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family responsibilities. Workforce Diversity is one of the essential parts for the organization. ethnic and ethno-religious minority groups. The Department embraces workforce diversity as a source of strength. Businesses today have to be at the forefront in ensuring that their organizations are multi-culturally diverse because diversity is not only morally correct behavior. These categories also include self-monitoring. ideas and insights in the decision making. life experience and socio-economic background. marital status. and strategic decision-making. To reach the pick of success every organization need to have diversification in workforce. but also on the corporate level and even on a national level. These are: Page Diversification is these categories help to develop effective communication in diverse organizational environments. people whose first language was not English and members of racial. This is not only about increasing visible differences in the workforce. There are four key categories of a firm where workforce diversity is mostly needed. gender. educational level. and people with a disability. especially in today’s knowledge economy. social class. The key to managing a diverse workforce is increasing individual awareness of and sensitivity to differences of race. Discrimination is costly not only on the individual level.Workforce Diversity Diversity in the context of the Department primarily refers to the Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) groups who are underrepresented in our workforce. empathy. It is extremely important for firms to understand that workforce diversity works. Self-monitoring refers to a communicator's awareness of how his or her behavior affects another person. Other dimensions of diversity include age diversity. problem solving and policy development. Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people. and age. sexual orientation. physical ability. and workforce diversity is vital for firms that desire to thrive in the future. Workforce diversity is a critical necessity. and his or her willingness to modify this behavior 3 3 . but more importantly it is about the strategic advantage that comes from incorporating a wide variety of capabilities. sexual orientation. The demographics of the world are rapidly changing. These groups include: women in senior leadership roles. It helps create a work environment in which female and minority employees and customers feel welcome. it also makes good business sense. There are several ways to go about creating the multicultural organization that performs extremely well.

However. In 2006 they were awarded as the best senior management diversity in the world. IBM (International Business Machines) IBM is considered as one of the best companies for diversity. as well as the substance of the messages conveyed. and needs. A brief Introduction of IBM is given below: IBM CORP. values. the leadership’s support of the change cannot be understated.based on knowledge of its impact. Managers must be willing to work towards changing the organization in order to create a culture of diversity and inclusion. A PROGRAM THAT RECRUITS MINORITY GRADUATES . AND IN CORPORATE GOVERNANCE . Location: Armonk. Assessment skills and diversity education are key elements of culture change. IN THE WORKFORCE . TEMPORARY EMPLOYMENT SERVICES FIRM ACT-1 GROUP (N O. High performing diversity managers recognize that specialized skills are necessary for creating a productive. Page 4 4 . Global Workforce Diversity BIG BLUE IS AT THE FOREFRONT OF THE DIVERSITY EFFORT . diverse workforce. 4 ON THE BE INDUSTRIAL/SERVICE 100 LIST WITH $718 MILLION IN SALES ) IS ONE OF THE BLACKOWNED ENTERPRISES THAT CONTINUE TO GAIN SUBSTANTIAL CONTRACTS WITH IBM. THE $1 BILLION IT SPENT WITH MINORITY SUPPLIERS IN 2005 IS A TESTAMENT TO ITS COMMITMENT . Strategic decision-making implies that the communication sources and channels used to reach organization members. Managing diversity goes far beyond the limits of equal employment opportunity and affirmative action. are mindfully selected. They seek out continuous learning opportunities and some go as far as acquiring certification. VP. NY Type of Business: Information Technology Diversity Contact: Ted Childs. THROUGH PROJECT VIEW. THE COMPANY ALSO FOCUSES ON DIVERSITY IN THE MARKETPLACE THROUGH ITS MARKET DEVELOPMENT TEAM. WITH TWO AFRICAN A MERICAN DIRECTORS ON ITS 13-MEMBER BOARD . Empathy enables the receiver to go beyond the literal meaning of a message and consider the communicator's feelings. assumptions.

predominantly in Europe. eliminated approximately 700 positions. 1953. The company has traditionally resisted labor union organizing. In 2009 following the announcement in the UK of pension cuts that left many employees facing a shortfall in projected pensions. a black employee. The production moved to a company called Amkor in Singapore who purchased IBM's Microelectronics business in Singapore and is widely agreed that IBM promised this Company a full load capacity in return for the purchase of the facility. The announcement was made shortly after IBM began working with the National Geographic Society on its Genographic Project. hired Richard MacGregor. sent out a controversial letter to all IBM employees stating that IBM needed to hire the best people. or gender. resulted in an employee class action lawsuit alleging age discrimination. In the 1990s. On September 21. several hundred employees joined the Unite union. Thomas Watson. IBM Ireland announced that the MD (Micro-electronics Division) facility was closing down by the end of the year and offered a settlement to staff. IBM employees won the lawsuit and arrived at a partial settlement. On June 8. IBM eliminated 14. one of the three companies to later form what became IBM.500 positions. Philp. IBM has had a good reputation of long-term staff retention with few large scale layoffs. ethnic origin. The company's first employee with a disability was hired in 1914. 2005. However. Jr. there have been cuts to the workforce in less profitable markets as IBM attempts to adapt to changing global market conditions.Diversity in the Workforce of IBM IBM's efforts to promote workforce diversity and equal opportunity date back to 1899. although unions represent some IBM workers outside the United States. Manske. The company stated that this would give IBM a competitive advantage because IBM would then be able to hire talented people its competitors would turn down. On October 10. the company's president at the time. including a conversion to a cash balance plan. all staff that wished to stay with the Company were redeployed within IBM Ireland. IBM became the first major company in the world to commit formally to not using genetic information in employment decisions. and one of two technology companies in 2005 (the other company being HewlettPackard). Recently. Moore and Emma K. IBM Canada Ltd. IBM projects the moves as part of a Page 5 5 . 2005. In May 2005. He also publicized the policy so that in his negotiations to build new manufacturing plants with the governors of two states in the U. Nettie A. Historically. as well as three women: Lilly J. when The Computing Scale Company. although appeals are still underway. IBM added sexual orientation to its nondiscrimination policy.S. IBM also settled a major overtime class-action lawsuit in 2006. In 1984. South.. regardless of their race. he could be clear that IBM would not build "separate-but-equal" workplaces. IBM was the only technology company ranked in Working Mother magazine's Top 10 for 2004. After posting weaker than expected revenues in the first quarter of 2005. two major pension program changes.

