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Mid-America Association of Real Estate Investors is dedicated to promoting ethical real estate investing and to protect and promote the best interest of our membership through educational and networking opportunities as well as community, legislative and public relations.

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MAREI STAFF & Volunteers
Executive Director Kim Tucker kim@MAREInet.com Investor : Realtor Advisory Board / Membership Desk Scott Tucker sTucker319@gmail.com Realtor

Advisory Board Donald Tucker DonTuckerRE@gmail.com Investor Focus Group Leader: Blue Springs / Lees Suumit Debra Felderhoff superiorrental@gmail.com Landlord : Investor Focus Group Leader: Weekly Wednesdays Michelle Winberry mlwinberry@gmail.com Investor : Realtor Focus Group Leader: Weekly Wednesdays Brian Winberry

Advisory Board / Membership Desk Dan Goodwin DanGoodwin@kw.com Realtor : Short Sales Advisory Board / Membership Desk Shelda Goodwin SheldaGoodwin@kw.com Realtor : Short Sales Focus Group: Eddie Speed Mentoring Students L. Scott Ficinus Scott@Ficinus.com Realtor Advisory Board / Membership Desk John Welchert JWelchert@platinumrealtykc.com

Investor : Focus Group Leader: IRA Investing Coming Soon . . . Leader Located

Realtor : Investor : Landlord Focus Group Leader: KC Note Buyers Coming Soon

Focus Group Leaders: Transaction Engineers Leader Wanted

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Focus Group Leader: Women in Real Estate Leader Wanted

Focus Group Leader: Advanced Investors Leader Wanted

Investment News

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or orking f Netw ls tate Dea Real Es
More often that not with every deal I am looking for four different things: (1) Something to purchase, (2) a funding partner to pay for the deal (3) a buyer for the deal or (4) some sort of service provider. We have been in business for over 12 years now and one of the key activities we still participate in is networking to meet new people so we can do more deals. At the recent Realty411 event here in Kansas City that I attended as vendor promoting MAREI, Don my husband attended as the Real Estate Investor in the family. I can’t tell you how many times we have heard presentations about Self Directed IRA investing or Insurance for real estate investors so attending for us to listen to the speakers was not a high priority, even though I got a few new ideas from each and everyone of the speakers. There were few people who came for a few minutes and left. When I asked them why later, they said that they had already seen speakers on all these topics and didn’t see any point in staying. I noted that the people who did stay for the entire day were the highly experienced investors who could have taken the place of most of the presenters for the day. So why would the investors who have been in this business for a year or less find the event a total waste of time and the experienced people who have done countless deals tell me the event was excellent. The difference is the people who do deals realize that they can always learn something new in this industry because it is always changing and that at large events there are a lot of new people to meet. Adding people to your database is key

id the ow I d H
as they could be the next person to bring you a deal, fund a deal or buy a deal or be the service provider.


Just last week I was reading a weekly email newsletter , “The Notebuyers Notebook” that was talking about how their company is utilizing MeetUp.com. This is an online networking website that is a social networking website designed to facilitate live meetings. Meetup is designed to help you make live connections with people with similar interests and there are meetups for just about every interest imaginable. Anyway, Dave, the writer of the newsletter said “we were deciding on new means of networking we turned back to Meetup . . . I noticed that joining a Meetup, . . ., expanded your network by usually at least 50 people that share a similar interest.” Then today I received a voice mail from a new investor who was wanting to find out where he could get “the list” of wholesale buyers. My response was to find a place where real estate investors meet on a regular basis: like a MAREI or KCIG meeting or a special event like the Realty 411 event last week and to network his way into a quality list of not only wholesale buyers, but other wholesale sellers, service providers that would be needed in all of his deals and potential funding partners just in case he would rather buy the deal instead of wholesale it. So this month, how did I do the deal? I did it by knowing someone. So I will see you at the MAMAREInet.com

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MAREI Business Members are here to serve you in your Real Estate Business. They specialize in Real Estate Professionals and have joined our association as a Business. You can find out more about each of our Business Members at www.MAREInet.com/Services . Don’t see a service you need? Ask on the Forum!

