The Satires

Illustrated (2nd Edition)

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Introduction to ‘The Satires’ It is safe to say, 40 years ago I did not have any real sense of humor. This had been result of having the life pounded out of me, first by a broken home with attending step-father and following on, the war in Vietnam. Fortunately, in retrospect, I’d glimpses of other lives, other worlds, and did not become a psychopath killer. Now, when I look at my surroundings, I see psychopath killers everywhere and it is neither paranoia nor delusion. It is the world I live in. Those other worlds I’d glimpse of were, in short: my maternal grandparents who spent a couple of decades grieving for the child delivered into emotional and physical abuse by the poor judgment of a single mother with few options in an era when a divorcee was looked upon as ‘damaged goods.’ Another of those worlds was my infrequent but sometimes extended stays with my natural father and neighboring Indians. He did not grieve but only wondered and was sometimes frustrated by my attitudes and behaviors as I’d grown up, because I never betrayed my mother’s trust and he did not know of my circumstance of abuse. However the most influential of those worlds was literature because I had spent much of my childhood imprisoned for various spurious excuses and imagined offenses, such as the time I was five minutes late [my watch ran slow] coming home from visiting a friend and I had my bicycle taken away for a year. Our home had a large collection of literature and it was my only recourse to stimulation for much of my formative years. And I well


knew if I vanished into that silent world of reading, the beatings would be less frequent. I learned a few lasting lessons from this experience and sorted for myself the Western culture early on. My upright churchgoing parents, my stepfather being a brilliant engineer and my mother an accomplished musician, lived precisely as the hypocrites I’d read about in the classics of Western literature. I adopted the ethics of the rebels opposed to these people I’d discovered in the many books kept to impress but saw little attention from persons other than myself. Along the way I was by turns Ivanhoe, Robin Hood, Robinson Crusoe, Marco Polo, D’Artagnan, Charles Darney & Sidney Carton, to name but just a few. Betrayal is a Western cultural institution I understood intimately. I also understood, from an early age, the people who held me prisoner could not sustain their act of injustice permanently, however they might wish. Also I came to understand prison is a state of mind my thoughts were not subject to. I came to see school as an extension of prison, as well. The attendance secretary was completely surprised, as was the Dean, on Friday, 7 February 1969, four months shy of graduation, I turned in all of my books at the end of my school day, explaining I would be 18 years of age and would not returning to school on Monday. This was keeping a promise I’d made to myself in 3rd grade. Eight months later I began infantry basic training in the US Army, having volunteered for the draft, if only to get what amounted to parole from prison [probation] out of the way.


This is the construct of Western society as I grew up to understand it. By the time I’d returned from 19 months in Vietnam, there’d not been much in my life to laugh about. Then, I discovered what might be the darkest humor on earth, totally alienated from the world which had thoughtlessly spawned me, I relocated my life to Native America. The following decades I came to understand Ivanhoe, Robin Hood, et al are but the 19th Century ‘Super Friends’ cartoon of that era, having accomplished little more than offer panacea to any Western ideals of social justice. That realization pretty much finished off any lingering sense of the Western culture’s ego in myself and allowed for some real learning. What did I learn? That the ‘Whiteman’ [European mentality, regardless of race] beats into submission anything that is an affront to the culture’s masculine ego and what they cannot beat into submission, they simply flat out murder, nature and women particularly, and of course, European mentality murders entire cultures where nature and women play a real and functioning role. The Great Bastard of History who initiated this mass killing event in humanity, Plato, was the student of the pedophile Socrates and the man who essentially taught an entire culture to be pathologically gynophobic. Consequent male narcissist homosexuality underwriting European culture is a pretty angry phenomena, fronting everything from right wing politicians and neo-con generals to the liberals who advance the women who learn to compete like the Western


culture’s males. This male-centric narcissism manifesting in a cultural machismo [homosexuality in denial] includes science, or I should say especially drives science. The greatest erection in world history stems from Plato’s denigration of female intelligence with his ‘objectivity’ and the consequent social disease initiated in European mentality. I have named that disease ‘Acquired [from Plato] Ego-Priapism Syndrome.’ It is, simply put, the male narcissist collective erection the European mentality projects onto everybody and everything. Every Western woman sees men as walking erections, primarily, and every Western male projects his own erection onto other men out of fear someone might fuck ‘his’ girlfriend in a male narcissist culture’s pathological obsession with women as ‘objects’ where women must become de facto European male mentalities to compete and advance to an ‘equality’ they can never experience as a genuine woman. All the while the men must abhor anything feminine, female [intuitive] intelligence particularly, fearing the label ‘fag.’ Alfred North Whitehead had stated: “The safest general characterization of the European philosophical tradition is that it consists of a series of footnotes to Plato” But now, quantum mechanics is beginning to rehabilitate female intelligence, as the theoretical physicist Bernard d'Espagnat states:


"The doctrine that the world is made up of objects whose existence is independent of human consciousness turns out to be in conflict with quantum mechanics and with facts established by experiment" So, how will Europe [Western mentality] cope with the thought [reality] everything their culture is founded upon, science particularly, had been founded upon a lie? And then we have the lie of race, the lie of equality, the lie of democracy, the lie of religion, it all adds up to a lot of lie. Assault on the Western ego is assaulting the lie and is why indigenous cultures around the world have been murdered, whether by the Conquistadores, the Puritans, or whomever, because the very fact of those cultures existence is an affront to Europe, as is nature and as are women. I expect it is safe to say experience shaped my own mentality in such a way as to intimately come to understand how to affront the cultural ego of Europe and circumstance has provided unique opportunity to do just that. The Native cultures had a system for training men in female intelligence, it was my privilege to train in that system for twenty-nine years. Twenty-four of those years were spent training and practicing as what can only be mistranslated as a ‘ghost priest’ because of the Western culture’s infantile fear of phenomena they cannot grasp. It was here I had been informed “Christians are the meanest people on Earth” with little reason to dispute the fact. With Auto de fé out of fashion, it was somewhat safer for myself


to learn this system of Native American Quantum Mechanics generations preceding had been put to death by Western culture for practicing, even as the murder continues as a metaphor with the forced Western educations of the Native children with the proposal ‘Columbus’ had ‘discovered’ America (as they were/are forcefully-legally indoctrinated into Western mentalities.) And so, the foregoing is why I open this work with “The Circling Buzzards of Indian Humor” (formerly titled ‘Essay on Native American Humor.’) This is example of where I had learned the first honest laughter in my life. It did not come easy, I had to overcome altogether my original cultural infirmities (and my White appearance.) Subsequent essays in this collection has been influenced by Native world view. When I had been pursued by the power corrupt for my past work as investigator in anti-corruption related to social justice and violations of law by criminal rings working the inside of government, certain satires recalled the Native tradition of taunting your enemies into making mistakes by enraging them. This worked beyond my wildest expectations. It is this vein the satires such as “You Can Sniff My Butt”, “The Great White Mothers” and “Bozo’s Federalist Society Speech” had been penned. That I survived relentless pursuit ordered by criminals ensconced at the highest levels of power who’d been enraged to a point of absolute disregard for caution, should become apparent at a not too distant future time. The European male personality, whether embodied in a man or woman, is fundamentally a coward. Any affront to ego initiates underhanded action, whether the homophobe


[homosexual in denial] beating up gays for sport because his masculine narcissism is threatened by their open orientation, or the CIA/MOSSAD agent who covertly assassinates by poison pellet and actually believes her or his murders are brave deeds. This cowardice stems from a need to shield the Western ego from truth. It can come in many forms and at many levels, all predicated on the invention of Plato. A form of this cowardice had manifest when it had become clear I was pursued by intelligence agencies and a lawyer friend here in Germany went out of contact until he could come up with an excuse to ditch our association. In a position to know without a sliver of a doubt I had been engaged in a hostile way by CIA operatives that tie directly to Condoleezza Rice, rather than say ‘this is too big for me, I’m frightened and have to back out’, he came back into contact only long enough to accuse me of writing hate (my satires) and did not deny my difficult circumstance (he could not) but only lied his way out of having to admit to himself he was abandoning a friend. You’ll have to live with this exposed, Dieter. My use of the term “house nigger” is in a Black historical context regarding Condoleezza Rice, Clarence Thomas and yes, particularly Barack Obama, and becomes obvious when reading the eloquent explanation of Harry Belafonte appended onto the satire “The A-Team and Herman Cain.” When smashing the hypocrisy of Sarah Palin, I refer to her as a “Honky”, recalling the Black and Native American context of that expression’s origins. It must have been viscerally satisfying to the White males who ostentatiously


laid on the horns of their cars when picking up their Black and Indian dates from homes they refused to enter because it was beneath their station. Yes, both communities had women who sold themselves to those Whites who enjoyed fucking them in every sense of the word. Satire is painful but it is a form of truth, not hate and only cowards will construe it as hate. Accordingly, my reference to the Hasidic community in New York [the essay “Lenny Bruce and George Carlin on Jews for Jesus”] is backed by solid evidence in the contemporary investigations of rampant pedophilia in that community. That male fundamentalist community butt-fucking little boys in the baths meant for women’s purification is one of the most telling examples of disregard for anything sacred in relation to women one could ever encounter. It is small wonder their near identical fundamentalist kin are wrecking any chance at world peace with their “price tag” in the West Bank. I’ve not enjoyed, in retrospect, the fact I had actually laughed through much of the following compositions, but laughter can be survival. Survival can be a moment to moment thing and survival can also be knowing when to let go, move on and evolve. I would prefer to be known for kinder, more gentle and genuinely loving life events and for this, I can thank my incredibly beautiful Native peoples. Follows here nineteen satire compositions, a monograph and five appendices. Set aside personal reality, experience a visceral laugh, reflect on European mentality and evolve.


The Circling Buzzards of Indian Humor Napi. Just who is this guy? Napi is many things. Napi is a teacher, an archetype, our Blackfoot ancestor and much more. Napi is a god, he is like Jesus or a holy man. Napi is the devil, Napi is the first real human being, Napi is a fool, a friend, and the trickster- Old Man Coyote. Essentially Napi is all the possibilities embodied in any Blackfoot MALE Everyone learns from Napi (his stories) in Blackfoot culture, and the idea behind Napi is to foster what is sane and healthy in men and put strict controls on what is not. Because men are men, there are the men’s Napi stories which are supposed to always be cleaned up in the presence of women (sorry.) Culturally speaking, some of the men’s Napi stories simply should never be told in the women’s presence at all Did the women have the prurient Napi stories? Men were never admited (NEVER) to the women’s secret societies, so we (men) supposedly must accept at face value the idea the women only knew the cleaned up versions of Napi stories. This is on account of the Law of the Black Stone. But because I am Napi (a Blackfoot male) onetime I tricked one of the old ladies into an admission of sorts, that is I made a reference to Napi’s butt When one of my elder woman teachers was present, I had an opportunity to identify myself in the Blackfoot language.. and instead of using my proper Blackfoot name


Pee-ma-na-kwan (man with a rope), I identified myself as Penucquem (Puh-nuck-qwee-um) or that is to say I identified myself as Napi’s rectum with the proper/formal expression That drew a belly laugh from the old lady, the spontaneous and deep sort of laugh burst out that would make a man think she had heard the dirty stories the men tell (but only behind the women’s backs.) In actuality I cannot know, it may be she simply believed I am an asshole, that interpretation works just as well. And as she was my elder teacher, I had to stop there, because she subsequently gave a look of spine shivering evil, as though daring me to die for having breeched her dignity and caused her involuntary laugh. It is safe to say I never broached the subject with her again. She was what would be known in the old matriarchal times as a Ni-na-wa-ki, or a woman that was the highest form of Blackfoot chief. You do NOT cross these women I will come back to Napi, and how he ate his own ass for lunch, but first I think I need to explain Indian humor is more typically healthy, and give folk here in the outside world some idea of how it works Native humor is all about keeping things honest, in a fun and entertaining way, and consequently, this humor is often self-deprecating in a gentle or harmless way, that is laughing at having made a fool of oneself, or jokes can be created with a little license describing another’s encounter


with life’s many surprises. Spontaneous jokes are appreciated, a quick, creative wit is a prized possession in the personality. The taciturn Indian is a face presented to the outside world only, within the community life is filled with fun and liveliness in most conversation. A Honky Snow Cone I was at a pow-wow in the southwest where people did not readily know me as an Indian.. looking like ZZ Tops. I was watching the dancers, there was a Rastafarian dreadlocks White guy doing what appeared to be a stoned southern style war dance, overly exaggerated and out of time and I was amazed at the Indians straight faces as this guy made an incredible spectacle of himself. I could not help but laugh, it was that ridiculous I was thirsty, it was hot, I walked to a concessions stand to see the possibilities with this fresh memory of someone that made me feel pretty stupid about my original race. The Native ladies ceased their conversation, normal when a White comes into earshot, I noticed that and realized they would not know I was Indian. As I approached the stand, I did not have a joke in mind about my Whiteman appearance but being Indian, it had to pop out The only refreshments on sale were all sugar laced poisons, generic colas and other pop, and I did not want any of that. I ordered what I figured was least sugar poisonous, a snowcone. The (quite pretty, actually) young woman


dutifully scooped the crushed ice into the paper cone and then turned to face me and asked “Which color?” (sugar syrup, red, blue, green or yellow) I asked “Can I have it just as it is?” She seemed surprised “No color?” I replied with the perfect musical reservation inflection: “We can just call it a honky snow-cone.” She looked down at the cone of pure white ice she was holding for me with a dumbfounded expression and the other girls broke out in involuntary laughter but quickly recovered their straight faces and gave this what looked like a Whiteman with perfect Native expression a suspicious look (wondering for a brief moment what had happened, is it safe?) but I had got them She broke out in a gentle and wry, but friendly smile as she handed me the little cone of ice and took my money.. as I said quietly “I am diabetic” and she replied while now smiling in a truly sweet way and with genuinely friendly voice, also quietly, “Thank you.” That “Thank you” stated more than the outsider would ever imagine. Indians don’t typically say thank you except in heartfelt circumstance. It was ‘Thank you for being genuine’ and ‘I recognize now you are Indian’, and it was


‘Thank you for the joke and bringing a great laugh into our day.’ Who Framed Melvin Bunny? Because men are men (yes, in Native America as well) and because the culture is breaking down and becoming western, the humor is becoming ever more dangerous, as it must, to serve keeping the culture honest So, to another real life Indian story. I hate to do this to my old friend Melvin Running Rabbit (his Indian nickname is Melvin Bunny) but here is how it is in Indian country today. It is a story about accountability Melvin (if he is still alive) is a really good guy but he had a blind spot. He never looked at the possible consequences of those times he occasionally ran with the wrong crowd when he liked to go out of town to indulge in a really good Indian drinking binge, and those can be pretty stupendous events. I had checked it out for myself on a couple of occasions, any damn thing can happen, it is crazy to drink with Indians or, better said, when Indians drink, crazy things happen, like waking up from passed out with only one braid, the other having been cut off. Melvin was destined to a bigger joke. The Indian joke that backfired, but as the Indian world is not logical, neither are the consequences. Melvin had, with several other Indians, drunk himself into the oblivion that seems required at these often


extraordinary events, in a motel room in Great Falls, Montana, in the 1980s. There was a popular animated video out at the time: "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" As it happens, there was one late arrival to this drinking binge who did not pass out to the typically near comatose condition and he was feeling a bit hard, or hard up. So he pulled the pants off of a passed out woman, used her like an ultra-conservative Republican on viagra would use a plastic blow-up doll for sex and then he had an idea for a joke. He pulled the passed out Melvin's pants down and dragged him on top of the passed out woman he had just squirted full of his stuff, and left. That was a bad joke, but it gets better If he had not done that second part of his criminal act, but rather had pulled the woman's pants back up instead, he likely would have gotten away with the rape, because every Indian woman that attends these binges knows the risk, it has happened many a time and is often the joke story of the modern Indian drunks. She likely would have been disgusted with herself, having discovering what had happened to her, taken responsibility for being there and let go of it. End of story But as fate would have it, along comes a family member looking for her and stumbles on the passed out old guy, Melvin, lying on top of the much younger woman, both with pants down. He called the cops and Melvin went to jail and was charged with rape


Melvin professed his innocence at his arraignment, the Indian humor telegraph was working hard on the story, supposedly in his cell Melvin was given a Viagra pill, a playboy magazine and a paper cup, to get his DNA and the subsequent big story on the Indian humor telegraph was: "Who Framed Melvin Bunny?" Happy the Indian Guide There was a Whiteman that hired an Indian guide to take him through the Rocky Mountains. This Whiteman was from New York City and he had taken the train as far as the Rocky Mountain Front, but that was as far as the tracks went, in those days. He had a stereotypical idea of Indians, he did not bring food for the journey beyond that point, the Indian guide he would hire would also hunt for him, that was the Whiteman’s thinking Most of the Indian guides the Whiteman approached did not like the fact that the Whiteman was not prepared for the journey, and he was having a hard time finding anyone to guide his trip. But he approached one of our special people, one of the Indians we always look out for, because hanging out with one of these ‘special’ ones, we know that anything can happen. But the Whiteman did not know he had hired one of these ‘special’ people. Sort of like the Whiteman saying, ‘All Chinamen look alike’, he could not tell the difference between a sane Indian and this savant idiot


So the Whiteman hired his Indian guide, Happy, and they set out together to cross the mountains without any food. And without weapons or blankets The Whiteman did not mind, he had read nearly all of the dime novels about the western tribes and he was confident that his Indian guide, Happy, could bring him through anything. Meanwhile, what he did not realize, was what it meant to Happy to be an Indian. Happy was used to privation. He had more often than not slept out of doors with only his light jacket to keep warm, and was no stranger to going for a week at a time without a proper meal. This was the early reservation days The second day into the trek, the Whiteman was already becoming faint from hunger, Happy had not yet fashioned a bow and arrow, and the Whiteman began to worry. But Happy jovially reassured him about every concern expressed, Happy would make the bow and arrow, Happy would hunt, they would eat, they would have nice tanned hides for blankets so it would not be as cold that night, but in the meanwhile, they just kept walking, the Whiteman had to keep up, because Happy never stopped walking, and the Whiteman did not know where he was Towards the end of the third day, the Whiteman was both desperate and beginning to get an inkling that Happy did not discern between wishful thinking and reality. He desperately wished Happy would make the bow and hunt, reality was setting in however, and reality was, Happy did


not know how. Happy only knew how to go hungry and keep walking and be Happy On the morning of the fourth day, the Whiteman began to cry when the perfectly happy Happy got up and started walking. He had no choice but to get up and follow. But now Happy was a little bit hungry himself. So Happy watched as he walked that day Towards dusk, Happy suddenly grabbed up a stone and threw it into a tree, knocking a large Blue Grouse from its perch. Pouncing very quickly, Happy had the big wild chicken by its neck. He was beaming. Happy then stated, “I have a chicken for my dinner” The Whiteman had other plans for the chicken First he tried reason, he suggested Happy should share, but no, Happy could reason too, this was Happy’s chicken, the forest was full of chickens and the Whiteman could get his own. The Whiteman knew he was too weak to take the chicken from Happy, so he resorted to guile. He knew from the dime novels that these people were big on dreams. He made a proposal to Happy. Tonight they would dream for the chicken. The most powerful dream would win. By now, the Whiteman had finally, truly realized that Happy was a simpleton. He would have no trouble making up the winning dream. And Happy accepted the challenge They went to sleep


In the morning, the Whiteman sat up and announced his dream. He had gone back to New York City. Arriving at the Gentlemen’s Club for dinner, there was a raffle for a Blue Grouse from the Rocky Mountains and he had won. The Mayor himself drew the winning ticket from the hat. The large wild chicken was served with salad and croutons. He magnanimously saved 1/2 the chicken to bring back to his Indian friend Happy. Looking at Happy, who suddenly, for the first time, was not looking happy, but was briefly showing genuine remorse, the Whiteman asked “What did you dream?” Happy said “When I saw you leave in your dream, I followed, to see what you would do. When you arrived at the Gentleman’s Club, I tried to go in for dinner too, but they stopped me at the door. “No Indians allowed.” So I returned here, to eat the chicken, but I forgot to save you some.” The Whiteman carved his initials on a rock near that dream place: “J.S. Died Here July 14 1884.” Happy had kept walking And because some things never change, this following Native wisdom is as true now as when the story was composed long ago:


Napi Eats His Butt I close this essay with a story of the proverbial trickster, our Napi. There were many stories of Napi holding philosophical conversations with his rectum, and this is where typically the Napi stories become really dangerous. If you can understand this story, then you will have a good idea of how to see where human nature has gone wrong in the Whiteman. Because this is the Indian story of the Evangelical Whiteman, the Whitemen we have met in Andrew Jackson and George Bush. It is about the Whiteman that rules America today. It is about corporate America and nacissism in the extreme. It is about narcissistic men like Barack Obama. It is about a man that does not learn from his mistakes. It is about a man that does not put two and two together concerning the consequences of his actions. It is about a man that does not understand his relationship to essential functions in nature necessary to his survival. It is about a man that does not pay attention or listen. It is about a narcissistic man so full of himself, he lies to himself about others good intentions. It is a story about how not to live your life. And perhaps most of all, it is a story about recycling old and failed ideas. The name of this story is “Napi Eats His Butt.” The story is told by Napi’s asshole, Penucquem, and it goes like this: Napi had been to a great feast with his brothers. He returned to his camp very full of food and tired. Napi curled up to sleep by his fire, and you know where a dog’s nose is when he curls up to sleep!


Spuurrpp! Napi farted and it woke him up, his eyes were watering Napi said aloud ‘Well, that was really rude’ and curled back to sleep Spuurrpp! Napi’s head popped up again, irritated, Napi shouted at his rectum: ‘Penucquem! If you won’t let me sleep, I am going to teach you a lesson!’ Napi curled up again. Spuurrpp! That really did it. Jumping up, Napi grabbed up Tail, out of harms way, and sat on his campfire to get even with Penucquem “Yii! Yii!” Napi really took off, like only a hurt dog does, and this started him on his travels Napi moved for a long time, he was thinking of how Penucquem had bit him really hard when he had tried to punish him, he didn’t understand how his asshole could do that to him while pushed down on the fire. It was Penucquem that should have cried out and ran away. So Napi kept moving and thinking, he was traveling a long time in a big circle Napi walked and thought about it for so long that finally the large scab fell off of his rectum and still walking in a


circle, he came across the scab and said “What do you know! Dry Meat!” Napi was getting hungry again about this time and he was happy to have found the dried meat some Indian had lost. The Mag Pies shouted out to him “Napi! Don’t eat that! It fell off of your rectum!” Napi shouted back to the Mag Pies “You’re not fooling me, you just want this dry meat for yourselves!” And then very delicately because there was not much of it, and with a lot of savor because he was hungry, and very deliberately, so the Magpies would envy him while watching, nip by nip, Napi ate his butt. “Hun Neow Wah Nee Moo Oosss” (This is what your ass has to say) “Two Medicine Men, both teachers, visited the big city and took in a service at the cathedral. Returning home, they took their Indian students on a journey of ‘Discovery.’ “First, they killed the nicest kid in the group and told the rest it was their fault for being born. But now, if they would eat the nice kid and drink his blood, calling it communion, they would not be held responsible for anything, ever. “And this conferred upon them the right to tell other people how to live their lives- what they can and cannot do” From Penucquem’s Journal


The best part of the story about Napi eating his butt is, it was just such a good story I couldn’t help myself, I stole it from the Crees. I stole it from Wee-say-kay-cha (the Cree trickster) and gave it to our Napi. It’s a Blackfoot story now


The Great Oxymoron Lester Log Roller was from a family of Indians named for a drunken forebear who had been 'challenged' by some White loggers in the Pacific Northwest to participate in the "Logger Olympics" of sport unique to their profession. Lester's forebear actually had brought off his performance quite well, while keeping his balance on a log in a pond which he managed to roll with agility, both forwards and backwards... his fame for the event however, was the wild look of panic on this Indians face with his braids flying askew, because this Indian did not know how to swim. His champion log rolling performance was purely survival driven which made the event all the more hilarious to the redneck Whites that had sent him onto the log at gunpoint. The chief of this White Redneck tribe's sense of honor, his name was Lucious Ludicrous Bean, declared Log Roller should be allowed to live for his amazing ability to mimic the loggers in the sport ("Damn, who'd believed"), but the Indian would hereafter have to be known by the new name and answer to it. The Indian agreed to the terms required to save his life while still on the log, and was subsequently fished out of the pond both before he had drowned and nearing sobriety, because he had finally fallen into the water from pure exhaustion. Log Roller's descendant, Lester Log Roller, subsequently was from a family of Indians that did not drink. They knew better. He went to Law School instead



Nobody in the White Academic world knew how to create a Native Studies Program because in fact to postulate a program as such in the western classroom was oxymoron. Hell, they did not even know that. Native Studies, if it was Natives doing the studies, would be non-interfering in Nature, observing the processes from which all Native intelligence had been drawn. Lester Log Roller did not know that, because he had been off to Boarding School from age five and then off to University in Kanadada. By this time he had mastered the provincial English linguistic trick of stating the just so "Eh?" after postulating something as mundane as "How aboot (yucky pronunciations) we run to the trading post for some smokes. Eh?" And his Blackfoot language was rusty, such as the time he was home from boarding school to visit and his Aunt told him to go back out (he had just come in the door) and bring in the "Napi-aki." Lester started to go back out, he was confused, but then resolutely faced his Aunt and told her "I don't have a White woman!" She laughed and said in English "I'm not talking about White women, I want you to bring in the milk jug." Lester felt dumb. Napi-aki could mean either milk jug or White woman, but he did not get the context. He had been too long away at school Lester was a conscientious sort, and so when his undergraduate major in 'Native Studies' was decided on, he returned home in summers and brushed up on his Blackfoot Language. But he did not realize that the answer to bring his university into line with the political correctness of the


new times had been to establish a White Anthropology program staffed by White-educated mentalities in people with Red skins and call it 'Native Studies.' And so, Lester, like the now countless other Red skinned people of Native descent, thought this was real. He should have remembered the Blackfoot proverb "Everyone knows the Whiteman is crazy." But Lester could not know this now applied to himself. So he questioned his former people's elders to get ideas for his papers he would need to write in the discipline of anthropology disguised with the 'Native Studies' euphemism. And thought he was Indian Lester went on to Law School and eventually became Director of 'Native Studies' at a great university which had been duly impressed with his achievements in the Whiteman's so-called field of 'Indian Treaty Law,' having nothing to do with actual Aboriginal Laws of past times, but which combined with the idea he spoke Blackfoot, seemed to make him eminently qualified to run their program. Here at university he met the great White theoretical physicist David Bohm and they had discussed David's curiousity as to why it had been noted as early as the 1920's the Native American languages seemed to have no problem describing many phenomena of the new theoretical physics, which western languages had difficulty coping with. Lester had no idea why either, but it seemed there must be something to it and so they began a dialogue... and eventually Lester became a god. To at least three or four people. Lester, later on retired and living in a townhouse in the better part of Lethbridge, Kanadada, had continued with his anthropological interest in studying his


former people and was particularly interested in their form of government before they had been conquered. His anthropological studies got him up and running on three legs in Blackfoot ways, like the proverbial wild dog that had chewed off one leg to escape a trap... and that was about it Lester had by this time taken over the dialogue and thought he had some things figured out: Like how the old time chiefs circle of oratory had worked. Not. What he attempted to replicate in fact became a lunatic caricature of what had been his ancestral wisdom. It was not meant to be evil and in fact it was not evil. It was merely stupid. But Lester could not know that By this time, these dialogues, with David Bohm now dead, had become sponsored by a 'Wannabee Indian' organization called 'New Age in Native America' run by an anal-retenthyper-liberal White intellectual who fancied himself an enlightened feminist man. Though one might suspect otherwise, this man was not 'bi,' neither bi-sexual, nor bicultural Narcissus Yabadabadoo Montenegro was a "Coyote" in the strict local Hispanic sense of the term, that is a 'Spanglo.' You would never know to which community of his ancestry he was loyal to, because this sort of Coyote could only be loyal to himself. His ego was of a soft burnished sort, the kind of lovely passive-aggressiveness whose nasty aspect was presented in the effeminate dark side aroma of the flower he was named for. As a real Indian, you just did



not want to get too close to Narcissus if you were to enjoy the genuine natural beauty of his expression. And so it also was with the NANA sponsored dialogues he so expertly organized for the world to know the truth of the New Age in Native America When Narcissus gazed into the reflective pool of the soft loveliness in his ego, he could detect no offensive aroma. His ethnocidal nuance as applied to Native American thought and philosophy was of a much prettier and more refined sort than that established for his intellectual forebears in the psychological literature developed by Erich Fromm: who postulated the Nazis much enjoyed the smell of their own farts. A far cry from the camps and ovens, the ethnocidal 'thrust' of Narcissus' ego priapismic tendencies was to bring about the immolation of the Indians beliefs and thinking with grandiose graphics of Taoist imagery superimposed on Native American fruits and vegetables extrapolated to western print: advertising the many 'Red Skinned [Elmer] Fudds' (PhDs) he would gather alongside White skinned western scientists in a grand orgy of psycosomatic ego-stroking masturbation in high intellectual workshops of inter-racial discourse Napi fell for it in the beginning. It was attractive, because Lester, a Blackfoot Indian who could speak his language was master of ceremony and that fact, taken together with the promoted agenda of Native America's relationship to an observational philosophy of Quantum Mechanics, convinced Napi at the start he would learn something. Well, Napi did learn some things, he just did not learn what


he had expected, like a wider understanding of Native Quantum Reality. Napi learned about Quantum Mechanics in the laboratory from the White scientists and absolutely nothing at all from the many PhD Native Americans because they had no idea at all of how Native Quantum Reality functionally worked. Damn, it was sad. Not one PhD, not a single PhD from either side of the Racial divide, understood that to be Native American in thought and philosophy had absolutely nothing to do with Race. PhD. Wow. The White western scientists were sometimes frustrated with the Red western scientists who could only tell stories from anthropology that were totally out of context and consequently nonsensical. That fact only made the Red western scientists equal to the White western scientists totally out of context with Nature and nonsensical lab experiments Napi simply observed the first year he attended. The second year he contributed a little bit of real Indian thinking and freaked out Lester because it looked as though the entire event could be shown up as a case of 'The Emperor Has No Clothes!' The third year Napi had tried to explain to Narcissus and had approached Lester directly about making a contribution, how some things could change to open up the dialogues to real learning, but Napi was frozen out instead. No upsetting the gravy train of ego allowed here! Rather the 'face' of the event was to be preserved at all costs, a portrait of the mysterious and knowledgeable Indian, Lester, presiding over an event that might one day yield his great secrets held in abeyance: to his lesser Native beings and the handful of toadying sycophant Whites who


peered upon his Native holiness with expressions of Heavenly reverence as though they were alter-boys seated upon the left and right hands of God. In fact, it appeared to Napi that Lester didn't know shit. Lester only knew how to rest on his laurels from his former Native Studies program directorship at Harvard, look important, and otherwise act cool and all knowing. That's it Napi thought: “What a lot of BS”


The Great White Mothers Going to accountability in Native humor, I have a crosscultural observation: morality masks a plethora of behaviors ethics cannot. Native American humor was all about ethics, that is no matter how harsh a truth, it must be out in the open at the least as a metaphor, the purpose in Native humor is all about keeping things honest. So, I will write about an Indian, a culturally intact Indian. Imagine the insanity of a tribal mentality taught to observe and honestly remark on the world around them suddenly cast adrift into the ego shielding 'Honky' sea of political correctness. Now, this native mentality is only certifiably insane because of context, or better said, an out of context circumstance. This is because in the native world from which he had sprung, politically correct is actually a buzz word for the circling buzzards of Indian humor, any Native who hears the words 'politically correct' is apt to drop everything and listen in to the most recent wisdom and insight (always in the format of the often untranslatable to the Whiteman 'Indian Humor') ripping the people who trashed 200 years of treaties and moved on pretending as though nothing had happened. This endeavor goes to shatter stereotype of the 'taciturn' Indian which is actually a reflection of the little understood Native cultural communication phenomena of rather than say something honest to a Whiteman that threatens the Whiteman's ego and be killed for saying it, just shut up.


