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Bible Basics for Catholics

A New Picture of Salvation History
John Bergsma


Foreword by Scott Hahn

from biblical scholar John Bergsma two-time teacher of the year at the franciscan University of Steubenvillecomes this fresh, fun, and authentically Catholic introduction to the big picture of salvation history . This overview of the Bible is based on Bergsmas wildly popular introduction to theology course at franciscan University, where he is a colleague of Scott Hahn . Bergsma combines sound theology, academic expertise, pastoral wisdom, and an endearing playfulness to draw readers into the connection between the great stories of the Bible and salvation in Jesus . Central to the books themes are Bergsmas signature illustrations of key biblical characters, which are simple, yet surprisingly profound .

ISBN: 978-1-59471-291-3, 192 pages, $14.95 Also available as an eBook.

John Bergsma is a very effective teacher of scripture with a gift for clarity and depth .
Author of The Lambs Supper

Scott Hahn

John Bergsma is an associate professor of theology at the franciscan University of Steubenville and a senior fellow at the St . Paul Center for Biblical Theology . Twice voted faculty of the Year by graduating classes at franciscan University, Bergsma is a popular teacher whose love of scripture inspires his students .


My Peace I Give You

Dawn Eden

Healing Sexual Wounds with the Help of the Saints

Foreword by Mother Agnes Mary Donovan, S.V.
Dawn eden, internationally known speaker and author of the bestselling The Thrill of the Chaste, tells how the lives of the saints have given her hope and aided her journey of spiritual healing after childhood sexual abuse .

ISBN: 978-1-59471-290-6, 256 pages, $16.95 Also available as an eBook.

It is my hope that this book may become a resource readily available: in churches, schools, counseling centers, young adult ministries, libraries, and hospitals . I pray that for every reader this book will be an instrument of grace and instruction .
Mother Agnes Mary Donovan, S.V.
Superior General, Sisters of Life


The Messy Quest for Meaning

Five Catholic Practices for Finding Your Vocation
Stephen Martin
Foreword by Karen Sue Smith
Drawing on lessons learned from Catholic monks and saints as well as his own experience, Stephen Martin has crafted five unique practices to help Catholics and other seekers grapple with lifes truly important questions and discover their true calling in the world .

ISBN: 978-1-93349-532-3, 192 pages, $14.95 Also available as an eBook.

This hopeful book will be a welcome gift to anyone still sorting out who god is calling them to be .
Author of Longing to Love

Tim Muldoon

(800) 282-1865

From Willow Creek to Sacred Heart

Rekindling My Love for Catholicism
Chris Haw
Foreword by Shane Claiborne
The bestselling coauthor of Jesus for President recounts his spiritual journey through evangelical Christianity and his return to Catholicism . a respectful and engaging look at the megachurch movement and a heartfelt expression of love for the Catholic Churchs liturgy and its commitment to the poor .


ISBN: 978-1-59471-292-0, 256 pages, $15.95 Available October 2012 Also available as an eBook.

This book is really excellent, and reveals the maturity that seems to be showing itself in so many of our churches today .
Center for Action and Contemplation, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Richard Rohr, O.F.M.

Still Point
Regis Martin


Loss, Longing, and Our Search for God

franciscan University professor, popular speaker, and prolific author Regis Martin tells how the deaths of his mother and brother pushed him to revisit all he knew and felt about god and his own deepest desiresand how he came to reconcile the theology he teaches with the lived experience of faith .

ISBN: 978-1-59471-341-5, 128 pages, $11.95 Available October 2012

Regis Martin is a sage for our time . Here he offers us wisdom for confronting the greatest mysteries of life, which are suffering and death .
Author of The Lambs Supper

Scott Hahn


at first communion I was taught to say first thing every morning, Sacred Heart of Jesus, I place all my trust in Thee! Reading father Kubickis splendid book has only made that prayer all the more sincere and meaningful .
Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan

A Heart on Fire
James Kubicki, S.J.

Archbishop of New York

Rediscovering Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Rev . James Kubicki, S .J ., national director of the apostleship of Prayer, offers a lively introduction to one of the greatest Catholic devotionsthe Sacred Heart of Jesusshowing how the Heart of Christ can be a source of joyful transformation for contemporary Catholics .

ISBN: 978-1-59471-287-6, 192 pages with 4-page color insert, $13.95


Eucharistic Adoration
Charles M. Murphy

Holy Hour Meditations on the Seven Last Words of Christ

Foreword by Cardinal William Levada
This creative prayer compendium invites readers to spend an hour in eucharistic adoration while meditating on the seven last words of Jesus . Charles Murphy also profiles seven contemporary Catholicslike edith Stein and John Paul IIwho are inspiring models of eucharistic devotion .

ISBN: 978-1-59471-308-8, 128 pages, $12.95 Available October 2012 Also available as an eBook.

Also by Charles M. Murphy

The Spirituality of Fasting

Rediscovering a Christian Practice

The Spirituality of Fasting draws on sources ancient and currentfrom augustine to Michael Pollanto consider anew how fasting informs the relationships between creator/creature, body/soul, and rich/poor .

ISBN: 978-1-59471-243-2, 128 pages, $12.95


The Seven Deadly Sins

A Visitors Guide
Lawrence S. Cunningham
lawrence Cunningham guides readers on a veritable tour of and personal inquiry into the seven deadly sinstheir roots in the mystic experiences of the desert fathers, their modern manifestations, and how to supplant these invasive, destructive habits with virtue .

