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Strategic Management MAN405 course schedule

It is important that you read the assigned chapters AND the corresponding handouts and downloaded papers (indicated below col. 3) thoroughly before class. Be sure to examine the figures, tables, exhibits and chapter-opening exercises. We will not have time to talk about everything covered in the text in class, so it is important that you ask questions about anything you do not understand .

Pedagogies and Learning Outcomes

Core Reading and exercises PRIOR to the session

1 Welcome, introductions and setting up of class norms. 1. Self and class introductions 2. Learning & teaching philosophies 3. Course handout, books, materials etc. 4. Setting up of work groups Course orientation: World Competitiveness data: Google … World Economic forum Learning Outcomes 1. Orientation and mind map of the course 2. Pakistan’s ranking amongst nations on 120 parameters that determine national competitiveness Course orientation continued … What IS Strategy?
1) Text Ch. 1 and 2  (Course outline)


Developing strategic vision, a mission statement, setting objectives and crafting strategy. Experimental exercises: Writing and evaluating mission statements for myself and for my University. Course participants should be able to describe the strategic management process, write out a complete mission statement, and by the end of the next two sessions, give examples of key terms in strategic management, discus the nature of strategy formulation, implementation and evaluation activities. 

Papers and files: 2) What is Strategy (download) 3) Summary & key concepts (download)

Creating Competitive advantage
4 Creating Competitive Advantage Video: Porter on: Overall low cost leadership strategy Focused low cost strategy Based on Porter’s pioneering contribution, students will learn the basic routes to achieve or defend competitive advantage through either providing a good product at a low cost or a superior product that is worth paying for more. Students will learn how management of the value chain lies at the heart of strategy.
4) Porters’ Generic Strategies (download)

Porter on:   Broad Differentiation Strategy Focused Differentiation Strategy 5) Case Analysis (download) 6 External Factor Evaluation matrix and the Competitive Profile Matrix.e. the value chain and strategic cost analysis and their interdependence. ________________ Case Discussion Class: The Chinese Fireworks Industry. competition. competitor analysis and strategic positioning. 9 Case Discussion Class: The Skill Corporation. All students must participate. 6) Text Ch. Karachi Page 2 of 5 5 Creating Competitive Advantage (continued) Video. 4 Readings: 7) The Core Competence of the Corporation (download).: core competencies. 7 Internal Scanning and Competitive Advantage: company resources and competitive capabilities. Full Class discussion. estimate the All students must participate. Participants will be evaluated for their prepared and considered The professor will choreograph the case (not ad hoc) contribution to the 90 minutes case discussion. Based upon all this they will be able to develop the IFE (internal factor evaluation) matrix. evaluating Participants will be able to perform an internal strategic management audit. . The professor will choreograph the case discussion. Learning objective: Application of Porter’s five forces model of Full Class discussion. industry attractiveness and propose possible ways to improve the industry attractiveness from an individual investors point of view. discussion. The importance of financial ratio analysis will be understood. 8) A Core Competencies Perspective. 8 Objective Setting __________ Case study: Levis Personal Pair Jeans Learning objective: Understanding how the management of a company’s value chain creates wealth for all stakeholders. All students must participate. Students undertake an industry analysis. Experimental exercise: Develop the EFE and the CPM for my University. Learning objective: industry analysis. They will be able to identify and prioritize the core areas from which a firms internal strengths and weaknesses are derived i.Institute of Business Management. (download) 9) Understanding Financial Statements for Strategy (download) 10) Financial Ratio analysis for Strategy (download) Full Class discussion.

outsourcing.2007 Learning objective: the application of the framework for developing and choosing among alternative strategies. Full Class discussion. The professor will choreograph the case discussion. Integration strategies. 1. . 14) Text Ch. 5 12) Note on Corporate Strategy. Other strategy business models: mergers and acquisition. IE Matrix and the QSPM.Institute of Business Management. All students must participate. Participant groups will present the three stage framework for developing and choosing strategies for Revlon. offensive and defensive strategies. The Matching Stage 3. Coke and Pepsi in the 21st Century. Full Class discussion. 6 15) Or download: Strategic Analysis and Choice. All students must participate. Diversification. 11 12 Creating Competitive Advantage 13 11) Text Ch. Learning will move one level up in the strategy-making hierarchy from strategy making in single-business enterprise to strategy development and evaluation in diversified enterprises. The Input Stage 2. Global markets. The Decision Stage Students will be able to develop a SWOT Matrix. Learning Objectives:  Understanding the underlying economics of an industry and the relationship to average profits  Understanding the relationship between different stages of the value chain in an industry including the introduction to incentives for vertical integration  The relationship between competitive interaction and industry profits  How globalization impacts industry structure 1st Mid Term Exam (open book exam) From Competitive Advantage to Corporate Strategy Strategies in Action International vs. Case Study: Revlon. The ‘three test’ judgment for diversification will be developed. Divestures and Liquidation. BCG Matrix. Inc. Karachi Page 3 of 5 10 Case Discussion Class: Cola Wars.doc 16) QSPM (download) 16 17) Strategic Choice Template (download) Group Presentations . 13) From Competitive advantage to Corporate strategy (download) 14 Case Discussion Class: Unilever’s Acquisitions Students will be introduced to understand how value chain reconfigurations create wealth and competitive advantage in practice. Strategic Choice 15 A Model for Strategy Analysis and Choice Students will be able to describe a 3-stage framework for choosing among alternate strategies. Market and Product Strategies. Students will learn some practical routes to establishing competitive advantage through industry structure management and value chains reconfigurations. Creating competitive advantage through internet technologies. SPACE Matrix.