Now, for simple literary device sake, we will make this Indian 1) White skinned and 2) the last of his kind. How could this happen and the said Native persona is alive in the 21st century, a full 150 years since the Native custom of a White captive child raised to be Indian? Well now, to be honest in the Native way, we must address this portion of the literary endeavor with a joke story drawn from real life, a sort of collage of facts assembled from bits and pieces of diverse experience, combined with anecdotal information to create the culturally intact inherent Native wisdom found in their humor. In other words, parts of the story from here out are an autobiographical facts incorporated rip-off of other peoples life stories and experience. And because unlike the White world, the Native world entertains paradox in daily approach to life, some more of what follows is simply made up from the imagination's fund of plausible improbabilities. We'll call the Indian “Ron” although his native name in the Cree Indian country he hails from is 'Moon-i-Yas' which can be translated either "Not like us" or "Paleface." In “Ron's” case it is "Paleface" when properly translated, because the other translation applies to people who act like Whites, rather than look like them. And by Native definition, “Ron” is Indian on account of his cultural behavior, his 'pale face' simply being unfortunate circumstance or, better said from the Indian perspective,


that peculiar cosmic joke of life circumstance which one way or other manifests the Trickster aspect in all Native experience. To kick off the story, back in the late 1940s there were people just like today's truly Honky folk, real White people, that behaved in all sorts of self- repressed ways and repressed their own kids because of their staunch Puritan belief in H.L. Menecken's maximum that 'proper' Puritans must preoccupy themselves with the horrifying thought "Someone, somewhere, might be happy." So they learned to follow Jesus command to 'love' by 'loving' to hate. Because of the 'love' factor in 'loving' to hate themselves, their kids and their fellow man, making 'love' is more often a rape than not, 'loving' their brothers and sisters is 'loving' to tell other people how to live their lives, and 'loving' security is to create an insecure society so they can 'love' the idea of a police state. Now the daughters of these fundamentalist people, whether the arch-conservative Protestant or the ultra-conservative Catholic, are not so different to some of today's young women, raised in families that with bared fangs dare anyone to so much as mention sex to their children let alone have it taught anywhere other than at the kegger parties of the young people, who learn to hide the realities of their lives from their parents because you are punished whether you lie or tell the truth. So lying becomes in vogue because if you are young and you lie, you might not be


caught and punished for enjoying yourself, whereas if you tell the truth you will be punished every time. So impromptu sex education at the young peoples parties gives a whole new meaning to expressions such as 'powerpoint' and the many unwed young mothers resulting are simply one manifestation of God's will and Jesus commandment that people 'love' (other peoples misery, whether Michelle Bachmann or Sarah Palin and the Puritans.) As fate would have it, in the late 1940s a young Catholic girl had gone from her conservative family upbringing and all girls school, where the nuns would not touch sex-ed with the proverbial ten foot pole, in Chicago, to college at Gonzaga in Washington State where she was introduced to sex as a sorority girl by innumerable happy to oblige young men .. at the 'Girls Gone Wild' parties before the era of exploiting these events on video. Concealing her inevitable pregnancy from her far away folks, not having known what a condom is, she was driving home to Chicago with her new born, this was in 1950, give or take a year or so, and dropped the infant off on the doorstep at the Catholic Rectory at Havre, Montana, with a note pinned on the swaddling infants dress: "Ron" A Chippewa Medicine Man from the nearby Rocky Boy’s Indian Reservation was at the cinema close by, he enjoyed the classic 'Bugs Bunny' cartoons preceding the movie and


Moon-i-yas a.k.a “Ron”


paid his entry fee for that but then always left. The movies themselves were non-sense to him. Walking along the street, he noticed a dropped envelope, picked it up and was surprised to see it was stuffed with cash. He noticed the black ink stamp of the Catholic parish on the envelope and walked to give it to the priest at the rectory, and found the infant. Stepping around the child and standing on the step above, he knocked and the priest answered the door. The Medicine Man stated "I found your lost money" and handed the surprised priest the envelope. The priest, who hated this Medicine Man his Native parishioners would sneak off to see behind his back, shouted "Returning this money won't buy YOUR way out of Hell!" and slammed the door in the Indian’s face, before he could tell him about the child. The Indian knocked several times more, and patiently waited, but there was no further opening of the door. So, he picked up the kid and took "Ron" home. Given to the Medicine Man's niece who had her own infant the same age, "Ron" was suckled, named "Moon-i-Yas", surrounded with love and the native joke the newly found 'twin' was result of "Indian Immaculate Conception." No one of the Indians wanted to give the found kid to the meaner than shit White people at Havre, Montana, it just seemed wrong.


When it came time to take the infants to the Indian Agency for birth certificates and enrollment, the Agency people just figured they were fraternal twins and there was a White father of the one child. So "Ron" grew up Indian. He moved to Al-boo-quark-ee in the southwest because of his fond memories of the old Medicine Man mimicking Bugs Bunny's pronunciation of that city's name. Sixty odd years after “Ron’s” birth, President Obama ordered DNA tests on all Indians to reduce the Native Enrollment and save money better spent on wars and corporate militia than Indian health, kicking Indians that could not demonstrate 75% Native American blood off their reservations. It was discovered Moon-i-Yas, a.k.a. "Ron", was the last White captive and he became a national sensation. What bloodthirsty savage had murdered his family and kidnapped this child? And anyway, a White Indian had to be a subversive, the bloodthirsty murdering savages that raised "Ron" had to have imparted their pagan licentiousness to him. The FBI was ordered to investigate "Ron", it was a matter of 'National Security.' Meanwhile “Ron” had discovered a few things about White people. Like when an arch-conservative fundamentalist Republican principal of a lily-white charter school surreptitiously run as a private Christian institution that doubled as a cover for intelligence agents masked as teachers who break every civil rights law you can imagine, have discovered you have raised your kid Indian, all of the state apparatus is arrayed against you for the satanic act of


being an ultra-liberal permissive parent. Allergies causing red eyes are interpreted as the child being a devil, but because there is no law to charge you with for that, you are investigated for drugs. When you are courageous enough to fight back for your kid and call a spade a spade, it is 'undue hostility towards authority' and you are investigated for terrorism. Failing every effort at criminal entrapment and being counter-investigated, assassins are dispatched by the neo-con hate mongers... and failing again and it again it all just keeps getting bigger- FBI criminals implicated, Department of Defense criminals implicated, CIA criminals implicated, the criminal Church implicated, the National Security Agency implicated, allied intelligence, MOSSAD particularly, implicated.. meanwhile the White, Native American Jason Bourne-savant-idiot-trickster-clown has ‘pantsed’ the fascists again and again! Because “Ron” really IS Indian, he fights back with taunts and satires, in the post –modern weapon of blogs. "Ron" taunts the establishment with the idea of "Jewels Misogyny", wherein these neo-con closet-gay institutions of accelerated education attended by the children of the military/industrial rich and powerful, only the brightest and most beautiful women teachers are hired… and must adopt masculine persona like so many ‘bull dikes’ as have the Michelle Bachmanns and Sarah Palins of this world, women who consequently marry self-repressed homosexuals attracted to these so-called women because of their male persona. They are all ‘men’ resembling nothing so much as castrated mannequins in drag.


The end result? Either liberal women who hate themselves (Jewels Misogyny) for their participation in this travesty, job security being more important than ethics and fighting back or, women with "Acquired Ego Priapism Syndrome" like Michelle Bachman and Sarah Palin or the 'imaginary' school principal. Women who behave like sexist and racist men. Woman-male rapists of our values of tolerance and compassion, the liberal and libertarian values that are uniquely American, the ability to live and let live. Women of Bachmann and Palin's class which join with criminalfascist men in covering up constitutional crimes with religious façade Obama is afraid to pick on. Of course the initial culture clash long ago was the Indians being shocked at how harshly the Puritans treated their children, the cause of many a 'captive White' raised in Native freedom and, conversely the Puritan horror at the liberty of the Native children resulting in the practice of "The only good Indian is a dead Indian." Not so different to Palin's persecution of the Native Alaskan children with her racist drive to remove Native jurisdiction over Native child welfare. Palin is a Honky (not hockey) mom, a Puritan White, psychologically male, racist woman with Acquired Ego-Priapism Syndrome, i.e. a chauvinist. What I mostly enjoy about this story is, in the modern politically correct world where only women can refer to a woman as a bitch, and get away with it, no differently than only gays may refer to themselves as queers or fags, only Blacks can call themselves Niggers or Asians can call themselves Gooks or Chinks, Mexicans self-refer as



Beaners, Jews calling themselves Kikes, Indians laughing at the idea of being Prairie Niggers, and Sheep bleat to themselves they are Meadow Maggots, without a hate crime referral, this Indian author can call the right wing fascist White people in absolute racist terms "Honkies" and totally get away with it because he is White skinned. I say that especially because of Supreme Court Justice Alito referring to "Marauding Indians" in a context of selfdefense in recent decision on firearms, I suppose he thinks we should be hunted like wolves from planes. But because no one ordinarily can comment on physical attributes such as gender or skin color outside their own race or sex freely, this prevents in any politically correct circumstance the real or broad examination of the perverse Puritan sexist and racist BEHAVIORS tied to the descriptions which underlie psychologically male Honky right wing criminal women like Bachmann and Palin who resemble nothing so much as the drag queens Jack Kerouac must have fantasized himself, had he dared to be openly gay. Gee. Somehow the story did not end up funny. I'll work on that.


You Can Sniff My Butt

Let us have a look at the fate of Don Rumsfeld, the colonist who renamed ‘Old Europe’, to be henceforth known as ‘Old Europe’ (he is really bright), and the consequence of Old Europe’s bringing ‘dick’ or the malevolent repressed gay social phenomena called ‘Machismo’, to the ‘New World’… You’ve all heard of the first grade primer ‘Dick and Jane’? Well, as fate would have it, Dick did not grow up to love Jane, because Dick (like Don) matured into a homosexual in denial, or “RRR” (sounds like a Rottweiler growl), one of those closet morality, socially/sexually frustrated and consequently mean people known as a Religious Right Republican. So, this has to be a adult repressed homosexual ‘dick’, or machismo porn variation, of the ‘Dick and Jane’ story. Consequently, the tale of how Don Rumsfeld met his demise, because of Dick Cheney’s dog, is pretty screwed up. It’s called: Don and ‘dick’ Rumsfeld was visiting ‘big dick’ Cheney at Cheney’s ‘spread’ in Wyoming, Cheney was wishing he could have shot George Bush in the face with his shotgun because the coward George flinched and did not pull the trigger on Iran…


While reminiscing missed opportunities at initiating Armageddon, wishing they could have shot more people in the face, especially more Arabs, and about their longing for certain fascists to be in their lives, past and present, secular and religious.. among other things, Rummy suddenly asked ‘big dick’ why his Rottweiler, “Machismo”, was always locked in his kennel. Mean people have mean dogs and, Dick explained to Don that “Machismo” had an edge about him, Machismo simply could not be trusted around visitors. Dick went on to explain how he wished it were otherwise and how he wished Machismo could be trusted to obey him and only tear apart people that he did not like, he’d tried dog trainers but they cost him money, too much money, because Machismo took a chuck of flesh out of all of them, every dog trainer he had tried. His insurance premiums had gone sky high, all on account of Machismo. Rumsfeld: “Why don’t you get a different dog?” Cheney: “Because I love my Machismo.” Then Don had an idea. Rumsfeld: “Hey Dick, there is the Arapaho Indian Reservation right up the road, why don’t you get a Medicine Man to take the edge off your Machismo? I saw on the Discovery Channel the Indians can talk to animals, you know they are all devil worshippers, so maybe there is something to it.” Dick’s eyes brightened considerably, an amazing thing, as


though a light had turned on upstairs, but then his brow furrowed back to normal, as though nobody were home. Cheney: “That’s the problem. They are all devil worshipers, you know, Indians are sorcerers like the Old Testament forbids be ‘found among us.’” So Don and Dick discussed that and came up with a solution. If they were not at Dick’s ‘spread’ while the medicine man worked with Dick’s Machismo, the sorcerer would not be found ‘among them’ and it would all be ok in the end, because St Paul had said “All things work together for good” for Christians like Don and Dick. So they sent a Secret Service agent to find a medicine man with an explanation of how Dick would like the edge taken off of his Machismo, and then went quail hunting, so the Indian sorcerer would not be ‘found among them.’ The secret service agent found a medicine man, a Blackfoot married to an Arapaho and living in Wyoming, a typical dumb Indian, who with a look of stunned disbelief, kept asking the agent again and again “What!?” After the agent had identified himself four times and explained Dick Cheney wanted the edge taken off his Machismo eight times, a light filled this Blackfoot Indian’s eyes, this agent was serious, and the devil was right at home. Indians know when the gods deliver the opportunity of a lifetime, and this was opportunity at redemption. It had been awhile since the medicine men had been noticed, that is, the now days scarce authentic ones, and the agent had stumbled onto the real McCoy. First and foremost, this


Indian believed in the Native law of reciprocity and well knew how it worked, something the Whitemen had not sorted out since Jesus had told them about it two millennia ago: “As you sow, so shall you reap.” In this Indian’s world view, the opportunity was all about deliverance, and the attending attrition from any consequence, a sort of natural quantum mechanics shamanic death manifest by friendly fire, simply would have to be tolerated, because the medicine men are all about manifesting truth, and this native cultural idea taken together with the dogs name, set out the path to healing Dick’s Machismo: The dog would have to be taught how to enjoy narcissistic sex, instead of biting people. Initially, the medicine man realized he would have to endure Machismo’s instinct to hump his leg, that was disturbing, but to reach the goal beyond… The Indian told the agent, well, ok, he would do it for ‘dick.’ The agent missed the straight faced Indian humor… and utterly failed his agency’s chartered mandate. Indians are observational people, primarily, and know the purpose of dog butt sniffing rituals, sort of like when a Blackfoot and Cree spot each other from across a boulevard in downtown Calgary, the hair goes up on both backs and both Indians are thinking to the other “You can sniff my butt” in a historical context, and it is not a friendly thought. The actual butt sniffing between them is purely psychic, preceding any challenge and fight, and the medicine man doctoring Dick’s Machismo would need to circumvent this phenomena to achieve his aims. So sorcery came into play.


He collected urine from a bitch in heat, rubbed a little of it on his knee, and bringing more along in a vial, he traveled to heal Dick’s Machismo. The dog was very happy to see him, no hostility or butt sniffing ritual encountered at all, the Indian told the agent he had to work with the dog alone, brought out a plastic baby rattle wrapped in leather with a few strings with beads, to look convincing, and Dick’s fundamentalist christian body guard was more than happy to leave. Then this Indian began to work with Dick’s Machismo… “Now Machismo, my leg is a good beginning, but we have to show you something, you don’t need my leg or me at all, you can do this all for yourself- just follow her scent to where it feels so right….” In Blackfoot language we have a word, I don’t know how to spell it in the Whiteman’s language, but it sounds something like oww-woe-tops and it means you are crazy and “everyone knows the Whiteman is crazy” is a Blackfoot proverb proven again and again, example given, Dick Cheney hiring an Indian that hates him, as every Indian should, to tame his Machismo. There is another Blackfoot word I dare not try to pronounce here, but it means “Dog Face.” It is about as bad as Blackfeet language profanity gets, and it is not as tame as it might seem, initially. The term refers to a certain facial expression… Don and Dick were headed back to Dicks ‘spread’, the agent had called and told them the medicine man had pronounced Dick’s Machismo healed and was leaving, and as fate would have it, the medicine man, and Don and Dick,


passed each other on the dirt and gravel country road, the Indian pushing his 1968 Chevy pickup named the “Red Jet” as hard as he could, the worn out 327 V-8 boiling blue smoke into the dust storm he was whipping up behind him, windows down, braids flying, wild eyed panic combined with a maniacal mirth at his crime, co-mingled with prayers to all the gods that he WOULD escape… thinking when he saw Don and Dick “you can sniff my butt” while trying to put on as many miles as he could, as fast as he could, to escape Dick’s ‘spread.’ Don said “God Damn”, Dick in the same moment saying “he must have brought along his whiskey”… Dick and Don, walking to the kennel, turned a corner bringing Machismo into view in that very moment Machismo was swallowing it, gulping himself down with a certain facial expression… Don had a sudden epiphany, and he exclaimed "Machismo sucks!", and Dick’s perpetual grimace of hate torqued down to the point it actually broke his primitive semblance of a mind, he pulled his permitted concealed weapon… The camera pans away to the beautiful red rock cliffs of Wyoming, there was a first shot echoed together with Machismo’s dying yelp, Don shouted “NO!” and the second shot was heard… a pause.. the third shot sounded and America never heard Dick Cheney say “Terror” again. In the here-after, for all of eternity, Don repeated “Look Dick, look. See Machismo suck!” And for all of eternity Dick shot Machismo and Don, again and again and could not kill them or himself (because they were already dead.)


The Secret Service agent kept his mouth shut about his role in the cause behind the Rumsfeld/Cheney murder/suicide, and no one came after the medicine man who laughed for years, again and again like a child, every time he recalled: “you can sniff my butt”


The A-Team and Herman Cain On the phone, David and Charles Koch agree they needed the damage control ‘A-Team’ to handle the emerging history of Herman Cain as a ‘strong-arm’ rapist who abuses his positions of power to coerce sex from women in need of career assistance David: We have to move fast, let’s get on it, pull together an 'A-Team' counter-attack Charles: Our people are already on it. The ‘A-Team’ is the best in the business, the five million upfront was chickenfeed .. Newt is en route, just had to find a married woman willing to ‘swing’ on the Gulf Stream, he’ll be picking up Ralph Reed for a ‘threesome’ David: And Rove? Charles: Rove will be posing as a male nurse ‘supervising’ Limbaugh, we’ve laid in a supply of French Ticklers and Preparation H, should be no problem, we’ve been promised a top end product for a nationally broadcast statement by Herman on this evening news, we can get together and catch it on TV over dinner David: Excellent.. The ‘A-Team’ meets in emergency session.. Gingrich: Where’s Snerdley, sorry, where's Limbaugh? Rove: Passed out in the jet on the tarmac, his rectum was bleeding and he found OxyContin in the plane’s emergency


medical kit .. We can’t wait for him, we have to hammer a Cain statement in the ass .. let's pull this hit together, time to get with it! Ralph, what have you got? Reed: My people have put together some positive scriptural basis for Cain’s behavior, on account of the possible sheer numbers of women could be stepping forward, this should cover Cain being a minister and gospel singer.. Rove: Newt? Gingrich: Clarence Thomas faxed some stuff on communicating with rap terminology, he says not to be afraid of using ‘nigger’ AT ALL, in the case of a Nigger statement to a Nigger audience, it could shore up Cain’s image in the inner city, he recommends consulting Eminem Rove: We’ll create a statement that is a rip-off of Jesse Jackson’s style put to rap, quick, get Eminem on the phone. We'll put together something a broad spectrum of inner city niggers would buy .. that’s what Cain is reaching for in this election cycle.. Herman Cain makes his televised statement.. Ladies and Gentlemen, good evening and welcome.. Concerning the recent liberal hysteria about ‘sexual harassment’, well, what shall a man of the cloth such as myself say .. other than the truth: I am the Koch-suckers brother by another mother-fucker!


Herman Cain ‘on tv’ And tonight I wish to assure you my numerous strong-arm affairs, both accomplished and attempted, with mostly White women, is because Scripture-alitee is full of notariatee for boneriotee.. ..and you see, a ‘liberal’ nigger fucking around, that is Onan’s undesirable ‘infidelitee’ But my own fucking around is comparable to Hosea’s wife and Biblically commendable ‘promiscu-alitee’


Thank you and AMEN! No, no questions, that’s all folks!! The Koch Brothers watching.. David: A nigger like this nigger will kill ‘brothers’ for us .. that’s scriptural Charles: The trick is, Cain, like Rice & Thomas, don’t realize they’re all ‘our niggers’ .. man they’re fucking dumb, but should he really be 'boning' White women? David: Our ‘boy’ has earned his taste for pure ‘cane’ sugar, he loves fucking (up) White women, he’s learned his lesson with nigger women, like Clarence Thomas Fly on wall: Because Black women, like Anita Hill, don’t put up with this shit Charles: Did you say something? David: I was about to say, what if this pig don’t fly? Charles: We'll make do with four more years of the same, don’t forget WE STILL OWN the ‘uppity nigger’ David Koch: Right.. The ‘A-Team’ watching.. Rove: I wish that was my nigger! Gingrich: Man, that’s a good nigger Reed: A real, proper nigger Limbaugh: What’s happening? Did I miss something??


"There's an old saying,"In the days of slavery, there were those slaves who lived on the plantation and there were those slaves that lived in the house. You got the privilege of living in the house if you served the master ... exactly the way the master intended to have you serve him. “It is my personal feeling that plantations exist all over America. If you walk into South Central Los Angeles, into Watts, or you walk into Over-the-Rhine in Cincinnati, you'll find people who live lives that are as degrading as anything that slavery had ever produced. They live in economic oppression, they live in a disenfranchised way. In the hearts and minds of those people, and millions of others, you're always looking for hope, and whenever somebody within our tribe, within our group, emerges that has the position of authority and power to make a difference in the way business is done, our expectations run high. Many times, those expectations are not fulfilled. But when such an individual is in the service of those who not only perpetuate the oppression, but sometimes design the way in which it is applied, it then becomes very, very, very, very critical that we raise our voices and be heard” -Harry Belafonte


Planet of the Killer-Homosexual Frogs Gender is certainly considered a complex and interesting thing. Yet were something ever so simple? By comparison, juxtaposed to western languages, American Indian language is gender rich .. inclusive of many degrees of androgyny.. The notoriously evil Michael 'Dr Egghead' Hayden has called for a cyber-version of Blackwater .. which would result in homophobic neo-con hyper-extremist virtual reality mercenaries loosed with hacking tools in the name of 'national security' .. we live in a science fiction horror movie to a greater extent everyday, when fantasy is merging with reality on the Planet of the KillerHomosexual Frogs .. On the other hand, male hierarchal order (e.g. western language and culture) with few and simple gender expression, has a high degree of repressed homosexuality rooted in artificial masculine narcissism and denial (monotheism/ego) .. perpetrating a fear-based suppression of precisely one half of innate human intelligence, that is, feminine intelligence. It’s as simple as a fable blaming all of our world’s ills on a woman, apple and snake.. America's homophobic (repressed homosexual) religious right worships a fantasy figure bearing no resemblance to the Jesus of history .. in fact their's could be called 'Himmler's Jesus' .. a sort of Nazi deity with a relationship to the tea party similar to Hitler's relationship to Albert Speer .. on the Planet of the Killer-Homosexual Frogs


neo-con orgasm .. And when I say this, I am not speaking of the ‘symptom’ of repressed women in western civilization based cultures, but of the reality of the supressed feminine intelligence in western culture’s largely male mentality, where most men likely never gave two seconds thought to the fact all of us have a ‘pair’ of brains, one masculine and one feminine, that is our left and right hemispheres.. “The Jesus loves nukes speech" .. just the simple fact of neo-con "chaplains" teaching the ethics of launching nuclear weapons for the United States Air Force should


loosen the bowels of about everyone on the Planet (of the Killer-Homosexual Frogs) .. And what of the women attracted to these violent religious right repressed homosexual males, inclusive of women truly worthy of wearing ‘pant suits’ like Michelle Bachmann & Sarah Palin? Terrified they might ‘discover’ they are gay, were the western male mentality (includes ‘Bull Dykes’ Bachmann & Palin) to admit sincere feminine qualities (we all have them, it is hard-wired into how are our brains are built) in defiance of the western culture’s monotheist model's narcissist masculinity, rather than a healthy mental androgyny (a truly heterosexual psychology) where people are allowed to express natural proclivities, instead you have an angry repressed homosexual civilization that could be called: ‘planet of the killer-homosexual frogs’


Maison de l’Histoire de France In the annals of two great secular democracies, France has kept her Bastille Day political traditions more intact than the USA has preserved the 4th, but certainly France is not beyond lampooning or, perhaps better said, France has acquired a national habit of self-satirizing, having elected a Hungarian elf with an erection [for jaded super-models] president: Nicolas Sarkozy, a.k.a. 'Elfie Fling-fling', picked up bulemia inspired cat walk queen Carla Bruni within days of his wife Cecelia dumping him for being an elf without a soul. Rather than examine his soulless priorities, having made a big show of a famous socialist humanitarian [Bernard Kouchner] appointed his foreign minister, then Elfie cuddled up with George Bush [apparently soulless Hungarian elves with erections are politically bi-sexual] More recently the elf tried to strong-arm the employee owned newspaper ‘Le Monde’ into selling itself to one of his politically aligned conservative buddies and failed Then again, this perpetually erect elf was in the news over a much larger strong-arm robberyEnters the scene one erect elf's acquaintance, gay French troll Francoise-Marie Banier, photographer of modern foppery, who’d pick-pocketed France’s most wealthy woman, 87 year old L’Oreal fortune senility princess Liliane Bettencourt, for over one billion bucks “he is killing me .. give me this, give me that” and [Agatha Christie


wrote this next, there can be no other explanation] the senile L’Oreal heiress complies in conversations recorded by her butler What shows up on the recordings?? One Hungarian elf with an erection tried to block the case coming to court, also his finance minister had solicited and received a bribe of a topend job for his wife with one senile billionaire heiress’ financial manager, Patrice de Maistre, de Maistre himself [Managing Director at Clymène] is heard telling Bettencourt that she has given Banier, via a foundation, an island in the Seychelles, meanwhile one erect elf managed palace [center of government] “will use people we know” to prevent one gay troll photographer of foppery having to pay back a strong arm robbery proceeds of a billion euro and give up having been named sole heir to the richest woman in France .. all put in the hands of investigating magistrates who, as predicted on tape, declined to prosecute. Next scene? The Hungarian elf moves to secure his legacy with establishing the ‘Maison de l’Histoire de France’ and it all moves over to a planning session on what it means to be French .. with a peculiar ‘taste’ of colonial Déjà vu. Invited to the group overseeing the new institution are the elf’s closest confidants .. to include his wife Carla, ex-wife Cecelia and wealthy political patrons, however confused or criminal they might be.. and of course one particularly accomplished con man among this fellowship of con men .. The location is a mansion in Neuilly-sur-Seine, the wealthiest town in France, just outside Paris..


In the men’s room.. Elfie to Banier: I had never known such an ordeal. Never would I have imagined that I would be so profoundly distressed. What was I doing, lobbying you to seduce this woman! Rather I fell in love with you almost immediately. I thought, I must have that man. He's mine!! Patrice: Francoise-Marie, I'm going to come straight to the point and it's a little awkward.... do you still feel like giving Elfie a present? If you do, it should be through Switzerland, not here. And it would facilitate our plans to buy the little boy-whore this legacy of his dreams. There you are. Chlamydia will set up the new project with you, my dear Francoise-Marie. But we are not going to ask Liliane for more money? It wouldn't smell right Banier: Not money. An island. That's it. So, then I can give the island to the lawyer and afterwards.. Elfie interrupts: We live in a world where people don't all have the same scruples, where all blow jobs cannot be given, and where, to go down on somebody, all means cannot be used. Despite this, nothing will lead me astray from the path that I have chosen. I'm inclined, personally, to think that we Catholics are born pedophile, and it's a problem that we no longer know how to conceal this pathology. To say I am Peter Pan, it is a lie! To never grow up does not determine a victim!! Patrice: Yes. Isn't that odd? [He laughs] Elfie: How will it go with the project? Francoise-Marie,


you are my true soulmate, the person without whom nothing I do would be possible. At the end of the day, my only real worry is you, my Francoise-Marie Patrice: There is no stopping him Banier: Yes, the Maison de l’Histoire de France will be funded, I have found a lawyer, he is such a good fuck. Do you have anything against ... Lilliane will be buying her own island back again? Elfie: À coeur vaillant rien d'impossible

Meanwhile, in the ladies’ powder room.. Carla explains to Cecelia: I'm just starting. Nothing was calculated, nothing foreseen. I've never been married before and I'm Italian and I don't like divorce. Therefore I'm the First Lady of France until the end of my husband's term, and then his wife until death. I know that can hold surprises .. Narcissism lasts a long time, but burning desire -- two to three minutes. I’m at most monogamous from moment to moment, I prefer polygamy and polyandry Cecelia to Carla: Poor girl! In America you would be a Valley Girl, colloquial, materialistic, self-centered, hedonistic, sexually promiscuous, spoiled with more interest in shopping and social status than intellectual development or personal accomplishment Liliane: I have a feeling Banier is here to ask me for something. Do you know what for?