ISBN: 978-1-59471-340-8, 128 pages, $12.95 Available November 2012

Cunningham is at his best in these fresh meditations on the seven deadly sins . Prepare yourself to meet Cassian, Dante, and aquinas on one page, and contemporaries like Kathleen norris and Oliver Stone on the next . One could not ask for a wiser or gentler companion in the joys and potential pitfalls of the spiritual life than larry Cunningham .
Author of Sophia: The Hidden Christ of Thomas Merton

Christopher Pramuk

The Devil You Dont Know

Recognizing and Resisting Evil in Everyday Life
Louis J. Cameli

While remaining a fixture of popular culture, the devil hasuntil nowbeen largely ignored in contemporary spiritual writing . Cameli exposes the devils tactics of deception, division, diversion, and discouragement, in individuals and also in institutions . This thoroughly biblical, deft exploration considers the personal and social dimensions of sin, and offers both enlightenment and hope in the power of Christ at work to overcome evil .

ISBN: 978-1-59471-272-2, 192 pages, $15.95 Also available as an eBook.

Solid spiritual reading .

President, Catholic Theological Union

Donald Senior, C.P.


Donna-Marie Cooper OBoyle has the great ability to speak to and spiritually connect with the hearts of her readers .
Host of EWTN Bookmark

Doug Keck

Rooted In Love

Our Calling as Catholic Women

Donna-Marie Cooper OBoyle
With warmth and candor, Donna-Marie Cooper OBoyle demonstrates why she is so beloved by her readers, viewers, and listeners . Through sometimes-unexpected stories from her own journey, she shows that being a faithfilled Catholic woman does not mean being perfect . Rather, in the midst of parenting difficulties, marital problems, economic hardships, and sicknessamong other challenges one finds strength in Christ and in the wisdom and community of the Church . She highlights how the sacraments, the virtues, prayer, Mary and the saints, the works of mercy, and various devotions and practices all offer women grace and guidance for their lives .

ISBN: 978-1-59471-306-4, 192 pages, $14.95 Available November 2012


The Infertility Companion for Catholics

Spiritual and Practical Support for Couples
Angelique Ruhi-Lpez and Carmen Santamara Foreword by John and Claire Grabowski

This is the first book to address not only the medical, emotional, and spiritual dimensions of infertility, but also the particular needs of Catholic couples who desire to understand and follow Church teaching on the use of assisted reproductive technology .

ISBN: 978-1-59471-289-0, 256 pages, $16.95 Also available as an eBook.

The authors humility, faithfulness, and obediencetested by the unique pain of infertilityhas borne abundant fruit here for the faithful . This is one of those books of which you always need an extra gift copy on hand .
Executive Director, Theology of the Body Institute

Damon Clarke Owens

(800) 282-1865



A Catholic Wrestles with Food, Self-Image, and God

Mary DeTurris Poust
Mary DeTurris Poust draws on the rich appreciation of meals she first gained at the tables of her childhood in an Italian-american family, leading readers into reflection on the connections between eating, self-image, and spirituality . like geneen Roth in Women, Food and God, but from a uniquely Catholic point of view, Poust helps readers spot ways they use food to avoid or ignore their real desires for acceptance, understanding, friendship, love, and, indeed, for god . Poust draws from scripture and the great Catholic prayer forms and devotions to assist readers in making intentional changes in their use of food . She also offers reflections on fasting, eating in solidarity with the poor, vegetarianism, and the local food movement .

ISBN: 978-1-59471-305-7, 160 pages, $13.95 Available December 2012

Whether youre tired of being obsessed with your weight, are hungry for inner peace even more than youre hungry for food, or are desiring the freedom that comes with selfacceptance, Cravings will leave you satisfied .
Author of Weightless: Making Peace with Your Body

Kate Wicker

Also by Mary DeTurris Poust

Walking Together

The Artists Rule

Discovering the Catholic Tradition of Spiritual Friendship

Poust examines rich and nurturing examples of spiritual friendship from well-known saints, writers, and modern religious leaders who serve as exemplars for cultivating meaningful relationships in a world of Twitter and facebook .

Nurturing Your Creative Soul with Monastic Wisdom

Christine Valters Paintner Foreword by Macrina Wiederkehr, O.S.B.

ISBN: 978-1-59471-209-8, 192 pages, $13.95 Also available as an eBook.

Christine Valters Paintner, author of Water, Wind, Earth, and Fire, invites readers to discover and develop their creative gifts in a spirit of prayer and reflection . This twelve-week course draws on the insights and practices of Benedictine spirituality to explore the interplay of contemplation and creativity .

ISBN: 978-1-933495-29-3, 192 pages, $14.95 Also available as an eBook.


Building on the success of lisa M . Hendeys The Handbook for Catholic Moms and A Book of Saints for Catholic Moms and her award-winning website CatholicMom .com, ave Maria Press is pleased to announce the fall 2012 launch of CatholicMom .com Books . This series will deal with a variety of family and parenting issues from a thoroughly Catholic perspective and will be a treasury of wisdom from many of lisas well-known and trusted CatholicMom .com contributors and others .


A Catholic Mothers Companion to Pregnancy

Sarah A. Reinhard Foreword by Danielle Bean

Walking with Mary from Conception to Baptism

Popular Catholic blogger and speaker Sarah Reinhard presents the first book to accompany expectant mothers from conception to baptism with weekly reflections and prayers rooted in the mysteries of the Rosary and related to the babys physical development . Designed to help expectant mothers embrace pregnancy as an opportunity for spiritual growth, A Catholic Mothers Companion to Pregnancy prepares mothers for the trials and joys of pregnancy, childbirth, baptism, and ultimately, motherhood . each week of pregnancy is paired with a mystery of the Rosary, a personal, down-to-earth reflection from Reinhard, advice for living the sacramental life, and a prayer to help the reader grow in faith as she bonds with her unborn child .

