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This inaugural issue of The Canadian Patriot features several reports on the economic meltdowns impact on the Canadian economy. We first provide an historical overview of those principled regulations so necessary for the continued existence of the sovereign nation-state and how the casino economy has developed into a cancer feeding what little is left of a dying productive economy. A follow up article documents the reality behind the Canadian housing bubble and the necessity for re-instating the Four Pillars standard, our own version of the Glass-Steagall standard in the United States.

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Matthew Ehret-Kump Jean-Philippe Lebleu

Avneet Thapar Pascal Chevrier David Gosselin Frederick Joly-Cayla Francois Lepine Gilles Gervais Robert Hux, Phd

We introduce the reader to the Glass-Steagall principle and the continent-wide infrastructure project called the North American Water and Power Alliance (NAWAPA). Together with a new productive public credit policy, Canada could start to reverse its decades-long slide into post-industrial hell and provide millions of Canadians opportunities for productive skilled and semi-skilled employment. The Royal Dope features a scathing expos of Canadas role within the British Empires world drug laundering operation that has become a key factor in keeping afloat some international banks in this period of bank failures, according to the head of the UN anti-drug organization. With the publication of Dope, Inc., in the late 1970s, the LaRouche organization in Canada was the first to use the phrase narcoterrorism which has now nearly become a household word. In another article we examine the active role of Canada in fanning the flames of conflict in the Middle East as the NATO-led attack on Syria is being carried out with the help of Al Qaeda cells acting within the Free Syrian Army. We also have a report on a bold attack by leading Mexican scientists against the Malthusian agenda underlying the new imperial religion called Environmentalism, and a presentation of the historical dynamic leading up to the breakthrough of the Curiosity Mars Lander which has occurred not because of, but rather in spite of Obamas anti-science program of budget cuts and banking bailouts. We close this premier issue of The Canadian Patriot with a short feature article by American economist Lyndon LaRouche called The Evolution in our Species which introduces the reader to a concept of mankind re-defined from the standpoint of creative reason instead of the beastly animal governed by an hedonistic calculus of pleasurepain now adhered to by a majority of leading economists following the fascist dogma of Adam Smith and the self-regulating markets. We invite you to make discoveries and fight for the policies which can ensure humanitys survival deep into future time.

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Matthew Ehret-Kump

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The Glass Steagall of the North

Why Canada Must Re-instate the Four Pillars
By Matthew Ehret-Kump Canada now sits atop two debts, yet only one can be repaid. The first is the debt we owe to the nation builders past who sacrificed and aspired for a better life for their posterity. The second debt is to be found in that payment which shall be demanded of Canadian citizens to cover the highly leveraged financial bubble which has been concentrated in our housing and personal securitized debts. The systemic collapse sweeping the world has expressed itself in various ways, but in no way should it be believed that Canada is in any way exempt from suffering from the effects of this general meltdown. In fact, as the evidence indicates, should a Glass-Steagall standard of banking not be forcefully re-applied to the dying financial system soon, then a fate similar to that which will strike the European and American communities, shall await the Canadian population. For this reason, it must be emphasized that any citizen who is unfamiliar with the fact that there was once a Glass-Steagall standard in Canada, or that such a GlassSteagall option is now active as a legislative potential both in the Italian Senate or in the US House of Representatives is not truly fit to judge what must now be done to ensure a future for our country. The largely unknown name of this vital law in Canada was the Four Pillars. It is thus the purpose of the following report to illustrate more clearly a brief history leading into the annihilation of this important law, and the means by which it may be reinstated, not merely for the survival of Canada, but of civilization itself. Roosevelt made the core of his battle against the abuses of Wall Street centre around a 1933 legislation entitled Glass-Steagall, named after the two federally elected officials who led the reform with FDR. This would be a bill which forced the absolute separation of productive from risky banking, guaranteeing via the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) only those commercial banking assets associated with the productive economy, but forcing any speculative losses arising from investment banking to be suffered by the gambler. The striking success of this law which was always achieved against the screams of Wall Street, inspired other countries around the world to establish similar bank separation. Alongside principles of capital budgeting, public credit, parity pricing and a commitment to scientific and technological development, a dynamic had been created that would express the greatest hope for the world, and the greatest fear for the financial empire occupying the City of London and Wall Street. The death of John F. Kennedy ushered in a new age of pessimism and cultural irrationalism from which our society has never recovered. The destruction of a long term vision as exemplified by the space program, the St. Lawrence Seaway and the New Deal projects had resulted in a tendency within the population to increasingly look upon present pleasures as the only reality, and future goods as the mystical The death of Kennedy ushered expression of the sum of in a new age of irrationalism present pleasures. In this within a young baby boomer new philosophical generation setting, so alien in previous epochs of long term planning, money was permitted to act as a power unto itself for short term gains instead of serving the investments into the real productive wealth of society. With this new paradigm shift into the now, a new economic model had to be adopted replacing the industrial economic model which had proven itself in the years preceding and following

Some necessary background

The money changers have fled from their high seats in the temple of our civilization. We may now restore that temple to the ancient truths. The measure of the restoration lies in the extent to which we apply social values more noble than mere monetary profit. -Franklin Delano Roosevelt, first Inaugural Address 1933 Knowing that the money changers had only been able to create the great bubbles of the 1920s via their access to the deposits of the commercial banks, Franklin

The name for this system would be post-industrial monetarism. This would be a system ushered in by Richard Nixons announcement of the destruction of the fixed-exchange rate Bretton Woods system and its replacement by the floating rate system of post 1971 fame. During that same fateful year of 1971, another ominous event took place: the formation of the Rothschild Inter-Alpha Group of banks under the umbrella of the Royal Bank of Scotland, which today controls upwards of 70% of the global financial system [1]. The stated intention of this Group would be found in the 1983 speech by Lord Jacob Rothschild: "two broad types of giant institutions, the worldwide financial service company and the international commercial bank with a global trading competence, may converge to form the ultimate, all-powerful, manyheaded financial conglomerate. This policy would involve the destruction of the sovereign nation-state system and the imposition of a new feudal structure of world governance through the age-old scheme of controlling the money system on the one side, and playing on the vices of credulous fools who, by allowing their nations to be ruled by the belief that hedonistic market forces govern the world, would seal their own childrens doom. The Big Bang he great liberalization of world commerce began with a series of waves through the 1970s, and moved into high gear with the interest rate hikes of Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker in 1980-82, the effects of which both annihilated much of the small and medium sized entrepreneurs, opened the speculative gates into the Savings and Loan debacle and also helped cartelize mineral, food, and financial institutions into ever greater behemoths. In 1986, the City of London announced
(1) Inter-Alpha Group: Nation Killers for Imperial Genocide by John Hoefle, Executive Intelligence Review, Sept 2010

the beginning of a new era of economic irrationalism with Margaret Thatchers Big Bang deregulation. This wave of liberalization took the world by storm as it swept aside the separation of commercial, deposit and investment banking which had been the post-world war cornerstone in ensuring that the will of private finance would never again hold more sway than the power of sovereign nation-states. After decades of chipping away at the structure of regulation that FDRs bold intervention into history had built, the Big Bang set a precedent for similar financial de-regulation into the Universal Banking model in other parts of the western world. Canadas Four Pillars Destroyed In Canada, the collapse of two large deposit banks in 1985 (Northland Bank of Canada and Canadian Commercial Bank) had fed the sophistical argument that Canadian banks could no longer compete with foreign financial institutions such as those in London which were able to deal in everything from insurance, trusts, securities dealers as well as deposit banking all under one roof. Up until this time, Canadas highly centralized private banks had been prohibited from unabashed speculation not because of any conservative banking culture as is often heralded in the press today, but rather by a series of broad regulations that had set absolute walls between the types of financial institutions: Commercial Deposit, Securities, Trusts (which would issue mortgages) and Insurance companies. Each sector would be considered a pillar of support to the general Canadian economy. Each would have a specific function within a greater whole, and each would not be permitted to intermingle with each other. Banks would engage only in deposit taking and commercial loans, Trusts would provide fiduciary services and mortgage lending, Insurance companies would provide only financial protection, while the brokerage of corporate securities would be only in the domain of securities dealers. The London centered financial oligarchy ensured that its minions within the local oligarchy of Canada used every opportunity to scream that this system of Four Pillar regulation was an archaic infringement on the rights of free enterprise and competition, pushing instead for the one stop shop practice of Universal Banking whose precedent was set in London. This one stop shop practice would maximize both the size of the financial institutions via mergers and acquisitions, and

How could it be possible in Canada, as the story would go, that innovation or competition could ever occur in a world where our banks would be forced to remain regulated and small relative to their London counterparts? It was well and good that money was not bound to the laws of the physical productive process as it had been under the old industrial Bretton Woods system. But without being able to use clean deposits in high risk activities, how could profit margins increase at those hyperbolic rates necessary to compete with the City? The Four Pillars had to go. By December 1986, two white papers had been written: The Regulation of Canadian Financial Institutions and New Directions for the Financial Sector, otherwise known as the Green and Blue papers. Both influential papers would argue for the Thatcher Big Bang program to be reproduced in Canada using the argument of allowing the banks to first mingle under the umbrella of a holding company, before full deregulation could occur. By the start of 1987, three of the four pillars had been removed via an amendment, given royal assent by the Queens Governor General during the Mulroney government, which allowed deposit banks, trusts and securities dealers to exist under one roof. Another aspect of the 1987 Bank Act allowed up to 50% foreign ownership of Canadian securities firms as of June 1987, increasing to 100% by June 1988. By 1992, another Bank Act was passed abolishing the last pillar separating insurance from universal banking, and ending the statutory reserve system [2]. With the majority of the nations of Europe and the Commonwealth now conforming their laws to the Darwinian ideals of natural selection and its big bang cosmological corollaries, a collapse of the financial system was now becoming ripe.

Irrationalism and a-causality had now become the assumed cause of all change, looking up at the visible world from which economic policy thinking would be shaped.

The Derivative Cancer Grows

In September 1987, the only short term stock market forecast made by American economist Lyndon LaRouche came to pass, with the annihilation of the Dow Jones by over 23% on October 19, 1987. Within hours of this crash, international emergency meetings had been convened with former JP Morgan tool Alan Greenspan introducing a solution which

Sir Alan Greenspan would plant the seeds of hyperinflation in the form of the now infamous "Derivative" swindle of 1987 would have the future echoes of hyperinflation and fascism written all over it. Creative financial instruments would be the Orwellian name given to the new financial asset popularized by Greenspan, but otherwise known as derivatives. New supercomputing technologies would be used in this new venture, not as the support for higher nation building practices, and space exploration programs as their NASA origins intended, but would rather become perverted to accommodate the creation of new complex formulas which could associate values to price differentials on securities and insured debts that could then be hedged on those very spot and futures markets made possible via the destruction of the Bretton Woods system. So while an exponentially selfgenerating monster was created that could end nowhere but in a meltdown, market confidence rallied back in force with the new flux of easy money. The physical potential to sustain human life continued to plummet.

(2) The statutory reserves were instituted in 1938 and mandated that a percentage of the private banks deposits (usually around 8%) had to be deposited into the Bank of Canada. This had the effect of providing the National Bank with access to interest free capital which could be used for large scale development programs, as well as creating a precision instrument to stop bubbles from forming (known as the sector specific adjustment capability), giving the Bank of Canada the ability to demand that local banks contribute higher reserve deposits which would be connected to a specific sector that was experiencing inflationary effects of speculation as we are now experiencing with the Canadian housing market.

It is no coincidence that within this period, another deadly treaty was passed under Thatcher admirer Brian Mulroney, known as the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). With this Agreement made law, protective programs that had kept Canadian industries and farming in Canada were struck down, allowing for the complete absorption of most Canadian enterprises by foreign institutions, and the export of the lifeblood of Canadas highly skilled industrial workforce to Mexico where skills were low, technologies lower, and salaries lower still. The industrial potential to utilise the vast raw material production of Canada for any nation building purposes would thence be abandoned, leaving the nation to become increasingly reliant on exporting cheap resources for its means of existence. Again, the physically productive powers of society would collapse, yet monetary profits in the ephemeral now would skyrocket. Universal Banking, NAFTA and the creation of the derivative economy in a space of two years would induce a cartelization of finance through newly legalized mergers and acquisitions at a rate never before seen. While the multitude of financial institutions that had existed in the early 1980s were absorbed into each other at great speed through the 1990s in true survival of the fittest fashion, the final and fourth pillar of banking regulation would be annihilated in 1992, allowing insurance companies to be absorbed under the umbrella of Universal Banking. No matter what level of regulation were attempted under this new structure, the degree of conflict of interest, and private political power would be uncontrollable, as evidenced in the United States, by the shutdown of any attempt by Securities and Exchange Commission head Brooksley Born to fight the derivative cancer at its early stages, or even President Bill Clintons appeals for a new global financial architecture weeks before his own witch hunt would begin in 1997. By 1999 a politically besieged Bill Clinton wo uld find himself reluctantly signing into law a treaty authored by then Treasury Secretary Larry Summers known as the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, Brooksley Born which would be the final nail in the coffin for the Glass-Steagall separation of commercial and investment banking in the United States.

