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How to Prove Your Winning Case!

Since 1997, when Jurisdictionary began showing people "How to Win in Court", we've received tens of thousands of emails requesting help ... and most of them from people who would have lost but for our help. Read the testimonials in the right column The problem is "assuming" what it takes to win just gets folks into courtroom trouble! It's certainly reasonable to assume, if the facts and law are on your side, that you should win in court! The reality is, however: That's "Just Not True! Facts and Law are not enough to win! You must PROVE your winning case! People have a hard time with this concept. It does seem reasonable, if one knows the facts and knows the law that the court should rule in your favor. But! That's not how our courts work! In an "adversarial system" like ours, both sides compete to see which can pile the most "admissible evidence" into the court's official record. The one with the greater weight of "admissible evidence" wins. Notice "admissible evidence" is not "FACTS". A fact may be a fact, a certain, undeniable fact, and yet not be admissible evidence! To be admissible, a fact must be:

relevant, reliable, competent, not privileged, and in compliance with other rules, etc.

To imagine one can march into court with "facts" and get justice, demanding, "The law is on my side," is to imagine something that simply is not true!

The PROOF is in the PROVING! And, proving can only be done by "admissible evidence". Too many good people lose simply because they do not yet know what is "admissible" and what is not! The Federal Rules of Evidence that control every federal case (civil and criminal) throughout the land, are printed in the Thomson-West edition of the Rules of Court on only 13 pages! Believe it or not. That's 13 pages between you and success or defeat! It isn't difficult, but you must know HOW TO USE THE RULES and what the rules mean by relevant, reliable, competent, privileged, etc. People have been using Jurisdictionary for years to win in court. They learn the fundamentals and how to apply them wisely and effectively, and you can, too! Click HERE or on the flowchart image below to see the Lawsuit Process at-a-glance. Yes! It really IS this simple! What good are "rights", if you don't know how to use the rules correctly to enforce your rights? Why remain in legal darkness? It really IS this simple! There's a lot to learn, but you can learn it in 24 hours, and none of it is too difficult for the average 8th grader. The Rules are fair. The judge may not be fair. The lawyer on the other side probably won't be fair! But, the Rules are fair! YOU can learn how to use the rules to win!

It is NOT DIFFICULT! Click HERE or click on the flowchart above to see the fundamentals at-a-glance.
Help Your Friends!

Forward this email and this link to the Lawsuit Flowchart so your friends can see how easy it is to win. It's sad that so many today fear and hate the very system of Law & Order that is the only power that is able to protect them from villainy at the hands of their fellow man and the tyranny of despotic political power. This chart shows how fundamentally easy it is! Please be careful who you trust to teach you about the law and how our courts work! There are all kinds of folks who hold themselves out as "legal gurus" you. There is a "movement" in our nation that's lost faith in America. The leaders of this "movement" see only evil and none of the good. You can detect them by their anger and the "nifty tricks" they say you can use to win in court to get around the rules. The fact is, learning the Rules is very, very easy! Believe me: After a quarter-century of practicing law in state and federal courts you may be assured that the rules RULE AND ARE VERY FAIR TO BOTH SIDES. The Rules of Court are what guarantee your rights! If you cannot enforce your rights, you might as well not have any ... because a "right" you cannot enforce is not worth much! Even the Constitution itself is a set of "rules". The Rules of Court go hand-in-hand and are your power to secure Justice and enforce your rights! Nothing else works! Try writing letters to the governor. Doesn't work. Write letters to the Bar. Doesn't work. Write letters to your congressman. Doesn't work. Carry signs in the street. Doesn't work. Send emails to all your friends. Doesn't work.

Learn how to use the Rules of Evidence and Rules of Procedure in Court ... THEY WORK FAIRLY FOR YOU IF YOU KNOW HOW TO WORK THEM! Most of you have taken a sacred oath before Almighty God to uphold the Constitution of the United States. Yet, very, very few of you have any idea how to enforce the rights our Constitution promises or any of the rights promised to you by your state constitutions, statutes, or common law? Why? Because my profession doesn't want you to know! Make you angry? I hope so! Let's tell everyone: Now is the time to learn! Are you facing one of these battles?

