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net Recode Oregon is a volunteer initiative of the Tryon Life Community Farm working to legalize sustainability. Current efforts target regulations imthe built environment.

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legalizing sustainability

Average Water Use based on: shower: 10 minute shower with 5 gallons per minute handwashing: 1 minute with 5 gallons per minute washing machine: based on average washing machine reported by WaterSense, EPA handwashing dishes: 6 minutes with 5 gallons per minute. This pamphlet collated and illustrated by Molly Danielsson

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legalizing sustainability

What is graywater?

Graywater is water from bathtubs, showers, clothes washers and sinks in your home. Graywater can cur-

The state of graywater:

Why re-use graywater?

Graywater re-use lowers potable water use, by up to 50 gallons per person, per day. Graywater can be nals, and outdoor uses, such as irrigation. In places like Portland where a 5 month drought is the norm, graywater re-use is an excellent way to irrigate the land during the summer without increasing fresh water use.

After a year of grassroots organizing and education by Recode Oregon and others, Oregon Governor Ted Kulongoski signed House Bill 2080 into law on June 12, 2009. This bill removed legal barriers to the re-use of graywater outdoors (out of a building structure). The Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) has written rules saying graywater is “shower and bath wastewater, bathroom sink water, kitchen sink wastewater and laundry wastewater. Graywater does not mean toilet or garbage wastes or wastewater contaminated by soiled diapers.” The DEQ sought public comment for their proposed rules for permitting graywater reuse on March 11, 2011. The DEQ plans to recommend that the Environmental Quality Commission adopt the rules at the commission’s August 2011 meeting.

How can you get involved with graywater re-use?
Familiarize Yourself with the Proposed Rules: View Rulemaking Plan for Graywater Treatment, Disposal and Reuse: OAR chapter 340 Division 053 online Install a graywater system where you live: Check out Oasis Design [dot] net for more information about how to design your own graywater system. Volunteer with Recode: Recode meets occasionally at St. Francis church in the Che Room at SE 12th Ave and SE Oak. Donate: You may make tax-deductible donations online at