Cecelia: Fellatio, what else? Liliane: It's always the same. He becomes too demanding. Give me this, give me that.. Carla: What is it with these men? Is this why Elfie does not care for my natural orifice? Cecelia: How did you become pregnant? Carla: I spit it into a dish at the clinic! Cecelia: Fellatio bores me stiff, but it can be useful for more than ‘in vitro.’ Carla, if it had been YOU gave the elf a blow job, rather than Bernard-Henri Levy, there would be no war in Libya, these men are like putty! Carla: I could not! I was holidaying in Thailand with Benji Biolay, my shaggy dog pop star. Benji’s stiffy is young and does not shrink from natural accommodation. You see, this is why Benji is a ‘bio-lay’ [Carla smirks] Lilliane calms things: Is that a Jewish name? Excuse me, but I meant is that a reference to ‘kosher’? Please, let me explain something. At my age I have some knowledge of colonial history. To understand fellatio in these men, one must first understand France before Vietnam was French .. and n!"c m#m. You see all of these men demanding this fermented fish oil, they keep it in the study on the desk. A flask in the pocket. On the nightstand with a shot glass. Why? I will tell you they do not use it as intended with spices .. if only because it’s unadulterated aroma resembles a certain something they do not readily admit. During the



siege of Dien Bien Phu, the Legionaires exhausted their supplies of n!"c m#m. You know, only practicing French Roman Catholics are allowed to be officers. This is the greed, sliminess, snobbishness, hypocrisy, the antiSemitism that lies beneath our carpet of Catholic hautebourgeoisie in France. The Legionaires discovered the officer’s breath did not change when the n!"c m#m was exhausted, they could not fight. Suddenly it had been discovered the Legion is gay.. Cecilia: This is why France elected a man, not a couple ... we tried everything, I tried everything. But Elfie’s breath disguised as n!"c m#m, his breath is just so disgusting. A woman with class does not swallow and can wash out the aroma .. will men never learn? To think they would depend on an alibi, the aroma of fermented fish! Please, Carla, you MUST take the seat closest to the elf.. The planning session begins.. Elfie: Today, Cécilia and I are reunited for the good of French history, for real, doubtless for ever, because we are not able and do not know how to separate from each other. Do not be surprised at my appointing her to this group to determine a direction, to establish the Maison de l’Histoire de France as a geographical territory with a soul. And it is so with each of you, a responsibility to adduce the pretensions of France to a certain historical reality.. Carla: Elfie isn't addicted to power and that's what makes him courageous. Except for his peculiar breath, I love being with him more than anything. To be certain, I will be seated


according to the respect demanded of a hand-maiden to the French people Elfie: But, I prefer a mouth to the hand Cecelia: Without a doubt, this is why you have invited Francoise-Marie Banier.. Carla: I can no longer seduce my husband .. I don't want to hurt him. Thank you Francoise-Marie, because of you, I am no longer a man-eater, I make no mistakes with my teeth! Banier: As premier mouth-maiden to France, I say it will be established at the Maison de l’Histoire de France, to be French is to ‘sniff’ with a certain éclat. You do this so very well, my sweet Elfie Fling-fling. And I do not mind your breath, because .. ‘C'est pourquoi ils nous appellent les grenouilles’


Bozo’s Handcock U Speech (A theory of proto-Anglo-Saxon chauvinism) Bozo L’Dodo, past Valedictorian, was to deliver the introductory address for this year’s Handcock U commencement and his theme ‘The Inspired Republican Illuminati: Our Anglo-Saxon Heritage’ would secure his standing as the greatest of Handcock U satirists and past Valedictorians Bozo had chosen this topic to deflect the criticisms of his not having fulfilled the Handcock U forecast of becoming 43rd President of the United States, because everyone believed the nation would be better off if he had realized this ambition for the school Bozo was drunk, both in the composition and delivery of his masterwork address, as were the majority students who had been advised this would be the only state in which Bozo’s short oratory could be fully appreciated Handcock U’s president attended absolutely stoned on his wife’s Prozac, dreading the coming moment Bozo, teetering only slightly, after-all, he had been dead drunk for the near entirety of his life and was quite enabled of his condition, began: My beloved brethren (Bozo neglected to remember women were present, the cause of his alimony payments which he had never understood)


Follows here a fanciful exam of the source of our American behaviors and American Republican closet morality- in a historical context of our British cousins and our own America’s Royal 'Curious George' Bush. (The school’s president groaned) Nearly every educated American of our generation had been psychologically nursed as a child on the wisdom of the stories about Curious George, a playful, innocent monkey, but lacking the necessary brains to innately recognize or extract himself from dangerous situations. (the school’s liberals had become interested already, going against experience and every instinct) Fortunately, or so it seemed at the time of our childhood, George was in the nominal charge of the ‘Man in the Yellow Hat’, a benevolent and wise person with great understanding of George’s nature… and yet for all of the Man in the Yellow Hat’s mis-approbation of George’s innate delinquent nature, it cannot be denied that these stories inculcated our thinking with one great flaw. Repeatedly, the Man in the Yellow Hat left George unattended- leading to multiple circumstance enraging the innocent surroundings of our very small world’s neighborhoods. In fact, George is a vandal and the Man in the Yellow Hat is his enabler. Today, we will have a look at the larger historical background of our own George and his Man in the Yellow Hat: Tony Blair


Tony & George Here in the USA we speak Yank. My own traceable English ancestry migrated from London to Virginia about 1640 and in the meantime that has mixed, I am sure, with people declining Robespierre's invitation to a party, as well as the emptied jails and insane asylums of England, religious fanatics from the continent, Indians, Blacks, Mongols, and I am obviously 'mongrel.' But it wasn't only noble political refugees, criminals, lunatics and fanatics that were culled from the old world, but many Yeomen as well, mixing with the other populations, creating the


curious mix of our state today. I suspect that my friends ‘down under’ have a somewhat similar social biography in the world of our Aussie cousins. (the Dean of Humanities began to feel sick at his stomach) Now what I suspect what we expatriates sometimes experience, though no fault of our own, is a deleterious genetic effect that Europe in general, and England in particular, had sought to eliminate from their 'families.' I carry this remarkably deleterious gene myself, and my research on the matter tentatively suggests it cannot be deleted because of perpetual hybridization in our American family, and there has been no pogrom for this gene's elimination. For research purposes I am naming the deleterious gene "Proto Anglo-Saxon Chauvinism." (the school’s Chancellor began to feel faint) Now again, we all had thought this PASC gene to be largely recessive in our American population, but I think we must consider now that it may manifest in heretofore un-noticed behavioral traits such as my own present subconscious urge, e.g., a sudden un-suppressed desire to make a comment such as this short Address. I invite the listener to consider my words taken for a particular hand gesture of continental origin. (Bozo held up his hand with a middle finger, men chuckle and women gasp in the audience) This gesture had been, once upon a time in AngloAmerican relations, flung across the Atlantic, in both directions, and had been historically taken for 'rudery’


Now in our American population, we had thought the PASC gene (and source of this behavior) to be largely benign, excepting in the Republican party where it is concentrated to an unhealthy degree in this political pseudo nobility, the American Tories. Here, it is noticed in the American PASC Republicans who are ashamed of their 'doodles', normally which they only 'yank' in the dark, and claim they never 'yank' out of context. (Senator Larry Craig turns beet red and the Handcock U president puts his face in his hands) This bears a bit of explanation. Versed a bit in the American experience re our Anglo Saxon heritage and the 'divorce', there are historical examples of general insults, inevitably intended, with some exceptions, this shouldn't ever result in fisticuffs, but sometimes has between friends and brothers, with a bit of liberty and license. (the British interest in the audience perked up) In so far as these insults go, there was one delivered a couple of centuries and a score years ago in the vicinity of Yorktown, Virginia, a small ditty of British origin, composed by a campfire in the army of His Majesty, adopted by my countrymen, and that is 'Yankee Doodle.' I do believe that a close scrutiny of the song by the science of etymology must reveal 'yank e' doodle', the precise original term, is 18th century cockney or equivalent dialect, refering to the manipulation of a peculiar bodily part- hence the terms 'yank' and 'yankee.' (Stunned silence in the largely American attendees, the few British sniggered)


Probably the context of the Americans adopting the sobriquet was made in the heat of fraternal dispute, proposed example given, 'and if we can whip you who named us that, what does that say about you?' (A single drunken whoop from a Texas Cowboy alumnus, the British chuckles were over) But we all went on to patch things up, and out of purely good and manly sportsmanship, us ‘Yanks’ kept the name and became endeared of it, despite the dangers of embarrassment to our progeny. (The British are suddenly interested again) There does seem to be a bit of national amnesia concerning the origin of the term, but who hasn't heard of the New York Yankees? In our modern idiom they would be called the Manhattan Masturbators (rousing cheers from this west coast school’s Oakland Athletics fan base, the British laughing out loud) At any rate, all of us hybridized American folk have had to learn to get along despite the presence of 'proto AngloSaxon chauvinism', and so it is just sort of lurking there, a characteristic of our 'family.' It must be my own mark of the gene that fails to see any serious impropriety in these remarks, but in fact I am disturbed by Tory and Republican behaviors, these progenitors of ‘Yankee’ behavior. (Bozo’s alumni classmates, on this cue, raise a ‘Students for a Democratic Society’ banner, the British delegation is split)


Now, I am not privy to any modern research concerning the deleterious PASC gene in the old world and whether the efforts to eliminate it were entirely successful, and I am not familiar with the norms of behavior there, but I would caution my Royal Old World cousins not to breed too closely, if this is what was intimated when Mr Mitterand noted Maggie Thatcher had "the eyes of Caligula." (San Francisco’s British consular delegation walks out) Before I am subject to medieval justice and suffer the fate of Guy Fawkes, consider this bit of oratory in the tradition of Punch & Judy and might not intemperate replies from a particular quarter make the case that these beloved characters (whom Americans might well embrace) are expatriates as well. (The British having left, no one understood this line) Well, here, plainly stated, is an American polled by pundits, strongly suspecting Curious George Bush is an Anglophile (does he truly love Tony Blair?) and I cannot help but infer that the whole world has noticed and is prepared to conclude the Americans cannot help but ‘yank’ another’s ‘doodle’ when they should better keep their hands to themselves. (drunken male crowd roars, outraged women are leaving in droves) But consider first the primary party responsible for our ‘Yankee’ makeup, and please, only then consider our character. (drunk Log Cabin Republicans have been shouting Hallelujah Brother!!)


And I beg my Anglo cousins, whether Proto Anglo Saxon Chauvinism survives in the Merry Old England or not, do bring Curious George Bush home to be Tony Blair’s retirement butler, and 'We the People' will happily keep our sobriquet 'Yank', dubiously renewed in the eyes of your American cousin by our Commander in Chief in concert with your own, whom in tandum have, whilst whistling our glorious tune, Yanked their Doodles out of context worldwide! (Wild cheering, standing ovation) And thanks for NOTHING England!!” (Bozo ends in Richard Nixon’s famous pose while shouting the ‘Fighting Chicken’ sport slogan ‘Cock a Doodle Do!!’ pelvic thrusting with raised middle fingers rather than victory signs) Commencement did not proceed beyond Bozo’s speech because the ‘Fighting Chicken’ male student body rioted, erupted from the hall and took the occasion to tear down the school goal posts. Women who hadn’t the sense to leave earlier were raped. Handcock U’s president resigned and the school Chancellor committed suicide. Diplomas were put in the mail. Bozo’s fame grew…


free speech clown


Bozo’s Federalist Society Speech Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts, Chairman of the Federalist Society steering committee, smarting from the victory for Obama in the case of (sy)Phyllis v B.O. had, at the committee’s next meeting, proposed creating a plan to eradicate Bozo L’Dodo from the face of the earth. Steering committee member Dick Cheney outlined the plan. The strategy began with inviting Bozo to address the society at the time of Bozo’s being awarded society membership for opening viewpoints strengthening diversity of opinion Bozo began his society speech with atypical humility, but this humbleness, of course, could not be sustained. Bozo’s alcohol damaged frat brain being grounded in Handcock U satire determined he would after-all, present in style, little suspecting any possible thing could be wrong August members of the Federalist Society, I propose I’m least among many deserving of this award and, with that thought, I begin this evening’s presentation with a few short citations of those more deserving than myself. Please consider my following nominations for a new category of awards, The “I Knew It Was Wrong But Thought It Was Legal” Boner Awards My secular hero, Roger Cohen, a man I’d extolled in glory for his courageous stance as a Jew pointing to our Israel policy as a disaster, has ‘pulled a boner’ [exhibited extreme


male cowardice] by jumping on Obama’s ‘don’t prosecute for torture’ bandwagon Roger needs a lesson in what the term “Rule of Law” is all about, and the idea constitutions make presidents, not vice versa, meaning our constitution informs Obama how things are going to be, and I will simply add to that, a Writ of Mandamus is a court ordering public officials [could possibly include a president as military commander-inchief and most certainly any attorney general] to carry out their constitutional duties to enforce the rule of law and it is a huge embarrassment to American democracy when that particular legal weapon must be employed… second only to a consent decree… thought I’d note that before I consigned Roger to the booby hatch of legal ignominy with the distinct sound of a flush… bye-bye Roger… (Roger might crawl his way out of the sewer if he stays away from the ‘I knew it was wrong but thought it was legal’ sewage of Anglo-Saxon law, good lawyer joke, eh? Law Ignoramus award FBI man Ali Soufan’s “Tortured Decision” editorial, in which he puts on his adopted country’s liberal-bleedingWhite-heart sheepskin, admits keeping his mouth shut for seven years and only now speaks out because of the torture memos release… Soufan reveals there is more as yet unclassified memos… think about it. This is the FBI concealing crime for seven years and STILL CONCEALING EVIDENCE OF CRIME… enough on this bit before I aspirate my puke… a sort of self-simulated


drowning… Soufan earns torturer/traitor/coward awards combined Renown ‘civil liberties’ lawyer Harvey Silvergate argues against torture prosecutions, claiming they will make bad law, he appears to rationalize/justify “terror and pain” short of “disfigurement and death”, making the case that Bush did not go as far as the Nazis, so it doesn’t seem so bad… now, going to his legal ignorance on top of his criminal ethics… his idea that: because the torturers supposedly did not know what they were doing was illegal on account of ‘Yoo Principle’ legal memos, they cannot be charged under our Anglo-Saxon laws heritage requiring criminal intent… sorry Harvey but you get the law proverb “a man who represents himself [in his editorial] has a fool for an attorney” award… because Harvey ‘nincompoop’ Silvergate goes on to mention the case of the Nazi trials where Americans at Nuremburg convicted people for crimes that seemed perfectly legal in a criminal regime, going to the primal International Law principle “no nation may go against it’s own acts”, also known as, ‘what is good for the goose is good for the gander’… more to this point, we also convicted Japanese of war crimes for waterboarding, perfectly fitting this International Law rule which now consequently holds our own people accountable despite the Anglo-Saxon ‘I knew it was wrong but thought it was legal’ principle of law which is now history, past, had been, was the case, in fact legally dead in cases like this, because of the precedent we set for ourselves in the prosecution of others… additionally, under ‘the Silvergate nincompoop rationale’, a certain Nazi camp guard


following orders in his assigned duties likely could not have been recently deported to Germany to face criminal charge. Silvergate earns a Nincompoop award Nancy Pelosi admits she knew the Bush administration was spying on (wiretapping) Rep Jane Harman and kept the treasonous secret (for the Bush people), from Harman, notice none of these people ever takes responsibility or shows courage? Pelosi: “I was not allowed to tell [Harman]“, what was to stop Pelosi telling the entire congress from her podium except cowardice? Pelosi awarded torturers trash the 4th amendment AND friendship ‘Judas’ special award Obama Treasury Secretary Timothy ‘get out of jail free’ Geithner meets with President of Switzerland Hans Merz in apparent negotiations to excuse the Swiss bank UBS from having to fork over the names of 52,000 wealthy American tax cheats with secret Swiss accounts… anybody up for a game of “Monopoly?” Timothy just drew what should be a “Go to Jail” card… as he is giving out “Get out of Jail free” cards. Can’t be torturing the wealthy tax cheats with prosecutions… Torturer administration’s Equal protection clause Traitor award Robert Gates’ fundamentalist Christian led military is flaunting the legally binding security agreement Bush made with Iraq, conducting multiple illegal raids, killing and kidnapping Iraqi innocents… another operation was busted by the Iraqi government, the USA admits a ‘mistake’, the abductees had to be set free… the USA’s ‘Campus Crusade


for Christ’ continues on the Iraqi front, not only escalates in Afghanistan, under Christian Dominion Central Command’s General Patreaus… who’d just as soon kill as torture. Federal death penalty eligible treason award Harper’s Magazine cover story “Jesus killed Mohammed” is out, detailing Robert ‘tonton macoutes’ Gates’ Christian military’s religion inspired hate crime against Islam, Jews, Blacks, Women, kids, cartoons and the author of this speech, but particularly noting constitutional law professor Obama, who swore on Abraham Lincoln’s Bible to uphold our constitution and enforce our laws, has abdicated taking on the constitutional crimes against separation of church and state in our military in his role as our commander-inchief… meanwhile Obama is photographed in the International Herald Tribune together with Gates, evoking Tammy Wynette… “Stand by your man… give him two arms to cling to…” Loving Christians torture of Muslims for Jesus award Former Attorney General Robert Kennedy had written a legal memo recommending lifting the travel ban to Cuba, noting the travel ban was unconstitutional, he was correct, American’s have a right to freely associate and travel, he was over-ruled by our torturing CIA infested Department of State which kept his memo classified as a state secret for 46 years… State Department gets a corporate service tortured law and treason award [unit citation] New York Times columnist Roger Cohen takes a stride out of the cesspool of Anglo-Saxon law and the ‘I knew it was


wrong but thought it was legal’ no criminal intent defense, by continuing to write on other subjects, maybe soon he will have access to a shower and change of clothes… in his editorial ‘Of loos and language’ (in almost excellent ‘dry’ British humor, ugh) Roger points out the most notable difference between Bush and Obama to now, is Obama can actually speak English… Kudos Roger!! Of course Roger’s title for his editorial could easily be pointed to this speech, no problem, ‘we’ (you know, the British royal use of ‘we’, as in I admit I’m being a royal asshole) welcome ratings ;o) my noting here Roger had pointed out to me he’d begun his journey out of the Anglo-Saxon ‘loo of law’ with a key title word in a previous editorial: ‘pirouette’) A Spanish judge has opened the fourth investigation in Spain going to Bush administration torture… two of the investigations had been previously dismissed or shelved, either for lack of evidence or because of political pressures from the USA. The two investigations opened since Obama taking office are now ongoing, the weaker one previous to this most recent had been opposed by Obama and the USA who have pressured Spain, and this new investigation poses the largest threat yet to his administrations ongoing ‘I knew it was wrong but thought it was legal’ ‘Yoo principle’ attempts to give the Bush people and his CIA criminals a get out of jail free card… the judge: “an authorized and systematic plan of torture and abuse of people stripped of liberty, without charges and denied the basic rights afforded detainees” and the court will “seek personal responsibility in the different structures of execution, direction and design and authorization for this systematic


torture plan” which of course upon the judicial investigations completion I predict must include American leaders I will name in this presentation, not only Bush and cronies but notably Nancy Pelosi… Obama given a treasonous torturing coward’s campaign star for having opposed these efforts Russia is retiring 23,000 military officers in a force ‘modernization’ reorganization, a course of action I highly recommend to Commander-in-Chief Obama (Torquemada?) who should have already dumped the 15,000 USA armed forces officers belonging to the Byzantine ‘Officer’s Christian Fellowship” that actually believe if you are not a fundamentalist Christian, every motivation you have, no matter how noble, is a subversion of humanity “spearheaded by Satan”- torturers holy inquisition resurrection award The cognitive dissonance of a case just dismissed at our Justice Department’s prosecutors request… some lobbyists for Israel that probably really deserve to go to jail for treason (espionage) can’t be prosecuted because the judge refused to go along with some of the prosecutions demands for state secrecy in evidence… now our crooks can get off the hook by demanding typical evidence discovery rights of defendants, something judges rightly should not deny, with defendant likely knowing there are so many worms in this particular case’s can of ‘justice’, the Justice Department dare not produce the can… our tortures the law Justice Department gets a ‘can of worms’ award


Retired British spook gets it, MI6 man Alastair Crooke (all financiers are in some sense crooks?, Crooke was a banker who left the industry because he did not like the greed before he was a spy), founded “Conflicts Forum” which seeks to establish the validity of opposing points of view for adversaries so they can honestly negotiate instead of “talking past each other.” Brilliant!! Now, to the disturbing thought his ‘Conflicts Forum’ raised when I read the article and discovered it includes “former spies, diplomats and peace activists…” is the reporter/writer a moron or did he actually mean “former peace activists”… (context, dude, should have been ‘peace activists, diplomats and former spies, although ‘diplomat’ and spy’ are synonyms journalism moron award, but bringing to mind: One of our human rights organizations has been staffed by CIA in executive position, information I could be arrested and jailed for if I were to go so far as revealing ‘state secret’ identities… who are your CIA? Think about it. These are highly educated people who do 20 years or 30 years and retire to a sailboat or second job or both, depending on the USA retirement plan. Meanwhile, in the operational sector, they chill out under cover when not needed or even use straight jobs AS their cover. Not just a few of them are highly paid professional assassins. They are your diplomats, corporate board members, lawyers, educators (the pretty much out of the closet Rice/Chevron/Hoover Institute/Yoo/Stanford relationship can be seen), cops, FBI agents, pastors, human rights executives and journalists (that is just SO wrong), military officers, diverse corporate executives and employees,


doctors, etcetera, normal seeming people afforded frequent vacations or travel frequently in their work… all cover for CIA. This is a socially criminal organization penetrating every aspect of society and should be disbanded, as easy as shutting off their money… Amnesty International earns the ‘we declined to meet with Ronald West and rather wish he was dead’ human rights front for intelligence services award Hillary goes to press saying “I love my job” which actually can only mean ‘I love jobbing the millions of women who voted for me on social issues’, reiterating Hillary could have had any cabinet position she liked but chose one far away from any reality of insuring health care reform or putting forward an American ‘women’s rights’ stamp on this administration… woman Judas award My buddy Roger Cohen at the New York Times reads the Harper’s Magazine article “Jesus Killed Mohammed”, poops his pants and pirouettes on his honest column of the previous week accurately depicting Obama as differing from Bush only in the fact Obama can actually speak English… now Roger does journalistic fellatio on Obama’s foreign policy, ‘dripping’ praise for Obama’s differing approach contrasted to the factual “War on Islam” of Bush… neglecting to note the Harper’s article and Obama’s callow inability to take on Defense Secretary Gates’ religious extremist generals… in which case the “War on Islam” actually continues as a Bush/Obama policy… Bozo Boner award to Roger [male cowardice]


Roger returns to sensibility, dealing with peace in the middle east, recovering the pseudo of his manhood, but from here out I am going with Maureen Dowd over Roger’s PMS and mood swings, you just can’t know what to expect from Roger, I’ve been checking out Maureen and she is HOT! A better writer altogether, she has superior courage and took up the theme Roger had abandoned in his panic attack, Maureen, in her much more direct editorial “Cheney grabs a 3rd term” writes how it appears Cheney and Rumsfeld are making policy for their “boy toy” Obama ( good one ;o) Maureen Dowd earns a beauty, courage and truth award Hamas leader Khalid Meshal on Obama: “His language is different and positive” earning Meshal a honorable mention ‘a sucker is born every minute’ award Meshal (who to now the Obama administration will not include in any mid-east peace process at the insistence of Israel) and Ronald West share the dubious distinction of having survived bungled intelligence service assassination attempts, Meshal poisoned by mossad at the orders of the Israeli prime minister Netanyahu.. multiple attempts on West at the orders of the mossad/CIA/Department of Defense combined ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’ rogue intelligence agents ‘in the service of our religious extremist super-friends alliance’… mossad/CIA and religious extremist super-friends alliance earn a CorporateStar-Chamber/Curia-Borgia bungler assassins award


“As long as they don’t exclude any option, let the United States select the order of things,” Nobel Peace Prize winner Israeli President Shimon Peres states while dictating terms it’s banana republic USA may employ in exploring a new relationship with Iran… Peres making the point a bombing Iran “option” belongs to the USA first and then Israel will start the war the USA will have to fight [with USA armies on the flank of Iran] if the Americans won’t blow up the ayatollahs… after an Israeli dictated ‘what the USA policies will be’ meeting on nuclear weapons with Obama and we all know Israel will be using American weapons and money and any Israeli attack would be no different that the USA initiating hostilities from Iran and the entire Islamic world’s point of view- Nobel Peace Prize selection committee gets ‘pulled a boner’ award [made a stupid mistake] USA hog farming giant Smithfield Corporation murders ‘Wilber’ of Charlottes Web, since they have moved into Romania, Smithfield has run roughshod over the environmental laws ill equipped to deal with the new megahog’s super-barns… as well in a mere four years they had driven the number of Romanian small pig operations from 477,000 to 52,000… with the impact felt as far away as African pig farmers who cannot compete with the sharp and sudden influx of cheap pork. Shareholders swine flu off-shore-tax-haven award, meanwhile, speaking of some real pigs: Defense Secretary Gates’ ‘open fly’ boys, piloting bombers sporting JESUS SAVES logos on their ‘cock’pits, shred


scores of kids and women in Afghanistan, like Mickey Mouse taking on 7 giants at a single ‘blow’, AGAIN… even as Gates’ religious extremist generals are busted by Al Jeezera TV for lying about concerted effort in command structure promoting Christian proselytizing of Afghans… led by the U.S. Army Chaplains and fundamentalist friends working on saving the souls of those Muslim “children of Satan” in a military that consequently blows the idea ‘Jesus loves the little children’ to bits with air strikes when the kids say ‘no thanks’ Now, considering United States had planned, authorized and implemented torture, violating treaties we are signed to (never mind just how creepy that is) and that torture will now be altogether excused by our Department of ‘Just Us’ fundamentalist Christians no problem with the cover-up and denial of the USA’s ‘holy war’ crime that goes on, eh Commander-in-Chief Obama? Any guess why the Afghans might prefer the theology of the Taliban to the ‘liberation’ theology of your military?? Commander-in-Chief Obama‘I’m still standing behind my Christian Crusaders’ war crimes award It’s come back to ‘I knew it was wrong but thought it was legal’ no criminal intent Anglo-Saxon law at Attorney General Holder’s Justice department… where waterboarding is torture but there is no crime involved… The Department of Justice, investigating itself, the same method the Israeli and American militaries use to insure they cannot discover evidence of war crimes or religious extremists and hate crimes that exist in it’s ranks… now the


Justice department internal inquiry draft report finds ‘lapses but no crimes’ relating to the people preparing the ‘torture is legal’ memos, Obama’s Justice Department is determined EVERYONE will get off the hook, includes those who systematically planned, authorized, and implemented war crimes in the treatment of captives… welcome to the United States of Mugabe, Robert ‘tonton macoutes’ Gates in charge, all of Gates’ harem ‘boys’ curtsey to their polyandrous spouse… Gates- earns a Bugs Bunny in drag ‘gay wabbit’ award (that was a cruel rabbit, just ask Elmer Fudd) ‘queen’ Condoleezza (mirror, mirror on the wall) tells a student at a forum torture is: “legal by definition, if the president authorizes it”, and you just have to wonder at the Israeli philosophy of ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’ because theirs has become a case of ‘with friends like these, who needs enemies?’ It is likely gonna be déjà vu for American Jews, not only the Jews in Israel, the American knee-jerk support for Israeli policy, no matter how self destructive, is looking more and more like a case of the chickens headed home to roost when these “perfected in God’s sight Jews” [Ann Coulter, citing St Paul] fundamentalist Christians’ coup is complete and the “Christ killers” [U.S. military’s Officer’s Christian Fellowship ‘passion’ theology sobriquet for Jews] are told on ‘the water-board’ to convert because Mel Gibson’s Latin ‘rite’ wing Pius X “pray for the Jews” is back in vogue at Rome where water-boarding makes sense, because the church can save the Amazon this way, which the Pope has said is


‘braveheart’ equally important to saving the world from homosexuals, rather than waste wood burning the Gays, Jews, Secular Humanists, Witches, women generally, kids that don’t behave, especially alter boys that talk, people who sue the church.. Condoleezza awarded the ‘president authorized it’ ‘Gangrene Heart’ lapel pin Another spook gets it, ex-CIA Kabul (Afghanistan) station chief Graham Fuller’s New York Times “Out of Afghanistan” editorial, where he makes the case the 40 million ethnic Pashtun divided between Pakistan and Afghanistan are turning to the Taliban more as an expression of Pashtun power and independence under pressure from American military policy of “drone bombings and assassinations” rather than any great love for


Taliban politics… pointing out “Pashtun are among the most fiercely nationalist, tribalized and xenophobic peoples of the world.” I hope Obama reads the paper because his Defense Secretary Gates’ fellow fundamentalist Christian and Obama National Security Advisor, former Chevron Board Director and Marine Corps General James ‘the reverend jim’ Jones, won’t be telling Obama these truths.. and Obama needs to think about the modern day number of FORTY MILLION of the same Pashtun Alexander the Great could not defeat with superior weapons and training, and since Alexander had failed, no one has ever defeated the Pashtun, Soviet Union included… Fuller wins a rehabilitation to truth award, a rare honor for CIA Speaking of CIA “drone bombings and assassinations”, I’d neglected to mention awhile back the Zirdari photo in the New York Times, Zirdari grinning like the cat that ate the canary with his wife out of the way, flanked by photos of Benazir Bhutto as though those photos were feathers of a bird clinging to the corners of his mouth… Zirdari sucks up to the CIA in ways Benazir never would have… Zirdari wins a ‘sucks up to the CIA at any price to bring me to power’ award Obama’s National Security Advisor, Chevron Board Director and Marine Corps General James ‘the reverend jim’ Jones, continues using the press to step out of the shadow and draw attention away from the discredited Department of Defense relating to airstrikes that kill scores of kids and their moms… “we can’t fight with one hand tied behind our back”… gee, he just admitted he can’t


nearly as effectively kill kids and women without airstrikes… meanwhile ‘Campus Crusade’ General David ‘a jihad for jesus’ Patraeus appoints a “one star general” to ‘study’ the airstrike massacres “problem”, you know ‘one star’ only has to please his fellow Christian extremist generals and ‘one star’ will become two… while a Pope who has rehabilitated the anti-Semitic extremist ‘passion for pius x’ calls for tolerance even as the ‘passion’ inspired American special operations generate holy war… as Defense Secretary (de facto commander-in-chief by default actually) Robert ‘tonton macoutes’ Gates calls for a major revamp of our military to beef up those very special operations forces which are ideal for committing war crimes under cover… Bonanza of torturing Bozos award Constitutional law professor Obama takes the coward’s moral midget road and moves to block the release of war crimes photos ordered released by TWO courts, on behalf of his recent bosom buddy, the war criminal Defense Secretary Robert Gates, oblivious to the ONLY means of defusing holy war with the Muslim world which is: to come clean and prosecute… while the New York Times reporters continue to suck up to the incompetence in Afghanistan, writing on the war as though it were not yet the total fiasco it is, giving the war credence by quoting generals who make an un-winnable war even more un-winnable than necessary… no one is asking the hard questions, ignoring how to win peace, like clearing out the religious extremism… meanwhile Congress “grumbles” as it prepares to ante up the hundreds of billions upon wasted


trillions to keep it all going downhill… cluster of tortured boners award The homophobic Boy Scouts of America’s “Explorer Scouts”, some as young as 14, are given anti-terror SWAT training by police who have to take online anti-sexual abuse courses, as though that would stop a pedophile, on account of past civil and criminal cases concerning police sexual abuse of the Explorer Scouts… Boy Scouts earn a closet-pedophile ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ award Supreme Court Justice Scalia says he does not believe in legislative intent… now I really hate to spill scalding coffee on the bulge in Scalia’s lap, but if this is the case as he states, Scalia has a problem. There is this ‘thing’ in our Constitution called “un-enumerated rights” and if Scalia can only read the language of the law itself without taking into account the legislative intent, those “un-enumerated rights” must be forever “un-enumerated” in which case they can never be “rights”… congress sent an idiot to the bench award Sociopath CIA agent in denial Sabrina De Sousa is wanted in Italy for kidnap and delivery to torture… this dufus 53year-old-4-year-old-in-denial sues the USA for diplomatic immunity she is not elgible for in her former consular work (lawyers will try anything for money, in this case the dufus Sabrina’s money), denying she was a CIA agent, the case draws the media’s attention and they of course go to their sources who are also CIA and the sources blow it for her by saying Sabrina is CIA… HOW STUPID WAS THAT


SABRINA? The interesting thing here is the State Department (Sabrina’s cover) sources saying they are trying to get the Italian case involving Sabrina shut down, hell yes, they are because this is the case where an Italian intelligence agency defendant brought out the information Condoleezza Rice was in charge of the USA’s delivery to torture program called ‘extraordinary renditions’. Interesting, Ronald West states he recognizes Sabrina from her photo, their paths had crossed in Germany? (remarkable, a perfect stranger SMIRKS at you in Wiesbaden, duh, says Ronald) Sabrina gets CIA bungler award Which brings us back to Obama and Gates trying to shut down the photographic evidence of abuse by Americans ordered released by our courts… Obama’s statement (parroting the denial of Bush era) indicating isolated incidence “carried out in the past by a small number of individuals” is a bald-faced, through the teeth lie. This is Constitutional law professor Obama’s assault on the rule of law in the tradition of John Yoo, because we know now this photographic evidence reflects only a few instance of a several agencies wide (CIA, Justice, Defense and State) program involving many hundreds of people and thousands of cases of war crimes in Iraq, Afghanistan, Guantanamo, Black Sites and proxies, which in part have been described by a judge in Spain as “an authorized and systematic plan of torture and abuse of people stripped of liberty, without charges and denied the basic rights afforded detainees” There is ONE WAY OUT of our war with Islam begun by Bush/Cheney, and that one way out is: GOOD FAITH


“Put them all in jail” –Ron West


PROSECUTIONS to stop the ONGOING religion motivated crime NOW…. Here are the CIA briefed American leaders who approved, initiated and/or pursued carrying out the torture program. CIA briefers were then director George ‘torture’s’ Tenet and deputy director John Mc-Laugh-lin Briefees included George ‘baby doc’ Bush, ‘big dick’ Cheney, ‘queen’ Condoleezza (mirror, mirror on the wall), Don ‘tin man’ Rumsfeld, and John ‘Muslims are the children of Satan’ Ashcroft, no surprises there Colin Powell? Oops, his claim he was duped into presenting false intelligence info at the UN, justifying Iraq’s invasion, I think just turned into the kid run over by the ice cream truck Senate hawks Bob ‘cracker’ Grahm and Richard ‘confederate general’ Shelby, Florida and Alabama respectively, ok, perfectly straightforward right wing honkies, to be expected, no surprises there either Congressman Porter ‘former director of CIA’ Goss, I’d be surprised if he had NOT been named, and whadda-yaknow: NANCY ‘APES’ PELOSI If ever there were a doubt Nancy suffers ‘acquired egopriapism syndrome’, I think it is safe to say now the


diagnosis has been confirmed… AEPS, pronounced APES, as in ‘apes’ cowardly male behaviors… Nancy is the surprise add to the list of war criminals the USA is obliged to prosecute according to our constitution’s ‘supremacy clause’ …“any treaty made shall be the supreme law of the land” unless of course Obama is going to jettison either our constitution or the torture treaty the USA is signed to So, constitutional law professor Obama, as Attorney General Holder plows through his medieval Anglo-Saxon medicine chest, looking for remedies to treat the migraine of a plausible ‘writ of mandamus’ in his forced grand jury referrals and preparation of criminal indictments under the torture treaty, did you really want to protect Pelosi from war crimes culpability like Pelosi protected Bush from impeachment (suddenly, totally understanding Pelosi was covering her own war criminal ass) And to the question of pardons, how fortunate a person is innocent until proven guilty under the USA legal practice, meaning Obama cannot constitutionally pardon anyone prior to a trial and conviction House Republican leader John ‘boner’ Boehner has described a report pointing to the dangers of right wing soldiers as a future threat to domestic security offensive and called on the government to apologize to veterans. As a veteran, I call on Representative ‘Boner’ to apologize to all Americans for the acts of our future Timothy McVeighs represented in un-prosecuted special operations war criminals being released back into our society


