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Local knowledge, global reach Get access to the rapid growth in emerging markets with HSBC Global Markets.

As a global investor, you'll take advantage of HSBC's local knowledge in 60 countries, balanced by our understanding of global economics. Use HSBC's Global Markets expertise to invest in the four principal asset classes foreign exchange, rates, credit and equities.

Capital markets
Raise capital in local or international debt securities markets with support from HSBC. With our significant presence in capital markets, we can help you determine the right investment solutions for your capital requirements. Debt capital markets Connect to a global network of institutional investors who can provide you access to debt capital markets. Our services include:

Benchmark transactions across multiple asset classes Private placements/medium-term note programmes Structured finance and asset-backed securities Islamic financing Liability management and other financing solutions Corporate liability solutions and hedging strategies

Equity capital markets With structuring expertise, wide geographical reach and strong balance sheet, HSBC's Equity Capital Markets team can provide you with tailored products and services, including:

Initial public offerings Secondary offerings Private block trades/accelerated placements Convertible bonds issues Share buy-back programmes

Credit Invest in fixed and floating bonds offered by sovereigns, supranational institutions, agencies, financial institutions and corporates in various currencies. Benefit from our strong financing services, sales and trading platform, and our asset and liability management capabilities.

Support from an established market maker Invest in fixed and floating bonds offered by sovereigns, supranational institutions, agencies, financial institutions and corporates in various currencies. Benefit from our strong financing, sales and trading platform and our asset and liability management capabilities. Get financing assistance for structured debt capital markets for project- and asset-based finance. Plus, manage your risk through our advisory services. Managing your trading deals will surely become easier with our skills as a long-established market maker and underwriter in the international bond markets. Achieve liquidity in a wide range of securities and currencies with us, and have the ability to create deals in all 15 active Asian domestic local currency debt markets, as well as Asian credits denominated in G7 currencies. In the UK, access the complete gilt product coverage, which extends from the conventional wholesale market activities to STRIPS and index-linked trading, and the retail odd-lot market. Trade in bond option and repo markets. Access euro-denominated, liquid fixed-income products through HSBC France, which is the Group's trading platform. Track the total return performance of liquid bonds through the HSBC Asian Local Bond Index (ALBI), which is available in local currencies in China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand. Meanwhile, you can track the total-return performance of a nonJapan Asian bond portfolio consisting of USD-denominated, fixed-rate, straight bonds satisfying a set of simple issue size and liquidity criteria through the HSBC Asian US Dollar Bond Index (ADBI). Track the performance of portfolios comprising global sukuk, Middle Eastern bonds and AED-denominated issues with the HSBC/Nasdaq Dubai family of indices. This is made possible by our collaboration with Nasdaq Dubai. Utilise benchmarks provided by our daily bid price at Middle East close. Enjoy the convenience of 24-hour trading and sales coverage via our dealing rooms in Hong Kong, London and New York, and a global network of offices. Rates Execute seamless transactions with your global interest rates partner. HSBC Rates brings together expertise from sales, trading, structuring and distribution with world-class research in over 50 countries through nearly 800 fixed income specialists around the world.

Get access to global liquidity Transact seamlessly with your global interest rates partner. HSBC Rates brings together expertise from sales, trading, structuring and distribution with world-class research in over 50 countries through nearly 800 fixed income specialists around the world. The HSBC Rates franchise provides debt issuance and advice, financing, innovative risk management and investment solutions by providing access to a broad selection of vanilla and structured products. These are available in over 50 countries through nearly 800 fixed income specialists around the world. HSBC Rates brings together expertise from sales, trading, structuring and distribution with world-class HSBC research. We provide you with unparalleled product knowledge and access to our global liquidity, enabling us to showcase our strengths particularly in sterling, Hong Kong dollar, US dollar and euro markets. Our expert sales teams are broadly split into investor and corporate specialists. HSBC Rates service our central bank, corporate, hedge fund and financial institutional clients by offering valued opinions, trading ideas and strategies. Our global offices, including Dubai, Sao Paulo and Sydney, coupled with our hub dealing rooms in London, Paris, New York and Hong Kong allow HSBC Rates to have unique, global cross-border connectivity. HSBC Rates links up for 24-hour sales and trading coverage, allowing us to take advantage of opportunities and to fulfil our clients needs through our full spectrum of products:

Index-linked and global government bonds Sovereign, agency and supranational bonds Covered bonds Repos Inflation swaps Interest rates swaps, options and forward rate agreements Exotic interest rate products, eg quantos Sovereign CDS