24 Strategy Implementation continued: Students will learn ‘Tipping Point Leadership’ and the ‘Fair Process Principles’ on overcoming four practical corporate hurdles of strategy implementation: The Cognitive Hurdle. 21) Implementing Strategy. 7 & 8 Students will learn why strategy implementation is more difficult than strategy formulation. Group Presentations Blue Ocean Strategy 18 Blue Ocean Strategy Competing in crowded industries no longer be the most effective way to sustain high performance. The Resource Hurdle. Strategy Review.2007 Learning objective: the application of the framework for developing and choosing among alternative strategies. 21 22 2nd Mid Term Exam Strategy analysis and choice Case Study Implementing and Evaluating Strategy 23 Implementing Strategy: management and functional issues 20) Text Ch. understand the role of structure. reconstructionist strategy is built on endogenous growth where strategy shapes structure. Karachi Page 4 of 5 17 Case study: McDonald’s Corporation . Evaluation and Control  The Balanced Business Scorecard Students will learn a practical 4-stages framework for strategy evaluation and mapping: From a Learning Organization to the Internal Perspective leading to the Customer Perspective resulting in the Financial Perspective. 25 23) Text Ch. The Motivational Hurdle and the Political Hurdle. computers and movie theaters and learn how the Century. Participant groups will present the three stage framework for developing and choosing strategies for Dell Computers. 22) Tipping Point Leadership and Fair Process. 19 18) Blue Ocean Strategy (download) 19) How Strategy Shapes Structure (download) 20 Lessons from breakthrough strategic moves over the last century … is there a pattern? An interactive Video Case Class. INSEAD Case: Lessons from Breakthrough Strategic Students will be introduced to three representative industries: Moves over the Last autos. 9 24) The Balanced Scorecard: driving performance (download) 25) Learning Organizations (download) 26 What Really Matters An interactive. understand the difference between business operations and strategy implementation. Students will learn how opportunity lies in creating new market space and ‘blue oceans’ of uncontested categories. concluding wrap up session inside a virtual Harvard 26) Diagnostic Survey . resources and culture for successful strategy implementation.Institute of Business Management.

Course Evaluation. 2012. He has a MBA with Distinction from Lancaster (empirical research awarded 1st prize by the British Institute of Management). Important Dates: 1st Mid Term: Week of Oct. . Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management (UK). He is a Certified Board Director.Institute of Business Management. Please consult notice boards for final dates. 2nd Mid Term: Week of Nov 12. 2012. 8. 2012. 20 minutes presentation + 10 mins Q/As. Fellow and Department Head of Marketing at CBM. 2012. a BSc Engineering (London). a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (UK). Karachi Page 5 of 5 Business School Classroom. has supervised CBM’s MPhil research and teaches the pre-doctoral course on strategy and governance at IoBM. Learning Objective: The whole course put to real practice. He has written two research based dissertations. (download) 27 28 The Term Project Presentations Research Project submission & presentations. Your Instructor: Javaid Ahmed is Sr. Research Project submission / presentations: Week of Dec 10. USA. Javaid says he is a facilitator.. Malaysia and the Philippines. He brings to academia over 28 years of a successful top management career with the multinational health care industry including over a decade in Switzerland. Learning Objective: Students will ‘compete’ with a Harvard MBA class to determine what is it that really makes companies successful. Final exam: Week of Dec 24. Member of Mensa and a UK Chartered Engineer. See separate project brief. Students will work in groups of 6 or 7 (no more or less). published fifteen papers and articles and delivered fifteen selected professional presentations and workshops. He is on the Jury of the EFP Prime Ministers’ Corporate Award of Excellence and is a management research reviewer of the Academy of Management. He is case research active in corporate and market strategy. Class Project Groups Submission of Research Report. his sessions engage participants in reflection and action leading to practical knowledge and skills. not a teacher nor an entertainer. A great believer on collaborative learning.