Minister of the Interior VINKO GORENAK Minister of Health TOMAŽ GANTAR Minister of Justice and Public Administration SENKO PLIČANIČ Supreme Court At 15.18 on the 21st of September 2012, Božidar Radišić, an activist in the field of drug policy and an advocate of medical cannabis in Slovenia, was arrested at his home in Prekmurje and taken into custody due to the five cannabis plants and an unproven suspicion of the purpose of re-sale. He's been on a hunger strike ever since. Five cannabis plants were cultivated in his own garden for his own use and self-medication. Despite unfair treatment and irregularities in the process of law enforcement, he remains in custody up to this day, the official reason for it being the danger of recurrence of the crime of re-selling the drugs that were taken from him. Hunger striking in custody, Božidar Radišić demands fair treatment by the authorities of law enforcement, as well as the elimination of detention for possession of five cannabis plants. This is a common example of everyday practice of unfounded and unjust criminalization of cannabis users who use cannabis as a remedy in treatment of chronic diseases. This kind of penalization of cannabis users is routinely performed by Slovenian law enforcement as well as by the Slovenian courts. Cannabis is a plant that is already commonly used for medical purposes in several countries in European Union. In Slovenia, the use of cannabis for self-medication can result in being arrested (which is what happened to Božidar Radišić). Therefore, we demand rapid changes in legislation that will include the abolishment of criminalization of usage of cannabis for the medical purposes. We demand: • • • • • • immediate abolition of detention for the hunger striker Božidar Radišić immediate release of all other imprisoned users of cannabis for the medical purposes that were criminalized as dealers changes in legislation and amendment of the classification of cannabis in the first group of dangerous drugs the compliance with scientific knowledge by the competent bodies for health and welfare and consequent action in accordance with it the response and appropriate action of competent institutions in all cases of violation of the basic human rights and fundamental freedoms of cannabis users professional behaviour of law enforcement authorities, meaning performing their work without deliberate and unjust treatment of cannabis users and activists for the medical use of cannabis

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