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The main purposes of this marketing plan researches is done was to complete our assignment for marketing 243. However, these marketing plans also are made so that we can understand more about the function and the importance of marketing in making a successful business. Brooklyn is a lifestyle concept restaurant that features a modern and contemporary setting and was the first in Sabah. However they will soon open the new Brooklyn branches at Lintas Plaza so that they customer can easily reaches they goods and product. This is also to expand they geographic segmentation to larger market and gain more profit and establish stronger position in Sabah. Brooklyn restaurant provide wide choice of different type of food and beverages to satisfy their valued customer from different segmentation. It is the best places to dine in with friends and family. They also take reservation for party, and offer services such as catering so that everyone can enjoy the unique Brooklyn style food. As we know that nowadays, most of people enjoy life and more concern about the quality of life. Thus they are more likely to dine in more classy and trendy restaurant than having their meals at restaurant that does not serve good quality food. Brooklyn is applying this condition and has a great vision for the company to be success as they provide best quality and services at reasonable prices.

GROUPS OBJECTIVES 1.1. To identify the company profile and business To identify the company profile and businesses, our group had do an interviewer session with the ranch manager of the Brooklyn restaurant Mr.Omry and ask about several information about the company before we can make it related to our syllabus in marketing 243. Other than that, we also do some researches through the internet to find some materials that can be used to complete our task.

1.2. To access company marketing mix strategies Most of the information that our group get from the manager is used to access the company marketing mix strategies (promotion, product, prices, and places). We then use the information we get and have a discussion with the group members about the marketing mix strategies used by Brooklyn restaurant in order to reaches their customers.

1.3 To describe company marketing mix strategies (suggestion and improvement) After we access marketing strategy, we have identified some shortcomings that there is in Brooklyn Restaurant. In case, there are some proposals that can we handed to Brooklyn Restaurant to increase their business such as create website apart from Facebook because their information source that limited. From here, public can surf their website to know much further on their restaurant. Apart from that, they also should do more promotion and advertisement on business that they managing to attract many more customers. Furthermore, they should do more reform to be comparable to their competitor such as Secret Recipe, Kenny Rodgers, and Dome. In fact, if their financial condition already stable, they can open up branch the rest in different provinces.


2.1 COMPANYS BACKGROUND Brooklyn restaurant is new restaurant in 1Borneo that was previously well known as New York restaurant. It has been taken over last year at June 2011 and the only one Brooklyn restaurant in Sabah. The new company then changes the name of New York to Brooklyn restaurant to as one of ways to introduce their product (food and beverage servicing). Other than changing the companys name they also change the menu to Chinese and Western style. Brooklyn restaurant also provide catering at Tune Hotel because Tune Hotel does have a caf for their customer. Brooklyn Restaurant in 1Borneo Hyper mall, Kota Kinabalu serves the best and widest selection of burger in the town. All burgers are made fresh in the premises and the famous burger in Brooklyn restaurant is Succulent patty with weight at 180g of pure meat. Brooklyn restaurant also serves Pasta, Pizzas, Hotdogs, Salad and Burgers. Food styles at Brooklyn restaurant is based on American, Asian Fusion, and Italia.

Below some pictures of Brooklyn company.

Source :

Picture taken with our group member with the marketing manager.

Source : Brooklyn Restaurant (Formerly NewYork New York)

Lot 838, 1Borneo Hypermall, Jalan Sulaman, 88400 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Tel: 088-486353 Fax: 088-486352

Email: Facebook:

