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WE THE PEOPLE An assessment of enthusiasm Self realization and thought meditation are correlated and both of them lead

an individual to search the goal of his life. The route he chooses depends upon the decision he makes but the decision making process is not within the competence of an individual. There are so many guiding principles and role of inheritance is so crucial that the person who swept away with a desire to search the gospel of life ,may consider himself that he has lost his relevance in the process. An urge may lead to big surge .The innovation and the ideals play a vital role for the advancement. Some people are very optimistic and sometime they appear to become over-enthusiastic. The individuals use worship the rising sun and as such since an interaction with another individual having an innocent behavior, may always be regarded as one of the associates. Life is threefold present ;the present having an experience, past with a memory and past with a memory and a future with an expectation .Every expectation is not in anticipation nor is depended upon the circumstances. The harmonious construction is required to be given effect for analysing the truth amongst the 3 dimensional reflections. Thus the individuals who is associated with an optimistic personality always try to germinate confidence and simultaneously an introspection with retrospective effect. Throwing a stone up on the Moon may not be considered as an intelligent step but without throwing the stone in the upward direction, the heights attended by the trees in the Garden may not be crossed. It is only matter of appreciation and understanding by the individuals as to whether he may understand that the fellow is throwing the stone to cross the barrier or to some impossible distances. However even after being conversant that the person may suffer the innoclasm towards his objectives in life, but the said Individuals approach becomes a guiding factor to other associate.The father of the individual enthusiastic personality may seldom be not able to cope up the requirement of adjustment in life with his son but certainly there is an implied appreciation which is not demonstrated but can be felt with his behavior. Thus the child who understand that it is on account of close affinity that the matter of appreciation become an unnecessary formality and this creates a misunderstanding. People worships to God as he is unknown as usually inaccessible. Likewise the enthusiasm of an individual is indirectly related with the destiny and incase if the Luck permits, there is every possibility of achieving the success. Who will not like to become conversant with an important personality and likewise people outside may start appreciation with a critical assessment regarding your performance. Thus neither the disappointment is required nor there is any need to provide undue prominence to such negative approach. Though thy path be dark but there is a guiding factor which is given to the people by the nature and not by the individuals. Thus one should not have taken into consideration on that what the others think about you but you should think what you think of yourself. The dimension and horizon created by our mentor guardian of all the three organs on account of its slave orientation to drag an individual to the point of abrogation and subjugation by confining his inner instincts and his existence is an iron cage, not having any ventilation and people are living in the state of suffocation, virtually on the verge of their death point. There is a complete apathy of the custodian of the power towards their welfare and in our country "We, the people " who are regarded to be the sovereign of the nation are living a life full of abrogation and subjugation Yogesh Kumar Saxena, Advocate, High Court, Allahabad, U.P. Ex. Vice President, Advocates Association, Chamber No. 139,High Court Hind Kishan Sangthan,/ All India Lawyers Association, High Court, Allahabad Trained Mediator of the first batch of Mediation Team Registration No. 946 of 1974 ( U.P.Bar Council of Allahabad) Special Counsel in Ganga Pollution Matter Executive Member, World Parliament Experiment (Bonn) Germany 22nd Feb. 7th March 2008 Yoga superior studies &meditation science technique, 4215 NW 7 Street, #34, Miami, FL33126 International conferences of Chief Justices of the World (Co Coordinators and Co- Organizers) at City Montessori School, Lucknow,, 0532-2637720, 2436451, 9415284843, 9792131584, Conquest of India buys nothing of any natural superiority on the part of conquerors, but it is due to lack of character and indiscipline in Indians, who were subjected by exploiting the spirits with division and jealousies between fellow citizens. It is difficult and impossible to conquer a Nation having intelligent approach, different religions and language form its invaders. Spain could not be able to conquer. Dutch province with their petty population remained unfallable. The same is the glory with Switzerland and Greeks in old ages. Israel and Vietnam are the recent examples of solidarity. India on the other hand was conquered by an Army consisting of its own inhabitants and a small fraction of 1/5th Army at the average of these invaders. Thus India can hardly be said to had been conquered at all by the foreign invaders, she was rather conquered herself. The truth is that there is no India in political and scarcely in any other sense. It is a Geographical expression. The invaders had subjugated and abrogated the resource of this country due to its weakness. They have adopted the policy of Divide and Rule. Alexander invaded the country and defeated King Porus with the help of Indian rulers. Since the time of rise of Mahmood Ghazni a steady of invasion has poured in India. The tie of Nationality has now been broken resulting the integrity and jeopardise the national disrespect towards the existing system which our politicians have borrowed in succession from the wake of partition. Britishs have derived a system based on two Nation theory, but Mr. Nehru in order to gain the political superiority had accepted the same and be fooled the Nation bylaming

Mr. Jinnah who was actually aspirant to get the electorate representation of Muslims in proportionate on theory of Fundamental principle that we are all citizens and equal rights to them be given to rule the Nation. The objective to attain freedom and to remove social evil in the society fermented hatred and discord through communal politics. The freedom has become tainted with a permanent gulf between Hindus and Muslims. The feeling of love peace and harmony in the name of God and religions has ultimate outcome of sudden and radical change which has diversified effect and impact on religious fenaims of Muslims and Hindus. The political game of Britishs has succeeded in high pitch of communal frenzy. The fate of real victims has been forgotten. Now the communal hatred, madness and barbarism had its free hand both in Pakistan and in India. We fought the battle against the crusaders of independents like Neta ji Subhash Chandra Bose who sacrificed has life for independence. He was subjected to humiliations even after electing as president of National Congress after defeating Gandhi ji in 1939 due to nefarious planning of aspirant politicians to ruin the Nation. Churchill has characterised Indians as primitive due to such disgraceful anti National feelings. The historical change in the process of accession of Nation by the Britishs was due to such shameful characteristics of the opportunists. Since the time of acquiring power by Bahadur Shah Zafar in 1837, the Britishs have always recognised him as their emperor from the time of Lord Aukland upto the period of George Allenbro, but Lord Hasting then Governor General had diverted from maintaining such Traditional resumplance of his Majesty and Dynasty and wrote a confidential letter to his Ambassador Metkaph stating that the emperor Grace and his authenticity command has now vanished and the grace of Emperor which embraces the proud of identifying him with Taimur dynasty is on more in existence. The gifts which were offered to commander in chief by the Governor General are no more required to moulded with identity and title of the emperor. The Governor General is no more required to pose as the servant of the king and now there is nothing to require in order to represent Governor General as Subordinate to the Emperor. This historical change was not witnessed in a single day which was in the process of accession of Nation from the shameful defeat of Nawab Shahzadulla in the battle of plassey from Clive in the year of 1757. Let us remember 12 June 1757, when British Army collided with Chandra Nagar Army and leaving behind only 150 British soldiers at Chandra Nagar, Clive with an Army of 650 English soldiers, 150 Artillery, 50 Navy and 2100 Indian soldiers on the invitation of Traitor Meer Zafar. He marched to Morsidabad to fight against an army consisting of more than one Lak (1,00.000) soldiers of Nawab Shahzadullah. There was a long distance from Calcutta to Morsidabad. In between Hoogly and Kotaya were the strong fortress under the domination of Nawab but Hoogly had surrendered voluntarily, while in Kotaya Clive had not only succeeded by victory, but also with a huge stock of rice which of one year. Meer Zafar, Sadar Wazir of Nawab on being assured to become Emperor, for which Jagat Seth Amirchand was given bribe of Rs 30 Laks, who had collided with commanders namely Ram Durlabh and Yar Lateef in conspiracy to give this Banquest of flower with victory to clive in the battle on 21 st June 1757, Clive received the invitation from Meer Zafar to invade the Army of one Lak soldiers with only 3,000 soldiers, in which patriot Meer Madan fought a fearless battle on 23 June 1757, but he was injured and withdrawn. Maharaja Mohan Lal who fought with the troops upto the deciding hour of victory, was withdrawn on persuation of Meer Zafar. Meer Madan had informed Nawab Shahzadullah in respect of conspiracy of Meer Zafar, has put his crown on his feet and persuaded by administering oath in the name of Allah not to betrayal during the struggle, after withdrawing Maharaja Mohan Lal from battle field, Zafar conveyed the message to clive to attack at Midnight and ultimately Nawab Shahzadullah ran away from battle field of plassey to Morsidabed and Meer Zafar having 45,000 soldiers surrendered before the Clive. This was the reason of calling the Indians as cowardice, selfish and primitive by the Churchill at the wake of Independence and partition of India. We are 15% of world population and having 1.5% of worlds income. We are 54% of all illiterate of the world. In 1950 we were ranking at 16th place in the list of exporting countries, now we are ranked at 45th place. In 1950 we had 2.2% of export of world market today we stand at 0.45%. The population of Hong Kong is 0.7% and its land is 0.03% of India yet it has almost three times the trade of India. India has less than half of one percent of worlds tourist traffic. North has 1/4th of worlds population and it has 70% of wealth and 80% of trade. It has 90% of Industry, 99% of finest and most advanced centres of learning and technology. In North, the total weight of their mile power which is surplus as one million ton while the butter is 1.5 million tons. There is 20 million tons of surplus fedo . Our political set up regenerates the corruption to prevent the benefit of donations received through begging and other aids from trackling down the requirement of down trocdens. Since all aid goes into the private pocket of yes men of politician as such North has now stopped all such assistance which they virtually find as surplus in their countries. It is interesting that politicians ask another country to finance the corruption in their own statel. We are still like a cavemen with our backs turn to light watching the shadow on the wall. The politicians have imposed mindless socialism which held in thrall the people endeavour and enterprise resulting in transfer of potential from the honest bonavelent to the dishonest and foreign ambitions. Politicians acts in nefacarious designs with impunity. Political parties motivated with vested interests are dancing to usurp power through any means fair or foul even at the cost of sacrificing the Nations existence to personal interest. Party systems has pushed to advance its own schemes upon the ruin of the rest. Our politicians are mafia dons next to the invaders. Robbers have generally plundered the rich who are seldom subjected to punishment but the politicians having the will of our regislation always plunget the common citizens and protect those mafia dons under the phraseology of law making sovereign power having the connotation procedure establish under law to be cherished instead of due process. There is always and excuse for tyranny and maladministration which has degenerated the national character. The power given need a safeguard from such arbtitrary power and unfair exercise. In present set up freedom has become an abuse and liberty as license. Therefore the moral damage is more terrible. Abn oppressive system is more to be teared than a Tiger. Mr Chandra Shekhar, then Prime Minister who also held charge of Home Ministry himself, transferred Shri N.K.Singh then joint director of C.B.I. who was conducting inverstigation into st. Kitts forgery committed by controversial mafia don chanaraswami when he refused to drop the investigation. The transfer, which was manifestly for killing the investigation was challenged before central administration Tribunal. The tribunal pronounced that a civil servant however highly placed is bound to implement the policy decisions and directives given by the minister concerned. It was observed that a posture in public by a civil servant by showing his disagreement with the directions given by minister concered is untenable in an constitutional scheme, under which the minister concerned is accountable and answerable to their ministers. The tribunal declared :- The concept of indispensaility of and individual officer, however upright, honest and efficient he may be, is unknown to good administration under any legal system. A civil servant trying to uphold the public and preserve and protect public interest against the decision and directions of his own minister who are the political maters, is also alien to our legal system.

This fatal doctrine enunciated by the tribunal even in the light of criminal politicians nexus was upheld without comments by the Apex Court. However it was reiterated that the officer, a man of undoubted competence, integrity, uninhibited acknowledgement and acclaim of his calibre and credentials even by respondents accompanied with future promotions earned by Mr N.K.Singh in due course are recognition of his merit that his needless excursion into the arena of litigation to challenge a mere transfer not detrimental to his career prospectus has fortunately not had any adverse influence against him. Honble Supreme Court has adviced to leave the matter to those in public life who felt aggrieved by his transfer to fight their own battle in the forum available to them. The result is that the directions of ministers which are manifestly intended to kill the investigation against the mafia king has to be carrying out by the civil servant as a member of discipline force and he should not take upon himself the task of safeguarding the public interest. This was completely forgotten that the criminialisation of politics is well known and has deep rooted linkage between mafia dons, crime syndicates and this network is virtually running parallel government. These gangs enjoy the patronage of local level politicians, cutting across party lines and protection of government functionaries. Bombay Blast in March 1993 has proved the activities linkages of the Dawood Ibrahim gang leading to establishment of Maharashtra Govt. The vohra penal report has found that all over India crime syndicates have become a law unto themselves. Hired assassins have nexus between criminal gangs, police, bureaucracy and politicians. Mafia is virtually pushing the state apparatus into irrelevance. Their modus operandi may shift to narcotic drugs, weapon smuggling, and established narco-terrorism network. The Indian underworld had been exploited by Pakistan I.S.I. and its network to cause sabotage, subversion and communal tension. What has happened to the Nation after decision in Mr. N.K.Singh case. Even after four and half years, of the investigation conducted by Mr. singh nothing has come out from inverstigation in st. Kitts forgery committed by Chandraswami, but it has resulted in assassination of Rajiv Gandi with the cloud of uncertainty in identifying real culprit to the people i.e. whether he is Chandraswami, Miss Jayalalita or Mr. Chandra Shekhar Ex. Prime Minister or some alien Nation? The kidnapping and plundering in U.P. and Bihar and Samajwadis as state apparatus and judiciary with impunity avoiding the glaring facts of judicial accountability. These instruments of breaking the back of civil servant and police administration by politician affiliation are arbitrary against which every citizen is supposed to have the protection but the courts have still to pronounce the guidelines to the people, the common man with common cause, felt aggrieved to fight the battle in what forum available to them? Subsequently there was malafide and manifestly illegal transfer and suspension of Mr. M.Shankaranarayanan the distinguished chief secretary of Karnataka by Mr. S.Bangarappa, C.M. to protect the liquor lobby of Chandraswamis mafia don for the public. The citizens, we the people contemptlating of the infringement of the indefeasible rights cannot be told for tolerating infreaction or invasion of their rights anymore, which is guaranteed enough to relegate at the dawn of human rights jurisprudence fromulgated by judicial activism to fight their own battle in the forum available to them under social action litigatiuon. The Honble Supreme Court has put an end to instrument of status upholding the traditions of Anglo Saxon jurisprudence and resisting radical innovation as honest in the use of judicial power to promote social justice. Nothing rankless more in human heart than in justice. Access to justice is basic human right on which is dependent other rights relating to equality. Justice has always been the first virtue of any civilised society. Life of law is a mean to serve the social purpose and felt necessity of people. Affirmative action promotes maximum well being for the society as a whole and strengthens forces of National integration. The purposeful role for more active creative in deciding it by the court of law is by not what has been but what may be. This is the role and purpose of law for the sovereign power of we the people as enumerated in our preamble constitution of india. Mankind has a habit of serving the worst castrophes created by its own error or by violent turn of Nature. There is no meaning of life in its existence without self restraint and self organising capacity, if man is intended to survive. Conscienceness must come out of this chaotic life for ideal human conditions and unaccomplished gospel and its preservation which can only provide a chance for survival and success. Implementation of strong ideas for betterment of mankind required steadfast wisdom. Such new and triumphant ideas should burst every human chain which tends to paralyse its efforts to push forward. Most of the people tend to see nothing or, to be more correctly stated, not inclined to observe and take anything in notice because this is simplest and cheapestattitude to adopt. The ensuring success are mostly least understood at the beginning because they are usually in strong contrast public opinion. The nature of prevailing maladies and inadequacy of existing remedies also requires a fresh apprasal. A lack of sense of duty and dedication towards public service and reluctance towards ones own behaviour to be accepted arms of honesty and probity in public life is the root cause of such disharmony. This picture of disharmony in the epic of progres never imperilled the fundamentals of duty and obedience which the basis of social discipline. If honesty is considered to stupidity, nothing can be achieved for eradication of corruption. The entire fabric of Indian society is saturated with gallopir corruption which if not checked with iron hand, will definity ruin the very structure of countrys basic foundations, resuing into its collapse in all spheres of Mankind Ethical value in scientific invention versus Law and society The principle of science is discovery than what is the doctrine of any social framer of our society. There is inherent conflict between the principle of society, which is of continuity and conservatism and that principle of science, which brings about invention and challenge to conservation. Thus we have to invent a delicate balance; as science seldom has the facilities that it deserves accept when misfortune comes, while the society is inclined to protect conservation. Can in such curiosity ,invention and exploring the unrest, any society may be protected without enforcement of Rule of Law in the Society?. The History of man has always been characterize by enduring and attempting for exploration of new frontiers, in reaching out to new environment and to built understanding with the Nature. The frontiers are control by intellect and capability, which is motivated to explore the unknown mystery. Challenge to excite the intellect creates devise new techniques, new instruments and new approach to unknown area of Nature. Thus the problem relating to the vital force of science in relation to the society always remain the same. Creativity is the sign of invention. Enthusiasm leads to ambition. Thus instability becomes the condition of mind, which is never pacified in isolation. Thus search for the new dimension and to realize its effect upon curiosity is the desire of an individual. There is the secretion of male Harmon due to the biological factors, which governs the activity of the mind of the criminal in commission of sexual crimes . Thus the mind of such criminal to has got the learning in a sex starved society; in which the man has no respect for women. This

stimulate them to indulge for committing an offence of sexual assault upon women. The society provides a check upon it through law enforcement agency and simultaneously maintaining the balance to the individuals liberty. The ratio of the fear upon the psychology of an individual person is having a vital role to preserve the society from Commission of a Crime. The recent incidents of committing the rape, in Budha Jayanti Park of a girl student of Molana Azad Medical College, at Siri Fort Auditorium with Swiss Diplomat, with a Foreign Tourist in Goa and also the attempt upon Lady assistant Film Producer in New Delhi during Film Festival, has atleast provided introspection upon our legal system. Although many incidents of the rape committed with the women remain unreported due to the stigma upon her character and dignity of the family of the victim girl, as there is no protection to the women in the society. The legal system in India stinks. The victim is shamed. The evidence is tempered with. Experts are persuaded to change their mind. DNA samples and viscera are tempered in the science laboratory thus the judicial system is a mess, which insults a womans dignity and perpetuate sexuality more quickly and punished her more hardly than the punishment provided to the culprit of the crime. Thus without giving spontaneous punishment to the culprit, we can not ensure the dignity of the women and as such there will be damning indictment of the state of law and order in the society. The structure of the society due to obscene western visual media, information technology, infra structure has gone through vital change and thereby it has become less conservative and more flexible. This transformation from a rigid traditional structure and the growth of scientific culture is not only reproducing the economic change, but also the having the change in social and ideal condition of the living standard of his society . There is a rape victim at the intervening period of every three minutes in New York , USA . The reason is anonymity and melting pot for the entire globe. New Delhi is ghastly converting this culture and their has been new method, technique and the invention of new infra structure to kill the basic instinct of an individual. Thus our cultural heritage is not preserve with the modern scientific temperament and western environment .In the Indian condition, where there is no surety of life and virtually there is no punishment for a criminal, how dignity of the women may be protected. Simply by the enforcement of law and order by maintaining a delicate balance between the personal liberty and crave is there for liberation from the bondage of the women, the crime cannot be put under control. There is no other system enforceable accept the imposition of self introspection upon our basic instinct of liberty and freedom. The existence of scientific culture, the economic change and new technology has provided the necessity for social change ,there is no protection and guarantee to the people regarding their Fundamental Right to Work, Right to Education and Right to medical assistance by the government of India. In absence of these rights, the creativity as the basic desire of the scientific temperament simply converts an individuals for psychological diversification to try the impossible, which is not try by the other individual. In search of this objective in life one may easily divert him to pacify his basic instinct by committing some kind of crime. This is a law less society. Here is no fear in the mind of a criminal. Thus the thought are conveyed not merely as an ideological or philosophical discourse but in a prospective destruction of the various values and traditions of the society. Let us have a confrontation with the scientific temperament and that of infra structure for modern civilization with the Scientific invention. The electron was discovered and within a decade, the first electronic valve, the triode, was invented. The solid state device of transistor was invented giving rise to the birth of solid state electronics. Ultimately the electronic circuit incorporated the tinny chip of silicon, which converted into the possibility of the modern computers and space technology. The field of electronics has grown up in an explosive fashion with communication equipment, while the nucleus of the atom through the phenomenon of nuclear fission has wiped the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan. Thus, on one hand, if you want to take the advantage of modern computers and other electronic equipment, than on other hand, we may also face the destruction of the human civilization. If the energy in the sun and in the stars is used in destructive form, it may vanish the entire civilization. Thus, in absence of any introspection to the growth of civilization being tackled with our traditional cultural heritage, we may not stop these fundamental changes in the society. Thus the crime, to the society and upon the dignity of the women, has to be seen in the light of social conscience of scientific invention with the conservative integrated approach through meaningful education and spirit of nationalism in order to control an explosive situation. This can only be tackled by accountability of the law enforcement agencies and by reductions of the disparity in our society. If It is not checked with an iron hand in a very short duration, this may convert the entire world in a lawless society. SOVEREIGN IMMUNITY RESTS ON TWO PRINCIPLES Sovereign immunity rests on two principles. The one expressed in maxima par in parem non habet jurisdictionem is concerned with the status of equality. The other principle on which immunity is based is that of non-intervention in the internal affairs of other States. In the days of trade and commerce, international interdependence and international opening of embassies, in granting sanction the growth of a national law in this aspect has to be borne in mind. . Immunity of foreign States The interpretation of the provisions of Code of Civil Procedure must be in consonance with the basic principles of the Indian Constitution. . Immunity of foreign States to be sued in the domestic forum of another State was and perhaps still is part of the general international law and international order and it is not necessary for the present purpose to consider its origin, development and the trends in different countries. As Professor H. Lauterpacht writes in "The British Yearbook of International Law 1951" (Volume 28) on "The Problem of Jurisdictional Immunities of Foreign States" at page 230 that the assumption of jurisdiction over foreign states by the domestic court was considered at one point of time to be contrary to the dignity of the foreign states and as such inconsistent with the international courtesy and the amity of international relations. This has been in the past a persistent theme of judicial decisions. It may be noted that in so far as the doctrine of immunity owed its acceptance to the decisions of the courts of the United States it is explained to some extent by the fact that it was by reference to dignity of the states of the Union that their immunity from, suit was urged insistently and repetitiosly. During the debates preceding the adoption of the Virginian Convention in 1978, John Marshall stressed the element of indignity inflicted upon a state by making it a defendant in an action. (Elliot, Debates - 2nd Ed. 1836, page 555). It may be of historical amusement specially in the context of Indian Constitution and the growth and the history of the Indian Constitution to note that in the leading case of Chisholm v. Georgia, (1793) 2 Dall 419, 425 the main argument for the defendant state was that it was a

'degradation of sovereignty in the states to submit to the supreme judiciary of the United States. The courts of the United States have gone to the length of relying on the argument of dignity in the matter of immunity of foreign states from taxation. In England, 'dignity', coupled or identified with 'independence', played an important part as an explanation of the doctrine of immunity of foreign states. 63 YEARS OF OLIGARCHY India has now been engulfed by the fire of hatred among the citizens, by the fire of scam and corruption amongst bureaucrats, by the fire of greed, lust and passion through politician and this is a paradise lost to perpetuate them under parliamentarian system. There is no respect for law, no respect for our cultural heritage and traditional values. The dream of independence by our people has been shattered, battered and broken by unholy combinations of greed , lust and power based on falsehood and violence. The nation is at cross roads with devils workshop on one direction and the deep sea of uncertainty towards the other. There is a dark cloud of uncertainty with complete chaos. The ideals of peace and non-violence are good enough to be taught, but the same are not applicable for experience as there is complete deterioration of moral values and nobody is interested in a holding them. The leadership are in the hands of those mediocre which are deliberately degenerating the disintegration of the values and are totally independent upon the false projection of their phobia amongst the masses as nobody could even think of resisting them. The plague of castes amongst the down trodden masses has provided the exclusive monopoly to be ruled by them who demonstrates welfare, but exploit the poverty. There is no check and balance in the game of politics. The spiritual purity of thought is converted into the support from greed and desire by the politicians to their own profit amongst the backward classes. This has provided at tug of war between upper-class and backward class to the larger advantage of our parliamentarian. We have to look within ourselves and find out the answers these problems to build an ideal earthly kingdom to our nation. Nature has the tremendous effect by its own creation to fight against the prevailing disturbances created by the human errors. The tendency to provide an encroachment over the equilibrium, maintained for necessary check and balance as the phenomena which constitutes the involvement of the ecology on one hand and the potential advancement of the technology on the other hand with restrictions. In such situation there is a violent stroke of the natural calamities having drastic effect on the viability of the mankind and survivability the human race. This was the concept of our Hindu philosophy that since the nature is co-existent to the ingredients of life, as such there should be proper respect to the valuable treasure hidden inside the coverage of the nature. The Himalayan prosperity, the rivers flowing through its and thereby providing the essential water required for the irrigation over the land providing the cultivation for the production of food grains were respected as equivalent to god and goddess in the Hindu religion. There was comparison for animals, who are providing their necessary contribution for the preservation of nature and therefore it was only Hindu religion that the cow has been dealt with as mother for every human being. The cruelty to the nature and even over other the creation of the nature and therefore it was only Hindu religion that the cow has been dealt with as mother for every human being the cruelty to the creation has been prohibited in Hindu sanskriti and they used to worship all the trees providing coverage to the birds , animals and also to human beings. There was offering of the milk to the snakes on Nag - Panchami on account of the fact that even the snake was considered to be a friend of human being and the enemy to the rat who used to consume and destroy the harvest cultivated through human efforts. There was in itself check and balance by the nature and the man was considered to be more happier within the limited resources and therefore from the beginning even the princess were sent to the small huts for their physical and spiritual training under the guidance of the sages ,who have already given up all their comforts for the eradication of prevailing maladies in the societies and these sages were given a status above to the ruler of the particular nation. Thus the ultimate effect of the Hindu mythology was to preserve the nature, which is the ultimate goal of every religion. Unfortunately this message could not be communicated to the followers of other religion and as such the drastic effect has been visualised as the green vegetation was converted into the desert, wherever there was expansion of any other religion in contradiction with ideals and cultural heritage of Hindu mythology . India, which was considered to be the golden country ,is now leading towards the same deserted outlook effect as is evident in the middle Asian countries. It is for this reason that the prediction was being in the earlier 19th century that every religion will lost its significance, which is not coexistent with nature and rather detrimental for being co-ordinator to boost up the natural resources which are essential for the survival of human race. Hindu religion is now on the verge of its extinction as its foundations are based on non-aggressive trend and worship to other religion. The humanity is the sole criteria , and nothing like fanatic aggressive trend is adopted for its expansion, which is prevalent in this religion rather there is the broader perceptiveness for adoption to the followers of the other religion. The qualification of generosity has become at disqualification for its preservation and existence. Thus it has now become a fundamental duty of every citizen having faith in Hindu religion to fight against the divisive forces who are keeping silent over the effective and prevailing encroachment of Hindu tradition and this is utmost important that if we want to protect violent strokes of nature then the survival of Hindu religion is necessary. The extinction of Hindu race is evident by the bare factor that our monuments and the place of worship have been demolished or converted into different form by the followers of other religion. The attack is now being made on very foundation, which were maintaining the existence of Hindu religion. The prevailing tendencies of materialistic approach, conceptual deterioration through sacrosanct and contract of marriage , the food habits of non-vegetarian dishes by adopting the cruel method of slaughtering the animals and non spiritual trend of giving up habit of self resistance, are now prevailing in our nation, which is a clear indication that our country, which has been ruled by Mogul invaders and British conqueror by adopting the Roman policy of Divide and Rule again in the clutches of foreign aggressiveness and the time is not ready for, when the policy of appeasement to the divisive forces and advantages to the dishonest opportunist will completely ruin down the basic cultural heritage and the traditional values of Hindu heritage from the scene of Indian continent, from where, it was a originally inherited through the grace of Almighty. The extinction of our cultural heritage to the drastic effect is due to sycophancy and hypocrisy which is always inclined to hero worship tendency in Indians, and has given opportunity to power politics to our leaders and from a promulgate religious domination by the few individuals. Mankind is in the habit of suffering through worst catastrophe by the violent stroke of nature. Nature , which preserves, its preserver; but simultaneously ,it also destroys its destroyer. This is the

most complicated phenomena of the omnipotent protector but is seldom treated with respect by the human being. There was individual praise instead of appreciating the benevolent qualities and spiritual knowledge and this is followed by the theory of intelligence through birth. The Hindu religion had classified the four sects of Brahmins, Kshatriya, Vaishya & Shudra by their symbolic qualification . Brahmins were resembled by the head of the human beings, while both the arms and chests of the individual were regarded as Kshatriya. The abdomen was represented through Vaishya and those who were indulged into the process of cleanliness of the garbage and other waste products were called Shudra and on account of their limited means of creativity they were never indulged into the passionate pleasure through our senses of productivity and therefore they were regarded at the lower berth. The Indian mentality and the vested interests have given the recognition to these qualifications represented by four sects in the society on the basis of heredity hierarchy and the individual is regarded to be better qualified through his berth instead of his qualifications. Thus it has given a predominating factor for the creation of four Varnas . This was route cause of prevailing maladies, which has given way to the foreign ambitions to take the advantage of such hypocrisy and to rule this nation by the policy of divide and rule from the time of Mughal conqueror upto the period of British invaders. The battle of Plassy was further examples of weak characteristic of Indian mentality as India was conquered by an army consisting of 650 British soldiers by defeating an army of 1 lac soldiers of Nawab Shahjadullah by Clive Lloyd . This has provided an opportunity to the Congress leaders from a very beginning to highlight the status of Shri Mohan Das Karamchandra Gandhi as that of a Mahatma. After the first world war when there was a usurpation of power by some of the dedicated leaders like Lala Lajpat Roy, Vipin Chandra Pal, and Bal Ganga Dhar Tilak. The efforts of Bhaghat Singh, Chandrashekhar Azad, Sarva Shri Pt Ram Prasad Bismal, Ashfaq Ullah Khan, Roshan Singh and Rajendra Nath were also undermined before the status of Mahatma Gandhi by then Congress contemporary in the different period of British Empire. Then the pro Mahatma friction inside the Congress have called them as reactionary to the prevailing system and they were to discourage for their aggressive nature. The uprising of our leaders against British domination was assailed from time to time on many grounds as no one could come forward as that of a leader after independence and the power may be enjoyed by few individuals, who were opportunists and remain loyal to Mahatma in his policy of non-invasion as Mahatma Gandhi was always inclined to evade from the British diplomacy. The independence of our nation was prolong to an indefinite period till the rising of Hitler and demolition various stricture on which the British domination was coexistent to the extent that his sun was never dawning in the west, as on the other side of its expansion of its jurisdiction, it was simultaneously rising. After the Second World War the British domination has not only been extinguished from the soil of this nation, but from other 47 nation at the contemporary time period. Thus the contribution of Mahatma Gandhi was really negligible in comparison to the efforts of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose ,who fought the battle through his army against British people. The status of Mahatma Gandhi has become a protective umbrella providing shield to the ambitions of opportunists leaders. Those who were associated with him with the sole objective to gain the power after independence . Mr.Moti Lal Nehru being conversant with the inclination of Mr Jawahar Lal Nehru towards the leadership has purposely associated him with Mahatma Gandhi as he was very conversant that one day or other these Britishers have ultimately to depart from the soil of this country and thereafter there are chances of Mr Jawahar Lal Nehru gaining the power if he remained associated with Mahatma Gandhi as his successor disciple. The association of Mr Nehru with Tej Bahadur Sapru as an advocate was neither successful nor it would have remained in existence for a longer period. Thus there was no other alternative except to allow of Mr Nehru to join the politics and the associated with Mahatma Gandhi. This ambition of Mr Nehru to remain in power has ultimately led to the process of partition of India to a very larger extent. Mr Subash Chandra Bose was elected as president Congress by defeating Mr Pattavi Sita Ramaya a nominated candidate of Mahatma Gandhi. Mr Nehru and his other associates become very perturbed by the victory of Netaji. Thus the conspiracy was fetched to remove him from power. It was declared that the victory of Netaji was personal defeat of Mahatma Gandhi. The lobby associated with Mr Nehru lead by Mr Govind Ballabh Pant resolved on 3rd March 1939 that Netaji will not be empowered to choose his nominated member, but those having solidarity in Mahatma Gandhi will be the nominated member of Congress working committee, there was such humiliation to Netaji that he was to submit his resignation from presidents post in order to protect his dignity and self respect and there after he constituted the forward block. There was general feeling among the Muslim fundamentalists including Mr Zinnah that in this manner nobody will allow be allowed to share in power and it has lead to the adoption of Pakistan resolution in Lahore in 1940. Thus the ousting of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose as the president of Congress by the diplomacy of Jawahar Lal Nehru and is other associates has ultimately led to the creation of Pakistan to the greater extent. This was the fraud with the people. Muslim league supremo Mohd.Ali Zinnah ring from tuberculosis and he could have survived only for six months on the eve of partition of our country in 1947. The celebrated writers namely the Larry Collins and Dominique Lappire have found Mr Zinnah as unyielding obstacle to Lord Mountbatten and the basic cause behind his obstinacy was the excessive greed of congress leaders to remain in power, if there was no partition India may be the most innovative national philosophy to have emerged in the post independence period. India was having attitude if we were equipped with the problem and there was unique solution, if the kids of the present generation were sharing global dream of Indian continent, who ever may be the responsible for the partition of the country, but certainly these ambitions have played the role of a traitor inside of our country and the present generation may not forgive them. Acharya J. B Kriplani was elected President of congress working committee. great planning was elected president of Congress working committee, but Mr Nehru condemned him by saying it is better to talk with a devil than to talk to Kirplani. This was the characteristic of individualistic approach which has ousted many patriots like Mr Ballabh Bhai Patel, Mr Purshottam Das Tandon, Dr Ram Manohar Lohia ,and Babu Rajendra Prasad their active contribution for the prosperity of our nation. It is well-known if Mr Patel would have not taken the drastic decision of unification of 650 princely states and the state of Jammu and Kashmir as the integral part of our nation for which Mr Nehru provided obstacles at every stage, we would have not living in our nation and rather slaughtered like animals by the aggressive attitude of our counter part of nation called Pakistan. Mr Ram Manohar Lohia once regarded Rising star by Mr Nehru was arrested 16 times during the Nehrus 16 years this has started from the movement when Mr Lohia provided resistance and talk against .Mr Nehru policy of Panchsheel and condemned that at the time acquisition of Tibet by China this Panchsheel was

shattered and scattered into pieces after the Chinese aggression in 1962,when India could only save his territories from further acquisition by the timely intervention of Soviet Union. The parliamentarian system adopted by our ambitious leaders to gain powers through to any means fair or foul, has dragged our nation towards confusion coercion chaos crime and corruption. We now are proudful that we are most corrupt nation of the world living below poverty line with the maximum criminal providing shelter and production through our corrupt politician. This was the foundation which we have witnessed during first 61 years of independence under Prime Ministership of Mr Jawaharlal Nehru. Mr Lal Bahadur Shastri has protected the large interest of our nation only within a period of two years when the people of our country were dying of starvation, running in bankruptcy, insecurity and control through foreign ambitions. The green revolution for self autonomy of our people has not only provided them sufficient bulk of food, but also provided the export of food articles during Shastriji period. The successful in recapitulation over the territory of Pakistani aggressor during the year 1965 war were the that tremendous achievement of this real patriot, who maintained idealistic approach throughout his regime but shown his determination to fight against divisive force acting detrimental to the interests of nation and never allowed to perpetuate corruption in any manner, as such it is well established that here are the hopes of getting the rectification of the prevailing errors committed by the politicians and the country has got the vital resources to maintain its reputation among the other countries of the world. After the independence that was perspective of but Congress became one of the rider on account of its hold over leadership and this has resulted into disintegration of the various socialist formation into the spilt. The economic backwardness provided miracle success to co-ordinate such equations to the best advantage of the ruling Congress. The element of motivation for the success of Congress was based on Nehru -Gandhi dynasty which helped Jawaharlal Nehru to reflect his personality by inducing himself as the supreme leader. In pursuit of his office of Prime Minister by Mr Jawaharlal Nehru, the interest of the nation was crucified to the larger extent in view of acceptance of the partition of India and creation of Pakistan with clashing of vested interest to rule the nation under the guise of the danger through external aggression. Mr Ram Manohar Lohia has adopted a viable political strategy on ideological pretence of uncompromising anti-congressism this fact was witnessed till the aggression of the China. This has provided a great setback in the advancement of socialistic strategy. After the death of Mr Jawahar Lal Nehru who based his policy by centralising the attention towards his foreign policy of diplomacy and certainly to build up the nation to certain extent but he meticulously failed to built up the defence against the external threat as a result of which India lost the he major portion of Kashmir and vast land in Chinese aggression. According to some spokesman of the relevant period the policy of Mr Jawaharlal Nehru was widely based on his diplomacy and appeasement and tactics through concession to the minorities by introducing the reservation policy of scheduled caste and scheduled tribes in the matter of employment for the limited period. The introduction of Hindu reforms against the prevailing abuse of power detrimental to the interest of woman through polygamy and contractual marriage and divorce amongst Muslims for which there was head on collision between Mr Rajendra Babu the President and Mr J. L. Nehru, but ultimately Mr Nehru succeeded in getting Hindu reform Bill introduced and past which was violative of directive principles of state policy of unified civil law. The dream of adopting the same law applicable irrespective of any creed, caste and religion in order to strengthen the integrity of our nation could not be fulfilled even after the dawn of 50 years of independence. IS IT DEMOCRACY Napoleon Bonaparte said; The crown of France was rolling inside the gutter, I simply picked up it, and put on my head. The religion and caste division amongst Hindu were being exploited by the invaders. Britishs sponsored the policy of divide and rule while politicians adopted a policy of the divide and spoil for their narrow gains in spite of the fact that it may be a threat to the nations unity and integrity of our country. Now nobody is looking forward to the vast problems of poverty, ignorance and disease. The divisive it forces of caste & religion imbalances through strong and resurgent India. Battle of Panipat and battle of Plassy were not fought due to such divisive forces on the caste line but they were conquered by making ourselves slave to our destiny by different dynasty. Excellence and social equality with greater attention to socially disadvantaged minority group was essentially required to be given pre- dominance to check up global economic scenario annual. There is no leadership of extraordinary commitment and alertness as in accordance with the changing emergence of technological and intellectual impact on our society, but there is role entrepreneurs invigourous wealth creation through a radical change inn our character . Let us be confined to a classless society in which there may not be any appeasement or reservation except the excellence in respect of our performance. Unfortunately the traitors inside the country has provided still worsted shadow of darkness by an eclipsed sun. The people of whole country was suffering from a poignant pain of agony. The universality of which carries in it a great dignity of consolation we have promulgated the undesirable elements in our population coupled with corruption, cruelty, callousness and a complete disregard of public welfare, which is flourish able poison in the air. With confounded speculation of Indias starvation; a terrorist decade of oligarchy and anarchy having appeasement party politics as antithesis to creativity and potential, which has provided an obstacle to our inherited great stilled splendor intelligence with our super entrepreneurial spirit of cultural heritage to naught with intellectual apathy, I have risen to the occasion with profound bleeding at my heart to fight against compulsive gamble bent upon ascending our invaluable legacy providing to be caricature to our noble democracy. We the Indias having 15%of world population and 54% of illiterate citizens of the world are having only 1.5% of world income going down word trend in the list of exporting country from 16th place to 45 place with less them of world to list traffic after 60 years of independence. Despite best ecological conditions and environment and natural resources we are amongst the 10th corrupt nations of the world. Scam of corruption, like Fodder Scam in Bihar, Harshad Mehta Scam, Cobbler Scam of Maharastra, Ayurvedic Scam in U.P., letter of credit Scam in Assam with 700 cases of corruption pending with C.B.I. is our identity. At least 40,000 criminal cases of kidnapping, murder, rape, gangsterism and Mafia Rule spreading the fear psychosis without having the printed proforma of F.I.R. and charge-sheet are the glorious instances in one State of Bihar, which is spreading the fire of greed and fears psychosis upon its people. About 240 public sectors enterprises by Union Govt. And 700 public sectors by the State Govt, are providing black hole in National Economy. The money guzzlers are extracting an exorbitant prices for Indian doctrinal socialism. The State of mobocracy in the strife of moral decay with facet of indiscipline, corruption and castism divisiveness with communal hatred, linguistic fanaticism, regional fancy and

caste loyalty have provoked the conscience of patriotism. About 120 millions cases pending in the different courts without any probable disposal, within a considerable time period may further provide the loss of countrys valuable potential. 25 north country global phenomenon are having only of worlds population having 70/ of wealth, 80/ of trade, 90/ of industries and 99/ of finest and most advanced research centre are having their vast potential. They started giving benefit of donation received through begging, but our countrys politicians have set up to regeneration of corruption through these donations. Thus keeping away from realities in allowing to perpetuate the corruption by dishonest opportunity and with caliber are ruling over the nation. State Govt. was spending Rs. 1,11,96,000/- during Miss. Mayawati chief minister regime on the security of V.I.P. every month against whom the allegation of misappropriation of Rs. 5000 crores were levelled in one public interest Litigation which were published in News Paper. This is all just to provide and boost the political career by our politician. The collusion Govt. of India and Govt. of U.P. having ideologically antagonistic with its alliance is a heterogeneous conglomeration of disparage and disparage interest designed mainly to hedge the power against interest of common citizen. Our thrust with destiny as boosted by our leaders at the time of independence has now been scattered into pieces, sheltered into the extinction of hopes and abrogated and subjugated with the misfortunate scenario of our prophesier democratic set up of the Country. The doctrinaire ethics of democratic values and conceptual phenomenon of so called socialism and secularism being antithesis to social justice and religious sentiment has further deteriorated the very foundation of our country solidarity amongst the citizens. We have formulated utopian empire which is having no existence. This is on account of our character assassination which is resultant into a wild fire meant for destroying the very fabric of our integrity and existence. Can we claim to enjoy our independence. Can we protect our nation from such anarchic situation. The answer convey the only recourse to be adopted i.e. the enforceable fundamental duties and strict discipline required to be implemented. Whether the army personnel deployed for protecting the Nation may not be assigned to fulfil the uphill task of providing a check to internal insurgency. Can still we enforce the necessity of maintenance of the strict discipline required to maintain by the Army personnel and not be our leaders, who have taken over the command like a diplomatic monarch in our country. Let us examine some of the drastic problem which has become the root cause of erosion of the traditional values of our culture. Political parties are gripped to below with the wind and bend with the glass. The collusion Govt. emerged at the state level INDIA India having influx of spirituality, rolling reverse like ocean, snow carpets and greens forest with the doctrines of immorality of soul the existence of supervising God as highest. The undying vigor and indestructible life is passing through the greed of corruption necatism and invasion with in itself a chaos confusion murdering fellow citizen just to satisfied the carnal desire has become the seenarrow to the masses . The problem in absence of national integration and loyalty of the citizen has become more complicated, more momentous due to diversification of the different, many segmentation of race hatred religion phantasm geographical and linguistic division. India is a country of Aryans Dravidian Tartar Turk Mogul and European with wonderful conglomeration of language and due to such differentiation, one in enjoying the ruling upon the exploitation of others. The raise difficulty, social difficulties are hindrance in unifine power of integration , the body of individual is degraded by the disease of lower vitality and its germ have entered and thrive in multiplicity . It is viragos. Thus we must go to the rout of the disease and cleanse the blood of all impurities. Our regeneration of national mind in the knife current will only annihilation for political and social impairment, to which spirituality can transform the good effect by self incarnation. We are borrowed a system alien to its governance, a system, the foundation of which are based upon the division the effort, masses, opportunities and wisdom, Can we expect any change without sacrificing our privilege which are enthuses to the fraternity of any individual citizen. The Gap between individual is wisdom due to non performance of the dirty while the custodian of the power and diversification of objective of the survival . we will have strong co-ordination with efficient administration. May not be carved out in the process of living, no change in the present situation may be anticipated. We fought our struggle for independence on the noble ideals of spectacle awaking but gradually by the process of the time, we have shown our characteristic that we are the hard of the animals who may require external subjection. It is the fear of loss of the power which make the individual more corrupt as to accumulate the well disproportionate to his a potential thus the sprit of the hoarding is directly reheated with the absolute power. Our tradition have soon that the ruler may not enjoy the privilege for living inside the palace but he may control the decorated identify of the king by living inside the hut like the sage. Where has gone this concept of ruling by Chanakya over Chandragupta Maurya . The king was not allowed to marry a girl of his choice but the national interest was discarded Sita from the leaving inside the palace when she is the existence of those day philosophy propriety scarifies and sincerity toward the nation. The dawn of independence has been the gradual relaxation on the radical innovation of having the plea of status Que. being ulcerated in the process of judicial approach . The dawn trodden class of citizen have started representation without even filing the complaint out the redressal of their grievances from the highest court of our country in the format of public interest litigation /so action litigation. What happened after the retirement of Justice V. K. Krishna Ayyar, Justice H. R. Khanna, Justice P.N. Bhagwati and Justice Kuldeep Singh, where are the existence of the remembrance to generating the impression of the gratitudes shown by the last British Chief Justice Justice Mutham tendering apology in the open Court before the as his lordship was not accustomed with the bearing/ putting of the / garment on his head/headgear/ Cap inside the Court Room, which was actually for paying the respect to the temple of the court and judicial system therein. The religion is fight quit apparent which fourthly the belief that it is only the fear psychosis in which the nature of an individual may be molded with discipline .The process of elevation of the judges to the Honble High Court and the Honble Supreme Court become an hierarchy of the succession . The individual who has never undergone the struggle for existence and the survival for whom was not the matter of the chance of beginning the san of a judge or a prominent lawyer, does not know the dimension of the pain suffered by the individual advocate in presenting a case and in exposing the cause of the litigant , thus this hierarchy based upon the inheritance of the professional acumenship is detrimental in the interest of the judicial institution

which is founded on conscience and sensitivity. How many judges are working by taking the pain in the process of carving out the relief to the litigant or we have adopted a system in judicial discipline which is based on authenticity and personal prejudice due to the inferiority complex derivable in the individual immediately after being alleviated as the Judge of the High Court .The individual who has not worked with delegations may never amendable to the listing of the individuals Advocates having more potential than that of the judge presiding over the Court . It is the cause of the litigant which should have give the due prominence, respect and adjudication of his cause must be done with sincerity not in casual manner as the litigants cause is supreme inside the court of law. The other aspect of the picture to weed out the prevailing melodies is by having the accountability of the individuals responsible for their dereliction in due discharge of their duties which has compelled an individuals to resort his setter inside the Court of the law. Nobody should have been expired n the society who commits the mistake by virtue of it right of other persons may be affected. He may be a politician adhering the seat of the head of the Government or he may be the Judge of the Honble High Court and Honble Supreme Court or in the third intense the executive assign with the responsibility but the rule of law may have predomination thus nobody should have been spared who provides the injuries to the other individuals otherwise the country may not be saved in legislator. The valuable saying of our Honble Chief Justice of India Mr. V. N. Khare and the senior most Honble Judge Of Supreme Court Honble Justice S. Rajendra Babu that it is the duty of the court to maintain the decorum as no one may feel announce due to the conduct and behavior of the Judge, presiding over the court and thus if the contempt is committed by the Honble Judges, they are equally responsible. Dissipation leads to depression ,boredom ,anxiety grumpiness and self distraction. We began to savoir a new cocktail of emotion. Urges are natural. Lose are artificial .A desire for something screener than a desire fulfill there is a mystery of unknown experience. The person to unravel perpetuity sheds novelty, economic, social and legal fray the adage of sharp instinct but its stuff remains the same. This is all die to the resign that the individual beside instinct, he is blessed with wisdom. Fascination is a strong human character .Age is of no significance a subtle under current could take the form of a strong wave of desire. Since human being is subjected to daily criticism, rude comments, lack of appreciation and respect from the environment, he starts feeling the need for mantel compatibility and to look on to mental emotional solace. Since time immemorial , man has been feared of the events that lie beyond the general purview of human understanding . Fear can often stem from stance of the most unlikely of things like love. Actually fear, is infect a sort of response to the stimulus which might stem from any object in the environment, aroused from the instinct of self reservation, escape, avoidance or of dangers. If after persisting all type of fears, one would be healthy, I fear not. The sensory reaction may keep us alive. It is a deference mechanism forever survival. The mind is so fragile that at any movement, one can cross over the barrier of moderation to an elevated degree. Although most people failure with the increase tension and desire to flee, that accompany fear, fem release that fatigue worry in decision and over sensitivity may be disguised manifestation of fear. A brave person is not one, who experiences is no fear but the one who acts courage, despite fear. In the human microcosm, there can not be a single wave in the mind stuff unconditional. Whenever virtue subsides and wickedness prevails, the wisdom comes. The most in congruous is jumping of idea without connection. This is the resign that we all are grown up children. There are certain questions as together the jeans persist to perpetuate corruption or the necessity is the mother of corruption, which could not be swallowed through enlightenment of the broad day light. The question arises who is responsible for our surrounding which is based on the foundation of the corruption still than we can desist it as known accepted phenomena of life. Actually the corruption is now so intermixed in our blood and our scenes have become so crippled to react, the spectacles may have no side effect to eliminate the process of disintegration and degradation, it is acting like a pesticide and feeding the entire system on the basis of which the foundation have themselves lost their significant. An iron cage is surrounding to ourselves. People are living in suffocation. The cage is indestructible. It has no ventilation. People are suffocation. One may shout louder whether he may be doing good turn to the inmates having sound sleep. People are inconvenience. If we go on convincing them, the next day they will speak what they had spoken earlier, thus by raising our voice whether we are doing any good turn to them. Since there is no refutation for hopes as hopes are belonging to the future, one-day a single day light may shallow our darkness. This is the resign I may keep on writing the article. India A functioning anarchy The birth of a socialistic pattern of society and mixed economy in the first decade of independence without any priority to defense production and for sound economy provided initially to confounded speculation about Indias starvation . There was settling down to take in its stride by the super nations, but their apprehension was belied by emergence of Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri as Prime minister. His favorite virtue of simplicity , outstanding characteristics of singleness of purpose and basic idea of rectification of wicked evils of exploiting the resources has converted the country revolution and simultaneously boosting the moral of our Army gave the success in 1965 Pakistans aggression and thereby capturing a vast territory of enemies land has provided the moral damage to the aggressors ambitions . Indira Gandhi vanquishing the predatory neighbor Pakistan for ever as the hesitant dictator , but her wrong diplomacy survived the terrorist decade of a fighter . Thus the first face of Indias socialism was replaced by populism replacing ideology and also absorptive nationalism and by embracing popularity oriented party policy . It began with profit oriented private and a quality unconscious public sector with narrow vision to make India a global economic power , but this utopian empire has been completed vanished in view of different conflicting ideological political differentiation due to parliamentarian system in the post independent era of our country . Our potential of unlimited reservoir of skilled labour and abundance traders skill for investment of capital have been submerged with diversification of vested political ambitions . This has provided an obstacle to our inherited great skilled splendored intelligence and our super entrepreneurial spirit to naught. The unified