ISBN: 978-1-59471-298-2, 224 pages, $14.95 Available September 2012

Uncertainty, morning sickness, and anxiety suddenly turn to hope and direction in a Catholic Mothers Companion to Pregnancy, which will comfort, guide, and inspire you during your pregnancy .
EWTN Host of Everyday Blessings for Catholic Moms

Donna-Marie Cooper OBoyle

2012 Association of Catholic Publishers Award Winner

A Book of Saints for Catholic Moms

52 Companions for Your Heart, Mind, Body, and Soul
Lisa M. Hendey

lisa Hendey, founder of CatholicMom .com and author of The Handbook for Catholic Moms, introduces fifty-two holy companions as guides for the vocation of Catholic motherhood . Hendey eloquently links personal stories, scripture, prayer, and simple soul-strengthening exercises into this spiritually rich resource for Catholic women .

LISA M. HENDEY is the creator of CatholicMom .com and author of The Handbook for Catholic Moms and A Book of Saints for Catholic Moms . She gives workshops on faith, family, and Catholic newmedia topics . Hendey lives with her family in fresno, California .

ISBN: 978-1-59471-273-9, 352 pages, $16.95 Also available as an eBook.

The Handbook for Catholic Moms

Nurturing Your Heart, Mind, Body, and Soul
Lisa M. Hendey

A Perfect Gift for New Moms

Drawing from the deep tradition of the Catholic faith, lisa Hendey coaches Catholic moms in caring for t h e m s e l ve s h e a r t , mind, body, and soul so that they can better love and care for their families, neighborhoods, and their Church . By sharing her own story, Hendey inspires readers to better balance their own needs with the demands of family life and faith commitment .

A Catholic Mothers Prayer Book

Julie Cragon

Bless My Child

Praying is one of the most vital things we can do for our kids . Cragon provides prayers for every stage of their growth, beginning even before they are born and going all the way to the point when they are becoming moms or dads themselves .

ISBN: 978-1-59471-228-9, 256 pages, $15.95 Also available as an eBook.

ISBN: 978-1-59471-014-8, 160 pages, $11.95


Simplifying the Soul

Paula Huston

Lenten Practices to Renew Your Spirit

award-winning author and Benedictine oblate Paula Huston invites readers to de-clutter their minds, hearts, relationships, and souls in a book of daily lenten practices woven from the gospels, the Desert fathers, and the authors own wealth of spiritual experience .

ISBN: 978-1-59471-269-2, 192 pages, $14.95 Also available as an eBook.


Bringing Lent Home with Mother Teresa

Donna-Marie Cooper OBoyle

Prayers, Reflections, and Activities for Families

Popular author and eWTn host Donna-Marie Cooper OBoyle presents a daily devotional companion for families with young children . She illustrates how to bring lent home, doing small things with great love under the guidance of the Blessed Mother Teresa .

ISBN: 978-1-59471-286-9, 96 pages, $2.50

New Lower Price!

Sacred Space for Lent 2013

The Irish Jesuits
a trusted daily lenten prayer resource, the seventh annual Sacred Space for Lent is drawn from the wildly popular Jesuit website sacredspace .ie and the bestselling series of Sacred Space books . It is the engaging, life-filled companion Christians desire for their lenten journey .

ISBN: 978-1-59471-339-2, 128 pages, $1.75 Available November 2012


(800) 282-1865


Exploring Advent with Luke

Timothy Clayton

Four Questions for Spiritual Growth

In this fresh, new contemplative advent companion, Timothy Clayton guides readers into a scriptural exploration of the events leading up to the birth of Christ . He deftly shows how luke composed this first chapter of his gospel to deepen understanding of the birth of Jesus and how meditation on the questions posed by its main characters can help resolve issues that hinder the joy of Christmas . Designed to be used on a weekly basis through advent and during the Twelve Days of Christmas, this reflective guide is ideal for individual and small-group use . Claytons insight is reminiscent of Henri nouwen or Thomas Merton, and brings the story of Christs birth to life anew .

ISBN: 978-1-59471-304-0, 192 pages, $13.95 Available September 2012

O Radiant Dawn
Lisa M. Hendey

5-Minute Prayers around the Advent Wreath

Marked with a noble simplicity worthy of the season, this daily prayer book is created for use around an advent wreath in Catholic households of any configuration . It contains twenty-eight devotional services, each designed to last only five minutesan achievable goal for busy families . The single-page service includes: 1) a simple candle lighting, 2) a brief scripture passage paired with a reflection question for adults and older children and one for younger children, 3) silence, and 4) a closing prayer . Rooted in scriptural images of light, the booklet can be used perennially .


ISBN: 978-1-59471-299-9, 32 pages, $1.25 Available September 2012 New Lower Price!

Sacred Space for Advent and the Christmas Season 2012-2013

The Irish Jesuits

Drawn from the wildly popular Jesuit website sacredspace .ie and the bestselling series of Sacred Space books, these short daily prayers are grounded in Ignatian spirituality and offer busy adults a portable, accessible, and thought-provoking prayer companion for advent .

ISBN: 978-1-59471-295-1, 96 pages, $1.25 Available September 2012


The Pillars of faith series, written by Msgr . Peter J . Vaghi, is a Catechism-based catechetical series that provides RCIa candidates and all adults seeking lifelong faith formation with a concise, accessible, and thorough introduction to the foundational categories of the Catholic tradition: creed, sacraments, morality, and prayer .

