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Like It Or Not, It IS That Time Of Year Again…
The days are cooling off and the nights are dipping down into the 40’s. It’s time to start getting yourself and your home ready for winter. Here are some quick tips you should heed in the preparation process. Make a list of what is important for you to get done and start doing it in between and of the football and baseball action. It is best to avoid the ‘why am I cleaning out my gutters in six inches of snow?’ scenario. Tip #1: Break out the storm windows and doors. Head up to the attic, down to the basement, or out to the shed. Dust off and wipe down those storm windows and doors and put them in. Each and every effort to stop the cold air from entering and warm air from getting out will make a difference; not only on your comfort level, but also on your utility bills. Tip #2: Get out the ladder and clean those darn gutters! Please be careful, and if you have nice high roofs as many do in our area, consider hiring a professional company. Clearing your gutters of all the falling leaves will ensure they do not back up and create ice damming. This can wreak havoc on your roof. The tricky part here is timing. All the leaves should have fallen and the snow is still holding off when this task is performed. Tip #3: Locate and seal as many leaks and cracks around windows, doors, and other penetrations between your home and the outside that you can find. Spend a couple extra bucks on higher grade caulk when doing this,

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1st - World Vegetarian Day 5th - World Teacher’s Day 7th - Oktoberfest 10th - Emergency Nurse’s Day Sealing up of windows, doors and cracks can have a majo r return on investment please. The cheaper caulks have a tendency to peel away over time, which defeats the whole purpose; and begs the question as to why you spent all that time caulking in the first place. Tip #4: Get out there and seed your lawn! If yours is like mine, the turf took a real beating in the summer’s drought-like conditions. (If not, good for you and enjoy smugly watching me as I trudge back and forth laying down seed). Whether or not you have heard the Scott’s commercials running in loop-like fashion as I have, this IS the ideal time to seed, which gets your grass ready for next spring. Tip #5: Pick up the phone to schedule your winter preparation maintenance! Our phones are already ringing off the hook and the schedule is starting to fill up. If you are a regular maintenance client, watch your mailbox for your renewal, and rest assured that Brenda will be calling you soon to get you scheduled. We’ll never stop harping on the importance of maintenance. Regularly scheduled, its’ benefit • • • • • • • • •
A dop t A Shel ter Dog

20th - Sweetest Day (Guys, did you hear that?) 27th - Make A Difference Day & Navy Day 31 - Halloween & Carve A Pumpkin Day

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1 @ Dallas 7:30pm 22nd vs. Detroit 7:30pm info@corcoranheating.com 7 @ Jacksonville 3:05pm
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Home: 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Playoffs: N OP E vs. Astros

Away: 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Playoffs: N OP E vs. Indians

28th vs. Carolina 12:00 pm



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October 2012

is two-fold. First – your furnace(s) and hot water heater(s) are potentially dangerous. The best way to ensure your safety is NOT by relying on store-bought carbon monoxide monitors, but by having your system tested by a Combustion Safety Certified Technician. Corcoran Heating and Air Conditioning provides skilled, certified crews who combine their expertise and the latest in properly calibrated tools to aid you in this crucial safety measure. As one of the top 1% of contractors in the HVAC industry, we are committed to staying on top of the CO issue by constantly perusing all that is available to us in educational materials, seminars, certifications and the very latest in industry standards for detection of carbon emissions. Secondly – maintenance service means that your filters are getting cleaned or replaced, humidified pads are new for the season, and furnaces or boilers are tuned up for optimal performance and energy savings. At the very least, be sure to change the filters yourself to keep your equipment breathing all winter long. If you want to learn more about our maintenance plans, check out corcoranheating.com/maintenance -programs for all the specs and prices. Or, if you have your smart phone or tablet with a QR reader app handy, just scan the code.

Watching with a degree of experience in the industry, I could only defend the recommendations of the one contractor who suggested doing annual maintenance. He may have been relaying good information, but even that was shrouded in a lie by his comment that the coil was dirty, when in fact, it had been thoroughly cleaned just a day earlier. Instead of being able to support any of the six recommendations, I was saddened to hear all six came up short in the 'honest service' department. This revealing news segment did a lot to further widen the divide between honest contractors, and trusting homeowners. Granted, there are times when expensive repairs do need to be made. Component parts and equipment are built to last between five and ten years. That's why you are offered a ten year parts warranty on new equipment. But without proper installation and maintenance such as annual servicing, the expected life span can be shortened dramatically. Here's a good rule of thumb: if a repair will cost you $500.00 or more on any piece of equipment 10 years or older, then it is time to consider replacement. The fact that parts on decades old systems are nearing or beyond their life expectancy, and the energy savings of newer, more efficient models is usually reason enough to make a change. If you would like, you can check out the news segment yourself by typing the following link into any internet browser, or by linking from our home page blog post. http://www.msnbc.mn.com/id/3032600/#488739617 Link to full article including what was originally printed in last month http://corcoranheating.com/special-report-for-september/

UPDATE: Six Different Answers To

The Same Question

Editor’s Update: You still have to be smarter than the technology you are using, whoops! Here is the completion of the article that was cut off from last month. The link to the entire article is !also ! at the bottom.

