Chris Watson Public Speaking Spring 2010 Prof. Stetzler Eulogy Speech: Tribute to My Dad Good morning.

I am here today to pay tribute to a very special individual in my life. This particular individual is special to me because he made me the person I am today. He has given me a strong base to grow from and much knowledge to make the best decisions for myself; knowing the difference between what is right and what is wrong. There are many adjectives that can be used to describe a human being, but for this man, I choose these three: strong, loving, and grateful. 
 I use “strong” to describe this person because he is strong. The term is defined as capable of withstanding force or wear. This man fits that definition in three different categories: he is strong mentally, physically, and emotionally. He is mentally strong because he continues to be the best man he can be, for himself, his children, and his family. He is physically strong because he has not allowed his diabetes or high blood pressure slow him down one step; he is still an active dad, teacher, and coach. He is emotionally strong due to the fact that he has been in two marriages since the death of his first wife. He has raised four amazing children along with three stepchildren. He has had to deal with all types of people from liars to drug addicts. Through all of the trials and tribulations in his lifetime, he continues to excel and grow from these setbacks. 
 The term loving can be defined as behaving in a way that shows you love someone. I use this adjective to describe this man because he is a loving grandfather,

father, son, and husband. He is raising his oldest grandson just like one of his own. He is a great father to his children, being there for them at all times and supporting them in all of their endeavors. He is a good son, always showing loyalty and respect to and for his parents. And he is also a good husband, being devoted and faithful to his wife for almost six years. He also shows love to those close to him such as his friends, the athletes he coach and also anyone who he admires and respects. 
 And last, but not least, he is grateful; meaning he is appreciative and thankful. This man is grateful for all the people in his life and all the opportunities that have come to him. He is thankful to have coached such good athletes. He is appreciative to have raised amazing and intelligent children. He is grateful to still be living after being diagnosed with two major diseases that could kill him. He appreciates his job although it is not the easiest job or most pleasurable one. He is thankful for the life he has today because he knows he could be in a much worse situation. He is grateful just to know that although all his dreams didn’t come true, he has been able to help others take the next step in accomplishing theirs. 
 This man that I describe to you today is my mentor, my friend, my coach, my advisor, my hero. This man is my dad, Gary Frank Watson. 

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