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By Dr. Rob Bilton

The title of this audio is Soul Desires, Soul Dreams, Soul Wishes. Your job is actually to manifest these into reality. A lot of times when we are trying to manifest our highest and best dreams, wishes and desires of our soul, we get confused. We get confused with ego desires. So in this audio I wanted to talk a little bit about how you know the difference and what are the telltale signs if you’re going down the right path, if you’re in flow, if synchronicity is happening and you’re manifesting your heart’s desire – or – if you’re off base and slamming away or slugging away, or manifest something and it gets taken away, or doesn’t turn out to be what you wanted, fraught with problems and struggle and pain, or leaves you with a dead, empty feeling. A lot of times we don’t know what our soul desires are and what our ego desires are. Many times we are manifesting things that our family wants us to, or society wants us to, or what we’ve been set up by advertisers. We’ve had other audios in this series. We’ve talked about the quantum store and how we’re able to access and really have everything that we want at the quantum store. So everything is there, all possibilities are there. We’ve talked about how to manifest using the Universal distribution and delivery system. We’ve talked about doing the bounce-back and getting clear, and that’s very important because that’s a good system to separate what is ego and what is your highest and best at the moment. So in this series we’ve done that.
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We’ve also talked about the power of thinking small. Sometimes if you go too small, that’s an ego thing, too. Any manifestation based on fear or greed or lust or anxiety or “should” or “have to,” you know you’re going to be taken off and it’s not going to be your highest and best. I’ve done things in my life for years and years that are sort of one or two notches off what my soul desire is. Many of us are in careers or businesses or situations very close to our soul desire and our highest and best, our right place, our dharma, if you will, but one or two notches off. It isn’t a complete struggle, it isn’t disappointing, but it doesn’t have the power. Many of us are building a bungalow when we should be constructing a mansion. In this audio we’re going to cover a little bit of how you know what is a soul-based decision and desire, and what is an ego-based desire. I’m going to show the effects of those and the feelings internally. There’s an internal mechanism that can determine what that is, along with the external signs and symptoms, if you will, of having an improper decision or a good decision. You’ll be able to read the signs. It’s like Christopher Columbus when he was going to the New World, way before he hit land he knew he was going to hit land, because he saw little signs; he saw twigs and birds, signs of land coming on. So he knew he was going in the right direction. He thought he was going to China, but he actually found the New World. But at least there were some signs that he was discovering something, and it actually turned out higher and better for the world to discover North America and South America. So it’s kind of interesting.
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the relationships of our dreams. struggle and work hard to make a difference in the world. We’re here in this creative sandbox to create a castle or any expression that we desire. It’s not normal in our society for us to think like that. SOUL WISHES That’s the way it is with our soul desires. the prosperity. Without our mind and body. the soul can’t manifest. We’re also supposed to do that effortlessly. effortless. desires and wishes into reality. Normally in our society we’re taught to struggle and just make it. yeah. everything that we want. but it’s supposed to be a comfortable. the health. our legs. As we’ve talked about in other tapes. our mission in life is to turn our soul dreams. that we can imagine. Some of the personal development paradigm people say. A lot of times our soul is whispering to us and wanting us to manifest.SOUL DESIRES. to be grateful for it and hang on to it. All Rights Reserved 3 . slam a square peg in a round hole. our systems of human endeavors. So our mission is to do that. the mission and purpose. We’re not here to struggle.” Well. “Struggle and make your mission and purpose happen. enthusiastic expression. The soul is a fifth dimensional being and is sort of integrated into this thirddimensional reality. and control it to the world. So we need our mind and body to work for the soul in order to create that. do with what little you have. get by. When you’re 2006 © TrueLoveOnDemand. but we’re not taught that. exciting. fun. if you will. you are supposed to make a difference in your world and in the world in general. That’s our job. That’s really not the way that life is meant to be. the peace of mind. pay the bills. We are living in an abundant world where our job is to love and to access the creative process to create everything that we want in our life. SOUL DREAMS.

SOUL WISHES in flow and in synchronicity. We’re supposed to be with our soul mates. and not just any soul mate. When you’re struggling you know you’re out of flow and you’re probably going after an ego desire. probably going down the wrong path. It 2006 © TrueLoveOnDemand. And if it is a soul desire. SOUL DREAMS. and you’re probably dealing with the wrong people. peace of mind. and done to perfection. many of us are settling at way below our potential. when you’re in unfoldment. it’s easy. but it should come easy and you shouldn’t be fretting over it. and you can have it all if you understand that. If it’s a true All Rights Reserved 4 . That’s how easy it should be when you put in an order with the quantum store and the Universal delivery system. I listen to Deepak Chopra and he talks about if something isn’t manifesting it’s because it’s not a true desire. it’s easy. But as I said. depending on what the manifestation is. and it may be a few moments or a few days or a few weeks. A lot of times we have really no clue of what our ego desire is. I had to stop the tape there for a second because I just ordered a pizza and it came so fast. So we want it all. mission and purpose. as well as a soul mate connection. because we have lots of soul mates – some of them aren’t right for a relationship – but a soul mate that can create for us an ideal relationship. I just ordered it like four or five minutes ago and it’s done.SOUL DESIRES. it comes very fast. our goal is to have prosperity. There was a concept of divine timing that we talked about. health and the relationship of our dreams. That’s why a lot of things don’t manifest. and that means it’s not a desire of the soul. In fact.

