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Leslie Nii Tete Annan

IntroductIon Immediately one reads the topic of this write-up, he would say there is something awkward about it. How would the issue of virginity come up in the discussion of computers? It is very normal to ask such a question, since most of us would agree that literally Virginity and Computers make up wholly different philosophical paradigms. While the former may be said to be a psychobiological matter, the latter may be a socio-physical issue. In any case, we shall soon see in the definition of our subject that Computers per se are not only electronic and electrical machines that make information flow easily. They go beyond their physical attributes into certain social matters. It is in reason of their having become part of humanity and society as a whole that they have been singled out as a reference for an epoch like the one in which we are. Using computers has quickly become a way of life for most of us. Computers have allowed mankind to engage in activities which earlier could have been only dreams or fantasies. Now, the status quo is being challenged. Living according to the traditions and customs of the land is being challenged. Any way of thinking or acting that is too much drenched in traditional values is questioned. While previously, except for social deviants, people almost revered the status quo, and nobody challenged it, now it seems rather the reversal of things. Currently, traditional values seem more suspect than kinky modern values in the eyes of society. Even important ones! And keeping one’s virginity till marriage is one traditional value

we will soon learn that the present Information Explosion in the Computer Age allocates more hustles for the person aspiring to keep her virginity till marriage than the person who is not! In this essay we are going to analyze the socio-moral upshots of the lifestyle of the Computer generation. To achieve this aim.T. Why is this so? Well. we will assess how individuals manipulate the power of information to their individualistic advantage. where we would learn that these individuals would happen to do as much harm to themselves as to the communities in which they are living? Leslie N. We will go further to examine the attendant complications of the actions of these individuals. especially in the matter of keeping one’s virginity. Annan 2006 .that is more suspect than other values like modesty. respect for the aged or respect for the rights of another in the current times.

Sex. ethnicity. This could be so for the fact that the WWW also called the INTERNET was born from the networking of Computers just as Credit Card Numbers were issues from the money system. the soft nature of the WWW has rendered information more accessible to a greater number of people than would have been the case. otherwise known as the Information Age. It is for this reason that it is generally hoped that mankind will reach his fullest potential by the end of this era. Now no matter which continent you are on you could get to read . If Computer is the currency or money for the Information Age. religion and class have not been able to stifle its expansion. Thus there is information everywhere. However. so that if the former never existed we cannot have the latter. information/knowledge is treasured. though a computer is hardware. In this Age. the most wonderful thing that sociological. the late 1940’s up to this day. then may be we could consistently say the World Wide World (WWW) is the Credit Card Numbers.Chapter One THE COMPUTER AGE The Computer Age is the term given to the period after the Industrial Age where the mainstay of community life revolved around manufacturing industries and production factories. the new treasure is wide spread. It is the period after the Second World War. historical and anthropological researchers agree on is that it incorporates all the resources of the earlier Ages. motor vehicles and manufacturing machines! And while these resources were scarce in their time. Not cutlasses. hoes. Hence.

all for free! At the same time you could sell and buy things without much trouble. the bestseller they co-authored. Individuals were not and they consequently felt powerless against their social context. To assert themselves. Immediately after birth. They were therefore powerful. In fact. their future was defined. Earlier those who had power kept their knowledge to themselves. Even this essay has a lot for which to thank the Internet. It is thus in good faith that we are all called upon to imbibe the . the only way was to oppose tradition. Nevertheless. In our time. Kings. states governments and God wielded all the power. another remarkable feature of the Post. with physical and military power. tear down what was no longer useful. Little surprising that it hosts millions of people everyday but analysts of its trend say there is Information Explosion. Most surfers would agree that the INTERNET provides a congenial means of getting information despite its setbacks which we do not want to go into now or here. Sultans.Industrial Era is that it thrives on the individual.the informative research works of top-notch scientists in renowned Universities and of course you could learn how to make a nuclear bomb. rebel! But the Information Age has brought about new alternatives. John Naisbitt and Patricia Aburdene made this point clear in MEGATRENDS: Ten New Directions for the 1990’s. by the countless advertisements on the Internet one could conclude that it is a large ‘pool of goodies’ that is forever be filled. knowledge is freely shared and computers sustain this trend. An individual needs not go as far as to rebel. History never ceases to relate that Power has been associated with institutions. One only needs to tap into the Information pool TO BE POWERFUL.

