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Founded in 198 by Michael Dell. It is the No.1 PC provider in the U.S. and No.2 worldwide. It is Based in Round Rock, Texas. It Employs more than 82,700 people worldwide. Grew during the 1980s and 1990s to become a brand. Direct Business Model is the foundation for Dell’s business. Dell maintains a consistent focus on offering the best value and customer. Dell is a trusted technology innovator with a diversified, comprehensive IT portfolio. Dell is a global company committed to its customers and employees History : Introduced the 316LT, the company’s first notebook computer in 1989.‡ Joined the top-five computer system makers worldwide in 1993. In 1996, Dell began selling computers via its web site. Earning approx. $1 million per day 7 months after the launch of in 1996‡ Introduced E-Support, an online tool to provide technical support to customers1999. In 1999, Dell overtook Compaq to become the largest seller of personal computers in the US ‡ For the first time, Dell achieves No. 1 ranking in global market share in 2001‡ In 2003, name was changed to "Dell Inc."‡ 2006, Dell purchased the computer hardware manufacturer Alienware‡ January 2007, started a turnaround plan that promises to yield $3 billion in annual savings over the next three years. In 2007, Dell set a goal of becoming the greenest technology company on Earth for the long term. The company launched a zero-carbon initiative. Recent Developments In January 2009, Dell announced that they will withdraw all manufacturing from Limerick and move it to its new plant in the Polish city of Lodz by January 2010. Raised their cost-reduction target to $ 4 billion.Dell also announced that it aimed to become a "one percent company," giving away 1 % of pre-tax profits to education and digital inclusion projects mainly in emerging markets, by February 2010.

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2. Double laptop sales in student market. Their vision statement basically tells the way they do their business. They want to be successful in the digital world for this they rely on latest technology. It intends to build good relationship with their customers and suppliers.´ Dell provides a classic example of how the principles of strategic management have been used to translate an innovative vision into a successful and sustainable enterprise. The goal of the organization is set consistent. 5. customized systems. high quality. While implementing strategies in pursuit of company’s objectives. Increase awareness of the existent agency project objective research strategic plan conclusion. Develop a promotional campaign to promote the modified laptops. achievable and realistic. dell supports educational services programs that address the critical and most basic technology access needs of its neighbours in Dell communities prerequisite to success in digital world. Dell provides quality products to cater the needs of the people.Through effective and strategic community partnership.” VALUES Their first priority is to be a successful business and that means investing for growth and balancing short term and long term. Increase revenues by 25% by the end of the second year of launching. Modify laptop designs according to student’s preferences. superior service and support and products and services that is easy to purchase and use. 4. GOALS Goals are the specific interim or the ultimate time based measurement to be achieved. Mission Statement “To provide customers with superb value. As per surveys the present major goal of the organization is to adopt the best technology and appoint few more personnel that would bring efficiency in the organization PEST ANALYSIS . 3. OBJECTIVES: Following are the objectives of Dell Corporation:1. relevant technology.

Changes in the legislation and laws of the US govt.These days people have time constrains and as a result of it they prefer to buy the product online. Since the economy saw a change due to the meltdown and recession. ECONOMIC High tariffs on IT products makes Dell difficult to enter other markets apart from USA since most of the population of the world is young and adaptive to change in technology. people have become tech savvy. Dell being an integral part of this economy has also been greatly affected by these changes and has not been able to counter dell also had to modify some of its policies to cope up with the changing scenario. The change in the US economy also effected Dell with it bring change in its core policies of inventory and credit management of receivables and inventory conversion days to decrease its operating cycle and thus reduce cost. The company has been able to beat the expectations of Wall street who predicted more dip by posting less losses by cutting costs. dell aimed to manufacture its products which are more user friendly and can be afforded by young professionals. Issues of environment policies has also affected Dell as Dell came under significant pressure from environmental groups across the US to assume responsibility for its old products and this experience sensitized company officials to the risks and opportunities of state and federal e-waste regulations and the need to take proactive steps against them.A scan of the external macro-environment in which the firm operates can be expressed in terms of the following factors: 1. 2. which has given Dell an advantage over others because of dell. The conservatism that exists in the consumer spending has been increasing which has adversely affected Dell’s performance. 3. SOCIAL Increase of younger population and working population has led to the increase of the use of computers. . have tried to revive the PC business but the reciprocations have been less than what was expected. Political Economic Social Technological POLITICAL The political environment in the US has been changing abruptly in the previous year. that have resulted in the increase in the demand for computers . because purchasing power of working population saw an increase over the past few decades. 4. A technological revolution has been around the corner.