Foundations Cornerstone Foundation Joe Williams 913-220-5253 Insurance www.NREInsurance.com Jim Jrolf 913-915-3232 1-888-741-8454 jj@nreinsurance.com Property Management www.JamiesonHomeTeam.com Kevin Jamieson 816-503-4671 Staging www.ShowHomesKC.com Michelle Davis 913-449-3593

Your Company Here $499 annual Or $135 a Quarter

Insurance www.APIAprotects.com Lisa Goodner 1-877-752-2742

Investors www.kcmoHomeBuyer.com The Tuckers 816-200-2198 kcmoHomeBuyer.com Property Management www.MyPremierleasing.com Jeff Wood 816-841-9500 Suppliers: Building www.CabinetGiant.com Josh Burns 1-877-484-4268 Title Company Real Estate Brokerage www.RealtyResourceKC.com 816-523-4400 RealtyResourceKC@gmail.com Suppliers: Building www.HomeDepot.com
Roger_L_Holyfield@HomeDepot.com George_R_Neal@HomeDepot.com

Title Company www.Coffeltlandtitle.com Bud Whisler 816-581-2299 bwhisler@coffeltlandtitle.com 5 Page

Suppliers: Building www.Sherwin-Williams.com Mike Steiner swrep4735@Sherwin.com Investment News

www.AccurateTitleCo.com Jackie White / Mary Peterson 913-338-0100 jwhite@accuratetitleco.com

Director’s Welcome
Since the first planning meetings way back in November 2003, Mid-America Association of Real Estate Investors has came a long way and has a lot more to offer our members for their $99 annual dues than just the opportunity to go to a meeting once a month. Our website has grown to have a bunch of very useful tools and resources and takes a prospectors map to navigate. We have a public side of our website to help support local and national investors who can’t quite swing the membership fee or have not yet seen the value in being a member. We also have a private, members only section that supports our members. We will cover some parts of both in this welcome packet. Since that very first meeting we have also aligned ourselves with National Real Estate Investors Association to bring more to our members and take us from the “club” status to a “trade association” status. Through our alignment we are able to bring our members an ever growing list of money saving discounts, valuable tools for our businesses, and more. The more that comes from National REIA is in our Community Involvement Efforts, Government Affairs Committees, and an Industry Standard Education Program. To cover all the wonderful benefits available to you would take a full day training class and then some, I personally attend one National REIA meeting a year to brush up on the old benefits and find out about the new ones and it is a 4 day event. So in an effort to tell you about all the benefits of our Association we have copied the Member Welcome Packet with out links to the Member’s Only specific items. I hope you will find time to browse through to learn more about them and how you can utilize them. Note that this packet is created as a digital packet as many of the tools and money savings are online and require web site links to access. So you may want to print this out and put in a notebook, I urge you to keep it in digital form so you can find things online faster. Secondly as we add or change things we will update this Packet and post in on the website for current members to download. And we do get new stuff quite often so we update quite often. So, thanks for considering membership in our association, when you join you will receive a similar package that includes full access to all the member benefits and discounts. Browse through the packet, use the benefits, and get involved.

Kim Tucker
Director of MAREI KimatMAREI@Gmail.com 913-815-0111

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Member Benefit
Publish investment property opportunities on our marketing page.
   

For title, escrow, 1031 & foreclosure.

Turn Key Rentals Wholesale Properties REO & Short Sale Listings Multi Family & Offices

Review the Membership Package on the Resource tab for instructions on how to log in and post your properties MAREInet.com/Properties

Bud Whisler 816-380-3441

For Investors By Investors
In this market, you want an agent on your side that has the knowledge, the ability, the EXPERIENCE,
www.APIAProtects.com 1(877) 752-2742 Lisa Goodner

Because APIA sells only Real Estate Owned (REO) and Forced Lender insurance coverage, we've become the industry leader in providing comprehensive, affordable coverage to investors, financial institutions and mortgage companies.
Realty Resource 8014 State Line Rd, #210 816-523-4400


Our company specializes in Real Estate Owned (REO) and Forced Lender insurance coverage for property investors, servicers, financial institutions and mortgage companies. Standard insurance companies also turn to us for our services.

