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GOAL: Establishment of a fully functional, state of the art medical school by 2022 accommodating 150 students per year

. Strengths: 1. Goodwill and reputation 2. Availability of funds 3. Strong political connections of top management 4. Large campus situated in a strategically advantageous position 5. Ease of establishing new infrastructure 6. Market leader in many programs it currently offers 7. Operating since 1992, large supportive alumni base 8. Experienced and reputed faculty members in their respective fields 9. Offers scholarships and student assistantship (since, the field of education is expensive) 10. Professionally acclaimed NSU graduates at home and abroad 11. Affiliations with reputed institutions in the relevant fields 12. Already popular among foreign students Opportunity: 1. Huge and increasing demand (domestic & foreign) for the medical field 2. Availability of prospective students (domestic & foreign) 3. Complex bureaucratic red tapes and regulations which can be overpassed if necessary political connections are held 4. Lack of quality private institutions in medical field 5. Chance to merge with reputed hospitals who does not have their own medical college 6. Upward shift in GDP and per capita income 7. Shift in social and cultural perception towards private medical universities 8. Attractive investment opportunity for investors (domestic & foreign) 9. Renowned faculties can secure global medical scholarship for the new institution Weakness: 1. Lack of NSU’s own medical hospital 2. Lack of specialized faculties in the medical field 3. Management lacks the experience to run a medical unit 4. Addition of a medical facility will make student population even more diverse, further complicating the already complex administrative system 5. Lack of enrollment cap, difficult to ensure student quality 6. Difficulties to accommodate the relevant functions of the new department into the already inefficient advising system 7. Possibility of a greater conflict of interest among the departments 8. Lack of sufficient off campus services (online academic materials) 9. Lack of proper infrastructure (e.g. lab, facility, gym, etc.) 10. Outdated and inefficient information system (e.g. NSU website) 11. No R&D opportunities available (both faculties and students). 12. No accreditation and affiliation to provide globally recognizable medical degree.

Highly saturated and extremely competitive market 2.) 7. O9.o4. Failure in this venture may expose the entire institution’s reputation at stake 8.g.T1.o8.T2.o5.o5.O2-Student assistantship and scholarship can be used to attract prospective students       Weakness/Threats:  W1. Political instability in the field (e.s4. Enrolment of prospective international student community requires an extremely responsive and constantly updated information system Strength/Opportunity:  S1.o1. Complex and cumbersome regulations and bureaucratic red tape to secure medical license 5. S8. Sophisticated field necessitates strict control of student intake quality 6.o3. S9. 011-Using reputed faculty members and affiliations can easily secure funding.W2. Attractive compensation packages (higher than NSU’s current scale) must be offered to attract the medical experts 4. Difficult to attract top of the class medical experts 3..o2.THREATS: 1. malpractices of doctors etc. 9.o1.Use strong political connections and alumni base to get past bureaucratic red tapes S6. 08. characterized by lack of quality private institutions and positive shift in social perception by portraying an appealing image(since currently market leaders and professionally acclaimed NSU graduates).g.Apollo Hospitals) S3.utilize goodwill.s12.Utilize NSU’s available funds and tactically advantageous location to establish modern state of the art infrastructure which will attract further investments as well as will facilitate strategic alliance with nearby reputed hospitals (e.s7. doctor’s union.s5.Use brand reputation to enter strategic alliances with reputed nearby hospitals S2.s10.T4 : Lack of specialized .o4.o7-Gain a favorable position in a market with huge and increasing demand of prospective students. Education system of the country different from the global standard makes offering globally recognizable degrees in the medical field quiet impossible. reputation and popularity among foreign students to build a brand image which will attract prospective foreign and domestic students as well as investors and will fulfill the demand for quality private medical college S1.o2.