political entity under British rule is now ahead to further split due to regional based political conception . The constitution of India designed to equip with substance to meet the challenges of the future in its spirit is now playing a role like a compulsive gambler bent upon ascending our invaluable legacy providing to be caricature of noble democracy . The spirit of social justice has been given up with no chance of its revival through shells of socialism making this preposition as fraud with people . This has provided the provided the transfer of material resources from honest to dishonest opportunists instead of poor people. There are 240 public sectors enterprises by union Govt. and nearly 700 by the state Govt , which are the black holes ; the money guzzles and they have been extracting an exorbitant price for Indian doctrinal socialism . The most persisting tendency in India has been to have to much Govt. and too little administration , too many laws , too little justice , too many public servants and too little public service, too many controls and too little welfare. The great mistake initially was to start with Adult Franchise . This should have been started with restricted system franchise and to make citizens graduated to Adult franchise and they may be worthy of discharging their duties through some value based education. The result is that our half of the population is literally illiterate . This is a state of mobocracy in the strife of moral decay with the facts of in-discipline , corruption and castism , divisiveness with communal hatred , linguistic fanatic regional fancy and caste loyalty are growing at the vitals of the unity And integrity of country. Interfaith and harmony and consciousness and essential unity may stop growing army of terrorists and professional terrorists , professional hooligans in order to save fellow citizens . The profound shells of culturally a kin , ethically identical , linguistically knit and historically related may remain intact , if we acquire a inner sense of national identity . We can only gain the wisdom of charish its priceless heritage and create a cohesive society, if we adopt the ideas for implementation in correct prospective instead of talking more about them. The power entrusted under the rule of law with the authority dealing with Govt. business is required to be discharge truly , objectively ,expeditiously with personal responsibility and it should not be leisurely taken due to obvious considerations , otherwise there may be the imposition of the costs for committing public injustice and to give the manipulators an opportunity to compound the camouflage and it may become counter productive with for reaching affect on public Administration exchequer deflecting the course of justice . Now Bureaucracy is only accountable to the political executives and hierarchical responsibility is inbuilt discipline .Thus there must be judicial accountability and review over the quasi judicial decision taken by the executive with proper accountability by imposition of the punishment and personal costs against the erring officers responsible for such injustice . The other factor requiring attention is for having a single window system in every public office with a senior officer found responsible in case of undue harassment to the public .It is high time to dealt with criminal activities with a presumption of guilt against the accused person as the plea of innocence is in contradiction of making arrest of individual involved in the crime .The fake entry in the revenue record , illicit means of registration , unauthorised possession land grabbing with the connivance of police officer are discontent strife for the commission of crime . The annihilation of the department record vested with property right is another source of providing resentment to the actual owner Vs ostensible possesors raisins construction. Thus these atrocities committed by the public authorities should be dealt with a exemplary punishment like that of the crime of financial irregularities and embezzlements. Our political master subverted the freedom of bureaucracy and moral values gradually disappeared . The greater the power vested in politicians, there is danger of becoming intolerant and authoritarian .There is gradual deterioration of extra-ordinary sagacity and wisdom with the custodian of public trust .There are dark cloud over our independence of judiciary . The Solomons throne representing to the judicial system is now supported by two lions representing the legislature and executives on both the sides . Although lion is still under the throne as it may not oppose the point of sovereignty vested in the rule of law , but still the Solomons conscience may be priced by sitting on chair of handicapped sub-silent instead of its own and thus the separation of power is the utmost consideration for the democratic values , for which the superior courts may play an active role to eradicate the evil of corruption . The solution lies in gradual transformation of power from the authoritarian type to the benevolent use of power by our politician . There must be an assurance for the right to work to every citizen .There should be the transparency in the functioning of their department dealing with the people in exercise of their duties in the welfare state. The barriers providing the restriction in dealing with the distribution of essential commodities which are perpetuating corruption should be dealt with appropriately as it may repose the confidence of the people in the present system and there by avoid them from suffering unnecessary harassment . This can be done by fixing the accountability in every system and against such individual who is vested with the power to dealt with the public otherwise the country may collapse by its own pressure . The system of caste , money power and criminalisation of politics has further provided the electoral system to a naught and it has been ridden with corruption without fulfilling the aspiration of the electorate and as such there is desirability for changing the present parliamentarian representative form of government to a responsible government which may have is wise for uplifting the cause of downtrodden in the society but may seldom exploit them to use for its own benefit .Thus the country may be saved from its own peril. OUR PARLIMANTARIAN DEMOCRACY AN ASSESSMENT OF PREVAILING MALADIES IN ITS RETROSPECT AND PROSPECT Rampant corruption is ascending in an alarming proportion towards the peak of the climax and so far its galloping race could not be halting even through thousand of acts and ordinance have beer assassinated. This picture og disharmony in the epic of progress never imperiled the fundamental of duty and obedience which is the basis of social discipline A disaster chaos confusion and penetration of hatred between reaction of citizen murdering the fellow bring in brutal manner destroying their property and even looting them just for satisfying their carnal desire have emerged into society. Illiteracy reigns with a complete absence of enlightened opinion which develops persistent to subordinate National interest to personal interest. Political parties motivated with vested interest dance to usurp power through any means fair or foul even at the cost of national interest. Party system has pushed to advance its own schemes upon the ruin of the rest. These are same, who are wedded to rest out corruption from public life, of course, their view looks very sound in the interest of the country but its implementation is not easy in the light that mostly these who are entrusted with such pious job to eliminate corruption, are themselves corrupt .We are now slaves of destructive elements and foreign ambitions. The human being is said to be in a

state of psychological retardations with the result that they act in nefarious activity with impurity. Actually fear of loss of power makes the individual corrupt, not the power as such. The robbers have generally plundered the rich, but the Government got generally use to plunder the poor person and protect those rich person who assist them in nefarious and criminal activities. However the robbers have risked their life while going such crime while Government risks nothing and base their activities on deception. The present set up had opened a channel of evils which has certainly increased the steam of maladministration. The main reason for this cancer, which is spreading like a wild fire is due to steep depression in standard of morality and lack of efficiency and corruption amounting to arbitrariness in its public services which an not be tackled through normal methods of accountability and central. National character is the basis nexus of any set up and in absence of it, the system is simply an anarchy. Such system without education is hypocrisy and nefarious king of government because it pre- suppose for personal responsibility that too often is neglected and as such it becomes more authoritative. Slogans do not solve the problems rather complicate them very deep. We have adopted an idea of welfare state but after several items of experience we bound it extremely difficult to achieve its successful working in our country. The attitude of general public, where criticism mainly consists of denouncing the receptive norms would be recorded to it, obviously become doubtful and it provides an excuse for tyranny and maladministration which has degenerated the national character. Through and proper assessment of legal, political and social condition is essential. The proper approach should be such as to neither demoralize the administration nor leave the citizen without adequate redressal. It is a delicate balancing. The greater the power given to executive, the greater the need to safeguard the citizen from their arbitrary and unfair exercise. Moral damage is more terrible, in aggressive Government is more to be roared than a tiger. Reason obeys itself while ignorance submitted whatever is dictated to it. Freedom does not mean abuse or liberty for license. Emancipations from individual fear is the real condition of knowledge. It is hard to fight for ones desire whatever it wishes to get, it is purchased at the cost of soul. Freedom requires obedience, endeavor, honesty, truthfulness, sacrifice, discipline and character. The heart has its reasons in every individual which reasons do not understand. Therefore a National character is essential. Experimentation is needed for implementation of schemes to propose the system of administration of justice and law which may suit to our system. Society is becoming more complicated to serve the purpose properly because legal justice has a system which is complex and complicated. The law to a certain extend brings with it evils of its own. The principle of natural justice for enforcement in the process of advancement of administration of law and justice is only useful if it is embodied with positive morality. Similarly the state, through the media of legislature and courts of law, has failed to achieve the objective to enforce implementation of justice. Civil litigation through the court of law compel in criminal proceedings, the accused is punished for his being failed to perform such obligation towards society and duty in respect of individual. There are also the instances where public wrongs are remedied through civil proceedings and likewise private wrongs are punished in criminal court. Some acts may be both civil wrong as well as a crime e.g. a thief may be punished for the offence of theft and an the some time may be forced to restore the stolen property to be real owner. There are certain cases where the enforcement of violated rights are impossible. The proper punishment for such offence is to deprive the accuse involved in such offences from their the victim or to the dependent of such deceased as the case may be. Every private wrong and refusal to discharge such obligations towards society must be dealt with criminal proceeding. Preventive measurements may be implemented even with a slight provocation of certain rights. Punishment is before all things deterrent and therefore the commission of such offence should be made equivalent to A Bad Bargain for the Offender. Punishment should not meant to prevent criminal but to make such punishment an example to the peoples having criminal tendencies as they may not dare to go for it. Deterring the people from breaking the law may protect the society. Penalty keeps the people under control, penalty protects them, penalty remains awaken when people are asleep. People are in check by punishment, for it is difficult to find a man who by nature sticks to the path of virtue. It is true that simultaneously however preventive punishment has some time have undesirable affect. It may harden the first offender or the innocent criminals who may have committed a crime under certain circumstances which might have never occur again in future and by putting them such criminals in association of hardened criminals, may not procure the desirable results. Therefore in awarding punishment the character and age of offender his breeding, education, environment and circumstances should have been taken into consideration under which crime was committed. The reformative system of punishment must not allowed to assume undue prominence. The emphasis should now be put on the circumstance which might have been responsible for commission of crime, wisdom and the call of humanity no doubt alike suggest that it, consistently with such primary objective the reformation of criminal can be brought about, no means should be emitted by which such desirable objective can be achieved. Therefore even the subsidiary purpose of penal discipline may be kept in the subordination to its primary and principal objective. In certain circumstances the person with whom wrong crime is committed may be allowed to take his revenge or to get adequate compensation from wrong door. The punishment must be inflicted for the role objective keeping in mind that the offender has committed a crime to some individual. Punishment should be imposed in order to avoid the danger of private vengeance. Let the debt be paid and wrong be expiated. We must not divorce the action of offender from his personality. It is better to prevent crimes, then to punish them because crime is a product of social excess. Frivolous litigation should be ironically dealt with by awarding the monetary benefit through exemplary penalty so that valuable time be compensated in term of money. We are still like cavemen, with our backs turn has had such diversity in unity where the politician has imposed mindless socialism on the nation, which held in all the peoples on devour and enterprise, which has resulted in the transfer of wealth from the honest rich to the dishonest opportunist, the present license quota Rajya has laid down money empire for bureaucracy. Indians are fifteen percent (15%) of world population and having 1.5% of worlds income. We are 54% of all illiterate of the world who are living in this country. Where 50 million Indians are seeking employment. In 1950 Indians ranks 16th in the list of exporting counties of the world. Now it ranks 43rd . In 1950, India had 2.2% of export of world market today its share stand to 45%. Population of HongKong is 0.7% and its land area is 0.03% of India and yet it has almost three times the trade of India. India has less than half of are percent of worlds tourist traffic. It is significant to mention here that north has only a quarter of worlds population and it has 70% of wealth and 80% of trade. It has 90% of Industry, 99% of finest and most advanced countries of learning and technology.

The total weight of their milk which is surplus is a million ten while the butter is 1.5 million tens. There is 20 million tons of surplus feed. It is interesting that our corruption prevents the benefit of aid from tackling down the poor, Aid goes into the private pockets and as such has stopped all such assistance, which they virtually find as surplus in their countries. A different set of considerations arise when politician ask another country to do finance the corruption in their own State. Mankind has a habit of serving the worst catastrophes created by its own error or by violent turn of nature. There is any meaning of life in its existence without self organizing chance if man is intended to survive. A half conscious leader must come out of his present chaotic life for ideal human unity and un-accomplished gospel and its preservation will only provide a chance for our success. There is no doubt that a race weary of its own bloodshed and divisiveness will ultimately give its way to a system, which offers the only chance for survival of the species. Conquest of India says nothing of any natural superiority on the part of Britishs and Mughal conquerors, but it is due to lack of character and discipline of Indians, who are subjected by exploiting the divisions and language from its invaders. Spain could not be able to conquer Dutch province with their petty population and the same is with Switzerland and Greeks in old time. Israel and Vietnam are the recent example. India on the other hand was conquered by an Army consisting of its own citizens and the remaining 1/5 part on the average of the invaders. Thus India can hardly be said to had been conquered at all by invaders. She was rather conquered herself. The truth is that there is no India in political and scarcely in any other sense. It is a geographical expression invaders subjugated and abrogated the resources of the country by its own weakness and succeeded in their policy of Divide and Rule. Which our politicians have borrowed in succession. Alexander invaded the country and defeated kind porus with the help of the Indian Rules. Since the time of rise of Mahmood Ghaznavi a steady storm of invasion has paved in India, because the tie of nationality was broken and patriotism has situation to their benefit by appeasement policy for traitors and alien to nation. The sacrifice and benevolent achievements by the patriots are subjected to humiliation with politicians, which ever the invaders were not doing with such impunity as they were having their character. Churchill has rightly expressed on eve of independence of our country, that we are committing a folly by giving the power in those hands, who do not know how to live, History will not forget us after the down of 45 years of independence in India as everything will be taxed except air and water, but unfortunately how ever the water and open air is taxed, which Churchill was counting in abundance in India. The diplomacy of British rulers is responsible for partition of India in 1947. They want to see the India continent divided into several political unit in order to Balinese the country. The wanted to keep the great nation internally weak and divided as part of their glival strategy and international power game. On 28th February, 1947 the Prime Minister of England made the following announcement:His Majesty Government, wish to make it clear that it is their definite intention to take necessary steps to effect the transference of power to responsible India hands by a date not later than June,1948. On 3rd June,1947 the actual plan proposal for the Britishs prepared partition of India. Since under Government of India Act 1935 the Britishs have provided separate electorate and communal representation to the Muslims, they took the under advantage in the High pitch of communal frenzy. Elections to the central legislative Assembly was held first. The Results of Election to the Central Legislative Assembly were known towards the end of December 1945. The Congress won overwhelming success in the general constituencies while Muslim League won all Muslim Seats. The nationalist Muslims mostly forfeited their deposits in many constituencies. Congress secured 91.3% of the votes cast in Non-Mohammed an constituencies and the Muslim league get 86.6% of the total votes cast in Mohammad an constituencies. The final figures were: Congress.57 Muslim League.. 30 Independents..5 Akali Sikhs.2 & Europeans.. 8 Total elected seats- 102. Elections to the provincial Legislatures followed shortly. The results in the different provinces may be summed up as follows:SINDH the Muslim League won 27 seats and one independent member jointed it after the elections. The Congress won 21 seats but was jointed by 7 members belonging to two other groups and by one independent labour members. Although the Congress coalition commanded a majority of one over the Muslim League. The leader of the League was asked to a form a Ministry by the Governor. II, N.W.F.P.: The Congress won 30 seats (including 19 Muslim seats) while the Muslim league got only 16. Dr. Khan Sahib formed Congress Ministry. III, Punjab :- Out of 175 seats, the results of the elections were as follows:1. Muslim League-75 Congress-51Akali Sikhs-22 2. Unionsits-20 3. Indepenents-7 There were some changes after the election. Congress and Akhil Sikhs formed a working alliance and failed. Eventually a coalition was formed between Congress, Akhil Sikhs and unionists, under Mr. Khizar Hyat Khan who formed the Ministry. BENGAL:- Our of 250 seats, the Muslim League won only 113 seats and the Congress get 87 seats. Mr. H.S.Shuhrawardy, the leader of the Muslim League negotiated with the Congress for a coalition, but being unsuccessful , formed a League Ministry with the support of independent members. In other provinces of Bombay, Madras, U.P., Bihar, Orissa and C.P., the Congress won an absolute majority. In Bombay Madras and Orissa provinces the Muslim League captured all the Muslim seats. In the other three provinces namely U.P. Bihar and C.P. the Muslim League captured 54, 34 and 13 seats, out of the total Muslim8. Muslim seats numbering 66,44 and 14 respectively. The ultimate out come of sudden and radical change had diversified effect and impact on religious fanatics of Muslim League represented by Pt. Nehru and Quaid Azam Jinnah bad gone wrong resulting in dis- service to the nation. They could have exposed the political game of British Government. It is unfortunate that in that high pitch of communal frenzy and vitalness the fate of Hindu and Sikh minority than living in Pakistan and the fate of Muslim minority then living in India, who were real victims, was unfortunately forgotten. It the British Rules would have completed to maintain law and order in whole of India till June, 1948, no prejudice would have caused to either party. Since all thinks were finally settled by 3rd June, 1947. The general expectations of subsiding communal madness by accepting partition of India were believed. Immediately, on the wake of partition, an in human tale of misery and we followed. Communal hatred, madness and barbarism had its free hand both in Pakistan and in India. According to some modest estimates, some six lakhs people lost their lives and some fourteen lakh had lost their homes. Americans did Sut by dropping Atom Bomb at Hiroshima and

Nagasaki in Japan, the Britishs have achieved here in India through diplomacy. Later remember the distress of Mahatma Gandhi on the wake of partition:For it was my desire to live up to the age of one hundred and twenty five years, but now I have no such desire. The objective before me was not just to attain freedom, but also to remove all the social ills in the society which had perturbed during the 200 years of the British Rule. They have practically divested us of our traditions of tolerance and harmony, and instead, fermented hatred and discord through their communal politics. I had thought that we could change the entire system and the people of this country and would live together like brothers, in love, harmony and peace, so that coming generations may be blessed with all of that, which we have been deprived of. Therefore, in addition to the freedom of my country relations between the Hindus and the Muslims, since I could not attain my objective, this freedom has become tainted. Today, when in see Hindus and Muslims separated, with more or less permanent gulf, I feel politically and spiritually defeated. I have no desire to live any longer. when I cannot remove this mutual hatred and ill- will between Hindus and Muslims, and cannot create feelings of love, peace and harmony in the name of God and religion, you tell me whether there is any paint in my living any more. I would prefer death to this kind of life. We could have accepted the extra t of speech given by Mr. Jinnah on 11.08.1947 initiated the policy of this Government as it is evident that like our national leaders, Mr. Jinnah had realized and openly admitted the folly of accepting partition on communal lines:If you change your past and work together in a spirit, that every one of you, no matter what community he belongs to, no matter what his colour, caste or creed, is first, second, and last, a citizen of this state with equal rights, privileges and obligations, there will be no end to the progress you will make. I cannot emphasize it too much, we should begin to work in that spirit, and in course of time, all these angularities, of the majority and minority communities, the Hindu Community and the Muslim community, because even as regards Muslims, you have pathans, Punjab, Shias, Sunnis and so on and among the Hindus you have Brahmins, vaishnavas, Khatris also Bengalis, Madrasis and so on, will vanish, you may go to your temples, to masques or any other place of worship, you may belong to any religion or caste or creed, that has nothing with the business of the State we are starting with the fundamental principle that we are all citizens and equal citizens of and State.. Social obligations necessarily has to meet out by these commitment of an individual which are required to reconcile such boundation of integration. We have divided our self into isolated do on in respect of our limitations . Such division of classes has invited an exploring situation for the class hatred with profound unbound zeal and enthusiasm. We have diversified our energies towards the sections of Communities has united individualist approach is social economic check up and political parties with shred policies have rather instigated such diversification in spirit for their virtuous objections. The situation has reached to a stage of class was between the follow citizens. We dont understand the consequences of our action and invite a trouble by our own in complete absence of enlightened state of affairs. The policy of diplomacy to dominate on the affairs by adopting course of action in the form of divide and Rule politics is worst in respect of its outcome for complete departure of social co-ordination is this process. These should not be of any under recognition to any community because as soon it thinks to have due credit and recognition by the ruling party, it starts to take under advantage of such state of affairs. It is the recommendable to abolish the recognition of any individual by his caste and creed but the recognition should have been the individual from his achievement, potentials, credence, contributions and social and economic conditions. We should have identified the individual not belonging as to any caste and community for availing and giving such protections. The worst amongst all is the problem in respect of National integration. Now India society is not he identity by its citizens but it has now become part with by many segmentation were every class and community is a component of such identity, We are living with the different associations having its recognition not on the basis of achievements but on the basis of individual caste and community. This has created an atmosphere of hatred between the sections of society. There should be a single religion, single caste and dominance and that should be known as Indian, only then the dream of National integration can be fulfilled. In such process of gradual evolution our party politics provides obstacles and impediments. Let us hope to come out with this maladies for the betterment national interest. The talk is not very easy to achieve but is also not one impossible. The first and foremost in this respect can only be done by discipline in younger generations. Hard work and dedications towards creative talk could provide it. Let us began with compulsory military training to every individual who attained the age of 16 years and it should be for five years and in this duration a good stipend and good environment should be provided to every youth according to environmental liking of the individual. It should be done with strict supervision under the Army, Navy and Air Force. The employment should be given only on the basis of the recommendations which the person achieve during his entire tenure of training under such discipline. It should not be recommendatory but it should be based on the potential analysis which should have to be examined during their competitions and exam in such duration. A Board of experts should be deputed to analyse individual activities and among those who may prove them salve to be a good administrator they should be allowed to form administration. Those who have their interest in sports should be allowed to go for their training. Those who believe in profession should be sent for studies and those who have scientific mind should be sent for research work and those who went to remain in Army they should have given a rank in Army and so on then only the dream of National integration can be fulfilled. Secondly, no particular community should be allowed to remain constantly on the identical situations but it is should be disbursed to the different regions and a good boons be allowed to be given to those who want to go to other province and in such a manner there will be mixing of different class, caste and communities through out the country. It must be make a rule that people of different province if they desire to settle in other part of the country then they will be given free residential accommodations into certain extend and better future prospects. There should not be any reservation in this respect. Government has vast land and it can be done on some places where no one is residing at present but in future there is a planning for development. The ecology and environment should also be duly protected while mixing the creed and caste of a particular description. There will be new problem like the problem of terrorists in Punjab, Kashmir and Assam. To my mind these problems are the creations of political parties and for the implementations of the task of National integration, the political person will provide the government obstacle. The shifting of individual community members to other province may be done at the cost of Government and every method must be provided for their rehabilitation. If any individual provide undue resistance in the process of reconciliation or he has no such spirit of National integration than the solution and alternative to deal with such individual in to conscience such individual from our persuasion and insistent and it was there after

does not deserve to provide any valuable assistance then he does not serves to utilise the resources of our country. He is just like a traitor and anti national and certainly he deserves for more deterrent punishment. Nothing can be more heinous crime that a crime of betraying to our great Nation. Let the contentious of some peoples or sacrificed for the betterment of the rest of the other people. National integration is born in the hearts of the citizen, inter faith, harmony and consciousness of essential unity of all religions is the first requirement of National integration. Time is flying. Therefore never we set it. When our body and mind will become weak and in firm, our efforts may lead us to vein. Every desire has tremendous force if accomplice with aspirations and grace of God. Thereafter the leader of success never seems to be crowded at top level. An urge may lead to a big surge. Bliss your purity. Fearlessness, purity of heart, steadfastness knowledge, Harmlessness, truth, peacefulness, absence of anger, vigour, forgiveness, fortitude purity and absence of hatred. The nature of prevailing maladies and inadequacy of existing remedies also requires a fresh appraisal. A lack of sense of duty and dedication towards public service and reluctance towards confirm ones own behavior to the accepted norms of honesty and probity in public life is the rest cause of such disharmony. This picture of disharmony in the epic of progress never imperiled the fundamentals of duty and obedience as the basis of social discipline. If honesty is considered to be stupidity, nothing can be achieved for eradication of corruption. The entire fabric of Indian society is saturated with galloping corruption which if not checked with iron hand will definitely ruin the every structure of countrys basis foundation resulting its collapse in all sphere pf management. Until and unless corruption is checked at top level of administration, the dream of illumination of the corruption from public life shall not be fulfilled. Therefore, it is for the Advocate to take the command as advocacy is not a craft, but a calling of the time, a profession which is dedicated for devotion to duty and constitutes the hall mark. Implementation of strong ideas for betterment of mankind requires steadfast wisdom. Such new and triumphant idea should burst every chain which tends to paralyse its efforts to push forward. Most of the people tend to see nothing or, to be more correctly stated, not incline to observe and take anything in notice because this is simplest and cheknest attitude to adopt. The ensuring success are mostly least understand at the beginning because they are usually in strong contrast of public opinion. Calamities are touch stone of Brave mind. Adversary leads a man to reach the path of prosperity and happiness which is ultimately leading to the feeling of self contentment. Those who are dying in starvation, the greatest seems to have the dust and smoke over their inner conscience their remains always the conflict between right and wrong. Crimes speaks in it by over shadowing thoughts. Therefore it is rightly said that every action has it immediate reaction. One can get the answer towards his life when he attains the stage of self realisation passions, conflict of mind if diversified to right directions trends a man towards reformative approach of life. The majority can that the majority represent not only the ignorant people but also the cowardice mentality. . Since hundred of black head person do not equal one man of wisdom as such the parliament democracy is not capable of any political line of action which requires moral strength and fortitude . There is no responsibility on the individual leader. This creates apathetic mediocrity. These leaders placed their energy for their position and they find difficult to wait for theyre when their number comes after waiting over others. Thus they may use to stand in a long queue, painfully and anxiously waiting for their turn by counting the number of those ahead of them and planning for same scandal which may remove one of the aspirant waiting ahead of them. In this process if by chance somebody sticks too long in his office then the leader placed subsequently in the long queue consider this fact as a breach of undertaking based on sacrosanct contract and mutual solidarity. This leads over his chair for public disposal. In this process the leader placed on the top of a particular political party has a very little chance of getting another opportunity and this process continue for a long period by keeping all of the other important matter in the interest of the nation. Power does not make a man corrupt but it is the fear of loss of the power, which makes the man corrupt. Thus the leader of the party placed in the highest office heading the entire country at his disposal and some time the Chief Minister of the particular State becomes an instrument of exploitation of the resources of the country and some time the interest of country in itself is being sold to other person inimical to the interest of the Nation. The result of this is that in such a state, the succession of sudden change in public position and in public office, has a very disadvantageous effect on the situation. Therefore only the ignorant and incompetent person may fall the victim of such mediocrity parliamentary system which is a deception on the democratic set up. The people depends on their fate just to take a chance for another change in the position of the leadership. As soon as the superior quality of such leader are recognised, there will be a joint front against him and such leader will be fallen in the habit of intermingling with nincompoops on their own levels. These vitious element wait to have their own company and will take a hostile rant leader is so blind in their dis-mention that they crucify the interest of the Nation by seeing the entire Nation into turmoil and anarchy. This leads to an inevitable result that the intellectual level of ruling class sinks to the rest by falling the tree of the National Prosperity. Mentle equipment requires moral strength and fortitude anything great can not be achieved without danger. If there can be time to expose the falsehoods and fallacies through discussion just to avert the evil in the process of gradual evaluation, the remedy is to be applied by way of more speech not by enforced silence. We have a burning soul for having a burning soul for having a breath of reincarnation to build up a ship of progress which may sail our beat. In such gradual advancement certainly we have to pay the toil of our courage and enthusiasm. We can not remain as silent spectator by visualising the remains of bashes and flowers which in gradual disintegration may diminish the image of reformation. Our potential will prove the power to resist against the evil disasters which can only survive through out will power. It has been rightly observed that civilisation beings in order, grows with liberty and ultimately dies in chaos. As such civil liberty are always safe as long as his or her exercise do not bother anyone. No state can justify the existence of administration of justice, if it fails to perform the maintenance of right within a political community by means of physical force of the state. Our present Administration system and judicial institution are nothing to do with the steady spontaneous growth of deteriorated state of our society which is considered for vacillation of purpose and exhibited in those experiments. The conflicts of opinion and rivalry of interest influence them. There is no steady advance towards higher condition of progress. If it require by reason is power of law which is incapable to keep society in awe and as such it is not possible for an individual to live in society. Legal justice can only be represented through collective wisdom which is to be preferred to the wisdom of any individual. Legal justice has failed to serve the purpose of society because it is becoming more complicated and right as well as conservative as a result it gives more importance to form than to substance. Life is a sky look , always it demands, the entire world worship to ascending sun. A successful man is always for bidder of individual success. Ultimately we have to choose between the reason and sentiments. We have to stake our life to win the

life for our self. A small movement may best serve as an instrument to serve its own way. The strong is strongest when alone. The impossible is often unified. We should not forget to Tennessees charge of light brigade. There is not to make reply, There is not to reason why, There is but to do and die. Life is only an urge to move on this so; it is transcript. I slept and dreamed Life was beauty I woke and saw Life was duty Die and you will win heaven; conquer and you enjoy sovereignty of the earth, therefore stand up determined to fight. The man dwelling on senses objects develops attachment from them, and he who lacks determination is devoid of the faith, and is at the same time possessed by doubts who is lost to the spiritual path. For the doubting soul there is neither this world nor the world beyond, nor even happiness. Sensibility leads a man towards abnormality, but in sensibility lead a man towards crime. Certainly you are not a criminal as you can very well digested. Man generally forgets anything effecting superficially to his psychology, but once he has been attached to his ultimately he becomes the burn which is not easy to discharged in ordinary process. Then he adopts, either forgiveness to his weakness or synthesised his best to see his face in mirror, which may perchance leads to happiness. Trafficking in doubtful claims, one of the least attractive phase of litigation in this country, which find no encouragement in such a system, while the right of the creditors are postcode with a jealously not less scrupulous than that which we find in the system with which we are more familiar. The order of lawyers are conservative by instinct and there are not a few who believe not only in the necessity but in the absolute sacredness of every technical rule, however unreasonable, and who see nothing but peril in innovations, however beneficial. The lawyers are always having perplexed with fear of change. He knoweth not the law who knoweth not the reason there of, therefore, it is not advisable to live in cloistered seclusion, detached from the world and all its pursuits. If you are ever tempted to join in the fierce hunt after the vulgar prizes of the world, remember that after all. That accretes and frets his hour upon the stage, and then is heard no more. There is a land in the present age, Where the people live in graves Liberty, freedom all unknown, Service and be slaves. The people are living in free past glory of their own as an outright, beggars would had sung, Well once upon a time. I was a king When such of the attitude of the people How can they get the freedom, Least to talk of liberty. Yet a certain day may come When the people will hum In the orchard of freedom Taste the juice of liberty. (Not hearsay, not gossip, not publicity, but action.) PARTITION OF INDIA A Pure Political Game A TIME LIKE OUR DEMANDS STRONG MIND, GREAT HEART, TRUE FAITH AND READY HANDS ; MEN, WHOM THE LUST OF OFFICE DOES NOT KILL; MEN , WHOM THE SPOILS OF THE OFFICE CAN NOT BUY; MEN, WHO POSSESS OPINION AND WILL ; MEN, WHO HAVE HONOUR ; MEN WHO WILL NOT LIE ; MEN, WHO CAN STAND BEFORE THE TEMOGOGUE AND DEMN HIS TREACHEROUS, FLATTERIES WITHOUT WINKING; TALL MEN, SUN CROWNED, WHO LIVE ABOVE THE FOG IN PUBLIC DUTY AND IN PRIVATE THINKING . He who having sworn by solemn oath at his coronation to protect the people from wrongful operation, fail to do so should be slain as a mad dog---Mahabharat Leave this chanting and singing and telling of beads whom dost thou worship in this lonely dark corner of a temple with all doors shut? He is there where the tiller is tilling the hard ground and where the path maker is breaking stones. Put off the Holy mantle and even like him come down on the dusty soil. The distress of Mahatma Gandhi on the wake of partition of Indian continent may still be heard from a distant voice calling to the people to unite and the unity in diversities may provide Indias survival as a nation before partition which depends on a wider vision of unity based on inter-dependence based on the sub continents and secularism and social justice. Let us try to hear again how distressed Mahatma ji was at the turn of events on the wake of partition: So far it was my desire to live up to the age of one hundred and twenty five years, but now I have no such desire. The objective before me was not just to attain freedom, but also to remove all the social ills in the society which had pestered during the 200 years of the British Rule. They have practically divested us of our traditions of tolerance and harmony and instead fomented hatred and discord through their communal policies . I had thought that we could change the entire system and the people of this country and would live together as brothers in love, harmony and peace, so that coming generations may be blessed with all of that , which we have been deprived of. Therefore in addition to the freedom of my country , the primary objective of my life was maintenance of cordial relations between Hindus and Muslims since I could not attain my objective , this freedom has become tainted .Today when I see Hindus and Muslims separated with more or less permanent gulf , I feel politically and spiritually defeated . I have no desire to live any longer .when I cannot remove this mutual hatred and ill will between Hindus and Muslims , and cannot create feeling of love peace and

harmony in name of God and religion , you tell whether there is any point in my living any more ? I would prefer death to this kind of life. Partition of India was purely a political game fought with a mark of religious fundamentalism the speech of Quaid Azam Zinnah on 11-08-1947 who vehemently advocated the two nation theory was enunciated the Government of Pakistan policy has also realised the folly committed in accepting partition on communal lines in these words: If you change your past and work together in spirit that every one of you , no matter what community he belongs to, no matter what his colour , caste or creed , is first , second and last , a citizen of this state with equal rights, privileges and obligation there will be no end to the progress you will make. I cannot emphasise it too much ; we should begin to work in that spirit , and in course of time , all these angularities , of the majority and minority communities, the Hindu community and the Muslim community , because even as regards Muslims, you have Pathans, Punjabis, Shias , Sunnis, and so on and among the Hindus you have Brahmins , Vaishnavas, Khatris also Bengalis Madrasis and so on , will vanish. You may go to your temples, Mosques or any religion or caste or creed, that has nothing to do with the business of the state .We are starting with the fundamental principle that we all citizens and equal citizens of one State. The general expectations that by accepting partition of India , communal madness would subside and peace would prevail and both countries would live like good neighbours and friends, were belied immediately on the wake of partition , in human tale of woe and misery followed communal hatred ., madness, barbarism and its free hands both in Pakistan and India according to an estimate about 6 lacs people lost their lives and 14 lacs had lost their homes. The religious fanatism spread over the Indian continent in bitterness and repeated the story of shame and barbarity. Large scale exodus of refugees and their rehabilitation , subsequent three wars fought with severity loosing the life of many patriot living in both the sub continent, river water dispute and still continuing to create fresh problems of terrorism and sabotage with hostility and mutual suspicion in the inhabitants living between the two states, large scale violence , regional problem are the direct out come and the after effect the partition of India Time is a three -fold -present; the present as we experience it, the past as a present memory and future as a present expectations. The expectations cannot be the same as anticipation . A wish a desire or a hope however earnest and a sincere a wish, a desire or a hope may be and one may confidently look to them to be fulfilled the same cannot be an asserted expectation . A pious hope leading to a moral obligation can be infect only if it is founded on the sanction of reason and to fulfil such expectation should be justifiably protected through analysis as rectification to fructify into a right in the conventional sense. Thus a protection of such expectation may be required through overriding public opinion and public interest which can provide substantive justification to germinate the idea of unification of the old House of Indian continent by demolition of those walls, consisting of armed forces on whose maintenance 60% of the national income used to be expended and thereby perpetuation of the hatred coupled with community frenzy between the people living in both the subcontinent, has now the need of the time. Let us examine the factors responsible for the partition of India , certain extra-ordinary emotional circumstances in the event of quick succession rushed through a very disparate speed which caught in the whirl wind having a sort of commutative effect on our national life. The operation of the system of working of two political parties that is Indian congress and Muslim league and lack of collective wisdom in the leaders of both the political party had ultimately resulted into the partition of Indian continent . Gandihiji observed after the partition when the congress leaders had virtually buried him a life , Gandhiji gave the said spirited reply I cling to the hope that I am not yet buried alive. The hope rests on the belief that massed have not lost faith in my ideals . When it is proved that they have, they will be lost and I can then be said to have been buried alive. But as long as my faith burns bright, as I hope it will even if stands alone , I shall alive in the grave, and what is more , speaking from it. The life is worthless which ignores or disregards moral values. With the demand for local self government the tempo of national movement gain movement gain momentum , thus the government of India act 1909 Known as Morely Minto Act was passed by the parliament of England. Then came the first world war 1914 in which the people of India forgetting all differences , cooperated in anticipation of self government and Home rule after the war . This was done on the basis of pronouncement in parliament on 20th August 1917 regarding assurance as per policy of British government for granting responsible government by providing for the increasing association of Indians cocuy branch of Indian administration and for gradual development of self governing institution with a vision to progressive realisation of responsible government in India as an integral part of British empire and there after quit of India. Act 1919 was passed by the parliament. The governor general issue ordinance which were to have the free of law for six months. The Indian people had expected much more and men co-operation , civil discipline disobedience movements and terrorist activities started . Inspired communal riots insisted the necessity to send statutory commission popularity knew as Simon commission for England in 1927 to study the problems which was boycotted by Indian national congress. The commission submitted its report vehemently condemning diarchy which was discussed at round Table conference led to the government of India Act !935. Sir Stafford Cripps made negations with the acceptance that the elected body of Indians should frame the Indian constitution and for the purpose cabinet mission was send to assist the viceroy in setting up the constitution and to mediate between the congress and Muslim league. The plan was made public on May 16, 1946. India was to remain one state with the central government power to empire to Foreign affairs, communication and defense. The provinces would be grenped geographically into three regions, are predominantly Hindu other Muslim and third nearly equal population of the communities. Both Congress and Muslim League accepted the cabinet mission plan . Government of India Act 1935 has provided separate electorate and communal representation in the central and provincial legislature. To strengthen hands of all India Muslim league that critical stage in 1945 , British Government had decided to hold general election both for central legislative assembly and provincial legislature under the government of India Act 1935. In that high pitch of communal frenzy, the result was foregone conclusion. Elections to the central legislative assembly were held first. The results of election to the to the central legislative assembly were known towards the end of December 1945. The congress won overwhelming success in the general constituencies while Muslim league won all the Muslim seats. The nationalist Muslims mostly forfeited their deposits in many constituencies. Congress secured 91.3%of the votes cast in Non Mohammedan constituencies and the Muslim league got 86.6 % of the total votes cast in Mohammedan constituencies. The Final Figures were Congress .57

Muslim League 30 independents 5 Alkali Sikhs 2 European 8 Total elected seats.102 Elections to the provincial legislature followed shortly. The results in the different provinces may be summed to as follows : i) Sindh The Muslim league won 27 seats and one independent member joined it after the election. The congress won 21 seats but was joined by seven members belonging to two other group And by one independent labour members . Although the congress coalition commanded a majority of one over the Muslim league. The leader of the league was asked to form a ministry by the Governor. ii) N.W.F.P : The Congress won 30 seats (Including 19 Muslim seats ) while the Muslim league got only 16 Dr.Khan Saheb formed congress ministry. iii) Punjab out of 175 seats the result of the election were as follows : 1)Muslim league 75 2)Congress 51 3)Akali Dal 22 4)Unionist 20 5)Independents 7 There were some changes after the elections ,Congress and Akali Sikhs formed a working alliance and invited Muslim league to join it. But the negotiation failed . Eventually a coalition was formed between Congress, Alkali Sikhs and unionist , under Mr. Khizar Hyat Khan who formed the ministry . iv) Bengal :Out of 250 seats , the Muslim league won only 113 seats and the congress 87 seats. Mr. H. S. Shuhrawardy the leader of the Muslim league negotiated with the Congress for a coalition , but being unsuccessful, formed a league ministry with the support of independent members . v) In other Provinces of Bombay , Madras, U.P, Bihar and C.P the Muslim league captured 54,34 and 13 seats , out of the total Muslim seats numbering 66,40 and 14 respectively . vi) The result of the election in the provinces confirmed the deductions made on the basis of the election to the central legislative assembly . They proved that the congress and the Muslim league were the only two parties that counted in the country ,representing respectively the Hindus and the Muslim communities, except in the N.W.F.P and Singh . But it is noticeable that the Muslim league could not get absolute majority anywhere , even in the Muslim Majority Provinces. It is significant to note that apart from all other factors it is the diplomacy of the then British Rulers that was mainly responsible for partition of India. While leaving India their main attempt was to hustle everything with undue haste and to balkanise India into several political units. Ultimately India was partitioned into two states and leaving 500 and odd Indian states as independent units giving option to them either to join India or Pakistan as per their discretion . It is obvious that the British rulers wanted to keep always , a vast country like India, internally weak and divided ,as part of their global strategy and international power game . On May 15 just before the dispatch of the Cabinet delegation to India , Mr Attlee , the British Prime Minister, used these words --My colleagues are going to India with the intention of using their utmost endeavor to help her attain her freedom as speedily and fully as possible .What form of government is to replace the present regime is for India to forthwith the machinery fore making that decision But if she does so elect it must be her own free will . The British common wealth and empire is not bound together by chains of external compulsion. It is a free association of free peoples. If on the other she elects for independence, in our view she has a right to do so It will be for us to help to make the transition as smooth and easy as possible . Charged in these historic words we - the cabinet ministers and the Viceroy have done our utmost to assist the two main political parties to reach agreement upon the fundamental issue of the unity or division of India After the prolonged discussion in New Delhi we succeeded in bringing the Muslim league together in conference at Simla . The size of the non Muslim minorities in a Pakistan comprising the whole of six provinces enumerated above would be very considerable as the following figures show North western Area----Muslim Non Muslims Punjab 16,217, 242 12,201, 577 North west frontier Provinces 2,788, 797 249,270 Sind 3,208, 325 1,326,683 British Baluchistan 438, 930 62,701 22653294 13840231 62.07% 37.93 % North Eastern Area--Bengal 33005434 27301 091 Assam 3442479 6762254 36447913 34063345 ( Based on Census 1941) These figures show that the setting up of a separate Sovereign state of Pakistan on the lines claimed by the Muslim League would not solve the communal minority problem ; nor can we see any justification for including within a sovereign Pakistan those districts of Punjab and Assam and Bengal in which the population is predominantly non Muslim. Every argument that can be used in favour of Pakistan can equally in our view be used in favour of exclusion of Non- Muslims area in Pakistan. This point particularly affect the position of Sikhs. Six major proposals Common case recommended that the constitution should take the following basic form 1)There should be a union of India , embracing both British India and the states which should deal with the following subjects :-- Foreign Affairs ; defence and communication ; and should have the powers necessary to raise the finances required for the above subjects

2) The Union should have an executive and a legislature constituted from British Indian

3) 4) 5) 6)

and states representatives Any question raising a major communal issue in the legislature should require for its decision a majority of the representatives present and voting of each of the two major communities as well as a majority of all the members present and voting. All subjects other than the union subjects and all residuary powers should vest in the provinces. The states will retain all subjects and the powers other than those ceded to the union. Provinces should be free to form Groups with executives and legislatures , and each group could determine the provincial subjects to be taken in common The constitutions of the union and of the groups contains a provision whereby any province could by a majority , vote of its legislative assembly call for a reconsideration of the terms of the constitution after an initial period of 10 years and at 10 yearly intervals thereafter.

After careful consideration conclusion was that the fairest and most practicable plan would be

a) To allot to each province a total number of seats proportional to its population, roughly in the ratio of one to
a million , as the nearest substitute for representation by the adult suffrage. their population .

b) To divide this provincial allocation of seats between the main communities in each province in proportion to c) To provide that the representative are allotted to each community in a province shall be elected by the
members of that community in its legislative assembly. Table of representation Section A Province General Muslim Total Madras 45 4 49 Bombay 19 2 21 United Provinces 47 8 55 Bihar 31 5 36 Central Provinces 16 1 17 Orrisa 9 0 9 Total 167 20 187 Section B Province Punjab N.W.F.P Sind General 8 0 1 Total 9 Section C General 27 7 34 .. .. Muslim 16 3 3 22 Sikh 4 0 0 4 Muslim 33 3 36 Total 28 3 4 35 Total 60 10 70 292 93 385

Province Bengal Assam Total Total for British India Maximum for Indian states

Viceroys broadcast (May 17 , 1946) I wonder whether you realise that this is the greatest and most momentous experiment in government in the whole history of the world a new constitution to control the destiny of 400,000,000 people . A grave responsibility indeed on all of us who are privileged to assist in making it. Lastly I must emphasise the seriousness of the choice before you . It is the choice between peaceful construction or the disorder of civil strife , between ordered progress or confusion . I am sure you will not hesitate in your choice for co-operation . May I end with some words which were quoted by one great man to the other at a crisis of the late war , and may well be applied to India at this crisis ? Thou too , sail on , O ship of the state , Sail on , O Union , strong and great : Humanity with all its fears With all the hopes of future years, Is hanging breathless on thy fate. Letter from the president of the Muslim league to Lord Pethick -Lawrence , dated May 8 , 1946 I have now receive the letter of your private Secretary , dated May 8 ,1946 and the enclosed document to which you had referred in your letter of May 8, 1946 . It is proposed by you that this paper be discussed at the next meeting of the conference to be held on Thursday afternoon at 3 p.m if this is agreeable to the Muslim league delegation . Your proposal embodied in your letter of April 27, 1946 , runs as follows : A union government dealing with the following subject -----Foreign Affairs ,Defence and Communications . There will be two groups of the provinces , the one of the predominantly Hindu provinces and the other of the predominantly Muslim provinces , dealing with all other subjects which the provinces in the respective groups desire to be dealt with in common The provincial government will deal with all other subjects and will have all residuary sovereign rights Mr Jinnah speaks on the Missions proposal (May 22 , 1946) I have now before me the statement of the British cabinet delegation and the viceroy dated May 15 .Before I deal with it I should like to give a background of the discussion that took place at Simla from May 5 onwards till the conference were declared concluded and its breakdown announced in the official communiqu dated May 12.

We met in conference on May 5 to consider the formula of embodied in letter of the secretary of state of India dated April 27 inviting the league representatives The formula was as follows : A Union government dealing with the following subjects :foreign affairs, defence and communications. There will be two groups of provinces the one of the predominantly Hindu provinces and the other of the predominantly Muslim provinces dealing with the all other subjects which the provinces in the respective group desire to be dealt with in common. The provincial governments will deal with all other subjects and will have all the residuary sovereign rights. MUSLIM LEAGUE DEMANDS Muslim league position was that : Firstly the zones comprising Bengal and Assam in the north -east and the Punjab , the N.W.F.P, Sind and Baluchistan in the north west of India constituted Pakistan zones and should be constituted as a sovereign , independent State and that an unequivocal undertaking be given to implement the establishment of Pakistan without delay . Secondly, that separate constitution making bodies be set-up by the people of Pakistan and Hindustan for the purpose of framing their respective constitution. Thirdly , that the minorities in Pakistan and Hindustan be provided with safeguards on the lines of the Lahore resolution. Fourthly, that the acceptance of the league demand and its implementation without delay were a sine qua non for league co-operation and participation in the formation of an interim Government at the centre. Fifthly, it gave a warning to the British Government against any attempt to impose a federal constitution on a united India basis or forcing any interim arrangement at the centre contrary to the league demand and that Muslim India would resist if any attempt to impose it were made. Besides such an attempt would be the grossest breach of faith of the declaration of his Majestys Government made in August 1940 with the approval of the British Parliament and subsequent pronouncement by the Secretary of State for India and other responsible British statesmen from time to time reaffirming the August declaration. Hindu Mahasabhas resolution The All India committee of Hindu Mahasabha notes that the fundamental principles of the Hindu Mahasabha, namely the unity and integrity of India , has been accepted only in theory by the cabinet Mission by their proposal for the formation of one Indian union and by their rejection of Pakistan. But the committee regrets that in practise this has been whittled down and the apprehension of the communal domination of the Muslims has been unduly exaggerated , although the apprehension of the minority in the Muslim majority area has been totally ignored. The Hindus , as such have no existence in the political scheme of the mission and have been lumped together with others under the misleading category of General The Mahasabha has opposed Pakistan or the partition of India into two entire sovereign states not on sectional or communal grounds but in the interest of India as a whole . The Central Government as envisaged in the cabinet Mission proposal will be too weak. To pull her full weight in the international world. The committee reiterates its demands for the formation of a strong central Government to check and control the disruptive forces in the Indian body politic and to pool all national resources for effective planning in order to prevent the economic exploitation of the poor masses. World security is linked up with the building up and maintenance of a really free and prosperous India . That object can never be achieved with a truncated centre and a hybrid constitution based on artificial grouping of the provinces with residuary powers vested in them. Those provinces will then be in a position to put up tariff walls and to clog the progress of India in the social and economic fields. In order to make effective any large scale economic and administrative and to prevent the disintegration of India after the withdrawal of the British power of India , it is essential that the centre should be strong enough and should be clothed with constitutional authority to deal with customs tariffs currency , banking , and other subjects should have authority to intervene in cases of emergency minority oppression or inter-provincial deadlock and to co-ordinate All India resources to fight famine and pestilence . The Mahasabha cannot accept any constitution which negatives in actual practise , the salutary principle of Indias integrity. It stands for an indissoluble union of provinces which may be re-constituted on cultural and linguistic basis. The dominant idea lies behind the cabinet mission is to appease the Muslim league to the detriment of all other minorities . The Mahasabha is opposed to a complicated machinery which seeks too set-up a three Decker constitution and which will place the Hindus of Punjab ,Bengal , Assam , Sind and the N.W.F.Province as well as the entire Sikh community at the mercy of Pakistanis and which will not provide any acceptable solution of the communal of the communal problem. The injustice done to the Hindus and Sikhs in Punjab, Bengal and Assam is further intensified by reason of the fact that these are vast areas in these provinces which are predominantly non Muslim . The committee demands that the artificial systems of grouping and the sub federation should be withdrawn . The constitution should be framed on the recognition of the principle of the sovereignty of the people. There should be one constituent assembly which will frame the constitution of the provinces . We are opposed to introduction of the principle of regionalism based on communalism and to the grant of residuary powers to the provinces. The Mahasabha is also opposed to the pernicious principle of the parity in any shape or form . The committee notes that one of the principles for which the hindu Mahasabha stood , viz. representation on the basis of population strength has been recognised by the cabinet mission in the constitution of the constituent assembly which is based on principle of one representative for one million people But this very principle has been vitiated in allowing the European members of Bengal and Assam Legislative assemblies to vote for or stand as candidates for the constituent Assembly . Thus of Hindu members of these assemblies will be deprived of their own choice in proportion to their population. The committee demands that the sovereign status of the constitution assembly should be recognised so that Indians may frame a constitution for themselves. The minority must not be allowed to veto the progress of the majority or to retard the building up of a healthy , self sufficient and prosperous India. The Committee records its emphatic opinion that the scheme is inspired by the pro Muslim league tendencies of the British government, strengthened by the policy of appeasement pursued by the congress. The scheme is unacceptable to the Mahasabha unless it is modified in respect of the fundamental defects enumerated in this resolution .