2.2 COMPANYS COMPETITORS There are several restaurant businesses around and inside the 1Borneo hyper mall that provide competition to Brooklyn restaurant business. The strongest competitor would be secret recipe just next to Brooklyn. Even though the store is not very similar to Brooklyn and it also did not offers the same type of atmosphere and quality food and beverage however it is one of the strongest competitors among the other restaurant. As we know that theres a lot more other restaurant business in and out the one Borneo such as Pizza Hut, Kenny Rogers, DOME, Nyonya House and so on. The Pizza Hut was located inside the shopping mall but it doesnt offer same environment and food offered by Brooklyn as they were more concentrating on their Italian pizzas. Kenny Rogers however do offer some hot food item as Brooklyn does but Kenny Rogers more to Malaysian taste compared to Brooklyn that offer Chinese and Western style. Secret recipe seems to be the biggest competitor against Brooklyn in the shopping mall. They do offer a menu of hot items and some western food and Malaysian style. However, it does not have variety at their menu as Brooklyn does. Secret recipe offers bakery items and the wide variety of choices for beverages. Secret recipe tends to attract lunch crowd and or work clientele that want to pick up something quick as the head off to work due to short lunch hours. They also get the business people, student and family crowd for a conversation and a bakery item. Brooklyn restaurant, besides focusing on the customer looking for a great moment of enjoyable lunch and take reservation for dinner, expands out and tries to lure the customer who is looking for a customer that loves Chinese and western style for lunch. They have a similar set up to secret recipe except the cake but they have a wider variety of hot food to offer during lunch or dinner in their menus from a bowl of soup, appetizer, main course dishes such as pasta to dessert very suitable and recommended for family to dine in. They also offer wide variety in their special Burger beef and some snack for customers that were looking for quick item for in their conversation. This may provide a great competitive for Brooklyn against secret recipe. Suitable places for great conversation with great quality food.

2.3 TYPES OF CONSUMER BUYING DECISION AND CONSUMER INVOLVEMENT Types of consumer buying decision fall onto limited decision buying since the consumer come to the restaurant may think several time before make decision about what meal they going to have for breakfast, lunch, and also dinner. Some who may use to dine here may not give high involvement in making decision but still will not have to think due to different taste and preferences of the consumers. Some may find some information about the restaurant and what promotion the company offers before dine in. 2.4 MARKETING MANAGEMENT PHILOSOPHIES OF THE COMPANY Brooklyn restaurant applied marketing philosophies for the management. Brooklyn offers some promotion to promote their food and give the best services for their customers. They want to maximize customers satisfaction in order to gain continues profit and gain customers loyalty. Below are some pictures taken y our group shows the various promotion to attract customers.

2.5 COMPANYS CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIILITIES (CSR) Since the Brooklyn restaurant just opened its businesses in Sabah and the first in Malaysia they want to concentrate on make the business stable. However, the business does have their concern for societys welfare and were planning to perform their responsible towards the society when theyre ready.


3.1 COMPANYS PRODUCT Product Concept The Brooklyn restaurant has many type of food from western such as pastas, Burgers, Pizzas, steaks, and also Salad. Brooklyn also has a mix menu which combines with the Chinese food in the Brooklyn restaurant at 1Borneo. The example of Brooklyn famous food is Basket of Fries, Mozzarella Sticks, Buffalo wings, Chicken Fingers and also Baby Back Ribs. For the Chinese foods, they have Salmon Rillete, Whoo-ha oysters. The Brooklyn restaurant has replaced the previous restaurant which is New York Restaurant last years. Brooklyn restaurant has been open in June 2011 and one of the restaurants that open in 1Borneo, Sabah and also in Malaysia

3.2 PRODUCT DECISION Product Decision Brooklyn Restaurant decision has been made by the chef in the Brooklyn restaurant. They will decide what the specials menu. The Brooklyn restaurant also analysis the product by doing the team tested and deeply examined to successful in the decision. They also give the best idea and opinion on what they want to serve to their customers. The employee of Brooklyn also shares their ideas for the successful in the objectives. Besides that, they also ask the customers to comment on the food they serve so that they can improvise on their cooks.

3.3 DEVELOPING & MANAGING PRODUCT (IN TERMS OF PLC) Developing and managing project Brooklyn restaurant has a style of its own terms of furniture layout, in term of promotion, the atmosphere in the restaurant, cooking method based on westernized, and in term of food selection. Besides that, Brooklyn restaurant also have enough staff to handle and help to maintain the tools that are in the restaurant. In addition, the head of each field is also important to give smooth in any work done by the works in the Brooklyn restaurant. For example, the chef must ensure that all goods used in the kitchen organized and clean after used.