Adamo. . Dell could exploit the network-internet.TECHNOLOGICAL Technological changes are happening at a very fast rate due to which Dell is able to provide advanced technology products to the customers. which will be in the market very soon. which can be seen with the success of the dell. They have excellent ecommerce capabilities. Innovation Aids Recovery. One of the most important effects of technological changes that have led to the increase of the demand of Dell computers is their Direct Business Model. Ultra-Thin Laptop. New Enterprise Computing Portfolio. extranet to reach the corners of the world. The recent technological changes can be seen in their recent products like New PowerEdge Servers. As a result of chronological changes Dell has also increased their product line. It is adopting to the technological changes as he old technology is becoming obsolete.

Framing mission objectives: The first step adopted by Dell Corporation was to frame the mission and objectives for the organization. 2. By providing an insight into the forces behind the intense competition.g.The performance level with the present level and came with a conclusion that in future they will surely come up with the new brand launch 5. For example mission: the purpose of the organization is to achieve the honour of becoming the best consumer friendly company. It can be broadly divided into three phases: PHASE 1 Strategic formulation It is referred as a strategic plan 1. Choice of strategies: Dell Corporation already has a highly sophisticated server with alternative strategies it chooses the best among the various strategies. machines adopted by Dell Corporation should be highly Resultant. Gap analyses: Management also conducts gap analyses that is for this purpose the management compares and analyses its present performance level and desired future performance level. by developing a sustaining competitive advantage based on organization core competency. 4.g.g. 6.: Dell Corporation has in acted gap analyses as it compared the last 5yrs. E. Analyse of external environment: The management conducts the analyses of the external environment. : Dell Corporation manufactures product that are hygienic and long lasting. E. Framing alternative strategies: The management needs to frame alternative strategies and accomplish the objectives of the firm.STATEGIC MANAGEMENT PROCESS Strategic thinking provides the foundation of the strategic management. . E.: Dell Corporation needs more qualified manpower. 3. Analysis of the internal environment: After setting the mission and objectives the next step is to analyses the internal environment.

g. 1 Dell Corporation makes it a point that their concept is achievable. Step 2 Project implementation: The project passes through various stages i. Step 7 Behavioural implementation: After implementing the strategy an organization studies the behaviour of the strategy. Dell Corporation has abroad plan which includes the goals. Dell Corporation before dealing with any foreign company needs to be aware of all the export and import charges. Step 6 Functional implementation: Dell Corporation as an organization implements all its functional plans and its policies.g. . so every organisation also needs to work laboriously in order to achieve the desired results. Step 1 Setting standards: Dell Corporation in order to initiate control is done by setting standards and making them aware of the tolerance limit they should keep. Once the strategies are formulated the next stage is strategic implementation Step 1 Formulation of plans. Dell Corporation follows the divisional structure and therefore the implementation strategy moves on division wise. Step 4 Resources and allocation: It deals with the arrangements and commitment of physical financial and HR.e. it sets different goals for the delegates.Phase 2: Strategic implementation The strategies are formulated for each and every functional area. programs and projects setting strategies will not guarantee success. policies and procedures.g. E. Phase 3: strategic evaluation and control It is the phase in which the manager tries to assume that the strategic choice is properly implemented and is meeting the objective of the organization. Step 3 Procedural implementation: Dell Corporation before implementing any new strategies examine all the government regulatory framework E. Step 5 Structural implementation: There is a need for an organizational structure for implement strategies. 3 clean up phase: Dell Corporation follows follow up action of above listed phases. 2 Their plans are organized in such a way that the results are achieved without any damage or duplications. Dell Corporation studies the impact of its strategies by keeping a small conference meeting with its entire divisional heads. Dell Corporation allocates all its resources in such a way that there is no duplication of work and also aims at avoiding wastage e.

