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If the Nasi's kids can stay out all night partying, I guess I can too #DafYomi 2a ‫ אינשי איערב שמשא ואדכי יומא‬Said people at some point rabbinic times... I guess. 2b The new cycle of #DafYomi reminds me of new year's resolutions and/or the beginning of zman at yeshiva. Time will tell who is serious 3 Torah would be a lot easier if everyone just went by their real names #dafyomi 5b ‫אין חבוש מתיר עצמו מבית האסורים‬ 6 It's Demon Day! #DafYomi 8/8/2012 Fun to speculate what sages *really* believed vs. hyperbole/mashal/homiletics #dafyomi Fav line from today's #DafYomi: God praying "‫" "יהי רצון מלפני‬may it be my will" 8/9/2012 8 Love how #DafYomi includes a precursor to Faces of Death #dafchat ‫ואיכא דאמרי דלא תנסבו גיורתא‬ 8/11/2012 Found typo in Koren's Talmud. On 9a Rashi s.v. "O Dilma" there's a number 9 with a sheva. The bad: ‫ .מאי כולי האי? אמר ליה: משום דלא עסקת בפריה ורביה‬The hope: ‫אפילו חרב חדה מונחת על‬ ‫.צוארו של אדם אל ימנע עצמו מן הרחמים‬ 8/12/2012 Wait, so if I marry a widow I won't be bothered with wedding prep? #DafYomi Also, getting married is apparently comparable to getting
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shipwrecked #DafYomi 8/14/2012 Which do you think is the bigger deal - escaping from a lion or a snake? I'd have to go with the lion myself #DafYomi And to think if you responded to a greeting while reading the Shma in English Orthodox Jews would think you're not frum #DafYomi The proper way to lengthen the " ‫ "ד‬in the Shema is to pronounce it correctly like the "th" in "the" #DafYomi #DafChat 8/16/2012 People ask if we'll still have sacrifices when the temple gets rebuilt. Maybe we'll just wash our hands wear tefillin and say shema #DafYomi In Israel they would "wash" their hands in dirt when there was no water. Also explains today's showering habits. #DafYomi Gotta say that if I argued that resurrection isn't in the Bible, I'd be unconvinced by Ps. 30:15-16 and the womb/tomb analogy #DafYomi Koren Talmud p. 105 equates ‫ כתיבה כתיבה‬with ‫ גזירה שוה‬Problem is a ‫ גזירה שוה‬needs a tradition, which use of ‫ יליף‬preempts #DafYomi #DafYomi, funny how when discussing being ‫ מדקדק‬when reading Shma, the gemara pulls a double “‫# ”אל תקרי‬irony 8/17/2012 18 ‫# .רבן שמעון בן גמליאל אומר: לא כל הרוצה ליטול את השם יטול‬Humra #DafYomi 8/20/2012 / 19 This is why I swat down the falling paint chunks from the Ceiling of Damocles in my shul's beit midrash #DafYomi So following this gemara, if you talk smack about a deceased rabbi and live that means the person wasn't a real Torah Scholar? #DafYomi Great lesson from #DafYomi - Even Rabbis must act w/financial transparency, don't/can't assume they correct mistakes until you see it Who'd have thought that God responds to whining (and what about Moshe?) #DafYomi Getting excommunicated is a blessing, especially right before a book gets released #DafYomi
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It would have been easier and saved time if R. Yehoshua Ben Levi would have just answered the question #justsaying #DafYomi In other respects, diff rules for "important" people #DafYomi What we have here...is a failure...to excommunicate #DafYomi Based on today's #DafYomi (19a) God is a carpenter after all #irony Or possibly God is the bringer of peace in that he is the mender of fences#DafYomi ‫# לעולם אל יפתח אדם פיו לשטן‬DafYomi ‫# תלמוד בבלי ברכות יט:ב כל מקום שיש חלול השם אין חולקין כבוד לרב‬DafYomi#Truth Coming soon: the Graveyard Olympics featuring the ossuary hurdles #DafYomi Does anyone else find it strange how much time the people (including Rabbis) spent hanging around cemeteries? #DafYomi

08/21/2012 - 20 Someone who is wholly dedicated to the sanctification of God's name can strip women in public. #Irony #DafChat #DafYomi Also, if you're R. Gidel, you can actually call women "chicks" (or whatever baby geese are called) #DafYomi #DafChat I wonder if the women were as comfortable as the Rabbis who would sit outside the mikvah #DafChat #DafYomi The evil eye can't penetrate water #DafYomi #DafChat Gah! The gemara explicitly rejects equating Mezuzah and Tefillin for women, making Menachot 42b even more troubling #DafChat #DafYomi Today's #DafYomi is the source for why a woman can make kiddush for a man as both have identical obligations for kiddush hayom #DafChat Important Rashi explaining that women's obligation in benching may be conditional on their inheriting the land of Israel #DafChat #DafYomi