it shows up. one of the biggest problems I had was that it was too effortless when I switched focus to the Metaphysical Paradigm. and then boom. especially in this period – I’ve talked about this in other tapes – I had a three to five-year time period when I was in both the two paradigms. The second one is what I call the competitive adversarial paradigm. with great intensity. And in many endeavors in the competitive adversarial paradigm that is a reality. easy and effortless paradigm. setbacks and fighting to overcome. struggle. 2006 © TrueLoveOnDemand. with great focus. Another popular form of sabotage is to have something lousy happen after something good happens.SOUL DESIRES. societal programming. SOUL WISHES should be fun and enjoyable and something to look forward to. Many people have psychological reversal. What that is. when I ordered it. You shouldn’t have to give it much thought once you’ve ordered it. However. like in sports or in sales or school. That’s the normal. So that’s what we’re looking for with our soul desires. It didn’t feel right because I wasn’t struggling. it’s natural and easy. make-things-happen. In that three to five-year period. I had so many patterns in my subconscious mind of having to work hard to achieve excellence. This is only one form of sabotage. Anything that you’re well suited for. work-hard situation. SOUL DREAMS. it doesn’t have to be a reality. the metaphysical. It’s like the pizza. anything that is meant to be. We have patterns and programs that set us up to fail. no matter what they try. One of the challenges that I have had. I forgot about it. and the normal personal development. it’s not a struggle. Anything I achieved I had to achieve with great anxiety. it seems to not work out. there it All Rights Reserved 5 .

We now make money easier than ever before. she says all the time in her tapes that I find soothing yet inspirational. I would listen to her tapes and read some of the books. It’s just a thought. The problem when you’re dating when you’re younger. Kitten? Melody? There should be no struggle at all. It’s just not normal in our society however your job is 2006 © TrueLoveOnDemand. the concepts seem so natural because of all the shifts I made in my “Thoughts.SOUL DESIRES. SOUL DREAMS. Wouldn’t that be a good description. Louise Hay says it’s just a thought or feeling or pattern and any of these things can be changed. SOUL WISHES I had both of these in my life so once I recognized these patterns I stopped them. It’s like gentle waves lapping up on a shore of a placid lake. Back in the late 1980s and early 1990s. So whether it’s relationships or other areas like making money if will if we are on path be effortless. you meet people really easily. It should be enjoyable at every level.” These patterns and struggles can happen in any area of life at any age. the new approach. I met Melody very easily and it happened very easily. Today when I listen to her Prosperity Tape. no effort. the new reality. When you recognize and identify them you can change them no matter where you are in your All Rights Reserved 6 . for example. At that time I just started to get these concepts. and thoughts can be changed. and the way that we’ve been making money lately is the most effortless way I’ve ever made money. And one has to get used to that new way. That’s the norm. So it’s about your consciousness not your age or time of life.

distraction.SOUL DESIRES. pilot’s license. if you will. SOUL WISHES to make it normal for you. It gently whispers. Funny. It’s always in my mind. it doesn’t go away. It’s funny. a new endeavor: Parachuting. It constantly rings the doorbell. Something that you love and that loves you. tennis lessons. It’s something that’s always there. It’s like anything else. Every six weeks there would be a new big deal or a new toy. I just realized I am watching in the background as I am editing this Mike Holmes on HGTV. It’s not obsessively there. as I am editing the transcription of this MP3 that has made this writing. endeavor. it’s easy. eh? 2006 © TrueLoveOnDemand. how do you know you’re on track in the first place? How do you know something is right? Well. it’s continuous. if you’re jazzed about something and then in a few days it goes away. It’s a habit. every six weeks he would have something new he was jazzed about. a soul desire doesn’t go away. It’s the difference between a mature love versus an infatuation. That’s really how you know you’re on track. satisfying and All Rights Reserved 7 . My friend was funny. first of all. The question is. it all feels good. that’s your highest and best. and in exercise and the workouts I do. It was endless. a new sport. ham radio. In the real estate deals I’ve done. You just get used to it and then it becomes your new “subjective reality. who is a famous Renovator in Canada where I live. he was never satisfied. It doesn’t go away. SOUL DREAMS. I watched my friend. it’s just gently there. That has never gone away.” That’s it. I always loved renovating.

