frog life magazine vol. 1 (Oct 2012) FIRST ISSUE!

featuring: troy markowski walter davis misti rainwater-lites elijah wender amanda vulgamott beach sloth jay schleidt howie good raja sandor tony arnold an exclusive interview with nathan masserang frog life’s album of the week winston mcwhirt dianna dragonetti

troy markowski
I was told I had to include an artist bio. I don't know what the fuck that is but my name is Troy Markowski and I have a beard. So one time I was tripping balls right and I was the only one and we were in the car and I hallucinated my friend unscrewed his head reached into his body and screwed his head back on. I was just mind blown. Then at Waffle House the ladybitch serving us was named 'Regency' and I kept calling her pregnancy or some shit and the lights were swaying back and forth. What the fuck man? Meth is a hell of a drug. Lastly, can someone tell me what the fuck Frog Life is?

walter davis this picture of me

misti rainwater-lites
I’m stuck inside donut spins in a parking lot that isn’t there anymore. It’s a teenage car there’s beer I’m twelve and my cousin is bleeding and my cousin has tits and the bridge is a yawn over snakes and mud. The town is the most real and continual fact of my life it is not a fiction it is not a memory I am living it still and I don’t know what to call this other than rewind. The grandfather is alive and working the father is in another state the mother is decorating a house made of eyes and Cyndi Lauper provides candy scream and we are all trying too hard to prove our glee. I can’t stop muttering FUCK YOU at the television. Something is wrong with the remote control. I can’t get out of this reality fast enough. It’s late and presents are expected and I’m still stiff in petticoats but the air is thicker than blood and this tree is filled with skeletons and I don’t know these bones and I won’t name this horror

because it is still happening and the eyes are watching and the mouths are filled with teeth sharper than the knives I carry. The carnival collapsed on me small as I was a cipher really all I could manage was the cry for Mother the cry that echoes to stone reception. This town has a latitude and a longitude and no one who knows anything goes there. Mars is bigger a healthier salad people fork delight past lips curved shinier than the secrets such pebbles so much grit in my dumb waif shoes. Some other sister who is not mine is driving in on Thursday and there will be a quick galaxy of cake. The serving is the easy part.

bio: Misti Rainwater-Lites enjoys playing with her Flip camera, baking and eating Chef Boyardee pizzas and writing about sex. elijah wender

bio: My name is sally struthers harry s. truman elijah Wender, I dropped the bomb on hiroshima nagasaki, I tried to feed hungry african kids with fame. These are drawings and writings in a notebook. amanda vulgamott

beach sloth
Bachelors Staunch creation efforts of the Global Cybering Leader Advanced performance

Strengthening another under leader Number one in a row Elementary scores achieved Push freeze aging construction Crime terms Violent lows Progressive blue crab population Fiscal exception responsibility Served from served from For fellow for focused funding for Homeland Force

BIO: Beach Sloth blogs hard. jay schleidt Treasures

My name is Jay Schleidt. My life rotated clockwise from the corn belt to the bible belt. Some of my hobbies / freelance work include : designing album artwork and handmade tape packaging recording & creating music / non-music printing / dyeing / sewing clothes, bags posing nude for life drawing classes videos for viewing and live musician projections various 2D arts, computer graphics, mind extensions

howie good THE PHANTOM MUSEUM 1 Despite the time of day, night seems to be falling. America’s most famous serial killers howl like Siberian wolves. There’s nobody there who knows CPR, & it’s too hot to go for help. The heat has the small, hooded eyes of Joan of Arc’s inquisitor. She’s sitting by herself at a table in the corner, hands covering her face. 2 The gendarmes approach with dicks hanging out. A century before, Van Gogh was locked up in the madhouse for touching the local women. The street where it happened has been restored. Tell everybody – all business is piracy. 3 On a Friday in August, Christopher Columbus sailed west into the unknown. His country was the future. Now we know that no revolution can achieve what evolution can’t. Just give me a flashlight & a drawstring bag, & leave a car in the parking lot unlocked, & when I’m done rummaging, let me slip away like water, a silver bracelet with blue stones. BIO: Howie Good is the author of five poetry collections, most recently Dreaming in Red from Right Hand Pointing and Cryptic Endearments from Knives Forks & Spoons Press. He has four chapbooks forthcoming, Fog Area from Dog on a Chain Press, The Death of Me from Pig Ear Press, Living Is the Spin Cycle from Red Bird Chapbooks, and Strange Roads from Puddle of Sky Press.