Investment News

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General Meeting What to Expect
Many of our guest and new members are unsure as to what to expect at our monthly meeting. Where do I go? What should I bring? What happens? So first we currently meet on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at Career Education Systems (www.CESKC.com) that is located inside of the Ward Parkway Shopping Center in Kansas City Missouri. Park on the State Line side of the mall, use the main entrance and you should find Career Education across from Starbucks. You should prepare a bit to attend this meeting. This is a place to meet people and do deals. So if you offer a product or service, please bring business cards. Have a property for sale, bring a stack of flyers or stack of brochures. We have a general marketing table where all attendees may place a stack of business cards or brochures or flyers. We also suggest a small notebook to take notes or a new tech tool to take notes through out the meeting. So what happens. As you walk in we have a check in table. MAREI members will need to check their name off the roster and pull out their name tag and wear it through out the meeting. New members and guests will want to check in at the registration table and pay their fees. Note that if you are a first time guest, meaning you have never attended a MAREI meeting before you can use the FREE guest registration in this newsletter. If you are a second time or a third time guest, you will need to pay $25 at the door or save and register

Monthly Meeting
Monthly Meeting:  Usually 2nd Tuesday of the  
Month., 6pm to 9pm Career Education Systems, FREE for members, Guests $25 at the door, $15 if you preregister

Don’t miss this event!

Agenda  5:30 Set Up  5:45 Orientation  6:00 check in & Vendor Hall  7:00 mini speed networking  7:15 guest speaker:  8:30 Wrap Up  9:00 End

Page 8

online on our calendar of events for $15. Any fees that you pay to attend a meeting can be applied toward a full membership should you join right there at the meeting that night. We also have a bonus for those joining at the meeting or in advance of the meeting. We have a box of assorted books, Audio CDs, and software that all new members can select one item out of the box. After checking in, find our general marketing table and place your flyers, brochures or what ever it is that you brought with you. Then work your way around the room and find out what each and every one of the vendors have to offer.

Register for any give aways that they might have. Next we suggest you take a bit of time and brush up on your networking skills before you attend a meeting. We have a full hour from 6 to 7 where attendees can work the room to meet as many new contacts as possible. Feel free to introduce yourself to everyone. At 6:30 we have a very informal new member orientation where we go through all of the benefits we have for our members and answer questions about MAREI. This is a short 15 minute session. At 7:00 we go into our short mini speed networking where we break into groups and take 15 minutes

for everyone in the group to take the time to meet each other and exchange business cards. At 7:15 we take our seats and introduce the guest speaker or speakers. Our presentation is always an educational presentation, not a sales pitch, where you will have the opportunity to learn. Our speakers run till 8:30, when we end the presentation and have the speaker available for more one on one questions. We also have further networking from 8:30 until 9:00 as well as issue the Professional Housing Provider Certificates for the evening. Last we collect the member name tags so they have them for the next meeting.

Investment News

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Landlord Services


Service Provider

Screening for tenants & workers with 20% discount for members.

Learn how to save money at Home Depot and register for a 2% Rebate for all purchases & rentals across the US. Plus 20% Discount on Paint in Kansas City.

Discount card for all members providing a 10% discount on all services..

Electronic collection for bounced No charge to you.

rent checks.

Member Library is packed with forms and docs, plus 15 % discount at EZ Landlord Forms for premium forms. All members receive a discount card to access our exclusive discounts up to 40% off all paint, supplies, and flooring— nationwide.

News & Information E-Update
Our weekly email update with what’s happening in real estate including properties for sale, government affairs and local market data.

Market your rentals on the nations top ranked rental site. Member discount is 20% off Regular Prices.

Investment News
Websites for investors, landlords, and other services.

FREE trial.

The newsletter for Mid-America Association of Real Estate Investors: published monthly and distributed both in print at our meetings and digitally to our database of over 5000 people.

Office Solutions
Magazine for the real estate investor. With discount subscriptions for MAREI members. Save on select FedEx Office copy and print services up to 20% and on FedEx Shipping up to 22%.

Continued . . . . Receive discounts up to 65% on over 12,000 products you use the most online and in store.

Email and Social Media Marketing, Free Trial and Discounts for paying in advance.

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Other Discounts

Member Service
We have several services as part of our website to help you grow your business. MA-

REI’s Government Affairs actively monitors national legislation and rule-making that impacts the real estate industry and harnessing the strength of MAREI members at the grassroots level. Nearly 70% of QuickBooks users say that it makes their business more profitable. Get your Accounting on track. Buy at a 20% discount through National REIA. Calendar of Events to stay up to date with all of our activities.

The nation’s largest provider of real estate training materials, DEARBORN is America’s Premier Real Estate Publisher. Members receive up to 40% off.

MAREI members also receive timely Calls to Action when there is a time for our members to take action on an important vote.

Members also have access to the latest in Market Data.

