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MTNL CASE STUDY HISTORY – About the Company: Vision –

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Become a total solution provider company and to provide world class telecom services at affordable prices. Become a global telecom company and to find a place in the Fortune 500 companies. Become the largest provider of private networks and leased lines. Venture into other areas in India and abroad on the strength of our core competency.

Mission – To remain market leader in providing world class Telecom and IT related services at affordable prices and become a global player. More about MTNL – MTNL was set up on 1st April, 1986 by the Government of India to upgrade the quality of telecom services, expand the telecom network, introduce new services and to raise revenue for telecom development needs of India's key metros – Delhi (the political capital) and Mumbai (the business capital) of India. In the past 23 years, the company has taken rapid strides to emerge as India's leading and one of the largest telecom operating companies in Asia. Besides having a strong financial base, MTNL has achieved a customer base of 8.06 million as on 31st March 2009. The company has also been in the forefront of technology induction by converting 100% of its telephone exchange network into the state-of-the-art digital mode. The Govt. of India currently holds 56.25% stake in the company. INTRODUCTION – IT support is essential to implement effective business strategies. A business has to coordinate on entire supply chain process and corresponding information flow. MTNL being a service organisation is reaching out to its customers with a customer-focused strategy for better information about customer profiles. The whole world is witnessing convergence of technologies evolved by Information Technology. Voice & Data services are being offered on single platform. Services like call centres, internet, e-commerce,

Based on the latest technology. personalized services. teleconferencing and access to the Internet with a higher bandwidth are other features of this service. entertainment and educational services through its network. Video-telephony. IT has been implemented as the backbone for running customer friendly services. As part of the modernisation and diversification programme. call centers. IVRS (Interactive Voice Response System) and accounting and billing systems are already operational at MTNL. High-quality videoconferencing is possible with three ISDN lines at 384 Kbps. Desk-top video-conferencing is possible by using a single ISDN line at 64 Kbps or128 Kbps. MTNL plans to expand this service and offer video-on-demand. e-commerce. • In 2006. Value added Services – Considered to be a revolution in data communication networking. billing mediation. has transferred its Internet Service Provider Category-A license as well as Internet business to its subsidiary. MTNL-Delhi started Asynchronous Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) services as a pilot project. network management etc. • In the year 2000. the I-Net service offered by MTNL-Delhi provides high-speed connectivity among computers. MTNL is also in the process of setting up Certification Authority. Several IT systems such as CSMS (Customer Services Management System). m-commerce. the company took various steps to provide a host of value added services like datacom. MTNL has recognised that IT is the key to future business success. And all these services can be registered for on the Web. new IT policy and consultancy projects are in the pipeline. Payment of bills was made hassel free with the introduction of electronic clearing system and customer service management system for on-line payment and adjustment of telephone bills. This enables a subscriber with a personal computer to make telephone calls to international destinations through the Internet. FRS (Fault Repair Service). • In 1997. Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd (MTNL) tied up with MasterCard International to pioneer the acceptance of credit cards for payment of telephone bills. MTNL introduced the Internet telephony service under the brand name Bol-Anmol. It is a packet . FMS(Financial Management System). DQ (Directory Enquiry). this service reduces the cost of international calls. telecom software development.intelligent network. are required assingle window solution. The projects for Data warehousing. • During the same year (2000) Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd. MTNL teams up with Aksh Opticfibre for IPTV and signs a joint venture agreement with Software Technology Parks to offer niche portal services to the Indian community. there is no need to visit the MTNL office. The Integrated Service Digital Network service offered by MTNL-Delhi helps the subscriber to get on to the communication super-highway. Millennium Telecom.

• Confirmation for the bills paid through ECS and drop box. It provides international access. Transactions are secured using digital certificates provided by MTNL TrustLine. Bank of India. . information retrieval. It has a wide gateway. Bank of Rajasthan. LAN (local area network) and WAN (wide area network) connectivity. Now all MTNL’s Trump Prepaid and 3G Jadoo customers can recharge their prepaid mobile accounts & by clicking over Internet. 5. Oriental Bank of commerce. More than a hundred cities in the country are covered by this service. Corporation Bank. It offers reliable and high-speed data services for a range of business activities. The multiplexed connection enables multiple calls to be handled simultaneously on a single connection in I-Net. 3. Bank of Baroda. no long waits. MTNL’s E-Business Activities – 1. The charges are independent of distance. Online booking of broadband connection – The customers can register for a broadband connection through the internet. • Bill alert service provides MTNL Delhi PSTN subscribers with an electronic version of their paper bills in their Mailbox. 4. Federal bank.switched public data network and has connectivity to data networks all over the world through the gateway packet switched system and the remote area business message network. 2. E–Billing – This includes : • Bill payment through Credit/Debit Card Or Net Banking. Vijaya Bank and Yes Bank. e-mail service. The cost of exchange of data through I-Net is the lowest among the different alternatives. Presently MTNL’s online recharge can be possible via major bank’s online accounts like ICICI Bank. travel reservations and electronic fund transfer. Some of the typical applications of this facility include automatic teller machine connectivity. no queues. all at the click of a button. One can apply for any MTNL service from the comfort of his/her home. corporate communications. Citibank. Internet Broadband Connection Speed Tester and checking download volumes – Now one can test the speed of his/her internet connection and also keep a check on the volumes of download done. Karnataka Bank. South Indian Bank. It is suitable for online applications such as credit card verification. Customer Care Portal – MTNL now makes it easier for its clients to subscribe to any of its services from the comfort of their homes. Online Mobile Recharge – MTNL brings online recharge facility for its users. Various other services can also be registered for. Axis Bank. MTNL Customer care is aimed at providing MTNL clientele with an online facility using which he/she can register for various services offered by MTNL. The data transfer is virtually error-free.