raja sandor
The Despair of Man At any given moment I can feel my thoughts so acutely That any attempt at co-habitation Is merely the extent of idealism

Truth Is what is expected At night when the lights are out

When there is nothing else under the sun But not tonight

Every passing second I see my queue of thoughts Though speaking them publicly Is naught but a dream

Duty Is currently needed During times of anarchy At which point all have forsaken the cause Yet not this time

With every tick of the clock I know of my thoughts desired rebellion To have them crawl above the surface forged of bone Is simply just a beautiful delusion

Courage Is the desired In moments of sheer terror When the sun has been blotted out But not tonight

While the seconds tick on I bring shame upon my thoughts

There will be no position taken today To ease the fight in my soul

Honor Is a must In the midnight hour When there is none to cry forth Yet not this time

Now the time has passed I try to hide from these thoughts Thoroughly buried are my convictions of old To the dismay of the members

tony arnold

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- tony arnold is a dude @

an exclusive interview with nathan masserang (typed skyped correspondence conducted 10-4-12 at 11am PST):
FROG LIFE: hullo Nathan Masserang: hihi FROG LIFE: hows michigan nate? hows your day been? Nathan Masserang: wonderful, the state is cooling down. i went to an orchard the other day and got a lot of apples. FROG LIFE: nice Nathan Masserang: i slept in late today and i have work in about 2 hours hehe FROG LIFE: wanna do an interview? Nathan Masserang: yes! FROG LIFE: aight lets do dis 1.) What was the last book you read and did you dig it? Nathan Masserang: I got Gabby Gabby's 'Airplane Food' chap from NAP Books yesterday and read it in like, 30 minutes. And then I read it ~5 more times. It was really good. I like her as a person and as a writer.

FROG LIFE: I'm going to check that out. 2.) How would your friends or network describe you in 3 words? Nathan Masserang: Brandless, glib, carefree. I have had the hardest time establishing a 'brand' and making sure that I'm somewhat 'noticable' online. I think that brands, however, are kind of overrated. So I stick to a flippant attitude and pepper my life with 'w/e' and 'idk' because I find that to be 'funny' in certain situations. I think 'carefree' is relatively negative to some people. Why is that? Hmmm. FROG LIFE: I personally like brandless people 3.) What exactly is it that you do and why do you do it? Nathan Masserang: Re: brandless people: Yeah, I think it adds to the variety of life. Like, I enjoy most everything. I don't want to contain my expression to one 'brand' or 'train of thought' because that's all I'm remembered as that one thing. Why can't internet people enjoy the company of new people without having to latch onto a brand before getting to know them? Answer to #3: I write a lot. I guess I'd consider myself a poet. And I guess I'd consider myself like, on the Toledo Mudhens of alt lit. Not quite playing in the pros for the Detroit Tigers of alt lit. I was introduced into the 'movement' when I was in college by Steve Roggenbuck when he friended me on facebook. I guess that was when I realized a lot of the more experimental poetry that my professors didn't like was similar to the ideals and tropes of alt lit. So I went to readings and tinychats and other alt lit-esque things and found out that the people were very cool. I feel like it has changed a lot since in the year and a half I have been working in it, and that's cool. I love writing and the alt lit 'aesthetic' is something I enjoy working within with other interesting and fun people. FROG LIFE: So how is the poetry scene in detroit? Nathan Masserang: There really isn't a 'huge' one, per se. Stephanie Cook is here, and I wish I spent more time with her. I went camping with her this summer and some other cool writer folks in the woods of Michigan and it was nice. I guess what I'd like to say is that you have to find the poetry in Detroit underneath a lot of artistic ventures. Or bring the poetry here. Which is something I'm trying to do. FROG LIFE: 5.) Who or what do you cite as major inspirations for your work? Nathan Masserang: At the beginning of college, it was Billy Collins. I guess you could say he was 'my first'. I enjoy his play with language and his kind of 'fuck all' approach to poetry, making it accessible to the masses and not some exclusive club that you need to work to get into. His early work as poet laureate of the US was inspirational, going around to classrooms everywhere and teaching kids of all ages poetry. That's cool. But I guess if I wanted to talk more current influences, I would say Crispin Best and Stephen Michael McDowel. Crispin is funny. I met him IRL once at AWP.