3.4 TYPE OF CONSUMER PRODUCT Type of consumer product The type of consumer product for the Brooklyn restaurant is unsought product. It is because, since the Brooklyn restaurant is a new restaurant, they have to increase their advertising and distribution consumer first before they want to attract their consumer more aggressively. In addition, they have to promote their product directly to the consumer about their foods and also their services.

3.5 PRODUCT ITEM, PRODUCT LINE AND PRODUCT MIX Types of beverages MILKSHAKES Vanilla Shake Oreo Chocolate Shake Double Chocolate Shake Strawberry Shake Oreo Peanut Butter Shake FLOATS Coke Float Root Beer Float Sprite Float Coffee Float SOFT DRINKS Coke Diet Coke Sprite COOLERS NY Peach Green Apple Lime Lemonade Soda Lemonade Strawberry Delight Blueberry Bling Bling Iced Honey Lemon Types of appetizer Bites Freedom Fries Cheesy Fries Kids Menus Spaghetti Tomato Chicken Bites With Fries BKNY Chinatowns Prawn Paste Chicken Cheese Baked Chicken Chop Spaghetti Seafood Mui Fan Chicken Curry With Rice Mains Fish & Chips Sandwiches Double Cheese & Ham Beef Feater Soups Pumpkin Soup Mushroom Soup QUENCHERS Bloody Eyeballs NY Tropicana Pink INC JUICES Orange Juice Pink Guava Juice Lime Juice

Frost Root Beer Mountain Dew Spritzer Mineral Water

Lime Light Lemon Dark Strawberry Orange Mango

Pineapple Juice Ice Green Tea Ice Lemon Tea Mango Ice

Cheesy Chicken

Potato Wedges Cheesy Wedges

Fish Finger With Fries Mini Pizza

Classic Fried Chicken Chop Hawaii Teriyaki Chicken Chop

Chicken Roaster Smoked Salmon

Tomato Mussel Shop Clam Chowder Soup

Types of food Burgers Big Poppas Juicy Burger Mushroom Burger NYC Burger Pizzas Veggie Pizza Bolognese Pizza Hawaiian Pizza Pastas Classic Napolitana Vongole Mac & Cheese Beef Lasagna Appetizer Crazy Wings Crispy Calamari Cheese Garlic Bread Crunchy Mushrooms Baked Mussels Salads American Coleslaw Garden Salad Smoke Salmon Salad Tomato & Chicken Ham Salad Seafood Salad

Ono Loa! Burger Napoletana Marinara Pizza Double Juicy Burger Chili Burger Pepperoni Pizza

Mushroom Pizza

Carbonara Mushroom With Beef Bacon Bolognese With Meatballs

Tomato Bruschetta

Caesar Salad With Roasted Chicken

4.1 PRICING OJECTIVE STATUS QUO For this kind of pricing strategy, Brooklyn Restaurant charges a price identical to or close to the competitors price. This means, the price set and charge is comparable to other producers. Status quo pricing has the advantage of simplicity, and customer does not have to make much thought and comparison n their purchase decisions. For example, price of the meal on the menu is defined and laid down by cook depend by competitor price situation and other restaurants that there is around Brooklyn Restaurant to keep competition among them.

4.2 PRICE STRATEGIES PRICE SKIMMING Brooklyn use price skimming strategies in setting their prices as putting their prices higher than their competitors. This is because they believed that their product has their own unique style that can be found in any other restaurant, Such as their list of burger that were unique and only can be found at Brooklyn. The reason for them to choose the price skimming prices is to perceived customer value and to keep their restaurant image as a classy restaurant. Brooklyn target market however willing to come and spend they time dining in at Brooklyn because they have their own speciality that attract the loyal customer to keep coming. However Brooklyn will then lower their prices over time by giving discount to their customers to boost sales when needed. STATUS QUO PRICING To compete with other competitors, Brooklyn also used status quo pricing as their strategies. Even though their prices were higher than some other restaurant/competitor, Brooklyn however charging a price identical and very close to some competitions that may focused on achieved perceived as they are. This is to maintain their sales and to avoid their product from reaching the declining stages. 4.3 PRICE TACTICS Brooklyn Restaurant had used a few tactics to attract their customer. One of their tactics is discount. This is because they give a 10% discount for student every Monday until Thursday for all food and drinks, with condition the student must present a valid student card. In addition, 25% were given to customer on Monday to Friday from 11.00am till 3.00pm. Based on what the Manager told us, there are so many students come to their restaurant but not only the students, the employees from offices also. Furthermore, their restaurant also use rebate tactics to attract the customer.