every aspect of our lives. Even our private lives are well catered for. all in the uncontrollable quest to suit the times. the use of ‘virgins’ makes you wonder. Certain values are losing their fervors while some new values are gaining them. We easily get to know about how to be better mates for our future partners without booking appointments with psychologists. This double-standard-ness in moral values is a challenge for the society of the 21st Century. we apprise ourselves of what is happening around us and we take advantage of the trend to live fulfilling lives. Others tolerant a bit. This way. receives reverend attention from the Information Superhighway. Then can we influence the state of affairs since we have identified the directions which society is headed. counselors or doctors. The individualism of the times makes us commit certain acts without so much regard for what society would say.information that we deem will be helpful to us. Therefore. We are continuously penetrated by information whose sheer size we cannot fathom but can only imagine. We are informed about some problems that might crop up in our relationships as well as how to solve them. “What kind of virgins are we talking about here?” . Thankfully. the continents of planet Earth seem to form one huge society whose divisions are ever interacting in a variety of ways. as individuals. We must admit that our social make-ups are seeing some mutations. Particularly as the phenomenon of Globalization runs parallel with the Computer Age. as well. on a variety of levels. how do we then remain ‘virgins’ in the night of holy matrimony? Virgins? Well. do their ‘own things’ in secret. which often fly in the face of traditions.

In any case. is it a person whose mind has never had any acquaintance with any sexual scene.Chapter Two A VIRGIN? Over the years. young women. image or symbol? For a homosexual male. However the most general concept which will be our bane in this discussion is that a virgin is a woman who has her hymen intact. theologians and philosophers have attempted to give various interpretations to VIRGIN and they might perfectly buttress their point of view with good arguments. who is actually a virgin? Is it a person who hasn’t had any sexual relations? Is it she who has the hymen intact? To more complicated versions of this problem we might want to ask: For a man. is it he who has not entered a woman with his penis’ tip? For a saint. society has put the crown of virginity on the head of maidens. innocent looking young female figure. Little wonder that the idea of a virgin is usually captured in an immaculate. It is common knowledge that a virgin is a pure young woman. It is . is it he whose sphincter has not been tampered with? For a homosexual female. is it she who hasn’t been touched by another female harboring a sexual intent? These questions and more could come up when someone makes mention of VIRGIN. Invariably. sociologists. biological scientists.

from this perspective that we are going to make any penetration into our subject matter. Perhaps Greek Mythology is apt to make a god of any phenomenon it considers important in human life. Of course unless they prefer baby boys or toddlers.I. Originating from Greek. the nose can smell. On the average. But Greek myths aside. the skin can feel. for an idea like virginity to be real. there must be something tangible to prove it. Although we must add that we shall in a cautionary way assess the issue of ‘VIRGINS’ by the help of a wholly untraditional point of view. it is clear that there is some sort of point behind the . Our ancestors were unyielding on this fact. Nothing is more believable than that which the eye can see. And now this rarely happens even if we may chuckle that some small boys do have supernatural weapons. women who have had sexual intercourse before will hardly boast of an intact hymen. HIT is the best gauge for virginity.T) The Hymen Intact Theory (HIT) centers on the physical membrane which partially closes the opening of the vagina. Humēn. Consequently. the tongue can taste…briefly that which the senses can perceive. the presence of a hymen in a woman. Venus and other gods such as Dionysius. Hymen is the name of the Greek god of marriage. Hermes and what have you. the more reason we have the goddess of beauty. we must agree. then they may have their hymen intact. can capture. Hephaestus. Hymen Intact Theory (H. So who can play around with this time-tested thesis? It seems logical. Seemingly. is traditionally taken to be a mark of virginity. the hymen.