If it’s right for you. yeah. a different approach to material items or to a job or anything. SOUL WISHES That’s another thing. “We love that house. that’s not a soul desire. So. it won’t matter. it will move toward us. it’s an ego. If this doesn’t happen. We have to grab that house before someone else gets it. we love that house.” and as we move toward it. The Universal. So you’ll be enthused about something. ROBBY: That’s very nice. Nothing’s a big deal.” No. People can’t believe that excitement is not a soul-based feeling. we have to have that house. if something is obsessive. the house of our dreams will have no competition. If there are other people. no. It’s just like. That’s a pretty house.” That’s not a soul desire. eh? MELODY: Very nice. We’re excited. “ All Rights Reserved 8 . and it’s something that you always want. It’s solidly there for you and something that you enjoy. if it isn’t. Excitement is based on fear of loss. and that you have the power for. Oh. It doesn’t go away. or they won’t. No. By the way. synchronized doors will open. It’s just such a different way of looking at things.SOUL DESIRES. “Oh. we have to get that. we’re looking at houses while we’re doing this. SOUL DREAMS. cool. although it’s something that you want. no. it will be pushed away. this does not have anything to do with obsession or need or non-detachment. doors will open. No. yeah. want and desire.” and it will happen. I could get excited about that house and have to have it. “Oh. and struggle and see if anyone else is in competition. I’m excited. It should be. 2006 © TrueLoveOnDemand. something better will happen. We’re not going to be fighting.

that is very easy for me to understand. I knew that the Universe was preparing me for some of the online stuff that we do today. So that’s not what we’re talking about. study and do whatever you need to do. and it resonates. no. So it will take you in a step-by-step process. you will spend a lot of time with it. It feels right. what happens is that the Universe will draw in situations. I can just look 2006 © TrueLoveOnDemand. people.” no. I took a tech course. If there’s something you are interested in. It’s not that you’re lazy. there’s a certain vibration that I can now target quite easily. it means everything is enjoyable. events and resources that will take you to the level of power to be able to obtain it. That also will be done effortlessly. everything is easy. places. We’re talking about basically not having to force yourself. For example if I say to myself “I have to study and get my doctor’s license. something that you’re jazzed about. You’ll expand. I was enthused about it. When I was jazzed about getting online on the Internet. If you were on path you would have energy and enthusiasm. You will have to take action. I get close to it or look at it or see a picture of it. SOUL WISHES If you don’t have the power. SOUL DREAMS. Effortless doesn’t mean no effort at all. You might be off path. you’re enthused about. things. it’s not that you’re doing no effort at all when you are on path. I also know by resonant feel whether something’s an ego desire or a soul desire. I even took opportunities where I could actually go inside technical centers.SOUL DESIRES. It’s something that just All Rights Reserved 9 . medical license and I have to work hard. that feeling in my body when I know. no. I had spent hours on the computer learning and learning. There won’t be a big struggle.

ROBBY: This is a family tape.SOUL DESIRES. SOUL WISHES at something. We want to manifest our dreams into hard. I know it feels right. if it’s attracting your soul mate. If we’re on the fourth-dimensional or fifth-dimensional plane. And as I said. an unfolding. solid realities. very quickly the Universe will reinforce it. through all sorts of mediums that will draw your attention to obtaining these things and creating these things. Ultimately your soul desires are being transmitted to you internally through a resonant vibration system. Are you real? MELODY: Like how hard and firm I am. coincidence. chance events. like a piece of land or a property or a person or an opportunity or a situation. desires and wishes into reality. Our job is to have our full expression of who we are. 2006 © TrueLoveOnDemand. that’s the beauty of the thirddimensional plane. Within that plane or that landscape. It’s a concrete subjective reality. we are to use the creative process and manifest our dreams. Here it’s hard. and our many infinite possibilities within our three-dimensional reality. You get synchronicity. if it’s a material thing. and externally through unfolding and synchronicity. create all our dreams. our job in life is to love – that’s the game behind the game – and to appreciate the duality. and the reality in this duality. SOUL DREAMS. Yet they are normal in the sense that they are through normal human channels of commerce. Things happen greater than chance. or socially. communications. very. We want our mate to be real – just knocking on Melody here. solid reality. And then once you get the feeling. Things happen that sometimes aren’t normal in the normal course of events. those are energy All Rights Reserved 10 .

