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Monday Math Lesson 2-5 (9/24) Materials:   Teacher - Clock for lesson, White Board, Marker Students – Clock Worksheet

Teacher Actions:
o We are going to try to see if we can tell how long a minute is. I want you to close your eyes and sit quietly. When you think a minute is up, raise your hand and keep your eyes closed. ( I’ll stop when it has been a minute.) Repeat, but I’ll tell them when one minute is up and they can all raise their hands. Help estimate by counting to 60 as a class in unison We have different ways people use time and tools for telling time (Have students generate ideas) o Clocks- help us organize our day o Stopwatches help us figure out who is faster in a race or how much time a player has to take a turn o Calendars help us keep track of the days and months. They also help us remember and plan for important events. Point out the clocks in the classroom. These are analog clocks. Identify the hour hand and the minute hand. The hour hand is shorter. Point the minute hand straight up on practice clock. What happens to the hour hand as you move the minute hand one full circle? (The hour hand moves slower than the minute hand) Both hands pointing straight up. Move the minute hand clockwise and have the children call out the hours as the hand passes from one number to the next. So when the minute hand points straight up the hour hand points to a number. This number tells the time on the hour. Show 2’oclock and write 2 o’clock on the board. Move the minute hand several times around. Ask children to watch the hour hand only and say stop when they think it is pointing about halfway between two numbers. Repeat and ask children in which direction the minute hand is pointing with the hour hand is about halfway between two numbers (It’s pointing straight down) Estimate the time. o Move the minute hand 10 minutes past 4 o’clock.  How would you describe the time shown? (After 4 o’clock, between 4-5 o’clock, a little after 4 o’clock) o Ask the class as I move the minute hand, is the time getting closer to 4o’clock or 5 o’clock? o Set clock to 2 o’clock. What time is it? o Set it to 8:30, How would you describe what time it is? (between 8 o’clock and 9 o’clock) Math Boxes 2-5, Journal page 13, write number 9 and 0 on half sheet

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Tuesday Math Lesson 2-6 (9/25) Materials:   Teacher - White board, marker Students – none at carpet

Teacher Actions:
o Remind the students that the hour and minute hands always move in the same direction called the clockwise direction. Write clockwise on the board. o The number 1-12 are displaced on the faces of most clocks and watches o The hour and minute hand move from one number to the next o It takes about one hour for the minute hand to move all the way around the clock face How many hours are in 1 day? How long does it take for the HOUR hand to move completely around the clock face? 12 hours How many times does the hour hand go all the way around the clock face in 1 day? Twice Each day starts at 12 o’clock at night. What is another time for 12 o’clock at night? Midnight What do we cal the time 12 hours later? 12 o’clock or noon Has anyone heard of am or pm? 12 hours of the day are pm and 12 hours are am. Midnight to noon are am, noon to midnight are pm Ask the students to share some things they do during the am hours and some things they do in the pm hours. Clock sheet- Have students show 4 different times that they know Page 14 in journal and 15 math boxes 2-6

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