One of the arguments that would have undoubtedly been used in the takedown of Glass-Steagall would be the Canadian precedent of the dismantling of the Four

North American leaders Bush, Mulroney, and Salinas initiating NAFTA in San Antonio in 1992 Pillars just 12 years earlier. The playing field was now almost totally cleared of any obstructive relics of that archaic system known as nationalism such that market forces should now be able to mysteriously drive innovation completely unhindered by the greedy self-interest of protectionist nation-states. During this time, that tech bubble built up around Y2K fears would pop, allowing for one last final inflation of the world bubble to be effected by a desperate Alan Greenspan who would be knighted by the Queen the next year for his loyal service to the empire. Just like the bubble of the great depression 80 years before, the location for this new speculative frenzy would be the housing market. With Glass-Steagall now removed, legitimate capital such as pension funds could be used to start a hedge to end all hedges. Billions would now be poured into mortgage-backed securities (MBS), a market which had been artificially plunged to record-breaking interest rate lows of 1-2% for over a year by the US Federal Reserve making borrowing easy, and the returns on the investments into the MBSs obscene. The obscenity swelled as the values of the houses skyrocketed far beyond the real values to the tune of one hundred thousand dollar homes selling for 5-6 times that price within the span of several years. As long as no one assumed this growth was ab-normal, and the unpayable nature of the capital underlying the leveraged assets locked up in the now infamous sub-primes and other illegitimate debt obligations was ignored, then profits were supposed to just continue infinitely. Anyone who questioned this logic was considered a heretic by the latter-day priesthood. The stunning success of securitizing housing debts immediately induced a wave

and collateralized debt obligations (CDO) to the debts of entire nations. The securitizing of bundled packages of sovereign debts that could then be infinitely leveraged on the de-regulated world markets would no longer be considered an act of national treason, but the key to easy money. While Goldman Sachs organized Greeces national portfolio as the terms and conditions of its entering into the Euro trap, easy money appeared so fast that the victims were too blinded by their own hedonism to see that the guillotine was coming down upon the back of their necks faster than Barack Obama could say the fundamentals are sound.

A Return to Canada.
In this post Y2K decade, the Canadian housing sector has extended itself beyond the limits of the US housing bubble at its peak [3]. From Montreal and Toronto to Vancouver, average real estate prices have officially surpassed those of the USA at its 2007 peak. Over one trillion dollars of housing-associated debt sits leveraged and guaranteed by the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), which now provides taxpayer insurance to over $600 billion of these mortgages. This bubble could not have been created were it not for the increasing of the CMHC cap from $350 billion in 2007 to the current $600 billion in 2012, nor could it have been prevented from exploding without the extraordinarily low interest rates being maintained by Goldman Sachs Mark Carney at the Bank of Canada. In fact, were those interest rates to rise even a little, it is estimated that a 10% default of mortgages could be expected immediately thereafter. A recent report issued by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA) [4] has demonstrated that even though transparency laws do not exist in Canada as they do in the Euro zone or in the American banking sector, it can be proven that since 2009, Canadian banks have received upwards of $114 billion dollars of

bailout (not counting leveraging) via the CMHC which provided $69 billion for the purchase of toxic assets held by the big five Canadian banks, with much of the remainder coming from the Feds discount window. While defenders of the monetarist faith scream that we had a liquidity injection not a bailout, Shakespeare would only retort that a rose by any other name would smell as sweet except that in this case, the rose is a rotting corpse. Since the Big Bang 25 years ago, the entire mass of assets associated with derivative contracts is now in the order of $700 billion to $1.4 quadrillion, or 10-20 times the total GDP of the world, depending on which accountant you find. The City of London would control 47% of that hyperinflationary mass, while 16 American banks of the total 7500 in existence would manage 25%, and only six of those (JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and Wells Fargo) control 75% of that. Reports by the Levi Institute in December 2011 [5] have demonstrated that the actual totality of US bailout has reached $29 trillion for the combined US, Canadian and European banks, and the Euro bailout pot is demonstrating that no bottom exists for this vessel to be filled. In Canada, reports by [6] have documented
The Under-the-Radar Changes that may deflate (or pop) Canadas Housing Bubble, Ben Rabidoux, Apr 2012 4 Big Banks Big Secret: Estimating Government Support for Canadian Banks During the Financial Crisis, by David Macdonald, Apr 2012. 5 $29,000,000,000,000: A Detailed Look at the Feds Bail-out by Funding Facility and Recipient by James Felkerson Dec 2011.

Since 1987, the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation has gone from insuring $50 billion dollars to over $600 billion today!

that total notional exposure to derivative contracts amounts to $18.9 Trillion, which at a scale of 1:10 the Canadian economy, is well within the ballpark of the American banking folly. Conclusion If the rate of inflation is higher than the rate of your bailout, then what happens when you try to increase the bailout, is you increase the hysteria. You increase the rate of collapse. The rate of collapse exceeds the rate of bailout. Lyndon LaRouche 2012. Lyndon LaRouche, the foremost economist who uniquely forecast this collapse publicly in 1971, has led the fight over the last 40 years to change what he explained was the inevitable effect of specific intentions and choices. Today, LaRouche has stated that the rate of collapse of the physical economy has outpaced our ability to bail out the system. With this very real physical constraint upon humanity, we must now face the fact that we can either move quickly to sever the fictitious debts from the real economy, and let the too big to fail banks take their losses, freeing ourselves of any obligation to honour those illegitimate claims, or we can face the consequences of hyperinflation, war, starvation, and pandemics on a scale that will make the 14th century dark age pale in comparison. With over seven billion souls now on this planet, patriots of the world must act soon to defuse the war between NATO vs Russia and China being manipulated by the British Empire, and move to unleash future oriented great projects such as the North American Water and Power Alliance (NAWAPA), Arctic development, industrialization of Africa, asteroid defence and Mars colonization; all fuelled by a speedy transition to a fusion-based economy during the following 20-30 years and matter-anti matter energy sources soon thereafter. Were we to choose this optimistic option for our future, humanity would not only find its survival assured in the short term, and in the long term highly improved, but we would also be forced to recognize that the belief in an acausal big bang universe necessitates that either a monetarist big crunch, or an ecologist heat death be predetermined in the system. In both cases, the guiding principle underlying the system is a religious faith in the doctrine of the second law of thermodynamics. A higher and more reasonable hypothesis accounting for the

If the rate of inflation is higher than the rate of your bailout, then what happens when you try to increase the bailout, is you increase the hysteria. You increase the rate of collapse. The rate of collapse exceeds the rate of bailout Lyndon LaRouche 2012. qualitative changes in physical space-time would need to be undertaken. This must be a hypothesis that takes into account the causal role of mind as primary to the merely living and living as primary to the merely material. The proof for this higher hypothesis will be to apply Lyndon LaRouches discoveries in the science of physical economy, not merely forecasting the tragic consequences of the foolish monetarist decisions made worldwide up until now, but positively charting out a course into the deep recesses of the future time, where mankind has regained his mature identity as the galactic species that he and she had been all along. Either we do what the former Mexican President Lopez Portillo recommended and listen to the wise words of Lyndon LaRouche, or default on the debt owed to our ancestors and join the dinosaurs.

Canadas Housing Bubble Blow out Amid Global Collapse.

By Matthew Ehret-Kump

While this shouldnt come as much of a surprise, the long-standing myth, proclaimed by official talebearers, that the Canadian banking system is the most stable system in the world due to its conservative banking culture, has been seriously undermined. Moodys Investors Services recently spooked the Canadian banking community when it announced in a June 25 report1 that the emergency corrections being made to the overblown Canadian real estate bubble to deleverage itself from oblivion, has come too late.

actual assets associated with those bailouts were in fact over $29 trillion.3 This begs the question: how much fictitious speculative capital was actually represented by the underlying $114 billion?

What happened?
In April of 2012, the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA) issued a report called Big Banks Big Secret which demonstrated the sleight of hand $114 billion of bailouts of Canadas five biggest too big to fail banks which had found themselves loaded with worthless assets from November 2008 until 2009.2 As the CCPA report documented, these bailouts were initiated by the Canadian government directly via the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), which produced $67 billion to clear the books of private financial institutions of their toxic paper, followed up by the Federal Reserves 0% open discount window of 2011, which was tapped heavily by those same five banks who all the while maintained that they were in perfectly sound shape, and didnt need any help yet took liquidity injections nonetheless. This Fed scheme, as well as a similar operation conducted by the Bank of Canada represented the remainder of the $114 billion bailout (figure 1). Defenders of the bailout from all sides of the aisle in Canada, much like their American counterparts, will defend the scam by first calling it either a liquidity injections or investment, and then stating that they actually turned a profit after the initial capital was returned with interest! However, like in the United States, what tends to be avoided is the fact that those toxic assets covered by taxpayer revenue, represented magnitudes more than their nominal value due to infamous leveraging practices on the national and international derivatives scene. In the case of the USA,

Figure 1

Canadas Real Estate Crisis

Due to the stubborn denial of policy makers and citizens, who cannot be excused for having gotten drunk on the popular lie that its banking system was the finest in the world and immune from the mass delusion which had swept the rest of the world, Canada has allowed itself to get swept up in a gigantic real estate bubble of its own right where prices have doubled on average since 2002, although countless cases of quintupling or sextupling prices over the same interval exist (figure 2*). This bubble has resulted in average real estate values having surpassed even those of the United States at its peak as of June 2011 (see figure 3).

Moodys Warns on Mortgage Debt June 25 2012, 2 Big Banks Big Secret: Estimating Government Support for Canadian Banks During the Financial Crisis, by David Macdonald, Apr 2012. 3 $29,000,000,000,000: A Detailed Look at the Feds Bail-out by Funding Facility and Recipient by James Felkerson Dec 2011.

Firgure 2

What has growing?




Figure 3

In the immediate maelstrom now at hand, the chewing gum holding the hull of the Canadian financial system together is to be found in a few key factors, but not least among them is the ultra low interest rates being maintained by the Bank of Canada. These low interest rates of nearly 0% (figure 4) make borrowing cheap; attract international speculative agencies resulting in an ever stretched bubble. Insiders in the Canadian government have revealed to this author that during internal briefings, Mark Carney himself has pointed out that should even a small increase in interest rates occur, an immediate 10% default of houses across the board would follow resulting in a vacuum much greater than its $110 billion dollar nominal value. These interest rates have been kept artificially low primarily as a function of the unprecedented taxpayer-backed insurance scheme provided by the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation which was created in 1946 as a federal insurance agency modelled on the American Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac, but which under the current liberalized order, now behaves as a monster used only to prop up a dying system, evidenced by its astronomical insurance cap of $600 Billion dollars (a ceiling that had been increased several times by the Harper government in recent years from its $350 billion limit in 2007, and $50 billion in 1988 (see figure 5)). The other major mortgage insurer Genworth Canada, while remaining private, also has a cap of $250 billion, 90% of which would be covered by the Canadian government were it to go under. To restate the formula: risky assets are guaranteed by the government on the condition that interest rates are kept nearly nil by the government such that exponential profits may occur as out of thin air. For this scheme to function, however, a highly centralized top down meshing of government and private finance must occur. As historian Tom Taylor wrote in 1976; The political power of the larger banks and of the Bankers Association can hardly be exaggerated. The bank acts were written largely by the very banks supposedly regulated by them. 4

When this is combined with the personal debt to GDP ratio of $1.50 to $1.00 as one of the highest of all Western countries, the image of Canadas conservative financial culture no longer holds, and in its place, the dark shadow of a predatory banking system is expressed in the great northern dominion of the British Empire. It now stands that total assets associated with securitized mortgages have stretched beyond $1.1 trillion dollars, and it is important to keep in mind that this is happening, not within a vacuum but within the context of the hyperinflationary meltdown of the trans-Atlantic monetary system.