don’t you? But yes. And. ROBBY: How do you? Tell the folks at home how you do that. about what the ideal mate would be. SOUL WISHES MELODY: I’m hollow. MELODY: Oh. There’s so many things that you do. oh. Melody. right? There are so many things that you do that I envisioned in my heart’s desire. You have what you want now? MELODY: Mm-hmm. ROBBY: And I’m real. yes. totally adore me. with a woman this is how things should be. ROBBY: You’re hollow. I’ve talked to you about this. you do adore me? MELODY: Yes. Robby All Rights Reserved 11 . who is sitting right here with me now as I record this tape. But no. And you do all those things that I had secretly thought about and secretly had little vignettes or little videos or little movies about in my head. ROBBY: So you were a reality before we got together. And you totally adore me. right? MELODY: Right. you’re real. is all those things. she does these all these things I envisioned. But I wanted the essence of you. SOUL DREAMS. I always wished that my mate would be totally into me. ROBBY: You love me. 2006 © TrueLoveOnDemand.SOUL DESIRES. You know. right? MELODY: Mm-hmm. I had little vignettes. My little Stepford Wife. And. little visions of. ROBBY: The man of your dreams.

And we have peace of mind. ROBBY: Little shoulder. I always feel important. I always feel wanted. yeah. We do what we want when we want. how good looking I am. So that’s our job to create that type of relationship in our life. but I feel like a very 2006 © TrueLoveOnDemand. how she grabs my little – MELODY: Shoulder. da-da-da. whatever. right? MELODY: Mm-hmm. She tells me how smart I am. make money. So we’re covered. you don’t want to go into business anymore. Well. And the same with the lifestyle we have. especially when I got burned out. Whatever that “Relationship Dream” is for you. When you get sick and tired. The work we do is totally effortless. Melody’s and mine are just an example. SOUL WISHES MELODY: He’s a genius. that’s kind of our All Rights Reserved 12 . we have prosperity and total health. you get tired. and always wish that you could have everything you want. We sit there and don’t do much in a day. It’s what we want. make money and not do much. So yeah. whatever. And you always make a big deal when I come to the door or I phone you. but I can say almost way beyond. ROBBY: And when we’re in bed you always cuddle. You have trouble studying at school. we have mission and purpose. always want to cuddle me. ROBBY: She always tells me I’m a genius. And I always feel loved. I’m fairly up there in age.SOUL DESIRES. It’s great. SOUL DREAMS. So I never could imagine that that’s what I wanted. and especially if you have anxiety and stress and stuff like that. it’s everything that was in my imagination. have fun. Our Relationship.

it’s easy. Unless you have some sort of genetic malady that you were born into this world with. and I don’t feel like a 55-year-old man. but I couldn’t imagine. it’s effortless. SOUL WISHES young guy. it’s enthusiasm. ROBBY: I’m just stroking myself here now. It’s peace versus turmoil. I’m really that age. So that’s what your soul wants. that you’re in pain or suffering. When something is soul based. ROBBY: I didn’t forge it. Your soul doesn’t want a body that you’re burning out and that you’re forcing. body and spirit is totally into it. that you’re struggling with every day. No. and I’m not stressed. and when you’re on the path and in synchronicity. Here’s the formula. like your mind. At 32 I was dying. and it’s just great. forcing yourself. I feel young and alive. My sugar levels were all over the map. It’s energizing. when you’re in flow. When something’s wrong. Pulling in compliments. I had trouble focusing. it’s fun. I’ve got the body and energy of a very young guy. it’s like quicksand. yeah. but you’ve said that many times. I’m not here to brag. In my 30s I felt like a very old man. Would you agree with that? MELODY: Oh. 2006 © TrueLoveOnDemand. I’m very young. SOUL DREAMS. It’s energizing versus deenergizing. I always had a headache and always felt really bad. MELODY: Sometimes I think you forged your birth certificate. Now I feel like a million All Rights Reserved 13 . that’s terrible.SOUL DESIRES. You know you’re way off track. it’s light. you should not be in any pain. so of course you’re going to be healthy and do all the right nutrition and stuff. better. I have the mind-set and body of a 20-year-old. it’s comfort versus discomfort. You should be in comfort. plotting.

Now that house looks great. and they should be jazzed and be coming to you. and okay. a product or a service or something. It’s not about that. your marketing should strike a chord in people. you’re doing the wrong thing. Now. I was excited about that. No. trying to hustle. until you get clear on this material and you get out of there. What a way to live. The ones who are right for it will be your people. whatever. Sorry. That’s the way it is. because it turned out to be sold. I don’t think it’s available. maybe you have to stay there for a few days. Now. people will gravitate to it. You can’t be inauthentic. You can’t be lying. cheating. to struggle. to have to do something. Look at that back end overlooking the lake. But see. Even in marketing. bullshitting people. you’re doing the “should” or “have to” or “must. It’s not forcing the sales and forcing the marketing. SOUL DREAMS.” “I have to do this. You need to work at the creative plane. a salesman pitching it. some of you may be there. manipulate.SOUL DESIRES. is it the highest and best? No. That’s just BS. You can’t be inauthentic. a few weeks. and the ones who aren’t won’t show up. but you’ve got to get out of that kind of thing. 2006 © TrueLoveOnDemand. it’s gone. you’re in the wrong game. to have to do something to survive.” I was talking to this guy who was promoting a program. That’s cool. SOUL WISHES If it’s not. It’s just competitive adversarial stuff. You have to do what you have to do. If you have to manipulate and hustle. and when you create something on the creative All Rights Reserved 14 . He was just saying the lines. you’re off path. and I could tell he wasn’t in authenticity.