No doubt. are we bound to place HIT virginity on a higher scale of criterion? No? Surely there would be certain outbursts against such a notion.) which was born and nursed into full bloom by the people of the Agricultural and Industrial Age. in the light of the above rationalization. Although Religion was in a majestic vogue. But then again on careful scrutiny of HIT. HIT is the consequence of the Conservative Perception of Sexuality (C. Sex only takes place when these parts meet. and this includes the writer until he realized what he is about to share with all members of the global village.P. many readers may have thought likewise at one time or the other but have refused to push it any further.S. it is inviting to maintain it as topmost. When the issue of purity rises. The idea seems to make fools out of many. . Conservative Perception of Sex (C. namely the penis and vagina. Looking at the arguments in support of it. on the matter of virginity they did not fail in preferring a ‘ physically pure body’ to a ‘pure spirit or soul’. of the couple. there is something that refuses to click! It is not totally foolproof.HIT. that is what in fact has made most of us to hail the HIT. The CPS lays emphasis on the reproductive organs. HIT can be vindicated by the piece of information that a pure heart is only to be found in a pure body.S) So. So those who use it to explain away virginity can not be called to blame as it is the most tangible method to determine a woman’s chastity. Incredible as it is.P. The literal sense holds as much as the metaphorical. Basically.

com . We will understand by the outcome of this survey that the use of Computer to represent our current epoch is apt since it is the main concern of most people. even too much light. To represent our current society’s perspective we employed three very popular Search Tools: www.Chapter Three Smart VirginS of the Computer age Much as the Information Age has brought light on many important issues in society. These three are most often used by surfers who want information on contemporary matters. We can deduce this belief from a survey we carried out on the value of certain current issues in the world: Sex. The Pie Chart below generally reflects the interests of the topics in the present age in percentages. Global Warming and War. Virgin. it has done same for Sexuality. Compared to all other issues that make waves in the information media. www.2 shows that the Google website provides more information on issues than the other sites which are more into commercial activities than academic issues. Both in academic and commercial spheres the Computer remains an important element in our daily Democracy. Nuclear Energy. War comes sec- . Fig. Computer is by far that which attracts more interest. This implies that Yahoo and Hotmail provide more information on issues in terms of their trade and commerce values than otherwise. We provide here the Search Results and www.

this boils down to a sound mind. reiterate the same fact. Global Warming and Nuclear Energy which are threatening to annihilate the human race are seldom patronized by surfers on the net. or? From the figure above we realize that as much as the Computer Age is marked by Information Explosion. this Information Explosion could only be said to be bias. Even sex garners almost 500% interest as compared to virgin. And the inference from this is that many people now consciously have sexual satisfaction through various other means than their physical bodies meeting and interacting. However. the body needs the mind to appreciate sex. a fact which is a little ironical. the innumerable piles of information on Sex makes CPS very preposterous and unworthy of being the only means of sexual gratification. Anal Sex. None the less they also stress that one cannot do without the other: the body needs the mind to appreciate sex.ond. journals and internet sites that make a big deal of sex. why is war so important to us? May be we should just heave a sigh and wish things to change. Sex is more a mind event than a corporeal one. Such practices as Phone sex and Virtual sex have been in vogue for sometime. In the light of this we could imagine the pressure a virgin would suffer in the current society. Even CPS crumbles in the face of such old sexual practices as Oral sex. Certain issues receive more attention than others though they might not possibly be important than these others. Countless newspapers. so why war. in a sound body. . magazines. Is it not the primary purpose of Computers to make life easier so that there would be little discontentment or misunderstanding among individuals. All in all. on the other side of the coin.

