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Direct To Travel/Registration Form

Direct To Travel Group Cruise Reservation Form

Event: Law of Attraction High Vibes Cruise with Michael Losier & Friends
Date: February 16, 2013-February 23, 2013 (7 nights)
Roundtrip: San Pedro (Los Angeles, CA) > Puerto Vallarta, Mexico > Cabo San Lucas,
Mexico > Ensenada, Mexico > San Pedro (Los Angeles, CA)
Cruise Line: Princess / Ship: Sapphire Princess

*Please fill out ALL information below completely and either fax to 1-800-982-6122 or
scan/email to Booking must be made via this form. Any
questions may be directed to the email above or by phone at 240-405-9290 (leave a
message with Lucas Z.)

Passenger Information>
Passenger 1 Full Name (including middle): _______________________________________________
Passenger 1 Date of Birth: _____/_____/_____
(Age at time of sailing: __________)
Passenger 1 Passport Issuing Agency & Country: ________________________________________
Passenger 1 Passport # ___________________________________________ Birth Country: ___________

Date of Issue: _____/_____/______
Date of Expiry: _____/_____/______
Have you (P1) sailed w/ Princess before? __________________(if yes, provide rewards #)
Phone Number: ______________________________________________________________________________
Email: _________________________________________________________________________________________

Passenger 2 Full Name: _____________________________________________________________________
Passenger 2 Date of Birth: _____/_____/_____
(Age at time of sailing: __________)
Passenger 2 Passport Issuing Agency & Country: ________________________________________
Passenger 1 Passport # __________________________________________ Birth Country: ____________
Have you (P2) sailed w/ Princess before? __________________(if yes, provide rewards #)
Phone Number: ______________________________________________________________________________
Email: _________________________________________________________________________________________

Name on Credit Card: _______________________________________________________________________
Credit Card Number: ________________________________________________________________________
Card Security Code (3 or 4 digits): _________________ / Expiry Date: _____________________
Billing Address: ______________________________________________________________________________
City/State-Province/Zip-Postal Code: _____________________________________________________

Dining> *Leave blank if anything is OK.
Do you wish to dine with any particular group attendees (please specify)? _____________
How many seats at the dining table do you request? __________ Any location? ___________

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Direct To Travel/Registration Form

Cruise Info> (select categories & pricing per person below taxes/govt fees estimated; pre-
paid gratuities, est. $84, will be added on final payment. Email for other cabin options!)
Tax $258.57 (Total $1,482.57pp 20% deposit $300)

Tax $258.57 (Total $1,322.57pp 20% deposit $270)
Tax $258.57 (Total $1,062.57pp 20% deposit $215)
Tax $258.57 (Total $982.57pp 20% deposit $200)
Inside Cabin
Tax $258.57 (Total $882.57pp 20% deposit $180)
*Deposits, taxes and totals are per person.
*Single rates are typically double, minus the taxes. Special single rate for interior and
oceanview rooms ranging from $1198-1598, plus ~$84 in taxes.

Cabin Requests/Notes: ________________________________________________________________________
Deposit Booking Amount (must be 20% of total price, minimum, or more): $_________

Do you wish to schedule a payment plan now (if yes, explain below)?


-Same card as deposit? ______________ (if other, please note ______________)

*Final Payment is due prior to November 30, 2012.
***Would you like the full and final payment to be done automatically with
above card on 11/30/12? ______
Would you like travel insurance (as provided by cruise line, highest coverage)? ______

*If yes, select: STANDARD or PLATINUM (recommended)
*Pricing is estimated at 8% of fare for standard, 12% for platinum for
example, oceanview runs between $60-99.
Do you need to register a 3rd or 4th guest for the cruise cabin? _________

*Additional, lower fees apply to 3rd and 4th passenger, when space allows.