the Philippines and Costa Rica have been witnessing a recruitment boom and steady growth in the number of IBM employees due to lower wages. IBM gives individuals the “break” they need to earn a living and achieve their dreams. IBM can afford to unnecessarily restrict its ability to attract and retain the very best employees available. sexual orientations. is represented by people from all walks of life (ethnicities. local revenue growth and increasing percentages of educated and skilled technical and business workers in other countries. are now upon IBM. Diversifying the workforce. there is a talent war raging. races. abilities. particularly through initiatives like welfare-to-work.strategy to "rebalance" its portfolio of professional skills and businesses. available talent is now overwhelmingly represented by people from a vast array of backgrounds and life experiences. that were heralded a decade ago. particularly in today’s global economy. Similarly. Benefits of IBMs Workforce diversity As the world enters to the 21st century. Undeniably. IBM India and other IBM offices in China. As a Social Responsibility Because many of the beneficiaries of good diversity practices are from groups of people that are “disadvantaged” in our communities. can effectively turn tax users into tax payers. As a Business Communications Strategy Page 6 6 . etc. As a Resource Imperative The changing demographics in the workforce. workforce diversity has become an essential business concern for IBM. there is certainly good reason to consider workforce diversity as an exercise in good corporate responsibility. Competitive companies cannot allow discriminatory preferences and practices to impede them from attracting the best available talent within that pool. genders. ages. As a Marketing Strategy Buying power.) To ensure that IBM make their products and services which are designed to appeal to this diverse customer. IBM interact directly with the public are finding increasingly important to have the makeup of their workforces reflect the makeup of their customer base. Today’s labor pool is dramatically different than in the past. In the so-called information age. By diversifying our workforces. As an Economic Payback Many groups of people who have been excluded from workplaces are consequently reliant on tax-supported social service programs. No longer dominated by a homogenous group of white males. the greatest assets of IBM are now on two feet (or a set of wheels).

knowledge. Things that IBM can improve to their Workforce Diversity Though IBM takes many active steps in their workforce diversity. Require regular reporting to the highest level of management on work force data and trends. and demonstrate opportunities and placements not only to their customers. insight. This capacity can be measured by the range of talent. especially women and minorities. work force diversity issues. employees are increasingly valued for the unique qualities and perspectives that they can also bring to the table. and that they recognize the corresponding legal and business risks of failing to do so. Incorporate diversity targets into performance objectives for department heads. Consult benchmarking standards such as Fortune magazine's "50 Best Companies for Minorities. Review their complaint process to ensure thorough and comprehensive complaint investigation. identify and implement lessons learned from each hire . but there are six steps which they can take to improve the diversity of their work. For this reason their workforce diversity plays a vital role in their business communications strategy. They have to make sure their hiring managers know their business objectives. develop a fair and effective employee complaint resolution process. partners and customers. increase executive management's awareness of. In recruiting employees. Determine supervisory and employee training Page 7 7 . As a Capacity-building Strategy Tumultuous change is the norm in the business climate of the 21st century.IBM is seeing a growing diversity in the workforces around them . rapidly adapt to new situations. and set realistic expectations for all concerned. hiring managers and human resources personnel.  Fifth. promotions and pay equity for all employees. but also to their own work force. experience.  Third.  First. and imagination available in their workforces. eliminate miscommunication and ensure close coordination among recruiters.  Second. Assign a trained professional to respond to complaints and require prompt and thorough investigation. monitor and act on work force data.  Fourth. In addition to their job-specific abilities. Demand that senior management develop an increased awareness and knowledge of workplace and diversity issues. IBM recognizes conformity to the status quo as a distinct disadvantage. Create and maintain a validated employment database and analyze trends and issues concerning hirings.what worked and what didn't. and involvement in. Most importantly. readily identify new opportunities and quickly capitalize on them. set aggressive but achievable annual targets for diversity hiring and promotions by managers. But IBM has the capacity to effectively solve problems.their vendors." Consider the use of "diversity scorecards" to track progress. hiring managers and other key employees.

 Last. discipline and promotion practices. greater creativity and innovation. race. Consider alternative dispute resolution mechanisms such as mediation. ensure equitable hiring.needs. age. compensation. Discipline supervisors and managers who fail to consistently enforce your policies. spanning such areas as ethnicity. Demand consistent application and enforcement of all policies. arbitration or peer review. Simply recognizing diversity in a corporation helps link the variety of talents within the organization. sexual orientation. culture. Diversity brings substantial potential benefits such as better decision making and improved problem solving. which leads to enhanced product development. Diversity also provides organizations with the ability to compete in global markets. physical disability and religious belief. Require annual review of applicable policies and procedures by their legal department or outside experts. Diversity is not only about preventing unfair discrimination and improving equality but also valuing differences and inclusion. and more successful marketing to different types of customers. Page 8 8 .

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