Special discounts members Budget, and Enterprise Rentals.

member for at Avis,

Browse the member properties to find your next deal. Take the time to post your investment opportunities for other members and site visitors to browse.

The Local Market Monitor tracks real estate sales and economic trends nation wide. Offering 25% Discount for Members.

The Member Library is packed and ever growing with pdf versions of entire books, EBooks, Articles, Forms, and Documents.

ww.MAREInet.com Look under Resources Discounts

Investment News

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Housing Provider
NaPHP: Professional Housing Provider The “PHP Certification” is a National Designation and Certification from the National Association of Real Estate Investors. Earn Your Professional Housing Provider Certification with MAREI Earn instant credibility and show those you are working with that you are a professional investor committed to the highest standard of excellence. All MAREI educational seminars have been approved for students to earn credits towards obtaining the nationally acclaimed Professional Housing Provider Certification offered by the National Real Estate Investors Association (National REIA). Details To earn the PHP Certification, you must complete a minimum of 60 credit hours of education: 42 hours in required core subject areas, and 18 additional hours in the subject areas of your choice. MAREIoffers all the seminars needed to complete this certification program on a two year cycle. What is the PHP Designation? The PHP designation is a national educationbased certification program designed to recognize the high level of knowledge and professionalism among the designation holders. It is sponsored and overseen by the National Real Estate Investors Association, a non-profit trade association serving the real estate industry. Why Obtain the PHP Designation? Only individuals completing the educational requirements will be permitted to hold themselves out to the public as a “Professional Housing Provider”. The designee will be recognized in the form of an award certificate, pin, and the right to use the designation. By having a standardized education in the topics outlined increase your ability to achieve your goals in real estate investing. Further, as National REIA works to increase the visibility of the PHP designation, individuals who have earned the certification are held to a higher standard of credibility when dealing with legal and governmental bodies. It aids legislators in perceiving educated investors as a larger group for political action, and in turn, provides our industry with greater legislative influence. How Will I Obtain These Hours? Mid-America Association of Real Estate Investors offers course in all the areas needed to complete this certification. When attending a MAREI PHP certified training event, attendees must arrive within 5 minutes of the start time to be issued a PHP Certificate. For the certificate to be valid, it must be embossed with the MAREI seal at the end of the program. Certificates will be embossed no earlier than 15 minutes before the scheduled end of the event. Attendees must attend the entire event; no partial PHP credits can be awarded.
Attendees are responsible for keeping track of PHP certificates and will not be replaced. Attendees are also responsible for tracking progress towards completion of their PHP designation. A tracking folder is available for download and at meetings. Once all courses have been completed, submit your PHP certificates to the PHP committee for verification of award. In addition, courses completed at MAREI can be combined with PHP certified courses offered by other NaREIAassociated organizations and conferences. It is possible that seminars and training events offered by other groups may qualify for PHP credit; however, all outside training events must meet the following requirements: 1. 2. They must be taught live The must be pre-approved by the MAREI PHP Committee


Page 12



They must provide a Certificate of Attendance acceptable to the MAREI PHP committee.

           

Insurance (Property) – 1 hour

Keeping Track of Hours Download the Master Record Sheet from the Website or pick up at a meeting or other PHP Event. Collect PHP Certificates at the Event and Keep with your Master Record Sheet. Mark you’re your credits down in the Master Record Sheet. Once you have completed the Required Core Credits plus an additional 18 Credits, confirm with the MAREI and earn your certification and the right to use the Professional Housing Provider Designation in your marketing.

Insurance (Worker’s Compensation) – 1 hour Local Regulations – 2 hours Management – 4 hours Marketing – 2 hours Negotiation – 3 hour Purchasing – 2 hours Rehab (Classroom) – 2 hours Rehab (Hands-On) – 2 hours Tax Law (Income) – 1 hour Tax Law (Other) – 1 hour Tenant-Landlord Law – 2 hours

Required Credit Hours in Core Subjects

        

Appraisal – 2 hours Contract Law – 3 hours EPA Regulations – 1 hour Ethics – 1 hour Fair Housing Law – 2 hours Federal Regulations – 1 hour Finance – 6 hours Inspections – 2 hours Insurance (Liability) – 1 hour



Investment News

Page 13

Mid-America Association of Real Estate Investors New Member / Guest Application



COMPANY NAME: ______________________________________________________ ADDRESS: OFFICE PHONE: _____________________ FAX: ________________________________