My ‘bozo boner’ awardees, whose political lies and/or rhetorical stupidities can often be found in my blogs, in order of lie or stupidity’s magnitude: Barak Obama (to Turkish Parliament “USA is not at war with Islam”), George Bush (”People who are allowed to worship freely in society, are people who are going to be peaceful citizens” as our Christian extremist led military pursues holy war he started), Supreme Court Justice Alito (”Marauding Indians” in a firearms decision, OMG, Geronimo!), Senator Kit Bond in a Senate hearing, (”you can’t believe what you read” about CIA torture), Attorney General Eric Holder (too many to recite), Nancy Pelosi, Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton (because I think the ‘girlz’ who behave like ‘boyz’ deserve to make the ‘boyz’ list Closet republican morality disclaimer, also known as the Senator Larry Craig clause: for the purposes of this audience, the term “boner” is the first (1) given in the Oxford Dictionary, however any Barney Frank-o-philes are permitted to imagine it is the second (2), in which case any prurient lampoons should be ‘tasteful’ boner |ˈb$n%r| noun 1 informal a stupid mistake. 2 vulgar slang an erection of the penis. ORIGIN after House Republican leader John ‘Boehner’ the quintessential prick



Here is how a ‘Barney Frank-o-phile’ (‘hitting’ on the liberals) lampoon could work: Instead of walking out on Iranian President ‘mouthy’ Mahmoud, at the UN forum on racism, when ‘mouthy’ truthfully called Israel “cruel and repressive”, why didn’t one of those western diplomats, instead of disappearing like cowards, stand up and shout out “Fair enough, now, what I want to know, is there a ‘boner’ involved when Iran puts it’s women to death, for adultery, by stoning?” Of course that would make worldwide headlines and Iran would realize it had REALLY ‘pulled a boner’ Here is how a ‘closet republican morality’ (‘nailing’ the conservatives) lampoon could be ‘pulled off’ The UN Rapporteur on racism has stated “defaming religion” should be dis-allowed, wow, I suppose that means the office in Rome called the congregation for the doctrine in the faith will be ‘coming out’ of the closet, to be called the holy inquisition again, and anyone who stands up to torture will be charged by the prosecutor Gonadius [worse than ‘pig’ Latin, eh? gonad + ius], with the crime of having ‘pulled a boner’ (of course that can only mean ‘made a stupid mistake’) Subtle difference, you think? And of course, there is always the morality neutral or ‘ethics free’ example (getting digs into the ‘I’m in it for me’ sociopath public figure), in this case a ‘half-truth’ :


Rahm Emanual: “The Republicans are the party of no ideas”, neglecting to mention he is the ‘wormtongue’ (wet tongue?) in the ear of a Democratic president with braindead ideas And so it all goes to: “Know thyself” –the pedophile Socrates, executed for “corrupting the youth of Athens” It seems fitting this should degenerate into a legal treatise designed to constitutionally box in the ‘boyz’, and as such, is apropos to pick on Chief Justice John ‘boy’ Roberts, who went from ‘Waltons’ family lawyer to chief executive at the violent pornography industry of Anglo-Saxon law John ‘boy’s’ court had been recently accused of ‘pulling a boner’ [a cowardly legal decision] by much more principled conservative judges than the dwarves on the conservative wing of this Supreme Court… who have been accused by those more principled men of legal ‘mealy mouth’ in a recent ‘right to bear arms’ or 2nd Amendment case, and called it a right wing Roe v Wade for mincing around the ‘hard’ facts Just like the all male Roe court could not ‘bear’ to give women the 4th amendment’s protection of “privacy in their papers” : ‘Dear diary, today I had to choose between raising a child in poverty for a father I’ve discovered would never be there for us, or terminating…’


No differently, John ‘boy’s’ court could not call a spade a spade and admit the founders meant “the right of the people to bear arms” to be a clause against a coup of the power corrupt over our rule of law… this could have been intelligently addressed by BEING HONEST and calling the right to bear arms what our constitution meant it to be, a militia of the people that does NOT shoot “marauding Indians” at casinos, giving states a bit of control over assault rifles (that actually cannot be constitutionally taken from the people so long as the 2nd Amendment and a modern arms military both exist), like one assault rifle per militia member which is any person of good legal standing in the community, no record of domestic violence and with brains enough to pass an 8th grade constitutional ethics test, weapon stays locked up in the home… and use of ANY firearm in a crime could consequently be made a statutory case of domestic treason for violating a fellow citizen’s civil liberties But naw, self serving cowards can’t pull their heads out from where the sun never shines, because the idea I just proposed would preserve our constitution AND DRAMATICALLY REDUCE the number of assault rifles and ALL other firearms on our streets as well as shut down the weapons exports to Mexican drug cartels, too bad that would hurt the gun lobby Now, where do you suppose John ‘boy’ will come out on torture? Will he allow prosecutions of his corporate class peers??


Since now days the 4th Amendment appears to only protect the privacy of the papers held as corrupt corporate class state secrets concealing crimes, the prognosis is not good, but I have an idea! Uncle Sam has this Latino dude named ‘Stare Decisis’ in his honky law library, he is the bouncer, all his work is about is, there should be stability and quiet in the case-law or, that had been the way it worked and so that is the way it generally should be Now John ‘boy’s’ honkies have been ganging up on this Latino dude recently, so Stare Decisis brings a knife to work to defend himself. Returning to the Silvergate nincompoop’s ‘let’s all duck responsibility with a honky defense’ rationale, I do believe the Latino dude can take out a certain Anglo-Saxon’s ass, that is, the whole idea surrounding ‘I knew it was wrong but thought it was legal’ as a legitimate ‘no criminal intent’ defense Here is how it could work: Anglo-Saxon right wingers (includes dark rye ‘cracker’ Clarence ‘anita’s bad hair day’ Thomas) like to kill people, that is easy to see in John ‘boy’s’ conservatives putting retarded and insane people to death… and honky states like to force anti-psychotics into defendants so they become fit at trial to understand why they are going to die for something they could not understand when they did it So if John ‘boy’s’ ‘boss-hog’ federal court has let those state decisions stand, bingo, suddenly Stare Decisis, the


Latino dude, whips out his knife! And he goes beserk from being picked on!! The Supreme Court takes anti-psychotics to understand what is happening in the real world and the Anglo-Saxon no criminal intent ‘I knew it was wrong but thought it was legal’ defense is knife wounds like the slashers in the movies make (oh, our lovely 1st Amendment) across their blindfolded bitch’s Anglo-Saxon body of no criminal intent law, Stare Decisis just cut her to pieces!!!!! Your averaged IQ of 90 could puzzle through the shit in that process’ result- Whoa, check it out, THAT BITCH IS DEAD!!!!!!! With eyes mere slits, Chief Justice John Roberts proposed Bozo had passed the Federalist Society rite of initiation and be awarded membership. Bozo, feeling his ingratiation with the fascists would further his career opportunities, and therefore smugly pleased, sat for his official photo on a tall stool wearing the borrowed Federalist Society member George W Bush’s dunce cap which was actually a modified Klu Klux Klan headdress, presented by a Grand Wizard With Bozo’s middle finger shoved up his nose as though digging deep for a booger, the preferred pose of society members for photos, John Roberts, Antonin Scalia and Samuel Alito pulled from beneath their robes Thompson Sub-Machine guns, stolen for the occasion at Dick Cheney’s direction by Federalist Society house niggers



Clarence Thomas and Condoleezza Rice: from the Al Capone exhibit at the FBI museum The Thompson drum clips having been filled with unjacketed aluminum alloy hollow point 45 caliber ammunition provided by Xe Corporation, the three justices fired precisely 150 rounds, at point blank range, into the biggest buffoon ever to claim expertise in law as a member of the California State Bar Association A few hours later, the night shift janitor with a ‘four zero’ security clearance who’d been told to bring a body bag to work, was grossed out. Bozo had been basically pureed, his remains little more than a large congealing puddle with a few big chunks


Lenny Bruce & George Carlin on ‘Jews for Jesus’ George: Hey Lenny, have you seen Jesus? I've got a question for him. Lenny: He’s never here on weekends, he ALWAYS goes to the Parallel Universe of Tikkun olam. George: Why is that? Lenny: Quantum Mechanics and Communion, every Sunday he’d get all sorts of afflictions if he stuck around, you know, the ‘creating reality’ thing. George: There has to be a joke in this, right? Lenny: It’s actually worse than you’d want to think, since the evangelists put words in his mouth to eat Jesus' body and drink his blood, the liberal Christians give him hives and if that weren’t bad enough, then you’ve got the rightwing pinheads coming down with this cannibal smack, oops, I meant snack .. all taking a bite out of him, the ultraright parasite Catholics give him ringworm, the fascist parasitic Protestants give him scabies.. George: Rosicrucians? Lenny: Rosacia! George: Holy fuck, no wonder he bails out of the heavens on weekends.. Lenny: Yeah, that’s why I bailed out of Brooklyn, Hasidics and little boy butt-fuckery .. all these guys looking like


Bavarians in bowler hats with pig-tails in the wrong places, I mean c’mon, wherever you see anything like that, you know something is perverted.. George: Well, I was going to ask him a question, maybe you can help me out. What is up with this ‘Jews for Jesus’ thing? Lenny: You mean Jews for Jewdas? I mean, here are right wing evangelical Jews praying like Pentecostals for the Jews to be destroyed so they can rebuild the Jewish temple in Jerusalem, call it Christian and get Jesus back .. where’s the sense in that? George: Well, I was wondering about the ‘makes sense’ part .. I mean, here are Jews trying to covert people into right-wing Christians, and it was right wing Christians had stamped out six million Jews already .. I’d run across this blog “These Jews need Jesus” .. there’s a joke in there somewhere, right? Lenny: Oh yeah, imagine sending a bunch of homosexualpedophile Hasidics to a straight Puritan chapter of Heaven where no kids are allowed, there’d be a serious riot. As if these fascist Puritans wanted to be outed as well, the schumks! George: Actually, that’s a GREAT idea.. uh.. Lenny, how many times were you arrested?



How Jesus Gets Kicked Out of Heaven Carlin: So, where are we? Jesus: The Native Americans call it the ‘Wolf Trail’ Carlin: Well, anyway, I like it better here by the campfire Jesus: Verily Carlin: So, how come you never returned? Jesus: I did, many times. But on every occasion, I was killed by Christians in a pogrom before I could accomplish anything. So, I tried to return as a woman and even that didn’t work Carlin: What happened? Jesus: Maybe you haven’t heard the joke.. a girl was murdered and all the Jews were freaked out and figured they’d soon be dead, because it was assumed she was a Christian. Then the rabbi came running out shouting ‘Wonderful news! The murdered girl is Jewish!’ Carlin: That’s not funny Jesus: Well, when you’re still hanging on the cross, nailed up by the church after 2,000 years, it has its humorous



aspect. Just like the body parts of the saints, cut to pieces and scattered in churches everywhere, that’s why you don’t see them in heaven. And the Indians stuffed on shelves, locked in the basement of the Smithsonian. It’s a little bit like Native American humor, it takes some getting used to Only the REALLY BAD people were in Hell, Richard Nixon, Muammar Gaddafi and L Ron Hubbard were anally banging the same plastic blow-up doll of Condoleezza Rice.. and hoping she would arrive before they’d have to share with Kissinger.. meanwhile the CIA was exploiting pedophelia in the Church with blackmail- using the confessional to pass instructions on destroying secular justice to corrupt religious judges- on the earth Jesus could not get back to- “give unto Caesar what is Caesar’s” notwithstanding Satan’s lack of humor and the company he kept, precluded George and Jesus lodging there, now that they’d been evicted from above. So they were camped out in the Milky Way hoping Mel Brooks and Lewis Black would wander by Jesus: The new Mel Brooks comedy ‘Fell Behind’ is GREAT Carlin: The rip on Tim LeHaye? A real riot! Jesus: Absolutely, what a gem! I wish I could grab Mel by the ears and kiss him right between the eyes for that. You’ve seen it?


Carlin: Oh yes! what was your favorite part? Jesus: When the Hutaree Militia arrived to save the President and discovered he was Black and named Hussein, my god that tore me up.. it was better than the scene from Blazing Saddles when the Black Sheriff saved himself from the welcome committee, I was laughing to tears. Which part did you like? Carlin: Sarah Palin as President of Romania, you know the scene, Vlad the Impaler rising from the dead and coming at her with the dildo.. and how she pretended to faint so she could take it without being unfaithfulJesus: My god, that brought me to tears too.. Marilyn Monroe and Jane Mansfield had been discussing who is hot, George or Jesus, playing a fantasy game of ‘draw straws’ just to see Most the Pentecostals and nearly all the conservative Catholics were in Re-Education Camp Purgatory, the two Marys were re-teaching Sunday Sex Ed School there, Virgin Birth was a huge embarrassment, as well Jesus relationship to Magdalene had to be straightened out and it was the joke cracked at this, had caused Jesus and George’s exile Carlin: Millions said you were coming, were you wearing a condom?


heavenly pentecostals Jesus: [laughing] There’s no right answer.. which began a fight between those Catholics and Pentecostals who were NOT in Re-Education Camp


Purgatory. There WAS a right answer, eviction for the controversial personalities. Subsequently, George and Jesus, with time on their hands, LOTS OF TIME, were having a philosophical discourse Carlin: So, where are the Jews? Jesus: Waiting to be saved from themselves, but it’ll never work.. uh, George, would you do me a favor? Carlin: Certainly, what’s that? Jesus: Do you see that nail cutter over there? ..


Democracy Now Re-Wienerizes Liberacestan Flamey Prudeman: Today we interview Glenn Beckwald on the Obama administration’s openly gay foreign policy and the war in Liberacestan. Glenn has been the most effective liberal anti-war shill or, alternately, accused of being the most effective possible shill for the witch hunting, child torturing closet-gay neo-con agenda when it comes to the closet gays exercising impunity in the public eye, a necessary propaganda ploy in our homosexual nationalist culture, to make certain people feel by merely donating, rather than demonstrating in the streets, they are doing more than wringing their hands and shedding a tear or two, to fight the fascist-closet-gay war agenda. DN: It has been stated the liberal openly gay agenda you support has in fact propped up the neo-con closet gay agenda you oppose, or restated, all things being equally gay in our interventionist policies, the closet gays’ claim transparency is a threat to National Security, and this is the gay issue which most turns you on. How do you respond to that? Beckwald: Flamey, nothing could be further from the truth. The closet gays suffer immense moral turpitude and for anyone to claim my open ‘gayness’ could in any way prop up the closet gay agenda is simple non-sense. The only healthy culture is an openly gay culture and I’ve not heard any liberal or otherwise credible source claim ‘in the closet’ is a good thing. Herein lie the problem: until the closet gays are outed, and these most insidious of National


Security secrets are revealed, our nation’s policies will be dishonest. A national security policy kept in the closet is not a healthy national security. It’s simply not possible for my openly gay position to prop up the closet gay agenda.

DN: Bacha Bazi, also known as bacchá, is sexual slavery and child prostitution, in which prepubescent and adolescent boys are sold to wealthy or powerful men for entertainment and sexual activities. This business thrives in Liberacestan, in fact our military aid has put many of these boys into Liberace army mascot uniforms. Some of the


individuals involved report being forced into sex. The authorities have been reluctant to crack down on the practice by military commanders. Your organization ‘Reweinerize Liberacestan’ has made this a ‘seminal issue’ by demanding the boys be volunteers, paid equitably, and the pedophile commanders come out of the closet and demonstrate authentic gay pride by legitimizing their homosexual child concubines with legal same sex partnerships. This should temper the exploitation of these children, correct? Beckwald: Absolutely Flamey. This a cornerstone of ‘Reweinerize Liberacestan’ policy, to raise awareness and impart democratic values to what has been to now a hopelessly backwards culture. The sooner the closet gay commanders become comfortable with their sexuality in public, we all can begin to kiss and make up, the Taliban commanders, American neo-con generals and Karzai’s war lords can all find common ground. Male sexuality is SO misunderstood and when repressed it leads to ALL sorts of malevolent behaviors which manifest as being SO angry. The sooner Liberacestan is openly gay, there will be no need for wars, we will have created heaven on earth, heck, I might live part time there! DN: This past week in Philadelphia, three priests and a teacher were charged with raping boys. Their supervisor, Monsignor William Lynn, was not accused of molesting children but of endangering them. A damning grand jury report said at least two boys were sexually assaulted because he put two known pedophiles in posts where they


had contact with youngsters. Comparatively speaking, is there not a conflict, to describe Liberacestan’s homosexual pedophile culture as backwards? It’s not like this is some isolated incident in Western culture. Beckwald: Flamey, this is not only a crass intrusion on Church affairs in violation of the wall between church and state, this is a nature versus nurture thing. Without openly nurturing homosexuality in children, how would the misogynist western culture's males ever be able to express their true sexuality without hate and consequent wars? Homosexual pedophilia should be decriminalized, otherwise we must criminalize ALL male hierarchal order based in masculine narcissism, and all associated judeochristian derived misogynist/homosexual religions which are behind aggression and war. You know I live in Brazil, where these problems don’t crop up for the Catholic Church and there is a wide open gay culture where it is SO easy to find and live openly with your male same sex partner. When pedophilia is decriminalized, the Church as well, will be free to come out of the closet, stop inspiring torture, inciting wars, et cetera and the Opus Dei and Pius X societies will surrender its fascism for free love with children. This is why ‘Re-weinerize Liberacestan’ is in the forefront of the fight against fascism with raising national awareness of how Bacha Bazi could be a force for peace and why it should come into the American public eye. The sooner we legitimize these boys sexually comforting the closet gays in American minds, including our neo-con generals, the sooner there can be peace. This should be a prioritized focus of the USAID programs in Liberacestan, it


would be so much better more American tax dollars are stolen from there, than current expenditures on CIA drone missiles fed bad targeting information through closet gay mercenary contractors like Iran-Contra associated criminal Michael Furlong at Strategic Command, resulting in murdering entire families. DN: ‘Re-weinerize Liberacestan’ associated experts express a sentiment we should be very gentle in liberating the closet gays. Is this why you’ve not gone after the individual generals with your resources, those generals involved in crime personally, hands on? For example Colonel Ann Wright has documented numerous cases of raped and murdered American women soldiers who’d the misfortune to be assigned to corrupt commands in Iraq, including rape and murders of women assigned directly to General Petreaus command. Why not help Colonel Wright on this issue with your tremendous organizational resources? Why not go after the individual commanders and push these identifiable corruption associated rapes and murders that can be tied to top commanders into the public eye and mainstream news? Or for that matter, the epidemic rape of our women soldiers overall? Wouldn’t this be a powerful tool to get a real examination of the war on track and public outrage demanding answers and the wars shut down? Beckwald: Many liberals don’t understand how these things must be finessed, Flamey. Yes, we must be very gentle liberating the closet gays, because as soon as we start naming names to specific crimes, the closet gays



become paranoid and come after us. Just more violence and you know that it is the violence we are against. Especially violence against us. For instance, we are perfectly aware since 2008 specific war crimes can be tied to specific closet gay commanders in Liberacestan, but if we push neo-con "C Street" associated individuals like Generals Petreaus, McChrystal and Odinero into the spotlight, the chances of them ever coming out of the closet on their own, as gentle and beautiful, openly gay people, are practically nil.


The Great Phuc Uuus Massacre Iraq bothered me because I was certain my eldest son would go [he did not]… a peacekeeper veteran of Bosnia in the Guard. Iraq also bothered me because it seemed we had learned nothing POLITICALLY as a result of Vietnam. Our Vietnam deep involvement was engineered by our combined military/State Department/CIA/corporate industrial complex profit motive with the phony ‘Gulf of Tonkin’ incident… a remarkably false event sharing the identical value of political deceit found in our accusations of Iraq having weapons of mass destruction and Al Qaida ties… one million dead Iraqi civilians later, this is all a part of process in my head, a process not entirely set aside from multiple attempts on my life for my combined life experience and politic- going to military intelligence and psy-ops skills… not only my successes as an investigator The bottom line is this: It is all about money, a corporate share-holder orgy in government and, now days, with the beyond ‘Orwellian’ twist of religious fanaticism, Christian fanaticism and corporate profiteering Christian driven Islamic fanaticism, thrown in I remembered the Medal of Honor winner who would not cut his hair for Nixon at his White House ceremony after leaving the Army, he’d told the press “I was stoned and I freaked out”… relating to his acts of heroism. I wonder what our ‘Bible Patriots’ of today’s American military’s 15,000 strong fundamentalist “Officer’s Christian Fellowship” would think of him? Maybe they would spit on


him like the rumors had of our returning Vietnam Veterans experience?? That never happened to me.. Our Veterans service organizations drive off members with their redneck social ignorance and drunken bar scene of regaled war glory, lives and years past, in utter disdain of persons like myself, providing no sober and peace devoted alternative… “blessed are the peace makers”, Jesus wasn’t talking about Colt revolvers… and they can get you psycho money, as your veteran advocate, with their fill in the blank (your name) forms requesting disability reviews for physical and/or mental disability Funny how that psycho rating climbs but not the rating for physical disability even with your health deteriorating as you help Native Americans win successes against corporate criminals… corporate criminals who counterfeit compliance to the law to steal Indian resources.. corporations like Chevron with Condoleezza Rice sitting on the board of directors.. while attorneys with names like Yoo write legal briefs to assist fixing things on the inside I did not appreciate having to go to the same major university medical center the Veterans Administration sends it schizophrenics to be studied, for my evaluation, and pay quite a bit of money out of pocket to get a clean bill of mental health and undo their label ‘psycho’… how would they turn my clean result down? They could not. Our labeling and persecuting political enemies had been a bit more careful than that of the old Soviet Union… our more effective dissidents are quietly murdered, typically with


difficult to detect poisonings meant to look like natural deaths, or arranged accidents when they cannot be discouraged or discredited. Very likely people such as Karen Silkwood and Paul Wellstone, not only Omar Torrejos And then you have veterans peace organizations driving off (with their socialist drivel) people who’d otherwise be members, leftists who won’t work with the conservative anti-war folk to push change for our common secular sanity and very life survival Our grassroots reform culture, liberal and conservative, seem like a couple that always fight, gossip and consequently turn off the neighbors… to the wealthy corporate criminals’ advantage and life is a drama like some morbid reality show, when in fact this essay is a fair glimpse of a very present reality in relation to reality past… we are NOT learning from our mistakes and uniting to force change in our politics, rather allowing the same players play the same subversions of our rule of law with their corporate criminal influence buying game in ever more dangerous gambits in an ever more dangerous world The 82nd Airborne at Fort Bragg, 1972 I did not know anyone who went to church. Some undoubtedly did, but it was not pushed in our face. Our self-sobriquet in those days, the jumping junkies, was a barracks neurosis of fitness, drugs and frequent lockdowns


A murderous collective killing machine to face in battle, no doubt, despite numerous soldiers whose life was a cocktail of fitness and drugs… men that easily could win commendations or medals for valor, ‘freaking out while stoned’, our training was that good, that had been demonstrated by many of us already in Vietnam No one I knew needed to be motivated to patriotism or simply do a good job as a soldier with mandatory Bible studies, the fundamentalist crap being force fed today’s troops. I’m getting ahead of myself in the story’s timeline, but I wonder how our Vietnam experience stacks up to today’s military’s fundamentalist Christian reality, my recollections are of a more honest military, or are just more honest recollections and certainly no less brave Fort Lewis, 1969 In Indian country, where I am from, it is the size of your heart that counts. I was in two fights in basic training, and I did not start either of them. The first was picked by my trainee squad leader who thought he had to be a bully to lead. I did not back down. He was easily 1/3 larger than I, physical stature and weight. He won that fight, but I was not defeated and he knew it… I gave him far more than he ever could have expected, in fact about the limit he could handle, and showed no fear. He left me alone after that go round and stopped picking on people. He was smart enough to learn. The second guy I fought, closer to my size and none too bright, was put onto me by a bigger guy that did not want to take me on. I made short work of him. No one


made us go to church Fort Rucker, 1969-1970 Your army gratitude for graduating the light observation helicopter maintenance class at the aviation school… which means you could be sitting on the back floor of a four seater, legs out the side, feet on the skids with a machine gun in your lap, playing tease for a gunship you are partnered with in a ‘hunter-killer team’… is to be washing pots and pans in the school’s cafeteria while waiting for your assignment West! Vietnam! I never saw the guy’s face, my orders appeared as papers clutched in a fist thrust through the slot for trays with dirty dishes… my reaction was a strange mix of adrenaline and sinking stomach… nobody was making us go to church At Travis Air Force Base, 1970 Shipping out, I’d heard of the Vietnam ‘fuck you lizards’ and took it to be an environmental psychosis, I did not, I could not, see this as anything short of a soldier’s urban legend. Lizards simply do not say “fuck you.” That was my naive reality… and the fact is, no one was marching us to church. And lack of church is NOT why we lost Vietnam


Christian Dominionism


At Vung Tau, 1970-71 I’d been transferred to Vung Tau after six months inland as a member of the smallest combat assault aviation unit in Vietnam, I had been assigned to brigade aviation at a brigade of elite light infantry shock troops. We were brutal to the enemy in combat AND unchurched. I’d never heard a ‘fuck you lizard’ so much as mentioned, let alone seen or heard one It was on my first night shift guard duty at Vung Tau, I’d had smoked a joint of potent Vietnamese marijuana, that was normal by now, was settled in behind my small sandbagged breastwork for what I figured would be a boring night. And then, from ten feet behind me… clearly, and not meekly, a human voice had stated: “Phuc uuu!” With every hair follicle on my body an instant goose bump, I spun 180 degrees and would have cut anyone standing there in half with my Colt automatic rifle… if someone had been there Now, worse than the non existent Viet Cong taunting me, the marijuana paranoia called the ‘noids’, began to work. I had completely forgotten about ‘fuck you lizards’ and my sanity was crumbling… no one at Vung Tau had warned me of this enemy because, for the soldiers already stationed there, this was ‘normal.’ I probably thought, ‘Man, I should have gone to church’


The lizard’s accent is like an American saying ‘fuck you’ through a kazoo, only 95% human and 5% kazoo… hence


the perfect Vietnamese accent and spelling- ‘phuc uuu’ It must have been the alpha male phuc uuus which were at times particularly vocal, a sort of major mucus throat clearing, before hurling the spitwad: “oh-aw-ickk-phucuuu-phuc-uuu-phuc-uuu” The CIA propaganda teams trained the lizards, that and the fact of our Vung Tau Viet Cong phuc uuu heroin smugglers, kind of makes me snigger at the idea of $500 million Taliban heroin profit claims… because it was phuc uuu reptiles dressed like ‘Men in Black’ delivering the heroin via the CIA’s “Air America” planes, to supply our Vung Tau addicted soldiers The Vung Tau Viet Cong phuc uuu lizards were selling our good food downtown, using U.S. Army trucks to deliver, our soldiers had to buy their own food back to get a decent meal, sort of making me laugh at the thought of our ‘Christian’ military leaders pointing fingers to corruption in Afghanistan, following on Halliburton in Iraq One of our cooks was so outraged at preparing the substituted friendly fire killed Water Buffalo for our meal, he made marijuana brownies for our phuc uuus cadres (and went to jail saying oh-phuc)


The lizards took a cut of the taxi fares, from those taxis allowed to use the premium parking outside our base gate, the phuc uuus drove up the fares this way and our soldiers drove the taxis away from the gate with a wrist rocket and ball bearings, muttering: ‘phuking phuc uuus’ That got us all into trouble and we became the phuc uuus confessing in formation. Our phuc uuu 1st Sergeant: “I want the device and I want the responsible parties to step up front and center!” From the back of the formation: “Phuc uuu.” That came from my squad and suddenly the 1st Sergeant was at the rear of our formation, in my face,


“West! Who said that!!” From the front of the formation came the words: “Phuc uuu” The ‘Biggus Diccus’ scene in Monty Python’s “Life of Brian” HAD to have been inspired by the “phuc uuu” interrogation at Vung Tau And the one guy I knew of in our company who’d ever gone to church, our Jesus freak, was a good guy, never pushing it in our face, but most of us knew no piety at all and we did great work rebuilding the war torn helicopters At Camp Frenzel-Jones (Long Binh) 1970 We called him O, no kidding, simply that, O. Behind his back some called him Psych-O, one of his helicopter combat team-mates had told me O became sexually aroused in combat. I thought that was interesting but who cared? O was a killer and a good one and, that was premium in our business But killers, in the military, not only on the street, must be managed, like the time I was driving an errand and O had wanted to come along because it was along the route where he could buy good opium laced marijuana cigarettes. Coincidentally, these were commonly called ‘o-jays’ by the soldiers, rather fitting… I stopped at the small business stand on the highway between Long Binh and Saigon where O made his purchase, I’d gotten out of the truck and was checking things out when O’s eyes suddenly seemed to roll up behind his lids and come up again from below, a


different person… he had pulled a 38 caliber pistol from his pocket and was about to shoot his drug dealer for short changing him when I stepped between them, pushed O’s arm holding the pistol away while making eye contact and saw recognition registering as I told him “Get in the truck O, we’re leaving…” I was not a serious pothead, just curious

O was a 50 caliber door gunner on a Bell UH-1-H model helicopter converted to a gunship, a frightening killing machine packing O’s 50 Cal, as well there was a modified


XM-27 ‘mini’ gun system: a large volume, multiple barrel, high speed modern 7.62mm crew directed Gatling gun driven by an electric motor- a grenade launcher was onboard, also assorted hand grenades that could simply be dropped out of the aircraft by the crewmen (our crews flew with the doors removed), these included fragmentation and ‘white phosphorus’ grenades… a white phosphorus grenade dropped into enemy positioned using jungle canopy for cover can be especially effective in panicking and flushing targets into open space where they are easy kills. I don’t recall we were ever taught this was a war crime violating Geneva Conventions, or maybe it was not banned yet, but I doubt it would have mattered… it was about killing the armed enemy in combats and it was called ‘whatever works’ Being good killers does not come naturally to just anyone, and most of us, unlike O, had to learn. Many learned to kill by learning to hate. I recall one of my fellow soldier’s laughing about having dropped a CS (tear) gas grenade on a Buddhist funeral procession as they flew over at low level… I thought that was pretty mean but it was emotional survival to him, he had learned to hate the “Gooks” in order to feel right about killing them. He might still be maintaining his hate and emotional survival by telling war stories while drunk in a Veterans of Foreign Wars club None of the soldiers I knew believed our political leaders godless communist enemies were ‘children of Satan’ we could indiscriminately kill, families included… that is happening now days with our special operations in


Afghanistan… Our Vietnam soldiers accepted surrenders and I never knew of any murder of civilians other than the My Lai massacre and the murder I prevented. But our crews did have lots of those ‘feels right’ hate opportunities to do things like drop tear gas on outdoor weddings and funerals.. because we flew just above treetop level most of the time… in order to be a brief and fleeting target away from any unexpected enemy ground fire Back at Vung Tau I don’t know or cannot recall who began it. Maybe it was a soldier snapped and said “I’ll show you fuck you!” It was after dark, on a weekend. Between thirty and forty of us had not gone to town on pass because we had no money or simply did not care to. The numerous phuc uuus were especially vocal that night. Someone had found a stick and began killing the phuc uuus and the soldiers suddenly mobilized as though ordered to the attack and went on a lizard killing rampage. Flashlights were brought out. More and more killing sticks were located. It went on for maybe two or three hours, until a living phuc uuu could not be found. Lizard bodies were everywhere If there was anything we could have learned in Vietnam, it is: even the lizards were meant to hate us…



Why the CIA is Gay I recall the anecdote of when Benjamin Franklin was Minister to France, the fact that Franklin would not dismiss his valet, a known British spy, drove the French minister, Tallyrand, nearly out of his mind. Franklin's explanation? I'll paraphrase from memory: 'Of course my man is a spy and it is known by his masters I am aware he is a spy. This is quite a happy circumstance because his masters, well aware I am aware, will twist and distort for themselves everything they hear I have said: So I merely need take care to always be truthful in his presence, for all I have said will be taken to be disinformation.' Few will argue the fact Benjamin Franklin was a genius. Now my friends, I am back in the door alive (because I never know what to expect), and I will like to point out a few things that will be instructive in the Benjamin Franklin philosophy 'I merely need take care to always be truthful in this presence, for all I have said will be taken to be disinformation.' In other words, I will teach a bit of technique. And all you will have to do is look around you, to see what I mean. Ever think about this? The very core of our essential liberties like free speech so valued by the many friends of liberty could become its own demise? The ACLU works to


protect hate speech as well as patriotic speech. Our 'liberal' (think about the different ways that word could apply in this context) interpretation of the First Amendment of the constitution protects the speech of White Supremacists, Neo-NAZIs, Devil Worshipers, anti-Semites, and bigoted right-wing Christian hate mongers, and since ‘Citizens United’ corporations can BUY free speech us common folk could never match, er, that is to say corporations can buy elections.. ..drowned in all of this is truly patriotic speech, or dissent or art or authentic religious expression, but ‘religious’ speech is protected when it is in fact hate speech, and by the way, also protected are the corporate and state propaganda and associated political lies. The very element robbing our nation of its free speech and other civil liberties is ‘free speech.’ How is it a Koran burning is not shouting ‘Fire!’ in a crowded theater? It can only be our own religious right extremists are in an ideological (crusading free speech protected) war with Islam. Some might say I am free to express and obviously I am expressing, but is it free? Notta, baby. Under the rules laid down by Bush, et al, and pursued by Obama, and the United States Department of Justice under Eric Holder, the man protecting American corporate executives from prosecution over the hiring of right-wing death squads, if I speak with dissenters, I make 'the list.' If I speak with my Muslim neighbor who might be faithful to his belief and attend a mosque yet practices a 'golden rule' sort of gentle Islam, I make the list, because I have a friend who practices Islam. Consequently, if you speak to


me, you make the list because I made the list for speaking to someone who practices a faith that put them on the list. Nothing is free about expression that earns you a place on any list of political enemies of the state. Oh, but if you belong to the Assemblies of God and believe 'Muslims are the Children of Satan', no matter most Muslims practice a 'golden rule' expression of Islam that is non-violent, you don't make 'the list.' If you are an extremist "Christian Dominionist" that practices a primitive belief that brings you blessings against "witchcraft" from an African bishop whose Christian community in Kenya lynches and burns to death indigenous faith healers and tortures ‘child witches’, not only do you not make 'the list', you are afforded opportunity at money and power associated with fame and your name is Sarah Palin. Gee, this kind of make me wonder how free speech 'demonizing' people, people like 'golden rule' Muslims or indigenous faith healers or, people like patriots (uh-oh, where might this be going), or demonizing all Jews, including those Jews who fight for our civil liberties and against Zionism, or demonizing Libertarians, or demonizing blacks or demonizing socialists or demonizing Quakers [?? Not right wing chauvinist patriot Christian enough, and therefore in the ‘grip of Satan’] or demonizing WOMEN which is by far and away a really BIG thing to think about when in those circumstance WOMEN buy into constitutionally protected hate propaganda and are employed to wield the very propaganda tools of a long history leading to their own oppression.. Michelle Bachman


who is so psychologically male she attracted a homosexual in rabid denial [how’s that ‘cures gays’ clinic doing?] Women who, given the opportunity and power would force a woman who'd been raped to carry a rape child to term. So how might 'free thinkers' in a 'free society', regardless of sex, likewise be propagandized into becoming tools of their own demise? Most lies must stem from an underlying fear of truth. Fear underlies anger, anger underlies aggression. Physical aggression requires applying force, applying force escalates violence. Simply look at the aggression of the modern world surrounding you. Aggression fed into your lives and the lives of your children with media demonizing personalities with political lies, demonizing communities you do not understand because their history and experience is different to your own and consequently you can be made afraid of them because their culture is different. Fear can be applied to populations as a meme, it can spread panic. Fear based panic can be instigated and manipulated by people in positions of power. One community can be set against another community simply by introducing fear. That is how a primitive fear based Pentecostal belief in Africa can result in ‘Christian’ parents torturing their own children as witches and ‘Christian’ mobs lynching and burning indigenous faith healers on account of medieval Christian hate crime labels like "Witchcraft" and "Sorcery." Fear spread by TV lies.


