Social Science 105 American Social Issues Professor Keyes Study Review for Examination 3 33 Multiple Choice Questions

March 31, 2012 Examination 3 is on Monday, April 16. It will include material from your required reading, classroom lectures and film presentations. Bring several sharpened No. 2 pencils (with erasers) and your student ID. Seating will be assigned on all examination dates. STRATEGIC TIP for studying for examination 3: It is essential that you complete all the required readings. Spend your time on one chapter before you go to the next. Ask yourself questions about the major topics highlighted in the reading and class lectures. Go over your lecture notes and questions asked during the film presentations. Remember to Reread, Review and Recite. I expect each of you to do well on the midterm! Key people, themes, terms and topics you need to know: Chapter 6 Norms Violent crime patterns Murder in America Who are the Criminals? Age, Gender, Social Class, Race and Ethnicity factors? Hate Crimes The Criminal Justice System Community Based Corrections Biological causes of crime Theoretical Analyses on Crime: Structural Functional, Symbolic, Conflict, Feminist Cradle to Prison Pipeline reading Chapter 7 Sexuality: biological and cultural issues Sexual attitudes in the United States: colonial, industrial/technology advances The Sexual Revolution The Sexual Counterrevolution Sexual Orientation Alfred Kinsey research Sexual Harassment The Gay Rights Movement

Liberal and Radical left views on sexuality Film: The Credit Card Marian Wright Elderman Presentation Chapter 8 Alcohol and Other Drugs Drugs: Meaning Drugs and Culture Drugs.Pornography Prostitution STDS Theoretical Analysis: Understanding Sexuality Conservative. Cocaine and Crack Social Policy: Strategies to Control Drugs The War on Drugs . Race. Nicotine. and Ethnicity Types of Drugs: Caffeine.

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