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Hand hygiene Technique

Hand washing is the single most important means of preventing the spread of infection When hand hygiene done
Before touching a patient. Before clean / aseptic procedure After body fluid exposure risk After touching a patient After touching patient surroundings

How to hand rub? Duration of the entire procedure takes 20-30 seconds.

Apply antiseptic agent fro. Scrub each finger. and the hands. including the nails. Wash the hands and arms thoroughly to 2 inches above the elbows. . and clean under the fingernails with nail cleaner.The Surgical Scrub The process of removing as many microorganisms as possible from the hands and arms by mechanical washing and chemical antisepsis before participating in a surgical procedure. including the nails and the hands with the brush. 3. a half minute for each hand. 4. Again scrub each individual finger. several times. Rinse thoroughly under running water with the hands upward. -Wet the hands and forearms 2. allowing water to drip from the flexed elbows. Technique: 1. 5. - It last for 5 minutes. half a minute for each hand. Take a sterile brush or sponge and apply an antiseptic agent . Hold the brush in one hand and both hands under running water.

must drip off elbows 7. Dry the opposite arm on the unused end of the towel . Do not let water run down to hands. and pick up the towel. Be sure to keep both arms in the upright position (careful not to touch the faucet!) so that all water flows off the elbows and not back down to the freshly scrubbed hands. Reapply the antimicrobial agent and wash the hands and arms. . for 3 minutes. Reach down to the opened sterile package containing the gown. Dry both hands thoroughly but independently. and discard the brush.6. 9. using the oscillating motion of the arm. Be careful not to drip water onto the pack.. Rinse the hands and brush. applying friction to the elbows. Open the towel full-length. To dry one arm. Bend slightly forward 10. hold the towel in the opposite hand and. draw the towel up to the elbow. 8.

keeping the inside of the gown toward the body. 5. 3. let the gown unfold. Reach down to the sterile package and lift the folded gown directly upward. carefully locate the neckline. The circulator brings the gown over the shoulders. Holding the hands at shoulder level. The back of the gown is securely . Step back away from the table into an unobstructed area to provide a wide margin of safety while gowning. 4.Gowning 1. Holding the folded gown. Do not touch the outside of the gown with bare hands. Holding the inside front of the gown just below the neckline with both hands. leaving the cuffs of the sleeves extended over the hands. slip both arms into the armholes simultaneously 6. 2. The gown is pulled on.

Gloving by the Closed Glove Technique 1. 3.tied at the neck and waist. Place the palm of the glove against the palm of the left hand. above the palm. Grasp the back of the cuff in the left hand and turn it over the end of the left sleeve and hand. 2. grasping in the left hand the top edge of the cuff. Extend the left forearm with the palm upward. touch the outside of the gown at the line of ties of the back only. pick up the left glove from the inner wrap of the glove package by grasping the folded cuff. Using the right hand and keeping it within the cuff of the sleeve. .

5. Use the gloved left hand to pull on the right glove. reversing hands. Glove the right hand in the same manner. Pull the glove on over the extended right fingers until it completely covers the stockinette cuff. Grasp the top of the left glove and underlying gown sleeve with the covered right hand.4. .