g. in order to remove the blockage Dell Corporation may replace the low quality spare parts and find out other good quality plastic at the low price. E. while implementing a strategy for a new branded product Dell Corporation faced a difficulty as the packaging of that product was done with the help of low quality plastic Step 5 Analysing deviations: Here the top executives are the cause of deviations.g. Dell Corporation could not procure better spare parts from the company it used to buy earlier. Step 4 Finding out deviation: At this step the organization pin points the deviation or blockages if any E. . E.Step 2 Measurement of performance: The next step is to measure the actual performance with the planned one. Step 6 Taking corrective measures: The top level management of Dell Corporation will analyze the blockage and give an alternative. E. The emotional bonding was the main cause for its dependence of that company providing low quality spare parts.g. the organizational heads compares the set targets with the achieved one.g.

dell. WEAKNESS 1) No proprietary technology 2) High dependency on component suppliers 3) Occasional product recall.4 million laptop adapters because of a fear that they could overheat. E. 4) Unable to switch supply dues to the lack of large suppliers in the World 5) High attrition rates among visitors to Dell. In 2004Dell had to recall 6) No physical presence of service centres . causing electric shocks or fires.SWOT Analysis:- STRENGTH 1) No inventory build-up 2) Acquition with Equalogic 3) Quality product and service 4) Whole world focus 5) Brand name 6) Customer service 7) Cost efficiency 8) Direct sell model=customization + fast+ delivery + low cost 9) Winning culture 10) latest technology 11) First mover advantage 12) e-commerce capabilities: 13) Build to order manufacturing process 14) Product design plus sales service 15) Expert Supply Chain Management.

intranet and extranet Developing nations market Low costs and growing advanced technology Growth in business. education and government markets Global wide access to customers and market.7) Slow in introducing fancy features 8) Lack of innovation OPPORTUNITIES 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) Network-internet. . Expansion Increasing income of consumers Globalisation THREATS 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) Competition Currency fluctuation in countries outside the US Political instability Tariff trade barriers Recession Declining sales.

and promotion mix are the 4 strong weapons with the help of which Dell Corporation has overcome all the consequences it has faced during its inception. STRATEGY Plans for the allocation of a firm’s scarce resource. Central beliefs and attitudes. to reach identified goals. over time. place. Competition. price.7-s framework of Mckinsey The 7. Together these determine the way in which a corporation operates. As Dell has already adopted the brand name Dell it has reached its saturation stage now in order to sustain for a longer term they need to renovate or launch new products under the same brand name which they are doing. Environment. .s framework of McKinsey is a Value Based Management (VBM) model that describes how one can holistic and effectively organise a company. Customers.e. As the hand works in the human body the shared values are the core values of the organization as it connects soft skills of the Dell Corporation. Dell Corporation has become a leading company as it has a very strong product marketing focus it has certainly adopted the basic 4 P’s of marketing i. What does the organisation stand for and what it believes in. product. SHAR ED VALUE The interconnecting center of McKinsey’ s model is: Shared Values.