Peter J.Vaghi
Perfect for the

Msgr. Catechetical series by

The Faith We Profess

A Catholic Guide to the Apostles Creed

Foreword by Cardinal Donald W. Wuerl

YeAr of fAith

The Faith We Profess offers a simple introduction to Catholicism blending sound Catholic teaching with scripture, the wisdom of the saints, literature, and personal anecdotes .

ISBN: 978-1-59471-177-0, 160 pages, $13.95 Also available as an eBook.

The Sacraments We Celebrate

Foreword by Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan

A Catholic Guide to the Seven Mysteries of Faith

at a time when Mass attendance, Confession, and the number of Catholic weddings are declining, Msgr . Peter Vaghi presents clear and accessible teaching on the sacraments from the latest official teaching of the Church .

ISBN: 978-1-59471-231-9, 160 pages, $12.95 Also available as an eBook.

The Commandments We Keep

Foreword by Cardinal Edwin F. OBrien

A Catholic Guide to Living a Moral Life

View the series book trailer @

The Commandments We Keep unpacks the Ten Commandments by discovering how they were understood in the Old Testament, understanding how Christ fulfilled them in his life and teaching, and examining the personal and practical implications of each commandment for life today .

ISBN: 978-1-59471-261-6, 160 pages, $12.95 Also available as an eBook.

The Prayer We Offer

A Catholic Guide to Communion with God

Foreword by Cardinal San OMalley, O.F.M. Cap.

In this final book in the four-volume Pillars of the faith series, Msgr . Peter J . Vaghi illuminates scripture, the Catechism, and the writings of Benedict XVI to help readers begin or deepen their life of prayer .

Pillars of Faith (4-Volume Set)

ISBN: 978-1-59471-288-3, 608 pages (in 4 volumes), $45.95

ISBN: 978-1-59471-294-4, 160 pages, $12.95

Catechism Resources

The Seekers Catechism

The Basics of Catholicism
Michael Pennock
Ideal for adults or teens interested in becoming Catholic through RCIa, preparing for Confirmation, returning to the Church, or simply wanting to begin a closer examination of the faith, this book makes an ideal gift for seekers as they begin to explore or work to enhance their understanding of Catholicism and deepen their relationships with god .

ISBN: 978-1-59471-285-2, 160 pages, $6.95 Also available as an eBook.


Choosing to Be Catholic
William OMalley, S.J.

For the First Time or Once Again

In this revised edition, Jesuit priest, master-teacher, and bestselling author of thirty-seven books William J . OMalley, S .J ., prompts seekers and skeptics alike to ask a new set of questions as they hunger and search for god . He demonstrates once again his uncanny ability to approach the human quest for god with refreshingly frank discourse as he sorts out the Hows, Whys, and So whats of being Catholic . With razor-sharp focus, OMalley offers a cultured and deeply personal argument for Catholicism to those curious about joining the Church, those wondering if they should stay, and those vacationing from it .

ISBN: 978-1-59471-343-9, 256 pages, $14.95 Available November 2012

This Is Our Faith

Michael Pennock

A Catholic Catechism for Adults

an excellent, readily accessible primer of Catholic doctrine . arranged according to the four pillars of the Catechism of the Catholic Church and correlated to it, this book follows a dynamic questionand-answer format . Specifically designed for Catholic adults, for those new to the church, and those journeying through the RCIa .

ISBN: 978-0-87793-653-4, 368 pages, $16.95 Also available as an eBook.



Together for Life

Celebrating and Living the Sacrament

Joseph M. Champlin with Peter A. Jarret, C.S.C.

With over 9 million copies sold, Together for Life is the top-selling Catholic marriage planning resource . It now boasts rich catechetical material and the new liturgical texts for weddings required by the Roman Missal, Third Edition .

ISBN: 978-1-59471-282-1, 128 pages, $3.95

Juntos Para Toda La Vida

ISBN: 978-0-7648-2207-0, $4.99


Through Death to Life

Joseph M. Champlin

Preparing to Celebrate the Funeral Mass

This comprehensive guide brings together in one place all the official liturgical texts needed for planning a Catholic funeral Mass, providing a practical tool for priests, deacons, and lay pastoral ministers as they help grieving Catholics plan the funeral of a loved one .

ISBN: 978-1-59471-283-8, 128 pages, $3.95

The Rite of Marriage

newly designed and updated with the approved texts from the Roman Missal, Third Edition, this all-in-one wedding resource for parish ministers directly corresponds to the new edition of Together for Life . It contains 15 corresponding tabs along with a complete set of 88 ritual cards with prayers, readings, blessings, and other texts for the marriage rite .

RITE OF MARRIAgE COMPLETE SET 88 Marriage Rite Cards Ceremonial Binder ISBN: 978-1-59471-271-5, $62.95 CEREMONIAL BINDER Vinyl, embossed cover with gold foil stamp RITE OF MARRIAgE RITUAL CARDS Boxed set of 88 rite cards Each card contains a single scripture reading, prayer, or blessing Item: 193, $44.95


Item: 194, Three-ring binder, $18.00

Together at Baptism
Robert M. Hamma

Preparing, Celebrating, and Living the Sacrament

This parish favorite from Robert Hamma is the perfect tool for parent formation and for preparing the baptismal liturgy . new downloadable tools help parish leaders train parents to connect the sacrament with everyday life and better understand their role as their childs first catechists .