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#ProTip - ‫ הרהור כדבור‬doesn't work in real life (for better or worse)#DafYomi #DafChat I'm thinking this next tweet to avoid being idle #DafChat #DafYomi 8/22/2012 21 Wait, so according to today's #DafYomi most men who never went to mikvah you shouldn't be saying berachot before you eat due to tum'ah? ‫ כל דבר שבקדושה לא יהא פחות מעשרה‬Note that the gemara does not mention "men" specifically, only "ten". #DafYomi "‫ "ליהא שמו הגדול מבורך‬I'd love to check the manuscripts on this phrase, as written it starts in Aramaic then switches to Hebrew #DafYomi 8/23/2012 22 T. Berachot 3:12 says "‫ "נדות‬may read Tanach, Mishna, Midrash, and Halakhot. B. Beracot 22a has "‫ "באין על נדות‬instead #DafYomi ‫# אף על פי שמיקל אני על אחרים, מחמיר אני על עצמי‬Daf Yomi 22a ‫תלמוד בבלי ברכות כב:א‬ ‫אין דברי תורה מקבלין טומאה‬ ‫בית הבחירה למאירי מסכת ברכות דף כב עמוד א‬ ‫טבילה זו שתקן עזרא לבעלי קריין ראו הבאים אחריו שלא פשטה תקנתו בכל ישראל ושלא היו רוב צבור יכולין‬ ‫לעמוד בה ובטלוה ואף על פי שאין ב"ד רשאי לבטל דברי ב"ד חברו אא"כ גדול ממנו בחכמה ובמנין הואיל ולא‬ ‫פשטה גזרתו בכל ישראל ושאין רוב צבור יכולין לעמוד בה רשאין הם לבטל‬ ‫ על קרי שנתנו עליו תשעה קבין מים - טהור‬o showering should work then #DafYomi 22a Then as now, people were more concerned with ritual than with morality #DafYomi 22a 08/24/2012 23a ‫# תנו רבנן: הנצרך לנקביו - אל יתפלל, ואם התפלל - תפלתו תועבה‬DafYomi 23a ‫תלמוד בבלי ברכות כג:א‬ ‫אמר רבא: הוי קרוב לשמוע דברי חכמים שאם חוטאים מביאים קרבן ועושים תשובה; מתת הכסילים [זבח] - אל‬ ,‫תהי ככסילים שחוטאים ומביאים קרבן ואין עושים תשובה; כי אינם יודעים לעשות רע, אי הכי, צדיקים נינהו! אלא‬ ;‫אל תהי ככסילים שחוטאים ומביאים קרבן, ואינם יודעים אם על הטובה הם מביאים אם על הרעה הם מביאים‬ ‫?אמר הקדוש ברוך הוא: בין טוב לרע אינן מבחינים, והם מביאים קרבן לפני‬ #FunFact - Apparently they did have port-a-potty's back in Talmudic times #DafYomi 23a Using a makeshift bathroom once turns it into a halakhically permanent bathroom #DafYomi 23a
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So the Sages' response to a student's suicide based on a prostitute's slander is...hold tefillin w/clothing in bathroom #DafYomi 23a Were tefillin such hot commodities that random people would just take them? #DafYomi 23a Is a tallit bag considered a vessel for tefillin too? #DafYomi 23a So tefillin are supposed to provide "protection" #GoodToKnow #DafYomi 23a #ProTip don't pray while holding a knife, money, a bowl, or a loaf of bread #DafYomi 23b Curious that Koren translates ‫ גדולים‬and ‫ קטנים‬as # and # respectively #DafYomi 23b (p.152) Proof using Talmudic logic is a sin ‫# זהו קל וחומר שאין עליו תשובה‬DafYomi 23b So when you take your tefillin off at a formal meal do you place them on the right or left side of the plate? #DafYomi 23b #EmilyPost Wow - even though there's a ‫ תיובתא‬against him the halakhah is still like hmuel # liffhanger #DafYomi 23b hy

8/25/2012 24 I get to reuse this one for #DafYomi - it's immodest for women to go shopping in public bec ‫שוק‬ ‫באישה ערווה‬ 8/26/2012 25 Wondering if a "reiach ra' sheyeish lo ikkar" applies to human beings#dafyomi 25a So excrement only smells bad if you put tanning hides in them. Also, no more leathet jackets. #dafyomi 25a One smart fellow, he felt smart #dafyomi 25a Does the rule of "safek tzo'ah babayit" also apply to houses with babies/children? Even the Talmudic Sages rejected the Geniva convention #dafyomi 25a Seriously, did any of Hazal actually try throwing excrement to see if it crumbles? #dafyomi 25a I will concede to critics of #dafyomi that the recent material leads to wasteful discussions Must have been hard to daven in Urinetown #dafyomi 25a

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Huh, so there was a thought that one could pray by a naked non-Jew #loophole #rejected #dafyomi 25b Stoned judges cannot recite the Shema due to their proximity to their chamber pot #dafyomi 25b Sifrei Torah and Tefillin were once causes of performance problems (at least R. Achai's son isn't mentioned by name) #dafyomi 25b

08/27/2012 26 Koren translates "‫ "ביתא אחרינא‬as another room not another house. Odd an Amora wouldn't think to move Torah to diff room. #DafYomi 26a. Any thoughts how our modern day bathrooms fit in with the halakhot of this chapter? #DafChat #DafYomi 26a And now we head back to 4th grade with the 4th chapter of berachot. Will do hazara on my old jokes too #DafYomi #DafChat 26a The use of "‫ "יהבי ליה שכר‬indicates it is the *Sages* who give people reward for praying by a certain time #DafYomi #DafChat 26a Also interesting when we follow R. Yehuda even if he's a solitary opinion#DafChat #DafYomi 26a 8/28/2012 27 Yesterday's #DafYomi began the 4th chapter of Berachot and I think we can all agree it's about time. #DafChat Yesterday's #DafYomi began the 4th chapter of Berachot and I think we can all agree it's about time. #DafChat Funny how no one complains about ‫ תרתי דסתרי‬when we follow R. Yehuda for shaharit but not for mussaf #DafYomi #DafChat 27a #FunFact Killer roosters get stoned in Jerusalem #DafYomi #DafChat 27a Opening a yeshiva which competes with your Rabbi's causes the Divine Presence to leave the world #DafYomi #DafChat 27b So there was a decree against sweating on Shabbat - should have known that before this NYC summer #DafYomi #DafChat 27b See? Rabbis and communities *can* make mistakes #DafYomi #DafChat27b

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Given the relatively smaller minyan attendance, is it really true that "all of Israel" has accepted to daven ma'ariv? #DafYomi #DafChat 27b Gotta give credit to R. Yehoshua for taking a stand #DafYomi #DafChat27b Rabban Gamliel certainly had a lot of Chutzpit #DafYomi #DafChat 27b 8/29/2012 28 I guess R. Elazar's wife really did make him turn grey #dafyomi #dafchat28a On one hand it's bad that R. Elazar b Azarya had no white hair but worse to *only* have superficial appearance #dafyomi #dafchatt 28a Quickest Geirut/Conversion approval ever #dafyomi #dafchat 28a So splitting weeks would lead to jealousy but 3-1 wouldn't? #dafyomi#dafchat 28a Wow! There was a time when Rabbis took sick days! #whatrabbisdid#dafyomi #dafchat 28a-b Siyum time! #DafYomi. #DafChat 28b Rabbis got bothered by questions when they were sick back then too #whatrabbisdid #DafYomi #DafChat 28b And the student visit R. Yochanan, see he's upset, and still as for a beracha. Did they not learn middot back then? #dafchat #DafYomi 28b The Mishna on 28b should be required reading for everyone who tries praying on @ElAlUSA flights #DafYomi #Dafchat We now know that the human spinal column has 33 vertebrae. Who's up for 14 more blessings in the amida? #DafChat #DafYomi 28b

8/30/2012 29 Shmuel HaKatan forgot the blessing for heretics and everyone waited 2-3 hrs for him to remember. Thank you @Artscroll. #DafYomi 29a #DafChat Back then the prayer leader "went down" to lead (‫ )מורידין לתיבה‬so removing him meant "raising" him up #DafYomi #DafChat 29a Abaye had a tradition that "good people don't become bad" - which apparently ignores Elisha Ben Avuya #DafChat #DafYomi 29a

