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Partido State University College of Education Goa, Camarines Sur

A/Y 2012-2013

1st Semester
LESSON PLAN FOR MS6ED (Assessment of Student Learning 1)


Objectives At the end of the lesson, students should be able to: A. Define and describe item analysis B. Cite the importance of item analysis. C. Compute the difficulty index and discrimination index using data of sample test items. D. Interpret item analysis data. E. Accomplish an item distractor analysis.


Subject Matter Topics: ITEM ANALYSIS, ITEM DISTRACTOR ANALYSIS and ITEM VALIDATION Sources: Assessment of Student Learning 1 Materials: Powerpoint presentation, hand-outs, sample test papers


Procedure A. Preparatory Activities 1. Prayer 2. Checking of Attendance B. Motivation C. Presentation 1. Lecture-Discussion of the topic “Item Analysis” Guide Questions a. Do you have an idea about item analysis? b. Is it important that we learn how to make this? Why? c. What are the key elements of item analysis?

2. Introduce the formulas used in computing the item of difficulty and discrimination index. Decipher what each symbol in the equation stands for. 3. Discuss the interpretations of the perceived data. D. Application 1. Let students answer sample questions. 2. Solve the difficulty index and discrimination index using the data provided.


Evaluation Complete the table: Item No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Upper 27% 14 10 11 9 12 6 13 3 13 8 Lower 27% 12 6 7 2 6 14 4 10 12 6 U L p Interpretation D Interpretation Action

Number of students tested - 60


Assignment Research about Standardized and Teacher-made tests.

Prepared by: Quiobe, Quennie N. Radores, Sherilyn Realizan, Donabel B. Rebuya, Mary Grace Retreta, Lorryjean Sambrano, Alvin BSED 3A Prepared for: Dr. Pelagio P. Lavapie 5th Professor