etc. The system of Dell Corporation is so strong that they can analyze consumer response by a easy going system whereas due to its dignified image it has acquired intermediaries confidence within them. matrix. available in urban as well as remote areas. The company saw to if they have acquired expertise knowledge to develop faith and trust of the consumers. SKILL . The capability of the organization has bound that the consumers with their standardized quality product. processes and routine that characterise how important work is to be done: financial systems. Such an informal system avails the organization to have crystal clear information to progress. The agent of the organization conduct. function divisions (topdown). STAFF Numbers and types of personnel within the organisation. information system. various market surveys with the help of the retail system. Dell has also appointed people from below poverty line session so that they can also their livelihood on the same side. network. its products are convention able. holding. promoting and performance appraisal systems. in order to motivate their staff they provide various financial as well as non-financial incentives. decentralised (the trend in larger organisation). STYLE -Cultural style of the organisation and how key managers behave in achieving the organisation’s goals.Distinctive capabilities of personnel or of the organisation as a whole. The Dell Corporation has followed formal as well as informal procedure that governs the day to day activity. They make sure that they achieve result within a defined SYSTEM The procedures. The competency of the organization is to provide its product at an affordable price and in addition to it. . etc. They supervise their subordinated in such way that they work in deliberate manner. The top level management of Dell Corporation has maintained a disciplined atmosphere.STRUCTURE The way the organisation’s units relate to each other: centralised. Management Styles. call centre system. This assists the organization to achieve the desirable goals. This will make their employees to work in more enthusiasm and interest. hiring.

to provide high technology quality products and services through customization. This strategy enables Dell to provide customers with superior value. sometimes permanently. and products and services that are easy to buy and use. highquality. set new industry performance standards. . relevant technology.Levels of strategic management:CORPORATE LEVEL Dell’s corporate strategy is to provide products directly to Internet increases good relations with consumers & suppliers Impressive Supply Chain Management Strong strategic alliances with other companies Direct Business Model = Customisation+ Customer service OPERATIONAL LEVEL Dell has built one. FUNCTIONAL LEVEL Cost leader ship through direct sell model. Dell believe that changing the game on competitors. In short. is the outcome of a winning operations management strategy. customized systems. BUSINESS LEVEL Dell's business strategy combines its direct customer model with a highly efficient manufacturing and supply chain management organization and an emphasis on standards based technologies. superior service and support. and create unmatched customer experiences in their business end-to-end operational chain from customer to supplier and back again that sets it apart from all others in terms of cash flow and responsiveness. In direct sales model it sells directly to Customers which have the following characteristics:        Efficient supply chain/distribution system Just-In-Time inventory system reduces costs Direct sales by using www. the company is increasingly leveraging these new conditions to reinvent their cost structures. Their strategy also includes cost cutting where ever possible. global.

. Rivalry: HIGH    Price War Decreasing profitability Low differentiation However.HP overtook dell few years back.Michael Porter’s 5 forces model:- Threat of New Entrants: MODERATE The entry of new comers is quite difficult because of the entry barriers that are caused by:       Buyer loyalty Brand name Low price Award winning customer service Customisation Decreasing profitability shows that there is a threat of new entrants . Dell can still gain market share from other competitors. in the midst of sever competition. That proves Dell’s business strategies have been successful.

high price. customers will not hesitate to switch. Values Values Key factors of Success SWOT Value chain (Cost Leader) Financials . and lack of software support prevent people from switching to Apple system.Threat of Substitutes: LOW     Strong presence of PCs throughout society One computer for every three people in the U. These two factors help Dell to create certain brand royalty.Vision. Dell’s products are very reliable and customer service is outstanding. If the prices are raised too high. Customer service Direct Business Model However. But that’s given the fact that the Company set the prices very low. s Intro Dell History Mission. Bargaining Power of Buyer: High     Highly price sensitive The cost leader has high market share which leads to high bargaining power relative to its suppliers Reliability and customer service become important factors.S.

.GE Matrix Dell Corporation possess highest attraction through its highly innovative and technical products of mobile and computers and stands first in the Ranking of Revenue and hence placed in the category as shown in the above table.

