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VANDE MATARAM My Nation is my Religion.

Salutation to the Nation is meant for social coronation and solidarity amongst the citizens and, therefore, it is regarded the greatest service of humanity. The controversy triggered off over the telephonic recital going patriotic on Independence Day by greeting the callers with Vande Mataram being objected with title. Masjid main Vande Mataram by India, has hurt the sentiment of Indians. Any negative thinking which does not allow compatibility with national feeling is the feeling against the Nation. It will be called as the saddest day for our hard earn freedom. Those hundred of patriots, who sacrificed their lives by daring to get the mseives hanged by chanting the slogan Vande Mataram is now triggered off controversy of fanatic psyche. Vande Mataram is not a communal song, but is a salutation to the Nation including to the sentiments of the great poet Iqbal, who wrote SARE JAHAN SE ACHCHA HINDUSTAN HAMARA.. Coincidence is the in most thought of consciousness, moral sense, scrupulousness and conscientiousness. It means the freedom to right of believe. To profess means to affirm ones faith in Religion or God. In shirur muth case A.I.R. 1954 S.C. 282, the Honble Supreme Court said Religion is certainly a matter of faith with the individual or communities and it is not necessarily theistic. The well known religions in India like Buddhism and Jainism do believe in God or in any intelligent fist cause. A religion uncountable has its basis in a system of believes or doctrines, which are regarded by those who profess that religion as conducive the their spiritual well being. In Bijou Emmanuel versus state of Kerala 1986 3 S.C.C. page 615, in which a state compulsion on an individual to perform a secular activity was challenged to violate his religious conscience as the circulat, being contrasacramental by participation in the singing of national anthem before marching to the classes, was under challenge. The Honble Supreme Court held that the circular had no force of law and any compulsion to join in the singing despite GENUINE CONSCIENTIOUS RELIGION OBJECTION would clearly contravene the rights guaranteed by Article 19 (1) a and Article 25(1) of the Constitution of India. Can we survive without a Nation. Whether the freedom of conscience is a perceptible aspect or abstract phenomenon. The conscientious objection may refuse to bear arms or an atheist may not be compelled to swell in the name of God. The national anthem and the national flag was dispensable in the face of religious objections. The Honble Supreme Court while observing the need of enforceable fundamental duty under Article 51- A a or of the Constitution which provides for proper respect to our national anthem. It was observed that the mere executive or a departmental instruction cannot canton the dimension of free conscience slaves of our constitution and therefore the increased conscientiousness provides a constraint on the compulsory vaccinations and inoculation particularly during gigantic mass of congregation like Kumbha Mela, or and other religious fairs in our country. The end of religion is the beginning of spirituality; the end of spirituality is the real bliss. Instead of worshipping the great master i.e. the omnipotent ominous, and omnipresent, we have started worshipping his servant and rather the place of worship is now been regarded above to the religion. People are driven through such faulty guidance and having the darkness in self realisation. The goal of life is to achieve and him the greatest possible efforts towards the serious consideration to the problem of life. If we have no essence of very life, how we can achieve the freedom from bondage, which may provide salvation. Thus the religious sentiments are no-where providing obstacles in the process of salutation to our nation. Rather the religion is based on the foundations of being a patriot first then to believe any dogma or rituals under the grab of the religion. The state affairs in India without having the enforceable fundamental duties as we may resolved from a political situation having growing tendency towards moral, religious and social degradation, is rather deplorable. India does not hold any bright prospect with interruption and spiricual;ity compassionate to the animals and to protect the vegetation is the reciprocal obligation towards the God. Thus the respect attributed towards civilisation by providing solidarity and integrity to the nation by salutation to our country is the fundamental principle of the religion. The consequences of the present drastic change in the mentality of the individual on the materialising alienating prospering and in responsible for the mobocracy, which may lead to enormous blood shade all over the world as if the religion is not based on spiritualism will ultimately ruined our civilisation. This universe is a system of change and formation of energy for our living creative to an other. The energy, which is kinetic or magnetic or electrical, is the basis of life. The vapours arising out of such energy is ultimately the source of our inspirations. The movement, we kill our fallow inhabitants, the energy involved into the different formation, but it never extinguished. Thus God is one and therefore the belief to adopt a particular religion should be founded on the comman foundations. God is perfect the universe is perfect, but we are not perfect. Let our soul may appreciate it. The primary object of the society is to do welfare of the al human being and when we inspite living inside the boundaries of our country may not provide salutation to that nation. We have no right to enjoy any right in such country.Life is charged with magnetic quality and the moment youre magnetic, every thing is transparent. Such change can get India out of Dark & in to brightness like from dark of sunrise to Bright after sunrise in morning.( short time like 8 min. as we experience every morning)India will not need another 63 years that spent post independent as we are to get out of the present DISHA SHUNY stage as we are in, now + Poor.All of us will have up-lifted, resourceful life that is Gift of GOD Free Of Cost