Seminar Registration>

*This will be processed directly by Michael Losier Enterprises, Inc. (in CAN).
Have you already registered? _______________
-If no, would you like to use above listed card for payment? ________________

Do you need to book a flight? ______
Please list requests: _________________________________________________________________________

Do you need to book a hotel? ______
Please list requests: _________________________________________________________________________

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Direct To Travel/Registration Form

Do you need to book a car or other? ______

Please list requests: _________________________________________________________________________

Terms & Conditions>
*Standard Princess Cruise terms and conditions, and customer contract apply. Current
policies can be found online at
*Cruise pricing based on double occupancy, and is capacity controlled and subject to
change per cruise line policy. If any changes are necessary or pricing is higher than
advertised, we will contact you for approval prior to processing. Listed prices are
exclusive of taxes and onboard gratuity.
*Payments are done in two or three pieces cruise booking charges may appear as
either Princess, Carnival Corp, Nexion or Direct To Travel, for one to two charges (or
more if you do payment plan.) The other charge will be done by Michael Losier
Enterprises, Inc. for the seminar registration fee. Please note that a small charge may
appear either as Direct To Travel or Nexion. This fee is simply a hold and would be
released as soon as deposit is fully processed. All cruise or Direct To Travel charges are
in USD; Michael Losier Enterprises, Inc. is in CAN.
*Visas may be required it is your responsibility to check if a visa is necessary for you to
visit any locations on the itinerary.
*Itinerary changes per the cruise line may occur at their discretion. This is per the cruise
contract and has no effect on cancellation policy, etc.
*Passport must be current at time of sailing and good for at least six months after.
*Cruise Line Fuel Surcharge Policy: Princess reserves the right to impose a fuel
supplement of up to $9 per person per day on all passengers if the NYMEX oil price
exceeds $70 per barrel, even if the fare has already been paid in full.
*Cruise Cancelation Policy: Full payment is due prior to Dec 1, 2012. Once final/full
payment is made, or Dec 1, 2012, whichever occurs first, refunds are no longer possible
and funds will be retained by cruise line. Current policy, if different, supersedes this (per There is a $50 non-refundable fee upon deposit that is only retained
by Direct To Travel should cancellation of your reservation occur for any reason. This
will only be charged upon cancellation and release of held funds, if applicable.
*Michael Losier Enterprises, Inc./Event Cancelation Policy: Once registration fee is
processed, it is non-refundable.
*Special Event registration, if applicable, is on a first-come/first-serve basis and must be
paid in full before space is reserved. These options will be made available through future
advertisements and registrations.
*You authorize registration, payment and processing for said cruise and event by
submitting this form and agree to any/all terms, conditions and policies. Should you
request any changes, the then-current pricing will be used and if that is additional, you
authorize the information in this form for payment and to carry approval for said
changes. Once final payment is made for the cruise, cancellation is not possible per
cruise line policy, nor are downgrades, however, upgrades may be possible if available,
for then-current additional fees.

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Direct To Travel/Registration Form

*Room rates and seminar fee are based on double occupancy. If 3rd or 4th person is
desired in room, please contact for current pricing. Single rate
is 200% for the cruise.
*You agree to receive emails and newsletters from Michael Losier Enterprises, Inc. and
Direct To Travel from time to time.

Passenger 1 Signature: ______________________________________________________________________

Passenger 1 Full Name Printed: ________________________________Date: _______/_______/_______

Passenger 2 Signature: ______________________________________________________________________

Passenger 2 Full Name Printed: ________________________________Date: _______/_______/_______

--Office Use ONLY
Received on: _____/_____/_____, by _____________________________________.
Deposit Processed on _____/_____/_____, in the amount of $__________.
Payment 2 Processed on _____/_____/_____, in the amount of $__________.
Payment 3 Processed on _____/_____/_____, in the amount of $__________.
Final Payment Processed on _____/_____/_____, in the amount of $__________.
Payment notes: ______________________________________________________________________________
MLE Seminar:
Info sent on: _____/_____/_____
Confirmed registered on: _____/_____/_____
Princess Booking Number: ___________________________
Total Cost (incl. tax/fees): $___________________________
Cabin Category: ________________ / Cabin #___________________
Info sent to guest(s) on _____/_____/_____
Assistive Travel:
Contacted on _____/_____/_____
Provided/Notes: _____________________________________________________________________________
Conf #s: ______________________________________________________________________________________

Other Notes: ____________________________________________________________________________________