A women is a woman from her finger tips to her smile and a man from his fists to his smiles. Keeping a woman a woman and man a man, after each looses the natural teeth has become so important a problem that modern day thinking emphasizes that a dentist must be an artist and a sculptor with highly developed perceptive qualities.

The Expression of Feminine Characteristics in the Denture
A glance at the schematic feminine form is sufficient to illustrate the roundness, smoothness and softness that is typical of women. Dentists interpretation of feminity in dentogenics is accomplished by definite grinding procedures. For e.g. the grinding of the incisal edges to follow a curve rather than a straight line. Curve suggests softness and thus feminity.

The Expression of Masculine Characteristics in the Denture
A scheme of the masculine form illustrates the cuboidal, hard, muscular, vigorous appearance, which is typical of men. However masculinity goes beyond the evaluation of physical appearance. Muscularity expresses aggressiveness, boldness, hardness, strength, action and forcefulness. A basic tooth form, which expresses masculine characteristics, shows vigor boldness and hardness. Typically in a vigorous middle-aged man central incisors were placed in bold, prominent positions and rotated with their long axis so as to bring the distal surfaces slightly forward. The lateral incisors should be squared, positioned with their mesial surface inward. The cuspid should be hardened by vertical position, rather by severe abrasion grinding on the tip.

This positioning of the lateral incisors imparts a quality of feminine softness.

A hardened smile for the vigorous male can be achieved by rotating the lateral incisors mesially.

80% Meaning normal. So regardless of whether this face and figure of ours are our fame and fortune. the opposite of robust. hard and aggressive in appearance. animal. nature has endowed us with something for more important. We wonder how popular television and movies or even magazines would be if all people were reduced to one male and one female type. moderately robust. the extreme male Most vigorous patients are men and most delicate patients are women. tooth position.  The vigorous type (red to purple) . which has color-band or vertical rainbow hues extending from red to violet. The rugged.fraile. would fit somewhere in between. The three divisions of personality spectrum are:  Delicate type (green to violet band) .DENTOGENICS INTERPRETATION OF THE PERSONALITY FACTOR In the case of normal social activity. Personality Spectrum: To provide a working tool for dentists as regards the personality factor in dentogenic restorations.5% Meaning fragile. . and the matrix (visible denture base).  Medium type (orange to yellow band) . Personality spectrum. normal type. they have conceived the personality spectrum. healthy and of intelligent appearance. male extrovert could only fit into the bold. the smile is the primary objective personalities of a human being.15% Meaning the opposite of delicate. Mere sex identity could not possibly complete our requirements for a dentogenic restoration as we come to comprehend the reason for the differences in feelings and appearances. Interpretation of personality factor depends on our manipulation of tooth shapes (molds) tooth colors. male or female. the dignity and satisfaction of being an individual with a personality of our own. red end of the spectrum. The shrinking violet type female could only belong at the right end of the scale and the medium.

Center. The maintenance of the illusive quality of dignity must be the responsibility of the prosthodontist. "Not only is there beauty in advanced age as well as in youth. time and the vicissitude of life have affected their toll. the grayness or whiteness replacing the youthful hair color. The changing cuspid tip with age. age changes take place through the entire body. As life progresses the adolescent quality of the tissue disappears. Dotted line shows the original appearance of the incisal edges of artificial teeth. . by the unbraided bluish incisal edge and unworn depth of incisal enamel.As the fresh crisp bloom poetically expresses youth on the skin. this is everyday getting worse". solid line shows the incisal wear to be incorporated for a particular patient. and final result will be unnatural. and the teeth have arrived at their terminal eruption position. the shoulders a bit stopped and chronological age line approaches the terminal. To arrange teeth in disharmony with these changes is in a bad taste. advanced age. In each individual. so does the young tooth convey the same brilliance of the recent birth. Left youth. Dignity can be attained only through the experiences supplied by time itself. Skin textures are not now as taut and smooth. Finally the step becomes a little faltering. and simultaneously complete the coronal portion of the tooth comes into view. but also there is an additional quality of dignity". middle age. right. and the teeth are no exception. With the advancing age one can see in the face.DENTOGENICS INTERPRETATION OF THE AGE FACTOR "Age is the most terrible misfortune that can happen to any man other evils will mend. Management of the Age Factor: Early youth shows mamelon formation on the incisal edges of the permanent incisors.

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