Meet your equity requirements from execution and sector trading to the more complex risk portfolio trading and equity structuring with help from our global sales, trading, structuring and financing experts. Get support for your cash equity trading, sales and distribution, structured equity and equity financing needs with our new global equity trading platform. For issuers, our specialist sales distribution network will complement your capital-raising activities. Benefit from our strong franchise and market position in equity capital markets across both the developed and emerging economies. Cash equities Take advantage of our global connections and strong research. HSBC's cash equities franchise operates from three primary trading hubs in London, New York and Hong Kong, plus emerging markets hubs in So Paulo and Dubai as well as a further 20 equity market dealing teams globally. In total, more than 600 sales, trading and research personnel located around the world fulfil the needs of the world's most sophisticated investors. Through our network of 25 sales and trading locations, we offer access to over 120 cash equities markets, including direct access to most emerging and frontier markets. HSBC's presence in Europe, the Middle East and AsiaPacific enables us to give you first-class access to equities in these geographies. As well as access to approximately 50,000 stocks through exchanges, we are well capitalised and hold a large inventory of stocks, enabling us to offer a consistent risk trading service to clients. We have extensive trading capabilities in:

All local European and US indices, all Dow Jones, FTSE and sector indices All major Asian indices and strong single stock market coverage All major Eastern European indices All major emerging market indices, MSCI indices and HSBC Middle East indices 55 emerging countries' ADRs and GDRs commonly traded on vanilla and exotic HSBC offers best execution in 105 developed and emerging equity markets

Delta One and Equity Finance We offer a comprehensive range of Delta One products on a wide variety of stocks and indices to provide market access. Our emerging markets trading capabilities offer access to key markets across the Middle East and Africa, Latin America and Asia (including China and India). We have over 20 currencies available for OTC and notes trading, and have a large inventory available. A broad range of products is offered, including swaps, contract for difference (CFDs), LEPOs, sector-linked products, listed and OTC dividend products, and market-making on futures and ETFs. HSBC is an emerging markets secured financing specialist. Equity finance helps clients with long and short market access, treasury management, inventory optimisation, alpha generation and collateralised financing. We offer one of the strongest balance sheets in the industry, global coverage and competitive financing rates. Equity financing on a variety of underlyings, currencies, tenors and wrappers. The extensive product suite of our Delta One and Equity Finance business is integrated into our Prime Services platform, which provides consolidated reporting, portfolio margining, and a dedicated client services representative. Equity derivatives We provide a full suite of equity derivative products for clients ranging from institutions and corporations to hedge funds and central banks, via 200 sales and trading professionals working out of 9 hubs. Get products ranging from vanilla to more complex solutions, including OTC and listed options strategies, and a range of variance-linked solutions. We have a leading structured products platform. Get futures trading across all time zones, and 24-hour desks in Hong Kong and Chicago. Our convertible bond sales and trading desk offers consistent capital commitment for clients in the secondary market. Our team is focused on providing liquidity to clients rather than proprietary trading. We offer execution on 100 per cent of the convertible bonds in Europe and Asia exJapan. Equity prime services Access a new kind of prime brokerage, more robust and transparent, that's built on our proven custody platform and backed by HSBC's capital strength. Our custom services include:

Flexible financing solutions Equity financing/securities lending Cross-asset class margining Dedicated client services

Our multi-asset approach will allow us to support strategies across equities, futures and options, foreign exchange and fixed-income. show less Foreign exchange Trade foreign exchange 24 hours a day in over 60 countries and territories, and receive competitive quotes in all tradable currencies. Access up-to-date market intelligence, advice and timely execution of deals throughout the trading day via our expert Corporate and Institutional Sales and Trading teams. Take advantage of our unique position as a leading player in emerging markets. Our increasing market participation, product coverage, diversity and development expertise give you the advantage you need. You'll also benefit from our advanced technology, which offers a secure trading platform. Learn more about our FX services. show less Futures and options Benefit from our full range of execution and clearing services. Get comprehensive global clearing services and operations support from our multi-product customer service centres. Connect with markets worldwide and get efficient front-to-back execution, with consistent performance and service. Our one-to-one customer and account services include:

Query management Agreement and settlement of margin calls Assignment of options Round-the-clock support for our e-trade and clearing platforms

Get more information about our futures and options services. show less

FX prime services Access a best-of-breed FX prime services offering from HSBC, including market liquidity in cash and options products, optimal capital management and operational efficiencies. We customise flexible solutions that work for you as your business continues to evolve. Money markets Get access to global money markets in all major currencies through HSBC. We take large volumes of institutional deposits and manage HSBC Group's retail bank clearing operations. Money market services Cash loans and deposits Short-dated government and high-quality debt instruments Certificates of deposit/eligible bills Commercial paper Repo/Reverse and sterling overnight interbank average show less Structured products Optimise your returns and minimise investment risks with our global team of structured products professionals. Capitalise on our in-depth knowledge of relevant market conditions. HSBC Global Markets is a powerhouse in retail structured products. We have specialists in all the main asset classes on hand to help you hedge or diversify market exposure, access international markets, customise investment returns and manage credit risks. Derivatives capabilities Services integrated across the main asset classes include:

Equities (single stocks and indices) Foreign exchange Fixed income; commodities (metals) Interest rates Credit Alternative investments (hedge funds) HSBC optimised indices Fund-linked products

See our structured products page for more details.