. 5) It has focused on customization and maintaining low cost that has been very profitable for the company.    Conclusion:1) Dell computer is successful in global markets as a result of best understanding of customers' needs and their direct sell business model. and sells an extensive selection of peripheral hardware and computing software. 3) The company designs and customizes products and services to the requirements of the organizations and individuals. should give equal importance to retail stores.S. Should not only depend on the internet sales. 6) They are being forced to look at alternative ways of bringing revenue to the company and will be able to tackle this situation and would maintain a tight grip on the market due to their cost leadership and because of their coming strategies. Demand for laptops will increase in the coming future therefore they should try to exploit this situation. But are faced with the problem of slipping sales in the U.Suggestions:        Should look for Alliance-mergers and acquisitions that would bring synergic benefits for the company Reduce the attrition rate by Converting visitors into customers(people who visit the Dell site) Physical presence of Service centres would add value to their customer service Invest more in Research and Development. Though they have started with the retail selling but they should give equal importance to it as they give to online selling Build a variety of competencies (build core competencies into diverse product lines) Should focus on developing nations like India. Reduce errors in Dell’s direct Internet ordering system and create a ‘Clearance’ area on its website Enhance customer support services Increase Company recognition through a national advertising campaign. 2) Dell's environmental programs for product asset recovery and product design for environment have spanned more than a decade. China etc. 4) Dell is a well-known name in the world that has been very successful towards its mission.

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04 2012. 03 2012. DAVID MILSTEAD Special to The Globe and Mail Published Wednesday.. 8:33 PM EDT Last updated Thursday. Oct. Oct.      Streetwise Let's Talk Investing Breakingviews Home» Globe Investor» Investment Ideas VOX Dell and HP aren't value names.. just cheap Add to . 8:07 AM EDT 5 comments  4310  Print  A A .

particularly with the digerati. The news dragged both companies down to multiyear lows (2003 for HP. Research firm IHS iSuppli reported last month that less than half of the ubiquitous “DRAM” chips produced in 2012‟s second quarter were placed in personal computers. indeed. 1997 for Dell). “The fall is notable. The pain that HP and Dell are suffering in their PC operations threatens to obliterate any progress the two make in transforming their business models for a new era. to be clear.Analyst Jim Kelleher of Argus Research recently named Dell Inc. given that the share of PCs hasn‟t dipped below 50 per cent since the 1980s. and Hewlett-Packard Co.” IHS analyst Clifford Leimbach wrote. Now. And they‟ll stay there indefinitely after HP cut its profit forecast Wednesday. . there has been a recent tipping point. and you may be reading it on one. The explosion of smartphones and tablets in the last few years has increased talk of the “post-PC era. MORE RELATED TO THIS STORY    Whitman says HP will take longer to turn around HP posts huge quarterly loss Dell warns of ‘challenging’ outlook TECH Video: HP forecasts 'challenging' 2013 TECHNOLOGY Video: Is the death of the PC imminent? TECH Video: Why Dell needs to rethink its business Both Dell and HP have been on that list for much of the summer and fall. as “value names” among providers of computing for large companies. when personal computers were a new product whose sales were rising at rapid clip. this is not a cutting-edge theory. Just over a dozen names – the cheapest 3 per cent or so of the index – typically make the cut. I periodically use Standard & Poor‟s Capital IQ to run a screen looking for the cheapest companies in the S&P 500 in terms of their price to earnings and other factors.” While I‟m writing this column on a desktop computer. The issue is that the two companies are yoked to the declining fortunes of the personal computer. Value names.