The committee calls upon the Hindu status to realise the danger inherent in these proposals and urges upon them to mobilise the public opinion effectively so that these proposals are not implemented , unless suitably modified in order to meet the aspiration of a free and united Hindustan. The committee cannot accept the basis on which the interim government has been constituted by the viceroy . The principle of parity between caste Hindus and Muslims which formed part of the Wavell plan in June 1945 has been received and thrust upon the country . This was condemned by the Mahasabha as antidemocratic and anti Hindu . Besides it runs counter to the principle of representation on population strength applied by the cabinet mission itself to the composition of the constituent assembly . Resolution of the congress working committee (April 2, 1942) The working committee have given their full and earnest consideration to the proposals made by the British War cabinet in regard to India and the elucidation thereof by Sir Stafford Cripps . These proposals , which have been made at very last hour because of compulsion of events , have to be considered not only in relation to Indias demand for independence, but more especially in the present grave war crisis with a view to meeting effectively the perils and dangers that confronts India and envelops the world. The congress has repeatedly stated , ever since the commencement of the war in September 1939, that the people of India would line themselves up with the progressive forces of the world and assume full responsibility to face the new problems and the shoulder the new burdens that had arisen , and it asked for necessary conditions to enable them to do so to be created . An essential condition was the freedom of India , for only the realisation of the present freedom could light the flame which would illumine millions of hearts and move them to action. At the last meeting of the all India congress committee , after the commencement of the war in the pacific , it was stated that only a free and independent India can be in a position to under take defence of the country on a national basis and be of help in the furtherance of the larger causes that are emerging from the storm of war The British War cabinet s new proposals relate principally to the future upon the cessation of the hostilities . The committee , while recognising that self determination for the people of India is accepted in the principle in that uncertain future , regret that this is fettered and circumscribed and certain provisions have been introduced which gravely imperil the development of a free and united nation and the establishment of a democratic state. Even the constitution body is so constituted that the peoples right to self determination is viated by the introduction of non-representative elements . The people of India have a whole clearly demanded full independence and the congress has repeatedly declared that no other status except that of independence for the whole of India could be agreed to or could meet the essential requirement of the present situation. The committee recognise that future independence may be implicit in the proposals, but the accompanying provisions and restrictions are such that real freedom may well become an illusion. The complete ignoring of the ninety millions of the Indian states and their treatment as commodities at the disposal of their rulers is a negation of both democracy and self determination . While the representation of an India state in the constitution - making body is fixed on a population basis , the people of the state have no voice in choosing those representative, nor are they to be consulted at any stage , while decisions vitally affecting them are being taken . Such states may in many ways become barriers to the growth of Indian freedom , enclaves where foreign authority still prevails and where the possibility of maintaining foreign armed forces has been stated to be a likely contingency, and a perpetual menace to the freedom of people of the states as well as of the rest of India .The acceptance beforehand of the novel principle of non accession for a Province is also a severe blow to the conception of Indian unity and an apple of discord likely to generate growing trouble in the Provinces , and which may well lead to further difficulties in the way of Indian states merging themselves in Indian Union. The congress has been wedded to Indian freedom and unity and any break in that unity especially in the modern world when peoples minds inevitably think in terms of ever larger federation , would be injurious to all concerned and exceedingly painful to contemplate .Nevertheless the committee cannot think in terms of compelling the people in any territorial unit to remain in an Indian unit against there declared and established will. While recognising this principle , the committee feel that every effort should be made to create condition which would help the different unit in developing a common and co-operative national life . The acceptance of the principle inevitably involves that no charges should be made which result in fresh problems being created and compulsion being exercised on other substantial groups within that area . Each territorial unit should have the fullest possible autonomy within the union , consistently with a strong national state. The proposal now made on the part of British war cabinet encourages and will lead to attempts at the very inception of a union and thus create friction just when the utmost co-operation and goodwill are most needed . Any proposal concerning the future of India must demand attention and scrutiny , but in todays grave crisis , it is the present that counts , and even proposals for the future are important in so far as they affect the present .It has been made clear that the Defence of India will in any event remain under British control. To take away defense from the sphere of this stage is to reduce that responsibility to a farce and a nullity , and to make it perfectly clear that India is not going to be free in any way and her government is not going to function as a free independent government during the pendency of the war . The committee would repeat that an essential and fundamental prerequisite for the assumption of the responsibility by the Indian people in the present is their realisation as a fact that they are free and are in charge of maintaining and defending freedom. The committee , therefore , are unable to accept the proposals put forward on behalf of the British War cabinet. The Working committee of the All-India Muslim League have given their most earnest and careful consideration to the announcement by Mr. Churchill , the British Prime Minister , in the House of Commons on March 11, 1942 and the draft declaration of the War cabinet of his majesty Government regarding the future of India and also the interim proposals , during the critical period which now faces India , for the immediate participation of the leader of the principle sections of the Indian people in the councils of their country. The committee appreciated the proposal of his majestys Government regarding the draft declaration of August 8 1940 , which had promised to the Musalmans for the framing of the constitution to be enforced without the approval and consent of Muslim India. The possibility of creation of Pakistan was recognised by implication of two or more independent establishment of unions in India which was not open to any alternative proposal and therefore was not open to any modification such proposal was unacceptable to them for reasons given below ;1)The Musalmans after 25 years of genuine efforts for the reconciliation of the two major communities and the bitter experience of the failure of such efforts, are convinced that it is neither just nor possible , in the interest of peace and happiness of the two peoples ,to compel them to constitute one Indian union , composed of two principal nations -Hindus and Muslims -which appears to be the main objects of His Majestys Government , as

adumbrated in the preamble of the Draft Declaration , the creation of more than one union being relegated only to the realm of remote possibility and is purely illusory 2)The primary object in the Draft Declaration has been proposed by a constitution making body with creating one Indian union. The Muslim league decided finally that it will be unfair to Musalmans to compel them to enter with such a constitution making body whose main object is the creation of a new Indian Union which according to them may exacerbate bitterness and animosity among the various elements in the country . 3)The right of non -accession to the union, as contemplated in the Draft- Declaration has been conceded ; presumably , in response to the insistent demands by the Musalmans for the partition of India .The Musalmans were not satisfied on a vital question affecting there future destiny and demand which according to them was a process of evading the real issues to court disaster . The secretary of Sir Stafford Cripps on April 2 addressed to the president of al India Muslim League ;-A province should reach the decision whether or not to stand out of the union by a vote in the legislative assembly on a resolution to stand in . If the majority for accession to the union is less than 60%, the majority will have the right to demand a plebiscite of the adult population. 4)With regard to Indian states , it is considered opinion of the committee that it is a matter for them to decide whether to join or not to join or form a union 5)With regard to the negotiations made between crown and the Indian union or unions , since it was not indicated as to what would happen in case of disagreement on the terms between the contradicting parties, there is a difference of opinion in negotiating a revision of treaty arrangements 6)The committee was unable to express their opinion with regard to their interim arrangement as there is no definite proposal except the bare statement of His Majesty Government and secondly is on account of the reason that Sir Stafford Cripps has made it clear that his scheme would either4 be accepted as a whole or is rejected as a whole but it is not possible to retain only the part relating to immediate arrangement at the centre and discard the rest of the Draft scheme . In conclusion the committee wish to point out that unless the principle of Pakistan scheme, as embodied in the Lahore resolution dated March 1940 ,the same is now the creed of the Muslim League, namely, The establishment of completely independent states formed by demarcating geographically contiguous unit into regions which shall be so constituted which such territorial adjustments on numerically in north western and eastern zones of India in which Musalmans are in the majority shall be the homeland of Muslim as constituent unit , autonomous and sovereign : That adequate effective and mandatory safeguards shall be specifically provided in the constitution for minorities in the above mention units for the protection of their religious , cultural , economic , political , administrative and other rights and interests in consultation with them.: That in other part of India where the Musalmans are in minority , similar adequate, effective and mandatory safeguard shall be provided in the constitution. This was unequivocally accepted and conceded the true verdict of Muslim India for enforcement of the right to self determination by the Musalmans and no other proposal or scheme was acceptable to the Muslim league regarding the future. Let us recollect the course of the events that led to partition of India on 15th August, 1947. 1) On 20th February 1947 , Lord Attlee the then Prime Minister made the Historic announcement of the end of British Rule in India by stating : His Majestys Govt. , wish to make it clear that it is their definite intention to take necessary steps to effect the transference of the power to responsible Indian hands by a date not later than June 1948 . The above declaration was absolute and unconditional in as much as the transfer of power would not depend upon any agreement between the Indian Parties and it had set at rest al the doubts about the intention of the British Government in regard to the transfer of power by declaring a definite date i.e.June 1958, when India would be free from the British control. ii)On 24th March 1947 Lord Mountbatten has assumed charges as New viceroy of India with the task entrusted to him of transferring to Indian hands , the responsibility for the government of British India . iii)On 3rd June 1947 Lord Attlee announced the plan containing the actual proposals for partition of India in the House of commons. iv) Indian national congress working committee met on 3rd June 1947 and approved the new plan .Mr Jinnah had also accepted the new plan on 3rd June 1947 representing the all India Muslim league. v) On 4th June 1947 Lord Mountbatten had announced in a press conference that the transfer of power would be affected not on June 1948 as was declared by lord Attlee in the statement of 20th February 1947 but much earlier than that date in 1947 itself probably about 15th August 1947 . vi) The Congress committee again met on 12th June 1947 and prepared a draft resolution for the approval of All-India Congress Committee which met at New Delhi on 14th & 15th June 1947 to accepted the proposals embodied in 3rd June Plan . vii) On 4th July , 1947 Indian Independence bill was Introduced in the house of commons . It was passed on 15 th July 1947 It received Royal assent on 18th July , 1947 Beside other provisions contained in it main provision of the Indian Independence Act was that there shall be set-up two Independent states India and Pakistan on 15th August 1947 . viii) On 14th August 1947 Governor general of India promulgated India (Provisional constitution ) Order 1947 modifying an adapting Government of India Act 1935 to suit the new circumstances. ix) India that is Bharat became independent on 15th August ,1947 . From the chronology of event s stated above , it is evident that as per that famous unconditional announcement of February 1947 made by lord Attlee , it was the date June , 1948 , and not the 15th August , 1947 which was originally fixed for transfer of power. All things were settled by 3rd June 1947 ,British Government , congress and the Muslim league has accepted the partition plan by that date . In the face of all things settled , where was the urgency and the need to advance and expedite the original l time schedule for transfer of power from June 1948 to a much earlier date of 15 th August 1947 . it is unfortunate that in that high pitch of communal frenzy And bitterness, the fate of the Hindu and the Sikh minorities then living in Pakistan and the fate of the Muslim minorities then living in India who were the real victims , was unfortunately forgotten . Lakhs of poor and illiterate , Hindus , Sikhs and Muslim minorities living in their respective homes in far of f villages became overnight ,some what aliens and were mercilessly subjected to communal madness. If the original time schedule of June 1948 was adhered to by the leaders, the British rulers would have been compelled before the bar of World Public opinion to maintain Law and Order in

the whole of India till June of 1948 , and no prejudice would have been caused to either party, since all things were finally settled by 3rd June 1947 . The Hindu and Sikh minorities in Pakistan and the Muslim minorities in India would have got some advance intimation and would have got some time to adjust their own circumstances and sentiments and there would not have any such large scale panic stricken immediate migration overnight barbarism on either side. When partition of India was found inevitable and unavoidable and was accepted by one all, least that could have been done as small as mercy to all religious minorities residing both in Pakistan and in India , was to allow some berating time to them by adhering to original time schedule of June , 1948 or some other convenient date instead of rushing every thing with undue speed by 15th August , 1947 .They could have jointly requested the British Government to fix some other date instead of putting 15 th August 1947 in the Indian Independence bill for the sake of adjustment and migration. The configuration of 2 nd world war threatened the very foundation of British government . The bill amending the constitution Act of 1935 in order to provide Special powers of co-ordinating the activities of central and provincial government to strike at the very root of provincial autonomy. And to render it in a force in case of war which in affect could create a war dictatorship of central government was promulgated. The congress was prepared to co-operate in unequivocal term but the Muslim league imposed two nominating conditions in order to provide co-operation 1. Muslims must be given justice and fair play in congress provinces and 2. No future constitution be made for India without approval of the Muslim League. British government was not prepared to commit itself in advance on the post war constitutional status of India as a result of which Congress government tendered their resignation to the governors by the end of October 1939 . Muslim league adopted a policy of wait and watch. During next two years, congress drifted any from possibility of settling the political deadlock while Muslim league consolidated its position through Jinnahs adroit -maneuvering and bargaining with viceroy .During this period the Muslim league passed its Pakistan resolution at Lahore in 1940 demanding the setting of separate sovereign Muslim state, comprising the Muslim pre -abominated provinces of India on 8th August , 1940 the British Government made an offer as the August5 offer with their intention for exposure of governor general council to include certain number of representation of political parties and to set up a consultative committee .Congress rejected the August offer . And the rift between the government and congress become wider . Congress leader started civil disobedience . The Cripps Mission 1942 arrived at 22 nd March , 1942 promised dominion status after the war hearing are third of its member as appoints of the princess. The province or the native states which did not like the future constitution may refuse to accede and meant for balkanisation of India . This was rejected unanimously. The Cabinet Mission 1946 studied the situation and recommend a part from other that the constituent assembly was to be elected from the provincial assemblies which were to be sp9ilt up into Hindu and Muslims in the election the representative of their major two communities were to be sent on the basis of population of each community in the province. The Muslim boycotted the constituent assembly . Lastly came Indian Independence act 1947 with the ugly provisions for decision of British India into two independent dominions of India and Pakistan receiving the prospect of people living in both the dominions through betrayal and thereby achieving their activities to divide the material resources and potential of our nation by Divide and Rule policy even aft4er the independence to our great nation , where the people of both community can very well live under their collective representation through mutual love and brotherhood in competitive spirit to strengthen the integrity and development of unified Indian citizens , who were living amicably even before the partition of India . The extra ordinary emotional circumstances had overtaken the feeling of national integration compared to main stream of rich cultural heritage and civilization of India in quick succession after the period of British rule from 1757 and crucial period has started after declaration of Pakistan resolution at Lahore in 1940 and our independence rushed through a very desperate speed paying a very high price as our national leaders were caught up in the whirlwind of violent and emotional events of religious dominion in Indian Muslims . The cumulative effect over Indian policy was now confronted with certain deep-rooted maladies providing great impediments in the way of our national development and even threatening the very security and integrity of our nation. People do not live to face the truth and thus avoid expressing bitter truth . So it is sugar-coated words but still the same cant ignore the impact of bittes historical truth by evasive attitude and therefore the maladies get deep-rooted by passage of time . It may compel to tolerate even for the save of some temporary gain but to compromise with the evil for a long time may not solve the problem rather make them more complicated and to avoid unaccented severe consequences for claiming infallibility a delicate balance be maintained for national importance . The supreme sacrifice by partition of our great nation was offered by the national leader as the price of the freedom due to there imprudence , sentimental , impulsive divisive segmentation . The policy of divide and rule to the other alien countries was itself evident over the weak characters citizens living in India who were proved of being ruled through foreign ambitions , has again be submerged into the Indian continent even after getting the independence we have become slave of our peri0dical outburst which generated the feeling of hatred resulting into the confrontation between the two subcontinents and ultimately witnessed three successive battles resulting into casualties from both the side and loss of the vital resources while the internal proxy by provoking the sentiments of the people living in both the subcontinent is still going on which is detrimental for the citizens of both the nations . The house having very vital expansion and unprecedented traditions with natural resources and most suitable climate having plenty of water for irrigation has been divided into two parts and the brothers /step-brothers is not being allowed to visit in the other part of the partition of the same house due to po0litical aspirations of our national leaders to control the affairs in the powers. This smacks some prejudice and lack of pragmatism political ambitions may be a means to an end but they do not cater the changing requirement of the people living in both the sub-continents of India and Pakistan . The poor peasant societies have been kept sent an subdued personally and politically in the matters of sharp contrast Germany despite the diversification in their policy between wets and east live , the north pole and the south pole on ideological fronts have now been unified in a single identity . Then people of Indian continent living in subcontinent of India and Pakistan may also be unified by getting a control over their impulsive , religious , fanatism for which Indian congress and Muslim league have to be blamed in the historical background but after the dawn of about 50 years of independence we have not started realising the folly committed by in accepting the partition . The people seeking expression ,seeking the participation , seeking some measure of control over the vital resources situated and saturated in a particular zone of the partitioned house may not have prejudiced with each others but find out the possibility of

assessment through peaceful bicordial negotiation and by generation a spirit of unification through interaction and divergent mutual antagonistic and exclusive system of utility aspect of unification . The multiple diversities and the operation of internal power politics with treacherous diplomacy of both the countries has further aggravated the situation at the helm of the affairs and complicated problems both to lay down the foundation for survival and successful functioning of two subcontinents. [Partition was a very possible contingency- Ambedkar said- for which it's best to be prepared] There are two sides to the question of Pakistan, the Hindu side and the Muslim side. This cannot be avoided. Unfortunately, however, the attitude of both is far from rational. Both are deeply embedded in sentiment. The layers of this sentiment are so thick that reason at present finds it extremely difficult to penetrate. Whether these opposing sentiments will wither away or they will thicken, time and circumstances alone can tell. How long Indians will have to wait for the melting of the snow no one can prophesy. But one thing is certain, that until this snow melts freedom will have to be put in cold storage. I am sure there must be many millions of thinking Indians who are dead opposed to this indefinite postponement of Indian freedom till an ideal and a permanent solution of Pakistan is found. I am one of them. I am one of those who hold that if Pakistan is a problem and not a pose, there is no escape and a solution must be found for it. I am one of those who believe that what is inevitable must be faced. There is no use burying one's head in the sand, and refusing to take notice of what is happening round about because the sound of it hurts one's sentiments. I am also one of those who believe that one must, if one can, be ready with a solution long before the hour of decision arrives. It is wise to build a bridge if one knows that one will be forced to cross the river. The principal problem of Pakistan is: who can decide whether there shall or shall not be Pakistan? I have thought over the subject for the last three years, and I have come to some conclusions as to the proper answer to this question. These conclusions I would like to share with others interested in the solution of the problem so that they may be further explored. To give clarity to my conclusions, I have thought that it would serve the purpose better if I were to put them, in the form of an Act of Parliament. The following is the draft of the Act which embodies my conclusions. II [Ambedkar offered this draft of a 'Government of India (Preliminary Provisions) Act'] Government of India (Preliminary Provisions) Act Be it enacted by the King's most Excellent Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, in this present Parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same as follows : I.(1) If within six months from the date appointed in this behalf a majority of the Muslim members of the Legislatures of the Provinces of the North-West Frontier, the Punjab, Sind and Bengal pass a resolution that the predominantly Muslim areas be separated from British India, His Majesty shall cause a poll to be taken on that question of the Muslim and the non-Muslim electors of these Provinces and of Baluchistan in accordance with the provisions of this Act. (2) The question shall be submitted to the electors in these Provinces in the following form : (i) Are you in favour (ii) Are you against separation? of separation from British India?

(3) The poll of Muslim and non-Muslim electors shall be taken separately. II.(1) If on a result of the poll, a majority of Muslim electors are found to be in favour of separation and a majority of non-Muslim electors against separation, His Majesty shall by proclamation appoint a Boundary Commission for the purpose of preparing a list of such districts and areas in these Provinces in which a majority of inhabitants are Muslims. Such districts and areas shall be called Scheduled Districts. (2) The Scheduled Districts shall be collectively designated as Pakistan and the rest of British India as Hindustan. The Scheduled Districts lying in the North-west shall be called the State of Western Pakistan and those lying in the North-east shall be called Eastern Pakistan. III.(1) After the findings of the Boundary Commission have become final either by agreement or the award of an Arbitrator, His Majesty shall cause another poll to be taken of the electors of the Scheduled Districts. (2) The following shall be the form of the questions submitted to the electors : (i) Are you in favour (ii) Are you against separation forthwith? of separation forthwith?

IV.(I ) If the majority is in favour of separation forthwith, it shall be lawful for His Majesty to make arrangements for the framing of two separate constitutions, one for Pakistan and the other for Hindustan. (2) The New States of Pakistan and Hindustan shall commence to function as separate States on the day appointed by His Majesty by proclamation issued in that behalf.

(3) If the majority are against separation forthwith, it shall be lawful for His Majesty to make arrangements for the framing of a single constitution for British India as a whole. V. No motion for the separation of Pakistan if the poll under the last preceding section has been against separation forthwith, and no motion for incorporation of Pakistan into Hindustan if the poll under the last preceding section has been in favour of separation forthwith, shall be entertained until ten years have elapsed from the date appointed by His Majesty for putting into effect the new constitution for British India or the two separate constitutions for Pakistan and Hindustan. VI.(1) In the event of two separate constitutions coming into existence under Section Four it shall be lawful for His Majesty to establish as soon as may be after the appointed day, a Council of India with a view to the eventual establishment of a constitution for the whole of British India, and to bringing about harmonious action between the Legislatures and Governments of Pakistan and Hindustan, and to the promotion of mutual intercourse and uniformity in relation to matters affecting the whole of British India, and to providing for the administration of services which the two parliaments mutually agree should be administered uniformly throughout the whole of British India, or which by virtue of this Act are to be so administered. (2) Subject as hereinafter provided, the Council of India shall consist of a President nominated in accordance with instructions from His Majesty and forty other persons, of whom twenty shall be members representing Pakistan and twenty shall be members representing Hindustan. (3) The members of the Council of India shall be elected in each case by the members of the Lower Houses of the Parliament of Pakistan or Hindustan. (4) The election of members of the Council of India shall be the first business of the Legislatures of Pakistan and Hindustan. (5) A member of the Council shall, on ceasing to be a member of that House of the Legislature of Pakistan or Hindustan by which he was elected a member of the Council, cease to be a member of the Council: Provided that, on the dissolution of the Legislature of Pakistan or Hindustan, the persons who are members of the Council shall continue to hold office as members of the Council until a new election has taken place and shall then retire unless re-elected. (6) The President of the Council shall preside at each meeting of the Council at which he is present, and shall be entitled to vote in case of an equality of votes, but not otherwise. (7) The first meeting of the Council shall be held at such time and place as may be appointed by the President. (8) The Council may act notwithstanding a deficiency in their number, and the quorum of the Council shall be fifteen. (9) Subject as aforesaid, the Council may regulate their own procedure, including the delegation of powers to committees. (10) The constitution of the Council of India may from time to time be varied by identical Acts passed by the Legislature of Pakistan and the Legislature of Hindustan, and the Acts may provide for all or any of the members of the Council of India being elected by parliamentary electors, and determine the constituencies by which the several elective members are to be returned and the number of the members to be returned by the several constituencies and the method of election. VII.(1) The Legislatures of Pakistan and Hindustan may, by identical Acts, delegate to the Council of India any of the powers of the Legislatures and Government of Pakistan and Hindustan, and such Acts may determine the manner in which the powers so delegated are to be exercisable by the Council. (2) The powers of making laws with respect to railways and waterways shall, as from the day appointed for the operation of the new constitution, become the powers of the Council of India and not of Pakistan or Hindustan: Provided that nothing in this subsection shall prevent the Legislature of Pakistan or Hindustan making laws authorizing the construction, extension, or improvement of railways and waterways where the works to be constructed are situate wholly in Pakistan or Hindustan as the case may be. (3) The Council may consider any questions which may appear in any way to bear on the welfare of both Pakistan and Hindustan, and may, by resolution, make suggestions in relation thereto as they may think proper, but suggestions so made shall have no legislative effect. (4) It shall be lawful for the Council of India to make recommendations to the Legislatures of Pakistan and Hindustan as to the advisability of passing identical Acts delegating to the Council of India the administration of any all-India subject, with a view to avoiding the necessity of administering them separately in Pakistan or Hindustan.

(5) It shall be lawful for either Legislature at any time by Act to deprive the delegation to the Council of India of any powers which are in pursuance of such identical Acts as aforesaid for the time being delegated to the Council and thereupon the powers in question shall cease to be exercisable by the Council of India and shall become exercisable in parts of British India within their respective jurisdictions by the Legislatures and Governments of Pakistan and Hindustan and the Council shall take such steps as may be necessary to carry out the transfer, including adjustments of any funds in their hands or at their disposal. VIII.(1) If at the end of ten years after [the] coming into operation of a constitution for British India as prescribed by Section IV(3) a petition is presented to His Majesty by a majority of the Muslim members representing the Scheduled Districts in the Provincial and Central Legislatures, demanding a poll to be taken with regard to the separation of Pakistan from Hindustan, His Majesty shall cause a poll to be taken. (2) The following shall be the form of the questions submitted to the electors (i) Are you in favour of [the] separation of Pakistan (ii) Are you against the separation of Pakistan from Hindustan? from Hindustan?

IX. If the result of the poll is in favour of separation, it shall be lawful for His Majesty to declare by an Order-in-Council that from a day appointed in that behalf Pakistan shall cease to be a part of British India, and [to] dissolve the Council of India. X.(1) Where two constitutions have come into existence under circumstances mentioned in Section IV, it shall be lawful for His Majesty to declare by an Order-in-Council that Pakistan shall cease to be a separate State and shall form part of Hindustan. Provided that no such order shall be made until ten years have elapsed from the commencement of the separate constitution for Pakistan. Provided also that no such declaration shall be made unless the Popular Legislatures of Pakistan and Hindustan have passed Constituent Acts as are provided for in Section X(2). (2) The popular Legislatures of Pakistan and Hindustan may, by identical Acts agreed to by an absolute majority of members at the third reading (hereinafter referred to as Constituent Acts), establish, in lieu of the Council of India, a Legislature for United India, and may determine the number of members thereof, and the manner in which the members are to be appointed or elected, and the constituencies for which the several elective members are to be returned, and the number of members to be returned by the several constituencies, and the method of appointment or election, and the relations of the two Houses (if provided for) to one another. XI.(1) On the date of the union of Pakistan and Hindustan, the Council of India shall cease to exist, and there shall be transferred to the Legislature and Government of India all powers then exercisable by the Council of India. (2) There shall also be transferred to the Legislature and Government of British India all the powers and duties of the Legislatures and Government of Pakistan and Hindustan, including all powers as to taxation, and those Legislatures and Government shall cease to exist. XII.(1) A poll under this Act shall be taken by ballot in the same manner so far as possible as a poll of electors for the election of a member to serve in a Legislature, and His Majesty may make rules adopting the election laws for the purpose of the taking of the poll. (2) An elector shall not vote more than once at the poll, although registered in more than one place. (3) Elector means every adult male and female residing in the Provinces of North-West Frontier, the Punjab, Sind, and Bengal, and in Baluchistan. XIII. This Act may be called the Indian Constitution (Preliminary Provisions) Act, I94 . III[ Ambedkars plan was community-based, and thus more realistic than the Cripps plan] I do not think .that any detailed explanation is necessary for the reader to follow and grasp the conclusions I have endeavored to embody in this skeleton Act. Perhaps it might be advantageous if I bring out some of the salient features of the proposals to which the projected statute of Parliament is intended to give effect, by comparing them with the Cripps proposals. In my opinion it is no use for Indians to ask, and the British Parliament to agree, to proceed forthwith to pass an Act conferring Dominion Status or Independence, without first disposing of the issue of Pakistan. The Pakistan issue must be treated as a preliminary issue and must be disposed of one way or the other. This is why I have called the proposed Act "The Government of India (Preliminary Provisions) Act." The issue of Pakistan, being one of self-determination, must be decided by the wishes of the people. It is for this that I propose to take a poll of the Muslims and non-Muslims in the predominantly Muslim Provinces. If the majority of the Muslims are in favour of separation, and a majority of non-Muslims are against separation, steps must be taken to delimit the areas wherever it is possible by redrawing provincial boundaries on ethnic and cultural lines, by separating the Muslim majority districts from the districts in which the majority consists of non-Muslims. A Boundary Commission is necessary for this purpose. So a Boundary Commission is provided for in the Act. It would be better if the Boundary Commission could be international in its composition.

The scheme of separate referenda of Muslims and non-Muslims is based on two principles which I regard as fundamental. The first is that a minority can demand safeguards for its protection against the tyranny of the majority. It can demand them as a condition precedent [=precondition]. But a minority has no right to put a veto on the right of the majority .to decide on questions of ultimate destiny. This is the reason why I have confined the referendum on the establishment of Pakistan to Muslims only. The second is that a communal majority cannot claim [=compel] a communal minority to submit itself to its dictates. Only a political majority may be permitted to rule a political minority. This principle has been modified in India, where a communal minority is placed under a communal majority subject to certain safeguards. But this is as regards the ordinary question[s] of social, economic, and political importance. It has never been conceded, and can never be conceded, that a communal majority has a right to dictate to a communal minority on an issue which is of a constitutional character. That is the reason why I have provided a separate referendum of non-Muslims only, to decide whether they prefer to go in[to] Pakistan or come into Hindustan. After the Boundary Commission has done its work of delimiting the areas, various possibilities can arise. The Musalmans may stop with the delimitation of the boundaries of Pakistan. They may be satisfied that after all the principle of Pakistan has been acceptedwhich is what delimitation means. Assuming that the Musalmans are not satisfied with mere delimitation, but want to move in the direction of establishing Pakistan, there are two courses open to them. They may want to establish Pakistan forthwith, or they may agree to live under a common Central Government for a period of, say, ten years, and put the Hindus on their trial. Hindus will have an opportunity to show that the minorities can trust them. The Muslims will learn from experience how far their fears of Hindu Raj are justified. There is another possibility also. The Musalmans of Pakistan, having decided to separate forthwith, may after a period become so disgusted with Pakistan that they might desire to come back and be incorporated in Hindustan, and be one people subject to one single constitution. These are some of the possibilities I see. These possibilities should in my judgment be kept open for time and circumstances to have their effect. It seems to me to be wrong to say to the Musalmans, if you want to remain as part of India then you can never go out, or if you want to go then you can never come back. I have in my scheme kept the door open, and have provided for both the possibilities in the Act: (1) for union after a separation of ten years, (2) for separation for ten years and union thereafter. I personally prefer the second alternative, although I have no strong views either way. It would be much better that the Musalmans should have the experience of Pakistan. A union after an experience of Pakistan is bound to be stable and lasting. In case Pakistan comes into existence forthwith, it seems to me necessary that the separation should not altogether be a severance, sharp and complete. It is necessary to maintain live contact between Pakistan and Hindustan, so as to prevent any estrangement growing up and preventing the chances of reunion. A Council of India is accordingly provided for in the Act. It cannot be mistaken for a federation. It is not even a confederation. Its purpose is to do nothing more than to serve as a coupling to link Pakistan to Hindustan until they are united under a single constitution. Such is my scheme. It is based on a community-wise [=by community] plebiscite. The scheme is flexible. It takes account of the fact that the Hindu sentiment is against it. It also recognizes the fact that the Muslim demand for Pakistan may only be a passing mood. The scheme is not a divorce. It is only a judicial separation. It gives to the Hindus a term. They can use it to show that they can be trusted with authority to rule justly. It gives the Musalmans a term to try out Pakistan. It might be desirable to compare my proposals with those of Sir Stafford Cripps. The proposals were given out as a serial story in parts. The draft Declaration issued on 29th March 1943 contained only the following: "His Majesty's Government therefore make the following terms: (a) Immediately upon cessation of hostilities steps shall be taken to set up in India in manner described hereafter an elected body charged with the task of framing a new constitution for India. (b) Provision shall be made, as set out below, for participation of Indian States in the constitutionmaking body. (c) His Majesty's Government undertakes to accept and implement forthwith the constitution so framed subject only to: (i) The right of any province of British India that is not prepared to accept the new constitution to retain its present constitutional position, provision being made for its subsequent accession if it so decides. With such non-acceding provinces should they so desire. His Majesty's Government will be prepared to agree upon a new constitution giving them the same full status as the Indian Union and arrived at by a procedure analogous to that here laid down." Particulars of accession and secession were given in his broadcast. They were in the following terms : "That constitution-making body will have as its object the framing of a single constitution for the whole of Indiathat is, of British India, together with such of the Indian States as may decide to join in. "But we realize this very simple fact. If you want to persuade a number of people who are inclined to be antagonistic to enter the same room, it is unwise to tell them that once they go in there is no way out, they are to be forever locked in together.

"It is much wiser to tell them they can go in and if they find they can't come to a common decision, then there is nothing to prevent those who wish, from leaving again by another door. They are much more likely all to go in if they have knowledge that they can by their free will go out again if they cannot agree. "Well, that is what we say to the provinces of India. Come together to frame a common constitutionif you find after all your discussion and all the give and take of a constitutionmaking assembly that you cannot overcome your differences and that some provinces are still not satisfied with the constitution, then such provinces can go out and remain out if they wish and just the same degree of self-government and freedom will be available for them as for the Union itself, that is to say complete self-government." To complete the picture further details were added at the Press Conference. Explaining the plan for accession or secession of provinces Sir Stafford Cripps said : "If at the end of the Constituent Assembly proceedings, any province or provinces did not wish to accept the new constitution and join the Union, it was free to keep outprovided the Provincial Assembly of that province, by a substantial vote say not less than 60 per cent., decided against accession. If it was less than 60 per cent, the minority could claim a plebiscite of the whole province for ascertaining the will of the people. In the case of the plebiscite, a bare majority would be enough. Sir Stafford explained that for completing accession there would have to be a positive vote from the Provincial Assembly concerned. The non-acceding province[s] could, if they wanted, combine into a separate union through a separate Constituent Assembly, but in order to make such a Union practicable they should be geographically contiguous." The main difference between my plan and that of Sir Stafford Cripps is quite obvious. For deciding the issue of accession or secession, which is only another way of saying, will there be or will there not be Pakistan, Sir Stafford Cripps took the Province as a deciding unit. I have taken community as the deciding unit. I have no doubt that Sir Stafford adopted a wrong basis. The Province can [=could] be a proper unit if the points of dispute were interprovincial. For instance, if the points of dispute related to questions such as distribution of taxation, of water, etc., one could understand the Province as a whole or a particular majority in that Province having the right to decide. But the dispute regarding Pakistan is an inter-communal problem which has involved two communities in the same Province. Further, the issue in the dispute is not on what terms the two communities will agree to associate in a common political life. The dispute goes deeper, and raises the question [of] whether the communities are prepared at all to associate in a common political life. It is a communal difference in its essence, and can only be decided by a community-wise plebiscite. IV [Ambedkars solution was borne out by the examination of similar cases elsewhere] I do not claim any originality for the solution I have proposed. The ideas which underlie it are drawn from three sources, from the Irish Unity Conference at which Horace Plunket presided, from the Home Rule Amending Bill of Mr. Asquith, and from the Government of Ireland Act of 1920. It will be seen that my solution of the Pakistan problem is the result of pooled wisdom. Will it be accepted? There are four ways of resolving the conflict which is raging round the question of Pakistan. First is that the British Government should act as the deciding authority. Second is that the Hindus and the Muslims should agree. Third is to submit the issue to an International Board of Arbitration; and the fourth is to fight it out by a Civil War. Although India today is a political mad-house there are, I hope, enough sane people in the country who would not allow matters to reach the stage of Civil War. There is no prospect of an agreement between political leaders in the near future. The A.I.C.C. of the Indian National Congress, at a meeting in Allahabad held in April 1942, on the motion of Mr. Jagat Narayan Lal resolved not to entertain the proposal for Pakistan. Two other ways are left to have the problem solved. One is by the people concerned; the other is by international arbitration. This [=the former] is the way I have suggested. I prefer the former. For various reasons this seems to me the only right course. The leaders having failed to resolve the dispute, it is time it was taken to the people for decision. Indeed, it is inconceivable how an issue like that of partition of territory and transference of peoples' allegiance from one government to another can be decided by political leaders. Such things are no doubt done by conquerors, to whom victory in war is sufficient authority to do what they like with the conquered people. But we are not working under such a lawless condition. In normal times, when constitutional procedure is not in abeyance, the views of political leaders cannot have the effect which the fiats of dictators have. That would be contrary to the rule of democracy. The highest value that can be put upon the views of leaders is to regard them as worthy to be placed on the agenda. They cannot replace or obviate the necessity of having the matter decided by the people. This is the position which was taken by Sir Stafford Cripps. The stand taken by the Muslim League was, let there be Pakistan because the Muslim League has decided to have it. That position has been negative by the Cripps proposals, and quite rightly. The Muslim League is recognized by the Cripps proposals only to the extent of having a right to propose that Pakistan as a proposition be considered. It has not been given the right to decide. Again it does not seem to have been realized that the decision of an All-India body like the Congress which does not carry with it the active consent of the majority of the people immediately affected by the issue of Pakistan, cannot carry the matter to solution. What good can it do if Mr. Gandhi or Mr. Rajagopalachari agreeing [=agree], or the All-India Congress Committee resolving [=resolve], to concede Pakistan, if it was opposed by the Hindus of the Punjab, or Bengal? Really speaking it is not the business of the people of Bombay or Madras to say, "let there be Pakistan." It must be left to be decided by the people who are living in those areas and who will have to bear the consequences of so violent, so revolutionary, and so fundamental a change in the political and economic system with which their lives and fortunes have been closely bound up for so many years. A referendum by people in the Pakistan Provinces seems to me the safest and the most constitutional method of solving the problem of Pakistan.

But I fear that solving the question of Pakistan by a referendum of the people, howsoever attractive, may not find much favour with those who count. Even the Muslim League may not be very enthusiastic about it. This is not because the proposal is unsound. Quite the contrary. The fact is that there is another solution which has its own attractions. It calls upon the British Government to establish Pakistan by the exercise of its sovereign authority. The reason why this solution may be preferred to that which rests on the consent of the people is that it is simple, and involves no such elaborate procedure as that of a referendum to the people, and has none of the uncertainties involved in a referendum. But there is another ground why it is preferred, namely, that there is a precedent for it. The precedent is the Irish precedent, and the argument is that if the British Government by virtue of its sovereign authority divided Ireland and created Ulster, why cannot the British Government divide India and create Pakistan? The British Parliament is the most sovereign legislative body in the world. De L'home, a French writer on [the] English Constitution, observed that there is nothing the British Parliament cannot do except make man a woman and woman a man. And although the sovereignty of the British Parliament over the affairs of the Dominions is limited by the Statute of Westminster, it is still unlimited so far as India is concerned. There is nothing in law to prevent the British Parliament from proceeding to divide India as it did in the case of Ireland. It can do it, but will it do it? The question is not one of power but of will. Those who urge the British Government to follow the precedent in Ireland should ask what led the British Government to partition Ireland. Was it the conscience of the British Government which led them to sanction the course they took, or was it forced upon them by circumstances to which they had to yield? A student of the history of Irish Home Rule will have to admit that the partition of Ireland was not sanctioned by conscience but by the force of circumstances. It is not often clearly realized that no party to the Irish dispute wanted partition of Ireland. Not even Carson, the Leader of Ulster. Carson was opposed to Home Rule, but he was not in favour of partition. His primary position was to oppose Home Rule and maintain the integrity of Ireland. It was only as a second line of defense against the imposition of Home Rule that he insisted on partition. This will be quite clear from his speeches both inside and outside the House of Commons. Asquith's Government on the other side was equally opposed to partition. This may be seen from the proceedings in the House of Commons over the Irish Home Rule Bill of 1912. Twice amendments were moved for the exclusion of Ulster from the provisions of the Bill, once in the Committee stage by Mr. Agar-Roberts, and again on the third reading by Carson himself. Both the times the Government opposed, and the amendments were lost. SUPERIOR COMMAND Vs RIGHT OF REBELLION "Yadyapy ete na pasyanti lobhopahanta-cetasah Kula-ksaya-krtam Dosam Mitra-drohe ca patakam katham na jneyam asmabhih Papad asman nivastitum Kula-ksaya krtam Dosam, Prapasyadbhir Janardana." "Even if these people, with minds blinded by greed, perceive no evil in destroying their own race and no sin by treason to friends, why should not we, O Krishna, who se clearly the sin accruing form the destruction of one's family, things of turning away from this crime? "Atha cet tvam imam dharmyam, Sangramam na karisyasi, tatah svadharmam kirtimca, Hitva papam avapsyasi." "Now if you refuse to fight this righteous war, then shrinking your duty and losing your reputation, you will incur sin." "Hato va prapasyasi svargam, jitva va bhoksyase mahim, Tasmad uttistha kaunteya, yudhay krita nisc-ayah." "Die and you will heaven; conquer, and you enjoy sovereignty of the earth, therefore stand-up, Arjuna, determined to fight." "He who having sworn by solemn oath at his coronation to protect the people from wrongful oppression fail to do so shall be slain as a mad dog.( MAHABHARAT) Politics is now regarded as the art of obtaining power and governing the masses through any means irrespective of objectivity towards its ends. The causality of intellectual honesty and lack of understandability with detachment are the result of confrontation and conflict of mutual interest. Superiority over the command between rival groups resulting in the Cold War. Politics war considered to be the branch of ethics, but now it is a powerful brut force of human stupidity greed, jealousy and malice towards fellow citizens. These forces sit over the command of the people. Man has many enemies such as lion, wolves, serpents, but is worst enemy is considered to be his own species with the man power having brutality and destruction at there commands. Mankind has now arrived at crisis on account of its own fate, ignorance and superstition may co-ordinate with these forces which are considered to be the greatest enemy of civilization. It has come to stand still by the cumulative compulsion of divisive forces fighting with each other with materialistic approach towards life.

Mutual love and affection with sympathy towards human cause is based on ethics and not on the theory of give and take. This is based on co-ordination and spiritual power of the individual. Our potential may provide a guide line for success. In the recent time we have visualised that those politicians, who were indulged in accumulating the wealth without providing any consideration for justification of their action, they have undergone through a great mental agony, frustration, discomfiture and disappointment as those people who have provided their best co-ordination to drag these politicians for monetary considerations; they have completely ruined the carrier and reputation due to their criminal prosecution launched by the investigation authorities on the motivation of judicial accountability and the principle of trusty hood as one of the statutory obligation caste upon these custodians of power. Marshal Stalin declared during world war "It would be ludicrous to identify the Hitler's clique with German people with the German State. The experience of history shows that Hitler's come and go, but the German people and the German State live on. President Roosevelt said - " I should be false to the very foundation of my religious and political conviction if I should ever relinquish the hope and even the faith -- that in all people without exception these lives some instinct for truth, some attraction towards justice and some passion for the people. Buried as they may be under the brutal regime." In anxiety to punish and disable Germany, the allied Powers flung her into abyssal of economic despair after the first World war, from where emerged the demon of Nazism. They drove them to the frenzy by injustice and then we make that excuse for not redressing the wrong. Hitler became Chancellor of Third Reich in January, 1933. He re-armed Germany first secretly and then openly. He influenced the plebiscite which resulting in an overwhelming majority for return of Saar to Germany. He denounced the military classes of the Versailles treaty and introduced, conscription in March, 1935. He marched into demilitarised shine land zone in 1936. He threw himself on the side of France in Spain-Britain adopted the policy of non-intervention. Hitler grew strength and confidence to fight against the atrocities committed by allied forces during the first World war against Germany. The result as that that Austria brought back to the German provinces for which even Bismarck had not courage to speak. The campaign started for liberation of Sudetenland from Czechoslovakia, a sovereign state bound by ties of treaty and friendship of Great Britain, France and Soviet Russia. This was followed by seizure of memel and defacto annexation of still free Czech territories. People grew furious. The occupation of Prague leads to the war. Till this period Hitler was led to believe that his policies and programme was not likely to a arouse the hostility of Great Britain and France. This has ultimately led to the second world war resulting into the loss of millions life and destruction through aggressive ambitions, which could have averted, if the allied forces have exercised their right of rebellion against the superior command. There would have not been any number. Trial and destruction of humanity by dropping two atom bombs at Hiroshima and Nagasaki to demonstrate the evil desire of domination by Americans at the end of the war. Churchill spoke with enthusiasm of Mussolini's " Gentle and simple bearing " whole- heartedly from start to finish in the triumphant struggle against Leninism on 20th January, 1927. The Italian system was appreciated as being founded on two rocks:- (i) The separation of church and state; and (ii) The right of labour. The Churchill's party defeat after Second World War a symbolic protest against appeasement of Nazi Germany and the opposite to Soviet Russia. Japan was ally of Britain and France. Japan invaded Manchuria. No single government felt that it as an attempt against the reign of law among nations. Secretary of state for India said Japan has got a very powerful case based on fundamental realities against continual aggression of fundamental realities against continual aggression of vigorous, Chinese nationalism. This was based on conscience decision by which the British were ruling in India. Japan acquired Manchuria and Korea and continued to remain great friend of Great Britain till Japan had not joined Germany. The western democracies were not condemned to the imperialist aggression of Germany. Italy and Japan due to the reason as these countries were saddle in the same boat till the people asserted their rights and forced them to resist. No country was free from sickness of selfish nationalism. The indisputable guilt of excess power should not blind us to the fact to cast the first stone with clear conscience. If we tolerate wrong doing for long; we become responsible for it. The loud complaints were mode against Germany when she launched the flying bomb and it was condemned as an " Instrument of blind malice." "An aimless destroyer." What about colossal violation of by Americans by dropping Atomic Bomb claimed 2,44,000 out of 2,50,000 population of the Hiroshima. All living things, human and animal in Hiroshima were literally shrouded to death by the Atomic Bombs. Nagasaki suffered equally terrible losses. Both cities were a disastrous ruin. It was not dropped in Europe, but in Asia purposely by Americans. Although the poisonous gas was not used in the Second World War, but the American built London ship " Empire samba" of 5691 tonnes scuttled with 8000 tonnes of poison gas held in readiness which left a little Scottish harbour to said out into the Atlantic Ocean. But for atomic bomb there was not fear of retaliation as the excess power had no equivalent and for it. The obvious difference between war and massacre is just here. The war is fought the massacre is merely suffered. We do not make war on people who do not fight and retaliate. We can only murder them, killing unarmed civilians by raining death on them from the clouds is condemned as contemptible crime. It is not war. President Truman under the grab of Japan's treacherous attack on pearl harbour justified the use of second Atom Bomb and that despotic contemptible criminal of humanity and further threatened to go on until Japan and her people either surrendered or were completely destroyed. The Christian nations were using a license to use there weapons under the validity of plea with an implied motive to attain the superiority over innocent Asian citizens; we have just massacre without retaliation of which even barbarous nation would have ashamed while Germans replied to obey the command of their superior officers in a Nuremberg trial were given punishments should Americans be spared from the tremendous cruelties which innocent citizens have suffered ? Whether the future generation bound to suffer due to the effect of radiation at Hiroshima and Nagasaki can forgive such crime ? Once arms are being taken up all the reverence for divine or Human law were thrown away as they have got a license to commit all the crimes

without restraint. Whether it was a war of civilization against barbarism ? Whether Americans were fighting for moral and not for moralistic approach? This grim ferocious epoch with vast horrors and miseries were inflicted by nations who claimed themselves to be the most civilized. The victorious allies were forgiven all compatible massacre of Japanese and humanity as justification urged for a military necessity. The obliteration without previous warning to human being living at Hiroshima and Nagasaki was a crime against the civilization and there was no parallel to this crime in both the world wars. The fundamentalist of Nazi's slogan for military necessity justifying horrible and barbaric methods were left for behind by the Americans. The war which starts with noble object of fighting brute forces, bad faith, injustice, oppression and persecution ended by the outrage on humanity and civilization. Moral superiority were no where to get the victory over Axis power. The defeated nations be treated in the spirit of tolerance, sympathy and goodwill and not in the spirit of distress, malice or hatred. The British government cannot escape from the responsibility of deaths from 15-20 lakh of people living in India, a figure higher that the losses of lives of Hiroshima and Nagasaki people, a figure higher than the losses of whole British Common wealth in war over total period of 6 years which was estimated to be the only about 11 Lakhs. In-spite of British rule in India over 150 years, that could not save the civilizations due to their imperialism policy. The representatives of three big power Soviet Russia, United States and United Kingdom due to their respective rivalries were totally disappeared to fought against the Axis power, but the outcome of the war has resulted into the reproduction of another kind of Cold War based on economic censor and military superiority. The recommendation of the present Truman for retaining the Atom Bombs by the Great Britain and United States for the alleged protection of the civilisation and will be used for keeping the peace was mere slogan. It was said that the same will not be revealed to Russian. The whole conception was fantastic. Soon Russian speaking on October Revolution anniversary celebration in Moscow declared that " We too shall have Atomic energy and many other things." General Degaulle, then Foreign Minister of France declared that the Ruineland be again placed under the joint strategic of military and political security of France, Belgium, Holland and Britain, It should be once for all be cut-off from Germany in such a way that its inhabitants should realise that their future did not live with Germany. If nation whose welfare depended on Ruler coal and industry imposed on international regime, some restriction than the rest of the Germany would certainly not be as powerful or rich as Germany would certainly not be as powerful or as rich as before and would never again be a danger because control over the ruler meant control of German industry. The same is the fate of Indian continents given by the British imperialism through their diplomacy and enshrined policy of divide and rule in the state of partition in of Indian continents. About 6 lakh Indian people lost their homes. Three successive battles were on the motherland and still more to be witnessed if the good sense will not prevail over vitious designs of imperialism. Britishs who still maintain their supremacy with remote control having significant interference from our leadership. Recently the Americans aggressive bombardment on Korea, Vietnam and Iraq and thereby exploring the natural resources including petroleum products under the protective umbrella over Kuwait is the alarming signal for military aggression by the Americans. The disintegration of existence of U.S.S.R and economic confrontation with China may further suggest that the land on which the future war will be fought, will be of Asians most probably belonging to the land of Indian continents. The economic blockade to China and insurrection of multinationals in India continents may prove the substantial evidence for aggressive bombardment by the imperialism Americans. Our existence may be on stake as being visualised after second world war over the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Let us try to avert through constant constructive role for strengthening the national unity and if possible making a confederation of United States of Indian continents. The unified Germany is the recent example of such unification of two portions of a great nation. Let us visualize the impact of broad cast made by the President Truman on his return from Potsdam "America will maintain the basis necessary for be complete protection of our interests and of world peace (as being visualized by aggressive bombardment over Hiroshima and Nagasaki; Vietnam and recently in Iraq). We may acquire any other basis which our military experts deem to be essential for our protection (the production which was done by dropping two Atom bombs against the attack of Japanese on Pearl harbor), a policy of military imperialism. Let us not forget that we are fighting for peace and for the welfare of mankind (slogan and false propaganda is further aggravate the militants aggressive policies). The strategically interest of America must be deemed to be extended up to Mediterranean, outside the site to establish the necessary basis for our own protection. We look for nothing which belong to any other Power- We seek to use our military strength solely to preserve the peace of the world, for we knew that it is the only way to make our own freedom secure." The collapse of Soviet Union, the spectacular economic growth of China as most important power in international system after Americans and the drifts towards a confrontation shaping the dynamics of Cold War is the fresh indication of such policy being adhered to by the Americans in the recent future. China has now emerging as superpower and the Clinton's assertion on of no confrontation policy may be provided with the stagnation over the Americans trade expansion policy, the arm's control establishment and thereby losing the popular support for the presidential candidature due to such policy and therefore the Americans have started realizing the issues like expulsion of Dalai Lama, the freedom of Tibetan people and demonstrating it for international independence, identity of American alliance with military co-operation from Japan, Australia and South Korea. This has further broadened the possible aggression by Americans and thereby providing uncertain strategic environment in Asia. It has to be kept in mind that the second world war was not the consequence of German aggressive policies of expansion of their strategic territorial superiority, but it was also the outcome of providing economic censor in Rhinland as a retaliation to the German attack during the first world war. The suffering from the domination of Germany and Japan was fought while the imperial power do not like to get off the backs and cause of the depended people for the independence-Racial pride is not a creation of Nazi's. President Roosevelt said. "Radical strife renders us suspect abroad. Man of all races black, white, Brown and yellow fight beside us for freedom. We cannot stand before the world as champion of oppressed people unless we practice as well as preach the principles of democracy for all men. Race prejudice and radically justified

injustices reveal the contrast between the promise and the performance of imperial power. Britain could not have defended herself without help of Indians in the second world war--- what has these Britishs given to the Indian people? The miseries our people may visualised by observing the apathy and thereby giving promotion to the fundamentalist to Muslims and the political aspirants Indians to see the creation of two nation theory. They cannot remove evil by announcing ideals." Stalin in November, 1941 declared "We have not nor can we have such war aims as the seizure of foreign territories or the conquest of other people's irrespective of whether European people's territory or Asiatic people's territories are concerned. We have not nor can we have such aims as imposition of our will and our regime on Slavic and other enslaved people of Europe who are waiting for help. Our aim is to help these people in their struggle for the liberation from Hitler's tyranny and then to accord them the possibility of arranging their own lives on their own lands as they see fit with absolute freedom." The people of a week and backward country, however strong and healthy they might be, could only serve to be made examples of or as witnesses of such futile spectacles; and it was not necessarily deplorable if many of them dies of prolong illness. The most important thing is to change there spirit. The real tragedy is to life up their voice among the living and meet with no response; neither approval nor opposition, just as if they are stranded in a boundless desert completely at loss. Imagine an iron house having not a single window and virtually indestructible, with all its inmates sound asleep and about to die of suffocation. Dying in their sleep they would not feel the pain of death. Now if now you raise a shout to wake a few of the lighter sleepers, making these unfortunate few suffer the agony of irrevocable death, do we really think we're doing them a good turn? It is true that there is no hope of destroying the iron house. But still one can not blot out hope, for hope belongs to the futures. There is no refutation of affirmation of the affirmation of faith clear day light swallowed up the lamp light. If we can persuade our citizens the American disastrous consequences of confrontation with imperialistic policy of expansion and thereby unified together to avoid these fundamentalists forces to raise their heads for forthcoming confrontation through collusion with each other, we hope we are discharging or obligations to serve the nation. Unless progressive intellectuals with the capacity to fight and make their consistent and sustained efforts to sponsor and extend the cause of humanity by fighting with the evil design of divisive forces dominating over the arena of present political set-up of our nation, nothing can be achieved from the emancipation from the prevailing maladies and thereby resulting into the survivability of our civilization in the complete darkness for future generation. Nature has created men not to war but to friendship, not to destruction but to health, not to wrong but to kind and benevolence. Nature has armed the beasts with amours. Man alone left fourth naked, week, tender with the most soft flesh and smooth skin do better to be knitted together be the leagues and conventions. Our politicians have yet to start thinking of making and enacting laws against the moral crime as one of the sociological need felt to amend on the ethical schools of law. The law is not to be compared to a venerable antique, to be taken down, dusted admired and put back on the shelf moral damage is more terrible. Politicians from the changes like chameleons. Thus the politically motivated sub-version of the popular mandate is now a common phenomenon. Thus the law can not be the devoid of morality. The courts of law are the proverbial to the temple of justice. Tilting the balance of justice or sales of justice by weight of coin is the very antithesis of justice. Are the judges are indispensable? If we tolerate them like that of imperial power having their superior commands over the whelm of the people, we are also protecting those aggressive policies of imperialism over the innocent victim. We cannot dispense with such a responsibility one has to fight for having a command over the whelm of affairs in the country, otherwise we may witness the same fate of massacre committed over the defenseless citizens and thereby committing the greatest sin against the civilisation and humanity. In the system where the law protect the corrupt politicians and judicial pronouncements keeping justice inaccessible to the poor and downtrodden, a class of lawyer who stood in forefront of national struggle offered the supreme sacrifice and untold miseries for the cause of independence should also rise the occasion and earn a probation and leisure had their command. Justice V.R. Krishna Ayer in his book " Our courts on trial" while dealing with the heading "Justice thyself" has observed:- " The unbecoming of judicial misdemeanor, what was once a whisper, the rumor about Judges and there delinquencies has now become a conviction of their guilt among social realities, communalism and favoritism. We want our judges to be a good man, not "boneless wonders" and bundles of bias, nor wheelerdealers of justice who stoop to conquer why should turn to publicity merchant cultivate constituencies. Political and judicial influence. Communist and economically powerful centre plead with ministers for monetary and other bonanzas? Why do they run after Chief Minister for posh house, sites at nominal prices as happened in Bombay and Chandigarh. Now that judges are banned from foreign hospitality without central approval, each judicial travel is becoming a ministerial favour". "The present generation of judges should not preside over the liquidation of the great heritage. We still have great hope, we still have great confidence in courts but the court down has begin and a national discussion among state men in politics and lawyers and scholars in social sciences is long over due to save the judges from themselves is now a critical need". "If the judicial process fails, people's sense of justice, violence fills the victim on the streets, not the courts, settle disputes." Thus the solution lies in passing the suitable structures by the superior courted even disciplinary action to the departmental proceedings for every wrong judgement given by the person preceding over the court of law is the need of the time. The common man seeks realisation of his aspiration in no sphere of public life. The promise of better tomorrow has conveniently forgotten with a leaf turning and today there is a burning danger that the people will work out their destiny through the compelled cult of their own "Dirty Hands".