_____ History of Canadian Business: 1867-1914, 1976.


Figure 4

not have occurred were it not for the repeal of those laws which forced the separation of commercial banking, trusts (which were the sole issuers of mortgages), securities dealers, insurance companies and which had been maintained for decades following World War II, otherwise known as the Four Pillars. After the repeal of those pillars all of the above financial institutions could all mingle under one roof and waves of mergers of the already cartelized financial institutions during the 1990s resulted in a new type of beast which could take legitimate deposits and create the means of leveraging risky securitized debts (as well as other insured liabilities) as universal banks, much of which would be now backed by tax guarantees. To re-emphasize, mortgage related securities could not have existed had the Four Pillars not been repealed. This was the Canadian experience of the same essential process which lead up to the repeal of the Glass-Steagall under the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act in the United States in 1999 orchestrated by the City of London centred oligarchy around Lord Jacob Rothschilds Inter-Alpha Group of banks. Today, this system has inflated itself beyond all containable limits. The Canadian Council of Chief Executives has implemented a veritable coup over the past several decades for their London masters. The time has come to decide whether Canada will move with the LaRouche three-step program of a GlassSteagall-like bank separation, the adoption of a public credit system and the North American Water and Power Alliance (NAWAPA) or abandon all remnants of national sovereignty as it follows the Citys crazed British financial empire faction into

Figure 5

While it is important to understand the current chewing gum holding the ship of Canadian finance together, it is vital to keep ones mind on the more important question who designed the ship, and sailed it into the maelstrom?. For this to be understood, it is necessary to look back a little farther into history and recognize the treacherous effects of the Mulroney governments destruction of three of the four pillars of banking in 1987. It is demonstrable that those speculative practices underlying the current bubble which Canadian financial cartels have been complicit in creating, both at home and internationally alike, could


*Graphs 1, 3 and 4 were taken from and Figure 2 was taken from

What Exactly Is Glass-Steagall?

By restoring Glass-Steagall we declare: The Federal Government has no obligation to bail out gambling
Estimates are that the current magnitude of outstanding derivatives claims accumulated as a product of speculative financial practices, now measures in the hundreds of trillions of dollars, perhaps reaching even to quadrillions. Even when compared to the current nominal global GDP, estimated at around $70 trillion, it becomes immediately apparent that this debt can never be paid. The vast majority of these outstanding claims are of a purely speculative character, with absolutely no connection to legitimate, necessary, productive economic activity. To continue to bail out this vast bubble of gambling obligations on the back of a collapsed and rapidly shrinking real economy, would be to create, rapidly, Weimarstyle hyperinflation on a global scale and an economic crisis of Dark Age proportions. Glass-Steagall halts this catastrophe. By restoring the separation between commercial and investment banking, Glass-Steagall divides the obligations in question into two distinct and separate categories: legitimate and illegitimate, the latter being far greater than the former. Immediately, we declare that the government has no responsibility to pay back losses accrued through speculative activity, thus transferring these trillions in liabilities off of the governments books. We force the megabanks JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, etc. to split themselves in two parts: the so-called investment arms on one side, and plain old-fashioned commercial banking on the other. Under the original Glass-Steagall law, only commercial banks receive federal guarantees; investment houses do not enjoy such protection. Though their trillions in outstanding assets might not be explicitly cancelled or eliminated by law, we will simply declare that these debts are their own, their responsibility, and not the American peoples. Not one penny of bailout goes to pay them off, and without this artificial protection, these assets will quickly dry up on their own. We as a nation are freed from this cancer, and our commercial banking system is restored to its necessary and indispensable function. This was the stated intention of Franklin Roosevelts original 1933 Glass- Steagall Act.

Glass-Steagall Goes On to Declare:

No member bank shall act as the medium or agent of any non-banking corporation, partnership, association, business trust, or individual in making loans on the security of stocks, bonds, and other investment securities to brokers or deals in stocks, bonds, and other investment securities... After one year from the date of the enactment of this Act, no member bank shall be affiliated in any manner with any corporation, association, business trust, or other similar organization engaged principally in the issue, flotation, underwriting, public sale, or distribution at wholesale or retail through syndicate participation of stocks, bonds, debentures, notes, or other securities... After the expiration of one year after the enactment of this Act it shall be unlawful for any person, firm, corporation, association, business trust, or other similar organization, engaged in the business of issuing, underwriting, selling, or distributing, at wholesale or retail, or through syndicate participation, stocks, bonds, debentures, notes, or other securities, to engage at the same time to any extent whatever in the business of receiving deposits. From and after January 1, 1934, no officer or director of any member bank shall be an officer, director, or manager of any corporation, partnership, or unincorporated association engaged primarily in the business of purchasing, selling, or negotiating securities, and no member bank shall perform the functions of a correspondent bank on behalf of any such individual, partnership, corporation, or unincorporated association, and no such individual, partnership, corporation, or unincorporated association shall perform the functions of a correspondent for any member bank or hold on deposit any funds on behalf of a member bank, unless in any such case there is a permit therefor issued by the Federal Reserve Board; and the Board is authorized to issue such permit if in its judgement it is not incompatible with the public interest.

Glass-Steagall at a glance...

In its preamble, Glass-Steagall stated its intent: To provide for the safer and more effective use of banks, to regulate interbank control, to prevent the undue diversion of funds into speculative operations... The full Act, in just under forty pages, established that the banking system must be made to serve the public interest, to serve the general welfare of the American people as a whole, affirming the principles enshrined in the US Constitution and outlawed anything to the contrary.


Alaska through southern Idaho, roughly 2,000 miles. All that is required is the construction of 31 dams, and a 2,000-mile route utilizing these topographical features can deliver 11% of the runoff water of Alaska, British Columbia, and Yukon to bring a new source of surface water to the U.S. Southwest and Mexico, that will last as long as the rain continues to fall in the northern mountains of the continent, an amount capable of doubling food production, saving cities, farms, and industries across the Southwest, and securing livelihoods for generations to come. The construction of the northern storage and power system will bring with it the independence and industrialization of Alaska, the rapid development of British Columbia, and the general development of the continent as a whole. Implementing the project will save and revive vital industries and technological capabilities, and create millions of long-term, productive jobs. [The video proceeds to give an overview of the NAWAPA XXI plan, starting with the 2,000-mile storage reservoir system from Alaska through Idaho, and working southward to Mexico. ]


LaRouche PAC-TV released a new online video, NAWAPA XXI on July 27, by Michael Kirsch, Dennis Mason, Spencer Cross, and Diana Wong, which can be viewed at: The title refers to the proposal for a North American Water and Power Alliance, to bring water that flows from the rivers of Alaska and Canada into the sea, southward to the driest areas of the United States and Mexico. Originally drafted in 1964, NAWAPA was never built, for political reasons. But with the scorching droughts of recent years, it is more urgent than ever, and the LaRouchePAC team has been working intensively to update and upgrade it for modern implementation. The LaRouchePAC website describes the film as an executive indepth 30 minute tour of NAWAPA XXI, produced for water specialists, farmers, policymakers, and others who will be able to put their weight behind this life-like vision of the future. We publish here the beginning and the end of the video, to give an idea of this vast project, and to encourage you to watch it for yourself. We live on a continent whose western part has a wide discrepancy of rainfall distribution due to the particularities of the Pacific Ocean weather system. The area stretching from Alaska and Yukon down to Washington State has 40 times the annual river runoff of the Southwest and Northern Mexico. To move some of this runoff to areas where there is little, it appears at first glance that a very long canal or pipeline would be required. Closer inspection shows that such a canal is already built! More specifically, there is a continuous stretch of naturally made canals, in the form of Rocky Mountain trenches and valleys, stretching from southeast


would make possible a barge canal across Canada, connecting existing rivers with a 730-footwide canal large enough for barges, stretching from the man-made Williston Lake, created by B.C. Premier W.A.C. Bennett, all the way to Lake Superior. Sufficient water supplies will be drawn from the canal for the needs of Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba, and a branching barge canal will cross through the Dakotas and link up with the Missouri and Mississippi river systems, designed for flood control as well as for shipping and irrigation. The seaway will stabilize the levels of the Great Lakes when excess water is available. Branching off from the canal, a seaway between Lake Winnipeg and Hudson Bay, and a canal between Georgian Bay and James Bay would create cheap transport routes for resource development. The extension of waterways into areas where existing access is achieved only by expensive overland transport, will open vast new areas to accelerated settlement and development. Barge traffic connecting Lake Williston to a navigable Fraser River, through locks near Prince George, would make British Columbia an inflection point for world trade, and allow for material processing within the province, making use of the extensive 32 GW of surplus hydropower possible through the system. For the efficient construction of the NAWAPA XXI reservoirs, canals, pumping and power stations, the completion of the Alaskan-Canadian rail system, studied under former Alaskan Gov. Frank Murkowski, is immediately available for construction during the design, pre-construction, and site preparation phases of NAWAPA XXI.

Transportation Corridors
Returning to Canada, a major addition to the main storage route described integrates with the proposed development of British Columbia and supplies the Canadian prairies with needed water. Peace River runoff and other Mackenzie Basin streams, as well as potential flows from the runoff of the far North,

Two routes from Dease Lake to Fairbanks, and Fort Nelson to Fairbanks will neatly service their construction and supply. During the period of construction of NAWAPA XXI, Alaska and British Columbia will break away from the status of raw material exporters and begin processing their own resources, becoming self-sufficient with local industries and new supply lines.

for the task, in as little 15-20 years. In addition to the benefits stated, numerous other benefits will result. There will be an increase in national income from agriculture, livestock, mining, and manufacturing; an overall increase in land values will result in irrigated land, while related industrial and urban land values will increase in proportion. Recreational activities will increase with the formation of scenic and navigable waterways. The increase in commerce and industry will be tremendous; tax receipts of the three nations will rise; and each country will reap gains in foreign exchange by the yield of increased exports of agricultural, forest, and mineral products. The process set into motion by the project will serve as the basis for a restoration of the public credit system, with a functioning system of bank lending for productive economic activities. Making the decision to enact NAWAPA XXI will create a new generation of productive citizens, making good on our debt to the World War II generation, on whose productive wealth we have too long relied, and left nothing for the generations to come.

Summary Benefits
The systems dams, tunnels, canals, locks, and pumping and power stations will alone require 27 billion cubic yards of earth moved, 3 billion cubic yards of concrete, and 440 million tons of steel. The estimated machine production and material production for the construction machinery on-site, as well as the system components, will require 4 million jobs. Additional rail supply lines from a revived Midwest manufacturing belt to the West, and those lines running to the North, new power stations, and the new industries required for the task, will increase this by millions more. With modern technologies, the NAWAPA XXI design presented here could be done as fast as labor and plant capacity could be allocated