Just as easily people can be politically demonized as ALLIED with Socialists, Zionists and Fascists. A left of center libertarian (like myself) with more in common with the idea of LIBERTARIAN than the ideas of the left, could be demonized as a Socialist. Ralph Nader or Cynthia McKinney aligned anti-corporate/anti-war/anti-Zionist people on the left who actually believe the extreme left degenerates into a kind of fascism leading to repressive regimes like the old Soviet Union can be demonized as extremist Socialists or Communists. 'Small r' republicans, Libertarians and independents who are anti-corporate/antiwar/anti-Zionist can likewise be demonized as anti-Semite Fascists, and people need to look at this because generally speaking, everyone in this paragraph is anti-fascist/anticommunist/anti-war/anti-Zionist/anti-corporate and instead of finding a common ground to the common good which might attract more defectors from the mainstream, they are playing into the paranoia game of labels intended to keep finding the common good from happening. Aside from extremist lying behaviors, whether corporate state extremist propaganda, our mainstream leaders political lies, or hate speech, the obvious to some and not so obvious to others, how many [countless] ways do people lie to themselves as the mainstream "sheep"? And on the fringe of this, for those with the glimmers of what is happening, the 'truthers', how might they see more clearly? How many of you were told Santa is a fraud as children? Might I suggest if you are lying to your kids, you still don't see through propaganda and how it is used to the advantage


of your oppressors in way you do not yet see or understand? Because we learned as children our own lies are harmless? Lies we have become so subliminally comfortable with we do not even look at them?? People who do not realize they lie, are different to people who deliberately lie, different from deliberate liars like Dick Cheney, example given. How sweet of Dick to have been in the news with Panic Attack, a side effect of which is heart fibrillations. Why so fortunate to my story? Well now, our former vice president had been ordered by a court to preserve his email, Bush foot soldier Attorney General Mukasey had been forced by the Justice Department Inspector General's report [after saying previously there would be no prosecutions] to appoint a Special Prosecutor to look into the U.S. Attorney firings case the people associated most closely with Bush and Cheney refuse to testify to Congress about, y'all know, Rove, Meyers and company… oh, and on the same page with vice presidential Panic Attack was a short blurb Bush would not recognize the law giving the Inspector Generals independence from presidential control… wow, that was just sooo Der Fuhrer Bush who also stated he could make exceptions to existing executive orders (now why would I suspect that would refer to Executive Order 12333 banning assassinations, actually scrapped by Bush in 2002) .. so Mukasey hired a ‘company’ man to investigate and whaddaya know, the Bush crime spree is swept under the rug.. following Mukasey, then by Obama’s man Holder


Gee, now I remember George Bush's daddy [a former CIA director] 'old George' having fibrillations [Panic Attack] when Iran Contra was breaking news… humn, Dick having a previous Panic Attack resulting in fibrillations in November of 2007… without checking my calendar I'll guess about the time of my incident in the close space with USA or subcontracted intelligence asset who shot himself with the poison (nerve agent) pellet intended for me [2 selfkills by agents I've mentioned to now] damn, too bad for Dick, Condoleezza, CIA, their contracts for murder… Panic Attack had been in the news. Now remember Obama is not inclined to allow investigations and prosecutions of these people.. who have all walked, Mukasy, example given, assigned the Karl Rove approved Bush foot soldiers at the DoJ to develop the case dismissing all charges, and Eric Holder is NOT going to reverse and investigate the crimes and cover-up of crimes, because it’s all ‘Family.’ “I don't know anything." This is the primary law of life for the old Native American warrior that was highly skilled in picking off the Whiteman in contests of one on one, whether in the forest, or on the prairie or in the desert (and now the cities of Europe.) Another translation of that idea is: "No one can know what to expect" Getting back to the people who lie to themselves, these people are not necessarily a deliberately malevolent personality type but can actually be a majority of well


intended people, I remember the statement [but don't recall the politician who said it just now] "It must be a good agreement because no one is happy with it." Huh? What?? Is the Orwellian newspeak or what??? I think I would go with 'The agreement must suck because everyone hates it.' Politically correct communications are to avoid inflicting injury on ego. So people lie to themselves. And while doing that, they lie to everyone in earshot. In the age of modern media, they can lie to the entire world. More often than not, they actually do not realize they are lying. Probably 90%+ of the people in our world who prop up the biggest conspirators on earth have no idea of what they are doing, or how they do it. Man, I am glad I have the native persona instead of the western ego. Because ego must really suck. By extension, the modern world must really suck [looking around you, anyone??] Cause, you know, a lot of people USED to know what ethics and principles are. But something happened that changed all that. I recall to mind one of my older boys relating a story to me, he is a good honky redneck to all outer appearances, but raised Indian (all my kids have been raised Indian.) One of his friends he called in Native politically incorrect fun a 'spanglo' for the fact of his friend's mixed Mexican/Anglo heritage, but raised Mexican, had managed a new firefighting job when he burned out on being an elite Hotshot and told my kid it was a drag because he had to commute to the new job from the northwest side of Albuquerque clear across the city and beyond to the south and east reach of the Manzano mountains. My kid


suggested he move to my neck of the woods, known as the East Mountains, to cut the 2 hour commute in half, he would still be close to town. His friend stated "I dunno about that, there is a LOT of really STRANGE people in the East Mountains." My honky kid with the Indian humor was quick with a reply: "They're called WHITE PEOPLE" “Know one can know what to expect” I could not expect the brilliant undercover women in Spain would find ways to tell me they’d been gaining immense information from surveillance in my case of having set myself up as a target and find ways to actually tell me “Thank you” in person, without compromising operations, with no formal meetings, no record at all. And in turn I say “thank you” in return to these women who’d saved my life on at least two occasions, once on a train platform in Barcelona and again in a tobacco shop at Sant Feliu de Guixols. 'Darwin's Rottweiler' Richard Dawkins, when he introduced the concept of 'memes', must have been a case of late enlightenment coming from the '100 monkeys' phenomena of Honky folk wisdom. For those of y'all who don't know or remember, the '100 monkeys' phenomena is, once 100 monkeys have learned a new trick, suddenly all of the monkeys of the species, planet-wide, know how to perform that trick. A remarkable insight. Honky folk wisdom (and its associated hope for White people) often is humbling, and science should have a look into its repository of knowledge a bit more often, our ivory towers


might look a bit less as though they had been carved from fossilized mammoth tusks. Sort of like the anthropologist marveling the at the first sighting of Gorillas copulating face to face and wondering when the species had made the discovery of that particular joy. Just as easily it could be wondered if ancient Humans had learned the trick from observing Gorillas, the prurient habit had spread locally until 100 Human couples were copulating in the [then] new style and suddenly it was happening everywhere. Just as easily I could wonder if Gorillas might have learned the habit from myself, by observing my behaviors with a former girlfriend in the Redwood forest of Sequoia National Park.. Science loves assumptions. Such as some jerk named Professor Jenkens from Oregon who recently pushed the date for American Indian migration into North America back a thousand or two thousand years by analyzing what he had called in the article, and I quote: "Crap." Notice the root word 'anal' in analyze. Professor Jenkens science is little more than anal retentive egoic "Crap." Linguists have Humans in North America many millenia longer, some say pushing 40,000 years. The native Oral Histories back the linguists but you cannot carbon date language and Oral History. So the ego of anthropology refuses to budge… Anthropology maintains the lie even though genetic studies are beginning to fall into line with linguistics and Oral Histories (particularly those Native American stories of


migration by sea and from the south, not via the land bridge.) Naw, people like Jenkins would insist (as some western scientists already have) the discrepancy in genetic evidence points to Native ancestors trapped 20,000 or 30,000 years in the now sunken 'Beringia' between Siberia and North America to explain the genetic discrepancy. The ego trip called Western science had attempted to convince me, without realizing, I should believe in the lost continent of Moo.. [Mu-cow] Who do you allow to create your ego reality? Church? State? Science? Might I propose you can create a non-egoic reality for yourselves? Why might this be a good idea? The answer is in the archetypes, your mind's organization and your approach to the phenomena of self. The result is the 100 monkeys reality western civilization surrounds itself with. Mass Rape [look at what is happening in the Congo just now] Devastation. Mel Gibson's Jesus and consequently, a society, covered in blood. Mega death [genocide] All the result of ego reality created FOR you. So let's give Dawkins his term 'meme' unconsciously plagiarized from Honky folk wisdom (a higher form of the White man's collective unconsciousness, now we are approaching the paradox element) of 100 monkeys. The ‘Honky Ego’ (a term assigned to western mentality regardless of race) is an artifice subject to manipulation by memes of fear, a false persona of the individual introduced to create hierarchal order subject to control and manipulation by an ancient WESTERN CONCEPT of fear, guilt and shame, i.e. morals sans ethics.


"I don't know anything" The CIA could not know multiple attempts on my life would simply serve to expose their connections (the ever developing picture) to organized crime syndicates and other intelligence agencies and their hit men, and their working relationships with these organizations following the Summer 2008 bungled attempts by CIA agent Sabrina DaSousa’s team. It all comes about culturally, through childrearing and archetype. Ego is the result of images and how they are structured into self-image in children. Now, sit down three American generations from suburbia in front of a TV and ask yourselves what you have got. 700 Club? The Days of Our Lives? A combination of these and only god knows what other possible combinations for the pre-school children of the stay at home Moms? Or the kids left on their own because both parents work? How did your parents model behaviors? What was your experience? Can you even recall? What is the experience of YOUR children? Do as I say, not as I do? Would you even notice the things you do? Small wonder the young people love watching "Jackass." If your experience with your kids or your friends experience with their kids is even remotely similar, you don't see outside the reflection of yourself, just one example. And if you don't see outside the reflection of yourself, you don't see how you are controlled by memes. The memes which in actuality are nothing more than runaway mentalities of a culture best described as making a


fish bowl into a mirror on the inside and wearing it over its head like a space helmet. Memes can be personified. Yep, and memes are ideas from outside the self and they can create humanoids. That humanoid could be you. This can happen en mass or individually. En mass, memes are manifest in unconscious movements sustaining hierarchy. These are the people whose egonarcissism binds them together (like Barack Obama and friends or John McCain and friends or, yourself and friends?) and in the paradox of things, memes in movements against the very system which controls, can serve to sustain that system. "No one can know what to expect" MOSSAD, on a follow-up attempt, could not know I would recognize one of their female agents, subsequently involved in the Dubai hit operation on the HAMAS operative, from her INTERPOL photo as the blonde woman driver of the white get-away van in S’garo, Catalonia, when they’d tried to take me out in a supermarket previous to their Dubai operation, and failed. Remember the idea of 'demonizing? We can came back to that. But just now, let's examine the memes of fear personified in individual humanoids: the unethical sociopath of the western culture which has overtaken the world. The highest expression of the western civilization's


ego based archetype meme of fear [humanoid] is the individual sociopath killer. "I'm only interested in Libya if we get the oil. Foreign affairs is, we take care of ourselves first" and “The world laughs at us. They won't be laughing if I'm elected president." -the Donald. They aren’t laughing at the killer Obama, both are sociopath, fear driven, meme-droids. My, and ‘The Donald’ got cold feet quick.. Obama saying Trump a mere “sideshow” rather than attacking what is wrong, is wrong because Obama is a part of what is wrong. The man has no substance, no gumption, no original thinking and is driven by the meme of fear. Fear. Fear loves the lie it sees in the mirror that is ego based denial. Only the ego fears death. Do you fear death? This is the most simple of social self-litmus test. Fear of death is different to survival instinct. Ego in the target of the sociopath killer can be the sole cause which will insure the targeted victim does not survive. Ego could actually be defined as anti-survival. “I don’t know anything” Highly decorated former CIA ‘super-agent’ Gary Berntsen could not know I would be waiting for him just out of sight and just in time to pop into the picture on security video together with him (shoulders touching, he looked like the kid busted stealing cookies, oh fuck) as he was checking his


hit team in to a hotel on a false passport in Spain and I could point this out, after he’d fled, to Spanish authorities. I will choose the petulant child of scientology, Tom Cruise, to define the personality type of unethical sociopath killer. He need not have actually killed anyone. He only need be egoistic [shallow] in the extreme and without honor in any sense of principled ethics. Someone who would portray the character of Claus von Stauffenberg against the wishes of the von Stauffenberg family. These personality types made of a kind of social glass which are easily shattered, particularly when confronted with a non-egoic persona such as would be encountered in a native trained mind, bringing to mind my belly laughs the time I read up on the western egoic sociopath and scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard. Here I discovered a Blackfoot shaman had imparted all of his secrets to a four year old future scientology founder Ron. Scientology's Blackfoot shaman "Old Tom" is about as real as the "Tom" of myspace. And as authentic as Tom Cruise. Typical shamanic training is 10 full years in the NOVICE STAGE. Twenty years training is pretty minimal. Shameless meme-droids will claim anything. L Ron Hubbard was little more than a con man. The primary gift of the western egoic sociopath is the ability impress [L. Ron Hubbard, Con-man, founder of Scientology] to strike people with awe [Tom Cruise, actor, Top Gun] or instill loathing and fear [Chucky, generic animated psycho-killer, Child's Play Horror film series], all stemming from a desire to feed self image in the absence of



a comfortable or tangible ethics present in a true sense or heightened awareness of self. Scientology, Tom Cruise and 'Chucky' are all memes, of which two are sociopathic Humanoid, one of those collective and the third represents a class of sociopathic Humanoid. None of these exhibits any real sense of ethics or control over their reality. Each is a fallacy. Fallacies can kill, whether via images or with weapons. As easily, fallacies can be destroyed, whether the actor revealed to a self of no substance or, the intelligence agent/sociopathkiller encountering a differently structured and sighted persona of no fear, the memes of fear being the structures the agent relies on both: to accomplish their deeds and to feed their self image. The native persona which merely a meeting with can launch the self destruction of the individual egoic sociopath, differs in one very important way. There is a bit of glass (Western) or a flexible translucent membrane (Native) called perception between them. When the meme fear, the sociopath psycho-killer, while looking at you, sees your fear as himself in the glass mirror, he prevails. The native mentality sees through the membrane, for the natives it is not a mirror, there is no fear reflected. When no fear is the unexpected encounter of fear, fear reflects upon the ego perfectly, fear strikes fear, and fear [Ego] makes mistakes. Sometimes those mistakes can be fatal to fear [Ego], and its agents [standing up to Eugene McCarthy, e.g.]


In the collective sense of the western egoic sociopath, when God made Man in his image, the Ego-mirror creating fear, actually the reverse was true. This is the archetype birth of everything malevolent. Male monotheistic religious hierarchy and resultant hate speech (such as 'Born in 'Sin' or created dirty) which underlie Judeo-Christian civilization's unconscious motivations, enables a death of ethics by substituting morality and a consequent culture of political lies and associated assassination, a not so free expression. "No one can know what to expect" Former CIA Director Gates could not expect when he’d taken over the Department of Defense and he’d had to hand a badly bungled attempted assassination job off to his former agency, there would be multiple additional failed attempts. Because the creation of Ego serves to rob you of everything that is enlightened, most notably the peace of mind due to our children who in turn become our culture's adults. In the defending to the death our right to expression, no matter how unrestrained, depraved, and lying, we become the agents provocateur of our own demise. This 'Liberal' interpretation of the First Amendment of our constitution is destroying every other liberty we ever thought we possessed. Use that speech to the benefit of your masters, by gosh denigrate the natural allies you are so freaked out by because of labels.


Many people don't bother to inquire as to what might be the truths of the many goals they have in common with people they despise because of labels. Leave the hate labels to people like Palin. Look at and consider dumping your friends that do not discriminate between anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism, there IS a difference. The better and more honest residence of anti-Semitism, and other forms of racism and hate is in the Catholic and Pentecostal and other extremist male mono-sexual [artificial ego] intelligence and hierarchy. Meanwhile discover the natural Libertarian tendencies of many good patriotic Americans on the left AND right who want nothing to do with HATE. Y'all have a LOT in common. I would equally suggest to my friends on the left, stop looking at many of Ron Paul's people [they are not the moron/misogynist Ron Paul, but merely sucked into his bs] as anti-Semitic fascists no differently than they should not fear you as socialists in a fascist sense of communism. Most are not. Certainly not the Libertarians who identify with Naomi Wolf. In the past, native ethical thought has been translated into the western moralizing concept, so in that sense I will say this: Prayer is not enough. Life must be lived as a prayer. What that actually meant to the old native mentality is, a disciplined mind in a sense of ethics and what works (no right, no wrong, no guilt, no shame, no fear) founded in LOVE and delivered with a principled RESPECT [Ethics] would recognize NO ONE could claim life is served by exploiting fear. In other words, prayer is only as


dependable as your investment in practical ethics, alternatively, nothing fails like prayer.. Anyone who can see this would take themselves out of all circumstance and association perpetrating hate such as exposing children to the images, visual or verbal, of being "Covered in the Blood of Jesus", a primal example given of a sociopath imagery that is covering the people of the planet in blood. Jesus was a good guy. He can enlighten people who can be ‘saved’ by living his example, but not so long as people teach children how important and a good thing it was Jesus had been sadistically murdered. And then to drink his blood and eat him?? It is time to STOP. Because the casual exposure of children to this sort of imagery, and the movies of Mel Gibson or Tom Cruise glorifying killing, for instance, or the child left to be raised by a television in a virtual world of violence and psychopathic lies, is what underlie the egoic sociopath without model of ethics. They grow up to be killers. Obama is a killer, let’s stop kidding ourselves. The man represents a policy of institutional murder that has set itself above the rule of law. Wake up Honkydom. Because those among you who are courageous enough to get this, are faced with a planet rapidly becoming rich in numbers of killers who will kill YOU. The most brilliant of these will become powerful politicians, CIA Agents, Bosses of criminal syndicates, and corporate board members. The least intelligent among them will be petty or street criminals. Across the spectrum they will be male mono-sexual [egoic] mentality, includes


Condoleezza Rice and Hillary Clinton, you don’t have to be a man to have an extreme mono-sexual male mentality devoid of any real ethics, but solely supported by the lie you see from inside the fish bowl. "No one can know what to expect" I had no idea to expect when Rumsfeld's Defense Intelligence Agency had bungled the initial assassination attempts on me, they would in a panic hand it off to MOSSAD because I had recognized one of the DIA agents in the failed attempt. Going to my Native definition of Honkydom [translated to modern western psychology terms, note the root word 'psycho' in the Honky concept of 'psychology'] as a male mono-sexual or egoic mental structure underlying western civilization's hierarchy, following on the earlier male mono-sexual Protestant [Pentecostal] Palin, let us examine the Pope as a primal (after all, the position self-describes as 'primacy') example of male mono-sexual Ego and therefore a premium example of egoic denial of reality. An excerpt from the AP Wire: "Delivering his homily in Italian, Benedict recalled the plight of "street children who do not have the blessing of a family home, of those children who are brutally exploited as soldiers and made instruments of violence, instead of messengers of reconciliation and peace."



"He also spoke of minors who are "victims of the industry of pornography and every other appalling form of abuse, and thus are traumatized in the depths of their soul." "The pope did not specifically mention the issue of lawsuits and other complaints brought in the United States and elsewhere by Catholics who allege they were sexually abused by priests when they were youngsters." Wow. The Pope must be really concerned. This is the same guy that had to consider shuttering a Catholic monastery in Austria because of the public revelation of the ongoing homosexual orgies of its occupants and their vast video library of male homosexual pornography including pedophiles, but he loves that ‘passion’ pornography! Another AP Wire excerpt: "Recurring scandals on the cover-up of decades of abuse by Catholic clergy have rocked Ireland since 1993, when an Irish government collapsed over the issue. "Catholic leaders have since struggled to contain the financial and moral damage through a series of initiatives that encourage people to report abuse, most recently by forming an independent commission that investigates church handling of complaints. "But the first major report from the chief investigator, Ian Elliott, was withheld from publication for six months by


church and government authorities. It was published late Friday -- when Ireland's media were consumed with a banking scandal -- and received little immediate attention. "The report found that Magee and his senior advisers in the County Cork diocese of Cloyne fielded a range of complaints from parishioners about two priests from 1995 onward -- but told the police nothing until 2003 and little thereafter. The report said Cloyne church authorities appeared to be solely concerned about helping the two priests, not protecting the children of the area. "One priest, who was accused of molesting a younger priest when he was just a boy, was encouraged by Magee to resign. But the investigation found that the bishop shielded the abuser's identity from police -- and considered such concealment "the normal practice" for the church. "The other priest, a career guidance counselor in a convent school, was accused by several teen-age girls and grown women of molesting or raping them since 1995. One complaint came from a woman who had a consensual sexual relationship with the priest for a year -- then saw him develop an intimate relationship with her teen-age son. "The report did not identify the priests and they have never faced criminal charges." Gee, we could rename the 'POPE' the 'POPP' [Prince of Pedophile Priests] when we review the quotes… one example of too many examples to count..


"scandals on the coverup of decades of abuse by Catholic clergy", & "church authorities appeared to be solely concerned about helping the two priests, not protecting the children", & "the investigation found that the bishop shielded the abuser's identity from police -- and considered such concealment "the normal practice" for the church" …and subsequently look at a Catholic [more than one billion strong] world in denial considering the Pope has claimed "Saving the world from homosexuality is as important as saving the Amazon rain forest." Maybe he should concern himself with saving his church from homosexuality before he concerns himself with the Amazon.. This is the Catholic egoic male mono-sexual denial which only equals the Protestant egoic male mono-sexual denial manifest in women such as Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachman or Ann Coulter who would force a woman impregnated by rape to carry a rape child to term. Looking forward to a winning Jeb Bush/Sarah Palin GOP ticket in 2016? Or David Patreaus/Michelle Bachman? Oh, Rick Santorum/Ann Coulter? When people sort out Obama is just a softer, gentler expression of the two faced male hierarchy mono-sexual ego in denial, just one more sociopath politician that cannot deliver, I hate to say: 'It could happen.' But, watching what the states are up to, maybe it makes no difference who wins. Of course I don't know anything.


Cleaning up Western Civilization's mess with an eye to survival is NOT going to be a simple task. Of course, now having begged the question of 'where to begin', this would require breaking out of the western male mono-sexual psychology or (egoic) denial as a first step. "I don't know anything" MOSSAD had no idea their subway attempt in Berlin would get one of their undercover agents in the Arab community killed, rather than myself, because the CIA and DIA could not dare give MOSSAD good information on who I actually am, or that is to say, my level of skill Outside certain failed intelligence agents, I somehow doubt the straightforward or openly gay men of the western world much require Viagra or we would see it pitched to them as a product more blatantly (uh-oh, where might this be going) by our sociopath sales society which will stop at nothing to grab money- including Obama and Pelosi having sold you on pushing through the George Bush $750 Billion giveaway of your (actually grandchildren's) money which requires no accountability from the recipient banking corporations and then this new administration planned and implemented a repeat 'economic stimulus' giveaway of your (actually grandchildren's) money… while families are being turned out on the street by the same banking corporations and their homes stand empty for sale.


However Viagra sales should jump in the western culture's so-called hetero-sexual men when this fails. Obama could be the sales model for Viagra when the best laid plans to keep the male mono-sexual ego erect [Obama you so deserve this] and in charge of the male hierarchal order, falls on it's face. This is because [the dying from western mono-sexual civilization affliction] Nature is an androgynous intelligence and so is the Native intelligence which understands you cannot carry on this male monosexual hierarchal model in western civilization and survive. Having identified the structure of the egoic male monosexual or, now alternately and equally stated, malehierarchal-homosexual-civilization, that is, the misogynist western civilization, where denial manifests most profoundly in men fearing to be beautiful and express feminine awareness for fear of being labeled gay.., considering the fact that, in the wake of three agents with silenced weapons have missed and beyond this, I can count a minimum probable three dead agents in the aftermath of additional attempted hits on myself, let us neatly conclude this essay by fanciful exam of the male hierarchal western world's ego with it’s expression of 'machismo.'