or even necessarily that the PC market will stop expanding … PCs are no longer generating the kind of growth and overwhelming market size that can single-handedly drive demand.While Mr. In a story headlined “It‟s Official: The Era of the Personal Computer Is Over. post-Dell era for investors.” he wrote.” Which brings us back to HP and Dell. CEO Meg Whitman says HP hopes. with CFO Brian Gladden saying it “provided another proof-point that our long-term strategy is right. Smartphones have surged past PCs in terms of sales volume. In the guidance given Wednesday.195 2. About 655 million smartphones will be sold worldwide this year. Leimbach said this “doesn‟t mean that people will stop using personal computers. Dell was pleased to announce sales gains in enterprise solutions and services. HP‟s numbers were worse. the businesses aren‟t large enough to have kept Dell from posting an overall sales decline of 8 per cent and a 21 per cent drop in operating income.06% . 5 Year Performance Add DELL-Q to your Watchlist DELL-Q 9.” AllThingsD(igital) writer Arik Hesseldahl said it took the PC industry about two decades to sell its first billion units. They may be worth a flier if you believe the post-PC era is exaggerated or that HP and Dell‟s leadership can turn these battleships around. is only 5 million fewer than HP‟s 2011 PC sales. Dell Inc. storage. “I wonder now if there may soon be a trend of going „PC-less. And then there are tablets: Apple sold 55 million iPads in the last four quarters. That suggests a long. Value names. “Some people have sought to „go paperless‟ in their day-to-day lives by relying on tablets and smartphones for the things they used to print to paper. et cetera. by declines in their PC business.” Alas. Mr. because its enterprise segment shrank and only its small software segment posted sales gains. About 350 million PCs shipped last year. was all over news sites for the tech crowd. if not wiped out.‟ It‟s not gone yet. but it is going. nearly twice the number of desktop computers. It‟s a post-HP. Its total revenue fell 5 per cent year-over-year. by 2016. But it looks increasingly like the gains they make in their new businesses will be sharply muted. to post revenue gains that match the low bar of GDP growth.” The IHS report got sporadic attention in the mainstream press. hard road of declining profits and falling share prices. which. Hesseldahl notes. pricing and technology trends in some of the major technology businesses. which have been moving past their PC core by making expensive and only partially effective forays into consulting services and “enterprise” servers designed for corporate use. In its most recent quarter. indeed.66 0. but as one can imagine.

406% Add to watchlist HPQ-N Hewlett-Packard Co.195 2.SECURITY PRICE CHANGE View interactive chart DELL-Q Dell Inc.73 Add to watchlist   DELL-Q HPQ-N LIVE DISCUSSION OF DELL ON STOCKTWITS More Discussion on DELL-Q 5 comments  4310  Print  A A    TODAY'S MUST READS TECHNOLOGY YouTubers feel betrayed as Hollywood pros invade NEWS Human rights tribunal dismisses complaint about ‘nude’ Stephen Harper painting COMMENTARY ‘Religious freedom’ sends the wrong message to the wrong people . 9.66 0.06% -0. 14.21 -1.

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with our product descriptions and Selector Guide.GLOBE DRIVE European cars you can't buy in Canada       ◀ ● ● ● ● ▶ MORE FROM THE GLOBE AND MAIL LIFE What ever happened to the Thanksgiving movie? REPORT ON BUSINESS The language of startups Which ScanSnap?It's easy to choose your ScanSnap. Learn more >> ScanSnap TestimonialsRead actual experiences of ScanSnap users in different industries and environments. Learn more >> .

5. and other letters to the editor FOOTBALL CFL: Lions hold-off surging Stampeders REAL ESTATE Terry McBride’s newest mantra:condo yoga USED CARS . 6: E. coli (not) explained. Can Canada's schools pass the next great intelligence test? Justin Trudeau grapples with his ‘authenticity’ as the race begins Israel shoots down enemy drone aircraft Human rights tribunal dismisses complaint about ‘nude’ Stephen Harper painting ‘Religious freedom’ sends the wrong message to the wrong people MORE TOP STORIES BASEBALL Reds outpitch Giants to take NLDS series opener LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Oct. 2.ScanSnap ComparisonDownload our comprehensive Feature Comparison Chart of all ScanSnap models. Learn more >> Sign up for our email updates >> MOST POPULAR STORIES 1. 3. 4. (PDF 292 KB)Download the chart >> A Green WorldGreen ICT solutions from Fujitsu are helping to reduce the environmental burden.

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