For a full overview of the NAWAPA XXI Design, visit 17

Emergency Resolution
NAWAPA XXI: Applying a System of Public Credit
The Committee for the Republic of Canada has initiated a nationwide mobilization to win support for the following emergency resolution. In 2007-2008, the governments of the trans-Atlantic region missed the opportunity to attack and eliminate the speculation based financial system. The financial bubble created over decades had finally burst, but proposals to protect the real economy from the collapse of fictitious asset values were ignored or blocked. The failure to implement available solutions in the self interest of nations led to a continuous series of financial bailouts by European governments and by the Bush and Obama administrations in the United States. In Canada (1) bank bailouts were also the norm, but disguised as liquidity support. These decisions forced Federal governments to initiate and carry out severe austerity measures on behalf of the speculative investment banks. Hospitals, schools, police forces, and other forms of vital social infrastructure have continued to disintegrate, and millions of families have lost their livelihoods, including long-term employment in productive jobs, life's savings, and homes. In the United States, as a consequence of the continued bailout policy of 2007-2012, the last vestiges of the machine-tool sector, heavy industry, and other potential infrastructure building capacities have almost entirely disappeared. The American economy has now little time left to utilize the productive legacy of an older generation once central to great national undertakings, and pass this knowledge to new generation. Canada is also facing a dire situation: an overvalued housing market has driven consumer debt to an all time high of 153% of average household income. Ontarios industrial belt is facing high unemployment while manufacturing is collapsing across the country. Advanced sectors are in serious difficulties with the near shutdown of our nuclear industry and budget slashing in Canadian aerospace. Highly qualified workers are now retiring and our young generations cannot find work, are mostly unskilled and wholly unprepared for the future. A continental plan of action must be implemented which can also make up for decades of lack of investment in infrastructure and industry, utilizing the skill and technological capacities which still exist before they finally vanish, and address the immediate crisis threatening the existence of both the Canadian and American economies with the imminent blowout of the Euro-zone, by instigating emergency measures creating adequate financial barriers and banking regulation. Such a plan is immediately available, as presented in the Committee for the Republic of Canada Special Report NAWAPA XXI (2) (North American Water and Power Alliance XXI), which proposes: a) reviving the separation between commercial banking and the securities business by enacting legislation modeled on Franklin Delano Roosevelts 1933 GlassSteagall Act; to be immediately followed by, b) establishing a System of Public Credit in the United States, Canada and Mexico by means of the construction and requisite methods of funding of NAWAPA XXI. The NAWAPA XXI plan consists of the following: i) A water and power proposal employing a vast number of industries involved in material and machine production which are vital for Canada and the United States to develop and salvage, as well as new infrastructure routes stretching most of the continent, providing millions of Canadians and Americans longterm employment, and training a new generation of highly skilled workers; its construction will provide the basis to industrialize northern Canada and Alaska for the first time, while reviving the once proud rust belt state economies of the U.S. ii) The utilization of 11% of the runoff of Alaska, Yukon, and British Columbia, as a permanent source of water to double food production in the U.S. Southwest and Northern Mexico, and turn would-be flood waters in one area into the means of fighting drought in another, to bring water to the dry Canadian Prairie provinces, to create a network of barge canals stretching from Vancouver to the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Seaway, the deep-water port at Churchill, as well as James Bay and Labrador opening a vast resource potential for Canadas development, and halt the water wars between the western states. iii) This project would massively increase the economic activity of Canada, the U.S. and Mexico for a generation. Mexico has already initiated water projects that would connect with NAWAPA XXI, while previous generations of political leaders in Canada, such as Prime Minister Lester Pearson, (3) viewed the opportunity to move some of our abundant water resources down South as one of the most important developments in our history as important as exporting wheat, or oil or anything else. NAWAPA XXI would provide a model for cooperation between sovereign nation states that would benefit all parties involved.


iv) In the System of Public Credit, existing or newly created Public Debt by the government is funded according to the timetable required for industrial and infrastructural growth, through the means of the Bank of Canada and related branches serving as credit lending institutions for internal improvements and industry. In this system, the anticipated future value of Public Debt associated with the infrastructural and industrial projects circulate as currency in the present. This system has been used in past American infrastructure and industrial mobilizations to build the United States and combat financial oppression, and was established by Alexander Hamilton in his success in turning monetary debts into circulating credit through the use of the Constitutional Powers of Congress and the Bank of the United States, and later applied in Nicholas Biddle's directing of the second Bank of the United States under President John Quincy Adams, Abraham Lincoln's Greenback-based national banking system, and Franklin Roosevelt's use of the Reconstruction Finance Corporation. Under the proposed plan, the government's coordination of the vast economic activity and provincial and federal revenues which NAWAPA XXI's construction will create, will generate enough activity to make feasible sufficient credit emissions through a new credit lending institution to revive our economy as well as actualize any valid debts after Glass-Steagall and an associated banking reorganization. Therefore be it resolved, that

Glass Steagalls progress internationally

Already sponsored by 78 bipartisan co-sponsors (as of August 2012) , Glass-Steagall has been introduced into the American House of Representatives under Marcy Kapturs HR 1489 Return to Prudent Banking Act. Similar legislation has been introduced in Europe under the Peterlini resolution in Italy and in Iceland as well. In France, former presidential candidate Jacques Cheminade brought Glass-Steagall to the attention of all French citizens by making this the foundation of his campaign in April 2012, and former Prime Minister Michel Rocard joined Cheminades call by forming the FDR2012 and demanding a European GlassSteagall. As of July 2012, major establishment figures such as former head of Citibank Sandford Weill, who led the destruction of Glass-Steagall in 1999, declared that the restoration of bank separation is the only way to ensure the avoidance of a general economic meltdown.

___________________________________ hereby endorses the NAWAPA XXI plan, and that a copy of this resolution shall be forwarded to Members of Parliament representing our Federal Ridings in the Province (or Territory) of

___________________________________ and also delivered to the Prime Minister of Canada.

Notes: (1) David MacDonald: "The Big Banks Big Secret" Estimating government support by Canadian banks during the financial crisis. April 2012. Canadian Center for Policy Alternatives. ( (2) NAWAPA XXI Report RapportCanada.pdf (3) Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Free Time Broadcast No. 4 on October 15, 1965 at 8:00 P.M., cited in correspondence of U.S. Senator Frank E. Moss.


The Disease in the Healthcare System Must be Removed.

Is Canada turning into a fascist meat grinder? By Matthew Ehret-Kump In April 2009, the LaRouche Political Action Committee, a PAC known to represent Democratic candidates for Congressional office, targeted the Health Care legislation of Barak Obama as a Nazi useless eater program. A Hitler moustache on Obamas upper lip became famous soon thereafter, and a scandal unprecedented in American history, broke out. While many a right wing reactionary jumped on the bandwagon accusing the Obama administration of socialism, anyone studying the LaRouchePAC literature would find something much different behind the evaluation of this Nazi resurgence with a democratic face. The core of the LarouchePAC evaluation was not to be found in the state directed universal health care proposal so adamantly attacked by right wing simpletons, a measure Lyndon LaRouche had in fact supported for decades (1). It was to be found, however, in the swarm of economic behaviorists that had entered into the White House as Obamas cabinet and inner circle of advisors. This click of ideologues represented by such famous characters as Cass Sunstein, Larry Summers, Daniel Ariely, Ezekiel Emmanuel and Peter Orszag had made the focus of Obamas presidency not one of universalizing healthcare, but rather balancing the budget in tackling the looming baby boomer time-bomb. Peter Orszag claimed that over one trillion dollars could be saved, while the 50 million uncovered Americans would receive access to care. The thinking citizen would ask; if more people shall receive coverage after a reform, then how will significantly less money be spent? How could such a paradox be overcome? The dark resolution to this paradox would be apparent in the policy guideline that had been summarized in
(1) (2) To read the entire paper: PIIS0140673609601379.pdf

Emmanuels 2008 Principles of Allocation of Finite Medical Resources (2) where the obligation to eliminate lives that were not worthy to be lived was sketched out in blood curling terms. The means to achieve this cost saving effect would involve the application of the British National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) system of Tony Blair fame. With NICE, a quality adjusted life year (QALY) model (3)would be introduced as a universal standard of value to determine which citizen would receive expensive medical treatment and which would be only given morphine drops or palliative care, based upon cost e f f e c t i v e considerations. The regulator of this QALY system could not be trusted to those selfish doctors who were inclined to thoughtlessly provide w ha t e ve r me di c a l treatment they thought fit to their patients Tony Blairs NICE reforms would go on to serve as the without consideration model for Obamacare for monetary values. To try to gain public support against the doctors, multiple references had been made by Obama and his behaviourist hive regarding the selfish tendency of doctors to provide unnecessary treatment simply in order to get money from insurance companies. The enforcer of such a program could only be an anonymous board of experts outside of the control of Congress or the Constitution. The name of this group would be the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB), and would be the pivot of the whole reform. This was also known euphemistically as the death panels by accusators who sadly often knew very little about their subject. Today, a similar reform is silently underway in Canada.
(3) Quality Adjusted Life Year (QALY) is the model

choice of the NICE to determine the dollar value for human lives. Categorization of the population into age, lifestyle, and health risks produce a statistical analysis of a human quality of life. Life year values are different for people based upon which categories they fall under.


Turning Canada into a Fascist Meat Grinder As of 2009, the Health Council of Canada produced a widely read paper drawing attention to the dire need for Healthcare reform in Canada called Value for Money: Making Canadian Healthcare Stronger (4). Just as in the USA and Britain earlier, the baby boomers were retiring, it was argued, at an unsustainable rate and that in merely a matter of 10 years there would be a disproportionate amount of retirees sustained by far too few active employees. To make matters worse, the Federal Healthcare transfer payments allotted to the provinces for Medicare would be expiring in 2014 leaving a system doomed to collapse were broad reforms not undertaken soon. This report not only supported the NICE and QALY system, but also echoed the ethical dilemma highlighted in Ezekiel Emmanuels 2008 paper of the very old and pre-mat young who receive enormously expensive care, and whose survival rates, and QALYs are statistically low, emphasizing that waste costs are to blame with extending lives but not quality (or cost efficiency). The call for health reform was echoed first by right wing think tanks such as the Frasier and CD Howe Institutes, and then publicly by Prime Minister Stephen Harper very soon thereafter. A harsh public backlash was received by the PM, sending much public discussion of reform under wraps for the time being. Now in July 2012, while the complete disintegration of the financial system is well underway, it is worth noting two relevant elements of the resurgence of health care reform being set in motion. This takes the form of healthcare reform on the one side being pushed primarily by an infiltration and brainwashing of leading representatives of the Canadian Nurses Association (CNA), and the legalization of euthanasia on the other. In both cases, heart wrenching anecdotal case studies are used to argue for compassion while the real top down

intention of the architects of such programs, like the Obamacare before it, have only utilitarian views of life, and budgetary considerations in mind. In mid 2011, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) released a report (5) demanding Canada act promptly to overhaul its unsustainable healthcare arrangements. The fruits of the IMF report began to be felt in June 2012, when the results of an 8 month long study were released during a national conference held in Vancouver, by the Canadian Nurses Association. The contents of the CNA reports allow us an insight into the rationale of this deadly logic. The study was spearheaded by a Thomas dAquino now serves on group that had the National Experts Council formed in May 2011 after a two decades stint heading known as the the CCCE National Experts Council (NEC). Among the 13 person group representing the 260 000 registered nurses across Canada are 12 medical professionals and one dubious character by the name of Thomas dAquino. dAquino has made a name for himself over the years as a high level operative in the Canadian oligarchy having first worked in the Privy Council office serving as Deputy minister in the 1970s, and then having been the president of the secretive Canadian Council of Chief Executives (CCCE) for over 20 years, representing the CEOs of the biggest financial institutions and Corporations across Canada. In 2009, dAquino left his post to Privy Councillor John Manley, and has since devoted his energy to healthcare reform on the NEC.
(5) Canadas Health Care System Unsustainable- IMF, 99s-health-care-system-unsustainable-imf-15966.html 21

(4) Download the report here:

As a self described disciple of Schumpeter and the Market, dAquino has advocated the ideology of creative destruction such that economic collapses are considered the greatest opportunities to force revolutionary change in social customs. The influence of dAquino can be felt in the results of two published documents presented during the Vancouver conference of 2012, namely A Nursing Call to Action and Better Value: An Analysis of the Impact of Current Healthcare System Funding. The three most Orwellian aspects of the proposed cost saving measures featured in the reports are: 1) Information technologies to usher in evidence-based medicine, 2) Remove the power of allocating care from the physicians, and 3) Encouraging end-of-life care as a replacement to expensive acute care. Let us take a closer look at the treatment of these three components below: 1) Using modern technologies may sound good, until one realizes that those technologies advocated by the NEC do not include more MRIs, or actual life saving equipment, but rather information tech. Actual reliance on technological solutions is actually deemed part of the problem by the authors. According to the authors, having databases (not at all a bad thing in itself) is the key component to ushering in a truly universal evidence-based system of treating patients. The evidence based method is useful on an assembly line, but in regards to scientific diagnoses, serves to merely de-humanize the medical process whereby cold computer programs are given increasing power to determine effective treatment rather than the minds and insight of the doctor. 2) Removing the power of prescribing care from physicians who have little regard for cost, and putting it into the hands of teams. As one section of an NEC report describes: Our focus on acute treatment makes family physicians gatekeepers, and their training is to send patients for specialized diagnostics and treatment, which in recent years have often been offered in hospitals and other institutions. We cannot break out of the cycle of sickness-doctor-acute care until we make the choice to fund differently and reinforce the shift to team-based community care with plans for more accountability for health spending We need funding to support the delivery of evidencebased care through strong primary health care networks, with teams working together to increase access to well-integrated care. Care should be accessible wherever it is most safe, effective and affordable.