The 'Machismo Meter': Machismo is a violent human expression or, an extreme expression of the violence of projected ego. The more 'machismo' you express, the further you are from the androgynous nature of beauty in human expression. Therefore, in the denial ruled male mono-sexual mentality of the western males particularly, the more 'machismo' you exhibit, the greater the denial of your heightened homosexual propensity: contrasted to the heterosexual orientation Native male possessed of an androgynous intelligence which does not fear to express human beauty. If we place Kiefer Sutherland's super-macho character 'Jack Bauer' in the employ of Department of Defense, MOSSAD or the CIA near the top of the 'Machismo Meter' and set him on the author of this essay, we begin to understand why the multiple assassination attempts have failed. It is as simple as I dare to be beautiful in my relationships to a greater living reality as a straight orientation Native male. The closer these repressed gays come to the beauty or, intelligence of my expression, by contrast, the lesser intelligence they must manifest in their heightened machismo expression or violent denial of their male monosexual or cultural mentality/homosexuality. All these CIA and MOSSAD types should relax, quit driving their culture's misogynist-denial based sales of Viagra, come out of the closet and accept their true


orientation while demonstrating a real (or non-macho) courage and become beautiful and manifest as the honest teens of the western world would observe: "That's gay" My own Native observation, translated, would go to an older English expression: the Western culture is a 'queer' place to be…


My Life as a Joke Personal Ad Every now and again I look at myself and get in a good laugh at the ongoing circumstance of absurdity my career choice had brought, having broken another assassin ambush today (casual dress caucasian male trackers [route], tall suited male asian (Ray-Bans don't hide cheekbones) GPS sent my location [Rambla] for a White female assassin with white frock and carrot hair, clearly an American team, aborted the game about 14:35) Assassin 'carrot top' is a receded chin 2.5 brains and beauty on ‘the James Bond one to ten scale of babes’, apparently the better looking women want nothing to do with an ugly business, or there are ‘professional strokes’ for women like ‘carrot top’ who likely doesn’t have the character, and certainly not the ethics, to attract a decent man and lifestyle despite her looks, par for the CIA. My previous 2008 [Germany] encounter with CIA 1.5 'Bond Scale' non-babenon-brains agent Sabrina ‘dufus’ De Sousa set the standard, 5 foot 2 inch, one hundred fifty pound browned-bacon-fatball Sabrina was the team scout that SMIRKED (how STUPID was that?) at me in Wiesbaden on one of the failed assassination attempts there, registering her face into my memory, then Sabrina bailed out of Europe because of an Italian arrest warrant (might be one in Germany for you too, Sabrina :) Now Sabrina has sued the USA for diplomatic immunity to cover her crimes as a member of a Chevron-CIACondoleezza (CCC, also known as Campus Crusade for Christ) extraordinary renditions team working Italy, which



consequently got her photo in the New York Times where I recognized her, I’m laughing my ass off at that... Oh, and I seem to have started a closet-gay cat-fight between the incompetent National Intelligence Director 'sylvester of tweety-pie fame' Blair who is demanding to take the top-spy station chief job assignments away from CIA 'electro-shocked halloween cat' Director Pannetta who is whining to Rahm Emmanual at the White House about being picked on... and swearing the CIA can do a better job.. WANTED Hot babe (actually just somewhat attractive would be fine, but no serious weight issues and has taken care of herself) age range 20 to 50 years with a healthy sex appetite and IS NOT MEAN (mean people suck, and mean people make little mean people) kids MAYBE ok (if the circumstance is not ‘complicated’) Prefer a woman generally without morals but must possess a healthy sense of ETHICS Mostly does not lie to herself (that is a tricky one, anyone who thinks they do not lie to themselves at all, should stop right here)


Does NOT care about money (or the fact I have none, other than a veterans pension I could lose just as soon as my political enemies in the corporate owned USA government can sort out a means to ‘legally’ take it away… and I don’t give a damn about your money, whether you have any or not so long as you don’t BOTHER me about it. I need little money, I only require to be happy, that is fed, warm, dry, body worked, laptop working (but not too much work) and loved up often by my loves-long-walks, drug and alcohol free, fun and European outdoor cafe loving best friend that answers this ad :)



Must be willing to mostly give up making casual acquaintances (with Americans particularly), and give up night-life altogether, take agent/assassin survival training from, and not be afraid to die for keeping company with the author of this ad (people are hit by meteors everyday, so, a silenced bullet, poisoned (especially by poison pellet or injection), run over by a car deliberately, what’s the difference? Who cares?? As though anyone gets out of this ‘thing’ called life alive, not. But avoiding Americans particularly, and giving up all nightlife for the past couple years, has definitely contributed to extending my time :) What do you get? A project: Taking care of (includes knowing or willing to learn pain management body work, and whatever else that goes with ‘taking care of’) “One of the kindest and most decent people you would ever meet” of “great humor and little fear” with a gentle and fun way of loving (includes 17 x 4.25 centimeters, with a libertarian curve to the left, often :) gifted writer/former soldier with blown discs, compressed vertebra, rhematoid arthritus, nerve damage, destroyed fine motor skills, slightly impaired balance, neurological degenerative disease that mimics multiple sclerosis, wrecked rotor cuffs, diabetes, few intact ligaments, inoperable hernia, who hates the company of most adults (especially men) .. an incorrigible social critic/satirist, world class investigator, anti-war/anti-corporate, anti-new age, stress exhausted physical basket case that is a genius with kids, and whose dedicated enemies include, but are not limited to, religious extremists of nearly every


persuasion, Obama’s present National Security Advisor, the Secretary of Defense, several U.S. Armed Forces top generals and their friends Dick Cheney, both George Bush’, the CIA, Chevron corporation, Condoleezza Rice, and has been excluded from Executive Order #12333 banning assassinations Anyone who might actually take this seriously should buy lots of self help books (if you cannot afford psychiatry) or in the alternative, contact me: Interviews on location in Berlin* *Disclaimers: requires providing a copy of e-ticket, arriving by air and I’ll meet you at the airport security gate (security provision) Kids! Don’t try this at home!! Ad expires with survival and fame achieved, requires investment in the risks, to share in the rewards. Offer void where prohibited by law-


Life’s Little Surprises Today I went to the university to see my classroom for the first time, visit with my Boss in the law department and check on some important protocols, i.e., would a self educated Honky raised Indian in the Rocky Mountains be thrown out of a university in Europe for basically being himself. A matter of personality. As I entered the Law department and traversed the halls to the department chair’s office, the new Professor WitchDoctor garnered stunned looks of disbelief from the rather straight looking lawyer academic males and friendly laughs from the women, I wonder what that says about my new life in academia. I have known my Boss for years, relating to past Human Rights and International Law work as an investigator in Indian Country and in his office I have questions relevant to current affairs such as in regards to my stand-up comedian nature and my new professorship, can I make the point to my students the name of the Law Professor who composed the Bush Administration memos authorizing torture has inspired a change in the spelling of the English Language expression: ‘Fuck Yoo’ Also, I established I do not own a tie and was not about to acquire one. I believe the tactful language I had used in negotiating this important parameter was “I don’t believe I could manage a tie.” I was duly assured casual clothes would be fine, after-all, I am Professor Witch-Doctor Ron,



having never subjected myself to PhD imprisonment in any ivory tower. In the Native world, life’s little surprizes are ascribed to the trickster, and when we encounter these events, we are supposed to pay attention because life is trying to tell us something. Such as the time I had been wandering about the Arizona desert, picked up a Horned Toad for a pet to give to a child, slipped the creature into my jacket pocket and it had already slipped my mind by the time the day warmed up and I tossed the jacket into the back of my car and forgot about it for a week. Subsequently driving down a road my heart nearly blew its way out the top of my head when some cold scaly alien suddenly was attached to the right side of my neck. With the missed photo opportunity of a lifetime from the look on my face, I am sure, I grasped the horned toad and pulled it free of my neck and into my line of vision and started to laugh somewhat insanely. I stopped, walked the creature back into the desert apologizing profusely and set it free. Life had just told me in a moment of otherwise unfounded terror to leave Horned Toads alone. In the Native view even such a small and harmless creature has real power. Today, these many years later, I got to be the Horned Toad. On my way to university appointment, I spryly hopped onto an escalator at the train station, was quickly sandwiched by people front and back and then noticed the little woman in


a nun habit standing next to me staring at the new Professor Witch-Doctor with an expression indicating if she could leap off a twenty story building to escape me, there would be no hesitation… my camoflage bandanna head scarf and shades can do that?? I had forgot… as I looked down at my t-shirt with a cameo portrait of the devil and the name “Mephisto” I did not wink at her (Oh, the temptation was great) but merely wondered at people who are prisoners of fear… with my life dedicated to non-violence, peace and Human Rights (not to mention free expression) In student email to me after the course was completed was “you showed me there is more than one way to learn at university”, “I’d take your class again just for fun!” and [I liked this one a LOT, from a woman] “your class was so refreshing after all of the suited and stiffed up law professors.” These students are the truly bright minds I suppose when I have survived life’s present neo-con international intrigue and attempted assassination of myself and achieve fame, perhaps the university could consider awarding me a honorary witch-doctorate of satire in letters and law, and I could enjoy teaching again ;o]


Mother’s Day and Male Dopes I had recently walked across the street to buy some 'multivit' fruit juice at the bakery and saw a notice taped to the door that my microscopic German language skill indicated to me the premise would be closed on "muttertag." The young bakery ladies are always laughing at me, and have been since day one, a social phenomena I fail to understand and has left me scratching my head (is my fly open?) but it does not matter because the laughter is friendly. So I have tried to convince them I am the real life model for Inspector Closeau as I fumble my wallet, money and goods to be purchased with my old soldier syndrome that is my neurological impairment. I express mock outrage recently, routinely, at the price of my vitamin juice having increased but needing to augment the joke before it is totally boring, I interspersed today's shock at the price with ridiculously profound and sincere relief at the notice of the bakery's closure having reminded me to call my mother on the upcoming Sunday or I most certainly would have forgotten and she would be saying bad things to me. Men forgetting mom's special day, the wife's birthday, anniversaries, et cetera, reminds me of nothing as much as the ten years I smoked dope and would sometimes tear my house apart looking for the keys I had 'forgotten' where I had placed (clutched in my fist all the while.)


I don't see how the dope can be responsible all these decades later, I am certain the tetrahydracannibanol molecule must have left my body's fat cells by now but suddenly stricken with a flashback of dope smoker's paranoia, I had the frightening thought, because I am skinny, the dope is actually concentrated to an unhealthy degree in the paper thin layer of natural insulation and energy reserve so scarce to my physical that when I exhale I sink in the swimming pool, so what what would be the point of coming up for air? Exhale to catch my breath and I would sink to the bottom of the pool!! ARGHH!! Having fought off the paranoia, I wondered to myself, if I could quit smoking dope, why can't I remember what is important to the women in my life? (down to my 80 year old 'mutter', momentarily ;) To quit smoking dope (I had been smoking it like a Jamaican dockworker since introduced to the habit in Vietnam), first I quit buying it. I thought this would breed resentment in all of my dope smoking friends when I had quit contributing, they would go away, and it would be easy. Well, I was wrong. A decade of smoking dope with peace and love hippies after the war was like paying into a pension, 401k or CD and earning interest. "Hey Ron, Remember the quarter ounce you fronted me two years ago? Here is a half ounce to return the favor, sorry I 'forgot' for so long." It was not working.


So I told my friends I had acquired a peculiar religion where the adherents (I was the only one I knew of, but I did not tell them that) give up their abstinence for Lent and live cleanly the rest of the year (“Oh wow, like that is so COOL man”) and I stuck to my guns. It worked. Nobody I knew that smoked dope could remember when it was Lent. Having thought about all that, I concluded today that this is how it should work for remembering mothers day. One day a year is pretty damn stingy, not only impossible for a man to remember. A man should be given grace and forgiven for the ONE DAY a year he slips up and forgets the women in his life. Prioritizing the women in one's life, everyday as a matter of habit, one is less prone to forget. Of course none of this has anything at all to do with my younger sister having given me the butt kicking of the decade recently for not having called my 80 year old mom for a couple of months Men, muttertag, and muttering... I love you Mom!! ( and thanks sis ;) *Disclaimer: For those of my readers who are more literal, this disclaimer would point out I am of the 'antiexaggeration' school of thinking.. example given, when Bill Clinton claimed he "did not inhale", that was an exaggeration.


When I state "like a Jamaican Dockworker", or "a decade of smoking dope with peace and love hippies", that is antiexaggeration." The difference? Bill Clinton is a liar. When I tell a 'stretcher', it is to enhance the truth !


Breakfast at a Pizzaria Britz, a southern suburb of Berlin, I had once described as more than dead, actually dead and embalmed. It is the most ‘German’ area I’ve encountered in this city, which is more typically multi-cultural, vibrant and alive. I had been staying with a friend over the weekend, and on Saturday morning walked to find an out of doors café for early breakfast and coffee. In this large suburban area with few opportunities for culture in any sense, there is a reasonably large shopping center located at the JohannesThalerChausee [Germans run words together like a double mouthful of pasta] underground station, where there are several possibilities for uninteresting food. But only the pizzaria has pleasant out of doors seating .. with a typical German breakfast menu. So my decision had been made for me. Here in Berlin’s spiritual center for the German ‘I hate my life’ culture, I had an interesting hour’s observation. The pizzaria’s waitresses obviously have been hired for their sex appeal, and are apparent ‘high maintenance’ personalities who despise working Saturday mornings for any number of possible reasons but the most obvious reason is they’d had a ‘real’ Friday night preceding. There was one on shift when I’d arrived at opening hour (9 AM) and all of 3 customers to begin the pizzaria’s day. She came and took my order with the forced and pained smile


that typifies the mainstream German philosophy: ‘I hate my life.’ Her amazing bum might offset this for some of the customers, perhaps a calculated ploy of management. Waiting 40 minutes for my food (to her credit, my coffee arrived in 20) my typically agile mind took in the surroundings. Berlin’s urban sparrows have adapted to scavenging crumbs from beneath the tables at the out of doors cafés, but have not evolved patience with the slow deployment of possibilities on Saturday mornings. One of them, communicating irritation at my providing no timely sustenance to her growing family, took the opportunity to perch directly above my head and aimed a defecation directly my way. I saw the danger and dodged the bomb. Then my coffee had arrived and thinking to dispel further danger, I broke the little graham cracker that came with the coffee into bits the size of a match head and flicked them ten or so feet away from me, to preoccupy the sparrows. One of the other customers watched all the while with the typical German look of disapproval, which was supposed to halt my anti-social behavior. But this was not nearly as important to me as placating the angry birds. At 30 minutes, the waitress reappeared with a plate, napkin and utensils, as well as senseless salt and pepper, but not my food, and I only was pleasant to her.


Over the past & hour preceding, two more waitresses had manifest, slowly, as though eternity were about to begin, concluding the previous night’s passion play. These two had arrived consecutively, first to drink a coffee and smoke in their civilian clothes, and suddenly turned out in uniform to work the morning shift. The very pretty and buxom dark haired German was hung-over to a point of near nausea, it was plain to see, while the strikingly beautiful Mediterranean woman who followed with identical ritual caffeine and nicotine prior to morphing into mere hired help, looked upon her morning world with a despise that was plainly remarkable. Clearly, she’d been the Queen of Sheba in a previous incarnation, and only hours before at that. The customer base had swelled to five in the meanwhile, an old German couple that epitomize the Britz neighborhoods had wandered in, he wanted only to sit down, she hen picked and badgered him across the vast seeming several meters distance of the pizzaria patio with obvious superiority of aesthetic taste for seating at identical tables. Sniping [her] and whining [him] for what certainly could not have been five minutes but in reality seemed five eternities, while making this life challenging decision, it sinks in why a recent poll of Germans not surprisingly discovered old people are more a social irritant in this nation than Islamic extremists. At minute 40 [approximately] my two bread rolls, one slice of cheese, four assorted slices of salami and diced various


fruits had arrived, all the while the three waitresses had managed to look incredibly busy but in actuality had been gossiping, using the cell phone, smoking and commiserating, but above all, loving to hate a circumstance of rising from the dead against their will on a Saturday morning. The sparrows were not in the least interested in a slice of banana I’d inadvertently fumbled and landed on the patio surface where almost certainly a hung-over woman with a beautiful bum would have stepped on it. I thoughtfully retrieved the errant fruit about the time management had arrived. Dressed like a handsome young Don out of a Mafia movie, whether in reality or for stereotype or deliberate image sake, one could only wonder whether he’d stipulated ‘high maintenance’ & ‘I hate my life’ embodied in striking beauty, relating to contracts for employment or if this were purely a subliminal demand. Having finished my breakfast in a respectable 20 minutes from arrival on my table, not quite wolfing it down, but wanting away from the sparrows now threatening me like Hitchcock’s ‘Birds’, I drew an almost genuine if stuttering, uncertain smile of sincere wishing to express gratitude, when I tipped my waitress one Euro, as though she could not believe ..


A Conversation With Jon Stewart Jon Stewart: Tonight’s guest is Ronald Thomas West, a veteran of five years hunted by intelligence agencies in Germany and Spain, including CIA & MOSSAD. Remarkably, during this ordeal, Ronald authored two books of satire, Napi Mephisto and Queer Chicken Dinner, mocking his pursuers as incompetent and survived. AND most amazing, he managed to blow huge holes in both agencies by playing them into the hands of European law enforcement tracking assassinations. [raised eyebrows, eyes big as saucers] Ronald West: Jon, tell me why it is, when a man is & Black, he is always Black? Stewart: Uh.. [comic frightened look] I don’t know! West: Now Jon, that is a good answer and this is going to be as good as anything Colbert had ever done to you, so bear with me .. Now, if a man being & Black makes him Black, what would a man who is & White be? Stewart: White? [comic cringe] West: Very good, Jon, now if Obama had been raised by a single White mother who couldn’t handle it and handed him off to his White grandparents to finish his upbringing, that kind of tilts things in a certain direction, wouldn’t you think?


Stewart: Uh.. [comic panic look as he moves his head as though looking for an exit] West: Jon, repeat after me, I know you can do this .. say ‘Barack Obama is a White Man’ Stewart: “Barack Obama is a White Man” [head on desk] West: VERY GOOD Jon, now you won’t wish to hazard a guess over the answer to this next, but tell me why you will think Bill Clinton is actually the only Black president? Stewart: I have no idea [with face in hands] West: It’s because he married a ‘Big Butt Mama’ Stewart: [speechless] West: Now Jon, with the race issue resolved, if the choice between Romney and Obama is a choice between evils, Obama being about two hairs less evil than Romney, why the democratic charade in a nation that consistently votes for evil? Why not just write in 'Satan' and be done with it? Stewart: Suddenly I understand why the CIA spent five years trying to kill you


You’ve Got Apes (a story with a moral) The nature of the European based cultural mentality is precisely this: Draw a parallel set of horizontal lines and below them place a dot at the bottom of the page. From the dot, draw an array of arrows (like a peacocks tail when spread) pointing upward towards the parallel and give the arrows names: Success, Failure, Right, Wrong, Light, Dark, Good, Evil, Praise, Punishment, Sacred, Profane, Winner, Loser, Male and Female. Between the parallel lines write these words: Self-Image, Fear and Ego. Above the parallel lines is a field where you write two words: Unseen Reality. All European cultural based mentality (regardless of race, religion or creed) is trained from infancy or one could say ‘shaped’ to become imprisoned below the horizon of the parallel lines. Theirs’ is a complex matrix of illusion consisting of culturally inculcated denial founded on a deceit constructed in false self-image. The field ‘Unseen Reality’ above the parallel lines of the artificially constructed horizon occupies 90% of the page.


For the European mentality, this horizon is a mirror and they are convinced reality only exists within the severely constrained and misshapen perceptual prism they have culturally created for themselves (and are largely unaware they do this.) How this came about was the fusion of Plato’s misogyny (denigration of female intelligence principles) with the Judeo-Christian archetype myth ‘The Fall.’ It would not matter whether you were an Atheist, Christian, Jew, Satanist or astro-physicist with an IQ of 170, all are subject to the reality-perception limitations created by cultural shaping, from infancy, of the light/dark duality. With the cultural denial of female intelligence and consequent male mono-sexual narcissistic (or ego-selfimage) mentality, the European based cultural ego’s logic is carried to insane collective extreme incapable of solving the problems it creates. With fully one half (an entire brain actually, we each have a ‘pair’ of brains) of intelligence repressed, factoring in the Gestalt principle, 10% of intelligence is available for utility to the European based cultural thinking and that easily exposes the culture and science which has set out to destroy our planet through exploitation of nature as SEVERELY RETARDED .. Stephen Hawking, Richard Dawkins, Hillary Clinton and Angela Merkel inclusive. The women who reach advanced levels in European based culture are as pathologically erect in ego-self-image (i.e. Acquired Ego-Priapism Syndrome or AEPS, pronounced ‘apes’) as any Western male.


Now, even as quantum mechanics proves Plato wrong *, the European science blindly pushes into unseen reality, and because there are no cultural reference points, their science cannot grasp consequence of going where there is no cultural understanding, not knowing how to navigate the unseen reality. Whether through Environmental Collapse (fused Plato/The Fall), the CERN/Large Hadron Collider opening a Black Hole (Plato, primarily) or Armageddon (The Fall, primarily), how will you like to envision ending your world’s existence? Bottom line, this is the construct and consequence of European male hierarchy and we all will meet our demise on account of it, future generations inclusive. Because of European shaped cultural mentality, the world can bend over, put its head between its legs and kiss its ass goodbye. Moral of this story would be, the Eurocentric Western Civilization having sleep-walked off a cliff, it will be a bit late to wake up in free fall. * The theoretical physicist Bernard d'Espagnat states: "The doctrine that the world is made up of objects whose existence is independent of human consciousness turns out to be in conflict with quantum mechanics and with facts established by experiment"


Appendix I 50 United States Code Chapter 36, also known as the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, covers warrant-less wiretapping and searches. I have been subject to both, in the second case my house in New Mexico had been burglarized by government agents in July of 2004 while I’d been out of state (in Montana.) How I am aware of this is not the subject of this essay, the focus will be on the much more difficult to solve wiretapping by out of control government, associated corruption, related murders and how one man [myself] plays in this breaking into the open. 50 USC CHAPTER 36 FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE SURVEILLANCE ACT Sub-Chapter I (b) "Agent of a foreign power" means (2) any person who – (A) knowingly engages in clandestine intelligence gathering activities for or on behalf of a foreign power, which activities involve or may involve a violation of the criminal statutes of the United States; (B) pursuant to the direction of an intelligence service or network of a foreign power, knowingly engages in any other clandestine intelligence activities for or on behalf of such foreign power, which activities involve or are about to involve a violation of the criminal statutes of the United


States; (C) knowingly engages in sabotage or international terrorism, or activities that are in preparation therefor, for or on behalf of a foreign power; (D) knowingly enters the United States under a false or fraudulent identity for or on behalf of a foreign power or, while in the United States, knowingly assumes a false or fraudulent identity for or on behalf of a foreign power; or (E) knowingly aids or abets any person in the conduct of activities described in subparagraph (A), (B), or (C) or knowingly conspires with any person to engage in activities described in subparagraph (A), (B), or (C). Notice the use of the language “any person” in sub-section I (B) (2) pointing to the law may be employed in the case of United States citizens, as opposed to the act having been primarily represented as covering foreign nationals in the USA. In my case, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (hereafter the acronym FISA) appears to have been employed when I’d been in contact with an artist from Morocco who painted portraits of, among other things, racing pigeons. At this time owning some of the best racing birds in the world and competitive in both China and Africa, not only the USA, it had crossed my mind Al Qaida could use racing pigeons for purposes of evading electronic intercept in communications but I hardly suspected this


would be the case. Long distance pigeon racing is not an Arab cultural phenomena, their sport was seeing if they could lure a neighbor’s bird into their coup for ransom. I decided to acquire a portrait based on one of the better photos of my birds. We struck a deal and I had been delivered a quite nice painting. However my assessment changed when, after the Morocco transaction had been concluded via correspondence, international money transfer et cetera, I’d had a contact from Pakistan. A Pakistani businessman contacted me and wished to send his agent to my home to purchase young birds from my best and would pay cash, no questions asked. There was no mention of export details, international shipping, government health requirements or export permits. This smelled wrong. Nevertheless I initially went along by asking he provide details [Business address, phone contact info and so on] for my records. He promptly vanished and I arranged to notify both the CIA and FBI of my suspicions Al Qaida was looking to acquire world class racing pigeons for non-electronic communications purposes, resurrecting the extinct carrier pigeon method. As it happened, over this same general period of time I was in a tooth and nail fight with the East Mountain High School at Sandia Park, New Mexico, over their treatment of minority students. This charter school had been founded by the Albuquerque military/industrial rich and powerful to avoid sending their ‘good Christian’ children into what they


viewed as the run down crime and drugs infested public schools. Run by a governing council primarily made up of Republican millionaires from the religious right, and supported by a who’s who of the neo-con community including the Republican Sheriff and State Representative, this school had run over minority and ‘unsuitable’ [read secular and/or non-Christian] students rights as though these kids were offal to be harassed and expelled without regards to merit, let alone civil rights law. I had commenced an investigation pro se, on behalf of my youngest son, and in the course of this had dug up a history of the school pointing to pattern abuse of minority and nonChristian students. I handed this information off to the school’s governing council with a demand the circumstance be rectified. A liberal member of the school’s governing council consequently conducted his own investigation and in the end emailed me a confirmation the school’s backers were both racist and had run it like a personal fief in violation of law. Official harassment of my kid on completely unjustified counts had been pursued to force us out. He was deliberately flunked in some classes. He was forced to take classes on subjects in which he was already competent. He was harassed to extreme over absolutely unfounded drug allegations. When he was a minor player in a prank, we were the only ones requiring an administrative consultation [principal in attendance] parent/teacher conference, the major players in the prank had none. This is the tip of the


iceberg. The consequence of this has been quite amazing. It certainly did not help that I’d made a personal enemy of Condoleezza Rice, a natural ally of, and certainly connected to these people via common acquaintances, when I’d uncovered a criminal ring working the inside of government for CHEVRON counterfeiting Environmental Impact Statements ten years previous. And I never expected reporting what was clearly a major illicit narcotic transfer [drug drop by plane] would be in this play of events. But with my skill in open source intelligence analysis, I’ve been able to piece together what appears to have happened. Following my exposing the criminal ring working the inside of government for CHEVRON, there were Herculean efforts to circumvent justice made by government itself. The case was the Blackfoot Indian Brave Dogs Society appeal of the Environmental Impact Statement issued out of the United States Forest Service office at Great Falls, Montana, approving CHEVRON drilling in the so-called ‘Badger-Two Medicine’ area of the Lewis & Clark National Forest. My investigative report detailing the activities of this criminal ring, counterfeiting compliance to law, was incorporated into the appeal. This was the first inkling by people in government and industry of their ring exposed. Separately provided to both the United States Department


of Agriculture Inspector General and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the investigative report prepared by myself had been buried by thoroughly corrupt government agencies without follow-up and prosecution of what amounted to numerous felonies. But there was still the major problem of the materials being provided to a Federal Judge in any subsequent litigation of the CHEVRON permit to drill. How this was handled was, Montana Senators Max Baucus and Conrad Burns worked out legislation to compensate CHEVRON for pulling out of the project by authorizing mineral rights swaps. The project was stopped but no one went to jail, CHEVRON saved face and their criminal ring working the inside of government remained intact. I resigned my position of investigator for the Mueller Law Office [Mark Mueller, Austin, TX] the Blackfoot Brave Dogs Society lawyer, on account of advancing Behçet's disease. In July 2001, I moved my family from Montana to New Mexico. In September 2001, outside the western outskirts of Edgewood, New Mexico, I witnessed a low-flying, highperformance plane drop a large white bale into a small clearing. The bale had been picked up by a Chevy Suburban, which left the area at high speed. I arranged a call to the Santa Fe County Sheriff office from the place I was on my way to visit, to ask a deputy to come out to the scene and take my report on what appeared to be a major illicit drug drop. The deputy sheriff sent out to meet me at the site only wanted to argue and to convince me I could not possibly have seen any plane dropping a white bale. I


did not mention the Chevy Suburban, because she did not actually want to hear my report, only to impress on me this was going nowhere. A week later I was contacted and told what I had witnessed was a plane scattering funeral ashes and the case was closed. Almost precisely ten years later, the El Paso Times reports [Whistle-blowers allege corruption, cartel ties] “Two former law enforcement officers allege that they cannot get anyone to investigate allegations that the Mexican drug cartels have corrupted U.S. law officers and politicians in the El Paso border region.. ..Dutton and Gonzales said small aircraft regularly drop drug loads on ranches or other properties along the U.S.-Mexico border” The drop I had witnessed and that report should be on file, is within this geographic region, approximately 200 miles north of El Paso, easily within round trip fuel range of the plane I had seen, from the Mexican side of the border. Incidental to this, the article mentions drug cartels having infiltrated law enforcement offices in New Mexico. As I had been digging into a corrupt school supported by what appears likely is corrupt law enforcement, it becomes clear good citizenship can be a liability. I am certain this incident had become known to those persons in government agencies investigating my case in regards to using racing pigeons pretext as a means to bring my case before the FISA Court. That I could somehow possibly be framed for terrorism was no longer [in my view] the point of their


exercise. The plan became having me murdered. How that plays out is pretty interesting. Condoleezza Rice [direct from CHEVRON Board of Directors] is Bush National Security Advisor while I’m still sitting on documentation of the CHEVRON criminal ring activities, I have major player’s [big time Bush fans] in the Albuquerque military/industrial religious right in potential steep civil liability, possibly to the tune of many millions of dollars, with the East Mountain High School’s pattern civil rights violations of minority and secular students, not to mention allegedly felonious action having to do with the founding and running of the school, all this together with my eye witness illicit drugs drop involving corrupt law enforcement in bed with drug cartels. People have been murdered for far less. About the time internal investigation of the East Mountain High School was being wrapped up by Governing Council member Jim Healy [I’d by now been warned by Governing Council Member David Walter I was stepping on Council on Foreign Relations members toes, to back off and damn sure not involve attorneys] I had sold my house, my youngest would be heading off to college at just turned 16 years old and I knew I needed out of the country. I did not know everything I know now but I knew enough to understand my circumstance was untenable and probably highly lethal. Divorced, house sold and my youngest out on his own, I had managed to get out of the USA alive. On 8 July, 2007,


I landed at Charles De Gaulle [Paris] with a passport valid until 2014. I’ve been in Europe five full years with no hope of a safe return and have been hunted across Germany, Spain and Germany again. It began with a botched murder attempt by East Mountain High School teacher Vince Langan, in Berlin on 3 October 2007, I had been tracked to the ATM I had been using, where the ambush had been laid. Now, tracking me to an ATM where you wait until my next visit requires access to bank records, you can get those with a ‘National Security Letter.’ This implicates corrupt FBI. I routinely scouted the ATM area before approaching it and this is how things went wrong for the team Langan was a part of, which I suspect included members of the Albuquerque area law enforcement community. I turned Vince from stalker into stalked, caught up with him and achieved a point blank visual ID in a circumstance to my advantage and Langan had to flee. Ten days later there was another failed attempt, but this time pointing to a professional intelligence quid pro quo [my story ‘Death of a MOSSAD Agent’], then a few weeks later a silenced bullet from a rifle at a distance narrowly missed (punched a hole in the parked car I was walking past.) By this time I had put word out to the German authorities to ‘just follow me around and watch.’ Then I did something the CIA and other intelligence services can only envy, I met a new would be assassin in close quarters, face to face, and shifted his attention onto himself without disturbing his intent and he took himself


out (how I accomplished that is not information I am willing to give up here.) The following Summer [2008] my knit hat [where it was rolled up at the back of my head] captured a small glass pellet intact, it had been shot at me while I was walking on a crowded sidewalk. I later arranged for the glass pellet to be turned in for analysis by a trusted 3rd party. This was about the time my t-mobile USA cell phone had done something very odd .. it stopped showing the t-mobile "D" logo on the screen and began working just as though I were in the USA, e.g. did not require the code necessary to access my voice-mail from Europe. It would almost certainly seem that would require a FISA warrant-less wiretap order, and the cooperation of t-mobile USA. This coincided with a period I'd encountered a team clearly intended on taking me out involving then active CIA officer Sabrina DeSousa who I was able to later positively ID on account of her involvement with a blown rendition for which she had been tried in absentia in Italy. One of the Italian defendants, a former head of military intelligence, fingered Condoleezza Rice as personally overseeing the renditions team of CIA officer DeSousa. After Bush had left office, I'd complained to the FBI Albuquerque office direct with an email and demanded information I’d provided be forwarded to Justice Department Inspector General Glen Fine. Not long after, it would appear Albuquerque FBI analyst Sylvia Maruffi was


removed from my case (email system screw-up, a subsequent mail was bounced back to me identifying Maruffi .. it would appear my mails were no longer being routed to her and/or she had been removed.) Glen Fine had previously reported to Congress [without giving identity of the violated party] Justice Department attorney Valerie Caproni had gone behind the FISA Court's back and authorized a wiretap that had been turned down by the court. “The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, which meets in secret, twice denied the FBI's request for a warrant under section 215 of the Patriot Act for business records about a target "based on concerns that the investigation was premised on protected First Amendment activity," Fine said. So without altering the basis of its investigation, the bureau got the same records without a warrant using national security letters” ‘Business records’ would certainly entail access to bank accounts and that is how I’d been initially located for purpose of attempted assassination. A rationale put forward could be based on racing pigeons and Al Qaida, and the 1st Amendment violation would be the right of association or expression, in this case having made a deal for a pigeon painting from an Arab in Morocco. During the Bush insanity, any Arab doing business with ordinary Americans [excludes rich Saudi friends of Bush] is an excuse for investigating, perhaps particularly interesting to the neocon administration’s Albuquerque FBI office when an Arab


has been in contact with someone the military-industrial rich and powerful in a narcotics corrupt state would very much like out of the way. Recently, Bloomberg reports there had been a FISA violation by the USA authorities but none of the relevant information has been approved for release by Eric Holder’s Department of Justice, it is to now [as of this writing] a ‘national security secret.’ I’ll state there is a 90%+ chance that.. “On “at least one occasion” the federal government violated the Constitution’s ban on unreasonable searches in using its power to wiretap people in the U.S. without a warrant” ..could be my case and if it is not, then it resembles it closely enough to allow for demanding the FBI answer by far more questions than they had been asked to now. Meanwhile, likely relevant to the several attempted assassinations of myself, it turns out that Leon Panetta had lied through his teeth on behalf of the CIA when he denied to Congress the Blackwater-CIA joint venture assassination program had been implemented. That program had been set up to kill anywhere in the world.


life in exile


Appendix II Covered up: over 1/3 of American woman soldiers raped September 2008 | WASHINGTON (CNN) – A congresswoman said Thursday that her “jaw dropped” when military doctors told her that four in 10 women at a veterans hospital reported being sexually assaulted while in the military. A government report indicates that the numbers could be even higher. Rep. Jane Harman, D-California, spoke before a House panel investigating the way the military handles reports of sexual assault. “My jaw dropped when the doctors told me that 41 percent of the female veterans seen there say they were victims of sexual assault while serving in the military,” said Harman, who has long sought better protection of women in the military. “We have an epidemic here,” she said. “Women serving in the U.S. military today are more likely to be raped by a fellow soldier than killed by enemy fire in Iraq.” As of July 24, 100 women had died in Iraq, according to the Pentagon. In 2007, Harman said, only 181 out of 2,212 reports of military sexual assaults, or 8 percent, were referred to courts martial. By comparison, she said, 40 percent of those


arrested in the civilian world on such charges are prosecuted. But when it came time for the military to defend itself, the panel was told that the Pentagon’s top official on sexual abuse, Dr. Kaye Whitley, was ordered not to show up despite a subpoena. Rep. John Tierney, the panel’s chairman and a Democrat from Massachusetts, angrily responded, “these actions by the Defense Department are inexplicable.” “The Defense Department appears to be willfully and blatantly advising Dr. Whitley not to comply with a duly authorized congressional subpoena,” Tierney said. The committee also heard from Mary Lauterbach, the mother of Lance Cpl. Maria Lauterbach, a 20-year-old pregnant Marine who was killed in December, allegedly by a fellow Marine. “I believe that Maria would be alive today if the Marines had provided a more effective system to protect the victims of sexual assault,” she said. In the months after her daughter filed the rape claim, she said, the military didn’t seem to take her seriously, and the onus was on “Maria to connect the dots.”