5.1 TYPE OF MARKETING CHANNEL Brooklyn restaurant at 1Borneo hyper mall choose direct channel to sell directly to consumer. Customers must go to a restaurant to get a full product and service.

Marketing channel for customer product 5.2 LEVELS OF DISTRIUTION INTENSITY Levels of distribution intensity at Brooklyn Restaurant is exclusive distribution because buyers may have to search or travel to Brooklyn Restaurant to buy the product. Exclusive distribution is usually confined to consumer specialty goods, a few shopping goods, and major industrial equipment.

5.3 RETAILING 5.3.1 TYPES OF STORES Brooklyn is a restaurant do sell tangible products-food and drink-but they also provide a valuable service for consumers in the form of food preparation and food service. As a retailing institution, restaurants must deal with many of the same issues as a more traditional retailer, such as personnel, distribution, inventory management, promotion, pricing, and location.

5.3.2 NON STORE RETAILING In Brooklyn restaurant does not have non store retailing. Its only provides a store retailing.

6.1 PROMOTION STRATEGIES Advertising To achieve their organizational goals Brooklyn created brochures that will be left on the tables for customers to read. There will also be a brochure display right up front the counter where customer pay their bills or when they take order. While they wait they can view the brochure or take it with them. Other than that Brooklyn also created some posters that were posted in the windows promoting their products/food especially their burger with its own specialty to attract customer who walk through their restaurant. Their posters will change every time they have new promotion or new additional menus. They also introduce the Brooklyn burger challenges where customer can eat 8inch burger for free if they can finish it in 45 minute especially to people who loves burger. A tag line such as want fame? Want free? Will catch the consumers eye and make them curious enough to know and try the challenges. Theres not much advertising we can see about this Brooklyn restaurant as they dont want to spend too much additional costs in their advertising budget, they just add on an additional informational in the publishing corner right front their door, in the brochures and posters that they print up to promote their stores. By having the consumer walk out of the store with a brochure or having read the brochure while in the store will cause a chain reaction of the consumer telling another consumer of what they recently found out about the restaurant.

Personal Selling Brooklyn friendly employees also play roles in promoting their product. They are provided with their product knowledge so that they can easily explain to customers about the product that the stores offered. In meantime they also suggest suitable food that met the customer needs and preferences as everyone has they own taste in food. By letting the customer know about their available promotion, the ingredients of the foods, telling the statistic of famous food that previous customer always order can convince the customer especially the first time customer. By starting the personal selling while a current customer visits Brooklyn and the consumer leaves with new beneficial knowledge they pass it on to others and this would create a new customer who loves friendly environment especially family with children and folks to dine in. and not least the fast food and the burger fan.

Sales Promotion BROOKLYN offers also offers discount for their customers. Brooklyn changes your ordinary meal into a fancy affair just present your student cards and get 10% discount every Monday to Thursday. Brooklyn didnt only offer 10% discount to students but also 25% discount to customer that come for lunch (11am-3pm) for the entire table every Monday to Friday but not on public holiday. Other than that they also provide promotion for set of tea time (3pm-6pm) only at rm8.90/set every Monday to Friday. This promotion was made to keep not only the current customer but also to attract potential customer to come in to enjoy and share their great moment with Brooklyn. This would bring new customers in to try Brooklyn. Maybe they have seen the poster and have heard by word of mouth about the environment and food/drink that Brooklyn has offer gives them the added incentive to try food or other items they offer. Everyone likes a discount off of merchandise or food items.

Brooklyn gives discount for student.