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We know Yochanan the High Priest became depressed later in life because he became Sadducee #OldJoke #DafYomi #DafChat 29a I wonder what the 24 blessings for fast days were, though davening is long enough as it is #DafYomi #DafChat 29a I know one person in Israel who actually recites Havineinu, in particular when he's in charge of watching his 4 kids #DafYomi #DafChat 29a #FunFact Older editions of the Birinbaum siddur used to include Havineinu. would be useful to bring it back. #DafYomi #DafChat 29a Is it true that pregnant women are filled with anger? #DafYomi #DafChat29b Gotta love those one line amidas, should commit at least one of them to memory. #DafYomi #DafChat 29b And the source for Tefillat Haderech! #DafYomi #DafChat 29b We'll get there 33a, but coming up with your own additions to prayer so as not to be "fixed" isn't always a Good Thing #DafYomi #DafChat 28b

08/31/2012 30 If the "short" prayers require one to pray again later, what's the point?#DafYomi #DafChat 30a This is why I won't join your minyan on an airplane #DafYomi #DafChat 30a ‫בין כך ובין כך - ישב‬ ‫במקומו ויתפלל, לפי שאין דעתו מיושבת עליו‬ If you don't have a good sense of direction can you be classified as a "‫?"שאינו יכול לכוין את הרוחות‬ #DafYomi #DafChat 30a Who wakes up early to go travelling on Rosh Hashana? #DafYomi#DafChat 30a So R. Ammi and R. Assi had 13 synagogues where they didn't daven#DafYomi #DafChat 30a Interesting implication from today's #DafYomi: If davening w/minyan and forget ya'aleh veyavo, don't repeat, wait for hazara #DafChat 30b Ruling is reason why we don't repeat ma'ariv if forgot ya'aleh veyavo is bec Beit Din only set months during the day #DafYomi #DafChat 30b The earlier Hassidim would wait one hour before davening. Some current ones wait much, much longer #DafYomi #DafChat 30b
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9/1/2012 31 #FunFact the custom of breaking a glass at a wedding originally had nothing to do with Jerusalem #DafYomi #DafChat 31a With "‫ ווי לן דמיתנן, ווי לן דמיתנן‬sung at a wedding my dream of Don t ear the Reaper doesn t seem so strange #DafYomi #DafChat 31a If we can only daven after learning "‫ מתוך הלכה פסוקה‬how can yeshivot daven minha after shiur r some shuls #DafYomi #DafChat 31a You're not allowed to pray in a state of laziness, which I guess works itself out nicely. #DafYomi #DafChat 31a On the other hand, you'd think when you're depressed you ought to pray to God. #DafYomi #DafChat 31a Memo to Rabbis: Davening longer and having the congregation wait for you is a ‫טורח צבור‬ #DafYomi #DafChat 31a "‫ "שחורים - יולדת לבנים‬In context this is a pretty #racist Talmudic statement #DafYomi #DafChat 31b Dear Men: Women's breasts are only for nursing. #DafYomi #DafChat 31b Love the #irony that in order to make up for fasting on Shabbat you fast another day during the week #DafYomi #Dafchat 32b 9/2/2012 32 "‫# "הנה כחמר ביד היוצר‬BlogElul #DafYomi #DafChat 32a "‫ "'אל תקרי אל ה' אלא על ה‬I'm not a fan of Al Tikri's esp given yesterday's derasha about Hannah #DafYomi #DafChat 32a Let this be a lesson - mispronouncing Hebrew leads to bad derashot#DafYomi #DafChat #whatrabbisdo 32a Odd metaphor comparing Moshe holding onto God like someone grabbing another's clothing given I Sam 15:27-8 #DafYomi #Dafchat32a "‫ "עכשיו יאמרו אומות העולם תשש כחו כנקבה‬After yesterday's racism, today's sexist insult. #DafYomi #DafChat #OhSnap 32a

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I knew a kohein who after being involved in a fatal car accident stopped duchanin #DafYomi #DafChat 32b If you're supposed to sit 1hr before and 1hr after each prayer, that's 6hrs of the day just sitting #DafYomi #DafChat 32b #FunFact: According to B. Megillah 24b R. Elazar would not be allowed to be a Chazan for pronouncing ‫ א‬and ‫ ע‬the same #DafYomi #DafChat 32a 9/3/2012 33 So basically God is just as petty about his honor as a human king?#DafYomi #DafChat 33a So I was right re: the gemara on 13 that lions *are* a bigger danger than snakes! #DafYomi #DafChat 33a #ProTip Don't pray near animals/livestock to begin with #DafYomi#DafChat 33a Satan dances between the horns of black oxen during the month of Nissan #TheMoreYouKnow #DafYomi #DafChat 33a Wimpy snake-handling pastors have nothing on R. Hanina Ben Dosa#DafYomi #DafChat 33a If rains are like the resurrection then why do people die in hurricanes? #DafYomi #DafChat 33a "‫ "וכל מי שאין בו דעה אסור לרחם עליו‬I give you Talmudic justification for blogs/social media #DafYomi #DafChat 33a If it's forbidden to have compassion on ignorant people then explain "‫# "שומר פתאים ה‬DafYomi #DafChat 33a Revenge can be for good or evil. Or incredibly derivative summer movies. #DafYomi #DafChat 33a Just because one is "inclined" towards a position does not make it halakhah. #DafYomi #DafChat 33b My father applied the "Modim Modim" prohibition to saying "Od'cha Od'cha" in Hallel #DafYomi #DafChat 33b One must bless God for the bad as well as the good. Important rejection of Zoroastrianism/Manicheanism #DafYomi #DafChat 33b If I had a hammer I'd hammer someone until they concentrated on prayer #DafYomi #DafChat 33b-34a
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9/4/2012 34 Davening would be much more entertaining if we had a vaudeville hook to remove chazzanim who made mistakes #DafYomi #DafChat 34a When someone asks you to be the chazan you're supposed to issue a ‫ סירוב‬DafYomi #DafChat 34a Cooking lesson from #DafYomi: Too much or too little salt is no good #DafChat 34a Next time you think the chazzan is schlepping out davening, don't complain until he goes on for 40 days #DafYomi #DafChat 34a #FunFact: You don't actually need to mention a person's name for a mi shebeirach #DafYomi #DafChat 34a #DafYomi says one may not bow where Hazal didn't decree. But what's the angle degree where a shuckle becomes a "bow"? #DafChat 34a Even the prophets did not see Olam Haba / The World to Come, let alone the contemporary theological hacks #DafYomi #DafChat 34b Next time someone complains about BT's remember, they at least had prophets talking about them #DafYomi #DafChat 34b According to R. Yehoshua Ben Levi the reward for the righteous is *really* old wine #DafYomi #DafChat 34b So if someone has a stutter or a speech impediment does that mean his prayers are always rejected? #DafYomi #DafChat 34b If someone sat all day w/his head between his knees most NY'ers wouldn't pay attention to him either #DafYomi #DafChat 34b If you're not supposed to pray in a field, then what's the deal with Kabbalat Shabbat / Lecha Dodi? #DafYomi #DafChat 34b 9/5/2012 35 ♫ ‫# ♫ כיצד מברכין על הפירות‬DafYomi #Daf hat #WeirdWeddingSongs 35a ‫דבר הטעון שירה - טעון חלול‬ #DafYomi #DafChat 35a hich guess means desecrating od s name is obligatory