Our constitutional duties prudence appears to be nothing but accommodation, but ours it meant Settlement in regard to show shoe economic progress of our society. So I has no Meaning for millions, I will not know how to into idea and fullest ideas as. Mutual district, declared and in fight is on the Increase. National discipline, coordination and co-operative of words have begun that casualties in the process. Strikes, Gheraos and agitation by the opportunist have become a common menace and bureaucracy and red tapism are well trenched in the administration of Service enshrined and guaranteed as a alleged to be constitutionally recognized. A well organized class is paralyzing the entire administration resulting in complete departure of the cultural heritage with the generation of hatred and rampant corruption throughout in the process of administration. The mind is the restless bird, the more it gets the more it wants and still remains dissatisfied except is being controlled in proper discipline and restrictions which are completely in the present set up of administration. Laws are the aggregate of rules representing the collective wisdom of community and therefore applied universally according to the circumstances conditions and requirements of the nation universally for the common human benefit of the peoples welfare and therefore made applicable for the strict enforcement of justice with the changing requirement and sanctity of the rule of law. Doubt perishes the man while apathy to a particular situation ruined the civilization. Law and order to satisfy the needs of fast changing society has to be involved in order to meet out the challenges instead of remaining static. Thus the judicial thinking to be constructed by the references which would adequately dealt with the new problems and therefore we no longer need the clutches of foreign legal system. It has to be secured through the process of law. That collective interest of the community so that parties do not lose faith in the institution and thereby indulge in private retribution is the prime objective of the legal order. The procedural safeguard should commensurate with the sweep of power . The wider the power, the greater than need for restraint in its exercise and correspondingly, more liberal construction of our procedural safeguard envisaged by statute. Laws are the aggregate of rules representing is the collective wisdom of community and therefore applied universally according to the circumstances and conditions and requirement of the nation universally for the common human benefit of people's welfare and therefore made applicable for the strict enforcement of justice with the changing requirement and sanctity of the rule of law. Doubt perishes the man while apathy to a particular situation ruin the civilization. Law in order to satisfy the needs of fast changing society has to be evolved in order to meet out the challenges instead of remaining static. Thus the judicial thinking to be constructed by reference which would adequately deal with the new problems and therefore we no longer need the crutches of foreign legal system. It has to be secured through the process of law. The collective interest of the community so that parties do not lose faith in the institution and thereby indulge in private retribution is the prime objective of the legal order. The procedural safeguards should commensurate with the sweep of power. The wider the power, the greater the need for restraint in its exercise and correspondingly, more liberal the construction of procedural safeguards envisaged by the statute. An independent and honest judiciary is sine qua non for rule of law. It is imperative to protect the honest officers from motivated misconceived complaints made by unscrupulous litigants while on the other hand infallibility is an unreliable ideals, correctness is often a matter of opinion. Thus ability to anticipate the fallibility is the gift of a prophecy consideration of finality are subject to the paramount of justice but the remedial action must be appropriate upon which the administration of justice may rest. Thus the law can not afford any favorite other than truth. Life of law is not logic; it has been experienced however logic may not be ignored when experience is silent. There has been erosion of faith in the dignity of the court and in the majesty of the law. The procedural wrangle is eroding the faith in our judicial system and one must introvert turn the search light over the process of deterioration inwardly. Therefore, the law must be definite and such as basic postulate is the requirements of the consistency in judicial decision making process and at the same time, there is the need for foreign flexibility. No straight jacket formula can be laid down for judicial functioning. The concept of public accountability of the judicial system and the professional competency with ability to promote the justice is perhaps overdue and the courts are ill equipped to speculate and seldom at contrary to democratic principles. Values in public life have undergone serious erosion during last few decades what was unheard is a common talk of the day. The new value orientation has undergone in our culture and we are at the threshold of the cross roads of these values. This is a difficult situation. One makes Law legal only by giving its operation . The consent of one's conscience. A moral obligation to disobey is not less compelling merely because an individual is powerless and that his disobedience may lead to punishment through powerful despotic monarch. It is always electoral of pre-medication to adopt justice as synonymous to law, which may be the command of the stranger, but the humanity and conscience will always be prone to launch a protest through expression against such command of law who has no sanctity of justice behind it. The problem of obedience of unjust law is the root cause for a right to right to rebellion and delicate balance is being observed in the history of civilization. The position of soldier under section 41 of the Army Act, 1950 as making disobedience to unjust immoral offence is in practice difficult to tackle as being liable to be shot at by a court martial and if he disobeys to be hanged by a judge. There is a concurrent conflicting demands of choosing either of the two. The discipline and of supremacy of law. It is difficult to examine and being aware of a illegality of the order and therefore law contrives an objective test. The Nuremberg trial has further declared that Nazis law and order of dictator must confirm to minimum morality. If it does not stand this test, the disobedience to unjust command will not often the discipline and rule of law will prevail. Resistance to oppression is the consequence of other rights. When the government violates the rights of the people, insurrection for the people and for each portion of the people, the most sacred of all rights and the most indispensable of all duties. Abraham Lincolns famous slogan Government for the people ,by the people and of the people means that the people can exercise their constitutional rights and revolutionary rights to dismember and overthrow the

government. Thus rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God. Whenever any government becomes destructive of certain inalienable rights of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, the people have the right to alter or abolish it. The abuses and usurpation design to reduce the existence of the individual and to act like absolute despotism, it is the right and the duty to throw of such government and provide security to the citizens. The rebellion against government is further justified when the majority of the people are oppressed by a despotic minority and then it becomes a moral duty of men who love liberty not to permit any moral rights to rebel against the majority. Practice of non-violent methods of rebellion as a means to end tyranny has been justified by our founder father but tyranny which makes reforms impossible is difficult to be tackled down and in that situation only the public opinion can safeguard the interest of the society. The obligation to obey the law is always linked with the question of justification for the natural outburst with the right to revolution. The ultimate raison de etre for you social discipline is reconcile apparently with conflicting claim of liberty and law. The justification to obey the law through civil disobedience involves conscious disapproval of government's action. The other factor of disobedience is through non-enforcement of the sovereign power of imposition of tax law and when ever the protest has the justification for not agreeable as unable to conscience to obey it. The peace and tranquility of the realm is always supreme as such violent emotion is unwarranted by moral law .Socrates, who searched into things under the earth and in heaven and therefore the youth refused to hold his tongue and prepared that as he realized that law applies with equal force to all to maintain ordered society and in order to resist against. Unjust law are must not to being afraid of being incurred in punishment for disobedience, if his conscience permit him to do so. Recent events have revealed the damage of letting ashore on body politics to fester for to long, the solution must be consistent with the unity of the country and national interest and not on as can result in claim of reaction detrimental to those interest.Despite the enduring the assurance by every political party in the parliamentary democracy for countrys stability progress and radical reform, there is a complete social disruption. Sometime there is ideological compatibility due to personality cult and dynasty rule over primitive society but when there starts inherent contradictions and ego concentric personality clashes, the country stability ,progress and radical reform comes to ignominiously halt. Socialism is to social justice , what ritual is to religion and Dogma is to the truth. Our present politicians has imposed so called mindless sociological arrangement on the nation under the garb of socialism which has held in thrall the people endeavor and enterprise resulting in the transfer of wealth from the honest to dishonest opportunist, merit to the demerit; quality with the quantity and justice with injustice in the guise of giving social protection. This is the reason that 231 public-sector enterprises run by Union government and 636 by the state government of extracting the material resources from public exchequer realising exorbitant price from India's doctrines socialism. If the politicians are actually concerned and they should have provided the financial security to the backward classes as to enable them to survive by distribution of resources with a logical distributive justice. There is only quantitative growth without quantitative developments. The influential politicians who preferred to let socialism remain the opiate the people and of whom it can be truly said that if the ignorance is the bliss they should be happiest men alive. Gandhi ji said Economics that hurts the moral well-being of individuals or nation is immoral and therefore, sinful . True economics never militate against highest ethical standards, just as all true ethics to be worth of its name just at the same be also good economics. An economics that inculcates worship and enables the strong, to mass wealth of the expenses of the weak is a false and dismal science. It spell death true economics on the other hand stands for social justice, it promotes the good of all equally including the weakest and is indispensable for decent life. Gandhi ji told I do not believe that multiplication of wants and machinery and contrives to supply them is taking the world single step nearer its goal a wholeheartedly detests with. This met desire to destroy the distance and time, to increase animal appetites and go to the ends of the earth in the search of their satisfaction. If modern civilization stands for all this and I have understood to do so I call it Satanic . A civilization, in real sense of the term consists not in the multiplication but in deliberate and voluntary reduction of wants. Industrialisation on a mast scale would necessarily lead to passive or active exploitation of the villagers as a problem of corruption and marketing come in. Nothing should be allowed to be produced by the cities which can equally well be produced by villagers. The proper function of the cities is to serve as clearing houses for village products. Here are more hands than required for the work and therefore the problem is how to utilize the idle hours, they will render unemployed. The concentration of production and distribution in few hands privilege oriented monopoly. The industrialization must not deprive people from environment, must but must in village artisan to reduce his drudgery and improve his efficiency. This is the answer to the concentration industrialization in the cities having no air to breathe at Delhi 460 S.P.M level ,Calcutta 460 S.P.M level 350 S.P.M level each. Justice H.R. Khanna, when appointed as commission of inquiry in the year 1967 in respect of the matter relating to the charge of corruption against the ministers of Orrisa including three Chief ministers, one of whom was Biju Patnaik while dealing with 70 charges of corruption levelled against them, was faced a situation dealing with the arguments advanced on behalf of two ex chief ministers, that there was no prescribed code of conduct for the ministers to held them guilty of impropriety, that ministers cannot use their officer or allow them to be used for furthering the business interest of his family members to have commercial dealing with the State as they themselves never passed orders in respect of such transactions. Justice Khanna observed that a person on being a minister becomes the custodian of the public interest. Thus he should so formulate his politics and his activities that there is no possibility of the clash between his personal interest and the public interest. The role of minister has got to be that of pioneer rather than a pirate, of the public to sentinel rather than of self seeks of one dedicated to the public cause and not one obsessed with the desire of personal gain -- -- what is needed is a climate of strong public opinion where in none may dare to deviate from the path of rectitude . Law can punish only occasional lapses quoting a classic passage of judge hand. I often wonder whether we do not rest our hopes too much upon our constitution, upon laws and upon courts. These are false hopes liberty lies in the hearts of men and women. When it dies there no constitution, no law, no court can do much is to help it while it lies that it needs no constitution, no law ,no court ", to save it. The question is whether the laws speaking through the authority of the courts to deal with such threat to the security of the state, shall be absolutely silenced and reduced mute

spectator because of such threat. The answer has to be given to the public. A raise weary of its own blood shed and diversities should cultivate public opinion which may offer the only chance for the survival of the species. The best guarantee for such situation is good sense of those in power, the vigilance of the people and the pressure of the public opinion. This is an alarming situation which spell out the gravity and further invite peoples co-ordination to formulate public opinion to fight through the policy of non- co-operation which has provided the independence from the British rule by our leader Mahatma Gandhi . Every day that comes and goes, every mile the river flows, says to me and say to you, much there is to learn and do, for the water and the day, no more will pass this way. Mankind has a habit of surviving worst catastrophes created by its own error or by violent turn of the nature and it must be so if there is any meaning in its existence, if its history and continuous survival is not the accident of a fortuitously self organising chance which it must be a purely materialistic view of the nature of the world. If man intended to survive and carry forward the evolution of which he is at present the head and to some extent of half conscience leader of its march , he must come out of this present chaotic life and arrive at the organised efforts. The ideal situation would be fulfilled by the accomplishment and preservation of the people from its own extinction by the folly committed by his own species. VANDE MATARAM My Nation is my Religion. Salutation to the Nation is meant for social coronation and solidarity amongst the citizens and, therefore, it is regarded the greatest service of humanity. The controversy triggered off over the telephonic recital going patriotic on Independence Day by greeting the callers with Vande Mataram being objected with title. Masjid main Vande Mataram by India, has hurt the sentiment of Indians. Any negative thinking which does not allow compatibility with national feeling is the feeling against the Nation. It will be called as the saddest day for our hard earn freedom. Those hundred of patriots, who sacrificed their lives by daring to get the mseives hanged by chanting the slogan Vande Mataram is now triggered off controversy of fanatic psyche. Vande Mataram is not a communal song, but is a salutation to the Nation including to the sentiments of the great poet Iqbal, who wrote SARE JAHAN SE ACHCHA HINDUSTAN HAMARA.. Coincidence is the in most thought of consciousness, moral sense, scrupulousness and conscientiousness. It means the freedom to right of believe. To profess means to affirm ones faith in Religion or God. In shirur muth case A.I.R. 1954 S.C. 282, the Honble Supreme Court said Religion is certainly a matter of faith with the individual or communities and it is not necessarily theistic. The well known religions in India like Buddhism and Jainism do believe in God or in any intelligent fist cause. A religion uncountable has its basis in a system of believes or doctrines, which are regarded by those who profess that religion as conducive the spiritual well being. In Bijou Emmanuel versus state of Kerala 1986 3 S.C.C. page 615, in which a state compulsion on an individual to perform a secular activity was challenged to violate his religious conscience as the circulate, being contra sacramental by participation in the singing of national anthem before marching to the classes, was under challenge. The Honble Supreme Court held that the circular had no force of law and any compulsion to join in the singing despite GENUINE CONSCIENTIOUS RELIGION OBJECTION would clearly contravene the rights guaranteed by Article 19 (1) a and Article 25(1) of the Constitution of India. Can we survive without a Nation. Whether the freedom of conscience is a perceptible aspect or abstract phenomenon. The conscientious objection may refuse to bear arms or an atheist may not be compelled to swell in the name of God. The national anthem and the national flag was dispensable in the face of religious objections. The Honble Supreme Court while observing the need of enforceable fundamental duty under Article 51- A a or of the Constitution which provides for proper respect to our national anthem. It was observed that the mere executive or a departmental instruction cannot canton the dimension of free conscience slaves of our constitution and therefore the increased conscientiousness provides a constraint on the compulsory vaccinations and inoculation particularly during gigantic mass of congregation like Kumbha Mela, or and other religious fairs in our country. The end of religion is the beginning of spirituality; the end of spirituality is the real bliss. Instead of worshipping the great master i.e. the omnipotent ominous, and omnipresent, we have started worshipping his servant and rather the place of worship is now been regarded above to the religion. People are driven through such faulty guidance and having the darkness in self realisation. The goal of life is to achieve and him the greatest possible efforts towards the serious consideration to the problem of life. If we have no essence of very life, how we can achieve the freedom from bondage, which may provide salvation. Thus the religious sentiments are no-where providing obstacles in the process of salutation to our nation. Rather the religion is based on the foundations of being a patriot first then to believe any dogma or rituals under the grab of the religion. The state affairs in India without having the enforceable fundamental duties as we may resolved from a political situation having growing tendency towards moral, religious and social degradation, is rather deplorable. India does not hold any bright prospect with interruption and spiricual;ity compassionate to the animals and to protect the vegetation is the reciprocal obligation towards the God. Thus the respect attributed towards civilisation by providing solidarity and integrity to the nation by salutation to our country is the fundamental principle of the religion. The consequences of the present drastic change in the mentality of the individual on the materialising alienating prospering and in responsible for the mobocracy, which may lead to enormous blood shade all over the world as if the religion is not based on spiritualism will ultimately ruined our civilisation. This universe is a system of change and formation of energy for our living creative to an other. The energy, which is kinetic or magnetic or electrical, is the basis of life. The vapours arising out of such energy is ultimately the source of our inspirations. The movement, we kill our fallow inhabitants, the energy involved into the different formation, but it never extinguished. Thus God is one and therefore the belief to adopt a particular religion should be founded on the comman foundations. God is perfect the universe is perfect, but we are not perfect. Let our soul may appreciate it. The primary object of the society is to do welfare of the al human being and when we inspite living inside the boundaries of our country may not provide salutation to that nation. We

have no right to enjoy any right in such country.Life is charged with magnetic quality and the moment youre magnetic INDIA A STRATEGIC BATTLEGROUND We must understand that the jihadis have an ambitious goal of establishing a trans-Asian Caliphate from Indonesia to the Balkans via Malayasia, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and West Asia for capturing Europe, now being called Eurabia because of its terminal demographic decline. It is time to recall how immediately before and after July 7, 2005, bombings of the London Tube (underground metro), the capital of U.K. was being referred to Londonistan by jihadi groups based in the United Kingdom. In entire South Asia, India is the only non-Muslim country, a bulwark of democracy, which constitutes a major impediment to the ambition of jihadis to convert the world into Dar-ul Islam. There is no point in mincing words, or hiding this simple truth. People must know what the Indian Mujahideen have been shouting from housetops and conveying through their repetitive e-mails, their resolve to destroy the Hindu civilization and to demolish your faith in the dirty mud, in the name of Hanuman, Sita and Ram. STRATEGY TO MEET THE CHALLENGE OF JIHAD To formulate an effective strategy for meeting the challenge of jihad, the first and foremost imperative is to create awareness across the country in cities, towns and far away villages that Indias civilizational identity is in grave peril due to relentless jihad unleashed at the behest of our hostile neighbours. Without waking up the masses in this hour of crisis, the menacing threat cannot be easily countered. People need to be reminded that we are facing the same ruthless jihad which our forefathers had fought against for more than 1000 years during which the entire country was savaged and ravaged. The second equally important measure is to formulate and implement a national security doctrine based on zero tolerance of jihad, routinely being described as terrorism by journalists and strategic analysts. As a follow up of zero tolerance policy the government must work out a proactive approach by smashing up hundreds of No Go areas located in scores of cities and towns where police are unable to enter and enforce law, or carry out searches, because of the physical resistance offered by the fundamentalists and their political supporters. Most of the jihadi modules and ISI agents are able to operate from these No Go areas where they are sheltered by criminals and anti-national elements. Unfortunately due to the prevalent culture of political correctness and minority appeasement, in recent years there has been a phenomenal growth in No Go areas across the country. As a retired police officer, I can confide in you that for all practical purposes there is only superficial policing of these No Go areas. Indian Dynastic Democracy

Is India a Dynastic Democracy ? : (2) India is faced with a terrible situation, created because of the Proxy War, being carried out by Pakistan, through its Terrorist Front Orgnaisations. At this juncture India ought to have stood as a One Nation united with solidarity and firmness prepared to take strong steps against Pakistan, since Pakistan is whole-sole fully responsible for allowing the Terrorist Activities to be used from Pakistans Land against India. Whereas on the one hand even at this critical juncture of such a terrible situation, the Government Machinery is actively involved in an effort to equalise Smt. Sonia Gandhi with that of Mahatma Gandhi, at the very heavy cost of the Exchequer vis-a-vis the tax payers money. On the other hand, taking advantage of a weak leadership, Mr. A R Antuly, though a Cabinet Minister had no scrupules to make an anti-national statement, by raising doubts by a conspiracy theory behind murder of Mr. Karkare, thus not only strengthening the very hands of Pakistan, but in a manner giving it an upper hand. Recently, a full page advertisement, with the following contents, was published in the Newspapers including Times of India, Delhi Edition, dated 13th December, 2008, by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India:LAND OF GANDHI CANNOT BE OVERWHELMED No Force is Strong Enough to Challenge the Idea of India Photo of Photo of Smt. Sonia Gandhi Dr. Manmohan Singh Smt. Sonia Gandhi Dr. Manmohan Singh Honble Chairperson United Honble Prime Minister Progressive Alliance The Mumbai Terror Attack was an Audacious Assault On Indias Prestige and an Affront to its People Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India INDIA SPEAKS IN ONE VOICE TO ISOLATE AND DEFEAT TERROR In the entire advertisement, the word Gandhi is mentioned at two places. At one place, the word Gandhi is used as the Land of Gandhi and at another place, it used as Smt. Sonia Gandhi. In the Four Corners of the entire advertisement, name or photo of Mahatma Gandhi was not seen. This simply suggests that some political game plan of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting is working behind it, to equalize Smt. Sonia Gandhi with the Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi, by misusing the control of the reins of the

powers, and at the heavy cost of Indias Revenue Exchequer. This is not the first such attempt. In the year of 2007, United Nations Organisation (UN) declared Mahatma Gandhis Birth day on 2nd October, as the International Non-violence Day. Smt. Sonia Gandhi neither representing the Gandhian Values, nor heading the Government nor the State, but by misusing the control over the reins of powers of the Prime Minister and misusing her name tagged with the word Gandhi, Smt. Sonia Gandhi, decided to represent on that occasion in the UN, giving a wrong message to the whole world community, that she is representing Mahatma Gandhi. As against her this aforesaid attempt, another full page advertisement was published in the leading Newspaper of USA : New York Times dated 6th October, 2007. The said advertisement the brought out to highlight that on 2nd October, 2007, about 500 Indians gathered and protested outside the UN, against Smt. Sonia Gandhis aforesaid doings. In the aforesaid advertisement of the New York Times, various serious charges against Smt. Sonia Gandhi and Shri Rahul Gandhi were also leveled. In fact, through the aforesaid advertisement of Times of India, published on 13th December, 2008, Government of India tried to impress that UPA Chairperson and Congress President Smt. Sonia Gandhi is above the Constitution, that is why, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India, without name and photo of Mahatma Gandhi claimed that India is Land of Gandhi, to send a message that this Land is of Smt. Sonia Gandhi (alone). However, after Mumbai attack, UPA Chairperson and Congress President Smt. Sonia Gandhi made an Appeal that our 1st task is to restore faith of people. Now the question arises that in view of her effort to keep the entire nation in dark, about her allegiance to the Italian Constitution, where this pronouncement fits in. At one point of time Shri Lal Bahadur Shastriji made an Appeal for skipping one time meal by way of fasting in a week for the sake of the country, which was overwhelmingly responded by all sections of the society. It is a sad augury that with or without her knowledge, all the concened respective public authorities, having misused their official positions, engaged themselves to keep the relevant information, under raps as a secret COVERT, by refusing not to disclose the respective Information, by misinterpreting the provisions of the RTI Act, 2005. Therefore, under such circumstances, how can she hope to expect that being a citizen of India, I can repose my faith in her leadership, since reposing of faith in her leadership depends upon the heartfelt feelings, based on the integrity, honesty and loyalty to the constitutional provisions and laws of the land. Similarly other Citizens, who are not biased for any reason in favour of Smt. Sonia Gandhi and Shri Rahul Gandhi, before reposing their faith might also want to know the true facts, about their honesty about their allegiance to the Constitution of Italy. On another day, the Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh also says that "I am a politician only by accident. Teaching is my first love. With reference to Mumbai attacks he says that 'NO BODY WOULD BE SPARED'. There is no doubt that individually, Dr. Manmohan Singh is a decent, honest, sincere and scholarly person, but that does not mean that he is equally and honest political administrator? Otherwise, he must not have accepted his nomination as Prime Minister of India, nominated/assigned by Smt. Sonia Gandhi. This is the reason that Afzal Guru has not been put on the scale of justice, till date. Smt. Sonia Gandhi has been playing the game of hide and seek by hiding the fact from the Indian Citizenry, regarding the legality of the impact of being an Italian Citizen by Birth, upon herself and Shri Rahul Gandhi, since under the Italian law they never can renounce their Right to Citizenship of Italy, as it undoubtedly prevails permanently, irrevocably, unequivocally and forever, and even if they might have renounced their Citizenship of Italy, it is always recoverable at any time even in remote future, on the expiry of one year from the date of their declaration to the effect in the prescribed manner. Thus, the so-called renouncement is always and permanently only temporary in character and nature and never final and irrevocable. Therefore, their Italian Citizenship prevails on hold, till they decide to recover it, by using their absolute right to recover it, guaranteed under the Constitution of Italy and Citizenship Law of Italy. Therefore, only after hiding such facts, they solemnly affirm (or swear) to bear true faith and allegiance to the Constitution of India under Article 84(A) and / or Article 99 of the Constitution of India, violating the provision of Article 102(1)(d) of the Constitution of India, since their allegiance to a foreign State (ITALY) acknowledged and prevails permanently, unequivocally and irrevocably under the Constitution of Italy and Citizenship Law of Italy. After the General Election for the 14th Loksabha, Congress Parliamentary Party elected Smt. Sonia Gandhi, as its leader, not Dr. Manmohan Singh. The Constitution of India also does nowhere empowers anybody to assign her/his election in favour of any other person. Whereas, she had to do so, under the compulsion of specific situation, as it is reported that she was restrained from oath taking by the then President of India, His Excellency Dr. A. P. J. Kalam. I am still trying my best to establish the authenticity of this report. However, in this connection, some extracts from the message of Dr. Subramanium Swamy, are very much relevant. He says: It is fair to assume that this report of the President's decision is correct since the President had before him my petition dated May 15, 2004 making just that point--- that Ms. Gandhi's citizenship is conditional, and in particular she cannot be the PM legally. The President had also given me an appointment at 12.45 PM on May 17, 2004 to explain my submissions in person, which I did. I also told him that I would challenge such a constitutional appointment in the Supreme Court just as I had in 2001 when the Tamil Nadu Governor illegally swore in Ms Jayalalitha as Chief Minister. Manmohan Singh is a decent and scholarly person, but in driving the Maino clan out of India. It will however not be long before Sonia will give Manmohan Singh marching orders, and he will march out meekly. We should not expect him to resist. Patriotic Indians should thank the President of India (Dr. APJ Kalam) for having the courage (for which he pays the cost, as he was not allowed second term of the Presidency) by citing a legal hitch to dissuade Ms. Sonia Gandhi from staking her claim to form the government in May this (2004) year. She therefore did not as expected on May 17th, 2004, become the Prime Minister of 1 billion plus people of India. It can now be said that the nation has been saved from a monumental, devastating, and permanent injury to India's national interest and patriotic psyche of Indians. And therefore every effort that can be made in a democracy should be made to ensure that Ms. Sonia

Gandhi is permanently out of reckoning for any public office. In 1991, Dr. Manmohan Singh was appointed as Finance Minister of India, as it was the exclusive prerogative of the then Prime Minister Shri Narsimha Rao, to appoint him as a cabinet Minister. But, under the Indian Constitution, Prime Minister must be the (actual) leader of Parliament, in the first place, not depending upon any other leader. When Dr. Manmohan Singh was nominated by Smt. Sonia Gandhi for the office of the Prime Minister of India, he was nowhere the leader of the Parliament. Since, he is nominated by Smt. Sonia Gandhi, he is always obliged to take approval, for all the important decisions, from Smt. Sonia Gandhi. For instance, I must refer one example with regard to one important appointment, which primafaciely may justify my accusation. Between June 1982 and September, 1987, Mr. Wajahat Habibullah, IAS, was Director and then Joint Secretary in the Prime Minister's Office, New Delhi. Even after assassination of Prime Minister Smt. Indira Gandhi (October 1985), he continued to be in the Prime Ministers Office, with the new Prime Minister Shri Rajiv Gandhi. He used to accompany the Prime Ministers, on tours of different parts in India. It is a well known fact that in almost all such tours, Prime Minister Shri Rajiv Gandhi, was accompanied by his wife Smt. Sonia Gandhi. Thus, Mr. Wajahat Habibullah could have full personal acquaintance with Smt. Sonia Gandhi, as well. In response to my application under Section 6(1) of the Right to Information Act, 2005, dated 10th December, 2007, after about one year and after repeated reminders, through Memo Letter No. F. No. 29018/8/2008-AIS-II dated 3rd December, 2008, Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions, Department of Personnel and Training, New Delhi supplied half information replying that Every effort has been made to locate file/records relating deputation of Shri Wajahat Habibullah as Secretary of Rajiv Gandhi Foundation under Rule 6(2)(ii) of the IAS (Cadre) Rules, 1954, but these could not be traced. It has, however, been verified from the Executive Record of Shri Wajahat Habibullah that during the period October, 1991 to June, 1993, he was on central deputation and posted in the Cabinet Secretariat, New Delhi. After the assassination of the former Prime Minister Shri Rajiv Gandhi, during the period of October, 1991 and July 1993, Mr. Wajahat Habibullah, performed his duty as Secretary of Rajiv Gandhi Foundation, being a Trust Constituted by Smt. Sonia Gandhi, thus directly worked under her. A question is still unanswered that whether for such period Mr. Wajahat Habibullah, received salary and other perks from Rajiv Gandhi Foundation or from Cabinet Secretariat. However, this fact suggests that personal acquaintance of Smt. Sonia Gandhi helped in the appointment of Mr. Wajahat Habibullah, as the First Chief Information Commissioner of Central Information Commission. There is no doubt about the honesty and sincerity of Mr. Wajahat Habibullah, but he is also a human being. At-least he might feel obliged in his heart of hear by responding for the favour he got by getting the appointment as the First Chief Information Commissioner. Prima-faciely this appears from one of my RTI case, relating to the Presidents Secretariat, the disclosure of which could have directly affected the faith of the people, caused and created through wrong message spread over the entire nation creating a climate of impression that in the nations larger interest, Smt. Sonia Gandhi has sacrificed the Office of the Prime Minister. In fact, on 17th May, 2004, at about 10.00 am, I sent a Fax Message to the then President of India, His Excellency Dr. A. P. J. Kalam, giving reference of Smt. Sonia Gandhis Italian Citizenship and opposed her claim to be invited to form a new Government. After enactment of the Right to Information Act, 2005, I sought information about the action taken by His Excellency President of India on my aforesaid Fax Message. Presidents Secretariat replied that my aforesaid Fax Message was duly considered by His Excellency the President of India. As this was only half the Information that was sought, the matter finally reached the Court of Honble Chief Information Commissioner Mr. Wajahat Habibullah, and he illegally invited/inferred the illegal interpretation from the PREAMBLE of the Right to Information Act, 2005, contrary to the world wide settled principal of the jurisprudence that the Preamble cannot be part of the Law but it may be used only to interpret ambiguous areas of the law where differing interpretations present themselves. The Preamble is useful as an interpretive tool only if there is an ambiguity in the provision itself and should not be treated as a rights bestowing part of the law., and under his aforesaid bias in favour of Smt. Sonia Gandhi, he passed an illegal Order, denying me the requisitioned Information. During the hearing, the President Secretariat also sought exemption on the alleged ground of the alleged opinion given by Attorney General of India Mr. Milon Banerjea to deny me the Information sought that what action actually were taken by the His Excellency the President of India and what correspondence were made between the then His Excellency President of India Dr. APJ Kalam and Smt. Sonia Gandhi at the material time. However, most surprisingly all the public authorities including Presidents Secretariat are misusing their powers and abusing their authorities, engaged in hiding the true facts relating to Smt. Sonia Gandhi and her allegiance to the Constitution of Italy. As such, when I submitted another application for the copy of the aforesaid alleged opinion given by Attorney General of India Mr. Milon Banerjea, considering Mr. Milon Banerjea, as Attorney General of India, not as Personal Attorney of Smt. Sonia Gandhi, but disclosure was also refused to me by the President Secretariat claiming that the aforesaid opinion was qualified by the Ministry of Law and Justice as Confidential. Thereafter, I submitted another application for the file noting regarding the decision process of the Ministry of Law and Justice, through which aforesaid opinion given by the Attorney General of India Mr. Milon Banerjea, was qualified as Confidential. But, the Ministry of Law and Justice also denied this Information too on the alleged pretext that opinion given by the Attorney General of India Mr. Milon Banerjea was exempted under fiduciary relationship, claiming that opinion was given by an Advocate to his client. Such refusal was under criminal connivance, ignoring the important fact that Attorney General of India is a Constitutional Authority and his clients are none other than citizenry of India, which is represented only by the Government of India. Therefore, if any fiduciary relationship actually exits, in this case, the same is between the citizenry of India and its Attorney General. I filed a Complaint before the Central Information Commission against the aforesaid refusal, posted through Speed Post NO. SP ED 390323274 IN dated

21/05/2008, but the same is untraceable, in the Central Information Commission, till date. Government of India, through replies in response to my various applications, under RTI Act, appears to be working hard to keep everything under wraps regarding Smt. Sonia Gandhi and Shri Rahul Gandhi. That is why, till date, Government is not ready to disclose whether Shri Rahul Gandhi was detained or not by FBI with large unaccounted cash at Boston Airport in 2001, and which Department / Ministry is responsible to investigate / enquire such matters and other matters regarding black money received by any Indian from the Foreign States and deposited in the foreign Banks? Under Section 6 of the Right to Information Act, 2005, I submitted application dated 28th October, 2008, to the Central Public Information Officer, Prime Ministers Office, mentioning therein that A full page advertisement was published on 6th October, 2007, in the New York Times, (photocopy was enclosed therewith), interalia with the very serious allegation that Shri Rajiv Gandhi, the husband of Smt. Sonia Gandhi, is alleged to have received payments from KGB. According to Schweizer, Illustrierte, Rajiv has a secret Swiss Bank account of 2 billion dollars. Her son Shri Rahul Gandhi, who is now projected (by Congress Party), as future Prime Minister of India, was detained by FBI with large unaccounted cash at Boston Airport in 2001. (Swiss magazine Schweizer, Illustrierte 11/1991, Indo Asian News Service. I further contended that the matter is very serious and is concerned relating to a situation wherein the prestige of the Country, is likely to be compromised in public esteem all over the World. Once, the then Congress President Late Mr. Barua, said Indira is India. Whereas, India has never been Indira, hence, we have seen the result. Now, people are busy to establish that Sonia Gandhi is the Congress Party, as evident from the action taken by Indian National Overseas Congress (INOC), a surrogate arm of the Indian National Congress in USA, by filing a $100 million libel lawsuit in the New York Supreme Court against two Indian Americans, Narain Kataria and Arish Sahani for allegedly defaming the Congress Party President, Sonia Gandhi, through the aforesaid advertisement against her in The New York Times. Mr. Surinder Malhotra, who as president of INOC had moved the court, later on had to withdraw the same. Although now he claims that withdrawal of the Suit is not the defeat, and he is consulting the Indian National Congress Party, for re-filling the Suit, as if Sonia Gandhi is Indian National Congress Party, while he himself has admitted that the Court has felt that INOC or he himself were not the aggrieved party. Now the BIG QUESTION still remains unanswered that if through the aforesaid advertisement Smt Sonia Gandhi and Shri Rahul Gandhi feel that they are defamed, then why they themselves in their individual capacity are not filing the said defamation case in the USA Court, since, the following extracts from the aforesaid advertisement as was published in the NewYork Times dated 6th October, 2007, reflects that the advertisement casts a very serious and personal allegation of corruption, against the family of Smt. Sonia Gandhi, thereby lowering her esteem in public image? Her husband Rajiv Gandhi is alleged to have received payments from KGB. According to Schweizer, Illustrierte, Rajiv has a secret Swiss Bank account of 2 billion dollars. Her son Rahul projected as next Prime Minister of India, was detained by FBI with large unaccounted cash at Boston Airport in 2001. (Swiss magazine Schweizer, Illustrierte 11/1991, Indo Asian News Service). Her party was involved in the UN Oil for Food Scam that helped Saddam Hussain. (From this language it is amply clear that charges were made against her in her personal capacity for misusing her position as President of Congress Party. The allegation nowhere puts the blame on the Indian National Congress Party). She was involved in numerous scams, scandals and controversies. Before entering India, she was an au-pair with modest means. Since then, she and her family members have amassed millions through questionable means. (Know Your Sonia by India First Foundation). Photocopy of the Advertisement published in the New York Times is also posted at: and that the Charges made in the aforesaid advertisement are very serious in nature, since it paints Shri Rajiv Gandhi, describing as one of the most corrupt politicians of the Country, contrary to his image that prevailed in India as Mr. Clean. Therefore, truth must come out before the Indian Citizenry. For the ends of the truth, a free, fair and transparent enquiry is essential. After enquiry, if charges so leveled through aforesaid advertisement are proved as malicious and false, this will enhance the goodwill of Smt. Sonia Gandhi manifolds, as against the claim of the alleged defamation. Otherwise, scars of doubts and blemishes would continue to cast a permanent mark on the integrity and honesty by leaving an impression that she is misusing her position to control the Office of the Prime Minister and the Central Government, to put the matter under an un-pregnable covert. Whereas, under the changed Swiss Banking Law, which mandated the Swiss Banks to know their clients, the Government of India, may now easily trace out the actual position about the alleged Secret Bank Account, if at all earlier held by Shri Rajiv Gandhi, since Banks must know its clients as well as his beneficiaries, which in this particular matter, might be Smt. Sonia Gandhi, and / or Shri Rahul Gandhi and / or Ms. Priyanka Gandhi, if any such account really ever existed. Similarly in the present scenario, USSR, Power of the Communist Party and KGB exist nowhere. Therefore, under the changed system of the Governance in Russia, if the Central Government makes free, fair and transparent and a serious and honest effort, it can also get all the true facts about the factual payments, if any were ever made by the KGB to Shri Rajiv Gandhi. This is just not necessary for the political health and strong democracy in India, but also for the sake of the prestige and honor of the heavenly soul of our late Prime Minister, Shri Rajiv Gandhi too. As regards to the matter, concerning whether Shri Rahul Gandhi, was detained by FBI with large unaccounted cash at Boston Airport in 2001 or not, this can be easily enquired by the Central Government. Therefore, through the aforesaid application I wanted to know that which Department or Ministry of Government of India is responsible to enquire such type of the allegations and (2) Which Department or Ministry is responsible to enquire about the black money received from the Foreign States and deposited in the foreign Banks, by any Indian? BLACK MONEY AND IMPACT ON SOCIETY Inflation and black money is in the form of parallel economy. The eradication of black money for a viable economy of the Country is required for a healthy structure on all its front. The factors responsible for the generation of black money are required to be spotted just to provide a curve over the nefarious activities of the politicians and other bureaucrats in the society which is responsible for compelling the 60% of the population to live below a poverty line. The judicial institutions has partly realised the ideals of the constitution to develop through judicial activism in the form of a revolution for providing a check over the

reprehensible conduct of the people to accumulating enormous well through any means. "Fair or Foul" at the cost of Nation. Price rise to the fantastic levels and velocity or liquidity of money circulation became enormous. One of the main feature of inflation is that money looses its value. This is virtually in confrontation with the aimed social objectives of legitimate expectations of the citizens. The factors responsible for the generation of the black money: (a) Divergence between acceptable rate of return and legally permissible rate of return. (b) Consequences of controls, licensing system, quotas, permits of commodities. In effective enforcement of tax laws like income-Tax. Wealth Tax, Estate Duty, Sale Tax, Stamp Duty, Excise Duty, Octrol Duties etc. (d) A considerable part of black money has encourages diversification of resources in the purchase of real state estate and investment of such money in constructing "Luxury Houses". Precious stones, jewellery and other venerable land situated in posh society. (e) Discretionary powers wasted in the ministers. (f) Fear of laws of power by our Bureaucrats. (g) Uncordinate response of the public to provide a check over such activities of their representative through mandate in the elections and in effective judicial accountability due to the non-introduction of the terminology "Due process of Law" instead of procedure establish under law. The quantum of black money consequent upon by the method of tax evasion, tax concealment, smuggling in imports & exports, production of elicit commodities, artificial escalation or the prices, has resulted into part it away to the estate for the purpose social welfare. The estimated income on which the tax has not been paid would probably be more than 7200 crores according to the estimated datas. Thus black money is very important route cause of urban value which deprives the Government its legitimate dues by way of taxes to the exchequer and induces dishonesty in the individuals trying to get more & more accommodation beyond his means. Transactions involved and element of black money. No individual posses adequate white account of money to buy a flat, thus this has ultimately resultant to the creation of black money as the parallel economy in the nation. The idea of inflation accounting mooted during the 2nd world war which became the topic of active discussion and ultimately attained momentum and due to the rapid universal inflation is persisting upon as a major problem in the country which has the effect of the almost crippling the entire economic structure of society in all sphere. Inflation and black money has become menace to Indian Society and its economic structure in all its spheres. It has become necessary to have a rethinking in all the monetary polities of the Government and their administration in all sectors as to how incorporate the effect of inflation accounting to eradicate black money from the society. This requires a strong Government and a high morality in living pattern of society. It needs fighting with all statutory powers wasted in Government. Inflationary tendencies have to be contained within a tolerable limits Government expert economics and planners with eminent public men requires the determination of inflationary trends which is galloping in nature and very difficult being tricky and onerous, to tackle by ordinary process. Time is free-fold present: as we experience it the past as the present memory and future as a present expectation .The expectations can not be the same and as anticipation. It is different from a wish, a desire or a hope nor can it amount to claim or demand on ground of a right. A pious hope even leading to a moral obligation can not amount to a legitimate expectation in the strict sense. The protection of such legitimate expectation does not require the fulfilment of the expectation where an over riding public interests require otherwise. Thus even if substantive production of such expectation is contemplated that does not grant and absolute right to a particular person. the protection is limited to the extent of judicial review. To strike down the expectation of an individual adrift to the pragmatism. Thus millions of people belonging to the deprived and venerable section of the humanity were looking to the courts for improving their life conditions and making back human rights meaningful for them. The Supreme Court acted as an instrument of status quoupholding the traditions of Anglo-Saxon jurisprudence and resisting radical innovations in the use of the judicial power to promote social justice under the republican constitution till early 1970 with some Honble expectations, but in the light of a social economic philosophy alien to our freedom movement and aspiration of the liberated people, the Apex Court has started a giving importance to the rule of Law with "tryst with destiny". The outstanding judicial activism in the quest for social justice came by the enormous contribution of Honble Supreme Court in the recent years. The use of new found judicial power in the service of "WE THE PEOPLE OF INDIA" who has often being represented in the judicial forum have always been at the receiving end of mal-administration and exploitation. This is a constitutional right of every accused person who is unable to engage a lawyer and secure legal services on account of reasons such as poverty, indigence or incommunicado situation and the state is under a mandate to provide a lawyer to an accused person if the circumstances of the case and the need of justice so require, provided of course the accused person does not object to the provision of such lawyer (1980) 1 SCC 98. It will be instructive to sun up this discourse with the observation of Chief Justice Bhagwati in Suk Das. It is common knowledge that 70 percent of the people living in rural areas are illiterate and even more than that percentage of the people are not aware of the rights conferred upon them by law. Even literate people do not know what are their rights and entitlements under the law. It is this absence of legal awareness which is responsible for the deception, exploitation and deprivation of rights and benefits from which the poor suffer in this land. Their legal needs always stand to become crisis-oriented because their ignorance prevents them from anticipating legal troubles and approaching a lawyer for consultation and advice in time and their poverty magnifies the impact of the legal trouble and difficulties when they come. More over, because of their ignorance and illiteracy, they cannot become self-reliant; they cannot even help themselves. The law ceases to be their protector because they do not know that they are entitled to the protection of the law and they can avail of the legal service programme for putting an end to their exploitation and winning their rights. The result is that poverty becomes with them a condition of total helplessness. This miserable condition in which the poor find themselves can be added to situations (1986) 2 SCC 401). Extant by creating legal awareness amongst the poor. That is why it has always been recognised as one of the principal items of the programme of the legal aid movement in the country to promote legal literacy. It would in these circumstances make a mockery of legal aid it were to be left to a poor, ignorant and illiterate accused to ask for free legal service. This is the reason why we ruled in Khatri II case that the Magistrate nor the sessions judge before whom an accused appears must be held to be under an obligations to inform the accuses that if he is unable to engage the services of a lawyer on account of poverty or indigence, he is entitled to obtain free legal services at the cost of the state. We also gave a general direction to every State in the Country to make provision for grant of free legal services to an accused who is unable to engage to a lawyer on account of reasons such as poverty, indigence or incommunicado situations (1986 2 SCC 401).