Another woman, Ingrid Torres, described being raped on a U.S. base in Korea when she worked with the American Red Cross. “I was raped while I slept,” she said. “At the 14 installations where GAO administered its survey, 103 service members indicated that they had been sexually assaulted within the preceding 12 months. Of these, 52 service members indicated that they did not report the sexual assault,” the GAO said. The office found that the military and Coast Guard have established policies to address sexual assault but that the implementation of the programs is hampered by an array of factors, including that “most, but not all, commanders support the programs.” “Left unchecked, these challenges can discourage or prevent some service members from using the programs when needed,” the GAO said.” My take on this is the fundamentalist Christian military commanders will not address rape. This is the missing component: Fundamentalism = rape in male hierarchal culture that teaches women are dirty and inferior. Until the proper information is developed and addressed, this aspect of the exclusionary “Christian Dominion” of the 15,000 strong “Officer’s Christian Fellowship” component in the USA military’s officer corps will continue in a position of


power to shield their fellow soldiers from rape prosecutions. This fundamentalist Christian attitude will not allow rape punishments to be prioritized (too many far more important things they will wish to busy themselves with) in the case of “Born Again” Christian males raping women. However if it were non-Christian males committing rape, I predict a study addressing the wider issues of faith in the military relating to or inclusive of rape will draw distinctions related to their exclusionary theology. In this case, the information developed at should cross-reference in any study: It will be the same exclusionary male hierarchal religious attitudes which permit both rape and other forms of discrimination by “Born Again” Christian males and by officers particularly. Sunday, 28 September 2008: Malalai Kakar, police woman and women’s advocate, was assassinated by the Taliban in Kandahar, Afghanistan for her advocacy of women’s rights. Who are the Taliban? The dark ages fundamentalists of that regions Islam which mirror the dark ages extremists of Christianity in the United States military special operations forces night raids who are indiscriminately murdering women in Afghanistan as well, with the attitude Muslims are sub-humans while shooting in the back children and women who flee from U.S. special forces sweeps of villages.


Relevant to this, is a lawsuit fighting the Christian religious extremist takeover of out military. I think my women’s advocate and feminist friends might find this part of the lawsuit interesting. A Christian program emphasizing sexual integrity to the women (in the military where 50 of 100 women soldiers interviewed state they did not report a sexual assault) I don’t guess they are concerned with the men’s sexual integrity. “The Army “Strong Bonds” Program. The present U.S. Government funded Strong Bonds program replaced a decade old, proven program called Building Strong and Ready Families (BSRF), which was a collaboration between the Army Public Health Nurses and the Chaplain Corps. Strong Bonds is now an evangelistic Christian program operating under the guise of a pre-deployment and post-deployment family wellness and marriage training program. Strong Bonds eliminated the public health nurses and health education aspects that were a large part of BSRF, created a program run entirely by chaplains who facilitate almost exclusively of Christian religious retreats. These retreats are typically held at ski lodges, beach resorts, and other attractive vacation spots. The materials authorized by the Army for Strong Bonds are not religious. However, these authorized materials are only required to be used for a minimal number of the training hours, leaving the remaining mandatory training hours open for other materials selected by the chaplains. In some cases, the authorized material are completely eliminated, and the retreats are overtly Christian. In other cases, the Prevention


and Relationship Enhancement Program (PREP), a secular program on the list of materials authorized for Strong Bonds, is being replaced by chaplains with CPREP, the Christian version of this program. At a “Strong Bond” program in Orlando, Florida from February 29, 200B, to March 2, 2008, the following material was distributed to attendees: A camouflage box, titled, “Every Soldier’s Battle Kit,” and imprinted with the name, New Life Ministries, their phone number, website ( and phrase, “Fighting the battle within.” The box contained: * A Bible, titled, “The Life Recovery Bible;” and four volumes by Shannon Ethridge (website * “Every Woman, Every Day,” (365 Christian readings and sermons about “sexual purity”); * “Every Woman’s Battle,” (a book of Christian sermons, and Bible verses to “Discover God’s plan for sexual and emotional fulfillment.”); * “Every Woman’s Battle Promise Book,” (a “daily devotional” of Bible verses to support the reader in a quest for “sexual integrity”)


I’d like to see women somehow fighting back. Other than the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, no one is holding the military’s feet to the fire on the issue of fundamentalism of our Officer Corps which covers up crimes against women and pushes the USA’s wars as crusades. Where is the American leadership on these issues of wide spread and patent criminal activity in the United States armed forces? Note: this following documentation includes murders of women under General Patreaus’ tenure as Commanding General in Iraq, in cases of women soldiers who’d come too close to corruption at the command level somehow ended up dead: U.S. Military Is Keeping Secrets About Female Soldiers’ ‘Suicides’ By Col. Ann Wright, Truthdig. Posted September 10, 2008. Since I posted on April 28 the article “Is There an Army Cover Up of the Rape and Murder of Women Soldiers,” the deaths of two more U.S. Army women in Iraq and Afghanistan have been listed as suicides — the Sept. 28, 2007, death of 30-year-old Spc. Ciara Durkin and the Feb. 22, 2008, death of 25-year-old Spc. Keisha Morgan. Both “suicides” are disputed by the families of the women. Since April 2008, five more U.S. military women have died in Iraq — three in noncombat-related incidents. Ninety-


nine U.S., six British and one Ukrainian military women and 13 U.S. female civilians have been killed in Iraq, Kuwait and Bahrain, as well as probably hundreds of thousands of Iraqi women and girls. Of the 99 U.S. military women, 64 were in the Army active component, nine in the Army National Guard, seven in the Army Reserve, seven in the Marine Corps, nine in the Navy and three in the Air Force. According to the Department of Defense, 41 of the 99 U.S. military women who have been killed in Iraq died in “noncombat-related incidents.” Of the 99 U.S. military women killed in the Iraq theater, 41 were women of color (21 African-Americans, 16 Latinas, three of Asian-Pacific descent and one Native American). Fourteen U.S. military women, including five in the Army, one in the Army National Guard, two in the Army Reserves, three in the Air Force, two in the Navy (on ships supporting U.S. forces in Afghanistan) and one in the Marine Corps, one British military woman and six U.S. civilian women have been killed in Afghanistan. According to the Department of Defense, four U.S. military women in Afghanistan died in noncombat-related incidents, including one now classified as a suicide. Four military women of color (three African-Americans and one Latina) have been killed in Afghanistan. The deaths of 14 U.S. military (13 Army and one Navy) women and one British military woman who served in Iraq, Kuwait or Afghanistan have been classified as suicides.


Two Army women in Iraq (Pfc. Hannah Gunterman McKinney, a victim of vehicular homicide, and Pfc. Kamisha Block, who was shot five times by a fellow soldier who then killed himself) and two Navy women in Bahrain (MASN Anamarie Camacho and MASN Genesia Gresham, both shot by a male sailor who then shot, but did not kill, himself) have died at the hands of fellow military personnel. Several more military women have died with unexplained “noncombat” gunshot wounds (U.S. Army Sgt. Melissa Valles, July 9, 2003: gunshot to the abdomen; Marine Lance Cpl. Juana Arellano, April 8, 2006: gunshot wound to the head while in a “defensive position”). Most of the deaths of women who have died of noncombat gunshot wounds have been classified as suicides, rather than homicides. The Army, the only military service to release annual figures on suicides, reported that 115 soldiers committed suicide in 2007. According to Army figures, 32 soldiers committed suicide in Iraq and four in Afghanistan. Of the 115 Army suicides, 93 were in the Regular Army and 22 were in the Army National Guard or Reserves. The report lists five Army women as having committed suicide in 2007. Young, white, unmarried junior enlisted troops were the most likely to commit suicide, according to the report. From 2003 until August 2008, the deaths of 13 Army women and one Navy woman in Iraq and Afghanistan


(including Kuwait and Bahrain) have been classified as suicides (numbers confirmed with various media sources): 2008 — Spc. Keisha Morgan (Taji, Iraq) 2007 — Spc. Ciara Durkin (Bagram, Afghanistan), Capt. (medical doctor) Roselle Hoffmaster (Kirkik, Iraq) 2006 — Pfc. Tina Priest (Taji, Iraq), Pfc. Amy Duerkson (Taji, Iraq), Sgt. Denise Lannaman (Kuwait), Sgt. Jeannette Dunn (Taji, Iraq), Maj. Gloria Davis (Baghdad). 2005 — Pvt. Lavena Johnson (Balad, Iraq), 1st Lt. Debra Banaszak (Kuwait), USN MA1 Jennifer Valdivia (Bahrain) 2004 — Sgt. Gina Sparks (it is unclear where in Iraq she was injured, but she died in the Fort Polk, La., hospital) 2003 — Spc. Alyssa Peterson (Tal Afar, Iraq), Sgt. Melissa Valles (Balad, Iraq) The demographics of those Army women who allegedly committed suicide are as intriguing as the circumstances of their deaths: Seven of the women, being between the ages of 30 and 47, were older than the norm (Davis, 47; Lannaman, 46; Dunn, 44; Banaszak, 35; Hoffmaster, 32; Sparks, 32; and Durkin, 30). (Most military suicides are in their 20s). Three were officers: a major (Davis), a captain and medical doctor (Hoffmaster) and a first lieutenant (Banaszak).


Five were noncommissioned officers (Lannaman, Dunn, Sparks, Valles and Valdivia). Five were women of color (Morgan, Davis, Johnson, Lannaman, Valles). Four were from units based at Fort Hood, Texas, and were found dead at Camp Taji, Iraq (Dunn, Priest, Duerkson, and Morgan). Two were found dead at Camp Taji, Iraq, 11 days apart (Priest and Duerkson). Two were found dead at Balad, Iraq (Johnson and Valles). Two had been raped (Priest, 11 days prior to her death; Duerksen, during basic training). One other was probably raped (Johnson, the night she died). Two were lesbians (Lannaman and Durkin). Two of the women were allegedly involved in bribes or shakedowns of contractors (Lannaman and Davis). Two had children (Davis and Banaszak). Three had expressed concerns about improprieties or irregularities in their commands (Durkin’s concerns were financial; Davis had given a seven-page deposition on


contracting irregularities in Iraq the day before she died; Peterson was concerned about methods of interrogation of Iraqi prisoners). Several had been in touch with their families within days of their deaths and had not expressed feelings of depression (Morgan, Durkin, Davis, Priest, Johnson). The Death of Lavena Johnson As discussed in my article “Is There an Army Cover Up of Rape and Murder of Women Soldiers?,” 19-year-old Army Pvt. Lavena Johnson was found dead on the military base in Balad, Iraq, in July 2005, and her death was characterized by the Army as suicide from an M-16 rifle gunshot. From the day their daughter’s body was returned to them, the parents, both of whom have had a long association with the Army — the father, a medical doctor, is an Army veteran and worked 25 years as a Department of the Army civilian and the mother, too, worked for the Department of the Army — harbored grave suspicions about the Army’s investigation into Johnson’s death and the Army’s characterization of her death as suicide. As she had been in charge of a communications facility, Johnson was able to call home daily; in those calls, she gave no indication of emotional problems or being upset. In a letter to her parents after her death, Johnson’s commanding officer, Capt. David Woods, wrote, “Lavena was clearly happy and seemed in very good health both physically and emotionally.”


In viewing his daughter’s body at the funeral home, Dr. John Johnson was concerned about the bruising on her face. He was puzzled by the discrepancy in the autopsy report on the location of the gunshot wound. As an Army veteran and a long-time Army civilian employee who had counseled veterans, he was mystified how the exit wound of an M-16 shot could be so small. The hole in Lavena’s head appeared to be more the size of a pistol shot rather than an M-16 round. But the gluing of military uniform white gloves onto Lavena’s hands, hiding burns on one of her hands, is what deepened Dr. Johnson’s concerns that the Army’s investigation into the death of his daughter was flawed. Over the next two and a half years, Dr. and Mrs. Johnson and their family and friends, through the Freedom of Information Act and congressional offices, relentlessly and meticulously requested documents concerning Lavena’s death from the Department of the Army. Gradually, with the Army’s response to each request for information, another piece of evidence about Johnson’s death emerged. The military criminal investigator’s initial drawing of the death scene revealed that Johnson’s M16 was found perfectly parallel to her body. The investigator’s sketch showed that her body was found inside a burning tent, under a wooden bench with an aerosol can nearby. A witness, an employee of the defense contractor Kellogg, Brown & Root (KBR), stated that he heard a gunshot and when he went to investigate, he found a KBR tent on fire. When he looked into the tent, he saw a body. The official


Army investigation did not mention a fire, nor that Johnson’s body had been pulled from the fire. KBR Women Employees Raped in Iraq The fact that Lavena Johnson’s body was discovered in a KBR tent raises questions. Many KBR women employees have been raped in Iraq. One law firm in Houston has 15 clients with sexual assault, sexual harassment or retaliation complaints against Halliburton and its former subsidiary Kellogg, Brown & Root LLC (KBR), as well as against the Cayman Islandbased Service Employees International Inc., a KBR shell company (Karen Houppert, “Another KBR Rape Case,” The Nation, April 3, 2008). Two female employees of KBR who were raped while in Iraq have testified before Congress. On her fourth day in Iraq, July 28, 2005, Jamie Leigh Jones was gang-raped by seven fellow KBR employees at Camp Hope in Baghdad. Jones’ rape occurred nine days after Lavena Johnson was found dead in a KBR tent at Balad Air Base. Jones was drugged, raped and beaten, and the injuries she suffered were so severe that she had to have reconstructive surgery on her chest. Jones reportedly was taken back to the KBR area, where she was placed into an empty shipping container under KBR armed guard for almost 24 hours without food or water or the ability to communicate with anyone. The military doctor who examined her turned over the “rape


kit” photographs and statement to KBR. Jones persuaded a guard to allow her a phone call, which she made to her father. Her father promptly called their Texas congressional representative, Ted Poe, who then called the State Department in Iraq and demanded her immediate release. Jones was rescued shortly thereafter and quickly left Iraq. Congressman Poe again contacted the State Department and the Department of Justice in an effort to launch an investigation, but both departments ignored the requests and even refused to contact Poe for the next two years. The “rape kit” and the photographs of and statement from Jones taken by a military doctor disappeared. Jones testified Dec. 17, 2007, before the House Judiciary Committee on “Enforcement of Federal Criminal Law to Protect Americans Working for U.S. Contractors in Iraq”. The nonprofit foundation Jones created after her ordeal, the Jamie Leigh Jones Foundation, has been contacted by 40 U.S. contractor employees alleging that they are the victims of sexual assault or sexual harassment on the job and that Halliburton, KBR and Service Employees International Inc. have not helped them or have obstructed their claims (Karen Houppert, “Another KBR Rape Case,” The Nation, April 3, 2008). Dawn Leamon was another civilian contractor employed by KBR who was raped allegedly by KBR employees. She was the sole medical provider at Camp Harper, a base near Basra in southern Iraq. Leamon reported being raped anally


by a U.S. soldier in January 2008 while a KBR employee forced his penis into her mouth. She says she was told to keep quiet by her KBR supervisor and by the military liaison officer. Her laptop computer was seized within hours after she e-mailed a civilian lawyer. She testified on April 9, 2008, before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in the hearing “Closing Legal Loopholes: Prosecuting Sexual Assaults and Other Violent Crimes Committed Overseas by American Civilians in a Combat Environment”. Johnsons’ Quest Continues in Daughter’s Death After two years of requesting documents, the family of Lavena Johnson received a set of papers from the Army that included a photocopy of a compact disk. Wondering why the copy was among the documents, Dr. Johnson requested the CD itself. The Army finally complied after a congressman intervened. When Dr. Johnson viewed the CD, he was shocked to see photographs taken by Army investigators of his daughter’s body as it lay where her body had been found, as well as other photographs of her disrobed body taken during the investigation. The photographs revealed that Lavena, barely five feet tall and weighing less than 100 pounds, had been struck in the face with a blunt instrument, perhaps a weapon stock. Her nose was broken and her teeth knocked backward. One elbow was distended. The back of her clothes contained debris, indicating she had been dragged. The photographs of her disrobed body showed bruises, scratch marks and


teeth imprints on the upper part of her body. The right side of her back as well as her right hand had been burned, apparently from a flammable liquid poured on her and then lighted. Photographs of her genital area revealed massive bruising and lacerations. A corrosive liquid had been poured into her genital area, probably to destroy DNA evidence of sexual assault. Despite the bruises, scratches, teeth imprints and burns on her body, Lavena was found completely dressed in the burning tent. There was a blood trail from outside the contractor’s tent to inside the tent. She apparently had been dressed after the attack and her attacker had placed her body in the tent before setting it on fire. Investigator records reveal that members of her unit said Johnson had told them she was going jogging with friends on the other side of the base. One unit member walked with her to the post exchange, where she bought a soda, and then, in her Army workout clothes, Johnson went on by herself to meet friends and to exercise. The unit member said she was in good spirits, showing no indication of personal emotional problems. The Army investigators initially concluded that Pvt. Johnson’s death was a homicide and indicated that on their paperwork. However, a decision apparently was made by higher officials that the investigators would stop the homicide inquiry and classify her death a suicide.


Three weeks later, a final autopsy report from the U.S. Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, dated Aug. 13, 2005, said the cause of death was an intraoral gunshot wound to the head and the manner of death was a suicide. However, the autopsy report — written after the July 22, 2005, autopsy at Dover Air Force Base and signed on Aug. 9, 2005 by associate medical examiner Lt. Cmdr. Edward Reedy and by chief deputy medical examiner Cmdr. James Caruso — states much more in its opinion section: The 19 year old female, Lavena Johnson, died as a result of a gunshot wound of the head that caused injuries to the skull and brain. The entrance wound was inside the mouth and injuries to the lips and oral mucosa were a direct result of the discharge of the weapon. The exit wound was located on the left side of the head. No bullet or bullet fragments were recovered. Toxicology was negative for alcohol and other screened drugs. The investigative information made available indicates that this was a selfinflicted gunshot wound. With the information surrounding the circumstances of the death that is presently available the manner of death is determined to be suicide. The medical examiners revealed that they were basing their determination of suicide on “investigative information made available indicat[ing] that this was a self-inflicted gunshot wound,” not from medical evidence. They did not address what caliber of bullet entered her body — in fact, they stated that no bullet or bullet fragment was recovered, and they did not offer comments on what caliber of bullet would have made the entry and exit wounds.


The Aug. 25, 2005, report from the U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Laboratory in Forest Park, Ga., stated: The characteristic gunshot residue particle indicated on Exhibit 5 (Gunshot residue kit (Item 9, Doc 775-05), the number is considered insignificant. Based on these results, the report concludes that the following possibilities exist, but the report makes no conclusion: a. The subject did not handle/discharge a firearm. b. The subject handled/discharged a firearm but an insignificant number of gunshot residue particles were deposited on the hands. c. The subject handled/discharged a firearm that deposited a significant number of gunshot residue particles on the hand; however, due to washing, wiping, or other activity, the particles were reduced to insignificant numbers. b. The medical examiners who did the autopsy on Johnson’s body did not mention any burns on her body, but when the family had gloves that had been glued onto her hands cut off by the funeral home employees in Missouri, they found her hands had been burned, and further examination showed her back was burned. A witness statement taken on July 19, 2005, states: “The witness [name redacted] … found the victim under the bench and verified there were no signs of life … related he saw the M16 lying across the victim’s body … he didn’t know what setting the weapon was on … he related everything was smoking,


including parts of the body. He called for an ambulance and secured the scene.” On April 9, 2008, Johnson’s parents flew from their home in St. Louis for meetings with members of Congress and their staff. They again went to Washington, D.C., in July 2008 and were briefed by Army investigators and the military medical examiner who conducted the autopsy on Lavena. The Army briefers maintained that her death was a suicide and were unable to answer Dr. John and Linda Johnson’s long list of questions. The Johnsons are asking for a congressional hearing that would force the Army to further investigate their daughter’s death. Murder of Three Women in North Carolina Some of the circumstances surrounding Lavena Johnson’s death in Iraq three years ago are similar to those of other American servicewomen who died in recent months. In the six months from December 2007 to July 2008, three U.S. military women were killed by military males near the Army’s Fort Bragg and the Marine Corps’ Camp Lejeune, two mega-bases in North Carolina. Two of the women were in the Army. Spc. Megan Touma was seven months pregnant when her body was found inside a Fayetteville hotel room June 21, 2008. A married male soldier whom she knew in Germany has since been arrested. The estranged Marine husband of Army 2nd Lt. Holley Wimunc has been arrested in her death and the burning of her body.


Marine Lance Cpl. Maria Lauterbach had been raped in May 2007 and protective orders had been issued against the alleged perpetrator, fellow Marine Cpl. Cesar Laurean. The burned body of Lauterbach and her unborn baby were found in a shallow grave in the backyard of Laurean’s home in January 2008. Laurean fled to Mexico, where he was captured by Mexican authorities. He is currently awaiting extradition to the United States to stand trial. Lauterbach’s mother testified before Congress on July 31, 2008, that the Marine Corps ignored warning signs that Laurean was a danger to her daughter (testimony of Mary Lauterbach to the National Security and Foreign Affairs Subcommittee of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee). Two Women Sexually Assaulted Before Their Deaths Remarkably, a rape test was not performed on the body of Lavena Johnson although bruising and lacerations in her genital area indicated assault. Another family that does not believe their daughter committed suicide in Iraq is the family of Pfc. Tina Priest, 20, of Smithville, Texas, who was reported raped by a fellow soldier in February of 2006 on a military base known as Camp Taji. Priest was a part of the 5th Support Battalion, lst Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division from Fort Hood, Texas. The Army said Priest was found dead in her room on March 1, 2006, of a self-inflicted M-


16 shot, 11 days after the rape. Priest’s mother, Joy Priest, disputes the Army’s findings. Mrs. Priest said she talked several times with her daughter after the rape and that Tina, while very upset about the rape, was not suicidal. Mrs. Priest continues to challenge the Army’s 800 pages of investigative documents with a simple question: How could her five-foot-tall daughter, with a correspondingly short arm length, have held the M16 at the angle which would have resulted in the gunshot? The Army attempted several explanations, but each was debunked by Mrs. Priest and by the 800 pages of materials provided by the Army itself. The Army now says Tina used her toe to pull the trigger of the weapon that killed her. The Army reportedly never investigated Tina’s death as a homicide, only as a suicide. According to Tina’s mother, rape charges against the soldier whose sperm was found on Tina’s sleeping bag were dropped a few weeks after her death. He was convicted of failure to obey an order and sentenced to forfeiture of $714 for two months, 30 days’ restriction to the base and 45 days of extra duty. On May 11, 2006, 10 days after Tina Priest was found dead, 19-year-old Army Pfc. Amy Duerksen was found dead at the same Camp Taji. Duerksen died three days after she suffered what the Army called “a self-inflicted gunshot.” The Army claimed that she, too, had committed suicide. In the room where her body was found, investigators reportedly discovered her diary open to a page


on which she had written about being raped during training after unknowingly ingesting a date-rape drug. The person Duerkson identified in her diary as the rapist was charged by the Army with rape after her death. Many who knew her did not believe she shot herself, but there is no evidence of a homicide investigation by the Army. Women Had Concerns About Job Irregularities Three women whose deaths have been classified as suicides had expressed concerns about improprieties or irregularities in their military commands. Army Spc. Ciara Durkin, 30, a Massachusetts National Guard payroll clerk, was found dead on Sept. 28, 2007, from a gunshot wound to the head. She had gotten off work 90 minutes earlier and was found lying near a chapel on Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan. Durkin had called her brother just hours before she died, leaving an upbeat happy birthday message on his telephone. In previous conversations, Durkin told her sister that she had discovered something in the finance unit that she did not agree with and that she had made some enemies over it. She told her sister to keep investigating her death if anything happened to her. In June 2008, the Army declared her death a suicide. Army interrogator Spc. Alyssa Renee Peterson, 27, assigned to C Company, 311th Military Intelligence Battalion, 101st Airborne Division, Fort Campbell, Ky., was an Arabic linguist who reportedly was very concerned


about the manner in which interrogations of detained Iraqis were being conducted. She died on Sept. 15, 2003, near Tal Afar, Iraq, in what the Army described as a gunshot wound to the head, a noncombat, self-inflicted weapons discharge, or suicide. Peterson had reportedly objected to the interrogation techniques used on prisoners in Iraq and refused to participate after only two nights working in the unit known as “the cage.” Members of her unit have refused to describe the specific interrogation techniques to which Peterson objected. The military says that all records of those techniques have now been destroyed. After refusing to conduct more interrogations, Peterson was assigned to guard the base gate, where she monitored Iraqi guards. She was also sent to suicide prevention training. Army investigators concluded she shot and killed herself with her service rifle on the night of Sept. 15, 2003. Family members challenge the Army’s conclusion. Maj. Gloria Davis, 47, an 18-year Army veteran, mother and grandmother, was found dead of a gunshot wound on Dec. 12, 2006, the day after she reportedly talked at length to an Army investigator about corruption in military contracting. She had been accused of accepting a $225,000 bribe from Lee Dynamics, a defense contractor that provided warehouse space for the storage of automatic weapons in Iraq (Eric Schmitt and James Glanz, “U.S. Says Company Bribes Officers for Work in Iraq,” New York Times, Aug. 31, 2007). Davis’ mother, Annie Washington, told the author that military investigators have never located any of the


$225,000 Davis is alleged to have taken. Washington said her daughter was right-handed and would have had a hard time holding the weapon in her left hand and shooting herself on the left side of her head (telephone conversation between Ann Wright and Annie Washington, July 2008). Federal court documents show that the Army suspended Lee Dynamics from contracting on July 9, 2007, over allegations that the company paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to numerous U.S. officers in Iraq and Kuwait in 2004 and 2005 to get contracts to build, operate and maintain warehouses in Iraq where weapons, uniforms and vehicles for the Iraqi military were stored. Reportedly included in the documents was a seven-page statement by an Army investigator who questioned Maj. Davis the day before she was found dead in her quarters. The deposition has apparently been used in ongoing federal cases on corruption in military contracting. The author attempted to obtain a copy of Davis’ statement from the Department of Justice, but a DoJ public affairs officer said the statement is not yet in the public domain and intimated that it is being used in other ongoing DoJ investigations into contracting fraud (telephone conversation on July 28, 2008, with DoJ public affairs officer). The Lee Dynamics warehouses were part of a circle of corruption involving military personnel and contractors throughout Iraq and the disappearance of 190,000 U.S.supplied weapons — 110,000 AK-47 assault rifles and 80,000 pistols intended for Iraqi security forces for which


the U.S. military cannot account. A July 2007 Government Accountability Office report said that until December 2005 the U.S.-Iraqi training command had no centralized records on weapons provided to Iraqi forces, and although 185,000 AK-47 rifles, 170,000 pistols, 215,000 sets of body armor and 140,000 steel helmets had been issued by September 2005, because of poor record keeping it was unclear what happened to 110,000 AK-47s and 80,000 pistols and more than half the armor and helmets. In December 2007, the U.S. military acknowledged that it had lost track of an additional 12,000 weapons, including more than 800 machine guns. In 2005, Col. Ted Westhusing, 44, at the time the highestranking officer to die in Iraq, allegedly committed suicide after reportedly becoming despondent about the poor performance of private contractors who were training Iraqi police, for which he was responsible. After graduating third in his West Point class and serving as the honor captain for the entire academy his senior year, Westhusing became one of the Army’s leading scholars on military ethics and was a professor at West Point. In January 2005 Westhusing began supervising the training of Iraqi forces to take over security duties from the U.S. military. He oversaw the Virginia-based USIS, a private security contractor, which had contracts worth $79 million to train a corps of Iraqi police to conduct special-operations missions. Westhusing was upset about allegations, in a four-page anonymous letter, that USIS deliberately shorted the Iraqi government on the number of trainers it provided


in order to increase its profit margin. The letter also revealed two incidents in which USIS contractors allegedly had witnessed or participated in the killing of Iraqi civilians. After an angry counseling meeting with the contractor, Westhusing was found dead of a gunshot wound. Many of Westhusing’s professional colleagues question the Army’s ruling of suicide, despite the note found in his quarters. They point out that Westhusing did not have a bodyguard and was surrounded by the same contractors he suspected of wrongdoing. They also question why the USIS company manager who discovered Westhusing’s body was not tested for gunpowder residue. In the space of three months in 2006, three members of the U.S. Army who had been part of a contracting and logistics group in Kuwait and Iraq were accused of taking bribes from contractors and allegedly committed suicide. Two of them were women, Maj. Gloria Davis and Sgt. Denise Lannaman, and the third was Lt. Col. Marshall Gutierrez. In August 2006 Gutierrez was arrested at a restaurant in Kuwait and was accused of shaking down a laundry contractor for a $3,400 bribe. He was allowed to return to his quarters and was found dead on Sept. 4, 2006, with an empty bottle of prescription sleeping pills and an open container of what appeared to be antifreeze. The second woman soldier who was allegedly involved with bribes and allegedly committed suicide was New York Army National Guard Sgt. Denise A. Lannaman. Lannaman, 46, had completed one tour in Tikrit, Iraq, in 2005. In December 2005 she decided to volunteer to stay in


Iraq longer and took an assignment at a desk job at a procurement office in Camp Arifjan, Kuwait, that purchased millions of dollars in supplies. She received excellent performance ratings, and her supervisor said that her oversight eliminated misuse of funds by 36 percent. On Oct. 1, 2006, Lannaman was questioned by a senior officer about the death of Lt. Col. Gutierrez and was reportedly told by that officer that she was implicated in the contracting fraud and would be leaving the military in disgrace. She was found in a jeep dead of a gunshot later that day. The Army has classified Lannaman’s death as a suicide. A member of her family said that Lannaman had a history of psychiatric problems but somehow been allowed to enlist in the military. She had attempted suicide four times in her life, according to the family member. In September 2007, Army spokesman Lt. Col. William Wiggins told the family that Lannaman had not been the subject of any contract investigations, but he said he could not say whether Lannaman had been threatened by a superior officer with dismissal from the service (Jim Dwyer, “Letter from America: Journey from New York to Kuwait, and Suicide,” New York Times, Sept. 19, 2007). Lannaman’s family said that because of her pre-existing mental state, the threat that the superior officer made to send her home in disgrace could have caused her to take her life.


