Regular networking event

Motivation & Summary Aim: to create a community amongst sustainability and child development practitioners in Durban. Many NGO’s and related organisations in Durban do excellent work in isolation from one another. There is a clear need for active networking sessions amongst this demographic, each of whom independently meets CSI criteria, with a specific franchise and beneficiary group of their own. It would be held once a month at a rotating location, for a cost of R28,700 per month. This could be adapted to specific months – trees for Arbour Month, washable menstrual pads (Subz panties & pads) and promotion of female issues for Women’s Month, and so on. Objectives General To locate Engen as the enabler of the NGO/ sustainability community in Durban. To create regular, positive publicity for Engen while meeting core CSI criteria. Forging of viable and mutually beneficial networks and partnerships between the various beneficiaries. To create an effective support network between the involved schools groups. Showcasing sustainability and educational activities and resources Quantifiable Development of core networking address book (The FTS Orange Book). Distribution of useful equipment and services to beneficiaries. Pre and post surveys detailing connections made during events. Attendance & format 50 – 100 per event. Of this number, 20% will be new, and the remainder will be an even split between schools, civil society organisations and interested individuals/ fundraisers/ etc. Any excess complimentary items will be distributed through these and connected parties directly to relevant communities. The event will be a three hour morning meeting with no central talks. Tea coffee and interesting goodies will be provided, and the conversation and interaction will be driven by exhibits and showcases by partners, schools and related organisations. The focus is on participants getting to know and networking with one another. Benefits Location Publicity for location & associated activities. Opportunity to generate contacts, connections. Opportunity to showcase eco-activities. Encourages development of site. Meaningful contact with peers in sustainability/NGO/school communities. Opportunity to develop partnerships with business/NGOs/schools and related organisations.



Partners A core set of partners would provide generic information, stands, and so on; further event partners could be located depending on the specific theme of the event. These core members would include the NGOs Wildlands, Crossroads, Whizz-kids, Eco-schools, SIFE and TREE. Each partner provides a stand/exhibit piece and appropriate items for the goodie bag.

Per person Item Food goodie bags Goodie bag contents cost 30 20 30 Detail/total Finger foods, sandwiches, cool drinks, & snacks. To be sourced locally depending on location. Recycled packaging, probably a box. Items such as gloves, hat, plastic forks& trowels, pots. Sourced from Grovida A combination of seeds for starting a permaculture garden Recycled paper, packaging, zip lock bags, labour Manuals, guides, stickers, Orange Book (Printing cost) 16 000 Per event Posters 200 FTS posters for decorating venue (A3/A2) Standard venue rental cost for 3 hours Labour costs for design from LUMO design company 3 200 Management & organisation Marketing material & 4 000 location specific design Organise & manage event 4 000 Resource 1 500 gathering/Expenses Total FTS cost Total cost Design cost for invitations, goodie bags, ENGEN & FTS logo stickers for goodie bags etc Management Collecting non-FTS materials for goodie bags eg, Eco park, Botanical gardens & Eco Schools booklets. 9 500 R28 700

Seeds 15 Seed kit materials, 5 production Written materials 60 Total pp costs (x100)

Venue rental 1 500 Design costs - invitations, 1 500 poster Total one-off costs


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