6.2 ADVERTISING (MEDIA TYPES) Brooklyn restaurant use simple and low-cost media types such as outdoor media and the use of internet in advertising their product/company. OUTDOOR MEDIA New restaurant such Brooklyn use a flexible, low-cost medium that can be take in various of forms as they would not want to spend too much money for advertising. Forms of outdoor media they use are POSTER. The reason for the company to pick this type of media is that it can easily reach to local market and attract consumer direct to their restaurant. At the meantime, outdoor media can be easily customized base on their promotion. THE INTERNET (SOCIAL NETWOTKING) Like any other company, Brooklyn also did not let the chance of using the social networking website to promote their goods and services. As Brooklyn have not establish any official website the main tools they use to reach their customer is from create a page on Facebook. All new promotion and announcement will be posted on their page. Consumer also can directly interact with the branch manager in this page including asking for menus or any new promotion and so on.

6.3 PULIC RELATIONS NEW PRODUCT PUBLICITY Since they are still new restaurant, Brooklyn Restaurant uses publicity to attract new customers as product relation. The publicity that they use is advertisement featured burger and new menu in every corner of the restaurant in the way to attract the customers. In addition, they also advertise the new branch to be established in Lintas Plaza.

6.4 SALES PROMOTION CONTEST AND SWEEPSTAKES. Brooklyn designed some contest like burger challenge to attract consumer interest in trying their succulent patty the biggest Brooklyn burger. In this challenge the consumer can use their ability and skill to finish the burger and have to pay nothing if they can use 6.5 PERSONAL SELLING & DIRECT SELLING Brooklyn friendly employees also play roles in promoting their product. They are provided with their product knowledge so that they can easily explain to customers about the product that the stores offered. In meantime they also suggest suitable food for customer needs and preferences as everyone has they own taste in food. By letting the customer know about their available promotion, the ingredients of the foods, telling the statistic of famous food that previous customer always order can convince the customer especially the first time customer. By starting the personal selling while a current customer visits Brooklyn and the consumer leaves with new beneficial knowledge they pass it on to others and this would create a new customer who loves friendly environment especially family with children and folks to dine in and not least the fast food and the burger fans.



7.1 TYPES OF SEGMENTATION Demographic Segmentation Brooklyn group/segment their market on the basis of demographic information/characteristics such as Consumer can be grouped or segmented on the basis of characteristics such as age, gender, income, ethnic background, and family life cycle of household composition . This is because demographic information is widely available and often related to consumers buying and consuming behaviour. One of Brooklyn target is the teenagers and young adults or well-known as the generation Y which has strong purchasing power, they tend to try everything new and trendy, tend to change their mind easily about things, and like status brands. This group spend most of their money on entertainment and food. Considering about this group of consumers behaviour, Brooklyn choose to open their restaurant in the largest hyper mall in Sabah which is located in the centre of the city and surrounded by a few of university and others college. So the company has design friendly environmentally surrounding for the restaurant so that this environmentally conscious group are more likely to stop y and eat at Brooklyn. Brooklyn has various in their menu that are suitable for family (children to older) and fast food like burger, and other snacks for this young adults who like fast food Other than income level is also basic cause of segmentation of the restaurants that the Brooklyn has considered in segmented their market. Looking towards all the university and colleges, the high class residential, this commercial area may have those people with middle to high level of income were staying around. This people with excess money enjoy eating food with speciality will come to try the various menu with the standard price that Brooklyn offered. Brooklyn also segmenting their target market base on ethnic background. Theres a lot of people/ customers from various ethnic that come to one 1 Borneo but as we can see most of them are Chinese and some of them are tourist from other country who come to visit either for visiting or businesses reason. This is suitable with the combination of Chinese-western in their menus.

