2-Day Faculty Development Program On Multivariate Data Analysis for Management Decision

To provide faculty and research scholars, the tools to understand commonly used research techniques, and help them to gain a better understanding of appropriate techniques (including multivariate techniques) useful to their work area and application To provide hands-on training on SPSS/Eviewssoftware for solving problems through popularly used techniques such as conjoint analysis, factor analysis, multidimensional scaling, etc.

For Whom the Program is meant
The program is for the intended faculty members and research scholars who want to learn the use of multivariate techniques and SPSS/Eviews software for their professional development.

Multivariate Techniques Conjoint Analysis for Product Design Discriminant Analysis Multidimensional Scaling Factor Analysis Cluster Analysis Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) Time Series Hand-on training in using SPSS/Eviews Software.

Lectures, Simulation, SPSS/Eviews package based problems

Mob: 8377057270 and Prof. He also has conducted over 100 executive programmes at Kirloskar Institute.edu.edu. published by EXCEL in 2008 is on International Marketing. Please send DD/Cheque in favour of“Institute of Management Technology” payable at Ghaziabad. The third book. Email id:dmaitra@imt. For Registration Contact: MDP office. 0120-3004361 For Further Information: Prof. 2012 at IMT campus. USA and Journal of Global Marketing.Includes lunch. is an accomplished academician with interest in Marketing Research. Dean. Program Faculty Dr. Devjit Chatterjee. The second book titled Services Marketing focuses on the entire field from India’s perspective.Fee Rs. academics at IMT-Ghaziabad. Advance registration may be sent in by e-mail by October 29.edu . It is published by Tata McGraw Hill. R.Sr. He has three major books to his credit. email id: dchatterjee@imt. Email id: akchauhan@imt. Ghaziabad. His present research focus is on services marketing strategy. Raj Nagar.5000/ for entire program (non-residential) for faculties and research scholars. 2012. Ajay Chauhan. and world class marketing. Contact details: Mr. Mob: 9811216905 Dates and Venue The program will be organised during November 6-7. with several original Indian cases. Debasish Maitra. IIM-Lucknow and IIM-Kozhikode. He has published his many research papers in journals includes Academy of Management Journal. Nagrundkar. marketing orientation. IMT-Ghaziabad. refreshments and workshop materials. Marketing Strategy and Services Marketing. The first titled Marketing Research is a text which gives students hands-on experience in becoming a successful practitioner of Marketing Research. .

Dr. Before joining the programme. Ajay Kumar Chauhan is a well known trainer of quantitative research methods. NIT and IIITM. At present he is working with IMT Ghaziabad as Assistant Professor in the area of Finance. agricultural and non-agricultural credit. He has conducted more than 100 workshops on financial econometrics and business research methods in reputed institutions of India such as IIFT. He also presented more than 20 research papers in international and National conferences. appraisal writing etc. Dr Ajay Kumar Chauhan has many research publications in refereed international and national Journals. . its transmission using multivariatemodels and the effect of volume and open interest on volatility by involving various financial econometric tools. He has published a few papers in boththe International and National peer reviewed journals. His dissertation work is on Volatility and Spill over Effects in Indian Commodity Markets encompassing modeling volatility. Debasish Maitra is pursuing his fellow program at the Institute of Rural Management Anand (IRMA).Prof. he worked in Bidhan Chandra KrishiViswaVidyalaya and Union Bank of India for more than two years at different capacities in the field of agrochemicals.

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