The only trouble here is that a too vigorous handling of the woman’s private part will cause the hymen to come away. she’s lying between her teeth but who cares? Her conscience does not bother her. These two modern sexual practices run against CPS. for its part is less common. The concept of virtual reality comes into play and search for information on them. All this verbiage means that some specially made electronic equipments could make you feel to be elsewhere and you can do all that your fancy dictates to you. kissing.Masturbation. otherwise she can swear by hell’s fire that she’s not had any sexual intercourse in her life. such a complication might not augur well for our sister who is aspiring for the second immaculate birth in human history. Anybody interested in knowing more about Virtual sex could log on to the www. most at times mutual masturbation and ejaculation. God bless her. Of course. In phone sex. a caller and a receiver partake in sexual fantasies that include erotic conversation. and Lesbianism. just what she needs to mock the CPS tradition in the face. Virtual Sex Virtual sex. Phone Sex Most of us who read western magazines or are current with goings -on on the World Wide Web (WWW) must have heard of phone sex or Virtual sex. if we .google. cuddling. even romp a Miss World. In virtual reality there is the computergenerated simulation of a three-dimensional image or environment that can be interacted within a seemingly real or physical way by using special electronic equipment. In summary.

the clitoris. using the tongue and the lips. While it is done between heterosexual partners.are to go by CPS. Anal Sex Like the name suggests. Oral Sex This sexual relation varies according to participants. . it is the mainstay for Lesbians or homosexuals. And then after the men might just rest and let rest. some ladies can give CPS its due while they enjoy themselves in this manner. ‘a hole is a hole’. Now some men would do anything to be allowed on the fleshy mounds that make their women’s backsides. the labia. And what an exhilarating bonus it is.the vulva. if they are allowed through the back door of ‘sensual healing’. To some men. On the other hand some men are swept away by the voluptuousness of women’s buttocks. Cunnilingus is for women. but basically the mouth and the reproductive organs meet and interact. As a matter of fact. Some dating couples engage in this. the anus. particularly if done expertly. a 19th Century Latin word that means ‘to suck’. it is matter of a penis entering the opening at the end of the alimentary canal through which solid waste matter leave the body. especially if may be the hymen did not come apart during any of the fantastic acrobatic sessions. There is Fellatio which is the oral stimulation of the penis. Originating from Latin cunnus ‘vulva’ and lingere ‘lick’. It is a variation of fellare. Cunnilingus involves stimulation of the female genitals. Most men could climax by this act alone. then an ardent fan of virtual sex is a thorough virgin.

Some men will chase her just for a ride. Furthermore. Masturbation Manual masturbation is done with the hand. This one can vow virginity and will have evidence to show to the CPS proponents. Lesbianism This is a blend of Frottism. as far as a woman has a healthy sphincter. heavy kissing and petting and mutual Masturbation. Others use cell-powered vibrators. By Frottism we mean women robbing their sexual organs on the object of their sexual fancy to achieve an orgasm. A woman may gain an orgasm just by having her clitoris pampered by lubricated skilful fingers. made widespread in . the elastic that keeps the anus closed. As she wants an intact hymen. So virgins can come back home virgins to their vigilant Mamas! With all these available innovative methods. there would be an agreement beforehand in order that the operation does not get out of hand.The softness is just too…ooh! Therefore. Masturbation here is usually done one girl to the other girl. The good thing (if really there is) about this act is that. she may be allowed to go free with her hymen intact. if they know what she will give for what she wants (her hymen intact but still get the patronage of lusty men). women seldom brag about their sexual ‘tangos’ as men do. Lesbianism has over the years allowed the girls in the Girls’ schools to get on without eloping from the boarding house in search of unworthy males to satisfy them. The young woman may either do it herself or cause her partner to do it for her.

the Information Age. May be those men who clamor for them. must revise their notes. a HIT virgin could be an interesting novice to spar with. shouldn’t they? .

