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PERILS OF RUNNING BEHIND DESIRE By: Shubhansh Sinha on Sep 27, 2012 | 22 Views | 1 Response | Delete | Edit Blog Post Category

God & I


Now a days majority of people have the target to achieve their desires.Objective of their life is gather money,sucess etc.To increase their standards of living to magnify their bank acconts .In this pursuit thry give up their whole life.Running endlessely tirelessely JUST FOR THE SAKE OF MONEY. But what are the perils of such a cut throat competition?How a man is effected spiritually by such a lifestyle?If we see around we can easily observe the effect of this way on human life .People who have their objective as mentioned before become completely mterialistic.Their capacity to observe the nature,to ponder over THE REASON OF CREATION of the world dimishes or finishes.The essence which separates the humans and animals i.e. the power of contemplation and reasoning gets lost in thin air.They are now human only in physical aspect but they have degraded even below the level of animals.They 'reside' on earth but 'live' not .They are worse than animals who have eyes but they dont see the vastness of nature the beauty of world they are unable to contemplate THE FACT that all these are made by GOD FOR SPECIFIED TIME TO TEST THE HUMANS and that they all will be ACCONTED FOR THEIR DEEDS IN HEREAFTER they have ears but hear not the music instilled in every object by GOD without the use of an instruments they have mind but they dont think why crores and crores of planets and heavenly bodies are made.They becme worse than senseless things. The other effect is that they become completely selfish. they are concerned only with one aspect- to earn more and more. Even if they have to harm any one for profit they would not hesitate. this we can easily see in our country, corruption has increased so much that every area

has been effected and poor people are effected the most. the felling of concern for the fellow beings has finished . Every one is concerned for himself. all the above mishappenings are because of one reason---IGNORING THE GOD'S MESSAGE-QURAN. GOD has told all the ways how to live on this earth. Ways that have the capacity to bring peace on this whole earth. GOD tells that purpose of human life is to prepare for "Hear after". All our deeds should be in accordance with QURAN if we want to life "successfully" and "peacefully" on earth and in "Hear after". And the only way to attain complete peace on this earth is implementation of RULES OF GOD i.e. QURAN. There is no other way. THERE IS NO PLAN B . ONLY AND ONLY WAY IS PRESENT -- QURAN If we will not pay heed to GOD'S word then world will become a hell to live. People will become so selfish that even the slightest hair of Humanity will also get finished. PEOPLE WILL LONG FOR DEATH MORE THAN LIFE. The weak will be the worest sufferers , so the call of hour is RETURN TO QURAN....