This team treatment policy is no different from Obamacares Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB) in either form or function. Under Obamacare, this is known as the Accountable Care Organization System, in which there are penalties for hospitals carrying out too many re-admissions, especially for older people. 3) Keeping chronically ill and terminal patients at home instead of occupying expensive hospital beds whereby it is advertised that $20 000/year per patient could be saved. It is asserted that statistically speaking 15% of hospital beds are being used wastefully by patients who could have merely stayed at home benefiting from the occasional help of a visiting nurse. Overall, 85% of medical resources are consumed by 5% of the population, most of whom would rather die in the comfort of their own home then live longer sustained in a cold hospital. The Nursing Call to Action quotes from a Royal Society of CanadaCanadian Hospice Palliative Care Association report to the Senate calling for ensuring that resources that could be better used for wanted palliative care are not diverted to unwanted acute care. This brings us into the second component to the orchestrated transformation in the healthcare paradigm

A Nursing Call to Action is an Orwellian call to action key to brainwashing Canadian nurses and introducing a useless eaters policy into Canadian healthcare.



Eliminating the Elderly and Sick

It is no coincidence that the attempt to circumvent the doctors associations, which have demonstrated a resistance to the new reforms, by brainwashing the nurses association is moving in line with an unprecedented push for euthanasia legalization in Canada. On June 15, merely 7 days before the Vancouver NSA conference, BC Supreme Court Judge Lynn Smith delivered a ruling that a physicians denial of assisted suicide is unconstitutional. Even though the Parliament came up with a negative decision on the issue of physician assisted suicide in April 2010, Judge Smith gave the Parliament one year to amend its law. Natalie Sonnen , a spokeswoman for the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition of B.C responded that when you place the killing in the hands of medical practitioners there is no way to control that. This decision was made in an ideal situation where there would be no abuse or intentions to kill vulnerable people. Once you grant assisted suicide as a right, which is where we are headed, it becomes a right for all, whether you are deemed competent to make the decision or not adding that 38% of doctors polled anonymously in places where assisted suicide is legal admitted to killing patients without their consent. Echoing this warning, on June 19 2012, Professor Pullicino, a leading British neurologist speaking at the Royal Society of Medicine revealed that 130 000 elderly patients are killed every year in the NICE reformed Liverpool Care Pathway system. Among the patrons of this system is none other than the son of Prince royal virus Phillip, Prince Charles (see

Let us make no mistake. The Canadian health care system, like that of its American counterpart, is sick. The high quality healthcare system of the Bretton Woods epoch is a far cry from what passes for health care today. The systemic change effected by Nixons 1971 decoupling of the US dollar from the physical economy, and the 1973 nixing of the Hill Burton system has resulted in a healthcare system which has been subsumed within a logic of monetarism. Increasingly, as the sacredness of human life was deemed unworthy of monetary concerns under globalization, the other branches of modern civilization were expected to conform to the new rules of each against all, and supply and demand by high priests such as Milton Friedman, Paul Volcker, Von Hayek and Alan Greenspan. Monetary prosperity could flourish if the sources of wealth were monetized and turned into commodities for speculation, while non-profitable overhead such as infrastructure maintenance and improvement was cut increasingly to produce what LaRouche defined in the 1960s as fictitious capital. Through such a wasting process, underinvestment into the non profitable healthcare infrastructure in Canada and the privatization of healthcare infrastructure in the USA resulted in increasing deaths all around. While in Canada, citizens were increasingly receiving lower quality services and longer waiting times for life saving tests, in the United States, whole sections of poorer citizens were thrown under the bus completely via Nixons HMO law of 1973 making healthcare inaccessible for whole sections of the population.


What Must Be Done

The key solution to this crisis is not to be found within the context of the collapsing monetary order or its associated rules, but only in a fundamental change in the system itself. It must be recognized that the monetary burden is nothing but a chimera. It is only by re-introducing a global commitment to the future through high energy intensive projects such as 1) the North American Water and Power Alliance, 2) Arctic and Space development, that the real wealth generation so necessary to offset the retiring baby boomers may be effected. This process must be modelled upon the experience of Franklin Delano Roosevelts New Deal of 1933 and may only be unleashed were Canada to participate in the global drive for a Glass-Steagall separation of banking, and a return to the principles of Hamiltonian National Banking utilizing a newly chartered Bank of Canada as a public conduit for issuing productive long term, low interest credit into the real (i.e. : not speculative, not entertainment) economy. In a time of peace, there is never a reason to triage healthcare, and the argument that there are such things as ``finite medical resources`` and ``budgets that must be balanced at all costs regardless of human suffering`` must never be tolerated. Seen from a higher vantage point, of top down intentions, we find that such malthusian conclusions are nothing but fascist mental traps set for the uncreative and immoral among us. Men and women worthy of the title `civilized human` do not bow down to the gods of the market place under any condition, nor are they respectful of the limits to the quantity or quality of life of each human being set by those same pagan `gods`. It is only from the future vantage point that a truly systemic change can occur. In such a system, the ancient truths extolled by Roosevelt would have to be re-discovered and restored in the temple of civilization; that value is not a measure of utilitarian or monetary considerations, but rather of the efficient power of every creative mind, regardless of the age of its associated body, that allows for the successful growth of our nation and the species ever more unboundedly into the depths of the Solar System, galaxy and higher cosmos which in the end, is our true birthright, environment and home.

British "Involuntary Euthanasia" Murder Program Is Royal Family Project
The involuntary euthanasia organization Marie Curie Hospice, has been a special project of Prince Charles since approximately 2000, and of the Royal Family since its inception in 1948. The Marie Curie Hospice (also known as Marie Curie Cancer Care) organization is the home of the "Liverpool Care Pathway," a protocol for Continuous Deep Sedation, which Britain's National Health Service made a national program in 2004 under Tony Blair. The cause of death of about one in every six Britons who died last year was murder via the program's delivery of heavy narcotics, and withdrawal of fluids and nutrition. In an internal newsletter issued in July 2003, the Marie Curie Hospice organization reported that Prince Charles was its new patron, having previously served for three years as President of the organization: "His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales has taken on the role of Patron of Marie Curie Cancer Care, in succession to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, who died last year. "Marie Curie Chairman Sir Nick Fenn said: 'We are delighted that his Royal Highness The Prince of Wales has accepted the position of Patron of Marie Curie Cancer Care. "'Over the three years in which he has been President of the charity, His Royal Highness has worked hard for us. He has visited Marie Curie hospices, met cancer patients and nurses and helped spread awareness of our cancer care and research work. "'Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother was Patron of Marie Curie Cancer Care for nearly 50 years. It is in the fitness of things that she is succeeded by her grandson.'" Thus, the 2004 National Health Service mainstreaming of the Liverpool Care Pathway took place under the watchful patronage of Prince Charles, in accord with his general Dark Ages outlook.


The Royal Dope

What is Canadas Role in the Empires global Drug Addiction?

Matthew Ehret-Kump Several months ago, the world watched as French presidential candidate Jacques Cheminade was being targeted by a barrage of media slanders due to his association with the crazy conspiracy theorist Lyndon LaRouche, more specifically with the slander that claims that LaRouche says the Queen runs drugs! Surely, LaRouche and Cheminade must be mad charged the media. Mere days after this coordinated barrage of French and British press slanders appeared, did they abruptly cease. The reason for their short lifespan is to be found in a major press scandal that broke on April 12, 2012. It was revealed that Coutts & Co, the Queens personal bank, had been sentenced by a British Court of Justice to pay a fine of 8.75 million pounds(1) for having been found guilty of laundering large amounts of drug money over many years. The fine imposed was the largest fine for such a crime in British history. That 17th century private banking institution had recently been absorbed by Royal Bank of Scotland, who before the British nationalization of 2009 had been the flagship bank in Jacob Rothschild infamous Inter-Alpha Group of Banks. To the terror of the international oligarchy and their attack dogs in the media, the fact had to be admitted finally LaRouche and Cheminade were right! This was not, however, a merely unfortunate case of sloppy oversight from an otherwise respectable bank which caters to the rich and powerful of England. It was a crack which revealed the essence of a world monetary empire which has run the international drug trade top down since the infamous Opium wars of the 19th century. The proof of this fact has erupted for all the public to see merely 3 months later, as U.S. Senator Carl Levin has taken the lead in a criminal investigation against Hong Shang Banking Corporation (HSBC) after having published a government study called Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations on US Money Laundering/ Terrorist Financing
(1) Global Banks are the Financial Services Wing of the Drug Cartels

Vulnerabilities (2). Just to put this explosive revelation into a bit of context, in the interim three months between April and July of 2012, much had occurred. In May, the European Stability Mechanism (ESM) had been arranged to provide hyperinflationary bailout injections into any failing euro bank while promising to destroy any vestiges of democracy left in the Eurozone via the fiscal compact. In June, U.S

The Royal family has been caught making a killing on drugs!

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke infamously coordinated to arrange legislation to force the U.S to provide trillions in bailout to Europe, and in July, the LIBOR scandal erupted proving that the leading London controlled banks had been artificially fixing the interest rates to create untold sums of money out of thin air. For their complicity in knowably covering up these LIBOR crimes for several years, Timothy Geithner and Ben Bernanke have found themselves testifying in Congress. Two of the key banks setting the LIBOR were HSBC, and Royal Bank of Scotland, the controller of Bank Coutts. In the Levin report published this month before the hearings, it was proven that HSBC has been one among many of the largest banks which have been complicit in not only laundering huge sums of drug profits to sustain the global bubble, but has also been key in keeping international terrorism financed. The HSBC connections to Al Rajhi Bank of Saudi Arabia, has created a direct link to the financing of Al Qaeda.
(2) For the full report, testimonies and video proceedings, visit: http://


This story is not new.

In 1978, the Executive Intelligence Review produced a 300 page expose known as Dope Inc.which was reputed to have driven Henry Kissinger into a rage. The book had exposed the top down control of the world drug trade, to have the three fold purpose so necessary in the maintenance of a modern global empire following in the traditions of the Opium wars of the 19th century. Those objectives were : 1) Keep the populations of victim nations locked in a spiritual death of addiction and decay. 2) Provide for limitless profits for the local oligarchies and their investors within choice nations, along with parasitical mafia structures the world over. 3) Ensure the financing of covert operations such as 911 and global terrorism to keep victim populations in a state of fear, creating consistent excuses to administer endless chains of wasting wars abroad. All to destroy the foundations of the sovereign nation-state system.

London, the decision was made from the top that the explicit connection between the monarch and Dope Inc. was too much to bear, and arrangements were made to sell all of Coutts Caribbean, Latin American and African branches to the Royal Bank of Canada. In April, the head of RBCs wealth management arm George Lewis described the purchase in the following euphoric terms: This business represents an excellent opportunity to increase our market share with high net worth and ultra high net worth clients in high growth markets while delivering very attractive returns. The fact is that Canada is now, and always has been what Dope Inc called the Shanghai of the North. As a colony of the British Empire, local oligarchies have been cultivated by their British masters since preconfederation to run operations against the American system nation building traditions of the United States through the highly centralized control of Canadas financial system, monarchical political system and elite clubs (3).

The Solution
The exposure of such weak links as Coutts and HSBC are valuable only if an intention is existent to expose and extinguish the evil that governs the failing world financial system once and for all. Former head of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime Antonio Maria Costa as well as Russian anti drug czar Viktor Ivanov have both emphasized in various locations that the only reason that the financial system has not collapsed over recent years has been due to the constant infusions of drug money. In the case of a 2011 speech in Chicago, Viktor Ivanov was quoted as saying; "To a certain extent, we are observing a revival of the logic of the Glass-Steagall Act adopted in the USA in 1933, at the height of the Great Depression, which separated deposit and investment functions of banks. However hard restrictions to prevent criminal money attraction are required yet more. In other words, liquidation of the financial bubble alone will not be enough. The key way to liquidate global drug trafficking is to reformat the existing economy and to shift to an economy that excludes criminal money and provides reproduction of
(3) The Royal Institute for International Affairs and the Order of Malta (aka: Knights of the Order of Jerusalem) are two of the older such clubs whose high ranking members pepper the lists of boards of directors of the major banks, universities, companies and governing offices. The system of the Privy Council Office also provides a useful gateway to controlling the backdoor of Canadas internal policy. While the Canadian Council of Chief Executives is newer having been founded in 1973, it has every leading CEO of Canadian business on its list of members and boasts of representing over 4 trillion dollars in assets, and having influenced every major policy decision of the Canadian government for 40 years.