When you violate Universal Principles. it sort of feels effortless. even a few hours. you’ll see in a few days. ROBBY: So. if you manifest with greed. a few weeks. Enthusiasm is different. so you always take it for granted sometimes. or sold. inappropriate motivators. Now. that was an example of excitement. that’s owned by somebody else. fear. It’s a very gentle feeling. you’re going to get some boom-backs. also if you struggle and you bring something in. or manifest something and it’s not right for you. for example. or a few months. yeah. they don’t feel like a big deal. It will be taken out. You have something to say? MELODY: I was attracted to that kind of house and lot. you will get boom-backs that are caused from some negative All Rights Reserved 15 . So what we’re doing now is we’re sort of getting a feel for things. Do you like that? MELODY: Mm-hmm. So your soul desires are actually so natural. Now. or you’re fighting violently or going after a person who’s married or 2006 © TrueLoveOnDemand. And when you achieve it. SOUL WISHES See. and if you put negative seeds in there. like trying to go after a house. because we’re playing around with the Universal Laws. Also. because that’s when things get taken out of your life. but you shouldn’t take it for granted. That’s why we always put warnings on any of our manifestation-type material. it’s about attraction and resonant vibration. That wasn’t soul based. lust. SOUL DREAMS. That was ego. this looks nice.SOUL DESIRES. ROBBY: Yeah.

Well. Now. eh? So as a society we’re not used to that. or my own standard of hitting that target. So as we’ve said in the power of thinking small. SOUL DREAMS. like holding on to the All Rights Reserved 16 . as we go in for that. Before. or some person to do what they said they would do. and you have a good intention. if you innocently have a desire and it turns out not to be right. We’re just not used to doing that as a species. So a series of events would happen. instantly I feel the pull. as a society. that is in direct violation with Universal Law. Now. That’s nice.” You remember how I used to do that. such as a house – you know that house on the corner. less is more in these kinds of situations. I would try to control and fight back to maintain. tried to force some place or thing. in that three to five-year period. SOUL WISHES unavailable in some way. when I was in both paradigms. the Universe would synchronize us away from that. right? Let’s say we shot for that house. the Universe will come in and gently guide you away. and we would be guided to something different. I paid dearly for violating spiritual laws. it’s good to start with small things and get a feel. whatever. I learned my lesson when I was doing some 2006 © TrueLoveOnDemand. That’s why if you’re in the flow. “No. I’ll step back and let it flow. and if it wasn’t our highest and best. Let’s say you’re shooting for a target. we’re being taken off that. We got to go back on track. so much it almost killed me. and you’re trying to force them. things will be right. Most of the manifesting of soul desires is sitting back and doing nothing.SOUL DESIRES. So you need to be very careful about that because you will get consequences on that. In fact.

when you’re driving. when you wake up in the morning.SOUL DESIRES. 2006 © TrueLoveOnDemand. I woke up this morning and was told to do something on that renovation and I did it. it was far better than what we were trying to do. when you’re drifting off to sleep. Love is eternal. You always love your soul dreams and desires. when you’re All Rights Reserved 17 . you get this through dreams. and I can feel it. I manifested them before I had Melody. but they’re still resonant. but actually I woke up – and that’s another thing. The house is only a few blocks from where Melody and I are now. SOUL DREAMS. and when I did it. So what we’re doing now is we’re manifesting our highest and best based on our level of consciousness and development at this moment in time. You know that they’re resonant. but I certainly do. I sort of fell in love with these doors and windows. a lot of times when you’re listening to music. and I drive by all the time. My ego mind was trying to force something else. SOUL WISHES renovations. and you will have different sorts of dreams and desires at different times in your life and at different levels of consciousness. Like today on this renovation. You may see something on TV or see something in a movie or read something or see something on the Internet that will spark you. and when you fall in love with something. but I still love them. And there’s a resonant signature vibration to that. I don’t know if you have a resonance for those doors. in the shower. So that’s an example. I’ll throw a bunch of choices out and we will be guided. I was guided. to this day – it’s almost a decade since I put those doors and windows in this house – I can drive by and look and still love them. And if I can’t find it. not an infatuation but a true love.