In the judges Transfer Case, justice Bhagwati declared that law in the following terms: where a legal wrong or a legal injury in caused to a person of violation of any constitutional or legal right.. and such person or determinate class of persons is by reason of poverty, helplessness or disability or socially or economically disadvantaged position, unable to approach the court for relief, any member of the public can maintain an application for an appropriate direction, order or writ in the High Court under Article 226 and in case of breach of any fundamental right of such person or determinate class of persons, in the Supreme Court under Article 32 seeking judicial redress for the legal wrong or injury caused to such person or determinate class of persons. (1981) Supp. SCC 87). Fundamental rights particularly in relation to the poor and disabled do require new remedies for their effective enforcement. Creation of new remedies is interpreted as part of the judicial function in so far as the responsibility for enforcement of fundamental rights is a charge on the Supreme Court. The alienation and ivory tower image of the judiciary, sometimes justified in the name of "independence", got a severe jolt by the socio-political activism and public self-criticism of judges of the Apex Court led by justice Bhagwati. The search for solutions in the quest for justice is an eternal one in which success and failure are always relative and never complete. Absolute power is tyranny where as absolute democracy is tyranny and anarchy both. The political groups of revolutionary significance, which present have never imperilled the fundamentals of duty and obedience, the bases of social discipline, in short the most fundamental forces of social and political cohesion. Legislature or the executive ha e created situations which remain sometimes grimly un reconciled, political forces have pushed on to advance their own schemes upon the ruins of the rest. A party in power provokes by its policies a situation in which the economic stability of the society is threatened or where constitutional rules appear as the mere manifestations of the interest of the dominant power in the legislative. The normative and factual aspects of the legal order condition each other and interact closely with one another. A legal system acts as a mediator between social ideals and social reality. In the political and social life of a community, it becomes an effective moulding force for actual human behaviours in the process of balancing individual rights and the common good. Any one would be surprised to know that the Prime Ministers Office does not know which Departments/Ministries under the control of Prime Minister are responsible for such actions. For this reason initially, my application was transferred through Memo Letter no. RTI/1953/2008-PMR dated 4th November, 2008, to the Cabinet Secretariat, which in its turn transferred to Department of Economic Affairs, through Memo Letter No. F-12015/331/2008-RTI dated 25th November, 2008, which was sent back to the Cabinet Secretariat, through Memo Letter No. F.No. 2/366/2008-RTI dated 2nd December, 2008, claiming it does not hold such responsibility. Now Cabinet Secretariat again has transferred it to Shri V. Sreekumar, Under Secretary and CPIO, of Deptt. of Revenue, through Memo Letter No. F-12015/331/2008-RTI dated 4th December, 2008. Is it not a Joke? ARUN SHOURIE SPECIAL Getting Indias Money Back from Tax Havens: Congress caught in its own Web Stupefied by the strong endorsement all across the country of the demand that the money looted from India must be brought back, the Congress has tied itself in knots. Its spokesmen - led, as will be clear from the arguments they have advanced, by four lawyers - have given five reactions: Why is taking up this matter now, on the eve of elections? The GE-20 meeting was not the proper forum for taking up the issue. There is doubt about the figures. Why did the BJP government to replace FERA by FEMA, and thereby make the offences compoundable? Is not unwittingly alerting those with illegal money abroad to spirit it away from Switzerland to other tax havens? What was doing when it was in office? In any case there is doubt about the figures. The reactions betray panic as even the littlest reflection would have shown the "arguments" to be indefensible. Let us consider them one by one. Why is taking up this matter now, on the eve of elections? The fact, of course, is that took up the matter with the Prime Minister in April last year. He wrote soon after it became known that the Government of Germany had succeeded in obtaining names of persons who had stashed money in the LGT Bank in Lichtenstein. The reply that the then Finance Minister, sent him showed that the Government intended to do little except keep going through the pretence of taking some steps. Soon thereafter, we were alarmed to learn that a senior official of the Finance Ministry had written to the then Indian Ambassador in Germany not to press the Germans for release of the names of Indians in the list that they had obtained from Lichtenstein -- lest the Germans take offence and conclude that they were being pressurized and their bona fides were being questioned! [This information was later confirmed by report filed by Amitabh Ranjan in The Indian Express of 31 March 2009.] Subsequently, we took up the matter in Parliament also. And yet the evasion, "Why now?" The GE-20 meeting was not the proper forum for taking up the issue. This customarily self-serving rationalization was put out by one of the Congress party's lawyers and spokesmen. At this very time the party was trying to insinuate that, actually speaking, the Prime Minister had taken up the matter at the G-20 Summit. As its spokesmen could not point to any statement he made either at the Summit itself or even at the press meet the PM had held after the Summit, they drew solace from a passing reference to the matter in the speech he had made at the dinner hosted by Gordon Brown. In any case, if the G-20 Summit was not the right forum for taking up this matter, how is it that in the communiqu that the G-20 leaders issued on 2 April 2009, in paragraph 15, entitled, "Strengthening the Financial System," they pledged themselves "to take action against non-cooperative jurisdictions, including tax havens. We stand ready to deploy sanctions to protect our public finances and financial systems. The era of banking secrecy is over. We note that the OECD has today published a list of countries assessed by the Global Forum against the international standard for exchange of tax information"? Were they also, in the view of the Congress party, acting inappropriately when they made such a strong commitment in their communiqu at the Summit? And recall that no sooner had they issued the threat of imposing sanctions that countries which had been black-listed by the OECD that very day began declaring that they would indeed sign up on the agreement to exchange tax information, and that includes evasion. In any case, there is doubt about the figures. As is its custom, the Congress is trying to cover up the basic question of the money which has been looted from India and is lying in tax havens, by raising questions about the precision of figures and estimates. This is exactly the kind of legalisms with which persons like Mr P. Chidambaram and other legitimizers were fielded to cover up the loot from Bofors. In its paper, "Overview of the OECD's Work on International Tax Evasion," the OECD itself lists studies that state that there are $1.7 trillion to $11.5 trillion which are today parked in tax havens. This paper of the OECD has been widely reported in the

Indian press. The basic point is: even if the amounts are just a few scores of billion dollars and not one and a half trillion dollars, why should they not be brought back to India? And the fact is that other countries, much smaller countries with none of the pretensions of being a "super power, have succeeded in getting their money back. Even as of October last year, when the OECD released its paper, little Ireland had succeeded in recovering almost a billion Euros through an investigation into offshore banks.Given that even small countries like Ireland have got money back, is it not a shame, is it not an outrage that, as of yesterday, 18 April, 2009, The Times of India, should be quoting the Swiss Ambassador to India as stating on record that till now, the Swiss Government has received no request - not even a request - from the Indian Government? The real question is different: can the money looted from India be brought back to the country when the attitude of the government continues to be as determinedly inactive as that of the present Government? Can the Government which allowed Ottavio Quattrochi to take his money out of banks - where it was lying frozen on court orders - be trusted to bring back the loot that is lying in Swiss banks and other tax havens? Can the Government which prostituted the CBI so that he may get away from Argentina be trusted to bring the loot back? Why did the BJP government to replace FERA by FEMA, and thereby make the offences compoundable? Again, the Congress is relying on the short memory of its audience. The fact of the matter is that no one had been pressing more for the replacement of the harsh provisions of FERA than the Congress itself. The changes were being contemplated since 1996. The demand for doing away with the harsh provisions came to a crescendo during the Government of Mr. VP Singh when FERA came to be used for interrogating captains of industry - like Mr. S.L. Kirloskar under harsh circumstances. As news reports of that period themselves indicate, FEMA which was approved by the Government in July 1998, was on the lines of a draft which had been prepared under the leadership of the preceding finance minister, Mr P. Chidambaram. Even today, you can go to the website of Rediff-on-the-net, go to their dispatch of 25 July, 1998, on "FEMA, Money Bills: Cabinet nods, Parliament's turn next," and you will read, "The Bills were broadly on the lines of a draft prepared under the leadership of then Finance Minister In any event, there is no mystery about the reasons on account of which the law was changed. They are well set out in the following passage: "Until recently, we had a law known as the Foreign Exchange (Regulation) Act. Its object was to conserve and augment the forex reserves of the country. The way to hell, it is said, is paved with good intentions. Like many well-intentioned laws, FERA paved the way to disaster. FERA created a flourishing black market in foreign exchange. It brought into the economic lexicon the word 'Hawala'. Illegal forex transactions became the fuel for the growth of crime syndicates with trans-border connections. "FERA also became a tool of oppression. Successive governments persisted with FERA and added COFFEPOSA and SAFEMA. International markets do not respect draconian laws that run counter to common sense. India's reserves, far from being augmented, dwindled at an alarming rate... Mercifully, FERA was buried finally on May 31, 2000." When and where was this written? In an article that appeared The Indian Express on 25 August 2002. Who wrote the article?! Is not unwittingly alerting those with illegal money abroad to spirit it away from Switzerland to other tax havens? Another clever little statement by yet another clever lawyer of the Congress party! Would the looters who have stashed away money in tax havens from India still need to be alerted after Germany got the names from Lichtenstein as long ago as last year? Would they still need to be alerted after Germany offered to furnish the names to governments that asked for the names? Would they still need to be alerted after the United States got the names from the leading bank of Switzerland, UBS in February this year, and got it to submit to paying a fine of $ 800 million to boot? Would they still need to be alerted after the G-20 leaders, including Dr. Man Mohan Singh as the Congress would like to remind us, declared their determination to get the tax havens to disgorge the names? But such is the confusion in the Congress party and such the brilliance of its lawyers that all it can do is to seek to deflect the nation-wide demand for getting the loot back from tax havens by such witticisms! What was the NDA doing when it was in office? In any case there is doubt about the figures. Leaders of the Congress party would be better advised to ask, "During that very period, what was the Congress party doing, what were its lawyers and leaders doing, to thwart the efforts of the NDA Government to uncover the names of persons who had looted the country even on defence deals like Bofors?" But even if the NDA had done nothing - whether on terrorism or money abroad - is that any reason for not hurrying to avail of the unique opportunity that has arisen now? Even while replacing FERA by FEMA, the NDA Government made sure that it would have an additional two years to file prosecutions under FERA. And it filed as many as 2000 cases against those who were under investigation before FERA lapsed. The reason for doing so, a reason that is well known to lawyers in the Congress party, was that, when a prosecution is filed it is adjudicated according to the law which prevailed at the time at which the case was filed. These are the very cases which the Congress later on did not pursue. The fact of the matter is that it is now that the unique opportunity has arisen to get the loot back: Germany has succeeded in getting the names; the US has succeeded in getting the names; the G-20 leaders have pledged themselves to ensure the end of bank secrecy; countries that had hitherto refused to share the requisite information are pledging to do so - within a week of their names being published by OECD in the list of countries that were dragging their feet on the question, Costa Rica, Malaysia, Philippines and Uruguay pledged to enter into the relevant agreements. There is a real fight ahead: a fight in the national interest, a fight that will have to be waged doggedly to get the names from the tax havens and to get the amounts back to India - as tax havens will not easily part with their route to lucre. And not all countries will be eager to wage the fight - so many rulers in Africa, in Latin America, to say nothing of the princelings of China - will be loath to see the fight succeed. So, determination and leadership will be required of India, and persistence, and forging alliances with civil society in Europe and elsewhere.Nor are bilateral agreements any substitute to multilateral pressure.With close to seventy tax havens, decades will pass before agreements are concluded with each haven, even as money is spirited from the haven that has signed up to the one that is holding out. As has been correctly emphasized, a consensus is already emerging across the country. Leaders outside the political realm, parties such as the CPI(M), SP, BSP, JD(U), AIADMK have all demanded that the Government act energetically to get the names from the tax havens and to get back the amounts. Instead of quibbling, the Congress would be well-advised to endorse the consensus, and act on it. Not joining ecular forces on even so secular an issue?! A high-profile evangelist is under pressure to explain an "unaccounted" amount of Rs 900 crore his trust

received from the US as Kerala's crackdown on "commercial spiritualism" gathers pace. Bishop K.P. Yohannan has been under the watch of regulators and police since the hunt for "fake godmen" began in the first week of May for having received the funds from the Texas-based Gospel for Asia in the past 12 years. Failure to explain could make him the subject of a probe. The police claim that a trust closely held by Yohannan and his relatives had received Rs 1,044 crore for charity and church activities from Texas body since 1995 but spent only Rs 144 crore on such purposes. Director-general of police (intelligence) Jacob Punnose has told home minister Kodiyeri Balakrishnan about the "unaccounted cash" and recommended an inquiry to verify how the trust had used the Rs 900 crore. Chief minister V.S. Achuthanandan is aware of the matter. The assets of Believers' Church, Yohannan's trust, were estimated at Rs 572 crore and Gospel for Asia's at Rs 472 crore. The nature of the probe is yet to be decided since there are several departments and agencies concerned with the activities of Believers' Church and Gospel for Asia. Since the amount flowed in from a single source, the Gospel for Asia, the Reserve Bank will have to probe if any part of it had been spent on activities outside the country and whether it was done with permission. Another matter to be examined is how Yohannan's trust has retained 2,500 acres when the law allows only 2,000 acres and whether it had secured special permission. The bishop was not available for comment. Yohannan is not the only one facing the heat in the drive "commercial spiritualism". Other Christian prayer-healing organisations like Swargeeya Virunnu (Heavenly Feast), run by Brother Thanku (Sam Kuruvila) and Brother Thomas Kutty are also under the scanner. A suit has been filed in the high court here seeking information about the alleged detention of Congress MP Rahul Gandhi and his Colombian girlfriend by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in 2001. The petition, filed by four lawyers, is likely to be heard Wednesday. According to the public interest litigation, Gandhi, the son of Congress president Sonia Gandhi, and his companion were released after being detained at Boston airport following the intervention of the Prime Minister's Office. At that time, Atal Bihari Vajpayee was the Indian prime minister and Gandhi was not a member of the Lok Sabha. "Vajpayee's principal secretary and then national security adviser Brajesh Misra spoke to top US authorities to enable Rahul Gandhi and his girlfriend to get away," claimed Prem Chandra Sharma, who moved the court along with three others. Sharma claimed to have gathered this information through the Internet and said he had downloaded certain do events to substantiate his allegations. The petition alleged that Gandhi was found in illegal possession of about $200,000. And it was in that connection that the FBI had detained him along with his girlfriend Sep 21, 2001. The FBI was said to have sought an explanation about Gandhi's possession of such a huge amount of money, which he was unable to provide, the petition said. The petition sought a writ of mandamus to the Indian ambassador to the US as well as the union home secretary to make a disclosure about the entire episode. " A bizarre turn of events, Karasik & Associates, attorneys for Indian National Overseas Congress, a subsidiary of Indian National Congress, headed by Sonia Gandhi, in INOC v. Kataria, et al. served a Notice of Discontinuance in the above-named action to Justice Emly Jane Goodman of the Supreme Court of New York on September 29, 2008. The Notice of Discontinuance tantamount to an unconditional surrender by the Congress Party and could be construed as a victory of Dharmic forces. In actuality, the hearing in this case, originally, was scheduled to be held October 2, 2008. The prominent Law Firm of Kornstein, Veisz, Wexler & Pollard represented Narain Kataria, Arish Sahani and Indo Caribbean Council. The stipulation between the attorneys of the two parties was agreed to, signed and stamped in the Court on October 2, 2008. Prior to this last month a similar case filed by INOC in New Jersey Court against Sunanda Thali, Satyanarayana Dosapati, Naresh Sharma, and Mahatma Gandhi International Foundation, Inc., was summarily dismissed by the Judge who found that the Plaintiff had no locus standi in filing such a frivolous case. It is a matter of great happiness for all NRIs, particularly Hindus, that the famous adage from Vedic literature Satya Mev Jayate (Truth shall always prevail, once again, prevailed in New York and New Jersey Courts, on the Birthday of Mahatma Gandhi! In this connection, it should be noted that the INOC had filed these two lawsuits on the alleged grounds that Kataria, Sahani et al had defamed President of Indian National Congress, Sonia Gandhi, by bringing out a full page advertisements in The New York Times, dated October 6, 2007. Some extracts from that advertisement are as follows: UNs declaration of Mahatma Gandhis birthday on October 2nd as the International Non-Violence Day is commendable. However, instead of a true Gandhian delivering his message of peace and non-violence, Sonia Gandhi who is not a representative of Gandhian values is chosen. Sonia Maino Gandhi is NOT related to Mahatma Gandhi. She is attempting to misappropriate his name for political mileage and international legitimacy. Sonia is known to be vindictive and undemocratic. Her party uses various mechanisms, such as tax raids, direct threats to subjugate opposition. Due to her partys pro-terrorist policies, India has second highest number of terrorism victims after Iraq. Her Government is requesting clemency to Afzal Guru, the mastermind of attack on Indian Parliament. In pursuit of Muslim vote bank, she has created soft borders and turned a blind eye towards Islamic fundamentalism. Her husband Rajiv Gandhi is alleged to have received payments from KGB. According to Schweizer, Illustrierte, Rajiv has a secret Swiss Bank account of 2 billion dollars. Her son Rahul projected as next Prime Minister of India, was detained by FBI with large unaccounted cash at Boston Airport in 2001. (Swiss magazine Schweizer, Illustrierte 11/1991, Indo Asian News Service). Her party was involved in the UN Oil for Food Scam that helped Saddam Hussain. She was involved in numerous scams, scandals and controversies. Before entering India, she was an au-pair with modest means. Since then, she and her family members have amassed millions through questionable means. (Know Your Sonia by India First Foundation) The purpose of these cases, it is believed, was to silence the voice of the critics of Sonia Gandhi through her surrogates, stifle the voice of freedom, make defendants financially bankrupt, frighten them into submission, and suppress the truth. It is also worthwhile to mention here that these two cases had generated an inquisitive interest in media, a sense of unity and brotherhood among Indian Diaspora, particularly Hindus and Sikhs, who had organized fund raisers and established Hindu Support Fund to defray attorneys fees and other related expenses to be incurred in these cases. It is a matter of great satisfaction and joy that the Right of Free Speech

guaranteed under the First Amendment of American Constitution has been upheld by the judges and the sinister designs of enemies of freedom of speech, actuated by the malicious desire to muzzle the voice of free speech, truth, and vilify the defendants, have been nipped in the bud. . `From the time Sonia entered India, she has looted the country on a large scale. INOC have objected to this statement. Sonia Gandhis acts of Himalayan corruption have been graphically brought out by Dr. Subramanian Swamy in his website under the title `Know your Sonia. If Dr. Swamys allegations were false, Sonia could have easily issued a legal notice regarding her defamation to Dr. Swamy in the same way in which INOC Inc. have issued to Narain Kataria and Arish Sahani. I propose to deal with this aspect in a detailed and documented manner with reference to the available information regarding several deeds and misdeeds of corruption of Sonia Gandhi and her family. The mass media in India I mean the pseudo-secular mafia (not very different from Italian mafia!) of mass media in India _will black out all news relating to the political exposures of the known murky deeds of Sonia Gandhi by her political opponents. The daily tone for this type of prejudiced, lopsided and even criminal approach to news reporting and dissemination of information is set by our own surrogate Prime Minister who never loses an opportunity to extol Sonia Gandhi as `the tallest leader in our Country. The time tested and proven bulletproof armor of every ambitious Congressman lies in open flattery and sycophancy. Nothing in the Sonia Congress Party succeeds like excess _excess of servility laced with excessive flattery and sycophancy. That is the only acid test of your `official performance as a Cabinet Minister. This gets proved by the reported fact that one of the disgusting and crawling Cabinet Ministers in the UPA Government described Sonia Gandhi as `a rare combination of Jesus Christ, Gautama Buddha and Mahatma Gandhi. In order to understand the political issue of super-corruption of Sonia Gandhi, it is very necessary to go into the issue of the known public fraud of the story of her citizenship from 1968 till April 29, 1983. Sonia married Rajiv Gandhi in 1968 but she retained her Italian citizenship till April 29, 1983, even though she could have applied for Indian citizenship in 1968 itself. Her continuance in India and her being part of Indira Gandhis household, as a foreign national from 1968 to April 29, 1983 was kept as a closely guarded political secret. The pseudo-secular mafia of mass media extended its full cooperation to this subterranean, nationally subversive plot from 1968 to April 29, 1983. It was `The Pioneer newspaper in Delhi, which put an end to the prevailing confusion regarding the shady citizenship status of Sonia Gandhi in May 1999 when it published details about the grant of Indian citizenship to her. After living in India as a foreign national (owing no allegiance whatsoever to the Indian State or the Indian Constitution) she applied for Indian citizenship on April 7, 1983 15 years after her marriage to Rajiv Gandhi. She was granted Indian citizenship on April 30, 1983. Thus Sonia Gandhi proved that the Indian Citizenship Act is vulnerable and that she is invulnerable! To quote the brilliant words of A. Surya Prakash, Editor of a landmark book titled `Sonia under Scrutiny, Issue of Foreign Origin: `Once it was public knowledge that she preferred to retain Italian citizenship for long years after her marriage, even though she was the daughter-inlaw of Indias Prime Minister and lived in the Official residence of the Prime Minister, she began indulging in a bit of obfuscation. She has been saying that she accepted Indian citizenship the day she became Indira Gandhis bahu and that applying for citizenship was a `mere technicality. All Italy-bound Indians must test Sonias theory of citizenship at the touchstone of Italian immigration! It is difficult to find another naturalized citizen who indulges in such dishonesty, but then let us not forget, that is `the stuff she is made of. Thus Sonia clung to her Italian citizenship for 15 years after her marriage but strangely enough, she was able to get voting rights in India long before April 30, 1983! Just as she created a world record relating to her Cambridge University Qualifications, she also created a record by smuggling herself into the voters list in New Delhi in January 1980, using the high authority of the Prime Ministers [Indira Gandhi's] household which ran the office of the Prime Minister and indeed the whole of government of India those days! The name of Sanjay Gandhi, who died in a plane crash in June 1980, was deleted from the voters list when the Electoral Rolls were revised in 1981, but Sonia Gandhis name remained at No.388 in Polling Station 145 of New Delhi Parliamentary Constituency. The point to be noted is that, Sonia was an Italian citizen and not an Indian Citizen. K.L.Sethi, the then Election Officer in Delhi, deleted her name, only after the eruption of a controversy in 1982. The fraudulent entry of Sonia at that time would have gone unnoticed but for Surya India, a news magazine edited by her estranged sister-in-law Menaka Gandhi, who raked up the issue. Her magazine did a cover story on Sonia Gandhi in October 1982, and asked how a citizen of Italy could be a voter in India. An official in Delhis Chief Electoral Office had told the `Surya India magazine at that time that it was a blatant violation of the Electoral Rules, but had pleaded his helplessness. That magazine also quoted him saying, `It is not for us to check whether applicants are bona fide citizens of this country. We expect only genuine citizens to enroll themselves. Besides, who can expect an official to question the veracity of statements made by a responsible member of the Prime Ministers family when they go to crosscheck the Voters List? Even after this public exposure of electoral fraud, Sonia Gandhi re-entered the Voters List following a fresh revision in 1983. She was listed at Serial No.236 in Polling Station 140 of the New Delhi Parliamentary Constituency. It has been reported that she had not become an Indian citizen even at that time. She applied for Indian Citizenship on April 7, 1983 and was granted the same on April 30, 1983 _in a matter of 23 days. Thus her re-entry into the Electoral Rolls of 1983 was also dubious because the qualifying date for entry into the Electoral Rolls was January 1 of 1983 and on that day Sonia Gandhi was a citizen of Italy. Sonia Gandhi has therefore shown little respect for Indian Laws during her stay in India as a foreign national from 1968 and this gives us a sublime (as distinct from the `Staleness Doctrine of the Supreme Court of India!) glimpse of `the stuff she his made of. According to the Representation of People Act, only Indian Citizens can be voters (unless she happens to be a Sonia!). Even according to our Supreme Court, perhaps, this type of rule of law (totally stale!) is just not applicable to Sonia Gandhi and her family who are accorded a `sublime status above the Law of the Constitution. In a classic article has completely brought to the public view the lurid story relating to the Himalayan folly, fraud, force and farce of Sonias corruption. BY DESTROYING NATURE By destroying nature, environment, man is committing matricide, having in a way killed Mother Earth. Technological excellence, growth of industries, economical gains have led to depletion of natural resources irreversibly. Indifference of the grave consequences, lack of concern and foresight have contributed in large measures to the alarming position. In the case at hand, the alleged victim is the flora and fauna in and around Kudremukh National Park, a part of the Western Gates. The forests in the area are among 18 immediately recognized Hotspots for bio-diversity conservation in the world. The I.A. 670 of 2001 was filed by Sri K.M. Chinnappa describing himself as trustee. Wildlife First. As you may aware that India was to be recognized as a Golden Bird. The financial resources of India were of the world famous. The vigor of the physical strength was like brightening of the Venus star of the universe, which was an example of receptivity of our country

throughout the world apart from the qualities there were innumerable specialities prevalent in India. As these specialties remained and work out by its own hundred and hundreds specialization. The basic foundation of these qualities was on account of the affect that the individual zeal required to be exhausted for earning the livelihood was also the accompanied with full collaboration of spiritualism, culture, religion, family, society and natural resources. India is again inclined to advance in the horizon of financial resourcefulness and it may again enlightening like Venus star on the horizon of universe, but it requires the sufficient proportionate physical energy as to cop-up the requirement to reach at the optimum height, which is not available at present in Indian people in the sufficient quantities, when ever energy may be available which has been deteriorated on account of un-useful project in the present context and the prominent reason for such deteriorating condition is to depart in the process of our livelihood due to the lack of coordination of our culture, spiritual, family, society and nature. The Hindu Temple Society of North America, The Indian American Intellectuals Forum (Forum) and several other Hindu organizations joined hands to celebrate with pomp, pageantry and enthusiasm the Fourteenth Hindu Sangathan Divas (Hindu Unity Day) on August 10, 2008 at Hindu Temple Auditorium in Flushing, New York.The upscale auditorium was packed to capacity, including the balcony. Inside, there were more than 1000 Hindus present. Putting aside their caste, creed, color, nationality, the Hindus from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Guyana, Trinidad and many other countries, participated in the most unique event of the times the Hindu Unity Day with a lot of energy, enthusiasm, zeal and gusto. The assertion of the newly born Hindu pride and confidence had to be seen to be believed. The high-profile dignitaries, who addressed the huge audience were: Dr. Subramanian Swamy, the Chief Guest and President of Janata Party in India and the former Law Minister; Sardar Joginder Singh, the Keynote Speaker and former Chief of Indias Central Bureau of Intelligence; Rajeev Malhotra, the Founder of Infinity Foundation and a philanthropist; Sri Nithya Bhaktananda Swamy, the very successful business professional turned spiritual master, and Dr. Uma Mysorekar, the President of Hindu Temple Society of North America. The fact that the event evoked so much of interest and involvement of so many Hindus from the tri-state area, and elsewhere, demolished the frequently propounded theory by the prophets of doom, and exploded their much-hyped myth that the Hindus simply cannot work in unison. The Hindu public and the assembled leaders deliberated over the serious problems of the persecution of Hindus in Bangladesh, the terrorist bomb blasts in mega Indian cities such as Bangaluru, Jaipur and Ahmedabad, the forcible conversion of Hindus to other religions, the acquisition of Hindu temple lands by governments in India, the return of 100 acre land back to the Amarnath Shrine, widespread terrorism and rampant corruption in governmental agencies. Numerous resolutions were proposed and were passed unanimously by voice vote, and are attached herewith. In his hard-hitting speech supported by facts, Dr. Subramanian Swamy stated that the anti-Hindu focus of the present UPA government in India has become abundantly obvious, especially in the case of Sethusamudram Ship Channel Project that was supposedly needed to accomplish certain maritime objectives. Here, all along, the government was insisting to follow one particular route that required destroying the historical Rama Setu, the ancient bridge built by the army of Rama in order to reach the island of Lanka. That was despite the fact that there are five other alternative routes available to accomplish what was needed. Yet, the government was hell-bent on breaking the Rama Setu and hurting the sentiments of nine hundred fifty million Hindus. Why? Dr. Swamy asked. Is that because Karunanidhi (Tamil Nadu Chief Minister) and Sonia (Congress Party Chairperson) hate the Hinduism? For the first time since 1947, Hindus have won a court case for Hinduism, by having the Supreme Court direct the national government look for another route because, as the Judges observed, "Where the faith is hurt, development project has to give way." Now the government is exploring an alternative route, which was Dr. Swamy's demand in his Writ Petition, to begin with. Dr. Swamy argued that the terrorists have political objectives that we can act to nullify. For example, he cited the fact that terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir have killed the Hindu Pandits and driven out 375,000 Hindus to create a Caliphate there. "Retaliate," he thundered, "by sending one million ex-servicemen to settle in the Valley for good. Give them the necessary weapons to defend themselves and also an amount of Rs. 5 lakh each to build their homes." Furthermore, Dr. Swamy said, If the terrorists bomb our temples, then send the army to take over the Mosque built on the Kashi-Vishwanath temple, and restore the entire area to Lord Shiva." If the Bangladeshis infiltrate into India as they have, Dr. Swamy pointed out, then demand the territory from Bangladesh. "Let us send a column of Indian army from Khulna to Sylhet in Bangladesh and annex the top one-third of that nation as the compensation," he said. The jam-packed auditorium roared with approval at every punch line and gave Dr. Swamy a standing ovation for five minutes when he finally finished his talk. Speaking on the menace of terrorism, former CBI chief Sardar Joginder Singh said, Nowhere in the world was the problem of terrorism ever tackled through talks with the terrorists. Quoting Gulam Nabi Azad, a Congress veteran leader and an ex-Chief Minister of the State of Jammu and Kashmir, Sardar Joginder Singh said, He (Azad) had once said that bullet-for-bullet was the only way to solve the problem of terrorism. You have to kill the terrorists or else they will kill you. Thousands of innocent people have been killed in India due to terrorism, lamented Joginder Singh, We should follow the Israeli model to handle terrorism. In Israel, citizens have been trained to be vigilant about the suspicious activities of antinational elements. Hence, it is the duty of government to encourage citizens to cooperate with it. At the same time, it is the responsibility of every citizen to cooperate with security agencies in capturing terrorists. Rajeev Malhotra, a highly acclaimed intellectual and a philanthropist, was honored at the Unity event for his exceptional services to the Hindu society. Mr. Malhotra emphasized the importance of maintaining our Hindu identity. Sri Nitya Bhaktananda Swamy said that Hinduism believes in giving, loving, sharing and caring. Temples play very important role in uniting the Hindu people. Scriptures, Guru-shishya tradition, temples and society are the four pillars of Hindu Dharma. Dr. Uma Mysorekar said, It was wrong to say that Hinduism is merely a way of life. Hinduism is a full-fledged religion and has its own scriptures, methodology and identity. Earlier in the event, Indira Narasimharajan welcomed the audience. Narain Kataria, the President of Intellectual Forum, while welcoming Sardar Joginder Singh, said that Hindus and Sikhs have suffered immensely at the hands of invaders while they have also rejoiced together. Hindus consider Sikhs as their blood brothers. The system of Roti and Beti is still prevalent between the Sikhs and Hindus in Punjab. Guru Arjun Dev, Guru Teg

Bahadur and Guru Gobind Singh and his four sons sacrificed their lives for the protection of Hindu Dharma. Contributions of Sikhs in the struggle for Indias freedom are unparalleled in the annals of history. Arish Sahani, the Vice President of the Forum proposed a vote of thanks and Rene Lobo, a distinguished journalist, Director of Community News at television channel ITV and a budding politician emceed the event. 14th HINDU SANGATHAN DIVAS RESOLUTION PASSED We believe that under the present conditions, the future of Hindus is in peril and the survival of India is in danger. To avert this calamity, we strongly urge the Government of India to initiate a process to implement the following resolutions: 1. Abrogate the Article 30 of Indian Constitution because it is discriminatory against majority community (Hindus). It allows state and federal funding to minority institutions, including Madrasas that have become the breeding ground for Islamic terrorism. 2. Implement Uniform Civil Code (Article 44). 3. Repeal Article 370 of Indias Constitution in order to fully integrate Jammu & Kashmir with the rest of India. 4. Expel all illegal infiltrators and set-up stringent conditions to prevent any further infiltration from Bangladesh, Pakistan etc. 5. Free all Hindu temples from the Government control. 6. Ban cow slaughter throughout India. 7. Build Ramjnmabhoomi Temple at Ayodhya (India) by passing a law in the Parliament. 8. Restore the land allotment to the Board of Amarnath Shrine in Jammu. 9. No reservations of any kind on the basis of religion. 10. All citizens must be treated equally; there must be no appeasement and no discrimination. 11. Hindus should establish one billion dollar strong Hindu Support Fund to take care of Hindus suffering from the terrorism. 12. In order to bring the Hindus of the world on one platform, Hindu leaders should agree to observe one day in a year, preferably the Guru Purnima Day, as the International Hindu Unity Day. Hinduism is the worlds oldest living religion. It is a rich collection of hundreds of spiritual and philosophical traditions followed throughout Asia for more than 5000 years. Most traditions within Hinduism share certain distinctive, core beliefs despite the absence of an identifiable beginning in history, single founder, central religious establishment or sole authoritative scripture. Two of these core beliefs are that of tolerance and pluralism. While tolerance and pluralism are valued by many religions, these concepts are the very essence of Hinduism and are expressed through the diversity of Hindu practice and centuries of peaceful coexistence of various faiths. By accepting the divinity in all beings, Hinduism views the universe as a family or, in Sanskrit, vasudhaiva kutumbakam. All beings, from the smallest organism to man, are considered manifestations of God. Mankind carries a special responsibility, as it is believed to be the most spiritually evolved with the capacity to not only tolerate, but honor the underlying equality and unity of all beings. The popularly recited Hindu invocation demonstrates this concern for universal kinship: Aum sarve bhavantu sukhinah. Sarve santu niramayah. Sarve bhadhrani pashyantu. Maa kaschid dukh bhaagbhave. May all beings be happy. May all beings be healthy. May all beings experience prosperity. May none in the world suffer. The concept of pluralism within Hinduism is, in essence, tolerance taken one step further. For all members of this universal family, Hinduism promotes not only tolerance and respect for differences in belief and religion, but also acceptance of those paths as legitimate. This true, unadulterated pluralism is captured in the ancient Sanskrit hymn: Ekam sat vipraha bahudha vadanti Truth is one, the wise call it by many names. Thus, Hinduism asserts that it is not only harmful, but inherently flawed to insist that ones own path towards God is the only true and meaningful path. Based on this firm pluralistic belief, Hinduism has never sanctioned proselytization. Further, over their vast history, Hindus have never invaded another land in the name of religion. It is also clear that, for centuries in Southeast Asia, it has been this Hindu brand of absolute pluralism, which has provided the ideal environment for peaceful coexistence and prosperity for at least 8 major religions, including Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Sikhism, Jainism and Zoroastrianism among others. Guru Nanak Ji's birthplace from Pakistan be managed by us. But we have to have an amicable solution acceptable to the rest of the world. The way Sikh Leadership is behaving in India & abroad always trashing Hindus I don't think they will be able to achieve it. One thing I am very sure they will be able to create Khalistan in India the way Jews created Israel in Palestine for a simple reason Hindus are represented by brain damaged coward leadership. Hindus created Muslims and Christians in India and now they are allowing Sikhs to distort History and trash Hinduism. The Muslim Pop from 3.75 mil in 1948 has gone up to almost 300 mil thanks to Hindu Leadership who allowed them to keep their personal Laws. In Indian constitution & American constitution Religion is not defined but still in India there are multiple set of laws for different ethnic groups. When India is a one country why not one law for every one. 'One country one Law". Ek Desh Ek Kanoon. I belong to a Hindu-Sikh family from Amritsar (Punjab). For more than a century till 1952 in our families the eldest son used to be made a Sikh which means the family has donated their child to the community; he will become a Policeman or Soldier or Preacher or Social worker or work for the government while practicing Sikhism to the true sense to fight for the less fortunate in the society and protect Hinduism. This practice was stopped because in 1950 Master Tara Singh gave a call for Punjabi Suba and declared that

Hindus should be thrown out of Punjab. Tara Singh forgot that majority of Hindus in North India consider Guru Nanak Dev Ji incarnation of Lord Vishnu and it was Guru Gobind Singh Ji who gave image of a warrior to a Sikh; always ready to defend Hinduism & the less fortunate with 5 K's. Guru Gobind Singh Ji in his vani has called for Hari which is for Lord Vishnu. Ignorents are mis-interpreting this image as some thing away and different from Hinduism. More over till 1957 in every Hindu Temple of Punjab Sri Gurugranth Sahib was kept with honor & respect along with other Hindu Religious Books. Hindus & Sikhs can not be separated because of their centuries old blood relations, common beliefs and their common Gurus. It is very unfortunate the Hindu & Sikh fundamentalist are planting mistrust & disrespect for each other in their respective communities. They are also forgetting in the Ardas from Holy Sri Gurugranth Sahib Ji we say "Bhagouti Ji Sahai" which is asking for the blessings of Maa Bhagwati or Goddess Durga. Then in Holy Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji all the 10 Guru Sahiban in their bani (preaching & devotional singing) has used the names Gobind (Lord Krishna), Ram & Hari; all these names are for Lord Vishnu. Then this Ardas ends with "sarbat da bhalaa" which means God's Grace be on every human being. No where in Ardas it says it is only for Sikhs, those who consider Sikhism as their personal property or feels it is not part of broader philosophy of Hinduism are defying the very principles of Sikhism on which it was founded by an Hindu; Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji. My parents migrated to Delhi from Amritsar in 1955. I was born in Delhi and now 51 yrs old. Since my childhood used to attend Temple & Gurudwara with my father and in our house we have Hindu Holy Books as well as Sri Gurugranth Sahib Ji. The same practice we are keeping for our children and home in New Jersey. This is what my great grand father did it while living in Punjab, my father practised it in Delhi and now the same traditions we are keeping in America. Some time you feel immense pain when fundamentalists in the name of religion that too in the presence of Sri Guru Granth Sahib abuse Hindus inside the Gurudwara. Recently in India Sikh's have installed the Picture of Shaheed Bhagat Singh with a turban when it is an open secret he never wore a turban. Where ever I could get an opportunity I have always appealed to both the community; let's bring back the centuries old tradition of making eldest son a Sikh in Hindu community. Hindu Fundamentalist must find ways how to remove the distrust from the hearts of the Sikhs. At the same time Sikh fundamentalist must stop re-writing the history in defiance to the wishes of Guru Nanak Dev Ji and 9 other Gurus who preceded Guru Nanak Dev Ji later in the history. They must understand the concept and teachings of all the Gurus; especially the 10th Guru Gobind Singh Ji who gave special identity with Dastar & 5 K's to the Sikhs to work for the humanity with glory to Vahe Guru the Almighty God which says "Manas ki ek hi jaat and ek pita ke hum balak" every one of us are of same Race and we all are children of the same father The Almighty God. Mohan Das Karm Chandra Gandhi A Masochism flagellating Indian Hindu Ethos Prevalent amongst the Intelligentsia encourages Maqhool Fida Hussain , a sadistic perverse Human believing in the concept of Hurreyen and Nihamateyan for Molestation for their sisters and seducing his son on seventh ocean is such a sadistic in drawing satisfaction by hurting the sentiments of nationalists to attempt for committing the perversity upon portrayal of deities projecting sexual union with animals without being aware with the history of the period of subjugation and abrogation of these people gratifying a Slaves frustrated Ego Indian denigrate during the payment of Zajiya (khirajguzar) may allow without hesitation Qazi (Mughisuddin of Bayana) to spit in their mouth. Hindus were afraid and concealed their resentment towards invaders, who were the object of hatred. This was equivalent to the worst curse and Gandhi repeatedly recommended such submission. This was shown by British manifestation to get the eradication of the prevailing maladies generated by the axes subjugation of the Muslim aggression which was equivalent to the worst curse. The more educated and well of Hindus tried to prevent sophisticated excuses for being submissive and to adhere with the norms of non-violence, whatsoever, no matter, what the ruler did they took it lying down. Gandhi recommended that if one was slapped on the cheek instead of slapping back the other cheek should be offered. In this regard the recital of the truth which was evident just after the partition of India, in the speech of Jinnah is relevant-recital. Partition of India was purely a political game fought with a mark of religious fundamentalism the speech of Quaid Azam Zinnah on 11-08-1947 who vehemently advocated the two nation theory was enunciated the Government of Pakistan policy has also realised the folly committed in accepting partition on communal lines in these words: If you change your past and work together in spirit that every one of you , no matter what community he belongs to, no matter what his colour , caste or creed , is first , second and last , a citizen of this state with equal rights, privileges and obligation there will be no end to the progress you will make. I cannot emphasise it too much ; we should begin to work in that spirit , and in course of time , all these angularities , of the majority and minority communities, the Hindu community and the Muslim community , because even as regards Muslims, you have Pathans, Punjabis, Shias , Sunnis, and so on and among the Hindus you have Brahmins , Vaishnavas, Khatris also Bengalis Madrasis and so on , will vanish. You may go to your temples, Mosques or any religion or caste or creed, that has nothing to do with the business of the state .We are starting with the fundamental principle that we all citizens and equal citizens of one State. The general expectations that by accepting partition of India , communal madness would subside and peace would prevail and both countries would live like good neighbours and friends, were belied immediately on the wake of partition , in human tale of woe and misery followed communal hatred ., madness, barbarism and its free hands both in Pakistan and India according to an estimate about 6 lacs people lost their lives and 14 lacs had lost their homes. The religious fanatism spread over the Indian continent in bitterness and repeated the story of shame and barbarity. Large scale exodus of refugees and their rehabilitation , subsequent three wars fought with severity loosing the life of many patriot living in both the sub continent, river water dispute and still continuing to create fresh problems of terrorism and sabotage with hostility and mutual suspicion in the inhabitants living between the two states, large scale violence , regional problem are the direct out come and the after effect the partition of India

This envisaged that there was a thrust to have the secularism being adhered with as Jinnah was more secular than Abdul Kalam Azad and Sir Syed and Devband. If you go through the perception of the true history, the son of Zakir Hussain, who was plying the aircraft, has given a shift to cross the Indian Border as to enter into the zone of Pakistan, Air Martial Arjun Singh, who was sitting in that plane has taken out the revolver, enter into the cockpit and put it upon his head with a warning to kill him. The country was protected by the apprehended exchange of one Air Martial with a terrorist. People should remember that Abdul Kalam Azad has said in his deliberation just after the Independence of India that we were opposing the creation of the Pakistan not because of the reason that we do not want to follow Darul-e-Islam upon Darul-e- hurb but we were oppose to take only one by fourth of the territory as prior to the subjugation of this country by the British Empire, Muslims remain in power. The history will demonstrate that if we became 15% of the population in any corner of the world, the other non-violent population became automatically the Muslim as our religion is for the expansion of the horizon of the Islam without having the limitation of the boundaries of the different nation. Thus, the two nation theory was not created by Jinnah as he was the son of a Hindu, but by Mahatma Gandhi and the opportunist politician i.e. Nehru and his associate. People do not know that the name of the Grand father of Jawahar Lal Nehru was Ganga Dhar Nehru alias Gyassuddin Gazzi living in Meerganj area of Allahabad and supplying the prostitute to Izrat Villa, a place owned by Mubarak Ali, a Barrister at Allahabad High Court. The great Grand father of Jawahar Lal Nehru was Bal Mukund Kaul then how they became Nehru. The truth is that it was the bagging giving to them after migrating from Kashmir to Delhi near a canal (Nahar) by Bahadur Shah Jafar and as such the title Nehru was itself a deceptive tile of Muslim citizen. He was the bachelor and inducted Moti Lal Nehru in his premises as the gardener. Mubarak Ali died in mysterious circumstances and Izrat Villa was converted to Anand Bhawan. This is the relevetion of the facts in a book suppressed by Governemtn of India Reminces of Nehru age written by M.O.Mothai, a long time of 35 years Secretary to Jawahar Lal Nehru during his political life and after adherence of the thrown of Prime Ministership on the mere desire of Mahatma Gandhi. People are so ignorant as they do not know who was the father of Firoz Gandhi, neither try to know it. Why ? the answer to this fact is revealed in a book written Jawahar Lal Nehrus astrologer K.N. Rao in his book namely, Nehru Dynasty. The name of the father of Firoz Gandhi was Nawab Khan of Junagarh Gujrat then how Firoz Khan became Firoz Gandhi. People do not know the name of Indira Gandhi after her marriage with Firoz Gandhi. It was Mammoona Begam and shortly she separated from Firoz Gandhi. From where the scone son Sanjay Gandhi borne. The book written by Mohd. Yunus person, passion and politics is the revelation of the truth that Sanjay Gandhi, who was earlier known as Sanjeeve Khan after being borne from the illicit relationship of Indira Gandhi with Mohammad Yunus, the grand son of Abdul Gaffar Khan, the frontier Gandhi, who was inducted in Indian Foreign service just after the Ipendence and remained in Teen Murthi Bhawan throughout his career till the death of Jawahar Lal Nehru and shifted to his bungalow, from where the marriage ceremony of Sanjay Gandhi with Menaka Gandhi was organized by Mohd. Yunus alongwith the parents of Menaka Gandshi. People have seen the photograph of the marriage, but nobody noticed that why Mohd. Yunus was standing with Indira Gandhi alongwith Colonel Anand and his wife. Actually, the passport of Sanjeeve Khan alias Gandhi was forfeited in early 1960 by British people for stealing a car at the age of 14-16 years and it was a Kirshna Manon, who was then an External Minister got the passport issued in the name of Sanjay Gandhi. The controversy was raised during the issuance of the passport of Menka Gandhi in passport case, commonly known as Manka Gandhi case but nobody in our country know the truth which is revealed by the book written by the father of Sanjay Gandhi after his death. This book is also banned in our country. Rajeev Gandhi became Rajeev Roborto before marrying with Sania Manio of Turin of Italy commonly known as Sonia Gandhi, a Roman Catholic and the names of the children or Rajeev Soniya are mentoned else Baintika Roberto and Raul Roberto in their school register which was placed before the District Magistrate, RaeBareilly when Soniya Gandhi filed his nomination paper for contesting the election of the Member of Parliament, but the Election Commission of India while dealing with the objection of Subramanyam Swami regarding the effect of Article 102 (1) (d) of the Constitution of India laying down the disqualification for adherence and allegiance with the a foreign State as a disqualification to become M.P.has laid down in his decision that even if the affidavit is false, the candidature of Soniya Gandhi shall not be rejected. The District Magistrate Rae Bareilly advised Subramanyam Swam to leave Rae-Bareilly otherwise he will not provide any security upon the prospective threat of the death by Sanjay Singh and other commarade of Soniya Gandhi, the President of Indian Congress Party. The writ petition filed before the Lucknow Bench by Sri Ravi Kant Khare discloses all such facts but inspite the argument raised by the writer of this article before the Bench comprising of Honble Mr. Justice Bhalla and Honble Mr. Justice B.B.Agrawal. The decision came that the undersigned advocate may approach the human resourced ministry to avail these three books disclosing all such facts to enlighten the people of our country but since the election process is started and the bar envisaged in our Constitution of India may not decide these controversial dispute. This was the second incident which took place when Allahabad High Court decline to decide the petition filed on behalf of the institute of rewriting history through it President Purshottam Nath Oak to expose that every monument including Taz Mahal was the Hindu Temple but the same converted to Muslim monument and thereafter came under the supervision of Archeological Survey of India and now under the Waqf Act. The intellectual may not protect this nation as the exposer of the truth is a crime in our country. Since 9/11, Islamic terrorists have perpetrated any numbers of blasts and explosions. On record since October 2001 are 13 bomb blasts in the different cities of India from New Delhi in the north, to Bangalore in the south, to Gandhinagar in the west to Guwahati in the east. The terrorists could well be misguided youth but what is particularly disturbing is that hardly ever does a responsible Muslim leader condemn the barbaric action. Nor does he apologize for any of them. For the people of India, that is rubbing salt by the Muslim elite on the wounds inflicted by their misguided fellow religionists. A time has come when the major crimes of Islamists are enumerated and Muslim leaders are confronted with them along with a demand for their apology. There are nine mega crimes for which apologies are called for.

The governments in India have taken the boycott of vande mataram lightly although, in effect, the Muslims refusing to participate is an insult to the nation. Vande mataram was the song of the Independence movement and would have been the national anthem but for Jawaharlal Nehru's weakness for Muslim prejudices, Jana gana mana was therefore chosen although it was originally written as a tribute to King George V. Over the decades, Hindu Muslim riots were mostly started by the latter. If this were not so, why have there not been Hindu Christian riots even in districts where the latter are dominant as in Nagarcoil? Until the political advent of the British, the communal equation was so loaded that the Muslims felt secure. Once the Muslims were also reduced to subject status, their insecurity began the corollary of which were riots. In the course of the Moplah riot of 1921 anything was practiced from arson to conversion to pregnant women being cut into pieces with unborn babies protruding from the mothers' corpses. Smt Annie Besant, the Irish lady and the 1913 president of the Congress, after her visit to Malabar, exhorted Gandhiji to see for himself the ghastly horrors, which had been created by his beloved brothers, Mohammad and Shaukat Ali. The success of an Islamic expedition to non-Muslim land was also judged on the basis of the number of slaves made and sold. But for the late Dr K.S. Lal who wrote his magnum opus Legacy of Muslim Rule in India and Muslim Slave System in Medieval India, this aspect of Muslim atrocity might have been completely forgotten. It began with the despatch of Parimal Devi and Suraj Devi, the two daughters of Raja Dahir to the harem of the Caliph, soon after he was defeated by Muhammad bin Qasim in 712 D. This was carried forward by Muhammad Ghauri, Khilji and Tughlaq. Even Emperor Jehangir traded in this export business. The imposition of jazia on the Hindus on the excuse of protecting their life and property is legendary. The object of protection was called a zimmi. The subject was dealt at length by Dr P. Saran in his book Studies in Medieval Indian History whose introduction was written by Prof. Mohammad Habib. The purpose of jazia was three fold: to raise money for the state, to impoverish the Hindu and to remind him that he was an inferior subject. A) Is this Government really protecting us??!! 7/11 2006: Mumbai Train Blasts. 209 Killed. 25/8 2007: Hyderbad Blasts: 42 Killed Oct 11 2007: Ajmer Blasts : 2 Killed May 13 2008: Jaipur Blasts : 68 Killed July 16th 2008: Ahmedabad Blasts : 57 Killed July 25th 2008: Banglaore Blasts: 1 killed Sept 13th 2008: Delhi Blasts: 26 Killed Sept 27th 2008: Delhi Blasts: 2 Killed Sept 29th 2008 : Gujrat Blasts : 1 killed Oct 21st 2008: Imphal Blasts : 17 Killed Oct 30th 2008: Assam Blasts : 40 Killed Nov 26th 2008: Mumbai Attack: 180 killed Every major city in India has been attacked consistently over the last two years. Since 2004, 3850 Indians have died in Terror attacks in over 3000 incidents. Is the common Indian on the streets really safe ? Did you know that on the day of the Mumbai train blasts, the Government gave Rs 150 crores for earthquake relief in Pakistan ? Last year our Govt. has given Rs 3000 crores (600 Million Dollars) to Afghanistan? This, when victims of terror in India have not yet got aid? Whats going on? B) Is this Government really secular ? 1) When Madrasas are being shut down in Pakistan, the Indian Government is giving them CBSE status !! It is depriving Muslim children in getting secular education. A Madrasa educated person can get a job in any government office without going through the secular education system. Can India afford to have fundamentalists in government departments? Why cannot the government shut down Madrassas and let Muslim children study with the rest? 2) Our Government has given 25 lakh scholarships ONLY to minority students. What sin have the majority done not to deserve these? Why cannot poor students of all communities be given scholarships instead of only Muslim children? 3) Thanks to the Congress led Government, out of 36000 temples in Andhra Pradesh, 28000 have closed down in the last five years. Do you want the same trend to continue in other parts of the country? Do you want a Nagaland type of situation in the whole of India? While government controls most of the Hindu temples, the minority community has had full freedom to organize their religious bodies. The minority communities now have the first right over resources. Is this not a blatant violation of fundamental rights of the majority community? 4) Why have the minorities in Nagaland, Mizoram & Kashmir not got the similar privileges like the minorities in other states? Why is the Govt following different rules for different religions? C) Is this government really making friends or enemies for India ? Thanks to a weak and visionless foreign policy, India has created enemies all around. By the Home Ministers own admission : "India is surrounded by a circle of fire". Rajiv Gandhi's vision of a powerful "SAARC" is now defunct.

