encourages me With its warm smile. . Then sings to me In special notes. I am your friend. It invites me in. And offers me its words to eat. Says take a seat. It offers me a place to stay. And says Please come back any day. It sets me free. Inside that room lives poetry. It comforts me.

I can erase? If I frighten. The comfort of my embrace. or shock you. That smile on my face? Does the fierceness of my love shock you? Or is it … The hunger of my kiss. It’s because I am beauty. Shape of my thighs. The air in my chest? Does knowing my worth frighten you? Or is it … The arch in my back. The pleasures I possess. offend. I am woman. The knowledge I give. Knowing that your fears. Curve of my waist. . And I know my worth. I am life.KNOWING MY WORTH Does the strength of my words offend you? Or is it … The tone of my voice. The wisdom I possess.

One that’s even sold? Bringing life and pleasure forth. . Rewarded with so many qualities.OF ALL BEINGS Fellow women of today. you should abhor. Do you know the power that you hold? A power sought by every man. We are the best of all beings. Forgetting it.

My destination is on my mind. A sight I almost see.THE LONG ROAD HOME I’ve walked on hands and knees Down the long road ahead. Thinking of how it will be. Did mostly as I pleased. I can’t wait for mine. Happiness and long-lost friends. Every road must come to an end. Should I sprint to the finish Or take my time instead? I’ve carried others on my back And sometimes they’ve carried me. What a lovely ride. I smile and hold it inside. Held some hands along the way. .

. Listen closely. “The time has come For you to leave. As if to say. It is today. Giving the breeze What it needs.” The tree breaths. “Your time is here. The signs are there For you to see. As if saying to me. Sounds fully. Close your eyes.THE SOUND OF SIGNS I hear the birds chirping.” The willow weeps.

What have you done until today to better our existence? What do you have to say? Have you really done your part Or have you yet to start? Time waits for no man.A CALL TO ARMS *STOP* Turn off your television set. This is not a test. What weapon will you choose? PLEASE Take your shot. . Or we all lose. It’s not too late. I’ve grabbed my pen.

Beside the bed. Where true love lives. My home is where I leave my heart. My home is where I chose to be. Where happiness lives Indefinitely. Though we’re apart. My home can be one place or a few.HOME My home is where I lay my head And pray at night. My home may just be with you. .

It passes instantly. . And miss out on the better prize. The better prize.THE BETTER PRIZE The outer beauty that we see Is only a façade. A trick used to confuse the mind. This mortal life we live Can be so short and sweet. We tend to judge Those whom we see On outer beauty alone. Open your foolish eyes. Although it seems quite odd. Ignorant to what’s inside. Should crown our lover’s throne. So easy to believe a lie. But what lies inside. And in our haste. We turn away.

My body’s weary. And I know more will surely come.RELAXING MY MIND Been a long day. Try to balance both and remain whole. Unfortunately. Spirit. that’s the way life goes. I remember to relax today. add some play. I’ve seen this day before. I’m tired already. But I know things will be fine. Time to sit and rest my mind. too. Save some work. .

TROUBLE’S GOT A HOLD ON ME Trouble road begins at my door. Accustomed to the worst of what Life has in store for me. Why won’t it set me free? . I often dream of a better place Where trouble hasn’t been. I’ve given up on happiness. And I know nothing else. and I stay safe. Where all is calm. It must lie somewhere else. And pray trouble runs out of time. Blinded by the darkness inside Too black to set me free. Surrounded by my friends. It should be tired of me. So I continue to Keep hope alive.

You smile at me And hit the gas. You’re speeding now. Without your brakes. And then thank God I learned to fly. Away I go To a better place. How can we be Or even last? We can’t go on. You’re driving too fast. Nothing to fear Of the greatest escape. As I brace For the crash.THE GREATEST ESCAPE Slow down for me. There is no room. To ride with you. I close my eyes. No space for me. Look to the sky. Even the belt Won’t keep me safe. .

Covering your insides. everything I’ve got. So much to lose. I wait until it’s dark. Worried about the fall. Hoping that you’re not The smartest of us two. . The snipers waiting for that clear shot. afterall. Afraid to make a sound. Can never take the leap.THE FALL Land mines. Premeditated steps I take with no regrets. Worried I’ll be found.

Then we realize The move was just right. Take a step and not look back. We wish for the best. Don’t be scared to let go. Do what you say. Don’t be afraid. We find ourselves in A situation where we can’t let go. That moment is meant just for you To make your move. Scared to make a move. Hope our move won’t make a mess. And we’re finally on track.MAKING MOVES Every now and then. Make your move. . You’re right where you need to be. Afraid that what we chose Would set us back further than we know.