Canadas Role
The contents of Dope Inc (still available online at proved not only the structure and intent of the London centered control of the drug trade, but also featured a chapter called Canada; Shanghai of North net liquid assets, America demonstrating the pivotal role of Canadas banks, leading operatives and elite clubs in keeping the flow of drugs moving into the USA via the silver triangle of Asia and profits laundered through their coffers and especially their offshore branches. Today, two of the big 5 Canadian banks (Scotiabank and RBC) have generated a massive presence in offshore banking. Both Scotiabank and RBC are among the major banks with massive offshore presence in the Cayman Islands, Caribbean and Latin America. In May 2012, merely weeks after the Coutts settlement to shut down the drug money laundering case in

Canada Enters the New NAFTA of the Pacific with the Trans Pacific Partnership
Heralded as the "child of NAFTA", the Trans Pacific Partnership has received a new dimension of influence, as Canada has officially been accepted into the grouping of Pacific Nations during this June's G20 Summit. In a declassified document written from Canada's Harper administration to the Deputy Minister of International Trade Louis Lvesque, the enthusiasm of the Canadian intention to be a part of the group was revealed with Harper's promise that the near absolute powers afforded to a majority government would be use in any way possible to ensure cooperation with the terms of this sweeping free trade deal. It is revealing to note that the primary proponent of the TPP in Canada has been the Canadian Council of Chief Executives which represents a club of CEOs of the largest firms and financial institutions in Canada which released a report in October 2011 called Canada, China and Rising Asia: A Strategic Proposal which advocated the immediate integration of Canada into the broad sweeping free trade deals embodied in the TPP with Asian nations. This club, which is essentially the hand of the British Empire in Canada were the architects of NAFTA. The primary obstacle for Canada's entry into the deal has been the long held protective tariffs, and quota guarantees for dairy and poultry producers in Canada. Seeing that Harper has shown his unabashed use of his broad majority power to illegally dismantle the Canadian Wheat Board last year (1) via the passage of bill C-18, it cannot be a question of "if" but rather of "when" the same fate will await the dairy and poultry producers if this is not stopped soon. It is evident that such programs as the TPP are designed to have a three fold strategic purpose in the context of the current financial breakdown crisis of the trans Atlantic economy: 1) Hollow out the last remnants of national sovereignty in the industrial nations, while ensuring that no potential industrialization should occur in those countries aspiring for development, 2) Weaken the Shanghai Cooperation Organization which represents the greatest strategic threat for the bankrupt British Empire, and 3) further isolate China from the West within a world war strategy. Aside from Canada, the other members who are part of the negotiations are: the United States, Australia, Brunei, Chile, Malaysia, New Zealand, Peru, Singapour, Vietnam, Japan and Mexico. (1) For a full timeline of the illegal passage of C-18, go to courtchallenges#injunction

Russian anti-drug tzar Viktor Ivanov: Glass-Steagall is the key to stopping the world drug and terror epidemic!

i.e., to an economy of development, where decisions are based on development projects and specialpurpose credits." Ivanov and Costa have both attacked the twisted logic supported by the advocates of the drug decriminalization lobby as they have both pointed out on numerous occasions that drugs are tied directly to the global terrorist movement, something which will not stop once drugs become decriminalized. Were a Glass-Steagall standard immediately applied, as the Marcy Kaptur HR1489 now proposes to do, and as the Four Pillars may do for Canada, an extinguishing of the fictitious debts from the system would finally be initiated. Not only that, but a systemic solution to both drugs and terrorism would be effected as well. Within the context of this newly cleansed system, a viable return to national banking and great infrastructure programs like the North American Water and Power Alliance (NAWAPA) could be initiated to begin the rehabilitation of our physical economy and most importantly national spirit. As Ivanov echoed the policy of Lyndon LaRouche above, the re-application of a system of national productive credit would provide the means by which nations may create the advanced industries, and infrastructure corridors so necessary for the maintenance of healthy forward thinking optimistic citizens. Within this world, children who can today expect little more from their future than a haze of drugs and an endless search for immediate pleasures may finally be provided the opportunity to participate in the development of their nation and society as a whole.


Pass Glass-Steagall To Prevent World War & Economic Collapse

By David Gosselin At precisely the same moment that international organizations affiliated with economist Lyndon LaRouche were besieging world capitals with warnings of the threat of thermonuclear war should Obama be elected in the upcoming US elections, Harvard's Graham Allison, known for his book and other studies on the Cuba Missile Crisis of 1962, was similarly fighting to awaken US and British leaders to that dire reality with a dramatic op-ed in London's Financial Times titled, "Thucydides' Trap has been Sprung in the Pacific," datelined August 21. "Classical Athens was the centre of civilisation. Philosophy, history, drama, architecture, democracy all beyond anything previously imagined," he wrote. "This dramatic rise shocked Sparta, the established land power on the Peloponnese. Fear compelled its leaders to respond. Threat and counterthreat produced competition, then confrontation and finally conflict. At the end of 30 years of war, both states had been destroyed." "Now, it will take 5 minutes," Lyndon LaRouche interjected. Today the intention by a certain faction of the financier Harvard professor oligarchy centered within the Graham Allison city of London and Wall Street, is to risk thermonuclear war by playing potential allied nations against each other. That is effectively what Prime Minister Dimitri Medvedyev 1warned in his infamous speech of May 17 in Moscow. What is important to understand is that the conflict brewing in the Middle East is not about Syria or Iran, but rather the intended consequences such a conflict will have. Although ostensibly a power struggle between the rising nations of Russia and China, and the established western powers of the Trans-Atlantic system the real struggle is between the collapsing international financial empire represented by the city of London and Wall Street, against those sovereign nations which oppose its now intended end-game strategy unfolding in the Middle East, euphemistically referred to as a proposed Humanitarian Intervention. Russia and China are well aware of this - a consequence noted by all relevant military strategists. This level of insanity however is only possible with a cowardly population who continues to tolerate the control of their society by banking interests. Some would rather die than change. So today, as you read this, recognize that what will define the future of humanity is not whether Barack Obama or Mitt Romney become president, but rather;
(1) Medvedev Warns: Violation of National Sovereignty May Lead to Nuclear War

behind which policy will leading citizens be organized to save humanity now? The answer starts by rejecting the dead end choices which the system has given you and mobilizing instead for the re-introduction of an international Glass- Steagall banking separation like that currently being introduced in the US Congress, the Italian Senate, and the Iceland Parliament. The universal banking system which has penetrated across the borders of all countries would be broken up at once by separating investment banks which gamble in the financial markets, from the public commercial banks responsible for the savings, pensions, and mortgages of the population. The international banking houses would no longer have access to the credit of sovereign nations, the governments obligation to service the gambling losses of the major banks would be cancelled and thus no government would have to continue bailing them out. Under Glass-Steagall gambling would no longer have any relation to the real economy which is tied to the government protected public banking system. We cannot expect to stop world war if nations continue to bail out the system which is plunging humanity into world war This is not new. It was done in 1933 by Franklin Roosevelt, to take back control of the economy from the banks (and also existed in Canada as the Four Pillars). Once this is brought back, the issuance of new productive credit must be authorized immediately by governments through a newly organized national banking system, for the creation of a world Marshall Plan exemplified by projects like the North American Water and Power Alliance to immediately create millions of new productive jobs and address the water, food, and energy crisis. This is the plan, which governments and institutions are being presented, which you need to help fight for, as the alternative to this hyper-inflationary collapse and WWIII. As you will learn, Allison is not alone in his warning that Obama is bringing the world straight into a thermonuclear war. Over the past ten days, a broad array of America's foremost civilian experts have joined Lyndon LaRouche and the Joint Chiefs of Staff led by General Martin Dempsey, in sounding this alarm. In a time of crisis such as we are now facing, truth becomes our greatest ally. The truth is, that our reality is being shaped by the food crisis in the USA, the international threat of war, and the collapse of the speculative financial system. Reality is becoming unavoidable, and your political representatives will be forced to react to it sooner than later, but not if you dont force them. Are you fit to survive? Join our fight to re-instate Glass Steagall internationally and help usher in a new global economic recovery by putting the minds of this world back to work in productive employment in order to avoid the deadly consequences of inaction.


What is Canadas Role in the Empires World War Scenario?

With the escalating tension building up around a NATO led strike on Syria, using the pretext of the Blair doctrine of Responsibility to Protect (R2P), and the potential for a nuclear showdown with Russia and China that would follow as a consequence to such an attack, it is vital to understand what Canadas role is within this Great Game. An eruption of accusations that the Iranian embassy of Canada is at the center of an international espionage operation has occurred in the month of July having been sparked by the comments made by Hamid Mohammadi, Councellor for Cultural Affairs for the Embassy during an interview to an Iranian journal calling for Iranians to resist being integrated into Canadian culture, and to essentially keep their patriotic identities intact. The point of the interview which has sparked the anti Iranian terror campaign centers around Mohammadi's assertion that it is good that Iranian born Canadian citizens with strong national ties hold influential positions in Canada, and encouraged the embassy to promote cultural outreach in the defense of an endangered patriotism of Iranian expats. The allegations that the Iranian embassy is the center of an espionage conspiracy run by the Iranian Regime were amplified by the office of the Foreign Minister John Baird, who merely days before (on July 6) attacked Russia and China for being obstacles to Syrian freedom due to their vetoing of a Syrian intervention via the UN Security Council. Bairds joining in the condemnation of the Iranian embassy has resulted in a frenzy of calls to close down the embassy permanently. Among notable voices calling for the closure are former Canadian Secret Intelligence Service (CSIS) director David Harris, and Iranian pop star (wife to Canadian Defense Minister Peter Mackay) Nazanin Afshin Jam. Harris, who now directs the neo-con affiliated International Terrorism and Intelligence Program at Insignis Strategic Research, has been quoted as saying;Iran with its nuclear weapons development, and thousands volunteering for suicide missions, has an aggressive presence in Ottawa, variously relying on an victimizing its expats... it should have been closed down yesterday. Harris is a regular commentator on Fox News and has already spread paranoid venom to Americans that Iran is set to send countless terrorists across the poorly guarded US-Canada border to carry out terrorist activities. The flood of media propaganda since the morning of July 10 when the Mohammadi interview became public has been striking, and coincides with several other local and international decisions by the Harper government accelerate the drive for war. Within 24 hours of the espionage scandals creation, the Toronto Dominion Bank has been the first of Canadas 6 banks to act upon the recent government decree demanding that all financial services cease being provided to anyone in Iran or for the benefit of Iran, including many of the 500 000 Canadian Iranian citizens who have now found their accounts frozen. On an even more confrontational front, the Canadian battleship HMCS Regina has been deployed for a permanent mission off the Straits of Hormuz which is tasked to defend the flow of oil to international markets should conflict arise. The HMCS Regina will be replacing the HMCS Charlottown which was a key factor in the illegal attack on Libya, for which Canada supplied over 10% of the air strike support.

The Alienation of China

In terms of burning diplomatic bridges abroad and encouraging xenophobia within, the current Conservative government has made it a bit of an art. On top of the abrasive stance taken against Iran and Syria, China has also suffered a barrage of McCarthylike attacks by the tightly controlled Canadian press, and CSIS-Privy Council intelligence community alike. Barrages of gossipy accusations have poured out of various corners of the Canadian intelligentsia declaring that China has engaged in rampant sexpionage (using Chinese journalists to seduce Canadian politicians in order to access top secret information), and infiltrating Canadas computer systems with backdoor programs. The former accusation was made in several press conferences in from June 2010 to November 2011 spearheaded by CSIS director Richard Fadden (whos former job was Deputy Clerk of the Privy Council Office which is renowned as being the most active British hand inside Canada).


In the latter case, an unprecedented National security trade exemption went into effect in June 2012 banning Chinese companies from providing telecommunications services to Ottawa. Government officials describe this as the first in a series of contracting restrictions intended to erect a cyber perimeter around Canada over the coming months to prevent Manchurian microchips and Trojan Hardware from a China which is hungry for any and all intelligence it can steal. This has been a replication of a similar ban enacted by Canadas sister colony Australia earlier this year. It is important to keep in mind, that while broad energy and mineral contracts are still active between Canada and China, Harpers joining in the Trans Pacific Partnership in late June 2012 has also left China out of the economic loop, wherein the new free trade commitments in the TPP suck the 14 participant nations into binding NAFTA-like accords, yet cut off all participants dramatically from having any economic involvement with China, which was never invited into the mix. These measures must be understood as an effect of Chinas resistance of the pressure imposed upon them by the British puppets of the international Community. Instead of succumbing to the empires war drive, China has chosen to align itself with the Putin doctrine of National Sovereignty, and peace through scientific and technological development. The resolve to not succumb to any attempt by the western powers to attack Syria and Iran was made official in the meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization of June 6 2012.

average Canadian citizen has been led to believe that Canadian arctic sovereignty is at risk by the greedy Russians, and that all measures necessary must be adopted to ensure that it is protected. This had originally taken the form of an announcement to militarize the arctic (that was momentarily put on ice due to the economic collapse), and the recent announcement of the intention to purchase of 3-5 unmanned Global Hawk drones which will be mandated to patrol arctic territories full time.