Soldiers Convicted of Bribery In June 2008 four persons plead guilty in bribery and kickback scandals concerning military contracts in Iraq. On June 11, 2008, recently retired Army National Guard Col. Levonda Joey Selph, a key person on Gen. David Petraeus’ team that was training and equipping Iraqi security forces in 2004 and 2005, pleaded guilty to bribery and conspiracy. She admitted disclosing to the owner of Lee Dynamics International confidential bidding information about a $12million contract for building and operating U.S. military warehouses in Iraq that stored automatic weapons and other equipment. Lee Dynamics International is the same company that reportedly gave Maj. Davis a $225,000 bribe. Col. Selph helped the company owner, a former Army pay clerk, to submit “fake bid packages on behalf of six companies he controlled to create a false sense of competition,” for which she was given a trailer valued at $20,000; she eventually returned the trailer, and the contractor then gave her $4,000 in cash and paid for air fare and accommodations for a trip to Thailand in October 2005, valued at about $5,000. Selph has since agreed to pay the U.S. government $9,000 and could serve a prison sentence of up to two years (Eric Schmitt, “Guilty Plea Given in Iraq Contract Fraud,” New York Times, June 11, 2008). After having been in military custody since July 2007, Army Maj. John Cockerham, 43, pleaded guilty last January to bribery, conspiracy and money laundering in awarding illegal contracts for supplies such as bottled


water. He had received more than $9 million in bribes from at least eight defense contractor companies, and records found in his home indicated he expected to get $5.4 million more. Melissa Cockerham, Cockerham’s wife, also pleaded guilty to money laundering. Their plea bargains were kept under federal court seal until June 25, 2008, while they cooperated with investigators. Cockerham faces up to 40 years in prison, while his wife could face up to 20 years in prison (Dana Hedgpeth, “2 Plead Guilty to Army Bribery Scheme,” Washington Post, June 25, 2008). The Death of Spc. Keisha Morgan Army Spc. Keisha Morgan, 25, was on her second tour in Iraq. Just days before her February 22, 2008, death, she called her mother, Diana Morgan, and happily told her that she had reenlisted. Her mother said that Keisha wanted to be a nurse and planned to fulfill that ambition after she got out of the Army. Assigned to the Fourth Infantry Division, Fort Hood, Texas, Keisha reportedly suffered two seizures in her barracks at Camp Taji and died in a military hospital in Bagdad. The Army reportedly told Keisha’s mother that Keisha was on antidepressants and may have overdosed. In a blog, Keisha’s mother said her daughter had never mentioned being on antidepressants. However, the Army reportedly frequently prescribes antidepressants to soldiers with anxiety from effects of war, and one of the known side effects of some of the depressants is seizures. The Army’s fifth Mental Health Advisory Team report indicates that, according to an


anonymous survey of U.S. troops taken in the fall of 2007, about 12 percent of combat troops in Iraq and 17 percent of those in Afghanistan are taking prescription antidepressants (such as Prozac and Zoloft) or sleeping pills (such as Ambien) to help them cope, with about 50 percent taking antidepressants and 50 percent taking prescription sleeping pills. In 2007, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration expanded the warning on antidepressants that the drugs may increase the risk of suicide in children and young adults ages 18 to 24, the age group most taking prescribed drugs in the Army. The Army should question whether there is a link between the increased use of the drugs by military troops in Iraq and Afghanistan and the rising suicide rate, which is now double the Army’s suicide rate in 2001. Deception or Just Incompetence? It’s now well known that there was deception by the U.S. military in the friendly fire death of Pat Tillman and the decision to make a heroic character out of Pvt. Jessica Lynch. But there are many other cases of deception and of misinformation given to families. After much pressure from the families for more information on the deaths of their sons in 2004, the parents of Army Spc. Patrick McCaffery and 1st Lt. Andre Tyson were finally told by the Army two years after the death of their sons that they were not killed by insurgents but by Iraqi army recruits with whom they were training and patrolling.


The parents of Spc. Jesse Buryj were initially told their son died in an accident. After relentless pressure on the Army for a copy of the autopsy, his mother read that Buryj had died of a gunshot wound. She had to request through the Freedom of Information Act a copy of the incident report, which states he was killed by friendly fire from coalition Polish troops. And later a soldier from Buryj’s unit came to her home and told her he had been killed by “one of our own troops”. Karen Meredith had to request the report on the May 30, 2004, death of her son, 1st Lt. Ken Ballard, through the Freedom of Information Act. Ballard did not die in a firefight with insurgents as she was originally told. He actually died in an accident when a branch fell on a tank in which he was riding and set off an unmanned gun. On Sept. 9, 2005, Meredith met with an Army colonel in the Pentagon and received a letter of apology from the Army for its misinformation on her son’s death. On Sept. 27, 2005, she met with Secretary of the Army Francis Harvey and asked him to promise that soldiers’ families would promptly be told the truth about casualties. As the Beaumont, Texas, newspaper the Enterprise stated in its June 20, 2008, editorial, “There is no excuse for the U.S. Army’s shabby treatment of Kamisha Block’s parents and others who cared for her. Her commanders knew right away that she had been killed by a fellow soldier in Iraq, who had been harassing her. It was a standard murder-


suicide. Incredibly, the Army first told her parents that it was an accidental death due to friendly fire.” A few days later, the Army changed its story and told the parents of Spc. Block that their daughter had been murdered by a shot to the chest. At the funeral home in Vidor, Texas, Block’s mother noticed her daughter had a wound to her head, not mentioned by the Army. Six months later, after numerous phone calls to the Army and enlisting help from Congressman Kevin Brady, Block’s family was told by the Army that she had been murdered by a fellow soldier in her unit, a man who had physically assaulted her three times. His unit had disciplined him once but kept him in the same unit where he assaulted Block two other times before he murdered her by firing five shots into her and then killing himself in the same barracks room. After many attempts, the parents finally received a 1,200page investigation that gave the name of the murderer [end] If the WikiLeaks release of nearly 400,000 low level classified documents had been significant in uncovering a seminal issue the U.S. military command is truly concerned with keeping secret, or had the release been authentic in a sense of unscreened or unedited collection of documents, there would have been something had jumped out and made headlines worldwide: Covered up: More than 1/3 of American woman soldiers raped. Rape of American woman soldiers did not magically disappear from the Iraq war theater and would be recorded in the field reports.


A related question by this author would be: Where is Amnesty International, which publicizes widely crimes that cannot otherwise be swept under the carpet, on these reports of the rampant crimes against women in the U.S. military? Why the silence?


Appendix III No Snowflake in an Avalanche (Review of the book by Mikey Weinstein) The book is a damning indictment of the cowardice of men in leadership, as well a testament to the courage and sacrifice of those they presume to lead. For anyone who’d thought a nascent and growing extreme fundamentalism in the USA merely a threat, this book should make them think again and should rightfully frighten and galvanize to action anyone concerned a cult within our military can both: break the mentality of, and train a young officer for future assignment to launch nuclear weapons. Where to begin? I could write essays on multiple subjects of peril this book has only scratched the surface of, yet that scratch bleeds profusely throughout its pages. It may seem odd to some that, for me, the most striking and empathetic passages of the book is a wife and mother with Multiple Sclerosis surrendering her dream of a life as uncomplicated as possible, as a matter of principle, giving up her pursuit of happiness and the American Dream to take on the malignant social cancer infesting and infecting what must ultimately be what our nation is judged by in the eyes of today’s world; The perception of American empire, the Armed Forces of the United States of America. The human dimension is profound, the humiliation, the grief, the sacrifice and the fighting back against stacked odds at every turn for those ethical civilian and military


warriors detailed in this book. Where to begin? Striking is the thought, here is the true story’s protagonist with impeccable conservative credentials, Michael L. ‘Mikey’ Weinstein, breaking down every stereotype and smashing every barrier in a focused, concerted effort which, if successful, and there is no guarantee of success, should win the admiration of dyed in the wool liberals, feminists particularly, and people of every sane persuasion. Mikey has marched a long march to arrive on the cusp of achieving immortality in history. This is no small achievement in it’s own right, that a man, Mikey Weinstein, would have come so far in his personal evolution as to overcome his history of working to keep Iran-Contra from spilling into the open under Reagan, to win my avowed admiration. But here again is a striking moment, it was my own experiences as a soldier had turned me against wars altogether, no different to Howard Zinn. Mikey fits the same mold, only we each have our separate timelines to fated evolution and goals. Mikey’s goal is quite straight forward. To take the American military, the most lethal military in the world by far, out of the hands of and keep it out of the hands of, what can only be accurately described as Madmen. Any such endeavor is highly worthy of my liberal support. Where to begin? Critically important, the book makes a case for young American service women and men dying in vain on account of the narcissism, and nothing more, of those General Officers and politicians trusted with our


soldiers care at the highest levels of these United States of America’s institutions, whether at the level of the Joint Chiefs of Staff or sitting in either house of Congress. This last will be the focus of my essay, I will leave the several other critically important subjects to the insights of other reviewers. I cannot speak to nukes as an expert, there are better qualified to speak to contemporary military/civilian life, but one thing I had dusted off and polished these past several years were my intelligence analysis skills. Here follows my analysis, in lockstep with the books conclusions, insofar as how deeply penetrated and compromised our military’s highest offices and ranking officer corps have become by dominionism and will yet cost us dearly in American lives and blood. In my day, our Special Operations Forces had not yet become pervasively criminalized. We saw ourselves more along the lines of an elite Peace Corps working the most hazardous territories of a Cold War world. Critical to our mission was pacification of populace in the areas we worked, and pacification is and was a straightforward word. We worked to bring peace to neighborhoods in conflicts. John Wayne stereotype aside, the military aspects were honest endeavor to provide self-defense training to remote villages with an objective the populace could not be easily exploited by irregular militia, but that was never going to be accomplished in any case, except that we understood and respected and even integrated to the local customs and culture. That we had elite and lethal training was primarily survival oriented, yes there were the occasional ‘special operation’ to perhaps decapitate the leadership of a


particular guerrilla group or undertake sabotage behind enemy lines in the course of our work, examples given, but this was the exception, not the rule. Primarily our superior skills were required to operate small teams in areas where we might meet with considerably stronger numerical force. The highly honed and elite skills of the 1960s and 1970s Green Berets teams were more often than not, more than equal to any larger irregular force. If vastly out numbered, we knew how to inflict savage and costly casualties on our pursuers in the course of evasion. In our pacification work, Action Anthropology was the norm of the day. We integrated to our human and social environment. We were armed educators, medical providers and social workers. We were not primarily meant to be offensive, to the contrary, restraint was a big piece of our discipline and training. Cowboy mentalities were not tolerated. It is quite clear things have changed away from this focus, dramatically, for the military applications of special operations forces, in the approximately four decades since Vietnam. In the span of a few hours or so in Iraq, one Special Forces team leader, inflamed by watching the ‘Passion of the Christ’, instigated an incident that effectively made a war zone of an entire neighborhood and radicalized several hundred, perhaps several thousand Muslims. This commissioned officer had used a bullhorn to have “Jesus kill Mohammed” blared into a Muslim neighborhood, and when the perfectly predictable reaction was everyone with a gun in that area of the city showing up to shoot at this moron, a weapon that could blow through the front and


back wall of a house was turned on the neighborhood homes by the Special Forces team. Many of those consequently radicalized Iraqis no doubt turned to local militia and offered their services to train to kill our regular American soldiers over this one of many [unpunished] incidents of Christian extremism provided elite training. Our ‘elite’ forces had just accomplished the absolutely criminal act of getting more Americans killed in future battles. This is the criminalization of our special operations forces by extremist Christian fundamentalist commanders. Who are those commanders? I will name two. General William G. Boykin. A rabid fundamentalist Christian, his career in special operations is littered with tactical disasters, it would seem his only qualifications to have advanced throughout his career is his ‘belief in God.’ That and his belief in his special operations crusaders. With these mentalities at the top of command, what is promoted under you will be a solid corps of those with shared bigoted beliefs. General Boykin, since his retirement in 2007, had to be ‘dis-invited’ from speaking at West Point Academy on account of his virulent hatred of all things and people that are ‘not Christian or not Christian enough.’ Consider it is today’s special operations trained veterans who move into SWAT jobs in your local and state police force, are hired by Blackwater [then Xe Corp, now Academi, a lot of changed identities over a string of fundamentalism motivated crimes] and other de facto corporate militia, join the CIA and FBI or simply become mercenaries. These people with elite training and extreme belief will be getting many more Americans killed over a long haul ahead of us


and not only in places like Iraq and Afghanistan. Their numbers are only growing, thanks in large part to: General Patraeus. It is common political knowledge in Washington DC, that President Obama had appointed General Patraeus to head the CIA as a means of sidelining the General’s political ambitions over serious concerns Patraeus would hook up with the likes of Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachman in a run against Obama for the presidency in 2012. Either way you have it, a commanderin-chief, whether a military veteran or not, is a sword that can cut two ways. Obama’s naiveté in military affairs, having never served, is the 2nd worst possible circumstance in an America where naked fundamentalist ambition has overtaken the leadership of American military command structures, outside an out and out fundamentalist president. That Obama would, as a matter of political expediency, appoint Patraeus to head up the CIA with its out of control Operational Division working in close concert with the radicalized and criminalized Christian extremist special operations forces of today’s American military, is simply asking for disaster. General Patraeus was key [together with Robert Gates] in convincing Obama to radically beef up the USA’s special operations forces, at a time it was already decided the overall troop numbers would have to be reduced. General Patraeus has had a close association with special operations forces throughout his career. Since Patraeus appointment to DCI [Director of Central Intelligence or CIA] Admiral William H McRaven, now overall boss of the special operations forces which these days are routinely


assigned to CIA operational missions, has requested his forces be allowed to operate outside the traditional Department of Defense channels. This is, no doubt, a sleight-of-hand grab for these elite forces away from normal supervision via established Department of Defense structures, and away from oversight by Admiral McRaven’s professional associate CIA Director Patraeus. This cannot be a good thing. The myth of General Patraeus in the public purview is a demonstrable tactical lie. In fact the ‘surge that turned around the war in Iraq’ for which he became famous was at best a deceit along the lines of a shell game or bait and switch. General Patraeus beefed up the American force, momentarily disrupted the insurgency with an all out push that could not be sustained in any case, and then pulled the bulk of the American forces back to their bases and took the Americans, for the first time, largely out of public circulation before the insurgents could regroup. It is this removing the American soldiers from the everyday Iraqi life which had dramatically dropped the violence in Iraq, nothing more. The same could have been accomplished in 2004, and honestly at that, were it not for literally crusading extremist neo-con commanders and secular officers afraid to speak out and challenge the status quo at the CIA and Pentagon, to call a spade a spade, a career ending move. It is truly Faustian, if you speak out your career is over and you have been weeded from the ranks which only become more Christian extremist with the favored or ‘blessed’ replacements, if you keep your mouth shut, it all evolves towards fascism regardless.


Moving over to Afghanistan, notoriously there have been many special operations forces crimes, inclusive of attacking weddings and other incidents where fleeing women and kids had been shot in their backs, cold blooded murders. We pay the Afghans compensation but the root problem of anti-Islam fundamentalism is never effectively addressed and the hate for the Americans only spreads. General Patraeus has had a large hand in keeping these American special operations independent of NATO, effectively exercising impunity and generating a strengthened Taliban when the Americans are seen as a worse curse. Now, we are seeing the full fruition of the crusading mentality and criminal anti-social behaviors with the ‘burning of the Koran’ riots in Kabul triggering a long pent up but growing frustration of the Afghan people as a whole. No Snowflake in an Avalanche points towards the inevitable conclusion: Our fundamentalist neo-con Generals, in the guise of patriotism, have handed an untrained Obama a perfect storm. This is no accident. The book’s holdings are consistent with the scenario I have drawn for the reader from my knowledge of social psychology, special operations intelligence and tactics. The book meticulously documents the facts of the extremism in our military leadership, it is a well written book, concise and cohesive to the points of sedition and treason at the highest levels of the United States Armed Forces and matches my independent assessment of these past several years, summarized in the preceding.


** No Snowflake in an Avalanche by Michael L. ‘Mikey’ Weinstein and David Seay, review by Ronald Thomas West, a Vietnam Veteran, recipient of the United States Army Commendation Medal (individual citation) & the Vietnam Cross of Gallantry (Brigade Aviation, 199th Light Infantry Brigade, unit citation.) Subsequent to an extended tour of Vietnam, Ronald served as operations & intelligence sergeant for a Special Forces detachment [19th Special Forces Group] and was Distinguished Graduate of the Hawk Improved Missile program at the U.S. Army Missile School, Ft Bliss, Texas. Ronald’s family tree has soldiers serving in nearly every period of American conflict including the Civil and American Revolutionary Wars. Immediate family who have served in the military include both grandfathers, his father, uncle, brother, nephew and two of his three sons. Ronald is co-author [together with Dr Mark D Cole] of the Mueller-Wilson report [International Law/Human Rights.] Today he is a medically retired investigator and author


Appendix IV The Euphemism ‘Our Vital National Interests’ It's pretty simple actually. The USA's 'vital national interests' (and western democracies generally) is euphemism for corporate welfare, corporate welfare is all about the bottom line (profit) and profit historically happens when we take raw material at gunpoint from disadvantaged nations. Modern corporate neo-colonialism creates social unrest and consequent fighting back which has evolved to 'terror', which in turn strengthens the market place in the ‘security’ or arms industry. The overthrow of Gaddafi (for reasons including he wasn’t buying high end weapons from France following his ‘rehabilitation’) started brush fires (e.g. Mali) with his now unemployed mercenaries, ‘lost’ weapons flow and western trained guerillas/insurgents moved on to instances of 'jihad' the western powers feel must be in turn stamped out. This strengthens the cycle of spreading 'terror' which again strengthens the expenditures for security, propping up western economies. In the case of Djibouti and a new one billion dollar drones base being built there, there is yet a French Foreign Legion presence hanging on from colonial era and the entire region surrounding nearby Somalia has been in process of destabilizing since Charles Grassley and friends dumped a vast arsenal of weapons on the regime of Mohammed Said Barre 20+ years ago. Barre in turn employed the weapons


to wreak a biblical terror on his own nation. This has impacted from Ethiopia to Kenya and beyond. When nations are in cycles of violence, their raw materials can be had on the cheap because of instability and attending corruption, increasing stock values from Frankfurt to London to Toronto to Wall Street. The result at home? 'Terror' propaganda leading to the loss of civil liberties and increasing consolidation of the corporate-power corrupt over the vast and spreading malignancy of the entire cycle. This fact can only lead to our national demise when you factor in the western democracies own 'jihadis' so to speak, i.e. extreme ‘Christian Taliban’ personalities attracted to the business, now days the Pentagon is fundamentalist Christian crusader central and has gone from 'the only good Indian is a dead Indian' to 'the only good Muslim is a dead Muslim' as a matter of policy in a pursuit of world-wide ‘manifest destiny - and so reality is created for us and it is pointed to literal Armageddon. The other side of the coin is, if the arms and so-called ‘defense’ expenditures were halted, the resulting jobs loss would finish collapsing the western democracies economic engines where the armaments industries are a critical portion of the dynamic propping up the infrastructure. What’s happening isn’t rocket science, but it is a trap.


Appendix V Observations on Spanish ‘machismo’ made at Sant Feliu de Guixols, from January 2009 through August 2010Many of the western culture’s males are sublimely accomplished liars in their expression. One really good indicator (not foolproof) of the western male character you wish to assess, is to observe his woman’s expression I was walking and noticed a little kid, about 2 & years old, stopped to jump up and down from sheer joy of life. This was importune because the more important adult did not wish to be annoyed in the slightest in his desire to walk with some great dignity? His important appointment? He paused only long enough to grab his little boy by the arm and smack his butt, bringing hurt to a once joyful child’s expression and of course tears as the child was instructed to dutifully march after The man’s expression? Normal throughout. As though this were a regular guy you’d have no concern to meet and become acquainted. His wife? Silent, but with hurt and pained expression, the lines increasingly permanent from habit. Here, a superficial male dignity imposes a great indignity upon the human spirit She can say nothing or likely he beats her, behind closed door. She will not age gracefully, her beauty sacrificed to stress in a slavery to machismo, where a rule of law in too many case gives lip service to the rights of women, nothing


more. Her son, the little boy, will be as his father before him, his mother capitulated and become the violence of the man who owns her, his future wife and daughters bond servants, mortgaged to violence I do notice some things. For four months there had been an attractive woman, a single mom, minding her own business, raising kids… nothing remarkable, there are many good looking women in Spain, and other than to notice her and other ‘cliff dwellers’, the unavoidable life observed from my rooftop had been mostly uneventful After four months, it seemed overnight, she turned into a harpy, a super-bitch and terrorist of her children. I puzzled on that for a couple of days, an event one cannot ignore, wondering why this sudden onslaught of what should not be dismissed as PMS (a favorite ploy of men), and the reason became manifest: there was now a man in her life. She had scored her Playgirl magazine model This follows on my observing another (neighboring) family in a circumstance of domestic violence, I decidedly noticed women who are beaten or otherwise abused or put down by their men, take it out on the kids, they terrorize their children in turn Following on the preceding, the kids already are acting out at an age that simply is amazing. The little girl already screaming out at every move her older brother makes, that was not noticed before, she is not yet old enough to talk much and he is not much older than that. This phenomena


had been nearly immediate, the onset within a mere week or two This must become the shadow boxing I have observed in the male teens, when walking the Rambla or the beach boardwalks in my vicinity, thinking to myself the beautiful young girl is going to be beaten by her boyfriend who is mock threatening her with his fists, by this age numbed to violence as a woman, she puts up with it passively, dismissively or in a very superficially annoyed way.. neither leaving nor decisively facing the boy down She will set out to be conquered as a social expectation, as I have observed in lovers a few years older, where in full public view, lying on the sand, she submits to a virtual rape with a weak appearance of resistance as he pins her down with his arms and body, in a simulated violence mocking the act of making love Children will, of course, more often than not come after, and the cycle must begin again… an ever growing phenomena One interesting thing to me, is these women, although they have a sort of awareness, they must, because of not only observable anger, but also guilt and shame (you can observe these as well), do not actually think about their circumstance in a frontal way. Otherwise they would not be caught in such a circumstance, or at least one must suspect this would be the case


Follows the thought, why would it be any surprise these women fear men, or simply do not like them, the eye contact is not often friendly and often not friendly at all, most women are simply afraid to meet you with the eyes, yet it occurs to me the men many of these women must be acquainted with are as great a threat as any stranger. A Native American woman, Fee Tenkiller, observed: “A culture based on machismo is one of a complex matrix of social fears. The man fears not being manly enough, so he dominates the women in his life. The woman fears the violence of the man, while also fearing she is not adequate as a woman if she does not have a man. She learns to be manipulative, alternately playing passive and aggressive roles. He learns to threaten and lie. It all comes out in pain and libido through a dance of sound, fury, and violence real and pretended. The fears themselves are interweavings of anger and frustration taken out in rape masked as "love," hits and punishment masked as "order," and a general insanity masked as "normal." Like a row of falling dominos it doesn't stop with just one strike, but continues on through the family, through the neighborhood, from man to man, man to woman, child to child, and child to dog” I could not say it better and the juxtaposition is interesting There are cultural vestiges, only that, the young Native girls becoming interested in boys still initiate negotiations which can be face saving if there is not an interest.. a small piece of a world where women, primarily, had initiated relationships and encountered little fear of abuse coming at


the hands of men… it did not often happen… and would not be tolerated for long because the people there did not pretend they could not see… and Native men were possessed of a courage and knowledge that is yet much misunderstood in the civilization of Columbus who represented a different class of men, men who were absolutely amazed at the respect accorded women in the ‘new world’ The church would have none of that… the Native kids were introduced to rampant abuse in the prisons called boarding schools, slave labored, starved, beaten and raped (the boys particularly) into Christians, and they all were taught women are dirty because they caused sin and for that, women all should be virgins.. I simply don’t understand the church idea of women as dirty AND virgins.. perhaps temple virgins made more sense.. if virgin for virgin’s sake makes any sense at all.. boys whoring around in their youth does not seem to make men dirty... in so far as those things go.. some boys never grow up It was in Girona I saw the beautiful young woman with her dog on a leash, sitting on a bench waiting.. for what or who, I do not know.. her dog, a Boxer, drooled on her shoe and drew a slap in the face and the epithet “Whore!” It would be amazing to me if it were the same woman, but after a few days, I was standing having a smoke while waiting for my bus adjacent to a train station


The station had an upper level on supports with an elevator, both upper and lower level were open and visible, simply an elevated platform with the tracks above The beautiful young woman had her dog and her baggage and was preparing to take the elevator down, the dog, a Boxer, stepped inside while the woman was distracted with her luggage and the elevator door closed on the Boxer, and the dog alone went down… while the woman above beat on the closed elevator door with her fists shouting VERY loudly: “WHORE!!” I suspect that is NOT her dog’s name The dog stepped out of the elevator at the bottom and turned and obediently waited.. the woman came down, grabbed the Boxer’s leash and except for a certain something in her posture, moved on as though nothing had happened The male role model surrounds me, unseen by the women who live under a cruelty as though they do not realize they are in some sense already dead On the Rambla during holidays, or on the beachfront, or any of the places you may wish to sit in the out of doors in a public place, kids with fireworks have no care for the old man or woman, they walk along and toss their small bombs indiscriminately as their parents look on, nothing matters except the child’s pleasure, a reflection of a fathers attitude.. and if you seem irritated the child has made his


explosions nearly in your face, driving you away, the woman perhaps behaves a bit embarrassed but the man acts as though he were almighty god, glaring at and daring you to say something I was amazed to see a young man in his twenties go to great lengths to torture a sick pigeon.. the bird was obviously weak and desperate.. the young man jumped over the wall bordering the walkway on the beach and kicked sand at the bird with obvious pleasure, each time the sick bird flew a few feet and was chased down again and again to have sand kicked in its face I thought it was the act of a depraved individual but I was wrong, it is the act of an entire culture, because on another day I was sitting in a park feeding the pigeons when the respectable looking family on a walk in my proximity saw their young male child, only the male, not the daughters, suddenly break away to kick sand in the face of the pigeons I was feeding, the dirt was kicked into my face as well, the child was so enabled of his behavior, there was no necessity whatsoever to notice his surrounding, to take stock, to consider the consequence of his actions, to care for the peace of his neighbor His mother was embarrassed, she whined to her son in the most helpless way, he should consider the consequence of his action, and although I clearly could hear her, it was as though she were a mute to the male child, he had no consideration for her voice, as though she were some


ornament in his life destined only for attention when he desired a pleasure The father walked on as though he had a stick up his ass, saying nothing but giving that look of ‘I’ll kick your ass if you dare say anything to embarrass me’ and not a word was said by this man said to correct his male child for inflicting indignity on an old man, a stranger, reinforcing to his male child the woman’s appearance of unimportance and helplessness with her mute admonition On another day I was sitting by the water when a group of mentally disabled were brought to the beach by their woman care givers. The young retarded man was kicking water into the face of his sister as though she were a pigeon, the women caring for the group helplessly whining at him to stop, as unimportant to him as though they were the wives of the males preceding The beauty in spirit of the young retarded woman was injured, her joy at the beach and water destroyed, her tears and heartbreak unimportant, no one thought to comfort her or, more truthfully, no one of her women caregivers was willing to be embarrassed with an admission of their helplessness to prevent the hurt inflicted, by moving in public to comfort her, a chauvinist imposed restriction they must be, with their shame and embarrassment, only subconsciously aware of It was not far away at all, on another day on the beachfront walkway, sitting on a bench I witnessed a male child with


an inner tube beating his sister. He was probably 12 years old, she was perhaps 14 The young male did not care to notice he nearly knocked an old woman passerby over, and forcing other people on their walks to detour his violence, he swung his large rubber doughnut in wide arcs with much force, his sister laughing bravely at the blows to her body When he managed a blow to her head and had knocked her off balance, she went down on the paving stones with legs spread wide and he not hesitate to deliver, with obvious satisfaction, the most forceful blow he could muster, directly to her vagina Her laughs and expression were now truly pained and I did (because of the mother studiously ignoring) what no passerby dared, I confronted the young man with his behavior. When I approached, he actually seemed to expect praise at his demonstrations of male superiority When I told him he really was NOT a nice person, his face drew back in the most unimaginable and incredible expression of stunned stupidity as he said “Huh?” The sudden rise and sharply genuine quality of his sister’s laughter was a great reward Then there was the extended family at a sidewalk café, fashionable and social, all ignoring the older brother punching his young sister strapped in her stroller, her cries ignored as though as natural as a birds sounds in nature


I saw a woman die of a murder and if she had broken free of fear’s grip over her survival instinct, perhaps myself or someone else could have helped her and she would be alive. But she is dead and there was nothing to be done for her because she refused to help herself and trust the goodwill of any one or two of the many people in her vicinity, myself included, the legacy of her culture I was waiting on a train at platform 14 at Barcelona Sants, I’d bought a paper and was reading while seated on a bench in the station. A young couple approached, well dressed fashionable people, she was clearly agitated, extremely… he seemed expressionless… she chose to sit next to me, he followed and sat by her on her other side and she did not like it, it was obvious. Her expression looked like a Van Gogh or El Greco ‘terror in the asylum’ painting if such a thing can be etched on the human face without a scream. I noticed and minded my own business because she was not overtly or vocally indicating distress. I only wondered at that moment, why people get themselves into and stay together in relationships that obviously are stressed to point of fear and loathing, it seemed I’d seen this many times observing people. I went back to my reading. She stood up and moved away probably 10 feet, he followed and they were standing there together for a what seemed like a few minutes, I had glanced up when she had moved away from me and was then reading again Like a small girls voice “eeeeeeeee” I looked up as she lurched away from him, she made eye contact with me as


blood erupted from her nose and mouth and she took two or three small steps directly towards me, and collapsed and died, he’d stabbed her and his knife must have found her heart, it was that fast… I did not see the knife (it was in her back) but I didn’t think she lurched away from him and dropped dead like that from Ebola Virus, as there was no sound of a shot He then kneeled over her with his back partially blocking my view and from that moment acted as though he had only love for her with prayers… while I’m trying to ask a woman for the Spanish ‘emergency’ phone number (she was too freaked out to be helpful, someone else made the call), and two men who were also close to the event and had a different angle or view, reacted (after some moments hesitation) with trying to help a [clearly] dead woman with her now praying killer kneeling right there. Having no fluency in the local language, I stayed away deciding I would be more hindrance than help, at any rate, having been to war, it was pretty clear to me she was already dead and they would sort that fact soon enough An attempt at CPR was not a pleasing result (a graphic imagination will paint that picture) and quickly abandoned, a policeman arrived, determined she was indeed dead and the ‘man in prayer’ was directly and emphatically pointed out (extended arms with forefingers pointed straight to the bowed head inches away) to the policeman when the policeman asked (I presume, I did not understand the Catalan) the other two men who’d also been close to the event and tried to assist the woman, who had killed her?


Was her killer’s ego so important to possessing this trophy (her physical beauty) that he had felt compelled to murder her, because she obviously wanted away from him… and then he supposedly loves her with tender attention when she is dead, and with prayer? NO EMOTION, only this sanctimonious kneeling posture… this is something I just don’t understand, I doubt I ever will Paramedics had now arrived and were waiting together with the policeman, it seemed as though, for the killer’s prayers to be finished, although in actuality they would have been waiting for a gurney to remove her body or, perhaps in some sense it was both, as my train arrived and it seemed there was nothing else to do but get on. I boarded the train with a couple of dozen horrified people and the scene was left behind as though we had left on a cinema spaceship. The story is surreal, as in the maxim ‘The truth is stranger than fiction’ Other than to say I am likely the last person this dying woman ever clearly saw, as she took her last steps while making eye contact with me and collapsed and died less than six feet away, my having been at that moment closer to her than anyone other than her killer What if she had said something, asked for help, said something like ‘get this man away from me’… put her shin swiftly to his crotch and run shouting ‘he is after me to kill me’, done ANYTHING to save herself from what in retrospect was clearly demonstrated in her expression of


terror, she knew she was going to die, she knew this guy was there to kill her. WHY DID SHE DO NOTHING? For the fact of her Spanish upbringing, fear was her killer before the guy ever struck, she should have made some effort to survive, this woman who’d clearly trusted the wrong man and consequently could not trust a stranger or, one could say she could not trust herself to ask a stranger for help, literally, to save her own life So, my question for these women would be why live in fear? Why die of fear? Because of fear you have no life already. I am not the only one to notice. As a young man from Chile had volunteered to me: “In Spain, the men kill their women”


The author, Ronald Thomas West, is a former investigator with military special operations intelligence experience. His online books are Penucquem Speaks (ranked five stars by Howard Zinn at Amazon), Napi Mephisto, and Queer Chicken Dinner (a rebuttal of Jack Kerouac’s ‘On the Road’.) Ronald presently writes folk stories, prurient social satire, and exposés revealing crimes of the power-corrupt. On account of his past anti-corruption work, particularly in relation to CIA associated corrupt corporate personalities, Ronald is a fugitive from multiple intelligence agencies and political exile since July, 2007