Or what they tried to say. Light miles ahead. The final bell has rung. I’ve already won the race. My eyes are opened wide.WINNING THE RACE I’ve wasted too much time. And now half my life’s Just floated away. Life just passes by. It never waits. I never saw the signs. And now the time is here For me to finally shine. Although my mouth is closed. Focused on today. It’s time to take my rightful place. .

I’m glad I have you in my life.TRUE FRIENDS I call you. You know I’m really into it. I need you to show me Just how I should be. Even when I want to vent About nothing at all. But we’re just friends. Taking it all in. indeed. Because when I need someone to vent to. The times we share. A true friend. You always take my call. You listen when I talk. You call me. It’s so innocent. And I need you there. .

And what things we should keep.KEEPING SECRETS Sometimes it’s not good to share Every little thing. . Often times Those little things Should remain a secret. There are times When we may find Some things troubling. We need to learn What to say.

The time has finally come For me to move on From this dark and pitiful place. Time to be happy again, For me to finally smile, Change that ugly expression on my face. Time to realize That this isn’t right. It’s not what life is really about. Time to forgive, So I can move on and live The life I’m meant to have without doubts.

I’ve just realized I have to let go of the anger inside. It’s eating me alive. I’m ignorant to let it survive. I’ve got to let it die. I can’t continue to let it control my life. It’s too much, and it won’t hide. I’m letting go to save my life.

“Where have you been?” You say to me. “Thought you were long gone, Maybe dead.” I say, “I was where I was meant to be. Had some things to work out instead.” You say, “It’s too late For me to play today.” I say, “Yeah, right. Move out of my way.” It’s time for me to blind you with my moves. So don’t forget your shades.

Too much for me to hold inside. So much to do. Ready for me to begin. So little time. I’m coming in! .FOLLOW ME AS I CHANGE THE WORLD Listen up! I got lots to say. No more sitting still for me today. Hold the door.

I pray that those Who love me won’t be sad when I go. . In the end I’ll be happy for the chance To begin again. When you come for me. When you come for me. I won’t be sad. I’m tired today.WHEN YOU COME FOR ME When you come for me. When you come for me. This life has gotten really bad. Waiting for you to take me to some other place. I will be ready. I’m looking forward to the trip ahead.

Giving in to your every want and need. You open up. Can’t get rid of me.A MERE SMUDGE I’m a smudge on your window pane. Loving the way That I confuse. Guess I’m in too deep. Just how a smudge succeeds. . Desire being my excuse. but don’t know what to say.

That I can’t survive on my own. “Celebrate with me. A prisoner’s life is what I lead. You say. Locked away indefinitely.A PRISONER’S LIFE I want to be free. Drink my wine. I try and try To live your life. You say it’ll never be. Not knowing poison’s inside. . accept your smile. Awaiting that fateful day When I can escape. But I’m the one that pays the toll.” I take a sip.

Either way. I hear. I’ll guide you. No one to help me with this one. It hit me hard. A choice to make: Where do I drive? Should I turn left or right? I must decide Which way to go. it’ll be done. Decision time tonight. Close your eyes. Sitting still In a spot I’d never thought I’d be. And I finally see. And That’s just what I’ll do. Make your move. .AT A CROSSROADS Here I am. All at once.

Arguments.DRIVING THE BLUES AWAY Sad songs are all I heard. Happiness and joyful days. . They didn’t live here. And I held on. Awkward distance. They silenced all the tears. Too scared to move. Year after year. Mainly out of fear. I’ve got to drive those blues away. I can’t always be afraid. From this life I need more. So they don’t live here no more.

HOW How can I tell you What it is When you don’t know what it means? How can I show you What is lost When you can’t even see? How do I explain How I feel When you can’t hear me? How do I fight For what we have When we have no meaning? .

Because nothing ever lasts Of pain. Taking over everything. Consuming who it occupies. too. It. But … It. SHALL PASS Pain can’t last forever. That bell it rings. It’s got places to go. . And pain’s waiting At another’s door. shall pass.IT. Making you believe you died. shall pass. TOO. too. Till only it survives.

Holding onto my pride.HOLDING ONTO MY PRIDE I try to hold my head above water. For the misery in store. But the price I pay is worth being free. Try to turn it all around. And I fight with my head high. Every day is a fight for me. Fight to keep it all in order. . I suit up for the war. Try not to let the weight get me down.

We don’t see What lies within. So afraid of being called out our name. Such a wicked game to play. Point fingers. Our downfall in the end. . Mistakes that others seem to make. It’s become customary To point out all the flaws. Believing those wicked smiles.OUR DOWNFALL We are a sad society: So quick to judge. Although we are among friends. Skirt the blame. All the while hiding ours.