can afford to export their cultures abroad. The rich countries of the world.Chapter Four Blatant Tricks in the Face of Traditions According to Woman’s Body. Montreal. the hymen surgery is gradually sewing itself into certain societies. Readers’ Digest Association (Canada) Ltd. and some surgeons are skilled in replacing and repairing hymens. Another deposit from the Information Age has been enculturation. From the look of things. Fashion aside. “the existence of the hymen has long been seen as an evidence of virginity. helplessly find some elements of western culture parading among the most eminent circles of their communities. it happens. Over there. although its significance has dwindled in the Western world. 1995. however. In the Middle and Far East. being mostly western countries. dating and petting among the youth has become . Even if sometimes they do not mean for such a thing to happen. In fact.. and Mobile Communication in the less rich communities give a hand to the constant importation of western cultural practices. often over the optimum. though they would scarcely admit it. the youth of these communities voluntarily and involuntarily pick up the troubling customs and enact them.” In early 2005 L’Intelligent carried stories on hymen surgery being the new hype in some Northern African countries. a net chat with some East Africans said this surgery is not new to them. the intact hymen is still in great importance to unmarried women. Internet. since they are ‘open to the world’. It will be of little doubt that those communities who put excessive premium on HIT are suffering from this medical fad. Sometimes even those countries that seem irritated by the fortunes of the west. Satellite Television.

is it to say that since the hymen is intact. This being the case. but they can not agree to follow these dreamy young girls around intending to protect them from sweet-tongued young men on the loose! No. nobody. the man will have a ‘pure crystal clear stream’ to bath in? And the couple will live happily ever after? Readers might want to ponder over these questions. you find that certain adolescents and young adults engage in pre-marital sex. And as we cannot judge the morality of somebody’s profession. they would agree that young women should wait till they are married before indulging in sexual intercourse. The problem is hydra-headed and the heads of these communities admit this fact. They go ahead to save the situation.banal in communities that once saw these practices as serious things among adults. Meanwhile hymen surgery continues. But surely. And the ‘philanthropists’ hymen surgeons.whom are a mouse-click and number-button punch away. the young woman is a VIRGIN? And that when she is whisked away by a man into marriage. may be we should let sleeping dogs lie. So now. even after proffering some pieces of advice to the teary eyed young girls who fear banishment or brutalization or killing by the community! Do no think that these surgeons are society wreckers who think if their society is so stuck up in some needless traditions why not help it to continue to live in its fool’s paradise! Of course. would want to assume that the new husband will know the difference when he makes love to his supposedly carnally naïve wife or even .always come to the rescue. Yet they would still want to ‘honor’ tradition by having an intact hymen to be ‘punched’ the night of the marriage.

when he finds out the truth of what actually blocked him from knowing his wife comfortably? .

the Computer Age provides us a whole range of choices to cheat nature. such practices as Anal sex. But let’s not forget that there are attendant problems that go with each of these choices and actions. a more precise metaphor of the attitude of some virgins in the Computer Age is robbing Peter to pay Paul. Oral sex and Lesbianism increases one’s chances of contracting a Sexually Transmitted Disease (S. For this reason we might not be totally saving our lives by keeping our head underground while our torsos are left to all sorts of dangers.D). won’t they? Those communities who have refused to budge from the custom . for instance using Condoms will tamper matters to some extent. MEGATRENDS: Ten New Directioins for the 1990’s (New York. 1990) intimates that the first principle of the new age movement is the doctrine of individual responsibility. Young women must as well be careful with these sexual activities as they do in wanting to have an Intact Hymen.T. May be just the proverbial: Nature finds a way to balance things! For example.Chapter Five Issues Arising May be. This must be the case. because individualism reigns supreme in actions that individuals take nowadays. it still runs the risk of being infected with an STD. It is the Westernized version of the ancient Eastern dogma of Karma: that every action generates consequences the actor will eventually face. As we have seen from the fourth and fifth chapters of this essay. if we refuse to admit that they are unhealthy sexual practices. No matter how cleanly a couple engages in any of these.

