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Essay on Extinction and Ecosystem

Life on the earth has formed an exquisite and fragile balance. But in the last century, human population has exploded. An even more dramatic increase in economic activity has led to mass production, mass consumption, and mass wasting. The ecosystem on the earth has been rapidly destroyed by humans. And we keep destroying it without knowing a risk of our life. From Sixth Extinction, "Now, there are fears we are at the start of another mass die-off, but this one may be triggered by the activities of just one species - us." The sixth extinction has already begun by our hands. Do you know what the dodo bird is? Dodo was a unique flightless bird which first sighted on Mauritius, an island in the Indian oceans. Around 17 century, Dutch sailors began using the island of Mauritius as a stopover; Within 80 years, the dodo was gone. Basically, why does the dodo can not fly? Here is one background, from International Wild Life, Don Boroughs said, When the first humans arrived on this 720-square-mile tropical island five centuries ago, none of its native species had ever seen a mammal other than a bat. Here the king of the Jungle was a giant vegetarian tortoise, and there were no large predators of any kind. Evolving over millennia in this safe environment, the island's birds gradually lost their wariness, and several species, including the dodo, also lost the ability to fly. For the dodo, flightless is the ability that was degenerated by the environment such as no predators and a desert island. It is an absolute environmental condition that the dodo can leave offspring and survive. The dodo was extinct because the dodo was a welcome source of fresh meat for the sailors. By excessive hunting, large numbers of dodos were killed for food. Moreover, the rats, pigs and monkeys that came with sailors made short work of vulnerable dodo eggs in the ground nests. This is one of example that introduced predator caused an extinction. From Wild Life in Danger, James Fisher introduced predators defined as, These exist most commonly in areas colonized since 1600, where mammal predators particularly have been introduced (as in the West Indies, Australia, and New Zealand) to keep down the explosive populations of other introduced animals (for instance, rats and rabbits) and have readily turned their predatory attention to the native fauna. Therefore, an ecosystem in Mauritius Island was destroyed by humans.

This is one of examples that human destroyed an ecosystem and drive animals into extinction. However, the extinction of dodo is mainly because human excessive hunting and introduced predators. Now, on the earth, the extinction is making rapid progress compared to the one because of exceed hunting and introduced predators. The behavior, with that we do not think of the consequences, causes serious problems, and it is happening all over the world. Extinction means that we are unable to see some specific animals never again. To save animals from extinction, what can we do now? Humans are driving animals into extinction not on purpose. It means that humans endanger many

animals on the earth without knowing it. First cause is an over usage of forest resources. Forest is the most important life-support system on the earth. Many animals live in forests. Forest also store water and create Oxygen. Forest is a lung of the earth. Especially, almost all of animal in the tropics are living in the rain forest. What happens if these forests disappear? The almost all animals would die. The second cause is an agricultural chemical. In Fact, agricultural is a poison. We use this poison as an insecticide for agricultural products, but we actually eat the poison with the products. A permissible amount will exceed if we continue to eat tainted food. As a result, we, human spread poisons around and gets poisoned us by our hands. Moreover, we pave a road with asphalt and build golf course by cutting forests open. Of course agricultural chemical is used on golf courses. Under these circumstances, moles, earthworms and other living things can not live. From environmental problems, acid rain creates lakes where creature can not live because of acidity. Disruption of the ozone layer causes extinction of living things such as a frog. And also, it causes skin cancer of human. Moreover, global warming causes disruption of ecosystem on the earth. The species that can not adopt themselves into new environment and can not move to the place where the climate is appropriate will not be able to live. What are the effects if we continue to destroy and pollute the environment? The living things on the earth support each other, and all creatures have relationships each other. By the destruction of the environment and agricultural chemicals, the animals lose their food such as an insect, and number of animals is decreasing. If the extinction of species continues, there absolutely is an extinction of humans in our future. The behavior that we had on the other living things returns to us as a crisis. Recently, cloning technology by using DNA is developing so fast. By using the cloning technology, we can regenerate extinct animals such as mammoth and dodo. In my opinion, it is good thing that we are trying to regenerate and maintain animal species on the earth. However, I think relying on the cloning technology will never stop extinction, and we will continuously destroy our ecosystem. Of course, improper use of cloning technology would results in destruction of as ecosystem. Therefore, to save our ecosystem, we have to think what we can do before counting on new technology. By knowing what causes the destruction of environment, we can realize what to do. For example, do not pollute rivers, seas and lakes. Try not use chemical pollutants such as insecticides. Do not buy fur, an elephant tusk and tortoiseshell that cause excessive hunting. It is very hard to change the structure of our ecosystem, but we are the part of supporters in the ecosystem. If we change the consciousness, the ecosystem will be saved. All in all, now the destruction of species is in progress, so we have to consider the influence of our usual behavior. The behavior without thinking of the consequence must not be appropriate. There will not be no our future if living things on the earth excessively continue to become extinct. Finally, we, human will not be able to live on the earth due to our behavior.