‫ מנין שאין אומרים שירה אלא על היין‬ToDo

ick up drunk girl named

hira #DafYomi #DafChat 35a

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If ‫ שאין אומרים שירה אלא על היין‬then shouldn't we be drinking every time we say allel Yashir for that matter #DafYomi #DafChat 35a Basically God enjoys wine with his steak. #DafYomi #DafChat 35a

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So here you have explicitly ‫ יליף גזרה שוה‬in the Stam which I don't understand given that it needs a tradition #DafYomi #DafChat 35a ‫ # אסור לו לאדם שיהנה מן העולם הזה בלא ברכה‬rattitude #DafYomi #DafChat 35a ‫ כל הנהנה מן העולם הזה בלא ברכה - כאילו נהנה מקדשי שמים‬You d think this would be a #DafYomi #DafChat 35a ood Thing

‫ אין אמו אלא כנסת ישראל‬This is why everyone in the Jewish community nags you like they re your mother #DafYomi #DafChat 35b ‫ ואספת דגנך - הנהג בהן מנהג דרך ארץ‬Reminds me of that joke about Lakewood rejecting the Torah bec ‫# ששת ימים תעבד‬DafYomi #DafChat 35b Lesson of the day: You need to get a job in addition to learning Torah. No wonder yeshivot skip learning Berachot #DafYomi #DafChat 35b Even the sages realized oil has no real nutritional value, it just makes everything taste better #DafYomi #DafChat 35b Gemara says people don't base their meals on wine. Several friends would disagree #DafYomi #DafChat 35b 9/6/2012 36 If you take medicine with water, does one derive sufficient benefit to warrant reciting a blessing beforehand? #DafYomi #DafChat 36a Some transitions are cosmetic and you remain the same, where you improve you become a new entity. #DafYomi #DafChat 36a #BlogElul Anyone have a good ‫ חביץ‬recipe #DafYomi #Daf hat #DafYomiOnABudget b #Joy fDafYomi

9/7/2012 37 ‫ יחיד ורבים הלכה כרבים‬Except of course for all the exceptions #DafYomi #DafChat 37a Apologies for the lack of witty #DafYomi tweets: discussion on blessings over rice and grain dishes. Grain/kernel jokes too obvious 37a-b
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9/8/2012 38 Sometimes it's preferable to avoid dispute even at the risk of not making your point. #DafYomi #DafChat 38a So gebruchts (sp) on Passover is 100% permitted according to the Gemara #DafYomi #DafChat 38b 9/9/2012 ‫ זית שאמרו - לא קטן ולא גדול אלא בינוני‬o much for the azon sh #DafYomi #DafChat 39a Wait so the temple really had statues of two golden cabbages? #DafYomi #DafChat 39a (‫)כרוב‬ Ha! Talmudic proof that dill makes everything better! #DafYomi #DafChat 39a So Mar son of Ravina used to eat a bread sandwich? #DafYomi #DafChat 39b 9/10/2012 40 Take every meal with a grain of salt #DafYomi #Dafchat 40a Feed your pets before eating your own meal #DafYomi #DafChat 40a Shehakol nehiyeh bidvaro - the swiss army knife of blessings #DafYomi #DafChat 40b 9/11/2012 41 Today's Talmudic Iron Chef secret ingredient: Radishes - the star of the dish. #DafYomi #DafChat 41a 9/12/2012 42 R. Huna eating 13 loaves of bread reminds me of Yeshiva guys taking advantage of Pizza Hut's all you can eat #DafYomi #DafChat 42a Source for "‫ קובע סעודה‬being an amount undefined as to what that amount is for others #DafYomi #DafChat 42a Note to fathers: Even R. Yehuda was involved in preparing his son's wedding. Granted it was tasting the deserts.... #DafYomi #DafChat 42a ‫ פת הבאה בכסנין‬ither refers to sweetened grain products or made w additives or dried bread like matzas #DafYomi #DafChat 42a Kovea' se'udah can also be in the mind of the beholder (or eater as the case may be) #DafYomi #DafChat 42a
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Who knew R. Kahana was a meshichist? #DafYomi #DafChat 42a ‫ תכף לסמיכה שחיטה‬nd yet Y removed it from the curriculum though it was my st exam in Yoreh Deah #DafYomi #DafChat 42a So those hippie rabbis used to bring out incense after a meal #DafYomi #DafChat 42b #trippy 9/13/2012 43 In modern times one must say borei minei besamin within 10 feet of a Cinnabon (more if you're downwind) #DafYomi #DafChat 43a In Talmudic times, Israelis mixed oil and techina #DafYomi #DafChat 43a ‫סמלק מברכין עלויה בורא עצי בשמים‬ o word on nfamill #DafYomi #Daf hat b #Recycled

