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Cover Letter

#1746/6, Jyoti Nagar, Kurukshetra – 136118, Haryana, India Phone (Resi) – 01744 – 291774 Mobile – 09729280306 E-Mail – Date – ……./……../2012 R/Sir/Madam I am well qualified and having 6.5 Year’s total working experience in Management, Human Resource (Recruitment) and Teaching, which would be an asset to the Institute/Company. Presently, I am working as Training and Placement Officer, Soft Skill Trainer and Assistant Professor in SKSIMT. I organized various Tours, Industrial Visits and Events. I was Team Member of University Panel for conducting a Research Project Viva. I have artistic and creative skills that will be an asset for developing strategies/projects/events. I have attached my CV for your review. Thank you for considering my application. I would appreciate the opportunity to interview and look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

Sincerely, Sagar Verma Signature

School.D. Zone of Talent. Kurukshetra. Kanipla. Kurukshetra University. Sec. Kurukshetra WORKING EXPERIENCE: SKSIMT. Haryana Board. Haryana Board. Kurukshetra.O. QUALIFICATION: Ph.P. Jyoti Nagar.75% 62. ICICI Prudential Life Insurance. Karnal. T. (NET Exempted) MBA BBA 10+2 10th NIMS University. Rajasthan. Kurukshetra. Kurukshetra Maharani Laxmi Bai Sr. Kurukshetra – 136118. Director Lecturer Assistant Manager Insurance advisor (02/02/10 to Present).00% 65. Haryana. IDBI BANK.. (21/06/09 to Present) (03/08/09 to 21/12/09) (15/07/08 to 08/05/09) (01/06/05 to 30/06/07) Pursuing 64. GIMT. Kurukshetra.20% 42% 2009-12 2008 2006 2003 1998 . Maharani Laxmi Bai Sr. Institute of Management CAREER OBJECTIVE:  To secure a position where my qualities of a fast learner and the ability to take on new challenges can be used. School. Sec. Kirmach. Phagwara (Punjab).CURRICULUM VITAE SAGAR VERMA #1746/6. Soft Skill Trainer and Assistant Professor. Jaipur. Kurukshetra University. Kurukshetra. India Phone (Resi) – 01744 – 291774 Mobile – 09729280306 E-Mail – sagarvermakkr@gmail. Institute of Management Studies.

Kurukshetra for Business Quest held was in Chitkara University. Chandigarh.. Conducted PDP Classes for different Institutions SKSIMT. Representative of GIMT. Conducted a Research Project Viva of Final Year Students of MBA in SKSIMT. Kurukshetra. Participate as a Model in Fashion Show of Cantabell in Kurukshetra . Representative of SKSIMT for Educational Fair held was in Heena Banquet Hall.SPECIALIZATION:  Human Resource & Marketing. SKSIMT. Coordinator was in Talent Hunt. Made a PPT presentation for Rastriya Sanskrit Sansthan.Knowledge Management at Galaxy Global. Kanipla. Class Incharge was of BBA in SKSIMT. Organizer of Industrial Visit in LG (Selaqui. .I) and ENVISION Education Academy. Representative of SKSIMT as an Examiner for Management Department in Nilokheri. Dehradun and Masuri. Haryana Polytechnic Institute (H. Internet. COMPUTER SKILLS:  MS Office. Ambala. Rishikesh. PROFESSIONAL ACHIEVEMENTS:                Anchor of Annual Day Rising Celebrations 2k12 in SKSIMT. Organizer of Tour for Haridwar. Representative of SKSIMT for Industrial Visit in HCL (Mohali). Delhi.    Coordinator was as an Assistant Chief Superintendent in SKSIMT in Exams. Kanipla.P. Chandigarh. GIMT. Dehradun).    Coordinator was in National Singing Talent Hunt. Worked as a Model in one Print advertisement of Delhi Transco Ltd. NATIONAL SEMINAR (RESEARCH PAPER PRESENTED):  Paper Presented . Organizer and Anchor of 2nd Annual Atheletic Meet in SKSIMT. Representative of SKSIMT for Trade Fair. Organizer of Tour for Chandigarh and Mohali. Class Incharge of MBA in SKSIMT (Presently). GIMT. Head of the Discipline. and Censer Advertising Pvt. Ltd. Sports and Examination Committee in SKSIMT (Presently). Delhi. Karnal.

M. Delhi. Ltd. APPRECIATIONS FROM THE COMPANY’S AND THE INSTITUTIONS:      Awarded from SKSIMT for Best Organizer and Anchor. M. Delhi...No 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Company Name Bombay Dyeing. Vadodra (Gujrat) Project Name Market Potential in Haryana. M.Tech. Designed Placement Brochure for IMS. Bombay Dyeing. Delhi. ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Co. Bombay Dyeing. Managerial Decision-Making. Campaign. Karnal.Jewelers.. Ltd. Delhi. Censer Advertising Pvt. Awarded for Best performance in ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Co. MEMBERSHIP: Team Member of University Panel for conducting a Computer Project Viva of First Year Students of MBA and BBA in SKSIMT. Censer Advertising Pvt. Liaison b/w sales and accounting and finance control and market Potential in Gurgaon. Delhi. TV AD.Sc. RESEARCH PROJECT UNDERTAKEN:  Market Research of Bombay Dyeing Products.  Designed Flex and Visiting Cards for R. Managerial Decision-Making and Designing of Print Ads. Ltd. Dealers Satisfaction in Delhi. Delhi. MCA.. Karnal. Awarded for Modeling for the Company in Censer Advertising Pvt. Delhi. Selling of ULIP Products.  Team Member of University Panel for conducting a Research Project Viva of Final Year Students of MBA and BBA in SKSIMT.  Member of Event Management and Guest Lectures Committee in SKSIMT. Dept. Delhi. Ltd. Market Potential in Haryana. Shri Dinesh Mills.. IDBI BANK. Phagwara. Market Potential and Comparison in Haryana. Its impact and effect in Delhi and Gurgaon.Phil. Su-Kam (Binary Business System). Bentex Linger Switchgear Company.D. Delhi. PROJECTS UNDERTAKEN: Sr. Gurgaon. . Delhi. Client Servicing. Censer Advertising Pvt.. Awarded for Best Project in Bombay Dyeing.

(Sagar Verma) .. Traveling.. Honest. : : : : : : Sh. Dancing & Singing. LANGUAGE KNOWN HOBBIES PERSONAL STRENGTH : Positive Attitude. : : English & Hindi. PERSONAL DETAILS: Father Name Date of Birth Sex Marital Status Nationality Passport No. Willing to learn new things. 1983 Male Married Indian G9525364 I hereby declare that all information given above is true and complete to the best of my knowledge. Team player. Kanwar Sain Verma January 4. Watching Discovery Channel.ACHIEVEMENTS: Best Student of the Year INDUSTRIAL EXPOSURE: Sr.No 1 2 3 Company Name HMT Tractors SAIL ESCORT Tractors Location Pinjore Chandigarh Faridabad 10+2 2003 SPECIALITY : Problem Solving and Counseling. Date…………………… Place………………….