EMAIL #1: EMAIL #2: _________________________________ (need a good email address for each member to send your web site passwords) PAYMENT INFORMATION ( ) FREE Guest Entrance for first MAEI meeting Select type of membership: ( ) Standard / $99 ( ) Business / $499 ( ) Add a 2 nd Person $50 ( ( ( ) Monthly Payment - $15 to start and then auto bill $12 a month – must pay via valid credit / debit card on file. ) Quarterly Payment - $35 to start and then auto bill $30 every 90 days – must pay via valid credit / debit card on file ) Quarterly Business - $149 to start and then auto bill $135 every 90 days – must pay via valid credit / debit on file ( ) Check Payment Check # _______ (annual only)

Please make checks payable to MAREI MC/ Visa/Discover /Am EX Credit Card #:

Expiration Date: _________

Security Code: __________(autobill only)

Billing Address: ________________________________________________________________________________ Of Credit Card PROFESSIONAL INTEREST   User Name 1: ________________ User Name 2: __________________

How did you hear about our association? _______________________________________ If a friend referred you, please provide their name so we can thank them properly.

Membership Directory: Please only include information you would like to be printed in the directory. 
Website: ________________________ Email: ______________________

Application for MAREI membership shall in no way be considered or deemed to be providing investment or financial advice and all applicants agree to waive any and all claims against this organization. In no event shall the applicant seek to hold the organization, it’s officers, or directors liable; either directly, or as a principle or agent of any other member organization. Applicant releases any and all claims it my presently have or may have in the future. Memberships are not transferable or assignable. We reserve the right to refuse or cancel Membership. If cancelled a Pro-rated refund for unused portion of membership will be returned. ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP IS FOR ONE YEAR FROM THE DATE OF APPLICATION. Temporary is only for 1 month. Autobill renews every pay period with automatic debit or credit card charge. For Office Use Applicant #1 Signature: ______________________________ Date: ____________ Memberize ______ Web Site ______ Applicant #2 Signature: ______________________________ Date: ____________ Quick Books ______ Welcome Email ______ Please mail completed forms & payment to: Home Depot ______ MAREI (attention membership) Membership Pkg ______ PO Box 8685 CBG ______ Prairie Village, KS 66208 Name Tag ______ Or fax to 201-574-2969 Phone 913-815-0111 02.08.2012 Or Join Online on our secure server at www.MAREInet.com

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 Built After 1950 Minimum 3 Bed, 1.5 Bath Eastern Jackson County MO or Johnson County KS

On Demand Training 30 Minute Segments Top Investor Trainers From the Comfort of Your own Internet Connection $39.00 Training Courses
REO & Lease Option Creative Financing Automated Investments Auctions & Foreclosures Short Sales Wholesaling 101

Retail Value $100k-$200k No Rental
Local Cash Buyer Looking for 2 to 4 Houses a month to purchase, rehab and sell. Money Partners want their money placed quickly so they can turn their money fast and make a profit. Can’t do that with out houses! Bring us a deal!

Email: kcmoHomeBuyer@gmail.com Submit Online: kcmoHomeBuyer.com



Accurate Closings: Smooth, Timely, Professional.
Property Insurance for Rental, Vacant & Construction Residential & Commercial Pay-As-You-Go

Title Services Provided for:
   

FSBO, Wholesale, & REO Transactions New Construction Closings Commercial Purchases and Refinance All Types of Loan Closings 1031 Exchanges FHA, VA, USDA, Conventional Loans, and Hard Money Loan Closings
 

Jim Jrolf Toll Free: 888-741-8454 Direct: 913-951-3232 NREInsurnace.com MAREInet.com/NREIG

 

Refinance & Reverse Mortgages Doc Prep, Prelim HUDS, Curing
913-338-0100 phone


Investment News

Page 15

Property Management Section 8 Housing KC Metro Wide

Do the math.
Your vacancy is costing you every day. Fill your vacancy faster and save money with Rentals.com!

Discounts for MAREI Members: Jeff Woods Broker www.MyPremierLeasing.com 816-849500 Receive 20% off all Regular Priced Advertising. Log into Member’s Area, click on Member Discounts and look for MAREI’s Discount code!