ISBN: 978-1-59471-297-5, 128 pages, $3.95

Together in the Spirit

Celebrating and Living the Sacrament of Confirmation

Robert F. Morneau and Mike Grzeca

adult and high-school confirmation candidates benefit from the spiritual wisdom of leading pastoral figure and bestselling author Bishop Robert f . Morneau and Deacon Mike grzeca . This simple companion for prayer, reflection, and personal growth enhances spiritual preparation for and joyful celebration of the sacrament .

ISBN: 978-1-59471-230-2, 128 pages, $4.95

The Funeral Mass and Rite of Committal

now with the approved texts from the Roman Missal, Third Edition, this easy-to-use set brings together all of the prayers, scripture readings, and blessings a priest needs for celebrating the funeral Mass . Over 100 cards will be updated as a result of the new missal .


ISBN: 978-1-59471-000-1, 169 cards and binder, $74.95

Item: 195, 169 cards, $59.95

Item: 196, three-ring binder, $15.00


Books for Priests


The Charism of Priestly Celibacy

Institute for Church Life
Edited by John C. Cavadini
The value of celibacy is often questioned, yet recent surveys of priests demonstrate that more than 75 percent of them feel personally called to celibacy and find it a source of grace in their lives . This rich collection of reflections was presented as a symposium at the University of notre Dame in 2012 and offers both priests and lay Catholics a deeper, theologically based appreciation of celibacy as a charism or gift of the Holy Spirit . With contributions from leading authorities in scripture, Church history, theology, pastoral leadership, and psychology, this collection offers what one contributor describes as a reversal of mindset, a reframing of the issue for today .

ISBN: 978-1-59471-361-3, 192 pages, $15.95 Available October 2012 Over 10,000 Sold

Why Priests Are Happy

Stephen J. Rossetti

A Study of the Psychological and Spiritual Health of Priests

Foreword by John L. Allen Jr.
In this groundbreaking, peer-reviewed study, Msgr . Stephen J . Rossetti, the leading american authority on the Catholic priesthood and former director of Saint lukes Institute, reveals the unexpected results of a recent study of nearly 2,500 priests in the United States .

ISBN: 978-1-59471-274-6, 256 pages, $18.95 Also available as an eBook.

Born of the Eucharist

A Spirituality for Priests
Edited by Stephen J. Rossetti
Msgr . Stephen J . Rossetti weaves together reflections on the eucharist from over twenty notable contributors, including the late Cardinal avery Dulles and Cardinal Donald Wuerl . This book makes an ideal gift for priests and seminarians, as well as interested laity seeking inspiration from priestly devotion to the eucharist .


ISBN: 978-1-59471-217-3, 192 pages, $16.95

Christian Classics Stages on the Road

Sigrid Undset
Foreword by Elizabeth Scalia
Stages on the Road is a series of essays about the relationship between the Church and the modern world . In the spirit of g . K . Chesterton and C . S . lewis, Undset points to inconsistencies, hypocrisies, and blind spots of the modern secular mindset by introducing readers to the stories of somewhat-forgotten Catholic figures like St . angela Merici and the english martyrs Margaret Clitherow and Robert Southwellpeople who stood fast to their faith in the face of both intellectual and political hostility . Undset tackles such topics as religious freedom, ChristianMuslim relations, and the vocation of women .


ISBN: 978-0-87061-258-9, 256 pages, $16.95 Available Now

an energetic, passionate voiceone that urges the faithful onward, and onward still, through brambles of history and passing modern trends, toward a Truth that is startlingly alive .
The Anchoress at

Elizabeth Scalia

Jesus Christus
Romano Guardini
Foreword by Robert Krieg
Romano guardini, widely recognized as the theological mentor of Joseph Ratzinger (Pope Benedict XVI), offers a series of meditations on the life of Christ in a similar vein to the Popes Jesus of nazareth series .


ISBN: 978-0-87061-257-2, 128 pages, $12.95 Available Now

guardini invites us to enter into the mystery of Christ and experience the mysteries of god that are forever challenging us .
Director, National Institute for the Renewal of the Priesthood

Rev. Eugene F. Hemrick



Let Us Be What We Are

Clarence J. Enzler

The Joys and Challenges of Living the Little Way

Foreword by Msgr. John Enzler
This final work from Clarence enzler offers a glimpse into the life of a Christian disciple facing his own mortality and reflecting on holiness, family, and the saintsin particular St . Thrse of lisieux, to whom enzler had a great devotion .

ISBN: 978-0-87061-256-5, 192 pages, $12.95

My Other Self
Clarence J. Enzler

Conversations with Christ on Living Your Faith

Foreword by Benedict Groeschel, C.F.R.
Modeled on the fifteenth-century classic The Imitation of Christ, this new edition of a little-known enzler masterwork is revived for modern Christians . This new edition includes an introduction from the authors son, Msgr . John enzler .

ISBN: 978-0-87061-248-0, 256 pages, $13.95 Also available as an eBook.

The Mass of the Roman Rite

Its Origins and Development
Joseph A. Jungmann, S.J.
The fruit of over a decade of painstaking research, The Mass of the Roman Rite is a magisterial treatment of every part of the Mass: its form, its history, its theology . Joseph Jungmanns towering work is a comprehensive study of the origins, evolution, and theology of the Mass from its earliest forms to the dawn of Vatican II . This new edition includes an important revised chapter on the comingling of the eucharistic species unavailable in the previous two-volume set .


