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Brief biography of Hadrat Yousuf Sahib & Sharif Sahib Hyderabad.

Hadrat Yousuf Sahib and Sharif Sahib were great Sufi saints of their time . They had finished their personalities for the sake of Allah. They spent their whole lives as per the commandments and prohibitions of Allah and for the preaching and propagation work of Islam in the foreign lands. Hadrat Yousuf Saheb was born in Egypt and spent some part of his life there and Sharif Sahib was born in the village of Kanan in Palestine which is the home land of prophet Yousuf (peace be upon him ) and others Israeli prophets and this place was once a great center of Islamic preaching and propagation work. Due to their preaching and propagation work of Islam both of them were became popular and famous among the general people there . Due to their hard endeavors and work they brought back the persons who were away from the right path of Allah. Hadrat Yousuf Sahib and Sharif Sahib first met in Makkah and become close friends and like true brothers and for this reason in Hyderabad and throughout India and in some other countries everybody think them as the real brothers . At that time Hadrat Kaleem Ullah who was a great Sufi saints and Sufi Master from Delhi was also present in Makkah to perform the hajj . These two great personalities (Yousuf Sahib and Sharif Sahib) were also in Makkah for the visit of holy Makkah and they were looking for some area for the

preaching and propagation work of Islam and in this way they were searching some place to go and the commence their activities to bring the persons on the right path towards Allah. So upon meeting with Sheikh Kalim Ullah they could able to find their final place of destination in India. For this purpose Shaikh Kalim Ullah enlighten their souls due to his spiritual powers so that they should decide and proceed towards India for the propagation and preaching work of Islam there . After the hajj Sheikh Kalim Ullah came back to India and died there and he was buried in the cemetery of Kaki and Sulaiman in Delhi. Due to blessings of Sheikh Kalim Ullah the people of Delhi were much benefitted there. He was not only a great Sufi Master but he was also a great author of many famous Islamic books and his famous book of Exegesis of Quran (Tafsir al Quran ) in Arabic is recognized as a great book in Arabic language. Due to the advice of Sheikh Kalim Ullah of Delhi Hadrat Yousuf brothers decided to proceed India for the of propagation and preaching work of Islam and they have landed in India in the reign of Mughal Emperor Aurangzaib Alamgir of Delhi . Their arrival in India. Immediately upon reaching India they had proceed towards Hyderabad and settled down there. Like other great Sufi Masters they did not liked to live in the shrine housing for the worship and propagation and preaching work of Islam but

they preferred to get their livelihood by adopting some work and so they got appointment in the Mughal Army of Emperor Aurangzaib Alamgir . At that time it was compulsory for the army personnel to possess the horses for the requirement of job and also it was must for the army men for the wars and military expeditions . In the army of Emperor Aurangzaib Alamgir there were no problems and difficulties and in it there was complete peace and order was available and there were also Islamic rules and regulations were in full practice in the army . Both of them not felt any modesty for their military job of army men in the Mughal Army as in the army job the facilities which are the requirement of asceticism and piety were also available there. Their present in Deccan was a great sign of right path towards Haq (truth) and enabling general persons to follow the religion of Islam so that they can proceed towards the right path of Allah . Both of them were attached in the service of army wing of Emperor Aurangzeb Alamgir’s son Prince Bhadur Shah . During wars and expeditions both of them ( Hadrat Yousuf brothers) were used to spent most of their time in the worship and meditations of Allah and both of them were fond of reading holy book Quran after every prayer. It was noted that holy book‘s reading was always their most interested and important work and as well as their aim of their

lives. For this reason they will commence the Holy book‘s reading in the nights and which will be usually ended in the morning time. During one night the army wing of Prince Bahadur Shah was encountered with heavy storm and winds. So for this reason the military men were facing many problems and hardships. The royal tents were damaged and scattered due to heavy storm and winds. There were no lights available in the army camp and so for this reason army men were encountered many difficulties and problems. But the tent of both of them (Hadrat yousuf brothers) was safe and secured and even the lamp was functioning there normally and there was no effect of heavy storm and winds inside the tent of Hadrat Yousufian brothers .But outside of their tent there were many damages and disturbances of the storm and winds in the military camp area of Emperor Aurangzaib Alamgir were found. But inside the tent there was peace and normal life was there and both of them were busy in the reading of the holy book Quran. Their lamp ‘s flame was normal as the heavy storm and winds could not stop their lamps light. When the army men and Prince Bhadur Shah observed their tent‘s position and were surprised upon

watching their great miracle during the heavy storm and winds.

Mystic Forces of Golconda Fort. The impregnable fort of Golconda withstood repeated and prolonged blockades accompanied with ferocious assaults by the Mughal army. When it was finally taken, the fort fell to intrigue and treachery, or as some believe, the end came about due to spiritual intervention. The renowned defensive mechanisms of Golconda though were never breached.

Golconda Fort was besieged in early 1687 by the Imperial army. The renowned fort, which had traditionally served as the last refuge for the Golconda monarch and nobility, proved to be a challenge for even a seasoned campaigner like Aurangzeb Alamgir .The Mughal army was at the receiving end for almost eight months over which all their attempts at storming the fort were repelled by the gallant garrison. The ingenious counter measures executed by the defenders often reversed the tables on the assailants causing heavy casualties. In frustration, the emperor ordered the construction of an encircling barricade to prevent ingress of supplies and reinforcements. For the conquest of Golconda fort it is well known historical fact which is available in the books of history is that the endeavors and spiritual powers of Hadrat Yousian brothers were mainly responsible for it and if they were not tried in this matter then Emperor Aurangzeb Alamgir could not able to conquer the great fort of Golconda. Emperor Aurangzeb Alamgir adopted the occupation of the copyist to earn the livelihood by writing the holy Quran and selling it in the market. He was used to write some portion of it on the daily basis.