. Why change for someone who doesn’t give a damn? I will be who I’m meant to be.BEING FREE I won’t let you change who I am. The only way truly to be free.

This thought had become commonplace. Just the way a record does. Time for me to shine. . Don’t know how long it’s been. What treasures lied within. Remembering who I was. My eyes are open now. My world finally mine. I gave so much to others And put their needs before mine. Concentrating on what I’m meant to do. Forgot who I was inside. Picked up where I had left off. It’s how I lived my life. Now it’s time for me to grow.MY WORLD Sometime ago I lost myself.

Something I must find: My perfect ray of sunshine. See … I’m making it my goal. I know. Although it tries to hide. .MY PERFECT RAY OF SUNSHINE Somewhere out there lies The perfect ray of sunshine. It’s there.

Thought there was no escape. Nearly broken. But I’m on the mend. . I begin again. But the voice inside Said I would rise And would not concede defeat. My spirit nearly broken. Hope not within my reach. My mind said all was lost. So glad that I had faith. As the pieces began to mend.NEARLY BROKEN Thought it was the end of me.

That friend I’ve found is me. A mother. She’s beautiful And full of life. She loves me more than anything. daughter. She knows how much I meant to her. She’s happy. the freedom I have now! I have finally found A friend I haven’t seen for a while. Because she knows her worth.MY FRIEND Oh. . and a wife.

. Saying everything With just a smirk. The stories they tell Without saying a word. One right-side up.THE SMILE AND THE FROWN Neighboring emotions: The smile and the frown. The other upside down.

I’d rather have my love with me. Loosen your lover’s grip. have mercy on me. .REMAINING LONELY Loneliness. I remain lonely. Grant me the pity I deserve From this endless trip. Memories barely keep me warm. Instead. I’ll forever mourn. The love I lost.

FEAR INSIDE I challenge you To sit in silence. What will you do? Will you run and hide? Will you take flight or stand and fight Your worse fear from inside? . Visualize it’s there In front of you. Close your eyes. Imagine your worst fear. Take a sigh.

A warm embrace, Holding me always. A wise woman’s face Embedded in my brain. A sweet smile, Welcoming me home. A feeling of togetherness. I never felt alone. You were everything to me. I miss you so, Emma Lee.

And I’m free today! I don’t care about what you say. Throwing caution to the wind, Letting no more darkness in, I knew this day would finally come, And I would have my freedom.

Well, I don’t give a damn anymore. Sorry, I gotta say I’m tired and I want to go. Too bad I can’t stay. I’m tired and you made me Into what I am. I cared and cared till I was bare, And now I don’t give a damn. I should be sad, But I am not. And I know I’ll be okay, And I will be just fine alone, Starting with today.

So here I sit. I should say How I feel. Until you walk through my door. . I’m the fool Because I allow you To dictate how I spend my time. feelings are no big deal. My time no longer mine. Waiting once more.WAITING All I do Is wait around for you. But to you.

. Because this I’m thankful for. So I sing today for you.SINGING TODAY FOR YOU Are you free to sing At any given time? Do you take for granted This simple given right? We weren’t always free To sing any time. you know.

.NOT LISTENING Why don’t you please stop talking to me? I stopped listening long ago. Though I don’t listen any more. I don’t care what you have to say. Why don’t you please Close your mouth? Stop those words from tumbling out. Yet your mouth moves constantly. I’m not listening anyway.

You know me Better Than I ever could know.WINDOW TO MY SOUL I see you Through the window to my soul. . Taking in all you see. Looking through The window to my soul. And what I’m meant to be. Loving everything I am. You watch and study me.

Am I supposed to smile. You’re pretty for a black girl. . Too bad you don’t recognize That I am so much more. What does that mean? Can being pretty and black Co-exist for me? You’re pretty for a black girl.PRETTY FOR A BLACK GIRL You’re pretty for a black girl. Ignore the ignorance of your statement? Should I really be proud? You’re pretty for a black girl. Such condescending words! As if the fact that I am black Lessens my worth. Thank you for letting me know.

Has anyone told you so? Do you walk with your head held high? Take every step you make with pride? You are a queen. . you are beautiful. Thought I should tell you so. you know. Thought I should let you know. Beauty lying inside and out.FOR MY SISTERS My sister.

To show each other why we’re here. The time we have is now. . This place we’ve gotten to somehow. To share all we’ve got.THE TIME IS NOW The only time we have is now. Seeing all we’re meant to see. To feel how it should be. Even if we’ve forgotten.

Her first publication was a short story entitled. She lives in sunny Florida with her husband and four sons. She writes poetry. Glonka.BIO Kimberly LaRocca has been writing since elementary school.” for which she won the Pride award for writing at age ten. . “The Amazing Mr. and songs. short stories.