Foreclosure Custody Child Support Taxation Issues Property Rights Criminal Charges Contract Disputes Slander Landlord-Tenant Problems Etcetera .......

Short of grabbing your squirrel gun and a box of ammo, the only way you can get your "redress of grievances" is through using our court system wisely. But! Notice the word, "wisely". You must understand what this week's FREE flowchart explains clearly. So, click HERE and study the flowchart now. And, be certain to visit Jurisdictionary to learn more about the official 24-hour, step-by-step lawsuit self-help course that everyone is talking about these days!
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Forward this email and this link to the

Lawsuit Flowchart so your friends can see how easy it is to win. I faithfully attended 3 years of classes in law school and read every page of a stack of lawbooks 20-feet high, but in all those years the very simple common-sense secrets of the simple process that lets any person of average intelligence Win in Court was never explained. Jurisdictionary reveals the secrets lawyers don't want you to know! The process is simple, and YOU can do it! If you have a lawyer, he may be unwilling to do it. He may be afraid to do it. But, if you want to win, someone must do it! I realize these Tips & Tactics newsletters urge you to order the self-help course. If you already have the official Jurisdictionary course, perhaps these newsletters will encourage you to learn more. The things you don't yet know are the very things your opponent will use to destroy your case! Lawsuits are an axe fight. Jurisdictionary is your axe! ---------

Justice Magazine seeks investors!

Imagine a magazine called Justice and its highly-interactive sister website Think how much good it could do for our nation! Imagine Justice dedicated to bringing news, sharing tactics, revealing mysteries, and providing entertainment by showing the inner workings of the judicial world to the broad public in a form that's just plain fun to read! Imagine Justice filled with interesting news and top-notch investigative articles that dig deep into that branch of our government, far deeper than you're used to in the daily newspapers and "news" magazines. There ought to be such a magazine, but there isn't! So, we applied for the trademark and, by God's Grace received full federal trademark registration last year.

Since then we've been seeking $5 million so we can do this right, partnering with a leading magazine publisher so Justice can be out there on the shelves next to Time, Golf, Money, and other top-notch publications reaching a nation so much in need of deeper insight into what courts do and how it affects us all. Imagine Justice taking you "behind-the-scenes" with in-depth journalism that explains what's happening in our courts, why we see a current shift in leadership thinking, and what We the People can DO to make the world safer for our children through Public Legal Education! We cannot do this without money. Lots of money. To learn more visit ============ I've helped tens of thousands of good people get justice in the courts since 1997 when I first put Jurisdictionary on the internet. It wasn't much back then, but I've been doing all I can to make it better each year and will do the best I can to continue in the months and years to come. Learning is up to you! There was a bumper sticker many years ago that said, "If you want Peace, work for Justice!" Being angry won't help you or anyone else! Believing internet legal myths is just plain stupid. The only thing that can help is for each and every one of us to learn and teach others how to use the official rules of due process that make Justice possible, rules that control the courts, rules that stop corruption, rules that require judges to grant justice, rules that were paid for by far too much innocent blood already. Help Jurisdictionary help others, uplifting the hopes and encouraging the determination of the American People and even people in other nations around the world where justice is for sale to the highest bidder and good people are sacrificed on the altar of money! Someone once said, "The truth will set you free!" If YOU believe that - if you really believe it - please do all you can to promote the Public Legal Education mission of Jurisdictionary to empower people who are all too often destroyed in court simply because they don't know the rules! There's never been but two ways to win any contest! Either you cheat or use the rules to your advantage.

Cheaters don't win all that often. Food for thought? Forward this email to your friends! -------Winning is EASY once you know the rules and how to use them effectively!
Help Your Friends!