This round of contest coupons are already flying out the door! Everyone who sends us their raving fan testimonial or refers us to friends and family are already being entered. Full details below To enter, simply refer us to a friend/relative/neighbor. Be sure that anyone you pass along to us communicates that YOU were involved in the referral. For further assurance of your entry, send us a note with the name of the referred. You can also enter the drawing by submitting a testimonial of how happy you are with our work. Either way, it 3 5 4 9 8 takes only a few minutes to enter. 2 1 You can just drop us a line at: 3 8 4 2 6 7 5 3 info@corcoranheating.com. One ticket is given for each 5 7 3 4 testimonial or referral; ten tickets 1 6 4 3 9 5 for every raving fan video. You 6 5 2 7 determine your odds of winning, as there is no limit to entry 7 9 5 8 6 tickets - plus - every referral nets 1 9 YOU a gift as well! 7
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Sept.’s Answers
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How To Solve Sudoku Puzzles: To solve a Sudoku, you only need logic and patience. No math is required. Simply make sure that each 3x3 square region has a number between 1-9 with only one occurrence of each number. Each column and row of the large grid may only have one instance of 1-9.


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Comfort Hotline: (847) 397-5888 Cooking With Brenda: Layered Summer Garden Bake (Ratatouille) Ingredients:
6-8 Large Tomatoes 1 Large Onion 2 Medium Zucchini 2 Medium Summer Squash 1 Red Pepper 1 Green Pepper 1 Medium Eggplant Olive Oil Salt, freshly ground pepper Garlic Basil

October 2012

Technically, this is Frank’s month to share his nuggets of wisdom with you, but guess what? It’s MY month because October honors Shelter Dogs, and I am one of them. I love story time! I’ve been told my story begins in Southern Illinois. My sister and I were left in a shelter there. Thanks to a Chicago rescue, I was brought to the Windy City where I shared foster placement with other dogs like me, hoping for “forever” homes. Lindsey and John, my new parents, were just beginning to heal from the passing of their beloved Husky, Garran. They knew my now brother, Frank, was hurting, too. By the looks of the photo, he not only needed a sibling, but a pillow as well! One fine day, Lindsey and John came to check me out after seeing my photo on Petfinder.com. The three of us went for a long walk. I did my best to charm the pants off of them. I guess it worked, because here I am. In honor of Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, I am not requesting that you go out and adopt if you cannot. Would you consider a donation, or volunteering a bit of your time at a local shelter? Current economic conditions have taken a toll on these facilities. Every little bit helps, and you can make a difference! Writing to you from HOME, I am your forever grateful

First, wash and slice all vegetables to about ¼ - ½” thickness. Next, drizzle 1-2 tbsp. olive oil in bottom of large

casserole or any other large ovensafe pot. Beginning with half the tomatoes, start layering the vegetables in dish. After 3 or 4 layers, drizzle with 1-2 tbsp. olive oil, crush some fresh garlic and sprinkle over layer, sprinkle with salt and pepper, and about a teaspoon of dried basil or 6-8 fresh leaves. Continue layering, ending with tomatoes. Repeat oil, salt and pepper, garlic and basil on top of tomatoes. Finally, cover and bake at 350 degrees for 2-4 hours; the more veggies/layers, the longer the bake time. Serve with warmed French or Italian bread or rolls. - Bon Appetite! beer vendor was slow giving you change

David Letterman’s Top 10 List: September 26, 2012

4. You've made six tackles and an interception 3. Two words: horizontal stripes 2. Every time you raise your arms, your pants fall down 1. You're hated everywhere but Seattle

Top 1 0 Signs You’re a Bad Referee
10. Every call you make begins with "Uhhh...." 9. Won't throw flag on field because you'd just have to pick it up 8. No one is entertained by the slide whistle sound effect 7. Can't believe how many players' autographs you're getting 6. Never sure how many balls should be in a play 5. Missed last three calls because

- Murphy



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Dedicated To A Healthier Environment
my regiment. He also oversees my personal grooming and showering. Should I look at this whole NHL lockout as a blessing in disguise? In the time before the league fixes itself, I can get a few books read and take long walks more often. Thanks to the convincing by my wife and daughter who took the initiative and then dragged me along, I have a worthy companion for my exercise. You see, we’ve adopted a dog. Yes, this stubborn old Irishman who vowed to never own another dog was overtaken by the forces that are Corcoran women and took in Romeo. My reluctance was not based in callousness or heartlessness. I didn’t want another pet because I know how hard it is when they leave us. Any dog we’ve ever had quickly became part of our family. Despite their many quirks and frustrating tendencies, they become an integral part of the daily routine. Instead of waking up and getting on with my workout, I start with Romeo’s needs – letting him out and getting his breakfast made. Then I take care of myself, often with his help. Being very thoughtful, he likes to assist with my exercise by adding resistance training and obstacle courses to Dogs end up adding something special to your life that is almost indescribable. The same can probably be said for cats or any other pets, but I have no first-hand knowledge of them, aside from interacting with their owners. After the loss of our last dog, I counted on John’s to fill the void. But John grew up and moved out on us. I admit when that happened, I missed walking a dog around the lakes near our house. That’s all I’m admitting to. This month’s column is my way of honoring Shelter Dog Month. Acknowledging, especially IN WRITING, that Jan and Kathy were right is still something I resist. (But - Tom they were).

What’s Inside:
(1) 5 Winter Preparation Tips (1) Monthly Awareness (2) Sudoku Break (2) Update: Fixing Last Month’s Special Report (3) A Dog’s World Adopt A Dog Month (3) Cooking With Brenda (3) Random Humor: NFL Replacement Refs

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