It's only "in the future" when young men of Israel are going to smell good; Talmudic justification for poor hygiene #DafYomi #DafChat 43b Huh, so sometimes it's ok to lie in halakhah? #DafYomi #DafChat 43b I feel bad for the Shamash whose job apparently was to be a towel on which one wipes oil. #DafYomi #DafChat 43b Incentive to be Tamid Haham just so that you're not the one on whom one wipes his hands. #DafYomi #DafChat 43b ‫ ואל יסב בחבורה של עמי הארץ‬guess partnership minyanim need entrance exams #DafYomi #DafChat 34b ‫ ואל יהלך בקומה זקופה‬Thus explains the posture of yeshiva guys literally slouching towards ethlehem #DafYomi #DafChat 43b 9/14/2012 44 A special classic #Dilbert for today's #DafYomi http://dilbert.com/strips/comic/1990-08-26/ #DafChat 44a Based on today's sandwiches/eating habits, should you still say hamotzi when the filling is usually primary? #DafYomi #DafChat 44a These fruits of Geinosar sound like something which would come out of Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory #DafYomi #DafChat 44a Rav: Take every meal with a grain of salt. #DafYomi #DafChat 44a
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I'm almost inspired to do a Shabbat meal based on the rabbinic food critic's menu #DafChat #DafYomi 44b Acc to R. Yitzchak it is forbidden to speak to anyone who had vegetables in the morning due to their bad breath #DafYomi #DafChat 44b ‫ אסור לאדם שיאכל ירק חי קודם ארבע שעות‬So much for the Israeli breakfast of cucumbers and tomatoes #DafYomi #DafChat 44b ‫ כל נפש משיב נפש‬o much for Jewish vegetarianism #Daf hat #DafYomi 44b I can get behind only eating turnips with meat and wine, but if I need to eat it with wood I'll just have the cabbage #DafYomi #DafChat 44b ‫דג קטן מליח פעמים שהוא ממית‬ ow to prevent killer herring Drink beer #DafYomi #DafChat 44b

9/15/2012 The source for women's zimun #DafYomi #DafChat 45a-b ‫ שאני התם, דאיכא דעות‬ee The sages held women had intelligence #Daf hat #DafYomi 45b The extent to which workers are obligated to maximize productivity includes not saying the rabbinic part of bentching #DafYomi #DafChat 45b Note that the blessing in the Talmud is "‫ "בונה ירושלים‬not "‫# בונה ברחמיו ירושלים‬DafYomi #DafChat 4 b #NoMercy 9/16/2012 46 Erev RH "Little man with scorched legs" does not seem like the most endearing of nicknames. #DafYomi #DafChat 46a ‫ - בעל הבית בוצע ואורח מברך‬ve had this argument countless times when ve been offered to do hamotzi #DafYomi #DafChat 46a ‫עד היכן ברכת הזמון? רב נחמן אמר: עד נברך; ורב ששת אמר: עד הזן‬ st beracha out loud #DafYomi #DafChat 46a hy many who lead benching say

Back in the day it was the Persians who used to speak with their hands #DafYomi #DafChat 46b

9/17/2012 RH1 47 Synagogues (at least the sanctuaries) do not require a mezzuzah. #DafChat #DafYomi 47a

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‫# .אמר רב הונא: תשעה וארון מצטרפין...אלא אמר רב הונא: תשעה נראין כעשרה מצטרפין‬DafYomi #DafChat 47b Not sure how Shabbat could count for zimmum bec 1. being a queen she's female and 2. she's already an ingredient in the cholent #DafYomi 47b 9/18/2012 RH2 48 ‫ קטן היודע למי מברכין - מזמנין עליו‬know of only one person who follows this halakhah #DafYomi #DafChat 48a #ProTip: Don't kill all the sages if you want them to recite blessings on your behalf #DafYomi #DafChat 48a 9/19/2012 49 ‫# טעה ולא הזכיר של ראש חדש בתפלה - מחזירין אותו, בברכת המזון - אין מחזירין אותו‬DafYomi #DafChat 49b ‫ ואכלת - זו אכילה, ושבעת - זו שתיה‬I guess R. Meir wasn't satisfied until he had a drink #DafYomi #DafChat 49b ‫ אומר: נברך, בשלשה‬This is why hockers respond with yehi shem when someone says let s bentch #DafYomi #DafChat 49b Imagine that in the time of the Talmud it was not impossible to account for 1000 Jews eating together. #DafYomi #DafChat 49b 9/20/2012 50 Today's #DafYomi reminds me of 1st Edah conf where lunch attendees incorrectly split off to allow women's zimun #DafChat 50a Lesson of the day: Using correct Hebrew grammar is demonstrative of wisdom. Not doing so makes one a boor. #DafYomi #DafChat 50a According to R. Meir fetuses can sing, I guess before there could be a problem of kol isha. #DafYomi #DafChat 50a Even the sages in the time of the Talmud couldn't keep quiet long enough to listen to the exilarch's blessing #DafYomi #DafChat 50a Rava called Rafram bar Pappa a black pot, no word if Rafram bar Pappa called Rava a kettle. #DafYomi #DafChat 50a Really, who steals half a bed? #DafYomi #DafChat 50b
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‫ דאמר שמואל: עושה אדם כל צרכיו בפת‬I don't even want to know #T ‫ ואין זורקין את הפת‬Take that efardim #DafYomi #DafChat 50b

#DafYomi #DafChat 50b

‫ כשם שאין זורקין את הפת כך אין זורקין את האוכלין‬ood must be treated with respect #DafYomi #DafChat 50b ‫ ממשיכין יין בצנורות לפני חתן ולפני כלה‬f ever get married want segulah silly straws at the wedding #DafYomi #DafChat 50b 9/21/2012 51 Who knew you could get drunk on "‫אספרגוס‬ as laxative #DafYomi #DafChat 51a

oren describes as a cabbage soaked liquor used

The angel of death dances before women returning from funerals. #DafYomi #DafChat 51a If I ever have a conversation w/an angel I hope to discuss more impt things than taking cloaks & washing hands #DafYomi #DafChat 51a If one sees women returning from a funeral he should jump in a lake. #DafYomi #DafChat 51a The cup of wine for birkat hamazon has to be washed #GoodToKnow #DafYomi #DafChat 51a Some say the cup from birkat hamazon is sent as a gift to the head of the household, soon to be running over w/cups. #DafYomi #DafChat 51a Seriously, no one could stop Yalta after she broke say the 100th barrel of wine? No wonder she started the Cold War #DafYomi #DafChat 51b ‫ אין מסיחין על כוס של ברכה‬hich is probably why so few people do birkat hamazon over wine these days #DafYomi #DafChat 51b 9/22/2012 52 ‫מפני שסתם מסבת נכרים לעבודה זרה‬ 52b

ool human sacrifice on leeker tonight #Daf hat #DafYomi

9/23/2012 53 It should be prohibited for women to give birth on Shabbat due to the prohibition against labor #DafYomi #DafChat 53a You can make havdallah over burning city as long as it's a Jewish neighborhood #DafYomi #DafChat 53a

