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PhD, Rhetoric and Composition, University of South Carolina, 2010-present Focus: Visual Rhetoric, Social Documentary, Digital Media Production and Pedagogy MA, Media Arts, University of South Carolina, 2008-2010 Thesis: To See A World-The ethics and aesthetics of philanthropic documentary Certificate of Visual Anthropology, University of South Carolina, 2010 BA, Literature, Wofford College, Spartanburg, SC, 1998

2001-2011 English Language Instructor (Taiwan; New Zealand; Boston; Columbia, SC) 2008-2009 Graduate Staff Assistant-University of South Carolina (Media Arts) 2010-2012 First Year English Instructor-University of South Carolina (ENGL101 & 102) 2011 Developed and taught ENGL 101 theme course: A search for documentary truth

2006 2009 2009 2010 2010 2010 2010 2011 2012 Go English TV Pilot (NZ)-Executive Producer/Writer/Still Photographer In Search of an Exhibition-Producer/Director/Editor/Photographer Canoeing for Kids Short film-Producer/Director/Editor (official selection-2009 Indie Grits) B is for Beer Short film-Producer/Director/Editor (official selection-2010 Indie Grits) To See a World Short film-Producer/Director/Editor Civil SC Film Fund Short Film-Location Manager/Still Photographer Resignification Short Multimedia-Producer/Photographer/Editor Chai Multimedia- Producer/Director/Editor/Photographer (official selection-2011 Indie Grits) Chironography Multimedia- Producer/Director/Editor/Photographer


2001 River Gallery (photography)-Chung Li, Taiwan 2004 Stoddards Cottage (photography)-Christchurch, New Zealand 2008 McCrory Gallery To See a World-Columbia, SC 2008 SC Film Commission Gallery @ State Museum-Columbia, SC 2008 Internship-SC Film Commission 2009 To See A World India International Center-New Delhi, India 2009 Potpourri 186 Outpost Gallery-Boston, MA 2009 To See a World 4th FLAVA (Florida Visual Anthropologists) Annual Digital Assembly Conference on Materiality-University of Florida 2009 To See a World Visible Evidence XVI, Los Angeles, CA 2011 Visual Sonata City Art-Columbia, SC 2011 An articulation of the materiality of memory: Chai Carolina Rhetoric Conference-Columbia, SC 2012 Artemis Challenge (Interactive First Response Ipad Application) 2012 Multitudes Hashtagging Revolutions RSA Conference-Philadelphia, PA 2012 Ghosts of the Horseshoe: A Critical Interactive (Research Assistant/Aesthetics Coordinator)