Where do we Go from here?

The only option for Canada is to scrap the self destructive policy of London and move with the LaRouche program for world recovery. This begins by accepting Russias proposal to work together as allies to build the Bering Strait tunnel, and develop an economic policy of Arctic development which transcends the current imperial practice of conservation of natural tundra and militarization. This must be done with an outlook to a long term view of cooperative development based upon common aims and national development. It is this long term outlook which will provide the definition to putting out the flames of the current hyperinflationary economic meltdown underway across the trans Atlantic system through the speedy application of a Global GlassSteagall separation of banking (known in Canadas history as the Four Pillars) and an adoption of a New Fixed Exchange Rate Hamiltonian Credit system. It is only this long term outlook and the associated mechanisms needed to bring them into being, which will allow for the ushering in of an era of sovereign republics acting in accord with the natural laws of progress.

The Case of Russia

It is only by understanding the Putin factor leading Russia that one can understand the strength China has found in standing up to the dying oligarchys last attempt at securing thermonuclear war while its financial system comes undone. The primary target of Canadian aggression is not China. Militarily speaking, Russia has been the focus of Canadian hostility ever since 2008 when an international scandal was created around two Russian Planes flying near Canadian airspace which was interpreted by Defense Minister Peter McKay as an act of over aggression and an existential to Canadas sovereignty. This was followed weeks later by another national security threat to Canadas sovereignty due to a Russian submarines posting of a Russian flag in disputed arctic waters during a scientific expedition. Due to several years of constant propaganda, the

With an empire driving to stop the progress of man, the threat of thermonunclear war has been put squarely on the table. To defeat the threat of war, we must defeat the principle of empire and unleash the progress of man.

Environmentalism Leads to "Eco-Fascism with a Green Face," Mexican Biologist Charges

A group of biologists and other scientists from the Mexican state of Veracruz, held an explosive press conference on Aug. 19 in Xalapa, the state capital, to denounce the anti-scientific fraud of man-made global warming. ``Environmentalist organizations and groups have emerged, the majority of them sponsored by the United Kingdom, that have influenced legislation in many countries to impose policies to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions,'' Dr. Omar Pensado, biologist and director of the Institute of Advanced Sciences of Xalapa, Veracruz, explained on behalf of the group. ``It is fundamental to prevent certain groups from making climate change science a dogma that can't be questioned, and which borders on the creation of a new religion that is an attack on the human species, that is to say, eco-fascism with a green face that endangers current civilization." Pensado, whose specialty is astrobiology and who has worked on various proposals for the terra-forming of Mars, delivered a prepared statement on behalf of his Institute, the Veracruz Federation of Biologists and Environment Professionals, the Aguirre Beltran Society of Biologists, and other groups. Their charges, and call to action, have already produced an uproar among Al Gore's friends both in Veracruz and nationally. In his prepared remarks, Dr. Pensado explained: ``We support and agree with the more than 32,000 scientists of various countries, who have stated before the United Nations,'' that there is no scientific proof that ``man-made carbon-dioxide [is the cause of] climate variation on the planet,'' as well as ``the 650 scientists who have testified before the Senate of the United States,'' and the 50 NASA scientists who have denounced the lack of evidence for those theories. Pensado went on to challenge the IPCC in particular, saying that ``variations of heat emission from the Sun, and in the inclination of the axis of our planet,'' are the probable cause of the diverse climatic periods that Earth has undergone. . . This implies a new vies of public policies regarding climate change, seen as cosmic events.'' Pensado called for the state of Veracruz to change its environmental laws, because current policies have:

1) ``spent millions of pesos on programs for climate change mitigation, which were based on a series of erroneous ideas;'' 2) ``put a brake on industrial and agricultural activity of Third World countries, in detriment of production, job creation, and services; 3) ``not taken appropriate measures . . . [to address] extraordinary solar activity of a cyclical nature, of short duration but with very serious consequences.'' The statement goes on to say that their proposal ``is also a defense of human beings as the highest creation of nature, whose greatest achievement is our current civilization. . . We are very concerned that, were carbon-dioxide mitigation plans to be implemented in agriculture and animal husbandry, given that the main policy of the IPCC is to reduce the area of those activities, the only thing that Veracruz will get as a result is poverty and hunger.'' The statement concludes by denouncing environmental organization for ``accusing man of being a generator of carbon dioxide, and they therefore call for population reduction to save the planet from global warming. These retrograde ideas, in a world suffering hunger, are evil. Reducing the area used for crops and livestock in a poor country will only lead to hunger: Man comes first. Theirs is a defense of the planet at the expense of human beings which, in fact, are the highest creation of nature. . . Our national development should not be subject to any empire nor any `environmentalist religion.' There may be external forces that would like to see us return to hunting and gathering, in order to save the planet, that is to say, return to atrocious poverty, to atrocious ignorance, in order to then argue that our existence isn't justified. We must not allow that. Our civilization is based on high energy, and to go backwards would only collapse what has already been established and won by the effort of humanity over centuries.''

For a full dossier of video material and extensive exposes of the fascist roots of the Green movement, visit the following website:

Curiosity Will Drive Us To Understanding a New Mars

By Marsha Freeman The successful landing of the Mars Curiosity rover early on August 6th opens a new chapter in what has been a continually re-written history of Mars.Curiositys current mission builds upon a 50year legacy of breakthroughs in planetary exploration. The planet Mars has undergone dramatic changes over billions of years, in its geology, chemistry, topography, hydrology, and atmosphere. But in the past few decades, Mars has undergone revolutionary changes, in the mind of man. Through a carefully crafted series of unmanned missions to the red planet, man has sent increasingly complex representatives of his extended sensorium, to observe and probe a planet that might have supported life. It is we who have "changed" the planet Mars. From Earth-based telescope observations, Mars was thought by Italian astronomer Giovanni Schiaparelli in 1877 to have "channels," then mistranslated to "canals," and proposed to have been built by intelligent beings. But mans first preliminary look at Mars from quick fly-bys of the planet in the mid1960s, revealed what disappointingly looked like the lifeless Moonbarren, dry, cold, bombarded for milllenia by asteroids and comets, devoid of any possibility that there could have been life. Then, in 1971, Mariner 9 orbited the planet for the first time, and for almost a year, took a closer look. It showed us a new Mars. Here was a planet that has the largest volcano in the Solar System; channels and dry lake beds, most likely formed by liquid water; indications of a warmer past for Mars, and an environment that could possibly have been hospitable to life. From the Mariner 9 results, an ambitious Viking mission was planned, to, for the first time, land spacecraft on the surface of Mars, to carry out an in situ investigation of this increasingly mysterious place.
Marsha Freeman has been the Associate Editor for 21st Century Science & Technology magazine from 1988-present. She has written over 400 articles on the U.S. space program Mrs. Freeman is the author of the book: "How We Got to the Moon: The Story of the German Space Pioneers,"

direct detection of life. But interest in understanding the red planetthe one most similar to Earth suffered only a temporary hiatus. If life never did exist on Mars, "why not" would be as important a question to answer as, "how did it?" Scientists stepped back from the "life" question, to begin a campaign to gain a more comprehensive understanding of Mars. "Follow the water," based on the proposition that liquid water is prerequisite for life, became the theme for the next two decades. Mars Global Surveyor, launched in November 1996, arrived at the red planet in September the following year. Just four days after being inserted into orbit around Mars, the spacecraft discovered a remnant magnetic field there, possibly a requirement for life. Over its nine year mission, the orbiter discovered extensive layers in the planets crust, ancient deltas, channels which appear to exhibit relatively recent activity, minerals that form under wet conditions, and it served as a communications relay for the Mars Exploration rovers, Spirit and Opportunity. Just a few months earlier, on August 7, 1996, scientists announced a stunning observation. They had been given a gifta piece of Mars that had been ejected from the planet billions of years ago, eventually to land in Antarctica. Meteorite ALH84001, (a piece of which can be seen in the National Museum of Natural History, in Washington, D.C.) was found to contain carbonates, and tiny structures, evocative of miniscule worm-like creatures on Earth. Although, still today, the debate continues over whether ALH84001 contains fossil evidence of life on Mars, the Mars meteorite helped to spur on the next series of Mars missions that were being planned. On July 4th, 1997 the first lander on Mars in two decades, and the first-ever rover, made it to the surface of the planet. The Pathfinder mission, and its diminutive, 25-pound rover, Sojourner, were designed mainly as a technology test bed for more complex future missions, but contributed our first up-close look at the surface since Viking. Pathfinder sent back extensive data on wind and weather on Mars, more

Looking for Life

Vikings mission, launched in 1975, was an extremely ambitious one: to look for evidence of life on Mars. Based on a very preliminary understanding of the complex chemistry and other features of the planet, Vikings scientific instruments, investigating Mars surface, could only provide contradictory results as to whether or not organic material, which could indicate the presence of past or present life, were found. The "consensus" in the scientific community, that no indication of life was found by Viking, put on the back burner plans for any future missions to persue the

than 17,000 images, and more than 15 chemical analyses of rocks and soil. After two mission failures in 1998 and 1999, the next U.S. craft to arrive at Mars, in 2001, is the one that, today, is the prime communications relay satellite for Curiosity data to be sent to EarthMars Odyssey. Early on, its gamma-ray spectrometer provided strong evidence for large quantities of frozen water, mixed in to the top layer of soil, near the north and south poles. Later, a site in this region was chosen as the target for the near-polar Phoenix Mars Lander. Odysseys cameras have identified minerals in Martian rocks and soils, and compiled the highest-resolution global map of Mars. Its observations helped identify potential landing sites for the Spirit and Opportunity rovers, the Phoenix lander, and Curiosity. For over a decade, Odyssey has monitored the atmosphere of Mars, which data was critical for predicting the possible range of weather conditions, during Curiositys highly-complex landing. Spirit and Opportunity, Mars first mobile field geologists, landed in early 2004, and confirmed the past presence of liquid water on Mars. During its investigation of the Columbia Hills, Spirit discovered rocks and soils bearing minerals providing evidence of extensive exposure to water. Opportunitys findings were a clincher: inside a small crater, the roving geologist examined an outcrop of bedrock. Not only had the rocks been saturated with water, but they had been laid down under the surface of gently flowing water. The presence of the mineral hematite, which had been identified from orbit by Mars Global Surveyor, was verified by Opportunity. Some hematite presented itself in the form of nearly-perfect spherical shapes, termed "blueberries" by the scientists, likely formed in flowing water. Following the excitement of the "new" Mars that was taking shape, the European Space Agency (ESA) decided to embark on its own Mars exploration program, and in June 2003, ESAs Mars Express went in to orbit around Mars. The spacecraft has been able to identify deposits of clay minerals, similar to what Curiosity will encounter at Gale Crater, indicating a past wet environment. One intriguing observation by Mars Express was the detection of methane in the atmosphere. Since methane from the past would break down too rapidly to be detectable in the atmosphere today, it is apparently still being produced there. Although there are various ways that methane can be produced on Mars, one is by life. Since 2006, the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter

(MRO) has been on station. It is now beaming back data from Curiosity. MRO has shown us three distinctly different time periods of Mars, and that Mars is still a dynamic world. It has observed dust storms, new craters, and avalanches. MRO has tracked the cycling of water from Mars poles through its atmosphere, shown the effect of cyclical variations in the tilt of its axis of rotation, and deep deposits of carbon-dioxide ice buried in the solar cap. In 2008, the Mars Polar lander verified deposits of underground water ice, first detected by Mars Odyssey from orbit. But its ground-breaking surprise observation was the detection of perchlorate, which is food for some microbes, and a chemical that can lower the freezing point of liquid water, perhaps enough to allow liquid water to exist in otherwise below-freezing environments. The team of more than 700 scientists around the world who have conceived Curiosity have waited nearly a decade for the missions realization. In April 2004, NASA announced an opportunity for researchers to propose science investigations for the mission. Eight months later, NASA announced the selection of eight experiments, and also scientific investigations, through international agreements, by Spain and Russia. Over the next few weeks, their wait will be over. It is the past discoveries about Mars, and the infrastructure that has been built in orbit around the planet over decades, that will enable the breakthroughs that Curiosity will make.