1) Today, India commands little respect from all its neighbours, despite being the largest democracy in the world. 2) Terrorism has engulfed the country from inside and outside. Of course Pakistan,the motherland of international terrorism continues to be a big threat. 3) China has territorial ambitions on India. 4) Nepal, is now being headed by a Maoist government and is ideologically more aligned to China. While India helped to dismantle the dynastic rule in Nepal our own Government surreptitiously supports dynastic rule within its own party. 5) Myanmar is increasingly aligning with Chinese forces with huge Chinese investments in that region. 6) Indian Policies in Srilanka have made Tamil Nadu burn. Will Tamils ever forgive India for encouraging military assault rather than facilitating peaceful dialogue on their north and north east regions. 7) Bangladesh continues to repeatedly aid and abet terrorism. D) Is this Government really pro-poor? The number of people living below the poverty line has increased by a horrifying 20 per cent. India had some 270 million people below the poverty line in 2004-2005, when the present Government took office. That number has gone up by 55 million, or 20 per cent! E) Does this Government really care about the nation? The Pakistani flag is now being hoisted in five districts of states like Assam where the Muslim population has gone up significantly. 92000 Hindu and 6000 Christians are now languishing in refugee camps. The government has turned a blind eye to this. In the name of security, innocent people have been put in jails, whereas people like Yaasin Malik who has 23 murder charges on him, are moving Scot free and gathering their own strength. Is it acceptable to any patriotic Indian? Can the Congress led UPA promise a non-muslim CM in J&K ? Reservation for a Hindu student in Nagaland ? If so, we wholeheartedly support them. Otherwise they should sit at home the next few years and rethink their policies. Can our politicians stop stooping down to any lengths just for money and power ? Like Mr.Sharad Pawar, who first ditched the Congress and then ditched the people and aligned back with the Congress, just to be in power. Dont be deceived. What appears to be communal is not communal, and what appears to be secular is not secular. It is time we change our thinking. Stand up for this most tolerant and ancient civilization and prevent this great nation from becoming a communal battleground. As citizens of India we must vote for change. The Hindus, who always brag of believing in the existence of one God, in fact, believe in the existence of crores of Gods and Goddesses. While propitiating (appeasing) any one of them, the Hindus claim that the remaining 33 crore Gods and Goddesses are subservient to Him/Her. This is self-contradictory and only indicates our lack of faith in one God. Dendrolatry in the form of worship of trees like peepal, banyan, banana, tulsi and jand etc. and zoolatry in the form of worship of animals as gods only exposes fickleness of our minds. As if and not satisfied with such a big army of Gods, the Hindus also throng to religious places of other faiths like gurudwaras and mazaars/peers, so much so that many of the mazaars/peers are maintained and looked after by the Hindus only. It is beyond doubt that most of the Muslim peers are flourishing because of Hindus only, and will be shut if Hindus stop visiting them. Hindus are always eager to appease the other communities (Muslims, Sikhs, Christians etc.) by following their customs/rituals. We may justify it as secularism but actually it reflects our wavering faith in our own Gods and Goddesses. On the contrary, rarely is a follower of other faiths seen in our temples or practicing our rituals. Lack of faith in one deity has seriously affected unity among the Hindus and has lead to disorganization and weakening of the Hinduism. On thousands of occasions, Hindus have miserably failed to protect the respect of their Gods and Goddesses and religious places. Unlike other religions, the Hindus have no centralised authority to control & regulate their religious affairs. The four Mathas established by the Shankracharya in 8th century have not proved to be really effective. This makes us unorganised and leads to lack of consensus on trivial issues like dates of Hindu festivals. Our religious scholars seldom agree on single date for festivals leading to celebration of festivals on different dates. This dilutes the devotion & enthusiasm and also impels a sense of ridicule for our religion in the minds of others. This is solely because of non-availability of a centralised religious command. The philosophy of non-violence has made us cowards and the Hindus on the excuse of non-violence do not even protect their own person & property, what to talk of common interest. The Hindus are not ready to bear pain involved in fighting for their own rights and always look towards others to fight for them. This philosophy has made us cowards to such an extent that we did not retaliate even the invaders who attacked us in our homeland. Just a handful of Muslim invaders attacked us, captured us, slew us, converted many to Islam, outraged the modesty of our women, broke our temples and used every possible atrocity to destroy Hinduism but the philosophy of non-violence made the Hindus surrender everywhere.

The submissive nature of the Hindus is evident even today. Even a single person of other faiths like Muslim, Sikh etc. would assert himself proudly and defend his religion whereas a large crowd of Hindus dare not do that even if it is a question of honour of the whole community. The philosophy of idealism also proved a bane for the Hindus. On numerous occasions, brave Hindu rulers proved their superiority over the enemy but, out of idealism, instead of finishing him they showed compassion to the captured enemy and let him go scot-free, who later became a threat to them. On the contrary, the enemy never committed such foolishness. He did not miss any occasion to deceive and destroy the Hindus whenever got a chance. It was true not only in the medieval period when Muslims invaded India but in modern times as well. The delusion of slogan of Hindi-Chini Bhai Bhai in 1962, releasing of 90000 Pakistani POWs just for international acclaim while leaving our own POWs to languish in enemy captivity till today and returning the captured areas to Pakistan under the Shimla Agreement in 1971, Lahore Declaration consummating in Kargil episode in 1999 are some glaring examples of our hollow idealism, diplomatic immaturity and foolishness. Gained in the battlefield by our brave soldiers was always lost on the table by our myopic leaders. Secularism (or pseudo-secularism?) has done immeasurable harm to Hinduism. The selfish Hindu leadership, both religious & political, is always eager to compromise the interest of Hindus for transient gains, in the name of secularism, without realizing the harm caused to the religion in the long run. Is this secularism not applicable to Muslims? Never does a Muslim ever talk of respect to the other faiths. The Muslim invaders exercised every atrocity to finish the Hindu race. They believed in dar-ul-Islam (converting the whole human race into Islamism). The only language they know is jehad and for them jehad denotes just killing qafirs i.e. everyone who does not follow Islam. The objective of dar-ul-Islam is very much alive even today. The whole world today is under the perpetual threat of Muslim fundamentalism. It is only and only the leaders belonging to Hindu race who are the thekedars of secularism at the cost of their own faith. If there were Jai Chands in medieval times, there are Laloos, Paswans, Mulayams, Arjuns and Advanis in this era, who, for their momentary selfish motives, are selling the interests of the Hindus in the name of secularism without realizing the irreparable loss being caused by them to their community. Gandhis secularism always aimed at destruction of Hindus at the hands of Muslims. Paswans secularism advocates a Muslim Chief-Minister in Bihar. Arjuns secularism believes in distorting our history. Numerous such pseudo secularists have always been active to destroy the Hindus. Mulayams secularism impels him declare holiday in U.P. on last Friday of Ramjan. Mulayam, Pasvan and even Nitish Kumar throwing Iftaar parties to Muslims and wearing muslim caps on their heads shamelessly is the burning example of pseudo secularism. The irony is that their secularism erupts only when the interests of the non-Hindus are involved. Thousands of Hindus being murdered in Mopla and Naokhali riots before partition, lakhs of Hindus being butchered and crores suffering displacement during partition in 1947 did not make a dint on any of these secularists. Thousands of Hindus being slain in Punjab and Jammu & Kashmir and lakhs being rendered refugees in their own motherland did not shake the soul of the secularists. Conversion of Bangladesh from a secularist to an Islamic nation in 1979 did not perturb these secularists nor did the planned elimination of Hindus in Bangladesh and Pakistan caused qualms of conscience to them. The kar-sewaks burnt alive in Godhra doesnt make any difference to these secularists, but its reaction in the form of Gujarat riots is termed as a blot on humanity and the heads of Bajpais and Advanis are lowered in shame. Muslim invaders looted & demolished thousands of temples and erected mosques over them, but redeeming Ram Temple from underneath Babri mosque is the blackest day in the life of secularist Advani. Time and again Commissions have been constituted to convict, by hook or crook, the accused of the 1984 Delhi riots and 2002 Gujarat riots even after their acquittal by the courts of law. On the other hand, terrorists like Wassan Singh Zaffarwal and Jagjit Singh Chouhan deserving severe punishment have gone scot-free for want of proof and it did not impel any secularist to deplore such acquittal and seek re-trial. Mushrooming madrasas in the country indulging in anti-India activities does not worry these secularists but they have the audacity to term the activities of RSS and VHP as anti-nation. For them, religion-based reservation for the Muslims in AMU is not an anti-national act, but the alleged discrimination in reliefdistribution to the quake-hit in Bhuj surely perturbs these secularists. 5% reservation for Muslims in A.P. awaiting emulation by Bihar and many other State Governments is another burning example of their secularism. Pampering the Muslims at the cost of the Hindus is an unpardonable sin, which cannot be forgiven by any rational and nationalist Indian. It is nothing but a political gimmickry for appeasement of Muslims to garner their votes, which has rendered the Hindus orphans in their own land. The coming generations of ours are being recklessly thrown to a disadvantageous position. The virtual slavery is inevitable for us. The casteism, too, has proved a bane for the Hindus. The exploitation of the lower castes at the hands of the privileged ones fomented hatred amongst the denizens of the country and weakened the Hindu race. Further, the Hindus being divided on caste lines in the past, the responsibility to fight and protect the country from foreign invaders was solely put on the Kshatriyas. This gave the others an excuse to shy away from the duty to sacrifice for the country. Whenever there was any attack, it was the Kshatriyas who were to face the brunt. Many a time their short number or non-availability of fighter-Kshatriyas lead to their defeat in wars. The Hindus are credulous by nature. They simply believed what others said without suspecting the ulterior designs of the enemy. There were occasions when the idealist Hindu rulers sincerely honoured a treaty or ceasefire in war but the crook enemy took undue advantage of their credulousness and captured them. Liberalism, too, has played a destructive role in Hindu religion. The pictures and names of Hindu Gods & Goddesses are freely used as mean trademarks and trade names. Ganesh Bidi, Ganesh Chhaap Khaini,

Durga Lottery etc. by the Hindus themselves certainly lowers the respect for Hindu Gods in the mind of others. Taking a cue, the foreign companies dare to print the pictures of Hindu Gods and Goddesses on such mean things as undergarments, shoes and commodes. Would they dare to do the same with the deities of other faiths? Making films on Hindu Gods & Goddesses causes irreparable harm to the faith. Human beings personifying Hindu Gods & Goddesses, picturization of vulgar scenes/songs in temples, showing Hindu Gods & Goddesses smoking in ad films only lowers their respect in the eyes of people. TV serials like Ramayana, Maha Bharata, Jai Hanuman, Sri Krishna etc., where human beings play the divine role for money, encourage commercialisation of the Hindu ecclesiastical domain. Even in Jagrans, the bhaints are based on film tunes that certainly spoils the sanctity. The pictures of Hindu Gods & Goddesses on calendars, in newspapers and magazines being trampled under feet in streets definitely lower the respect in the mind of others. On the contrary, ban on assuming the role of Sikh Gurus or Muslim Prophet maintains reverence. Inviting censure of Sikhs by films like Sava Lakh Se Ek Ladaoon, and Jo Bole So Nihal are live examples of the concern of the Sikh community for their gurus, which regretfully is missing in the attitude of the Hindus.The beggars wearing masks of Hindu Gods and posing as Gods for begging in bazaars & streets definitely reduces obeisance for the Gods. Lack of discipline in Hindu temples and places of pilgrimage is also a serious stigma. The managing bodies of the Hindu religious places and the pandas are largely unscrupulous & selfish and are only interested in minting money. The ashrams and dharamshalas are used as enterprises of profit. On the contrary, the ample availability of food, shelter and services in gurudwaras certainly inspires a sense of security & respect in the mind of visitors. This has resulted in the taking over of the management of several Hindu shrines and places of pilgrimage by government. Could any government dare to do the same with a mosque or a gurudwara or a church? Males and females bathing together at places of Hindu pilgrimage or in sacred rivers/ponds become objects of sensuousness only. Lack of conveniences, defecating and defiling the surroundings by the visitors present a nauseating look. On the contrary, strict discipline is observed in gurudwaras, which certainly helps in maintaining reverence for these places. It is a well known historical fact that the Muslim invaders exercised every atrocity on the native Hindus. They attacked us. They looted wealth, slaughtered innocent people, converted Hindus to Islam at the point of sword. They kidnapped our women and raped them with pride. They broke temples and erected mosques over them. They even decked idols of those temples in the stairs to humiliate Hindus. Famous historian P.N. Oak claims that the so called Muslim monuments in India were originally the Hindu buildings. The Muslim invaders plundered them, captured them, broke them, sacrileged them and converted them into Muslim monuments. The Hindus, instead of considering them a stigma on the national honour take pride in calling them national monuments. Millions of rupees are spent on their maintenance. Some have been given the status of heritage buildings. A community of self honour would never accept such humiliation like this. There are many unhealthy and despicable customs amongst the Hindus. For example, in almost all the southern states of the country and parts of some western states like Maharashtra, Gujrat and Rajsthan, there is permission of a person marrying his niece, like sisters daughter (bhanji), cousin like maternal uncles (mama) or paternal aunts (bhooa) daughter. This is marriage within consanguinity. Though marriage within consanguinity is against Hindu marriage Act, but the custom overrides the statutory provisions. This weakens the uniformity of the custom at national level and makes us a subject of ridicule by others. A common Hindu belongs to leaderless community, as their own (Hindu) leaders are not for them, they are for others. I have seen Sikh leadership fighting collectively on different issues like Delhi riots, turban issue in France, kirpaan issue in Sweden, Santa-Banta (ridiculing cartoons) issue in Mumbai, turban-scanning issue in America. All the Sikh leaders irrespective of their political affiliation fought it collective. Similarly, Prophet Mohammeds picture (cartoon) in a Danish newspaper attracted protest from Muslims all over the world. Conversely, you can amply see Hindu leaders neutralising efforts of their own brothers doing something for Hindu welfare and blaming of violating secularism. It is nothing but a cheap effort to earn momentary & transient acclaim from others. On the contrary, the leaders of other faiths fighting collective, forgetting their political differences, definitely fetches them tangible results. Islam does not separate religion from politics; in fact, the concept of religion in Islam emerged first, the state was 'an after-thought'. The additional Islamic law does not acknowledge 'the independent existence of state, nor is state regarded as a primary condition of human society. It makes the State completely subservient to the religion of the Prophet. According to the Islamic law, the state is only an instrument to serve the creed in the attainment of its objectives or fulfilment of ideals of the muslim brotherhood. The Islamic theory of state was, therefore, based on a three fold idea of one scripture, one sovereign and one nation; scripture was the holy Quran, sovereign was the imam (leader), also called Khalifa (the caliph)- political successor to the Prophet, and nation was the millat-the muslim brotherhood. The basic feature of the state, according to this theory, was its 'indivisibility' in all the three aspects. It contemplated the establishment of a theocratic state based on the Islamic law, and recommended only one sovereign, the caliph, to rule over the whole of the muslim world. The caliph was styled as the amir ul momnin-'the leader of the faithful'; his office was thus a political institution based on Islamic injunctions. The sovereignty resided in the millat which elected their imam or the caliph, and the latter was under religious obligation to implement the Islamic law on and for the benefit of his muslim subjects. The Islamic government was, therefore, one which was composed of the muslims, by the muslims and existed for the happiness and welfare of the muslims alone." That according to the Islamic belief, Koran ( Quran ) is regarded as a divine book containing the words revealed by prophet Mohammad. The verses of Quran were in relations to the happening taken place during the particular events and the connotation of it has a different and separate back grounds , than the present scenario based upon the logical perceptions and that of intellectual property rights.That in the society, wherein the Rule of Law is supreme, the perceptions of authenticity is based upon the truthfulment of the statements

and the orthodox superstitions with the ideological confrontation be wiped out in collaboration with harmony between other sections of the society.That the Muslims in India have seldom invited their own people for the public discussions of their creed in general. The effect of the preaching made by their prophet and most of them have idolized the verses of Quran at par with their religion. The result of such pressure being exerted by vociferous activities upon rest of citizens in case one may convince to have the introspection of the repercussions of such preaching which ultimately lead its followers and act of terrorism. That such activities have been broadened to include the memberships, support, assistance or furthering the activities of some terrorists' organizations. The raising of funds intended for the purposes of `Terrorist Act' has always provided an enumerable loss to the life and property of the people worshiping the other religion than Islam. Thus in a secular estate such activities of terror may provide a considerable loss to national assessed by declining in the terrorist participation in promotion of the financial assessed to out nation. That the petitioner is seeking the direction from the Central Government to declare such preaching of `ZIHAD' for converting out nation as DARUL-E-ISLAM by the recital of verses of Quran as detrimental to the interest of the nation. That the citizens having following of the other religion of Hinduism, Buddhist and Jainism including Jews, who are regarded to be "infidels" at the hands of "believer" of Quran, have their right to know in respect of their fault being committed by them on account of their non-violent and peaceful a domination of every religion. Thus there is no moral and spiritual import except by a free and fourth right discussion and the interpretation of verses of Quran in its rights prospectives to the followers of the Islam. That a citizen who is properly informed regarding the public opinion can only decide in the long run, as to whether the Quran qualifies or not as a religion scripture. That by the mere reading of a few sayings of Quran which proclaims " Preach cruelty, incite violence and disturbs" public peace, while verse 17 saying which " Promote on ground of religion, feeling of enmity, hatred and ill-will between different religious communities in India". The 31 saying further proclaim, " Insult other religious as also the religious belief of other communities. That secular pattern in behaviour of Muslim majority in Bangladesh and Pakistan towards the Hindu minority simply demonstrates the cruelty and feelings of hatred amongst the fellow citizens in keeping with the tenets of Islam.That it is submitted that recent photos of Bangladesh Hindus, who have been systematically uprooted from their ancestral home land, even after India had made great sacrifice for speculating liberation for Bangladesh are mesirable, which is apparent from perusal of photographs of Mass-killing and gang-rapes conducted in Bangladesh. The copies of photographs published in ------------ having naked bodies of women lying slaughtered and victims of rape, gang-rapes in the family of the Hindus minority at Bangladesh and the treatment given to the personnel of Border Security Forces are filed herewith as Annexure no.1. That on one hand the Hindus, Buddhist, Jainism stood for non-violence, truthfulness, non-stealing, chastity and non-covetousness, while the preaching of Quran may puzzle them the adherents of another religion of Islam based upon the cruelty, violence and crime. Thus the concept of secularism as adhered by our nation has become antithesis with the acts of terrorism and recital of preaching from Quran.That there is the recital of the `SURAH & AYATEN', which are reproduced as Annexre No. 1 That it was submitted that communal strife and conflicts in its orthodoxy may be seen at Pakistan whose sizable number of Hindu population has been obliterated through murder or through forcible conversion. However, in the judgement passed by then Hon'ble Mr. Justice Vimal Chandra Basak on 17th May, 1985 had observed that making such order as prayed for would amount to abolition of Muslim religion. That the problem is now aggravated by the facts that unlike other communities, Muslim are highly orthodox people and follow the sayings of Quran with fanatical zeal as a result of which even the sizable number of Muslim population can never have been peace on the soil of our nation. That even the Muslim Act founded by Baha'iulah in Iran in 19th Century, whose 1 Millions followers are living in India for spiritual unity, which is uncomphertable with Quranic preaching has been subjected to verse prosecution and the students have been expelled from school and colleges in Iran. In Shia nation and Sunni nation are themselves indulged in violent conflict resulting in numerous death. Thus a modified version of Surah and Ayat in the preset context of communal harmony is required to be given to its followers if the majority of the citizens are save themselves for the vast communal passions and religion fanaticism. That section 295-A does penalize any and every act of insult or attempt to insult the religion or religious belief of class of citizen, which are not perpetrated with deliberate and malicious intention of religious feelings of that class. It was observed by the Hon'ble Court that in its opinion it cannot be said that Quran offers any insult to any other religion. That the preamble of our constitution and Article 25 and 26 of our Constitution are providing freedom of conscience. That the preamble proclaimed India to be secular states. However, it has been wrongly interpreted that offending Surah and Ayate of Quran if being forfeited from its publication and the recital may deprive a section of people of their right of thought expression, belief, faith and worship, such action would amount to abolition of Muslim religion. This has been a wrong findings which are totally inconsistent with the offended verses of its Surah and Ayat as reproduced above.That the application of section 153-A is squarely applicable for forfeiture and banning of the offending Surah and Ayat enumerated in the Quran as the same generates disharmony feeling of enmity and hatred and also the ill-will between different religion or community. That untoward incident has been reported till then for carrying on the mutual enmity, hatred between section of the Muslim minority and Hindu Majority incite violence as main aim and object of Quran.That the petitioner most respectable submits that a lot of the terrorist activities have been sur-phased by the followers of the Islam mainly on account of preaching given in Quran, which has lead to the violence of Bombay Blast case of 1993 by Daud Ibrahim and Saleem, Ankaleshwar Temple blast, Killing the parliamentary attack, 11th September Tower Attack in America, series of bomb blast inside the railways compartments in Mumbai, Sankatmochan Mandir blast and complete elimination of members of other communities for territory of Jammu and Kashmir and Godara blast are the evidence to demonstrate that the decision given by Justice Basak has not taken any probability of the happening mentioned above and as such the present writ petition

requires to look into the facts of mass-acre and atrocities committed upon the innocent Hindu citizens. It is submitted that as the last word of prophet written in Quran the Muslims are not ready even to enter in argument or discussion while on the other hand there has been recent judgement of Supreme Court of Malaysia discouraging the bearing of turban by the students, which was adopted on account of being warn by prophet Mohammad. The true photo copy of the judgement passed by three judges bench of Malaysia Court is being filed herewith as Annexure no. 2 . That the sources of Islam or Quran and Hadis, called as Sullah, the Quran contains the prophet "rebulation" ., while Hadis are al that prophet Mohammad did or said or enjoyed, forbade or did not forbid approved or disapproved. The Quran is Hadis-mutawatir i.e. the tradition considered authentic and genuine by all Muslims from beginning. The interpretation used by its followers even in changed context of the present days scientific invention and in the light of 2 nuclear bomb invasions in two other centuries is not correct interpretation, which could have been said to be last word of prophet Mohammad as if prophet Mohammad would have been surviving today he would have not promoted Zihad in way of prayer of Allah, nor " infidel" so called Hindus would have been burned or slaughtered in such a manner as the followers of Islam have started practicing in the name of Quran.That the vary revelation of the word Islam from which the Muslim has been formed, the same drives from " AS-LAM' meaning solution to other and peace. Thus the meaning of infidel does not mean the fellow of other religion, but those who does not believe in any God and have indulged in the ruthless killing of animals and other fellow citizens, the true perceptions of the correct proposition of Surah and Ayat may be understood by healthy discussions in the matter. Thus every Hindu citizen has got the right to know the meaning of the infidel and status of Zimmis on which the Zaziya or capitation tax, was realised by the force of arms during period of slavery under the Mughals sub-ordination,That there is another aspect of the matter regarding the creation of quite painting by M.F. Hussain proclaiming himself to he follower of Islam. In the aforesaid paintings which have published and may be seen by any Hindu citizen, there has been naked goddess Durga and goddess Saraswati, Lord Rama without his head and naked Goddess Sita sitting on the thee of Raman and also on the tail of Hanuman. Goddess Durgaji has been shown to the in coupling with the tiger, while goddess Parwati is shown in the union with the Elephant, while Lord Shiva is said to have been watching upon them. Can it be assumed that M.F. Hussain is a cynic or infidel, who is suffering from seizophrenia with the sadistic pleasure by assailing the sentiments of Hindu citizen of our country. The naked photographs of our goddess demonstrated in oil painting by M.F. Hussain are filed as Annexure no.2. That on one hand the Hindu is considered to be tolerant for whom the misrepresentation is given to be co-ordis by the Muslims, if the Hindus may start their counter aggressism by preparing the suicidal Bomber upon Zama-Maszid and other mosque, the repercussion may be much serious resulting in the situation of riotes arson and genocide. Thus in order to provide a curve upon such happening judicial review is required to be done regarding the interpretation of offending Surah and offending Ayate of Quran as the same may not be misunderstood by its followers. That the example of counter aggression has been seen at Iraq wherein Saddam has been executed by the American in his own country. It is submitted that there may be vested interest of other nations who remained opportunist to rule India on the policy of divide and rule amongst its citizens. Thus the ------given by Britishers for interpreting the Surah and Ayate of Quran is neither beneficial for our nation, nor the same is beneficial for Pakistan and Bangladesh to demonstrate their displeasure on the question of revaluation of truth amongst our fellow citizens. That it has been brought to the notice of the Most of citizens that N.D.P.S. is used for providing the illusionary atmosphere of Zannat for preparing suicide bombers. It has been found that the individual under going through brain-drain through such illusionary perception was smiling just before few seconds of the blast. Thus the conclusion is in-escapable that the preaching of Quran to its followers by some time generate themselves the illusionary perceptions of providing the attainment to the heaven if they voluntary sacrifice their life in the name of Zihad as Allah ordered them for killng of infidels. Thus the judicial activism is required to be done for positive interpretation of such recital, otherwise slaughtering and thereby plundering of innocent people may lead to the counter aggression, which is not congenial for the development of a Nation. That in this manner Quran may never be regarded as the holy book, nor the Muslim religion based upon misconception of Zihad and Darul-E-Islam may never be able to get the generation in the mind of Hindus. The slogan of secularism and Sarvadharm Sambhawa, it is submitted that the individual Afzal who attached upon the Parliament has yet not been hanged under the guise of getting the protection as a repercussion of such hanging may not lead to the mob violence, which was seen during the period, when the cartoon of Mohammad was made in the remote country at Denmark. That it is true that Hindus have fought Muslim invaders, who had locally established the Muslim dynasties. However our previous rulers have neglected to study the religious and ideological motives of such invaders and speculation remained unmindful of new phenomenon in their midst. Thus scullery dissertation of disciples of great learning may demonstrate the awareness--- ---That the problem of Muslim fanatics who are the followers of offending Surah and Ayate of Quran by generating the concept of Zihad and Darul-e-Islam is further magnified from the event of having the parliament attack. It is submitted that on one hand there is psychological fear generated in the mind of people from such attack and Godhara killing, but when in retaliation of act of terrorism, the counter aggressism was adopted by Hindu citizens in State of Gujrat then the entire word including appeasement policy of Government could not muster the courage of depreciating the Godhara killing, but the retrial after the acquittal of innocent citizens was further ordered to have been taken place in different State of Maharastra. In the course of the Moplah riot of 1921 anything was practised from arson to conversion to pregnant women being cut into pieces with unborn babies protruding from the mothers' corpses. Smt Annie Besant, the Irish lady, and the 1913 president of the Congress, after her visit to Malabar, exhorted Gandhiji to see for himself the ghastly horrors. Since 9/11, Islamic terrorists have perpetrated any numbers of blasts and explosions. On record since October 2001 are 13 bomb blasts in the different cities of India from New Delhi in the north, to Bangalore in the south, to Gandhinagar in the west to Guwahati in the east. The terrorists could well be misguided youth but what is particularly disturbing is that hardly ever does a responsible Muslim leader condemn the barbaric action. Nor does he apologize for any of

them. For the people of India, that is rubbing salt by the Muslim elite on the wounds inflicted by their misguided fellow religionists. A time has come when the major crimes of Islamists are enumerated and Muslim leaders are confronted with them along with a demand for their apology. There are nine mega crimes for which apologies are called for. The governments in India have taken the boycott of vande mataram lightly although, in effect, the Muslims refusing to participate is an insult to the nation. Vande mataram was the song of the Independence movement and would have been the national anthem but for Jawaharlal Nehru's weakness for Muslim prejudices, Jana gana mana was therefore chosen although it was originally written as a tribute to King George V. Over the decades, Hindu Muslim riots were mostly started by the latter. If this were not so, why have there not been Hindu Christian riots even in districts where the latter are dominant as in Nagarcoil? Until the political advent of the British, the communal equation was so loaded that the Muslims felt secure. Once the Muslims were also reduced to subject status, their insecurity began the corollary of which were riots. In the course of the Moplah riot of 1921 anything was practiced from arson to conversion to pregnant women being cut into pieces with unborn babies protruding from the mothers' corpses. Smt Annie Besant, the Irish lady and the 1913 president of the Congress, after her visit to Malabar, exhorted Gandhiji to see for himself the ghastly horrors, which had been created by his beloved brothers, Mohammad and Shaukat Ali. The success of an Islamic expedition to non-Muslim land was also judged on the basis of the number of slaves made and sold. But for the late Dr K.S. Lal who wrote his magnum opus Legacy of Muslim Rule in India and Muslim Slave System in Medieval India, this aspect of Muslim atrocity might have been completely forgotten. It began with the despatch of Parimal Devi and Suraj Devi, the two daughters of Raja Dahir to the harem of the Caliph, soon after he was defeated by Muhammad bin Qasim in 712 D. This was carried forward by Muhammad Ghauri, Khilji and Tughlaq. Even Emperor Jehangir traded in this export business. The imposition of jazia on the Hindus on the excuse of protecting their life and property is legendary. The object of protection was called a zimmi. The subject was dealt at length by Dr P. Saran in his book Studies in Medieval Indian History whose introduction was written by Prof. Mohammad Habib. The purpose of jazia was three fold: to raise money for the state, to impoverish the Hindu and to remind him that he was an inferior subject. London could not persuade either the Congress Party or the Muslim League to accept the 1946 Cabinet Mission plan of a loose federation to be created in the wake of the British departure from India. It was equally clear that the Muslim League could not dominate the all India political scene, nor could Mohammed Ali Jinnah be the prime minister of an undivided India. If therefore, he had to be the head of the government or the state; Partition of the country was essential. The surest way to precipitate Partition, in the wisdom of the League led by Jinnah, was to engineer riots. They would frighten the Hindus into realising that it would be wise of them to let go the Muslim League dominated areas into Pakistan. The riots would demonstrate to the British that the Hindus and the Muslims were incompatible co-citizens. They had to be allowed to go their separate ways. The Muslim League Supreme Council met in Bombay and on July 29 declared for "Direct Action", August 16 was fixed as the day for the initiation of the movement. Fiery speeches containing thinly veiled threats of Civil War and drastic action against "Quislings" followed. The League Press and the League spokesmen started a tirade against the Congress in particular and Hindus in general in Calcutta, the League papers started stepping up their programme of incitement causing great apprehension amongst all national circles. The uneasy dawn of the 16th found large bands of "processionists" armed with long sticks, iron rods, bludgeons and sharp weapons parading the city all over with League flags. Any shop that was even partially open was immediately stoned and the shopkeepers belabored. Vehicular traffic was forcibly stopped and the passengers beaten up. Sikh taxidrivers were a special target and even lone cyclists did not escape. Any resistance merely increased the fury of the "peaceful rocessionists," looted shops, cracked heads and stab-wounds being the reply given to protests or remonstrance's. Police were significantly inactive; indeed the city was totally innocent of police protection. Soon the city was ablaze from North to South and from East to West.The telephone wires were jammed with frantic appeals for police-aid from Hindus of all sections of the city, but these appeals were disregarded in toto. Even where by chance there were some police, they seldom did lift a finger, excepting in certain instances where they bestirred themselves in gleaning some loot. In some cases the police present are alleged to have said that they had orders not to interfere in such political demonstrations. Mass butchery started with the early dawn of Saturday, while loot and arson spread like wild fire all over the city. The police had let the situation deteriorate till it was completely out of control and yet military aid was not called for. The carnage continued for two more days until the military took matters entirely into their own hands and very large forces were employed in penetrating deep over a widespread area. The situation was brought under control only after the direction and control of affairs relating to law and order had virtually passed out of the hands of the League Minister-in-charge of Law and Order, Mr. H.S. Suhrawardy, and his henchmen in officialdom. Iconoclasm is a face of barbarism in the name of God. Which divine likes or dislikes icons or idols is a matter of opinion based on imagination or inculcation. But one thing is certain, for anyone to impose one opinion or the other is inhuman. My God is supreme as the Ten Commandments ordain in the Old Testament. My God is the only god and there can be no other god, the holy Quran contends. Both are wrong. Simply because there flourished civilizations for long before the holy Bible was penned and well before Prophet Muhammad had his visions, which means that either there are other Gods or there is no god.

God or no god, it is desirable for men and women to switch off from the material and to pray or meditate about the spiritual. To enable ordinary people to focus on the spiritual, it is useful to provide icons, idols or walls. A Hindu idol, a Parsee fire, a crucifix over an altar for the Christian or a mimbar for the Muslim are helpful. For a mimbar to claim that it is sacred but an idol is profane deserving to be destroyed, is patently wrong. Similarly for an Imam to feel fulfilled because a temple or a church has been desecrated is reprehensible. For him to worship in a mandir so converted to a masjid is more immoral. Ignorant scholars often dismiss iconoclasm as being medieval; no point in wasting discussion on what happened centuries ago. If that be so,what is the need for pursuit of history which is always about centuries past. Medieval history is not myth. Iconoclasm is equally contemporary. A Buddha statue was destroyed at Swat in Pakistan as recently as September 2007 (red letters). The tragic fate of the Bamiyan Buddhas as late as 2001 is well known. The 20th century especially in its latter half has witnessed hundreds of desecrations.Unless the perpetrators are punished or retaliatory action taken, this barbarism will continue to prevail. The biggest on going crime is terrorism. Since October 2001, post 9/11, there have been 13 major bomb blasts in India which have butchered hundreds of innocent people, women, children, ordinary citizens et al. The officially reported figures are low because they are announced soon after the incident and can only be based on dead bodies found. Those that are not recorded are not taken into account.What is shameful is that the acts of terrorism are seldom condemned by Muslim leaders probably because they are looked upon as episodes in jihad. How can anything sacred be condemned? Aurangzeb's forman to provinces to destroy all Hindu temples and schools. As many as 5,000 temples were destroyed under hima minimum of 200 in 1679 alone. On the anniversary of the Babri Masjid demolition (December 6, 1992), it is important for Hindus (and Muslims) to understand the importance of the event in the context of Hindustan's history, past and recent, present and the future. Savages at a very low level of civilisation and no culture worth the name, from Arabia and west Asia, began entering India from the early century onwards. Islamic invaders demolished countless Hindu temples, shattered uncountable sculpture and idols, plundered innumerable palaces and forts of Hindu kings, killed vast numbers of Hindu men and carried off Hindu women. This story, the educated-and a lot of even the illiterate Indians-know very well. History books tell it in remarkable detail. But many Indians do not seem to recognise that the alien Muslim marauders destroyed the historical evolution of the earth's most mentally advanced civilisation, the most richly imaginative culture, and the most vigorously creative society. It is clear that India at the time when Muslim invaders turned towards it (8 to 11th century) was the earth's richest region for its wealth in precious and semi-precious stones, gold and silver, religion and culture, and its fine arts and letters. Tenth century Hindustan was also too far advanced than its contemporaries in the East and the West for its achievements in the realms of speculative philosophy and scientific theorising, mathematics and knowledge of nature's workings. Hindus of the early medieval period were unquestionably superior in more things than the Chinese, the Persians (including the Sassanians), the Romans and the Byzantines of the immediate proceeding centuries. The followers of Siva and Vishnu on this subcontinent had created for themselves a society more mentally evolved-joyous and prosperous too-than had been realised by the Jews, Christians, and Muslim monotheists of the time. Medieval India, until the Islamic invaders destroyed it, was history's most richly imaginative culture and one of the five most advanced civilisations of all times. Look at the Hindu art that Muslim iconoclasts severely damaged or destroyed. Ancient Hindu sculpture is vigorous and sensual in the highest degree-more fascinating than human figural art created anywhere else on earth. (Only statues created by classical Greek artists are in the same class as Hindu temple sculpture). Ancient Hindu temple architecture is the most awe-inspiring, ornate and spell-binding architectural style found anywhere in the world. (The Gothic art of cathedrals in France is the only other religious architecture that is comparable with the intricate architecture of Hindu temples). No artist of any historical civilisation have ever revealed the same genius as ancient Hindustan's artists and artisans. Their minds filled with venom against the idol-worshippers of Hindustan, the Muslims destroyed a large number of ancient Hindu temples. This is a historical fact, mentioned by Muslim chroniclers and others of the time. A number of temples were merely damaged and remained standing. But a large number-not hundreds but many thousands-of the ancient temples were broken into shreds of cracked stone. In the ancient cities of Varanasi and Mathura, Ujjain and Maheshwar, Jwalamukhi and Dwarka, not one temple survives whole and intact from the ancient times. The wrecking of Hindu temples went on from the early years of the 8th century to well past 1700 AD a period of almost 1000 years. Every Muslim ruler in Delhi (or Governor of Provinces) spent most of his time warring against Hindu kings in the north and the south, the east and the west, and almost every Muslim Sultan and his army commanders indulged in largescale destructions of Hindu temples and idols. They also slaughtered a lot of Hindus. It is easy to conclude that virtually every Hindu temple built in the ancient times is a perfect work of art. The evidence of the ferocity with which the Muslim invaders must have struck at the sculptures of gods and goddesses, demons and apsaras, kings and queens, dancers and musicians is frightful. At so many ancient temples of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh, for example, shattered portions of stone images still lie scattered in the temple courtyards. Considering the fury used on the idols and sculptures, the stone-breaking axe must have been applied to thousands upon thousands of images of hypnotic beauty. Giving proof of the resentment that men belonging to an inferior civilisation feel upon encountering a superior civilisation of individuals with a more refined culture, Islamic invaders from Arabia and western Asia broke and burned everything beautiful they came across in Hindustan. So morally degenerate were the Muslim Sultans that, rather than attract Hindu "infidels" to Islam through force of personal example and exhortation, they just built a number of mosques at the sites of torn down temples-and foolishly pretended they had triumphed over the minds and culture of the Hindus. I have seen stones and columns of Hindu temples incorportated into the architecture of several mosques, including the Jama Masjid and Ahmed Shah Masjid in Ahmedabad; the mosque in the Uparkot fort of Junagadh (Gujarat) and in Vidisha (near Bhopal); the Adhai Din Ka Jhonpra right next to the famous dargah in Ajmer-and the currently controversial Bhojshala "mosque" in Dhar (near Indore). Hindu culture was at its imaginative best and vigorously creative when the severely-allergic-to-images Muslims entered Hindustan. Islamic invaders did not just destroy countless temples and constructions but also suppressed cultural and religious practices; damaged the pristine vigour of Hindu religion, prevented the

intensification of Hindu culture, debilitating it permanently, stopped the development of Hindu arts ended the creative impulse in all realms of thought and action, damaged the people's cultural pride, disrupted the transmission of values and wisdom, cultural practices and tradition from one generation to the next; destroyed the proper historical evolution of Hindu kingdoms and society, affected severely the acquisition of knowledge, research and reflection and violated the moral basis of Hindu society. The Hindus suffered immense psychic damage. The Muslims also plundered the wealth of the Hindu kingdoms, impoverished the Hindu populace, and destroyed the prosperity of Hindustan. Gaze in wonder at the Kailas Mandir in the Ellora caves and remember that it is carved out of a solid stone hill, an effort that (inscriptions say) took nearly 200 years. This is art as devotion. The temple built by the Rashtrakuta kings (who also built the colossal sculpture in the Elenhanta caves off Mumbai harbour) gives proof of the ancient Hindus' religious fervor. But the Kailas temple also indicated a will power, a creative imagination, and an intellect eager to take on the greatest of artistic challenges. The descendants of those who built the magnificent temples of Bhojpur and Thanjavur, Konark and Kailas, invented mathematics and brain surgery, created mindbody disciplines (yoga) of astonishing power, and built mighty empires would almost certainly have attained technological superiority over Europe. It is not just for "political reasons" that Hindus want to build grand temples at the sites of the (wrecked) Babri Masjid in Ayodhya, the Gyanvapi mosque in Varanasi, and the Mathura idgah. The efforts of religion-intoxicated and politically active Hindus to rebuild the Ram Mandir, the Kashi Vishwanath Mandir, and the Krishna Mandir are just three episodes m a one-thousand year long Hindu struggle to reclaim their culture and religion from alien invaders. The demolition of the Babri Masjid in Ayodhya on 6 December 1992 was just one episode in the millennial struggle of the Hindus to repossess their religion-centered culture and nation. Meanwhile, hundreds of ancient Hindu temples forsaken all over Hindustan await the reawakening of Hindu cultural pride to be repaired or rebuilt and restored to their original, ancient glory. Hindustan Times on December 28, 1997. Intolerant Opportunist fanatics via judicial pseudo secularism/terrorism are the cause of defeat to idealistic Hindu Combating terrorism, now being discredited by intolerant fanatics and opportunists politician, under whom ,the elite citizen, responsible for the executive functioning and the Investigating agencies responsible to protect the sovereign power of the State are knee down in anticipation of their posting for greasing their palm. This is the greatest problem of the world. It has become the threat to the Nations, who encouraged it during the process of the struggle of cold war, with fellow nation. The god of hated filled cult having its mandate to get the rid of the world of proclaimed infidels and heretics, are themselves struggling against their own weaknesses The kingdom of Arabia was formulated on the principles, that this world rejected all type of injustice, violence, breach of peace, bloodshed, murder and plunder. Jihad was defined after the battle of Bard. It is written in the Kitbag al Tauhid. The tomb of Prophet Muhammad was virtually destroyed in 1803 at Medina and People Stripped the Kaba at Makah. These people were declared Blasphemous. Virtually Jihad, which was earlier known as the struggle against oppression and rather a struggle against their own weakness, has started combating against their own people. There was the reformation. People disallowed ceremonies for marriage and death. They prohibited the worship of the saints, adorning of graves, tomb and monuments. They prohibited and provided the restriction upon holding religious processions, sharing art, music and dance and provided the proper place to women as their god only exposes fickleness of their minds. Most of the Muslim peers are flourishing, because of Hindus only, and will be shut if Hindus stop visiting them. The mosquitoes are flying in the air to drag the blood from the body of the defenseless Non violent citizen. Mosquitoes, even lesser in number, will suck the blood of Majority. They become the scorpions, if the number of carnivorous human being are proportionately increased to insufficient numbers. These people are viper snake converted to Cobra. The number of these poisonous reptiles Increased. Even, if they increased in quarter to the number of other community, they become pythons. Stop them from doing So in India, otherwise we will be buttered, as Hindus are Buttered in Bangladesh, Malaysia and Pakistan. The submissive nature of the Hindus is evident even today, even a single person of other faiths Hindus are credulous by nature. They simply believed what others said without suspecting the ulterior designs of the enemy. There were occasions when the idealist Hindu rulers sincerely honored a treaty or ceasefire in war but the crook enemy took undue advantage of their credulousness and captured them. If there were Jai Chands in medieval times, there are Laloos, Paswans, Mulayams, Arjuns in this era, who, for their momentary selfish motives, are selling the interests of the Hindus in the name of secularism without realizing the irreparable loss being caused by them to their community. Gandhis secularism always aimed at destruction of Hindus at the hands of Muslims. Paswans secularism advocates a Muslim Chief-Minister in Bihar. Arjuns secularism believes in distorting our history. Numerous such pseudo secularists have always been active to destroy the Hindus. Making films on Hindu Gods & Goddesses causes irreparable harm to the faith. Human beings personifying Hindu Gods & Goddesses, pasteurization of vulgar scenes/songs in temples, showing Hindu Gods & Goddesses smoking in ad films only lowers their respect in the eyes of people. . Inviting censure of Sikhs by films like Sava Lakh Se Ek Ladaoon, and Jo Bole So Nihal are live examples of the concern of the Sikh community for their gurus, which regretfully is missing in the attitude of the Hindus. The beggars wearing masks of Hindu Gods and posing as Gods for begging in bazaars & streets definitely reduces obeisance for the Gods. The Muslim invaders exercised every atrocity on the native Hindus. They attacked us. They looted wealth, slaughtered innocent people, converted Hindus to Islam at the point of sword. They kidnapped our women and raped them with pride. They broke temples and erected mosques over them. They even decked idols of those temples in the stairs to humiliate Hindus. Famous historian late sri P.N. Oak claims that the so called Muslim monuments in India were originally the Hindu buildings. The Muslim invaders plundered them, captured them, broke them, sacrilege them and converted them into Muslim monuments. The Hindus, instead of considering them a stigma on the National honor take pride in calling them national monuments. Millions of rupees are spent on their maintenance. Some have been given the status of heritage buildings. A community of self honor would never accept such humiliation like this It is marriage within consanguinity. Though marriage within consanguinity is against Hindu marriage Act, but the custom overrides the statutory provisions. This weakens the uniformity of the custom at national level and makes us a subject of ridicule by others. I have seen Sikh leadership fighting collectively on different issues like Delhi riots, turban issue in France, kirpaan issue in

Sweden, Santa-Banta (ridiculing cartoons) issue in Mumbai, turban-scanning issue in America. All the Sikh leaders irrespective of their political affiliation fought it collectively. Similarly, Prophet Mohammeds picture (cartoon) in a Danish newspaper attracted protest from Muslims all over the world. Conversely, you can amply see Hindu leaders neutralising efforts of their own brothers without doing something for Hindu welfare and blaming of violating secularism. It is nothing but a cheap effort to earn momentary & transient acclaim from others. On the contrary, the leaders of other faiths are fighting collective, forgetting their political differences, definitely fetches them tangible results. Mulayams secularism impels him declare holiday in U.P. on last Friday of Ramjan. Mulayam, Pasvan throwing Iftaar parties to Muslims and wearing Muslim caps on their heads shamelessly is the burning example of pseudo secularism. . Conversion of Bangladesh from a secularist to an Islamic nation in 1979 did not perturb these secularists, nor did the planned elimination of Hindus in Bangladesh and Pakistan caused qualms of conscience to them. Now the only Nepal Hindu Country is Extinguished. If the journalist has started hurling the shoe on the face of Union Home Minister. It is the beginning of retaliating of the outrage emotion of the people to thwart the govt. , which is continuing by sheer opportunism and will perish it existences, as the combating the Islamic violence will come to an end. At least Mr. Jagdish Titaler and mr. Shajjan have been eliminated from the Zone of the fight in this battle by their field set up by their own guardian, for whom these criminals participated in Genocide and Murder of Khalsa Akhali People. All the members of the court are considered as wounded, where justice is found wounded with inequity, and judges do not extract the dart of inequity from justice or remove its blot and destroy inequity, in other words where the innocent are not respected and the criminal are not punished. A virtuous and just person should never enter a court and when he does so, he should speak the truth; he who holds his tongue on seeing injustice done, or speaks contrary to truth and justice, is the greatest sinner .Justice destroyed, destroys its destroyer; and justice preserved, preserves its preserver. Hence, never destroy justice , lest being destroyed, it should destroy thee. In this world justice or righteousness alone is mans friend that goes with him after death. All other things or companions part on the destruction of the body and he is detached from all company. But the company of justice is never cut off. When injustice is done in the government court out of partiality, it is divided into four parts of which one is shared by the criminal or doer of injustice , the second by the witness, the third by the judges, and the fourth by the president king of an unjust court. Legal justice , with a humane mission, must update itself to legitimize progressive urges, discern the reality of social changes and design its delivery system, so as to obviate the dominance of the Proletariat by the accelerate peoples access to effective., limitative justice. The contemporary command of social justice, which is also the socio-economic demand of the common people, is that the prevalent forensic astigmatism shall be corrected by sloughing off archaic, arcane authoritarian procedures which often spawn the paradox of a wealth of abuses and a poverty of access vis--vis institutions of legal justice. The bar and the bench are meant to provide mutual assistance for dispensing the justice. A prominent Bar is always considered to be of utmost requirement for imparting the duties assigned to the Judge, while deciding the case before him. The opportunist Lawyers always get their position in the matter of Elevations of the Supreme Court and High Court Judges. How , one may forget the Incident of the Supersession of the three Judges, When Justice A. N. Ray was elevated as Chief Justice of India by Smt. Indira Gandhi. She purposely restricted the free speech of Indian Hindus, who were subjected to atrocities by the fundamentalists Muslims and ultimately the Suppression of the Right of free expression, Prohibition against resurrections and Suppression of the Right of Life came into Picture. It was the period worst than the period of British Rule, When at least Hindus were given their due protection against atrocities committed by Muslims and by Hindus upon the weaker Section Of Society. How one can forget the humiliation suffered by Justice H.R. Khana for giving the minority Judgment in MISA preventive detention matter pertaining to ADM Jabalpur case .Judicial activism was based upon accountability of the Executive action in the State. This was increased during the period , when Judges Of High Integrity, and Potentials were being elevated to the Bench. It was just after taken over the process of selection of Judges by The collegiums of The Judiciary. The system of Give And Take In the process of the Elevation Started. It was during the period of adorning the crown by the Judge of the particular religion, that 20 judges of insignificant age were elevated with the Idea of promoting the Jihad in the arena of the Judiciary also. Judicial activism abrogated just after their elevation. It has been finally came to an end. It is well known that accountability is not wanted by the criminals and when the foundation of their religion are it self based upon sex and crime, how does this situation , which promoted the deception by falsehood, cheating, subjugation and abrogation of the means of innocent citizen for promoting Darul E Islam may not be liken by them. Why these individual will invite the risk to have their Transparency and accountability. There was the mission with political agenda to capture the entire world in dominance of a particular religion, while Hindu judges remain satisfied with their lust for greed, power, favoritism and Corruption. Thus the beginning of opportunism has gone to the extend that Kashmir Brahmins, who were uprooted from their motherland, but their representative, after emergence of Gandhi- Nehru Nexus, for being them elevated to supreme Court and High Court of Delhi, have now started declaring that Aurangzeb was the Secular and the painting of M. F. Hussein depicting the portraits of Ma Durga, Ma Swarswati, Ma Parvati, Mata Laxmi and Even Naked Bharat Mata. The chapter of Judicial activism, which was once started by the esteem respected Judges of Supreme Court was not only eroded, but the Judgment given BY Justice Kuldeep Singh in Smt. Sheila Dixit, Mr. Kamal Nath cases ( In reM.C. Mehta Motal Bias River Water Diversion were Reviewed by these Justices. . Smt. Indira Gandhi had taken the license to denounce the authority of Comptroller and accountant General by getting the Expenditure disproportionate to its pre audit limit, which was not changed. Now the Government is ruled by alien power. Sonia Gandhi has taken the command in her hand to mis-utilization the investigating agency of Central Bureau Of Investigation to get her political empire remain intact, even if no confidence motion passed by majority of political party. Now the Nation is Govern without any Ethics, that is , if you Show me the man, I will make a Law to benefit him. The judicial Activism is Over. The people are ruled by alien power. They can not Combat Islamic Jihad. Law does not talk with Justness. There is no accountability. Judges are elevated, having no essential qualification, which is based upon rational classification. Opportunists are elevated. Supreme Court Stay the entire proceedings, even beyond the scope of the adjudication placed before Them. Justice Nirmal Yadav elevated, who are indulged in briary . Number of Judges remained involved in Provident Fund Scam, but who has been resigned till yet. This idea may promote us of secularist Time and again Commissions have been constituted to convict, by hook or crook, the accused of the 1984 Delhi riots. It

