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GED Teacher

United Way Launches Campaign
more than 170 agencies in the St. Louis area. The annual campaign drive began in 1922 and in 1980, Employment Connection was accepted as a full member of the United Way Family.
A message from the CEO, Brenda Mahr

paign, as they truly do make a difference for all of us in this region. With funds raised from the campaign, the United Way is able to invest more than $1 million each week locally to help one in three people (that’s more than one million people) each year. If someone you know needs help, contact United Way by dialing 2-1-1 or 1-800427-4626 for information. To find out more about the United Way of Greater St. Louis or to help, go online at :

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NAACP Recognition

Youth Grant

The United Way of Greater St. Louis is seeking to raise $72 million through its annual fundraising. We encourage all our readers to join us in donating generously to this year’s campaign. The United Way supports

The importance of our partnership with United Way is immeasurable. Being a part of this prestigious network gives us the opportunity to reach out and help our clients to secure employment and develop viable career goals leading to the selfsufficiency of the entire family. We’re proud to be able to support United Way cam-

Golf Classic

Better Outcomes

Employment Assistance

Calendar of Events

“Connecting for Better Outcomes”
David Kessel, Chief Operating Officer
This emerging best practice combines EC’s experience and SLU’s knowledge of current evidence based mental health interventions. EC’s Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Stephen Zegel, is the first line of contact for clients. Stephen assesses and diagnoses clients for needs and refers them to appropriate services either at Employment Connection or off-site. Stephen and supervisor Steve Hoven are supported by Doctoral Clinical Psychology students with a Master’s degree (“CREW Counselors”) who provide services under the supervision of Dr. Phyllis Freedman, licensed clinical psychologist on faculty at Saint Louis University. This project successfully assists St. Louis city adults with behavioral health disorders enabling them to achieve sustained employment using a cognitive behavioral approach empha-

sizing solution focused tactics. Over the three years of our current grant, our overall goal is that 225 individuals with behavioral health disorders will achieve and retain employment for at least 90 days. Through July 2012, Back to Health, Back to Work has exceeded job readiness, counseling and job placement. Currently, 220 adults (Cont. Page 3)

Special Points Of Interest
 United Way Launches campaign  Recruitment of Youth and Immigrants

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The Employment Advocate

Welcome Andrea Bauers—GED Teacher
Andrea Bauers is the new GED teacher for the class at Employment Connection. Ms. Bauers has been teaching GED classes for Saint Louis Public Schools since July 2008. She is enthusiastic about teaching in an environment where students can achieve their educational and career goals. Andrea is looking forward to a school year that will be productive. Students passing the GED test and being employed are one of the focal points. Old and new students are invited to attend the Employment Connection GED class. The hours for the GED class are Monday through Thursday, 1pm to 4pm. The next GED orientation is Monday, October 15, 2012. Students must attend the three day orientation from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm and complete 12 hours prior to being enrolled in class. Do you need your GED? Please attend the next orientation at Employment Connection, located at 2838 Market Street St. Louis, MO 63103. The telephone number is (314) 333-5627. There is one orientation each month.

Employment Connection GED orientation classes schedule
Mon. Oct. 15, 2012 @ 1pm Mon. Nov. 12, 2012 @ 1pm

NAACP Inspiring St. Louisans Honorees

The St. Louis City NAACP recognized ten Inspiring St. Louisians, including CEO Brenda Mahr, at the Annual Freedom Fund Dinner on Friday, June 15, 2012 at the Renaissance Grand Hotel in downtown St. Louis. Inspiring St. Louisans represent individuals whose ideas, talents, power, and ability to change people’s lives has helped to shape and transform the St. Louis region. Honorees are nominated by the general public and a panel of distinguished community leaders review nominations and select the honorees. Receiving the Margaret Bush Wilson Lifetime Achievement Award was Bob Love. The Frankie M. Freeman/Norman R Seay Commitment to St. Louis Award was presented to Arnold W. Donald, Hattie R. Jackson and Dr. Mark S. Wrighton.

Brenda Mahr, MWDP and Pastors Jami & Jeff Allensworth, Michael Holmes, Sr., Joseph Hubbard, Honorable Samuel Moore, Ollie Stewart, Halbert Sullivan, MSW, Dr. Elizabeth J. Stroble, Coach Lawrence E. Walls and Martha J. West.

WIA Youth Grant
UrbanFORCE is the youth services department of SLATE Missouri Career Center and administered by the St. Louis Agency on Training and Employment (SLATE). “Urban” represents the City of St. Louis. “FORCE” signifies “Furthering Our Reach Changes Everyone; Inspire, Encourage, Unite.” “Building Our Future” Employment Connection has partnered with SLATE to prepare city youth ages 1621 for employment and/or post secondary education The Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Youth Grant provides, tutoring, summer jobs, occupational skills, training, leadership development, adult mentoring, counseling, GED preparation, work experience and employment/ post secondary education. To learn more about the WIA Youth program, please contact Michael McCoy at (314)333-5685 or Veronica Travis at (314) 333-564. *Participation is subject to eligibility requirements.

Summer/Fall 2012

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Booker Ford Golf Classic
Tee Masters Gateway Golf Association proudly kicked off the inaugural Booker Ford Invitational Golf Tournament July 14th and 15th at Norman Probstein Golf Course in Forest Park. The premier event celebrated the decorated sport of golf and honors St. Louis golf legend and humanitarian the late Booker Ford. Employment Connection was selected as the recipient of a donation from the sponsors to support homeless veterans. The funds will be used for case management, transportation and other supportive services for participating veterans. Over 100 Golfers participated in this inaugural event,

who along with Employment Connection, are looking forward to next year’s tournament.

Seated L-R: Tournament Chair, Charles Smith, Brenda Mahr, CEO, Employment Connection; and Tyrus Wellington, President, Tee Masters Golf Assn.

“Connecting for Better Outcomes” (continued from page 1)
have maintained employment for 90 days. In addition, the job retention rate of these individuals exceeds the rate of other clients. These 220 adults have benefited from St. Louis Mental Health Board funding. If collaborative mental health services were not available at EC on site, these clients would not have achieved employment success. Next quarter, please read about another collaboration which results in better outcomes because of the connections we made with other service providers.

“Back to Health, Back to Work has exceeded job readiness, counseling and job placement.”

Employment Assistance to Immigrants
Daughters of Charity Foundation funding provides employment and training services to adult immigrants at Employment Connection. If you are an immigrant or know an immigrant that is seeking employment or training assistance please contact Pat Brown at (314) 3335689 or by email at

Some of the services provided at no cost to immigrants include:

 Job readiness and financial literacy  Transportation assistance  Work related expenses assistance  Job Referrals  Clothes closet

Employment Connection Calendar Monday, October 8 Monday, November 12 Monday, November 19- 21 Thursday & Friday, November 22 & 23, To be announced CEO Staff Appreciation Day Veterans Day EC In-service Thanksgiving EC Advisory Council meeting closed closed closed closed

CEO Staff Appreciation Day is an event in which the CEO recognizes the work of staff. Staff spend time that day in teambuilding exercises, as well as time to relax and connect with each other. In service, the week of Thanksgiving allows the staff to review goals, review the strategic plan and for professional development of the staff.

2838 Market St., St. Louis, MO 63103 Phone: (314) 333-JOBS (5627) Fax: (314) 333-3627

Editorial Staff Co-Editors: Erick Abernathy Pat Brown Contributors: Brenda Mahr David Kessel Peggy McKinney Pat Brown Veronica Travis

Veronica Travis

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