The aim and purpose of life of Emperor Aurangazbi Alamgir and Hadrat Yousufian brothers was to love and respect the holy Quran so they were always used to read it day and night on the regular basis. Once Emperor Aurgangzeb Alamgir was observed that his two army men were always used to read the holy Quran on regular basis so he decided to ask them for their help for the conquest of Golconda fort. So he requested them as follows and asked them for their kind help in this matter. “Despite of my great army power there is no success for the conquest of Golconda fort and I think there is something or some power which is causing obstacles for my power and for my military struggle.” Upon Emperor Aurangzaib Alamgir‘s many requests they have written some lines on the small potsherd and asked him to give it to one cobbler who is sitting near the main gate of Golconda fort and who will help him in this matter. So Emperor Aurangzaib Aalmgir immediately rushed to that place on his horse back and gave him the small potsherd . The cobbler read the message on the potsherd and upon reading the message the cobbler have wrote some lines on the back side of it and instructed him to give back to Hazrat Yousufain brothers. So

Emperor Aurangzaib Alamgir came back from there and presented the potsherd to them and upon reading the message they have informed Emperor Aurangzaib Alamgir that their endeavors could not be successful in this matter as there is some spiritual power is obstacle in this matter. So for this reason Emperor Aurangzaib Alamgir requested them to try again in this matter so that their endeavors would become successful. When the second time the cobbler read the message on the potsherd and left the place while taking all his belonging and he told him that “ Now the security and victory of the Golconda fort lies in the hands Emperor Aurangzaib Alamgir.” Actually the cobbler was not the real cobbler but he was the Qutub (highest cadre in spiritual pivot) of his time and he was guarding the fort of Golconda and he knows well the spiritual status and mystic powers of Hazrat Yousufian brothers so he could not disobeyed their orders and for this reason he left the place of Golconda fort and went away to some unknown place while transferring the responsibility of security of the Golconda fort towards Allah and after this event he could not seen again there.

Golconda fort Hyderabad Next morning when Emperor Aurangzaib Alamgir was ready to commence the reading of the holy book of Quran and he heard the sounds of drums and kettle drums and asked the reason of it with his servant and the servant replied him that Prince Moazam collected the keys of Golconda fort from Abul Hasan Tana Sha and the fort of Golconda was already conquered. In this matter there is one well known historical fact which is available in the books of history that King Abdullah Qutub Shah of Golconda fort had two son in laws and their details are as follows.

1.Prince Moazam Bhadur Alamgir. 2. Abul Hasan Tana Shah.





There was an agreement between King Abdullah Qutub Shah of Golconda fort and the Emperor Aurangzaib Alamgir of Mughal dyanasty of Delhi that the next ruler of Golconda will be Prince Moazam Bhadur Shah as King Abdullah Qutub Shah of Golconda had no sons and but had only daughters . But the king Abdullah Qutub Shah of Golconda fort could not fulfilled his agreement which he already signed and accepted . So far the breach of the above agreement the Emperor Aurangzaib Alamgir conquered the fort of Golconda and punished him in this matter. The Emperor Aurangzaib Alamgir was a pious and kind hearted ruler of the Mughal Dynasty who used to watch the worldly matters from the angle of religion. So for this reason Aurangzaib Alamgir conquered the Golconda fort and his conquest of Golconda fort was not for his military and material gains but it was his great endeavor to punish the false person and to set the wrong thing in the right order. In this matter there is one well known historical fact which is available in the books of history that for the conquest of Golconda fort all the

credits goes to the spiritual endeavors of Hazrat Yoursufian brothers. The time will come when Allah ‘s every servant will finish his life mission and return back to another world. So Hazrat Yousufian brothers also completed their mission of guidance and instructions to human beings towards the right path of Allah in the most successful manner and left this world. First Hazart Yousuf Saheb left this world and before his death he was not well due to his sickness for some days due to fever . At the time of Hazrat Yousuf Saheb‘s death his friend and brother Hazrat Sharif Saheb was not available there. When he came back there and he come to know that his friend and brother already left the world. So he was shocked and wore shroud and was entered the room and slept on the ground and died. Their mausoleum is always full of visitors for the benefits of their great blessings there . Also their mausoleum in Hyderabad which is famous since long time for the fulfillment of desires and wishes of the persons who visit their mausoleum there. Upon end of the Mughal Empire the Asif Jahi rulers of Hyderabad kingdom also had their great

devotion and respect for this great mausoleum of Hazrat Yousuf Saheb and Hazrat Sharif Sahib. The graves of following famous personalities are also available around the mausoleum and the details are as follows. 1.Amir Minai 2.Dagah Dehelvi and his wife. The name of the custodian of the shrine is as follows. Hazrat Faisal Ali Shah. The Urs (death anniversary ) ceremony is being performed by the trustee of the shrine every year in the best possible manner for the comfort and best service of the visitors of the shrine.

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