To be the world leader in delivering efficient and environmentally sustainable mobility solutions by emphasis on achieving performance and value

through continual innovation

Year 1: Ares Diesel-electric hybrid, medium (25-40) Value proposition: Fuel Efficient, clean energy Design with emphasis on comfort Crona Diesel-electric hybrid, City (under 25) Value proposition: Fuel efficient, value for money Emphasis on style while designing Year 2: Thunder Diesel-electric hybrid, Large SUV (25-55) Value proposition: clean energy, high performance on all terrains Design with emphasis on performance, manoeuvrability

Year 3: Year 4: Ray Electric, Medium (41-55) Value proposition: fuel efficiency, clean energy, low maintenance Design with emphasis on comfort (large spaces as in the luxury cars) Year 5: Odin Electric, Luxury (41-55)

comfort and performance Design with emphasis on comfort and performance .Value proposition: clean energy.