Hardcover Set ISBN: 978-0-87061-271-8, 1056 pages, $90.00 Paperback Set ISBN: 978-0-87061-274-9, 1056 pages, $49.95 Available November 2012


(800) 282-1865

Henri nouwen Out of Solitude

Henri J.M. Nouwen

Three Meditations on the Christian Life

Foreword by Thomas Moore
Three beautifully written, scripture-based meditations show how it was in solitude that Jesus found the courage to follow gods will, not his own the core of the Christian life and a message of profound importance .

ISBN: 978-0-87793-495-0, 64 pages, $8.95 Also available as an eBook.

Can You Drink the Cup?

Henri J.M. Nouwen
Foreword by Ron Hansen
Henri J .M . nouwen reflects upon the metaphor of the cup, using the images of holding, lifting, and drinking to articulate the basics of the spiritual life .

ISBN: 978-1-59471-099-5, 128 pages, $12.95 Also available as an eBook.

Thomas Merton Thomas Merton: A Life in Letters

The Essential Collection
Thomas Merton
In this expert distillation of Thomas Mertons letters, we are offered a unique lens through which to relive the spiritual and social upheavals of the twentieth century while encountering wisdom that is still relevant for our world today .

ISBN: 978-1-59471-256-2, 416 pages, $18.95

A Book of Hours
Thomas Merton
Edited by Kathleen Deignan
Mertons voluminous writings have been arranged into prayers for Dawn, Day, Dusk, and Dark for each of the days of the week . A Book of Hours allows for a slice of monastic contemplation in the midst of hectic modern life, with psalms, prayers, readings, and reflections .

ISBN: 978-1-933495-05-7, 224 pages, $20.00 Also available as an eBook.


Classics with Commentary, a series in the Christian Classics line devoted to rediscovering classic Christian literature, mines the depths of the rich tradition of Christian spirituality . Critical translations accompanied by thought-provoking commentary by Dennis Billy, C .Ss .R ., and probing questions revitalize these works for todays generation of spiritual seekers .

Abandonment to Divine Providence

Jean-Pierre de Caussade

This classic work of Christian spirituality emboldens modern readers to see gods care and concern for them in the joys and challenges of everyday life .
ISBN: 978-0-87061-253-4, 192 pages, $17.95 Also available as an eBook.

The Imitation of Christ

Thomas Kempis

William Creasys accessible translation of this timeless Christian classic is paired with Dennis Billys insightful commentary and thought-provoking reflection questions . Readers will find this a wise and helpful guide in navigating the joys and perils of the Christian life .
ISBN: 978-0-87061-234-3, 272 pages, $15.95 Also available as an eBook.

Interior Castle
Teresa of Avila

The classic e . allison Peers translation of this Christian favorite is united with fresh spiritual commentary, making it the only edition of Teresa of avilas classic to remain faithful to her mystical vision while providing spiritual nourishment .
ISBN: 978-0-87061-241-1, 320 pages, $17.95 Also available as an eBook.

Spiritual Friendship
Aelred of Rievaulx

Written in the twelfth century by Cistercian abbot aelred of Rievaulx, Spiritual Friendship invites readers to enter into one of the great works of the Christian tradition that sees friendship as a key to spiritual growth and true happiness .
ISBN: 978-0-87061-242-8, 160 pages, $15.95 Also available as an eBook.

Visits to the Most Holy Sacrament and to Most Holy Mary

Alphonsus de Liguori

The first complete and faithful english translation from its original Italian of Visits to the Most Holy Sacrament and to Most Holy Mary, a devotional classic by St . alphonsus de liguori .

ISBN: 978-0-87061-244-2, 160 pages, $17.95


In these pages, we meet newman the spiritual master, gracious and compassionate, intelligent and so, so beautiful to read .

Coauthor of Take Five: Meditations with John Henry Newman

Mike Aquilina

Heart to Heart
John Henry Newman

A Cardinal Newman Prayer Book

Heart to Heart is a comprehensive gathering of the luminous prayers of the newly beatified Cardinal John Henry newman . The only newman prayer book, it is ideal for both those who love newmans work and for those getting to know newman for the first time .

ISBN: 978-0-87061-255-8, 288 pages, $15.95 Also available as an eBook.

Newman 101
Roderick Strange

An Introduction to the Life and Philosophy of John Cardinal Newman

an accessible introduction to the thought of the popular and widely studied philosopher, Blessed John Cardinal newman, from his controversial conversion to Catholicism to his highly respected publications on Church philosophy .

ISBN: 978-0-87061-247-3, 192 pages, $15.95

Aquinas 101
Francis Selman

A Basic Introduction to the Thought of Saint Thomas Aquinas

This brief, engaging, and readable summary of the influential thought of St . Thomas aquinas takes complex, confusing topics and thoughtfully, yet clearly, summarizes the legacy of one of the Catholic Churchs greatest minds .

ISBN: 978-0-87061-243-5, 224 pages, $16.95


Complete Standard Edition

Butlers Lives of the Saints

Alban Butler
Edited, Revised, and Supplemented by Herbert J. Thurston, S.J., and Donald Attwater
This four-volume set was revised in 1956 to encompass 2,565 saints compared to the original 1,486 . Readers will find every page full of truths central to Christianity and underlying themes of Christian love .

Complete Four-Volume Set HARDCOVER SET ISBN: 978-0-87061-045-5, 2,932 pages, $159.95 PAPERBACK SET ISBN: 978-0-87061-137-7, 2,932 pages, $109.95


Johannes Quasten
Offers an accessible summary of four centuries of Church fathers and their literature . These valuable reference volumes cover Clement of Rome through the latin writers during the time of Pope leo the great .

