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\Nhat can we do more of, better; or differently to Improve the awareness of CulturaiTransformation. in
Apr 29, 2011 10:19 AM


The child who was on the front row with her mother, was an outstanding example of what we should do, even if it occurs on a Saturday, to educate the children of our staff, along with the adutts on our staff. When children learn and push adults, things change .... whether it is buying the latest video game, computerized phone or how to join hands in learning, and treat people better, due to new learned understanding. None To have reminders like this presentation or similar in nature more often. People have a tendency to forget that what we do, say, or imply, not always is taken by others in the way that was intended, Everyone put into practice what we are now "awate" of. Transform! Have this message provided to field employees. Provide the entire Agency with training. ltwould provide. everyone. the.same foundation fro Cultural Transformation. I think this training should be mandatory. Really apply what he talked aboutto everyone and notjusfthe non-people .of color. Ensure everyone gets this same training. Great investment! This training was the perfect way to get the information out to a large group. My parents brought me up in a manner that gave me a deep respect of cultural and physical diversity. t am always commited and open to 1eaming and implementing what ever I can, to honor and encouragf;l diVersity and inclusiveness at APHIS and through out my personal fife .. , found this training insulting from start to finish. nett the instructor was a valued assestto improving the awareness of hOw many cultures react and think about different situations in fife. Perhaps take afewmorerninutes in the rnirii-groupstodiscuss orwotkihrough different scenarios. Keep speakers like him coming back. He was energetic, kept.the audience attentive. Look .for .peoplewho are qualifiable. rather than qualified. lthink most people work perfectly well with all types of people. to me, the focus on diversity and cultural transformation only puts up further di:Visions between people by constantly pointing outdifferences and sueh. It seems in thiS modern era, people should be beyond these issues and think most are. J think the focus ofthe agency should be working on improving work.ethics and mora.le of employees instead. That is where I see real frustrations when people are

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Apr 29, 2011 9:56 AM

working together.

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