Cornerstone Foundation Repair
Kansas Cities Real Estate Investor’s #1 Foundation Repair Contractor
 Steel Push to Bedrock Piers @ $850 ea  Steel Wall Restraints Starting @ $180 ea  Crack Injection @ $25 per foot  Sump Pumps @ $800 each

Property Management Rental Services Kansas City Metro

We are proud to say that we have become real estate investors 1st call for major foundation repair issues. We offer 25 year and lifetime

Joe Williams ConerstoneFoundationRepair@yahoo.com 913-220-5253 Ask about our Investor Pricing

www.JamiesonHomeTeam.com Kevin Jamieson 816-503-4671

Page 16


Learn How NLP is applied in all Areas of Your Investing!

Bill Twyford aka The King of Communication and author of “How to Sell a House When It’s Worth Less Than the Mortgage,” will be here LIVE and IN PERSON, Nov.3rd & 4th, 2012. He will teach us how to get OUR DEALS ACCEPTED! Bill says that it all boils down to NLP! Bill is an NLP specialist. He can teach you how to speak the language of the banks, the homeowners, and the buyers…In other words: He can make you wealthy! You will learn:


      

What to say to the banks to get your short sale package to the top of the heap What to say when the bank says no How to get the bank to work with you even when your homeowners are in bankruptcy How to get your homeowners to sign contracts on the first meeting What paperwork to use to make every deal “air tight” Learn the “little known” Bankruptcy Short Sale How to negotiate when buying notes

Investment News

Register Today MAREInet.com/NLP 17 Page

NLP Cheat Sheet Bill Twyford
Embedded Commands  Trust me  Work with me  Feel motivated  Get excited  Sign the deed  Don’t resist  Concentrate fully  Feel compelled  You, like me  Listen to me  Get involved  Trust your feelings  Motivate yourself  Decide tonight  Convince yourself  Decide now  Do as I say  Agree with me  Think deeply  Take the short sale  Make the decision Adverb Presuppositions  Obviously  Easily  Naturally  Intuitively  Basically  Fortunately  Simply  Finally  Absolutely  Normally  Certainly

Luckily  Definitely  Usually  Clearly Awareness Presuppositions  Wonder  Become aware  Understand  Discover  Realize  Perceive  See  Look  Aware  Feel  Experience  Imagine Temporal Presuppositions  Start  Always  Continue  Begin  Stop  Already Feeling Communication  Impact  Taste  Feel  Touch  Smell  Tense  Rough  Bitter

          

Relax Sound Hear Tell Say Click Bang Talk Volume Loud Snap

Implied Cause and Effect  During X,Y  While X,Y  Because X,Y  As X,Y Binds  More  Less  Better  Worse  Fewer

Visual Communication  See  Focus  Clear  Bright  Picture  Hazy  Color  View  Dim  Look Direct Cause and Effect  Forces  Makes  Causes  Creates  Allows  Helps  Means  Requires

Assumptive Tag Phrases  Don’t you  Haven’t I  Isn’t it  Doesn’t it  Can’t you  Won’t it  Don’t you agree  Aren’t you  And that’s what you want …isn’t it  Correct  You agree …don’t you  Won’t that be great  Is it  Aren’t I  Okay

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More Information . . .
The best place on the entire planet to buy kitchen cabinets.

We Have The Best Prices

More Profits
Tenant Screening Pre Employment Screening Contractor Screening Collection Services

Everything Is In Stock We Ship Fast Free Design Help www.CabinetGiant.com Josh Burns 1-877-484-4268

Discounts for MAREI Members
www.AAAScreening.com 816-436-0085

Selling on Terms?
How? We transform vacant houses - often seen by buyers as stale, lifeless, unappealing - into fully-furnished, inviting, valued Showhomes. Now in our third decade of service to Homeowners and their Realtors, we've become America's premier home staging service coast-to-coast. Our professional home staging services can add thousands of dollars to your sale price -- and at the same time reduce the stress and expense of marketing your property.

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Sell Vacant Houses Faster and for more money! ShowHomesKC.com Michelle Davis
Investment News

Request a Quote Today! Email us at info@GBIFunding.com

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Invest In Kansas City

with MAREI!
Kansas City’s Resource for Successful Real Estate Businesses!

Network Online & Offline Property Marketing Vendor Discounts Education & Support Active in Government Affairs
Whether you are local or from out of state, just getting started or experienced professional . . . . . MAREI will assist you in reaching your goals. Call or go Online!


Mid-America Association of Real Estate Investors www.MAREInet.com : 913-815-0111

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