Complete Four-Volume Paperback Set: ISBN: 978-0-87061-141-4, 2,162 pages, $149.95 Individual volumes also available. Visit for more details.

Summa Theologica
St. Thomas Aquinas

Complete English Edition in Five Volumes

Summa Theologica, St . Thomas aquinas brilliant synthesis of Christian thought, has had a decisive and permanent impact on philosophy and religion since the thirteenth century . This complete english edition was translated by the priests of the english Dominican Province .

Complete Five-Volume Set HARDCOVER SET ISBN: 978-0-87061-063-9, 3,022 pages, $245.00 PAPERBACK SET ISBN: 978-0-87061-069-1, 3,022 pages, $165.00

Summa Theologiae
A Concise Translation
St. Thomas Aquinas
Edited by Timothy McDermott
The real meat of St. Thomas Aquinas has been captured here with remarkable good judgment, and it is in fact a fresh and stimulating experience to read Aquinas doctrine on a given point gathered all together .
Fordham University, International Philosophical Quarterly

W. Norris Clarke, S.J.


HARDCOVER ISBN: 978-0-87061-211-4, 652 pages, $59.95 PAPERBACK ISBN: 978-0-87061-210-7, 652 pages, $42.50

30Days with a great

Spiritual teacher
Edited by John Kirvan | Series foreword by Caroline Myss
each book in the 30 Days with a great Spiritual Teacher series provides a month of daily readings from one of Christianitys most beloved spiritual guides . for each day there is a brief and accessible morning meditation drawn from the mystics writings, a simple mantra for use throughout the day, and a night prayer to focus ones thoughts as the day ends .

These spiritual teachers can help us to turn prayer into conversation with god, and the most mundane occasions become meetings with god in our neighbors .
Dean of the Mendoza College of Business The Univesity of Notre Dame

Carolyn Y. Woo

All Will Be Well

Julian of Norwich ISBN: 978-1-59471-151-0 120 pages, $9.95

Simply Surrender
Thrse of Lisieux ISBN: 978-1-59471-154-1 128 pages, $9.95
Also available as an eBook.

Let Nothing Disturb You

Teresa of Avila ISBN: 978-1-59471-152-7 120 pages, $9.95
Also available as an eBook.

True Serenity
Thomas Kempis ISBN: 978-1-59471-157-2 120 pages, $9.95

Peace of Heart
Francis of Assisi ISBN: 978-1-59471-155-8 120 pages, $9.95

Where Only Love Can Go

The Cloud of Unknowing ISBN: 978-1-59471-158-9 128 pages, $9.95

Set Your Heart Free

You Shall Not Want

The Psalms ISBN: 978-1-59471-156-5 120 pages, $9.95

Francis de Sales ISBN: 978-1-59471-153-4 120 pages, $9.95

23 23

Prayer Books

Day by Day

The Notre Dame Prayerbook for Students

Foreword by Theodore Hesburgh, C.S.C.

William G. Storey, D.M.S., and Thomas McNally, C.S.C.

With half a million copies sold since its inception, Day by Day is the beloved prayerbook that notre Dame students, alumni, and friends trust to deepen their prayer lives and expand their understanding of god . This collection of prayers is the perfect gift for college students, high school graduates, and Confirmation candidates .

ISBN: 978-1-59471-018-6, 224 pages, $9.95

The Notre Dame Book of Prayer

Office of Campus Ministry
Edited by Heidi Schlumpf
The vibrant Catholic spirituality of the University of notre Dame and the sacred places on its beloved campus come alive in this inspiring collection of prayers, reflections, and meditative photos fit for every occasion .

ISBN: 978-1-59471-196-1, 320 pages, $27.95

5 Minutes with Christ

Spiritual Nourishment for Busy Teachers

Edited by Lou DelFra, C.S.C., and Ann Primus Berends

In these gospel reflections, educators will find comfort and strength in the life of Christ the Teacher . The contributing authors draw from their own teaching experiences to provide personal and insightful reflections into what it means to be a Christian teacher with the challenges that each day brings .

ISBN: 978-1-59471-275-3, 224 pages, $12.95 Also available as an eBook.


Prayer Books
The website Sacred Space has been helping millions to pray for some years . now ave Maria Press makes these very helpful and easily usable prayer-helps available in handsome and accessible form . What a great service to gods people!



Sacred Space
The Irish Jesuits

Author of Paying Attention to God

Rev. William A. Barry, S.J.

The Prayer Book 2013

With eight years of successful sales, Sacred Space: The Prayer Book 2013 is the annual daily prayer book for busy Catholics . Since 2005, Sacred Space books have sold over 300,000 copies and continue to provide insightful, valuable daily meditations in the rich tradition of lectio divina (sacred reading) and Ignatian spirituality .

ISBN: 978-1-59471-307-1, 384 pages, $15.95 Available October 2012

Pathway to Our Hearts

Archbishop Thomas Collins

A Simple Approach to Lectio Divina with the Sermon on the Mount

archbishop Collins combines two rare gifts: a vivid, engaging style and a deep understanding of Scripture . This book is a marvelous introduction to the ancient Christian tradition of lectio divina (sacred reading), and a real treasure for meditation on the Word of god . for any Christian longing for a deeper experience of prayer, the author opens the door to a richer daily life rooted in the Sermon on the Mount .
Most Rev. Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M. Cap.
Archbishop of Denver

ISBN: 978-1-59471-265-4, 160 pages, $12.95 Also available as an eBook.