I’m just going to go to this lot.” So that was sort of synchronistic. I’m not getting excitement and I’m not getting a resonant feeling.) The key is to follow your intuition and energy. yeah. we were coming back from a restaurant and were guided to go down this street. every time we drove by the street. We bought it a few weeks later. we were looking for our perfect house. but there’s even some leagues that are just a little bit out of our reach. she wanted to go see the house.” and bang. ROBBY: Yeah. And remember. “Oh. It all is in synchronicity and it is all sort of fun. I’m getting a very nothing feeling. there’s your answer. I don’t know. You may encounter someone or someone will come in and go. SOUL DREAMS. So we’re playing in the big leagues. (Note to readers: This is a transcription of a tape Melody and I made while driving around looking at houses. and we will give you the details as to what happened in another tape. they’re maybe not our highest and best. Let’s say the multi-million dollar houses we’re looking at now on the lake. SOUL WISHES “Oh. I was downloaded to it by my intuition and energy. Over the next few weeks. At the time. do you still get a resonant vibration? MELODY: No.SOUL DESIRES. This lot is on a lake. and that’s a non-issue then. I am not sure. blah-blah-blah. It’s a multi-million dollar house on the All Rights Reserved 18 . So that may be out of our league. I don’t know. So. It’s probably not your highest and best. so it’s a little bit out of our league financially. Actually what happened a few months later. Highest and best is not necessarily the ultimate house. yeah. Sometimes you’ll get a neutral or dead feeling. It was all quite synchronistic what happened from there. and you’re guided to the right person. just be clear on the concept of highest and best. 2006 © TrueLoveOnDemand. Melody followed her intuition and when we looked at the home inside. place or thing and the resource or the information to evolve your consciousness so that you get to that place. and Melody noticed this home.

SOUL DREAMS. I know – I should listen to my own tape here. I mean. I’ve had to overcome having it so easy when others around don’t. It’s at the million dollar level. you might feel it’s wrong or unfair. I’ve had to overcome not working hard. because of my Ukrainian background. And our step isn’t at the multi-million dollar level. when you allow the effortlessness. So your consciousness increases when you eliminate the guilt. I hope that you understand what I’m saying. We have nice things. even for me.” 2006 © TrueLoveOnDemand. it’s very real. SOUL WISHES based on our level of consciousness. I’ve had to evolve All Rights Reserved 19 . I’ve been going up step by step. I was almost crying when I heard of people struggling at work and struggling in a call centre or something. That’s why I say. at the level I am. Frankly. And I had to work to get there. You don’t want to go further because you’re pretty far already.SOUL DESIRES. you know. So you feel guilty. So these are real things that we have to encounter. As I said on one of my tapes. my ultimate highest and best. and at some level if you have a certain background. when it’s just so easy for us. We don’t have to get up and go to work. I’m just a little cheap. I still could go up a few levels. If you listen to the Power of Thinking Small tape. But it’s my guilt and consciousness. You have to allow people working very hard. when you are okay with the duality. and I’m sharing them with you. You have to allow the duality. my consciousness can’t handle it right now. and things that I have overcome and. I know because of this information that I can have anything. and that guilt sort of shuts you down. I’m sure. There’s guilt. when you are okay with “easier is better.

There was another. I didn’t want to take the wall down. you can put that in. I just followed my Intuition and All Rights Reserved 20 . you’ll see a monkey wrench will be in the works. We didn’t have to go through the tile thing.000 worth of work just effortlessly. I was going to get a new cabinet. They’ve got systems. right. I’ve seen people in the real estate game make millions of dollars effortlessly. but I was blocked. and I was blocked. SOUL DREAMS. I totally saved $10. If you try to force an ego desire. A good example of that is in our renovation. But there’s another example. because I drew up an initial plan and my ego wants to follow it. It’s a planner. SOUL WISHES I see people on the Internet – and that’s just one vehicle and I’m not saying everyone should go on the Internet. And that’s what your ego is good at. The tile. They’re not working any harder in a day. the drawers in the thing. So when you have the right system and you have the right desire. it’s a 2006 © TrueLoveOnDemand. Those are examples. I see people on the Internet making millions and millions and millions of dollars. Because we’ve tried to do that. I’ve seen people in the entertainment industry making millions and millions of dollars. ah. What was I blocked on that just happened? Oh. Look at the actors and actresses making $20 million a movie doing what they love.SOUL DESIRES. I was definitely blocked on the opening. effortlessly. effortlessly. But my ego was all hepped up. You’re as good as your system. Then the solution came effortlessly. and so I didn’t have to take the cabinets out. also. even if you have a good system. That was it. where I’ve had an ego desire and put it in the system.