Psychographics Segmentation Personality, attitude, Opinions and life styles are often used for segmentation basis. These characteristics have some relationship to consumer behaviour and provide insight into how to communicate with chosen segments. Commonly the all the resident around the 1 Borneo come from up and coming families which is the youngest of the family market. They are more gen X than baby boomers, which most of them are families of blue collar with young children, college educated, and professionally employed. Brooklyn is targeting customers who might want various Chinese-western hot and cold meals from Brooklyn to dine in with the family. They also concentrate on providing friendly service in clean and comfortable environment suitable with children, teenagers, and young adult who come to spend their time with family and friends. Target Marketing: Middle and high-class Family background, students, business people, tourist, working people are the target market of Brooklyn restaurant. Like wed discussed above about the people who are highly paid employees and good businessmen is the target market of Brooklyn. However Brooklyn also focused a broad variety of customers. We can also say that the Brooklyn company is targeting the generation X which is more active in spending money on nonessential things like eating, generation Y that love spending time with their friend in friendly environment, and those business people/executive class that come for meetings and discussion with their client by offering them their hot and cold menu. Brooklyn also offered products for vegetarians. The Brooklyn company offered meet free menu such as fish fillet and fish and chips, some soup, salad and pasta so that people who dont want to eat meat or sick so that they could enjoy the quality and best food of Brooklyn. Brooklyn is also very good place for the students of colleges and universities. Students can make a reservation and arrange treat parties in Brooklyn or just come to discuss their assignment while having something to eat since they provide utilities such as a plug so that students can charge their laptop. They also provide wireless connectivity (WIFI) so that customer might want to stay a bit longer at the restaurant. People also can come to Brooklyn to release tension and just want to have some conversation with their friends. Brooklyn also provided suitable environment for family people to come with their children and folks. This gave Brooklyn the ability to earn more and more. There are two types of ways that used by Brooklyn in targeting their customers and in order to gain more profit. Which is dine in and take away.


7.3 POSITIONING 7.3.1 POSITIVE/NEGATIVE Brooklyn companies had positive positioning techniques that make them to be able to reaches their target market. This price and quality appeal had help Brooklyn in creating a perceived value among their customer and at the meantime help to boost and increase their sales. Brooklyn does not have to use too much positioning bases to reaches their customers. However they still manage to promote their goods and services better even they are still new in this market area.

7.3.2 POSITIONING BASES PRICE AND QUALITY Brooklyn positions themselves base on price and quality. They put their product and services higher than their competitor to create a perceived value among customer. Brooklyn believe that consumers willing to pay more for the product their offer because Brooklyn give best service and quality of their product that worth the price consumer pay for. Not only targeting people who might want comfortable places to hangout they also provide best quality food with best services suitable for their middle to upper class target market.

PRODUCT USER Brooklyn also focused on a personality and type of consumer as their position bases. As an example Brooklyn has different type of beverages and food in their menus. Brooklyn provide fast food such as pizzas, hotdog, fries and so on for customer who like simple and nice food for conversation. Other than that they focused on their restaurant environment aiming the teenagers, businesses people, family oriented, students, and professional employed. By determining the product user or potential customer of the restaurant, Brooklyn can position they restaurant depending on their product user.

8.1 ACHIEVE YOUR GROUPS OJECTIVE OR NOT As the result for the marketing plan researches of Brooklyn company, we believed that our group has achieved our group objectives. At the end of our finding, we are able to identify the company profile and businesses. We are also able to access Brooklyn Company marketing mix strategies that has been used by Brooklyn to achieve their organization goals. We are also able to describe the company marketing mix (price, product, promotion, and places) and able to identify Brooklyn strength and weaknesses and give suggestion & improvement for Brooklyn company.

8.2 LIMITATION During the period given to complete this marketing plan researches our group had faced some limitation such as time and in context of information. The manager, Mr. Omry as well was very busy managing the businesses, which we only manage to have a short interviewer session and unable to gain enough information like in which required. However we still manage to contact him when we have something to ask from the Facebook page and his contact number which is very helpful. Apart from that, we also could not find much additional information about the company as it does not have its own officially website. However we still manage to gain information needed from the blogger which has wrote about the Brooklyn restaurant

8.3 LEARNING EXPERIENCE In the progress of completing this marketing plan, our group member learned more about the syllabus of introduction to marketing in details which is very helpful in our studies.. We are also can identify the importance of marketing mix (4 Ps)-product, price, promotion and place in defining a businesses. We also learn how the marketing segmentation used to bases the market target. Distinguish types of consumer buying decisions and marketing management philosophies that used for variety businesses. Apart from that we also know how the corporate social responsibilities (CSR) can help the company growth.

9.1 INTERNET 1. 2. 3.

9.2 BOOKS Introduction to marketing by McDaniel, Lamb and Hair

9.3 PEOPLE Mr. Omry as a Head Manager Brooklyn Restaurant at 1Borneo Hyper mall, Kota Kinabalu Sabah.