Living the Rosary

John Phalen, C.S.C.

Finding Your Life in the Mysteries

Rev . John Phalen, C .S .C ., invites readers to experience gods presence in their daily lives through Rosary devotion . Living the Rosary employs scripture, the lives of the saints, and Phalens pastoral experiences to lead readers into a deep appreciation of the personal import of the mysteries of the Rosary .

ISBN: 978-1-59471-264-7, 128 pages, $12.95 Also available as an eBook.


Carmelite Spirituality
I Want to See God & I Am a Daughter of the Church Complete Set
P. Marie-Eugne, O.C.D.

I Want to See God and its companion I Am a Daughter of the Church are written works of father Marie-eugne of the Child Jesus, O .C .D . a synthesis of rich doctrinal teachings with the sureness born of a deep contemplative experience, this set offers a vital doctrine to men and women . Bringing to light the dynamics of baptismal grace, father Marie-eugne opens up the paths of contemplation and holiness to all in the midst of ordinary life . Both books illustrate the untiring search for god through time and the need for reliable spiritual masters .

ISBN: 978-0-87061-134-6, 1,228 pages, $56.00 Also available individually. Visit for details.

The Way of Prayer

Teresa of Avila

Learning to Pray with the Our Father

This simple guide on how to pray offers todays Christianswhether novices or veteranssensible insight on the practice of prayer and meditation . Readable, personal, and practical, Teresas commentary is a wonderful way to discover the passion and the wisdom of this beloved woman mystic .

ISBN: 978-0-87061-246-6, 178 pages, $12.95

Ignatian Spirituality
Finding God in All Things
William A. Barry, S.J.

A Companion to the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius

Finding God in All Things gives new life to the spirituality of St . Ignatius and illuminates the transforming power of the exercises . Written by a renowned expert on spirituality and prayer, this book is an ideal resource for parish retreats, spiritual formation courses, and as RCIa supplementary reading .

ISBN: 978-0-87793-460-8, 144 pages, $12.95 Also available as an eBook.

Opening to God
A Guide to Prayer
Thomas Green, S.J.

In this concise and practical introduction to prayer, fr . green, a Jesuit missionary and spiritual director, reveals prayer to be a passageway to new spiritual terrain, accessible to all who want to cultivate a more meaningful prayer relationship with god .


ISBN: 978-1-59471-071-1, 128 pages, $12.95 Also available as an eBook.

Marian Reading and Devotion

Full of Grace
Miraculous Stories of Healing and Conversion through Marys Intercession
Christine Watkins Foreword by Robert Faricy, S.J.

In this collection of riveting true stories, Catholic spiritual director Christine Watkins inspires readers with stories of conversion and healing linked to Marys apparitions at Medjugorje .

ISBN: 978-1-59471-226-5, 128 pages, $14.95 Also available as an eBook.

The Reed of God

Caryll Houselander

A New Edition of a Spiritual Classic

This wonderful book gives us a privileged peek into the soul of a holy woman as she engages beautiful biblical texts in prayer . In ways witty and winsome, Houselander teaches us to unite our will with gods will, as the Blessed Virgin Mary did .
Pope Benedict XVI Chair of Biblical Theology and Liturgical Proclamation, St. Vincent Seminary

Scott Hahn

ISBN: 978-0-87061-240-4, 192 pages, $12.95 Also available as an eBook.

Medjugorje Day by Day

Richard J. Beyer

A Daily Meditation Book Based on the Messages of Our Lady of Medjugorje

This book offers a program of daily meditations on the messages of Our lady and the words of sacred scripture, and also suggests a meaningful way to put Our ladys words into practice .

ISBN: 978-0-87793-494-3, 544 pages, $17.95 Also available as an eBook.

The Seven Sorrows of Mary

A Meditative Guide
Joel Giallanza, C.S.C.

This resource offers a contemporary spirituality of this traditional devotion, highlighting seven moments of suffering in Marys life, from Jesus infancy to his death on golgotha .

ISBN: 978-1-59471-176-3, 128 pages, $10.95



I recommend this book to all who know Holy Cross so that they can share in our spiritual heritage and be companions with us in our journey to holiness .
Vicar General, Congregation of Holy Cross

Br. Thomas A. Dziekan, C.S.C.

Directory of Devotional Prayer

Congregation of Holy Cross
for the first time in over sixty years, the Congregation of Holy Cross has produced a new prayer book for the priests and brothers of the Congregation and the thousands of Catholics who are the recipients of the education and ministry of Holy Cross parishes and schools .

ISBN: 978-1-59471-300-2, 256 pages, $14.95

The First Holy Cross Saint!

Basil Moreau
Founder of Holy Cross
Gary MacEoin Foreword by Hugh Cleary, C.S.C.

Brother Andr
Friend of the Suffering, Apostle of Saint Joseph
Jean-Guy Dubuc Foreword by Mario Lachapelle, C.S.C.

More than seventy years after his death, the newly canonized Saint andr Bessette, C .S .C ., remains beloved for his mercy to the sick, for his devotion to St . Joseph, and for his role in the construction of the majestic Oratory of St . Joseph in Montreal, which continues to be visited by millions of pilgrims each year .

The story of father Basil Moreau, the founder of the Congregation of Holy Crossa story of war, persecution, controversy, and sacrificecomes to life in a biography written by Catholic journalist gary Maceoin .

ISBN: 978-1-59471-133-6, 256 pages, with 8-page photo insert, $15.95

ISBN: 978-1-59471-190-9, 260 pages, $16.95


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