His work seems to bring out the best in whoever reads it. I giggle a lot when I read his work, and it makes me smile. Stephen seems like a cool bro. I'd like to do a reading with him sometime. He has so much material out there, I feel like I need to read it all. He's a smart editor (see Habitat, the zine he runs) and an even smarter writer. I find myself feeling a lot of things when I read his work. FROG LIFE: Did you have a happy childhood? Nathan Masserang: I mean, yeah. Probably happier than most. My parents divorced when I was 3, which was weird. I struggled with mental illness throughout the latter half of grade school and the first half of middle school. I got beat up for being gay once by a classmate in high school, which still is scary to this day. I mean, looking back, it wasn't super happy. FROG LIFE: That's horrible. i remember when you told me that on skype I didn't know what to say. Nathan Masserang: I mean, people tend to say nothing or say 'I'm so sorry'. I really don't want sympathy, because it's not something I want sympathy for. It was super scary when it was happening, really surreal, like in and out of consciousness kind of thing. It's a thing you want to remember and forget all at once, something you will carry with you the rest of your life, but something that can't weigh you down. I'm speaking in cliches, I'm sorry. FROG LIFE: If you could live anywhere, would you live somewhere else than Michigan? Nathan Masserang: Oh jeeze, yes, of course. I have lived my entire life in the metro Detroit area, went to college in Michigan, seen a lot of the upper penninsula and the entire lower peninusla, and I love it. But it's time for this bb to spread his wings. I'm moving to Chicago in the coming months. I love that city. I'll always have a special place for the mitten in my heart, though. FROG LIFE: What are you going to be doing in Chicago? Nathan Masserang: Well, I work at a country club now, waiting tables. The money is really good. But I have been doing that for 7 years, so I feel like I need to move on. I might just live off savings, might take the GRE and go to grad school, might find a part time job. Life is full of possibilities. FROG LIFE: Got a favorite movie? Nathan Masserang: There Will Be Blood. FROG LIFE:

Fucking excellent choice. One of my favorites too. Nathan Masserang: I love PTA. He's great at, idk, everything probably. FROG LIFE: lol Any opinions on drug use or abuse? Nathan Masserang: I used to do drugs, but now I don't. I just smoke cigarettes and drink. I think anybody can do anything and that's cool. FROG LIFE: Any last words or topics we didn’t touch on you’d like to tell readers? Anything more you’d like to say? Nathan Masserang: I have a new ebook coming out! It's called "U, faggote." Self published and all. A limited print edition should be coming out soon. Also, I have 2 other ebooks available to download for free. You can find them and all my contact information on my tumblr. FROG LIFE: Awesome. I look forward to reading it. Thanks Masserang. Nathan Masserang: Thanks Stapleton.

frog life’s album of the week

by FAGGOT “Listening to this album is like being in hell.” - Winston McWhirt
Listen free here: fb_action_ids=493539947340088&fb_action_types=og.recommends&fb_source=aggregation&f b_aggregation_id=246965925417366

winston mcwhirt

diana dragonetti


The wintry air is bitter and crisp. It irritates yr throat as you thinly breathe. The sky is white, the ground is white.

Inhale, Exhale.

There is a man on the hill with you, lying prone at yr feet You loom over him. You are warm, You are stolid, You are pulsing-You are everything that he once was and now is not.

Inhale, Exhale.

You look downward, You idly study the contrast of his ice-blue skin and nylon parka and woolen cap against white And suddenly you turn him over and you spit on his body, Because You Can And there is nothing he will do about it You can do anything, you realize, And he is powerless, powerless, powerless to stop you. Inhale, Exhale.

“TELL ME YOU LVOE ME “ *** I was looking for you I was looking for you in the crowd and I Was overcome by

A Sudden Darkness And A Thousand Faces

I was looking for you But were you swallowed by the crowd and I felt shapeless, WE were shapeless and empty and gradually lost, bereft of ourselves

I was looking for you

Did you hear her voice in yr dream I once did I remember the timbre as warm, warm impermanence I remember the heat of her breath on my left cheek I was made of glass and the sound caused me to shatter into a thousand pieces that spelled out the names of all of my past lovers in the dirt

Did you hear my voice in yr dream? I was looking for you, I could never find you amidst the blurred vacancy of masses

I cried:

I’m not dead I’m not dead I’m not dead To anything, anything, anything in the hopes that you would somehow know

Do you remember Did you hear my voice in the dream? I’m not dead, I’m not dead, I’m not dead. *** "Dianna Dragonetti is a woefully jaded teen ghost who writes disjointed existential horror. She has published a book called 'Tangier.' She loves you. We all love you." FROG LIFE MAGAZINE OCT 2012

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