is the matter of disgraceful event in the history of Judicial accountability, that Justice, U. C. Banerjee may declare that there was no incident of Godhra Burning of Ram Kar Sevak and there after , even after the acquittal of the innocent people in Post Godhra Violence, Which Provoked on Account Of the Arson Of Godhra Mass Burning , the further trial in 2002 Gujarat riots even after their acquittal by the courts of law. On the other hand, terrorists like Wassan Singh, Zaffarwal and Jagjit Singh Chauhan deserving severe punishment have gone scot-free for want of proof and it did not impel any secularist to deplore such acquittal and seek retrial. Mushrooming madrasas in the country indulging in anti-Indian activities. This does not worry these secularists but they have the audacity to term the activities of RSS and VHP as anti-nationalists. For them, religion-based reservation for the Muslims in AMU is not an anti-national act, but the alleged discrimination in relief-distribution to the quake-hit in Bhuj surely perturbs these secularists. 5% reservation for Muslims in A.P. awaiting emulation by Bihar and many other State Governments is another burning example of their secularism. Pampering the Muslims at the cost of the Hindus is an unpardonable sin, which cannot be forgiven by any rational and nationalist Indian. It is nothing but a political gimmickry for appeasement of Muslims to garner their votes, which has rendered the Hindus orphans in their own land. The coming generations of ours are being recklessly thrown to a disadvantageous position. The virtual slavery is inevitable for us. The irony is that their secularism erupts only when the interests of the non-Hindus are involved. Thousands of Hindus being murdered in Mopla and Naokhali riots before partition, lakhs of Hindus being butchered and cores suffering displacement during partition in 1947 did not make a dint on any of these secularists. Thousands of Hindus being slain in Punjab and Jammu & Kashmir and lakhs are being rendered refugees in their own motherland. This did not shake the soul of the secularists. Conversion of Bangladesh from a secularist to an Islamic nation in 1979 did not perturb these secularist, nor did the planned elimination of Hindus in Bangladesh and Pakistan caused qualms of conscience to them. The kar-sewaks burnt alive in Godhra. This doesnt make any difference to these secularists, but its reaction in the form of Gujarat riots is termed as a blot on humanity and the heads are lowered in shame. Muslim invaders looted & demolished thousands of temples and erected mosques over them, but redeeming Ram Temple from underneath Babri mosque is the blackest day in their life Secularism (or pseudo-secularism?) has done immeasurable harm to Hinduism. The selfish Hindu leadership, both religious & political, is always eager to compromise the interest of Hindus for transient gains, in the name of secularism, without realizing the harm caused to the religion in the long run. Is this secularism not applicable to Muslims? Never does a Muslim ever talk of respect to the other faiths. Hindus are always eager to appease the other communities (Muslims, Sikhs, Christians etc.) by following their customs/rituals. We may justify it as secularism, but actually it reflects our wavering faith in our own Gods and Goddesses. On the contrary, rarely is a follower of other faiths seen in our temples or practicing our rituals. The Hindus are not ready to bear pain involved in fighting for their own rights and always look towards others to fight for them. This philosophy has made us cowards to such an extent that we did not retaliate, even the invaders, who attacked us in our homeland. Just a handful of Muslim invaders attacked us, captured us, slew us, converted many to Islam, outraged the modesty of our women, broke our temples and used every possible atrocity to destroy Hinduism, but the philosophy of non-violence made the Hindus surrender every where. The Hindus, who believe always in the existence of Gods and Goddesses as the symbolic representation of their faith in the form of worshiping of trees meant for their own protection of life as synonymous to god like peepal, banyan, banana, tulsi and jand, tamarind, kalamba etc, as all having medicinal values and their cultural triggers. Their zoolatry is in worship to the different form of animals, as their existence is required to maintain Eco- Environment- Ecological Balance for survival of Human Race. Lack of faith has seriously affected unity among the Hindus and has lead to disorganization and weakening of the Hinduism. On thousands of occasions, Hindus have miserably failed to protect the respect of their Gods and Goddesses and religious This makes us unorganized and leads to lack of consensus on trivial issues like dates of Hindu festivals. Our religious scholars seldom agree on single date for festivals leading to celebration of festivals on different dates. This dilutes the devotion & enthusiasm and also impels a sense of ridicule for our religion in the minds of others. This is solely because of non-availability of a centralized religious command. This gave the others an excuse to shy away from the duty to sacrifice for the country. Whenever there was any attack, it was the Kshatriyas, who were to face the brunt. Many a time, their short number or non-availability of fighterKshatriyas, lead us to their defeat in wars. After two decades of calm in large-scale popular movements, Indian-administered Kashmir recently witnessed mass demonstrations and protests against the state governments decision to transfer forest land to facilitate a Hindu pilgrimage. The decision of the Jammu and Kashmir authorities to grant 40 hectares of uninhabited jungle tract to the Amarnath Shrine Board triggered a furor in the Kashmir Valley and brought life to a standstill for nearly two weeks, a throwback to the 1988-1989 insurrection against Indian rule. So forceful was the clamor that the state government had to eventually rescind the transfer order. The anti-land transfer agitation fed on important new trends in Jammu and Kashmir. Firstly, the state has been enjoying a rare respite from terrorist violence initiated by Pakistan-sponsored jihadi outfits like the Hizb-ulMujahideen, the Lashkar-e-Toiba and the Jaish-e-Muhammad. The internal political turmoil in Pakistan, pitting a military presidency against a democratically elected parliament, and the challenge posed to Pakistans security by the US war on the Taliban, left the jihadis in Kashmir confused and rudderless. The capability of terrorists to attack Indian military personnel and pro-India civilians in Kashmir was intact, but the power struggle in Islamabad created uncertainty about whether or not the jihadis could rely on Pakistans undying support to wrest Kashmir from India. The anti-land transfer movement can be seen as filling the liberation space that had sunk into a vacuum due to the gradual rusting of the jihadi guns. The alienation of ordinary Muslim Kashmiris from the Indian government did not subside with the decline of terrorist violence by freedom fighters. It was waiting for an opportune symbolic issue to explode, and the Amarnath land transfer issue emerged as the perfect cause. It is worth recalling that symbolism playing on the religious fears of Kashmiri Muslims has a history of inciting unrest. In 1963, the disappearance of a strand of hair believed to belong to the head of the Prophet Mohammad kicked off a major storm in the Kashmir Valley. Likewise, the razing of the shrine of Kashmirs patron saint in 1995 by the Harkat-ul-Mujahidee n stirred a massive commotion among Kashmiri Muslims suspicious of the shenanigans of Hindu India. A second way of analyzing the upsurge in Jammu and Kashmir is to run it through the prism of democratic politics in the state. The decision to grant the land to the Hindu shrine was made by the Congress party-run

state government in the run-up to provincial elections scheduled for October. Since the territory of Jammu & Kashmir includes Hindu-majority, Buddhist-majority and Muslim-majority areas, the land transfer decision could have been aimed at winning Hindu votes from the Jammu area for the Congress. The vehement reaction to the transfer by the Peoples Democratic Party and the National Conference was, in turn, geared towards beefing up their own electoral prospects among the valleys Muslims. These parties are, in theory, wedded to the Indian constitution and its democratic processes, but they have to show their proIslam credentials to be electorally relevant in the Kashmir Valley. The land transfer issue was ripe for exploitation by these political opportunists who benefit from perks and privileges as peoples representatives within the Indian polity but commiserate with jihadi secessionists. The irony of the anti-land transfer movement is that its very raison detre is spurious. The forest land was clearly given to the Amarnath temple for erecting temporary shelters and conveniences for Hindu pilgrims who flock annually to the Himalayan abode of Lord Shiva. It was in no way a violation of the special status accorded to Jammu and Kashmir, which blocks citizens of the rest of India from acquiring property in the state. The makeshift structures planned by the Amarnath temple staff on the transferred land were meant purely for the pilgrimage season. That a temporary land transfer for a Hindu pilgrimage could be painted by separatist politicians as a devious plot of the Indian government to alter the demography of Kashmir shows how communalized Islam has become in the valley. This is the third and most potent explanation for the movement that rocked Jammu and Kashmir. While alienation of Muslims amid a lull in terrorist violence and machinations of democratic politics partially account for the crisis, neither of these could galvanize the public without the wholesale Islamization of Kashmir, a land ironically mythologized as a cradle of eclectic Sufism. The same drivers of Taliban-style enforcement of strict moral codes on Kashmiris, especially women, are at the forefront in the anti-land transfer movement. So mainstreamed is the influence of intolerant Islamist ideology in Kashmir that there is barely a squeal of anguish regarding restoration of properties of nearly half-a-million Kashmiri Hindus (Pandits), who were hounded out of the valley by terrorists in 1988-1989. The restitution of Hindu properties that were destroyed and taken over is a genuine grievance for which Islamists show no sympathy. Islamists have also never condemned terrorist attacks that, over the years, have killed dozens of Hindu pilgrims whose simple ambition in life was to pay their respects to a supernatural phenomenon in Amarnath. While the reality on the ground is that the demography of the Kashmir Valley has been forcibly redrawn through the killing of Hindus, the mass movement that erupted in June was based on fictitious claims of the land transfer being a diabolical conspiracy for Hindus to deluge the valley. There is little evidence to prove that Indias Kashmir policy mimics Chinese internal colonization solutions that have changed the population profile of Tibet in favor of Han Chinese. While the Tibetan upheavals this year against Chinese highhandedness had a legitimate basis, the anti-land transfer ruckus in Kashmir rests on concocted charges. The most perverse sign of bigoted Islamism running the roost in the Kashmir Valley is a report that shrines are being built to glorify jihadi groups as a retort to the Amarnath temple imbroglio. The first-ever shrine to the Lashkar-e-Toiba has just been inaugurated in a village near the town of Ganderbal in memory of two Pakistani holy warriors who died fighting the Indian army. According to The Hindu, local businesspersons who erected this monument declared, Here was India conspiring to seize our land and hand it over to infidels [Hindu pilgrims visiting the Amarnath temple], and here were these two foreigners who had given their lives to save Islam in Kashmir. The agenda of saving Islam from alleged threats is growing stronger in Jammu and Kashmir, even though its Muslims enjoy constitutionally guaranteed religious freedom. Terrorist violence in Kashmir may wax and wane and state-level elections may come and go every five years, but the seeds of Islamist hatred continue to sprout and augur ill for peace. The liberation of Kashmir from jihadi mentality remains an uphill task. S. Chaulia is a researcher on international affairs at the Maxwell School of Citizenship at Syracuse University, New York. American government erroneously urges democratizing Muslim societies. In those undeveloped societies, Islamists are the only opposition to corrupt regimes, and free elections invariably bring Islamists to power. Civilized countries like Iran eventually develop semi-secular alternatives to mullahs, while Palestinian peasants can only replace Islamists with a civil war between gangs. Democracy is a simple, self-evident form of government. Where it didnt develop, it was for a reason. It is astonishingly arrogant on the part of US administration to imagine that in Iraq, Ukraine, Lebanon, or Palestine locals didnt know about democracy but now, when taught, will embrace it. Most societies, especially poor, discontent, and fragile do not need democracy. Take Turkey where the popular approval ratings of America sunk to mere 2%. Would it be better off if democratic elections in Turkey bring Islamists to power? Is there a freedom to sell oneself into slavery? Who needs democratic elections which result in Islamist government that bans democracy? Yet America and the EU constantly criticize Turkish military for influencing the politics. A friendly military government is better than democratically elected Islamist government; if thats not self-evident, learn it from the done deals in Lebanon and Palestine. A democratically elected Islamist government in Turkey the seat of the caliphate and most prominent Muslim empire would hold enormous credibility among Muslims worldwide. A strong, heavily militarized Islamic Turkey at Europes borders will repeat the Gates of Vienna scenario defeated, yes, but at a great cost. The main peddlers of democracy in Islamic world are Western leftists who cling to the old socialist doctrine of destroying the old world and consciously building a bright future on its ruins. So far, they did well at making ruins. Islamic democracy is leftists best hope. What their darling Stalin didnt achieve, democratically elected nuclear mullahs and Pakistani sheikhs can do. They can rip the Western world not annihilate it, but inflict tremendous damage and possibly clear the scene for leftists to build a new, rationally designed West. Russian Bolsheviks likewise cooperated with Germany during the WWI. Socialists need devastation, and Islamic governments can deliver it. The West cannot uphold oppressive regimes in Islamic lands indefinitely. Foreign-sponsored regimes failed in Vietnam, Iran, Afghanistan and plenty of other countries. Common Muslims resent Western support for their oppressors. Nasser and Khomeini took power in two major Islamic states despite Western wishes. Foreigners cannot stem the tide of social changes. Whatever support is now offered to Mubarak, Muslim Brotherhood will come to power in Egypt. The problem is not democracy or absence thereof. The West must wage a three-pronged war on Muslims: a propaganda war against Islam (as the US fought communism in the minds of Soviet people), military containment, and economic boycott (Osama says the oil is underpriced, let him drink it; buy Russian oil).

Islam is not the true religion, but the political massage conveyed by Muhammad, which perished his own generations forever. Think for a moment, when the creator of the Universe, the almighty and all- knowing has created every body, how does the Muslims have got a right to kill goat or Sheep, instead of their own Son. Why the people born as Hindus, Shiks, Jain and Buddhist be Killed in Terrorist attack. Why does Muhammad could not save his own son, when he proclaims to be Prophets or the Messenger of God. Why Jews should abandon their JUDAISM religion AND BECOME MUSLIMS?. Religion of Islam was started by Mohd. Said to the Prophet sent to earth by the God Almighty in about the middle of the 7th century A. D. The followers of this religion are called the Muslims. Mohd was born in Saudi Arabia in a tribe by the name of Queresh. This is one of the three Semetic faiths that grew up finally into a very strong belief under the name of Islam. The word Islam in Arabic language means Peace. The other Semeitc faiths are Judaism followed by Jews and the third is Christianity that came into being with the birth and death of Jesus Christ. In the above three faiths, there are some similarties. All the three faiths accept their initiators as the messengers or sons of God. They also similarly place their unquestioned trust in their respective holy called books called as 1. OLD TESTAMENT (Judaism started by Moses) 2. NEW TESTAMENT or Bible (Christianity started by Lord Jesus) and 3. ISLAM (started Mohd. with its holy book called QUARAN). All the three faiths thus draw their inspirations from their respective books and the initators of the same. While the Old Testament and the Bible were first written in the Hebrew language, Quaran the holy book of Islam came to be written in the Arabic. The followers of al the three religions thus owe their allegiance to their respective books and to their initiators. Naturally, the followers of each Sect restrict themselves within the close circle of their holy books contents and develop a special fraternal relationship between themselves as the respective followers of their faiths. The human society as such is therefore divided on the basis of the following of what said in their respective holy books. Beyond the following, the rest of the humanity is not accorded any special or otherwise fraternal sort of relationship. All the three faiths do not bring within its embrace, all humans tied together as the fellow humans. Therefore, these sects create within the society and narrow circles of brotherhood based on the fellowship of the followers only. Whereas, religion as followed by the humans should have a tendency of uniting the entire human society under some special social code. The above named Semetic faiths divide the society into narrow sects. This is very much unlike the ancient Aryans Sanatan Dharma about which Indias every sacred religious scripture speck in terms of 1. Vasudevam Kutumbkam 2. Sarva Dharma Sambhava 3. Vasudevam Kutumbkam means that the whole world is one family. Sarva Dharma Sambhava means it is possible to accommodate all faiths and religions at the same time. The followers of Judaism called the Jews have their holy city in Jerusalem. Christianity came out of Judaism. Lord Jesus was its cause. Its holy place of birth is at Bethlehem presently in Israel. Somehow, there were some differences in the contents of the Old Testament and the propogatory statement of Lord Jesus. Some Jews were opposed to the same. A governor appointed on behalf of the ruler of Rome in Bethlehem was led to prosecute and hang Lord Jesus on the Cross. However, a few followers of Lord Jesus continued to spread his message. Three hundred years later came King Constantine who accepted Christianity that grew into a forceful and strong faith that soon spread around Rome & in other parts of Europe. In the 11th century, the Roman Empire stood split in two parts into west and east. The Western Roman Empire and the Western Church accepted Rome as their guiding light of faiths and polities. The Eastern Roman Empire was guided from Constantinople now called Istanbul. The Western Roman Church accepted its leader at Rome and called him the Pope who ruled over the entire Western Europe and Western Church. The followers of Pope are called the Catholice. The Eastern Church that split up did not accept Rome and Pope as their leader. Hence, Russia, Greece, Georgia, Syria, and some more Eastern European countries followed their own revised religious ideas. Some strong feelings of Nationalism exhibit a natural tendency within humans. This brings about a sense of commonness among a group of humans when it is based upon some common gains to be made by the humans inhabiting some territory that is politically governed for them. It is not only but natural that a homogeneous society comes into being. A feeling of Nationalism is in fact an emotional upsurge that unites all people onto one society when the emotions involved work to uplift the humans inhabiting a territory governed in their intrests. Indian society by virtue of sub-continents a large mass of land provide such basis. This singular geographical entity itself is responsible for unifying all its inhabitants to adopt and work for some common kind of social and cultural upliftment. On top of its, the great land mass with flowing rivers of water further provides such a National cohesion. Such factors are divinely given to the people of India. A great stretch of plains with one commonness provides to Indian people, not only a sense of unity but it delivers to one and all, a sense of fraternity. This is because of societys common concern. This has over the centuries of time repened into a common cultural, social, economical and spiritual faith. The most important singular factor that binds a nation is the faith of people in their ancestry and religion. Put together, it is termed as Nationality. Ancient Indian sages, their spirituals pursuits and messages of one world family (Vasu-devam Kutummbkam) have greatly contributed to the very thought process of one India. Max Muller, Dr. Annie Beasant and several other world leaders of the past have openly declared, India without Hinduism is unthinkable. An independent India and her people are thus divinely ordained to protect their spiritual chord of National unity in which social and cultural emotions in commonness can be seen. We have therefore to take particular care of Hindutva philosophy that provides such a strong force of one commonness. This in turn does have its roots in Indias ancient religion. The religion has its roots in the minds of every Indian. Any attack on this activity and faith shall therefore need a very strong fencing around the philosophical principles of the Vedas. It is from there that such feelings of Indian Nationalism and Hinduism have grown. The latter is not merely a faith or belief in any sort of Gospels spread and introduced by its thinker, but Hinduism is in fact a way of life lived by the Indian people since time immemorial. Indianism and Hinduism have thus to be unabashedly declared as synonymous. It is this singular factor that provides to India its real inherent strength of every sort. This is regardless of the method chosen for its political governance. Any idea contrary to this is suicidal and hence must be opposed with all the strength that the people of India can muster. Unlike original Indian political thinker like Tilak, Lajpaat Raj, Vipin Chander Paul and other such like political Leaders of the generations, the recent political Leaders like Gandhi and Nehru in fact can under the influence of the British system of education. A clear change towards Westernism became noticeable in the Indian history. This began with Gandhi and Nehru both diluting their inner feelings towards Hinduism and in its place, they substituted prematurely a sort of secularism. Indeed, this affected the minds of the people of India. Nothing more could please the British Imperialists who desired Indian society to split into groups based on anything other than one religion. Hindus being in majority were to be taken special care of. India came to be

finally balkanized into two separate independent nations of India and Pakistan. The latter stood further divided into Pakistan and Bangladesh. The drawing of the date of freedom from the British yoke was delayed only because of the success of Mr. Jinnha of the Muslim league who openly declared that Hindu and Muslims in India were two separate nations. This came to be called to be a Two Nation Theory. This was supported by the British. Those Hindu and Muslims who had lived together for past centuries suddenly mistrusted each other on religious grounds till an open demand fo the Muslims to convert Hindu India (Darul Herb) into (Darul Islam) a State governed totally by the Muslims. It is thus, a clear defeat of the Congress Leaders that was responsible for the geographical division of the sub-continent into two different sovereign countries. Hence, with such a historical past, reemergence of the political situation this time created by the left over Muslims in India after the partition of the country, does definitely arouse the legitimate concern to the majority population of the Hindus in India. Indeed, Hindus are rightly apprehensive to ensure what is left of the sub-continent is not allowed to drift into Darul Islam once again. To wipe off any Darul Herb, is the declared policy of the Millat (Pan Islamic fraternity). This sort of gradual maturity can be seen in the Indian State of J & K. hence, unless Hindus ancient acting as one common Nation unite themselves into a strong Nation with it as its sole aim, the country does run a great risk in times to come to convert the whole of India into Darul Islam. Muslims do not and cannot accept any non-believer as equal to them and hence Modi of Gujarat is too right when he cautions Indian people UNITE to safeguard themselves from the Muslim invasion who are waiting only to convert India from Darul Herb to Darul Islam and now openly say and believe in HAM PAANCH- HAMARRE PACCHIS. Islamic propaganda is responsible for untrue Idea of murdering and robbing the innocent people. No god shall resort to reward for such abomination--- No god shall resort to sex and violence for securing followers. This is last blasphemous for being injurious to the concept of divinity. Muslims mutilating the genitals of girls. If this is inherent in the teaching of Koran, Muhammad had epileptic fits. The process accompanied by snoring and reddening of the face was mis- interoperated as a divine communication of Angel Gabriel from heaven. Khadija asked Muhammad to have a sexual intercourse with her and Gabriel disappeared. The sexual intercourse test confirmed the divinity. The hypocrites had probably no preconceived notion of what a prophet should be like. The evil coalition of Muslims fanatics, communities and pseudo secular media has launched a propaganda war against Hindus to defame India. Minorities in India enjoy complete freedom and equality and have full right for maintaining and spreading their culture, their educational institution are aided by government and their mosques are free from any government interference. Muslims receives a subsidy for going on pilgrimage to mecca at the rate of Rs 16000/-per head. Killing captives in cold blood was cruel enough. The new creed, weakened old ties and strengthened his ummah Consciousness. The communism encouraged to denounce their parents to strengthened their class consciousness. Ideologies and attitudes lead to similar values and usages. This is Arab Imperialism. The Islamic brotherhood was junked the very day Muhammad died. The assassination of Imam Ali, the Son in Law, Imam hassan, the Grand son, Imam Husayn, Another Grand Son, Whose head was kicked like Football, the son of Husayn Imam Zaynul- Abidin,Imam Muhammad Baquir, his son Imam jafar Sadiq imam Musa Ouazim, Imam Rida, His Son namely Imam Muhammad Taqi, His son Imam Ali Naqi, his son Imam Hasan _I Aksari and his son Imam Mahdi for whom the Shias still believed that they disappeared on underground passage in Surra- man- Rao and are still alive. The generation of Muslims killed each other over politics, which was generated by Muhammad It is the sacred duty of Islamic religious leaders to isolate the terrorists who claim the right to kill Kufirs as per the tenets of Islam. Hindu religious institutions, is extremely concerned about the relentless attacks on India by terrorists who openly claim to be inspired by the Islamic faith and the Islamic Holy Texts. The e-mails which were proved to have been sent at the instance of the terrorists clearly make it out that the terrorists are motivated by what they interpret to be their religious duty. Such emails came ahead of the blasts in Bangalore, Jaipur and Delhi and the media had carried them. Some extracts from the email sent by the terrorists who described themselves as Indian Mujahideen [IM] before the terror attack on Gujarat in September brings out their reliance on their religious edicts for their act of 'Jihad' against the unbelievers [Kufirs]. "Wait only for five minutes from now! Wait for the Mujahideen and Fidayeen of Islam who will make you feel the terror of Jihad. And stop them if you can. Feel the havoc cast into your hearts by Allah, the Almighty, face His Dreadful Punishment, and suffer the results of fighting the Muslims and the Mujahideen. Await the anguish, agony, sorrow and pain. Await, only for 5 minutes, to feel the fear of death." "O Hindus... Haven't you still realised that the falsehood' of your 33 crore mud idols and the blasPhemy of your deaf, dumb, mute and naked idols of ram, krishna and hanuman are not going to save your necks, Insha-Alla, from being slaughtered by our hands? Nor is your fictitious faith in monkeys, pigs and nude statutes going to save you from the Wrath of Allah and His Humiliating Punishment. Know that it is only the true confession of the Oneness of Allah Alone, with no associates, that can save your blood from being spilled on the streets of your own cities. We call you, O Hindus, O enemies of Allah, to take an honest stance with yourselves lest another attack of Ibn-e-Qasim sends shivers down your spines, lest another Ghauri shakes your foundations, and lest another Ghaznawi assacres you, proving your blood to be the cheapest of all mankind! Have you forgotten your history full of subjugation, humiliation, and insult? Or do you want us to repeat it again? Take heed before it is too late!" "Yes! We - the terrorists of India - THE INDIAN MUJAHIDEEN, - the militia of Islam whose each and every Mujahid belongs to this very soil of India - have returned, to execute the compulsion of Allah: 'Fight them (the disbelievers), Allah will punish them by your hands and bring them to disgrace, and give you victory over them and He will heal the hearts of those who believe.' (Qur'an 9: 14). It goes on to quote: 'Fight those disbelievers who are near you and let them find harshness in you'. (Qur'an 9: 123). 'Go forth light armed or heavy armed and fight with your wealth and your lives in the way of Allah'. (Qu'ran 9: 41]. The terrorists' claim is this: one, the Hindus are Kufirs; the Holy Koran ommands the faithful to kill them; whatever they do constitutes religious war, the Jihad. So they are only obeying the command of the Allah as proclaimed in their holy text. The Dharma Raksha Manch is extremely concerned at the religious motivation for the terror. We are also concerned that the terrorists view of Islamic holy text has the potential to motivate many fellow Muslims not only to support their acts but also turn them into terrorists. Despite this explicit and brazen invocation of the Islamic text for violence, the Islamic religious institutions have kept total silence on the terrorists that their holy book commands them to kill nonbelievers [namely, Kufirs] in Islam. Instead there is an attempt by some to explain away the phenomenon of terror as due to illiteracy, unemployment and other socio-economic causes. The Dharma Raksha Manch is of the firm opinion that the Islamic theological institutions and their leaders owe it to their very faith and its adherents to come forward and comprehensively deny, with appropriate Fatwas as per Islamic tradition, the claims of the terrorists. But egrettably there is no such thought or move by the Islamic religious leaders even though most of them have expressed themselves against terror and asserted that Islam is a religion of peace. The Dharma Raksha Manch therefore appeals to the Islamic religious Institutions and scholars to come forward with an

appropriate Fatwa to declare in unequivocal terms that: - The Hindus are not Kufirs, that the Hindus are not non-believers; - Therefore there can be no Jihad [or war] against the Hindus; The Dharma Raksha Manch also appeals to the Islamic religious leaders to issue a proper Fatwa according to their tradition to further declare that: - India is not Dar-ul-Harab, that is, India is not a land against which Islamists have to wage a war; - India is a Dar-ul-Amen, that is, India is a land of peace as Muslims could practice Islam without any impediment. Such an unequivocal declaration alone will deny the terrorists the legitimacy to use Islamic religion for their violence, and isolate them within the Islamic community. The Dharma Raksha Manch recalls that in the year 1992 the Dar-ul-Uloom Deoband, a respected Islamic school did issue a Fatwa saying that Hindus were not Kufirs, India was not Dar-ul-Harab, but, Dar-ul-Amen. But, unfortunately, many other Islamic institutions had issued Fatwa against Dr. Abdul Raza Bedar, the then director of Kuda Bhaskh Library in Patna, who had said that Hindus were not Kufirs. But now even the Dar-ul-Uloom Deoband has kept silent on this vital claim of the terrorists, even though it has held large conventions against terror and has declared that Islam is against terror. The Dharma Raksha Manch therefore appeals to all Islamic religious institutions and particularly, the following, namely: 1. All India Milli Council 2. All India Muslim Majlis-e-Mushawarat 3. All India Muslim Personal Law Board 4. All India Ofganisation of Imams of Mosques 5. Al Jamea Tus Saifiyah 6. Al Jamiatul Ashrafia 7. Darnl Uloom Deoband, India 8. Darul Uloom .Nadwatul Ulama, Lucknow 9. Darul Uloom Manzar-e-Islam 10. Islamic Figh Academy (India) 11. Tabligh Jamaat (Known as a Markaz) 12. Jamaat-e-Islami Hind 13. Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind to come forward to declare, as mentioned earlier, - that Hindus are not Kufirs, - that India is not Dar-ul-Harab, - that it is Dar-ul-Amen, and - that there can be no Jihad against India or Hindus. The Dharma Raksha Manch also appeals to the Islamic religious leaders that anyone who violates their above Fatwa, is not a Muslim at all. The Dharma Raksha Manch is firmly believes that the Islamic religious leaders will not allow their faith to be misused by the terrorists and will positively respond to the appeal of the Dharma Raksha Manch. The Dharma Raksha Manch is firmly of the view that this is the only way to isolate the terrorists from the Islamic faith and mainstream Muslim society. This will only stop the faith-motivated recruitment and support for terror. All other efforts can never bear fruit unless this fundamental cause of the terror, namely the claim of the terrorists, is clearly and effectively repudiated by the Islamic religious and spiritual leaders. The Dharma Raksha Manch is sending this appeal to the Islamic religious and spiritual institutions individually. This appeal has been signed by the Acharyas who have constituted the Manch. The names and the signatures of the Acharyas. Justice Rajendra Sachar Report is the warrant of Slavery. There is no concession in the Name of a Religion in our preamble of constitution. The basic Structure of Constitution Prohibits it and Article 14 and 16 restricts any such type of reservation on caste basis.

The Justice Rajinder Sachar Committee report on social, economic and educational status of Muslims across the country was tabled in Lok Sabha on Thursday. The committee has favoured a group of Muslims with traditional occupations as that of scheduled castes be designated as most backward classes and provided 'multifarious measures,' including reservation. The panel has said Muslims in the country have three groups in terms of their social structure. These are ashrafs, ajlafs and arzals."The three groups require different types of affirmative action," said the report, tabled by Minority Affairs Minister A R Antulay.Of the three groups, arzals whose traditional occupation is similar to that of SCs, may be designated as MBCs and provided reservation. This particular group, the panel said, needs multifarious measures including reservation as it remains 'cumulatively oppressed.'Antulay later told reporters that the report is the 'best thing' that has happened to the community. The issue of reservation has been dealt in the chapter on 'Muslim OBCs and Affirmative Action.' The number of Muslims in security agencies was 3.2 per cent -- 60,517 out of the total of 18,79,134 in CRPF, CISF, BSF, SSB and 'other agencies,' it said without specifying whether armed forces were included or not. The Muslims' headcount in the armed forces sought by the panel had triggered a controversy in Parliament sometime back. Observing that a 'very small' proportion of government/public sector employees are Muslims, concentrated in lower level positions, the panel recommended that it may be desirable to have minority persons on interview panels. This can be done on the lines of SC/ST participation in panels, it said. The committee recommended constitution of a 'equal opportunity commission' to look into grievances of deprived groups. It said an example of such a policy tool is the UK Race Relations Act, 1976.Such a measure while providing a redressal mechanism for different types of discrimination will give a further reassurance to minorities that any unfair action against them will invite the vigilance of the law, it said. Noting that Muslim participation in electoral bodies is known to be small, the report said of the 543 Lok Sabha members, only 33 are Muslims. The panel made out a strong case to put mechanisms in place to enable Muslims to engage in democratic processes and governance. "Mere material change will not bring about the true empowerment of the minorities; they need to acquire and be given the required collective agency."It said a carefully conceived 'nomination procedure' can be worked out to increase the participation of minorities at grassroots. Mechanism should be put in place so that a large number of minorities are indeed nominated to increase their participation in public bodies. It has suggested that the steps taken by Andhra Pradesh to promote participation of deprived sections in elected bodies could be used to enhance Muslim participation in the decision-making processes. Noting that over the last 60 years, minorities have scarcely occupied adequate public spaces, it said the participation of Muslims in 'nearly all political spaces is low, which can have an adverse impact on Indian society and polity in the long run.' "Given the power of numbers in a democratic polity, based on universal franchise, minorities in India lack effective agency and political importance," the 404-page report said. The minorities, it said, 'do not have the necessary influence or the opportunity to either change or even influence events, which enable their meaningful and active participation in development process.' The committee has recommended elimination of anomalies with respect to reserved constituencies under the delimitation schemes. "A more rational delimitation procedure that does not reserve constituencies with high minority population shares for SCs will improve the opportunity for minorities, especially Muslims, to contest and get elected to Parliament and state assemblies," the report said. Referring to educational opportunities for Muslims, the committee recommended mechanisms where madrassa can be linked with a higher secondary school board so that students wanting to shift to a regular/mainstream education can do so after having passed from a madrassa. It recommended recognition of degrees from madrassas for eligibility in competitive examinations

such as civil services, banks, defence services and other such examinations. It also suggested that a process of evaluating the content of the school textbooks needed to be initiated and institutionalised.The seven-member committee was constituted by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in March this year and its tenure was extended till November 30. The report has come against the backdrop of the prime minister's observation that Muslims should get a 'fair share' in government jobs, which had triggered a debate. The formation of the committee had created uproar in Parliament due to the committee's reported move to seek a head count of Muslims in armed forces. PM Man Mohan Singh and Kalam the President should ask PakiBangli Chini Stans to educate Indian Moslems as these regions were carved out or snatched out of Hindu territoris. In there high level- foregion ministories level or head hancho levels should make these core issues and ask the to give southern Sindh -as part of peace process- to Sindhis. These area should be called Autonomous region of Hindu-Sthan. Can these top-jkers comprehend these? Can Achar/Sachar digest this? What the mind does not know the eyes don't see and ears don't hear. What a pity the dumb stupid Hindus still think alien religions and their replications will bring them freedom and prosperity! The Committee was setup by the UPA government on March 9th, 2005 to study the Socio-Economic and Educational status of the Muslims in India. It was headed by Justice Rajender Sachar and had six other members Shri Sayyid Hamid, Dr T.K. Ooman, Shri M.A. Basith, Dr Akhtar Majeed, Dr Abu Saleh Shariff and Dr Rakesh Basant.The Sachar committee report has a whole chapter dedicated to the politically controversial issue of Muslim demographic trends in India.The relevant pages in the document are from Page no 48 to 68.The report says that according to the 2001 census the Muslim population in the country was enumerated at 138 Million. The report estimates that as of 2006 it must have crossed 150 Million people. The report confirms that Muslims have higher population growth rates and higher fertility rates than the rest of the population even when adjusted to regional variations such as the North(with a higher population growth rates) or south(with near replacement level growth rates). In both instances the Muslim Population growth rate is slightly higher than that of the other Socio-religious communities in the said region. The report also says that Muslims have the most favourable child sex ratio among all Socio-religious communities in the country. An average of 986 females to every 1000 males compared to 927/1000 for the general population. They have a lower rate of Infant mortality compared to the rest of the population but paradoxically have a higher incidence of child under-nourishment cases. Muslims have a younger age profile compared to the general population. The Muslim Population has for historical reasons a more urban profile than the rest of the population. According to the 2001 census 35.7% of the Muslim population was urban compared to 27.8% for the overall population. Spatial distribution- Numerically, the majority of the Muslims in India are living in four states UP, Bihar, West Bengal and Maharashtra which had atleast ten million Muslims each. UP has the largest Muslim population in India with 22% of Indias muslims living there according to the 2001 census i.e., around 30 million people. The other states with a significant Muslim population are Kerala, AP, Assam, Jammu & Kashmir and Karnataka with a population of between five to ten million Muslims each. Rajasthan, Gujarat, MP, Jharkhand and Tamil Nadu have a Muslim population of between 3 to 5 million each. Delhi, Haryana and Uttaranchal have one to two million each. With regard to the district wise distribution. The report says that of the 593 districts in India only 20 had a Muslim majority. Of them 9 are predominantly Muslim, i.e., with over 75% Muslim population; these include Lakshadweep and eight districts in Jammu & Kashmir. The other 11 districts have between 50 to 75% Muslim population.These districts are six from Assam, two from J&K, and one each from WB, Bihar and Kerala. Numerically about 13% of Indias Muslims i.e., nearly 18 Million people lived in these districts. A further 38 districts had a significant Muslim population of between 25% to 50%. These were distributed in a number of states as follows. UP- 12, WB- 5, Kerala- 5, Assam- 4, Bihar- 3, Jharkhand- 2, Delhi- 2, and one each in AP, Haryana, J&K, Uttaranchal and Pondicherry. Numerically these districts accounted for 22% of the Muslim population i.e., around 30 Million people. In about 182 districts the Muslim population was between 10 to 25% of the population. These districts accounted for nearly 47% of the Muslim Population ie., around 65 Million people. So of the 593 districts in India, 240 districts with a significant Muslim population of atleast 10% and above have nearly 82% of Indias Muslim population, i.e., nearly 113 Million people. A further 77 districts have most of the remaining share of 18% i.e., nearly 25 million. Demographic processes- The report considers population change as a product of three processes- Mortality, Fertility and Migration. Mortality- The report says that the Muslim child mortality in both indicators i.e., IMR(Infant mortality rate) and U5MR (Under five mortality rate) is lower than the average of the overall population. The report attributes it to probably higher levels of urbanisation among Indian Muslims and points out that within urban areas the Muslim child mortality rates is closer to the average mortality rates prevalent in urban India. Fertility- The report endorses the various surveys such as NFHS-1, NFHS-2 and the Census which shows higher than average TFR(Total Fertility Rates) for Muslims when compared to the overall population. The TFR for Muslims is supposedly higher by 0.7 to 1 percentage point than the average for the rest of the population. Also other measures of fertility such as CBR(crude birth rate) is also higher at 30.8 compared to 25.9 for the total population. But the report stresses that the overall trend since the past two decades has been a decline in fertility rate among all religious groups including the Muslims. It shows that in the southern states where population growth rates are lower than the north the TFR for Muslims stands at 2.5 to 2.8 quite close to the prevailing population growth rates in the South of the country. The report also says that the use of contraception is widely prevalent among Muslims but to a lesser degree than the average for the overall population. In contraceptive prevalence rate there is a supposed gap of 10% between the Muslims and the average. The report also says that reversible methods of contraception are more favoured by Muslim couples rather than non-reversible methods such as sterilisation. As per the report atleast one third of the Muslim couples were reported to be using some sort of contraception. Migration- The report says that the contribution of Migration to the growth differential has been very small. It stresses that much of the population growth can be explained with respect to the higher fertility rates and lower child mortality rates among Muslims and the perception that there has been considerable international migration (an eupheism for illegal Bangladeshi immigration) of Muslims into India is not correct. But it does not give any stats to prove its case that the widespread illegal Bangladeshi immigration into India has been as inconsequential as it claims it to be. Future growth prospects- The report expects the Muslim population growth to reach replacement levels i.e., a TFR of 2.1 during the decade of the 2040s with a overall population around 320-340 million in a total

population of 1.7 to 1.8 billion. The Muslim population then according to the report would comprise nearly 19% of the total population from the current 13%.A jump of 6 percentage points. The report says that this is due to a number of factors such as higher TFRs, lower child mortality rates, and a better than average child sex ratio among muslims which would mean that the Muslim population growth would start to plateau around 10-15 years after it has for other social and religious communities in the country. The report also tries to answer the question of whether and if so when will the Muslim population become the largest group.The report largely discounts the possibility of this happening within the Indian union. But it goes on to add that by 2050 in the area of pre-partition India (i.e., including Pakistan & Bangladesh) the combined population of Muslims and Christians together would be close to the 50% mark in comparison to the Indian religionists (i.e., Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists and Others).In conclusion the report succeeds in putting a lot of issues related to the Muslim demographic trends in India in perspective. It is always better to have hard data, any data even if poorly compiled and analysed rather than depend on just perception as always is the case in India. But there are some issues that the report tries to play down. One is that of illegal Bangladeshi immigration.It tries to dismiss it as inconsequential but all reports on the ground point out that this has been anything but inconsequential. This is one point where the report smacks of partisanship.Since this report was commissioned by the UPA and the perception is that many of the UPA partners and comrades depend on the votes of these illegal immigrants to get elected. This line take by the Sachar report on this sensitive issue only throws a question mark on its credibility as an objective source of Information in this regard. The other is the sleight of hand where it suddenly introduces some unknown source and says that according to it the combined Muslim and Christian population of South Asia would cross 50% around 2050. Where did it get this piece of gem from? Did it also go through the census records of all the SAARC countries? or Did it just quote some random UN report? Why does it not offer its source so that it can be fully scrutinised? And again this report does not consider the prospect that many people from neighbouring countries could migrate to India for better economic prospects thereby making many of the conclusions drawn by this report redundant. Many of the districts in the North East, WB and other parts of India could well see a significant demographic shift because of International immigration (illegal Bangladeshi immigration) and what if some of these regions are radicalised? How would that affect the National security situation in the decades ahead? The Justice Rajinder Sachar Committee, set up to study the social, economic and educational status of the Muslim community, will submit its report to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Friday. The high level Sachar Panel is expected to ultimately only give a status report on Muslims and perhaps recommend reservations. But it's the Ranganath Mishra Committee that will ultimately decide which castes among Muslims are eligible for reservations. The National Commission for Religious and Linguistic Minorities was set up in October 2004 to define a "backward Muslim." "Upper caste Muslims are not eligible for any reservation," said Tahir Mehmood Member Commission for Religious and Linguistic Minorities. Competing with creamy layer :Muslims so far only get reservations under an omnibus OBC category. This also includes Muslim dalits who are left to compete with the creamy layer of both communities. This is possibly the reason behind one of the Sachar Committee's key conclusions that Muslims are - economically, socially and educationally - in worse shape than even dalits. The Rangnath Mishra Committee that is looking into the issue of reservations for Muslims believes the Sachar Commission's findings would have helped them. "The Sachar report should have been given to us. It would have helped us fine-tune our report," said Mehmood. Backing the principle of reservations for Muslims on caste grounds, the government is keen to allocate separate funds for Muslims in the budget. "There is a need for having separate funds for the overall development of minorities," said A R Antulay, Minister for Minority Affairs. Many perceptions about Muslims are sought to be broken by the Sachar Committee, which says their population growth has slowed down and that less than four percent of children from the community take madrasa education. It says there is a 'substantial demand' from the community for fertility regulation and for modern contraceptives. 'Muslim population growth has slowed down as fertility has declined substantially, clearly showing that Muslims are well into demographic transition. In the future, growth is bound to be slower and eventually population is bound to reach replacement level', the report says. It notes that religion is an important element that influences the lifestyle of sizeable segments of citizens, but its impact on regulating human fertility of Muslims is 'not strong'. Over 20 million Muslim couples currently use modern contraceptives and this number will grow if quality and choice-based reproductive healthcare services are made available to the community, the report by the seven-member committee headed by former Delhi High Court Chief Justice Rajindar Sachar says. 'However, the relatively higher incidence of poverty and the widening gap in literacy between the Muslims and other comparable socio-religious categories, particularly among women at young ages, could in fact impede the decline in Muslim fertility', it adds. 'The growth rate for Muslims, as for the total population, is bound to fall further and eventually reach a zero growth stage. There are strong indications that this could occur well before the end of the century', the report says. It also refers to what it calls uneven distribution of Muslim population, which it notes has a high concentration in some states that are lagging behind in development. 'Bringing down regional disparities could go a long way in reducing demographic disparities', it says. By the end of the 21st century, India's Muslim population is projected to reach 320-340 million in a total of 1.7 to 1.8 billion people and the share is likely to be 18-19 percent. The 2001 census has put India's Muslim population at 138 million-plus. In its report, the Sachar committee insists that madrasas have also provided mainstream education in many cases - '... and several of them are in the process of modernising their curriculum'. Also, the committee reports that there is a tiny population of school-age Muslim children who attend madrasas. 'It is important to take note of the fact that less than four per cent of the Muslim children in the school-going age actually attend full-time regular madrasas', it says. In its findings, the Sachar committee has also pointed to SC/ST reservations in posts for Urdu teachers. 'Often Urdu schools have teachers who have no knowledge of Urdu. This problem is partly compounded by the fact that posts of Urdu teachers are reserved for SCs and STs and such candidates are not available. This anomaly needs to be corrected', it says. The cycle of change and experiment, rise and fall, growth and decay, and of progress and retrogression recurs endlessly in the history of man and the history of civilization. T. S. Eliot in the First Chorus from "The Rock" said : "0 perpetual revolution of configured stars, 0 perpetual recurrence of determined seasons, 0 world of spring and autumn, birth and dying! The endless cycle of idea and action,

Endless invention, endless experiment". A teenage Muslim girl was killed by her parents last night and her body chopped into pieces because she dared to elope and marry the man she loved. Mohsina Akhtar's murder came to light when Muzaffarnagar police stopped three persons carrying a huge gunny bag. Inside were pieces of the 18-year-old's body and a chopper and an axe used in the "honour killing". Superintendent of police (rural) Arvind Pandey said the three Mohsina's mother Iqbal Jehan, maternal uncle Kallu Mohsin and brother Mohsin - confessed they were on their way to dump the pieces in a canal near Lalauna, the west Uttar Pradesh village where Mohsina was murdered. Pandey said Iqbal told him it was the body of a "shaitan" (devil). "Yeh shaitan meri beti thi. Humne unko maar dala (This devil was my daughter. We have killed her)." "All three admitted that they killed Mohsina because she loved a Muslim boy from a neighbouring village and married him after eloping a month back," the officer said. "I have handled many such incidents of honour killing but this was one of the most gruesome." Police sources said the girl's father, Mohammad Akhtar, who hasn't been arrested, will be questioned tomorrow. Senior superintendent of police Sushil Kumar said Iqbal, who has another daughter, didn't betray any remorse. "When they were produced in court today, she was silent, as were Kallu and Mohsin. Iqbal said she had to kill her. She said she was not feeling good after the murder but has no regrets," the SSP added. Residents said one reason for the lack of regret is the increasing social recognition such honour killings common in the northwest frontier region of Pakistan - are getting in western Uttar Pradesh. "Villagers often pool money to bear the legal expenses of a family that kills a wayward daughter," said a resident of adjoining Baghpat. "An elopement makes it difficult for a family to get a match for other daughters," said Rajiv Soni, a social worker. According to police files, 23 cases of honour killings have been reported in the Baghpat-MuzaffarnagarSaharanpur-Bijnor region since 2006, including six this year in Muslim families. Yesterday, a woman who had been forced into marriage was shot dead by her brother for refusing to go to her marital home. "I suspect hardcore fundamentalist elements are encouraging these incidents," said Shaista Amber, a member of the All India Muslim Women's Personal Law Board. Mohsina had fallen in love with Mukhtar Mahmud, 20, a resident of Bilaspur, a village about 2km from her home. The family had recently shifted to Lalauna, where Mohsina's maternal uncles live, and found that neighbours knew about the affair. Her uncle Kallu told the police that the family tried to stop her as society frowns upon such relationships. But Mohsina and Mukhtar eloped and got married last month. Soon, the whispers "inki ladki bhaag gai hai" - got louder. The family's instant reaction was fear of social ostracism. Iqbal had to marry off another daughter. So Mohsina had to be killed. Unconfirmed reports said a small group of elderly residents also ruled that Mohsina should be killed to protect the family's honour. The young couple made the mistake of returning home last week. Last night, Mohsina was hanged from a ceiling fan of a room in her maternal uncles' house. Her body was then taken to a cattle shed where it was cut into pieces.

The psycho- spiritual research may be self sufficient for generating the essential fuel to take Indian peoples inclination towards the optimum heights. In absence of such energy India may be obliterating the strong probability of not reaching ever to such optimum heights. I may bow down with my emotional respect illustrative efforts by you in this context. I pray to God that there may be further widening in the expansion of your ideas amongst the peoples, which may spread the every corner of Indian horizon. We the people of India may again indulged without wasting any moment for such desirable mission. So that India may remain its past glory and thereby it may get the dignity again as the Golden Bird.It may be called as the superior country as in financial and spiritual resources throughout the world. Environment is a difficult word to define. Its normal meaning relates to the surroundings, but obviously that it is a concept which is relatable to whatever object it is which is surrounded. Einstein had once observed, The environment is everything that is nt me. About one and half century ago, in 1854, as the famous story goes the wise Indian Chief of Seattle replied to the offer of the great. White Chief in Washington to by their land. The reply is profound. It is beautiful. It is timeless. It contains the wisdom of the ages. It is first over and the most understanding statement on environment. The whole of it is worth quoting as any extract from it is to destroy its beauty. How can you buy or sell the sky, the warmth of the land? The idea is strange to us. If we do not own the freshness of the air and the sparkle of the water, how can you buy them?

