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Partha Sarathy Sarkar
Date of Birth: January 21, 1961 Career Objective: To contribute to excellence in education, research, or policy analysis Expertise: Economic analysis and modelling, Statistical and Econometric analysis and research, Teaching, Research & Writing Key skills: • Strong analytical and communication skills; • Rigorous academic training in economics and econometrics; • Experience of economic and quantitative research in both social sector and industry; • Familiar with diverse statistical & econometric techniques and mathematical models; • Strong computer skills (including experience of software development), especially in mathematical & statistical modelling and analysis using Matlab, Eviews SPSS, Excel • Adept at mastering new ideas and techniques; • Creative and self-motivated individual with multi-cultural experience and good social skills Professional Experience: (1) Consultancy

2006-08 Consultant, STEAG-Encotec India (Pvt.) Ltd., New Delhi, India Project evaluation, Development of methods and algorithms of software programs for Statistical Process Control and Fault Detection in power plants 2005-06 Consultant, Project on Strategies for reform of the Indian urban water and sanitation sector (UWSS),

sponsored by the Water and Sanitation Program of the World Bank.
Contributed to project report suggesting directions for future reforms and policy interventions in the Indian UWSS, in the light of the international experience with respect to UWSS reform, particularly in developing countries. 2001-2 Consultant, Industry and Infrastructure Division, National Council of Applied Economic Research,

New Delhi, India
Worked on the review and strategic plan for industrialization of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, as a part of the State Development Report, commissioned by the Indian Planning Commission 2001-2 Consultant Developed demand forecasting models for Reliance Industries Ltd. and Grasim Industries Ltd. (both in the Indian textile industry) using multiple regression and time series methods 2000 Research Associate, Institute for Studies in Industrial Development, New Delhi Worked on Review of the debate on economic liberalization in India


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University of Delhi.S. New Delhi. Centre for Economic Studies and Planning. University of London 2005-06 Visiting Faculty. PowerPoint).Y. USA 1986 Visiting Lecturer.A (1984-86 at State University of New York. Buffalo. P. University of Wisconsin.S. U. 1989. Jawaharlal Nehru University.D. SPSS Utility Applications: Advanced knowledge of Excel.. St. Economics and Management in the External System.A. R.A. N. U. New Delhi Taught courses in Business Economics and Quantitative Methods 1997-2001 Visiting Faculty.com Sarkar_Resume-net Page 2 of 2 . Indian School of Business and Finance.. 1982. New Delhi Conducted research on a dynamically optimal oil exploration strategy for India using optimal control methods 1986. Madison. University of Wisconsin. of Economics. Matlab. N. Madison. Shri Ram College of Commerce. State University of New York -Buffalo. EViews Mathematical Software: Matlab Statistical and Econometric software: EViews. Wisconsin. U.(2) Teaching and Research 2008-present Associate Professor. USA) Special subjects: Macroeconomics.S.. India Special subjects: Public economics. School of Arts and Management Sciences.org (Other references available on request) Kalyanjit Roy Choudhury (former Head. WI. Stephen's College. Spring. State University of New York-Buffalo. Department of Physical Planning.Y. Sc.Semeste r 1984. 1980. Nayak Director Delhi School of Economics Delhi University E-mail: pulin@econdse. School of Management. New Delhi Teaching the Ist year Statistics courses to students of B. internet applications References: Professor Pulin B. Department of Economics. India Computer Skills: Programming Languages: Programming experience with C. MS Office (Word. University of Delhi Taught courses in Development economics and Indian economic policy 2004 Associate Professor.86 Teaching Assistant.G. econometrics. DU) Professor of economics Indian School of Business and Finance E-mail: caresee@hotmail.89 Teaching Assistant.Y. 1991-96 Research Fellow. econometrics BA (Economics)(Honours). public economics (including resource and environmental economics) MA (Economics). Rai University. Dept. Delhi School of Economics. Economics Department. Education: MS (Economics). New Delhi Taught Statistical Methods to students in the Bachelor of Planning program. School of Planning and Architecture. mathematical economics (especially dynamic programming and optimal control).V College.A. N. Department of Economics.