for a long time. would do themselves good. their young girls will start being calculating and insincere. The gurus of the Computer Age stress that we search for positive means of solving problems than negative means: this etched in the word NEGOCIATION. This is the case whereby a young woman refrains from any sexual activity. It is also far from saying that having an intact hymen is a bad obsession. she will not be exposed to any STD’s or to any emotional strains that sometimes come as aftermaths of sexual relations. Utmost respect from their husbands and the community would be added bonus to these young women so that they are ushered into good marriages instead of forced and hasty marriages. This is far from saying that young women should be allowed to be promiscuous. Consequently. years. she may be rewarded with a tight vagina. months. This material incentive is important to the people of the Computer Age . They must understand that when bad comes to worse. What this suggestion means is that the punishment should be lessened or changed to better alternatives. At the same time. especially the penetrative one. And since what they will be giving is physically substantial to their husband and society at large. banishing or killing young girls who do not have hymens to confirm their virginity. they must get something physically substantial from their effort.of battering. if they toss away this not-too-wise custom. Alternatively. The young girls must be promised rewards to keep their maiden-head until marriage. for these communities they might want to find solace in a concept that is gaining place in the mentality of modern society: Secondary Virginity. partaking in all sorts of immoral activities in secret but doing well to have a hymen to show. and so offense intended though. .

“… the big mistake people often make is to restrict the possibility of HIV infection to promiscuity or sex.A Test of Courage’ Daily Graphic. Besides. It will be in their best interest to go for STD test. one must suffer it. if there is a shame to be suffered in not being a proper virgin. particularly HIV/AIDS. such as needles and razors ( weapons of mass destruction). no matter the consequences. Moreover. The advent of the Computer Age has seen such projects as the Hu- . before marrying their Holy virgins. must shun this practice. Even there is life after humiliation. would reconsider their notion. They must be taught that a responsible adult is the one who assumes responsibility for his actions. we would mind reiterating as it is a point worth reiterating.Deep within these girls too. there are many means of contracting STD’s. We would agree with Edmund Kofi Yeboah in ‘Checking HIV Status. they would have the peace of mind that comes from the knowledge of being innocent before man and God. especially the patients. The perpetrators of the hymen surgery. whether they do or do not have an intact hymen. those men who feel so lucky when they learn that their beautiful fiancées or girlfriends have their hymen intact and will want to marry them ‘fast-fast’. There are more things to accomplish in this world. An adult in the Computer Age owns up to her actions. Virgins could still have STD’s.” He adds that though sex is responsible for about 90% of HIV infections and the remaining 10% is spread among the sharing of objects. Though banishment and killing is out of the picture. and other accidents that might lead to blood contamination. The Computer Age provides millions of ventures in which we can invest our lives.

Let us appreciate this truth and avoid it at all costs. it is no comfort for someone living alone. but still AIDS and Cancer are like an albatross on the neck of the age. Artificial Intelligence Genome Project. TIME. You would be embarrassed. Simply said. if the people in your community get to know. . And well. one should think again. AIDS is a scourge. There are things like blackmail and so on that could come up. Biotechnology. even in the age of Information explosion we are ignorant of certain important subjects bordering on our lives. Your telephone bills would be going up. while sacrificing the greatest commodity in life. If one thinks in engaging in phone sex or virtual sex does not engender any problems. How? Imagine oneself during the honeymoon night listening to a recorded version of the nice time you had on the phone with some stranger. and Nuclear Energy Research.

. we of the 21st Century will acknowledge that in the spectrum of an age.. Revised.ConClusion The Computer Age is a promising age. We must try to give to her as much as she gives to us. Montreal. None the less. People answer more to their individual whims than to reason. We should barely be self-conceited and mock at Mother Nature because we think we have power over her. various civilizations come and go. New York. 2006 MEGATRENDS: Ten New Directions for the 1990’s. New York.A Test of Courage. March 3. 1995 . Readers’ Digest Association (Canada) Ltd. Daily Graphic p17. 1990 Woman’s Body. Being too smart will not help anybody. 10th Edition. John Naisbitt & Patricia Aburdene. because the life-wire of our age is individualism. Moderation should be our motto. 2001 Checking HIV Status. Respect for it must remain. Avon Books. Glory and splendor pass. Oxford university Press Inc. But we do not know what our future is. Whether there still would be a human race we can guess. BiBliography The Concise Oxford Dictionary. What stays has been humanity. Perhaps humanity will aspire to its fullest potential.


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