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Who gives babies fire? Worse, who checks after to see if the baby is Jewish to see if you can make havdallah over it? #DafYomi #DafChat 35a You can make havdallah on the lights of a Synagogue if there's an important person there. Commence infighting. #DafYomi #DafChat 53a ‫ מפני שבנות ישראל מקטרות לכשפים‬m sure the women who read this will be incensed #DafYomi #DafChat 53a If perfumed clothing is a sign of homosexual behavior (cf 43b) does this mean that Tiberias had a large gay community? #DafYomi #DafChat 53a Beit Shamma says if you forgot your wallet you'd go back to get it, shouldn't you do same for a mitzvah? #OhSnap #DafYomi #DafChat 53b Unlike R Tarfon (10b) the guy who followed Beit Shammai got gold, the one who followed Beit Hillel got eaten by a lion #DafYomi #DafChat 53b Just as a dove is only saved by its wings so too is Israel. Doesn't that apply to all birds? Pigeons even? #DafYomi #DafChat 53b Today's #DafYomi provides a source for waiting 1hr between eating meat and dairy http://joshyuter.com/2009/12/28/judaism/jewish-law-halakha/one-and-done/ #DafYomi #DafChat 53b ‫רבי יוסי אומר: גדול העונה אמן יותר מן המברך‬ men #DafYomi #DafChat 53b

‫ רבי זוהמאי אומר: כשם שמזוהם פסול לעבודה - כך ידים מזוהמות פסולות לברכה‬oophole #DafYomi #DafChat 53b 9/24/2012 54 ‫הרואה מקום שנעשו בו נסים לישראל, אומר: ברוך שעשה נסים לאבותינו במקום הזה‬ personal miracles #DafYomi #DafChat 54a

erpetual gratitude for

‫ ועל הברקים אומר: ברוך שכחו וגבורתו מלא עולם‬Just what the resident needs to feed his ego #DafYomi #DafChat 54a ‫ .מברך על הרעה מעין על הטובה, ועל הטובה מעין על הרעה‬You bless the good you bless the bad you bless them both and there you have #DafYomi 54a ‫ והצועק לשעבר - הרי זו תפלת שוא‬rying over the past is a pointless prayer #Truth #DafYomi #DafChat 54a

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‫בן עזאי אומר: ארבע, שתים בכניסתו ושתים ביציאתו‬ for it twice #DafYomi #DafChat 54a

ertainly for

ew York

Y a city so nice you pray

Koren calls Tzeddukim and Baitusim "heterodox sects" - implicit social commentary? #DafYomi #DafChat 54a These midrashim about Og are the classic Rabbinic tall tales #DafYomi #DafChat 54b The Talmud says it was a miracle for Lot that his wife turned into a pillar of salt. Many husbands would concur. #DafYomi #DafChat 54b 4 people say birkat hagomel. Some say *only* these 4 others say *at least* these four since it's a blessing of praise #DafYomi #DafChat 54b 9/25/2012 55 Erev Yom Kippur ‫ כל זמן שבית המקדש קיים - מזבח מכפר על ישראל‬Time for steak #DafYomi #DafChat 55a ‫ שלשה דברים מקצרים ימיו ושנותיו של אדם...והמנהיג עצמו ברבנות‬Damn #DafChat 55a need a new job #DafYomi

‫שלשה דברים מכריז עליהם הקדוש ברוך הוא בעצמו, ואלו הן: רעב, ושובע, ופרנס טוב‬ voting booth #DafYomi #DafChat 55a

onsider this in the

‫ אמר רבי יצחק: אין מעמידין פרנס על הצבור אלא אם כן נמלכים בצבור‬Lesson for rabbinic search committees #DafYomi #DafChat 55a ‫שמא בצל אל היית וידעת‬ od s onion #Talmudic and ames #DafYomi #DafChat 55a

‫ אין הקדוש ברוך הוא נותן חכמה אלא למי שיש בו חכמה‬This explains so much.#DafYomi #DafChat 55a If bad dreams are worse than lashes I wonder if you could offer to substitute for punishments #DafYomi #DafChat 55a According to R. Hisda "Any Dream Will Do" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_4hes62J1o #DafYomi #DafChat 55a Truth is lashes are only a temporary pain, the pain of the mind stays with you and grows over time #DafYomi #DafChat 55a ‫ אי אפשר לחלום בלא דברים בטלים‬You mean those time travelling unicorn warrior ninjas weren t real #DafYomi #DafChat 55a ‫אי אפשר לחלום בלא דברים בטלים‬ hat if you re just Jung at heart #DafYomi #DafChat 55a

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‫חלום, אף על פי שמקצתו מתקיים - כולו אינו מתקיים‬ 55a

u so they weren t ninjas

#DafYomi #DafChat

A person should anticipate a good dream for 22 years so I guess there's still time for me to make the NBA #DafYomi #DafChat 55b ‫לאדם טוב אין מראין לו חלום טוב, ולאדם רע אין מראין לו חלום רע‬ afraid #irony #DafYomi #DafChat 55b o if you have a good dream be very

Apparently psychologist's confidentiality didn't exist in the times of David and Achitofel #DafYomi #DafChat 55b "An uninterpreted dream is like an unread letter." But what if it's junk mail or spam? #DafYomi #DafChat 55b The word "dream" in Aramaic is "‫ חלמא‬which guess means most of them are stupid #DafYomi #DafChat 55a-b Acc to R. Yochanan a dream that someone else dreamed about you will be fulfilled. Have fun w/that one. #DafYomi #DafChat 55b The #DafYomi for #YomKippur will continue the discussion of dreams. Coincidence? #DafChat 9/26/2012 56 Yom Kippur Anyone else find it strange that Rava and Abaye shared so many of the same dreams? #DafYomi #DafChat 56a And if Rava was so smart why did he keep asking Bar Hadaya to interpret his dreams, or catch on to pay him off? #DafYomi #DafChat 56a Finally, if "dreams only follow the mouth" then what's the point of having a special interpreter? I can do that! #DafYomi #DafChat 56a 9/27/2012 57 If you see an elephant in a dream miracles will be performed - like how "smaller government" turns into DHS #DafYomi #DafChat 57a Dreaming about having sex with your mother is a sign for wisdom - like how psychoanalysts make money #DafYomi #DafChat 57a If you dream about having sex with an engaged woman you should expect Torah, like that part abt the death penalty #DafYomi #DafChat 57a

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If you dream about having sex w/your sister you should expect wisdom, like how to write a performance piece #DafYomi #DafChat 57a "If you see wheat in a dream you will see peace" - Unless of course you're Yosef. #DafYomi #DafChat 57a If you dream of lulav and etrog you're honored and have 1 heart for God. Start prepping now #DafYomi #DafChat 57a If you have that dream where you're naked in public, make sure you're in Babylonia and not Israel #DafYomi #DafChat 57a ‫ הנכנס לאגם בחלום - נעשה ראש ישיבה‬Then why don t more yeshiva students jump in that fountain in Dizengoff quare #DafYomi #DafChat 57a Wine is always good for Torah scholars. Lechaim! #DafYomi #DafChat 57a Seeing snakes in a dream is good, getting bit is better, dispute if it's a good thing if you kill it #DafYomi #DafChat 57a How do you know if you're really dreaming of David, Solomon, or Ahav? #DafChat #DafYomi 57b Gemara writes about seeing books of Prophets in a dream which is about the only time a yeshiva student sees Tanach. #DafYomi #DafChat 57b ‫ כל מיני צבעונין יפין לחלום‬Your Talmudic justification for taking D #DafYomi #DafChat 57b