Leased Line Services – Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd has launched new leased line services. 12. run the outlet and carry out the sales and marketing activity. 9. Video Conferencing – MTNL has tied up with VU Telepresence. thereby helping MTNL interface with the customers effectively. The process is not meant for global tenders initially in which case it can be used as a parallel process. E–Tendering Portal – This procedure is intended to web enable the process of giving information of the Tenders instantaneously to the registered Suppliers/Vendors as and when they are posted. 10. E–Newsletter – MTNL’s another initiative to improve its communication with its customers is the launching of the e-newsletter known as ‘MTNL Buddy’. with both 'full' and 'compressed' bandwidth circuits. The service is under the company's customerfriendly initiatives and this would enable the telephony major to garner a fair share from leased line circuit market in the two metros – Delhi and Mumbai. a skeleton newspaper advertisement procedure may continue for sometime. for port speeds ranging from 64 kpbs to two mbps. To back up for new entrants. to open Video conferencing outlets in Delhi & Mumbai. The newsletter is delivered through email to MTNL customers by the 15th of every month. 7. MTNL’s Mobile Web Site Builder is a unique service that allows a non-technical user to create and publish a customized web site within minutes using his mobile phone or PC. Internet Protocol Television – MTNL’s IPTV partner Aksh Optifiber is working on a business model where viewers ‘will have to just watch advertisements’ to use IPTV services like television channels. MTNL will provide space for outlet & lease line connectivity while VU Telepresence will install equipment. video on demand and ticket booking through remote control. 11. The enewsletter also enables the company to get feedback/suggestions from customers on its products and services. 2000 & CVC guidelines. a company which offers Video Conferencing solutions. . It is used as a powerful tool to communicate with the customers better and keep them updated with the latest products and service offerings. news and events of the company. Website Builder – MTNL has launched ‘Mobile Web Site Builder Service’ in association with Akmin Technologies.6. E–Procurement Portal – MTNL is taking a giant stride towards fully automising its procurement process so as to bring in more transparency & efficiency towards the same taking into factor all the guidelines and the policy of MTNL as well as the security features complying with IT Act. 8.

This service works with Cleartrip. The presence of certain advertisements by Google and • Log in his bank account using Customer ID. Debit Card – MTNL bill payment by Debit Card requires the following steps: • Sign in his MTNL It also gives the URL for MicroMax Computer Intelligence which is an engineering company. • Press on Payment Online. users of MTNL’s IPTV are required to watch advertisements to use IPTV services like television channels. allotted by his bank and Password.mtnlbillpayment. • Click on Online Payment. 3. • Click Continue. 2. designing specialized computer systems.htm) also provides customers with options such as booking flight enables MTNL to generate revenue through this model.000 for a year if a subscriber clicks on the advertisement listed on the IPTV screen. • Select net banking. Net Banking – Net Banking can be used following the under mentioned steps: • Log in his MTNL account. The URL of the same goes as http://www. The advertiser pays the ad fees which are as low as MTNL bill payment by net banking goes through. Makemytrip. video on demand and ticket booking through remote control. 3. Payment Models: 1. Sales Model – MTNL by providing services like its Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) and video conferencing generates revenue by selling such services. 2.htm. . Also. • Click on Payment. 4.mtnlbillpayment. Transaction Fee Model – The bill payment site (http://www. • Select bank gateway. • Type bill details.MTNL’S REVENUE/PAYMENT MODELS: Revenue Models: 1. Affiliation Model – MTNL provides a referral of the company Conexus Mobile Alliance on its homepage. Advertisement Fees Model – One can find advertisements on the site provided by MTNL for bill and Yatra.

• Press Make Payment button. It provides MTNL's clients to prove their identity online. SECURITY MEASURES: Cloud Based Internet Security: MTNL has entered into an alliance with F-Secure to provide security as service to its customers. name on card.Feed bill details. This is based on F-Secure DeepGuard 2. • Feeding details of credit card which include credit card number. • MTNL bill payment by credit card gets through. • MTNL payment by debit card gets done. Digital Certificate: MTNL has become a Certifying Authority and would be issuing digital certificate to its clients for secured and reliable transaction over MTNL’s WebCare Portal. • Putting necessary Bill Details. Type the DebitCard details which include Debitcard number. • Choosing Credit Card Mode.. expiry date and CW number. Credit Card – Bill payment by Credit card gets done by: • Signing in MTNL account. • Selecting Payment Online. Registeration: MTNL tries to ensure that customers register only through MTNL’s authorised agencies.0. Select DebitCard mode. a technology that uses "in-the-cloud” computing to provide instant protection against new threats. . It tells customers that applying through unauthorised channels may result in financial loss or security issues or legal problems. name on credit card. thereby eleminating the need to be physically present while registering for a service. validity end date and CW number. • Clicking on make payment. • • • 3.