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Evangelization and are witnessing a constant process in lieu of just a program or event. A vital the main process is the establishment and "power". The word devoted indicates the commitment in the new believers with a constant strategy for spiritual nourishment. For the church, evangelism was much more than preaching the content. That process was completed not until people were becoming disciples and were included in the church local.Un witness who gives testimony and confirms something he knows from personal experience. Personal Christian witness God's be employed in your life can be very powerful. On one occasion, Jesus healed a male possessed by demons (see Mark 5:1-19). When, and healed, he desired to follow Jesus, he was quoted saying, "Go the place to find your family and let them know how great things the Lord hath prepared for thee and hath had compassion on thee" (Mark 5:19). The relationship between your witness and evangelism is that they are different methods to win souls for Christ. The witness is more spontaneous and short, while evangelism is longer and much more intentional. Sometimes planned evangelism is strengthened by the personal witness witnessing spontaneous and sometimes leads website visitors to participate in a much more elaborate, but both of them are vital components from the overall process. Those who are ready to accept the Holy Spirit's leadership may wish to know more, we share what Jesus has for us. Some argue your doctrines, your theology, your beliefs, but not so easy to argue against your own personal testimony. Certainly in the short time I spent with this particular man Jesus, did not learn the art of teaching or preaching. However, Jesus told the healed man to testify products we already knew. That is why Jesus said, "Go and count." God has given us the responsibility to share how he changed our everyday life, also it ordered the demoniac in Gadara and his awesome other followers. The Jewish leaders saw the boldness with the apostles a thing that convinced them they had been with Jesus (see Acts. 4:13): they were confronted with men who seemed to talk of nothing but with the life and teachings of Jesus. Evangelization and witness relate to the life and teachings of Jesus, they produced the difference inside the lives of believers, and what Jesus can make in the lives coming from all who accept Him as Lord and Savior. In thinking about the work with the first evangelists, we have seen what is evangelism. His world was like ours: their world was fallen, sinful, and without hope or salvation. Long ago, Arthur Schopenhauer, referred to as "philosopher of pessimism", and expressed the human being condition: "He have not lived who have not desired anymore than once would not have to live the following day."-The World as Will and dea, p. 204. Little changed because the time from the apostle and Schopenhauer, to ours. Therefore, the main points in the first century preaching must also be ours hoy.Para be an evangelist, you must understand and experience the "everlasting gospel." This gospel produces belief, confession, conversion, baptism, discipleship, along with the promise of eternal life. Witnessing is sharing personal experience we had with God, to encourage others to simply accept Christ, less organized and intentional evangelism as radio, television or in public. sabat, sabat, sabat