stuff that I didn’t envision All Rights Reserved 21 . I got a download and. the hood vent. That was not in my plan. that’s when you meet the right person. You’ve heard the saying. boom. Maybe the renovation example isn’t working for you. I was focused on doing 2006 © TrueLoveOnDemand. and an electrician associated with one of our counselors came in and redid the whole thing. or your ego thinks that you should go to the bar because that’s where the girls are or the guys are. I saved hundreds and hundreds of dollars and hours of work on that piece of the project. we didn’t have to do.SOUL DESIRES. but then you get a strong feeling to go to Wal-Mart of Safeway. And if you look at my renovation plan for the property that we’re in now so that we can sell it for the most that we can. It’s got this plan. That was something that synchronized. And then some stuff in my plan. Maybe you’re more into your soul mate thing. It’s just so true. you meet the man or woman of your dreams. making it highest and best for the Universe. electrical. fancy electrical stuff. Usually when you’re focused on your mission and loving yourself and loving the world. We had a synchronicity happen. there are changes in my plan. Now we have all new switches. SOUL DREAMS.” The Universe sort of laughs at that. like the bay window. everything beautiful and brand new. it’s a little architect – I call it my calculator. SOUL WISHES calculator. or just sitting out in your garden. shopping. you know. But the examples may be you are downloaded or guided to go to the bar that night. I didn’t even have that in my plan. and while you’re doing that. “The plans of mice and men. it didn’t cost us anything.

ROBBY: And I guess you were doing that on purpose. the new man? Oh. remember the time I saw you in the hall? MELODY: Mm-hmm. and Melody just walked in the hall that day. That was it. So it happens when you’re focused on other things a lot of time. See. well. you know. SOUL WISHES my job. Caught my attention. weren’t you? MELODY: No. MELODY: I had a special event to do. MELODY: Mm-hmm. and then I saw this young pretty thing come in. 2006 © TrueLoveOnDemand. or we’ll see something. caught my eye. we’ll get a phone call out of the blue. ROBBY: You had a special event? MELODY: Yes. not looking around. ROBBY: No? You were just doing your thing? MELODY: All Rights Reserved 22 . so you weren’t even thinking about me. ROBBY: So I was not thinking about hitting up some chick or anything like that. ROBBY: Oh. ROBBY: Focused on your studies.SOUL DESIRES. or we’ll just get a download. SOUL DREAMS. PYT. pretty young thing. Probably when I’m not focused on real estate. ROBBY: Do you remember that? MELODY: Mm-hmm. there you go.

right? Other people may not have the same sort of subject realities. Through your examples. SOUL WISHES What we’re teaching you is to have a relationship with your subconscious mind and your feelings in your body. And as she evolves. as you gain more health and more peace of mind and more purpose and more great relationships and more prosperity. we’re trying to avoid it. It’s quite different. And yes. They’ll see your successes. then she’ll have a better life. Literally the Universe warps around us when we’re manifesting things. they’ll evolve. It’s going to be negative. not the mind. You see people and friends and relatives will have a certain level of consciousness.SOUL DESIRES. not emotions. Are you familiar with that 100 monkey thing? MELODY: Mm-hmm. SOUL DREAMS. and they’ll try to model that or just feel the energy. so the Universe will talk to you through synchronicity. It’s through feelings. And our subjective reality is wonderful. Everyone is an evolving consciousness. Feelings. and their life will reflect that. 2006 © TrueLoveOnDemand. You can read the patterns. And here we’re supposed to have a relationship with the Universe. That’s the duality. you can see the events shaping around you. It’s very enthusiastic. It’s so neat to see. I mean. it’s through the body. unfolding events. people around us are complaining or whining or having a negative life. that the Universe channels to you. really. And that’s sort of the hundredth monkey concept of the increase of consciousness in the planet. Melody was getting a phone call from her All Rights Reserved 23 . And you have to be okay with that. ROBBY: And so as you evolve.

then you can do the bounce-back and you get back a vision. they’re empty. reading our courses and stuff like that. I’ve seen people evolve spontaneously. so no. Once you get clear – and we’ve talked about that in the other tapes – about the visions versus visualizations. and it’s logical and ego and planning and struggle. it’s a lot of hard work. efforting and efforting. and once you create some choices or create a competent visualization. and they haven’t had the struggles or do the work that I had to do or maybe some of you at home are doing. from your higher self. And it’s effortless. that sort of 2006 © TrueLoveOnDemand. you’ll be hit like “Eureka. It’s a neat scenario. It’s a little baby bunny. making it happen. the ego desires are struggle. whichever you want to say. they’re hollow when you get them. We love little animals. Oh. SOUL DREAMS.SOUL DESIRES.” It’s just bang. there’s a little All Rights Reserved 24 . A lot of times there’s struggle. SOUL WISHES then your friends and relatives will sort of catch the wave. a channel from the Universe. from your subconscious mind. A lot of times you have high excitement. We’re kind of goofy that way. Our whole mission on this planet is to access the grid here and create a heaven on Earth. download. a neat adventure. Ego desires? No. You’ll see the synchronicity and unfolding of a soul desire. they’re unfulfilling. But it’s just part of the evolution. Note to readers of this transcription While we were recording this in the car we just had parked and say a little bunny come out from underneath the fence and Melody gets very enthused when she see little critters. Just to review. They’ll get on that and start on their own personal journey. It’s a neat endeavor. Or sometimes you’ll just be sitting there and bang.

