Cooking is an art just like the art of writing, speaking, painting, and music.

Each art emanates from deep within the silence of the being. And then it reflects your inner serenity, bliss and harmony. Cooking indeed triggers inner silence through various culinary art forms and then the aroma of silence, harmony and oneness attains wings to reach and satiate your taste buds. And when like a word your culinary art emerges as the manifestation of cosmic consciousness your outer taste buds turn inwards. Such is the way of Taoshobuddha to commune with you. In painting words are like a brush and colors on a canvas and blend of spices like the strings of a musical instrument. It depends on who moves, paints it and vibrates the strings to create the culinary symphony. When is a man of awareness plays with the blend of spices, as the motor of god it is godliness that he paints and cooks. It is the unknown and unknowable that speaks,

manifests, sounds, tastes, colors and satiates outer tastes into inner tastes. All these are devices of silence, too. ‘The same Taoshobuddha does with his cooking. In his hands simple food turns into nectar. Taoshobuddha uses the fruits of earth, to turn the outer senses within. As an Enlightened master he is an artist of the inner, who uses the blends of spices and culinary awareness to turn the senses within to create a different quality of satiation. For him cooking is just another manifestation of awakening. Like the words of a master taste go exactly to the same depth where they come from.’ Ma Dhyan Preeti

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