Forward this email end this link to the Lawsuit Flowchart so your friends can see how easy it is to win. Don't let anyone intimidate you into thinking lawsuits are too complicated for mere mortals to grasp or deceive you into thinking all lawyers are smarter than the rest of the human race ... 'cause it isn't so! Anyone can learn the rules required to win! Anyone! You simply need to start with a clear view of the field of play, the object of the game, and the rules that control all the players ... including judges and lawyers! It IS simple ... as many thousands have learned! Since launching Jurisdictionary in 1997, I've found the most debilitating factor infecting people with hopelessness is the fear that breeds in lack of knowing how the game of litigation is played to win! Not knowing creates fear. Knowledge displaces fear with the confidence! Take any apparently complicated thing apart to examine its component parts and you quickly see how they all fit together. When you first begin, it seems impossible. But! If someone shows you how each separate part works with each of the other parts, even the most complicated things are suddenly easy-to-understand. The mystery my profession has woven disappears! Every one of you has great legal power!

Sadly, many good people never discover the power that is theirs ... so people who know how to use the rules of court and the law of the case take advantage of them! Jurisdictionary wants to turn the tables on crooked lawyers and biased judges and protect the "little guys and gals" that are being taken advantage of simply because no one has ever come out with a course like this. No one has ever cared enough to tell you the truth. No one has ever made it this easy-to-understand! It is easy-to-understand how to win in court once you see things the way I teach them! The full details you need to know are in my affordable step-by-step Jurisdictionary course. To learn more, go to: Click this link to watch a FREE VIDEO. ============================ My affordable 24-hour step-by-step lawsuit self-help course includes:

5-hour video CD simplifies process of litigation 2 audio CDs present tactics and procedures 15 tutorials on a 4th CD go beyond the basics Free EasyGuide to the Rules of Court Temporary online access while CDs in Mail Still Only $249 (plus $7.50 for Priority Mail S&H) Control judges! Save legal fees! Defeat crooked lawyers! Ask anyone who has it: Jurisdictionary Works! Call Toll Free for details: 866-Law-Easy

Get your competitive edge before the price increase. Force judges to enforce the rules, instead of allowing the lawyer on the other side twist the law against you!

You cannot win if you don't know how to control the judge and all the lawyers (including your own lawyer, if you can afford to pay one to go to court for you)! You've heard the horror stories from others. Don't let it happen to you! Order my course now, if you don't already have it. Know the rules and how to force everyone to obey! Know how to draft proper pleadings, how to get your own evidence in the court's record, how to keep the other side from getting their evidence in, how to move the court to enter orders favorable to your cause, and how to use your Jurisdictionary legal know-how and case-winning strategies to control the judge and win your case! My self-help course is presented in such an easy format people tell us an 8th grader can learn it in just 24 hours! Know what you must know to win! Stop courtroom corruption! I'll show you how in just 24-hours ... step-by-step! Control judges and lawyers - or lose! My "Tips & Tactics" newsletters are only introductions to the complete course you need to win. If you don't already have my 24-hour step-by-step self-help course, go to my website and order now! Read the testimonials in the right column As Woody Guthrie used to sing, "This Land is our Land," and that includes every courtroom and every courthouse from San Diego to Bangor, Maine. Why let lawyers control our lives with trickery? Why let judges destroy our lives by letting lawyers get away with their trickery? YOU CAN WIN! Forward this newsletter to ALL YOUR FRIENDS! If you aren't involved in a lawsuit or threatened with one today, learn what my course teaches and help others who will be destroyed by all-too-common courtroom corruption if YOU don't help them learn what it takes to win!

There are more than 150 lawsuits filed every minute in the United States - nearly 100 million each year. Try to imagine how many thousands of good, honest people will be destroyed in the next 7 days just because they have no idea how to protect themselves and have nobody they can trust (or afford) to help them win! Urge everyone to get my affordable 24-hour course! Do it for your nation ... and for your children! Dr. Frederick David Graves, JD Jurisdictionary ================================

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