com All Rights Reserved 25 . you’ll get a feeling back. You know if it’s a struggle it’s not right. our writing. is this an ego desire? And you can always ask that question. you’re off your channel. Eventually I had to get out of there or they were going to fire me. SOUL WISHES leads you to. is that right? MELODY: Mm-hmm. and that’s coming true as we speak. see what happens. right? In fact. like kaboom. and my ego thought I’m right for it. I’ve always thought about doing a radio show. my God. SOUL DREAMS.SOUL DESIRES. and with this tape. and there were some I’ve gone into where I was just struggling and struggling. you’re off your muse. I did nothing to pursue that radio show. I tried to get away from it at times. it will bring this concept into consciousness. “Is this an ego desire?” And you’ll get an answer back. I was in this one job. if you have any questions. and it just kept coming at me. and actually we’re doing a radio show. If you’re a writer and you’re struggling. And. Melody. 2006 © TrueLoveOnDemand. that’s come to us effortlessly. I’ve done various jobs in my life. it’s practice. “Oh. Start small. write us. But again. I’ve got the talent for it. and any of our real estate endeavors or our renovation endeavors. And the same with anything we’ve done online.” Many of these visions or vignettes seem too good to be true and beyond. you’re off your download. I never thought I would do that. You’ll be more vigilant and sort of questioning. but I was just struggling. Anyway. I always had vignettes about it. You’ll get clear after you focus your mind. ROBBY: You noticed that. right? It should be effortless in your job.

It’s quantum science. expansive. your yang. Some of these concepts we’re talking about are so foreign. It’s not that big of a deal. SOUL WISHES If something feels warm and good in your gut. If you have any questions. if it’s peaceful and you’ll know you’re channeling. you’ll have sensory acuity you’re in a relationship with the Universe. and you’re ego’s out of the way. SOUL DREAMS. And yes. you’ll know you’re in synchronicity. the real work has an underpinning of the Universal Laws and Principles. you’re getting and also at support@trueloveondemand. Everything that we do. because sometimes people have to shift over five or six or seven paradigms just to get the game. This is how we’re naturally supposed to live. But they’re true. and it’s unfolding.SOUL DESIRES. It’s just unproven science. you’re getting feedback. it’s soft. you may think it’s all mystical and spiritual and metaphysical. it’s energizing. You need to read some of these things and listen to them many times until you get the concepts. the fear-based animal part of 2006 © All Rights Reserved 26 . just e-mail us at the Centre at relationshipcentre@shaw. or at our other e-mail addresses that you may have if you’re in our inner circle or you’ve ordered this program. you’ll know you’re on the right path. Because of our society. you’ll know you’re in flow. just to get the concepts. your yin is in charge. It’s really not a big deal. we only teach what we do and what works in the real world. your mind and body and feelings are all working together to do that. your actions and your ego-calculator mind are working as servants for the end desire and the soul desire. And Universal Laws and Principles. in your body. and a lot of them aren’t believable because they’re so different. in your being. that’s all it is.

and create the life and dreams of your heart’s desire. be the best you can be. SOUL WISHES us has integrated that thing. Let us know. we can make any subjective reality. getting out of struggle. et cetera. turn all your dreams into reality. But it doesn’t have to be like that. and there are now pockets of people living effortlessly. violence. evolve your consciousness. poverty. SOUL DREAMS. and it’s getting more and more. this third-dimensional reality. highest dreams and highest desires. and that’s what we’ve done in our world. getting out of All Rights Reserved 27 . So. 2006 © TrueLoveOnDemand. struggle.SOUL rising in consciousness and manifesting their highest and best dreams and desires of their souls. highest wishes. and evolving in the creative plane. Bye for now. Send us in your successes and let us know how you’re doing. So we can make a reality or a subjective reality or an objective social reality of pain. on mission and in prosperity. Robby If you want to attract your Highest and Best Soulmate effortlessly check out our True Love on Demand Program at www. and living in the unconditional love paradigm. More and more people are learning this stuff and living this way. and on this sandbox.trueloveondemand. fear. Dr.