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PRAMAC - P 11000

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PRAMAC P 11000
Item code: PF113SYAZ00

Main features
Standby power LTP :11 kW Rated prime power (PRP) :10 kW Rated continuous power (COP):10 kW Phases :1 Voltage :230 V Frequency :50 Hz Engine manufacturer :Yanmar Fuel :Diesel Speed governor :Mechanical

P Series
The P Series are exceptionally quiet and high powered portable generators, for residential areas or working sites where special respect for noise levels is required.

(purely indicative picture) Technical specifications Main specifications Type Standby power LTP Standby power LTP Rated prime power (PRP) Rated prime power (PRP) Rated continuous power (COP) Rated continuous power (COP) Phases Voltage Frequency Battery charger current Circuit breaker Ratio Engine specifications Engine manufacturer Model Stroke Fuel Number of cylinders and disposition Displacement Air intake Starting system Nominal operating speed Speed governor SAE Flywheel Continuous power COP Prime power PRP Standby power LTP Lube oil capacity Coolant capacity Fuel consumption at 100% PRP Yanmar 3TNV70-CH 4, diesel Diesel 3, inline 854 cm Natural Electric 3000 rpm Mechanical n.a. n.a. 12,1 kW 13,3 kW 14,6 kW 3,8 l 0,9 l 5 l/h Canopied 11 kVA 11 kW 10 kVA 10 kW 10 kVA 10 kW 1 230 V 50 Hz 40 A 50 0,92 Standard equipment, options and accessories


PRAMAC - P 11000

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Fuel consumption at 75% PRP Maximum lube oil consumption at PRP Electric circuit voltage Engine derating Cooling fan Alternator specifications Alternator manufacturer Model Poles Revolution speed Voltage Frequency Continuous nominal power at 40C - COP Continuous nominal power at 27C - PRP Standby power at 27 C - LTP Continuous active power at 27C - PRP Efficiency at 75% load Efficiency at 100% load Maximum admitted overload Voltage regulation system Alternator derating Protection grade Additional information Fuel tank location Fuel tank capacity Running time at 100% PRP Running time at 75% PRP Measured acoustic power (LWA) at 10 mt Noise level at 7 m Guaranteed noise level (LWA) Dimensional data Length Width Height Dry weight Installation data

3 l/h n.a. 12 V 1,0 Mechanical

MeccAlte S20FS 160/A 2 3000 rpm 230 V 50 Hz n.a. 10 kVA 10,6 kVA 10 kW 79,2 % 79,2 % 10% for 1 hour every 12 hours of running time S2 Capacitor 1,0 IP 21

Internal 24 l 5,22 h 7h 95,4 dBA 70,4 dBA 96 dBA

1451 mm 650 mm 975 mm 325 kg

Technical specifications are subject to change without notice. Consult your local PRAMAC representative for more information.