For the record, I've got a really great line for 57b but it's in way bad taste esp for a rabbi. See? Yom Kippur works. #DafYomi #DafChat 57b Heard in name of R. Yoel B. Nun: Dreams are 1/60 of prophecy which means they're batel beshisim #DafYomi #DafChat 57b Stomachs and placentas - cure what ails ya #DafChat #DafYomi 57b ‫ שדגים קטנים מפרין ומברין כל גופו של אדם‬ow you know the secret origins of old Jews eating herring and sardines #DafYomi #DafChat 57b ‫ מת בבית - שלום בבית‬Depends on who guess #DafYomi #DafChat 57b

9/28/2012 58 Ben Zoma sounds a lot like Adam Smith or perhaps Durkheim's Division of Labor. #DafYomi #DafChat 58a
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A good guest appreciates the host's efforts on his behalf, a bad guest complain. #DafYomi #DafChat 58a The next time you feel like saying "Too Many Jews" say a blessing! #DafYomi #DafChat 58a ‫ תנא: אין אוכלוסא פחותה מששים רבוא‬f you want to hold a #DafChat 58a ass of Jews you need k #DafYomi

‫לעולם ישתדל אדם לרוץ לקראת מלכי ישראל, ולא לקראת מלכי ישראל בלבד אלא אפילו לקראת מלכי אומות‬ ‫ העולם‬ncluding lvis #DafYomi #DafChat 58a How would the blind R. Sheshet look at the heretic? #DafYomi #DafChat 58a I'm envisioning the Perry Mason episode where Elijah comes in as a surprise witness and everyone gasps #DafYomi #DafChat 58a R. Sheshet calls Persians donkeys, guy is about to rat him out and R. Sheshet kills him bec of rodef. #RabbiJustice #DafYomi #DafChat 58a ‫* אנחה שוברת חצי גופו של אדם‬Sigh* Oh wait.,.damn. Gotta split now.#DafYomi #DafChat 58b ‫מיום שחרב בית המקדש נגזרה גזירה על בתיהן של צדיקים שיחרבו‬ #DafYomi #DafChat 58b ood excuse to start sinning

ice to know rtscroll had the good sense not to include *all* the blessings in its siddur. ‫המבין‬ ‫# יבין‬DafYomi #DafChat 58b ‫ אין המת משתכח מן הלב אלא לאחר שנים עשר חדש‬erhaps why you don t say yizkor in the st year after someone s passing #DafYomi #DafChat 58b ‫ אמרו ליה: חכימת כולי האי? יהבי ביה עינייהו ושכיב‬The tare of Death is certainly one way to win an argument #DafYomi #DafChat 58b The sad thing is I can see someone asking an amputee it was from birth or after so that he'd know what beracha to say #DafYomi #DafChat 58b ‫ ראה בריות טובות ואילנות טובות אומר ברוך שככה לו בעולמו‬The classic yeshiva pickup line Memories of seeing an albino duck on a date in Central ark many many years ago and did say the beracha #DafYomi #DafChat 58b 9/29/2012 59 They had pretty frum necromancers back in Rabbinic times #DafYomi #DafChat 59a
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cuse me while kick the sky ♫ ‫# בועט ברקיע‬DafYomi #DafChat 59a

‫ ♫ ענני דשפכי מיא להדדי‬Thunder only happens when it s raining ♫ #DafYomi #DafChat 59a Acc to the Gemara (Abaye's redaction of Rava), on both thunder and lightning one says two blessings. #DafYomi #DafChat 59a I remember doing the birkat hahama by the East River a few years ago when I was just starting out here. #DafYomi #DafChat 59b ell isn t that #ironic ‫.מאימתי מברכין על הגשמים - משיצא חתן לקראת כלה‬ When something good happens to you alone you say shehechianu. Something good to you and someone else, hatov vehameitiv #DafYomi #DafChat 59b Apparently you need the gemara to tell you that women are also happy when they give birth to boys #DafYomi #DafChat 59b 9/30/2012 60 ‫ מכלל דכי קנה וחזר וקנה - דברי הכל אין צריך לברך‬Why you don't recite a blessing over purchasing apple products #DafYomi #DafChat 60a ‫ כח דהתירא עדיף ליה‬Yet another Talmudic dictum routinely ignored #DafYomi #DafChat 60a Blessing over the bad means accepting that there is bad in present even if it turns out good in future #DafYomi #DafChat 60a ‫משלשה ועד ארבעים - יבקש רחמים שיהא זכר‬ #DafChat 60a ne should pray that the fetus is male #DafYomi

‫ יבקש רחמים שלא יהא סנדל‬ut don t you want your kid to have a sole #DafYomi #DafChat 60a Fear is a sin, unless you're afraid of something Torah related. Fear in the mind killer #DafYomi #DafChat #Dune 60a ‫לא שנו אלא בכרך שאין דנין והורגין בו, אבל בכרך שדנין והורגין בו - לית לן בה‬ #DafYomi #DafChat 60a hat about Texas

The prayer for entering a bathhouse should probably still be said for many guys' apts, not to mention college dorms #DafYomi #DafChat 60a ‫ לעולם אל יפתח אדם פיו לשטן‬The Devil you say #DafYomi #DafChat 60a

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I remember an Israeli anti-smoking campaign ‫# אל תפתח פה לשרטן‬DafYomi #DafChat 60a ‫ ורפא ירפא - מכאן שניתנה רשות לרופא לרפאות‬iblical support for Jewish doctors #DafYomi #DafChat 60a In Gush I was once woken up at 3am by a stupid rooster and debated saying the blessing #DafYomi #DafChat 60b ‫ כי זקיף, לימא: ברוך זוקף כפופים‬So yeshiva students/talmidei chachamim would be exempt #DafYomi #DafChat 60b ‫ לא נצרכה אלא לקבולינהו בשמחה‬ccept the bad with as much joy as you accept the good #DafYomi #DafChat 60b ‫ לעולם יהא אדם רגיל לומר כל דעביד רחמנא לטב עביד‬Not that it *is* for the good, but it's a good perspective #DafYomi #DafChat 60b