Every part of the earth is sacred to my people. Every shining pine needle, every sandy shore, every mist in the dark woods, every cleaning and humming insect is holy in the memory and experience of my people. The sap which courses through the trees carries the memories of the red man. The white mans dead forget the country of their birth when they go to walk among the stars. Our dead never forget this beautiful earth, for it mother of the red man. We are part of the earth and it is part of us. The perfumed flowers are our sisters, the horse, the great eagle, these are our brothers. The rocky creats, the juices in the meadows, the body heat of the pony, and man-all belong to the same family. So, when the Great Chief in Washington sends word and he wishes to buy our land, he asks much of us. The Great Chief sends word he will reserve us a place so that we can live comfortably to ourselves. He will be our father and we will be his children. So we will consider your offer to buy our land. But it will not be easy. For this land is sacred to us. This shining water moves is the stream and rivers is not just water but the blood of our ancestors. If we sell you land, you must remember that it is sacred, and you must teach your children that is sacred and that each ghostly reflection in the clear water of the lakes tells of event and memories in the life of people. The waters murmur is the voice of my fathers father. The rivers are our brothers, they quench our thirst. The river carry our canoes, and feed our must remember, and teach your children, that the river are our brothers, and yours and you must hence forth give the kindness your would give any brother. We know that the white man does understand our ways. Our portion of land is the same to him as the next, for he is a strange who comes in the night and takes from the land whatever he needs. The earth is not his brother but his enemy and when he has conquered it, he moves on. He leaves his fathers graves behind, and he does not care. He kidnaps the earth from his children. His fathers grave and his childrens birth right are forgotten. He treats his mother, the earth, and forgotten. He treats his mother, the earth, and his brother, the sky, as things to be bought, plundered, sold like sheep or bright beads. His appetite will devour the earth and leave behind only a desert. I do not know. Our ways are different from your ways. The sight of your cities pains the eyes of red man. But perhaps it is because the red man is a savage and does not understand. There is on quiet place in the white mans cities. No place to hear the unfurling of leaves in spring or the rustle of in insects wings. But perhaps it is because I am a savage and do not understand. The clatter only seems to insult the ears. And what is there in life if a man cannot hear the lonely cry of the whippoorwill or the arguments of the frogs around a pond at night? I am a red man and do not understand. The prefers the soft sound of the wind darting over the face of a pond, and the smell of the wind itself, cleansed by a mid-day rain, or scented with the pinon pine. The air is precious to the red man, for all things share the same breath-the beast, the tree, the man, they all share the same breath. The white man does not seem to notice the air he breathes. Like a man lying for many days, he is numb to the stench. But if we sell you our land, you must remember that the air is precious to us, that the air shares its spirit with all the life it supports. The wind that gave our grandfather his first breath also receives the last sign. And if we sell you land, you must keep it apart and sacred as a place where even the white man can go to taste the wind that is sweetened by the meadows flowers. So we will consider your offer to buy our land. If we decide to accept. I will make one condition. The white man must treat the beasts of this land as his brothers. I am a savage and I do not understand any other way. I have seen thousand rotting buffaloes on the prairie, left by the white man who shot them from a passing train. I am a savage and I do not understand how the smoking iron horse can be important than the buffalo that we kill only to stay alive. What a man without beasts? If all the beasts were gone, man would die from a great loneliness of spirit. For whatever happens to the beasts soon happens to man. All things are connected. You must teach your children that the ground beneath their feet is the ashes do our grandfathers, so that they will respect the land. Tell your children that the earth is rich with the lives of our kin. Teach your children what we have taught our children, that the earth is our mother. Whatever befalls the earth befalls the son of the earth. If man spit upon the ground, they spit upon themselves. This we know: The earth does not belong to man, man belongs to the earth. This we know: All things are connected like the blood which unites one family. All things are connected. Whatever befalls the earth befalls the sons of the earth. Man did not wave the web of life; he is merely a stand in it. Whatever he does to the web he does to himself. Even the white man, whose God walks and talks with him as friend to friend cannot be exempt from the common destiny. We may be brother after all. We shall see. One thing we know, which the white man may one day discover-our God is the same God. You may think now that you own him as you wish to own our land; but you cannot. He is the God man, and his compassion is equal for the red man and the white. This earth is precious to him, and to harm the earth is to heap contempt on the creator. The white too shall pass perhaps sooner than all other tribes. Contaminate your bed and you will one night suffocate in your own waste. But in your perishing you will shine brightly, fried by the strength of the God who brought you this land and for some special purpose gave you dominion over this land and over the red man. That destiny is a mystery to us, for we do not understand when the wild buffaloes are slaughtered, the wild horse are tamed, the secret corners of the forest heavy with scent of many men and the view of the ripe hills blotted by talking wires. Where is the thicket? Gone, where is the eagle? Gone. The end of living and the beginning of survival.It would be hard find out such dawn to earth description of nature. Nature hates monopolies and knows no exception. It has always some levelling agency that puts the overbearing, the strong, the rich, the fortunate substantially on the same ground with all others and Zarathustra. Environment is polycentric and multi-facet problem affecting the human existence. Afghanistan has been known over the years as the graveyard of empires stated General David H. Petraeus, head of the US Central Command, in an attempt to explain away continuous and serious military setbacks to US-UK led NATO colonial forces , emphasizing we cannot take that history lightly. What is overlooked, is that South Asia as a whole has been the graveyard of Empires, which collaborators of a decaying financial empire, would do well to remember, even as they forge close political, military and Intelligence alliances ,against their own people

The anti-imperialist revolt in the undivided Indian sub-continent, one of the largest mass movements in world history, was undoubtedly led by Mahatma Gandhi, however this freedom struggle, had several other streams and inspirations, including the Naval uprising with centres at Mumbai and Karachi and the formation of the Azad Hind Fauj, the Indian National Army by Subhash Chandra Bose. Even before the war of Indian Independence of 1857, memories of which still reverberate in regions politically important to South Asia, ( Even as Iraq was being destroyed ,memories of the millions killed in India , hung from village to village on trees in the plains of north India by British troops were being recalled ) the Indian subcontinent was consumed by one passion alone , freedom from British Imperial rule which had ravaged the economy and society of the then Indian subcontinent , with several early revolutionaries fleeing from India to Afghanistan and beyond. It would be useful to remember , that the contribution of the united Indian Subcontinent to world GDP was in the region of 22 % , while China s was approximately 24% , when the British East India Company arrived in India , with both countries completely above trade rivalries, pursuing their own commercial , political and cultural interests ,without mutual suspicions of the kind seen in recent decades on both sides, to the delight of Washington and London , now financial supplicants of Beijing. Significantly the new Secretary of State Hillary Clinton by passed in her first diplomatic mission, both India and Pakistan ,conveying the message in full view of the diplomatic chanceries of the world , that proxies do not deserve such overt courtesies. The corporate and financial oligarchies of both countries are nevertheless undeterred in their devotion to the US administration and to London City, reflected in the obsequious homage paid in 2008 by the Indian Prime Minister of the UPA government to the former President of the United States, with the words - India loves you , even as millions were being killed and displaced from their homes by the Bush administration. Of an identical nature is the disclosure by Senator Diane Feinstein , that citizens of Pakistan, including in the tribal regions such as Waziristan and the North West Frontier Province, were bombed by US military forces not only from Afghanistan but from bases in Pakistan itself , with a complicit government. Military rule in Pakistan has been replaced by an even more pliable government ,with both major parties and their alliances looking to Washington, with the military waiting in the wings , determining intra party disputes along with the US Secretary of State , with leaders of the two main parties in alliance, representing rival corrupt commercial and business interests, both indicted by the judiciary. All sections of the ruling elite in Pakistan are closely allied to the triumvirate of Washington, London and Saudi Arabia, with a Prime Minister in the earlier political dispensation of General Musharraf an IMF / World Bank representative, like in India. It is therefore not surprising that the region is threatened with balkanization, with US-UK led NATO forces positioned in Pakistan. It is now conveniently forgotten , that Chief Justice Iftikhar Chowdhary was dismissed following a judgment against privatization and orders in habeaus corpus petitions, relating to scores of people missing in Pakistan, the direct consequence of decades of authoritarian comprador rule, misuse of religion and training of armed militias for intervention against neighbouring countries under the direct influence of Washington and London and its Intelligence Agencies closely interacting with the ISI ; with the Pakistani military and bureaucracy alternatively safeguarding the interests of the local feudal , trading and commercial oligarchy , whenever disillusionment set in with one set of rulers . The Long March has now been suitably shortened to contain expectations, even as much harassed citizens explode against foreign troops in the region, the economic crisis and all kinds of authoritarianism. The daily carnage by drones and manned aircraft into Afghanistan and Pakistan ,along with the manner in which the War On Terror has been waged in the entire region , with the civilian population of South Asia the main target, conclusively establishes that the governments of South Asia, including Sri Lanka, are not above manufacturing enemies and attacking their own people , using the religious, sectarian, ethnic or minority card, despite the financial collapse of their international backers and the serious erosion of corporate balance sheets, even as profits plummet and bailouts are being sought , with the exception of the governments of Nepal and Bangladesh , recently elected , therefore still on probation. In Bangladesh despite the election and massive mandate ,suspicious and serious incidents have taken place namely the killings of army officers by rogue elements of the Bangladesh Rifles, hired for the purpose by businessmen and fascist Islamist organizations with external linkages , to destabilize the government once again, by provoking a military reaction . It is no secret that governments in South Asia have permitted Intelligence Agencies such as the CIA, MI6, MOSSAD, the FBI and others, free run of their countries and the use/hire of their Intelligence agencies for external and internal surveillance, with consequent impact on the loyalty of these agencies to their own societies. Recently the Times of India ( far from hostile to British and US interests ) reported, that government agencies in the United States desired to recruit Indian citizens, with proficiency in several Indian languages, including those not listed in the Schedule to the Constitution as official languages. This recalls in a different way the search for Arabic interpreters to restructure a New Middle East. It is in this very war torn region of South Asia , the North West Frontier Region and in its vicinity , presently the eye of the storm sweeping South Asia , that Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan( Badshah Khan) , known in India as the Frontier Gandhi, opposed the Farangi , that is the rule of the Foreigner ,leading one of the most committed flanks of Mahatma Gandhis freedom struggle based on nonviolent civil disobedience, on which even troops of the British Indian Army hesitated to fire. Khan Wali Khan, son of Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan after studying documents in the British archives has written : I had never really believed in the allegations of my elders when they accused the British of using the most underhand tactics to promote their policies ... But never could I imagine that their allegations were a pale reflection of the truth; the truth was much uglierthey did not mince words in describing all the underhand tactics they assigned to their native lackeys ..The Indian public would be aghast if they

realized that these pious leaders and patriots were trafficking in the integrity of their own country. And were the countrys enemy number one, besides being traitors and agents of the British Government.*1 The same could be said to-day of some of the leaders of political parties and key officials in various institutions and agencies in South Asia, including in India and Pakistan . The Afghan Church at Mumbai and India Gate at New Delhi, commemorate the defeat of the British Indian Army in three Anglo-Afghan wars waged in the 19th and 20th Century. Few British soldiers survived to narrate the ignominy of overwhelming rout. The repeated abortive Afghan expeditions of the British, led to Shah Amanullah , then ruler of Afghanistan, being the first government to recognize the Soviet Government after the 1917 revolution, dispatching an emissary to negotiate a friendship treaty , declaring support for the Soviet demand for the publication of all secret treaties by European and American governments including the Tsarist, for the carving out of regions for squeezing surpluses by military means. A colonial strategy, being pursued even today in South Asia. The corporate and political classes in major political parties in India , as in some other countries of South Asia, with close linkages to the imploding financial citadels in the United States and London are willing partners to the plans for occupation and further balkanization of the region, having made investments by much publicized takeovers in the UK and investments in the US, oblivious and indifferent to the fact that Indias turn will come later, after her neighbourhood is systematically destroyed, if it has not already happened, with engineered bomb blasts and pogroms targeting innocent citizens, intended to create a serious divide, along with encounter deaths and clandestine arrests of thousands of innocent citizens, leading to torture and induced confessions and now even elimination of police and other officials exposing covert criminal conspiracies against the country . A state of siege has been imposed on the people of India , in a grim political period, with complete reversal of the constitutional mandate prohibiting free run for monopoly houses Indian or foreign, constitutionally as incompatible with democracy as absolute monarchies. Thousands of acres of prime agricultural land have been taken over for Special Economic Zones by government land acquisitions for companies , where general statutory laws are exempt from operation ; less for manufacture and more for profiteering, in what is the New Zamindari of companies Indian and foreign , similar to the political and economic operations of the East India Company, with unrestricted operations permitted in many states of the Indian Union , where the rule of law is fragile and often dispensed with . The so called Vision plan for the Chhattisgarh state in India , with a large tribal population of indigenous people, has been drawn up by Price Waterhouse Cooper, the USA Transnational giant , under scrutiny even in the USA, for creative auditing. In Eastern and Central India thousands of tribals , agricultural labour and poor farmers are under arrest, for alleged extremist political activity and for opposing the Salwa Judum, an armed vigilante organization unleashed by the State, for and on behalf of vested economic interests , against the tribal and rural population, opposing the depredations of several Indian and foreign Companies, seizing land , water and resources of the tribal and rural people, who are without alternative livelihood .The financial unraveling of the Satyam Company in Hyderabad , revealed that thousands of acres of agricultural land , among other real estate were acquired by the former CEO and his family, in the state of Andhra Pradesh, for financial and personal aggrandizement , at the cost of the financial viability of the Company whose accounts were audited by the now famous Price Waterhouse Cooper . This is the backdrop to the appointment of Richard Holbrooke as special envoy to the region ,the diplomatic front for the break up of former Yugoslavia by US led NATO forces , where gangs of every ethnic group were hired to attack every other group(not only in Bosnia as selectively propagated ), with several regional leaders of Yugoslavia hired as mercenaries , to successfully fragment and devour the economic and political space of the former Republic of Yugoslavia . The ominous nature of the Holbrooke mission has not yet had a sobering effect on the oligarchies of South Asia, blind and deaf to the consequence of their own machinations against their countries , with short term financial obsessions for personal aggrandizement . There is a historical continuity in the present march of events in the region , dating back to the success of the US-UK led conspiracy, in collusion with the governments of Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, in overthrowing the Saur Revolution and the Peoples Democratic Party government in Afghanistan( PDP) , for which purpose among others, the Mujahideen or holy warriors were created, for unholy acts by the Intelligence Agencies intermeddling in the region . It is with a view to controlling the political trajectory of the entire region of Central Asia , South Asia and West Asia , to draw in Soviet military presence into Afghanistan, with which the former USSR had close historical and political relations , that the CIA along with a network of intelligence agencies , in close collaboration with the ISI of Pakistan, created the Mujahideen factions and the phantom organization, the al Qaeda, with the late Saudi billionaire Osama Bin Laden as its formal head , the protg of the world s most powerful Intelligence Agencies. Several offshoots of the al Qaeda, using Islamist names and phrases have been imaginatively created, from country to country, as agent provocateurs, to suit local political requirements, or for immediate use in press conferences, to explain away bomb blasts the result of covert conspiracies against the people. Parallel to these developments and almost simultaneously , different organisations and covert fascist groups of the majority communities were established in South Asia, with linkages to earlier fascist organizations representing Hindutva, created during British colonial rule , to divide and rule and finally fracture the Indian subcontinent , along with its minority counterparts the Muslim League , the Jamiat eIslami and the Tabligi Jamat among others .The fact that Hindutva ideologues were as much responsible for

the partition of the Indian sub-continent ,the British objectives for continued manipulation of the region, as organizations on both sides propagated the two nation theory , is never referred to in India. The use of religion to create a political divide is not new. The British historically were the first government to establish their own Church , the Church of England , for political use against the Papacy which supported Englands rivals ,with religious inquisitions always a political strategy of the monarchs and governments of Europe , even against their own people .It is therefore not surprising that religion and ethnicity have been important elements in the imperial tactics of companies , boiling the political cauldron in South Asia . The same networking Intelligence agencies who trained the Mujahideen for attacks into Afghanistan, during General Zia-ul Haqs dictatorship , trained similar organizations for attacks into the Kashmir valley, as part of the destabilization operation against the government of India, then led by Indira Gandhi . The civilian population in Kashmir were the main target, caught between the cross fire, to strengthen separatist forces. Subsequently when US-UK influence over Indian Intelligence Agencies increased, some Indian officials from more than one instrumentality of the state ,were used to widen the rift in the valley , by provocative acts. The contemporary historical record conclusively establishes that the government of almost every country with common boundaries with Afghanistan, with the exception of India, with Indira Gandhi as Prime Minister and the former USSR, attempted to overthrow the government formed in Afghanistan in 1978, which had as its objective the transformation of a feudal society by decrees outlawing usury , which though prohibited by Islam was considered a birth right by feudal landlords and money-lenders , the sale of women through forced marriages and the implementation of land reforms, as thousands of acres of land were concentrated in feudal family ownerships. Though the right of religious worship was ensured, these decrees were termed as un-Islamic, relayed to the world from Peshawar by General Zia ul - Haqs government , closely allied to the US , UK and Saudi Arabia. Earlier as Major General, Zia ul-Haq had shot at Palestinians leading an uprising, while leading a Pakistani military contingent in Jordan. These developments in Afghanistan after the Saur revolution saw unlikely alliances. The Organization of Islamic Countries supported the Mujahideen in view of Soviet military presence provided on the request of the PDP government, even as the country was faced with three hostile frontiers. Trained fighters from Afghanistan s Wakhan border with China, then supporting US strategic objectives in the region , launched attacks on a PDP government, considered a communist government allied to the former USSR. Ironically some of the same insurgents were later used , to create discontent against the Central government in China, among Chinas minorities in the North West .Similarly ,during this very period the government of Iran was ideologically hostile to the PDP . There are parallels in the fate of many leaders of South Asia , including the members of the PDP government , following the decision of the US President to reverse the dollar linkage to the gold standard and the consequent structural adjustments imposed by the IMF on developing countries, which gave an undue financial advantage to the G7 , even as the growth rates of countries in North America and Europe declined. After the final declaration adopted by 85 countries at the Colombo Non-aligned meeting on August 20 1976 for A Fair and Just Economic Development , accepted later as a UN declaration , with the initiative taken by Mrs. Bandaranaike and Mrs. Indira Gandhi, assisted by Frederick Wills , Foreign Minister of Guyana, in the aftermath of an oil price shock imposed on the developing countries, with the objective of recycling petrodollars to the US economy in distress and to open up the offshore oil fields of the UK, till then not profitable for exploitation ,with oil prices low ; the key strategists of the bold Colombo non-aligned declaration were each forced out of office. case by case , to use Henry Kissinger s phrase,* 2 even as conditions were created for their removal , through political forces in their own countries. A worse fate awaited those who could not be permanently defeated in elections. Prime Minister Bhutto of Pakistan was deposed, jailed and executed by General Zia-ul-Haq who manipulated a judicial decree, after Henry Kissinger threatened to make an example out of him on the nuclear among other issues. Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was assassinated under different circumstances, after militants on BBC called for her elimination. Rajiv Gandhi , one of the few leaders in the world to oppose the first Gulf War, the beginning of the occupation of the region , was killed with the LTTE suicide squad the instrument of attack, when he was no longer Prime Minister and the Indian Army had already withdrawn from Sri Lanka .A similar fate awaited Sheikh Mujibur Rehman in Bangladesh, with party leaders killed inside the prison , even while arbitrarily jailed. Chandrika Bandaranaike of Sri Lanka sought asylum after her husband was assassinated for forming a political party for unity between the Sinhalese and the Tamils. A former agent of Mossad has in a book published after he left Israel, given an account of an embarrassing moment when cadres of the LTTE and the Sinhalese army almost met, while both groups were training in Israel. It is now reported, even as the civilian Tamil population is at the receiving end from both sides, the Sri Lankan Army and the LTTE, that a so called humanitarian US military mission is being proposed, to establish a bridgehead. What lies behind US-UK led NATO humanitarian missions are well known. Against this backdrop , the fate of President Najibullah of the PDP government in Afghanistan was inevitable , after President Gorbachev and President Reagan reached an agreement, to cut off the only logistic supply route available to the PDP government from the North, in a situation when Afghanistan already faced a blockade on all its other frontiers, leading to the voluntary resignation of President Najibullah in 1992 , under a UN plan. The withdrawal of Soviet forces in 1989 did not adversely affect this government nor did it face any military defeat. President Najibullah was hung from a lamp post while under UN protection , by covert elements, even as the Taliban entered Kabul .

Ironically Mr. Richard Holbrooke , the US envoy to the region, the representative of the very government responsible for creating a fascist religious Frankenstein, from one country to another, in collaboration with powerful oligarchies in these countries, now states that the US, Pakistan and India have a common enemy in Terrorism and the Taliban . The real issue to-day in the whole of South Asia is the end of foreign interference and withdrawal of occupation troops, including covert intelligence operations from the region. The withdrawal of the occupation is being supported by a cross section of the Afghan and the people of Pakistan, including those sections being loosely termed as insurgents or the Taliban by the US led NATO forces. The earlier Taliban militia, was once the sole creature of the government of Pakistan and the ISI supported by the CIA , MI6 and Saudi Arabian Intelligence agencies, replacing the fractious Mujahideen groups, the creature of the same Intelligence Agencies, who having no common program other than take over of power in Afghanistan from the PDP government, consequently turned their guns on one another, seeking different patrons in Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Iran, besides the CIA, MI6 and ISI, to strengthen their positions as war lords and in some cases as drug lords. When Afghanistan was reduced to absolute political anarchy, which made negotiations by UNOCAL, a US based consortium of Oil Companies for an oil pipeline through Afghanistan to Pakistan impossible, with the truck lobby of Pakistan restive, as their trade routes to Central Asia were being obstructed by war lords; the Mujahideen were replaced in their own turn by the erstwhile Taliban militia trained by Pakistan special forces, supervised by the ISI in close co-operation with US-UK intelligence agencies, even as the late Benazir Bhutto was the Prime Minister of Pakistan . The Taliban were recruited from the Pashtun people who constitute approximately 50 % of the people of Afghanistan and spill over into Pakistan. It was the failure of the Taliban government to wrap up negotiations on oil pipelines with the UNOCAL consortium and their policies on a war footing to eradicate the cultivation of poppy for heroin manufacture , for the drug trade, required to be laundered by Intelligence Agencies into Western Banks and Financial Institutions , facing a desperate financial situation ; their failure to control the Northern regions and the serious financial crisis of the US ,UK and European Banks ,requiring strategic repositioning to overlook oil producing regions and the emerging economies and resources of Russia , China and India ( despite the corporate and financial alliance forged with dominant Indian Corporate CEOs ) seeing the possibility of a shift of the balance of economic forces hitherto dominated by the West to Asia ,that finally led to the invasion of Afghanistan and the dispersal of the Taliban in their own turn , by an even more pliable government formed in Afghanistan after the US-UK led invasion , though even as per official US reports there was no connection between 9/11 and any citizen of Afghanistan . The former Taliban is to-day a useful bogey, in Afghanistan, Pakistan and India. The strategy is to project one extremist Islamist organization after another as a threat , to enable the US-UK led economic and political control of Afghanistan, Pakistan and India , through political proxies to continue ;even as fraudulent groups as agent provocateurs , are established from time to time , with different names , with covert networking of friendly Intelligence agencies of the region ,creating fictitious organizations such the Indian Mujahideen or a provocateur organization such as SIMI and collaborating in operations against the people . In September 2001 it was reported by sources from Indian Intelligence, that Osama bin Laden was on dialysis for kidney failure and seriously ill . This was confirmed from French sources, that in the same period Osama was in Dubai for medical treatment. Some months later it was known that Osama bin Laden was no more. That political personalities at the highest level and the corporate media ,can put out from time to time videos and statements on this late Saudi Arabian billionaire, with extensive properties and investments in London and the USA in his lifetime ,conclusively establishes that we are in an era of fascist propaganda no better than in the period of Hitlers Third Reich, who believed that the Anglo-American propaganda system was superior to his own . The recent hysteria over Swat , has to be seen as an excuse to continue the occupation and control of the region and as a strategy for political diversion , as no government, certainly not the USA , UK , NATO alliance or India have opposed Sharia law as implemented in Saudi Arabia and the UAE, among other countries . Ironically in India, in region after region fascist parties and vigilante squads have been operating on the same lines as the erstwhile Taliban , with impunity , using Hindutva as a cloak , liberally funded by financiers , given free run of the political space , even in Metropolitan centres such as Mumbai , Bangalore , Ahmedabad and in the hinterland of these cities and in the region of Gujarat , Maharashtra , Orissa, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka among other regions; attacking religious and linguistic minorities, economically weaker sections of society and women; prohibiting intercommunity marriages , vandalizing churches and educational institutions of the Christians , desecrating public and private property , despite the constitutional mandate of freedom of religious worship , with hardly any arrests and few convictions , with most of the fascist leaders given high profile security at the cost of the national exchequer , whereas the citizens of every religious group are left without protection from criminal elements. In certain daily newspapers, attacks on minorities in unprintable language, which would not be tolerated by any genuinely democratic society are almost a daily feature, with no reaction whatsoever from law enforcement agencies in India . Conclusive evidence of the break down of the rule of law and what is now being referred to in one section of the media as Talibanisation of Indian political space, which is the other side of the mirror of the Indian Subcontinent ,aggravated in the period of neo-liberal reform post 1991 ,when pogroms and riots and killings in encounters of minority sections have taken place with regularity . Even as the Pakistan oligarchy, the earliest close collaborator of imperialism in South Asia, cooperated in the destruction of a whole country in Afghanistan, they have successfully destroyed their own, not by any policies of the government of India, which is to-day closely allied with the same forces which destroyed

Afghanistan, is destroying Pakistan and in turn has begun the steady destruction of the fabric of the Indian State and society, if not halted. As of to-day the corporate and financial groups in South Asia, representatives of the existing dominant economic system and the fanatical fascist movements they have spawned , have no answers to the serious economic, political and social crisis in South Asia .The organized bombings of civilians , the bomb blasts in Afghanistan , Pakistan ,India , Sri Lanka and Bangladesh , the sectarian and religious violence, are evidence not of strength , but of panic and fear, by those who have collaborated against the people of their own country . What has emboldened the imperial policy for South Asia, implemented through the use of proxy leaders in political formations in South Asia , which has now reached a critical stage , with the appointment of Richard Holbrooke, is not only the availability of proxies in governments, political parties , movements and NGOs in South Asia and the dual citizenship holders in companies and financial institutions based in London and the United States , who have benefited from the Imperial connection, as against the immediate and long term economic and political interests of South Asian society as a whole; a far more serious aspect of this collaboration is the penetration of the instruments of state power in Afghanistan , Pakistan , Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and in India, in the intelligence and security Agencies , the bureaucracy , the police , the para military and military formations , on which some light was cast by the investigations of Mr. Hemant Karkare head of the Anti-Terrorist Squad in Mumbai, investigating bomb blasts , for which he paid with his life , along with two colleagues and 13 policemen , with scores of innocent people killed. The elections in the region reflect all the trappings and procedure of democracy, but not its substance, as most policy decisions on vital issues are backdoor decisions, adopted thereafter as a matter of form by pliant parliaments , with acquiescence from most, if not all political formations, barring on the issue of financial reforms opposed by the Parliamentary Left Front , while supporting the UPA alliance in India, prior to withdrawal of support just before the last stage of the Indo-US nuclear deal , an offshoot of the earlier signed Indo US Defense Co-operation Agreement of 2005, which significantly was not opposed even by the Left Front ,despite provisions for joint military operations in the region ,in violation of the Non-Aligned policy which had earned India esteem in the region and beyond. It is now reported in the newspapers , that the shortage of fuel for civilian nuclear reactors , declared to be the sole motivating factor for the urgency of the Indo-US nuclear accord , appears to have been deliberately deceptive , as revealed in a recent report by the Comptroller and Auditor General of India , a constitutional authority.* 3 The political parties remain strangely silent on the issue . The shock of the Mumbai attack has been related to the unexplained attacks on innocent citizens and to the surfacing of little known facts revealed before the killings, relating to an investigation about organizations linked politically to the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi, receiving funds through covert sources , to destabilize the entire country by bomb blasts through mercenaries , and thereafter to blame every blast on to the minorities, to give the blasts a religious complexion, to create a serious political divide . It is reported that those at the higher levels of the conspiracy received substantial financial largesse. The nature of the threats, the then head of the Anti-Terrorist Squad Mr. Hemant Karkare received, as Jt. Commissioner of Police, Mumbai, and the pressure he was subjected to, even by front rank leaders of some political parties, was unprecedented in Indias post independence history, considering the importance of the investigation, and bore a distinct resemblance to the attempts to defame Mahatma Gandhi prior to his political assassination. In the context of Mahatma Gandhis assassination, Winston Churchill referring to the Mahatma as the Naked Fakir( Gandhi out of conviction wore only what the poorest of the poor could afford in India) was to inquire from General Smuts, even as India seethed with political revolt, as to why Mahatma Gandhi had not been finished off in South Africa. The answer of General Smuts was: How could I do this to a man who made slippers for me in jail with his own hands, when I imprisoned him. The events in Mumbai have unexpectedly raised a storm of protest against the political class in India and their financiers, seen as failing to perform the most basic functions of a political system, namely the protection of the lives of its citizens and the victimization of those officials performing their duties, without fear or favour . The toll of over 180 killed in the Mumbai attack were overwhelmingly citizens of India of every religious faith, though it was announced within the first 24 hours by all media channels that ten terrorists had landed by sea at Mumbai ,on the evening of the 26th November 2008, on a fishing boat ,the Kuber registered in Gujarat at Porbander, which was allegedly forcibly seized and were carrying arms and provisions among other items of Pakistani manufacture , with the intention of taking Israeli and United States citizens hostages in the two hotels Taj and Oberoi Trident and at Chabad House ( a Jewish centre for visitors to Mumbai from Israel ) and at the Madame Cama Women and Childrens Public Hospital and Chhatrapati Shivaji Railway Terminus also known as V.T., the alleged targets. With all sites situated in different directions except the latter two, namely Madame Cama hospital and V.T. station being in close proximity, where the head of the Antiterrorist squad was gunned down along with two officers and several policemen. The subsequent disclosure, that the final toll included scores of poor daily wage earners including approximately 25 members of the Muslim minority at Chhatrapati Shivaji Station (V.T. Station), has added to the mystery of the entire incident, as against the statements being made on media channels and by the spokesmen/spokeswomen of the governments of Pakistan and India which are often conflicting and contradictory, yet some from both sides are remarkably synchronized. With the government of Pakistan initially resisting acknowledging guilt and thereafter caving in under US pressure, as per the interviews of Indian Defense Analysts and former Indian Foreign Service officials and Ministers of the Government of India. Incidentally Nawaz Sharif under whose Prime Ministership the Kargil war was fought was one of the first to confirm that the killer squad came from Pakistan.

The resemblance of 26/11 to 9/11 is uncanny .Whereas the dire state of the finances of Pakistan are known , the precarious financial state of some leading Indian corporations and business houses gradually emerged after 26/11, with auto companies among others working only for a few days a week due to piling up inventories, Airlines facing losses and the disclosures relating to software company Satyam, with its balance sheets and financial statements rigged. That several leading Companies ,including Indian Transnational Companies or Indian headed Transnational Companies based in London, face financial difficulties with billions lost and seek a bailout both in the UK and from the government in India , is no longer a secret . A situation similar to the disclosures on Enron and other US Companies immediately after 9/11.Though Indias Banks and Public financial institutions remain sound , due to the nationalization of Banks by Indira Gandhi called a communist and generally abused along with her father, India first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, who laid the foundations of Indias scientific , technology and industrial institutions and Indias foreign policy of NonAlignment ,by media touts of financiers and companies, who fund more than one party . The Congress party is now transformed like Tony Blairs New Labour and several other parties also have corporate sponsors. What is being adopted as the pattern for South Asia is a strategy of tension and violence. Those who formulated these covert strategies have however miscalculated. This strategy may have worked, when the patrons and the models advanced, were representatives of the leading financial and political centres of the world. Even Richard Holbrooke , no longer projects the financial and military power which led to the vivisection of Yugoslavia and the take over of its State enterprises , Banks and political space. Alliance with declining powers or even in close relationship with Israel, in severe financial distress ,with so many Investment Banks with Zionist connections having caved in , with Israel internationally condemned for a criminilised war on Gaza, will lead to increasing isolation , if not pariah status for ruling elites in South Asia . In India, cost cutting has led to closure of factories, with decline in industrial growth rates and the export oriented sector though much smaller than China, seriously affected by the economic downturn. Lakhs of workers are unemployed, with jobs at the high end and low end disappearing, presently estimated to be in the region of 10 lakhs (one million) unemployed, not including the huge back log . The Export Council of India and FICCI have projected job losses from the export sector alone to be in the region of 10 million. The growth rate in India continues, as the possibilities for capitalist development are not exhausted, however the growth rate will be far lower in 2009-2010 than the announced expectation of 7 %, which was a wholly exaggerated projection, with a growth rate of around 5 % and even less, now being projected even officially, as a more realistic figure . Even as we in South Asia and globally search for an alternative framework, with the financial implosion of the dominant economic system impacting most societies, it is worth recalling some of the political truths which Mahatma Gandhi, an objective witness to the historical process of the 20th Century propagated , even as he de-classed himself from his commercial class origins, as some of these truths are still relevant to human society at the cross roads. Gandhi after keenly observing political societies in England , in Europe and the political system of South Africa , declined to advance the model of Western liberal democracy and its constitutional and political organization as a model for India; observing that this democracy was seriously flawed ,with unacceptable exploitation within these societies, apart from the brutal exploitation in the colonies, concluding that this system was little better than an incipient fascist society . Gandhi went even further in pronouncing judgment on industrial capitalism, with its excessive over consumption on the one hand and rampant unemployment on the other. Though not opposed to industrialization per se as is commonly misinterpreted, Gandhi highlighted that increasing unemployment even as a fall out effect of advanced technology and industrialization was unacceptable for any civilized society, that peace within a society or between nations was not possible without social and economic justice, posing the political strategy of mobilization through mass movements and civil disobedience against exploiting interests , as a possible bulwark against general anarchy and violence . The most important issue facing South Asia is not religion. Even philosophically, any discourse which divides or is sectarian is no religion at all. To what effect is religion or religiosity in a region once the the Jewel in the Crown of the British Empire, for the squeezing of surpluses, which made the first industrial revolution possible, now the most affected region in the index of world hunger, where the largest population of malnourished children reside. The WHO official figures record that in India 42 % of children under five are malnourished and 220 million people suffer from severe hunger. Not referred to are those on the periphery. These are not statistics compiled by any extreme left wing organization. For the Diaspora of South Asia, these are difficult times. In the final analysis, dignity and well being even for a Non Resident South Asian cannot be built by destroying or disowning the country or region in which they were once rooted and to which at some stage they or their descendants may wish to return to. The time for escaping the task of building our own societies and leaving for greener pastures is over for many in South Asia, as everywhere societies are crumbling and will have to be reconstructed on different values, based on real, not on virtual economies. It is time that South Asia, once a prosperous civilization, a region richly endowed with human and natural resources, moves forward. For centuries we traded with regions in our vicinity and beyond, with the Arab world, Central Asia, South East Asia, Africa, the Far East and Europe. Historically we neither despised these societies nor were we in awe of them, secure in our philosophy that other civilizations and economies complement our own, that the world is one whole, of which we are only one part.

A growing number of US intelligence defense and diplomatic officials have concluded that there's little hope of preventing nuclear-armed Pakistan from disintegrating into fiefdoms controlled by Islamist warlords and terrorists, posing a greater threat to the U.S. than Afghanistan's terrorist haven did before 9/11. It's a disaster in the making on the scale of the Iranian revolution, said a U.S. intelligence official with long experience in Pakistan who requested anonymity because he wasn't authorized to speak publicly. Pakistan's fragmentation into warlord-run fiefdoms that host al Qaida and other terrorist groups would have grave implications for the security of its nuclear arsenal; for the U.S.-led effort to pacify Afghanistan and for the security of India the nearby oil-rich Persian Gulf and Central Asia, the U.S. and its allies. Pakistan has 173 million people and 100 nuclear weapons, an army which is bigger than the American army, and the headquarters of al Qaida sitting in two-thirds of the country which the government does not control," said David Kilcullen, a retired Australian army officer, a former State Department adviser and a counterinsurgency consultant to the Obama administration. Pakistan isn't Afghanistan, a backward, isolated, landlocked place that outsiders get interested in about once a century," agreed the U.S. intelligence official. " It's a developed state (with) a major Indian Ocean port and ties to the outside world, especially the (Persian) Gulf, that Afghanistan and the Taliban never had." " The implications of this are disastrous for the U.S.," he added. " The supply lines (from Karachi to U.S. bases) in Kandahar and Kabul from the south and east will be cut, or at least they'll be less secure, and probably sooner rather than later, and that will jeopardize the mission in Afghanistan, especially now that it's getting bigger." The experts McClatchy interviewed said their views aren't a worst case scenario but a realistic expectation based on the militants' gains and the failure o f Pakistans civilian and military leadership to respond." The place is beyond redemption, said a Pentagon adviser who asked not to be further identified so he could speak freely. I don't see any plausible scenario under which the present government or its most likely successor will mobilize the economic, political and security resources to push back this rising tide of violence. " I think Pakistan is moving toward a situation where the extremists control virtually all of the countryside and the government controls only the urban centers,"he continued. " If you look out 10 years, I think the government will be overrun by Islamic militants." That pessimistic view of Pakistan's future has been bolstered by Islamabad's surrender this week for the first time of areas outside the frontier tribal region to Pakistan's Taliban movement and *by a growing militant infiltration of Karachi, the nation's financial center, and the industrial and political heartland province of Punjab,* in part to evade U.S. drone strikes in the tribal belt. Civilian deaths in the drone attacks, the eight-year-old U.S. intervention in Afghanistan and U.S. support for Pakistan's former military dictatorship also have sown widespread ambivalence about the threat the insurgency poses and revulsion at fighting fellow Muslims. " The government has to ratchet up the urgency and ratchet up the commitment of resources. This is a serious moment for Pakistan," said Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman, on April 14 in Islamabad. " The federal government has got to . . . define this problem as Pakistan's." Many Pakistanis, however, dismiss such warnings as inflated.* *They think that the militants are open to dialogue and political accommodation to end the unrest,* which many trace to the former military regime's cooperation with the U.S. after 9/11. Ahsan Iqbal, a top aide to opposition leader and former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, said the insurgency can be quelled if the government rebuilds the judicial system, improves law enforcement, compensates guerrillas driven to fight by relatives' deaths in security force operations and implements democratic reforms. " It will require time," Iqbal told McClatchy reporters and editors this week. " We need a very strong resolve and internal unity." Many U.S officials, though, regard the civilian government of Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari as unpopular, dysfunctional and mired in infighting.* It's been unable to agree on an effective counterinsurgency strategy or to address the ills that are feeding the unrest. These include ethnic and sectarian hatreds, ineffective police, broken courts, widespread corruption, endemic poverty and a deepening financial crisis, they said. Pakistan's army, meanwhile, is hobbled by a lack of direction from the country's civilian leaders, disparaged for its repeated coups and shaken by repeated defeats by the militants. It remains fixated on India to ensure high budgets and cohesion among troops of divergent ethnic and sectarian allegiances, U.S officials and experts said. Many officers and politicians also oppose fighting the Islamist groups that Pakistan nurtured to fight proxy wars in Afghanistan and Kashmir, and because they think the U.S. is secretly conspiring with India to destabilize their country. Alarm rose in Washington this week after the parliament and Zardari agreed to impose Islamic law in the Swat district, where extremists have repelled several army offensives; closed girls' schools; and beheaded, hanged and lashed opponents and alleged criminals. The government's capitulation handed the militants their first refuge outside the remote tribal area bordering Afghanistan, and less than 100 miles north of Islamabad. Taliban fighters also advanced virtually unopposed from Swat into the Buner district, 60 miles north of Islamabad. Buner is close to a key hydroelectric dam and to the highways that link Pakistan to China, and Islamabad to Peshawar, the capital of the North West Frontier Province, much of which is already under Taliban sway. Many U.S. officials and other experts expect the militants to continue advancing. The Taliban " have now become a self-sustaining force," author Ahmed Rashid, an expert on the insurgency, told a conference in Washington on Wednesday. " They have an agenda for* *Pakistan, and that agenda is no less than to topple the government of Pakistan and 'Talibanizing' the entire country." Iqbal, the adviser to Sharif, disagreed. While militants will overrun small pockets, most Pakistanis embrace democracy and will resist living under the Taliban's harsh interpretation of Islam, he said. " The psychology, the temperament, the mood of the Pakistani nation does not subscribe to these extremist views," Iqbal said. The U.S intelligence official, however, said that* *Pakistan's elite, dominated since the country's independence in 1947 by politicians, bureaucrats and military officers from Punjab , have failed to recognize the seriousness of the situation. " The Punjabi elite has already lost control of Pakistan , but neither they nor the Obama administration realize that, the official said. Pakistan will be an Islamist state or maybe a collection of four Islamic states, probably within a few years. There's no civilian leadership in Islamabad that can stop this, and so far, there hasn't been any that's been willing to try." Several U.S. officials said that the Afghanistan-Pakistan strategy that President Barack Obama unveiled last month is being called into question by the accelerating rate at which the insurgency in Pakistan is expanding. The plan hinges on the Pakistani army's willingness to put aside its obsession with Hindu- dominated India and focus on fighting the Islamist insurgency. It also presupposes, despite doubts held by some U.S. officials, that sympathetic Pakistani military and intelligence officers will sever their links with militant groups.

The Stokholm Declaration of United Nation on Human Environment, 1972, reads its Principle No. 3, inter alia, thus: Man has the fundamental right to freedom, equality, and adequate condition of life. In an environment of equality that permits a life of dignity and well being and bears a solemn responsibility to protect and improve the environment for present and future generations. A big debate is going on presently between Dr. Bruce Hoffman and Dr. Marc Sageman, two well-known terrorism analysts of the US, regarding the phenomenon of angry individual Muslims, not belonging to any organisation, taking to jihadi terrorism. Dr. Sageman, in his latest book, calls them leaderless jihadis. Dr. Hoffman is a reputed academic, formerly of the Rand Corporation and now of the Georgetown University, Washington DC. Dr. Sargeman is a retired officer of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). 2. Has the rise of leaderless jihadis reduced the danger from Al Qaeda as an organisation? Can the present counter-terrorism policies and techniques, which were tailor-made to confront organisations such as Al Qaeda, be effective when the danger is no longer from organisations but from individuals? That is the central point of their debate. 3. Both are right and both are wrong. It is true---as pointed out by Sageman--- that more and more individual Muslims, out of anger, are taking to jihadi terrorism without identifying themselves with Al Qaeda. We in India have been seeing this phenomenon since 9/11. The West has been seeing it since the Madrid train blasts of March, 2004. Pakistan has been facing this since the commando raid in the Lal Masjid of Islamabad in July last. The 56 suicide terrorists, who committed acts of suicide terrorism in different parts of Pakistan last year, were not members of Al Qaeda, though, personally, they were admirers of bin Laden. 4. At the same time, these individual jihadis---whom I have called citizen jihadis in my articles written after July, 2007--- have the capability only for tactical terrorist strikes, but not strikes of a strategic nature such as an act of maritime terrorism, or strikes directed at energy supplies or strikes involving weapons of mass destruction material. These are terrorists born out of the anger of the moment. They give vent to their anger through tactical strikes, but have no strategic objective. 5. Only Al Qaeda and other similar organisations have the capability for terrorist strikes of a strategic nature, which could cause mass casualties, mass economic damage, mass disruption and mass panic. Al Qaeda, which is a flexible organisation, has adapted itself to this phenomenon of individual jihadis by encouraging and helping them to do whatever they want, while retaining to itself the leadership role in respect of strategic strikes. 6. Any meaningful counter-terrorism policy has to cater to the continuing resilience of Al Qaeda while at the same time evolving new techniques of dealing with individual jihadis with no organisational affiliation. 7.Prof.Hoffman is right in warning that the rise of individual jihadis should not be interpreted as meaning that the strategic threat from Al Qaeda is diminishing. 8. I am appending below an extract from my latest book on "Terrorism: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow", which has some relevance to this debate. - two months before the Madrid blasts and 18 months before the London blasts---Hossam el-Hamalawy, an Egyptian free-lance journalist, in an article drew attention to the emergence of the phenomenon of free-lance jihadis----that is, individual Muslims not belonging to any organisation, who take to jihad against the US and Israel because of their anger against their policies. His article was titled Crusaders Vs Soldiers of Allah (Jundullah). He wrote: Quote Observers in Cairo have highlighted the outbreak of the second Palestinian Intifada, September 11 attacks, and the US-led onslaught on Afghanistan and Iraq as triggers to the ongoing radicalization across the Muslim World, a radicalization that is feeding Islamist militancy, especially as Muslims could clearly see that it is largely the Islamists who are now on the forefront of the struggle to end Western hegemony in the region. It has never been that easy for rage to meet ideology. September 11 was Islamisms Suez War, said Diaa Rashwan, an analyst with Al-Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies. Nassers defiance of the West in 1956 was the virtual birthmark of pan-Arabism. September 11 attacks and the war on terror served the same purpose for pan-Islamism. They united Muslims around the world by the sense that we are all under attack by the West, and we have to do something. This is pushing, Rashwan argues, new actors to enter the stage of armed politics: the freelance jihadis. Unquote. Enquiries with well-informed sources in the Islamic world show that Jundullah is not the name of any particular organisation. It is the name of a pan-Islamic, anti-US and anti-Israel suicide terrorism phenomenon which is creeping across the Islamic world and the Muslim diaspora in the Western countries. Everybody, who takes to suicide terrorism against the US or Israel-----whether individually or as a member of a jihadi organisation--looks upon himself or herself as a Jundullah---a soldier of Allah. All pan-Islamic jihadi organisations---whether Al Qaeda or any other organisation--- look upon themselves as Jundullah fighting to establish the sovereignty of Allah over the Islamic world and to "liberate" areas which, according to them, historically belonged to the Ummah. The Jundullah phenomenon has made its appearance in Pakistan at a time when more and more individual Muslims are taking to jihad and suicide terrorism out of their own volition. They were not made into suicide terrorists, with offers of money, women or a place in heaven by their religious leaders. One has been seeing this not only in Afghanistan, but also in the North-West Frontier Province (NWFP) and the FederallyAdministered Tribal Areas (FATA) of Pakistan. Traditional pan-Islamic jihadi organisations allied with Al Qaeda in its International Islamic Front (IIF) such as the Pakistan-based Neo Taliban of Afghanistan, the various brands of Taliban of the tribal areas of Pakistan, the Lashkar-e-Toiba (LET), the Harkat-ul-Mujahideen (HUM), the Harkatul-Jihad-Al Islami (HUJI), the Jaish-e-Mohammad (JEM), the Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LEJ) and Gulbuddin Heckmatyar's Hizb-e-Islami (HEI) have been claiming credit for the acts of terrorism of these citizen jihadis and trying to give

an impression as if all that has been happening in the areas on both sides of the Pakistan-Afghanistan border has been orchestrated by them. It is true that these organisations continue to play an active role in the further radicalisation of the people of these areas and in egging them on to join the on-going jihad. At the same time, an increasing number of incidents being reported from these areas is the result of individual jihadi initiatives by persons unconnected with any of the known organisations. That is why the Pakistani Police has not been able to make much headway in its investigation of the acts of suicide terrorism, which have been taking place at regular intervals in different parts of the NWFP. New leaders, new cadres, new groups and new mullas are coming up almost every other week and taking to jihadi terrorism. Old fundamentalist leaders of the 1980 Afghan war vintage such as Qazi Hussain Ahmed of the Jamaat-e-Islami (JEI), Maulana Fazlur Rahman of the Jamiat-ul-Ulema Islam (JUI) of Pakistan, Maulana Samiul Haq of another faction of the JUI, Prof.Hafeez Mohammad Sayeed of the LET, Maulana Masood Azhar of the JEM, Fazlur Rahman Khalil of the HUM and Qari Saifullah Akhtar of the HUJI no longer command the kind of influence and obedience which they commanded in the past. Fatwas of the Mullas of the past do not carry much weight with these citizen jihadis. They ignored with contempt a fatwa against suicide terrorism against fellow Muslims issued by a group of old Mullas. The traditional organisations of Afghan vintage were exploiting factors such as the alleged foreign occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq, the perceived occupation of Muslim lands in Palestine, Jammu & Kashmir, Chechnya, Southern Philippines, Southern Thailand, the Arakan area of Myanmar etc by non-Muslims, violation of the human rights of the Muslims etc for motivating their recruits and making them take to suicide terrorism. The citizen jihadis of Pakistans tribal belt, who see no TV, Internet and video players which they regard as evil, have no way of seeing with their own eyes what is happening in other lands and far-away places. They are being influenced more by what they hear on the FM radio stations operating in the tribal areas. Many Mullas have their own FM radio station. These stations have been propagating highly exaggerated accounts of the humiliation allegedly being inflicted on Muslims all over the world and of the evil impact of cultural globalisation on their religion, men, women and children. The news of Ms.Nilofer Bakhtiar, a former Pakistani Minister, letting herself be hugged by her French gliding instructor spread far and wide in the tribal areas through such FM stations. Stories of the evil influence of foreign culture on the Islamic way of life, trivialisation by foreign analysts of what is projected as the glorious instances of martyrdom by suicide terrorists etc are addin g to the number of citizen jihadis. The Internet plays an active role in the spread of pernicious ideas and calls for action in the Western world and in other countries such as Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Algeria etc, but in the tribal areas of Pakistan, where the literacy rate is very low, it is the word of mouth and the FM broadcasts, which are instigating individual Muslims to acts of terrorism in the name of jihad. In the non-tribal areas of Pakistan and in the Muslim diaspora in the West, the Internet plays an important role in motivation. A typical example of the spread of the Jundullah phenomenon to the diaspora abroad was the cell consisting of two Indian Muslims and some Arabs, which tried in vain to carry out acts of terrorism in London and Glasgow in June, 2007. They were self-motivated Jundullahs not associated with any organization. Al Qaeda and other structured jihadi organizations are concerned over this phenomenon because if this trend continues, it could affect the flow of volunteers and funds to their organisations. It is said that many angry Muslims in the non-tribal areas and in the diaspora no longer flock to these organisations to volunteer their services for suicide terrorism. Instead, they rush to the nearest Internet Cafe to learn how to be a suicide bomber, gang up with a small number of like-minded persons, pool their savings, buy material which could be converted into explosives and embark on their suicide missions. For these Made-in-the-Internet suicide bombers, the cyber world has become a virtual Ummah and everyone of them looks upon himself as a bin Laden or as an Amir fighting for the cause of his religion. Concern over this development has been openly expressed by Maulana Masood Azhar, the Amir of the Jaish-eMohammad (JEM) of Pakistan, in an article in "Al Qalam", a publication of the JEM, written before the Pakistani Army raid into the Lal Masjid of Islamabad in July, 2007. He said: "Now, there are hundreds of jihadi outfits and hundreds of Amirs. Most of these Amirs are computer operators, who have become jihadis by watching CDs of jihad. They have received jihadi training through websites. They think that via the Internet, they have become Amirs. If they come across a gullible youth, they tie a bomb around his body and send him to jihadi battlefields. Some of the jihadis are in the business of drugs, human smuggling and kidnapping for ransom. Jihad has become everybody's business. Now, it is difficult to control these jihadis." However, unlike the JEM, Al Qaeda's reaction to this phenomenon has been more nuanced. It does not claim responsibility for these individual attacks, but at the same time, it does not discourage them. It has been trying to give the impression that it is still in total control of the global jihad and that whatever has been happening in the world in the form of jihadi attacks----whether by individuals not belonging to any organisation or by those belonging to Al Qaeda and other organisations---- is in pursuance of its global jihadi strategy. The stepping-up of its propaganda offensive and dire warnings since the beginning of 2007 are part of its strategy of creating an impression that it continues to be in total control of the jihad. Abdul Rahman Antulay, Union Minister for Minority Affairs, who is an Islamic leader and Congress politician from Maharashtra, is one of the most important pro-Jihadi in the Sonia lead Congress government in New Delhi. Antulay is not merely the bridge between Sonia and Islamic mafia, but he is also the progenitor of the underworld Islamic mafia in Mumbai. Under his regime in Mumbai, the notorious Islamic mass murderer and mafia don Dawood Ibrahim was able to establish his criminal empire.

Abdul Rahman Antulay made an erroneous and accusatory statement in Parliament that Hindu activists may be responsible for the murder of Maharashtra ATS Chief Hemant Karkare. His false accusation of innocent Hindus, the victims of Jihadi terrorism is utterly without merit. His diversionary tactic is a deliberate attempt to mentally misdirect the gullible public from the colossal failure of the Sonia government. The baseless allegation simply is attributed to save inept, corrupt and indifferent Congress ministers. Equally misleading is his malicious attempt to depict peace loving Hindus as the chief architects of the Jihadi massacre in Mumbai. Antulay is a point man for Sonia to hoodwink the public. His malicious statement is a psychological ploy to cover up the Congress governments dereliction of responsibilities and misconduct in safe guarding life and liberty of citizens. Like an apocalyptic Islamic terrorist, Antulay is suffering from a peculiar malignant Islamic madness. His accusatory statement is, in fact, an attempt to avoid recognition of the darkness and Islamic hatred within him. The portrayal of Hindus as wild animals destroying lives is sheer Islamic Al-Taquiea. With this false diversionary ploy, the Antulay Islamic gang is systematically undermining Indias ability to defend itself against Islamic terrorists. Antulays Islamic political double game is nothing new. During his administration in Maharashtra, he encouraged pro-criminal Islamic values and endorsed Islamic smugglers, and Jihadi mafia gang in Mumbai. It is a crime to blame the victims and Jihadi terrorism. It is doubly sinful to accuse the Hindu victims as perpetrators of Islamic terrorism. He has been engaged in treason, slander and high crimes and misdemeanors for a long time with impunity. Antulay is a traitor, a Jihadi double agent, an enemy of our country. It is unfortunate that citizens are willing to surrender Indias national interest to opportunistic Islamic double agents in the name of tolerance and coexistence. The health of our country can be gauged by the degree to which we reject these bloody Islamic apostles of terror. Acceptance of such traitors is perhaps the most profound indicator of our countrys crisis and decay. The proper response is to identify such traitors as our enemies and confront them accordingly. Courtesy by - Yogesh Kumar Saxena, Advocate, High Court, Allahabad,Ex. Vice President, Advocates Association, Chamber No. 139,High Court, Trained Mediator of the first batch of Mediation Team, Registration No. 946 of 1974 ( U.P.Bar Council of Allahabad),Special Counsel in Ganga Pollution Matter. Executive Member, World Parliament Experiment (Bonn) Germany 22nd Feb. 7th March 2008, Yoga superior studies &meditation science technique, 4215 NW 7 Street, #34, Miami, FL33126 , International conferences of Chief Justices of the World , (Co Coordinators and Co- Organizers) at City Montessori School, Lucknow ,,, 0532-2637720, 2436451, 9415284843, 9792131584,