Dizzle Ranch Debate

Spending Block Ahmed Malik

In our Disad we argue that the economy is recovering, but it still has weaknesses extend Censky 12. What the aff needs to realize is that transportation infrastructure investment destroys the economy in the short-term extend Wachs 11. You rush out to build infrastructure but this sudden job creation and the resources (like steel) required are economic costs. Yes, the economy is recovering, but it's far from complete that's Rushe 12. Let the economy recover before you start spending on unnecessary projects. Already, the current transportation infrastructure costs $262 Billion annually; the funds are insufficient that's Mineta and Skinner 09. In this situation how do you expect to fund for new projects? What is needed is a stronger policy of austerity - it is the key to greater recovery, not transportation infrastructure extend Hunt 5-17. Your plan only creates more deficit spending leading our nation to an economic collapse. History attests to what happens in major economic collapse - think Great Depression. Today, we have nuclear weapons. Economic collapse means EXTINCTION that's Kerpen 8.

We outweigh: Magnitude: Economic collapse will definitely lead to extinction. The aff only focuses on the long-term benefits. But the short-term comes first. Your plan increases deficit spending and that leads to nuclear war. We solve by letting the economy recover in its already weak state. We solve Nuke war, the aff causes it Timeframe: As soon as you do your plan, economic collapse will ensue. extend Mineta and Skinner 09 again, the funds are insufficient and we can't even keep up with current annual costs. Probability: Economic collapse WILL happen if we do the aff plan. 100%. Deficit spending will be at all time high and war will ensue. Nuclear War. We are systemic and solve better. We think of the short term effects and THEN the long-term effects. In the aff's world, there won't BE a time for long-term effects. The world will already have gone into nuclear war. Vote neg because we stop the economic collapse, they further the collapse.

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