10/1/2012 Sukkot 1 61 ‫מאי דכתיבוייצר ה' אלהים את האדם בשני יודי"ן‬ #DafYomi #DafChat 61a

aybe because he created them in air awn

‫ דו פרצופין ברא הקדוש ברוך הוא באדם הראשון‬The first man was initially created two-faced # arveyDent #DafYomi #DafChat 61a According to Shimon B. Menasya God braided Eve's hair, likely gossiped about Adam in the process #DafYomi #DafChat 61a In Jewish chivalry the man walks in front of the woman so as not to gaze at her excessively #DafYomi #DafChat 61a ‫ אמר רב: יצר הרע דומה לזבוב‬ord of the lies #DafYomi #DafChat 61a It seems the most efficient way to get rid of your evil inclination is to donate your left kidney. #DafYomi #DafChat 61a ‫ואמר רבא: לא איברי עלמא אלא לרשיעי גמורי או לצדיקי גמורי‬ #DafChat 61b mm hich side to pick #DafYomi

Strange reading the gemara about R. Akiva a week after reading Eleh Ezkerah on Yom Kippur (and sermon on this gemara) #DafYomi #DafChat 61b Great, another sugya on going to the bathroom. I can't tell if the Sages are being serious or fecetious. #DafYomi #DafChat 61b-62a
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The story of moving the bricks reminds me of the 3 seashells line in Demolition Man http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9mFuB0gsNAA #DafYomi #DafChat 61b #ProTip Don't redecorate Rabba's bathroom. #DafYomi #DafChat 61b Modern rabbis shouldn't complain about being hounded by congregants. It used to me much, much worse #DafYomi #DafChat 62a I wonder what Rav's wife had to say about R. Kahana, or about Rav's response for that matter #DafYomi #DafChat 62a I can just see Abaye saying, "I need to go the bathroom - let me get my goat." #DafYomi #DafChat 62a ‫ אמר עולא: אחורי הגדר - נפנה מיד‬Just don t whiz on the electric fence http www youtube com watch v Dugq s dc #Daf hat #DafYomi 62a ‫דתניא: אין קורין צנוע - אלא למי שצנוע בבית הכסא‬ #DafYomi #DafChat 62a o much for your long skirts and full length sleeves

Halakhah: Eulogizers are not allowed to exaggerate the qualities of the deceased #WhatRabbisDo #DafYomi #DafChat 62a ‫ בר קפרא הוה מזבן מילי בדינרי‬ar appara got paid for his tweets are soon parted #DafYomi #DafChat 62b ‫אמר רבי אלעזר: מלמד שסכך עצמו כסוכה‬ #DafYomi #DafChat 62b est one fool and his money

hich led to aul earning the nickname tinsel toes

10/3/2012 Dear Rava, I know plenty of people who mind guests wearing shoes in their houses, and more who dislike spitting #DafYomi #DafChat 63a ‫ לפי שאין עונין אמן במקדש‬guess in the temple you really can t get an #DafChat 63a men #DafYomi

‫ דרש בר קפרא: זלת - קבוץ קנה מינה‬You need a derasha to tell you to buy low #DafYomi #DafChat 63a Where there is a man, don't be the man. If you're equal I suppose you fight over who da man. #DafYomi #DafChat 63a Keep God in your mind even when you're sinning. #DafYomi #DafChat 63a
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Bar Kappara teaches always teach your son an easy and clean profession. E.g. Stonecutter http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ZI_aEalijE #DafYomi #DafChat 63a ‫ רבי אומר: לעולם אל ירבה אדם רעים בתוך ביתו‬Talmudic basis for being a social pariah hermit #DafYomi #DafChat 63a ‫ רבי אומר: אל ימנה אדם אפטרופוס בתוך ביתו‬ec even the Rabbinic ages didn t trust middle management #DafYomi #DafChat 63a ‫כל המשתף שם שמים בצערו - כופלין לו פרנסתו‬ od Damn it #DafYomi #DafChat 63a

Even back in Talmudic times, Rabbinic politics got very, very ugly. #DafYomi #DafChat 63a-b ‫ שאין התורה נקנית אלא בחבורה‬Talmudic basis for the havura movement #DafYomi #DafChat 63b

‫ מנין שאין דברי תורה מתקיימין אלא במי שממית עצמו עליה‬This explains all those killer bechinas #DafYomi #DafChat 63b ‫ לעולם ילמוד אדם תורה ואחר כך יהגה‬Reminds me of one of Haham Ben-Haim's favorite sayings: "‫# תקשיב ואחר כך תשאל‬DafYomi #DafChat 63b If you keep quiet the 1st & 2nd time a teacher says something which makes you angry you might actually learn something #DafYomi #DafChat 63b ‫ כל המנבל עצמו על דברי תורה - סופו להתנשא‬Huh - so embarrassing yourself over Torah is a segulah to get married #DafYomi #DafChat 63b ‫ המארח תלמיד חכם בתוך ביתו, ומאכילו ומשקהו ומהנהו מנכסיו - על אחת כמה וכמה‬eed a single Rabbi #DafYomi #DafChat 63b 10/4/2012 64 ‫ כל הדוחק את השעה שעה דוחקתו וכל הנדחה מפני השעה שעה נדחת מפניו‬Opposite of Carpe Diem? What about ‫# אם לא עכשיו אמתי‬DafYomi #DafChat 64a Why is R. Yosef listening to the Chaldean astrologers? #DafYomi #DafChat 64a ‫כל הנהנה מסעודה שתלמיד חכם שרוי בתוכה כאילו נהנה מזיו שכינה‬ lunch invites #DafYomi #DafChat 64a hy you should never turn down my

‫ .הנפטר מחברו אל יאמר לו לך בשלום, אלא לך לשלום‬Bec if you say ‫ לך בשלום‬your friend will really be ‫# נפטר‬DafYomi #DafChat 64a

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‫הנפטר מן המת אל יאמר לו לך לשלום אלא לך בשלום‬ manners #DafYomi #DafChat 64a

etting killed by zombies is no excuse for bad

‫ תלמידי חכמים אין להם מנוחה לא בעולם הזה ולא בעולם הבא‬o much for a rested development #DafYomi #DafChat 64a ‫ אמר רבי אלעזר אמר רבי חנינא: תלמידי חכמים מרבים שלום בעולם...ה' יברך את עמו בשלום‬R DD #DafYomi #DafChat 64a ‫# הדרן עלך הרואה וסליקא לה מסכת ברכות‬DafYomi #DafChat 64a

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