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IMPORTANT QUESTIONS UNIT – 1 2 marks questions: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. What is International Business? What is International Trade? List any four factors that affect International Business. Mention the characteristic features of IB. What is domestic company? Mention any 2 benefits of Business Environment.

8 marks questions: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Bring out the characteristics or features of International Business. Briefly explain the strategies for International Business. Bring out the factors affecting International Business. Differences between International Trade & Domestic trade. State the importance of IB. 15 marks questions: 1. Bring out the advantages of International Business. 2. What are the problems of International Business. 3. Explain the various foreign market entry modes.

UNIT – 2 2 marks questions: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. What is IBE? What is Political Environment? What is Social Environment? Expand: (i) IPR (ii) TRIPs (iii) FII (iv) FDI What is Transfer of technology? What is Culture?

8 marks questions: 1. Give a note on social environment.

Explain the various benefits & drawbacks of MNCs. 3.2. Define a MNC or IB house. 2. What are the harmful effect of operations of MNC on Indian economy? 15 marks questions: 1. What is Geographic organisation structure? 8 marks questions: 1. 2. Explain the various factors that influences International Business Environment. OR Write a note on Political Environment. 8. 7. Explain the factors that contributed to the growth of MNCs. Explain the impact of legal factors on International Business. 6. What is Domestic company? What is International company? List any 5 Indian MNCs. 3. 2. Economic Environment ii. State the merits of MNCs. OR What are the Political risks that affect International Business. What are the advantages & disadvantages of MNCs to home country & host country ? 3. Discuss the demerits of MNCs. . Explain in brief the risks involved in Political Environment. What is Political Environment? How does it affect international business ? 3. 4. Define MNCs. Social & Cultural Environment 5. Explain the recent trends of MNCs. 3. OR “MNCs are not always favourable to both home country & host country” Discuss/Comment. Explain the various political environment risk factors and how to minimize the political risks? UNIT – 3 2marks questions: 1. What is Matrix organisation structure? What is Strategic business unit? List any 4 MNCs. Explain the major indicators of Political Risks. 4. Write a note on the following: i. 4. 5. 4. Explain briefly the advantages of MNCs. 15 marks questions: 1. 2.

What is capital expenditure analysis? 8 marks questions: 1. What is Foreign Exchange rate? 4. What is Dumping? 12. 15 marks questions: 1. Give a brief account of Fixed & Flexible exchange rates OR Explain the exchange rate systems. UNIT – 5 INTERNATIONAL MARKETING 1. 4. 7. 2. Briefly explain the functions of World Bank. What is packing/ . 2. What are the important functions of FOREX Market? What are the advantages of flexible exchange rate? Explain briefly the meaning and various exchange control measures. 14. 5.UNIT – 4 2 marks questions: 1. What is FOREX or Foreign Exchange? 3. What is Equilibrium rate of exchange? 8. Explain its contribution to India. Explain the features of Capital expenditure. Expand (i) UNCTAD (ii) IMF 13. Mention any 2 International Financial institutions. Who is a authorised money changer? 16. What are the functions & objectives of IMF? Explain the achievements of IMF ? 3. 3. Name currencies of any 4 countries? 9. functions & organisation structure of World Bank. What is a global product? 2. What is IBRD? 15. What is convertibility of rupee? 10. What is International Finance? 2. Explain the objectives. 6. Write a note on IMF. What is Arbitrageur? 5. Briefly explain organisation of IMF. What is Hedging? 11. 8. What is call options? 7. What are SDRs? 6. What is counter trade? 17. Write a note on UNCTAD. OR What are the objectives & functions of IMF.

4. What is Reference Checks ? Define HRD. 2. What is SWOT analysis? 4. Explain some of the modern global recruitment techniques adopted by international firms. Mention the various kinds of Training. 2. 6. 3. 5 marks: 1. Explain in detail the different strategies of HRD. 3. Explain the different stages of International Product Life Cycle. Explain them in brief. Briefly explain the advantages & limitations of International Marketing. UNIT – 7 2 marks questions: . List the different sources of Global recruitment. Define International Marketing. 5. Explain the advantages & disadvantages of International Marketing. 4. OR Explain the selection process adopted by the IB firms. Explain the different strategies of HRD. 3. UNIT – 6 2 marks: 1. 3. What is Dumping? 8 marks questions: 1. Why do the companies adopt the product in the International Market? 2. 2. 4. Explain the global selection process. 2. What is Global Recruitment? What is Tele Recruitment? Mention any 4 methods of performance appraisal. What is International Product Life Cycle? Explain the various strategies have to be adopted in different stages of Product Life Cycle. What is International Marketing? 5. 15 marks questions: 1.3. What are the advantages of training & development in HRD? 15 marks: 1. Bring out the need & importance of Training & Development. What is Human Resource Management? Explain the various stages involved in international adjustment.

Name the member countries of SAARC. 3. What is SAPTA? 13. Expand TRIPs. Bring out the objectives & principles of SAARC. . Bring out the advantages/benefits & drawbacks of WTO. 14. 8. State the objectives of European Union (EU). Explain the objectives of SAARC. Write a note on NAFTA. 2. What is Economic integration? 2. 7. 3. Explain role of India. What is Trading bloc or Regional trading bloc? 3. 5 marks. What is GATT? 10. What is common market? 6. 4. Distinguish between GATT & WTO. State the main objectives of NAFTA. What are the objectives of GATT? 11. 2. 15 marks: 1. What is Trade Block? OR What is Regional trading block? 9. Expand SAARC. 6. 5. Give the meaning of Free Trade Area. Which are the different forms of economic integration? 4. What is WTO? 12. What are the benefits or advantages of regional trading blocks? OR Explain the advantages of economic integration. What is Intellectual Property Rights? What are the different forms of IPR? Explain. What is WTO? Explain its organisation structure & functions. 1. 5. 7. Write a note on European Union (EU). Explain India’s role in WTO.1. 15. What is WTO? Discuss benefits & drawbacks of WTO. What is the objective of SAARAC? 8.