Mankinds galactic world history, a beginning:


By Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. During the course of the past week, the rumble of a coming virtual avalanche of spreading shifts away from global chaos, which had first been signaled within important circles within the United Kingdom, has come, like a sort of political land-slide, and echoed during this past week, within our United States of America. Since certain leading circles within the United Kingdom had abruptly launched their initiative for a turn away from the looming shadows of global doom, to a rebirth of Glass-Steagall, and since that hope of a turn away from thermonuclear doom, is now echoed from within our United States, mankinds power for making a future, has prompted a marvelous change in leading circles of our planet, a change which has now been set into motion. What will actually happen next? I hear the echo from the distant voice of our own Benjamin Franklin: We have won something which appears to be on the way to the birth of something tantamount to the birth of a system of great republicsif we can keep it. Nothing so far is actually assured beyond the birth which has happened yet, but . . . mankind was never really a beast; we are, by nature, a creative being, with the power which no other, known living creature possesses: the power to recreate our own species on a higher level of creation than our species had ever known before. The future is giving birth to a new mankind; but, will it continue to live? The first thunder over the horizon came with the announcement of a commitment to a still reverberating Glass-Steagall reform within certain significant circles within the United Kingdom of England, Scotland and Wales. That is not the end of that change. Now, during the current week, an echo of that has resounded within the leading banking circles, and others, within our United States. Nothing more is yet actually guaranteed. The child has been born: the question is, will it continued to live and grow? Nonetheless, something great has happened; now, that fact can never be taken away from the effect of its having happened. In that regard, we and our progeny must be followers of the great Johann Sebastian Bach in the sense that we shall now compose our future. This is our species essential distinction from the lower forms of life, such as the beasts.


The time has now come, when we must discard the silly suggestion, that successive generations should descend from their parents. Sometimes that happens. It should not be the limit foreseen. Unfortunately, foolish people often tend to follow the idea of a descending direction of history. Descent, in a certain sense, does predominate in the long history of the evolution of living species other than mankind, as it appears so to the present time. Mankind is, nonetheless, the intended design of a species, our own, with a different consequence from all known other species. We, therefore, must cease to behave as if mimicking the beasts. We, of the human species, must accept our assigned devotion to perpetual progress, as if from the child of God, to that childs avowed descendant, not of death, but of the rebirth of mankind for a higher and more potent mission within this Solar system, and as higher within this galaxy than has been known to us heretofore. That is no mere wish. It is, ultimately, the only principle worth knowing. The parents will die; but, therefore, let them be assured, that what they had lived to do, need not have been wasted, that we are each dedicated to be creators, not wasters. Our current Sun has a prospective limit to its existence; but, that which we must bring about, through the creative progress of mankind, shall not have been wasted, whatever other change may occur. We are, and must be, henceforth, always dedicated to such truly creative missions as those which are to be classed as the duty of a mankind dedicated to the service of an implied, subsuming Creator. Let the best to be said of us be, that we have been truly devoted to the mission of endless creation.

Such is the proper destiny of mankind, a species unlike all others known to us presently. Of that much I am personally assured; that much is accessible to us, if we accept that destiny as being in and to the future. The humble developments set before us through the actions of some within the United Kingdom, and presently within certain similarly inspired circles within our United States, present us with the option of an escape from a particular kind of inferno of madness which has lately gripped our nations, most emphatically in the trans-Atlantic regions. Let me, therefore, state the principled features of the case so referenced here this far. Let us explore those implications of the siege of Troy, which have haunted so much of mankind, for so long, on the account of that inherently destructive influence, which is aptly identified as the so-called oligarchical principle.

The immediately prospective options for mankind, as during the generations in their feasible course of development now, will change everything about mankinds hitherto established powers to exist; and, to achieve nobler roles within our Solar system, and beyond. It is the breaking of the limits of a tradition misconceived as if of squatting on Earth, which the present future now, actually proffers to mankind as a role in the history of our Solar system and also beyond. We must, in turn, permit ourselves to recognize, and foster the greater destiny which lies beyond, as that is being proffered to present and future mankind, as through the implications of a proper apprehension of the meaning of Glass-Steagall when that practice is only typified as integrated with the uplifting of the productive powers of labor of mankind with the reach toward the Moon and Mars. In the course of pursuing that mission which I have just summarized in these presently given terms, there remains much to be done here on Earth even under presently available means for progress on our planet itself. This points to a subsuming principle, a principle which spans life on Earth, but also with foresight into what is emerging beyond.

Beyond Glass-Steagall
In its bare-bones aspects, the practice of the GlassSteagall law which was first set into motion under that title, under President Franklin Roosevelt, has been an urgently needed policy of individual nations and groups of nations, but is not a complete-able accomplishment in and for itself. Glass-Steagall at its best, as this was accomplished in a largely successful degree under President Franklin Roosevelts administration, was merely a needed, auxiliary feature of a national-banking principle. To succeed in its proper intention, it must be an aspect of a national credit-system of banking and finance, dedicated to the realization of a principle of net physical-economic growth. In this latter respect, Glass-Steagall functions through the creation of both new quantities and qualities of expanded physical investment, and, also, rates of per-capita physical output: measures which ensure the net increase of needed physical progress, per capita and per square kilometer, of each nation, and of mankind generally. In the presently modern times, mankind has been delivered a qualitatively new power to exist within the range of our Solar system, and, implicitly, beyond. The transition of the quality of mankinds power within the range of our planetary orbit, and also the nearby planetary orbit of Mars and beyond, has presented us with the immediate prospect, within approximately a range of a single future generation, of the use of controlled thermonuclear fusion. Those higher orders of power, higher than nuclear fission itself, present mankind with powers of creativity far, far beyond what the society of today generally comprehends.


When we have traced the coming and passing of the most ancient and presently known forms of life, excepting human life from that listing, all remaining considerations respecting known forms of life, excepting mankind, also have had a temporary existence as a form of expression of life. In that respect, our human species has shown a unique potential for functioning as a truly self-creative species. If, when and where, mankind has chosen to limit its species to a fixed capability of practice, our species is self-condemned to a threatened termination of its existence, just as the so-called green policy in some cultures presents the oncoming extermination of the population which adheres to that practice of species-suicide. All parts of the human species which adopt the practice of a zero technological growth, are implicitly foredoomed to the same penalty of selfextinction as many lost tribes and nations have become largely extinct on that specific account, of fostering a

That risk is not limited to the inhering doom of those cultures which practice zero technological growth. It is also a threat of doom to those cultures which practice restrained scientific progress. Growth of the human population and increase of scientifictechnological practice, are inter-dependent considerations. For example, human existence is not merely conditional on the conditions on Earth; the conditions on Earth are subject to changes in the changing conditions of life within the Solar system. In turn, the conditions for human life within the Solar system as a whole, are shaped by the cyclical and other changes within our galaxy. An increasing risk from pieces of rock and comets within the Solar system, is a current threat to be considered for such reasons as changes in the orbital pathways of our Solar system within the parts of the arm of the galaxy which affect conditional factors. While the feasibility of human habitation of locations such as Mars, is under discussion, the necessity of preparing for the defense of Earth from intra-Solar system and galactic factors, represents a class of challenge which already, currently, demands an efficient defense against human extinction or nearextinction from such hazards, as a practically important challenge for our future life on this planet. Defenses from such hazards to Earth are a subject for mobilizations during the present time on out. Although those problems which I have just mentioned are already matters requiring preparations put into place, already in the present time, defense is not the limit of our urgently needed pre-cautions. The continued existence of mankind within the bounds of not only Earth, but our Solar system, depends upon those defenses which could not be built without regard for galactic factors, in addition to defenses within the bounds of the Solar system itself. This defense, and other needed systemic advances in human practice point to the fundamental implications of mankinds urgent development of thermonuclear-fusion and matter-anti-matter defenses. The urgency for developing such technologies for such purposes, combines with other considerations for the peppering (so to speak) of our Solar system with a vast and varied set of arrays of systems built into the Solar system. We, chiefly remaining on Earth for the immediately foreseeable times, will be, in effect, managing an extensive, even vast array of managed systems, scattered throughout our Solar system, by means of which mankind will exert remote control both over the means of action which we deploy within our Solar system and in pursuit of extending the range

of the presence of living mankind within that larger domain. At this present time, the most convenient modes of thinking through such intra-Solar system and related obligations must be under extending a process of development which will express the general, practical deployment of means which are related to increasing emphasis upon applied thermonuclear fusion and matter-anti-matter potencies. The mere entry of methods for mankinds management of such applications will require a change in mankinds thinking respecting both the Solar system, especially within the range of the Mars orbit, and, therefore, a consequent shift of humanitys view of our species existence, as depending, in increasing degree upon our ability, through remote controls and other relevant means, of operating systems of investigations, defenses, and so on, which will be means of human management-awareness which view the Solar system, more and more broadly, as located, remotely, from the vantage-point of those Solar-systemic and still-wider conceptual vantage-points. This is no mere fiction. This is already a domain of practical action in mankinds defense, and kindred considerations. Mankind must first occupy our Solar system within the powers of our mind, and the instruments deployed on behalf of those duties. That duty has, implicitly, already begun.

The Canadian Patriot

With the latest revelations about the LIBOR scandal which, like so many other international financial scams, originated in the bowels of the British Empire in the City, Canada and the world can no longer tolerate inaction that would most probably lead to global hyperinflation or general war. Slow death by QE 3 and more bailouts in the trans-Atlantic region leading to a worldwide 1923 Weimar-style hyperinflation or instant death through a thermonuclear exchange being instigated by British-steered Obama administration provocations against Russia and China are certainly not survivable policy options. In the United States, the Executive Intelligence Review, the magazine founded by economist and statesman Lyndon LaRouche, has for 39 years given policymakers around the world weekly strategic news analysis and provided economic policy solutions steeped in the rich heritage of the American System of Political Economy. In previous times the United States was hailed as a beacon of hope and a temple of liberty for mankind. That characterization was in large measure due to the fact that its Declaration of Independence and Constitution were an inspiration for large numbers of oppressed people around the world having the misfortune of living under the yoke of the British Empire. Unabashedly, The Canadian Patriot and the Committee for the Republic of Canada are advocates of American system economics as exemplified by the school of Alexander Hamilton, Henry Carey, Franklin Delano Roosevelt and today, Lyndon LaRouche. As a quarterly review, the EIR inspired Canadian Patriot will strive to bring to its Canadian readership the much needed republican viewpoint to news analysis and a defence of the anti-free trade economic policies historically associated with Adam Smith foe Friedrich List, and Henry Careys Canadian ally, Isaac Buchanan. The Canadian Patriot advocates defending the institution of the sovereign nation-state against the notion of governance now being foisted especially on third-world nations as is the Michael Ignatieff-George Soros associated Right-to-Protect (R2P) policy. We are committed to the principle of the Benefit of the Other as elaborated in Cardinal Mazarins 1648 Treaty of Westphalia establishing the primacy of the sovereign nation-state as the basis of international law and not the Hobbesian doctrine of each against all or divide and conquer. Canada must in 2012 or early 2013 establish together with key international allies, a Glass-Steagall-type bank reform Act, a productive public credit system to launch 25 year continental-wide North American Water and Power Alliance (NAWAPA) project. We must have government policies which foster breakthroughs in scientific research and classical art forms; a renaissance in science and culture that would allow a flourishing of creative minds across Canada. Our citizens must become active and key players in the next decade promethean efforts of rebuilding the world through great projects of infrastructure across five continents and an augmented Canadian role in Mans future space-based economy.

Every two months (or sooner if the need arises), as a complement to our national website ( the CRC will publish an issue of the Canadian Patriot featuring in depth reports which touch on various aspects of the crisis at hand with the full faith that so long as a competent top-down perspective is adopted and a moral commitment to the General Welfare is alive, solutions will be available to man-made problems. Use these resources to your full advantage, and discover why Lyndon LaRouche has been right in all of his public forecasts since 1956 while all expert forecasters who thought like statistical monetarists failed miserably.